by tomlitilia

This story spans a few different categories. The domination theme is rather mild, but I still think it best belongs in this category. A big thanks to Ginger_Scent for her very valuable editing comments.


You work with what you got. That’s what Sara had concluded, and the fact that her breasts were on the tiny side didn’t bother her anymore. Why should it? They were cute, and whatever she might be lacking on that end, nature had more than well compensated her with the most perfectly round ass. As she developed her figure, she had been embarrassed about her tush, thinking that it looked oversized and weird against her otherwise slim frame. But the embarrassment faded into acceptance, and then turned into pride. Now at 22, she knew her ass was sexy, and she increasingly enjoyed the thrills of wearing tight fitted skirts or pants to accentuate its round shape.

Marie and Sara met through the local gym. Even though Marie was eight years older, they became good friends. Neither of them had any siblings, so they had developed a big/little sister dynamic neither knew they had been missing. They sometimes joked about how they had adopted each other. No one would however take them for sisters by their appearances. Marie had long, dark curls that matched her deep brown eyes well whereas the blue eyed Sara kept her straight blonde hair comparably short. Marie was curvy and nearly a head taller than her petite little friend. Petite besides her perky bum that is. Not that Marie had any problems with her own ass, but when she wanted to look sexy, she would primarily emphasize her large breast.

The age gap between the two women wasn’t huge, but it became more significant between Sara and Marie’s boyfriend, the 39-year-old Michael. It would have been pushing it to say that Sara and Michael were friends per se, but they enjoyed each other’s company when they met. Michael had been a bit skeptical about socializing with someone so much younger than himself, but he soon realized that he found it rewarding. It wasn’t because Sara was mature for her age – that’s rarely the case with anyone as far as he was concerned. Rather, she seemed to be comfortably and confidently acting her own age, and that made her interesting to spend time with.

“Wow, that’s so old!” Sara’s blurted out to his face when she learned Michael was close to 40.

Sure, he looked older than the guys her own age, but she had guessed he was younger than that, assuming he was about the same age as Marie. Perhaps it was hard to tell with his beard, even though he kept it quite short. Sara didn’t have a thing for older guys in general, and she probably wouldn’t have looked twice at him if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was Marie’s boyfriend. She thought Marie was awesome, and had been curious to see what kind of guy he was to attract her surrogate big sister. Observing him in that light, she had to admit she found him attractive. He was smart and far more sophisticated than she was used to, not to mention physically appealing with those broad shoulders and his cute smile. He was manly, but far from macho.

She knew he was just old in comparison to herself, but still started making a point out of teasing him for it, sneaking in a comment whenever she found a way to do so.

“Hey, watch your back old man.”

“Don’t eat that, it’s not good for your cholesterol.”

“Shall I get you your walker?”

He took the first few comments on the chin, but soon started retaliating, making the point that she was young and inexperienced.

“So, Sara, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Is that your tricycle parked outside?”

It was all in good fun. Or was it too much fun? Marie had picked up on a flirtatious tone within their back and forth teasing. She felt she should be bothered by it, but strangely found that she didn’t mind. Perhaps it was because she trusted them both, and she also thought that as long as they acted like that in front of her, they weren’t doing anything behind her back. In the back of her head, she even had a sense of pride that Sara obviously found her boyfriend attractive. And why wouldn’t she? He was a sexy man in his own ruggedly handsome way. Height probably wasn’t an issue for her short blonde friend, but Marie was glad that he was at least slightly taller than herself. Her height had been an issue when she was young and she still liked the idea of being shorter than her man.

Then again, with a pair of high heels they were at eye level. That had its perks when she wanted to live out her desire for being the dominant part in their sexual interactions, a thrill she had discovered lately.

As much as he tried to be discreet about it, Marie also noticed the glances Michael was giving Sara, especially those directed to her beautiful bum. For reasons she didn’t quite understand herself, she didn’t mind. But a man had to be blind not to look at that, and even most women couldn’t help themselves. Marie was no exception. It was actually the first thing she noticed when she initially saw Sara at the gym. It had been impossible not to stare at that ass, moving tauntingly on the treadmill. Even after they got to know each other and went there together, Marie sometimes half subconsciously picked a machine behind her friend. No one could deny that Sara’s ass was a thing of beauty, and the way it moved in those revealing tights was nothing short of mesmerizing.

The age difference between Sara and her befriended couple became obvious when comparing their living arrangement. Marie and Michael owned a house, whereas Sara had very little stability in terms of housing. As a university student, she was constantly switching from one affordable short term accommodation to the next. Sometimes there would be a gap between moving out of one place and in to the next, and Michael and Marie always let her stay in their guest room when this happened. It allowed Sara to quickly become close to the couple.

Michael hadn’t been particularly keen on having a long term house guest the first time Marie proposed it. Yet, he didn’t like to argue against his girlfriend, especially when he knew she was doing the right thing. His always-so-caring girlfriend had to look out for her adopted little sister. He soon realized that he actually enjoyed having Sara around. Her bubbly and cocky attitude brought some energy into the household. And he’d be fooling himself if he didn’t admit that having another attractive young lady around the house also had its perks. As she got comfortable around the house, she occasionally even started walking around in just her underwear, making it impossible not to stare at her beautiful ass. It had inspired many dirty fantasies. He tried not to be obvious with his glances, but he was sure Marie noticed sometimes.

As much as Sara liked the attention, she had originally thought that showing off her goods in just her panties might be overstepping some boundary. She had no intention of violating Marie’s trust. Yet, Sara felt that her friend was actually sanctioning it. The first time Michael had seen her in her panties, it had been unintentional. Michael was out one evening and Marie and Sara were at home, casually watching some TV before going to bed. As it was just the girls, Sara followed Marie’s lead and just wore a singlet and panties. When Michael got home earlier than predicted and joined them in the couch, Sara didn’t think about what she was wearing. But as she got up to get a drink, she realized that she might be inappropriately dressed.

“I should probably put something on,” she said.

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Marie responded and continued with a playful tone. “I’m sure Michael doesn’t mind.”

Caught on the spot, Michael had no response but a nervous laugh. Sara looked at Marie, then at Michael. She smirked and shrugged her shoulders, pretending that she didn’t care one way or the other.

“OK, just don’t get a heart attack, old man,” she teased. Michael didn’t retaliate this time.

Later that night when Marie and Michael were lying in bed, she explicitly told him that she was well aware that she knew he often checked out Sara, and particularly her ass. She teased him, but let him know she was OK with it. Given that it had been her idea to let the young girl stay with them, she thought her boyfriend shouldn’t have to feel bad when he couldn’t help letting his eyes wander from time to time. She kept to herself the fact that watching Sara walk around in her panties was a treat for her too.

“Yeah, it’s a bit hard not to look sometimes,” Michael admitted, knowing better than to pretend he wasn’t guilty. “But I’m sure you know I have the same problem with you,” he continued and let his eyes drop to his girlfriend’s breasts, still hidden in a tight singlet.

Marie sat up and looked down on her chest, watching her sizable nipples poking out as if begging to be released. She removed the top and exposed her breasts to her boyfriend, letting them move in front of his face as she straddled him.

“You naughty man,” she teased him. “I think you need to be punished.”

She leaned forward over Michael’s naked torso, aligning her dangling breasts with his face. She rocked her body sideways, slapping his face with her swaying tits. The smacking sound mixed with her boyfriend’s panting, and she knew just how turned on he was by her domineering behavior.

“Suck them,” she commanded as she grabbed one of her tits and shoved it in his face. The two of them moaned in unison as he took the nipple in his mouth. Worshiping his girlfriend’s tits was among the things he enjoyed the most. He loved sucking her nipples, letting his tongue swirl around their exciting texture. Grunting, he kissed, licked and sucked his girlfriend’s breast for several minutes before she moved them away from his face.

She stood up and removed her panties. A powerful sensation ran through her body as she stood above him, watching him stare up at her now naked pussy. She always trimmed her pubes a bit, but kept a significant amount of black hair down there. She liked how it would tickle his face in the same way his beard tickled her wet lips. They exchanged a wicked smile, both knowing exactly what she was about to do. She lowered herself onto his face.

“Lick me,” she panted as she settled her pussy on his mouth.

He eagerly obeyed, letting his tongue caress her slit. The wet sound of his licking filled the room as he explored her folds. He slipped into a mindset where his whole being was dedicated to giving his girlfriend all the pleasure she deserved, and the excitement he felt as she slid back and forth over his face was driving him wild.

Marie loved riding her boyfriend’s face, and they had perfected the act over the years. He immediately knew what she wanted him to do as she switched between different dominating activities. Sometimes she pressed her clit against his mouth to let him flick his tongue over it. She also used his tongue for penetration, making him get as deep inside her as he could.

That night she was in the mood for that extra level of naughty pleasure. She started moving her pussy back and forth over his face, each time moving slightly further up than the thrust before. She could see his eyes widening as he realized what she was doing. Obediently, he extended his tongue, letting her decide where she wanted it. She teased herself with it, not quite letting it reach the spot that now craved stimulation. As she finally slid up high enough to let Michael’s tongue make contact with her puckered asshole, she let out a loud moan. She smirked wickedly down at her boyfriend underneath her as she felt him running his tongue around her sensitive opening.

He used his hands to steady her on his face, and she used her left hand to hold him in place by grabbing on to his hair. The pleasure he was giving her ass was driving her crazy, but her pussy was screaming for attention too. She slid her right hand down and caressed her lower lips. Her middle finger found her clit, and she started circling it. It felt so good, and she knew it would excite Michael to watch her touching herself just over his face. She could tell she was right by the way he grunted. She was on a sexual high, and between the sensation of her boyfriend lapping away at her ass and her own fingers circling her clit, she could have made herself come in no time.

But she wanted more. She slid away from his face, and moved down and unceremoniously tugged away his underwear. His rock hard cock was ready for her pleasure. In her aroused state, she had troubles deciding on where she wanted it, her every orifice screaming for penetration. She decided it was her pussy that craved it the most. She straddled him and guided his cock inside her, her pussy so ready that he slid straight up inside her in one seamless motion.

