by jlorthia


Note: This is an over the top humiliation story that takes place in a fantasy universe.


In a world that in many ways was much like our own, and in other ways starkly different. It is a world of humans, but also elves, nymphs, and goblins. It is a world with kings, queens, and generals, but also magicians and sorcerers. A world of hierarchies and divisions but also of divine judgment. A world with familiar earthly laws of physics, only slightly altered A world where science and magic coexisted like they were one in the same. This world was named by the ancients as Vero. While Vero was filled with many kingdoms this tale takes place in the Kingdom of Seaton. A Kingdom quite unique.

Before this tale can unravel further there must a brief introduction to the history of the Kingdom of Seaton. As this story would make little sense if there was not some background information given. Founded thousands of years in the past the Kingdom of Seaton was once ruled by absolute monarchs that that ruled by divine decree. Although many different families have held the Seasonic throne they generally ruled in the same way, by exploiting pain. Pain is a trait that has helped humans survive, possibly, in fact more than any other trait. Knowing that fire will burn, and that a predator can cause agony will lead any human or humanoid being to form a strong survival instinct. The early rulers of the Kingdom of Seaton knew this well and knew that they could control the population with the threat of pain. Displaying the pain of one ne’er-do-well or a would-be usurper to public display would show off the power of the monarchy and would act as a blockade against those who would dare break the then devine law of the monarchies. Yet, a curious and unintended consequence of this display of monarchical power was that the masses began to enjoy watching this savage pain. Large crowds would gather, even pay a fortune to see torture and death be put upon their fellow citizens. It became a spectacle for the people and over time the people demanded more cruel and unusual punishments for criminals.

Yet societies change. Over time in the society of Seaton, there was a power shift, the Kings and Queens slowly lost power, although they were able to remain starkly wealthy and in control of their own vassals, the merchant class emerged as a more powerful force than even the Kings and Queens. The merchants formed their own elected government and the vast majority of the people were under the rule of this rudimentarily capitalist society. The Kings and Queens were forced to sign decrees that reduced their own power and because of this civil war between the monarchists and the merchant class was avoided. Thus the Kings and Queens and their families still ruled small portions of the Kingdom. For every great city within the Kingdom, there was a palace ruled by a member of the royal family, these palaces were self-sustaining, with farmland and serfs. The royal family was unable to control the people outside of the territory surrounding their palace, but for the people who resided within their territory, they had absolute control. The only aspect of the government that was under the palaces’ control was a self-defense force filled with elite knights. Since no invading army had attempted to attack the Kingdom in over one-thousand years the Knightly order had become nothing more than thugs for their royal bosses, extracting money and food from the serfdom.

Meanwhile, the civilian population outside of monarchical control enjoyed a mostly decadent life of earthly pleasures and distractions. And although some aspects of a society change, others do not. Like in the times of old, the highest form of entertainment was the act of publically torturing and/or executing criminals. The civilian non-monarchical government had long outlawed “cruel and unusual” punishment, so the entertainment came mostly from the palaces, where a serf, who tried to escape his or her oppression or who had lashed out against a knight who may have been beating them with a truncheon would be taken to the city center to be punished, publicly. Usually stripped naked the serfs would be whipped, spanked and occasionally beheaded. By charging the wealthy citizenry of the cities the royal vassal lords were able to live opulent lifestyles themselves. Furthermore, the civilian population loved to read endless articles and books about the lives of the royals. This gossip and intrigue involving the royals and their lifestyle took up more public discourse than all other subjects combined. Occasionally the entire population would be gripped by a massive scandal involving the royal family, the largest of which would be when a royal family changed houses.

In the time this story takes place a dramatic change in the royal house had indeed occurred. For the previous century, the Pierpont house had sat on the Seatonic throne. The House of Pierpont had proven to be extremely cruel to their subjects, which of course the city dwellers outside of royal control loved, due to the frequent public entertainment. In fact it was said that the Pierpont royal family received most of their profits from selling tickets to public punishments. In the last days of the house of Pierpont, the cruelty had become almost abhorrent, on a daily basis a serf or groups of serfs were brought forward to be tortured, humiliated and executed. This is why the city-dwelling citizenry was quite disappointed when the Conwyn family was able to take the throne through a series of politically motivated marriages. Yet the Conwyn’s indeed found a way to satiate the masses and bring in gold to strengthen their own power. The House of Conwyn had decided to publicly punish all of the members of the cruel House of Pierpont by publicly punishing them. The House of Pierpont had used all of their political capital to sign a treaty called the Treaty of Griggs(named for the city for which it was signed) for which they believed would save them of the worst possible punishments, in this treaty it stipulated that the House of Conwyn was not to “mutilate or execute” any member of the House of Pierpont, and each member of the House of Pierpont would be given a trial. Yet the Pierpont negotiators did not account for the House of Conwyn’s creativity.

***Lillian Pierpont(Lillian the Stunning): The wicked and sadistic princess***

The worst cruelest palace to be a serf was the Palace of Lillian Pierpont, in the province of Zuria. The large palace with swirling spires was located next to the metropolis of Zuria City one of the most prosperous cities in the entire Kingdom. Lillian was a princess not yet 30 years of age, and also a sadistic tyrant who seemed to truly enjoy every bit of cruelty that she inflicted on her serfs. Even other members of the House of Pierpont resented the fact that Lillian had so much power at such a young age.

Lillian was a stunning beauty looked like the height of haughty sophistication. She was tall possibly around 6’0″ tall with long legs and a sleek but curvy body, her head always tilted upwards so that she looked down her nose at almost everybody she encountered, her hair was styled lavishly, as it was straight near the top of her head and curled as it descended down to just below her shoulders. Lillian’s white flesh and blonde hair were contrasted by her dark almost always raised perfectly groomed eyebrows and her dark brown eyes. She always wore a sparkling crown adorned with fine exotic gems. She wore the finest long ornate dresses of the finest exotic silks, her dresses were also adorned with striking gems. On her feet, she wore tall high heeled shoes which amplified her height considerably, to the point where she stood taller than most soldiers.

Lillian’s beauty was only matched by her cruelty. It was this combination of beauty and cruelty that attracted sycophants wherever she went. These sycophants would do anything and everything Lillian asked, and what she asked was abominable, her serfs were starved, beaten, forced to grovel and even eat their own fecal matter to survive. Lillian seemed to get great satisfaction from her absolute power and abused it terribly. Like all members of the royal family, Lillian was a trained fencer, and excelled at the sport, besting many of her fellow royals on a regular basis. Going further she enjoyed practicing her fencing maneuvers on her subjects, she would stab and slash them as they were helplessly tied to a post.

Traditionally in a palace, the one safeguard against the cruelty of a royal was the palace sorcerer or sorceress. Only a small fraction of the population had any genetic propensity for magic and only a small portion of them had the ability to command magic in such a way that they could be called a sorcerer or sorceress. The job of the sorcerer or sorceress in a palace was to act as a healer, an oracle and a spiritual advisor to the royal ruler. If the sorcerer or sorceress deemed the ruler they counseled to be incompetent or unfit in any way they could banish this member of the royal family into a nether realm. Lillian’s sorceress was Adadelis the Wise, a beautiful veteran sorceress in her fifties, who commanded respect amongst all around her. Lillian afraid that Adadelis would either banish her one day or somehow curb her power had Adadelis pushed into the nether realm and sealed inside. Lillian herself was able to make the seal with Adadelis’ iconic staff, yet before the seal could be made a few dozen disgusting flying eels escaped and began ravaging and terrifying the land. This was a small price to pay.

