by silverfern

Troy and Louisa … and friends!

Troy leant over the naked woman lying asleep beside him. He smiled as he brushed a loose lock of long blonde hair off her face. I might just be the luckiest man in the world he thought.

“Happy anniversary Louisa baby,” he whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Troy then glanced to the other side of the bed, where another beautiful naked woman slept. Yep, definitely the luckiest man in the world.

It was Troy and Louisa’s 24th wedding anniversary and they had celebrated this one the same as all 23 others. A good meal, some fine wine, and great sex. There was of course one difference this year … someone else had joined the party.

Troy lay back between the two beautiful women. He couldn’t help but smile again as he remembered some of the amazing things that had happened with Louisa over the years they’d been together.

She had been his childhood sweetheart, the first girl he’d kissed, the one he’d taken to the prom, and for the first 23 years of their marriage the only girl he’d had sex with.

They’d meet when they were both ten years old. Louisa had shifted into the house next door. Troy had his first encounter with her the day after she’d moved in. He’d been in his bedroom and as he looked out the window he saw someone climbing up the tree on the boundary between their properties. It was a skinny kid in blue jeans, a black T shirt and a baseball cap, they were heading through the branches towards his tree house.

The tree house was Troy’s domain and no one could go in without his permission. He’d even nailed a large sign onto the front wall ‘Keep Out – trespassers will be flour bombed’. The intruder from next door must have seen the sign and Troy was hell bent to let them know that the warning meant what it said.

He had raced down the hall and climbed out through the second story window which led onto the back porch roof. A thin plank bridged out from the roof over the lawn and into the side of the tree house. The plank was one of three entrances to his two story wooden fortress, the others being a knotted rope hanging from a branch behind the tool shed and a retractable wooden ladder that could be pulled up through a trap door in the floor.

He scurried across the plank and through the small hinged door. Quickly grabbing a flour bag bomb from his arsenal he flung open the shutter that covered the window.

“Trespasser!” he yelled at the top of his voice and hurled the flour bomb at the baseball cap which was only a few feet away.

The ‘trespasser’ got such a fright that they jerked backwards, lost their balance and fell fifteen feet to the ground. Luckily their arm took most of the impact of the fall, unluckily the arm broke.

Louisa had fallen back onto her own side of the fence and her cries for help resulted in her parents rushing outside. Troy meanwhile ducked down onto the treehouse wooden floor and pretended that he didn’t exist.

Louisa went off to hospital and got an arm cast while Troy stayed in his fortress wondering whether he’d killed the new neighborhood kid.

Later that afternoon he got a stern call from his Mom.

“Troy William Jenkins! Get down here right now!”

Troy figured it was probably the victim being covered in flour that had given his guilt away. He was marched over to the neighbours and found himself standing in front of the other kid’s Mom. At least he assumed it was the Mom because he hadn’t had the nerve to look up into their face … but bright red shoes and stockings kind of gave their identity away. Troy was told to apologize, which he mumbled looking at the red shoes. He was then told to apologize again, properly. He looked up and found himself staring at the face of what nowadays people would call a MILF. The neighbor Mom was drop dead gorgeous with long blonde hair and the nicest smile Troy had ever seen. After realizing he was staring Troy regained his faculties and made his second apology. He also started wondering, under the present circumstances, why was she smiling at him … maybe she was a psychopath and was going to pull out a knife and stab him. He suddenly felt a cold chill down the back of his neck … he took a step backwards and was about to turn and make a run for it.

“Thank you for the apology young man,” she said still smiling.

Troy waited for the knife … it didn’t come.

“It’s not the first time Lou has fallen out of a tree and broken something. But it is the first time it’s been done with flour in the face.”

“I really am sorry … but he was trespassing.” Troy replied gaining back some confidence. “I had a sign and all and …”

“Troy! That’s enough.” His Mom interrupted. “You’re already grounded for a month, don’t make me make it two.”

Troy looked back at the red shoes. Maybe the knife wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Why don’t you go up and see Lou. It’s the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. Your Mom and I can have a cup of coffee.”

The red shoed Mom’s tone was still friendly. “Lou’s pretty impressed with the cast. You’ll need to sign it,” she added.

As Troy moved towards the stairs, his mother reminded him to apologize to Lou as well … properly!

The first door on the right upstairs had a skull and crossbones flag pinned on it and someone had stuck large false eyelashes on the skull. Weird … but kind of cool looking, Troy thought. He knocked on the door and waited.

After knocking a second time and getting no reply Troy opened the door and peeked inside. What he saw changed his life forever. Propped up in the bed was a girl, with a bright yellow arm cast encasing her lower left arm. Her eyes were shut and she had headphones on, her head was moving in time to some music coming from a walkman. Troy walked into the room and stood studying her from the foot of the bed. She looked about his age, her hair was shoulder length blonde and she had a cute nose … in his opinion.

Suddenly her eyes opened and they stared at each other for a moment.

“You’re the guy from the tree house, cool flour bomb idea, caught me by surprise. I’m Louisa, but everyone calls me Lou. Want to sign my cast?” She blurted out without taking a breath.

Louisa grabbed a felt marker pen from the bedside table and held it out in Troy’s direction.

Troy was shocked that there hadn’t been the slightest hint of anger or resentment in her voice. He reached out and took the pen and proceeded to sign her outstretched cast laden arm.

Now in the years to come Troy would always say that it was love at first sight for him. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Either way he had never looked at another girl the same way again.

Louisa however would always say that she fell in love with Troy a week later. It was her first day of school and she had earlier introduced herself to the class as Lou. Some of the kids had sniggered at the time, a girl having a boy’s name. Louisa hadn’t even thought about it as she’d always been called Lou. After school some of the kids corralled her on the way home and started to tease her. She’d retaliated and said something smart back. One of the bigger boys didn’t like it and he pushed her. Louisa fell over, hitting her cast on the ground. The pain was immediate and she started to cry. The big boy was still laughing when Troy skidded to a halt on his bike, leapt off the seat and punched the boy in the face. The bully hit the ground hard and blood started to spurt out of his now broken nose. He squealed like a pig as he writhed on the ground.

“Who’s next?” Troy turned and faced the others. His fists were raised and he was breathing hard. The others all backed away in fear. Some even took off running.

Troy helped Louisa up and picked up her school bag.

He looked down at the bully who was now sitting up … blood streamed down over his face and hands.

“You’re just lucky she’s got a broken arm or she would have whipped you herself.”

Louisa looked at Troy and thought that was the nicest thing anyone could ever say about her.

From that day on Lou decided she was to be called Louisa, and Louisa was in love!

As they grew older their friendship turned to romance and they officially dated. By the time they were seniors in high school it was obvious to both family and friends that Troy and Louisa would always be together.

Both of them were regarded as good looking. Troy was 5’11” and played a number of sports so his body was in good shape and Louisa at 5’5″ inherited her Mom’s good looks and a great athletic figure.

They were regarded as the perfect couple and since they’d been together so long almost everyone thought they were lovers. But at seventeen they were both still virgins. They certainly had the desire for one another but had made a promise years ago not to …’go all the way’… until they were at least eighteen. The promise was made to Troy’s Mom. She was a local police officer and the state law said the age of consent was eighteen and she did not want them breaking the law. Despite their raging hormones, a promise was a promise, and their parents were proud of the commitment to it. On the other hand both sets of parents knew exactly what would happen when they were both eighteen.

Troy was only a few weeks older than Louisa and finally turned eighteen mid-March. Louisa’s birthday was the day before spring break. For the last few years they’d celebrated their birthdays together, it saved on family expense and meant a bigger party.

A week out from Louisa’s big day Troy’s Dad pulled him aside after dinner one night and said they needed to talk.

“Sit down son,” he said indicating the spare chair in the den. “With you now officially being a man we need to have a chat.”

Troy looked at his Dad and smiled. “Dad, If you’re going to give me the birds and the bees talk, we had it when I was twelve remember?”

“I know, and it was one of the most difficult moments of my life if I remember rightly.” He chuckled, and smiled back.

“So what’s up then?” Troy quizzed.

“I want to talk about expectations. We all know that you’ve kept your promise to Mom … in regard to … you know.”

“It’s called sex Dad.” Troy quipped still smiling.

“Alright, no need to be a smart arse. This is difficult enough already OK.”

“OK. Sorry, I’m all ears.”

“I just wanted you to be aware that sex is not always like it is in the movies … especially the first time. I’m not saying it’s going to be bad but just have realistic expectations OK. Like most things practice makes perfect. Your Mom didn’t orgasm until …”

“Whoa Dad! Information overload!” Troy winched.

“Alright, alright. I’m just saying if you don’t go in with to higher expectations to start with then you won’t be disappointed. OK?”

“OK.I get it.”

“Good. And by the way, the practice is really fun.” He grinned at Troy.

“Dad. Stop it OK. I get it.” He grinned back. “Thanks. I’ll take that info on board.”

