by RichardLeslie

I met Emma in the small reference library of our work place. This is the story of her seduction (of me?), and our education.

My story was pretty boring before I met Emma. Racing through high school and college, I had started my own business at age twenty. No big sweat; it came easily as long as I worked hard and kept my nose to the grindstone. No time for the partying and socializing of my peers. Any down time I had, I ran. The intense exercise cleared my head and de-stressed me. Some people called it jogging, but I went full out, and not many runners passed me on these excursions.

One year into my new business, I was bought by a much bigger endeavour and thought that the transaction would be beneficial to both parties. I stayed on, heading up the division where my expertise lay.

My office was noisy, so I often headed to the small reference library downstairs. It wasn’t really a library; it was a quiet room with working desks, a large project table a couple of very nice computers linked to high speed access, and a collection of technical manuals I often referred to. I could spend hours in there, lost in my own little world of science and ‘what if I tried this’ possibilities. It was my place of refuge.

I noticed Emma in the library one mid June day. Mid height, and with shoulder length hair, she sat with a poise I’ve rarely seen. Her skin was pale, which accentuated her dark hair, and when she looked up, the depth of her eyes made me feel dizzy. I didn’t know her name then, but she had this quiet beauty that stuck in my mind, and I thought of her pretty much constantly over the next few days.

I couldn’t understand how this young woman, who had said nothing and had passed by me like a ship in the night, could stick in my brain so intensely. When I didn’t see her again for several days, I kicked myself for not having introduced myself to her. Not knowing her name precluded asking around, not that I ever would have entertained that thought. I wondered if she was just an itinerant student and she had appeared before me just to test me by the gods almighty.

I swore to myself that if another opportunity arose I would not pass it by. I was already 22 years old, and now comfortable enough in my career to start thinking of what I had pushed back for so long.

It was another two weeks before I saw her again. I wanted to jump up and ask her where she had been, but common sense and my own intrinsic shyness saved me from embarrassing myself.

I had been working on a project that could wait, so finally screwing up the courage, I stood and walked over to where she was reading.

“I’m Mark,” I said.

She looked up, then immediately down again. Her dark eyelashes fluttered and she started turning an absolutely gorgeous shade of pink. It made me think of a peach just as you caress it before taking your first bite.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I know who you are.” She looked up as she stood and extended her hand, and I took it to shake it. For what seemed at first glance as an extremely shy girl, she grip was firm and dry, telegraphing a confidence not apparent to the causal observer.

I smiled, not saying anything.

She looked down again, her colour changing again.

“I’m Emma.”

It was barely above a whisper and I strained to hear her. I wasn’t about to throw this opportunity away, so I asked her if I might sit.

She nodded, a smile just playing at the corner of her mouth.

“Please,” she said barely louder than her last words.

The details of what we talked about are not important. Suffice to say that as soon as she started talking about her project, she became animated and excited. I wasn’t my area, but I was certainly knowledgeable enough to understand the nitty-gritty of it.

When she finally looked at the time, she jumped up, excusing herself profusely, and headed for the door. As she disappeared down the hall, I couldn’t help but think it was going to be an interesting summer. I didn’t know anything more of her, except her name, but I had my ‘in’ now.

I didn’t see Emma for the next few days. I knew where her base was, so I made an excuse to myself and headed up to discuss details of a joint project with one of her supervisors. It was actually quite a fruitful meeting, and I left feeling that it was not just an excuse after all.

Emma was waiting to head into the office as I came out. I almost walked right into her but stopped short. She looked a bit flustered, and went to back away, but I interrupted her by greeting her by name.

“Hello, Emma. I’ve missed you in the library.”

This young woman had a beautiful range of colours she could turn, and she demonstrated it again. I smiled and waited for her to regain her composure.

“Yes, soon,” she managed. “My super has suggested I ask you about a few aspects of my project.”

I tried to keep my expression neutral, but I couldn’t believe my luck. A chance to work with this young creature.

“Can we meet tomorrow at a time of your convenience?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I’m flexible all day.”

I headed backflip my office, smiling inwardly. I could hardly believe this turn of events and I headed home later with an unfamiliar ache in my groin.

