by sevenofspades

Rachel went to sleep that night almost exactly as she would on any other Friday, tired after a big week and looking forward to a lie-in the next morning. The only difference was that she knew her boyfriend was planning to come over for the first time in ages the next day, so she had done a little prep. She hadn’t gotten herself off, not properly, but she had put a water-resistant sheet on her bed and fallen asleep wearing a small butt plug. Matt liked things messy. She didn’t want to have to pause or ruin the mood once he finally got here. Usually she went to bed naked, but this time she wore a pair of panties because she didn’t like leaving the plug exposed.

She slept exceptionally well.

On Saturday morning, Rachel awoke to Matt already on the bed with her, fully clothed. He must have used a spare key to get in. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and reached up to him joyfully.

“Morning! You’re here earlier than I thought. I love you.”

“Mm, good to see you too, Rachel,” said Matt, hugging her. Rachel moved to sit up properly on the side of the bed – and couldn’t. Her feet were cuffed to end of the wide bed. The cords they were on had plenty of slack, but not so much that she could bring her feet together or swing them off the bed.

“You asked for something interesting today, so I thought I’d get started, like we talked about a couple weeks ago. I’m going to give you an enema. You seem prepared for it already.”

“Will it hurt?” asked Rachel.

“It can, if you want it to. I was hoping for quite a big one.”

“Yes,” said Rachel, drawing out the “s” between her teeth. Her butt clenched around the plug it already held. “Give me a challenge.”

“As you wish,” said Matt. He smiled down at her, then nudged her down onto the bed where she grinned back at him. “Close your eyes. You can talk if you want, but I might gag you if you become uncooperative.”

His first order of business was to cuff her hands to the headboard so she was loosely spread-eagled on the bed. He gave her a small object to hold in her right fist.

“This is a buzzer. You can press the end with your thumb to make it go off. Use a long buzz for “stop completely” and a couple short ones for “let’s talk about it”.”

Rachel pressed the buzzer a few times, then nodded happily at Matt, eyes still shut. “I’m good. Let’s go.”

“That’s my girl. Here, have a drink,” he said, holding a glass of water to her lips that had been on her dresser. She often got thirsty during the night and it was already half empty. She lifted her head and emptied the glass greedily.

Matt put the glass aside, shortened the cords securing Rachel’s limbs, and drew her panties down to between her ankles so they pulled her feet together constantly against the pressure of the cords. Then he stuffed a pillow under her butt to make her anus easier to access. The little blue plug stood out nicely and he spent a moment admiring it. He buckled dog collars around the bottom of her thighs and tied those to the sides of the bedframe, so her knees were widely and permanently splayed. Rachel was still very relaxed, moving where he pushed her and barely testing the restraints at all.

Matt took a few minutes just to feast his eyes and hands on his girlfriend’s beautiful body, breasts gorgeous even when she lay on her back like this, stomach flat and thighs creamy white. He ran his hands over her legs then up to her breasts, which he gathered and squeezed in his palms. Rachel huffed a laugh. His hands then wandered down and began to knead her stomach, pressing quite hard at times.

“Stop doing that so low, that’s my bladder. You’re gonna make me pee,” said Rachel.

“It’ll work out badly for you if you do,” replied Matt. He jabbed her in the stomach one last time, then rolled off the bed to get some equipment. The first thing he used was nothing special: an ordinary water bottle, one of half a dozen small ones he had brought. “Drink this,” he said, popping the cap ready for her use.

Rachel realised where he was going with all this water and sucked it down quickly, pausing only to breathe, though she couldn’t down it as fast as the glass of water since she wasn’t so thirsty any more. Matt nodded to himself. “Keep it up, you’re doing well. But this is the easy part,” he told her. She was already slipping into submission and didn’t reply.

Matt dribbled the last of the water down her torso and rubbed it around on her skin. It didn’t make for great massage oil, but the temperature shock made her shiver pleasingly. He sat back and put the empty bottle away under the bed, then reached for a two-litre enema bag already full of lukewarm water. He paused.

“If you can’t keep your eyes shut for this then I’ll blindfold you. Do you want me to do that now?” he asked.

Rachel hummed softly. “Blindfold me,” she said.

“Here it comes,” said Matt, slipping an elasticated blindfold over her head. Rachel went slightly slack at that, but her breathing picked up. Matt readied the stand for the enema bag and hung it up, then picked up the second enema bag he had brought and laid it on Rachel’s stomach. “Do you feel the weight of this? That’s what’s gonna be inside you,” he said, poking it and making it slosh about. “You’re just a bag that needs cleaning out.” Then he put that bag on the floor so he could concentrate on getting started.

