Meeeting with a gentleman to discuss work opportunities, Jennifer gets a little more than what she was expecting, she gets her fantasy fulfilled.
Jennifer was an okay looking woman. She was quite a bit insecure with her size (18 in jeans), but she knew there were men who liked their women a little bigger. She had amazing 40DD breasts, which drew attention even on a bad day. She was proud of them. Her breasts and her lips were her amazing assets. She could remember as far back as middle school boys would comment on the fact that she had amazing DSLs (dick sucking lips) and she had always been proud of that. They were puffed just a bit with that perfect shape to them.

Even while driving she wore tank tops often and would make sure it was pulled down enough so her milky white breasts popped out of the top, a perfect view for any trucker driving by. She loved any kind of attention she could get. Even a minute boost to her self-esteem would be wonderful. She knew she was submissive, it was in her nature. If only she could find a man who would ravage her, take complete control of her and give her all that she wanted. She fantasized often, watched pornography on her computer and longed for someone to do the things to her that she had seen. She would slowly close her eyes and think of someone doing those nasty things to her while she would get off. It was nothing like what she wanted. She wanted the real thing.

Jennifer had an amazing job, one which allowed her complete control of every aspect. She was self-employed and skilled at her profession. Her job required her to be in control, to speak up for herself and her clients. She assumed that was where her sexual submissive nature came from. She wanted a place she could lose control and let go, to allow someone else to control everything about her. She wanted to please. In return, she knew her pleasure would come. Jennifer dreamed of a day this would become a reality.
One day, Jennifer needed to head to a client’s office for a meeting. She dressed as usual, all black, cleavage showing, her bright blue eyes behind her glasses, her pouty lips framed in the color of her lipstick. She arrived and everything seemed to be going well throughout the meeting. The gentleman, Joe, was very good looking. He had amazing tattoos which could barely be seen through his white dress shirt. He too wore glasses, which she normally was not attracted to but that mixed with the hidden tattoos gave him an air of sexiness and mystery about him. He requested a break to head to the men’s room and she agreed she needed a break as well. She went into the restroom and looked in the mirror. “What is wrong with you today?” she thought. She normally was never attracted to potential clients. There was a line that did not need to be crossed. For some reason today was different. She had been wet all morning; her pussy was throbbing actually and needed some relief. It had been so long since she had been touched by a man and she really wanted someone to release the inner animal that seemed to be inside of her. She almost debated taking a few minutes to masturbate in the bathroom, but she feared she would take too long and the client would wonder what was going on. She decided against it and quickly washed her hands and headed back into the conference room.

The meeting continued on and Joe excused himself to grab a drink. He asked Jennifer if she would like one as well and she graciously accepted. He noticed something about her. When it came to talking about the work, she was a strong outgoing individual. When he had asked if she wanted a drink, her head was down and she did not look him in the eye as she responded “yes, please”.

Joe was a laid back guy at work. He had a dark side to him that no one knew. He was married and unfortunately for him his wife had no appreciation for it. Being that they had 3 beautiful children together he stayed with her despite this. Joe found himself often straying outside of the marriage to fulfill his strong sexual desires. When he noticed Jennifer’s demeanor, he knew he had struck gold. There was a fire in his eyes as he came back with her drink. As he placed it on the table he gently grazed her large breast as he sat It down. Jennifer responded exactly how he had wanted her to. Joe quickly offered an apology and Jennifer, as expected responded with her head down with an “Oh no, that’s ok, I’m sorry”. He knew he had her. She was exactly what he had been looking for and he was determined to make this meeting worthwhile.

He knew it was a risk, but probably one worth taking. Still standing behind her he put his mouth behind her ear, his lips touching her soft neck and whispered in her ear “They are beautiful by the way”. Between the touch of his lips and the sound of his voice she was ready to melt in her chair. She had been ready to fuck all morning, and this sent her flying over the edge. She put her head down and whispered a thank you. He took his hand in her hair and kissed her passionately. She quickly returned the kiss with their tongues almost dueling in their mouths. She was breathing heavier now, aware of the spark he had lit inside of her. She had no idea of his intentions, but would have taken anything he had to give her.

Joe suddenly changed, the strong passionate kiss ended abruptly when he yanked her head back by her hair. He licked down her neck as he spoke to her like no one ever had. “You are going to be delicious, I’m going to enjoy fucking every hole you have” came out of his mouth just like the videos she had watched. She almost had an orgasm right there. Her mind flashed random thoughts of what he might do to her. This was it, she thought. He quickly ripped open her blouse and grabbed at her large breasts. She moaned unable to contain herself. She did not want him to know all the dirty thoughts she had, or that she was enjoying this. AS he yanked down her bra and took one of her large pink nipples in his mouth she moaned loudly and grabbed his hair. Knowing he had to set his limits quickly he jerked up and started pulling off her stockings from under her skirt. He grabbed her wrists and tied her to the conference room chair, then used part of them to secure her legs open underneath. She was stunned! Was he really going to do this to her, would she finally get what she had long desired?