The next day Troy relayed the conversation to Louisa. She laughed out loud and said her Mom had given her the same talk.

“What are our folks doing? Do they meet over coffee and discuss our sex life!” Troy shook his head in disbelief.

“I know. I’m half expecting them to ask for a post coitus report. A thousand words double spaced on plain white paper.” Louisa grimaced and then giggled.

They joked for the rest of the day about what they could write in a report. But for all their joking there was now a slight nervousness in their expectations.

Later that week the combined birthday party went off with a bang! About ninety friends, neighbours and family attended and they partied on until the wee hours of the morning. There were some nice speeches made and everyone had a good time.

The next morning as they were tidying up Troy and Louisa were asked to join their parents for a chat.

“This isn’t going to be another ‘birds and bees’ thing is it?” Louisa asked rolling her eyes as they all sat on the deck behind her house.

“Not this time,” her Dad replied smiling. “It’s just we didn’t give you a present last night, so we want to give you now. It’s from all of us to both of you.”

He stopped and handed an envelope to Troy, then continued talking.

“We know you’ve both been accepted to the same arts college next year, and we also know it’s going to be an exciting time for you but it’s also going to be challenging. New environment, new friends, hard work. So we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you to settle in.”

Troy lifted the flap of the envelope and removed the contents. It was a set of keys. He held them up and looked a little confused.

“Keys?” Louisa said also confused.

“Yep, keys,” her Dad replied straight faced.

“Com’on Dad. Keys to what?”

“Keys to your new apartment, just off campus,” he responded with a grin.

Troy and Louisa looked at the group of grinning adults around them.

“Our apartment?” Troy finally asked still a little bewildered.

“We pooled our resources and bought a property by the college. We figured it would be a good long term investment and in the short term you guys could use it and save some money.” Troy’s Dad explained.

Before they could respond Troy’s Mom held out another envelope.

“This is the second part of your present.”

Louisa took the envelope and opened it up. It contained two airline tickets.

“We thought you might like to take a trip down there over spring break, to check out the apartment and familiarize yourselves with the area.”

The two kids just sat there stunned, trying to comprehend what they had just been given. Finally they got up and hugs and thanks were given all round. It was quite an emotional time for them all.

“By the way your plane leaves in under four hours so you better get packed,” Troy’s Dad revealed.

Three hours later they stood in the airport saying their goodbyes.

At the departure gate Louisa’s Mom whispered something in her ear. Louisa nodded in reply and followed Troy through the gate.

“What was that about?” Troy asked as they waved and walked away hand in hand.

“Mom asked if I’d packed the pill,” she replied and smiled.

After the flight they caught a cab from the airport to the apartment building and were shocked at what they saw. It was a four story building and looked almost brand new. They went into the lobby and saw there was a concierge desk with a man sitting behind it. After explaining who they were the concierge offered to give them a quick tour of the facilities. Fifteen minutes later they returned to pick up their luggage with huge smiles on their faces. The complex came with a pool, gym and a sauna. Their apartment was on the fourth floor and came fully furnished. It was like an expensive hotel suite. The lounge and bedroom faced south and would get lots of sun and they even had a small balcony with views over to the university two blocks away.

For the next twenty minutes the explored every nook and cranny in the place and finally collapsed in a state of near euphoria on the leather couch. They slouched looking at each other, the smiles on their faces were even bigger now. How the heck were they going to get any work done with all this luxury around?

An hour later they had managed to unpack and decided to go out for a walk and get dinner. Strolling hand in hand through the campus they talked about the apartment, the college, and the future. They were also both conscious about what they weren’t talking about … bedtime!

They got back to the apartment after a nice dinner at a student hangout on the edge of campus.

“I’m going to take a shower,” said Troy.

“Mind if I join you?” Louisa asked coyly.

“I think I’d really, really like that.”

They undressed each other in the bedroom, taking time to enjoy the process. They kissed and touched between removing items and it became a game of alternate removal. They had seen most of each other’s bodies before but this was different as they both savored the sight of more flesh being revealed as each piece of clothing hit the floor.

They almost didn’t make it to the shower, as the kissing and caressing got more heated. Finally Louisa pulled Troy into the bathroom where they spent the next ten minutes washing one another under the hot water.

Back in the bedroom Troy sat on the bed while Louisa dried her hair. When she entered the room he drank in the beauty before him. Troy was speechless. Louisa was gorgeous. Her blue eyes sparkled in the light and her smile was radiant. Her pert breasts rose and fell with each short breath, the small dark nipples grew under his scrutiny.

Louisa couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting from Troy just looking at her. She felt his eyes devouring her body and she could feel the heat between her thighs grow.

Troy finally stood and drew her close and they kissed passionately.

“Wow!” Louisa panted, as they broke the kiss, her legs felt like they were going to give way. She held onto him tightly her arms wrapped around his neck.

Troy pulled her in for another kiss, which was even more passionate than the first. Their tongues touched and they explored each other’s mouths as they slowly moved to the bed and sat down, their lips still locked together.

Troy finally rolled Louisa onto her back, and began to kiss down her neck slowly inching his way to her breasts. His lips found her nipples and he circled them with his tongue, she giggled as the sensitive flesh tickled. The giggles quickly turned to moans as Troy sucked each taut nipple until they stood out hard and erect. Louisa’s breathing was ragged and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She pulled Troy up and reached down between them, her hand encircled Troy’s stiff cock.

“I want him in me … I want him in me now!”

Troy was caught up in the moment and he lunged forward, thrusting his throbbing cock deep into her.

Louisa let out a loud guttural cry.

Troy pulled back thinking he had hurt her.

“God, don’t stop!” She exclaimed, as her body pushed forward into his, her legs and arms wrapping around his muscular body.

Troy pushed back into her. He wasn’t being gentle as he thrust again and again.

Louisa hadn’t experienced anything like this before and as her head flung back into the pillow, the feelings grew to an intensity she didn’t think was possible. She’d used a vibrator before so technically she wasn’t a vaginal virgin, but her five inch purple piece of plastic didn’t feel anything like what was inside her now.

When her rising orgasm finally came her whole body convulsed as waves of heat enveloped her entire body.

Seeing and feeling Louisa’s release was way too much for Troy and he erupted, sending spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her.

Louisa wasn’t sure if she had passed out but next thing she remembered was Troy lying on top of her. He held his weight on his elbows and his face was inches away from hers. His eyes were closed and beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. She reached up and pulled his mouth into hers and they kissed.

“If it gets better with practice then I don’t think I’ll survive,” Louisa finally said as her breathing returned to some normality.

“That makes two of us babe,” Troy replied smiling.

Later as they lay in each other’s arms they joked again about what kind of report card they could give their parents.

“I just hope we haven’t used ten years of pent up passion in one go,” Louisa said smiling as she rested her head on Troy’s chest.

“Not a chance baby,” Troy replied kissing her on the head. “I reckon I’ve got plenty more where that came from.”

“Hmm, is that right? Well I think I might just test you out on that,” and she slipped down beneath the sheets. Moments later her warm mouth enveloped Troy’s fast growing cock.

The next few days were spent more in bed than out. They both seemed hell bent on making up for the years of self-imposed abstinence. And remarkably Troy’s Dad was right, things did get better with practice!

They travelled home at the end of the week and returned to finish the school year. After graduation and a short break they headed back to the apartment and started the next chapter of their lives.

The following years of college went quickly. They had married after the first year, with their families blessing. It was a good four years for them, they enjoyed classes, made great friends and both got a better handle on what career line they wanted to follow.

After graduation Troy decided to move into the area of three dimensional installation art. He had a very creative mind and had started to produce work that got high praise, and sold for a good price.

Louisa pursued a career in interior design and went into business with Emma her best friend from college. They slowly built up a client base and eventually became sought after by a number of development companies.

Emma and Louisa could have been twin sisters. They looked so much alike they were quite often mistaken for one another. In fact the first person to get them mixed up was Troy. It had been the first week of college and Troy had decided to meet Louisa after class so they could walk home together. He spotted her amongst a group of girls at the front of the lecture theatre and had approached her from behind. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

“Hey babe, you ready to go home?” he’d said quietly into her ear.

“Maybe it’d be good if we were introduced first,” an unfamiliar voice replied from the girl in his arms.

Troy was firstly confused and then shocked as he realised that Louisa was sitting down in front of him and not in his arms. Her eyes and mouth were opened wide in surprise. She suddenly burst out laughing as Troy stepped back holding his hands up in mock surrender. The girl he’d been holding turned to face him, she raised her eyebrows and glanced at Louisa.

“If this one is yours you may need to keep a leash on him,” she said and smiled. “On the other hand if he isn’t yours, damn introduce me!”

“I’m afraid he’s mine,” Louisa quipped still laughing. “Troy, say hello to Emma.”

“Shit! Sorry, I thought you were her,” Troy managed to blurt out looking between the two girls. He felt his skin grow warm as he blushed in embarrassment.