With her otherwise so calm and caring personality, it was thrilling for Michael to see her overpowered by this sexual beast inside her. As she rode him aggressively, he could tell she was consumed with carnal delight. Reaching for even higher levels of pleasure, she started rubbing her sensitive asshole. Her guttural sounds filled the room as she teased her other opening. She removed her fingers briefly to coat them with generous amounts of saliva. She then returned them to her ass and pushed inside herself – first one finger and then another. Michael could feel her fingers rhythmically rubbing against his cock inside her as she fucked her own ass. Lost in her pleasure, Marie placed her free hand on Michael’s face, pressing him down into the pillow beneath his head as she steadied herself. She was forcefully insatiable, and he loved it.

To arouse her further, Michael started licking her hand and fingers as she pressed against his face. He used one of his hands to rub her tits, flicking his thumb over her stiff nipples. He presented the other hand to her mouth, and she greedily started sucking on his fingers. With all this stimulation, it was soon impossible for either of them hold back. As Marie started shaking with ecstasy, Michael felt his own orgasm overtake his body. They climaxed together, screaming out in fervor.

They had been very loud. Michael had actually forgotten about their house guests, and in the heat of the moment, he hadn’t thought that she clearly would have heard them.

Marie had though. The thought that Sara must have heard them fucking had just added to the sensation, and in the afterglow of her orgasm, she still felt excited by this.

The morning after, Sara greeted them with a pleased grin.

“Did you have fun last night, Michael?” she asked. “You know, at your age, you should really take it more easy.” Like she often would, she laughed at her own comment.

Michael first looked a bit sheepish, embarrassed that they forgot to be quiet with a guest in the house. Looking at his girlfriend, she however looked more amused than ashamed. He decided to retaliate.

“Well Sara, one day you’ll be old enough to have some adult fun too.”

Sara only stuck her tongue out at him as a reply, and Michael felt pleased with himself. That was what she usually did when she couldn’t think of a good comeback.

With Marie’s approval, Sara more often than not found an excuse not to wear pants around their house. She undeniably had an exhibitionistic streak, and it felt good to live it out in a safe environment. Marie’s blessing allowed her to wholeheartedly enjoy the thrill, and when she had to wear something more than panties, she often picked even more revealing outfits than she had before. She knew it was a way of teasing Michael, and she figured that it kind of gave her an upper hand in their bickering.

Her new level of exhibitionism wasn’t lost on Michael, and he didn’t complain. Even though he’d never allow himself to do anything but look, that was thrilling enough. The energy that Sara brought into the house now seemed to be sexual as well, and he noticed that Marie and him had particularly wild sex when they had Sara as a house guest.

Marie and Michael never allowed Sara to pay them anything when she stayed at their house. She had offered, but they knew she was on a tight budget and turned down her offer. They never said so of course, but both thought that having her and her beautiful round ass around the house was rewarding enough. Sara really appreciated their hospitality and as her latest stay was coming to an end, she had decided to treat them to a nice home cooked dinner as a token of her gratitude. When they got home from work the Friday night before she moved out, she was busy in the kitchen. Michael did a double take as he saw the girl in her apron, wearing only a singlet and panties underneath it. Her round ass poked out so sexily, covered only by a pair of black lace panties.

“I hope you don’t mind, it was just so hot in the kitchen,” she said, trying to hide a pleased grin. “Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”

“Great, we better hurry up and get ready then,” Marie said and grabbed Michael by the hand. “We can shower at the same time.”

“Ha!” Sara exclaimed. “That usually doesn’t make it any quicker.”

Marie just smirked and led Michael inside the bathroom.

“Come on, no time to waste,” she said as she started to undress, quickly shedding her pants and sweater.

Michael had seen his girlfriend naked thousands of times, but her body still had a deep impact on him. Watching her strip down left him temporarily paralyzed. The sight of her feminine yet strong legs brought back so many sweet memories of her soft thighs around his face. Her tits wiggled seductively as she removed the bra, and all he could think about was how much he wanted to bow down and adore them, letting his tongue explore her nipples. As she tugged down her panties, he desired to do the same thing to her sweet pussy.

Marie found it cute that her boyfriend seemed to be frozen in his spot, unable to tear his eyes away from her. She playfully tossed her panties in his face.

“If you want to continue your voyeurism, me and my lady-bits will be in the shower.”

Snapping out of his trance, Michael quickly shed his clothes and joined her in the shower. He kissed her on the mouth and unable to stop himself, he ran his hands over her naked body. He could feel his erection growing as he kissed her neck and then proceeded to let his lips make their way down towards her tits.

“Uh-uh,” Marie said and pulled his head away just as he was getting close to her nipples. “No sweets before dinner.”

Michael let out a disappointed groan.

“Later my love,” she said, feeling frustrated herself. She would have gladly fucked him right there in the shower, but it wouldn’t be right to leave Sara waiting out there after being so nice and cooking for them. Putting Michael’s desire on hold also made her feel she had a sexual power over him. That thought made her even hotter.

“Turn around,” she ordered and lathered up her hands with soap.

As Michael did as he was told, she ran her hands over his back and shoulders. The soap allowed her to roam freely without friction and she loved how his well-defined muscles felt against her palms. She pressed hard against him, and he steadied himself by placing his hands on the wall in front of him. She advanced down to his ass, squeezing it with both her hands. She heard him gasp as her hands nonchalantly advanced between his cheeks.

“Nice,” she said and playfully slapped his cheeks, giggling as he flinched.

Knowing they had little time, she continued downwards over his thighs. Kneeling behind him, she ran her hands up and down his strong legs, lathering him up. She could hear his breath getting heavy every time her hands wandered near his crotch.

“Lift,” she commanded and he chuckled as he raised one leg to let her soap up his foot. “And the other one.”

She stood up and ordered him to turn around. She smirked as she saw his erection pointing at her.

“And hello to you,” she said and laughed.

She was acting humorous, but her eyes were giving away her hunger. She leaned in and kissed him, and they both moaned softly as their bodies pressed together. Reluctantly, she backed away and proceeded to soap up his chest and stomach. She loved how his muscles felt against her palms, cherishing the feeling of having this strong man under her control. Unable to stop herself, she eventually found their way to his hard cock. The contours of his erection felt so good in her hands. She craved it, but it would have to wait.

“OK, I think you’re clean now,” she said, and grabbed the shower head to start rinsing him off.

“Oh, you’re just evil, woman!” Michael complained, his voice giving away his disappointment.

She gave him a devilish smile, but in honesty she wasn’t sure who she was depriving the most.

“Now go get dressed and help Sara in the kitchen,” she said and gently maneuvered him out of the shower. “And put on something nice.”

Michael dried off and made his way to the bedroom. He was glad it was attached to the bathroom, because it would take a long time for his erection to go down. Following Marie’s instructions, he picked out a nice pair of pants and a white shirt. They sometimes liked to dress up for each other even when it was just the two of them. The extra effort always put them in a nice mood, which led to steamy sex. Adhering to this notion, he picked out a tie.

“Looking sharp, Michael,” Sara said as he joined her in the kitchen. “Well, for an old guy that is.”

Michael chuckled.

“I was going to offer you some wine, but I just remembered that you’re too young, right?”

“Yeah, yeah… Whatever!” Sara said and poked her tongue at him. She’d only been legal to drink for about a year, so the remark was actually not that far off.

Michael opened the wine bottle, pleased that his comment had hit the spot. They left their bickering for now and sipped their wine as they waited for Marie. Their small talk silenced as they heard her coming, announced by the distinctive sound of high heels against the floor.

“Wow, damn girl!” Sara exclaimed as Marie made her appearance. Marie looked absolutely stunning, dressed in a black, tight dress. It stopped a few inches above her knees, enough to show off her stocking covered legs. The black high heels made them look even longer. The most striking thing was however the generous cleavage. Sara found herself staring, unable to divert her eyes.

Marie was pleased with the effect her outfit had. She had deliberately picked out her most revealing dress, knowing that Michael would appreciate the sight. She would not deny that she had also been spurred by the thought that if their house guest was going to show off her assets, she might as well do the same with hers. Both Michael and Sara were staring at her chest with a dumbfounded expression, and Marie enjoyed the attention. Maybe she wasn’t the only one who found pleasure in checking out her female friends.

“You better be careful – you’re going to hurt someone with those,” Sara said as she broke her trance and pointed at Marie’s breasts. “I suddenly feel very under dressed.”

She had become so used to walking around in her panties that she had forgotten about what she was wearing. With Marie and Michael suddenly all dressed up, she now felt inappropriate.

“I don’t think I even have anything that could match what you’re wearing,” she said. “And we aren’t exactly the same size,” she continued, again pointing at Marie’s chest.

“Don’t worry about it,” Marie assured her. “Just wear whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Sara contemplated her options briefly, but the choice was obvious.

“Well, I guess I’m already dressed then,” she said with a pleased grin and then grabbed a pan from the stove. “Have a seat, dinner is ready.”

The food tasted nice, and the wine flowed heavily as they dined. With that, the teasing between Michael and Sara began again. As always, Sara started it.

“So Michael, tell me what you remember from World War two.”

“Maybe you can read about it when you start elementary school and learn to read,” he replied.

“But you can’t read, right?” Sara came back. “I mean, writing wasn’t invented until like 6000 years ago, when you were already too old.”

Marie rolled her eyes. Here we go again… Michael and Sara kept at it throughout the whole dinner.

“Oh, I forget, are you really old enough drink?” Michael said as he stopped himself from refilling Sara’s wine glass. “Maybe we have some milk or something for you.”

“Nice try old man, I’ll fucking drink you under the table any day!”

“Wow, such a foul mouth on such a young little girl. Someone should put you over the knee and give you a spanking.”

For most part, Marie was filtering out their bickering, but this jibe caught her full attention. She looked at Michael with raised eyebrows.

“Is that so?” she said, the tone of her voice more accusing than she actually felt.

Michael tried to smooth over his comment, knowing he had stepped out of line. “Sorry, sorry… I didn’t mean…”

Sara giggled furiously at his embarrassment. “You dirty old man!”

It put an end to their bickering, at least for the moment.

By the end of the dinner, they were all in a good mood again. Sara suggested that they should all go out partying.

“Come on guys, it would be fun,” she said and got up to clear the table. “You guys are already dressed for it.”

Michael stretched his back. “Nah, I think I’ll skip it. It’s been a long week.”

“Oh, you really are old and boring,” Sara said in an irritated tone.

