Ron, Kim and Rachel are trying make the world think Rachel has been killed in an accident. But reality is getting in the way. Emotions are high and reason is packing its bags.
I heard the garage door closing as Tasha and I made our way down the stairs. We got there about the same time the entry door to the garage opened and I saw Kim walk through the door. Her face burst into an expression of joy filled surprise. Kim dropped the bags she was carrying and ran towards me.

“Ron! You’re up! I was so worried! Rachel and I fought the whole way back!”

She leapt into my arms and began to kiss me with machine gun rapidity, wanting to convey happiness through quantity instead of quality. Her embrace around my neck was tight and reassuring. It felt very up lifting to have her wrapped around me and happy for my recovery.

Then a brown-haired woman with sunglass spoke in a voice that has annoyed me for most of a decade.

“It’s about time you rejoined the living. We were going to put you down.” Said my ex-wife.

I looked past Kim, whose amorous attention was blocking my view and I got a good look at Rachel. She was dressing in one of my old sweatshirts that professed my love of the Denver Broncos. Completing her ensemble were a pair of baggy jeans, that hung on her like a gunny sack, sunglasses that looked like they came out of dad’s high school year book, new sneakers, and the ugliest brown wig I have ever scene. I could not have picked Rachel out of a police line up.

“You look like a bag-lady.” I said “Where did you get that wig?”

“It was Mom’s” Kim chimed in cheerfully. “Weren’t we really careful?” she asked trying to both head off and get the subject of Rachel going out in public over with.

“Yeah, careful. But, it is still dumb” I said

“If anyone recognizes Rachel, We are fucked. We all end up in jail.”

“I know Ron, but Rachel was going crazy. It’s one thing to spend days in a house, knowing you can leave at anytime. It’s something else; when you know you can’t leave.”

“Besides” Kim continued “I got something for you.”

With that she released my neck and climbed down. As she moved to retrieve her discarded bags, my eyes dialed in and took in her hourglass figure, and the tight jeans that accentuated her well formed ass. My antenna was starting to get a faint signal.

Kim scooped up the bags, put them on the counter by the stove, and began to rummage. In just a couple of seconds she was wiggling a small beige and green box, that said “Astroglide” up one side. The signal was getting a little stronger. The thought of seeing Kim’s heart shaped ass offered up to me to use as I pleased, wiped my mind clear of every other thought.

“For later!” Kim said enthusiastically.

“Just so I’m not invited to your party” said Rachel as she was shaking out her now unfettered hair.

I don’t know what it is about Rachel. She can never just shut up and let well enough alone. If she had said nothing, and factoring in how she was dressed, my fantasies of spreading Kim’s tight little ass cheeks apart and slowly violating her tight little ass, would have had me dismiss their little escapade. Now, the thought of having sex my unwilling ex-wife crept into my mind. I took a couple of steps to Rachel and stopped just short of her ‘space’. In an overly sweet and sarcastic voice I said.

“Why do you have to be so mean, Rachel? Are you saying that you don’t like me anymore? After all I’ve done for you?”

Rachel said nothing, but deep anxiety jumped onto her face. I’m not exactly sure why. I wasn’t threatening her, much. She knew I would never haul off and hit her. It seemed like more concern than the situation called for. She looked at her sister for help.

“Ronnie, I want you all to myself” Kim said as she strolled over to me.

Kim had been very generous over the past week; ‘sharing’ me often with her sister.

“But, Kim, Rachel really likes it when I fuck her up the ass.” I said in the same voice. “Don’t you, Rachel?”

Rachel was a bitch, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew I was baiting her, getting her to say something contrary. Then I would be motivated to punish her body. I had been doing that a lot over the last week. All of that pent up sexual aggression left over from our marriage kept looking for ways to leak out.

Rachel and I had been married for five years. We finally split up last year. It was not pretty. She was a bitch when I married her. A drop dead, Hollywood starlet, bitch. A sex hating bitch. But when her Russian mob connected boyfriend absconded with a satchel full of mob money, and left Rachel to take the blame, I had to help her; bitch or not. The sisters, the youngest of which I just started dating, have been fucking me senseless for the last 10 days. Rachel still doesn’t like sex, but she hasn’t said “No’ to anything. That is a far cry from when foreplay meant a half an hour of begging.

But, like I said Rachel isn’t stupid. She was loathe to provide, yet another reason, for me the fuck her in the manner I dreamed about, so she didn’t say a word.

“Why don’t you let Rachel get out of those clothes, get a shower, and then she will be in a better mood? Right, Rach?” cooed Kim as she wrapped her arms around me and crushed her C-cups against my chest.

Rachel gave her sister a scowl, sighed, and the spoke.

“Yes, I’m sure a shower will do wonders for me.” Rachel said and quickly left the room.

“I really do want you all to myself, tonight. I’ve been so worried.” Kim said somehow getting both relief and lust into her voice.

“Boooooo!” came a voice from behind me that startled me for the second time in an hour.

“Hi, Tasha!” said Kim pushing back from me and looking at Tasha” What do you mean, “boo”?

“Well, um, that just sort of came out. I didn’t mean anything” Tasha answered

Kim got a knowing look in her eye.

“Didn’t you already get to have my boyfriend, once?” Kim said a bit amused. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this

“Uh, well, didn’t you sorta say we could?” said Tasha very nervously.

“Yes, Tasha.” Kim said in self satisfied, confident voice. “Ronnie has taken so many risks for Rachel and me; I just can’t deny him anything he wants”

Tasha didn’t say anything, but Kim wasn’t waiting for Tasha’s answer. Kim looked back at me.

“Do you want Tasha?’ she asked neutrally.

‘Oh, Fuck.’ I thought. ‘How do I answer this one?’

Visions of Tasha’s large, firm breast appeared in my head. The sight, not ten minutes old, of Tasha’s aroused tight, cherry nipples, on her creamy white globes woke Bruno up completely. The thought of hearing Tasha screaming in orgasm as I sucked her tits, while having my cock buried to the hilt in Kim’s ass popped into my mind.

“It’s OK, if you do?’ Kim said softly and she tip toed up to kiss me. Her kiss was soft, and then wet, and then hungry.

She kissed me hard and I returned her passion in kind. My hand drifted down to her jean covered bottom and I squeezed both ass cheeks. Kim giggled.

“I know what you want, lover. But, Tasha has been a very bad girl”

That statement seemed odd, so I turned to look at Tasha. She was blushing; a very uncommon sight. Then she spoke.