He wiggled her butt plug just to get a feel for its size, delighting in how it made her squirm in her restraints. Squirting some lube on his hand, he pulled the plug out and quickly felt around inside her with a couple fingers to test her muscles. The overnight plug had left her easily open to a small invasion, though something wide would take more work. The enema nozzle was quite narrow, however, so he knew he was good to go.

He pulled his fingers out and used them to handle the enema nozzle, getting it nice and slick. Then he stuck it into her without preamble. She giggled a bit at the sensation.

“You won’t be laughing soon, bitch,” Matt said, but he tempered his words with a gentle stroke of her thigh. Leaving the nozzle in her with nothing flowing yet, he got off the bed and brought another bottle of water to Rachel’s lips. This time, she pursed her lips and tried to duck her head away, but he chased them with the bottle and soon stuck it between her teeth, after which she became docile and drank it. He put the bottle away and returned to kneeling by her side, hand on the enema valve.

He opened the valve quite slowly. He wanted this experience to last, and he knew he needed to build up to the level of pain he was hoping to cause. Less than a cupful of water went into Rachel before he shut it off.

“Is that all?” Rachel asked. She had to know it wouldn’t be; she was goading him on. At this stage, she could barely feel it.

“I’m the one in charge here, bitch. Don’t back-talk me.” She responded by attempting to spit at him, though because she was on her back, it was really more of a dribble. “Oh dear, oh dear,” Matt said. “We’ll have to replace what you just lost.”

He fetched a third water bottle, then readied the enema valve too. “This time the valve stays open until you finish drinking. So really, it’s your fault if it’s too much for you.” He opened the valve just as Rachel hastily opened her mouth, knowing from experience that if she took on too much at once anally then it would make her cramp. This bottle was emptied faster than the first one had been, though Rachel looked distinctly unhappy afterwards. Still, Matt dutifully shut off the valve and gave her some time to rest. She had taken on just over half a litre of water from the enema and she could definitely feel it now. Aside from anything else, that plus all she had drunk was pressing on her bladder.

“I need to pee,” complained Rachel. “I haven’t gone at all today.”

“That was foolish of you,” Matt replied. “You’re not getting up. I’m sure you can hold it for a while yet; you’re not even tense.” He pinched her stomach and thighs hard, grabbing and shaking the skin. It was the first pain he had caused her today.

“No, it hurts,” she said. But she didn’t press the buzzer. Matt said nothing, just fetched the spider gag he had prepared for this.

“Open wide,” he said. Even as she opened her mouth to object, he forced the gag between her teeth, and she bit down around it. He strapped it in place, disloding her flimsy blindfold in the process. “You can look at me now,” he said. “The bag is on your left. I want you to know how far you have to go. I want to see you cry.”

Rachel blinked up at him and made a noise of fear in her throat. He patted her on the cheek – harshly, bordering on slapping – and returned to the enema. He opened the valve wider than he had yet so she took on nearly half a litre more in much less time than previously. She was now halfway through the first bag.

“Look at you. You’re doing so well for such a stupid, dirty slut,” he said. Her stomach wasn’t yet showing as inflated but by pressing on it, he could hear water sloshing around in her stomach and colon. She moaned in discomfort. This time, when he pressed above her bladder a trickle of urine escaped from her.

“Look what you’ve done, idiot,” Matt said. His tone was always calm and even, in contrast to his words. “We can’t have that.” He reached for a fourth bottle of water. With the gag in her mouth she couldn’t suck at the cap, so he held the bottle above her mouth and squirted water down her throat, gripping her jaw to keep her head in place.

Rachel coughed and sputtered at first but had no choice except to swallow the water. Slowly, she choked it all down, eyes squeezing shut with effort whenever Matt let forth another stream of water.

“Be glad it’s just water,” said Matt, putting the empty bottle away. Rachel nodded vigorously, then stopped and slumped because that much motion made her body shake and her insides hurt. Because of that, she didn’t see the next tool coming.

Matt started to run the spur up and down her thighs, lightly at first, then deep enough that the teeth of the tiny cog left marks on her pure smooth thighs. He trailed it over her stomach next but didn’t go too hard there; he wanted to introduce her to the sensation without spoiling her for later. Soon he put the spur away and deemed it time for the next dose.

He opened the enema valve to a low setting and just left it running, filling her slowly but surely with the remaining litre of water from the bag. While that was going on he finally started to pay attention to her genitals, massaging around them then tickling the clit itself. Her knees strained against their cords as her legs tried to come together to provide more friction. He pinched her clitoral hood and pulled at it. Again, a few drops of urine leaked from her vulva.