“Yeah, yeah, maybe you’re right,” Michael replied, not wanting to push things again. “But you two should go out. I don’t mind,” he lied, hoping his girlfriend wouldn’t leave.

“What do you say Marie?” Sara asked. “Want to leave this old fart at home and go to a club or something?”

“I don’t think so,” Marie said and leaned back in her chair to relax. “It’s been a long week for me too.”

Sara sighed, increasingly annoyed with her older friends. “Ah, fuck it. You’re old and boring too.”

“Are you having a go at me too, now?” Marie asked, faking an angry tone.

“Yeah, you’ve spent too much time with this fossil, and now you’ve caught the old-and-boring virus.”

Marie smirked. “Listen to you. I’m starting to think Michael was right.”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked.

“That maybe it’s time someone did put you over the knee and spanked you, you little brat.”

The tone in Marie’s voice grew more stern as she spoke. She exchanged a few knowing glances with her boyfriend.

“Let’s get her!” she yelled and jumped up from her seat, with Michael following her lead.

“You have to catch me first, you old fucks!” Sara said and ran away laughing with the couple behind her.

Her ass looked absolutely mesmerizing as she ran in front of them. She didn’t have much of a plan to actually get away, and they caught up with her just as she made her way inside their bedroom. She put up a token fight, knowing very well that she didn’t stand a chance to either of them, much less them both. The three of them giggled and laughed as the couple wrestled her down over Michael’s lap with him sitting on the edge of the bed. She tried to cover her ass with her hands, but Marie grabbed them and held them out of the way.

“You bastards!” Sara laughed. “You old dirty bastards!”

Without giving it a second thought, Michael started spanking her ass. With his girlfriend pinning down Sara’s hands on the bed, he had unobstructed access to the young girl’s ass in his lap. He switched between the cheeks as he let his hand rain down on her ass. He didn’t do it hard, just enough so it would sting a little. Her panty covered ass wriggled ever so sensuously as she halfheartedly tried to get away.

Michael stopped after about ten quick swats on each cheek. No one seemed to know what to do now. Towards the end, Sara seemed to have accepted her ordeal and had stopped resisting. Now that he had stopped spanking her, she still didn’t move away. Absentmindedly, Michael’s hand was still resting on the cheeks of the young girl over his lap, his subconscious making sure that he took advantage of the opportunity to actually touch that sexy ass now that he had a chance. He only noticed where his hand was when he saw Marie looking at it. She had let go of Sara’s wrists and was now standing there with a quizzical smirk on her face. She didn’t look mad, but Michael quickly removed his hand. Beyond that, he had no idea what to do. The mood in the room had changed. Many times had he fantasized about spanking Sara, feeling that both her ass and attitude were asking for it. Even though this had been more of a joke he felt a stir in his crotch, and he hoped the girl over his lap wouldn’t notice.

Sara didn’t know what to do either. This wasn’t a situation she had planned for, but she was undeniably turned on. The way they had forcibly wrestled her into that position was striking a chord inside her. And the feeling of having her ass spanked had been surprisingly pleasurable, even if Michael had only done it in a playful way. She wasn’t sure what had happened, but whatever it was, she knew she wanted more.

But she couldn’t exactly just ask Michael to spank her again – if nothing else, her pride wouldn’t let her. Not to mention that she wasn’t sure how Marie would act. She decided to show them her compliance in a more cunning way.

“I hear you’re breathing heavy Michael,” she said, knowing full well why he was. “You really are old after all.” She subtly but noticeably stuck her ass further up in the air as an invite. A sense of embarrassment ran through her body, but oddly that just seemed to turn her on even more. Even the fact that she had handed over the decision about what would happen next to her hosts made her tingle inside. She closed her eyes, hoping for more.

Marie stared at the set scene in front of her. She could tell Michael was looking at her for guidance, staring up at her with questioning but lustful eyes. No doubt did he want to move things further. He probably didn’t notice himself, but he instinctively held his hand raised and open, all ready to continue his assault on the sexy ass in his lap. Marie was actually a bit surprised by how excited he was. Sure, she knew he got off on a bit of domination, but usually it was she who exerted her power over him. Then again, who wouldn’t want to spank that ass? It was practically begging for it now, Sara tentatively sticking it up in the air. All they were waiting for was for her to pull the trigger by giving her approval.

But should she? Where would it end if she allowed it to continue?

The answer to the last question was probably “wherever she wanted it to.” Michael and Sara were giving her the power to start whatever was about to happen, and Marie was sure they would let her end it as well. She was in control of this situation, and she felt her breathing getting heavier as this notion sunk in. She liked control.

In fact, that was probably why she was so unthreatened by the flirtation that had been going on between Sara and Michael. They had done it right in front of her, within the limits that she had specified. It was on her terms, and it was thrilling to have that power. Sure, she had gotten a visual kick out of seeing Sara walking around and flaunting her round ass around the house, but it wasn’t just the sight itself that had turned her on. Sara only did it after Marie had given her approval.

The sexual beast inside her had awakened, and it wouldn’t be put to sleep anytime soon.

She smiled approvingly at Michael. He raised his hand and nodded, but still had a questioning expression on his face. He still needed to be perfectly certain before going ahead.

“Wait,” Marie said, and she could see the disappointment on Michael’s face as he lowered his hand.

His eyes however widened again as she bent down and grabbed the hem of Sara’s panties.

“If you’re gonna do it, do it right,” she said with a pleased grin as she slowly pulled down the panties, exposing Sara’s apple shaped ass.

Sara gasped, but instinctively raised herself up to allow the older woman to completely remove her panties. She had been waiting for Marie’s move with such anticipation, and now she was shocked at how quickly things had evolved. Many different emotions were running through her head. The fact that she was showing her naked ass was arousing her, but the embarrassment she had felt before had increased tenfold as her ass had become exposed. It again just aroused her even more.

And it was Marie that had exposed her! The lovely, kind, always so caring Marie had stripped her of her panties, and was now looking at her naked ass. God, this was tormenting her in the best possible way. Still with her eyes closed, she pushed her ass up again and moved it around slightly. She subconsciously wanted to give her admirers a nice view, but also invite them to go ahead.

Michael however took his time. Sara’s sexy ass was on display before him, and he needed time to take in the sight. It was just so beautiful – perfectly firm and soft at the same time. Looking up at Marie, he noticed that she was equally mesmerized with the sight they were treated to, and the idea that he openly shared this fascination with his girlfriend made him even more excited. He felt his cock grow, and he was certain that Sara could feel it pressing against her. And yet, he felt no shame. Anything else would have been an insult to the situation.

The sound of Michael’s hand against Sara’s cheek echoed in the room. Sara flinched as she felt the sting, and she was surprised to hear a slight yelp escape her mouth as the shock and pleasure mixed in her body. She noticed that Michael’s hand remained on her ass, and she couldn’t help pushing back against it, silently asking for more.

Michael let his hand fall again, twice this time against the other cheek. His hand lingered on the girl’s cheek, and just as she started squirming in his lap, he slapped her ass again. The barely audible moans coming from the blonde girl let him know how much she enjoyed this manhandling, spurring him to continue. He couldn’t help himself from rubbing her cheeks between every slap.

A little harder now… Sara gasped and then twisted in his lap. As she settled down and awaited more, Michael noticed that her legs had been left open. He looked at his girlfriend, and saw nothing but aroused fascination in her eyes. He dared to be greedy, and leaned over and peaked at Sara’s pussy. Completely smooth, it looked so perfectly pretty. And he could see droplets forming on her naked lips.

As he again looked up at his girlfriend, she had that confident smirk on her lustful face – an expression he had seen many times before, but never in the presence of anyone else.

“I think you’ve had enough fun for now,” she said, and laughed as Sara opened her eyes and looked at her with a confused and worried expression. “No, no… Not you Sara. I just think it’s my turn to have a go now, don’t you think?”

Sara didn’t really interpret it as a question, but still nodded. The look on Marie’s face was unlike any she had seen before – warm and stern at the same time. It made Sara feel small, but also safe.

“Good: why don’t you get on the bed for me?” Marie said.

Sara obeyed, willingly taking it as an order rather than a suggestion. Things were quickly moving into unknown territory, and her head was spinning around the only thought that was manifesting itself – that it felt right to let Marie take the lead. Wearing nothing but her tight singlet, Sara crawled out of Michael’s lap and placed herself on all fours in the middle of the bed with her ass toward the couple. She figured that was what Marie wanted.

“Can you unzip me?” Marie said to her boyfriend. She held up her hair to give him access to the zipper in the back, and the sound of her boyfriend lowering it sent sparks through her body.

Looking over her shoulder, Sara watched Michael slowly lower Marie’s dress. It was impossible not to stare at her friend’s breasts as they came into view. Held up by a black push-up bra, their massive shape looked absolutely stunning. Sara’s eyes were however drawn elsewhere as Michael lowered the dress further. Marie wasn’t wearing any panties! Sara heard herself gasp as she took in the sight of her friend. Her dark pubes matched perfectly with the bra as well as the sexy thigh-high stockings she was wearing. Marie was glowing with sexual power.

And Marie felt as powerful as she looked. The choice to go without panties was meant as a pleasant surprise for Michael, but given the turn of events she was glad to see it worked on Sara as well. Marie rarely shaved completely, but her pubes were trimmed short enough that the details of her folds were visible. The blonde seemed unable to divert her eyes from it. Marie gave her a crooked smile.

“No peaking, young lady.”

Sara smiled nervously and reluctantly turned her head. She closed her eyes to focus on the mental image of her friend. This wasn’t the first time she had seen another woman’s pussy, but it was the first time she had done so in such a sexually charged situation. No doubt did the sight excite her. An unfamiliar hunger was growing inside her. Would Marie ask Sara to pleasure her? Tell her to use her tongue? Sara had no experience with such activities.

Her trail of thoughts was broken by the sound of high heels against the floor as Marie walked slowly to the side of the bed. With her eyes still closed, Sara felt the bed shift. She sensed Marie come close and kneel beside her. She knew what was about to happen. Her closest friend was about to spank her! On all fours with her ass exposed, she felt her heart beat rapidly in her chest as she anticipated a sharp sting on her cheeks. Instead she was treated to the caress of a soft hand.