The rest of the group were now laughing as well, which only added to Troy’s discomfort.

Louisa stood and gave him a reassuring hug.

“What did I tell you?” One of the girls remarked to Louisa. “You do look the same, even your boyfriend can’t tell you apart.”

They all laughed again.

Over the next few years Emma became a close friend to both Louisa and Troy. As well as having a great body and looks, she had a wicked sense of humor and would always greet Troy with his first words to her on the day they meet ‘Hey babe’. It started out as a long running joke but over the years it became a term of endearment and showed the depth of their friendship.

Forward to twenty three years later Troy and Louisa were living the dream. They were both successful in business, they lived in a great house overlooking the sea and they had two beautiful twin daughters who were both at college. They were deeply in love, and things seemed pretty good. However deep down they both knew life had become to … predictable. They needed something new in their lives, a new adventure. They just weren’t sure what it was supposed to be.

Then one day things started to happen.

Troy had picked up a new job doing a feature wall for his friend Rob at a vacation house. It wasn’t a big job but would still take three weeks to complete. During the same time period Louisa and Emma were going to a couple of design expos, followed by a week vacation at a spa retreat.

On the day before the girls left Emma came to stay the night. They had an early start the next day and would have to be at the airport by seven o’clock in the morning. Emma arrived mid-afternoon, she was wearing a loose white t-shirt and cutoff jeans that showed off her long tanned legs. At 42 she had put on a little bit of weight but was still a beautiful woman and like Louisa she didn’t look anywhere near as old as she was.

“Hey babe,” she greeted Troy and they embraced.

There was always a bit of flirting going on between them and as they hugged Troy patted her butt.

“Nice and firm Em, you been working out?” he joked giving her one more pat.

“Gotta at least try and keep up with the competition, or I’ll never have a chance with you,” she joked back and smiled at Louisa.

“You keep wearing shorts like that and even I won’t be able to keep him off you,” Louisa replied as she embraced her friend.

Louisa didn’t mind the flirting going on, it was harmless, and she knew Emma needed the attention at times to make her feel sexy and wanted. Emma had never married, and although there had been a few boyfriends over the years the relationships always seemed to end badly. In the end she just stopped dating and spent more time with Louisa, Troy and the family. She was godmother to both kids and they would often introduce her to friends as their second Mom, a title Emma adored. Everyone liked having her around and she was part of the family. To Troy, Emma sometimes even felt like a second wife … but unfortunately without the sex!

After dinner that night they had sat and finished off a couple of bottles of wine and the girls talked about their trip. Louisa mentioned that the hotels they were staying at had great pool areas and they would be able to spend a bit of time working on their tans. Emma mentioned she hadn’t packed a swim suit so Louisa offered to lend her one.

“I don’t think I’ll fit into one of yours, my boobs and butt are bigger now,” Emma complained. She was aware of her slight weight gain and had lost a little confidence because of it.

“At least you’ve got boobs. Mine shrunk after breast feeding the kids and never came back,” Louisa complained.

“For goodness sake!” Troy interjected. “You both look great, and have amazing boobs and butts … and I mean that!” He raised his glass in toast to them both.

“Thanks babe.” Louisa blew him a kiss.

“Yeah thanks babe,” Emma said and smiled.

Louisa caught Troy’s eye and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him. She knew he liked her boobs but it also pleased her that Troy had taken the opportunity to lift Emma’s self-image with the compliment.

They finished the wine and Emma headed off to her room with a handful of brightly colored bikinis to try on. Louisa went to finish off some paperwork in her office and Troy decided to take a shower before bed and headed off to the bedroom.

He undressed and walked naked into the ensuite bathroom. As he went to switch on the light he noticed through the slightly open window that he could see directly across into Emma’s room. The guest bedroom that she was using faced a private walled courtyard and the only other room that had a window into the area was the master ensuite bathroom. Her light was on and she had not bothered to pull the curtains across. It was quite dark outside so Emma would have been unaware of the view Troy was getting.

He watched as Emma pulled her t-shirt off and threw into an open suitcase, her jean shorts followed, as did her white sports bra and black lace panties. She stood and looked at herself in the full length mirror, turning around and studying her profile. Troy couldn’t believe what he saw, and his cock sprang to life as he stared at the beautiful sight before him. In all the years he’d known Emma, he’d actually never seen her fully naked before. Sure there had been times when she’d sunbathed topless at the beach but she’d always been quite discrete and watchful. He’d definitely not seen her nicely trimmed pussy before … but now there it was, not more than a dozen feet away, and under a small strip of light brown hair two small strips of labia flesh were clearly visible.

Emma picked up a red and white bikini from the bed and tried in on. She twisted and turned in front of the mirror to see how it fit before changing into a bright green outfit. This routine was repeated several times until she seemed to settle on a silver and black one. Troy agreed with her choice, she looked incredibly sexy in it.

His cock was now fully erect, and he stroked it slowly as he continued to watch the show before him.

Emma was naked again and she stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her hands cupped her breasts and she massaged them slowly, she then pinched each nipple lightly. The small buds of flesh grew and she pinched them harder, twisting them with her fingers. One of her hands slid down over her stomach, brushed across the strip of hair and stopped between her legs. Her eyes were glued to the reflection in the mirror as she started to rub the hood of skin covering her clit.

Troy’s eyes widened as he realised she was masturbating in front of him. His cock seemed to gain another inch as he stoked it, his eyes never leaving the image in the room across the courtyard.

Suddenly Troy felt a presence beside him. He turned and saw Louisa, her eyebrows were raised enquiringly.

“What are you doing baby?” She said in a sexy voice reaching over and gripping his cock.

Louisa obviously hadn’t noticed where Troy was looking and must have thought he was just jacking off.

Fuck! He thought. She’s going to go ballistic when she knows. Better get it over with. He indicated the window and moved slightly so Louisa could see.

To Troy’s surprise Louisa didn’t react how he thought she would. In fact her only reaction was the tightening of her hand around his cock. She started to slowly stoke him. It was now her eyes that were glued to the gap in the window and Troy realised that she had a hand up under her dress and it was obviously inside her panties. As her breathing got deeper Louisa looked up at Troy and there was a look of lust in her eyes. He pulled her in for a passionate kiss and their tongues probed each other’s mouths. Their lips finally parted and they smiled before once again focusing on Emma. Troy grabbed hold of Louisa’s dress and pulled it off over her head, he then released her bra and it fell between them. Louisa started to pump his cock up and down while he slid his hand inside her damp panties. His fingers plunged into her sopping wet pussy as she continued to rub her clit.

Across the courtyard in her room Emma was now lying on the bed and her hand was flying over her own clit as her other hand continued to massage her breasts.

By now all three of them were close to orgasm and when Emma arched up and started convulsing the other two couldn’t hold out any longer.

It was just as well the window in Emma’s room was closed as all three of them let out a cry of release as their orgasms consumed them. Emma slid onto the floor trembling and panting. Troy shot rope after rope of cum onto the wall under the window and Louisa squirted as Troy continued to thrust his fingers into her.

Finally as their breathing returned to normal Louisa turned towards Troy and they kissed long and hard. Covered in sweat they moved to the shower, where the kissing continued. Troy found himself hard again and they made quick and passionate love under the flow of warm water. By the time they got out and dried off out Emma’s room was dark. They shut the bathroom window and climbed into bed.

“We need to talk about this,” Troy whispered.

“Yes we do, but not now … in the morning,” Louisa said giving him a quick kiss before cuddling up against his naked body. “Right now I need sleep lover boy.”

The following morning was chaos. The alarm set for 4.30am didn’t go off. They woke an hour late. Quickly dressing they rushed straight out the door, getting to the airport just in time for their flights last check-in call.

As Emma went to quickly buy a book to read, Troy and Louisa managed to get a few last moments alone.

“Last night … it was …” Troy started.

“Incredible!” Louisa finished his sentence.

“Yeah, incredible,” Troy echoed. “I haven’t felt like that for a while. I don’t mean our sex life is bad, but last night … it was like someone else was there with us.”

“I know. Maybe we need to look at experimenting more.”

“What are you saying? Do you want us to involve others in our sex life?” Troy looked at her a little shocked.

“I don’t know. We’ve only ever been with each other … we haven’t done anything else.” Louisa said shrugging. “Maybe we do need to spice things up a bit. Whatever happens I know we love and trust one another.”

“Let’s just take things slowly. OK babe.”

They hugged and kissed.

As he watched the girls leave through the departure gate Louisa turned back to Troy.

“Remember I trust you, have fun. We will.” She smiled and playfully patted Emma’s butt as they walked away.

Troy wasn’t quite sure how to take that. He drove home with more questions than answers.

