by STLwriter

The homeowner impatiently tapped his foot on the floor, looking at the clock on the wall, and then by habit looking at his wristwatch. It was already 7:30 in the morning. A man like himself wasn’t much of a morning person. In fact, he would have preferred to have slept in today and just snore from morning till noon. But no, he had to be up early today. Today was the day he was going to have his bathroom tile and sink renovated. The place had been needing some fresh coat of paint–among a few other things–and while he was proud to be able to DIY a few things in the house, something like this required a more professional touch.

With a quick phone call to the nearest contractor in town the other day, he was told that someone would be over on at around 7:30, on a Sunday morning. Another glance back at the clock and he was beginning to wonder where the handyman was.

“It’s getting late…” he uttered, beginning to pace around the living room with an annoyed scowl across his face..

As if to answer his own question, the doorbell rang.

Jumping at the sound of the doorbell, Jason stopped his pacing and huffed all the way to the door. He was practically steaming at the fact that the contractor was nearly five minutes late. If it wasn’t so early in the morning, the homeowner would have just shrugged off the tardiness, but the fact that he had to be up at what felt like the crack of dawn was what annoyed him.

Walking across the doormat which proudly displayed a little cottage and a “welcome home” above it, the male grabbed the metal doorknob and gave it a sharp twist. Opening up the door, Jason was about to open his mouth to let the contractor have it when he found he could not form words.

Standing before him was massive man who nearly dwarfed him in size and stature. He looked to be a bit older than Jason; around his late-twenties while Jason was in his mid-twenties. His azure colored eyes clashed with the tight white muscle shirt across his body along with the jeans. The pants were faded; the blue reduced to a lighter shade of their former glory and several parts of the denim had holes in it. Around his waist, a brown toolbelt showed its wear and expensive looking tools were holstered along the outside. His hair was a beautiful chocolate brown which clashed with his almost intense gaze. The contractor had a bright smile on his face which practically oozed charm, and the brown beard highlighted his striking and bold features. Although the beard was thick, it was well-maintained and reminded Jason of a lumberjack.

The contractor’s arms were mostly free and mobile. One of his hands were free whilst the other carried a toolbox that had the logo of the company he worked for proudly displayed. The tight and bulging muscle of the male’s arms were on full display and the biceps flexed menacingly. The V of the contractor’s neck was full of sinew and tendons that seemed to move on their own accord and Jason could see a tuft of dark hair teasingly peaking out over the band of the shirt. As the contractor looked over his client, Jason could not help, but watch how the light brown skin dipped down into the contractor’s tight t-shirt. For a somewhat older man, he had a hunky appearance.

Due to the warm weather outside, the male was already sweating. The man’s light brown shimmered in the morning light and Jason was starstruck by a particular droplet that dripped down into the contractor’s shirt and rolled over his covered chest.

“Good morning, sir!” he chirped, filled with energy. “Are you Mr. Greenwood?”

Jason blinked, taking a moment to realize that the hulking adonis in front of him was actually talking to him. “Um, uh, yes!” He shook his head, smiling back and extending a hand. “Yes, that’s me.” The contractor’s hands felt coarse and rough, no doubt the product of numerous times working with wood. “Jason Greenwood.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Jason,” the hunky gentlemen smiled back at him. “I’m the handyman they sent to work for you for the duration of your contract with us.”

“NIce to meet you…”

“The name’s Ken.”

“Uh, Ken, nice to meet you.” The client smiled, his previous grievances quickly disappearing as he eyed up the his own handyman. “So uh, yeah, if you would follow me, I can show you as to where you’d be working on the renovations…”

Jason beckoned Ken inside, a warm smile crossing his lips as he led the contractor upstairs. In contrast to Jason’s graceful footfalls came the lumbering tank that was the contractor, the boots he was wearing clunking up the wooden steps. The hallway was littered with different pictures of nature. Four frames decorated the wall, each one portraying a different season. The dragon lingered on the one simply titled “Autumn” which had the orange and red leaves frozen in time.

The part that surprised Ken the most was how comfortable the house felt to him. It was warm and inviting; almost like the cute stud that welcomed him inside. Shaking his head as his eyes lingered for far too long on Jason’s round backside housed in the tan board shorts, Ken reminded himself that this was a client he was supposed to be working with and not seducing.

Jason led Ken to the sink in his bathroom, opening up the bottom cabinet to show the maze of pipework that led throughout the bottom of the sink.

“I would like a new sink for my bathroom along with a renovation of the tile on the floor,” Jason stated neutrally as he looked over to the contractor to see him scribbling down notes on a small, red notebook. The pen that he used looked almost like a small stick in Ken’s large hands.

Squatting down, Ken ran his finger across the white tile which had a small, blue cross pattern. He just clicked his tongue as he jotted down another note into his notes before saying, “Alright. The sink I can get the materials in by tomorrow and do. The tile will be about the same,” the dragon said coolly, but not without that warm smile at the end. The dragon then stated, “The price will be about $3000 total for everything, but we can always negotiate. My company is always open to run things back and forth Mr. Greenswood.”

“Please just do it, Ken.” The smaller male nodded. “I’ve been wanting this done for a long time. I’m willing to pay.” It was evident by the walk-in shower along with the sparse bathroom that Jason had a large sum. Ken figured it would simply translate to a bigger tip which was nice.

“Excellent! We can order new tiles. I recognize the style. I believe we have some in circulation and they can come in quick. I can start measuring things out to get dimensions,” Ken stated as he got up off of his squatting position.

Jason nodded and asked, “How long do you think this will take renovation wise?”

“Ehh, I would say about a week,” Ken said nonchalantly as he made another note, not looking down to see what he was writing and continuing to look at Jason. “I’ll have help too. Won’t just be me disturbing your peace.” Ken gave a foolish grin at the comment along with a deep rumble of a chuckle.

“Oh, I don’t mind if more people like YOU show up,” Jason thought pervertedly to himself as his vision fell on the sweat still continuing to run down the male’s skin.

The contractor chuckled. “I can assure you, Jason, that the rest of my coworkers aren’t as charming as I am.” Ken opted to tease a little, if only to develop a good rapport with his client. That and maybe because he did find his client rather cute. But he was keen to not mix business with pleasure. Or at least, he avoided it whenever he could. “Now, let me get started on taking measurements so I can make sure I’ll be grabbing the right materials for when I start working on them.”

“Well if that’s the case the then I’ll leave you to it,” Jason replied before making his way out of the bathroom. He watched as Ken knelt on the floor and began taking out his measuring tapes, his large and broad hands working with the yellow tape. Not wanting to bother the man, Jason decided to let him be for now. “If you need anything else, just call me. I’ll be in the living room.”

“Sounds good. I”ll be sure to call you if there’s anything that comes up.”

