by FieryLion

Cruising down the road, Vina let her car stereo boomed to the latest pop song. Endless green plains surrounded her. With the road clear as far as the eye can see, she was tempted to go at top speed, but instead pulled her windows down to enjoy the breezy air.

A small cardboard box lie on the road, neglected and tattered. Curious, she stopped the car and went out to inspect it.

Engraved on the side were the words ‘Adult’s Dimensional Rings’.

She stared dubiously. Some kind of condom? She tore a small opening and saw several silver metallic rings encased in plastic pouches inside. Nope, not condoms.It was never in her nature to ignore interesting things. Vina decided to put the box in the backseat and continued her journey.

Dusk came when she arrived at the campus. She stopped, flipped the red patch of hair that covered her eye, and took a moment to take in the imposing sight. Pristine white walls lined the artistically curved building. A large blue V icon poked out from its roof.

Vantum University was one of the top schools in biochemistry and engineering. The tuition wasn’t cheap, but her family wasn’t poor either.

Her phone rang.

“Hi mom.”

“Did you arrive yet?”


“Is everything settled?”

“I’m checking in now.”

“Alright, Remember to call me if you ever need anything hun. Have fun, I’ll miss you!”

“Mom, I’m not six years old anymore.” She chuckled, grabbed her two wheeled bags, and headed towards the reception.

The entire building chirped with activity. Some busy carrying their dozens of bags to the dorm room while others lingered in the reception area, chatting languidly with other freshmans.

“Here is your room key, miss Lions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.” The beautiful blond receptionist handed her a small metallic card.

“Would you like a tour of our school later?”

“Thank you, but I have other plans for tonight.”

Her room was near the end of the hallway. It was a longer walk but she liked it for there would be less noises.

“I’m Lin Johnson.” Came a meek voice.

The petite, black haired girl greeted her with a bow.

“Vina Lions, its a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled and gave a handshake. “There is no need to be shy here, we all are new to the place.”

“I’m sorry! Its, its just I’m still a little…” Lin had a sad and confused look.

“Overwhelmed?” Vina guessed. “Its going to be alright, I know well how you feel. Being far from my family taxes me too.”

‘I see.” Lin returned a soft smile.

“Where are you from?” She placed her luggage on the bed and started to unpack.

“China. My dad’s family lived in the country with my mom.”

“Did you fly here on your own?”

“Yes, this is not the first time I came to the US, though it is the first time my parents aren’t with me.”

“Well, I’m from Texas, had to make a full day drive here.” Vina yawned and stretched.

“Ah, you must be tired then.”

“Not at all. I was going to go for a stroll around the school to take in some air later. Do you want to come?”

“Sorry.” Lin shook her head. “I’m rather exhausted from my flight.”

“Suit yourself then.” Vina tidied the things on her side of the room and went out.

She took a deep breath, enjoying the evening fresh air. Numerous lampposts lit up the area in yellow. Students wandered around the grounds, some sat on the benches to text or read, others walked leisurely while occasionally yelling at each other in a joking manner. Lively. She frowned, wanting to enjoy a quiet walk.

Even in the dark, the main campus building looked like a monumental sculpture. The giant ‘Vantum’ letters stood proudly atop its roof.

After arriving at a quiet area, she sat on a nearby bench, closed her eyes to let the refreshing breeze play with her hair, and pulled out her phone to read. The book was titled ‘Looking Under Life’s Hood, the Secrets every Biology Mechanic Should Know.’

The serenity of the night enhanced her concentration as she read her time away.

“That is one fancy book you’re reading.”

“Its not very polite to snoop at other people’s phone.” She raised her eyebrow.

“Sorry for interrupting. I’m David, the newly appointed freshman supervisor. I just want to remind you that the dorm will close soon”

“Vina Lions. You can call me Vina, and thank you for reminding me.”

“Nice to meet you, Vina. Mind if I accompany you back?”

“Don’t you have other freshman to remind?” She returned a smirk.

“Nah, I made sure everyone else are already in.”

As they walked, she noticed his features weren’t half bad. High cheekbones, tall forehead, long straight nose and a prominent chin, he’d make a perfect cover model for the novels her friends often read if not for his slim body build.

The chat amused her, he was rather playful for a supervisor. She wouldn’t be surprised if he nailed more than a couple of girls by the semester’s end. Sex wasn’t of her interest however, for she would be engaged in serious coursework and her own hobby researches.

Back in her room, she saw Lin sleeping soundly in her blanket. Though the weather was cool to Vina, if not a little hot.

She entered the bathroom to wash up and hopped on her bed. She decided to read until well over midnight for school didn’t start until the day after tomorrow.

There was sobbing.

She quietly slipped down from her top bunk and saw two wet streams pouring down Lin’s face. Vina sat next to her and tried to shake her awake.

“Lin, are you alright?”

Lin opened her eyes wide and looked at Vina. “Mom?” She lunged herself up and pulled Vina into a tight embrace.

Bewildered, Vina could only wrap her arms around Lin and pat her back. “Everything is alright Lin. I’ll take care of you.”

