We have been married for 15 years, she is not very attractive but she is good in bed, although sometimes it takes time to reach orgasms, before I arrive, leaving her unsatisfied because of her anxiety to get pregnant, I always worry about the subject and if I wonder if it would be the same to get into a ball with another, I proposed to make threesomes but he told me flatly, no, I would never sleep with another being married, frustrating my desires but this I proposed that one day that would change …

I forgot those shady desires and I spent some time, we wanted to have a child and we could not be desperate. I wanted to be a mother. I was the one with the problems and they were practically insanables, we could not afford an insemination in vitro, I could not afford it and it did not encourage me to tell you
I fell into a big state of Stress.
I went to work.

The hospital guard was the next day, weekend mid-month, …
boring, quiet, I was an assistant, a new nurse I did not know, tall, athletic, about 30 years old, attractive and his hands were strikingly large, learning that he had been the goalkeeper of a 2nd division team.

Time passed there were no patients and we started a conversation that revolved around sex his curious fantasy caught my attention, he wanted to fuck a woman without her seeing it, the man was very shy and was not motivated if his partners looked at him I took them all as a puppy.

I told him my fantasy and my wife’s complexes, I changed reality a little, I omitted the sterility, I thought to myself (I could fulfill two dreams!) And an idea came up.

We made a plan a list of materials to buy and a hotel address.

I asked Hannibal the nurse to do a study of venereal diseases because with my wife we ​​never used condoms.

He was healthy as an oak tree.

I arrived home and I proposed to my wife a romantic weekend away from home, a walk, dinner and sex. She was bored with the routine and said yes, delighted.

The day arrived impeccably perfumed, shaved and waxed 100% as you know I like me, with a pretty dress.

During dinner I put him in his Spanish Fly drink, an aphrodisiac told me in the sex shop that it was good, I needed to have it very hot to propose new ideas, 30 minutes later we went to the hotel, the drug began to act, in the corner From the hotel Hannibal was waiting with the camera to enter the room 20 minutes after us.

Being already inside, next to the bed between kisses and caresses I propose that to increase the other senses, I was going to cover the view with a black handkerchief and tie the hands to the back gently, I lied !.

She agreed not very convinced, tied her hands with knots impossible to release.

I covered his sight too, in that Aníbal enters silently, camera in hand, turns on all the lights, smiles closer, I slowly undress my wife, I leave her in a little white ensemble of almost infantile underwear, Aníbal swallows.

I take the camera from the nurse and let him take out the bombachita and bra, I see how he bites his lips and the boy’s hands tremble. He discovers his little pink pussy and big tits, a bulge grows in the boy’s pants. athlete.I return the camera.

Now it’s me, I massage her tits, I lick her slit, which smells good!

I put him 1,2,3 the whole fist was very wet, he beckons me to open the pussy that wants to film him, the image of those big red lips open wet, shaved and my wife’s orders to penetrate what they put 100, the boy gets naked, God!

– “! Let’s get me now! “- she begged.

His penis like his hands was huge, 20 cm., 4 wide, a cannon!

Just in case he puts on a biker’s balaclava to hide his face to the camera and helps contain his rapid breathing product of the kid’s excitement ..

He goes to the bed and he gives me the video camera, he takes my place, he checks my wife’s ties she unknowingly follows the game and lets her tie her hands to the bars of the head of the bed, puts two pillows under her belly, his ass is in pomp and his body leaning down resting his head on the mattress, he is looking for a few seconds entranced by the wicked image in front of my naked woman at his mercy, immediately opens with his big hands, sucks the shell, that does not cool penetrates her with his tongue, nibbles her clitoris, she asks me for penetration and he roughly opens her legs to the maximum, his cock needs it that is exaggeratedly wide and needs her well sprawled, taking moans and insults to she responds by whipping his buttocks.

– “There’s a brute!” – he yells.

– “Desátame, that this way I do not like it that way, I want to go home!” -, she struggles and she starts to move struggling with the ligatures and wanting to get out of bed, I release the camcorder and hold her hips always taking care of not to support more than two hands at a time in his body, I separate his buttocks, Aníbal points his glans at the pussy of her that moves pushes in slowly his limb disappears inside her she moans.