I had a very fitful nights sleep. It was filled with visions of Emma, and all the possibilities that only an over heated young man’s imagination could produce. This was new to me, and I was more than just a little confused by these feelings.

Morning finally came, and I was in my office early. I needed to get my desk cleared, to have time for Emma. I didn’t want to rush anything.

Emma appeared quite early, before some of my colleagues had even arrived. We headed to the library because as I had noted, it was quieter and more conducive to deep discussion. Besides her morning greeting, she had barely said anything, but as I walked behind her, I could smell her aroma and it was intoxicating.

I felt I was going to be challenged drawing her into any non-work conversation, and I was desperate to make it work.

We sat, Emma along the long side of the table and me at right angles to her on her left. I felt we could be close enough to examine papers together, but non-threatening at the same time. Emma opened a folder, blushed at me, stuttered twice then began.

Like a cold Diesel engine, as soon as she warmed to the task, she set a pace I could hardly match. I listened intently, scribbling a note on a scratch pad in front of me.

When she finished, we sat in silence. For the second time in two meetings I had been totally surprised by the Emma that lurked under the surface of this pretty, lithe young woman. I was quiet for another few long seconds.

“Fantastic,” I said. “I have a couple of comments and a couple of ideas I think you might like.”

“Super,” was all she said.

Another silence and then we both started talking together. A couple of nervous laughs, and three hours later we looked up to the clock and both gasped. How had the time flown by so fast?

Emma folded up her papers and put them in her satchel.

“Thank you,” she said, and looked at me intently.

“You’re welcome,” I replied.

She made to leave, but paused to turn to me again.

“Was there anything else?” she asked.

It was my turn to stammer. I could feel the heat in my face. I could only hope it wasn’t too obvious. She was watching me, and that almost smile played at the corner of her lips again.

“Actually,” I stammered, “there was something. I was wondering, I mean, I had something I wanted to talk to you about.”

She was starring at me, her large brown eyes, so deep and endless, silently asking me to go ahead.

“It has nothing to do with work,” I blurted out.

It was Emma’s turn to be more composed. She didn’t wait to ask what it was about, or what I meant. She raised her hand to me and just said, “Meet me in the coffee shop across the street after work.”

She then put her fingers to her lips, silently saying keep it a secret, and she turned and walked out, down the hall.

I sat there with my notes in front of me, scattered like my brain was at that moment. How did she turn me into a quaking bowl of jelly without even a word, and how in the world did she know where I was going before I even managed to spit it out! I needed to up my game, but realized I was in over my head in something I wanted for the first time in my life.

The afternoon dragged on. I had never had an afternoon last that long before. I even walked into a colleague’s office to check my clock. Finally I had had enough, and did my best to wash up and make myself presentable. No small ask if you are me.

The coffee shop was not busy, but not quiet either. I found a spot where I could sit with my back to the window, and be anonymous.

Emma was late. I wondered if she had had second thoughts about meeting me. After all, workplace trysts have been discouraged by the powers that be, and we were about to tread on thin ice.

Just as I was beginning to curse myself for being so naively hopeful, she walked in. I say walked, because she had had to have been walking. What I saw was an angel float in, hardy touching the ground. She was wearing something different from earlier in the day. It was yellow, and light, and barely seemed to hide her graceful curves. I swallowed hard, and told myself to keep my cool, just be me and it would be okay.

Emma sat down across from me. She smiled, gazed at me with those wide, dark eyes of hers.

“Hi,” was all she said. She wasn’t making it easy for me.

Moments passed. I shuffled in my seat.

Finally she continued “Before we go any further, we need to lay down some ground rules.”

“How do you know where we are going?” I replied. “I haven’t said anything yet!”

She smiled at me again that way. She said simply that she had been watching me watching her since that first day in the library. It was her idea to develop a joint project, and that I was an open book when it came to reading my mind.

I sat up, totally overwhelmed. Here I was thinking I was the hunter, all the while being the prey.

I cleared my throat to speak but she put her hand up.

“Yes,” was all she said.

I breathed out. What would it be like to date someone who knew what I was thinking before I did? This was going to be interesting!