It took a few minutes for the sobbing to stop.

“I’m very sorry for waking you!” Lin bowed her head repeatedly.

“No, its fine really. Holding the anxiety inside yourself will only hurt you more. Its good to let everything out sometimes.”

“Thank you.” She smiled so cutely that Vina wanted to pat her head. “Umm, would you mind if I…”

“Hmm?” Vina tilted her head, but realized what it meant when Lin held up her arms. Vina nodded and received another hug.

She wanted to chuckle when the girl had hugged her to sleep. Carefully, She tucked Lin under the blanket.

She returned to her bed and decided to sleep herself, but couldn’t help but stay awake. Sigh, this will be a long night.

Vina pulled out her phone and continued reading, but gave up quickly for she couldn’t focus.

She wracked her head from something to do. Then her eyes widened. The box! She took the box from her bag and pulled out an instruction manual along with around 40 intact rings.

Using the light from her phone, she read the manual.


Warning, Keep away from all children under the age of 18!

How to use:

Trace finger around half of the ring to activate.

To create a dimensional connection, make a thought process that links to any objects within the user’s mental range. Lock onto the object using sight, sound or touch and then transfer the thought about the object to the ring. Also specify the angle and position relative to the object for the portal to appear.

Locking and tracking range: 2 miles.


After tracing her finger, she gasped and stared at the ring that glowed a soft blue. Without pause, she held it with her left hand and looked at the table. She calmed her breathing and made eye contact with her car keys. Please work. A small glowing blue ring appeared in mid air above her car keys.

Wow. She looked back at the ring in her hand and the image of the key illuminated in blue appeared. Her fingers moved on their own and entered the ring. She looked back at her table and saw the tip of her fingers appearing from the tiny portal. The ring expanded slightly to allow her whole hand to enter. She grabbed the key with no problems.

It took several minutes for her blank mind to begin recollecting itself. Still dazed, she took the manual and a ring and entered the bathroom.

She turned on the lights, put the manual on a small table and stared at the ring. Such an amazing revelation it was that she couldn’t wrap her mind around everything. From what she can tell, the ring can make a small portal that bent space and give her access to another location. How did it do it, Who made it and numerous other questions arose. But the question that weighted the most on her mind was what else it can do.

She continued reading the manual.


There are 3 modes:

Mode 1, color white: Allow the user to feel and apply force to objects, but there are no visual feedbacks, no matter from either side can interact with each other, and no matter will be interchanged.

Mode 2, color blue: Allow the user to interact with and retrieve matter one way. Only matter that are not fluid or air that is in contact with the user will be interchanged. Fluid and air will interact with user, but will not be retrieved unless inside an enclosed container.

Mode 3, color green: Allow the user to interact with and interchange matter both ways like a normal portal.

How to change modes: Trace finger over full ring to open interface menu.


A blue holograph menu hovered above the ring, showing various options for changing the portal sizes, angle and modes. She shook off her daze, there was no time to be stunned by the futuristic technology that was the ring, she wanted to know more.

To test the various modes, she filled the sink with water, switched to mode 1, and placed the other end of the ring portal under water. Just as the description, nothing happened, no water flowed out of the portal. She placed one finger through the ring and felt the water on the other side but strangely the finger wasn’t wet, as if there was an invisible membrane protecting her finger from getting wet by the water surrounding it. It did not appear on the end portal either, she used her other hand to touch the end portal and could feel the tip of her fingers, as if her finger had gone invisible. When she pulled her finger out, the finger was completely dry because the water stayed on the other side of the portal.

She switched to mode 2 and placed her finger in. The finger did get wet, but when she pulled her finger back out, it was dry again. She tried to use her hand to scoop water from the portal to no avail, the water simply disappeared, refusing to go through the portal. Then she grabbed a nearby empty bottle, filled it with water through the portal, and pulled it back out with no problems.

She switched to mode 3 and almost splattered herself when water flowed out of the first portal. Had she placed the end portal any deeper, the water pressure would be enough to give herself an unintentional bath. She could see clearly an exchange of air from the ring portal she was holding with the water from the end portal.

Amused, she raised the end portal above water, held the ring portal right above the end portal, and dropped some water on them. The water went through the end portal, appeared at the top portal and fell through the bottom portal again, making an endless loop.

Opening the manual, she continued reading excitedly.


Lock Restriction: The portal can’t appear inside collapsed and empty containers. To allow for instant teleportation within containers, the container must be filled with either liquid or air to stretch for the size of the portal.

Traverse function: to bypass the lock restriction, set the portal at the mouth or opening of the container and adjust the traverse dial up. The portal will exert a small amount of pressure inside the container, enough to stretch it for the portal to enter. The function will automatically take care of angle and relative position of the portal within the container, therefore the dial can only be adjusted in two ways, to transverse inward and to transverse outward.

Human interactions: The device is specifically designed for sexual pleasure. When locked at a human target, the menu will show more information on detailed interactions. These orifices can act as the container opening for the traverse function: mouth, nose, ears, asshole, vagina and urethra.