Jason was left watching the television back downstairs in the living room, his body sprawled out on the couch, but was unable to focus on the show he was watching as his mind was still hung up on Ken. The contractor’s rippling body imprinted itself on his mind and he was unable to think about anything else than his own curiosities on the male’s body. The hunk’s voice was also as smooth as silk and he had a charm about him that was electric.

Jason’s own loins stirred, giving him a semi-erection that was thankfully not obvious through his shorts. He glanced at the clock and noted the time. It had been almost an hour already and Ken was fairly quiet within the bathroom. Curiosity getting the better of him, he wondered how the progress of renovating his bathroom was going. He stood up and headed back to the bathroom, his footfalls echoing throughout the hallway as he made his way up the stairs.

“Hey Ken…how are the measurements goi-”

Jason was spellbound by the sight before him. The dragon was on his knees and leaning over with his rump in the air as he worked with a tape measurer and jotted down dimensions of the tile into his notebook. His shirt was cast away to the side and his rippling body was on full display for the buck. His muscles flexed and glimmered with sweat under the artificial light and the toolbelt that was around his waist was placed on the side at arms reach.

The jeans around Ken’s waist seemed to highlight the whole part of his body and their was a tear near the back that showed a small patch of his tight lighter white skin of his firm rump. Jason felt blood move from his brain towards his maleness in record time, but managed to hold himself together. He pulled at the collar of his t-shirt and overcoat.

Turning around and looking over his shoulder, the hunky contractor gave a grunt in response before scribbling something down in his notebook, his rump swaying back and forth as he started to maneuver himself to face his client. Jason could not keep his eyes in one place as the dragon moved himself to a standing position, his broad back on full display and glimmering with sweat before he turned around. Jason was struck mute as he watched a droplet pass over the stud’s right nipple. He was the ultimate temptation and Jason was finding it harder to keep himself composed.

The contractor smiled at him, before saying, “It’s going well, Jason.” Whether he noticed the expression his client had on his face or not, he didn’t say anything but instead moved to the side and grabbed a towel. “I managed to make some great progress and I think I already have most of it down anyway. I can start working on them tomorrow as soon as I have the materials.” He wrapped the towel around his neck before looking back down at him. “Listen, I normally don’t ask this but can I have some water? It’s been really hot out and I’m feeling really thirsty.”

Ken felt horrible, but he found it too enjoyable of a time to pass up the chance to tease his client. It was always fun to see the reaction he would get from the people he worked with, and judging from the bulge he was beginning to see forming at Jason’s loins, he was having the fullest of effects on the younger male.

“Um, uh, sure. We can head over to the kitchen if you want. It looks like you can use a break anyways.” Jason only hoped that his voice didn’t crack as much as he thought he sounded. Jason’s heart was beating frantically in his chest as he headed towards the kitchen, only now realizing his soft boner from earlier had become a raging hard on. Did he see? If he did, he didn’t mention anything about it. This only served to make Jason more self conscious and nervous, but he did his best to keep his composure around the muscular bear next to him.

Giving a small chuckle at Jason’s obvious nervousness, Ken acted as if he was oblivious to it. Not wanting the poor man to have a panic attack, the contractor grabbed his toolbelt and put it back around his waist as if he was packing up to leave. The younger male did not think anything of it and walked with Ken down the stairs and towards the kitchen.

Ken was still shirtless; not even bothering to cover up his naked upper body and Jason wished he was behind the larger male so he could eye him up. He knew he felt like a dirty perv, but that was what was so thrilling about the situation.

Jason led Ken into the spacious kitchen. The stainless steel refrigerator along with the sink stood silently in the back left part of the kitchen. A nice, neutral tan paint covered the interior along with the beautiful tiles that covered the floor. The countertops were covered in a nice granite and the sink dripped water occasionally down into the tub below.

“This may not be appropriate to say, but you have a really nice place here,” Ken said with an almost purr in his voice. The deep rumble sent a shiver down Jason’s spine and the buck reached up into one of the many wooden cabinets to grab a glass cup.

“Thanks,” Jason said with a smirk. “I like to stay updated around the house. It’s something I’m vain about.”

Turning up the flirting, the contractor replied with a charming smile, “It’s okay; I like it when people keep up their appearances on the outside.” There was a mischievous twinkle in Ken’s eyes as he watched the cervine walk towards the sink and push the nozzle upward to let a cool stream of water flow outward and into the glass.

Jason cleared his throat with a blush as the glass steadily filled itself upward, his body having to lean a bit over to get towards the sink. “I like to give the impression that I have everything together,” Jason chuckled in an attempt to deflect the comment. Although Jason read the statement before as an affectionate gesture, the now curious client wanted to test the waters a bit to make sure he was getting the proper signals.

“Well, you seem to have EVERYTHING together,” Ken said with another deep rumble as he leaned against the counter casually. His body laid against the countertops while he slanted over as if posing for the younger male. Jason walked back and handed him the glass of water. “Thank you,” he replied before taking a swig at it.

Jason watched silently as the dragon took a big gulp from the glass water, almost oddly fixated on watching the water go down his throat and into his broad chest that was on full display for him. He was so transfixed that he didn’t notice he was staring again.

“You like them?” Ken asked casually.

Jason’s face flushed red with embarrassment upon realizing he was caught staring. “Y-yeah! I take it working all the time gives you a great workout?”

The dragon chuckled before flexing a bicep for Jason. An almost silent gasp escaped the Jason’s lips upon seeing the raw muscle flex in front of him. “You could say that. I’ve been in the business for five years now. I’ve done all sorts of work at this point. Roofing, patio, water works,” he glanced at Jason then said in a mischievous tone, “Wood work.” He placed the glass of water back down the counter. “You could say I’m good with my hands. I am a handyman after all.”

Although the joke was very corny, Jason found himself laughing along with Ken as his positive demeanor was infectious. “How about you?” Ken asked. “What do you do for a living?”

“A-accounting,” Jason managed to sputter out as he watched the dragon’s muscles expand outward as if living, breathing creatures themselves. “I work for a nice firm…up north in the city.” Jason felt like he could cut the sexual tension with a knife as Ken gave a small smirk.

“Oh, I see,” Ken said with that same charming attitude as he looked around the kitchen and then outside to the backyard. The yard was spacious, but surrounded by a long, tall brown fence that cut out sight from the neighbors. “Interesting. So a numbers guy, huh?”

Jason nodded as he watched Ken lifted the glass of water up to his lips to take a long swig. Some of the crystal clear water managed to slip past the bear of a male’s lips and drip down over his chest. The droplets rolled down the broad expanse until they made it to Ken’s abs and rolled over his treasure trail. The droplets journey ended abruptly in the crotch of the contractor’s jeans.

“Oh damn it,” Ken said, feeling the water seep into his lower half. He placed the glass of water back on the counter and wiped his chest off with the towel he had on his neck. After a few minutes of careful wiping, he managed to get everything in order. “So, uh,” Ken cleared his throat. “I’m done for the day, Jason. I’ll be heading back now and getting things ordered for tomorrow. Unless you have anything else you want me to take care of,” he winked at his client, “I should be taking my leave. Same time tomorrow then?”