***Helena the Worthy: The Chaste and Arrogant Knight.***

It was Helena the Worthy that pushed Adadelis the Wise into the nether realm and sealed her in.She did this at the bequest of Lillian. Helena and her five henchwomen acted as Lillian’s personal bodyguards. Helena was strangely devoted to Lillian above all else, Lillian noticing this had quickly promoted Helena to the top rank. Traditionally in the province of Bruston, a prince would have an all-male group of personal guards and a female royal would have an all-female group. Furthermore, each knight being male or female took a vow of celibacy. After their service to the royal family, each knight would traditionally marry a warlord from the northern Kingdom of Xemor. The intense Helena was very proud of her chastity and took it upon herself to mercilessly beat any unmarried serf woman that was accused of any type of sexual activity. She had already outstayed the minimum service time and could at any point have left Lillian’s side to marry, yet in her late twenties, she still stood loyally beside the cruel Lillian. Both women seemed to have a nearly amorous respect for each other.

Helena’s armor fit snugly around her body she was shorter than Lillian but had wider hips and larger breasts, her armor glistened in the sun, she was almost always flanked with other almost equally armor clad young chaste women and Helena never left her trusty sword and shield behind. Her shield and sword, as well as the ornate designs and symbols on her armor, were light blue, which matched her eyes. Helena’s hair was dirty blonde, long and thick it was tightly braided in two ponytails fell over each shoulder, and descended all the way down her body to her knee caps. Helena was clearly proud of her body and her rank, and would routinely force serfs to bow at her feet. Helena seemed to think of herself as someone who was the model of virtue and justice, she had an enormous ego. Helena was monstrously judgemental towards everyone but Lillian, for whom she seemed to almost worship. Lillian played into this by praising Helena as the “most brave and worthy knight” which fed Helena’s ego turning her into a near narcissist. Helena would glow with pride when Lillian would lightly touch her knight’s cheek or stroke her hair while complimenting her.

***Sylvia the Cruel: The Indolent, and Traitorous Inquisitor.***

The other highest ranked syncopath found frequently at Lillian’s side was Sylvia. Unlike the egotistical Helena Sylvia was not born to any status, on the contrary, she was born into serfdom. It was the House of Pierpoint that noticed Sylvia’s penchant for cruelty. From a young age, Sylvia was an unabashed bully, cruelly physically and emotionally tormenting her peers. It was this unusual trait that allowed Sylvia to become an apprentice inquisitor and eventually get her own post in Lillian’s palace. Sylvia had all but forgotten her humble origins and detested doing the “labor” of her occupation, instead, Sylvia preferred to be carted around on a litter. Four sturdy and naked serfs would carry Sylvia as she lied on her side and was fed grapes and other fruits by another equally nude serf, her litter was rimmed with gold and contained many soft pillows to allow for Sylvia’s utter comfort. This lifestyle of indulgence led Sylvia to become rubanesque in her figure. Sylvia’s excess weight did not render her unattractive, as her weight was well distributed throughout her figure. Sylvia’s wore dark form-fitting dresses and her dark eyeliner, and black hair combined with her nearly white flesh gave Sylvia an intimidating look and her presence was indeed a frightening sight for the serfs. So hated was Sylvia by the serfs she was almost always flanked with some of Helena’s excess guards.

Sylvia was Lillian’s inquisitor, meaning that she used her intimidation and bullying ways to root out any serfs that had even spoken an utterance that insulted Lillian or any of Lillian’s sycophants. Sylvia’s favorite form of punishment was to watch as one serf whipped or somehow abused another serf’s genitals. Thin strings were tied and pulled around men’s scrotums vaginas and anuses were struck with whips and other apparatuses. Since Sylvia herself was slothful she mostly coerced serf’s to punish each other, as she laughed with wicked joy at the pain. It was Sylvia that was present in a full executioner’s garb that whipped the naked bodies of the serf’s for the city’s amusement while Lillian sat back and watched from her mobile throne. Of course, if the whipping ever brought Sylvia into any sort of hard breathing or sweat she would hand her whipping instrument over to her large muscular and mute male assistant.

***Evelyn Conwyn(Evelyn the Good): The Vengeful Reformer of the House of Conwyn.***

After Lillian was deposed Evelyn Conwyn was put in her place. Evelyn, born into the serfdom herself married into the House of Conwyn at a young age, her husband died soon after during a boar hunt, and Evelyn became a powerful princess, not beholden to any man. In fact, in many ways Evelyn was similar to Lillian, both were childless attractive young women, and both excelled in the sport of fencing. Yet in other ways the two women were opposites. Evelyn was short and athletic in build, with piercing green eyes. Evelyn chose to wear trousers instead of long flowing dresses, yet most of all Evelyn having come from a commoner’s background was very sympathetic to the plight of the serfs. So it goes without saying that Evelyn was enraged when she found out how the serf’s had suffered at the hands of Lillian and her cronies. Evelyn was determined to punish Lillian to the highest degree that was legally acceptable.

Lillian and her compatriots were allowed a trial and using legal maneuvering Lillian was able to prolong the trial for over one year, all the while she was able to live in luxury in her own quarters with her two closest sycophants, Helena and Sylvia. Each time Lillian was forced to testify she acted indignantly and arrogantly, Lillian was confident that any punishment that would befall her would not be personally damning enough to cause her lasting pain. News of the other Pierpont punishments were light, a spanking or a public confession was all that occurred. Lillian wished to move with her assets to a large city and marry an older wealthy merchant and wait for him to die before taking his estate. Lillian knew that the Treaty of Griggs did not allow her punishment to kill or permanently mutilate her, so Lillian knew that she would be able to keep her ravishing good looks and this would be enough to attract almost any man she chose. Throughout most of the trial, Lillian looked at herself in the mirror and made sure that her makeup and hair were prim and proper, her biggest concern was keeping any semblance of power and status she could muster. Ironically, by prolonging the trial, Lillian had unwittingly made herself the “main event” the last Pierpont punishment, and the city dwellers were clamoring for a spectacular finally to what had been a disappointing comeuppance for the house of Pierpont.

Helena was far more angry, finding the whole trial to be a miscarriage of justice, Helena was adamant that she had never broken the law and had simply carried out orders from her superiors, Helena would grandstand to the court for hours making sure to compliment herself on her own heroism in vanquishing “the threats of serfdom” and protecting the great and powerful Lillian, who she made clear was “illegally disposed of” and that Helena would revel in personally executing each and every one of the Conwyn usurpers.

Sylvia did not take the trial seriously, she simply yawned and chuckled as her crimes were read to her. Sylvia truly believed that her end sentence would be a banishment to another palace where she would continue to work as an inquisitor, Sylvia believed her skills were irreplaceable, she thought that, be it Conwyns or Pierpont each palace would need someone cruel and sadistic enough to keep the serfs in their place. Sylvia made it be known that she was quite vexed at the fact that during the trial she had to feed herself, that there was no enslaved serf at her disposal to drop the food into her mouth.