I took another big breath, and suddenly we were both talking at once. And no, she couldn’t read my mind, she just had a very perceptive take on behaviour, and paid attention to people around her. She was one of these people who could read a face like it was a book. Her shy demeanour hid a very interesting and inquisitive mind. On the other hand, it became apparent that Emma was not worldly at all. She had followed the same path as I had, with pretty much the same results. She was just a couple of years behind me.

After talking and exploring our common pasts, Emma said she had to head off.

“We can’t be seen together,” she said. “I know people and how they behave. I can’t be seen with you or my co-workers will think I’m sucking up. They would make my life impossible.”

I nodded. Mine too I thought.

We said our goodbyes, but turning before she left she said, “Friday. Somewhere quiet. You decide.”

I headed home then. The ache from earlier in the week had intensified and localized. My balls had never hurt when I walked before, but I had a difficult time now. I was going to have to temporize or life was going to be very painful.

I headed for my shower immediately on arriving home. I had thought that I didn’t want to come across as a total loser when and if the big moment came, I should practice putting a condom on before hand. What better place than a nice warm shower, and I could relieve some of the pressure at the same time.

Warming up was easy. All I had to do was think of Emma, and sproinge, up I went with an ache and throb that was begging for release. I opened the little disc, and placed it over the head of my cock. I had read the instructions, and rolled it down the shaft. No problems so far. I started slowly stroking, thinking of Emma all the while. Within seconds, I had a burning sensation along my shaft, which grew rapidly to intolerable! I ripped the condom off, and look with dismay at my lobster-red cock. I turned into the shower and hurriedly rinsed myself off, using soap and a lot of TLC. Just my luck, and I had even bought the non-latex brand because they had promised that ‘you don’t even know it’s there’.

A lot of Benadryl cream, and a sleep of the dead, and the next morning I was relieved to examine myself and find everything thing appeared to have returned to normal. No one was ever going to believe this.

I should have known that Friday would take longer than usual to arrive. I tried to bury myself in my work, as was my usual pattern. It worked, but it was painfully slow. I also wracked my brain for an idea for us. Somewhere quiet.

Time does click by and a pretty regular rate. It’s only our perception of it that changes. But Friday did come and I was more than ready.

I left a message for Emma, under the guise of work on her project. Time, place, and I would bring a bottle of nice wine. All she had to do was to bring herself and her wonderfully acute sense of observation.

Emma was there pretty much on time.

It was a nice restaurant, out of the way, quiet, and certainly not pretentious. Perfect for a first date. I was surprised how relaxed we both were, given the surprises at work and the uncertainties of a true first date. We talked about me, of course, but soon enough, all about Emma.

I found her a fascinating, multifaceted young woman. She had done everything except fuck around. She could talk about science, about art, and more importantly, could listen to opinions that did not agree with her own. I thought that here was the woman I wanted to spend a lot of time with.

Dinner came, and we shared bits and pieces. One of the wonderful things about the bistros I my neighbourhood was that you couldn’t just eat your own dinner. You had to share, because each mouthful was so delectable. Watching Emma eat was also part of the enjoyment. Every bite seemed an experience not to be forgotten.

Eating dinner with a beautiful woman makes food and wine taste better, and mine was tasting like it never had before. Not even a starving man on a desert island could have had the same appreciation that I felt.

Dinner finished, much later that I had anticipated. We had talked about ourselves, work, and many other things. It was easier than I could have ever hoped for. We walked along the lake front and suddenly it was very late. We made our way back to my car, and I drove her home.

Emma lived in her own apartment, her parents were living in another city.

I walked her to the door. She didn’t ask me in, and gave me a chaste kiss goodbye. I was secretly relieved, because I still had the allergic episode in my mind. I had no idea of what we would do when the opportunity finally arose.

As I drove home, my mind was more settled, but my balls were not. This ache was becoming familiar, and I needed to do something about it. Alas, that something was a somebody, and we were going to move at her pace. I was going to have to be patient.

Another visit to the shower, but this time without and props, and I soon felt that I could be more patient.

Over the next two weeks, I met Emma several times. Each time as chaste as the first. I was a little frustrated, but we were clicking extremely well on all other fronts. The furthest I had reached as far as physical contact, was holding hands.

