Mountain Angel

by nzeddie

How I met my darling wife on the mountain….
My story takes place back in the late 80’s, when PC’s and Digital Cameras still were a rarity, but
which I had in my possession, using them for my main hobby: taking photos.

This was a hot (well, hot by Norwegian standards, 25 deg C or 80 deg F) summers day and I had
decided to venture up to my favorite mountain spot, some 500 feet above where I lived.
Down in the valley, the air was still and uncomfortable, but I knew there would be a small
breeze up on the mountain.

I filled my backpack with some necessities like lots of water, some sandwiches, my camera,
some sunscreen and a sun pad. Whenever I visit my secret mountain ledge, I always try to lie
down nude and enjoy the sun as much as possible; back home there were just too many onlookers.
The ledge was not large, but enough so that I could lie down in comfort and be sure not to have
any audience. I put on my lightest mountain dress and went along, eager to reach my destination.

The walk up to the mountain was a steep and tiresome journey, and sweat started to wet my
wardrobe. This was not a nuisance, it meant I could lie down and consume the sun rays,
without having to put on any sun lotion until later.
I certainly hoped the breeze was up there as expected….

Whenever I want to reach the ledge, I have two paths to follow. Either straight up a mountain side,
which involves a bit of climbing, or walk around the top and enter the ledge from behind and
above, which meant a longer walk, but an easier one.
Fortunately, it would turn out, I decided to do the latter!

When I was starting my descend from the top down to the ledge, I was surprised to see someone
already occupying “my” spot. Damn! No one ever came up here, this was a first, and I thought
about retreating and find somewhere else.
But, as luck would have it, I took a closer look and found to my astonishment that whoever
was down there were lying down NUDE, and it was a female!

Wow! My curiosity (and my horniness!) made me go closer and investigate.
This was a gorgeous young female, perhaps 17, short and curvy, blond hair (blue eyes as I
later found out) and her tits were amazing; full, abundant, with thick nipples and a large
deep brown areola, but not saggy at all!
She was lying on a thin pad, wearing only a set of earplugs connected to a walkman, which
sounded like blasting into her ears. Lucky for me, because it meant I could approach her
without her noticing me. And better still, she was engaged in a serious masturbation,
her eyes closed, frigging her cunt with gusto and squashing her soft melons, moaning hard!

I already had my camera ready and started to take several shots of her performance, in different
angles, zooming in on her private parts now and again.
What a delightful sight, my manhood slowly rising to the occasion, which made me feeling more and
more uncomfortable. I let go of my camera and started to disrobe quietly, making sure she did
not sense my presence. She was too busy anyway, so I managed to shed my clothes completely
and got down on my knees just beside her. Taking one of her tits in my mouth, I barely managed
to suck on her delicious nipple, before she jumped up, tearing her earphones off, yelling
“What the fuck!” – and – “Mr. Evans!?”.

That’s when I noticed who she was: Betty, one of the few young girls in my neighbourhood!
I must admit to having ogled her (and her friends, all equally hot) whenever I met upon her.
Here she was, using “my” spot in search for an orgasmic pleasure, one I would have died to
give her myself. And soon I did!

She desperately tried to cover herself, but her clothes were behind me in her bag, and I was
holding her down slightly, even though she could not run away.
“Betty,” I said “You seem to enjoy Yourself today?”. “I, I…” she stammered.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t tell anyone. As long as You agree to my proposal!”
“What proposal?” she whispered and swallowed.

“Well, I thought we could continue what You just started and have a good time, since we’re both
alone up here?” “What do You mean? I can not be with You! You’re old enough to be my father!”;
she started to become a bit certain of herself.
In fact I was only 15 years her senior, but when You’re at her age, everyone older than 20 is
going senile, at least in their eyes.
“Well, I have a few pictures of You, playing with Yourself, which I easily can print out and
send to Your parents, friends and school! Would You prefer that?”
She held her breath and a tear started to emerge from her eyes.
“Nooh….” she uttered, hardly audible.

My dick was now at full mast and I took the opportunity of her confusion to straddle her
chest facing her. My rod was bobbing in her face and she were staring at it, wide eyed
and grimacing. “Just open Your mouth and let me teach You how You may pleasure a man!”
“You’ll enjoy it too, darling Betty.” “Nooo…” she mumbled and shook her head from side to side.
“Remember the photos!” I sternly told her, and she froze.

Without much hesitation, I simply let my cock head slide inside her warm and wet oral cave,
the experience sending a chill down my spine. “Damn, this is heavenly” I thought to myself.
She on the other hand seemed somewhat uncomfortable, having such a large object entering her
mouth for the first time. It turned out, she was a virgin in all respects and her sucking
skills were nonexistent. I began to move my dick further inside her mouth and was soon entering
her throat, but not without her starting to gag. I retreated from her throat to ease her pain.
“Stay calm, breath thru Your nose and simply try to swallow it!” I told her.
She seemed to get my message and calmed down.
“Now rotate Your tongue around the head and along the base.”
“And stick Your tongue in my peehole as much as You can!”
She was an attentive pupil and tried her best to comply.
I continued my attack on her throat and moved my dick back and forth,
holding on to her head and fucking her face vigorously.
What a unexpected treat this mountain trip turned out to be!

While she tried her best to satisfy me orally, I had my hand in her slit, moving first one,
then two fingers inside her shaven cunt.
I really enjoy women who shave their crotch; it makes their important parts so much easier
to access and there’s nothing to obstruct the view of the delicious female genitals!
By now, Betty was squirming and moaning “loud” (she was almost muted by my cock).
Her throat muscles flexed and tensed hard around my cock deep inside her,
which sent me over the edge in no time.
My cock started to swell inside her, which she noticed too.
“OK, I’m starting to cum, Betty!” “Make sure You swallow ALL my cream!!”
Then a huge load of cum blasted deep inside her throat, making her gag slightly,
but she managed to swallow most of my precious cream.
After 5-6 spurts, most of which my dear Betty managed to gulp down, I was drained.
Some sperm leaked out thru her lips, running down her chin and neck, glistening in the
bright daylight. I scooped up as much of the leakage as possible and fed her.

“Keep sucking my dick, Betty!” I ordered her.
I kept my rod inside her mouth for a while, enjoying the warmth of her saliva.
As I removed from her mouth, my dick was still fully erect, thanks to Betty and her
continued pleasuring of my cock.
She on the other hand slumped down on her pad, seemingly exhausted.

Moving down to her chest, I took first one tit in my mouth, sucking and biting her nipple.
The other tit, I massaged and squeezed quite hard. Then I swapped tits.
Betty started to moan and cry softly. She would gasp each time I bit hard on her nipple,
almost to the point of blood leaking out.
I mauled and kissed each tit, enjoying her response to my performance.
Her nipples seemed to grow even bigger from my administration,
and they were so delicious I could have licked and sucked them forever.
She was soon covered in hickeys and bitemarks from my intense action.
Sweat started to appear on her forehead and in the valley between her tits.
It tasted ever so sweet when I licked all over her beautiful mammaries.
Squeezing them together, I straddled her chest and began to pound my cock in and out of this
artificial orifice, which gave me intense gratification and led me to the brink of cumming.

Not wanting to risk cumming too early, I moved further down her abdomen
until I had her vaginal paradise in full view.
Holding her thighs back and wide open with my hands I started to kiss and lick from the top
of her mons, all the way down to her anal opening, causing her moaning to go faster and louder.
Moving back again I sucked her engorged clit firmly into my mouth.
This caused it to swell noticeably and made Betty squirm, her moaning increasing to an even higher
level and I could feel her getting seriously moist and sensitive.
I curled my tongue and started to penetrate her cunt with it as deep as possible,
wiggling my nose against her clit. This was unbelievably hot!
I inhaled her delicious scent and slurped her cream, never wanting this moment to end!
Within minutes she bucked her hips, shook furiously and cried out her orgasm and flushed my
face with her warm cunt honey. I swallowed as much as I could of her sweet nectar,
but most of it escaped, wetting my face, her thighs and the sun pad.

Seizing the opportunity of her ecstatic bliss, I prepared my next move.
I took hold of her knees, lifting them and forcing them back, until her arms were locked down,
keeping her fully under my command. Her butt lifted from the pad, giving me perfect access to
my most desired target: her virgin cunt!

Betty seemed to know what was about to happen and started to protest:
“NOOO! Mr. Evans! Please don’t! I’m still a virgin!! AAAAGGHHHH!!”
Not giving her protests any attention, I led my hard cock to her cunt opening and forced my way in.
“AAAAUUUU!!! NOOOOO!!!” she cried.
Her vaginal tunnel was narrow, clasping my dick as I continued inside.
Not far within her cunt I reached her virginal defense, as I expected.
With a quick thrust, I ruptured her hymen and moved further inside, until I reached her cervix.
An inch of my dick was still outside her vagina. God, was she small!

I let my dick rest inside her for a bit, to let her recover from the violent attack.
She bled quite a bit, but this only added to the lubrication of her cunt and the bleeding
soon stopped. Betty was now sobbing but also shaking.
I leaned down and took hold of both her tits, mauling them with my hands.
Not stalling any longer, I started to withdraw my cock until only the head was inside her.
Her vaginal walls tried to hold me back, but with a forceful push I again bottomed out.
Betty yelled out loud: “AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!”

I started a rhythmic in out movement inside her, slow at first, but picking up speed fast,
until I was fucking her with vigour and great force.
Since I had already cum in her mouth (a lot too) I managed to keep up for almost 40 minutes.
Meanwhile, Betty was both moaning and sobbing, eyes closed.
She seemed to enjoy her unwelcome fate more and more and I soon noticed a smile on her face.
No doubt this was a hot little bitch! I could feel her orgasm hard at least twice, holding
her breath and shaking uncontrollably, wetting my fuck pole with more of her warm elixir.
As could be expected, I was in pussy heaven, and even Betty beamed ecstatic satisfaction
from our magical love making!

“Oh shit!” a sudden thought entered my mind!
“How ooold aaare You, dear Betty?” I managed to stammer.
At first she seemed to ignore me, but finally she opened her eyes and spoke:
“I just turned 16!”. “Ah, Thank God!!” (Our sexual age limit is 16)
I suddenly pictured myself locked up and saw my freedom vanish before my eyes!
Thankfully, I could keep on fucking my hot vixen, her butt and abdomen shaking wildly
while her mugs were trapped under her legs. She was so incredibly hot!

At last my member started to swell and another thought came to me:
“Shit, she probably isn’t on the pill!” and of course I had no rubber on.
Too late, my volcano was erupting, sending hot baby-making lava out my hard and hurting manhood,
filling her ripe uterus with my tiny, tail wagging soldiers of misfortune.
Betty could also feel what was about to happen and cried out loud:
“NOOOOOOOHHH!!! You cannot cum inside me, Mr. Evans!!!”
“Sorry, mi amor! AAAAAAAAHHHH! Sweet Jesus!”
Spurt after spurt came gushing out my cock and kept filling my hot young bitch.
Shock and satisfaction were both evident in the eyes of my baby, filled with tears of joy.
I kept pounding her cunt hard till I was totally spent, feeling well how long her
orgasm kept flowing, her body shaking and her cunt pulsating trying to milk my cock.
I have never cum so hard in my life and stars seemed to shine before me.
Streams of semen came in a steady flow down her butt as soon as I removed my now deflating cock.

I slumped into Betty’s embrace, letting her legs down and kissed her softly.
She was still breathing fast, but I wrapped my arm around her neck and pulled her close.
I forced her lips open with my tongue and pushed deep inside her mouth.
I went on an oral expedition and sucked her tongue with force.
Soon our tongues were fighting hard in a sloppy form of WWII, sucking, licking and
penetrating each other mouths.
This hot man teaser really gave her all and kissed back like a pro.

All this oral excitement soon trickled down to my “virgin conqueror” and I could feel it
stir once again. I ordered Betty to lie face down on the pad and to get on all fours.
She happily complied and I moved behind her.
I started to lick her bum hole, which made Betty shiver and gasp.
I entered two fingers inside her cunt and was greeted with a thick mixture of semen, blood
and pussy juice. With my soaking fingers I managed to pry open her ass hole and make sure
she became well lubricated inside her bum.
She was soon ready for my third “unwelcome” attack of the day: her ass!

Betty probably anticipated what would happen, so when I led my cock to her bum and was ready
to enter, her ass hole was shut tight. But she never saw my next move coming:
SLAP! I used my right hand to spank her right buttocks hard. Her nice round ass cheek vibrated
and got red in an instant. SLAP! My left hand hit her left cheek in the same manner.
Betty squealed like a beaten pig at each blow and her tits bounced wildly below her.
SLAP! On the third blow I managed to enter her sphincter with ease since her body now was
occupied with the slapping pain. With a loud plop I finally was inside her bum.
Betty managed to keep silent, but gasped and started to breath fast.
Her rear hole were even tighter than her pussy, but I managed to wiggle my way inside her,
until my balls met her pussy. I rested for a bit, but soon withdrew my cock completely.

I spanked her with extensive force once again, held a tight grip on her hips and with a
quick push bottomed in her anal cave. Betty let out a loud and heavy groan and raised her head
abruptly and with eyes closed. Her rear was now a deep red from all the spanking, but I added
a few more slaps to make her bum shake in that wonderful, lustful way.
I then took hold of Betty’s shoulders and started ramming my cock hard into her behind,
sending shivers thru my spine and giving Betty great pleasure too, judging by her loud moans
and heavy pussy vibrations.

I plowed hard into Betty’s behind for twenty minutes or so, feasting on the warm and moist
feel of her bum, her bouncing tits, her moans and the contractions she (unconsciously?)
made with her anal muscle, milking my dick as I pounded her ass.
Several times during this “attack” Betty held her breath, started to shake violently
and arched her back, finally letting go with a loud “OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! MY GOD!!”
On her third orgasm I no longer could hold back and let my fire hose fill her burning bum
with white creamy fluids. I was in anal heaven, seeing stars one more time.

WOW! This feisty nymph had me completely drained and I had to lie down.
Cuddling together we both dropped off to sleep for an hour or so.
Thankfully, the sun had been blocked by thin skies almost as soon as I reached
the mountain top or we would have been seriously burned during our excesses!
It was warm enough to like naked though and we enjoyed our embrace on the sun pad.

When I finally opened my eyes again, I was greeted with the sight of Betty sucking on my newly
revived cock with a devilishly grin on her face!
I was lying on my back and when my cock was good and ready, Betty straddled me and led my dick
into her moist love canal. I could only raise my head and enjoy the sight of her lowering
herself completely on my manhood.
I never believed in angels before, but here I was being “molested” by my very own Mountain Angel
intent on giving both of us extreme pleasure.
She raised herself till only the tip of my cock was inside her, then dropping hard down on me,
exclaiming “OOOHHH MY GOD!!!”. She now started to fuck me slowly up and down, closing her eyes,
moaning and whining all the time.
The sight of her tits bouncing up and down drow me wild and I started to push up against her
trying to fuck even deeper inside her. She was now able to take all my manhood without problem,
burying it deep within her cervix.

I took hold of her tits swaying before my eyes and mauled them hard, twirling her nipples with
my fingers. I also slapped them, lightly at first, but seeing her highly sensual response to
my tit-spanking, I increased my power a notch or two, giving her tits the same deep red color
her ass received earlier.
Betty just moaned harder and harder until she could once again enjoy an earth shattering
orgasm, never once stopping her movement up and down my stiff rod.

After some 15 minutes of incredible fucking by my darling Betty, my balls started to feel
like bursting, which they did, all the way thru my steel member, sputtering several loads of
semen deep in Betty’s birth canal.
Luckily, she also came hard as I ejaculated, slumping down in my arms.
She looked heavenly satisfied staring deep into my eyes and kissed me tenderly.
I was also fully spent, merry from the fact that I had conquered both the mountain and
it’s Angel on this hot and bright day.

With a huge grin on both our faces we lay cuddling for a while, before deciding to get
dressed and head home before dark fell upon us.
When we were almost home, we kissed once again and agreed to repeat our encounter the next day.
From that day forward, we met regularly, sometimes on our secret ledge, sometimes back in
my apartment, always engaged in hot and mind-blowing sex.

A few weeks later it turned out I had managed to impregnate little Betty, probably after
our first intercourse on the mountain. Her parents were quite understanding and accepted
our newfound partnership. They insisted I should marry Betty when she turned 18, and I had no
trouble accepting this term, since my feelings for Betty had become stronger ever since we
first met on the mountain.

