They have had to spend 5 years to take courage and I dare to exortizar certain demons. He told me a “little boy” to tell, write about it, will help me overcome it, although I’m not sure.

Anyway, let’s go to the subject. My name is Jesus, when all this happened that I am going to tell you, I was about to turn 30. I was 11 years old with my girlfriend Monica, who was, is and I hope she will continue being the woman of my life. Everything I have to tell you has made us much stronger, you will soon understand. I have seen that people often describe themselves in these stories, I hope to do well. We are both from Madrid, from Las Rozas. Although it is not the best to describe myself, I have to say that I am quite a resulton, in reality I have never had problems to link. I am quite tall, light brown hair, thin and with very blue eyes. I usually wear expensive, I worry about fashion and I take care of myself … although without obsessions.

Psychologists say that we look for similar couples, well, Monica is. It is quite high, I think 1.73, has a long black hair, smooth and very bright. A 90 chest, very firm, fabulous touch and a lot of freckles that adorn it extraordinarily. It is also quite thin, with a narrow and very hard back. The truth is that she takes care of a lot, likes to have a flat stomach, soft skin and is the type of woman, reserved and elegant, who would stop talking to me if she found out that I am telling them all this. Anyway, we are a couple quite blended, we barely quarrel, we talk a lot and we are excited to go out and spend money.

One of those exits is the one that I am going to tell you, and I will do it because without a doubt, it has changed our lives. At that time we did weekend motorcycle excursions. We used to go out alone and, sometimes, with some couples of friends. For the weekend before Christmas we had reserved a rural house in the Sierra de Gata, north of Cáceres. He had spoken with the owner by phone, he lived in the house, on the first floor and we reserved the superior, with a magnificent living room, 2 bedrooms, toilet, a large window overlooking the forest and its own independent exit to the outside . The fact is that a couple of acquaintances, not friends, signed up for the excursion. He had been a running mate, one of those guys with whom it’s fun to get away, and that’s precisely why relations between him and Monica were downright bad. Ricardo was a tall guy; I estimate that 1.90 meters, of these that are said to be robust and strong, but that in reality they start to be fat. Moreno, with short hair, very short, bitten nails, dark eyes, toasted skin, something childish and very, very tongue-in-cheek, a guy with labia. The bride was quite silent, very much to her liking. Pretty short, busty, freckled, brunette with curly hair and long, with a great ass and magnificent brown eyes.

We left on Friday after eating for San Martín de Valdeiglesias, following for Arenas de San Pedro, etc. The road was quite good, with many curves that is how we like bikers and with little traffic. We were going at a good pace, stopping a couple of times on the road and arriving before nightfall.

It cost us nothing to find the house. Fortunately, it was the cuca of the town. With thick stone walls, wooden windows, next to a river, surrounded by trees, in short, very bucolic all. Luckily, it did not detract from the photos in the magazine. Even the owner was typical. An old farmer, widower, with his skin destroyed by field days, short, sturdy, very bald and with huge hands that looked like wood. On top a very dirty cap of green and white colors. As expected the guy was sparing in words, not to say quite rude. “Children of the city” must have thought to see us.

The night started quite well. To show that we were city kids, we needed to light some teas, several newspapers, three pills and some gasoline to give the fire in the fantastic fireplace in the living room. Beside him were two dark-skinned sofas, where we would spend the night. A bottle of Jack Daniels loosed our muscles, released our tongues and broke the ice between Monica and Ricardo. His girlfriend also began to let go, laughing all thanks, putting on his part and even saying some mischief. Unfortunately Monica was not so happy, she drank, although it is not very given and she smiled with commitment.