He forcefully opened her legs and dived in with his tongue. Her body tensed with all the pleasure he was giving her. He gently slid in a finger into her soaking wet pussy. “You really did want a good fuck didn’t you? You must be a naughty little slut, look how wet you are for me”. She gasped at the words he spoke but it just caused her to want it even more and to become even wetter than she had already been. He slid a second finger into her sopping wet cunt but realized she was still amazingly tight, even though she was wet. “You haven’t been used in a long time have you slut?”. She replied quietly with a “No sir, I have not”.

Joe unzipped his slacks and out came the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, it was also the biggest. He placed the tip of his cock near her lips and ordered her to lick it. She started without question, licking his shaft and then taking the tip of his cock into her mouth. He was thick as well and tasted absolutely wonderful. She had never experienced sucking a cock so large but she loved it. She made it about halfway down his cock when she felt his hand push her head down. She quickly gagged from the force of the cock in her throat. Joe laughed and told her to relax her throat and enjoy this. She tried as hard as she could and make it down a little more. He pushed her head again and she started to choke. This caused tears to well up in her eyes from the force it was putting on her. He spent the next several minutes letting her do it as much as she could, and then pushing her down for more. He started to hold both hands in her hair and face fuck her while she gasped for air, tears streaming down her face. He wanted to cum all over those pouty lips, but knew better. He had much more work to do with his new slut.

He started to realize her inexperience and knew he was going to have fun with this one. He left her in the room while he went to retrieve scissors. He returned and to her surprise he cut the nylons that bound her, she hadn’t noticed the duct tape in his other hand that he placed onto the floor. Joe told her to sit on the conference table. When she did he pushed her back into a laying position and forced her legs open again. He wanted to taste her some more. “Don’t you cum yet, you have a long way to go” he ordered. She did as instructed and moaned and moaned trying to hold in the orgasm boiling inside of her. She wanted to explode, never had she been devoured like this and she could hold it in no longer. She came all over him, her pussy squeezing his fingers and her sweet juices flowing onto his tongue. He stopped and she suddenly realized she had not done what had been ordered of her.

He quickly pulled her up into a standing position and bent her over the table and slapped her ass repeatedly. ‘I told you not to cum slut, didn’t I?” he asked in a harsh tone. “Yes sir” she replied quietly. He slapped her ass even harder, ‘I can’t hear you slut!”. “Yes, sir” she said a little louder. He quickly grabbed her arms and duct taped her wrists together, he then put her back on the table, her breasts rubbing against the top of it driving her wild. He came back down near her face and warned her that her punishment was coming. Before she could even respond she felt the head of his cock on the wet entrance to her pussy. Jennifer was so ready to be fucked; she had wanted this all day. He felt her tighten around the head of his hard cock and she felt like silk. She had no idea she was not getting exactly what she wanted. He leaned over and said “I know you’re going to enjoy this, all sluts do” and with that she felt his cock pull out of her and suddenly ram into her ass. Jennifer screamed, half in pain and half in pleasure, she didn’t know which one it was more of at the moment. “Please no, don’t…I’ve never…” she whimpered. This drove a fire in him he had never felt. “Really, you have never had your ass violated by a massive cock?” he asked. “No, Sir” she whimpered as he laughed and went so deep inside of her she felt his balls slap her pussy. She howled as he slowly worked himself in and out of her tight ass. Suddenly the pleasure started to overtake the pain and she was enjoying herself immensely. She thought of how long she had wanted someone to do this to her and a warmth crept over her body as her pleasure intensified. Before she knew it, she was rocking back onto him, letting him go as deep as he could. She felt an orgasm coming and knew better. “Oh fuck…yes…oh …yes I need to cum” she panted. “I knew you would like this, you little slut, cum NOW!”. She instantly started to cum and Joe could feel her every muscle grab his cock as if they were trying to pull the cum out of him right then. He stayed still a moment while she finished, enjoying her moans and cries throughout the whole orgasm. He then turned her over and started to pound her pussy, she was still spinning from the amazing orgasm she just had. Another one was quickly starting and she wanted to grab onto anything she could but her hands were still bound.

Joe’s hands had full grip of her hips and was driving into her like no one ever had. She loved every minute of the violating cock filling every bit of her pussy as it still was throbbing from the previous orgasm. He could feel her tense up around him and ordered her again to cum on his cock, she quickly did as she was told and moaned through another orgasm that made her entire body tense up and tremble. “Good slut” he said and then ordered her to drop to her knees.

She did as she was told and he started to cum all over her face and breasts, making it a point to aim for those luscious pouty lips. She knew what he wanted when he pressed the tip of his cum dripping cock to her lips. She eagerly licked and sucked every bit of cum off of him, tasting both of their juices in the process. He squeezed her nipples as she did and she whimpered. “now, I hope to see you next week, I believe we need to have another meeting”, and with that he left the office.

Jennifer gathered her clothing and managed to half get it on so she could make it to the bathroom and clean up. She felt amazing. She wished she could see him sooner than next week even. Jennifer knew, this was definitely going to be a client she wanted to keep…