She had to reread the last line. It bewildered her for such an amazing and useful tool that can manipulate space itself, she wanted to know why someone would design it specifically for the enjoyment of sex. They could have introduced it to the world and revolutionize humanity. But then she stopped at the small print on the back of the manual.


The user is responsible for all actions performed with this device.

This device is for personal use only, the user may share with close friends and family, but not social media or law enforcements of any kind.

DO NOT: Reveal, give ownership to, or publish the existence of this device to the general public in anyway. Doing so will lead to the device’s self destruction and the user may face unofficial prosecution.


Well, that explains it. She could only presume there was some kind of Illuminati group that got access to the technology and began distributing it to its top members for personal enjoyment. While some human activist would urge her to go against this enigmatic group and show the world the amazing piece of tech, she had no desire to do so. She was only interested in life and how it worked, biology was her passion. But she was no humanitarian, whether or not humanity itself progress wasn’t of her concern.

It almost seemed too good to be true, the responsibility to improve the world and technology itself had been lifted off her shoulders and she may use it to her personal enjoyment alone. Because such a useful device would be priceless, she feared that its original owner might come back for it at anytime.I guess I’ll just have to use it as much as possible before then. She shrugged,

As a biology enthusiast, no sense of ethics existed within her mind when she experimented. Such a splendid job she did on hiding the side effects that her own mother didn’t know she had been experimenting on her own body long ago.

A 3D projection of her body appeared on the menu, with glowing markers on each of her orifices. She selected the mouth.

The ring resized itself to fit snugly inside her jaw, she could feel a warm pulsing sensation on the tip of her tongue. Looking at the mirror with her mouth wide open, she saw the white outline of the glowing portal. sitting behind her teeth.

She wanted to use mode three to feel and analyze everything within herself, but did not want to make a mess, so she reluctantly put back to mode oneHere goes nothing. She pushed the traverse knob in the menu and felt as the portal moved towards her throat. She sensed a little nudge when the portal moved past her throat and into the esophagus.

She looked into the ring and saw its glowing light illuminating a part of her esophagus. The smooth pink flesh formed into a tube leading down to her stomach. She felt another nudge as the ring passed her stomach sphincter.

This is awesome. She watched what remained of the burger and fries she had for dinner sitting in her stomach. She should have been grossed out by the scene like any other person, if not for her strange attraction towards the inner workings of the human body.

She put her finger in and felt the smooth lining of the stomach walls. Because the ring was in mode one, her finger did not get wet from the stomach juice.

This is turning me on so much. She felt the heat rushing to her face and her breathing quickened.

She dismissed the portal inside her tummy and reappeared it at the juncture of her thighs, the portal positioned itself just beneath her panty. She stared through the ring, into the soft pink folds of her femininity. Wow. She had played with herself in the past, but never had she got such a close look at her most private place.

The portal traversed forward into the moist curls. When it was inside, she slid her fingers along the warm surface and felt the odd sensation of being fingered while clothed.

It amused her that with the help of the portal, she could place her fingers as deep as she want within herself. However, the lack of lubricant slowed things down a little. She wet her fingers in the sink and tried again. But because mode one and two did not allow surface liquids to pass through, her finger became dry again when it passed through the portal.

Knowing that that using saliva as lubricant was perfectly safe. She switched to mode three, spat into the ring and felt as the spit lubricated part of her insides, and switched back to one.

“Mhmm.” Pleasure quickly overtook her as she lost herself and thrust her fingers in quick motions.

When the first orgasm came, she couldn’t help but stop, leaned her back on the wall, and panted.

What the am I doing? She smiled bitterly. Fingering herself with a dimensional ring on the first day of uni wasn’t exactly what she had planned, but there were complaints.

The orgasm cleared her mind, reminding her that she had the whole of tomorrow to test the device to her heart’s content. Staying awake any further would only reduce her cognitive performance. She quietly snuck back to bed, but not before fingering herself one more time.


“I am very sorry!” Was Lin’s first words when she woke up. It seemed she remembered clearly the events of last night.

“I am not mad at you. It is a good thing to let go of your anxiety than to keep it holed up inside.”

“I must have troubled you.”

“Its fine, Lin.” She gave her a gentle smile. “What are your plans for today, if I may ask?”

“I need to go to the store and buy school supplies.”

“Did you not bring any from China?”

“My parents didn’t want me to carry heavy baggage.”

“Since I also need to shop, do you mind if I come?”


They walked to a nearby bookstore. Vina gave Lin various tips on which kind of paper was good and avoiding overly expensive brands. The shopping took a little more than an hour.

“Thank you very much, Vina.” Lin returned a faint smile.

“You’re certainly welcome.”

Lin’s phone beeped. “I need to return and fill out some paperwork. Thanks again.” She bowed and left.

Standing in the middle of the store, Vina smiled. “Time to get some testing equipment.”

What do you think Vina should buy for her experiments?

This story lives entirely on the crazy ideas that I can think off. And when I run of of ideas, the story will die 🙁

So, tell me what you think she can do with the portal. Whether it be for sexual exploration, dirty pranks or even saving lives. Just be creative!