We walked and talked, and laughed and talked some more. Sometimes Emma would walk, and I would just admire her lithe form moving. She didn’t seem to walk like other people; she seemed to float, not really touching the ground. I had noticed this the first time I had seen her out of the work environment. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of it.

Her hair also had seemed to change. Still dark, it seemed to be alive, and she would toss her head slightly to move it on out of her eyes. It could see her sneaking peaks at me when she thought I wasn’t watching. Of course, I was doing the same.

One evening we were sitting by the lake watching pairs of ducks. The mallards with all their colours were spectacular. We laughed as the males patrolled and protected their mates. Emma moved closer to me, pushing her shoulder into my side. I put my hand on hers, and she reached over to take my hand with her other hand also, holding it firmly on her lap. She didn’t look at my, keeping her gaze on the ducks.

As we returned towards her place, we walked hand in hand. Emma walked close to me, and I could feel her breast gently colliding with my arm every few strides. I wondered if this was on purpose, or just because we were walking so closely, but when her hand tightened on mine every time this happened, I knew it wasn’t by chance.

Things finally seemed to move forward. On a subsequent evening we had been exploring near her flat, and as I walked her to her door, she turned and gave me a very warm kiss right on the lips. I returned the kiss eagerly, and she reached up to take my neck and pull it down to her.

“I’d really like to do this again soon,” she whispered, kissing me again, pushing against me fully. I could feel her breasts on my chest, and an arm pulling my waist.

“Tomorrow is Friday, so come over here after work. I can try to make something nice.”

Friday evening could not come soon enough. I kept thinking of Emma pressed against me, of her lips on mine.

I was in the library again, trying to concentrate on some esoteric part of a job, and Emma sat down across from me. I looked up and caught her eye. She gave me that almost smile, and looked away. There were other people around, and she was playing it close. Something though, made me feel better, having seen her and having her see me. I couldn’t describe it, but it was as if our hearts had talked in a conspiratorial way, without ever having said a word. We had our secret and it was safe.

At home, I showered and changed. If Emma was cooking, I was bringing flowers and wine. I arrived at her doorstep just on time.

I rang.

Was this the woman of my dreams?

Was I waiting for my life to change forever?

I waited with baited breath.

Opening the door, she took my hand, and wordlessly guided me in.

I looked at her, and she did her almost smile again. I knew now that this expression spoke worlds, and I could feel my cock throbbing with un-promised anticipation in its prison. She tipped her head up and gave me another warm kiss.

“Yesterday was really nice. I’m surprised that you took so long to kiss me,” she whispered. “I think that’s why I’m really getting to like you.”

I was more than a little surprised. I have been patiently waiting for her to give me a cue, while she had been testing me.

“I think we need to explore this possibility further,” she said in her most scientific and businesslike expression, then burst out laughing.

She was obviously as as interested and nervous as I had been about taking our relationship to the next level. I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time letting my hands play softly over her hips. We stood and kissed like this for a bit, neither of us knowing exactly what the next step should be.

“This way,” she motioned, and led me down the hall.

Emma had set her table romantically. There were candles on the table, and strategically placed around the room. Their flames cast a soft glow on everything, especially on Emma. She seemed to positively radiate and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

Emma was a novice cook, and that was being generous. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter, because her company more than made up for it, and the effort she had made was also above and beyond.

We finished our meal, and sat talking over the ends of the wine bottle. We were both novices in this department also, and were feeling very relaxed by the time that the bottle was dead.

Emma leaned across the table and touched her lips to mine. She stood and took my hand and led me down the hall.

She stopped out side an open door, tiptoeing up to kiss me again, and steered me towards the entrance.

I led Emma into her bedroom. She was holding two of my fingers with her hand, like I’d seen small girls to with their fathers in the park, but I was only too aware that Emma wasn’t a small girl. She was ripe, and needed very much to be picked without any bruising.

I turned to face her. Looking into those two bottomless wells of dark brown, I leaned into her and gave her the gentlest of kisses on the lips again. She responded eagerly, this time opening her mouth just slightly as we met a second time. She tasted better that those wonderful Niagara peaches I had been comparing her to, and there was something else.