The new job at the vacation house was supposed to start the next day, but a phone call from Rob posed a problem. He told Troy that his sister Lucy was planning on staying at the house for a while. She had just gone through a bad break up and needed some down time. Troy told Rob that he couldn’t do the work if someone was staying because of the smell from the special glues he was going to use. They discussed future dates but nothing seemed to fit, either the house was being used or Troy had other work on. Finally Rob said he would talk to Lucy and get her to delay her vacation until Troy had finished.

The next morning Troy loaded up his pickup and drove ten minutes down the coast to Rob’s house. It was a modern two storied place with the living area upstairs, and there were amazing views over the harbor from the balcony off the lounge. A number of vibrant paintings and sculptures adorned the walls. Troy recognized some of artists … Rob must have done quite well for himself to be able to afford these he thought. He also knew that his work would not be out of place with the caliber of the other artwork.

The wall he had to work on was 20 foot long and 12 foot high, it covered half the length of the living area. He visualized his 3 dimensional wooden and steel installation in place and was satisfied it would look good in the space. After working for a couple of hours he left early to collect some more tools.

That night Louisa called. She told him they had arrived at their hotel next to the exhibition centre to find out there’d been a fire the night before. The damage was minimal but the smell of smoke had closed two floors. All the nearby accommodation was full so the hotel had asked if they minded sharing a room with another guest attending the expo. Louisa explained they would make the best of the situation and planned to just go with the flow. The downside was she and Emma were now sharing a double bed. The upside was all their meals and drinks were now complimentary. She joked that they may not get a lot of sleep but they were going to drink the place dry if they could manage it.

Troy told her how his job was going. They chatted for another half an hour before hanging up. Louisa had told him they’d already spent time by the pool getting some sun. Troy couldn’t get the picture of Emma in that little silver and black bikini out of his mind for the rest of the night.

The following morning Troy had a meeting and didn’t start work until after lunch, but by early evening he had still made good progress. It was hot and he took off his shirt and wiped the sweat off his brow with a towel. As he went downstairs to the bathroom to wash his hands he heard a noise coming from the guest bedroom. The door to the room was shut and he approached it cautiously. He put his ear to the door and listened. Someone was definitely in there as he heard muffled sounds. He took the hammer out of his tool belt and braced himself.

“Whoever is in there you better stand back from the door. I’m coming in and I’m armed,” he said in the most forceful voice he could muster.

As he turned the door handle a distressed female voice replied from inside.

“Don’t come in! Please!”

Troy was taken aback by the female voice. He took his hand off the handle.

“Who the hell is in there?”

“I’m the owner’s sister.” Came the reply. “I … I don’t want you to come in.”

Troy noted the distress in the voice again.

“Are you OK?” he asked concerned.

“I’m stuck … I can’t get off.”

“What do you mean stuck … what do you need?”

“I don’t know … I just need help!”

“Look, I’m coming in.” Troy said.

“No! Please,” she replied in a distraught plea.

“Alright … alright,” he said feeling frustrated. “Do you want me to call the police, or ambulance or something?”

“I don’t know … I don’t want anyone to see me,” the distress becoming more evident in her voice.

Troy decided to try and calm things down.

“Look, my name is Troy, I’m a friend of Rob’s. I want to help but I can’t if you don’t tell me what’s going on. I’m going to come in OK, I just want to help.”


Troy put his hammer away and took off his tool belt, then slowly opened the door. What he saw left him stunned. A naked girl was standing facing him. She had obviously been crying as streaks of mascara lined her face. Her dark black shoulder length hair was matted and messy. Troy was confused for a moment as to what was wrong, then he noticed that the girl was standing in a funny position. Her legs were slightly bowed and she was leaning forward slightly. Suddenly it struck him. She was impaled on the wooden bed post. It was up inside her butt hole!

“Help me please … I’m stuck,” the girl pleaded as tears welled up in her eyes.

Troy glanced at the other side of the bed and realised how big the ball on the end of the bedpost was. How the shit could she have gotten that up inside her was his first thought.

The girl must have seen his expression.

“I know, it’s so fucking big I can’t get it out.” Her voice broke and she started to cry. Her whole body shook as the tears streamed down her face.

Troy moved over and put his hands on her shaking shoulders.

“It’s going to be OK,” he said trying to be reassuring.

She calmed slightly and looked up.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Lucy.” She replied between sobs.

“Well Lucy, let’s get you off this thing eh,” he smiled and rubbed her shoulders.

Regaining some composure Lucy nodded her head.

“How long have you been like this? When did you even arrive?” Troy asked.

“I got here late last night … I’ve been like this since early this morning,” Lucy replied.

“Shit! You’re joking,” he said in disbelief. “I’ve been here all afternoon you must have heard me, why didn’t you call out?”

“How would you like it if someone found you like this?”

“What did you plan to do? Just stay here?” he said shaking his head.

“I don’t know!” Lucy was getting upset again.

“Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … let’s just work together and get you off,” he said calmly. “I’m going to have to take a closer look,” he added apologetically.

Lucy nodded her consent. Troy bent down and looked between Lucy’s bowed legs. The first thing he noticed was the smell. At some point Lucy had urinated and her legs and the bed sheet were still wet. He gagged slightly.

“Sorry.” Lucy said weekly.

“No problem,” he said looking up reassuringly.

The second thing Troy noted was that Lucy had a pierced clit. A shiny silver ring adorned the top of her spread opening. He suddenly realised he was just staring at her pussy and not really assessing the problem. He moved quickly and looked behind her at the engorged butt hole. It was stretched wide and the skin around it looked raw and red.

“I think it’s just a matter of leverage and lubrication.” he said standing again and trying to sound positive. “Do you have any lube?”

“I’ve got some shampoo in my bag by the door,” Lucy offered shrugging.

Troy retrieved the bottle of shampoo. He opened it and squirted out a liberal amount on his palm.

“I’m going to have to … touch you down there,” he looked at her uncomfortably.

“OK,” was her quiet reply.

Troy bent down again and started to spread the lube around Lucy’s stretched anus and onto the wooden bed end. He then stood in front of her and placed his hands under her butt cheeks.

“OK. On the count of three I’m going to try and raise you up. Put your arms around my neck.”

On ‘three’ Troy pulled upwards. Lucy screamed out and he felt her nails dig into his bare back.

“Shit. I’m sorry, are you OK,” he asked lowering her back down.

Lucy was breathing hard and the tears were back. Troy held her as she buried her head into his shoulder and cried. After a few minutes Lucy spoke.

“It really hurt, but I did feel it coming out a bit. Let’s go again,” she took a deep breath and held onto Troy tightly.

Troy lifted her lightly again and then pulled upward. Lucy cried out in pain and dug her nails in again. Suddenly they rose sharply as the huge butt plug came out. Unfortunately two other things happened at the same moment, firstly Lucy’s bowels gave way and the contents gushed out all over their legs. Secondly they fell backward and Troy’s head slammed into the wooden dresser.

For a Moment Troy thought he might black out and leant on the wall for support. It was the smell of Lucy’s bowel movement that quickly awakened his senses and he regained his feet.

“Are you OK?” Lucy asked concerned. Her face only inches in front of Troy’s.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine … what about you, are you OK?”

Lucy looked at him briefly then burst into tears again. Her arms and legs were still wrapped around him and his hands held her butt cheeks.

The smell in the room was getting stronger and Troy knew they were both covered in the stinking mess. He walked through the door and entered the bathroom. The shower was a large tiled area and had no door. He managed to turn the tap and once it heated up he carried Lucy in and let the water flow over them. Turning around slowly he let the water wash off most of the mess. After about ten minutes Troy put Lucy gently down and faced her away from himself. He picked up the soap and spent the next few minutes washing her body. When he reached her stomach he handed her the soap and she washed between her legs. She handed the soap back and he continued down to her feet. He then shampooed her hair and rinsed it under the water. Once Lucy was clean he pulled off his cargo pants and quickly washed his own body.

Troy was aware that Lucy hadn’t spoken a word since they’d left the bedroom. She had let him take total control in the shower and had also stood quietly allowing him to dry her off with a towel.

When they were both dry he wrapped a towel around his own waist and another around Lucy. She looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry. Thank you,” her voice was barely above a whisper.

Troy smiled. She looked so small and fragile standing there. He took her by the hand and led her down the hall to the master bedroom, where he pulled the covers back on the bed.

“Get some sleep,” he said quietly.

Lucy let the towel drop to the floor and climbed into the bed. Troy pulled the sheet over her and turned towards the door.

Over the next couple of hours Troy cleaned up the other bedroom, put his pants in the wash and took another shower. He found some shorts in the pool house and after checking on the sleeping Lucy he walked down to the local store and got some dinner. After eating and checking on Lucy one more time he feel asleep on the couch.

The next morning Troy woke to the sight of Lucy in the chair opposite him. She was sitting cross legged with a sheet pulled around her.