“Are you sure, about this, Kim? I don’t want things to get weird between us.” Tasha said anxiously.

“I’m sure.” said Kim.

She sounded sure, but I didn’t know that the hell was going on. Before I could ask, Kim pulled me in close, and began in a hushed voice.

“Tasha and I have talked a bit while you were out. She told me everything the two of you had done.”

I started to apologize.

“Shhhhhhh. I gave you permission, remember? Anyway, You know Tasha. She is pretty strong-willed; normally. But, it turns out that when you get her into bed she’s pure masochist. She likes the pain. Who knew? I’m her best friend, and I had no idea until the night before we crashed the car. You remember when Tasha made Rachel eat her out?”

I nodded, not wanting to interrupt this speech. But my mind also wandered back to when I had fucked Tasha. She did like it rough with her tits and she had no problem when I took her ass cherry. I was as gentle as I could be, but I was so horny I knew that it had to hurt.

“She begged me to be rough with her boobs. I bit them, slapped them, and squeezed the hell out of them. It only drove her to beg for more, remember?”

I was busy pounding Rachel at the time, so I missed a lot of what Kim was telling me, but I do remember lots of noises coming from their part of the room.

“So, I asked Tasha if she wanted you to get rough with her. She said she had dreamed about it for years. She also blushed like she is now.”

Kim giggled as I turned to look at Tasha.

If anything she was redder than ever. My hands were still busy holding Kim’s butt, and I liked the feel. So I gave one ’Come Here’ flick of my head towards Tasha.

Tasha took an uneasy step forward. It was followed by a more confident second, then a normal third. She was within my grasp in another step. My cock was harder than Chinese Scrabble. Bruno ordered me to grab Tasha by the hair and pull her in for a deep kiss. I did, which earned me the sight of seeing Tasha’s eyes go wide in shock and then having her melt into my mouth as I kissed her.

I still had my remaining hand on Kim’s sweet ass, and I squeezed it like a nerfball, pulling her in tightly. As I continued to kiss Tasha, my hand moved up to check Kim for a bra. It was there of course. Kim did not go out in public without one. I completely released both women, and stepped behind Tasha so I faced Kim.

“Kim, could I see those nice tits of yours?” I asked in a strong voice.

She was happy to comply. Kim took two steps back to give her audience a nice show. As she did, my hand went up and underneath Tasha’s loose blouse. Tasha had taken her bra off for me while we were upstairs. Now my hands touched the warm flesh of her stomach, I wondered if I she had put it back on. I was pleased when I encountered the bare flesh of her firm globes.

Both of my hands engulfed Tasha’s D-cup breasts and I squeezed them in the manner in which she hoped; hard. I could picture her creamy flesh trying to come out between my fingers as they dug channels into her tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” Tasha moaned out, as she got weak in the legs and dropped an inch or so.

I was okay with that as I ground my still shrouded cock in between her ass cheeks and pulled her in tight.

I had my eyes fixed on Kim, who pulled her shirt out of the waistband of her jeans and then pulled it over her head in a clumsy motion, which was not in the spirit of this striptease.

I chuckled as I kneaded Tasha’s breasts and continued to massage my erection in the crevice of her jean clad ass. I released one breast to play with one of Tasha’s nipples. It was already a rubbery knot, so I flicked it with the edge of my thumb.

“More, Ron” Tasha breathed out.

“You need less clothes” I stated

Tasha squirmed forward breaking my grasp and began to take her blouse off.

Kim had already released her bra and I watched as she let it fall to floor like a stripper from Shotgun Willie’s. She followed it with her eyes and looked up at me as it hit the ground. She gave her shoulders a little shake causing her firm, pouty breasts to shake, and my cock to beg to come out.

“Keep going, Gypsy Rose. Show me what you got.” I called out.

Tasha’s blouse was off and she pushed back in to me, hoping I would pick up where I left off. I grabbed her left nipple with my right hand and pulled her around to face me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” she said beginning in pain and ending it in a moan of pleasure.
I kissed her deeply for just a second as I twisted the nipple in my hand.

“Ummmmmmmm” Tasha moaned into my mouth. I pulled away.

“Pants off” I commanded

Kim was hip shrugging out of her own jeans, her flats already discarded. Kim, unlike her sister, keeps herself tanned. The brown skin made the shape of her legs even more erotic as her lower limbs made a complete appearance. She stepped out of her jeans, kicked them well off to the side of the room and looked at me grinning.

Tasha was moving as fast as she could, but she was having to fight her tennis shoes. She didn’t want to waste the time to untie them, but they were not loose enough to just slip off like Kim’s had been.

As Tasha was hopping around, almost free of her pants, I reached in with both hands, pinched Tasha’s nipples and gave them a slow quarter twist. Her eyes went wide in pain.

“Hurry, Tasha, hurry!’ I said amused.

I released one areola, so I could motion Kim to turn around. Her little ass was much more fun to look at as it was being revealed than her pubic mound. She grimed impishly and turned.

Kim was wearing a pair of black thong panties. That thought stirred a memory, but I quickly dismissed it, as she began a slow and exaggerated strip of her final garment. Each inch of travel of her panties was accompanied by a shift from one hip to the other. Kim bent forward at the waist, pooching her ass out at me. She might have been going for humor, but the lack of speed and the question of if her cunt would be visible in this position was making me crazy.

I felt Tasha bend as she won the battle with her jeans. I released her boob, so she could finish disrobing. Now Tasha was pure haste, pure lust, fueled by adrenaline. She wanted relief and so did I.

She came back up, expecting, hoping for a deep kiss and more harassment of her breasts. So she was surprised when I, facing her, whipped my left hand over her head, pulled her across my body and let her have three fast, sharp slaps on her bare ass.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Owwwww!” she yelled more surprised, than hurt.

“Have you been a bad girl?” I taunted as I delivered three more blows

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Yes!” she said excitedly “I’ve been very bad!”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Ow! That hurts!” Tasha called out, and struggled to free herself.

Her tugs and struggles were not enthusiastic. I had a nice few of her white bottom. The red hand prints on it stood out and seemed to beg to be evened out. I delivered my next blows more forcefully.

Slap!! Slap!! Slap!!

“Ronnnn! Ow! That hurts!”

“This is what bad girls get!” I said as I added more color to her bottom

Slap! Slap!

“I’ll be a good girl!” she yelled



“How are you going to be a good girl!”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“OWWWW! Anything! I’m your little slave girl!’