After two blissful years we tied the knot and are now living happily together.
And the sex still remains magic and fulfilling for both of us.

…Our three lovely children still lives at home…
…The pictures I took of sweet Betty is still on my PC…
…I never showed them to anyone, but we still enjoy a peek now and again…
…Since that day, I have photographed her body several times, both nude and otherwise…

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Lovely Dove

by EvvyFontaine

A predator finds his prey on the train.
In the night sky far above the lighted ceiling of Penn Station’s main concourse, thunderclouds gathered in the New York City sky. Even on a good night it was next to impossible to see a star, but the encroaching storm blackened the Manhattan night. Neon signs stood out in brilliant relief against the rumbling grey darkness.

A story and a half below street level, the brown concrete of the platforms vibrated with the force of trains pulling into the station. Miles Pierson checked his watch, briefcase dangling in his grip. Forty past the hour of one. The train was two minutes early.

The Long Island lines usually weren’t this deserted, even on the other side of midnight, but this Friday had been exceptionally miserable. The sun hadn’t made one appearance from behind the heavy cloud cover, and it had drizzled off and on across the city for most of the day.

One of the ticket collectors nodded to Miles as he boarded the train. “Late night again, Mr. Pierson?”

“You know how it is, Derrick,” Miles said, giving the man a friendly smile. He worked late at the office often enough that he knew most of the staff on his line by name. Miles was a friendly, personable guy, the kind that people found easy to talk to. He whistled softly to himself as he wandered through the train, trying to find a quiet place to sit.

Normally, he would be eager to return to his home on the beach after such a long day at work. He hadn’t quite intended to stay at the office as late as he had, but the new sales report had just come in for the previous quarter, and he’d found it engrossing enough that he had only noticed the time when the security guard came around for midnight lockup. On this particular Friday, though, there was nothing waiting for him at home other than a small pile of dry cleaning and yesterday’s leftovers. Nothing to be eager about.

Most of the train cars were empty. The Port Jefferson line didn’t stop in many of the areas where young, partying college students lived – and even if it did, tonight was not the kind of night for standing in line outside the club. Miles tugged the cuffs of his suit jacket, resettling it over his broad shoulders, and pushed into the second car from the end.

The lights were on the fritz in this car, leaving patches of shadow across the seats. Miles’s blue-green eyes scanned the rows. There was a figure slumped against the window in one of the rows toward the back of the car.

Miles may have looked like an average, corporate employee, but as he identified the figure as a young woman, leaning against the window with her eyes closed and her breath puffing gently against the glass, something stirred deep in his chest. Aside from his corporate day job, Miles Pierson was a predator.

And the young woman sitting on the train registered as prey.

Miles didn’t approach her immediately. He took a seat across the aisle, a couple rows up from where she slept. She must have boarded this car as soon as the train pulled in and promptly gone to sleep. Her train ticket was wedged in the small metal strip on the top of the aisle seat, so that she wouldn’t have to wake up when the conductor came by to punch tickets.

An announcement echoed through the otherwise quiet train car, and they lurched into motion. The girl didn’t even twitch. Miles’s pulse sped up. Definitely prey.

Miles opened his briefcase and pulled out the day’s newspaper, folding it in eighths and pretending to occupy himself with the financial headlines. The hunt was on, and she didn’t even know it. The only sound was the rhythmic clacking of the car along the tracks, the thump of Miles’s blood pounding in his ears, and the intermittent soft shift of cloth as one or the other of them moved.

As they passed out of the tunnel and into the night, rain pattered on the roof of the train. The door between cars banged open, and Derrick clicked his hole punch as he entered the car. He punched the girl’s ticket, glanced at her, and then back at the ticket with his brows furrowed. He shook his head and moved on, waving off Miles’s frequent rider card. “I know I ain’t got to punch you, Mr. Pierson,” he said.

“What stop does the young lady get off at?” Miles asked.

“Port Jefferson – end of the line, just like you.”

Miles smiled at the train conductor. “I’ll make sure she wakes up and gets off when she’s supposed to,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Pierson. I do wish there was more New Yorkers like you in the city.” Derrick grinned, all white teeth in his dark face, and moved on to the next car.

As soon as the door banged shut after him, Miles opened his briefcase, put his paper away, and got up to move to the young woman’s row. He sat slowly and gently, not wanting to disturb the seat in case he woke her.

He needn’t have worried. Now that he was this close, he could smell alcohol on her sleeping breath. She was pale and blonde, her gently-curled hair spilling freely over her shoulders. Miles reached out, hardly daring to breathe, and tucked one of those curls behind an ear. He ran his finger over the swell of her cheek, the soft curve of her jaw. She didn’t move.

Miles let his breath out slowly and turned his attention to the purse she had tucked in against her side. It was a snap closure, easy for him to tease open and retrieve her wallet from inside.

Her name was Hannah Marquette. She had a Michigan license, with what was presumably her parents’ address listed, and a student ID for Stony Brook. Miles carefully replaced the wallet. She was more than likely a student at the business or radiology school out near Port Jefferson, and probably shared an apartment with one or more other students. Her cell phone wouldn’t help him – girls her age password-protected their electronics.

He drew his hands away from her purse and examined her clothes. She wore a short, tight skirt and a short, tight top. Miles couldn’t keep himself from trailing his fingers across the strip of soft skin exposed between the hem of her shirt and the waistband of her skirt. Once again, Hannah didn’t twitch. Her breath continued to puff across the window of the train.

Her shirt was low-cut, exposing the white curves of the tops of her breasts. Miles’s mouth watered. Possibilities spun out in his mind. He’d told Derrick he would make sure she got off at her stop – his stop. He could take her home, do it slowly and properly, make her scream-

But no, a student couldn’t live in Port Jefferson alone, not when the student’s parents were states away. She would have roommates; she would be missed. He needed to make her come to him.

Miles Pierson was a predator, and he was always prepared to encounter his prey. He looked up, ensuring that nobody else had entered the train compartment since Derrick left, and opened his briefcase again. This time, he pressed his fingers against the back seam, and the bottom of the briefcase opened up to reveal his toolbox – at least, the part he carried with him. This was not the first time Miles had encountered prey of opportunity, and it wouldn’t be the last.

He removed what he was looking for and shut the briefcase, setting it gently on the floor. Now was when it started to get tricky. Miles had to hope that the sheer quantity of alcohol the girl had consumed would keep her from waking up. He curled one hand around the soft, pale skin of her thigh and drew her legs gently apart. Her skirt rode up to expose lace-trimmed cotton panties, blue. Miles pressed the backs of his knuckles against her through her underwear.

Hannah moved sleepily, and Miles froze. Her lips parted, just a little, and she wiggled her hips on the seat. Her eyes never fluttered. She was still asleep, just responding to the stimulus. A smile curled across Miles’s lips, and he inched his fingers higher to the waistband of her underwear, hooking them inside the elastic and gently tugging the material down. It was slow going, teasing her panties down over the curve of her ass, but Miles eventually maneuvered them down low enough on her thighs to fully expose her to his gaze.

He spread the lips of her cunt apart, mouth watering as he glimpsed her pink, wet slit. He dipped one finger inside, slowly, and a short huff of breath escaped Hannah’s mouth. She didn’t know what was happening, consciously, but her body recognized pleasure and wanted it. Now more than ever Miles wanted her in his bed, spread out and tied down under his hands, forced to accept whatever he was willing to give to her pliant, yielding body.

Miles’s free hand closed around one of the objects he had taken from his briefcase. This one was a vibrating dildo with a flared base meant to keep it firmly seated inside the wearer. Miles had modified it with a wifi receiver, so that he could trigger it remotely from wherever he was. It wasn’t large – three inches long and barely two inches wide at the base – but Hannah would definitely notice it was there, once she was awake and coherent again.

Miles slowly teased another fingertip inside and spread them apart, exposing her wet hole. He licked his lips and eased the dildo inside, watching it sink into her body with little resistance. Her pussy swallowed it eagerly until the flared base rested against her outer lips. Such a wanton cunt. Miles wanted to press his tongue into it and lick until she came apart beneath him.

Patience, he thought, and picked up the second object. It was slim and metal, with black leather straps dangling from it. This would be harder than the dildo, but it was crucial to his plans. Carefully, he eased the chastity belt down the juncture of her thighs, lifting first one leg, then the other to wrap the straps firmly around her hips. He worked slowly, easing each strap across her skin, keeping his touch light and fleeting. Already her cunt felt wetter than it had when he first touched her, a product of the firm plastic inside of her. He reasoned that if the jolting of the train and his hands between her thighs hadn’t woken her, it was unlikely that this would.

Hannah stirred as he brought the straps around front, and he froze, his fingertips resting against her skin. Her head lolled back against the seat and she shifted. Miles moved with her as she adjusted, and she didn’t wake up. He smirked, snapping the finishing touch on his prize, a padlock engraved with the number of his latest prepaid burner phone. He pulled her panties back up her legs and the curve of her ass, then tugged her skirt back down.

That done, he resisted the urge to continue fondling his new toy and opened his briefcase one last time, removing a slip of paper. He wrote a brief note and tucked it into the left cup of her bra, right against the nipple where it would rub and chafe. Then he got up slowly and returned to his own seat, checking his watch. The entire operation had taken about fifteen minutes. They had another fifteen at least before the end of the line.

Time to see how good his new toy really was.

The vibrator had several settings, and was controlled from an app on his phone. Miles keyed in his password and brought up the interface. The ambient noise from the train was too much for him to hear the dildo switch on, but it had a rewarding effect on Hannah. Her lips parted further, until he could see her soft, pink tongue between her teeth, and her cheeks flushed. Miles turned up the intensity and watched her breath puff faster against the window, watched her writhe in her sleep.

Miles reached down to adjust himself in his slacks. She was lovely. Responsive. He dialed up the intensity to the highest setting and was rewarded by a soft, breathy noise from the girl, like the coo of a dove. His cock swelled in his pants, pressing against the seams, and he turned the vibrator off, taking deep breaths to contain himself. He would have her at his mercy soon enough.

For the rest of the ride he watched her with hooded eyes. The flush slowly receded from her pale cheeks, but her lips remained parted, her mouth hanging slightly open as she slept, blissfully unaware that she had been marked by a persistent, intelligent predator.

The train finally lurched into its final stop. He got up as Derrick entered the car and moved to Hannah’s row, shaking her shoulder gently. She was more thoroughly passed out than even he could have considered, as she only made a sleepy, protesting noise and tried to snuggle closer to the train window.

“Girls her age shouldn’t get so drunk,” Derrick said, shaking his head. “Good thing she found herself among decent folk, eh Mr. Pierson?”

“Good thing,” Miles said, leaning forward to collect Hannah into his arms. He stood slowly and nodded to Derrick, who handed him his briefcase. “I’ll make sure she gets home, wherever home is.”

“Good luck to you, Mr. Pierson. I better not see you on the midnight Monday train, too.”

“No worries,” Miles said, returning Derrick’s easy smile. “I’ve had enough late nights this week.” And with a new plaything to keep him occupied, he would have a reason to come home immediately after work.

Hannah’s head rested against his chest, her breathing soft and even. Miles’s pants felt tight at the thought that it would take her hours to realize she had been violated, that someone had exposed her intimately, someone had touched her without her permission.

He stepped off the train onto the platform, hunching over Hannah’s sleeping body to try to keep the rain off. He strode to the nearest covered bench, trying to figure out what he was going to do with her. He could take her now, but there was the small matter of her probably-existent roommates. He hadn’t seen anything with her address on it in her purse…

“Hannah?” Miles looked up at the new voice. It was another young woman, mousier than Hannah, with short dark hair, large glasses, and a round, perky face. The girl scowled at him. “Who are you? Some creep?”

“I’m sorry, I can see how it would look like that,” Miles said smoothly. “I believe your friend would have slept all the way back to the train yard if I hadn’t carried her off. She seems to have had a few too many.”

The brunette rolled her eyes. “Of course she has,” she said, disgusted. “Good thing I brought my car, as if I wouldn’t in weather like this… dumb midwest country bitch, doesn’t she know what can happen to her, passed out on the train?”

Miles said nothing, but stood to follow Hannah’s roommate back to the car. The girl grumbled the whole way, making him think that this was perhaps not the first time Hannah Marquette had been handed off to her roommate by a total stranger on a late weekend night. She yanked her passenger door open and Miles gently settled Hannah into the car, buckling her in.

The girl got into the driver’s seat and started the car. “Thanks for your help,” she said. “Sorry I called you a creep.”

“No need to apologize,” Miles said, reflecting that Hannah’s roommate had much better instincts than Hannah herself did. He shut the passenger door and waved as they drove away. It was only a matter of time, now.

He reached down and adjusted himself again, anticipation keeping him at least half-hard. His own car was not far away, and he smiled slowly to himself as he turned the key in the ignition. An excellent end to a very, very long day.


Saturday morning dawned grey and blustery. All that was left of the previous night’s rain was a wet mist, clinging to trees and windowpanes. It took most of the morning for the obscured sunlight to slant through the windows at the right angle to hit Hannah in the eyes. The clacking of computer keys was the first thing to reach her ears. Jackie was awake, or maybe had never gone to sleep. Hannah groaned.

“About time you woke up, drunk ass,” Jackie said acidly from her computer. “I had to retrieve you from a strange man on the train. Again.”

Hannah grumbled something under her breath, started to sit up, and froze.

There was something hard between her legs, and a feeling of fullness inside of her. “The fuck-” Hannah rolled out of bed with a thump and dashed for the bathroom.

“I keep telling you that you shouldn’t drink so much!” Jackie called after her as she slammed the bathroom door.

Hannah frantically pulled up her skirt, yanking down her underwear. The hardness she’d felt was a metal strip going from the swell of her pubic bone between her legs, covering her labia and the opening of her vagina. It was held around her thighs by thin, black leather that joined in the front, closed with a padlock. Hannah tugged, but she couldn’t get the contraption off. Her heart started to pound. There was something else – something she could feel inside of her, pressing against the inner walls of her pussy and filling her up. It felt good, satisfying in a way she didn’t want to admit.

It also made her need to pee, desperately, and she felt at the metal over her crotch. It at least had holes. She couldn’t help herself – whatever was inside her was pressing against her bladder. Hannah sat down hard on the toilet, staring at the padlock between her legs as she relieved herself.

Last night was a blur of lights, noise, and pattering rain. She concentrated, trying to remember details. The clicking of the conductor’s hole punch, the rocking of the train. Something else, something fleeting – light touches. Cologne, maybe? Hannah shook her head. She couldn’t remember. She groaned and put her head in her hands, flinching as something stabbed into her nipple.

She pulled down her bra and found a folded piece of paper. Her fingers trembled as she unfolded it, a sick feeling crawling its way into her gut. The handwriting on the paper was neat and slightly slanted, blocky, a man’s writing. It said:

If you tell anyone, the whole internet will know what a sweet, hot little cunt is between your legs. I have video.

“Oh god,” Hannah said, feeling bile rise in her throat. She spun around quickly, kneeling in front of the toilet and emptying her stomach of the remains of the liquor she’d drank the night before. Her head was spinning. Her breath started to get short. She’d been raped, violated on the train, in public, where anyone could have seen it happen. Worse, her cunt throbbed hotly around whatever was buried inside it. Every way she moved, it put pressure on her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her thighs.

It was so wrong, and Hannah couldn’t help that it felt good. She spat, clearing her mouth, and brushed her teeth vigorously. What could she do? She didn’t even know who had done this to her. She couldn’t tell anyone, not if she didn’t want video of her being fondled – or whatever this mysterious man had done to her – to show up all over the internet.

She looked down at the metal contraption again, mouth trembling, and inspected the padlock. Something was engraved on it. Digits. A phone number.

Like a dog tag, she thought, and bit her lip against the surge of shame that moved through her. Worse than the shame was the tiny, secretive spark of squirmy pleasure in her gut. Something about being marked, being owned like this…

Hannah shook it away and stormed out of the bathroom to retrieve her phone.

“Did you have a good time, at least?” Jackie asked dryly.

“Sure,” Hannah said, distracted, not really paying attention to her roommate. She needed to go somewhere private to dial the number on the padlock. Jackie would look at her weird if she took her phone into the bathroom. The apartment they shared was the basement of a house, and their landlords let them store some of their stuff in the attic. That was as good a place as any not to be overheard. “I’ll right back,” she said, and left the apartment, quietly letting herself into her landlord’s place.