Marie looked down upon the round ass in front of her. She had enjoyed peeking at it for a long time, and now when the opportunity presented itself, she wanted to fully indulge in the sensation of touching it. Kneeling at Sara’s right side, she used her left hand to softly trace the smooth outlines of her friend’s ass. It was truly a thing of beauty. She let her hand wander up on the small of Sara’s back and then down over to the other cheek. The sensation of Sara’s firm ass against her hand was sending shivers through her body. The soft caresses turned into greedy groping. She squeezed and jiggled her friend’s cheeks. The erotic experience was amplified by the fact that Sara was passively letting her do whatever she wanted, merely panting heavily in response to her touch.


Sara gasped at the unexpected slap to her cheek.

Smack, smack!

Sara let out a yelp that perfectly captured the sensuous mixture of pleasure, pain and embarrassment she was experiencing.

Sara’s ass looked so sexy as it wiggled with every slap. Marie continued the spanking, completely absorbed by the intoxicating experience of dominating her friend. She barely noticed the bed shift as Michael climbed on top of it behind her. She didn’t even stop what she was doing as he moved up close behind her and kissed her neck. She could tell he had undressed though, and as he pressed his naked body against hers, she felt his hard cock poke against her ass.

“Feels like someone is all ready,” she said and chuckled. “You’ll have to wait a bit more though. I’m not done spanking this gorgeous ass.”

To emphasize her point, she landed another slap to Sara’s ass, this one harder than before.

“Why don’t you take care of the other cheek while I focus on this one,” she continued and squeezed the cheek her hand was resting on.

Michael didn’t hesitate and quickly moved over to Sara’s left side, facing his girlfriend. With her hand still massaging Sara’s ass, Marie looked down on his erect cock swaying before him. As she turned her gaze up to his face, he gave her a facetiously innocent expression. Marie smiled crookedly and slapped Sara’s ass again. Michael took it as an invite to do the same.

Sara was in a type of heaven she couldn’t quite wrap her head around. Every slap to her ass sent jolts of pleasurable pain through her body. She couldn’t help moaning, giving away how much she enjoyed being dominated like this. It made her feel embarrassed, but that somehow excited her even more. They weren’t spanking her hard, but the spanks were adding up and she felt a burning sensation.

Curious to see what her cherished tormentors looked like when they spanked her, she turned her head. Her eyes widened as she saw Michael all naked. Her gaze was immediately drawn to his erect cock, and she noticed that it occasionally pressed against her hip. She realized it had actually been doing so for quite some time, but she had been too focused on her spanking to notice. It looked big and no doubt ready to get inside her. Would Marie let him? Did Sara want him to? It would change everything in their daily dynamics.

Then again, weren’t they past that point anyway? A sensation of defeat filled her head as she realized that she would no longer have the upper hand in their bickering. As if reading her mind, Michael looked down on her with a pleased grin on his face. She stuck out her tongue at him, and gasped as he responded by giving her a harder than usual spank on her ass.

Still, she had no intentions on ending the treatment she was receiving. She was enjoying it far too much, finding pleasure in the notion that her ass was now an object of desire for her favorite couple. Their attention was shifting from spanking to primarily groping her, and they increasingly started running their hands further up her body as well. The attention of four caressing hands on her skin was thrilling. Without raising her upper body, she peeled her top off to give them unobstructed access to every inch of herself. She moaned as she felt a hand on each side slide up beneath her and fondle her inviting little tits.

Marie could sense the excitement running through her body. This wasn’t the first time she enjoyed another woman’s naked body, but she had never done it in this domineering manner. It felt very erotic to do so in front of her boyfriend, and they exchanged lustful glances. They leaned in and kissed. Their tongues were exploring each other as their hands roamed over Sara’s body. They bonded over the shared pleasure of enjoying their naked friend.

But it was time to move things further, and Marie knew it was up to her to lead. She moved her hand over to Michael’s cock.

“Looks like this one is ready for something more,” she said as she broke the kiss. She grabbed his hard shaft, and Michael let out a soft grunt at the attention to his craving cock.

“And you…” she said and slid her other hand down over Sara’s until it found her dripping wet pussy. “I think you are too.”

Sara was nearly hyperventilating. Marie was touching her pussy! The sensation of another woman’s soft fingers caressing her naked folds was driving her mad with desire. Her pussy was on fire and she certainly was ready for more. Still, she was too paralyzed to say or do anything.

Marie turned her attention back to Michael, and smiled as she saw his eyes transfixed on her fingers as they moved over Sara’s pussy.

“I bet you want to fuck this little hottie, don’t you?”

Michael’s eyes met hers and his expression was a mixture of lust and hesitation.

“Only if you want me to.”

“That’s a very good answer,” Marie said and laughed wickedly. “But first I think I need this for myself,” she continued and stroked his cock. “It’s mine, right?”

“Always,” Michael replied and stared straight into Marie’s fiery eyes.

“Good,” Marie said, glad that everyone agreed on the pecking order. She pushed him down on his back.

For a moment, Sara felt a bit left out as the hands that had been caressing her body were removed, but Marie had more in store for her. As the powerful brunette straddled her boyfriend, she invitingly held out her hand to Sara.

“Come here.”

Sara quickly turned around and took Marie’s hand. As she did, Marie gently but assertively pulled her close. She grabbed the back of the blonde girl’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. Sara’s head was spinning with excitement. The feeling of another woman’s lips against hers was very different from that of a man’s. The touch was a softer, but Marie was also more forceful than anyone Sara had kissed before. Marie’s tongue greedily invaded her mouth, and she felt privileged that she was allowed to exchange kisses with this alpha female her friend had turned into. She made herself smaller by kneeling down lower than Marie. It felt like the natural thing to do.

“Take off my bra,” Marie instructed as she softly pulled her friend away from her mouth by holding on to her hair.

Sara moved behind Marie. Her fingers were trembling as she reached out to unhook the bra that was holding up her friend’s massive breasts. She thought briefly that what she was experiencing was probably similar to the nervousness an inexperienced boy would feel the first time he was about remove a girl’s bra. She had to struggle to unhook it.

Michael watched with eyes wide as Sara set his girlfriend’s tits free, making them move heavily on her chest as the bra was removed. It was an amazing thing to watch, both of them naked except for Marie’s thigh tights. The contrast between them accentuated the erotic sight of them both. Sara’s tits looked tiny in comparison to Marie’s, but they were absolutely adorable with her pink little buds begging for attention. They looked very different from Marie’s darker nipples, but equally delicious.

His eyes were drawn downwards as Marie started grinding her pussy against his cock. Her lips slid easily up and down his shaft, her lubricated pussy revealing just how excited she was. His eyes wandered over to Sara’s pussy as she knelt beside his girlfriend and he could see that the young girl was equally wet, her puffy lips glistening with her own juice. It looked absolutely adorable. Would Marie really let him push his cock inside that smooth pussy when she was done with him?

“Here,” Marie said and raised herself up, breaking the contact with his erection. “Guide him inside me.” She could see excitement on Sara’s face, but there were also traces of hesitation in her expression.

Nevertheless, Sara naturally did as she was told and reached down between Marie’s legs. She grabbed Michael’s cock. It felt perfectly hard and smooth at the same time, and it looked massive in her petite hand. She held it in place for her friend. The brunette slowly impaled herself on it, and let out a pleased moan as it slid inside her. It was a highly erotic moment to watch the head disappear inside her friend’s pussy, and only when Sara felt Marie’s pubes press against her fingers did she remove her hand. As she did, she noticed that her hand had been marked with Marie’s wetness. Sara moved it to her mouth and licked it clean. She was lost in her lust as the exhilarating taste filled her mouth, and didn’t realize what she was doing until she noticed both Marie and Michael staring at her. They seemed to like what they were witnessing. Sara gave them a shy grin and then slowly licked her hand again.

It was a pleasing sight for Marie. It had been a long time since she experienced it herself, but she knew just how exciting the taste of another woman could be. Sara’s lewd behavior assured her that she didn’t have to hold back in terms of what she could make her little friend do tonight. As she started riding her boyfriend, she steadied herself with one hand on his chest and used the other to pull Sara in for another kiss. The two of them moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues danced, and Marie sensed a hint of her own scent on the blonde girl’s mouth.

Sara let her hands wander over her friend’s soft body. Marie’s curves felt so sensual against her hands, and it didn’t take long for them to reach Marie’s swaying tits. They felt amazing. Their big round shape was very different from her own perky breasts, and the stiffness of Marie’s sizable nipples told Sara that her friend was enjoying her touch.

“Suck my tits!” Marie panted as she pushed her friend down to her chest.

It was the most erotic thing Michael had ever witnessed. As Marie slowly rode his cock, Sara kissed her way over Marie’s chest until her hungry lips found the hard nipple. As she took it in her mouth, Marie pressed the blonde’s head against her tit, demanding that she worship it. Michael knew just how delicious his girlfriend’s nipples were, and Sara’s excited moans told him that she was equally amazed by the sensation.

Marie was growing ecstatic. The physical stimulation was mind blowing, and the feeling of dominance was equally amazing. She was using her boyfriend’s cock to satisfy her pussy and her friend’s mouth and hands to pleasure her tits. Watching Sara eagerly suck on her nipples was driving her crazy. She did her best to hold back, but soon felt the desire to come overtake her. She grabbed Sara’s hand and guided it to her pussy.

“Touch me!” she commanded.

Without taking her mouth off her friend’s nipple, Sara reached down for Marie’s pussy and cupped it in her hand. It felt surprisingly natural to touch another woman, the pubes tickling her palm as Marie bobbed up and down her boyfriend. With Marie’s lips parted by Michael’s cock, her swollen clit was openly accessible and Sara’s middle finger soon found its way to it. She had no experience in pleasuring another woman, but she did what she so often did to herself, circling it gently but firmly. Marie’s escalating moans reassured her that she was doing it right.

With a cock filling her craving pussy and her friend attending to her tits and clit, Marie could feel her body move into ecstasy. The physical stimulation combined with the exhilarating feeling of control was beyond any pleasure she had felt before. As the orgasm hit her, it was a powerful release and she screamed out ferociously. She hoped the neighbors would hear her; she wanted the whole world to know of her sexual power.