When our lips had touched, I had this sensation that my body had been brought to life for the first time ever. I could feel every heartbeat and breath. The smells and colours in the room seemed to spring to life, shedding the dullness that they had previously owned. There was… I couldn’t describe it, an awareness of a longing in my groin, a new and exciting urge to explore and touch that I had never felt before.

As Emma responded eagerly, sucking on my upper lip and then kissing with open lips. Our tongues started a mutual exploration. Emma nipped my lip and as I opened my mouth to protest, her tongue darted into mine. The sensations of tongue on tongue, and the exploring was beyond this world. How had I missed this for so long?

She touched my lips with her finger.

“How did you learn to kiss?” She asked.

“I didn’t,” I replied. “I was hoping you could teach me and we could practice a bit together.”

She groaned and wanted to know how long I had been saving that corny line to use on some poor unsuspecting girl. I laughed, and replied that it was true. That she was the first girl I had ever really kissed. That I really hoped that she and I would be doing the exploring together.

Emma looked at me, quizzically, then said, “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I replied that, yes I was, as sad as that might be, but it was true. She was my first real date, ever. I only hoped that being truthful was a way in, and not a quick exit from this exciting young woman in front of me.

“Me too,” she whispered. “Maybe we can learn together. We can start tonight, maybe just neck a bit?”

Well, that was my answer.

I looked at her, melting under her gaze. “I’m yours,” I said. “I can be anything you want. I can do anything you like.”

We lay on her bed necking for some time. She tasted good, she smelled good, and she felt absolutely fantastic. I could feel my raging hard-on beneath me when I rolled over, just our upper bodies entwined. I could feel Emma ghost thrusting as I moved away from her lips and started kissing her ears and neck. She moaned, and pulled the edges of her blouse so I could kiss on down a little lower.

What was necking? Did Emma mean just the lips on lips and some tongue work? Or did she mean exposed skin as well? I thought that we should find out, so that is why I was exploring on past and into neck territory.

She moaned some more, and reached up to undo her top two buttons. I kissed down to the top of her collarbone.

“More, more,” she moaned, twisting so that access was easier for me.

Not normally one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I murmured back that I thought that she wanted to limit our intimacy to necking this evening. I understood that first times could be touchy if misunderstandings are not cleared up early.

We stopped and looked at each other. She reached up and cupped her hand around the back of my head, pulling me down to her again.

“It’s a poor scientist who ignores interesting new findings in the course of an experiment!” She whispered, giving me that almost smile again.

Well, ‘In for a penny in for a pound’ was my philosophy, and so the mutual exploration of lips on skin continued.

I bit one of her remaining buttons. It popped open and I bit the last one holding her blouse closed. I struggled with it a bit more and she reached up to help me. Suddenly I had a lot more to kiss and I started by her clavicles, heading south. Not being content with just my lips, she moved her hand over mine, and placed it on her breast. I gasped at the wonderful warm fullness of her breast, and Emma moaned audibly as I explored their shape through her bra.

Emma rolled over, pushing me as she went so she ended up on top. She flicked my buttons open and immediately started caressing my chest with her hand. She bent over and kissed me on the chest. How could kissing me on the chest feel so good? As she straddled me, her crotch rubbed my hard cock between all the layers. She paused, noticing it also. A wicked look came into her eyes as she slowly gyrated on me, watching for my reaction.

Emma pushed my shirt up and over my shoulders. I struggled to get it off completely.

“No fair,” she teased, and suddenly she was only wearing her bra on top. I kissed her neck and shoulders as she bent over onto my chest.

“I could help you with that,” I whispered in her ear, giving her bra a bite with my teeth. She gave me that almost smile again.

“Can I trust you to behave yourself?” And she blushed now, looking down. “Nobody has ever touched me their before.”

I answered by reaching back to unclasp her bra. It slipped down, held only by her free hand. I kissed her again on the shoulders, slowly heading down her front. She gasped as I reached the outside edge of her breast, slowly letting go of the bra, then sitting up straighter to give me easier access. I reached her areola and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it gently as I could feel it tightening.

Emma grabbed my head, pulling it into her fiercely. I pulled back.

“I need to breath.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she gasped. “I had no idea …” and she then pulled me back to her breast.