The couple was out, and Hannah was able to climb the stairs to the attic unseen. Every step made the metal rub against the juncture of her thighs, made her more aware of the hard thing inside. Once there, she yanked up her skirt again and frantically dialed the number etched into the padlock. Her hands started to sweat as the call rang on the other line.

After three rings, someone picked up on the other line. “Hannah,” the voice said. It was male, warm and smooth, and Hannah couldn’t help but shiver a little. The way he said her name was like a caress.

Hannah scowled. “How do you know my name? What did you do to me?”

The low chuckle on the other line did bad things between her legs. Hannah pressed her knees together, biting her tongue to keep any noise from escaping her. “My lovely dove, you should be more careful where you pass out drunk,” the man said. “I know your name because I went through your purse. As for what I did to you…” there was another chuckle. “I did nothing I didn’t know you would enjoy.”

As soon as he said it, whatever was stuffed inside Hannah’s vagina came to life, vibrating hard. Hannah let out a soft, breathy, “Oh!” without meaning to and writhed in place.

“You see?” he asked. “You have such a wet, wanton little cunt. It was practically begging me to be filled.”

“You’re sick,” Hannah said, teeth gritted. Lord help her, it felt good. Too good. Whatever he’d put inside of her was pressing against all the right places. “Stop, please, just- just stop.”

To her surprise, the vibration did stop, but Hannah’s sigh of relief stuck in her throat at the man’s next words. “I wouldn’t want you to come before I could see you fall apart,” he said. “You do want me to take the chastity belt off, don’t you?”

“You- I-”

“You’ll never get it off without the key,” the man said, and then suddenly the vibration was back, even harder than before. “I can do this to you whenever I like. The receiver has a prodigious range. If you decline to come to me, I’ll simply have you at my mercy… whenever I like.”

“Stop!” Hannah said, throat closing on a sob. She was so close, so close, after being stuffed full all night and aching. Even if she hadn’t been awake for it, her body had accepted it without her.

The vibration stopped again. “You’ll receive a text with my address. Report me to the police, and you know what will happen. Do not mistake me – I have many resources at my disposal. I will not be caught. You will come to me.”

“No, don’t-” Hannah said, but the phone disconnected before she could finish her sentence. Almost as soon as the call hung up, the thing inside her started to vibrate again. It wasn’t as intense as it had been before, and she could only conclude that whatever dildo or vibrator the man had put inside her had several settings. He was playing with her, keeping her on the maddening edge of orgasm without letting her fall over. Hannah sat down, gasping, pressing her knees together and concentrating on not falling over that edge. Her body might think this felt good, but her mind knew it was wrong.

Her phone buzzed just as the vibration intensified. Hannah could do nothing for a moment but bite her lip, hard, riding it out until her tormentor backed off, dialing it back down to the lowest setting. She felt hot and heavy between her legs, the flesh throbbing. Hannah checked her phone with trembling fingers and mapped the address, head spinning. He didn’t live far – only a few blocks. She could walk there.

Hannah’s hand clenched around the phone. What was she thinking? She wasn’t going to go to him, she wasn’t going to let him win! Whatever video he had taken, surely it was obvious that she was passed out? What was the worst it could show?

Shame flooded through her again. She was actually thinking of letting him post that video. It couldn’t happen. What if someone she knew saw it? It wouldn’t be a threat unless her face was in it, and someone who had planned this much would have been careful to get her face-

Her train of thought stuttered to a halt as the vibrator buzzed intensely again, the highest setting yet. Hannah panted, leaning forward with her head propped on her knees, phone clutched in her hand. The phone buzzed again, and she looked at the text message.

I’m waiting.

A lump rose in Hannah’s throat. She didn’t have another choice. She had to go if she wanted this thing out of her. She punched the keys on her phone angrily, sending, ‘on my way’ as she got to her feet. A few seconds after she sent the message, the vibrator shut off again. She let out a slow, relieved breath. It seemed that the man would leave her be as she walked to his house. Hannah’s cheeks burned with shame as a thought popped into her head – it was a good thing he’d shut the vibrator off, because if he’d left it on she would have come all over herself before she got halfway there.

Hannah stomped down the stairs and slammed back into her apartment, yanking last night’s clothes off with her back to her roommate. Jackie didn’t look up or turn around – the girl was a recluse, and barely tolerated humanity in general and Hannah in specific. Hannah yanked on a pair of jeans, gritting her teeth as the tight denim made the vibrator press more firmly into her. She changed her bra and her shirt and pulled a brush through her hair. “I’m going out,” she said.

“Off to get some hair of the dog?” Jackie asked without looking up from her computer. “Don’t make me come get you from the train station again.”

“I won’t,” Hannah said shortly. She grabbed her purse and practically ran out of the apartment. She had to leave her own neighborhood and cross a main road to get to her tormentor’s house. The temptation to call the police made her fingers itch. They would be able to get her out of this contraption – they would have bolt cutters.

But no, how did Hannah know he wasn’t watching her? He lived so close. He could have been following her for weeks. He could be watching her right now. She swallowed, glancing nervously around the street as she walked, the vibrator pressing up against the sweet spots inside of her. Her cheeks felt like she had a permanent blush staining them, and her breath came rougher than it would if she had just been out for a walk.

Anger surged through her. Just because she’d been passed out, how was that any excuse for this kind of torture? Hannah resolved to find a way to get rid of that video and report this man to the police. She had to get him caught. This plan was too involved for her to be the first one. He’d done this to other girls, she was sure of it.

The neighborhood where the address was located was better off than Hannah’s, with larger homes. She could hear the surf and smell the ocean mist as she jogged down the block, biting her lip against the sensation of the vibrator, rubbing against her with every step.

Her steps slowed as she approached the address she’d been given. She checked it against her phone. Now was when she would see the face of the man who had done this to her. She bit the side of her tongue and marched up the driveway to the front door, trembling despite herself.

As soon as she knocked, the vibrator started up again on the lowest setting, making her squirm as the door swung open. She tried to glare, but probably ruined the effect with her bottom lip between her teeth and her hands twisting in the hem of her shirt.

She had expected a sweaty, fat man, the stereotypical basement dweller that every girl’s parents warned her against. She hadn’t expected him to be tall, or broad in the shoulders, or have such piercing eyes, blue-green like the ocean after a storm. His hair, greying at the temples, was full and brown, styled impeccably. His button-down shirt was stretched taut across a fit figure. Hannah’s mouth went dry. He smiled.

“Hannah, my lovely,” he said, reaching out to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. Hannah flinched away from him, and his eyebrows knitted together in an expression like concern. Hannah wasn’t fooled. The only thing in his eyes was wicked hunger. “Come inside.”

Hannah hesitated, slowly putting one foot in front of the other. She had a sudden, terrible feeling that once she crossed the threshold, she would never return. She stood frozen in indecision, one foot poised above the doorway. Then the vibrator turned up and she gave an involuntary, whole-body shiver, glaring as she entered the house.

He shut the front door behind her, threw both deadbolts, and then was on her before she could move. He pushed one hand into her hair, yanking her head back and pinning her against the door with his weight. “Please,” Hannah said, struggling to get away from his grip, but it was like iron, and his body was like stone, muscular and unyielding.

“Lovely dove,” he whispered, his lips tickling the shell of her ear. “Don’t waste your breath begging me to let you go. You came to me. I own you, now.”

Hannah’s throat closed on a sob as he grabbed her wrist and wrenched her phone away from her. He kept her pinned the door with the grip on her hair and the weight of his body as he paged through the menus, pulling up her calendar, her planner, all her personal data. “Ah, your responsible roommate’s name is Jackie, I see,” he said. “If only she had trusted her instincts about me last night, you might not be here today. We’ll have to send her a text later to let her know you won’t be coming home tonight.”

That provoked another small sob, and Hannah shoved against him, struggling to get away. She whimpered and went still when the hand in her hair twisted, sending shooting pains across her scalp. “That won’t do,” the man said. “I knew you would need training – best for us to get started right away.”

He pulled her away from the door by the hair. Hannah staggered, her hands going to his wrist, trying to pry his hand away. He paid no attention to her efforts, pulling her along behind him like she was nothing. She struggled harder when she saw the bed and was rewarded with a sharp smack to her ass. Hannah sucked in a breath. The blow surprised her into stillness long enough for him to throw her down on the bed and straddle her hips.

She started to struggle again as he worked her shirt up over her head, and then harder when he unhooked her bra. It was like trying to throw a pile of bricks off her back. Her captor looked like he was in his mid-forties, but his grip was like iron. He leaned forward, pressing her down to the bed with his body weight. Hannah heard something jingle off to the side of the bed, and then he took her right wrist and wrenched her arm around behind her back. Something like cloth or leather closed around her wrist, and then she heard a sound like a crank being wound. As he grabbed her left wrist and repeated the treatment, Hannah pulled, and found that she could barely move her arm an inch before her shoulder protested.

The man’s weight left her back, but with her arms tied down the way they were, she couldn’t get the leverage to sit up. Hannah pushed, trying to get her knees underneath her, but he wrapped both hands around her ankles and yanked, undoing her jeans and pulling them down off her legs. “Please don’t,” Hannah gasped as he pulled her underwear off. Getting up on her knees gave her leverage, but with her pants off it also exposed her, put her ass up in the air and put her cunt on display.

Not like he hasn’t seen it before, she thought, and flushed dark red. It didn’t seem to matter that she laid prone against the bed – he put one hand on her hip and the other behind her thigh, shoving her up onto her knees and spreading them wide. “Stay like that,” he said, his broad palm cupping her ass.

Like hell I will, Hannah thought, and kicked out with her right leg. He caught her foot and shoved her leg back into position. She was rewarded for her small rebellion with another smack to her ass. She gasped and jerked away from the sting, but it was followed by another, and another.

“If you do not do as I say,” the man said, punctuating it with a hard slap to the inside of her thigh, “you will not enjoy this anywhere near as much as I will.”

“I’m not going to enjoy it anyway,” Hannah snapped.

She could hear the smirk in his voice. “Is that so?” he asked, and then the vibration inside of her intensified again, cranked up to its highest setting and left there. “I suppose I’ll just leave you to it, then.”

The bed dipped and rustled, and then Hannah was alone, cool air moving across her bare skin as she fought the sensation between her legs. She could feel an orgasm building in her, her breath coming shorter and her cheeks flushing hot. Fingertips brushed against her cheek and her eyes flew open. He was staring down at her, his gaze hungry and intent, watching her come apart in his bed. The thought made her shudder. Her eyes squeezed shut. She was so close, so-

The vibrator shut off as soon as she reached the precipice. Despite herself, Hannah let out a soft, “No!”

“Ah, and here I thought you didn’t want this.” The bed dipped again, and his hands returned to her body, running down her sides and over the curve of her ass, down the smooth skin of her thighs. “You will do as you’re told, and stay where I put you. Won’t you?” Hannah said nothing, and then let out a small, hurt noise when his palm crashed over her asscheek again. “You will, or I will keep you hovering at the edge and never let you come.”

Hannah’s heart thumped, and a hot tingle went down her spine. She’d been on the edge too long already. She wanted to come, if only to get it overwith. “I will,” she said quietly.

He smacked her on the ass again, and she yelped. “You will what?”

“I will do as I’m told, and I’ll stay where you put me,” Hannah said, miserable, her cheeks burning with shame.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking a gentle hand over her hair. It made something twist in her gut, something pleasurable, and Hannah buried her face in the bed. “None of that, now,” he said, and grabbed her chin firmly, turning her head so that her cheek lay against the bed. “I want to see your face.” She opened her eyes and glared helplessly, her cheeks bright red. He pushed her hair back behind her ear. “You liked it when I said that.”

Hannah squeezed her eyes shut and tried to shake her head. He spanked her again, the sound loud in the quiet room. “Yes!” she burst out, feeling like it had been dragged from her.

“Well, well,” he said, sounding pleased. “I knew you were going to be good. It didn’t take much, last night, to have you react. I knew you’d be sensitive, but I didn’t know you’d be submissive.”

Hannah kept her eyes closed and stayed silent. Hearing him talk about last night made her stomach turn, and even worse was the shame in knowing that he was right. She was submissive. She always had been submissive. If this had been her choice, her decision, she would have loved every second of being pinned down at his mercy. And yes, the praise felt good. It sent a jolt straight between her legs when he told her she was a good girl, and she hated it.

He leaned forward, pressing his hips against hers, and she could feel the hard line of his dick through his pants, nestled in the crack of her ass. She gasped in a shuddering breath and held perfectly still, not wanting to encourage him with even the barest hint of movement. His breath washed hot against her cheek. He nipped her ear playfully, his hands stroking over her body. He worked one hand in between her and the bed to cup her breast, running his soft fingertips over her nipple. Hannah shivered, her breath quickening, and he chuckled. “Lovely dove,” he said. “So beautiful. What do you want, Hannah?”

“Let me go,” Hannah whispered. “Please. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I know that,” he said, and pinched her nipple, rolling it between his fingers. Hannah bit her lip and trembled helplessly against the shocks of pleasure he was sending through her body. It wasn’t fair. “You won’t tell anyone what I do to you. This is for you and I alone, my dove. But I won’t be letting you go, and it isn’t often that I’ll ask you what you want. You shouldn’t waste the opportunity.”

“Oh god,” Hannah said, her eyes flying open as he licked into the shell of her ear. She gasped and squirmed, pressing back against him without meaning to, trying to get more or get away, she wasn’t even sure anymore.

“Good girl,” he breathed, right in her ear, and Hannah let out a helpless groan as heat and pleasure flooded through her. “Now, I will only ask you once more before I decide for you – what do you want, Hannah?”

“I-I-” Hannah stammered, still squirming in his grip. She couldn’t move much or she would risk really hurting herself, thanks to the way he had her bound with her arms behind her back.

“I’ll give you to the count of five, and then I’ll decide for you,” he said. He held still, letting her squirm and rub against him, taking his hand away from her breast. “Five.”

“I don’t- I can’t-” Hannah gasped. He turned on the vibrator again, which was completely unhelpful toward her effort to form coherent sentences. If she begged him to let her go again, there was no telling what he would do to her.


Hannah let out a wordless whine of protest, struggling against the bindings. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of begging for anything.

“Three,” he said, and dialed up the vibrator’s intensity. Hannah’s thighs shook, but she didn’t dare close her knees, didn’t dare do anything contrary to his orders. “Two-”

“I – I – I want to come,” she blurted, blushing.

He chuckled, and she blushed harder. “I’m sure you do,” he said. “You’ve had this inside of you all night.” He pressed his knuckles against the metal strip that held the vibrator inside her, putting pressure on her clit. She pressed her face into the bed and gasped for air. If he kept up that pressure-

The vibrator shut off. Hannah thrashed, whining, “I asked, I told you- ah!”

Her protests were cut off when he spanked her again, hard, on the back of her thigh. “I heard you,” he said. “I cannot abide a brat. You will come when I am ready, not when you are ready.” He punctuated it with another sharp slap.

Hannah gulped huge breaths of air as the spanking continued – sometimes hard, painful slaps, sometimes soft taps that felt more pleasurable than painful. She could feel the heat coming from her ass by the time he stopped, trailing his fingertips over the sensitized skin.

“What do you say, Hannah?” he asked.

Hannah closed her eyes. She couldn’t. She wasn’t going to do this. She had come here to find the blackmail he had on her and escape, not to writhe under his hand and whimper. His grip tightened on her ass, his fingers digging into her tender flesh, and she gasped, “I’m sorry!”

“Sir,” he said, not relenting in his grip.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Hannah whispered, hating that it made her ache inside.

He let go and stroked his hands over the backs of her thighs. “You’ll have to refresh my memory,” he said. “I don’t remember what you asked me for, after all.” Hannah stilled. After he’d just punished her for asking for the same thing twice? He must have guessed why she didn’t answer, because he chuckled. “It’s not a trick, my dove. I want to hear you beg me in that lovely voice.”

Of course he did. Hannah’s ass stung, but she was still teetering on the edge of orgasm. “I w- want to come.” Then, hastily, because she knew he would ask, “Sir. Please.”

“You can do better than that,” he said, and she could hear the smile in his voice.

God help her, it made her want to do better. “Please sir, please, may I come?”

His hands felt cool on her fevered skin. “Come, then, if you can,” he said, and stroked her hair out of her face.