After a while Ricardo got loose his tongue and discovered our great secret of the night. Before coming we had made an important online purchase of lingerie for our couples. At first they were to take them out once we said good night, but he said to give them already. So we took them out, I had bought Monica a magnificent red bodice, with black lace, strapless, that would raise her chest making it very appetizing. I always had a predilection for the cabaret type Toulouse Lautrec. Underneath some very tiny black panties, without becoming thongs, and also some high stockings. For Julia, he was more daring. A quasi-transparent suit. Skin-tight. The fact is that we gave it to him and they started laughing. The surprise came when Julia said to go to her room and try it on. I thought Ricardo was going to tell her later, but he encouraged her to do it. He said that we had already seen each other on the beach, in a bikini, and that it would not change much.

When Julia appeared by the door I was breathless. She was one of those girls who normally, because of the clothes they wear, do not usually attract attention, but with less rags they leave you impressed. She appeared in a full-body suit, open on both sides of her legs, which revealed large nipples and shadows, the magnificent curves of superb breasts. Under a black thong that did not leave too much to the imagination. I had to have everything very, very clipped. Mengano said a couple of procrastinations, she laughed them blushing and sat next to him on the couch. Monica had always said that this girl was a boiled, a kettle, so that left her as stunned or more than me. She has always been very shameful and at that point in the night she did not have too much alcohol in her blood to start raving.

Do not make that foolish face, do you want to see how I have that you bought me? – Monica said. Ricardo almost got his eyes out of their sockets, like in comics. She had asked for my approval for the audacity.
That’s why I bought it for you, darling, to put it on

It took a while, but when it appeared in the living room, with the light of the fire, I wished for a second that we were alone. The bodices love him, and this one was left impression. Its high price was worth it. Very tight at the waist and, as I imagined, lifting her breasts provocatively. I think she raised them more than necessary because the nipples threatened to leave the neckline and the halo began to imply. Her shoulders, her neck with her hair pulled back … “her everything” made her incredibly appetizing, a real confection. Further down the view was even better. Those discreet panties, black and small, but not too much. Very long legs, with black stockings that seemed to come out of an ad.

-Guau girls, you’re taking your hiccups.- Ricardo did not cut a hair in looking, the truth is that he never did. He lacked eyes to look at both of them from top to bottom. The certain thing is that I felt a little annoying, well, quite annoying, of which it looked like this to Monica. Fortunately, alcohol began to make its effects and I preferred to smile. On the contrary and being as I am a very embarrassing guy, I preferred to look at his girlfriend discreetly, although she did not seem to care at all, well, to both of them to tell the truth. They knew they were wanted and sure that, like us, they already maligned themselves a fantastic night of sex.

– It’s true you’re both great, we’re both very lucky. Surely we do not have the same boxer. – I tried to be as correct as possible, but I was already beginning to writhe thinking about those lascivious glances at Monica.

-Don’t be finolis fuck, are to go to bed and without dinner.- We all laughed at Ricardo and helped to relax the atmosphere. The dinner was great, some trinkets and some red wine from Tierra de Barros. They did not even change, I have no doubt that there was something of a pique between them. One for being a woman of the world, elegant, independent and sure of herself, and the other, on the contrary, was the obvious beauty against the most absolute discretion. We could say that they were two ways of seeing life, and both struggled to take all eyes.

After the dessert came some loaded glasses and a swirl of liquors. I was starting to get flustered and Ricardo kept spicy conversations, he was really horny and the innuendo to Julia grew louder and louder. At one point she got up. We were all sitting on the carpet, around the table. Then he stood up showing us his tremendous curves.

-We sit?-

– Yes of course, I’m uncomfortable with this bodice, I’m short of breath- Monica said. At that moment I got up to occupy one of the two sofas in the living room. A tremendous piece of furniture covered with red velvet that had lived its first youth for decades. In principle and since there was no room for the 4, the idea was to sit down so that Monica would get on top of me. But as I did, it was Julia, who was already on her feet, the one who asked for a space and sat on my thighs, with her legs hanging on her side. I smiled, trying to remove iron. I thought that Ricardo was going to be upset, but of that nothing, for some strange reason he smiled. The truth is that she was very good. I felt his hard flesh behind the fabric of the dress. Even his smell was pure lust. I tried not to look, raising my eyes, but in some carelessness I could see some great thighs and two fabulous breasts, that moved with their breath crashing against me. She, knowing all her weapons, leaned back, as if wanting to loosen herself, but offering everything, leaving him at the edge of her hand. I would have willingly devoured it, but I resisted. Monica looked at me with wide eyes, observing any detail, no matter how minimal and knowing perfectly what my thoughts were.