As she came back to her senses, she released Sara from her grip. In the moment of heat, Marie had pressed the girl’s head hard against her tits and Sara took a deep breath of air as Marie’s nipple escaped her devoted mouth with a smacking sound. The girl looked messy with saliva and lipstick smeared around her mouth, and her hair bared witness of Marie’s rough treatment. But more than anything she looked like she needed to be fucked, her sultry eyes begging for it. Without moving off her boyfriend, Marie reached down and ran her fingers over Sara’s slippery wet folds, enjoying their delicate smoothness. Holding the girl’s gaze, Marie gently forced a finger inside her. Sara gasped and her mouth fell open, her entire expression pleading for more.

But Marie redrew her finger, leaving the girl empty again. She looked down on her finger, now coated with Sara’s wetness. As if investigating its texture, she slowly rubbed her fingers together, enjoying the slippery sensation. Turning her focus to her boyfriend, she extended her hand as an offering.

Without hesitation, he took Marie’s finger in his mouth. He grunted as the exhilarating taste filled his mouth. He looked at Sara with hungry eyes, letting her know how exciting the essence of her sex was. She seemed to blush as she smiled back at him, an unusual expression for a girl with usually such a cocky attitude. Instinctively, his hips started moving but Marie put her hand on his stomach to signal that it wasn’t time for that anymore. Michael felt both disappointed and hopeful as his girlfriend raised herself up, making his cock slide out of her.

As Marie slid off her boyfriend, she scooted down over his thighs. Sara’s eyes were drawn to Michael’s cock. It was glistening with Marie’s marking, making it look even more desirable. Sara craved it now.

“Come here my dear,” Marie said as she grabbed the base of Michael’s cock. “I want to see this inside you.”

Both Sara and Michael gasped eagerly at her words.

Sara straddled Michael, facing away from him. From this position she knew Marie would get a clear view of what she wanted to see. She leaned back slightly and placed her hands on Michael to steady herself, enjoying the feeling of his strong, hairy chest against her palms. The notion that she was about to take this man inside her was exciting, but the fact that Marie was going to watch it happen increased the sensation tenfold.

Marie watched her little friend raise herself up over Michael’s cock, the smooth pussy begging to have it inside her. Holding on to Michael’s shaft, she teased the two of them by rubbing the head against Sara’s wet slit. She could tell Sara was dying to have it inside her, but the blonde girl made no advances. She passively held her hips pressed forward, letting her friend tease her anyway she wanted. Marie was in control of their pleasure, and she loved it. Using one hand to hold Michael’s erection against Sara’s wet opening, she gently placed the other on Sara’s hip, inviting the girl to take the cock inside her.

“Oh, god,” Sara whispered softly as she lowered herself onto Michael. It was surprisingly easy to take him inside her tight pussy, but between her own and Marie’s juices, the cock slid inside easily. Knowing that Marie’s juices were now mixing with her own made Sara shiver, and she felt like it was both Marie and Michael who were filling her craving pussy.

Marie stared at the sight of her boyfriend’s erection disappearing inside her friend’s pussy. There wasn’t a trace of jealousy inside her, and she marveled at the eroticism of what she was witnessing. Sara’s smooth lips looked adorably cute, now parted by the same cock that had given Marie so much pleasure. She reached out and caressed their conjoined sexes.

“Does it feel good inside you?” she said, staring straight into Sara’s eyes.

Sara’s opened her mouth as if to speak, but ended up merely nodding in response. She had no words that could do justice to what she was feeling. Her mouth was left open, pleading for her friend to kiss her again. She was rewarded, letting out little yelps of pleasure as Marie’s tongue invaded her mouth. Controlled by her subconscious, her hips started moving and she felt Michael grab her thighs to help her grind on his cock inside her. She moaned into Marie’s mouth.

“That’s it my sweet little girl,” Marie said as she broke the kiss. “Ride my boyfriend. I want you to feel his cock move inside you.”

Marie forcefully kissed her friend again, grunting with excitement as their lips pressed together. She let her hands move over Sara’s body, excited by the sensuous feeling of another woman’s soft skin. Sara was still leaning slightly backwards with her hands on Michael’s torso, making her chest push out invitingly. Marie greedily played with her friend’s tits, fascinated and aroused by their petite shape. They were so different from her own, barely filling her hands, and the nipples poked invitingly against her palms. She looked down to watch her hands caress the pink buds, flicking her thumbs over them and gently rolling them between her fingers.

“I’m going to watch your ass now,” she said, moving up to lie beside Michael.

Sara knew her ass was an amazing thing to watch, and wanted to give both Marie and Michael a good show. She shifted her position to lean forward, placing her hands on Michael’s thighs for support. She moaned as the altered angle made Michael’s cock slide even deeper inside her.

“She really has a sexy ass,” Marie whispered in Michael’s ear, loud enough so that Sara would hear.

Michael just grunted in response. It was nothing short of amazing to watch Sara’s ass move before them as she bobbed up and down his shaft. He shifted his hands, sliding the left one down to Sara’s cheek and placed the other one behind his girlfriend. Marie reached out to caress the free cheek as they kissed, sharing the sensation of fondling the young girl’s ass.

“I just can’t get enough of this!” Marie said and shook the firm cheek in her hand.

Her voice gave testimony to the erotic high she was on. She sat up and knelt next to Sara, using both her hands to squeeze and fondle the perfectly round ass moving before her. At the same time, she enjoyed the hands of her boyfriend caressing her own ass.

“It’s just too perfect, and I think you have to be punished for it,” she continued.

Sara felt the sting on her cheeks as Marie started spanking her again. It made her cry out, but it was more from pleasure than pain, and she started bobbing increasingly hard on the cock inside her. She leaned forward to make her ass even more of an inviting target.

It also made her more exposed. As Marie greedily explored, she parted the girl’s cheeks. Even her asshole looked perfect. It was delicately pink and seemed to be begging for attention. As she glanced over at her boyfriend, she saw his hungry eyes focused on it too. She felt his hand on her behind moving closer to her own asshole, further giving away his desire. She smirked, and straddled his face, her eyes still focused on the girl bobbing on his shaft.

Michael was momentarily stunned by his girlfriend’s sudden advancement but it didn’t stop his tongue from immediately finding its way to her wet opening. Like he had done so many times before, he darted his tongue inside her, creating a poking object for her to ride. It was hard to embrace the eroticism of the situation – his girlfriend fucking his face while her young friend furiously rode his cock.

Marie was growing increasingly courageous in her domineering role. As she moved slightly forward, demanding her boyfriend’s tongue to tend to her ass, he grunted and obediently lapped away at her puckered hole. A wickedly confident chuckle escaped her mouth.

She continued to fondle and slap Sara’s ass before her. With the treatment she was receiving, she felt drawn to the most sensitive spot of the girl’s ass had to offer. But as she moved one finger in between the girl’s cheeks, she felt the girl twitch. With great power comes great responsibility. She decided she shouldn’t push things by overstepping what little boundaries the girl had left – at least not before making sure her friend was ready for it.

“Turn around,” she ordered.

Sara tried spinning without removing herself from the delicious cock that was filling her. It didn’t work particularly well, and she had to raise herself up, making her feel undesirably empty as it escaped her. Turning around, she was pleased to see Marie holding it in place for her, indicating that Michael’s cock was still available for her pleasure. Sara moaned as she lowered herself onto it again.

Now facing her friend, she let her eyes wander over Marie’s naked body. She looked so powerful, straddling her boyfriend’s face. As a treat for Sara’s eyes, Marie grabbed her own breast and fondled them. With a confident smirk, she lowered one hand to her pussy and began circling her finger around her swollen clit. Sara stared in amazement and her eyes widened even further as she realized what Michael was doing. She couldn’t see any details, but from Marie’s position it was clear his tongue was further back than her pussy. She quizzically looked at Marie’s face, receiving a wicked grin in response. Confirming her dominance, Marie pushed back harder against her boyfriend’s face as Sara watched.

“Play with yourself for me,” Marie commanded.

Sara mimicked Marie’s action, lowering her hand to her pussy to circle her clit. The two friends looked at each other as they played with themselves, adding to the pleasure they got from Michael beneath them. They stared lovingly into each other’s eyes as they leaned in to kiss, two friends sharing an intimate moment of erotic delight.

“You’re so pretty, my dear,” Marie said as she broke the kiss and caressed Sara’s rosy cheeks with the back of her fingers. “Now suck on my tits.”

Marie’s commanding voice send thrills through Sara’s body. The blonde girl dropped her face to her friend’s swaying tits, sucking one of the nipples into her mouth. It made them both moan. For Marie, the stimulation added to the pleasure of her boyfriend lapping away at her asshole, and her own busy fingers at her clit. She could feel another orgasm approaching, and from the intensity of Sara’s muffled yelps, it was obvious her little friend was close too. Their moans escalated.

“I’m coming!” Marie cried out. “Come with me my beautiful girl. Come for me!”

With Marie’s permission, Sara felt the orgasm overtake her body. She furiously rubbed her clit, and bounced hard on the cock inside her. As she started shaking, she used what little control she had to keep her mouth on Marie’s tits, destined to give her friend as much pleasure as she possibly could as they came together. Her efforts were aided by Marie firmly holding on to the back of Sara’s head, forcing the large breast inside the girl’s hungry mouth.

Michael felt a deep urge to come too. But without explicit approval to come inside Sara, he felt he’d better refrain. He had to use all his willpower to hold back as he listened to the sound of two women coming together on top of him. It was the most erotic thing he had ever heard, the authoritative grunts of his girlfriend mixing with Sara’s muffled yelps. He felt the girl’s pussy contract on his cock at the same time his girlfriend’s puckered asshole tensed up against his tongue.

“Aren’t you a good boy?” Marie said as she eventually moved away from his face, looking down on him over her shoulder. “That’s impressive self-control, honey. Don’t you agree, Sara?”

With her eyes closed, the girl nodded. She was still grinding slowly on Michael, sliding along his cock to stimulate her erogenous inside in the aftershock of her mind-blowing orgasm.

“I think he deserves a bit of a release,” Marie added as she leaned in and kissed her friend. Removing her mouth, she caressed Sara’s face. “I want to watch you finished him off with that sexy mouth of yours.”