He couldn’t be serious. He couldn’t be trying to bait her into what she thought he was.
She opened her eyes and stared into his face, into his beautiful, cold eyes, and realized that he was. “Please, sir, I need-” Hannah wanted to close her eyes, but she knew that if she did, he would just make her look him in the eye again. “I need you to make me come, please.”

He smiled. She couldn’t look away from the way it made his eyes crinkle at the corners, but brought no joy into them, only a spark of reptilian interest. Like a predator. “One please was sufficient, but it will do.” He moved out of her field of vision, and Hannah was finally able to close her eyes as he settled on the bed behind her.

She had expected him to turn the vibrator up again, so she let out a surprised gasp and twisted, trying to see, when she heard the jingling of keys. He gave her a light smack with the back of his hand, and she resumed her position without further protest, her pulse speeding. His palm was warm over the metal as he cupped her there. She felt him tug on the padlock, then the unmistakable sound of a key fitting in a lock.

Hannah shivered when he unwrapped the straps from her thighs and took the metal away. On the one hand, it had only served to keep that damn vibrator inside her. On the other hand, it had kept him from putting anything else inside of her.

She couldn’t hold onto the thought for long, though, as he immediately closed his fingers around the vibrator inside her and pulled, slowly. She felt it stretch her open, and then she was mercifully, achingly empty. “So wet,” he whispered from behind her, and then she wasn’t empty anymore, two of his fingers plunging deep into her.

Hannah pushed back against his fingers, writhing. She had never needed to come so badly, panting with need. His fingers inside her stretched her wide, pulling her open, and she gave a shocked cry when his tongue pressed firmly in beside his fingers, licking into the wet, aching folds of her cunt. He licked broad stripes up her clit, pressing the tip of his tongue where she needed it most, and her thighs trembled when he finally let her tumble into orgasm at last, clenching around the fingers buried inside of her, gasping.

“You taste delicious,” he said, smoothing his hands over her ass and licking back into her even as she trembled from the aftershocks. “What do you say, Hannah?”

She was oversensitive, squirming under his touch. Every brush of his thumb or swipe of his tongue sent shocks down her thighs, up her spine. She squeezed her eyes shut, thrashing in her bonds, and tried to pull away from him.

His hands curled tight around her hips, and Hannah yelped as he bit down on the inside of her thigh. “I asked you something, lovely dove,” he said – practically growled.

Hannah closed her eyes, letting out a shivery breath. She was long beyond standing on principle. She had just begged him to make her come. “Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl,” he said. Some of the tension bled out of Hannah’s shoulders. She held still as he returned to his ministrations, this time pushing his fingers back into her pussy along with his tongue. She felt raw and stretched. It occurred to her that she still hadn’t seen what he’d put inside of her, and had no idea how big it was. He pushed a third finger into her, and she decided it had been about that big, the thought flying wildly through her head as she tried to breathe through the overwhelming stimulus.

Just as suddenly as he had put his fingers into her, he pulled them out, leaving her aching and empty again. He trailed his fingertips up to her asshole and she couldn’t help herself – she tried to jerk away from his grip. “Don’t, please, I don’t-”

It didn’t matter what she said, not when she was tied down and helpless. He pushed one finger into her ass, slowly. “Hush,” he said, pressing his thumb against her clit even as she writhed away from the invasion. “You got what you wanted, after all.”

Hannah gritted her teeth against the sob that wanted to escape her. She had asked for it, begged for it, but it had not been what she wanted.

He grabbed her asscheeck with his free hand and spread her open, a second finger nudging into her hole beside the first. “Don’t panic, my dove. I won’t fuck your ass, not just yet. You’re too tight. I don’t want to hurt you.” He pressed the second finger in deep, ignoring the high whine, practically a scream, issuing from between her teeth.

He didn’t want to hurt her? What a joke. Even so, his words made her relax just a little. He twisted his fingers inside her, pulling the tight ring of muscle open. It had been a long time since Hannah let someone even finger her ass. She had forgotten how vulnerable and open it made her feel, like a raw nerve.

“Still,” he said, pushing his fingers all the way in to the knuckle. “I will have this sweet ass stretched around my dick eventually, so we should get you used to the idea.”

His words knocked the breath from her like a physical blow. Eventually. He really wasn’t going to let her go. Hannah shook as he pulled his fingers from her ass. She felt something hard press against the wet, stretched hole and whined, trying to squirm away as he pushed it inside. The tip slipped in easily, but it got wider, as wide as his two fingers and then wider still. Her ass burned, stretching around the plastic thing he pushed into her. “Wha- aahhh!” Just when she thought she couldn’t possibly take more, the widest part popped inside of her and her asshole clenched around the base.

“Do you recognize the way it feels?” Her tormentor asked. “Maybe if I turn it on.”

As soon as the vibration started, Hannah gasped, tightening around the vibrator involuntarily. It was the same hated device he had put in her pussy on the train, only now it buzzed in her ass, feeling impossibly bigger in the tighter hole.

“Now,” he said, going back to running his hands over her body. “What should we do with that wet pussy?” His hands were on her ass again, spreading her wide open, flushed and exposed under his gaze. “I think it’s ready to get fucked, don’t you?”

Hannah’s eyes flew open and she pulled against the bonds. “Please don’t!”

“No, none of that. Did you really think I would make you come on my tongue and not ask anything in return?” Hannah heard the rustling of cloth and the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

“No,” Hannah whispered, inching her knees forward as much as she was able, trying to get away.

He smacked her ass, hard, and the vibrator inside it turned up. “If this is the thanks I get for making you come, I don’t think you’ll get that privilege very often,” he said. He dragged his cock over her clit, barely pushing the tip inside before going back to teasing her with it. “One day you will come to me on your knees and beg for me to fuck you with this cock.”

Hannah shook her head, helpless to resist him as he pushed into her, stretching her pussy wide around his dick. He felt huge, or maybe that was the plug in her ass, still vibrating hard. He kept sinking into her, impossibly long, until his hips were flush against hers. She squirmed – the buzzing in her ass and the hard, wide length of him impaling her was enough to make her clit throb and her skin tingle.

He started with short, shallow strokes, his cock stroking over her inner walls with every thrust. Each time, he pulled a little bit farther out of her before slowly sinking back in. When his hips shoved flush against her ass, it put maddening pressure on the vibrator in her asshole.

Hannah couldn’t help the small, helpless noises he wrung out of her every time he pushed in deep. “Lovely dove,” he said, and fucked into her harder than he had before. She cried out, something between a moan and a noise of protest, and he did it again. He pressed one hand flat on Hannah’s back, between her shoulder blades, and began driving into her, their hips crashing together at the end of every stroke.

All Hannah could hear was the wet sound of his cock inside her sopping pussy and the noises she made, soft cries and moans torn from her chest. His breath started to get ragged, too, his thrusts crashing into her.

“No! I- I’m not on the pill!” Hannah said desperately, trying to stave off what she knew was coming.

To her surprise, it drew a groan from him that sounded pleased. “Hannah,” he said, grabbing her hip and fucking her hard. “You are a clever girl, but a – ah – a terrible liar. I saw your pills in your purse.”

Hannah shook her head, burying her face in the covers, unable to do anything but hang on as his cock slammed into her, wringing more shameful noises from her throat.

He leaned forward, and the changed angle made her eyes open wide. His breath washed hot over the back of her neck. “I’m going to come inside your sweet, tight little pussy,” he said, voice rough. Hannah’s cunt spasmed around his cock and he chuckled. “What about you, will you come like this? Spread out on my cock?”

“No- oooh,” Hannah’s protest devolved into another moan as he rocked forward, rubbing all along the inside of her pussy.

“Don’t lie to me, Hannah. If you tell me you aren’t going to come and then you do, I will take special joy in teaching you a lesson.”

Hannah squirmed, pressing back against his cock as he fucked her. She was going to come, despite her words to the contrary, but she was not going to beg for it again, not ever.

“Have it your way,” he said. He wrapped both hands around her hips and pulled her back against him, his dick driving into her. She was panting, soft moans spilling from her lips mixed with an endless litany of ‘no’ and ‘please stop.’ Her orgasm was building, her pussy squeezing tight around his cock.

“Last chance to ask me properly,” he panted, voice ragged. Hannah shook her head, shutting her lips on the whimpers he forced from her, dizzy with the force of what was building within her.

He moved one hand from her hip and pressed his thumb against the base of the vibrator, forcing it in deeper. On his next hard thrust, Hannah came apart, sobbing and practically screaming as her orgasm ripped through her.

“Bad girl,” he said. “I shouldn’t even give you this now but your pussy is just- too- good!” He punctuated each word with a brutal, hard thrust, and then at last stilled, cock twitching as he filled her up with his come.

Hannah closed her eyes tight, gasping for air as he slid his softening cock from inside her. He stroked her side with a pleased sigh. “Beautiful, Hannah,” he said. “But don’t think I’ve forgotten that you came without permission, and you lied to me about it on top of that.”

“I’m s-sorry,” Hannah stammered, flinching when he smacked her on the ass.

“You’re sorry, what?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Hannah said, cheeks burning. She could feel slick wetness dripping from her pussy and sliding down her thighs – her come and his both.

“I’m afraid that isn’t going to be good enough this time,” he said. Hannah opened her eyes and stared up at him. He shook his head with a small smirk. “You must learn not to lie, lovely dove.”

He leaned down, and suddenly some of the pressure on Hannah’s arm released. She tensed. He was undoing the bindings, probably to move her into a different position. She waited until the other binding slackened and exploded into motion, scrambling away from him.

He had her by the hair before she could get far, yanking her back and wrestling her down on the bed. “Let me go!” She screamed, twisting in his hold. It was useless. He dragged her back up the bed, on her back this time, and pulled her wrists up to the headboard. Hannah craned her neck to look and saw that he had a pair of leather cuffs around her wrists, which he clipped to the headboard with a gesture that spoke of long practice.

“We have been over this once, but I see you don’t quite understand me, so I’ll say it again.” As he spoke, he grabbed her right leg and yanked, fitting another leather cuff around it. There was a ring and a bit of chain attached to the footboard, and he fastened her ankle to it. “You belong to me. I own you. I will use you as I like, and share you with whom I will.” Hannah sobbed, struggling as he grabbed her free leg and repeated the treatment, leaving her cuffed spread-eagled on her back with the hated vibrator still buzzing in her ass.

He pulled up his pants and tucked his cock away. Hannah screamed as he left the room, thrashing in her bonds. The vibrator was a firm, steady pressure in her asshole, and her sore pussy still leaked come. Maybe if she screamed loud enough, someone would hear.

She squeezed her eyes shut, opened her mouth, and yelled for help as loudly as she could.

“Stop that.” Her captor had returned. “I can’t have you screaming loud enough to wake the dead. It gives me a headache.” He moved up beside her head and dropped something on the bed, something black. “Open your mouth.”

Hannah clenched her jaw shut stubbornly. He sighed and pinched her nose shut, staring her down. Her vision began to go grey at the edges before she opened her mouth to gasp for air.

He pushed something rubber into her mouth – a gag. Hannah tried to spit it out, but his broad palm moved to cover her mouth. With his free hand, he worked the straps of the gag behind her head and fastened them, holding it in place.

He picked up the second piece of black leather. Hannah tossed her head, whining around the gag, trying to pull away as he tied the blindfold tight around her eyes. She was blind, tied down, gagged, with his come dripping down her thighs.

The vibrator turned up to its highest setting and Hannah writhed, face red, knowing he was looking at her. His fingers ghosted over her cunt, barely a touch but enough to set her aflame again.

“I have errands to run,” he said, and Hannah’s breath quickened. “While I am gone, you can lie there and think about the consequences of your actions.”

Hannah jerked her head, glaring behind the blindfold. Her throat was closing around hot, frustrated tears. He was just too prepared, too ready for what she might try. She slurred something rude around her gag, her head turning to follow the sound of him moving around the room.

“Oh, Hannah?” he said, and she stilled. “Just so you know, there never was any video from the train. I’ll be back soon!”

The front door slammed. Hannah screamed wretchedly around the gag and burst into tears.

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The Resort – The Odyssey of Sweet Rachel

by AlphaDrive

Rachel wins a vacation through her work but soon finds herself being taken by the owner of the Resort
The Resort – The Odyssey of Sweet Rachel