Troy realized he hadn’t had much of a chance to see how attractive she was last night, but now with her hair pulled back in a ponytail she looked very pretty in the morning light. He tried to guess her age, she was of slight build and about 5′ 3″ tall, her skin was unwrinkled and clear … maybe early thirties he thought. With the white sheet wrapped around her and the sun lighting up her hair she reminded him of the fairy from the bottom of the garden. It was a picture he remembered from a book he used to read to his younger sister. He smiled at the memory.

“What’s so funny?” Lucy smiled back.

“It’s nothing, just remembering something. How are you feeling?” he asked sitting up.

“Like a real idiot.”

“But you feel OK physically?”

“Yeah, just a little sore. I can live with a little pain but I don’t think I can live with the embarrassment,” she smiled again.

Troy smiled back.

“I was just … I was feeling horny and I was messing around, and decided to try something new … and well it was real dumb. Look I’m not usually the kind of person who …”

“Hey, it’s OK really. You don’t have to talk about it.” Troy interrupted.

“Come on. I shit all over you! I think I owe you some form of explanation,” Lucy replied. “Or does that sort of thing happen to you all the time,” she added.

“No, I’ve got to admit, that’s the first time a girl has shit on me when we’ve first met.” He shrugged grinning.

“What, I was supposed to wait until we knew each other better?” She joked smiling.

“Way, way better!” Troy joked back.

“I am really sorry,” Lucy said getting serious again.

“It’s OK Lucy. Look why don’t I go and get some coffee, and bagels for breakfast, and then maybe we can start over as though nothing happened,” Troy offered.

“Sounds good, thanks. I better get dressed and start cleaning up the mess downstairs.”

“All done … so why don’t you just relax. I’ll be back in ten minutes with breakfast.” Troy stood and grabbed his keys.

“You cleaned up my mess! Are you really human or a guardian angel or something?” Lucy said in disbelief.

“I don’t think angels drink coffee,” he said on the way out the door.

They sat and ate breakfast on the balcony. Lucy opened up on her recent break up, with someone called Tony. They’d been together for a couple of years and Lucy was finding it hard to move on. She said she’d gone into rebellion mode, and had ditched her job, gotten a tattoo and had her nipple and other parts pierced.

Troy grinned when she said ‘other parts’. Lucy noticed and blushed.

“Yeah, I guess you saw the other parts last night.”

Troy thought she looked really cute when she blushed.

“So you’re married?” Lucy asked changing the subject. She indicated the ring on his finger.

“Yep. Twenty three years and counting.”

“Did you get married when you were ten or something? You can’t be that old,” she stated in surprise.

“Thanks for the compliment. But I got married at twenty. So I’m well over the other side of forty.”

“I thought you were more my age.”

“Come off it. I might look OK for forty three, but I’d never pass for your age.”

“How old do you think I am,” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“My mother told me never to guess a ladies age. She said if you aim too young they’ll think you’re trying to get into their pants and if you guess too old then they’ll never speak to you again.”

Lucy smiled. “Clever mother. I’m actually thirty six next week.”

It was Troy’s turn to look surprised. “Get out of here. There is no way you’re thirty six. I would have said mid late twenties at the most.”

“Are you trying to get into my pants Troy,” she smiled. “Oh, that’s right, you’ve already been there, done that.” Lucy giggled.

They talked for the best part of the morning before Troy pulled himself away and started work. Lucy sat on the couch and watched him, asking the odd question as he worked.

The next few days were pretty much the same. He arrived with breakfast and they talked for a while before he got down to work. They liked each other’s company and time passed quickly.

Troy had talked to Louisa and she seemed to be getting on OK at the exhibition, but it did sound like they were spending more time at the pool than at the seminars. He told her about Lucy being at the house but left out the first night … it was hard to explain over the phone that he’d seen another woman naked, manhandled her private parts and then let her shit on him … all within a couple of days of his wife going away. He’d find some way of telling her when she got back.

It was on the fourth day of the job that Troy had to start using some powerful glues to secure parts of his art work. The glues had a very strong smell. Lucy had to go out shopping for the day while Troy worked wearing a filtered breathing mask. By late afternoon the smell was still too strong for Lucy to stay overnight so Troy offered the use of the guest room at his house. Lucy accepted and offered to buy dinner at a local restaurant … a belated thank you for Troy’s help.

They headed over to Troy’s so they could shower and dress for dinner.

Lucy went to the guest room and appeared thirty minutes later wearing a little black dress with high heels that left Troy staring wide eyed in amazement. Her braided hair and heavy eye makeup made her face look stunning. Plus the dress left little to the imagination showing off her small perky breasts and well sculptured legs perfectly.

“Wow!” Troy exclaimed. “You look gorgeous.”

“Thank you kind sir,” Lucy replied with a little bow.

They ate at a small place up the coast overlooking the ocean. The food and wine were superb and they enjoyed the evening. When they arrived back at the house Troy opened up a bottle of his best Merlot and they sat on the terrace relaxing to the sound of the waves lapping along the beachfront. Finally at midnight he escorted a slightly tipsy Lucy to her room. At the door she stood on tip toes, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. Troy was initially surprised, but as Lucy’s lips lingered on his, he found himself returning the kiss.

As their lips parted their eyes meet.

“Goodnight then.” Lucy whispered and brushed her hand seductively over his cheek. She smiled, turned slowly and entered the bedroom shutting the door behind her.

Troy stood looking at the closed door wondering what had just happened. Was it the wine, or was it more than that? He looked at the door handle debating whether to reach out and turn it. After a few moments of internal debate he turned away and headed for his room.

Stripping naked he climbed into bed. His mind was still working overtime, he was still trying to figure out Lucy’s intentions with the kiss and his reaction to it. Also he was very aware his cock had increased in size during the kiss and it was still semi erect now as he lay there. His hand travelled down and he started to stoke himself and soon had a full erection. If I release the tension then I may just be able to get to sleep he thought. His hand moved faster.

Just as he was about to ejaculate there was a knock on the door. Pulling the sheet up to his waist he took a few deep breathes to compose himself.

“Come in.”

Lucy opened the door. She was naked.

“I can’t get to sleep,” she offered as an explanation for her presence. “But then I don’t really think I want to go to sleep yet.”

She walked up to the bed and slowly pulled the sheet down across Troy’s legs.

“Oh my! I don’t think you do either,” she remarked looking at his stiff cock.

Lucy smiled and sat on the bed, then leaned forward and kissed Troy again. This time his response was immediate and he pulled her closer, crushing their mouths together. Their tongues explored each other as the kiss went on and on. Finally coming up for air, Troy pulled Lucy on top of him, her legs straddling his body. His mouth found her breasts and he briefly sucked each nipple then watched them harden as he blew gently across her chest. Lucy gasped as she felt his cool breath.

As his tongue continued to tease her nipples she reached behind and grasped his cock, squeezing it between her fingers. Suddenly Troy grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders, Lucy giggled at the sudden movement and her head fell back onto his lap. Troy’s head was now level with her exposed pussy, his tongue darted out and licked up her moist lips and his teeth latched onto her clit ring. He pulled on the ring gently and Lucy moaned in pleasure.

With her moans filling his ears Troy continued to lick and nibble on her clit. He inserted a finger into her pussy, probing her warm flesh. Eventually Lucy’s body started to shake and a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. Troy didn’t stop, and before long a second climax rippled through her body. Finally when she could take no more her hands pushed his head away.

Troy grinned down at her as she quivered and sucked in short breaths trying to regain control. Her sweet musky smell permeated his nostrils and he drew a deep breath savoring the scent.

Releasing her legs from his shoulders he gently pulled her up until their mouths met in a tender kiss.

“Wow! That was so good,” she managed to say as her body still gave the occasional tremble.

They sat quietly holding one another, enjoying the feeling of their warm bodies against each other. Finally Lucy reached back and gripped his still very erect cock.

“I think this may need to be deflated,” she mused.

She moved down his body until her wet pussy lips were over his engorged cock, but instead of letting it enter her she lowered her lips on top of it. With his cock now lying flat on his stomach Lucy began to rub her moist pussy up and down the length of the hard shaft. Troy could feel the cold, hard clit ring on each stoke and it added immeasurably to the pleasure.

It was Lucy’s turn to tease Troy. She managed to bring him to the brink of climax time and time again before backing off and waiting for his pending orgasm to subside. Sweat was pouring off his body as her manipulations had him trembling with pleasure.

Finally as though she was aware he could take no more, Lucy raised her hips and engulfed his tortured cock. She pounded up and down on him for less than a minute before he exploded inside her. After waiting so long his release was extreme and he thrust back into her forcefully as his cock spasmed.

Once the orgasm subsided Lucy rolled off and enveloped his still hard shaft in her mouth, sucking him dry. She looked up smiling and pawed her way up his chest and planted a kiss on his lips before snuggling in beside him.

The next morning Troy woke to the sound of music. He stumbled out of bed and made his way down the hall. The CD player was on and Lucy was in the kitchen making breakfast. Her back was turned and she was humming and moving to the music as she worked. Troy stood in silence and watched as her hips gyrated to the beat, her hair tied back in a ponytail, swung backwards and forwards in perfect rhythm. Troy’s dress shirt from last night was her only clothing and he had to admit it looked far better on her than him.