Jason shuddered as he looked at the stud’s powerful upper body and looked up into Ken’s ocean blue eyes and noticed there was a twinkle in them. It was mischievous and playful, and he wondered if there was something hidden in there. Jason let his emotions show through his own expression and although he was embarrassed by it, his desires could be deciphered through his glassy gaze.

Shrugging, the male leaned against the countertop, his back pressing against the cool granite and he said, “Well…if there is nothing else to be done, I’ll just let you come back tomorrow.” Jason gave a warm smile up at Ken, his expression somewhat hiding his own lusts.

“I can think of a few…” Ken said in a lowly tone.

The two locked eyes for that brief moment. Jason’s heart pounded in his chest. He never lusted after someone so badly before, and the sexual tension was so thick he could barely breath in it. A mischievous grin briefly showed itself across Ken’s face before going back to his classic warm smile as he said, “…that I can always attend to tomorrow.” The contractor moved to the side and adjusted his toolkit around his waist. “I’ll be taking my leave now, Mr. Greenswood. I will catch you tomorrow.”

And with that, the stud left, carrying his toolbox with him and making his way to the front door. Jason followed after him and watched through the windows as the dragon climbed into the truck that was parked at the front of his house. A few minutes later, he drove away, leaving Jason by his lonesome.

“Fuck!” he cried out, a mixture of giddiness, frustration and excitement. “What am I getting into?” Without even thinking, Jason made his way towards the bathroom, opening up the door and closed it behind him. He walked over to the sink and opened the tap water, proceeding to wash his face.

He stepped out a few minutes later, taking deep breaths. He glanced back up at the clock and saw that it was already noon.

Waiting for the next day to come was going to feel like torture for him.

When the next morning came, Jason was ready for Ken’s arrival at 7:30 am. He paced excitedly around the room clad in black gym shorts and a lime green tee shirt that showed off the patches of black hair that were around his body. He made sure to gel his hair, and adjust the parts that were sticking up. Although the outfit was much less formal, he wanted to feel casual around Ken.

And he also wanted easy access just in case it got heated.

When Jason noticed a large Dodge Ram truck pulling up into the driveway and Ken hopping out of it, the deer smiled brightly. His smiled widened even more when he noticed that the dragon was alone.

Walking up to the door, Ken gave the front door a couple of knocks and Jason did not hesitate to open it up. Ken stood in all his glory; a tight white shirt highlighting his upper body along with more faded and ripped jeans. The same toolbelt was around his waist. “Hello Mr. Greenwood. Are you ready for some new tile?” Ken said with a cheerful smile. “Also, I didn’t get the other person to help out today. He called in sick. He’s down with something bad. I don’t think you’ll mind though…one less person to walk around your house.”

Ken gave a chuckle at his own comment and then winked at Jason. The larger male strutted in as if he owned the house, his rump swaying back and forth teasingly as he headed for the stairs. “Though…that would also mean that it’ll take longer than normal for me to put it on. Probably all day though, I hope you don’t mind the company.”

“Of course not!” Jason replied back almost too excitedly.

“Glad to hear it! I’ll start setting up the equipment to strip your bathroom. You can just stay put and relax…unless curiosity gets the better of you again. I’m okay with having someone to chat with.”

Blushing hotly at the comment and at the cheeky smirk the contractor gave, Jason gave a shy smile back. “Alright. You have at it, Ken.” Jason decided to let Ken get some work done, seeing as it would take him the whole day to get things sorted out. Not that it was a bad thing, Jason thought. Having the eye candy wasn’t such a bad idea. He could already feel his loins stir upon thinking of the possibility of what could happen if he played his cards right.

Jason decided to busy himself in the kitchen, thinking of preparing a simple meal for the both of them for lunch. He could at least do Ken that as much as a sign of thanks. As Jason went about his business in the kitchen, there were loud bangs and swearing from upstairs followed by stuff being moved around. Jason chuckled to himself; it seemed Ken was a mouthy worker. It was around 10 am when he got done with the meals and when he heard Ken call for him.

“I’m coming!” he replied, wondering what was going on. He headed into the bathroom back again and saw the contractor was on the floor, holding a monkey wrench to one of the pipes underneath the sink. The tiles were already halfway done being torn out by the looks of it. “You good?” Jason asked, peeking his head in to see Ken was grumbling about the “God damn shity pipes.” The larger male’s face turned a bit red when he looked over to see Jason’s head peeking in.

“I normally don’t ask clients to help me with this, mainly because I usually do this with someone but since I’m alone, I’m going to need your help with something.” The stud scooted over and made some space for him. “I need to take this pipe out so I can remove the sink and replace it with the new one, but it’s proving to be really tough. Would you mind helping me with it?”

“Sure, of course.” Jason moved over and positioned himself closer to the dragon and grabbed hold of the monkey wrench underneath the dragon’s large hands. “On three?”

“On three. One. Two. Three!”

Both of them grunted in unison as the bolt loosened under their combined efforts. It gave way but not before mistakenly opening up a valve along with it. Jason barely got out of the way as tap water began to spray out of the open pipe, soaking Ken completely. Jason moved quickly and turned the valve at the far corner of the room, stopping the water flow.

“Damn it. I thought I closed that…” Ken muttered to himself angrily, tossing the wrench aside with a frown.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked, extending a hand to help Ken up off the floor.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” Ken said, shrugging his large shoulders, his shirt completely transparent as he stood up off the ground. His taut muscles shimmered brilliantly in the artificial light and Ken grabbed the hem of his shirt before pulling the wet material over his head and off of his body. Giving a look, the contractor began to ring out his shirt and water flowed down the contractor’s hand and onto the floor.

Ken stared at the magnificent chest, his eyes transfixed on how the wet muscle expanded and contracted as Ken involuntarily flexed when he began to ring out the shirt. Jason looked down to see Ken’s jeans were soaked right through and the smaller male secretly wished Ken would take off his pants and do the rest of the job. The trail of brown hair that moved across his pecs gave the muscle a nice definition and the brown treasure trail that went across the contractor’s muscle gut and into his jeans shimmered due to the water.

Jason stood awkwardly as he watched Ken continue ring out his shirt. Ken seemed to be focused on how wet he was and not the fact that Jason was openly gawking at him, his eyes wide as dinner plates.

“God damnit,” Ken swore as he looked over to see Jason shy away, looking down at the floor as if he was caught red-handed in a devious crime. Ken gave his charming smile and said, “I’m soaked. Do you have a towel or something I can use? I apologize for this, Jason. Usually, this stuff doesn’t happen.”

Jason stood as if spellbound for a moment and then said, “Yeah. Hold on…”

Running over to two long, vertical doors, Jason gave the one on the right a tug in his direction. The door opened to unveil a bunch of rags, towels, and other clothes. Grabbing the nearest towel, which happened to be a shade of royal purple, Jason walked back to Ken to hand him the thick towel.