Sara grinned. She was still in a state where she wanted to obey Marie’s every will, but that wasn’t the only reason she was happy to follow through with the proposal. She might not be as experienced as her older friends, but she did consider herself a quite skilled fellatrix. The prospect of showing off her talent excited her.

As Sara raised herself off Michael, Marie guided him up to a kneeling position. It made his erection look majestic. Sara lay down on her stomach before him, and could barely believe his cock had fitted inside her. Then again, the fact that it was glistening with her juices bore evidence of just that. With Marie watching, she was about to suck off Michael. It was hard to fully grasp the erotic reality of the situation.

Marie watched with fascination as her friend brought her boyfriend’s erection to her mouth. The girl took her time, curiously tasting his cock – a cock that had been coated by the wetness of them both. She nibbled at the head, moving her mouth around to inspect it with her lips. Savoring the sultry taste, her eager tongue explored the glistening shaft.

“Take him deep inside,” Marie said, and guided Sara’s mouth back to the tip of Michael’s cock, by gently holding on to her hair. “I want to see my boyfriend’s cock disappear inside your sexy mouth.”

Sara yelped at her friend’s words crude as she slid her lips over the head and on to his shaft. Michael moaned and threw his head back with pleasure as more than half of his length disappeared inside Sara’s mouth. Even though it was clearly Marie who was running the show tonight, Sara still felt that giving oral was associated with a sense of power. It was her mouth that was the source of pleasure, and she knew she could use it well. Looking up at the couple, she slid her lips up and down Michael’s cock. She could tell he was close, and adhering to her teasing nature, she released him from her mouth and licked her way along his shaft. By alternating between this and sucking him inside her mouth, she kept him suspended at the brink of eruption. It was Marie’s decision if and when he was allowed to come.

Michael was desperate for release, but he restrained himself from coming. His girlfriend controlled the situation, kneeling next to him with one hand on his back and the other on Sara’s head. The silent agreement of this night was that Marie was setting the rules. Besides, he also wanted to savor the moment. The same taunting mouth that teased him all the time was now sucking his cock. That though almost made him come.

Marie released Sara’s head and placed one leg between her boyfriend’s to kneel slightly beside him. From this angle, they shared the same view of Sara using her talented mouth on his cock. Marie enjoyed porn from time to time, but watching a girl give head to a man rarely gave her much excitement. This was however very different. Her best friend was sucking off her boyfriend – something far more personal and erotic to watch. Also, she was in control of the action, making it an erotic scene where she determined the ending.

“Do you like that honey, having your cock buried inside her teasing little mouth?” Marie whispered in Michael’s ear, receiving only a grunt as response.

Like¬†was an understatement. The sensation was mind-blowing, and as much as he enjoyed Sara’s cocky attitude, he relished the idea of her mouth being silenced by his cock. He felt ready to explode.

“I think you should finish on her face,” Marie added, just loud enough so that her friend would hear it. The girl looked up at her with eyes widened, but made no attempt to protest. She only paused briefly before she returned to bobbing her head up and down Michael’s shaft.

Michael still couldn’t master more than a grunt, and Marie didn’t for a second expect that he would have any objections. What man wouldn’t want to shoot his cum on that pretty girl’s face? But she’d be fooling herself if she suggested that her proposal was made exclusively for his pleasure. She too desired to see this. At that moment, nothing felt like a more appropriate finale than watching her boyfriend cover her friend with cum. In fact, Marie wanted to be the one to make it happen. She slid her hand down over Michael’s stomach and grabbed the base of his shaft.

This was about to be another first for Sara. She’d never had a guy finish on her face before. It wasn’t because cum in any way disgusted her; she’d often taken it in her mouth. It just hadn’t happened. She thought about how this act had such different meanings for different people, ranging from humiliation to sexual worship. In this situation, the implication was quite clear. It was to be an act of domination, her face claimed for their gratification. That connotation wouldn’t normally sit well with her, but this wasn’t a situation she normally was in. The driving force was obviously Marie, and that made it intensely desirable. Marie was about to use her boyfriend’s cock to mark Sara as her property. This was so naughty, so over-the-top kinky… and so wonderfully erotic. As Marie took control of Michael’s cock, Sara backed away slightly, willing and ready for the inevitable.

Michael looked down on the girl as she removed her mouth from him. She was lying on her stomach before him, allowing him to look at her perfect ass. As Marie stroked his cock, the blonde arched her back by pressing herself up with her hands against the bed. Tilting her head slightly backwards, she was making her face an inviting target. His astonished lust must have been obvious for the girl as she looked up at him. In what appeared to be a defiant impulse, she stuck out her tongue at him.

“Come on honey,” Marie said in a sultry voice as she pumped hard on his cock. “I want to see you covering her face.”

Michael needed no further encouragement. His body complied with his girlfriend’s demand, and he felt a powerful orgasm overtake him. He used what little control he had left to take in the scene before him, Marie directing his cock to Sara’s face. As his guttural moans signaled that he was about to erupt, the girl closed her eyes. Her mouth fell open as she awaited her shower.

Marie felt Michael’s cock spasm in her hand. She directed the first stream onto Sara’s open mouth, amazed by the force as it splashed against the girl’s upper lip. She could tell Michael was about to deliver a generous gift for the girl. Sara instinctively licked her lips as Marie continued to direct her boyfriend’s cum all over the girl’s face, enjoying the powerful sensation of marking Sara as hers. As Michael’s flow eventually subsided, the girl’s face was completely covered.

Sara carefully opened her eyes. She could see the couple looking down on her, Marie still holding her boyfriend’s cock pointed at Sara’s face. They were staring wide-eyed at her, as if trying to store every detail of her image in their memory. No doubt was she looking like a sultry mess.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Sara said, slipping into her signature cocky voice.

Like she often did, she laughed tauntingly at her own comment, but the tail end of her laugh had a nervous ring to it that Marie picked up on. She could tell that the girl was at least somewhat unnerved by her state – naked and covered in cum before her older friends. Marie felt she had to act. Smiling warmly down at her flustered friend, she held out her hands.

“Come my dear. Let’s go get you cleaned up.”

Sara smiled back at Marie, her cum covered face a confused mixture of nervousness and lust.

“You stay here while we go shower,” Marie said to her boyfriend as she led Sara to the bathroom. She needed a moment alone with her to make sure the girl was OK. Perhaps she had pushed things too far. And then again, perhaps she could push it even further…

Michael watched Marie walk away hand in hand with her blonde little friend. His girlfriend was glowing with female power, and the impression was amplified by the clacking sound of her shoes against the floor. She looked majestic. In comparison, Sara appeared even more petite than usual. It was fascinating to see this cocky girl submitting to Marie. He knew just how sexually enthralling his girlfriend could be, but tonight she had outdone herself. As they disappeared out the bedroom door, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.

“God, I must look like a slutty mess,” Sara said as Marie closed the bathroom door behind them.

It was unusual to hear the self-conscious tone in the girl’s voice. Looking at her friend, Marie knew there was no point denying what she looked like. Sara was coated with Michael’s cum, white strands hanging from her face and dripping down on her cute little tits. A slutty mess was a pretty good description, but in the best possible way.

“You…” Marie said and paused to tug the girl’s blonde hair behind her ears. “You look absolutely adorable.”

She tenderly kissed her friend. It was a sensuous feeling, two friends sharing a private moment of deep erotic connection. Still in her high heels, Marie had to bow down low over the girl to kiss her. She could taste her boyfriend’s cum on the Sara’s lips and as the kiss turned more passionate, she could feel it sticking to her own face too. She caressed her friend’s slippery cheeks, holding her face softly between her hands as their tongues danced. Breaking the kiss, strings of cum connected their chins. They broke out in a chuckle, both of them finding it hard to believe the situation they were in.

Marie still noticed that submissive shimmer in Sara’s eyes. It seemed the girl was keen to stay in her subordinate role. Marie decided to test this.

“Why don’t you remove my shoes and stockings,” she said.

Sara sunk to her knees, and as Marie held out her foot, she removed the shoe. She did the same to the other, marveling at how right it felt to serve this wonderful woman. She peeled down one stocking after the other. She smiled coyly up at Marie before leaning in and kissing her powerful thigh. It left a glistening mark of cum on her thigh. Marie smiled warmly down at her, motioning for Sara to stand up.

“Thanks my dear. Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Marie enjoyed looking at her friend’s messy face, knowing that it was she who had painted it. But all good things must end – possibly to make room for more good things. Grabbing a towel, she wiped the cum off Sara’s face.

Sara remained passive, feeling like a kid being cleaned up after a messy meal. It was a new and exciting sensation to willingly be under someone else’s control, and she did not want it to end. By accepting her role as subordinate to Marie, she felt closer to her than ever before. Now that they were alone, she felt it even deeper.

“Let’s get in the shower,” Marie said.

She grabbed the shower head and ran the water. As Sara joined her, Marie sprayed warm water over her friend, commanding the girl to turn around and hold up her arms to give access to her body. Returning the shower head to its holder, she soaped up her hands and ran them over Sara. Starting with the arms and working her way down the front, she enjoyed the sensation of the soft skin against her lathered palms. She lingered at the tits, playing with them while Sara passively held her hands behind her head.

“You have such cute little tits,” Marie said. Sara responded by pushing her chest against her friend’s hands.

Marie continued down Sara’s body, soaping up her stomach and hips. Reaching the girl’s pussy, she cupped the smooth folds in her hands.

“And this is adorably cute too,” she said and gently caressed Sara’s slit with her middle finger. She forcefully kissed her friend, feeling powerful as the girl whimpered into her mouth.

“Now hold out your leg,” she said as she broke the kiss.

Sara did as she was told. As Marie lathered up her leg, Sara noticed her friend brazenly admiring her naked pussy. She felt vulnerable, and she loved it. When Marie was done with her legs, Sara steadied herself by leaning back against the wall and shamelessly parted her legs wide to give Marie a beautiful view of her pussy.

“Very cute indeed,” Marie said and smiled crookedly as she admired the sight she was treated to. “Now let’s see that beautiful ass.”

Turning around, Sara placed her hands on the wall in front of her and bent slightly at the hips to poke her ass out. Using generous amount of soap, Marie massaged her cheeks, greedily rubbing the girl’s ass.

“God, it’s sexy,” she said, grabbing one cheek and wiggling it as if assessing its firmness. “I’ve been really curious to see it naked since I first met you. I can’t get enough of it now.”