– “Ahh, degenerate, perverse!” -.

He enters to move with great and rhythmic blows of hip, she calms down and stays more still, the loose, I grab the camera I take spectacular close-ups, spend a few minutes and ahhh! She begins to enjoy intercourse and reaches her first orgasm then the second.

– “! Ahhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that riiiicoooooooo, acaaaaaabooooooo!” – she yells.

– “Parà that my legs hurt” – she moans and this excites him more than he increases the pace, it is a deep penetration and his penis sticks in her uterus.

– “It’s enough that it hurts !! No! Do not! Do not! and ahhhhhhhhh !! “- shouts when the third arrives, the cries of my wife become begging, I had never seen my wife get to three orgasms running, sweating, he ignoring their pleas and without taking out his cock of the pussy of her takes a dildo smeared in cream and chup with a dry blow he introduces it in her ass that screams.

– “Huyy !! Nooo! take that out, not there “- and enter to move the ass as if to get rid of that great object, these movements massage the penis and suddenly …

– “! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” -, the longest orgasm I’ve heard accompanied by contortions, convulsions and contractions, announces the arrival of a 4th intense, orgasm accompanied by a great cascade of semen that fills her uterus invades her ovaries, fills her vagina and stains her white lips dripping down her thighs, staining the sperm sheets, he drowns her scream by clamping his hands on her buttocks, biting her back, as if that dust had been insufficient.

Those screams were heard without doubt outside the hotel room, a scandalous orgasm that excites him, his cock becomes tense, grows, continues as an animal that seeks to ensure the species and that his female is pregnant, between cries she begs

– “Stop!” – whines her, dripping sweat and cum.

– “! Please if you want I give you a blowjob and you cum in my mouth! “- she pleads, he ignores her now he takes her tits under the body pinches her nipples breathes in the nape of her neck and continues to thrust and with each stroke displaces and splashes semen from the previous run, until inseminated again, spectacular!

He withdraws his cock already flabby and dripping, get off the bed I still filming my wife gasps, moans and sweats seas, smells like a man, drips milk, his shell is scarlet and white, on his buttocks are the marked fingers of Hannibal and In his ass he has got the plug, excited but not disgusted I climb to the bed I take out the plug and try to put my cock she screams

– “No more porfa!” – threatens the divorce, I doubt but Hannibal releases the camera takes the buttocks holding them and separating leaving the dilated and lubricated, hole in his ass in sight with a look tells me not to do case and that the encule in fact.

She moves bites the mattress and cries but not too much she does not want the hotel manager to scream between the screams in such a shameful situation.

In 2 minutes I cum, filling his insides.

Hannibal is silent, turn off the lights then I untie her between fatigue and gasps, dirty, sweaty, exhausted, dripping semen everywhere, inseminated by a stranger without knowing it, curls up and falls asleep.

The next day the hotel still wakes up and told me between insults

– “Animal, brute, you hurt me” -.
– “But it was a sensational night, what did you take to perform so much?” – she adds.

I do not answer Rio and we go away with a crazy hunger to have breakfast.

Before leaving, a smiling administrator asks us with clear double intention.

– “Did you have a good time?” – with a sly laugh, no doubt saw Anibal leave the room.

I imagined the guy peeping through the peephole in the door.

My wife blushes at the touch.

A week later they leave me the SD card of the video camera in my dressing room at the Hospital.

At home one morning after a month and a half, she was happy that she was pregnant, I can not hide the truth for longer, I tell her about my sterility, she does not understand anything and I show her the tape, she gets into a rage.

“-! But … Who is it? What did he do to me? And you … Did you let me rape? “- But upon hearing her moans, screaming orgasms and seeing those cocks entering her, she got hot, jumping over me, making me take her by putting my cock in her re-wet shell and in her fertilized belly.

Caressing his belly that was already starting to swell, thinking about his next son, I asked myself more details about Hannibal, that I did not give them all, it was enough that he was handsome and healthy, I asked him if he liked it as a stranger enjoyed it and he said:

– “Next time to have the baby, the donor is looking for me” -.

With Anibal we have not met again and of course he will never know that my son is his.