“Thank you, sir,” Ken said with his charismatic smile and bubbly attitude even when covered in water. The bearish male began to dry himself off, but even that was not enough to relieve Ken of most of his discomfort. “Alright…” Ken replied, slinging the towel over his shoulder. He looked at this handiwork and said, “on the bright side, everything is mostly done here. I just need to attach those pipes,” he motioned to the set of metal pipes that were laying in the corner. “And after that, the tiles afterwards.” The almost naked stud turned to look at Jason who was still openly gawking at him.

Thankfully, Jason had enough sense in him to close his mouth and get his brain running back again. He looked over the large male, and did his best not to drool at the sight of heavenly abs in front of him. Ken looked like he just stepped out of a men’s magazine photoshoot. “Do you want me to hang that outside?” Jason asked, seeing the dripping article of clothing held by the dripping contractor.

“Yes please,” Ken said, “I’m really sorry for hassling you like this. I thought I closed the valve earlier. Must have missed it…”

“It’s fine,” Jason replied as he took the shirt. “Your pants don’t look so dry, either.” Jason gave a chuckle, a smile across his lips.

Ken shrugged it off and said, “It’s fine. I’ve had worse issues…”

Ken gave a mischievous grin before adjusting his toolbelt. There was a short pause before he spoke in his cool, collective voice. “Mr. Greenwood, this may seem odd, but…I have some extra clothes in my truck and I am required by my union to take a break soon. I was wondering if you have a spare shower I can use to freshen up. Sounds awkward, but…I’ll take some off of the bill for the inconvenience. How’s that sound?”

Jason clicked his tongue before giving a pause. A naked bear waltzing around in his home did ring some alarms, but at the same time, Ken did prove that he is trustworthy. Lips moving of his own accord, Jason said, “Yeah, I don’t mind. Let me show you down to the guest bathroom.”

Ken gave a broad smile as he followed Jason back down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Ken had an excited smile at the thought of getting clean once again, and he followed Ken enthusiastically. When the duo reached the front door, Ken stepped out to grab some clean clothes. When he came back, he was carrying what appeared to be a camo tee shirt and gym shorts.

Jason gave a strange look at Ken and the contractor just gave a cheeky smile as he stepped back inside the house. “Sorry…sometimes you just have to improvise on backup clothes.”

Giving a shrug, Jason replied, “I understand the feeling. Guest bathroom is just past the kitchen and down a small hallway. You can’t miss it.”

“Thanks!” Ken smiled before heading out following Jason’s directions.

To say things were going according to plan would have been too much, even for Jason. He wanted to see the stud of a male in the nude–and do other more unspeakable things–but this was just too perfect. It was like faith had something heavenly destined for him in the shape of Ken’s glorious body. Watching Ken leave, Jason’s eyes were focused on nothing more but that shaking rump as it left to get clean. Jason swore there was an extra swing in Ken’s steps. It was like he was all in the ruse and he planned this all from the beginning.

Whether premeditated or not, Jason felt his heart skip a beat at the thought of how things could go down if he played his cards right. He quietly followed behind the dragon a few minutes later and he could hear the sounds of the water gushing from the bathroom. The door was cracked slightly open and the male’s own curiosities got the better of him. He walked forward to peek through the crack in the door.

Inside, the room was steamy. The large bathroom mirror that was above the sink was fogged over and Jason could feel the warm, wet steam on his exposed skin. Jason’s ears perked up at the sound of Ken humming something as well as the click of a bottle of shampoo being opened.

Ken’s clothes, or rather, his pants were folded neatly on the countertop and Jason did his best to stifle his gasp at seeing the underwear the dragon was wearing. Sitting neatly atop the folded pants was a light blue jockstrap.

“He works in those things? I guess it does keep everything together…” Jason muttered to himself, imagining the hunky male working on some wood while wearing nothing but his jock. He gulped, his cock throbbing painfully in his loins; it had now gone up to full mast, making it clearly visible through his gym shorts. “Now that is a lovely thought,” Jason said quietly to himself he imagined the sweat from Ken’s labors dripping down the pouch. “Mmmf…”

Stepping back from the doorway, Jason looked down to see a tent in his shorts and blushed hotly. The tips of his ears started to become red at the lewd thoughts that started to play around in his mind. Jason began to fondle himself through his gym shorts, but stopped whenever the sound of running water began to slow. He couldn’t help himself and continued to peek through the door, a red blush forming in his cheeks at the fact that he was peeping in.

Ken walked out of the shower, a brilliant display of masculinity. His skin shimmered in the artificial light and his eyes twinkled happily as he stepped out of the shower. Jason’s mouth opened in a silent gasp when his eyes fell upon the thick member between Ken’s legs. It wobbled between the obviously male’s thighs as he walked towards the towel rack and swiped the purple towel from it.

It was probably the biggest member Jason was ever privy to witnessing. It was longer than the biggest dildo he ever owned and it was thicker than his own forearm which was saying something because Jason worked out quite frequently to keep his muscular physique. It’s sheer size caused it to droop downwards, and sway like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between his legs like it was making a conscious effort to hypnotize someone. It was mesmerizing for Jason to see, and he didn’t even realize some drool was already escaping from the side of his lips. The round, full orbs had the same pendulous effect as his cock, flopping around as he walked. To Jason, it was now evident why Ken wore a jockstrap.

Ken wrapped the towel around his head and began drying himself off, his entire body shaking, making his cock flop around like a toy that Jason just wanted to play with. If he wasn’t hard before, he was hard now. His cock was very obviously straining against his shorts, and was even leaving a blatant wet spot on the fabric. Ken turned around and began toweling off his front side and Jason was left to stare at the male’s backside. The muscle tensed as the bear washed himself off; one cheek lifting as the other relaxed and vice versa. Even his ass looked like it was chiselled by gay angles. It jiggled with each of his movements, moving seamlessly and begging to be groped and squeezed.

A low moan escaped Jason’s mouth, one far too loud for his own good.

Ken momentarily stopped drying himself off, his attention turned towards the door, and Jason moved barely in time to not get caught, a mad scramble out of the way of the door. When he found his back up against the wall and his head tilted downward, he felt his heartbeat slow down. His breathing came ragged, and his heartbeat was deafening in his ears.

“Jason?” Ken called out from inside the bathroom.

“Y-yeah?” Jason called out, doing his best to stop his voice from shaking. Fuck, he was so busted right now. “You okay in there?”

“I just finished actually!”

“Yeah, I almost did too,” Jason thought to himself as he got up off the wall and began to walk backwards slowly towards the kitchen.

“Well good,” Jason said with a smile. “You didn’t use all of my shampoo did you?” Jason gave a chuckle at the tease, and unfortunately did not even hear the sound of footsteps coming out of the bathroom along with the door opening.

“Nah, don’t worry…I just used what was needed.”