Rachel entered the large room through two heavy wood oak doors that opened in the middle. The sign just outside the door said Spa Retreat. “It was just as the brochure had shown,” she thought to herself, but only nicer.
Rachel had never been to a resort before; and was surprised by the spaciousness of what she imagined a simple spa room might look like.
“This room is bigger than my entire house,” she said softly while standing in semi awe. She thought it reminded her of pictures she had seen of celebrity homes; or maybe something out of a magazine spread for “Architectural Digest.”
The room was a very large space spanning at least forty to fifty feet across. Looking towards the ceiling Rachel estimated it must have been at least two stories high but maybe higher. She counted at least ten elegant chandeliers gracefully hanging in different spots to provide all the lighting this space would ever need. Walking slowly around the room she observed all of the décor to be of very high quality. She periodically ran her hands over the expensive looking furnishings as she strolled past. She noticed two large wood etched pillars that stretched from floor to ceiling that seemed to be supporting the structure. Both looked like they were placed in a perfect location to frame the ocean view leading out to the terrace that one would immediately see when they entered the room.
The space had one wall that was half moon shaped or circular, with large windows following the entire length of its gentle curve. Each window stood at least twelve feet high and six feet across with little to no wall space separating them. This created the appearance of one continuous window that followed the entire contour of the wall. They were also two large French glass doors that split the curved wall in half, leading out to a beautiful stone terrace that had views of the blue ocean for miles in every direction.
The floor of the room was no less ornate. It consisted of thick high end glossy stone tile, with elaborate designs etched into the center of each stone. Rachel thought it was similar to something she had seen in an art book depicting a Roman bath house from centuries ago. The rest of the space was just as exquisite with high end art on the walls, and statues perfectly placed in every nook and cranny of this palatial retreat.
Rachel could not help herself from the nagging feeling that she did not belong. She worried that there might be some unforeseen etiquette she was not following due to her being out of her element. She compared it to her first glass of wine at a fancy restaurant, when the waiter unexpectedly handed her the cork to smell as is customary; with her having no clue on what to do with it.
“Relax girl, you’re on vacation. Get out of your head,” she said quietly but out loud; trying to calm her sudden anxiety.
A steady breeze was cutting through the room through the open terrace doors. It brought with it an ocean fragrance that was delighting Rachel’s senses. She paused and took a deep breath filling her lungs with the clean fresh air.
Scanning the room some more, she saw one large massage table nearest to one of the windows facing out to the ocean; and two smaller ones nearby. Just a few feet away there was a spread of what looked to be various tropical fruits and mini sandwiches placed decoratively on a table. There was three clear glass pitchers of different colored liquids with drinking glasses stacked neatly nearby. She walked up closer to the table to see if anything appealed to her and noticed the fruit spread was coated with a white sugary glaze that looked very edible. In the background she could hear soft Hawaiian or Calypso style music that seemed to perfectly round out this beautiful set up.
Rachel immediately found her hips swaying a bit as she stood looking out the doors to the ocean. She started to quietly hum along with the catchy tune playing softly in the background, as she strolled some more around the premise. She reminded herself to inquire who the artist on the recording was when she was leaving; thinking it would make for a nice memory of the trip when she returned home. The music seemed to have a way of calming her nerves while she continued to immerse herself in the sights and sounds of everything around her.
Rachel then walked through the French doors leading her outside onto the stone terrace. She looked out at the water and wondered if Tim was anywhere in sight. She never thought of him as much of a fisherman, but how could he pass up the opportunity to fish off a beautiful luxury yacht for free. Fishing was not her thing; and he never mentioned it as something he was interested in. But she did hope he was enjoying himself.
Rachel took in another deep breath, filling her lungs with the ocean breezes that were softly pampering her body. She thought about the resort restaurant where she and Tim had attended dinner last night soon after their arrival on the island. She smiled to herself pondering the unlikely events of the evening that brought her to this point of good fortune.
“A small mistake on a dinner order,” she shook her head in disbelief while pondering the thought.
Rachel and Tim had both just sat down to dinner and ordered the lobster, but both orders came back wrong. She received a Tuna dish of some sort, and Tim got Sea Bass.
She laughed to herself with the over the top response they received from the owner when they told their waiter of the error. The restaurant manager was so apologetic they both ended up feeling uncomfortable, and wished they had said nothing. The incorrect dishes looked very tasty anyway. They figured they should have just ate what was placed before them and been happy with that.
“Sir…Madam….I want to apologize for such a blatant and disrespectful error.” said the manager, who Rachel could not recall his name. “I assure you this is not common place in our humble establishment, and you will be compensated greatly for your inconvenience.” the manger continued.
Rachel was the first to respond. “Really, it’s no big deal.” offering a genuine smile. “It’s ok,” pausing for a second. “It’s just a small little mistake,” she continued in a very sympathetic tone.
Tim agreed while gently waving his hand indicating it was ok. “It’s really alright,” he said following Rachel’s sentiment.
The manger quietly whispered instructions to the waiter who was patiently standing nearby; then both turned and walked back into the kitchen after thanking Rachel and Tim for their kindness.
Shortly thereafter the waiter re appeared perfectly balancing a large circular tray on one of his broad shoulders. Rachel’s first thought was how easy he appeared to control such a large platter with little to no effort. She quickly moved to assist him by pushing the tables’ decorative center piece to one side allowing him easier access to the space. He then gracefully placed each oversized plate in front of the eager couple. This feat of acrobatics was all done under the watchful eye of the manger who stood just a few feet back.
“Why, thank you madam,” the waiter stated acknowledging her assistance.
Rachel smiled and looked wide eyed at the feast placed before her.
“You are so welcome,” she cheerfully responded.
The Lobster was beautiful and large. She clumsily tried to guess how much it might weigh, but figured it had to be at least ten pounds. It was a bright red color, and had very large claws that she was eager to taste its contents. The magnificent delicacy was placed in the center of a large plate resting on top of some type of wild rice. The outer edges of the plate were lined with various pineapple wedges and coconut slivers that looked so fresh they may have just been picked directly from the tree.
The manger soon approached asking “Is everything to both of your liking now?” while standing with his feet together leaning forward with both hands clasped behind his back.
Tim spoke up immediately, “Wow, this looks great.” “Thank you.”
“You’re so very welcome sir,” the manger smiled, seemingly happy now that there order was correct.
“And you madam, is all to your satisfaction?” Shifting his weight while turning in Rachel’s direction while still slightly leaning forward.
“Everything is perfect, thank you again,” she spoke in a very appreciative tone.
“Very well, enjoy,” the manager replied, standing straight up again; then turning to walk back into the kitchen.
Rachel looked down at her plate and whispered to Tim “I hope I can figure out how to eat a whole lobster without causing a scene,” she said while giggling.
Tim replied with a smile “I hear ya,” while at the same time lifting his drink and reaching forward to clank Rachel’s glass, with both taking long sips of their tasty beverages.
Another sixty minutes or so had passed with the waiter coming and going attending to the tasks of bringing their additional drinks back and forth, clearing various plates, and keeping their ice water glasses topped off. Both Rachel and Tom were now feeling very full from the tasty feast they both had just consumed. Seemingly on queue they both leaned back on their comfortable wicker chairs and let out long exhales indicating there were both very satisfied.
“God I’m stuffed,” Tim stated while patting his stomach.
“When we get back to the villa I am getting out of these clothes and kick back and relax.” Tim stated through a yawn.
“I’ll try not to fall asleep on you,” Rachel said already feeling the sleepy effects of a full day of travel and a completely full stomach.
“Don’t worry hon, we have another week and a half to get rowdy.” Tom winked at his blushing wife.
“Ok then its settled. Let’s get a good night sleep tonight and start fresh in the morning.” Rachel said while nodding her head as if in agreement.
The waiter came by one last time and asked, “Room for desert?” Both Rachel and Tim politely declined in unison. The waiter then said “My manager would like to offer you a parting gift, and asked if you would kindly wait before leaving so he can have a word with you both.”
“Sure that would be fine,” Rachel responded with one eye brow raised.
“A parting gift?” “What do you think that means?” she quizzically asked Tim.
“Who knows honey? Maybe it will be a Lay like the ones they give people when arriving on flights in Hawaii?” Tim said while shrugging his shoulders.
“What do you know about planes arriving in Hawaii?” Rachel kidded; stretching out her long leg and playfully dragging her foot up the inseam of Tim’s calf.
The manger once again appeared. This time he stood erect with his feet together and one hand clasped over the other, obviously prepared to make some sort of pronouncement.
“Sir and Madam, I just got off the phone with the owner who periodically checks in to ask about how the guests might be enjoying their stay. I informed him of the mishap earlier and he wants the chance to make it up to you.”
Rachel immediately chimed in, “That really isn’t necessary sir. Honestly, it was not an issue. It was a small mistake and the food tuned out to be delicious.”
“That is so very gracious of you madam, but I am afraid he will insist,” the manager responded without given Rachel or Tim any time to offer more protest.
“We have a special charter boat that goes out to a great fishing spot about thirty miles off shore. The spot contains large white tuna and swordfish in abundance, all there for the taking. The boat we own is called the Calypso, and really is so much more than a boat. The Calypso is fifty foot luxury yacht with a full crew. One of the crewmembers is a local renowned chef that prepares lunch for all the guests. We also have an experienced bartender who is prepared to offer any drinks you may like, and even an onboard doctor, in case of sea sickness. The Calypso is equipped with world class fishing gear, and a professional instructor that can turn the most novice of fisherman into an expert during his first time out. Trust me when I tell you it’s the best of both worlds, mixing the great outdoors with luxury at its finest. And for the best part; upon arrival back at the resort, our chef will personally prepare your own days catch in ways you most certainly will not have thought possible. The fishing package is a $10,000 value just for the day which is being offered to you at no additional charge.” he stated directly to Tim who sat speechless.
The manger then turning slightly to face Rachel.
“And fear not Madam, we have a special treat in store for you that is solely reserved for our high end female guests, and also rated at the $10,000 per day value. This resort is equipped with an in house spa room that features a day of pampering like no other. We have on staff world renowned massage therapists who go by the title of Soul Healers. The massage these native island women offer is passed down through generations dating back hundreds of years. It is sure to be the most relaxing experience you have ever had in your entire life. Then after your day of pampering, you while be brought to the in house salon and get a professional makeover done by the islands famed beauty stylist Carla. You will be the most beautiful girl at dinner tomorrow night; and no matter how hard you try to make a discrete entrance, the room will stop for a moment to take in your beauty.” The manger concluding his remarks with a huge smile.
“We will send an escort for both of you at 8:30 am. Dress comfortable,” he concluded then turned to walk away.
Rachel looked at Tim stunned. “Can you believe this?” she asked him as if proposing an actual question.
The manager’s gracious response was so over the top for such a small mistake, it really left them both speechless and unable to turn down the invitation.
Rachel again looked out onto the beautiful blue waters and thought about Tim and her conversation before going to sleep last night. They spoke of the disappointment of being separated for the entire day so soon after arriving. The whole point of this trip was to rekindle their passion which seemed to be waning of late. She was now feeling slightly frustrated.
“Here we are going our separate ways once again.” Rachel thought feeling exasperated. However, they both had agreed it would be an insult to decline. “Plus we have nine more full more days to be together” she thought to herself trying to push aside any disjointed feelings she may have been experiencing.
Rachel further reasoned that from the beginning of her winning this trip through her job, she and Tim have been treated like royally. Tim expressed to her that if they declined the generosity, it would make the rest of their trip uncomfortable seeing these same staff members for another ten days. He said that they might appear ungrateful. Plus, Tim added, “Maybe this is how the rich interact?” as if he had a window into some secret society. “Let’s at least try and look like we belong, don’t you think?” was his final reasoning to her before turning in for the night.
Rachel agreed. Plus, she thought “my offer was even better than his fishing trip. I can have this time to myself before I spend the rest on Tim”
“Let me get a glass of that red juice” Rachel thought; making her way inside to the table where the lunch spread was located.
Rob Henry stood by eagerly waiting in the adjacent control building. His eyes were locked on the view screen placed on the console just in front of him. He watched intently as the gorgeous brunette moved gracefully about the room, studying her every curve. He stared at the screen intently as her round luscious breasts strained against the tight white V-neck t-shirt that fitted snugly to her upper body. Rob smiled at its failure to totally conceal her ample size tits that were straining for freedom. Her heavy cleavage was clearly visible and only being held together by a skimpy bikini top under her t-shirt. He marveled at her round ass jiggling ever so slightly in her tight yoga pants that stopped at the knees. He loved the way she walked with a bounce to her step causing all of her voluptuous parts to seemingly shift back and forth perfectly.
“Wow” Rob uttered quietly, but out loud. He felt that urge of hunger come over him as he watched her in silence. He simultaneously adjusted his manhood that seemed to be stirring to life.
“What a deal I have going here” Rob laughed to himself. “Fifteen years as the Caribbean’s top drug kingpin, but with the brains to get out with my fortune intact before getting locked up or killed,” Rob thought while mentally patted himself on the back.
Rob Henry always told himself he had to leave the game at some point. He knew how it always ended with people like him either dead or in prison. He made his millions and left while the getting was still good.
“Plus the ten million dollar payout by his lead chemist to take over full operations of the cartel, and all the supply he would ever need for personal use wasn’t too bad of a send off.” he thought.
Rob spent years sacking away tens of millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands as an under the radar drug overlord with an empire that stretched from Grand Cayman all the way up the east coast of the United States. His main product was the drug Ecstasy; and it was going out faster than he could produce it. During the late nineties Ecstasy became the drug of choice with the club scene and he capitalized on its popularity.
Rob Henry’s product was different than the rest. He and his local chemist associate perfected a high end grade that offered that feeling of euphoria that Ecstasy had become synonymous with, but with also giving an enhanced sexual desire that few other makers could duplicate. He offered a high end product that was made the same way each and every time out. Each batch was created under clean conditions that resembled a laboratory, leading it to be relatively safe.
While the other savages were making their crap in dirty kitchens, or in some hole in the ground in some god forsaken jungle. Rob cleanly produced his product which soon escalated to the top of the food chain and made him rich. Now, fifteen years later he got out of the business and invested his millions in a small private island off Grand Cayman, building a small but exclusive private resort.
“I knew when to get out” Rob often told his closet associates. “This place makes a ton of cash, and is completely legitimate. I am the king of my island, and don’t have to worry about going to prison.” Was one of his favorite mantras.
Rob Henry had another passion or dark side as he liked to call it. This was a bit more sinister and he knew it. His passion was fucking other men’s wives.
Rob watched and listened intently to the luscious brunette gulp down the first few sips of the red fruit juice mixed with his favorite Ecstasy cocktail. He pressed a button on the advanced consul in front of him that looked like it belonged in some NASA control room. The now illuminated red light on the dash indicted that encoded subliminal massages were now also flooding the room hidden inside the music.
Rob was proud of the science he was using to manipulate his lovely victimizes. He had all of the music encoded with sexual terms and phrases that were inserted within a frequency not entirely detectable by the conscious human mind. He was equally proud that he helped in the creation of the massages using words he would often speak himself, and in his own voice.
“Beg me to fuck you baby” “You want my cock inside you now” “Tell me to fuck your ass” were some of the massages Rob had inserted in the hypnotically tones.
He would have the music automatically change somewhat as time went forward. The soft island music now playing would subtly change to more rhythmic drum beats as if a ancient island sex ritual were taking place around some fire on a lonely beach. The sound of an occasional female voice letting out a quick moan or light squeal was perfectly inserted in various points of the tune as if it was always there from the original artist. The Ecstasy, along with the sensual massages, and the music was virtually impossible for any female to resist.
“MMMM, this is so good” Rob heard his prey utter out loud after her first drink of his devious potion. This brought a huge smile to his face as he watched her quickly go in for a second swig.
“Not too fast baby, we have all day,” Rob stated to the monitor in front of him in a low whisper with a big grin on his face.
Rob reached forward and hit the record button on the panel to his right. Two gauges jumped to life with the needles bouncing back and forth indicting they were picking up even the smallest of sounds and motions from the room. He had spent over two hundred thousand dollars on this equipment, and loved the power over his guests it gave him.
One of the real safeguards it offered him was in case anyone ever made an allegation of rape against him. In the unlikely event this ever happened, all he needed do is legally pull out as his trump card, and go directly to the tape. “It’s hard for a girl to claim rape when she spends half the day moaning with her lips wrapped around my cock. Try explaining that to hubby.” Rob thought to himself as he grinned.
The laws of the land here in the Cayman Islands were perfect for Rob’s dealings. Not only did the island nation give investors a place to hide their money from snooping foreign governments, it did not have the same levels of personal privacy rights to prevent anyone from recording someone without their knowledge. He had nothing to fear, and had the whole place wired with cameras and microphones in the name of security which was widely accepted.
Rob’s thrill in his younger days was outsmarting cops. Now at 39 years old it was having domain over any man’s wife he chose.
Looking in the screen he watched as the brunette goddess was now sampling a piece of pineapple with the sugary Ecstasy laced coating on top. This again caused his cock to began to stir.