Slap! Rang out my best effort of the afternoon

“OWWWWW! Ron! Please!”

“Give me a blow job and make it good or I’m finding a spatula!”

I let her go, grabbed a fistful of her red mane and pulled her into another deep kiss. Tasha again melted into me as my free hand sought out her pussy. I wanted to see if she was really aroused by all of this. She parted her legs eagerly and I had no trouble slipping my middle finger between the folds of her cunt. Wet, she was. I masturbated her for a few strokes, earning a moan of pleasure. Then I withdrew my hand, reached around behind her and delivered a final, smart slap across her crimson behind, and then pulled her down to her knees.

Tasha quickly began to undo my pants. I looked up and saw that Kim had finished her striptease and had turned to watch the show on this side of the room. She looked interested and aroused. Her own nipples had scrunched up and her right hand hovered around her pubic hair, fighting the urge to touch herself.

I motioned her over and she practically skipped over and our lips met in a wet and enthusiastic kiss. At nearly the same time Tasha freed my cock and took it deep into her mouth. Her warm, wet tongue spread itself underneath my hungry member as she closed her mouth around me.

A shiver ran up my spine, as I grabbed a handful of Kim’s firm ass, I broke my kiss with her to let out a moan of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh, man!”

I had closed my eyes but opened them to gauge Kim’s reaction to being pleasured by another woman. She grinned and had an impish glint in her eye.

“Is Tasha a good little cock-sucker?”

She is. I could not speak as Tasha worked first slowly, the quickly; her red hair dancing in rhythm to her oral bobs. I pulled Kim in to me and kissed her hard, kneading her ass, while my head swam in ecstasy and the thought of pleasures to come.

Tasha’s mouth was amazing, bringing me close to climax and then stopping. She had not taken me all the way and I knew she was capable. It was frustrating as she would take about ¾ of my member and then pull back. Slowly down, and slowly back. Quickly down and then quickly back. Each time stopping at the same point. It was maddening.

My other hand was on the back of Tasha’s head and I could not take it anymore. When she paused at her usual point, I pulled back from Kim and groaned out.

“All of it, Tasha. Take it all”

And with a handful of red curls as insurance I pushed myself all the way down her throat.

I thought I would cum as I felt her throat tighten around my head. I looked down, and saw that Tasha was looking at me expectantly. For what I was not sure, but this felt too fucking good. I did not want to pull out. But, this was not the orifice I wanted to cum in. I ground my pelvis into her face, as I pulled her head into my crotch. Then I withdrew quickly, afraid my will power would leave me.

“Bed! Hurry!” were the only two words I could get out.

Tasha was up and moving towards the stairs as soon as the words were in the air. Kim moved as well, but I held her back. I still could not believe Kim was OK with all of this. I was grateful and I needed to find out what she wanted right now. I thought I knew what Tasha wanted and I sure as hell knew what I wanted.

“Kim, are you sure you are OK with me and Tasha?” I asked quickly.

“I’m sure” She said quickly and without any jealousy in her voice.

“What do you want me to do for you?” I got out, not knowing how else to phrase it.

“Make me cum with this.” She said latching onto my throbbing and needy cock.

I jumped in surprise, pulled her in for a quick, but deep kiss. I gave her a playful slap on her tan-lined ass, and we followed Tasha up the stairs.

Tasha walked into my room, over to the bed, turned around and stood in front of it. I boldly walked up to her, and twisted one nipple, causing her eyes to widen in pain, and her mouth to open. I folded myself into her and frenched her, while relaxing the torque on her little gumdrop. She eagerly accepted my offering and kissed my like the world would be ending at any moment. I was teasing now, and broke all contact, and pushed her onto the bed.

“Lay back” I commanded and then I turned to Kim

She had brought her Astroglide package. Always thinking, she was. I was thinking, too. I was thinking ‘How am I ever going to fuck Kim and save myself for Tasha’s tight ass.’

Spanking Tasha had Bruno begging to finish that job. I was already so close just thinking
about what I wanted to do with that Astroglide.

“Let’s double team those tits.” I said to Kim. I was hoping to ramp my bi-sexual lover up towards an orgasm and then quickly finish the job.

The corners of her mouth turned up in an eager smile. Tasha was eager too. She repositioned herself on the bed so she was now lying long ways in my king bed. There was ample room on either side of this hot redhead, so I made my way around. I watched as Kim took the short road, leaned in, and gently bit the side of Tasha’s left breast. Kim released her bite, and then grabbed Tasha tit with both hands and squeezed like she expected to draw a stream of milk.

Tasha eyes went wide in combination of pain and surprise. She was looking at Kim, as I began my own assault. I had enjoyed sucking on Tasha’s tight, rubbery nipples a few days ago, and I so wanted to feel her erect areola on my tongue. I gave her no foreplay, but took her nipple into my mouth and attempted to find milk, my own way.

“Ohhhhhhhh. Fuck, guys!” Tasha groaned out with the pleasure of having her breasts manipulated by two different people.

Kim apparently liked what she saw across Tasha’s chest and she began slurping on Tasha’s other, just as erect, nipple.

“Oh, God. M..more of that!” Tasha said as she reveled in the virginal experience of having both breasts sucked on at once.

Kim and I obeyed Tasha’s request, as we sucked, licked, and mauled her breasts.

“Oh, God! Fuck! Keep do…doing that!’ she begged.

Tasha was not still as has breasts were being savaged. She squirmed and bucked. Her hands were everywhere; in my hair, in Kim’s hair, above her head, on our backs, wanting to reach her aching pussy, but blocked by our two bodies.

We were driving her insane with pleasure and she desperately wanted the extra stimuli to push over the edge and into an intense orgasm. Kim and I came to this realization at the same time, as each of us crept a hand towards her fire bush.

“Yes! Please! Please rub me!” Tasha nearly screamed.

Kim got to the glory hole first and began to masturbate Tasha, focusing on her clit. I worked my thumb inside her and began to stroke it in and out in a slow rhythm. The response was instant as Tasha began to buck harder and thrust her hips.

“Fuuuu….fuuuuuu…fuuuuuuck! Oh, God! Please don’t stop!”

But stop, I did. I pulled my hand out and took Kim’s away from Tasha’s pussy. I looked over at her and said

“I’m going high. You go low”

She knew instantly what I meant and climbed onto the bed, and got between Tasha’s legs. Kim has probably eaten more pussy that I have. Make that definitely.