I pushed her back, so again my waist was on the bed, but my chest was on hers. We kissed, more desperately now, with the added sensations of so much skin in contact. I bent lower, to kiss her other breast, and I could feel her hips thrusting gently against the edge of my waist. I was going to have to push our envelope a bit further!

I pushed my hips up, placing one knee between her legs, all the while continuing my ministrations to her breasts. No objections, and I moved my other knee over. Emma open her legs to give me room, and I lowered myself onto her. I kissed my way back up to her lips. My cock, now completely tangled within, was pushing on her crotch again.

She stopped.

“Your belt is digging into me.”

“I’ll take yours off if you take mine,” I smiled, not sure if it had been my belt, and if I had gone a little too far.

She pushed me over, straddling me. Her fingers deftly unclasped my belt, and it was off before I could blink. She sat up, laughing and said, “Your turn.”

I reached up to do the same, but quickly realized that her belt was an intrinsic part of her pants. She looked at me, laughing again, when I pushed her back, upending her to be suddenly on top and between her legs again. She squealed, and before she had time to recover, I grasped her jeans by the edges, and they were down past her knees before she had time to react.

“Ohh, no fair, no fair,” she laughed. “You still have yours on.”

That was easily remedied, as we reversed positions once again and she slowly tugged my jeans off too.

My cock, which had been trapped in a maze of clothing, sprang up as it was released.

Emma looked at it, then at me. We were both on her bed, down to our underwear only. We had already passed our planned limits, but our bodies were vibrating with anticipation of what might yet come.

She put her hand gently on my member, through my underwear, and said, “I’ve never seen one before.”

“And I’ve never seen a naked woman.”

There was a long silence as she gently rubbed her fingers along it through my shorts.

“Would you like to see?” I asked her.

I’m about average, I think, from what I’ve read. Six and a half inches long, with maybe slightly greater than average girth. Emma sat up and crossed her legs in front of me. I could see a spreading wet patch on her plain white panties.

“If I touch you, does that mean you can touch me?” She asked.

“Only if you want me too.” I replied. I leant forward and gave her another long lingering kiss. We came up for air.

“Okay she murmured, and leaned into me, reaching with one hand to pull the elastic of my waistband forward. She looked down, and gasped, letting it snap back.

“Ouch,” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she blurted out. “Is too big. It will never fit.”

I held her tenderly, as we both sat, cross legged face-en-face. I took one of her legs, and placed it around my waist, and did the same to the other. I pulled her closer, so that now, my cock was rubbing her crotch through our undergarments. I kissed her more, murmuring in her ear. I could feel her relax as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled herself closer.

I kissed her face, and with my fee hand, rubbed her breasts. I rolled her nipple between my finger tips, and she moaned loudly. I cupped her breast and bent my head down to lick and suck on her, and she started thrusting against my rock hard cock. There was a far-away look in her eyes as her thrusting became harder.

I pulled her down, onto me, then I rolled over on top of her. It was my turn to dry bump against her, and I could tell she had lost all sense of self control. I too, wasn’t far from the edge. Just the incredible feeling of skin on skin had tipped me past prudent behaviour.

I stopped and raised myself to my knees.

“We need to talk,” I said, and she looked at me not understanding.


“Yes, before we go any further.”

I started to say that there was a condom issue, and she laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I got some.”

I explained what had happened the two weeks before. I was just a little embarrassed having to explain how it happened, but Emma was understanding, if not disappointed.

“I’m a virgin,” she whispered. “I saw how big you are and I don’t think we’ll get that far tonight. Anyway, my period is due tomorrow or the next day, so it’s probably safe now.”

I kissed her again. We both wanted to get back to the breathless feeling of before the interruption. I lay beside her, putting my weight on one elbow and running my kisses over her neck and down to her breasts. They were warm and full, and I felt the throb of my own lust with each kiss and moan.

With my free hand, I ran my fingers over her taut stomach. I inched my way down to her panty line. I stopped, retreating a bit before inching down under her panties to her tight little curls. I felt her dimple, and she reach up to push my hand down further, and I felt her wetness, and her lips. She opened her legs and moaned loudly.