After the long and drawn out trial, the three main defendants were shocked when their punishment was read out. They were to be hauled off into the city center to the gallows and punished in front of a crowd of onlookers, then they would each be sentenced to a “unique” task for approximately one year after their public punishments. Each of the three main defendants had different reactions. Sylvia’s nonchalant attitude transformed into indignant rage. It had not crossed Sylvia’s mind that a public punishment was even an option for someone of her status and abilities. Sylvia screamed that the court would live to regret their decision. Helena almost immediately puffed her chest up and started to make a long-winded speech about how she would be turned into a martyr for all of mankind and that she would not be humbled under any circumstance. Lillian’s reaction was the most understated, her face slightly more pale than usual, her voice slightly more nervous than usual just reiterated that they would not be “killed or mutilated” and that the punishment would quick and mostly “pomp and circumstance.”

***The Scene of the Punishment***

In the middle of the city square, there was a wooden stage, this is where public punishments generally occurred. Around the stage was a standing area, that held a capacity of around five thousand. Surrounding the stage there were hotels, restaurants, and shops. On the day of the Lillian and her compatriots punishment the area surrounding the stage was filled with people, some of which camped for days to get good seating, and many of which who had paid exorbitant amounts of money to be present. The restaurants and bars were crowded elbow to elbow with patrons, many of which had been drinking and eating since the early hours of the morning. Above the restaurants and bars were expensive hotels, with long balconies looking over the city center. On the balcony stood many of the cities most wealthy patrons, many of who sipped from glasses of wine. The men and women sitting on the balconies had paid top dollar to be there, and many had scheduled their stay weeks in advance. These hotels jutted up five to seven stories. Many of the rich patrons on the upper floors held binoculars so that they could get a closeup view. Finally, the roofs were dangerously full of brave men and women who had climbed the scaffolding to get a view of the punishment.

The crowd chatted and drank, they sung songs were generally in a jovial mood. It was the most well-attended punishment in ages, and certainly, books consisting of every small detail would be written about the event. In fact, two reporters sat by the side of the wooden stage with their notebooks in hand, even a skilled sketcher was there to record what he saw. Almost everyone had in their hands a programme booklet indicating with intriguing vagueness some of the sights they were about to witness. The spectators eagerly pointed to each part of the text and openly speculated about what they were about to witness.

“A spectacular sword duel, magic beyond what you have ever seen, lights and colors galore, three criminals humbled in the most extreme sense!” The programme read, followed by three drawings of the condemned. Lillian looking haughty, Helena in full armor regalia staring intimidatingly at the reader and Sylvia looking relaxed with a wicked smile. The crowd members spoke to each other, “A sword duel?”, “Magic?”, “Colors galore?” each person debated what these words meant, and yet only one conclusion could be made for sure, this would be a punishment the likes of which had never been witnessed before.

The crowd’s murmur turned silent as they noticed the three condemned women were being paraded onto the stage. There was Sylvia clad in her black robe, her hands tied behind her back, a black hood over her head. Helena also was bound with her head under a hood, and she was wearing her full armor regalia. Finally, Lillian was brought forth, she seemed to resist slightly more than the other two, yet her hands were not bound and her face was not covered. Lillian seemed to float gracefully onto the stage, she was wearing her finest garments, and even now at her time of reckoning, she looked intimidating. Lillian seemed to momentarily lose her haughty cool when she first looked at the size of the crowd. No doubt, it was an overwhelming sight.

Despite the fact that Lillian was not in bondage she was flanked by two guards. A jester cartwheeled himself into the center stage of the wooden platform, and the crowd erupted in cheers knowing that the spectacle was about to begin. A guard tossed the jester a megaphone and the Jester began to introduce the festivities to the now rabid crowd.

***A Duel for The Ages***

“Ladies and Gentlemen, ARE YOU READDDDYYYYYYYY for the GRRRRREEEEAAAAATEEESSST punishment you have ever SEEEEEEEEN?!”

The crowd cried out positively with a great roar. Lillian turned her head back and forth looking at the raucous crowd, her bottom lip began to quiver ever so slightly, as the crowd focused on the Jester.

“The first portion of tonight’s event shall be a duel, a duel for the ages!”

The cheering crowd was then introduced to Evelyn Conwyn who came onto the stage holding two fencing swords. Evelyn was wearing her formal trousers and white shirt. She bowed before the crowd and then drove one of the fencing swords into the wooden stage. The jester gave Conwyn the megaphone and Evelyn began to speak.

“I have yet to make a public appearance here in this city. I am the lord of the nearest palace, let me tell you, I have been busy trying to repair the damage that these three vixens have done to the serfs that live in my palace.”

Helena screamed from behind her hood, “It is Lillian’s palace, you are a USURPER!” A guard quickly covered Helena’s mouth with his hand, gripping the knight tightly as she struggled and let out muffled screams.

“Throughout the kingdom, the house of Pierpont has been brought to justice, most of them simply had to pay a fine or were banished. Yet in this particular vassal, there was rampant cruelty, the palace sorceress was illegally banished to a cruel nether realm and abuses great and small happened on a daily basis, therefore these three wicked women will need to be punished severely. Yet, even in circumstances like this, I must give the accusers a fair chance to fight their way out of their bondage. This is why I am allowing Lillian to use her greatest skill, that of fencing to free herself and her compatriots right here and now.”

The crowd gasped, was Lillian going to be given a shot of freedom by dueling her successor and hated rival? The crowd let out a chant, “DUEL! DUEL! DUEL!”

Evelyn tossed Lillian her fencing sword and pulled the fencing sword that she stuck into the stage up with her right hand. Lillian let out a wicked smile.

“Fool! You know not what you do! You have signed me my freedom by giving me this sword, I shall beat any lady in this vassal or any other!”

“We shall see!” Evelyn replied with an equally arrogant smile.

The two women almost immediately began to clash fencing swords. The crowd gasped as the swords clashed together, their metal clanging. Neither woman seemed to have an advantage over the other if anything Evelyn seemed to be backing up more and struggling against the taller more composed Lillian.

“I shall cut your face into shreds, and then stab you in the heart!” Lillian spoke with cruelty and seriousness.

“We shall see about that!” Evelyn grunted as she knocked Lillian’s sword away from hers. The two women continued to duel to a standstill for minutes, until Lillian finally decided to make the first decisive move, lunging forward to stab Evelyn through the heart. To Lillian’s horror, Evelyn parried at just the right time sending Lillian’s sword flying out of her hand.

The crowd gasped, Helena was able to break free of the guard’s grip over her mouth to cheer on Lillian, oblivious to the fact that her sword was out of her hand. As Lillian looked at Evelyn with a stunned horror Evelyn slashed her foil through the air seemingly wildly.

Evelyn stepped back and smiled at Lillian, “What are you smiling at? You missed!” Lillian said in a haughty tone. Lillian’s confidence was shattered when she heard the first tear. Looking down at her bosom Lillian realized that her dress was coming apart in many places in a panic Lillian grabbed her tattered garment, holding with her arms against her chest. Lillian was now red in the face and panicked, hunched over she looked at the cheering crowd. Evelyn was so skilled at fencing she had been able to cut Lillian’s dress without cutting her flesh.