Tasha orgasmometer had dropped a few notches from red line, but I thought we could make her explode in short order. But, I about came out of my skin when I heard a shaky voice behind me.

“C..can I play, too?”

It was Rachel! Over the past week Rachel had come to the realization that she was likely gay. That explained plenty about our marriage, and probably why she could not help making an appearance in this room.

I motioned the robed Rachel over and she dropped the terry cloth with the first step, revealing her incredible naked body. She was over on the other side of Tasha in a few steps.

“Tasha likes it rough on her tits.” I said as way of getting her started.

Rachel kneeled down and began sucking on Tasha’s breast, gently and tentatively.

Tasha jumped unexpectedly and I looked down to Kim.

Kim was muff deep in her best friend’s snatch and obviously getting Tasha’s attention.

“Oh, God, Kim! Harder!”

I went back to enjoying Tasha’s boob. I sucked it, first hard, then like a baby would nurse. I used both hands, sometimes squeezing and other times to twist and tweak her swollen little gumdrop.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” came Tasha’s rapid fire announcements as her sexual tension, fuel by the mouths of three different people, built towards an explosion.

Bruno was yelling at me to let him get in on the action too. I thought he had a point, which was making me uncomfortable. In a good-bye gesture, I twisted Tasha’s nipple hard with one hand, as I used the other hand for support so I could kiss her. She eagerly met my lips and I looked into her open eyes for just an instance. She had crazy eyes. She looked like she possessed. She was too, and the demon would be bursting out shortly.

I quickly moved to the foot of my bed, where Kim had her ass up in the air. I quickly saw that she was trying to get herself to heaven with her hand, as her tongue was spearing Tasha’s cunt.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! Tasha screamed as her damn burst. I smiled thinking that she had more coming.

My action had not gone unnoticed by Kim, who moved to offer me my choice of orifices. I so wanted to fuck her ass, but I wanted to make her cum. Her little starfish glistened as her own vaginal juices had moistened them. I could see her pussy was swollen with arousal and anticipation. She lifted up out of Tasha’s cunt long enough to beg.

“Please, Ron! Fuck me; hard!”

I could not deny her, so I positioned myself behind her, drew my very hungry cock between her pussy lips for some lubricant and buried myself, balls deep, in her tight pussy. Chills shot up my spine and I was certain I would never last, even long enough to get her off.

“Yes! Oh, I’ve been waiting days for that!” Kim said using her mouth for a purpose Tasha did not like.

“Eat her pussy, Kim. Make Tasha scream” I ordered

I could not see if Tasha appreciated the gesture as Rachel was currently kissing Tasha. I saw Tasha push Rachel’s head down and I recalled using that same motion to try to get Rachel to give me head. Tasha was getting better results. I saw Rachel bite the nub of one nipple as she manhandled Tasha’s other breast.

“Oh, God! Yes! Harder!” said Tasha

Kim was thrusting back at me, reminding me that she wanted it harder, too. I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to feel my cock buried in Tasha’s ass, but Kim deserved to get off and she wanted her pussy pounded.

I latched onto her hips and got in a little closer. The sound of my hips slapping against Kim’s ass was like pouring gasoline on a fire and I felt my heat rise. Each of my thrusts was driving Kim’s face into her best friend’s pussy, adding a little extra something to Tasha’s needy cunt. That was enough to push Tasha over the edge again.

“Yessssssssssss! Oh God! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

“Harder, Ron!” Kim grunted out, content to cheer me own now that Tasha was two up on her.

I pumped harder, but not faster. Each thrust I envisioned driving my cock through Kim. I looked forward and saw Rachel and Tasha kissing, with Rachel softly rubbing Tasha’s nipples. I knew Rachel wanted some payback and was dumbfounded, why my bitchy ex-wife was not ordering Tasha to go muff driving on her. But, there was not enough blood left in my head to piece that out.

“T..tasha?” I gasped out, more out of breath than I figured I should be. “I’d love to see you eating Rachel’s pussy.” I also wanted her ass in the air.

Tasha looked at Rachel, who eagerly nodded. They began to arrange themselves.

“Oh, God! Almost! Almost there!” said Kim who was now rubbing her cunt to stimulate the areas this postion would not allow.

I could not believe I was not filling her tight snatch with my seed. I looked over just in time to see Tasha stick her ass into the air as she put her face in my ex-wife’s crotch.

‘Oh, God’ I thought “I going to blow.”

That thought brought a familiar feeling in my loins. It would only be seconds before I blew my load.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Kim screamed underneath me and I could feel her pussy tighten around my organ. I bit my tongue, hopping the pain would hold back my climax, and I then I thrust once more, deep and hard, and held it.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kim gasped out and I felt her pussy milk my very needy organ.

Then at once she pulled herself forward and collapsed, pulling me out of her. The feeling of cold and disappointment was a shock.

“I didn’t cum” I gasped out hold my erection, which was now jumping in my hand. I had been so close.

Kim rolled over and got the Astroglide. She handed it to me and I looked longingly at Tasha’ upturned ass.

Kim looked at me, shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“Go for it” she said dismissively

I leaned in, kissed her quickly, and then began to move behind Tasha.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I heard Rachel moan. She was getting very close.

My eyes were rivoted on Tasha’s backside. With her face in between Rachel’s legs and up on her knees, she looked so vulnerable and so fucking hot. Tasha’s few extra pounds accumulate in her shapely ass, which only made this position look even sexier. I could not help myself as I brought my arm back and delivered a loud slap to her ass.

“Oww!” she answered.

“”Don’t stop!” I heard Rachel admonish. Tasha resumed eating out my lovely ex-wife.

I gave her another slap, which earned me a little jump, and little else. I reached in between Tasha’s legs and rubbed her cunt. It was hot, swollen with arousal, and very wet. As I brought my hand out, I rolled it onto her ass cheek, as my other hand found its sister. I kneaded her round ass, feeling the firm flesh yield to my will.

Her brown eye was already prominently displayed. It was begging my rock hard member to pierce it, to force its way deep inside. I was so past ready for this.

“Ahhhhhh! Yeah! Ohhh, God!” Rachel called out as Tasha’s tongue pushed her over the edge.

“Beg me to take your ass, Tasha.” I said as I put my thumb on her brown eye and pushed.

She jumped again, and began to beg

“G..go easy, Ron. Don’t hurt me.”