“Wow, what a body” Rob stating out loud as he headed out of the control room locking the door behind him.
Rachel inhaled deeply once again; taking in some more of that savory ocean smell when she heard the large ornate wood doors open on the opposite side of the room.
“Is everything to Madams liking?” said the elder island mistress of the resort named Leona. She had a soothing accent that Rachel assumed was native to the island but could not entirely be sure.
“Oh everything is just beautiful.” Rachel said with a warm smile while taking another sip of her tainted concoction.
“Lady Florentine, who was to be your Soul Healer, had a personal issue and did not come to work today” Miss. Leona said while still being cheerful but exhibiting a semi disappointed tone to her voice.
“Fear not Madam, our head Master Mr. Henry has been personally notified and is resolving the situation as we speak. He informed me to tell you he extends his apologies for what will be a slight delay, and to make yourself comfortable being time is of no issue. He also added the facility is yours alone for as long as you wish, so relax and enjoy yourself. He encourages you to sample some of our fine island delicacies made available just for you over on the table to your right.” Miss. Leona finished speaking and then elegantly waved her arm toward the table as if she was presenting something grand.
“Oh I have already sampled some Miss Leona; what is this sugary toping on the pineapple? It is delicious.” Rachel happily questioned.
Miss Leona offered a smile but did not reply directly to Rachel’s question. “Here madam, please put these items on when we are finished.”
Rachel took a light canvas bag from Miss Leona without immediately looking inside, when seemingly out of nowhere the thought entered her mind “Head master; Is this what they call him? Isn’t that a bit much for a resort owner to want to be called.” a slight chuckle leaving her lips.
Rachel knew who Mr. Henry was. She had not met him but was told by the owner of the pharmaceutical plant she worked, Mr. Rideout, that Henry was the one who graciously offered this trip to her company. Mr. Rideout explained to her that he and Henry were close friends and business associates dating back to the early nineties, and Henry sometimes offered the vacation gift when his resort business slowed as a way to keep his staff busy.
Rachel had won the trip due to her high score on her annual evaluation, with her sales figures supposedly coming in the highest. She thought that was strange because she really was not having a very good year. But figured nobody else was either, and was excited when she was told she won the trip. Her boss assured her that My Henry’s resort was top notch, and she would have the time of her life.
Now with the added bonus of the fishing trip and spa day this was just the “topping on the cake,” she thought. She couldn’t deny the nagging feeling she had that all of this was a bit strange, but figured this is how the rich must live and interact. “Who was she to turn down a day of pampering anyway.” she reasoned in her head as if having a conversation with herself.
Rachel looked at the canvass bag just previously handed to her by Miss Leona. Inside it contained a very flimsy looking pair of white silk panties, along with a second matching halter top that would barely cover her breasts. The items appeared to be very light weight, but also looked very comfortable and of high quality. Both items leaned toward the sheer side, and did very little to conceal anything one might want to hide.
This fact did not seem strange to Rachel being she knew she was getting a massage, and heavy clothing would only get in the way. She further reasoned that this was her first massage and what did she know. It just seemed to make sense leaving most of her body exposed. Rachel actually was relieved when she saw the items. She had been told that most massages given throughout the world are done in the nude and this worried her a bit.
It wasn’t that she was not confident in her body. Overall she was very proud of her figure. At 28 she still had her youth on her side. Plus, judging from the looks she got on an everyday basis, she thought her curves were in all the right places. She was happy that Tim loved her for who she was, and did not want her to be a stick figure that most men seemed to droll over these days. At 5-7 and a 150 pounds, her 36 D chest went very nicely with her curvy 38 inch waist. She was in good shape but not overly toned. She had just the perfect amount of baby fat that gave her a body that soft feel that that just begged to be squeezed. Plus, Rachel confidently thought, “with my bubble butt, and legs that don’t quit, I am a hotty” she laughed slightly out loud, not realizing the tainted tropical spread was starting to have its affects on her.
“Madam, as to your question earlier about the food and drink spread; our tropical fruits have been prepared by our master chef with a light sprinkling of a homemade seasoning taken directly from our own sugar cane fields. Legend has it that it containers a natural aphrodisiac created by the Gods. Its quit delectable.” the elder madam proclaimed. “Also we have three different kinds of fruit drinks that are simply delicious. My favorite is the one in the center. It’s made from our own island cherries, mixed with a secret ingredient that will stun your taste buds.” Said Miss Leona with a smile.
Rachel held up a glass as to mimic a toast to acknowledge this was indeed the one she picked.
“Miss Leona?” Rachel stated in a relaxed tone. “Is it true about the Sugar? Is it an aphrodisiac?”
Miss Leona was in the process of folding a towel when she peaked up at Rachel with a quizzical look, added by a slight grin after pondering her question but not immediately answering it.
“There is a small changing area directly behind that louver door.” Miss Leona stated while pointing in the direction behind Rachel. “When you’re done changing can you please lay face down on the massage table that is right over there to your left? Rob will be in shortly.”
Miss Leona stood for moment before closing the door, then took a look at Rachel and said “As to your last question….Yes.” Before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.
The words hit Rachel like a Mac truck as she started walking over to the changing area. “Did she just say Rob?” she mumbled to herself.
Rachel stood motionless for a moment behind the louver door with her thoughts that were now racing. Throughout the pages of the brochure that she read coming over on the plane, they always showed women conducting the massages. “Even the front cover pictured the very room she was now in showing massage therapists all looking to be demure Asian or Island type females.” she thought as her frustrations were now starting to boil over. She had not even considered a man massaging her. Plus she knew Tim with flip out being as jealous as he gets.
“Oh this is bad.” Rachel mumbled. All of a sudden the nerves she felt earlier about not belonging were amplified. “This is not what I signed up for” she said under her breath. Feelings of helplessness entered her mind. “I can’t just get up and leave now, can I? This really sucks!” she murmured. “Ok whatever, ill just let him give me a quick massage and get the hell out of here and go lay on the beach. What a disappointment” she said quietly to herself.
Rachel started to change into the outfit given to her by Miss Leona. She gently pulled her t-shirt over her head, and then began to undo the string on her bikini top that she had worn underneath. She noticed herself in the mirror; “Why are my nipples so dame hard?” feeling frustrated at the timing of them coming to attention, adding to this already awkward situation.
Rachel lowered the yoga paints she was wearing, and the thin panty like bathing suit bottoms underneath; sliding them down over her round hips. She then pulled the silky panties from the bag rolling them around in her hand. She noticed they were small but had a feeling of elasticity. They seemed to be meant to fit in a skin tight manner, and had a tailored cut that would not entirely cover her butt cheeks. She again saw the possible logic for the lack of coverage. She thought this was a good compromise for a person like herself that did not want to be naked, but also did not want fabric to get in the way.
Rachel pulled them up her legs and turned to the mirror to check out how they made her look. “Wow, these are nice,” she said softly to herself.
Rachel then reached her arms above her head and pulled the halter wrap made of the same material over her breasts. She was not as fond of this garment being it was flimsy and had no practical use. She looked in the mirror at the entire get up and though “geez, this is a revealing outfit” with a tinge of worry accompanying her thoughts.
Rachel began to feel another sensation starting to take hold that was quickly putting her worries to rest. It was if a strange wave of calmness had began to come over her. She had a sudden urge that she could not put her finger on, but something was not the same. It was if her mind automatically slowed down. She was beginning to feel centered and as if her problems just did not seem to matter. She felt the island breeze hit her skin causing goose bumps to raise all over her body. “Mmmm” she cooed, at its seemingly perfect feel over her smooth skin felt incredible. She then instinctively slid her hands down the side of her thighs sending a delightful shiver up and down her shapely legs.
Standing there in her sexy garments, she started listening more intently to the music still playing in the background. She unconsciously began to sway her round hips slightly. She momentarily closed her eyes and again ran her hands softly down both her sides sending delightful chills up her spine.
“I have to say, this is really nice. Let’s try and enjoy this, huh Rach?” she questioned herself out load.
Rachel finished dressing and made her way over to the table as instructed by Miss Leona. As she walked to the table she couldn’t help feeling a bit sexy as her breasts and ass rhythmically shook with each step she took. She laid her curvy figure face down on her stomach as instructed. There was a slightly raised pillow built in to the center of the table that was positioned directly under her pelvic bone. She thought it a bit odd noticing how it hiked up her ass for no apparent reason, but thought that she seemed to remember seeing this somewhere in a magazine while viewing material about massage practices years earlier. Also, she thought “with the pillow seemingly built into the table, this must be normal, or part of some high end equipment.”
She laid patiently with her body face down on the table with her hands folded under her chin. Her mind still feeling quieted as if it was literally drifting on a smooth ocean current. Her ample breasts strained outward on the sides as they were pressed into the soft fabric covering the table. The flimsy silk top she wore did little to keep her ample cleavage covered, and it was now straining to hold her fleshy mounds in place. She noticed the breeze was blowing a bit stronger now; felling like a warm blanket of air caressing her pale skin. She felt herself feeling very relaxed and unusually comfortable with her own body now being so exposed. Even the music seemed to be having a hypnotic affect on her.
“This music is really sensual. If you really listen you can almost hear a woman moaning” Rachel thought to herself while descending deeper into the music.
Rachel was so relaxed in the moment that she became a little startled when she heard the large wood door swing open and turned to observe Rob Henry walking in. She had almost forgotten Miss. Leona mention a man would be conducting the massage. She was instantly stunned by the size of this massive specimen. She estimated his frame to be at least 6’3 and weighing in at 230 pounds or so. She couldn’t help but be captivated by his solid muscular body, thinking how different this was in contrast to Tim’s lanky frame. His arms were huge and covered with tattoos that appeared to have been previously done decades earlier. They were all clearly visible coming out the side of his form fitting t-shirt that struggled to contain his huge biceps. He wore very comfortable looking white draw string pants. She thought they looked like something a doctor or nurse might wear, but in a much thinner fabric than normal medical scrubs. He appeared to be in his early forties facial wise, but with the body of a twenty something. His features were pronounced and hardened. He had thick black wavy hair that was tussled and hung just above his shoulders. Rachel thought to herself that he possessed rugged good looks, but was not the type of guy she would normally go for. In fact one of the thoughts that first entered her mind was how scared she would be running into this massive man creature at night in some dark ally.
“Madam, my name is Rob. Please let me offer my apologies before we start. First, I am told we mistakenly brought you the wrong dinner order last night. Then our lead Soul Healer had a family emergency. As a spokesman for the Embassy Resort, I want to offer you my sincerest apologies.” said the giant man to Rachel in relaxed tone; with her being unaware that this was the Rob Henry that owned the whole establishment.
Rachel was now starting to relax, and her fears were beginning to ease. Although this man was imposing in stature. He seemed to be a gentle giant. She immediately felt a sense of relief, artificially enhanced by subtle but growing effects of Rob’s concoction she had unknowingly been consuming for the last thirty minutes.
“Hello Rob, my name is Rachel.” It’s a pleasure to meet you.” she enthusiastically stated while reaching out to shake his hand.
“Ok, Mrs. Rachel…Now, I want you to close your eyes and relax. For the rest of the afternoon you’re in my hands.” Rob said as he smiled back at her.
Over to the right of the table Rachel noticed a pot that was built into the counter of a free standing dresser leaning against a nearby wall. It appeared to be a specialty item made for a high end massage parlor. The pot was at a low simmer and contained a golden like oily substance inside. Rob soon walked over to it and took out a ladle and poured some of the liquid into a smaller container. He smiled to himself knowing the oil treatment also contained a derivative of the ecstasy his chemist had expertly engineered.
Rob approached the table where the luscious Rachel laid, and in a soothing tone stated “Ok lady Rachel, relax and enjoy.”
Rachel responded “This is my first massage. I am really looking forward to it,” trying to still reassure her own nerves that were getting better by the minute.
Rob grinned out of Rachel’s sight, and said “I too am looking forward to giving you pleasure.” Rachel not reading into his overt comment.
Rob then began to gently poor some of the substance into the small of Rachel’s back. She immediately twitched feeling the new sensation, and took in a soft but deep breath.
“That’s it Rachel, looong deeep breaths.” Rob instructed.
“Ok” Rachel responded, her voice now sounding a bit more childlike and submissive, as she again took in a big gulp of the clean island air.
Rob began to expertly work his strong hands into Rachel’s back. He dragged his hands up and down spreading the oily mix. He worked the middle of her spine and then down to her exposed sides. His strong hands were delighting her senses.
Rob reached further down the sides of Rachel’s midsection, pushing his fingers under her stomach and then sliding his hands upward toward the bottom of her breasts. He stopped just short of making any contact with them, even though they were spilling out of the tightly stretched garb. He repeated this motion several times spreading his fingers more upward with every pass, letting them slightly travel under the soft material, brushing up against the sides of her protruding globes.
Rob took notice of any resistance Rachel may have; each time letting his finger push their way slightly farther over the sides of her soft flesh. He moved his fingers closer toward her fully erect nipples, but not to far as to touch them. He could feel his cock start to engorge itself with every pass.
Rob began to really gaze upon the beauty laying face down before him. He anticipated the feeling of squeezing Rachel’s large soft tits. He slid his hands down the gentle contours of her back, lustfully observing how beautifully her ass filled out the stretchy silk panties that accentuated her dynamic curves.
Rob then moved back up to Rachel’s shoulder blades, and kneaded her soft skin firmly. He expertly worked on her lattes, and rolled the muscles between his fingers exerting perfect pressure. He slid his hands down her shoulders over her arms; gliding his fingertips gently across her skin to the inside of her open palms, sending delightful shivers up her spine. He then dragged his fingers back up her arms, over her shoulders, and then directly back down to the natural curve of her back. He slid his palms over her beautiful plump round ass all in one steady motion; then travelling back up again and repeating this several times.
“You seem a bit tense my lady. Relax that beautiful body of yours and let me work the stress right out” Rob stated using a little bit bolder talk.
“Yeees, that sounds great, thank you” Rachel unknowingly responded in a sultry voice while being caught up in the moment. She noticed for a second that it might have sounded a bit too sexual, and laughed to herself, “man this guy is good.”
Rob then again slid his hands down her back, this time letting his fingers barely travel under the silky fabric that only partly covered her perfect round ass. He allowed his thumbs to drift slightly under the material, inching down the crevasse that separated her bubble ass cheeks. He repeated this motion several times, moving a little father with each pass. He dragged his hands back up to the small of her back, then slowly and deliberately back down; this time going slightly further towards her tight sphincter. He was becoming bolder with each passing minute, and saw Rachel willingly accepting his advances.
Rachel was now unconsciously letting out soft moans with every exhale, and this did not escape Rob’s attention.
“You like?” he questioned, but already certain of her answer.
“Oh yes, this feels wonderful.” Rachel responded in a low draw out voice.
Without asking Rob flatly stated “Ok, let’s take these off so I can do a deep tissue massage.” He began to tug at the elastic waist band of the silk panties, in preparation for dragging them down her legs by their elastic wrap without waiting for Rachel’s ok to do so.
Rachel paused for a moment with slight hesitation, then offering a barely audible “Sure.”
Rob then slowly slid the flimsy material over her round curves; purposely pressing the fabric into her skin causing it to tug at her pale milky buns. This caused the garment to stretch out over her round ass, causing it to quiver momentarily when it released its grip.
Rachel slightly lifted her pelvis up to allow Rob to pull the panties out from under her, until he tossed them on the floor.
Rob then looked down at the beautiful Rachel that was sprawled out before him. Not wasting any time he eagerly returned to her beautiful full buttocks, and began to knead both her pale fleshy cheeks. He spread his fingers wide over her roundness, as he applied deep pressure pushing her gorgeous bums together in back and forth motions. This movement had her pink vaginal folds rubbing against each other, causing her already damp pussy to begin flow with its slippery wetness. The continued back and forth motion was mixing her succulent juices up nicely, and she feared that he could hear her wetness building; which without her knowledge was his intention all along.
Rob continued to let his expert hands wander over Rachel’s voluptuous bottom; while lightly letting each of his thumbs gently brush up against her tight anal opening. He watched intently as she was responding to his expert touch, with no protest evident.
Rob again reached for his small container, and squeezed another drop of oil onto his thumb, and then let another drip directly onto each cheek and on Rachel’s tightly closed bud. He generously applied the tainted oil over both of her cheeks and down each leg as not to be to overt. He slid his hands up the entire length of both her legs and then over her plump round ass, and back down again. On his next pass he stopped and kneaded her cheeks some more, letting his thumb touch her anus more directly, applying light pressure to her tight sphincter using his thumb in small circular motions. This allowed the pooled oil just previously deposited to slowly disappear inside her sphincter.
Rachel cleared her head for a moment and began to think that this might be going too far. With all of her logic she wanted to tell Rob to stop. But it was if her body and mind were disconnected somehow. She felt as though she was in a trance and lacked the willpower to protest; even though she knew she should. She felt her ass seemingly on its own raise father off the cushion as if to invite more of the perverted stimulation she was now receiving, and admittedly enjoying.
“You should stop this Rach. Tell him this isnt”……as her mind trailed off before she finished her thought due to the delightful stimulation she was now receiving.
Rachel found herself internally wishing he would push his thumb deep into her ass. She had never experienced anal sex stimulation of any kind, and always thought it would be gross. But here she was wishing that he would penetrate her tight ass deeply with his fat thumb.