She slapped it lightly a few times to make it shake seductively before her eyes. Still tender from the spanking earlier, Sara flinched at the sensation.

Marie stood up, but kept one hand on Sara’s ass, caressing the slippery cheeks. She let the other hand wander up Sara’s body, and as she reached the neck, she gently guided Sara to turn her face to hers. They kissed, both of them hungry for the sensual sensation of another woman’s lips.

Marie greedily kept fondling her friend’s perfect ass. As she roamed, she intentionally moved her hand in between the cheeks, starting at the top and continuing downwards. As she felt Sara tense up, she stopped her advances, but she didn’t remove her hand.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked softly.

“I’ve never been… You know, touched…” Sara stuttered, not answering Marie’s question.

“Are you saying no one’s ever treated your sexy ass to that pleasure,” Marie helped her hesitant friend. Sara’s blue eyes looked up at her timidly. The girl shook her head softly.

“No…” she said and paused. “Well, no one but myself.”

She giggled nervously as she realized what she was admitting to. The two of them were close, but she’d never imagined that she would tell Marie about rubbing her own asshole for pleasure while masturbating. It felt surprisingly natural though. After what they had experienced tonight, she didn’t feel a need to keep anything from her friend. She wanted to be open to Marie, in every possible way.

“So then you know just how arousing that spot can be?” Marie whispered and moved her middle finger up and down Sara’s crack. She let it wander slightly further down.

Sara panted. “Yes…” She responded to her friend’s advances by pushing back against Marie’s hand. It parted her cheeks, and she felt Marie’s fingers take advantage of the inviting opportunity. They stopped a mere inch before their destination.

“But you never answered my question – do you want me to stop?”

The simple answer would have been a definite “no”. Sara felt her entire body quiver at Marie’s advancing touch. Her own fingers always gave her intense pleasure, but the novel sensation of someone else’s was so much more thrilling. Yet, she gave her friend a more complete answer.

“It’s not up to me. I don’t want it to be.” It was odd but inciting to hear her submissive words out loud. “I’m yours Marie. I trust you – you can do what you want with me tonight, and I’ll do anything you tell me to.”

The sincerity wasn’t lost on Marie. The explicit compliance coming from Sara’s mouth filled her with enthused warmth and various lewd scenarios started running through her head. She decided to taunt her friend, giving her a token opportunity to retract her words.

“Really? I could be very creative,” she whispered in Sara’s ear. “Are you sure you know what you’re signing up for?”

As Marie spoke, she moved her hand up and down between Sara’s cheeks. It sent shivers through the blonde girl’s body.

“I’ve got a hunch,” she said and lowered her upper body in submission, invitingly opening herself up for Marie’s exploring fingers. “And I know I want it.”

Marie’s fingers gradually approached their target, and Sara panted expectantly. But just as they were about to make contact with Sara’s imploring hole, the blonde was disappointed to feel them abruptly withdraw. Sara was about to protest, but Marie’s crooked eyebrow reminded her she was in no position to argue. Her pleasure was at Marie’s mercy.

“Very well then,” Marie said and grabbed the shower handle to rinse the soap off her friend. “It’s time to get out of the shower.”

No one spoke as they dried off. There was a sense of anticipation, both of them knowing that there was excitement ahead. As Marie wrapped her towel around her body, Sara followed suit. Just as they had left the bedroom before, they walked back hand in hand.

“All right, your turn to hit the shower,” Marie said as they entered the bedroom.

Michael was still naked, lying on the bed. Now that the two sexy ladies had returned, he didn’t really feel like leaving. Yet, he didn’t argue. Marie’s voice still echoed with erotic authority, and that was a good sign. He got up and kissed her, enjoying the thrill of her sensuous lips. He sensed a stir in his cock, and suddenly felt very naked. Both women were covered with towels.

“Yeah, go clean up, you dirty old man,” Sara said and surprised him by swatting his ass. She almost regretted it, as it wasn’t along the lines of the submissiveness she’d signed up for.

Marie smirked. “Fair enough, but remind him why he should hurry back. Show him that bubbly ass of yours.”

Sara turned slowly and reached for the hem of the towel behind her. She yanked it up, treating her friends to the sight of her perfect ass. Knowing it would please Marie, she leaned forward and arched her back. She felt her friend’s hands on her cheeks, and she shivered at the touch. Marie massaged her ass gently before slowly parting the cheeks, giving Michael a perfect view of Sara’s exposed asshole.

“Like I said, hurry back,” she said and winked at her boyfriend, who reluctantly tore his eyes away from the imploring sight. He nearly ran for the shower.

“Now my dear, get on the bed for me,” Marie said as she pulled the towel off Sara’s body. Asserting her power, she swatted the girl’s ass as she motioned her to the bed.

Now completely naked again, Sara climbed on top of the bed and got on all fours, facing away from Marie. To please her friend, she relaxed her arms to lower her upper body. Sara felt humiliated by her own behavior, offering Marie her ass as a submissive gift. But she loved it. Emphasizing her humility, she reached for her cheeks and pulled them apart.

Marie admired the sight, loving the sensation of power. She could hear the girl panting anxiously. Knowing the anticipation was tormenting her little friend, Marie prolonged it by silently watching Sara presenting herself for her. Eventually she couldn’t hold off any longer. She let her towel fall to the floor and climbed on the bed behind her submissive friend.

Sara felt the bed shift as Marie joined her. Her entire body tingled with anticipation, but she didn’t move, holding herself open for her dominant friend. With her eyes closed, her attentive body registered every movement, and she soon sensed Marie’s warm breath on her cheeks. She let out a yelp as she felt Marie run her tongue over her ass, just to the right of the inviting valley between her cheeks. She heard Marie grunting behind her, and she was pleased that this extraordinary moment was exciting them both.

They moaned in unison as Marie repeated the action, this time trailing her tongue up Sara’s left cheek. She knew how exciting it was to be teased around that area, and continued to kiss and lick her way closer and closer to her target. They both knew where she was heading, but she was in no rush. To torment her little friend, she stopped just before reaching her destination.

“Beg me,” she said, well aware that asking her to go on would be humiliating for Sara.

Sara grunted with frustration as Marie removed her tongue. She panted. “Please…”

“Please what?”

“Please continue.”

Sara felt a sting on her ass as Marie unexpectedly slapped her, hitting her over both cheeks proffered by Sara’s hands. Sara released her cheeks, using her arms to raise her upper body slightly as she turned her head to look at Marie in dazed confusion.

“Ask me properly,” Marie said, looking back at her with a stern, yet loving look in her eyes. It made Sara feel small, and she loved it. She had always admired her older friend, but to be in this position of complete surrender was a brand new experience.

“Please Marie, if you think I deserve it… Will you please lick my ass?”

With that she turned her head again, and passively waited for Marie to do as she pleased. She gasped as she felt Marie grab her cheeks and pull them apart. Her body and desire was exposed in every possible way, and her asshole quivered with anticipation as Marie returned her tongue. She again traced her way in between Sara’s cheeks. This time, she didn’t stop, and Sara squealed with submissive pleasure as she felt Marie’s tongue against her sensitive asshole.

The experience was new for Marie too. She’d had lesbian encounters before, but licking another woman’s ass was a novel sensation. She’d been on the receiving end with Michael many times, but she felt that the implication was very different from what she was doing with Sara now. When Michael was licking her, she was demanding it, forcefully craving the attention of his tongue. Sara instead offered her ass as a gift for Marie to use as she pleased.

And she was going to use it well. Sara’s ass was perfect in every way, and Marie grunted as she continued to flick her tongue over its most intimate center. The sensation was intoxicating, and she pressed Sara’s smooth cheeks against her face.

It was in that position that Michael found his girlfriend as he returned. Her face was buried between her friend’s cheeks, and there was no doubt what she was up to. Sara’s eyes were closed and neither of them seemed to notice him. He marveled at the sight and couldn’t help stroking himself.

“I think we have an audience,” Marie said eventually as she backed away from Sara. She’d been aware of Michael’s presence since he came back, but had continued her attention to Sara’s ass for the pleasure of them all.

Sara opened her eyes and saw Michael standing there completely naked. She felt embarrassed by what he had witnessed, but apparently he had enjoyed it. He was rock hard again. She wanted to say something about how it was impressive for an old man to get an erection soon after the last one, but she decided to remain quiet. She didn’t want to speak unless Marie told her.

“Honey, can you get the box out of the bottom drawer for me?” Marie said, acting like it was perfectly ordinary that Michael had just witnessed her licking another woman’s ass.

Michael knew what Marie kept in that box, and was curious to see what his girlfriend would go for. She winked wickedly at him as he handed it to her, a loving expression shining through her authoritarian state.

Marie let out a pleased sigh as she opened the box. Inside was her collection of sex toys. “Here’s the one.”

Out of curiosity, Sara looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes widened at the object in Marie’s hand. Though she’d never seen one up close before, she knew that this plug-shaped toy was meant for the ass. She was nervous, but adhering to her submissive role, she turned her head back and closed her eyes, passively waiting for her penetration. She gasped as Marie spit on her asshole.

Marie nuzzled her friend with the plug, letting it explore the crevice of her alluring ass. The blonde gasped again as Marie placed the tip of the toy against Sara’s delightful opening. Ever so gently, she inserted the tip. Sara tensed up, and Marie retracted the toy. As the girl relaxed, she inserted it again. She teased her friend, gently moving the tip in and out of her ass. She smirked as she noticed Sara pushing back against the toy, her ass instinctively begging for deeper penetration. Being in control of Sara’s pleasure made Marie purr.

“That’s good, my adorable little slut,” she said, and held the toy steadily at Sara’s opening. “Take it all.”

Sara pressed back against the toy, moaning submissively as she devoured it.

Michael joined his girlfriend, kneeling beside her on the bed. They marveled in silence, enthralled by the sight before them. The toy was decorated with a jewel at the base, sparkling at the center of Sara’s round ass. Sara’s accommodating posture – displaying herself in this compromising position for their pleasure – made the imagery even more seductive.

“Fuck her,” Marie said, her domineering voice shimmering with excitement. She moved out of the way, inviting her boyfriend to position himself behind Sara.