I slapped her hard across her upturned, already red, bottom

“I said ‘BEG’”

“No, Ron! Please, it’s still sore.”

I didn’t believe her. I moved to the side preparing to deliver another, harder, swat, when a flat hairbrush materialized in front of me.

Kim stood to the side, still naked, and smirking in a most unladylike manner.

I put one arm underneath Tasha’s waist to hold her up, and the other, armed with the hair brush began to convince Tasha of the true definition of ‘sore’.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

I reigned down four quick, firm swats, two per cheek. Tasha shrieking pain after the first and squirmed to get away.

“OWWWW!” Stop! That hurts!

“Beg me! Beg me to fuck your ass!” I answered as I held her tightly

She hesitated long enough for another blow to land, reinforcing that I was not planning to let her mull it over.

“OWW! OK! OK! Please, fuck my ass!”

“Whap! Whap!

“You don’t sound convincing!” I answered, enjoying the deep crimson her ample bottom was turning.

“NO! OW! Please, Ron! Please fuck my ass! I really want you in my ass!”

“Whap! Whap! came my non-verbal answer. She liked the pain, so decided to give her just a little more

“Do you want it hard and deep or easy and slow?”

“Sl….OW! Please..”

That last was ‘ow ‘as in OWW and not ‘ow’ as in slow.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

NO! Please Ron! That hurts! OW!

“Did you say you wanted it hard and deep?” I asked calmly

“YES! Fuck my ass hard! Do it noOOOOOOW! Please!

I stopped and tossed the brush aside. I put my hand on her angry red bottom. It was very warm and likely bruised.

I kneaded both cheeks and she jumped in pain

“Hold still, or I start again.”

Kim, my little conspirator, handed me a butt syringe loaded with lube. I smiled a thank you and could not help but notice that Bruno was rock hard and begging to be turned loose.

I reached under Tasha as I repositioned behind her. I kneaded one breast, found the very tight nipple, and gave it a slight twist. Expecting a cry of pain, I was mildly surprised when she moaned.


That one little sound loosened the control I was exerting over Bruno. He demanded that I get started violating that tight little hole. I was in full agreement. .

I inserted the syringe and filled Tasha’s bowel with the slick gel.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Tasha inhaled a breath “That’s cold”

I slapped her on the side of her ass, in a spot that was not yet red.

“Quiet! And don’t worry. It will get hotter in a minute.”

With that I pulled out the injector and touched my eager member to her forbidden opening and pushed. Tasha jumped again, and tensed. I smacked her on the other side of her shapely, soon to be violated ass.

“Relax! Or this is really going to hurt” I commanded.

I saw her shoulders and back relax and I pushed a little harder, fighting the tight muscle protecting her body from my assault. My cock was bending as the struggle for supremacy waged for another split second and then suddenly I broke though her outer ring and the head disappeared into her so very tight ass.

“Ow!” came a somewhat subdued yelp of pain “Slow. Please.” she bit off each word.

Bruno was screaming the opposite set of directions in a testosterone fueled, mute, scream.

“Slam that ass! Now! Bury me inside!” his voice screamed in my head

Bruno won. I latched onto her hips with both hands and pushed my cock deep inside Tasha’s ass.

“OWWWWWWW!” came the scream I was expecting. “Noooooo! That hurts!”

The scream and her words were drowned out by the waves of pleasure shooting up my spine and into the pleasure centers of my brain. Tasha’s ass was so incredibly tight. The pressure screamed a challenge. It begged me to see if I could pump deeper. I barely noticed that Tasha was not struggling to get away.

I slowly pulled back feeling how her bowel gloved around my cock and milked it. I savored this feeling for what seemed like a month.

“Go slow! Please Ron! Let me get used to it” she gasped out.

The squeeze I gave her hips betrayed what was to come and she cried out again, as I pushed, but she stayed in place.

“Owww! Please, Ron! You’re so big!”

My initial lust was beat back a notch, I pulled back, and then pushed in more slowly this time, but it was far from slow.

“Oww!” came a more cautious groan of pain, as my cock cleaved a path back through her ass.

In less than a second my balls slapped against her ginger-haired pussy. At bottom, I immediately pulled back. Her little ass was stretched as far as I could tolerate. I needed relief. I needed to feel myself dominate her tender flesh. I could wait no longer.

I was not even conscious of picking up speed and my senses began to dull. I could only feel the intense pleasure that was coming from my loins.

Snippets of Tasha’s voice drifted in.


“Easy, Ron!”

“Oh, God! Oh, God!”

Our bodies were meeting with a violent, but near noiseless

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

Tasha shifted and it registered that she was rubbing her snatch, trying to both rub away pain and magnify the pleasure.

I glanced to my left and into the changing mirror on the closet door. I saw Tasha’s heavy breast shimmy and sway, as the kinetic energy pulsed through them. Her nipples were tight little knots and they glistened with sweat.

I reached underneath and latched onto a breast. The feel of its weight sent another tactile sensation into my overloaded brain and I felt that familiar pressure rise in my groin. I was close.

“Oh, Ron! Oh, God! D.d..don’t stop.”

There was no way I was stopping. Only a bullet could stop me now. I released her breast, and grabbed her hip again. I needed all the leverage I could get to pull her luscious body into me as I slammed deeper into her body.

I dug my fingers into Tasha hips and pulled hard one final time. I felt the floodgates opened and my first spurt erupt into her body. Without any conscious thought my body spasmed into her and my arms pulled back hard, seeking just another micro-inch more of her ass. My sexual energy seemed to erupt and flow out of my cock and burn a path through us both. I was sure I would hear Tasha scream in agony as my seed burned like acid inside her.

“Fuuuucck!” Tasha did scream; but that it was of pleasure barely made an impression.

Twice. Three times I spewed inside her. I saw nothing. Maybe my eyes were closed. I could sense only with my penis, and all I could feel was fire that I was hosing into my red-headed lover.

Then sanity returned and my senses began to work again. I began to notice Kim and Rachel. Rachel still laying on the bed with her legs splayed. Kim was now sitting on the bed in front of me, masturbating to the show. My hands were starting to cramp and I slackened my grip on Tasha’s hips. Then I released a breath and gulped in another, as I felt a wave of exhaustion replace my elation.

Tasha was going limp underneath me, trying to sink into the bed. I allowed it and I oozed out of her ass. Her reamed hole stayed open for a second and then slowly contracted into the closed position. A small amount of my cum was evident, the rest still waiting to be expelled. Tasha was breathing hard and covered in sweat.