Rob then pushed more oil directly onto the slippery vice like entrance; and pressed the tip of his thumb slightly forward breaking her tight opening. He then paused for a moment before deliberately driving the tip of his thick lubricated appendage into her tight space.
“Oooooh,” Rachel lightly moaned, offering no obvious protest as she got what she had been longing for.
Rob pulled back out slowly while at the same time applying more pressure in a circular motions to Rachel’s now stretched opening. He felt her sphincter involuntarily squeeze his thumb as he pulled out, making his cock jerk to attention. He again pushed his thumb further inside her still using a pressured circular motion, purposely stretching the oily perimeter of her tight butt hole.
Rachel unconsciously raised her hips off the cushion farther, as if trying to take more of Rob’s strong thumb deeper into virgin ass.
“Mmmmmmm, you better stop” she sexily whispered to Rob.
Rob ignored Rachel’s faint hearted plea, and with steady pressure dragged his thumb up and then back down into her tight forbidden space.
“Mmmmmmm” what are you doing to meeee? Rachel cooed. “Oh my god, that is so niceeee….,” she stated with her voice trailing off.
Rob then gently slid his thumb out from inside her depths; removing his hands from her now receptive body. He quietly walked around the back of the table without speaking; again picking up the bottle of oil for his next application of his homemade love potion.
Rob placed another drop of the tainted oil on the back of each one of Rachel’s thighs about the size of a quarter. Using both hands he evenly spread the tainted liquid deeply into her soft skin. He began to push his hands forward toward her beautiful ass; that was still slightly tilted upward. He sensed she was hoping for more of his invading thumb to penetrate her, but purposely stopped short just before touching the still oily entrance. He repeated this action on her other leg, again knowing he was leaving her frustrated by stopping just short of her now puckered sphincter beckoning for more attention.
Rob began to firmly pull his strong hands downward over the back of Rachel’s knees, stopping for a moment to ease up the pressure and gently let his fingertips glide lightly over the soft space. He then shifted himself to the end of the table and dragged his hands down both calves to her feet and then over the heal. He looked up over the contours of her long legs which were now tightly pushed together, along with her round ass still slightly raised and felt his cock growing larger by the moment.
Rob had a vision of his large frame pounding Rachel’s virgin ass with his thick rigid cock, and then switching to plunder that beautiful wet pussy. His manhood swelled to its fullness while the thought rested in his mind for a moment. He now began to work his hands up the inside of her legs. Starting at one calf, he gently, pushed upward spreading his fingers wide while applying more of the tainted liquid. He ever so slightly applied pressure to her inner thigh as to slightly separate her legs giving him better access. She unconsciously cooperated and parted her shapely legs a bit to grant him more direct passage. He then used firm but delicate pressure and slowly dragged both hands up one leg, starting from her calf he slid his hands upward over her inner and outer thighs with even pressure. He purposely stopped just short of making and direct contact with her beautiful pussy. He took special care to be sure that his fingers only lightly brushed her very wet and pink flowering folds in a way that was not overtly intentional before the journey back down her leg..
Sliding both hands to the bottom of her leg and over her foot. He then began his path back up by intertwining his fingers between Rachel’s toes, going straight up her toned calf and thigh, while using more even pressure and fanning his fingers out to feel more of her shapely leg.
Traveling back up Rachel’s inner thigh, this time he became more bolder, and did not stop until his stiff fingers pushed slightly inside the exquisite inner folds of her silky slit.
Rachel immediately responded with a “yes” that involuntarily left her lips. She then instinctively raised her hand to cover her mouth, as if this late reaction could somehow put back her erotic utterance.
“Oh god, what’s this guy doing to me?” She thought to herself. “This isn’t really right. What’s happening to me;” while slowly moving her ass around in a sensual motion.
“You know, you have a beautiful body Rachel” Rob stated on his next pass up to her inner thighs after making more direct contact with her now dripping wet pussy.
“Continue to relax, and don’t be afraid. A woman as lovely as you deserves to be pampered like this. You have a body made to be touched, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself baby.” Rob confidently stated.
“Wow,” Rachel thought to herself “Did I just hear him straight?” “Did he call me baby?”
There was something about his tone that was soothing, Rachel thought. It was both confident and strong, but at the same time reassuring and professional.
“Trust me baby, I am here solely for your pleasure” Rob said while expertly applying the same attention to Rachel’s other leg. Again letting fingers slide deeper into her wet folds with every pass.
“This is a true full body massage,” he said as if trying to convince her this was all par for the course.
“Do you like?” he asked confidently, sure of the answer he was about to receive.
“Yes this is great” Rachel stated in a tone slightly above a whisper.
Rob suddenly moved up toward the top of the table by Rachel’s head. He then placing his hands on both of her arms as he began to coax her to turn over on her back.
“Please turn over; we need to do your front side.” Rob commanded in a professional tone as if what had gone on to this point was completely normal.
Rachel began to turn on her back doing what she was asked.
Rob then hit a button on the table that made the heightened pillow flatten out as to not make her uncomfortable. Rachel couldn’t help but noticing how great she felt; but at the same time she was having confusing feelings as if she had lost control or was betraying Tim to some extent. But she also noticed her thoughts were moving slower. She felt as if her body was so relaxed it was riding on a soft wave a pleasure. She would seamlessly drift from a guilty thought about Tim, to a lustful thought of having her body felt up by this skilled man.
“What is happening to me?” Rachel thought to herself, not realizing she was now fully engulfed in the ecstasy high Rob had unknowingly giving her throughout this experience.
“Am I being paranoid? Is this what is meant by a full body massage?” as confusing thoughts filled her clouded mind.
Laying on her back, Rachel was now getting a good look at the man who had been expertly giving her pleasure. She couldn’t help be feel transfixed by him but said nothing as she tried to get a handle on the situation. The mix of his strong hands roaming all over her tender body; the island breeze still blowing through the room; and the now native style music with its rhythmic beat, all seemed to make for a perfect storm of lust which she was now feeling. Adding to it this giant of a man specimen standing over her and touching her in ways Tim had never done, and this was getting to be too much for her senses to handle.
Rachel could not deny that she was actively participating in letting this stranger do as he pleased with her body. But she did not understand her total lack of self control and having little regard for Tim. All she seem to care about was feeling good. She compared her feeling of having too much to drink and letting her guard down when she was younger.
“Its not that?…. I didn’t have anything to drink, so it’s definitely not that?” Rachel questioned herself seemingly twice, as if a small amount of her instinct was kicking in. She tried to retrace her steps in her mind. However, the Ecstasy was too powerful for her: causing her mind to continually trail off.
Rob slowly circled the table like a lion stalking his prey. He eyed Rachel intently, taking in her beautiful outstretched body laid out before him. Rachel was flat on her back with her legs together with one knee slightly raised. One of her arms was at her side, with the other arm gently resting on her forehead. She appeared slightly tired with her full chest gently heaving up and down as if she had just finished going for a run.
“Let’s get started again” Rob stated a bit more professional, like his blatant violation of her body did not just take place. He took the small container of oil from the shelf with one hand and walked over to the head of the table standing over her. He put his free hand just below middle of her halter rap that was straining to contain her luscious mounds. He then dragged his hand upward pulling the garment up slightly.
Rob looked down into Rachel’s eyes with a seriousness to his expression. Then in one quick motion he pulled upward at the stretchy fabric, easily breaking it open as if it were tissue paper by using only a tilt of his strong wrist. Her full breasts came spilling out from the flimsy garment, settling nicely into place. The sudden feeling of the soft ocean breeze now caressing her big tits caused her nipples to suddenly stand fully erect.
Without a moment passing to allow for protest, Rob squirted the oily liquid on and between Rachel’s ample cleavage, and then started to expertly massage her fleshy mounds. He took both breasts in each hand and cupped them from the underneath, then sliding his large hands under and over her soft tits, slightly pinching her fully erect nipples.
Rob firmly stretched each hard nub upward while elongating them fully between his forefinger and thumb, then back down again offering a slight pinch before letting them spring from his grasp. He continued to rub and squeeze both breasts while simultaneously working her nipples for a while, repeating this movement several times.
Rachel’s eyes were closed and she was now both scared and excited. She was gently purring and letting out small whimpers as Rob expertly massaged her large breasts with his oversized hands. She felt sensations that she never had before, as if both of her tits had small electric charges coursing through them that lead directly to her flowering pussy. She was totally unaware that this was partly a direct effect of his laced concoction; as she unconsciously ran her pink tongue across her full moist lips letting out another soft moan.
Rob then took both of his hands that were still coated with his potion, and dragged them down the center of Rachel’s chest and over her stomach. He let one finger deeply penetrate her exposed bellybutton as he steadily slide his hands past; this instantly caused Rachel’s body to jerk slightly.
Rob continued further downward over her cleanly shaved mound to the top of her now swelling clit. He barely brushed against it with his fingers before taking the journey back up to her breasts. He then dragged his hands upward back over her stomach and round tits; grabbing onto her hardened nipples and squeezing them firmly between his finger and thumb before letting them gently spring back into place.
Rachel’s eyes were now slightly rolling up behind her head. She gently squirmed under Rob’s expert touch, with her head slowly moving from side to side. Beautiful feminine sounds and gentle squeals were now continuously leaving her red full lips.
“oohhhhh………ahhhhh……… oohhhh” Rachel very quietly moaned as Rob continued his delightful assault on her body.
Rob repeated his slow and steady motion two or three more times, while still positioned directly over Rachel’s head. He easily used his outstretched muscular inked hands and arms to feel up the beautiful woman’s body stretched out before him.
Suddenly Rachel opened her eyes when she heard Rob shifting about. His hands were no longer roaming her body and for a second she seemed to snap out of the trance she was in. To her surprise he was now standing over her shirtless. He looked at her and simply stated “listen baby, it’s getting hot in here.” as if answering her question about why he was shirtless, but one she never asked.
Rob returned to his original perch leaning directly over Rachel’s head; reaching out his long arms over her stomach. He allowed the fabric that contained his huge bulge to brush against the top of her head as he again slid his hands over her tits and down her stomach as he leaned forward.
Rachel looked with amazement at the size of Rob’s manhood barley contained by the soft garb. She also realized that his huge organ was now perilously hanging over her face as she sheepishly turned her head to one side to avoid directly looking at it.
Rob guided his hands back over Rachel’s round tits, again moving straight down her stomach. He again sensually slid his finger into her bellybutton, and then slid down to her now swollen nub.
Rob ran his cupped hand directly over Rachel’s wet pink folds. He pressed his hand around the mound that surrounded her dripping wet pussy in a grabbing motion. He ending with his fingers searching out and finding her swollen clit, and then stimulating her with long circular motions.
“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, you better stop.” Rachel said in a half hearted, but a bit more direct tone then she had done before.
Rob completely ignored Rachel’s comment, and continued his assault on her hardening treat. He let one of his long digits move off her clit, brushing lightly over her dripping pink folds before steadily sliding it into her sweet slit. She was so wet that you could clearly hear her juices flooding his hand. Her body was naturally protecting her pussy, and continued to produce its natural lubricant.
Rob then stood up straight and walked around and repositioned himself on the right side of the table. He looked up into Rachel’s foggy eyes, and without saying a word he reached his muscular arm between her legs and pushed them apart. He slowly ran his right hand from Rachel’s ankle up past her inner thigh to her pink snatch, cupping his entire hand over her tender muff. He angled his two middle fingers upward, and in a slow and steady motion pushed them deep inside her sopping wet slit.
Rachel felt like a sudden electric charge went cascading through her entire body. She instinctively put both hands on Rob’s massive chest sheepishly trying to push him away as he leaned his body into her. Her protest was sincere, but half hearted. She thought it best to try and put a stop to this, before she lacked the strength to say no. Her passive and futile protests did nothing to stop his expert assault on her vagina, but she continued pushing back at him in mild protest. She was incapable of offering a verbal protest through her sensual sounding gasps for air. She finally realized his size and strength were too much for her, and gave in to his advances by moving her arms down from his chest and stretching them both way over her head; elongating her body completely for this man.
Rob then leaned his head into Rachel’s full breasts, taking one of her engorged nipples into his mouth. He began to gently suck at the long protruding treat; alternating from lightly licking, to aggressively chewing on the hardened nub. He continued shifting his advances back and forth to each creamy globe, savoring the fullness of her swollen areola in his mouth; probing it firmly with his strong tongue. He squeezed the enlarged orb by using his tongue to press it against the roof of his mouth as he sucked at it more aggressively.
Rob continued his assault with his mouth on her magnificent fleshy tits, while slowly picking up his pace with his fingers. Rachel’s outstretched body was now turning him on even more. He rightfully took her now lack of resistance as an open invitation to do as he wanted. He began to rub her spongy g-spot with long steady strokes using his thick fingers. This was causing her to let out long sexy moans. He raised his head to take a deep breath in, and then aggressively dived back into her soft flesh for some more of the tasty treat she was offering.
Rachel’s body now squirming erratically while sprawled out before him. She now wanted this experience to happen, and needed more of Rob’s dominant treatment.
“You like it rough baby?” Rob stated but getting no response from Rachel. “Good, me too.” He said out loud as if she answered yes; letting her body’s reaction give him all the information he needed as conformation.
Rob slid his fingers deeper into Rachel’s slippery love tunnel and picked up the pace of his rhythmic hand motions. He was now rubbing her fleshy innards smoothly but firmly, giving her sensations she had never felt before. He expertly bent his fingers upward, and began to move his strong arm in an up and down motion; while simultaneously picking up more speed with each passing stroke.
Rachel raised her head up off the cushion and looked down between her outstretched legs to get a better look. She was transfixed seeing Rob’s powerful tattooed bicep strain with force as he exerted more pressure causing her to squirm on his strong fingers. She felt the opening to her pussy being stretched wide by his powerful up and down motions. Her G spots internal sponge began to swell, and she began feeling like a dame was about to burst with every crash of his strong fingers into its outer walls.
Rob was now using his strength and moving his hand up and down at incredible speeds. Rachel instinctively threw her flexible legs wide open, bringing her knees up toward her chest as she offered her body willfully to his powerful advances. The sound of her juices rang through the air, and she felt an orgasm growing from deep inside her womb. Her head was flailing side to side as her round hips raised off the cushion to meet his powerful thrusts.
Rob sensed she was about to cum, and began to work his mouth up from her nipples to her outstretched neck, gently sucking her creamy skin into his wet mouth. Rachel threw her head back to offer him more of its milky surface which he obliged by biting her neck with light force simulating a sexy vampire bite.
With his free hand, Rob cupped the back of Rachel’s head and pulled it up by grabbing a handful of her long hair. He wanted to look directly into her eyes when she flooded his stiff fingers with her womanly juices.
Rachel’s legs were spread as wide as they could, but still sharply bent at the knees with her round hips now bucking wildly.
Rob continued up Rachel’s neck to her soft lips and kissed her deeply.
This was too much for Rachel and she involuntarily let go of her sweet fluids, and begin flooding Rob’s fingers with her womanly cream.
“Ugghhhh, ugghhhh, ughhhhh….Oh my god, Im cuuummming!!!” Rachel screamed as her juices began to spill rapidly out of her now out of control contracting pussy.
“Ugghhhh, Ugghhhh, Oh Gaaaaaawd!” Rachel continue to scream as she released a torrent of her sweet cream onto Rob’s hand.
Rob took this time to look into Rachel’s watery eyes and said with a slight grin “Don’t forget who did this to you baby.”
Rachel was still unable to respond; her mouth was wide open and gasping for air. She curiously starred back at Rob with a “what just happened to me” look on her face; while at the same time still spurting her luscious gift all over his hand and the table cushion.
“That’s it baby. Feel me touching you from the inside. I feel your pussy holding on tight to my thick fingers. Squeeze your pussy tight baby,” Rob whispering each phrase directly into Rachel’s ear causing her orgasm to intensify and continue with every word.
Rachel thought to herself “This orgasm never ends. I feel like I am still coming. God this feels so good.”
Rachel now had her legs squeezed tightly together. She was clenching her thighs tightly on Rob’s hand, trying to hold it in place using both of her stiffened arms and hands, trying to hold his wrist in place. She no longer was able to stand the constant tingling she was experiencing. She had never felt anything like this before, and her body still felt completely out of control. Every part of her felt as if it was ultra sensitive to touch. She feared even the slightest move of Rob’s still buried fingers would be too sensitive for her to handle. She did her best to hold his hands steadily in place as she tried to get her breathing normal again.
“Ok…Ok…give me a second. That was….please wait…..gasping for air. That was……” Rachel said still gasping for air and unable to complete her sentences.
“That was what baby?” as Rob slowly but deliberately slide his fingers from Rachel’s still quivering pussy, not really expecting her to answer but causing her to twitch for a second.
Rob then stood up and took a few steps away from the table. He looked out the window and took in the beautiful ocean view. He then took a deep breath in and then slowly turned around. He looked over at the tempting Rachel while loosening the draw string on his pants. He let them fall to the floor, being sure to let Rachel not miss a thing.
Rachel turned to look at him while still trying to catch her breath. Rob’s full nakedness was now standing only a few feet away. She marveled at the size of his huge cock which she estimated was twice as large as Tim’s, and was now menacingly dangling only a few feet before her. She stared in awe at its thickness. She was mesmerized by the veins that ran under the skin which created a very bumpy but still smooth surface. His balls looked large and hung low, swinging heavily from side to side as he again moved his large frame toward her.
Rob walked over to Rachel and stated in a quiet but stern tone. “Come here baby and get on your knees. I want you to take my cock in your beautiful mouth.”