“Pick up your sword and fight me!” Evelyn ordered.

Lillian looked at Evelyn like a wounded animal, knowing that if she picked up the sword her dress would fall to her feet and she would be clad only in her underwear. Yet if she gave up now she would likely face a worse fate. Having no other choice Lillian backed up towards her sword and let go of her dress, letting it fall around her feet. Lillian’s face almost immediately became crimson and the crowd cheered a cry of triumph as Lillian stood shaking, standing in her eight-inch heels. Lillian now awkwardly stepped over her dress and crouched down, all the while looking at Evelyn to see if she would make another move. Lillian took off her heels to give herself better mobility and with rage in her eyes walked up to Evelyn.

“This is the last time I will be humiliated!” Lillian said stoically before aggressively advancing against Evelyn.

As Evelyn parried each one of Lillian’s stabs and slashes, she replied, “I think not!”

The two women parried, slashed and stabbed with their foils, again seemingly to a draw as the crowd let out audible “oohs” and “ahs” Lillian eventually seemed to get over her lack of modesty and focused on her target, with rage in her heart she swung her foil and stabbed at Evelyn, wanting desperately to kill her for both usurping her throne and for humiliating her in front of the large crowd. Suddenly the more agile Evelyn decided to turn show off a few more moves, slashing and then tumbling in the wooden stage, spinning and lurching forward and back Evelyn was eventually able to disorient Lillian. Evelyn eventually found herself facing Lillian’s back. Lillian felt the back of her bra tear open and almost immediately felt her nipples touch the outside air. Without hesitation, Lillian forgot she was in a duel and covered her breasts with both her arms, dropping her sword. Her eyes pleaded, tears welling as Evelyn circled the wicked Lillian.

“Please, mercy!” Lillian mouthed, knowing that the crowd was far to deafening for her to get an actual word out. Evelyn pointed her sword right between Lillian’s eyes causing Lillian to cross her eyes while her knees buckled and she shook with utter trepidation. Suddenly, in one downward swoop, Evelyn slashed her sword. Lillian gulped and when while shaking slowly looked down at her white lace panties. Even Though the crowd was in nearly a maximum uproar Lillian’s scream could still be heard above all else. For a moment the crowd was given a glimpse of Lillian’s bare crotch before her hands darted down to cover her private area. Slowly circling while darting her hands over her ass, breasts, and crotch Lillian looked like a woman who just was surprised by a stranger as she tried to shower, yet she was being viewed, not by a single person, but by a crowd of thousands. As Lillian tried to cover herself, humiliated and defeated the Jester re-emerged to raise Evelyn’s hand above her head. The crowd chanted Evelyn’s name. Lillian and her compatriots would be punished on this day.

***The Return of the Sorceress***

As Lillian’s hands darted all over her fully naked flesh in a hysterical panic, Lillian screamed contemptuously “This cannot be! I cannot be humiliated in this way!” Then sudden Lillian’s body became rigid, she was frozen in place, only her face seemed to be able to move and her expression could only be described as being confused and fearful. Then her face quickly turned to be suddenly shocked, her mouth agape in a long oval shape, it looked like she had just seen a ghost. In some ways she, indeed had. Adadelis the Wise, the Sorceress had conjured herself to stand directly in front of the hapless fallen princess, with a snap of her fingers Adadelis froze Lillian’s face in place, so that it was frozen in the height of Lillian’s undignified expression of shock.

Adadelis was clothed in a long red robe, holding her iconic and now reclaimed long staff with a crystal ball on top of it, her dignified, but still slightly shrouded face could be seen underneath her hooded robe. She looked stoically at the now disparaged Lillian. It was quite a comical sight, the tall naked former princess was now standing straight, completely naked frozen in place with a permanent expression of utter shock on her face, her arms half covering her breasts and crotch, her ass completely exposed. Adadelis spoke, her voice bellowing throughout the crowd, it was not amplified by the megaphone, but nonetheless, it was so loud, it was as if she was speaking to every crowd member directly, it was clear that Adadelis was a powerful sorceress and that magic was amplifying her voice. All the while Lillian’s eyes shifted in their sockets, which gave away the fact that Lillian was completely aware of her own predicament, she was just unable to do anything about it.

“I have returned! For the last year, I have toiled in the nether realm, using every second of my time honing my magic. It was Evelyn Conwyn who finally freed me from the nether. It was also Evelyn Conwyn who had the idea to let me design the punishment for these three wenches!”

The crowd erupted in cheers. The guards that flanked Sylvia and Helena abruptly de-hooded them to allow them to look at the scene before them. The crowd almost immediately whipped themselves into a frenzy.

Helena shouted, “What have you done with our princess, you magical fiend, I SHALL SLAY YOU!”

Sylvia dropped to her knees and began to plead forgiveness, knowing immediately what kind of havoc a perturbed and vengeful sorceress was capable of.

“SILENCE!” Adadelis harshly waved her cane, causing the entire crowd to reduce its noise to a murmur and for Helena and Sylvia to quiet as well.

“As these three fools arrogantly stood trial, I had time to create unique spells that would both follow the Treaty of Griggs and let these three wenches suffer from the most soul-crushing pain imaginable. Each spell is uniquely curated to create the most suffering possible for each of these ridiculous harlots, who have brought unimaginable pain to their vassal.”

Helena managed to interrupt. “I AM NO HARLOT!”

Adadelis just looked back over her shoulder and winked, “We shall see about that!” Which made Helena glance at Adadelis with a flash of unbridled, wild fear, that she was able to almost instantly change to anger.

Adadelis then turned her gaze to Lillian, “I will save the best for last. For now, you shall take the side stage.

Adadelis waved her wand, a slight glow from the glass globe on top of her staff, created a beautiful streak of orange, that dissipated into a strange archaic looking pattern. Suddenly Lillian’s shocked expression was lifted and she began to scream and protest, she again was allowed to move her face “THIS CANNOT BE! HOW?! NO ONE CAN SURVIVE THE NETHERWORLD FOR ONE YEAR!” As Lillian was screaming, nearing a temper tantrum her legs started to slowly move apart from each other, and her hands started to slowly move up. Lillian’s cried changed from a mixture of confusion and threats to pleading bellows. “What are you doing, PLEASE STOP?! Eventually, Lillian, to the delight of the crowd was put into an “X” shape, her legs spread and her hands high in the air. Adadelis snapped her fingers and again forced Lillian to remain frozen in body and in expression, this time Lillian looked defeated and pathetic, her eyes like a puppy begging for a morsel of food, her mouth was distorted in a terribly ungraceful frown.

As the crowd cheered a ruckus cheer Adadelis whipped herself around pointing the ball of her staff at first at Helena, who cowered and then at Sylvia.

“Sylvia the Cruel, you are up first,” Adadelis said with a wicked smile as Sylvia nearly fainted with abject fear.

***Sylvia’s Dance and Destruction***

Sylvia was pushed forward into the center of the stage, with her eyes wide, her brow furrowed, her nostrils flared and her mouth contorted Sylvia let out her last plea.

“Please don’t strip me naked! I…I…cannot…be!”