“Tasha, are you OK?” I asked with the worry evident in my voice.

Jesus, what just happened? Why was my sex so angry lately? At no point after I saw her ass up in the air could she have stopped me from fucking it. Guilt walked boldly passed my sub-conscience gatekeeper and bitch slapped my conscience once.

“I…I..don’t know. Am I?” she asked no one in particular.

Kim decided to see. Based on how aroused she seemed to be, I think she liked seeing her best friend get ass-fucked into submission. Kim, cautiously spread Tasha’s butt cheeks and leaned in for a good look.

“How does it feel?” Kim asked.

“It burns.” She answered with a gasping exhale.

“I don’t see any blood. I think you’re okay”

I didn’t say anything, but I was feeling more guilty with each second.

“Well, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.” Tasha said, still collapsed on the bed, and obviously drained.

She reached back and gently probed her little rosebud and jumped.

“Yep. It hurts. Kim, help me up.”

She rolled over and in seconds the two naked women were making there way into the bathroom.

I was lost in my own thought when Rachel spoke.

“That was kinda hot. I’m glad it was Tasha taking that pounding, but I made myself cum watching”

I don’t know why, but that pissed me off a little.

“Next time Tasha can diddle herself while I fuck YOU up the ass.” I said

Rachel was silent for a second and then said she needed a shower. I heard the water come on in the bathroom behind be, and immediately began to fear for the loss of hot water. I needed a shower, too.

“Let’s go downstairs and we can take one together.” I said with no thoughts of sex.

Rachel and I had taken about two showers together in our lives. The result was not as I had hoped. At the time I thought she was just prudish and unadventurous. Now, we were both pretty sure she was gay. Either way, she was not interested in a shower with me. She likely feared for her own orifices.

“I’ll take one later.” She said quickly.

“I wasn’t asking.” I said, just because I wanted her to know I was still in charge.

She said nothing, as she got up and headed out the door.

There was no sex, I was a tad sore and even though I gotten hard in the shower, I was satiated and Bruno was happy. That does mean I didn’t fondle her tits and ass, or grind my erection into her, out of spite. Rachel didn’t object to any of it, but she did tense up when my erect cock got close to her own starfish. But, with both showers going, the hot water was not going to last, so both of us cleaned up quickly and my cockplay was limited.

I dried and dressed quickly. Kim and Tasha came down 15 minutes later. The confident Tasha had returned, and Submissive Tasha was beat back to the corners of her mind.

“My butt hurts, Ron.” she said neutrally “What are you going to do about it?”

The second sentence came out in a tease, so I answered sarcastically.

“I could kiss it and make it better, or I could give you another good fucking.”

“I think that particular opening is going to be off limits for awhile.” she said as a matter of fact tone intruded into her voice. When she saw my face, which I knew was showing a little guilt and worry she added, brightening her voice.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. You’ll just have to find another woman to release your anger on.”

Anger? I thought about that for a fast second. Tasha had noticed, too.

“How about doing Rachel’s butt instead? Tasha offered brightly, which earned chuckles for both Kim and I.

“What about my butt?” said Rachel as she descended the stairs. Kim chimed in, quickly.

“We were thinking that Ron could fuck your uptight ass, and give me and Tasha a break.”

Rachel did not rise to the bait. Maybe she was learning. Instead she quickly changed the subject.

“You know, we need to get the funeral planning finished.”

That struck me dumb.


“I was killed in a car accident, Ron. Kim has already contacted Horan and McConaty”

I looked at Kim, who just nodded. It did make sense, of course. It would be odd if we didn’t have some sort of memorial.

“She’s being cremated.” Kim said, a step ahead of me.

I don’t know why any of this failed to occur to me. The cremation makes a lot of sense. Hell, the body was probably mostly cremated already.

“So, when is it? I finally got out.

“On Friday” Rachel answered. Kim got word that they will release the body tomorrow.

That seemed a little fast if the circumstances of the death were suspicious.

“Don’t worry, Ron. I’ve got most of the details handled. We’ll have the memorial at their chapel and they helped me write an obituary and everything.”

I turned to Rachel.

“And exactly where do you plan to be while this is going on?”

“In the back of the chapel.” she said sheepishly and softly.

My eyes went wide with shock and I yelled.

“WHAT! Are your fucking crazy?!”

She didn’t back down.

“Do you think I am going to miss seeing who shows up, or to get a chance to hear what people really think about me? To hear all of the nice things people will say?”

She said this in a clear strong voice, but I could tell she knew she was walking on eggshells.

“Hell, no! No fucking way! It’s not going to happen!’ I said with as much conviction as I could muster. “We have come too far to have this screwed up by doing something this dumb.”

Both sisters were silent. I turned to Tasha who hadn’t said a word this whole time.

“What do you think?”

“I think I’m out of here. My parents are wondering if I have run away from home. I’ve been here since damn early yesterday, and it’s now..” she said pulling her phone out of her jeans,…”God, 4:30. I’ve got a million things to do back home.”

She walked over and kissed me on the lips. She had a twinkle in her eye right before she closed them, leaning in. I guess her butt wasn’t sore enough to have her mad at me. She hugged Kim and even hugged a surprised Rachel. Then she was gone. I had a sinking feeling I would never see her again.

“I’m making steaks for dinner!” Kim said brightly.

My stomach suddenly reminded me that with my lust quenched, hunger and thirst were now my most pressing biological needs. I hadn’t eaten in two days. I was famished.

I helped Kim with dinner and the three of us ate in near silence. Kim was bubbly and kept trying to start conversation. But neither Rachel nor I were in a talkative mood. I was lost in thought, wondering about the next few days. I was going back to work tomorrow. I could have taken more off, but I really wanted to know what was going on at the morgue.

I wondered if Dr Syygo would try to freeze me out, because I was close to the “victim” It was technically a conflict of interest, and if this was being treated as a homicide like Detective Reynolds was suggesting, I shouldn’t be anywhere near the case. But, it was killing me not knowing what the doctor was putting in his report.

I wasn’t sure what Rachel’s problem was. Maybe she didn’t want to risk pissing me off. Maybe she was contemplating the rest of her new life. Maybe she was wondering about her new found sexuality. Maybe she was wondering if she should get a dog. I gave up trying to figure out Rachel years ago.

We tried to watch TV, but nothing seemed to hold our attention. Rachel gave up around 9 PM and went to bed. Kim and I followed at 10:05, when the nightly news led off with yet another speech by our president. Nothing new there.