“Silly girl,” he said, trailing his fingers in the pee and spreading it on her thighs. He teased the entrance to her vagina, also leaking fluid, but didn’t satisfy her by going in yet. Instead, he brought his fingers up to her mouth. “Clean them,” he ordered.

Rachel’s tongue lapped at his fingers as they poked through the spider gag. She had her eyes on the nearly-empty enema bag and she didn’t know what was coming next, but she was pretty sure it would be best if she complied. Matt didn’t seem like he was rushing to finish.

Finally, the bag was empty, and Matt sat back and admired his work. With two litres of water up her ass plus more than a litre down her throat, his girlfriend’s usually flat, taught belly was starting to swell. He ran his hands over her stomach and sides, first a brush so light it almost tickled, then firmer so he could really feel the water inside her. He grabbed her sides and dug his thumbs into her stomach, making her shout in pain.

“Don’t get too excited, dear,” he said. “We’re just getting started.” Rachel’s eyes widened in fear and anticipation, her breathing fast and irregular. Some drool leaked from around the gag.

Matt got up from the bed and went to sit by her head, pulling out his phone and just browsing the web. He left her to stew like that for a full ten minutes, feeling up her head, neck, and chest whenver he pleased but otherwise ignoring her completely. It made her furious. She so wanted him to touch her that she was practically butting her head into his hand whenever it came close, but that just made him draw away. She was also increasingly desperate to pee and her abdomen was cramping because of the enema. Her whole body was tensed and she couldn’t find any comfortable position to lie in, no matter how much she writhed in the restraints.

“Break’s over,” Matt finally announced. She glared at him and he just smiled back. Then he unhooked the empty enema bag from its stand and replaced it with the second one, still full to bursting. He connected it to the nozzle still inside her.

Rachel made a long, low noise of protest when she saw what he intended. She couldn’t possibly take more. He couldn’t mean it. But he did, and deep down, she knew it.

“I’ll be nice and let you choose how we begin,” Matt said. “I have two more bottles of water that you’re going to drink by the time this is over. Grunt once to start on the bag, twice to start on a bottle.” Of course, Rachel didn’t want either of them, but she decided the bottle might bring less immediate pain. She grunted twice.

“Pig,” said Matt. He picked up another bottle and let it drip into her mouth. “Here we go.” He rested a hand on her throat as she drank, checking that she really was swallowing. When the bottle was done, she shook her head in discomfort, and he slapped her breast. “None of that,” he said. “You’ll take what you’re given. You want it, slut.” She gave another moan of protest, but when Matt made his way down to her vagina and ass again, he saw that she was dripping more discharge than ever before. He began to finger her as he opened the valve quite wide to start the new enema. He didn’t go deep or fast, just enough to get her even more frustrated than before.

A third of the way through the bag, which didn’t take very long at all, he shut off the valve and let Rachel rest again, not touching her. He had been semi-hard through most of the process but her desperation was getting to him and he had lost his erection because he needed to piss.

“You’re taking up so much of my time, bitch. At least make yourself useful,” Matt said. He pulled his cock out of his trousers and aimed it at Rachel’s rounded stomach. She trembled to see him kneeling over her. After a moment where he checked that she wasn’t about to press the buzzer to stop, he let loose a stream of piss onto her belly button, but then moved up her body. Her breasts got a quick spray but he finished off in her mouth, straight in the open spider gag and down her throat. “Swallow, you useless slut,” he said. Her eyes filled with tears that began to fall onto the pillow beneath her head, but she did.

“You should be glad I just pissed in you because otherwise I would fill you up with even more for crying,” Matt said as he sat down by her hip again. “I mean, I’ll fill you as much as I want anyway, but just think how good you have it. The last bottle can wait a bit.”

Unfortunately, hearing and seeing and feeling Matt piss had just made Rachel’s own need a lot worse. Her breaks had been less and less restful as she had got more and more full, and finally she couldn’t take it. She shut her eyes and squirmed one last time, cried because she knew she would be punished, and then felt her overstretched insides let go as a torrent of pee shot from her.

Matt plastered his palm on her vulva to try to stem the flow, hooking a finger into her vagina too just because he could, but it was no good. His hand and the surrounding sheets simply got soaked. He watched her belly deflate slightly as she came to the end of what was in her bladder, then sighed in disappointment. “And you were doing so well,” he said. “I’ll have to reconsider that last bottle. Clearly you need it now. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” He unbuckled the spider gag and pulled it free of her mouth.

Rachel’s aching jaw worked a few times before she could speak. “No… no… please… I’m sorry,” she managed.