I explored her nether regions for a while, sliding my finger up and down her lips. I could feel her hood, and her clitoris below it, but I didn’t linger on it.

Soon enough she breathed, “More, Mark, harder. Don’t tease me so!”

I hooked my fingers in her panties, and slowly edged them down, then off completely looking at her face the whole time. My first naked woman, and my whole body felt like it was going to explode.

I bent down and kissed her mound of tight dark curls. I kissed across the top of her triangle, and down the side. She relaxed and opened her legs more, and I kissed her lips. She was very wet, and her smells were intoxicating. I ran my tongue between her lips, up to her hood, then down to her nubbin.

She was moaning continuously now, thrusting against my tongue.

“More, more. Oh please don’t stop,” she continued.

Her clit was swollen and sensitive, and after about a dozen good kisses, she jammed my head into her muff, gave a strangled cry and shook uncontrollably. I let up with my kisses. I could still feel the contractions of her pussy on my tongue.

She was still breathing heavily when I flexed my knees and pulled my own shorts off. She reached up and pulled me to her. I lowered myself and my cock rested on her mound. We gently rocked back and forth, and I let my cock drop down along her lips. I felt my cock slide along her slit, easily entering her up to my crown. My god she was wet and slippery.

A look of alarm came over her face.

“No, it’s too big,” was all she said, and pushed me over.

She sat up beside me and looked at my cock, now standing proudly at attention. The tip was glistening, from pre-cum or Emma’s juices, or both.

“Too fast,” she whispered. “I’m not sure I’m ready yet.”

She took a big breath, and used her finger to slide it over my head spreading the slippery juices. She then circled my base with her hand, bending further to kiss and lick my head. She used her other hand to cup my balls, and she took me into her mouth. She gently stroked my shaft up and down, twisting with the stroking. I felt the tightness and pressure in me increasing, and it was all too much, and I exploded violently into her mouth.

Emma was cool. She gagged, she spit and she swallowed with the first gush, and her eyes grew huge as she watched jet after jet of ropey white cum blast out of me.

“Wow,” was all she could say.

My chest was covered with my emissions, and Emma bent down and kissed me, then licked some.

“Mmm, salty.”

She put her leg over me, then lay on me, sliding a bit with my juices. I held her, my now detumesced cock lying limp between us.

“I came pretty quickly,” I said, embarrassed at my lack of endurance.

“So did I,” she replied, “but that was still something out of this world.”

We lay there together, just holding each other. After a while, she stirred and lifted her head.

“Are we still virgins?” she asked, again with that smile playing on her lips.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t answer. We hadn’t had full penetration, but we had both had orgasms.

I looked at her and said, probably, but not for much longer! Emma gave me that look again.

“For how much not much longer?” she whispered. “Did you have a plan?”

I rolled on my side, kissing her gently and caressing her hips. I did have a plan, but we were already so off course that it was probably irrelevant.

“We have as long as you want,” I said to her. “From now until forever.”

“Okay. I want to do this again. I want to have proper sex with you. I don’t want to be afraid of you going in me.”

“Well, there is no hurry now.” I was flaccid in my post orgasmic state.

“It doesn’t look so scary now,” Emma said, reaching over to caress my cock. “Maybe we could try with it like this.”

I burst out laughing. I explained that it would never go in, soft like this. She shot back that it wasn’t going to fit in its expanded state. We both laughed.

Emma got up and brought back a warm cloth. She wiped herself then my chest. She then turned her attention lower. She took her time, and I felt myself coming back to life. She cooed, and watched in fascination.

“Does it always do this?” She asked.

“Only when I’m around you.” I replied, and pulled her onto me to kiss her again.

“Can you come again?” She looked at me again and I knew she was asking several questions all at once.

“Not likely for a while.”

She smirked and sat up on me, straddling me on my stomach. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on me.

“I’m safe now,” she whispered to me.

I was still only semi-erect but the thought of being inside her was like pouring gas on a fire! She leaned forward onto me and raised her back up and repositioned herself over my cock.

“How long till you are hard again?”

“Not long if you keep this up.” I moaned. And it wasn’t. Moments later she started sliding back and forth on me and I became very hard indeed. She reached down to hold me, and reposition me, rubbing my head between her lips.