Jason gave another soundless gasp at the sight before him.

Ken was out of the bathroom with the royal purple towel tied around his waist. A grin was slapped across his face and he his eyes had a mischievous, playful twinkle in them. His body was on full display besides his hips and waist, his hairy yet trimmed chest on full display along with his flexing legs. There was a bulge in the towel which was pronounced by the purple fabric. Ken merely crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, his skin coated over with a fresh layer of clear water that rolled off of his studly body, and Jason now noticed a tattoo just at the bear’s lower left leg; a tiger with its mouth opened wide trailing down his leg and the orange and yellow ink of the tattoo shined brilliantly due to the water that rolled down the ink.

Jason reacted appropriately to the situation; by giving a hard blush with his mouth agape. “K-Ken…” he managed to say in response to the nearly naked man in front of him.

“Something…on your mind, Mr. Greenwood?” Ken said with a seductive purr in his voice. He stopped crossing his arms and put his right hand on a fold in his towel.

Jason cleared his throat and shook his head. “N-no, I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Perfectly, okay!” he said, sounding giddy. His voice was shaking and he could barely control his own lust. He just wanted to tear that towel off and see just what was underneath it once again.

Ken moved closer towards him, his bare feet padding across the tiled floor. “Well in any case, I wanted to thank you.” He went to the side of the counter and walked over to him. Jason was keen to keep an eye contact with him, or else the dragon would see the stiff boner he had raging in his pants.

He gulped, backing slowly. He feared that if Ken invaded his personal space, he’d lose full control of himself. “Oh! Uh! You don’t need to,” he replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

“But I do. I wanted to thank you personally for being such a great host,” Ken continued, seemingly oblivious to the suffocating sexual tension in the air. He continued walking forward, proudly sticking out his chest for Jason to see.

“No, really! It’s fine!” Jason squeaked meekly. Ken was forcing Jason to keep moving backwards but the end came when his backside collided with the counter. He was trapped, and was stuck between a rock and a very hard place.

Ken stopped in front of him, still having that mischievous smile and the knowing twinkle in his eye. The two locked eyes at that brief moment, Jason unable to look away from that handsome face. “You’ve been such a great host. I know there was a bit of a hiccup in our renovations, and even went so far to use your shower and all… but…I think I have an idea how to make it up to you.”

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah, and I think you’ll like it too.”

The gentle sound of fabric falling to the ground, sounded like trains crashing into one another inside Jason’s ears. The smaller sized male didn’t even have to look down to know what exactly was on the floor at that given moment. The thick sexual tension in the air betrayed Ken’s expression as he still wore that sweet charming smile.


Jason was mesmerized by Ken’s stare until he felt something thick rub against the bulge in his gym shorts. Looking downward, Jason was panting as heavily as Ken was; his warm breath kissing Ken’s naked chest. Ken gave a grin, his cock throbbing as Jason gawked at his maleness openly.

“I’ve seen you watching me,” Ken said with a grin, leaning forward enough to whisper hotly in Jason’s ear. Jason could feel the warm breath against the soft fur of his small ears and they flicked with each breath that moved across the sensitive nerves. “You think I didn’t notice your eyes peaking in the doorway? Or how stunned you looked when I had my shirt off?”

Jason was speechless as he watched as the member rubbing up against his bulge begin to grow and ken inch ever closer towards him, pushing him further up against the counter. Ken’s broad chest rubbed against his clothed one, the muscles that brushed up against his a pleasant sensation.

“K-Ken…” Jason said almost breathlessly.

Sticking out his tongue, Ken licked across Jason’s right ear, the slick appendage playing around the tender muscle before moving towards Jason’s right cheek. Jason shivered at the sensation and how warm the saliva was before the air rendered it cool, the warm and cold feeling of Ken’s freshly showered body juxtaposing with the cool feeling of the saliva drying on his skin. “Now I have you all to myself, and you get some extra perks added to this contract,” Ken said with a pleased rumble.

“F-fuck…” Jason said softly, not meaning to let the word slip and his eyes went a bit wide at the realization.

Ken moved forward to plant a kiss on Jason’s lips. It was a brief and tender kiss, but one that electrified Jason’s entire body. It sent his nerves on fire, his entire grip on himself loosening completely. They broke the kiss after a few short minutes, briefly intertwined together with saliva in their wake.

“That’s the idea, Jason,” Ken replied, his free hand caressing the deer’s stiff boner in his pants. “Why don’t we get more comfortable?” he asked, planting another kiss on Jason’s lips before swiftly moving away, and the male shivered as he felt Ken’s grip lightly kneading his package.

Jason nearly blew his load right then and there as Ken’s hands teasingly worked across his maleness, groping and feeling wherever they pleased. His underwear was soaked in his own pre at this point. “Yeah, I’d like that,” Jason replied simply.


“Upstairs. First door on the left.”

“Hang on to me.”

“Umm, wha-?”

Jason yelped as Ken easily hoisted him upwards. He placed his two massive hands, one on each rump cheek to support Jason’s weight. Jason immediately realized what he was doing and clung onto the larger stud’s body for safety. He wrapped his legs around the Ken’s thick body, savoring the warmth that radiated off of his naked lover’s skin. The two made it up the stairs swiftly, Jason nearly bared in the male’s hairy chest.. The door was thankfully ajar and he let himself in, making a beeline for the king size bed in the middle of the room.

“There we go…” Ken said, placing Jason on his back on the mattress.

What Jason saw was a sight to behold. The large dragon looming over him, a tower of muscle and a wall of pure masculinity. Jason’s eyes trailed downwards towards the bear’s titanic cock rested on his legs that dangled at the edge of the bed, leaking pre copiously. It definitely looked like it would break his ass in half.

“Now where we…”

Ken leaned downwards, placing his arms next to Jason’s head before going in for a much deeper, and longer kiss. Jason moaned, the vibrations of his lips moving through Ken’s core as he kissed the contractor with passion.

Jason shivered at the sensations that were cutting through his senses and scooted back towards the pillows of the bed and Ken followed like a hungry animal, continuing to kiss Jason on the lips before sliding his tongue deep into the submissive male’s mouth unexpectedly. Jason gagged on the appendage at first, but got used to the size and found himself somewhat suckling on the tongue as it explored his mouth.

When Ken pulled away, the two were openly panting at one another, their hot breath brushing against each other’s bodies. Jason felt two hands begin to work underneath his shirt before tugging it upward. There was a pleased rumble as Ken began to explore the buck’s upper body with enthusiasm, his hands working over the lean muscle. Jason gave a small whimper, a string of saliva connecting Ken and Jason’s lips together.

“Mmmm, such a hot, lean boy…”

Giving a yip when he felt Ken pinch his right nipple lightly, Jason blushed as Ken began working the shirt off of his body. Jason lifted up his arms, and closed his eyes as Ken started to strip off his shirt with his right hand while straddling his body and feeling up his chest with his left hand. It seemed that Ken knew exactly where to touch to get him going, and Jason’s clothed member rubbed up against the contractor’s firm yet mendable backside.