She finally turned and saw Troy staring at her.

“Morning sleepy head. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. Pancakes and bacon.”

Her voice was bright and cheery and Troy wondered how anyone could be that alive first thing in the morning, especially after only a few hours sleep.

As she turned back to the stove Troy put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“Smells great,” he said hugging her body into his. His hands started to roam undoing a couple of shirt buttons to get to what was underneath. Lucy wriggled in his embrace.

“Enough of that,” she scolded. “One thing at a time. Shower, breakfast and then maybe if you’re good I’ll think about giving your shirt back.”

Troy gave her a playful slap on the bottom as he headed back to the bedroom.

Ten minutes later he emerged from the shower feeling more awake. As he started to get dressed Lucy came down the hall, she was talking to someone.

“I think he’s out of the shower,” he heard her say as she appeared with a half-eaten piece of bacon in one hand and the phone in the other.

“It’s Louisa,” she said holding the phone out to him.

Troy’s eyes widened and he stood rooted to the spot.

Lucy winked at him and passed him the phone. Then she turned and walked back down the hall munching on the bacon strip.

Troy sat on the bed and took a deep breath before placing the phone to his ear.

“Hey baby, how’s it going,” he said trying to sound relaxed and confident.

“Good, but we’re getting a little sick of the seminars,” came the reply. “Hey, Lucy sounds nice, we’ll all have to get together when I’m back,” she added like nothing was unusual.

“Ah … yeah, if she’s still around,” Troy mumbled, his mind in a state of utter confusion.

“Did you change the sheets on the spare bed for her? I suppose if you didn’t it’s not too bad, Emma only spent one night in them. If Lucy has to stay more than a couple of nights you should change them though, OK.”

Troy was still wondering what the hell was going on and didn’t reply straight away.

“Are you still there babe?” Louisa asked.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Don’t let her go back to Rob’s place if the smell is still around. I remember how strong those glues are from when you used them in your studio downstairs. I told Lucy not to go near that foul smelling stuff.”

“How long were you guys talking?” Troy asked the question that he was thinking.

“I don’t know, ten minutes maybe … why?”

“I was just wondering why you didn’t ask me why a strange women was staying at our house,” he replied feeling a little relieved that Lucy has obviously explained the situation.

“Well I’ve got to say I did get a shock when she answered the phone and said you were in the shower,” she responded with a laugh.

Troy new he should be feeling guilty, but instead he was filled with an overwhelming sense of relief.

“What’s she like?” Louisa asked.

“What do you mean? I know she works for a law firm, or did, she quit her job after a bad break up and came down here for a vacation.”

“She already told me that. Do you think she’s good looking?” Louisa quizzed, her voice had a playful tone.

“What? I guess she is … she’s short, black hair, kind of cute I suppose,” he said wondering where the conversation was going.

“So you think she’s cute?”

Troy immediately regretted using the word.

“I don’t know … I suppose,” he sighed. “I think you’re cute too you know,” he added, sounding confused at her line of questioning.

“I know baby … I’m just having you on,” she replied realizing he was feeling uncomfortable with her joking.

They talked for a few more minutes about general stuff.

Louisa’s last comment before hanging up was, “Just remember I love you baby, have fun.”

The ‘have fun’ comment did nothing to help his confused state. The way she said it almost sounded like she was giving him permission to enjoy himself in new ways.

As he finished dressing he wondered why women can’t just say what they mean, they should know men are too dumb to figure these things out by themselves.

Troy decided to talk things over openly with Lucy over breakfast.

They had a good talk and both concluded neither wanted to see Troy and Louisa’s marriage hurt. They mutually decided that what they both wanted was a brief affair. Lucy didn’t want to be alone after her breakup and Troy wanted to experience another woman. Both goals were selfish and that’s why they both knew they could just walk away at the end of the week.

So Lucy stayed at Troy’s for the next two weeks. They had sex in the morning before he went to work and again in the evening. She was open to almost anything in the bedroom so nothing was taboo. Deep throating, spanking, anal, prostate massage, watching each other masturbate, even having night sex on the beach. They simply enjoyed each other’s bodies and company.

Troy was amazed he actually had the energy to complete the job at Rob’s place, but by the end of the third week it was finished. Then the night before Louisa was due home Lucy shifted back to Rob’s.

Troy knew he would have to tell Louisa what had happened. Since they were ten years old they had trusted and confided in each other and he knew that couldn’t change.

The girl’s plane arrived back mid-afternoon and on the way home they talked about the expo and the new things they’d learned. Emma stayed for dinner then drove back to her place, leaving Troy and Louisa alone.

As they sat on the deck having a night cap, both of them were a little quiet. Troy new the reason for his silence, he knew he had to tell her what had happened. He assumed Louisa was just a little tired from the trip. A little after ten o’clock they headed to bed.

They started kissing in bed and one thing led to another, before long they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Surprisingly the sex they had that night was great. They ended up showering together after a very long and passionate session between the sheets. Finally they feel asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning Troy had to leave early to go up the coast and see a client. Louisa was still asleep when he left.

All day Troy worried about what Louisa’s reaction would be. Had he got everything totally wrong and only heard what he wanted to hear in her ‘have fun’ comments. He stopped on the way home and went for a long walk on the beach to clear his head and prepare how he was going confess everything.

Louisa was sitting outside when Troy arrived home. He opened a bottle of wine and took two glasses out onto the deck.

“We need to talk,” he said as he sat down and handed her a glass.

“I know.” she said looking up.

Troy took a deep breath, looked her in the eye and started to talk.

“While you were away I …”

“I know,” Louisa interrupted.

“Let me finish babe. I need to tell you something important. I was unfaithful to you and I …”

“Troy. I know,” she repeated squeezing his hand.

“Know what?” He said confused.

“I had lunch with Lucy today … she told me everything.”

Troy was stunned.


“We had lunch. We talked … I was expecting to hate her but I really like her, she smart and cute … we got on great and she explained things a little from her perspective. I’m not upset with you baby, really. I guess I was a little shocked at first … but then … deep down I kind of hoped you’d done something.”

“I’m sorry babe, I …”

“Let me finish,” She interrupted again. “I kind of hoped you had so I wouldn’t feel so guilty.”

Troy was even more confused now. As he went to say something Louisa held her hand up to stop him.

“I was unfaithful to you too.” As she spoke her eyes welled up and a large tear drop feel down her cheek.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you either baby … it just happened.” Her voice was distraught with emotion.

Troy reached out and pulled her into an embrace. They held each other tightly. As she cried, he felt his own tears start to flow.

“What’s wrong with us?” Louisa said between sobs.

“I don’t know,” was Troy’s reply. “All I know is I love you.”

“I love you to baby,” came the muffled reply.

They held each other until the tears stopped.

“I need to tell you what happened,” Louisa said quietly.

“I don’t need to know who he was baby. It’s in the past, maybe we should just move on.”

“No, we need to both talk about it. Please, I think it’s important.”

“OK. I suppose we do need to understand what’s happening,” he agreed.

“Let’s get some supper first, I can hear your tummy rumbling from here,” she smiled weakly.

They ate in comparative silence, both of them feeling mixed emotions. There was a sense of anticipation but also a sense of contentment, like they both knew everything was going to be OK. As they sat opposite each other at the table they reached out touching hands, smiling.

As Troy cleared up the dishes, Louisa disappeared down to the bedroom. When he had finished he knew where to find her … the outdoor bath on the bedroom deck. The huge claw foot bath was their favourite place in the house. Over the years it had become their special place to relax and talk. He opened a bottle of wine, grabbed some glasses and headed to the bedroom.

Ten minutes later they lay soaking in the water, Troy’s arms wrapped around Louisa’s body as she lay back on his chest. They’d always felt a sense of peace here, and would often sit and talk until their skin was pink and wrinkled from the warm water.

Troy told his story first, as he recounted what had happened between himself and Lucy. Louisa laughed when he told her about the first nights bowel movement, and she gasped in surprise when he described the various sex acts they had performed. Finally when he had finished they sat in silence for a while.

“Do you want to keep having sex with her?” Louisa eventually responded.

“I like her, and honestly I’d like to see her again … but not without … your consent. We talked and both feel the same way.”

He paused searching for the right way to explain how he was feeling.

“The sex … was something I needed to do … an experience I think I needed to have before you and I could move on. I’m not really sure why. It’s all a bit confusing. What I do know is I love you, I always have and I always will. Being with Lucy hasn’t changed that, in fact if anything it’s kind of freed me up.” Troy sighed. “I know I’m not making much sense, I just hope you can understand.”

Louisa turned her head to face him. Reaching up she stroked his face with her hand and smiled.