To not be a fool, like a cut, I put my hand on the waist, just where the butt starts. A place that, by the way, excites me.

-Hey nice, I think that’s my place, do not you think? –

-But what is your fear, Monica? You have been a boyfriend forever, you will not think that now I’m going to fuck with Jesus and he’s going to get excited- Geez with pavisosa, they already say that calladitas are the worst. And to make matters worse, EVERYTHING I had said was true, I was fooling around and it was exciting me.

-Come Monica, do not get jealous. Feel over me.-

-That you do not believe or you, I’ll stay right here on the floor, until your girl comes to get off my boyfriend- He said it with some grace, so we laugh.

-Well, you lose it. By the way, I brought a topic that you will like. If you want I give you a little bit to try and go to sleep … or whatever it is- Ricardo was the typical cataclysm who is always experiencing little things and vice as few. So he took out a small bag of dried mushrooms. They looked harmless, a little disgusting, but no more than a dry tomato.

-Go, cheer up, you’ll see how well we’re going to sleep- And he left them on the table, among the rest of the bottles.

-And how do you take it? –

-Well, with hair, or with a little bread, the same thing. This is for the boys, and it’s for the girls-

-Julia, can you reach me? –

-Yes, of course- Julia made a small effort raising her great ass and putting it on, behind the dress, in front of her eyes. When he let himself fall, he sat a little higher than the thighs, in soft … we were already very, very close together. I was the first to try it with some bread and I have to say it was pretty disgusting. The rest followed me. Monica with the face of very few friends and Julia with great enthusiasm. We kept talking and after a while the happy mushrooms began to make their effects. To me, who already had enough alcohol, I started laughing, I started to see some hallucinations, to see blurry and, most curious of all, I had no control over my body, as if I had run out of energy, I started With a tingling that became more intense and I ended up lying like a paralytic on the couch.

Monica, after taking the mushrooms, got up tired of being on the floor, looked at me, looked at Ricardo and sat on her legs. The other opened his eyes wide as he saw such a woman sit on him. She did it with great delicacy, as she usually does everything. And Ricardo, unlike me, did not put his hand on his hip, he did it directly on his ass, playing a slap, but it did not come. I was looking at her impudently, from top to bottom.

-Hey I think that with the wig one nipple has come out.- It was true, the bodice, which lifted everything, took out one of her delicious nipples, a small and jumping wonder of nature.

-Yes, it’s true- Monica did not make a move to hide it, on the contrary she looked at me to see what face she was wearing. I could not move the gesture, I even started to think that I would urinate on top of it. Julia seemed to be dozing on my chest and I did not have the strength to start fooling around with her, just as her boyfriend was doing with my girlfriend.

-Well cover it woman, which is going to cool- The very cheeky, with the hand that was free, took the edge of the bodice and raised it, trying to brush with his fingers the sacred skin of my girlfriend. She looked attentively, with a self-absorbed face, and did not move a finger, the fungi were already making their effect and I began to fear greatly the lack of control. It was a very delicate situation and I could not say “mu”, for all intents and purposes I was just a piece of furniture. My own brain did not want to give the orders for the muscles to move and that is a very scary feeling, very much. A chill ran down my back, I had to try to get out of there, move, breathe fresh air, but there was no way. I also started to realize that Ricardo, the damn Ricardo, had not taken any fungus, we had taken all three of us.

