by smotp

The Morning After is deeply sensual, extremely erotic Directed Erotic Visualisation© experience for Gay and Bi-curious Men.

The long awaited sequel to The Bear is finally here. It is about the morning following a night of very special experiences with a ‘woofy Bear of a Man’. A Man who took you to the heights of pleasure. Now it is your turn to repay that pleasure in every way you can imagine. Your turn to take charge and give to receive.

Your Bear of a lover is still asleep when you enter the bedroom. You can do whatever it is that you desire. Join him in the bed and wake him with your attention. Remember it can be rude to talk with your mouth full!
This is about relaxing into passion, experiencing the fantasy and having just the best orgasm!

If you have never tried Directed Erotic Visualisation© experiences and want to know more, read on…
Directed Erotic Visualisation© is not just an erotic audio story, DEV© is a virtual reality experience.

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“I feel like I’ve just had hours and hours of wonderful sex,” one review on the website said. The creator of what he calls Directed Erotic Visualisation or DEV©, says on his website, ( that the sex feels real, the bondage feels real and the scenes in which you are placed feel real. ‘All it takes is some easy breathing teamed with gentle suggestion to create a subjective reality where virtually anything is possible.’ When I read Essemoh Teepee’s (smotp) claims that DEV© is responsible for more than 6.8 million ‘hands free’ orgasms since 2008, I saw it as a personal challenge. Go on, make me!…


I posted my first experimental DEV© experience here on Literotica back in 2008 with several more up to 2010. I proved that it worked; read the feedback Lit listeners posted for yourself. Then I went away to work on the audio quality and fine-tune the technique. Five years, thousands of hours of working with some very special people and a lot of orgasms later, I am back with the very latest, longer, more powerful, orgasm filled audios to excite and delight.


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Essemoh Teepee links the effects of his DEV© technique to something called Brain Plasticity. Suggesting that our mental sensory filter is bypassed by virtual signals indistinguishable from reality. Even the memories from the experience seem very real and can be called up and re lived time and time again. He describes it as the ultimate in safe sex!

Respected Clinical Sexologist, Susana Mayer Ph.D. campaigner for and promoter of Ageless Sex™ says of her experience of DEV©. ‘After receiving the (DEV©) MP3, I created a comfortable environment to enjoy my personalized audio experience. What followed totally astonished me. While listening to the story and eventually being directed to orgasm….well let’s just say it worked.’


So what are you waiting for? Download your orgasms now!

Find somewhere private and comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. Load the DEV© file into your audio player, put on headphones for the best effect, hit the play button and be prepared to have some great sex!

I would love to hear from you about your experience of this audio, Please leave a comment and if you e-mail me I promise to reply.


DEV©: making the world better, one orgasm at a time