When Jason looked up at him with a blissful expression on his face, Ken chuckled lowly and added, “I know just where to touch on ya…”

“Well, I’m glad to know that I’m in good hands,” Jason replied with a hiss, feeling the cool breeze as his chest was left bare and open for exploring. He watched as Ken nonchalantly threw his shirt to the side, and begin working on the lean male’s lower half, his hands gripping the waistband of his client’s shorts before giving them several quick pulls downward. Jason’s shorts were straining against his body, his cock desperately wanting to be free from its fabric prison which did not help matters when trying to strip him.

Ken wasted no time in removing the last article of clothing, tugging on the shorts enthusiastically. Jason lifted his legs up into the air and the dragon pulled the shorts out with one quick movement, leaving Jason in nothing but his skimpy jockstrap. The pouch was a dark black with a red streak down the middle, and the straps framed Jason’s backside quite well. The spandex and polyester blend of the pouch pronounced Jason’s bulge, and Ken bit his lips, giving Jason a knowing stare. “You little minx.”

Jason chuckled, then said, “I wanted to be prepared.”

Ken raised a brow. “Lube?”

“It’s in my night stand. Let me get it.”

Jason turned and reached outwards, grabbing the drawer underneath the small desk and pulling it outward, before handing a big bottle of lube to his lover. The lube was nothing special. It simply said “Kinky” on the front in bright pink letters and Ken found himself smirking as he unlatched the top and squirted a helping onto his hand.

“Let’s see if your ass is prepared as you are,” Ken said with a bit a low growl to his voice. Ken handed the lube back to Jason then said, “I want you to lube me up. It’ll help you give you an idea on how big of a dick you’re about to take.”

Jason nodded and applied a generous helping of the lube on his hands before reaching forward and gently grasping Ken’s throbbing cock. Ken gave a hiss as he felt Jason’s delicate fingers work across his shaft with the slick lube. Giving a stifled gasp, Jason felt across the shaft and his eyes went wide as Ken shuffled closer until the shaft was nearly right in his face.


“Like it?”

Jason nodded meekly as he started to lube up the head of Ken’s cock along with the thick base. The sound of lube sliding across the shaft made Jason’s ears flicked as he gave a gasp as the shaft throbbed and dribbled clear pre onto his chest. Jason could smell the musk radiating off of the dragon and leaned forward tentatively.

“You going to give it a lick?” Ken said with a growl as he wiggled his hips in front of Jason’s face.

Jason nodded and leaned forward, licking the tip of the dominant male’s maleness as he continued to lube up Ken’s member. The contractor shivered and leaned forward, putting his arms on either side of Jason’s head before pushing his tip against Jason’s lips.

“Keep lubing it up, but start sucking on my tip,” Ken said with a devious smirk at the male below him.

Jason trembled once again at the commanding tone the contractor had and leaned upward to begin suckling on the tip of Ken’s length. He felt the base pulse in his hand and a jet of pre sprayed into his mouth. Jason gagged at first, but appreciated the gift; swallowing the salty and pleasant substance down his gullet.

“Mmm, yeah. That’s a good boy,” Ken cooed as he placed a hand gently on the back of Jason’s head. “Keep going. Don’t mind my fingers…”

Jason did not know what Ken meant until he felt one of his lover’s digits poking at his hole. The cold feeling of lube on his sensitive hole was evident and the deer looked up at the dragon curiously.

“I didn’t tell ya to stop,” Ken said, momentarily stopping his probing of his lover’s most sensitive areas.

Jason lowered his head, sticking out his tongue to take a quick taste of the contractor’s cock, his eyes looking up with a mixture of intense lust at being commanded around.

“Good.” Ken focused his efforts back into fingering the ass of the male below him. From the way Jason’s ass sucked on his fingers told Ken that this was going to be one tight fuck, and that was just the way he preferred it. He pressed in one digit, Jason’s hole slowly parting despite the muscles closing around his finger to stop the foreign invader from going in. Jason let out a low groan, the finger sending electrifying signals that radiated from his backside. He squirmed, choosing to focus on the top’s maleness that was leaking on his chest.

Using his free hands, Jason proceeded to spread the lube on the throbbing shaft. Having seen it earlier, it still surprised him at how big it was when it was now right in front of his face. Truly bigger than his arm, and thick all around, it carried a significant weight to it that made Jason wonder how on earth could such a thing even exist. The fact that this dick was going to be shoved up his ass made his eagerness reach sky high. The pulsing stick was rough in his hands, having veins run all over that gave it an intimidating and menacing appearance. Gliding his hands over and pumping it, he could feel the muscles underneath throbbing and pulsing in his grip. Another healthy squirt of pre made him double in his licking efforts. The taste of the it was becoming addicting to the male.

Sticking his finger deeper into this lover, Ken felt Jason squirm around his digit and shifted his weight back a bit until he was practically sitting on the bulge housed snugly in Jason’s jockstrap. The tip of Ken’s length popped out of Jason’s mouth and Jason looked up at him needfully. Ken could feel the fabric of the pouch rubbing against the cleft of his rump and he gave a smirk at Jason’s dreamy look as Ken rubbed his rump against his bulge.

“You like that Mr. Greenwood?” Ken said with a devilish smile as he worked over the submissive male’s shaft. Ken slipped a second finger inside Jason, his middle finger slipping inside with a slick squelching sound. Jason simply nodded as he felt the fingers move inside of him, touching him in places that made him shiver and shake with ecstasy.

“Yes,” Jason whispered, using one hand to grip Ken’s member while the other one was gripping the sheets of the bed. “Oh god yes!”

The dragon bit his lips, the moans the deer giving out sounding like music to his ears. “Ohh, I’m going to have so much fun with you. I’m going to make you scream that and by the end of it, you’re going to be hoarse.” Ken doubled his efforts, proceeding to insert a third finger into Jason’s now slowly loosening rump. Using his free hand, Ken moved it atop Jason’s jockstrap and began to tug it down. With one mighty pull the fabric was free, leaving Jason’s member to bob freely in the air. Ken smiled. While significantly bigger than the deer, Jason was packing heat of his own. It was a modest 6 inches that was proportionally thick to go along with it.

Ken gently wrapped his arms around Jason’s throbbing cock, happy to hear the moans Jason produced as he swirled his fingers around the head. A healthy dose of pre leaked itself from the top, coating Ken’s fingers. “You are one hot fuck, Mr. Greenwood.”

“Thank you…sir,” Jason said to Ken as he spread his legs and maneuvered himself to allow Ken’s fingers an easier time getting inside of him. The digits rubbed right against his prostate and Jason found himself moaning and panting each time Ken moved the fingers inside of him. Ken watched Jason’s face carefully and looked for any signs of discomfort. If the deer could take 3 fingers, he could take his member probably to the base. Ken moved away from Jason and propped his lover’s legs up against his broad shoulders. Grabbing onto Jason’s left ankle with his free hand, Ken slowly removed his fingers from the deer’s rump and smiled at the blissful look Jason gave back.