-Hey, Julia loves these panties that you wear, she shaves you whole, you know? Do you shave them? –

-You are a pig you know Ricardo, I despise you very much, you disgust me. You’re an unbearable macho, you think you’re handsome and you’re not, and neither funny, you’re just a fat, flabby, fault-mongering and idiotic freak. “Geez, the mushrooms had let my girl’s tongue out. Better to lose friendship than to see her in the arms of another type. I breathed easy.

-Well, okay, if I know that you and I are not going to get along well, I was just curious- Everything seemed fine, Monica made a move to get up, but it was not like that. He lay on his side, stretching out in front of him.

– I only shave the bikini line, well that and a little more. – Mónica raised her pelvis to show her. She lay horizontally, leaning on the arms of the sofa, like the breakfast tray. Ricardo’s eyes went out. Monica took the fabric a little away to show her shaved groin, continued to remove it until a thin strip of dark, curly, shiny hair appeared.

Neither short nor lazy, Ricardo directed his fingers to that place, tracing the line of the panties, helping to remove them and soon play with the curly hair that appeared. Monica seemed to enjoy, I never imagined that she could smile in the arms of the guy she hated the most in the world. He, neither short nor lazy, taking advantage of the posture, crouched a little, pulled the panties aside and buried his nose in his hair, sucking, sniffing deeply.

-Ohhh God, you smell as I had imagined.-

– And what more things you had imagined? –

-Your breasts, I’ve imagined them more than 100 times-

-If you open the string that runs between them you can see if they are as you thought- And Ricardo, neither short nor lazy, proceeded to open the bodice that I had given him. The guy was a sadist, because instead of pouncing on her, devouring her, which is what I would have done, I kept on fooling around, driving her crazy. With incredible parsimony was releasing the string and when it was all loose opened it gradually discovering the breasts of my girl. There they were in front of him, totally available to suck them, bite them, grope them … but the wretch did not do it.

-What do you like? –

-I love them, that’s how I imagined them, neither more nor less, they are the best I’ve seen- Ricardo did not lie, a size 90, in his perfect place, proportioned, soft, hard and with a nipple that was a delight. Monica was going crazy and had her at her disposal. The expensive bodice was lying on the floor.

– Something else you imagined? –

– Yes of course, I’ve taken you all the way on the bike, why do you think you did not want to go first? Your ass, the tail lift it up that is wonderful. Since I saw you, 4 years ago when we went to Jerez, I have not stopped thinking about him- Monica, already half naked, turned around, lying face down horizontally, with the arms of the sofa and the abdomen on her thighs of the.

-Look to see if it’s the same as you expected- I wanted to die. Ricardo turned his hands to Monica’s black panties and slowly went down, for a moment looked me in the eyes making sure I was not missing detail. Monica’s ass appeared in all its round splendor.

-Well Ricardo, you already have me totally naked in front of you, where are you going to start ?, I’m yours.- I thought my heart was coming out of my mouth. Ricardo looked at me and gave me a slight smile. One of those smiles that I threw at you in college when I won the padel match. And being the most choppy and competitive guy I know, I knew very well what its meaning was. The impossible, the unthinkable was happening in front of my nose, under the effects of the drug and without being able to move a muscle.

Ricardo put his hand open on the white cheek of Monica, stroked him gently, then the other, ran his hand down his back and knead again his ass. Meanwhile, she moaned like a kitten, impatient to be devoured. Ricardo took the four fingers of his hand to his mouth, as if wanting to pick up the taste of my girl ahead of time. Then he put them between the cheeks of her ass, wanting to find out how the temperature was. To my shame, the gesture she made was eloquent, she said “she is VERY excited”. Ricardo continued to massage, with much art, everything was said, and she writhed on her legs. By the gestures I deduced that I had explored in depth all the explorable … and that, supposedly, was my territory.

-Donate Monica.- And she obediently did it. His legs trembled with pleasure. I could see her thighs glowing wet in the firelight.