“My dear, you might think you’re sorry, but you’re really not. If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Rachel said, still shaking. Her bladder was relieved but the rest of her body was more tense than it had ever been.

“That’s okay,” said Matt. Rachel looked up at him in surprise and hope before he continued. “We’ll just do some more things where you really can’t help it.” Rachel shut her eyes and looked away, knowing she would not get off lightly.

Matt readied the last bottle of water, taking off the cap completely. It was bigger than the others had been; he had been saving it for after she peed. “Face me, bitch,” he said. Reluctantly, Rachel did. “Youre going to want to take a deep breath, because you will not be able to breathe until you finish this.” He stuck a funnel in her mouth and held it in place, and her lips automatically closed around it. “Are you ready?”

She gave the tiniest of nods. Then he upended the bottle over the funnel, water quickly swirling down. She swallowed desperately with her throat gurgling like mad. When the bottle was empty but she was still swallowing from the funnel, Matt put his hand on her neck to feel every motion, then as she reached the end he started to squeeze. It takes a lot of pressure to stop someone breathing but it doesn’t take much at all to make someone afraid that you will, and that’s what he aimed for. By the time he took his hand away, Rachel was full-on crying, and he revelled in what this girl let him do to her.

He gave her a minute to calm down, admiring the renewed swell of her stomach despite the water she had lost. Without warning, he then opened the enema valve full throttle and started pressing on her stomach at the same time. Rachel screamed in pain at the sudden extreme pressure on top of her existing cramps. She tried to keep her noises to whimpers, but screamed again when he stabbed a new spot with his hand.

Enema still going, Matt got up and stood by the bed, then lifted one foot to be on Rachel’s stomach. He carefully put some of his weight on her that way, grinding his heel into her skin briefly. She yelled at him to stop, but she didn’t buzz, so instead he lifted the emptying enema bag and began to squeeze it in his hands to make it go faster. He felt water fill her beneath his foot as she continued to scream and cry, cramps growing unbearable.

Then it was over. The second and final bag was empty, all the bottles had been drunk, and the enema nozzle was almost being forced from his girlfriend’s body because she was so full. This was far beyond what an enema was meant to do, but he didn’t care, and Rachel had agreed to test her limits. Her belly was bulging, skin nearly transluscent because it was stretched so much.

His first order of business with his bursting girlfriend was to swap the enema nozzle for a fresh butt plug to keep her full. The body of the plug was not particularly large but the base was, and he hoped that would prevent leaks. For good measure, it came with straps that went around her waist and crotch. He had chosen it because the two crotch straps meant they could go either side of her labia and grant him full access while she wore it, instead of there being a single strap that would block off her clit and vagina. He secured these now and put special effort into the waist strap, pulling it painfully tight against her swollen stomach.

Rachel’s cries had subsided and she realised that her ordeal wasn’t over yet. She watched Matt in trepidation as he pulled out the spur once again. This time, he went straight to her stomach and rolled it hard on her skin including right over her tender bellybutton. She whimpered and jerked but he ignored her. All that changed was he started to finger her clit, forcing her to associate the pain arousal and the only way she would get off. He experimented with running the spur over her breasts, but soon went back to torturing her stomach.

When he grew bored of making patterns on her skin, he put the spur down and moved to more hands-on methods. He took hold of her torso, lifting some of her weight off the bed, and rolled her whole body side to side as much as the restraints allowed, listening to the slosh of water inside her. Then he returned a hand to her clit as he started slapping her stomach and breasts sharply with his other hand, each sting leaving her moaning.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked her.

“Yes. No! I don’t know. I can’t take it any more,” Rachel choked out amidst her cries.

“I’ll let the water out when you come,” Matt said. “It’s your job to come. If you can’t do it like this, then you won’t get to for days and days and days, and all this cleaning will have been for nothing.” He gave her stomach one final hard pinch, then turned away from her briefly to pull out his final trick.

The bullet vibrator shoved up her vagina was what her body finally needed for release. Rachel cried out as she came, her whole body shaking and thrashing. Some pee squirted from her urethra and some water even leaked out around the butt plug as she had the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Matt stayed with her through it, turning the vibrator off but still stimulating her clitoris, then undid all the restraints and cradled her.

“Shhh, baby. You’ve done so well. Do you want me to take the plug out now?”

Rachel just breathed for a while, too spent and limp to speak. Matt gently stroked his own still-hard cock, and she moved a hand towards it but couldn’t muster up the strength to help him out just yet.

“Actually,” she said softly, “I don’t need to just yet. I can stay like this for a while. It’s the comfortable kind of uncomfortable.”

Matt laid a hand on her side and belly with all the tenderness in the world. “That’s my girl,” he smiled.