“You are ready,” Ken said simply as he gripped Jason’s other ankle with his free hand. There was a flash of concern as he lined up his menacing looking shaft with Jason’s tight hole. “Let me know if it hurts…”

Looking up at his lover with gratitude, Jason nodded and reached upwards to feel across the dragon’s broad chest as Ken began to roll his hips. Jason had second thoughts as he felt the thick shaft move between his cheeks and his tail flicked with slight concern. “I’m ready.”

Ken nodded, before beginning to roll his hips to push the tip of his shaft up against Jason’s hope. The sub’s internal muscles desperately tried to push him away but Ken persevered. This was probably going to be the tightest ass he ever had the chance of fucking. Ken continued, sinking himself deeper and deeper into his newest conquest’s butt. Ken felt his eyes roll to the back of his head upon feeling the tight confines he was sinking into. It was amazing, to say the least. “Ooooo, yessss!” he growled in between breaths. It felt like he was already going to blow right then and there.

Jason on the other thought he was being split in half. He always thought he had a size king sort of streak going for him, but this was beginning to make him question if he really had it in him to begin with. The pain that flared from his backside was unlike anything ever before, but as soon as he was reaching his limit, the pain subsided and began to change to that of pleasure. Ken’s cock was resting on his prostate and each time he sank inwards, it rubbed against it perfectly. It sent shocks of pleasure coursing through his body that elicited gasps and moans of pleasure from him.

“Oh Ken!!” he yelled out, gripping the bed sheets as if his life depended on it.

“Yeah, say my name,” Ken growled as he continued to sink into Jason, sweat beginning to roll off of his tan skinas he rolled his hips. Jason panted openly, his tail flicking as he felt an immense pressure on his prostate. His own length flicked and throbbed in front of him; pre beginning to matt Jason’s fur on his chest. Jason looked to see Ken towering over him, his body nearly shadowing his own as the top pushed further and further into him. Finally when it felt like he could not take it any longer, Jason felt the tickle of Ken’s well-kept groin hair up against his backside.

“You feel that, Mr. Greenwood?” Ken said with a purr as he leaned forward to give Jason’s member a lick. “That’s a cock as thick as a soda can inside of your body…rubbing against some hard to reach places.”

Letting go of one of his lover’s ankles, Ken began to trail his index finger up Jason’s thighs until it gently rubbed against Jason’s member. “And you have some leaky pipes we need to fix.”

Jason tried to reply but found that he was unable to do so, mumbling incoherent words that pretty much detailed how he was feeling at the moment–mindblown. Ken grinned, using this chance to slowly start up what would later become a continuous pounding. He eased himself out, huffing as he felt the confines of Jason’s backside desperately cling to his thick member. He curses under his breath, managing to get halfway through before sinking himself back in.

It was long, slow and arduous, but to Jason, he felt like he was in heaven. He was moaning Ken’s name under his breath, right in with cries of pleasure, pleas for more and cursing all tangled up in his sentences. He gripped the bedsheets so much that his knuckles began to show white on them. It was even under the danger of ripping. His entire body moved with the motions of his lover, under the mercy of the larger beast on top of him.

A rhythm was soon established and Ken was having the time of his life. The floorboards creaked, and the entire bed frame was groaning under their combined weight and the power behind his thrusts. Lewd squelches were coming out from Jason’s backside as his cock pistoned in and out. He grinned hearing Jason scream his name in ecstasy. It stroked his ego more than anything else to know that someone was enjoying their position underneath him, taking everything he had to offer; but he wanted more. He wanted to see just how much pleasure he can get before he’d inevitably wreck Jason’s ass. Using his free hand, he propped up the bottom’s legs on his shoulders, and coming more into a standing position. Jason gasped as his body was pulled upward and most of his lower body being held up by Ken’s large, muscular arms. Ken then angled his thrusts down, hammering the poor deer even further.

“Oh god!”

Jason’s head bobbed in an almost hypnotic like trance as Ken began to pick up his pace. His face was pushed into the bed and the rhythmic slapping of the studly top’s hips on his own began to echo throughout the bedroom. With each push of Ken’s cock rubbing against his entrance, Jason gave a moan as he felt strangely full. Feeling Ken push further and further inside of him with each deep thrust, Jason yelled out into the room as he began to push back against Ken’s thrusts.

Jason began to drool into the sheets as Ken ravaged him like he was merely a hole to fuck. Jason felt two hands reach up to grip his rump and Ken’s nails began to dig into his pert backside. Giving a long, drawn out moan, Jason pushed hard back against Ken with each thrust.

“I feel something building!” Jason groaned as a warm, tingly feeling in his balls began to bubble up. The sensation started in his balls and worked his way up through his body like liquid fire and each thrust from the top sent electric sparks that made him shiver and shake with anticipation for the climax.

“I want to see you cum for me, Jason!” Ken shouted, his thrusts becoming deeper by the minute. He pounded Jason’s backside, his entire hole now fully accepting his dick like it belonged there. Jason couldn’t take it anymore, his body convulsing and his cock become as stiff as wood. Ken growled, Jason’s ass clamping down on his cock like a vice, and Jason cried out, his cock bobbing freely in the air as it spurted fresh cum all over his body. It hit him square in the face and the bed he laid on before streaking across his chest in thick, white shots.

“Perfect,” Ken purred, seeing his bottom for the afternoon make a mess of himself. He looked wonderful, seeing the cum painted on his face, chest and bedspread. The beautiful male’s skin was streaked in white. It was perfect; it looked like it belonged on him. But he himself was nearing his end. The grip of his conquest’s ass on his cock was far too much, even for him, and he was going to blow.

Jason was shaking with the intensity of his orgasm and yet he still remained hard even though he shot off everything he had. He felt Ken’s massive arms move away from his thighs, dropping him onto the bed in one go. Jason felt his lover’s thick member slip out of him and gave a gasp.

“Ken, what are you…”

“Get on all fours…I’m going to fuck ya properly…”

Mouth falling open at the vulgar language, Jason was going to protest when he felt Ken’s maleness slip back inside of him in one thrust and Ken began thrusting in earnest. Jason could feel Ken’s massive balls slap against his and shivered as Ken started move from jackhammering speed down to a deep, hard thrusts that rubbed every part of him. Ken started to grunt and growl as he thrusted into Jason and the bearish top got a devilish idea when his eyes fell upon the skimpy jockstrap that Jason had around his waist before this whole affair.

Grabbing it, Ken brought it forward to Jason’s muzzle and shoved the pouch up against Jason’s nose. Jason was taken aback by the sudden move and was even more surprised when Ken wrapped the two straps around his hand and pulled back on them slightly almost functioning as a leash for his lover.