Smiling wickedly Adadelis snapped her fingers causing a gust of wind to blow upwards sending Sylvia’s dress to shoot over her head and into the crowd. Sylvia was shocked at the speed of her first comeuppance.

Sylvia screamed as she covered her bra-clad breasts and her panty covered crotch. A tight garter belt became exposed, it seemed to compress Sylvia’s stomach. It was possible that Sylvia was hiding a more rotund shape than she had previously let on, and Sylvia was clearly insecure about her rubenesque figure, and thusly she was in an abject panic. “NO MORE, NO MORE, HAVE MERCY!”

Adadelis circled the humbled former inquisitor, “Did you not force serf’s to strip naked while they carried you in an ornate and comfortable litter? Did you not force them to strip each other, their whippings and spankings?”

A tear ran down Sylvia’s Cheech, “I am sorry, I apologize for my cruelty, two wrongs do not make a right, punishing me would make you into a villain just like myself! I promise my lesson is learned!” Sylvia whimpered, her voice getting higher as she spoke.

Adadelis tapped her staff on the wooden stage, a slight glow from the staff’s crystal ball briefly flashed. Sylvia’s jewel encrusted sandals, in an instant disappeared. Sylvia cried out, desperate tears now streaming down her face. “NO MORE, NO MORE!”

Adadelis tapped her staff again and Sylvia’s garter belt disappeared just as her shoes did. Sylvia screamed, “NOOOOOOOO!” the crowd let out a deafening cheer, that followed a loud chorus of laughter.

Adadelis’s knees buckles as she tried to hide her now exposed flabby belly with her hands. She sucked in her now exposed gut and tried to push it in further with her hands. “STOP LOOKING AT ME!!” Sylvia wailed while trying to hide her flab from the crowd.

Adadelis tapped her staff again, and in an instant, Sylvia’s breasts were freed. Sylvia’s enormous udders sagged down as her large areolas hit the open air. Sylvia instinctively cupped both of her nipples and pressed her large heavy breasts up to her chest, because of this her gut spilled forth, exposing her true girth. Despite the fact that Sylvia was overweight, she was not abundantly, yet she was clearly insecure about her body as her face grew red hot with utter mortification.

“PLEASE, PLEASE, NO MORE I CANNOT BEAR IT!” Sylvia pleaded, who was now clenching her large partially exposed buttocks in anticipation.

Adadelis raised her staff in the air and then pausing for a second to let the crowd see Sylvia’s utterly defeated expression before the staff again tapped the wooden stage. Just as Lillian before her Sylvia was left standing center stage, naked as the day she was born. Yet unlike Lillian who panicked and ran her hands all over her naked body, Sylvia just stood there, looking at the crowd, stunned as they laughed and pointed, one hand covering her enormous breasts, her other hand covering her unkempt black pubic tuft. Tears streamed down her face and she sobbed and shook, her body’s flesh slightly bouncing with each shaking sob.

As Sylvia stood and let the crowd’s laughter and jeers, and the comments about her weight permeate her ears and crushed her soul, Adadelis closed her eyes and began to levitate, she moved her staff which was now glowing a brilliant red in all sorts of directions, until a symbol of some archaic language transposed itself into the air. Adadelis continued to levitate as the symbol slowly grew and moved towards Sylvia, disappearing into her body from the back.

Just as the symbol entered Sylvia, Sylvia’s arms went limp and she hunched over, almost like she had lost consciousness, her sobs continued to persist. The crowd noise died down and the crowd simply murmured to itself. The murmuring got louder as a group of serfs were led on stage, each one with two small drums hanging over their necks by a strap, many serfs lined up in the very back of the stage, they were almost invisible to the crowd.

Adadelis made a hand motion, and a single drum sound echoed louder than the crowd could possibly roar. Clearly, the drums were either magical, or Adadelis had amplified their sound like she had amplified her voice. As the crowd listened to the consistent beat of one drum, some intrepid members of the crowd noticed that with the rhythm of the drum Sylvia’s left breast was twitching, as the drumming got louder, Sylvia’s breast started to bounce up and down. Another drum began to be hit in unison with the other drum. This made Sylvia’s right breast bounce at the same time as the other. Then another drum could be heard, and as Sylvia’s right ass cheek began to flex and bounce. By this time the crowd knew exactly what was happening. The drumming serfs were each controlling one of Sylvia’s muscles. Sylvia’s breasts and ass pulsated and bounced in different pattern for a while, the crowd laughing and cheering at the spectacle. Sylvia letting out helpless screams, begging for mercy. Then more drums began to sound. Sylvia stood up straight and looked at the crowd, her face seemed to twitch uncontrollably, her eyebrows moved up and down, her mouth opened and closed, her nostrils flared and unflared, all at the request of a cacophony of drums. Sylvia no longer even had control of her sobbing and facial expressions, everything was being controlled by the drums. It was made astonishingly clear to the cheering and laughing crowd that Sylvia was acutely aware of what was happening to her as her eyes continued to plead and beg.

Finally, as yet more drums started to sound, Sylvia started to rapidly move her feet and flail her arms, the crowd let out a roaring laugh as they witnessed Sylvia “dance” a sporadic almost seizure like jig, every ounce of her flab rippled for the crowd. Sylvia started to let out a sweat as she involuntarily danced, her hair became slightly matting on her forehead, yet she continued against every wish and every fiber in her body to gyrate her body for the crowd, in an uncoordinated and mortifying dance. Sylvia pranced and kicked, waved her arms, and her wrists, her legs and arms contorted in ways not thought possible, all the while Sylvia gave the crowd a view of all of her most intimate parts.

As this was happening, yet more serfs were handing out rotten fruits and vegetables to the members of the crowd to throw at Sylvia. As, Sylvia “danced”, her enormous tits occasionally blocking her vision, her ass not only bouncing up and down but apart exposing the hapless inquisitor’s anus to the open air a trickle of banana peels and tomatoes pelted her body. Eventually, enough rotten fruit and vegetables were distributed to turn the trickle into a deluge. Rotten beats, melon rinds, bananas and figs pelted Sylvia harshly all over her body until she was a dripping mess. From her feet to her toes stinking rotten vegetables mercilessly stuck to her skin, yet she still danced and the crowd still laughed, cruelly commenting on her body as she gyrated on stage. Eventually Sylvia “danced” with a gushing rotten tomatoe plastered to her face, and a banana peel somehow on top of her head.

Finally, it was Sylvia’s thigh muscles that gave out first, sending the chubby dancing villainess tumbling on the floor onto her stomach. Yet, the vengeful serfs did not stop their drumming, her body continued to twitch and writhe in a puddle of fruit and vegetable juices as well as Sylvia’s own sweat. Sylvia looked like a fish flopping in the open air, and then an inch worm trying to maneuver up a slippery surface and then finally when more muscles went out Sylvia just looked like a spoiled brat flailing her arms and legs in an undignified rage. Finally, as the crowd enjoyed the sight of Sylvia pathetically squirming on the stage Adadelis gave the serf’s the signal to stop drumming. Adadelis gave a motion to some of the city guards and quickly a wooden block was brought out as and four shackles were nailed into the wooden stage. Sylvia’s limp body was draped over the wooden block so that her naked backside was exposed to the crowd. A ball gag was placed into the gently sobbing ad utterly defeated villainess’ mouth, and her arms and legs were fastened to the shackles. A single serf drummer with two drums stood beside Sylvia and slightly tapped her drums. Each tap caused one of Sylvia’s ass cheeks to twitch, the harder the serf hit the drum the more harshly Sylvia’s ass cheek bounced. If the serf hit both drums at the same time both of Sylvia’s enormous ass cheeks would twitch. If the serf did a drumroll Sylvia’s ass would slowly part itself and would remain that way until the drumroll subsided. The serf immediately began to have fun giving the crowd a comical and entertaining show. Sylvia moaned in terror through her ball gag.