Wednesday morning dawned and I was up at 6 AM after a fitful sleep. Kim had given up trying to cuddle with me, as I tossed and turned. I’m not sure if she was mad or not; she just turned her back to me and went to sleep. Yet one more thing to weigh on my mind.

I was dreading this first day back to work. I did not want to be the center of everyone’s attention and sympathy. But, I had missed two days work, so everyone had to assume that this hit me hard. Really the only thing that had hit me hard was the car’s door jam. Thank God the aftereffects of that were gone.

Savannah and the rest of the office personnel were very motherly towards me, with lots of hugs and “How are you doings”. I played the part and said “Fine” a lot. Through all of their words, and what was left unsaid, they made two things very clear.

The first was that there had been no question that the dead body was Rachel. If I knew one thing from my years at the morgue, if there was any juicy gossip about one of the residents of the morgue cooler, it would be common knowledge well before the police knew it. No one even hinted there had been any question when identifying the body.

The second, and this was spoken by more than one of the girls, and always with an ominous tone.

‘Don’t see the body. Remember her how she was’

This annoyed me, because first it was presumptuous, and second because it seemed to confirm that I had used too much gasoline. I had. The detective had made it clear he was suspicious. Having the ladies I work with, who very likely had not seen the body, warn me about the condition only made me feel worried and mad at myself. Still, we were half way home with this deception. Rachel was officially dead. Now we just had to dodge murder accusations.

I punched in, and read a folded note that Dr. Syygo had paper clipped to my time card. The contents of that disturbed me and filled me with a sense of dread. I finally made it to my little office area and started on the pile of paperwork. There was no autopsy scheduled until the afternoon. My heart was definitely not in this. I moved some paper, filed others, and set a couple aside so I could fill in a few blanks. But, I really wasn’t accomplishing much. I kept thinking about the note. What did it mean?

The morning dragged, but I did manage to make a dent in the paperwork. I left the office for lunch so I could call Kim. I had made it clear to the sisters that all communication had to be verbal now. No text messages asking about how things were going. No emails. Those left records. So did a call on the cell phone. But at as long as they weren’t excessive, it would not seem unusual. Kim and I were together after all. Kim’s friends could vouch for that.

I reported what I had found out and told her I had not seen Dr. Syygo get. It could have been my imagination, but she seemed to be trying to cut the conversation short. I figured she would be desperate to hear how things were going. All of her side of the conversation was short and she didn’t ask any questions. Even when I mentioned Dr. Syygo’s note, she just told me not to worry. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she had a boyfriend over. I was just being paranoid. She probably had to go to the bathroom.

I got back from lunch and immediately began prepping for the autopsy. I assisted Dr. Syygo on these, getting his instruments ready and prepping the body. My mind was once again unfocused. It kept drifting to the lockers behind me. One of them, and I had already found out which one, contained what was left of Rachel’s imposter. I really wanted to take a look.

But, it would be a bad idea. The only communication I had gotten from Dr. Syygo today was the note he had left for me. It said;


I know you will want to view Rachel’s remains. Do not open her locker. You are restricted from that locker until you and I can talk. I will be in at 1:30


I had been churning that over in my mind all morning. I didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish with the note, but it did boil down to just two things. Either there was something suspicious or he was concerned for me. Dr. Syygo is a good boss, but he is distant. He’s not the chatty type who gets into personal lives. But, he did notice Rachel when we were married, and I know her physical beauty inspired a degree of lust and emotion in him.

As predictable as the sunrise, Dr Syygo walked into the autopsy room at 1:30. But, it was obvious his attention would be focused on me and not the John Doe the police had brought in.

“How are you holding up, Ron?” he asked with genuine concern.

“I’m fine. I can do my job.”

“That’s not what I meant.” That came with just a hint of rebuke

“It was a shock to hear about Rachel, but I’m OK”

“Good. Did you look at her body?”

“No sir. I got your message” which came out a little more clipped than I had intended.

“Look, Ron.” Began the doc.

At those two words, adrenaline surged into my system as the Flight or Fight reflex kicked it. I could feel that sinking feeling in my stomach. He was about to tell me that he suspected Rachel was murdered. Did he suspect me? Had he told the police?

“I knew Rachel, too. She was an exceptionally pretty girl. Because of those two factors, she autopsy was one of the toughest I have ever had to do. If you insist upon it, you can see her. But, I implore you. Don’t. The fire did great damage. You don’t want to remember her that way. I know I don’t. I didn’t have a choice, you do.”

I let out the breath I was holding. I was so relieved.

“It’s your call. But, I strongly advise that you just let it go. I’ll have Julius take her to the crematorium. You won’t have to handle her at all.”

“The crematorium?” I said not having to feign shock. How did the doctor know we were cremating the remains?

“I thought you knew. I’m releasing the body to the…..uh, family, today. Rachel’s sister told Savannah that was what she wanted. Is that a problem?”

There was no fucking problem at all. My adrenal gland shrunk back down and I felt my shoulders relax. Dr. Syygo sounded like this was any normal case. He had not hinted of any suspicious circumstances and his answer about cremation made perfect sense. Kim and Savannah must have talked while I was out of it. Kim said she had been making arrangements.

“, Rachel is leaving the morgue today?” I asked a little shakily. This was going well and I couldn’t believe it. There had to be a catch, something that was going to screw this up.

“Yes. Why shouldn’t she?” the doctor asked a little mystified

“Uh, well, um” I struggled to come up with an answer, but my brain had locked up under the stress.

“Seems so fast” I finally blurted out.

“Ron” he admonished “You and I have done many autopsies. Rarely does it takes us more than a couple of days to get them processed. The accident was Sunday. Are you sure you are all right with this? Do you want to go home?”

‘Shit’ I thought. The doc was right. Today was the third day. Being out for half that time had really messed up my sense of time. I decided to change the subject. I needed to know the absolute answer to one more question, even though I was pretty sure I knew already.

“Doc, I have to know. Was Rachel drinking or on drugs?”

I didn’t care about that, but I was hoping this would spur him to tell me how he ruled the accident. The doc had not given me any hints that he thought her death suspicious, but he had not flat out said it was accidental. That one word, ‘Accidental’ on her death certificate would stop any police investigation cold. The police investigate homicides. Only insurance agents care about accidents.

“No, Ron. You can put that out of your mind. Her tox screen was clean. The best I can tell is that she fell asleep or was distracted and missed the turn.”