“Yeah, sniff your own musk,” Ken cooed as he used his other hand to grab onto Jason’s right antler. “Get nice and riled up by your own stud musk before I cum in you…”

The smell was intoxicating. It wafted into Jason’s nostrils and drove up his arousal even further. His cock was leaking cum on the bed and Ken was busy hammering away at his now battered backside. He cried out in pleasure, but his voice was muffled as Ken pulled back at his makeshift gag.

“Yeah! Just like that!” Ken cried out, his hips a blur on Jason’s backside. “I love your ass, Jason! Fucking perfect!” he yelled out.

Jason was more than thrilled but couldn’t really voice his enthusiasm as his prostate was being pounded endlessly. He felt like he was going to pass out at this rate. Ken continued with his thrusts, but eventually they began to become irregular as the stud over him began losing control, quickly nearing his own end.

The male above him gave a low rumble, his hands gripping Jason’s two rump cheeks firmly in his hand and squeezing before he brought his hand up to his bottom’s back and pushed him down into the bed. Jason could only go with the flow of things as he got pushed down against the mattress by the larger male and Ken’s left hand left his backside coming back down roughly onto his right butt cheek. A slap reverberated through the room and Jason gave a yip in response.

The low growls coming from above him along with the Ken’s hips pushing harder and harder against his backside sent electric shocks of white hot pleasure that threatened to blossom outward in streaks of white. The pre that leaked from the head of his member dotted the sheets liberally, and Ken grew tired of Jason being muffled and pulled the jockstrap away from Jason’s face. Jason gave a gasp as fresh air rushed into his lungs and he felt almost dizzy as his head bobbed hypnotically as the dominate male thrusted into him again and again. Ken simply clutched the underwear in his hand before bringing it up to his own face to take a wiff, his nostrils opening wide as he took in his bottom’s musk, and gave a pleased rumble in response. He threw it aside when he was finished, his eyes glazed over and continued his assault on the his bottom.

“Mmmm, I’m getting so close. Ready for my load?” Ken growled as he thrusted hard and deep against Jason, leaning over the male until the muscles of his chest were rubbing into Jason’s lean, muscular back. The adorable moans from Jason reached his ears and he rolled his hips against the his lover’s perky rump. Ken nibbled on Jason’s left ear softly and whispered, “I can feel you opening up and clenching for me…ready for it. Mmmm, hold on….”

“Ahhh…ahhh…urgh..UNGHH!!” Jason eventually groaned into the sheets and his ears flicked upward when he heard the slick sound of Ken’s lubed member sliding in and out of his rump.

Jason yelled out as he shook and trembled, his body almost exploding outward as his member in between his legs twitched and jerked. After three quick jerks, his length began spraying out jet after jet of pearly white seed onto the bedspread, coming twice this session while the brute over him continued his thrusting.

Ken’s movements were losing rhythm, becoming highly erratic as he did his best to keep pounding away. But the sensations were proving too much for him as he started to near the end. With one last titanic thrust, Ken fell thrusted into Jason with one lewd, slick sound. Jason mewled, feeling a mix of pleasure and pain radiating from his lower half, and he knew for a fact that he was going to be very sore a few hours from now.

Giving short thrusts rather than the long, hard, and deep thrusts from earlier, Ken began to pant and groan before giving a long roar as his member spasmed inside Jason’s clenching hole. Jason felt wave after wave of warm, milky seed fill him almost to the brim and Jason found himself wondering if it would begin to leak out of him..

Ken’s cock inevitably stopped spewing cum deep into Jason’s hole and plainly leaked into it instead, his climax slowly dwindling down and felt his muscles begin to relax as a blissful high of the afterglow washed over him. He landed beside Jason in the bed, moving in to spoon the smaller male from behind, his cock that was firmly lodged inside his bottom’s backside forcing his lover down with them. Both of them were panting and sweating from their strenuous sex, and Ken opted to wrapping his arms possessively around Jason to pull him close and hold him tight to his chest. Jason had no objections to the treatment as he was pulled closer to his lover’s muscular chest, the sweat from their session rubbing into his back, and it was almost calming to feel the muscle of his lover rub against his back every time he took a breath in.

Both males were a mess of sweat and cum, their session taking a lot of each of them. Jason was panting openly, his hair matted and covered in their sticky seed. Ken nuzzled into his neck, his warm breath brushing against the ticklish nerve endings. It was a touching, affectionate moment compared to the animalistic and almost feral like sex that they just got done partaking in.

After a few moments of silence, it was Ken who broke the ice. “That was fantastic, Jason.”

Jason cleared his throat and looked over his shoulder at the larger male.

Ken blushed and gave a chuckle, “Sorry…Mr. Greenwood.”

“That’s better,” Jason said with a smirk. “I’m definitely going to be feeling this in the morning.”

Jason wiggled his body and felt the massive cock that was lodged inside of him still tug in all the right places. Ken gave a lewd chuckle and reached forward to grope Jason’s rump openly. “Mmm, wait until we get to round two.”

“You are a perv-mmmmf.”

Jason did not get to finish the sentence as Ken leaned over his body and kissed him on the lips passionately. Their lips smacked audibly together and Jason found himself smiling into the kiss as their tongues began to explore one another’s mouths slowly and sensually. When the two broke away, they were both smiling at one another.

“Says the guy who whimpers to be fucked by a big stud…” Ken said playfully.

“Shut it,” Jason said and he felt a claw move up and down his spine ever so softly. Jason shivered at the contact. “Anyway, how long does it take for you to go for round two?”

“Ehhh…give me a bit. You were…nice, and I don’t want to break ya. I really did a number on you.”

“You’re telling me,” Jason said with a blissful sigh. “I can feel it; all warm and hot…”

“Well, I have all day anyway,” Ken said, nuzzling the back of Jason’s neck.

“Of what…doing this? What about my bathroom?” Jason asked cheekily. Ken just chuckled in response and grinded his hips against the Ken’s lower half. Jason merely gave a low moan in response; maybe his bathroom could wait.

“Oh…though, I have to ask, Ken.”


“Do I get another discount from this?”

The contractor chuckled. “I’ll think about it.” He then said, “Although…I wouldn’t mind doing this again when my workday is over…or my contract.” He licked the back of Jason’s neck, before planting a kiss along his spine and prompting Jason to shiver from the touch of Ken’s soft lips.

Jason turned his head to look back at his lover, and the two stared briefly at one another before both leaning in to share another kiss. That kiss; however, soon became heated as Ken and Jason pressed their bodies close to one another, wanting to have more of each other and starting to get lost in their passions. Ken’s lower half seemingly acted on its own accord, proceeding to grind himself against Jason in a slow and rhythmic speed into his lover’s backside. The two broke their kiss, and Ken held tightly onto Jason.

“Yeah…” He started to thrust into Jason, making him let out a needful moan. “I think the discount sounds promising at this rate.”