Michael had no words to express his gratitude to his girlfriend for allowing him to enjoy their little friend like this. His cock stood rock hard, eager to get inside Sara’s inviting pussy once more. He rubbed it gently against her slit a few times before pressing into her. They moaned together. With the toy in her ass, she was even tighter than before.

He began moving in and out of her, amazed by how sensuous Sara’s ass felt against his hips. This time, he also felt the back of the toy against his pelvic bone, and as he pressed into her, it pushed the toy deeper inside her. The girl yelped in pleasure every time this happened.

Turning to his attention to his girlfriend, he found that she had taken a seat on a chair next to the bed. Her legs were spread wide, and she shamelessly rubbed herself as she watched them. She looked like a queen, expecting a good show from her servants. He repeatedly moved back so that only the tip of his cock was inside the girl before letting Marie watch it disappear deep inside again. He fucked Sara with long, hard thrusts. The performance wasn’t lost on Marie, and as he increased the intensity of his thrusts, Marie’s fingers grew more intense too. They were all moaning ecstatically, moving towards another release.

But as their lustful chanting signaled that they were approaching climax, Marie suddenly stood and held up her hand. She was breathing heavily, and she had to use much willpower to stop her fingers. She joined them on the bed, signaling for Michael to back away from Sara.

“Hold on, my dears,” she panted.

Sara disapproved, but she said nothing. She didn’t even protest when Marie slowly removed the toy, even though it left her frustratingly empty. Her pleasure was in Marie’s hands – and quite literally it seemed. The toy was replaced by Marie’s probing finger. It was not as thick as the toy, leaving her less filled. But the notion that Marie was inside her ass filled her with lustful pleasure. She moaned approvingly as Marie began moving her finger in and out of her ass.

“Join me,” Marie said to her boyfriend.

At first he didn’t know what she meant, but as she handed him some lubricant from her box of toys, he coated his finger. Placing it next to Marie’s, they pushed inside Sara together. Her tight hole embraced their fingers.

As Sara realized what had happened, she shrieked with astonished pleasure. She was having her ass fingered by two people at once, and both the physical and mental stimulation was intense. The pleasure her ass was receiving was unlike anything she had ever felt before. She soon craved more, and started greedily pushing back against their invading fingers.

Marie smirked. “I think she’s ready.”

She removed her finger, and Michael did the same. His cock was glistening with Sara’s juices, but Marie added more lubricant anyway before pulling him in towards Sara’s ass. She teased the girl with his erection, rubbing the head against her craving hole.

Sara obediently held still, passively keeping herself open. She was somewhat nervous about what was undoubtedly about to happen, but she was far more excited. She desperately wanted them to claim her ass.

Holding Sara’s hip with one hand, Marie used the other to push the head of the cock inside Sara’s ass.

“Oh!” the girl shrieked in mixture of shock and pleasure.

She tensed up, but made no attempted to move away. Marie let the girl accommodate to the sensation. Feeling that Sara was ready, she put her hand on Michael’s ass, guiding him to gently push further inside the girl. Knowing that she was in control of the deflowering of her friend’s ass filled her with a thrilling sensation of power.

With about half his length inside, Marie halted Michael’s advancement. She made him move back, and he gently began sliding back and forth, enjoying the intense sensation of Sara’s ass squeezing him tight.

Sara was overwhelmed, and she had to use all her willpower to relax. But as the shock faded, she was able focus on the experience. It was such an unusual sensation, getting filled up in this novel way. She felt Michael move gently inside her. It felt odd at first, but the more she focused on the sensation, the more it turned into pleasure. Intense pleasure. And as it built inside her, she began grasping the reality of what was happening. She was having her ass fucked! And it was happening right before Marie. The brunette had taken her seat again, her legs confidently spread wide as she decadently rubbed herself. Her fiery eyes were beaming with lust, filling Sara with delight. Michael had taken her anal virginity, claiming her ass on behalf of himself and Marie. This connotation amplified Sara’s pleasure, and she began moaning loudly. Her arousal spiraled upwards, and she pushed back against his thrusts, craving his cock deeper inside her.

Michael grabbed her hips. The girl was greedily begging for more, and with a slow but determined thrust, he pushed his cock all the way inside her. She screamed out in a mixture of shock and pleasure. He looked at his girlfriend, and noticed that her fingers’ movement had intensified. She mouthed at him with demanding lips. “Fuck her ass. Fuck her hard.” Michael obeyed, building up his thrusts.

Marie was high on power and lust. She had never expected that watching her boyfriend take another woman’s ass would be this exciting. It was a gift Marie had given him, and having the authority to offer up Sara’s ass sent jolts of arousal through her body. The power rush kept spinning in her head as she watched her performers. She could tell they wanted to please her, and they were doing an impressive job. She rewarded them by spreading even further, resting her legs on the armrests of her chair. It invited them to stare at the details of her compelling pussy.

Sara’s eyes were hungry as she took in the sight of her powerful friend. She had drifted far into servitude, and her largest desire was to be and do whatever Marie wanted. How could that woman make it feel so natural to obey her every whim? Sure, Sara had been turned on by the sight of naked women before, but what she felt for Marie was far beyond that. She realized that the desire to please her older friend had always been there in back of her head. What had been innocently seeping out over the years before was now flooding her senses. The dam was broken.

Marie was so near the edge that she only played with herself as a teasing reward for her servants. She felt like her pussy was glowing with power, demanding to be admired. Especially Sara seemed transfixed, her gaze locked between Marie’s legs as her body moved with Michael’s thrusts. Marie leaned back far in her temporary throne, and with her legs spread wide her pussy wasn’t the only thing to be revealed. She read the excitement on Sara’s face as the girl’s gaze dropped ever so slightly. Marie smirked confidently as she reached down along her sides and grabbed her cheeks with both hands. She shamelessly parted them, inviting Sara’s yearning eyes to admire her alluring asshole. The girl’s squeals intensified at the sight.

Sara was disappointed as her friend suddenly stood up, ending the bold display of female sexual authority. But as Marie paraded over, the anticipation grew strong inside Sara. Michael slowed down, as if he too wanted to see what Marie had in store for them next. The brunette had a self-assured smirk on her face as she climbed on the bed. She leaned in and kissed Sara on the mouth. Her lips were gentle at first, but quickly grew increasingly domineering. And the kiss turned sloppy. As Marie broke the kiss, a strand of saliva connected their lips. Sara caught it in her mouth before it fell, treating it like precious offering from her queen.

Marie knelt before her friend, facing away from her. She looked over her shoulder down at Sara. The girl’s mouth hung open, as if begging to be used. Marie purred.

“Kiss me,” she demanded.

With Michael still moving gently in her ass, Sara began placing soft kisses over Marie’s cheeks. Her lips roamed to make sure every inch of Marie’s ass got the attention it deserved. But she knew what was really expected of her. Increasingly, she focused upon the crack of Marie’s ass. As she did, Marie leaned forward slightly, causing her cheeks to part. There, in the crevice between the soft mounds, she could make out Marie’s enticing asshole. Feeling greedy, she pulled apart Marie’s cheeks with her hands, treating herself to an unobstructed view. At that moment, she found the sight absolutely beautiful, and she felt privileged to be allowed to gaze upon Marie’s intimate details.

But looking wasn’t enough. Still parting Marie’s cheeks with her hands, she leaned in and placed a tender kiss on the puckered hole before her. Both women moaned at the contact, and Sara felt her ass squeeze the cock inside her. She repeated the kiss, marveling at how sensuous it was to lovingly kiss her friend on this delicate spot. She felt honored that Marie allowed her to. Over and over, she placed her lips on Marie’s asshole, each kiss ending with a smacking sound as she broke away. Her lips lingered longer and longer as the kisses grew increasingly passionate. Before long, her tongue instinctively escaped her mouth, and she began ardently making out with her friend’s ass.

Sara’s busy tongue was driving Marie crazy. She steadied herself on the bed frame with one hand, and placed the other on the back of the blonde’s head. In an act of domination, she pushed the girl forcefully against her ass. Sara responded by darting her tongue inside Marie, making the brunette scream out in pleasure.

The sight made Michael increase the force of his thrusts, and as he shoved himself deep inside Sara, it pushed the girl against Marie. The three of them rocked back and forth in a synchronous act of carnal pleasure. Michael’s hips smacking against Sara’s ass, the powerful moans from Marie, and the sloppy sounds and muffled yelps coming from Sara created a sultry harmony that filled the room. They were ecstatic, all of them on the brink of eruption.

Destined to give Marie all the pleasure she was entitled to, Sara reached between Marie’s legs and began rubbing her friend’s clit. As she did, Michael reached down and did the same to Sara, his finger easily finding its target between Sara’s smooth lips. This was more than the either of the women could take, and they were overtaken by an ear-shattering climax. It seemed to flow between them as if they were sharing one orgasm.

Michael had to use all his willpower to not climax himself as he drove his cock into Sara’s spasming ass. It squeezed him tight as she came. When the women’s shaking and moaning had subsided, he pulled out and stroked himself to orgasm. He grunted as he shot strand after strand of cum over Sara’s ass. His flow was powerful, and Sara’s ass was glistening with cum when he eventually eased off. Sara looked over her shoulder at the mess he had created, and with a mischievous smile she began rubbing the cum into her cheeks.

The three of them collapsed on the bed, Michael and Marie lying on either side of Sara. They tenderly tickled her back and stroked her hair lovingly as she continued to massage her cum covered ass. No one spoke as they shared a moment of post-orgasmic thrill, each of them trying to grasp the reality of the erotic wonder they had created.

Marie eventually broke the silence. “You know Sara, maybe you don’t have to move out tomorrow?”

Sara had a puzzled but intrigued look on her face as she looked at Marie, and then turned to Michael.

“Yes!” Michael chimed in enthusiastically. “You stay here regularly anyway, why don’t we just make it permanent?”

Sara turned back to Marie. “Really?”

“Yes, really,” Marie chuckled.

“But what about the rent?” Sara asked, suspecting that she knew the answer already. “I can’t really pay what it usually costs to rent a room in this part of town.”

Marie chuckled again. “Oh, don’t you worry about that. You don’t need to pay anything. But…”

She paused as she let her fingers travel down Sara’s back to her ass. She patted it lightly.

“But you will have to leave this as a deposit.”

Sara broke out in a grin, and poked her ass out.


The end