“I think I do understand … and you’re making more sense than you think. We married young and we didn’t get to experience … other things. I haven’t had any regrets about that, and up until now I’ve been happy and contented with what we’ve had. But now with the girls at college and us being alone again maybe it’s time for some adventure. Before we get too old to handle it.”

“I guess you’re right,” Troy agreed. “But in the future I would prefer we planned these adventures together. I don’t want any secrets. We both have to agree how far we go and with who, OK?”

“I don’t want any secrets either,” Louisa agreed. “So, in that light I better tell you what happened while I was away.” She took a deep breath and continued. “It wasn’t another man I was with … it was another woman, Emma.”

She looked back over her shoulder at Troy, and grimaced. Then taking a deep breath she continued.

Louisa told how it all started when we got to the hotel. She explained about having to share a room with another conference attendee. The other woman’s name was Beth, she was from up north somewhere, by the lakes. On the first night everything was kind of normal they were all tired and fell off to sleep quickly. It was the next morning when things started to get a little strange. Beth took the first shower and when she came out she was topless with just a towel wrapped around her waist, it didn’t seem to bother her that Louisa and Emma could see her boobs, but they tried not to look anyway. Then Beth drops the towel on her bed and starts to rummage through her suitcase. Louisa said they were really shocked as they hadn’t been that casual around other women since college days. Again Beth didn’t seem to be bothered at all … she even bent over the bed at one stage to pick up her hairbrush and her bum was right in their faces. They didn’t know where to look. When she turned around she noticed the look on their faces, but she just smiled and said that she was … pretty uninhibited around others and that they all had the same stuff anyway.

Troy felt his cock give a twitch at the thought of Emma and Louisa looking at another girls butt.

“Was this Beth good looking?” Troy interrupted before Louisa could continue.

“Trying to form a visual picture are you!” she replied with a smirk. “I felt that cock twitch you know.”

Louisa pushed back into him and his semi erect poked into her back.

“Just asking a question.” Troy replied sheepishly “Sorry, Carry on.”

“Yeah well, don’t interrupt … and yes Beth is very attractive, if you want a picture think of Halle Berry with slightly smaller boobs, OK.”

“She’s black then?”

“Yes Troy, she’s black!” Louisa said frustrated at another interruption. “She’s also slim and has a short pixie cut hair, she likes to eat orange tic tac’s and has a tattoo of a dove above her breast. Got the picture now. OK!”

“I’m not saying anything.” was the defensive reply.

“Good! Where was I …?”

“Tattoo, above the right or left breast?”

“Troy!” Louisa sat up and poked him hard in the ribs with her elbow.

He laughed as water splashed out of the tub. He then wrapped his arms back around her and held on, just in case another elbow jab was planned.

“Do you want me to tell you or not. This isn’t easy Troy.”

“OK, OK, I was just trying to take the tension out of things.” he said as he continued to hug her.

Louisa took a deep breath and relaxed in the embrace.

“I appreciate your intent, but just shut up OK. Please,” she pleaded.

“No more interruptions, I promise.” Troy kissed her on the head.

Louisa continued her story. She explained Beth just moved around the room naked, and both she and Emma couldn’t help staring. Beth must have noticed them staring but she just carried on normally got dressed and left for breakfast. Once she’d gone Emma and Louisa both laughed at what had happened and carried on getting ready for the day. But Louisa admitted she was really horny and could feel herself wet down between her legs. Then she confessed to actually masturbating in the shower, so did Emma she found out later.

Troy’s cock gave another twitch at the memory of Emma masturbating in the guest room.

“Felt that one too!” Louisa giggled and pushed back into him again.

“Sorry, I was remembering …” He started to apologize.

“It’s Ok baby, I remember it too. I think it was that night that set all this going anyway, my feeling towards Emma were all screwed up when we left for the conference and then sleeping in the same bed and seeing Beth just bought things to a head.”

Louisa took a sip of wine and then continued.

That afternoon after the conference they went swimming in the hotel pool, Beth joined them and they played around and splashed each other, it was like they were all college age again. There was plenty of physical contact and chasing each other around in the water. They all seemed to enjoy it. Louisa sensed a real sexual tension in the air. That night after dinner they crashed a wedding that was on in the hotel, well just the dance part anyway. They drank a bit and by the time they got back to the room they were all pretty tipsy. The room was really hot because the air con wasn’t working that night … something to do with the fire. They had given each room a fan but it just pushed the warm air around. Beth just stripped off and hopped into bed nude saying that it was too hot for PJ’s. Emma and Louisa followed suit, stripped and got in with just a sheet over them. They could feel the heat off each other’s bodies as they lay there. Louisa said she couldn’t get to sleep and was kind of restless moving around when suddenly she felt Emma reach over and take her hand. They were both lying on their backs and Louisa could hear Emma breathing beside her. Everything happened really slowly, first their fingers started moving, gently stroking each other’s hands, and then they moved closer together so their bodies were touching. The warmth of Emma’s skin was so electrifying, Louisa started to touch herself she felt so horny, she was so wet. Then she could tell that Emma was masturbating as well, her breathing had changed and there were little movements she was making, it was so erotic. Louisa was masturbating next to her best friend. They both orgasmed while trying to be really quiet, and then spontaneously they rolled together and hugged. It just felt so amazing, doing that together then lying in each other’s arms afterwards. They were trying not to giggle and wake Beth, their heads were together and they kissed.

Louisa turned her head and looked up at Troy. Her eyes were moist and she smiled weakly.

“I always knew I loved Emma, and up until that Moment I had thought it was as my best friend but at that moment I realised that I was in love with her.” Louisa stoked Troy’s cheek. “It doesn’t change how I feel about you baby it’s just something I that happened … maybe it happened years ago but I just haven’t let myself believe it.”

“You don’t have to explain it, I know how you feel.” Troy said quietly

Louisa looked into his eyes and smiled. “You’re in love with her too aren’t you?”

Troy shrugged and slowly nodded.

“It’s OK baby. I know … I guess I’ve kind’a known for years. The way you’ve looked at her and the way you’ve said things … then that night in the bathroom, it should have been so obvious to me, how turned on you were seeing her. I don’t know how …”

“Nothing’s ever happened between us, I swear.” Troy interjected with concern.

“I know. Neither of you could have kept that a secret from me. I was going to say that I don’t know how you could not do anything. Why, haven’t you talked to me about it?”

“Babe, you and Emma are best friends, I would never even think of doing anything that would destroy that. Besides I’m a one woman man. Well I was.” He added a little touch of guilt in his voice.

“We’ve already covered that one, and we’re OK there aren’t we?” Louisa questioned.

“I guess so, but …”

“No but’s Troy, OK.” she said quietly, and stroked his cheek. “Let me finish my story.”

“What about Emma, and how I feel about..?”

“We’ll come back to that baby,” Louisa interrupted again. “First I need to explain everything that happened.”

After another big sip of wine Louisa continued.

Emma and Louisa had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, it was a beautiful feeling. The next morning they woke up and Beth was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at them. She had a wicked smile on her face and came right out and asked whether that was the first time they had been together. The girls both turned bright red and didn’t know what to say, they were so embarrassed that Beth must have heard them. Thankfully Beth let it go and they all got dressed and headed out for the day. Louisa needed some time to think. After breakfast she agreed with Emma to talk about things later that night. For the rest of the day they had both chosen different electives and Louisa was going to a local firm to check out their design department, it was a whole day trip. She laughed as she remembered not retaining anything she heard that day, her thoughts were all about what had happened … and what she wanted to happen. She couldn’t get the feeling of Emma’s body pressed up against hers out of her head, her panties were soaked all day and she even went to the toilets during a break and masturbated. She laughed again thinking how she must have smelt like sex all day!

Troy’s cock twitched again at the thought of Louisa rubbing out a quick one in the toilet. Louisa reached back and gave him a squeeze.

“Like the idea of me drenched in my own cum all day do you?” she quipped.

“It has a certain pleasurable effect on me.” He quipped back

“By the time I got back to the hotel I was both horny and worried.”

“Worried. Why?”

“I didn’t know what I was going to say to Emma. Plus I didn’t know what to do if we … you know … went further. I’m not exactly experienced in seducing other women. By the time I got to the room I was almost scared to go in.”

“Poor baby, what happened?” Troy kissed the back of her neck and gave a reassuring hug.

Beth was just leaving, when Louisa entered the room, she said she had a dinner meeting or something. Emma was in the shower. Louisa stood in the middle of the room by herself wondering whether she should stay or run. Her hormones won the battle and she stripped off and joined Emma in the shower. They kissed for a long time under the warm water, it was tender and loving. They even both cried a little they were so happy. They ended up on the bed and all Louisa’s fears seemed to be for nothing, Emma took control and it was wonderful.

Louisa paused her story and reached for her wine. She took a sip and sat silently.

“There is no way you’re going to stop your story there!” Troy exclaimed and dug his fingers into her ribs.

Squirming around trying to avoid being tickled Louisa finally relented.