Adadelis spoke to the crowd. “For the rest of the night, Sylvia will remain this way, as a comical sideshow for the rest of our most glorious event.”

***Helena’s Lust***

Adelina turned to Helena who upon her release charged with misplaced heroism towards Adadelis. Adadelis struck her staff on the ground just before Helena was able to tackle the much older sorceress. This created an invisible wall that Helena smashed into, her face and body awkwardly smooshed into the invisible barrier, Helena fell, clad in her gleaming armor into a heap on the floor.

“I shall die before I am subjected to such humiliations!” Helena muttered, looking up at the dignified sorceress from her position on the floor. Helena then looked at Sylvia the once powerful inquisitor as she lay prone, her ass cheeks shaking up in down in unison, then Helena looked at Lillian her master, naked and frozen in an “X” shape. In fact, Helena couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of Lillian’s naked body. It was the tip of Adelina’s staff that gently pushed Helena to look up at her.

“Stand for your disrobement!” Adadelis said in a taunting tone.

Helena grinding her perfect, white teeth spat out, “NEVER! NO ONE HAS SEEN ME IN THE NUDE, NOT A SOUL! I WILL NOT DISROBE! I WILL BE A MARTYR FOR MY CAUSE!” Helena screamed as she again charged at the Sorceress with unbridled rage. Adadelis was able to teleport herself five feet to the left causing Helena to crash face first on the stage floor, her armor-clad ass jutting upwards, her face planted onto the stage. The crowd’s laughter and cheering seemed to stoke Helena’s rage, her fists pounded the stage before she slowly pulled herself up.

“You know Helena, you were the one who pushed me into the nether, I would never have expected a knight of your caliber to do Lillian’s bidding in this way. She seems to have quite a hold on you.”

Helena stared fiercely into the sorceresses eyes, “I am sworn to protect my master, to follow her orders! Her orders were JUST, you are a WICKED BITCH!”

Having seen enough, Adadelis pounded her staff on the ground, causing a great wind to rush through the entire city center and Adadelis’ voice loudly and deeply stated in a way that seemed to reach everyone in attendance with the same thunderous impact.


Helena cowered, as Adadelis continued.


Adadelis’ eyes glowed red as she slowly approached the cowering Helena, who, like the rest of the crowd was becoming fearful of the seemingly possessed Adadelis, who continued to speak as she once she got close to Helena.


Helena at this point fell onto her knees, pleading with her hands clasped she screamed for forgiveness.

Adadelis raised her staff up into the air and a blinding light shot out of it, creating a swirl that turned into a strange ancient symbol. Helena continued to beg with her hands clasped as the symbol descended into her, her face, reflecting the glow of the now fiery symbol contorted, she was clearly petrified, as the symbol touched her shimmering breastplate, her armor began to glow red, and just as Adadelis pulled her staff down Helena’s armor, her undergarments had all dissolve into nothing. Helena was still on her knees, still begging with her hands clasped, and her eyes pleading, except now she was without a single thread of clothes, from her head to her toe, she was nude. Helena closed her eyes, as she heard the crowd cheer with reckless abandon at her abject humiliation, her chin quivered and she put her hands over her face.

Helena stayed on her knees hunched over in shame for a full minute as the crowd taunted her, she was petrified, unable to recover and unable to conceive of how her downfall could become anymore acute. That was until she felt the first twinge of pleasure rise from her innards. Helena could feel her blood rush all at once to her suddenly swollen and engorged pussy. Her juices flowing, trickling down her thighs she could feel herself slowly filling with an unbridled lust, her deepest desires and secrets were suddenly unlocked. Helena begged herself to stop, but her errant hands couldn’t help but move from her face to reveal that her normally pink skin was becoming almost crimson from sheer shame and desire. Looking forward she no longer saw the Sorceress, and instead, she saw Lillian frozen with her legs spread apart.

Helena looked up into the heavens and pleaded with the gods themselves to stop her from plunging headfirst into her most carnal desire. As Helena crawled forward, tunnel vision took over, she cared not that the crowd was taunting her, her shapely ass swaying back and forth as she crawled like a animal, Helena was now in total rapture. The symbol that sank into her did not only dissolve her armor, but it cursed her to follow her hidden lustful nature, just like Sylvia had been compelled, and was still being compelled to dance awkwardly shaking her flesh to entertain the crowd, Helena was being compelled to follow nothing but her most wanton desires.

As Helena crawled towards the frozen Lillian, she felt her nether regions swelling and her juices drip as she crawled. Helena let out soft moans, her mouth watered as she picked up her crawling speed, her lustful craving was so great that she couldn’t even stand. Helena could barely even hear the crowd catcalling and laughing at her lustful dog-like crawl. As Helena made it closer to Lillian, her mouth watered so much that she began to drool.

The crowd erupted in a deafening cheer as Helena finally made it to Lillian, almost immediately Helena found herself plunging her tongue into Lillian’s shaved pussy, while she also harshly stroked her sopping wet pussy from her knees. Helena moaned into Lillian as she sloppily licked up and down Lillian’s crotch. Helena took a break from pleasuring herself to cup Lillian’s supple ass cheeks and deeply knead them. Helena scooted under Lillian and started sloppily lick her former master’s perineum. Adadelis then unfroze Lillian’s face and only her face. Lillian screamed out in deep ecstasy and shame.


For once, Helena couldn’t bring herself to heed by her master’s orders, she continued to lick Lillian’s pussy, reveling in the fact that her face was now covered in Lillian’s juices. Helena spanked and squeezed Lillian’s ass and started aggressively licking Lillian’s now swollen clit.

Lillian screamed out, “YESSSS, DON’T STOP!” as Helena aggressively continued to lick at her master’s clit. Then Lillian’s face started to contort into what seemed to be an orgasm. Her eyes seemed to roll back in her head when Adadelis again froze Lillian’s face. The crowd laughed as Lillian was frozen in the midst of what seemed like an earth-shattering orgasm.

Helena now overcome with her own pleasure found herself lying on her back with her naked legs spread eagle pointing to the air her right hand harshly stroking her clit, while her left hand was putting busy with her anus. The crowd laughed and cheered as Helena gyrated her hips up and down. Helena’s face was now completely crimson, as she was perfectly aware that she had just licked another woman in front of a large crowd and was now masturbating furiously in front of this same crowd. Helena just couldn’t help herself, she was acting beyond her control.