“Sit on my knees.” Monica, very carefully, rested her ass on his left leg and put her hand behind his neck. Her breasts had never seemed more beautiful to me. Ricardo’s right followed the massage, from one breast to the other, he squeezed them, pinched them and she threw her head back enjoying, in her daze, of that moment. At one point he took advantage of the posture and lowered his head to devour so succulent delicacy; He introduced it to the ball with delight, took them out and ran his entire tongue through his white skin. First one, then the other, and so an interminable cadence that was unsettling me. I was going to remove the color. When the review finished, with her usual-sickly patience, she threw her back and put her hand between her legs again, this time with a little more energy, with a certain aggressiveness. She moaned with pleasure, had reached a tremendous orgasm and shuddered at the hands of another man.

– Monica, the truth is that I was also curious to know how you sucked her, what if you get on your knees and show me that you breast like angels? – She acted obedient, the drugs and the pleasure she was feeling made her stagger stunned With some difficulty she put herself, naked as she was, on her knees, in front of the sofa and between Ricardo’s two knees. He put both hands on his head and pushed her into the groin. From where I was, I could not see the fellatio, only Monica’s back, her beautiful naked butt and the soles of her feet. But it was not necessary to see too much, the head of my girlfriend began to go up and down as indicated by Ricardo’s hands, after a while he removed them by putting them on the armrest of the sofa, letting it be her who did all the work. Ricardo, as usual, was left over. The guy was meat for the event page.

Suddenly Julia raised her head, had woken up. He looked at the panorama and without saying anything he put himself in the same position as Monica. Neither asked me what was going on, nor why I was spoiling it, or anything at all. She got down on her knees in front of me and lowered her dress leaving two magnificent breasts, really big, white, with very dark and tremendous nipples. A marvel. Then he put his hands on my fly and took out my penis. I was so stunned that I had not realized it, but it was about to explode, in life I have seen it like that. I was afraid, I swear, it’s a bad thing to say, but like those in porn movies. With veins of the most threatening.

-Cray, it seems you’re enjoying what you’re doing to Monica. He had wanted to throw away for years, he has told me a lot of times, he did not know how to do it, but he wants it more than anything in the world, you know? He even made me dress like her. He is not going to waste this opportunity. But I’ll give you a hand, you’ve always liked me.

I could not help but open my eyes to such a revelation. I could not move any other muscle. Julia smiled and put it between her breasts with all the care of the world. I had no shame, just a tremendous desire to take that pressure off, that plug. After a while of moving her breasts and playing with my sex, she put it in her mouth and fortunately I could feel the warmth of her lips. I was not insensitive at all. He started kissing him with a lot of love, a very loud kiss, with his mouth open around the glans, a tender kiss, very meaningful. But I do not take long to open my lips, put it whole in my mouth and start the ups and downs. She was also a little dizzy, did not quite hit. It came out a few times or it was not right to get it right, in any case in life I felt so much pleasure. And she, while I was devouring it, because that was not sucking, hid one of her hands in the crotch to satisfy herself. He did well not to count on me.

I raised my eyes for a while to see how the other two were doing. Monica continued with the cadence, see her back made me want her very much, even in that embarrassing moment, although now I regret, I thought I would like to be behind, while I suck that bastard, to penetrate as comfortable as we used to .

Ricardo removed his hands from the armrest, took her head again so that he would not move it a millimeter and suddenly writhed, moaning. I had never seen a man having an orgasm, he seemed spectacular I have to say it. I have never bellowed in that way, nor do I think I ever do it. And Monica did not move a hair, kept going up and down submissive, as if nothing had happened. Ricardo laughed out loud, no doubt he was the happiest guy in the world. And I could not complain. In some way that I can not understand, I aroused a lot when he had his orgasm in his mouth that I kissed daily and followed his example. A chill ran down my entire back, I could feel a shiver all over my body, and I was glad to discover that I still had sensation in my hands and feet. Julia was not so obedient, after such an outpouring she took it out of her mouth. I was still masturbating slowly and moaned like a posesa, I was having a real torrent of orgasms. I want to be able to move, hug her, move her, but there was no way. I spilled on her breasts, and she began to rub the viscosity without stopping to moan, I have never seen anything like it.