“Alright, alright! Maybe I can tell you more.” She giggled.

“All the sexy details please.” Troy demanded in mock sternness.

It was like nothing she’d experienced before. Louisa admitted excitedly.

“Not that what we do is bad or anything,” she quickly added looking up at Troy. “It’s just … different.”

“I understand baby.” Troy assured her before the story continued.

Emma moved her leg between Louisa’s thighs, and while they kissed she began grinding herself against Louisa’s pussy. The feeling between her legs was so good. She was soon moaning into Emma’s mouth and getting all hot and dizzy. Then she felt Emma’s fingers between her legs and she could hardly breathe, as her clit was stroked and rubbed. Just when she thought she was going to cum Emma stopped and pushed herself off the bed. Louisa almost screamed in protest. Then to her surprise, she felt Emma’s fingers replaced by her tongue. She liked and sucked until Louisa orgasmed, bucking like a rodeo bull. Emma tongued her right through the orgasm, and carried on until Louisa came again. She sure she’d squirted into Emma’s face but she didn’t stop, it was so intense. As she came down from her orgasmic high Emma kept gently kissing and blowing on Louisa’s pussy, it felt so good.

Louisa paused and smiled at the memory.

“When I came it was like I felt it all over my body, my pussy was contracting … my clit had electricity running through it. My breasts and skin felt on fire.” Louisa’s voice was husky and sexy as she remembered the feelings.

By now Troy’s erection was huge as it pushed into Louisa’s back. Her hips were slowly moving back and forth and her back rubbed up and down his hardness.

“So what happened next?” Troy asked as he moved his hand down into the water between Louisa’s legs. She shuddered and gasped as he touched her swollen clit.

The story continued and had the girls kissing for a while before Louisa ran her hands slowly up Emma’s thighs and then bent down to kiss her breasts and belly. Emma spread her legs and gently pushed Louisa’s head lower, she needed release as much as Louisa had. Lying down between her best friends legs Louisa could actually feel the heat and wonderful musky scent as her nose brushed against the wet pussy lips. Louisa then did to Emma what had been done to her … kissing and licking up and down the slick slit. She decided to put a couple of fingers up inside Emma like Troy did to her, she knew how good that felt. Emma shuddered and took a deep breath … she liked it too. Louisa explored her lover even deeper, plunging into her wetness. She was so wet. Emma’s hands gripped the head between her legs even tighter, then gasping for breath she had a massive orgasm, right into Louisa’s face.

“I have to admit I almost suffocated as her thighs clamped around my head. I had to push myself free. The whole experience was so exhilarating … I loved it, I loved making Em feel good.” Louisa said breathlessly.

“I take it that you’ve tasted her hot warm lips and musky sweet scent on more than one occasion since … and enjoyed it?” Troy asked still gently rubbing Louisa beneath the water.

Louisa’s response to Troy’s descriptive question and prolonged hand movement was to let out a soft moan and have a small shuddering orgasm.

“Oh baby, that felt so good.” she finally managed to say as her breathing returned to normal.

“So what about my question?” Troy prompted.

“Yes we may have … experimented more … much more actually. Is that OK?” she looked up at Troy questioningly. He smiled back.

“If it made you happy babe, then it makes me happy.” he replied kissing her neck.

“What if I wanted to continue being with her?” The question was again asked with some trepidation.

“We both love Emma. To see both of you happy is all I want.” He replied sincerely.

Louisa splashed water over onto the deck as turned in the bath to face Troy. She looked at him and smiled, tears forming in her eyes.

“I love you so much,” she managed to squeak out before the tears took over. Troy enveloped her in his arms and they hugged tightly.

During the next week they developed into a normal routine again, Louisa went off to work and Troy started another commissioned work for a long time client. Their sex life was better than ever and they ended up sweaty and exhausted each night, and most mornings.

Lucy came for dinner one night and surprisingly there was no awkwardness. Much to Troy’s relief the girls talked like old friends and they seemed to have reached an understanding on what had happened and were open about how things might be in the future. Everything was kind of an unbelievable normal. It seemed to Troy that they were even flirting with one another.

The following weekend the house was full, both daughters came back from college and Emma visited as well. It was real family time and Saturday was spent on the beach relaxing and catching up on what everyone had been doing lately … sexual situations aside of course. Lucy again joined them for Sunday brunch and she immediately hit it off with the girls having attended the same college. They chatted and laughed about some of the old professors who were still around and what had changed on campus. It also turned out that Emma and Lucy had favourite authors and artists in common and by the end of brunch they were already planning to exchange books and visit an exhibition together.

Emma stayed on after the weekend and she and Louisa went out shopping early Monday morning while Troy went to work. Breakfast time had been a bit quiet with just the three of them. They all knew they’d have to talk things out sometime but there was no time that morning.

Troy was distracted all day and finally decided to leave work early to get home in time to hopefully ‘clear the air’ before dinner. He wanted Emma to know that he was OK with what had happened between her and Louisa. When he arrived back he noted that the girls were already home as both cars were out front. The living area was empty when he looked inside so he figured they were out for a walk on the beach. Deciding to take a quick shower before heading off to find them Troy went down the hall to the bedroom. As he approached the bedroom door he heard a sound that made him stop … it was a sound he had heard many times before. Glancing inside the bedroom door he confirmed his assumption … it was Louisa moaning in sexual pleasure. The sight before him had his cock immediately straining against his pants.

Louisa was lying naked on the bed with an also naked Emma kneeling between her legs. Emma’s mouth was latched onto Louisa’s pussy and her tongue was obviously responsible for Louisa’s cries of passion. Troy stood stock still and watched from just outside the door … he was about to turn and head back down the hall when Louisa opened her eyes and saw him. Troy smiled and silently indicated that he would go away but Louisa quickly shook her head in reply, then she raised her hand and pointed at Troy and then at Emma. Troy looked taken aback, and he mimicked Louisa’s actions to be sure he had understood. Louisa nodded her head again, she then left no doubt in Troy’s mind as to what she meant by mouthing the words ‘Fuck her baby now, please’.

Troy backed up into the hallway and quickly removed his clothes. When he re-entered the room Louisa was smiling wickedly, her eyes were locked on his and he could see the burning passion in them. Stepping silently up behind Emma he looked at the wonderful naked backside before him. Emma’s swollen pussy lips were wet and glistening with a combination of Louisa’s saliva and her own juices, obviously she had recently cum. Troy couldn’t believe he was about to actually fulfill his longtime dream of having sex with Emma. He was so hard he thought his cock might explode.

Louisa placed her hands on top of the unexpecting Emma’s head and held it tight against her pussy. Troy stepped up close behind and once again locked eyes with Louisa. He placed his hands on the side of Emma’s thighs and quickly plunged his rock hard cock deep inside her. Emma gasped in surprise and tried to raise her head but Louisa held her grip. Troy pulled out and once again pushed forward burying his shaft in the warm wet pussy until his balls slapped against her clit.

He quickly got into a rhythm and soon Emma’s muffled moans could be heard as she pushed back into him. Louisa and Troy’s eyes remained locked on each other the whole time and they both could sense their building orgasms. Emma continued to furiously lick and suck Louisa’s pussy as her own climax approached. Finally as if an unspoken cue was given they all orgasmed together … Louisa flung her arms out onto the bed and bucked her hips as she felt her pussy contracting, Emma shrieked and her head rose sucking in huge breathes of air as her body shuddered, and Troy grunted as his cock spurted again and again, filling Emma with a huge load of cum.

As their combined climax subsided they were all left gasping as they tried to recover. Emma had collapsed onto Louisa and they wrapped their arms around each other embracing. Troy lent forward and kissed Emma on the neck, she turned her head and their lips meet in a passionate kiss between heavy breathes. He then rolled onto the bed, his semi hard cock coming out of Emma covered in his and her cum. Louisa slid out from under Emma, leant over and took the cock into her mouth, enjoying the taste of both her lovers. Finally she rolled over the top of Troy and lay beside him, her head on his chest, he in turn pulled Emma into the same position on his other side. They lay in each other’s arms savoring the moment. It was Louisa who spoke first, just a simple ‘Wow!’ The others responded with contented sighs of agreement.

Later that night they all managed to fit into the outside bath and over a glass or two of fine wine they talked about their feelings and professed their deep love for one another.

Emma moved in permanently a couple of months later. Troy and Louisa told the girls what had happened and were pleasantly surprised by the positive acceptance from both of them.

Six months later and here we are back at the beginning of our story, Troy lying between two beautiful woman, happy and content. A knock at the door made them all look up, there stood Lucy with a bottle of wine.

“Happy anniversary!” she said smiling.

Louisa reached out and beckoned for Lucy to join them. The petite brunette placed the bottle on the dresser and slid out of her cute sun dress. Naked she climbed in beside Louisa.

Troy looked on, as Louisa, Emma and Lucy shared a kiss. Yep definitely the luckiest man in the world he thought.