Suddenly a huge wave of shame and pleasure simultaneously hit Helena all at once. Helena screamed as she writhed in ecstasy, her feet kicked, her toes curled, her juices squirted and exploded out of her like a fountain, some of it going so far as to splash on the crowd. The crowd let out disgusted taunts as Helena’s ejaculated and gushed a massive amount of built up sexual frustration every which way. Helena found herself unable to move, lying in an “X” shape like Lillian, but instead of standing she was on the ground, on her back. Her pussy and anus exposed to the crowd, Lillian involuntarily twitched, slightly splashing in her own vaginal lubrication and whatever else she expelled when she let out her explosive orgasm. Helena was both simultaneously at her lowest moment and her most satisfied.

Like Sylvia before her Helena was shackled over a wooden block. Yet, unlike Sylvia Helena faced the crowd, and her long braided dirty blond locks were tied to her ankles forcing the arrogant knight to look into the crowd. Two burly guards hauled in a strange stationary bike with two equally sized dildos attached to bars that were located on different points on the hub of the front wheel. The bottom dildo was placed with the tip effortlessly inserted into Helena’s swollen aching, still pulsating vagina. The top dildo was harder to fit. The guards had to pry Helena’s ass cheeks apart and then it took some effort to lodge the tip of the top dildo into Helena’s tight asshole. Helena let out weak muffled protests before a smiling serf was told to ride it the stationary bike. It took all the serf’s might to pedal the bike the first few rotations, and Helena let out animalistic grunts of protests. Yet as the serf pedaled, it was only a few minutes before Helena was crying out again in abject pleasure as the crowd cheered and laughed at Helena’s as her face slowly contorted into pained and desperate pleasure. It didn’t take long for Helena to once again scream out in utter rapture and squirt her liquids out yet again.

***The Painful Devastation of Lillian Pierpont***

As Sylvia lied exhausted, still violently shaking her ass to the beat of a serf’s drum, and Helena cried out in pain and elation as two pumping dildos, now rapidly penetrated and stretched her lower orifices, all while the crowd cheered and taunted the two humiliated henchwomen. Adadelis turned to face Lillian, who still had her face frozen in near orgasm, her eyes rolled back in her head, with her mouth agape, and the rest of her body frozen in a standing “X” shape. As the crowd was still busy cheering and jeering, laughing and taunting the two other women Adadelis snapped her fingers and allowed Lillian to finally let loose and have her release.

“AHHHHHHH!” Lillian cried out in a cracked falsetto voice, before immediately wincing her face in utter anger and indignancy.


Adadelis then snapped her fingers yet again, forcing Lillian to again freeze her face. This time Lillian’s eyes were squinted and her nose were wrinkled, her teeth were clenched and her lips were curled.

“Lillian, dear, I need you to shut up now,” Adadelis whispered into the evil Lilian’s ear.

Again Adadelis drew the attention of the crowd of onlookers before speaking to them with her bombing magically enhanced voice.

“We’ve come to the final act! The main event! The punishment of the princess that abused her lordly powers to the extreme, who used her serf’s pain to amass great wealth for herself, who banished her sorcerer to an unspeakable realm. No punishment is seemingly harsh enough for this villain. Yet, today I am going to try my best.”

The crowd cheered as Adadelis again raised her staff above her head and again a new ancient symbol emerged above her staff and again she seemed to guide the ancient symbol into the helpless Lillian. Lillian’s eyes seemed to open slightly despite her frozen face as the symbol entered her body. Suddenly Lillian began to slowly levitate and spin giving the crowds, who was now in aww a view of every centimeter of Lillian’s naked flesh. As Lillian spun and levitated Adadelis began to speak.”

“I have cursed poor Lillian, just as I had cursed Helena to be permanently wanton, just as I had cursed Sylvia to dance to move uncontrollably to the beat of drums, I have cursed Lillian to be resilient to any injury inflicted on her nice round, white ass. She will still feel pain, but no matter what no matter how harsh the infliction she will heal. Therefore as I give her the spanking she so justly deserves she will quickly heal and not be mutilated, thus the Grigg’s treaty will remain unbroken.”

Adadelis snapped her fingers, and just as the crowd roared in a frenzied delight Lillian screamed in an unbridled fury.

“A SPANKING, A SPANKING! I WILL NOT BE SPANKED LIKE AN INSOLENT BRAT!” Lillian was again able to move her face.

Slowly Adadelis brought Lillian back down towards her level, and then as Lillian still hovered before her Adadelis gave Lillian control of all of her limbs. Hovering before Adadelis was Lillian’s buttocks and vaginal lips which were still swollen from Helena’s expert and passionate tongue. Lillian floated in the air kicking her bare legs and feet and swinging her arms rapidly while cursing the gods themselves as well as the crowd and Adadelis. Adadelis, suddenly morphed her staff into a large wooden paddle, with holes all throughout its design, to allow for a swift and powerful strike. Stepping to the side of the levitating and screaming Lillian Adadelis took the first swing.

“YEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!” Lillian’s eyes opened wide her mouth froze in a perfect circle and spectacular sparks of all colors shot out from where Lillian was struck on her hindquarters.

Lillian kicked and screamed, grimace and pleaded as Adadelis struck her again and again with the magically imbued paddle, each time an array of colors more spectacular than before sparked from Lillian’s behind. The crowd was mesmerized and in shock by the display, and as it continued some started to notice that the sky itself was changing colors and in the sky slowly Lillian’s form began to materialize. Lillian’s punishment was being projected into the sky, for not only the crowd beforehand but for every living creature in the known world.

“THIS CANNOT BEEEEEE!!” Lillian screamed while kicking and flailing in the most undignified manner a person can possibly present themselves.

Adadelis smiled as she continued to strike Lillian, whose ass was now literally on fire, glowing green and blue flames burned her flesh.

“IT BURRRRNNNNSSSSS!” Lillian screamed, now crying and panting.

“Your punishment is not nearly over you insolent brat!” Adadelis spoke while continuing to strike Lillian unmercilessly.

Lillian cried for mercy, promising to worship the sorceresses’ feet for all eternity, promising to serve the sorceress in any way she desired. These pleas did not sway Adadelis who now with a grin from ear to ear continued hitting Lillian’s exposed ass with her mystical paddle. From the Northern Mountains to the Southern Deserts, to the Eastern Lakes to the Western Foothills the sky was lit up with an image of Lillian kicking and squirming while being beaten by a paddle like a misbehaving brat, every aspect of her naked self was exposed, and millions were watching.

Lillian pulled at her hair as she felt the flames grow hotter and envelope every part of her buttocks, until large clumps of her golden hair were rooted out of her head from the roots, Lillian’s whole body was red, she felt like the shame, humiliation, and pain was going to make her explode. After contorting and letting out a few final frenzied screaming kicks, Lillian lied limp floating in the air.

Adadelis struck Lillian many more times, as Lillian lied limp and defeated before Adadelis. Eventually Adadelis stopped her strikes and let the evil Lillian fall in a motionless heap before her feet. The crowd cheered and chanted for an encore. Adadelis’ paddle morphed back into her staff and the sorceress looked down at the quivering defeated Lillian with a sense of accomplishment. Lillian moved her shaking hands, and slowly they made their way towards her pulverized ass. Expecting to find that her ass was burnt to a crisp. Lillian was surprised to find that it was fully intact, only a slight red glow remained.