I calmed down and went back to the other couple. Monica was the same, I’m sure she was not finding out anything, and Ricardo was showing all his teeth in the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Suddenly he pushed her away, put her on his feet and opened her legs to sit on him. She kept letting herself be done. This time I could see how he would grab the member and direct him to his goal. The truth is that the boy’s pileup was also scary, it was tremendous, maybe not as long as mine, but fat as a sausage. It took him a while to hit, but when he got it he must have reached the bottom. He took her by the shoulders and lowered her. She moaned with pleasure and began to go up and down while Ricardo was distracted, now touching her breasts, now grabbing him and scratching his ass like a bird of prey. In a while the pace was frantic. And while Julia, who had had a lot of tremendous orgasms, fell asleep at my feet, half naked and shining with moisture, his and mine. With the firelight it was beautiful, both were.

Ricardo ran again like a savage, grabbed Monica and hugged her against his chest. I could see how his cock tensed and curved beneath her. Monica was exhausted. Ricardo gave a long kiss in the mouth, he also seemed broken. It had only been two orgasms but it seemed that his life had gone away in them. Now that life was stored inside my girl. She stood naked, lying on her side on the carpet, in the light of a fire that was already dying.

-In the end, I think we’re going to go to sleep. It has been a great night, to see if we repeat it. Ricardo smiled at me. I wanted to get up and smash her face until I left her unrecognizable, but I still could not feel anything at all. He took Julia’s hand, helped her up and wiped it a little with a dishcloth before taking her into the room. She was also very dizzy, or asleep or go to know.

I was stupid, unable to move a hair. The room had been left in a strange gloom. The embers illuminated everything with a very strange aspect. I watched Monica’s tainted body, lying on the carpet and still sweaty. She slept innocent. But something in the window caught my attention, a movement between the curtains, on the outside, I looked and saw it. If the night had been hard, there were still a few uncomfortable minutes to make it worse. The terrifying face, the imperturbable face of the landlord, was there, among the curtains, he had seen everything. Naturally I became very nervous again, very nervous.

The knob of the door turned slowly and his face appeared, it looked like a wooden mask and I even imagined that it would have the same touch. He did not smile, and he looked all the time at Monica’s naked and prostrate body. He took off his cap and left it on the table by the entrance, next to the keys of the motorcycles, picked up the sleeves of his shirt. His forearms were thick and very hairy, matching everything else.

-He has fucked your friend very well, I like them a little more plump, but this will be worth it. Let’s see if your partner gives me a little of what you’ve taken, it’s great, you can not move and your filly becomes very docile-

God, I was about to burst, I could not so much anger, so angry, I wanted to get up and kill him. Suddenly I began to feel my hands, I could move the tips of my fingers, the effect of the drug was happening slowly. I felt my heart racing again in the chest.

Meanwhile, the miserable one bent down and contemplated how much the naked body of Monica wanted. She was lying on her side, facing the light from the embers of the fireplace, in a fetal position. Before him one of those women he had seen on television and who never, under any circumstances, would have paid less attention to him. To my derision the old bastard began to run his hand down his thigh, slowly, with total delight. That soft, white, delicious skin was, by far, the best that such a Neanderthal could imagine. This was not Ricardo, he wanted to charge the piece and enjoy it as soon as possible. Soon those fingers that pretended to caress began to greedily grab my partner’s lean flesh. He took her by the shoulder and turned her around. His eyes widened as he saw those magnificent breasts pointing to the ceiling. I looked at them with a face that would be very difficult to describe, then his eyes traveled the rest of the body, watching the sex, trimmed and still inflamed. Little did she care that she was sweating and that her breasts still shone with Ricardo’s saliva, in a heartbeat she put them in her mouth, sucked one of them until she disappeared and while, with the other hand, she squeezed with wicked avidity the other . She seemed to want to take away the taste, then she sucked his neck, her face, she moved slightly, but she was in the deepest of dreams. He kissed her in the mouth and even came to commit the audacity to put his tongue, something I never thought someone of his age could do. Now I saw the threads of this unfortunate drool cross the body of Monica and my fury had no limits.