I was relieved, excited, and dumbfounded all at the same time. While this was certainly the best case scenario, I was surprised at how easy it had happened. Dr Syygo is probably the best pathologist in the Denver area. How did he think the excessive burns were not suspicious? How did he disregard the excessive gasoline I had used? How had he missed the lack of soot and smoke in her throat and lungs?

The last question hit me hard, because it had not occurred to me until just now. How could I have ever thought that the doctor would not check that to see if she had been alive at the time of the fire? Then I relaxed again. Because the crash killed her. Dr Syygo had come to the conclusion that she died before the fire would have been blazing and producing the smoke a live person would have inhaled.

“Ron? Ron. Are you okay? I can handle this without you. Why don’t you take the afternoon off?”

I mentally brushed aside all of the questions bouncing around in my head and answered him.

“Yeah. I’m okay. Let me help with the John Doe and then I’ll go home.”

With so much good news, I was able to focus on helping the doctor. But, I must have made him uncomfortable because he didn’t seem like his confident self. We muddled through and Dr Syygo determined that advanced cardio-vascular disease, combined with cirrhosis, had taken the unidentified man’s life. He had been found on a park bench. He was likely one of the homeless, who the ACLU had doomed to go without care when they had fought to get them released from mental institutions back before I was born.

I went back to my cube to shut down my computer and noticed a small box had been placed there. It was not a condolence gift as had immediately jumped into my head. It was from the crematorium. I knew from the size that it contained the ashes of someone. Then the enormity of what we had done hit me.

These were the ashes of one of the John or Jane Does that the crematorium does for the county and then sends the ashes to us. I would normally be getting a box like this for Jane Doe 12-017, the body that I had passed off as Julia Swenson. Julia was the burnt corpse that we were passing off as Rachel. If the family of Jane Doe ever showed up, we would have to apologize for ‘losing’ the remains of their mother, or daughter, or sister. Those remains were sent to the family of Julia. They would be scattering the ashes of a stranger. This was so fucked up.

I set the box aside. I would take care of labeling and storing it later. I just wanted to go home. This whole thing was getting to be too much. I would be glad when it was over. That thought made me feel worse. When would it be over? Wouldn’t Rachel being discovered alive always mean there was the possibility that this would all come out? And for that matter, how likely was it that Rachel would keep a low profile and not expose herself? God, this was a dumb idea? How did I ever get talked into this? Then Bruno cleared his throat, from inside my pants, and I remembered. I’m a fucking idiot.

I punched out and went home. I was half afraid of what I would find at home, coming home early and not telling anyone. But, I was in a mood to blow off steam. Yelling at Rachel would be just what the doctor ordered. She did not disappoint.

I pulled into my drive, walked in the door and saw Rachel in her bag lady disguise from yesterday. That ugly brown wig highlighting the ensemble. She was looking at me in shock. Kim came bounding down the stairs, surprise also prominent in her eyes

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I thundered

“Ron! What are you doing home!” asked Rachel sounding as guilty as she looked.

“Dr. Syygo gave me the afternoon off, because he thought I was still too distraught over your death. About now, I’m thinking I should kill you myself, so I have a reason to grieve. Answer me! Where the hell are you going?”

“ where. I just needed to get out of the house.” She said knowing that was not what I wanted to hear. I looked at Kim

“What about you? You were just going to let her? I said both accusingly and incredulously.

Kim glanced at her sister and one of those silent sibling communications happened.

“Kim was taking a nap. That’s why I figured it was a good time. I was just going to drive around.” said Rachel quickly. I glanced at Kim, whose face was neutral. Then I focused on her older sister.

“And what if someone saw you? What if someone was wondering who the bag lady was in Kim’s car? What if they called the police?” I fired each question without giving her time to respond.

“I’m sorry” she said like she meant it.

“Dammit, Rachel! We can’t take these chances! I’m taking you to your Uncle’s cabin, and we are doing it right now! Pack up what you need.”

I saw something resembling panic in her eyes as she quickly answered.

“No! No, Ron! Please, I can’t go to the cabin yet!” she nearly shouted

I glanced at Kim, whose face was betraying some worry and then back at the emotional Rachel.

“What the fuck does that mean; ‘Can’t go, YET’. You’re fucking dead, what do you have to do?”

Rachel hesitated for a fast second and then closed her eyes to answer.

“I want…I need to attend my funeral.” Came her reply in calm matter of fact tone.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO THAT FUCKING FUNERAL” I thundered. “That would be so incredibly, unbelievably, recklessly stupid. Haven’t you heard a word I’ve said?”

“Ron?” interjected Kim’s calm voice “You’re right. It is really dumb. But, remember Rachel is never coming back to these people. Her friends, what little family we have left, this is the final time she will ever see them. Don’t you think we should at least give her that last chance to see them one last time?”

Damn. I hadn’t thought of this angle, but an answer quickly came to mind.

“And how is she going to say ‘Good-bye’ without letting them know she is still alive?” I queried, not quite as calm as Kim was, but making up for it with sarcasm.

“I won’t talk to anyone, Ron. I promise! I just want to see these people one last time” Rachel chimed in quickly.

“Please, Ron” Rachel continued “I can be very grateful” she added in a tone she meant to be seductive.

Rachel spent our marriage using sex as her preferred weapon of manipulation. She either doled out an extra favor, or withheld her affections until she got what she wanted. Either that or I was left to self service myself out of a blue balls situation. Under the current circumstances, her tone just pissed me off.

“Oh, really.” I said filling my voice with disdain “What exactly can you offer me that; A) I haven’t had in abundance the past two weeks, or B) what I can’t make you do anyway?”

I was surprised that she had an answer

“What you have always wanted to do to……Rape me.”

I was silent for a few seconds while I let that soak in, kick around, and finally squeeze the words out of me.

“Exactly, how are you going to make that happen? You’re already letting me fuck you. I know you really don’t want to, so it’s almost rape as it is. What are you going to do, that would make me want to risk jail?”

Rachel closed the distance between us, ripped off her wig, and slapped me hard across the face.

SLAP! Rang the sound.

I was stunned for an instance, and then the pain registered the instant before she began to speak.

“Fuck you! You needle-dick bastard! I’ve had enough of you bossing me around! I’ll do whatever I want and if you don’t like it you can kiss my lily white ass!”

Rage boiled over in my head and the words were out before I could even think them

“Bitch, you earned this!”