Lillian curled up into a fetal position, quivering, traumatized as the crowd continued to chant for an “encore.”

Adadelis poked Lillian with her staff, “You aren’t nearly done yet.”

“No! There can’t be more, I’ve been humbled to the greatest degree, I cannot take anymore!” Lillian pleaded from her position on the stage floor.

“Lillian, let me remind you, you sent me to the nether realm, where I was repeatedly violated, during that time some nasty flying slimy eels escaped, as we speak they are wreaking havoc on the land. I believe it should be your responsibility to help me cleanse the land of these monstrosities.” Adadelis then motioned for some guards to approach.

A gyrating metal box was brought before Adadelis and held by not one, not two, but three muscular guards.

“Lillian, stand before me, at my attention, you are uninjured, only your pride is wounded.”

When Lillian did not stir, Adadelis turned her staff back into the paddle that had previously struck and reared back. With that threat Lillian scrambled to her feet and stood shaking, still rubbing her red ass. Lillian looked pathetic, her hair a complete mess, her makeup smeared, her lips quivering, her eyes watering and pleading.

“Inside this container is one of those wretched eels that escaped, they are quite common in the nether realm. While I was stuck in the nether I found only one way to kill them. They have to transform and to transform they need a host. Lillian, you will be that host.”

With that signal, the three guards uncapped the container containing the wretched flying eel pointing it at Lillian. Lillian was only able to let out a partial scream before the disgusting slimy creature flew directly into Lillian’s mouth. Lillian’s jaw opened wide, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head as the eel slithered down her throat and into Lillian’s stomach. Lillian dry heaved trying to expel the disgusting creature, while gripping her now occupied stomach. As the creature squirmed inside of her, yet she could not expel the creature.

Adadelis smiled a wicked smile and stated tauntingly that the monster was “transforming.”

The speechless Lillian could do nothing but drop to her knees and grip her stomach which was seemingly growing ever so slightly. Lillian hunched over giving the joyous and curious crowd a perfect view of her ass which was still slightly red but showed no other signs of damage from her previous fiery spanking.

Adadelis laughed a joyous laugh as Lillian let out a bellowing scream, the sorceress just stated the foreboding comment that “It will soon breach.”

Lillian screamed a scream so bellowing and so terrifying that for the first time the crowd of onlookers felt a twinge of sympathy. Yet that sympathy was replaced by a joyous frenzy of excitement when they saw Lillian’s ass cheeks spread, and her anus expanding. The crowd was in a joyous entertained fury again when a small claw emerge from Lillian’s now completely exposed asshole. Lillian screamed as the second claw breached her small pink puckered hole.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Lillian screamed as her asshole was stretched open by the two demonic looking claws. Lillian struck her naked shins and feet against the wooden stage, as her asshole was slowly stretched to its utter breaking point and then some.

“The creature is only vulnerable to my magic, when it has been transformed!” Adadelis shouted readying her staff.

As the crowd stared at Lillian’s now gaping asshole they noticed that a small charred demonic head was breaching Lillian’s impossibly stretched anus. With a full arm dangling out of Lillian’s demolished asshole, the creature started to crawl out more quickly, it made a hideous hissing sound, it was covered with a disgusting green film. Lillian sobbed as she gave birth to this hellish beast through her asshole. Lillian desperate to let the creature breach pulled her own ass apart with her hands. Finally, in the moment the little creature finally emerged completely Adadelis disintegrated it with a beam from her staff.

All that was left was a pile of ashes, and Lillian still hunched over her ass in the air, her gaping wounded asshole exposed to everyone in the crowd. Lillian breathing heavily sobbing as the crowd laughed at her total and utter shame. It took a few minutes but right before the crowd, Lillian’s asshole slowly shrunk back to its normal size and Lillian collapsed and fainted slowly sliding onto her stomach, lying in the demon’s slimy film.


Long after the jubilant and rowdy crowd dispersed the three thoroughly defeated and humiliated villains moaned and groaned. Sylvia’s ass barely twitching as the drumming serf grew both tired and bored with her task. Sylvia herself sobbing gently, her hair dripping with sweat her mascara running all over her face. The serf pedaling the stationary bike that was penetrating Helena was only slowly pedaling, bored and tired herself, Helena’s her head still looking at the now empty city center, somehow still wanted more, her tired and worn bottom half gyrated on the dildos even as they stopped inserting themselves, a puddle of Helena’s juices pooled all around her. Lillian, was the most pathetic of all, she lied face down her body twitching, her mouth babbling incoherently about her the pain and devastating humiliation.

It was days later that the presses revealed the three evil women’s fate, which as stated previously would last a year. Sylvia would become a beast of burden, carting her new masters of Adadelis and Evelyn around in a rickshaw, only breaking from this task to give public displays of her “dancing” as entertainment for the formerly aggrieved serfs. She would end that year down a considerable amount of weight as she herself would be required to eat nothing but stale bread.

Helena and her group of crony knights were forced to tour the country as jesters. Helena was not permitted to wear a shred of clothing, except for the iconic jester’s hat. Every show would finish with a perverse spectacle of Helena pleasuring herself with all sorts of exotic implements while crowds of onlookers watched in fascination.

Lillian would be forced to travel with Adadelis, naked as the day she was born looking for the slimy airborne eels that escaped from the netherworld. Whereupon finding the eel Lillian would be forced to consume it and perform her demonic birth over and over again, in full view of whoever happened to be in the vicinity of the find. To make amends to the serfs that she abused Lillian was forced to allow each aggrieved serf spank her much abused ass. It was said that for the full year, her ass was never anything but red.

After the year was finished it was said that each woman had her curse removed. Sylvia would go on to marry some common farmer in a far-off land, who was unaware of her previous evil deeds and utter humiliation. She would spend her days toiling as a farmer.

Helena was able to marry a powerful warlord from the northern mountains. A female warlord at that. It is said that Helena enjoyed her time as a veritable sexual slave, leashed like a dog willing to do whatever her wife desired. Her sexual appetite was legendary.

Lillian would go on to marry a prince in a distant land and become one of many wives that the prince enjoyed. She would spend most of her days in a harem, often times mocked for her previous exploits that were broadcast in the sky even in this far off land. It was said that the prince she married had a fondness for spanking Lillian over his knee in front of his advisors and foreign dignitaries as entertainment.

As for Evelyn Conwyn, she was able to gain the trust of the serfs and over the years she gradually freed them, earning status and humanitarian awards. Evelyn would also go on to win many fencing matches, and even become the fencing champion of the entire Kingdom. Which garnered her even statues and even more praise. It is said that her fencing exploits took her to the four corners of the world and it was Evelyn herself that noted the fates of Sylvia, Helena, and Lillian.

As for Adadelis she would go on to live a long life traveling the Kingdom as the “Grand Inquisitor” Adadelis would go on to punish many more criminals and usurpers with her magic spells, it was said that she became so effective at her job the Kingdom was able to end the death penalty for any infraction and the fear of being subject to one of Adadelis’ punishments was enough to make the crime rate plummet.

Yet the Kingdom would not be filled with peace and prosperity forever. In just a few years an invading army led by a wicked young sorceress and her confidants would invade and wreak havoc on the entire Kingdom. Yet, I believe this is a story for another time.