I tried to recover my strength, to start moving and I imagined giving him blows until his face became a pile of shapeless flesh, I wanted to kill him like nobody ever wanted. I knew he was unworthy, he did not deserve to look at her and now he was enjoying her to his liking. But I already said that the guy was impatient. He did not take long to turn around and find his true objective. Monica’s ass seemed great, extraordinary, white, smooth, in its just measurements. The wretch opened his legs and with his index and heart fingers he explored the place. The dim light of the embers made the scene even more dreamlike. He placed himself in position, behind her, he grabbed his fly with the sharp shapes that characterized him and took out a rather rough instrument, as it could not be otherwise. Small but very fat and blackened. With a lot of hair and pointing menacingly at that unparalleled butt.

I had to reflect. The love of my life, completely naked, asleep, without a miserable necklace or a centimeter of cloth, given completely to another man, one of the saddest and most unpleasant specimens on the face of the earth. You had to draw strength from weakness, recover mobility. Hatred, deadly fury helped me. I started to be able to move my hands, my feet, even my head slightly. But the dance was about to begin.

The rustic put his device at the doors of that paradise. He opened his cheeks with his hands and seeing that he was not in situation, he spat. Yes, that did, spit on the skin of my beloved, of my treasure. Of what abominable pornographic film would have taken out such vileness? The guy guessed right, being able to lubricate the road and with a push he undertook it. Monica, who was sleeping despite the racking, suddenly woke up feeling a new pain. It was not a practice foreign to her, indeed, although we did not lavish ourselves, she used to like it. But that had nothing to do with it. That tool was not the usual one at all. The guy began to move rhythmically while she writhed in pain under her filthy weight. After a while he stopped fighting and prepared to receive the load. His whole body shuddered, moved with each thrust. The cheeks of the ass rose and separated. In a moment the miserable one even got to grab her hair and throw her head back. I could see the beads of sweat trickling down his back. Suddenly a spasm, the guy had reached the end of the road and it was really theatrical, spectacular, although nothing like the Ricardo festival. He became totally crazy, while he shuddered even to give a pair of very strong pats on the back and he was lying on top of her. Monica, who had fought as much as she could, fell asleep from the same fatigue. The drug was still circulating in his veins and it was the same for me. I could see how after a while the guy got up slowly, cleaned it with the bodice I had given it, watched it for the last time and disappeared behind the door.

We both stayed silent, she sleeping and I trying to escape from the sofa, too late. I slipped and ended up lying on the rug next to her. After putting my nerves to the test, I had no strength, so after a while I was completely asleep.

The sun came through the window and discovered us in bed. I woke up first with a jump. We wore pajamas, side by side. Everything seemed like a memory, very real, very morbid and undoubtedly unsettling, but I had already had some dream, and even similar nightmares. Monica woke up like that, like any other day. The members answered perfectly, the clothes were where they had to be and I felt strangely good.

-Well, we caught each other last night, incredible. I remember you on the couch laughing like crazy. I think I got to put on the corset and everything. I hope they are the same or worse, I do not remember well and my whole body hurts, I’m grinding-

“I do not care either, but the mushrooms have given me a number of incredible nightmares and hallucinations. Strange thing I find great-

-Well, my whole body hurts, we go to breakfast- We dressed, we went to the living room and there was nobody there. Yes, on the table a green and white cap, very dirty, with some children’s letters, I think of a fertilizer company and the face of a smiling fox.