“Ohh that feels nice.”

She moved me back a bit, lowering herself onto me. I went in crown deep, and there was resistance. She let herself put more pressure on me, but then drew back, off me completely.

“It’s too big, and it hurts too much,” she said. “It’s not going in.”

“We don’t have to do this now.” I said and caressed her breasts.

She was lying beside me, looking a little upset. I hugged her closely, my cock jammed into her thigh. I started kissing her breasts again, paying particular attention to her nipples. Approaching her areola with my tongue, I would move over her swollen nipple before circling it again. She used her hand on the back of my neck to encourage my exploration of her sensations.

My hand roamed down to play with her triangle, and I carefully began teasing her clit again. I let my fingers slide into her pussy, lubricating them well, before coming back to her clit again.

She moaned and started slow motion thrusts against my fingers. I nuzzled her breast some more, squeezing her nipples lightly. On I went, knowing I was drawing her closer. As she started panting, I manoeuvred myself over her, and lowered my now rock hard rod towards her pussy. My head slipped again between her lips.

“Are you sure about this?” I whispered. She nodded.

I pressed gently at first, thrusting back and forth in a slow, shallow manner, letting my head massage her clit now, sliding across her entrance repeatedly. I was just going crown deep, making sure of the trajectory of my cock would take me home. She opened her legs wider, putting her hands on my hips, trying to control my depth. I whispered to her to put her legs around mine, and her arms around my neck.

As she moved to do this, I thrust much deeper, sliding into her snug canal in one, two then three smooth strokes. There was no ‘pop’, or scream of pain. Emma just looked at me with surprise, and then a huge smile spread over her face.

“You were so gentle,” she cooed.

She wrapped herself around me, and started to move rhythmically, so that my cock moved in and out completely with each thrust. I buried my face in her shoulder, inhaling her smells and losing myself in her arms. Her breasts, pressed between us, accentuated our oneness. She started moaning louder, trying to pull my body completely into hers. She was panting again, and I could feel my balls slapping against her with each thrust. I felt her as her canal grabbed my cock and squeezed it rhythmically. I could feel my balls tightening as Emma continued to shake and climax.

I slipped out of her canal, expecting to shoot my load all over her mound and stomach, but somehow I stalled, right on the brink. I’m sure that if I had taken one more thrust, into that warm slippery passage, it would have been enough to complete my journey, but I stayed, poised above her, teetering on the edge.

“What’s wrong?” asked Emma and she tried to pull me back in before she realized what was happening.

“Nothing,” I replied. “I just though I shouldn’t cum inside of you. You know, not wearing a raincoat and all.”

She looked at me and kissed my face, holding me tightly. We rolled over and she stayed on her side, back to me.

“I want you to snuggle me.” She whispered.

I wrapped myself around her, my arm across her body to hold her breasts, and pushed my hips into her.

“You’re sticking into me,” she complained, and reached between her legs to move my cock up a more comfortable position between hers legs, and in front of her mound.

I nuzzled her neck, taking in her wonderful scent, and plastered myself tightly to her back. I was still extremely aroused and hard between her legs. Emma reached done and touched my head as it stuck out between her legs. She slowly pushed it back, and started moving her hips, to caused my cock to move back between her lips, and the wetness there encouraged her to slide her hips forward and back to massage my shaft.

I groaned and thrust gently to share the movement. A few times like this, and she pushed back more, lining me up with her entrance, and I slid in, base deep, into her wetness. Oh what bliss, and I new that I was close to Nirvana helplessly under her control.

A few gentle thrusts, and I couldn’t help the growing urgency I felt, and I rammed in harder and harder. I felt the tightening of my balls again, that unstoppable urge to let it go, no matter what, and as I tried half-heartedly to withdraw, Emma pushed back into me, and I had no where to go. I lost my load just as I was in her entrance and she pulled me back into her, our juices melding the consummation of our new relationship.

Lying together later, she said, “That was silly of me, wasn’t it. You tried to be good, and I didn’t help at all.”

She was quiet for a moment and I kept my arms wrapped around her, holding her close.

She continued, “I think we’ll be okay. If this is going to become a habit, we need to be safer the next times. We’ll figure it out.”