With her dwindling resistance almost entirely gone, Rachel sheepishly lifted herself up and off the table, obeying Rob’s command. She was unsure how she got to this point, but realized that somewhere she lost all will to tell this man no.
Rachel shakily knelt down before Rob as he ordered. She took hold of his big shaft feeling its fullness. She felt her juices immediately begin to flow again as his thick cock grew even larger in her hand. She attempted to fully grip it with her long slender fingers, but noticed they would not meet while circling it girth entirely.
Rachel studied his manhood more intently now. She pulled and squeezed the large member in different directions and at different speeds. She was not entirely sure how to please such a large cock. She was gazing at its beauty, and totally enthralled with looking at it. She wondered aloud “I have never seen anything so big.”
“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to work the entire thing into you.” Rob said while enjoying his conquest now happily kneeling before him. He then grabbed a handful of Rachel’s beautiful brown locks that he had admired earlier from the comfort of his video control room. He steadied her for a moment, and then firmly guided his cock into her sweet mouth. Rachel immediately parted her lips to accept his lengthy member, tasting his salty pre cum right away. She slowly but feverishly sucked as much of his cock as she could into her hungry mouth; alternating her approach from soft licks and gentle kisses up and down the veiny shaft; to trying to take as much of his thick phallus into her eager mouth.
Rachel reached up behind Rob’s butt, and with delicate pressure began to drag her sultry fingers down the center of his ass crack. She let her fingernails lightly scratch the surface under his balls before cupping his heavy sacks with her hand; gently letting them rest fully in her soft open palm. She marveled at their weight, and couldn’t help the strange desire she was now having for them release their weighty contents into her willing wet mouth.
Rachel then licked back up the length of his entire shaft, arriving at its bulbous head. She leaned her head back for a moment to get a better look, then moved forward taking his giant weapon slowly but deeply into her hungry mouth again. She savored the feel of his hardness on her tongue and lips as she pushed her head up and down in a steady and controlled motion.
Rachel continued this sensual action a few more times and then released Rob’s cock from her full lips to grab a gulp of air. She then again went back sensually bestowing gentle kisses on his large circumcised organ. She saw another droplet of pre-cum forming due to her stimulating efforts, and eagerly sucked it down into her throat.
“That’s it baby, worship my cock.” Rob said with his eyes firmly closed now, enjoying her soft lips and tongue working his sweet meat.
In the background the once soft calypso music was now replaced with a slow and deep rhythmic drum. There were no words per say, but you could here in the background almost off in the distance a woman being ravaged. Rachel was so engrossed in the music now without even realizing it. In her mind she couldn’t separate the girl in the song from herself, and felt herself totally submitting to the magnificent cock now wrapped by her perky red lips.
Rachel suddenly felt a sense of confusion while performing this perverted act on a complete stranger. “I don’t even like giving blow jobs. What is going on with me?” she thought to herself, as she continued to hungrily devourer Rob’s cock.
Suddenly a realization quickly came over Rachel as she internally answered her own question. “I’m am so horny right now. I love being taken by this man,” she thought, while trying to force more of his rigid cock down her throat.
Rob was now groaning as he looked down at Rachel’s plump red lips straining around his thick member.
“Oh baby,” Rob whispered in a guttural tone. “That’s it baby….. suck my cock. Take me in your hot mouth.” He stated with his head now looking toward the ceiling and his eyes shut.
Rob opened his eyes and looked down at Rachel feverishly working her womanly magic on his hard erection. He became mesmerized by her shapely ass sticking outward from her curved back as she rested in a sitting position on her own two legs. He ran his hands through her hair while listening to the sweet sounds of her slurping his thick rod.
Rob started to feel a sensation growing in his loins that he knew all too well. He was going to cum down this girls throat.
“Here it comes baby. Swallow every drop or I am going to have to punish you.” he stated with a sense of seriousness to his voice. “Do we understand each other baby? I want you to suck the cum right out of my cock.” Rob said as he was starting to gasp for air.
“No hands baby, ill work your head.” he stated while on the verge of releasing his fluids deep into his newly trained sex goddess.
Rachel quickly obeyed and took her hands from his giant member and dropped them down to her large breasts where she immediately squeezed them together. She did this while at the same time letting out a soft moans.
Rob reached behind her head and grabbed a healthy handful of hair. He then rhythmically pushed his cock into Rachel’s sweet mouth and then back out; never letting the back of her head go ensuring she would drink his entire load.
“Ok baby, her it comes!” Rob gasped.
“Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhh” were the guttural grunts escaping Rob’s mouth as he unleashed thick wads of semen down into his her throat. The air was filled with the sounds of Rachel gasping for air and her sometimes choking as she greedily consumed his manly juices.
“Gasp…Cough, Cough, Gurgle, Slurp” was all you heard from Rachel who feverishly tried to drink down every drop spurting out of Rob’s still throbbing cock.
Rob knew Rachel could never swallow all of his load; and that was the plan. He looked down directly at his conquest and saw his white jizz partially dripping down her neck.
Rob released Rachel’s hair and took a step back. He took a deep breath in and reached for nearby towel wiping off the remnants of cum that was still coating his cock, and that she failed to swallow as instructed.
Rachel looked up at him with big doe eyes and said, “I’m really sorry, I tried.”
Rob did not say a word. He lifted Rachel up to her feet by her arm, and then walked with her over to the bathroom.
“Go and clean yourself up. I want you to come back out to me in five minutes.” Rob firmly stated.
Rachel did as she was told and entered the bathroom. Her head was spinning at the ordeal she just experienced as she turned on the sink water. She looked in the mirror and was slightly put off on how roughed up she looked. Her hair was a tangled mess. She was glad she did not apply much make-up in the morning, otherwise she would have looked worse. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot from the constant tearing up while she was gagging on Rob’s cock. She splashed water on her face, and did her best to clean up quickly.
“What did this guy do to me?” she mumbled while looking at herself in the mirror; still standing on shaky legs.
Rachel took one of the newly packaged toothbrushes left for guests and brushed her teeth using a large helping of toothpaste. She then added a large swig of mouthwash that was also previously placed on the counter. She tried to run a brush through her knotted hair the best she could but wasn’t getting the results she wanted. Standing in front of the mirror completely naked she looked into her own eyes confused with the thoughts of what just happened. She felt bad about having done this behind Tim’s back, and was dreading having to face him later.
Rachel’s thoughts then returned to the present. She was about to leave the bathroom when she had a sense of fear and anticipation overcome her.
“Do I act mad?’ she thought to herself. “Am I mad?” she considered, but honestly did not know. “Is he mad or unhappy with me? I mean, what just happened here?” was the real question she asked herself that seemed to hit her the hardest.
The one thing she did know is that she felt that same uneasy feeling she had in the dressing room before this all started. But now she was sure what it was. It was all clear to her now. The feeling was she was extremely horny; evidenced by her still dripping wet box. That, and the still creeping realization that this man was doing things to her that she never had experienced before and she wanted more.
“Stop it Rach, this is going too far.” she tried to reason with herself. “Ok, just go out there and be assertive.” She said softly before she took a step back out the door.
Rachel exited the bathroom and Rob immediately spoke. “Come over here baby.” he commanded in a low but assertive tone.
Rachel slowly walked over to him with her head slightly titled down trying not to look him in the eye. “So much for assertive,” she embarrassingly admitted to herself.
Rachel stepped toward the man who was beginning to torment her soul. She held her hands clasped together in front at her chest, and was hopelessly trying to conceal her big breasts with her arms.
Rob stood up before her and gently grabbed Rachel’s forearm just above the elbow and guided her to a second larger table. This table was lower to the ground and appeared to be the size as a king size bed. It had the same matt or cushion on top as the smaller table, but this one had a headboard at one of the ends with built in shelves with folded white towels.
Rob sat down at the end of the bed. He pulled the still standing Rachel closer to himself and then slowly turned her around. He was blatantly taking in his prize and all of her ample curves as if he owned her.
Rachel was standing in front of him in a demure manner, still trying to do her best to cover her breast with her arms. Suddenly she developed the courage to speak. She looked directly at Rob, paused for a moment and said “So are we done here yet?” as if trying to appear slightly annoyed.
Rob did not answer at the moment, and gently reached up and pulled one of Rachel’s hands down to her side preventing her feeble attempt at covering up. He then reached forward with his other hand and gave a soft smack to one of her ass cheeks. This sent a slight quiver through the soft flesh along with a crackle through the room.
“Do you want it to be done baby?” Rob asked with a slight grin.
“I never asked for any of this to happen… know.” Rachel said quietly but still using a slightly annoyed tone that seemed mixed with confusion. She still wasn’t sure how she got to this point, and if she was the real cause or this happening?
“Come closer baby,” Rob stated in an low but serious tone; ignoring her last statement.
Rachel stood still before him, failing to move a muscle.
“I said come closer!” Rob again stated in a more aggressive but still hushed tone. He then leaned forward to deliver a perfect slap on Rachel’s round ass causing the flesh to quiver again, along with a loud crack that echoed throughout the room.
“Owwww!” the sound automatically left Rachel’s mouth.
She took a small step closer to Rob. He looked in her eyes and then immediately leaned forward again, this time giving Rachel’s other ass cheek a harder smack then the first, indicating she had not moved close enough.
“Owwww, I moved closer?” Rachel protested, seemingly questioning why she received the second blow after obeying.
“You know what I think Baby?” Rob asked still sporting a slight grin.
“I have no idea?” Rachel question in a slightly annoyed tone as if still trying to regain some control back over herself and the situation.
“I think you badly want some more. I think that you are dying to see what I am going to do to you next. I think you loved my fat cock in your mouth” Rob stated all of his assertions in rapid succession while reaching his hand between Rachel’s legs and driving his long middle finger deep into her tight wet pussy.
Rachel couldn’t help put let out a slight whimper as the thick appendage circled and pressed against her inner walls while she protested by trying to hold Rob’s wrist with both hands.
Rob then slowly dragged his middle finger from Rachel’s pussy and lifted his soaking wet finger to her lips; ordering her to taste her own juices. But she ignored him and turned her head away.
Rob leaned forward and again and slapped Rachel’s reddening cheeks. She slowly turned her head toward him and he slid his wet finger over her plump red lips, applying her womanly juices as proof that she was enjoying every bit of his company.
“See what I mean baby,” Rob smiled, as Rachel’s tongue automatically licked her lips clean, seemingly enjoying the taste of the proof he offered.
“Remember what I told you if you did not swallow every drop of my cum?” Rob flatly asked.
Rachel did not answer the question.
Rob then swiftly pulled Rachel toward him as he sat on the edge of the large massage table that resembled a bed. He pulled one of her arms roughly up behind her back as if he were going to put her in handcuffs, and guided her to an almost kneeling position, using downward pressure on her arm. Instead of pushing Rachel down to her knees as she anticipated, he then leaned her forward over his own knees, letting her large breasts cushion herself over his legs.
He then released the arm he had pinned behind Rachel’s back and allowed her to bring both arms forward to support herself, while resting her upper body on his tree trunk muscular legs.
“Put those legs together baby, and arch you back fully. Then hike that beautiful ass in the air so I can get a better look!” Rob commanded.
Rachel did as she was told; now basically being resigned to her fate. She pulled her legs together pushing her knees forward touching the side of Rob’s leg. She could feel her large breasts dangling over him, with her still elongated nipples brushing against his muscular thighs.
Rob let his hand glide softly over Rachel’s round ass. He lightly dragged it over the small of her back, and then down over her voluptuous curved hips. He could feel her heavy breast gently tickling his legs as they hung over him, causing his cock to again start to fill with its potent hardening blood.
Rob dragged his hand down between the crevice of Rachel’s beautiful ass cheeks, and gently played with the opening to her tight hole. He lightly brushed against the opening while traveling down to her pussy. He slowly worked his thumb inside her wet box, coating it with a generous amount a female sex cream. He then pulled his thumb out and went back up to her tight sphincter; rubbing the wet natural potion generously all over its surface in preparation for his entrance.
All the while the music in the room turned more darker. The pace of the drums grew quicker, and you can still hear the faint cries of a woman in the distance but no longer hard to pick up. She could clearly be heard crying out NO followed by a moan and what appeared to be multiple tribes men surrounding her, as it faded into the background.
Rob then took his free left hand and pushed down on Rachel’s back indicating he wanted her to lean her body into him. This caused her to let go of the floor and grab his leg below the knee, with most of the her weight now being supported by her beautiful round breasts. He then took the same thumb that just was fully lubricated, and steadily pushed down into her tight vice like opening. He began to expertly work his thumb deep inside; causing her to squirm and sequel in reaction to the steady and forceful movements.
Rob then softened his pace and gently removed his thumb. Rachel let out a large exhale and began to relax. Without warning, Rob then raised his open hand and let it drop squarely on Rachel’s round bum. This caused a slight shaking motion of her pale fleshy cheeks that did not escape his notice.
Another smack perfectly placed on the other cheek made Rachel squeal slightly causing Rob’s cock to stir some more.
“You have a beautiful ass baby; you know that don’t you?” Rob quietly asked but getting no reply.
Smack, Rob came down with slightly more force this time.
“Please stop, I’ll do what you want.” Rachel lightly pleaded.
“Your already doing what I want baby.” Rob said with a realization of a man in control. “Don’t play innocent with me. Don’t think I don’t feel you rubbing those big tits on yours on my leg. I get it baby. It’s like you’re trying to scratch an itch.” Rob said as if taunting her.
“Smack…….Smack.” Rachel squealed a little louder at the noticeably harder impact that was now causing her bum to redden slightly.
Rob then began to lightly rub Rachel’s soft checks; dragging his open hand smoothly over her entire roundness using his thumb to brush up against her tight anal hole with each pass.
Rachel welcomed the now softer touch, and it caused good bumps to rise up all over her roundness.
Rob then slipped his hand over Rachel’s sweet mound and slowly drove two strong fingers deep into her very wet pussy.
“MMMM” Rachel reluctantly cooed.
“If you don’t like this baby, how come your still wet?” Rob questioned her using a confident tone, while slowly dragging his stiff fingers from her dripping snatch.
Rachel did not answer…………….Smack, Rob now delivering a harder blow at getting no response to his question.
“I don’t know what to say,” Rachel sheepishly replied, seeming to know that the harder slap was a form of punishment for her lack of response; even though he made no mention.
“I want you to tell me to spank you like the bad girl you are.” Rob said now leaning his head forward and down over Rachel’s smooth outstretched back. She could feel his hot breath as he directed his whispers toward the back of her exposed neck.
“Go ahead baby, ask for it.” ……Smack……………..Smack…Rob stated while twice striking Rachel’s plump ass cheeks.
“Ok, whatever, please spank me,” Rachel said as if trying to appease him.
Smack…..”I didn’t get that; what did you say?” Rob said in a questioning tone, indicating he wanted a better response.
“Please spank my ass,” Rachel pleaded a little louder while unconsciously pressing her breasts down into Rob’s thighs in an attempt to brace herself with the expected harder than before slap that she figured was on its way.
Smack……..smack………smack…………smack, Rob delivering four moderate strikes while saying nothing; all the time admiring his handiwork clearly visible on now red bubble ass.
Rachel’s hips starting to slowly rock from side to side. She felt a strange sensation come over her with the realization that she might be enjoying this.
“Stop it Rach,” she pleaded with herself as she again had the realization that this was pleasurable.
Smack……….Smack………Smack…….Rob delivered three more blows.
Just then Rachel spoke up not being able to take hold back any longer.
“Please spank my ass.” Rachel unexpectedly yelled out loud.
Rob paused for a second to smile behind Rachel’s still arched back and thought to himself,. “She is just about broken in.”
He continued his onslaught on her fleshy backside. Smack……….Smack……….Smack… laying three perfectly placed successive blows in her luscious backside.
“Owww, not so hard”….Rachel cried out softly.
“Tell me baby. Tell me you love me spanking your sweet ass.” Rob whispered in a low and deep tone across Rachel’s still exposed back.
“Please….more….spank me harder” Rachel softly whimpered, while at the same time raising her ass up higher as if to let him know she welcomed more punishment.
Smack…………Smack………… Smack…………..Smack………….. ..Smack……………..Smack…Rob delivering successive medium strength blows. He alternated between her right and left fleshy cheeks with sometimes him coming down in the middle to get a piece of both. He enjoyed that perfect strike where it was not too hard, but strong enough to let a high pitch snapping noise echo through the room.
Rachel’s eyes were now watering. She could not believe that she was enjoying the crude discipline now being administered to her.
“Again,” Rachel suddenly said out loud in a whispered tone with no coaxing from Rob “Spank me hard.”
Smack…..Smack……Smack….Robs hand delivering three successive and quicker blows.
“You know what baby? You have an ass made for fucking. Tell me you want me to fuck that beautiful ass.” Rob whispered softly with his hot breath again drifting across Rachel’s back, to her neck.
“Nooooo.” Rachel quietly cooed. “Your too big.”
Smack…..Rob delivered his hardest blow yet; evidenced by the sound reverberating throughout the cavernous space.
Awwwhhh.” Rachel letting out a quick scream, followed by a sniffle indicating she was tearing up, surprised by the added force.
Rob gently ran his hand over her now stinging red ass. The feeling was very comforting to Rachel, and she welcomed the soothing relief, even if it was only for a short moment. She also internally hoped he would give her ass a few more good licks before he was through. She had now grown accustomed to the jolts of pain each exciting smack brought to her, and was getting even more turned on by how this barbaric act seemed to be so enjoyable to her Alpha Male assailant.
“Again baby, tell me to put my thick cock deep in your tight ass.” Rob whispered in as low a tone as before.
“Your too big. Please, I can’t take it. I have never done that before.” Rachel gently pleaded.
Rachel began to ask questions of herself right about this time. “Can I take it? I think I might want him to fuck my ass? Maybe if I let him he won’t fuck my pussy and Tim will never know?”
Smack….Rob delivering another hard blow causing Rachel to push her soft round tits down harder onto his muscular thighs as she let out another soft feminine squeal.
“Are you telling me your husband never fucked that beautiful ass?” Rob asked genuinely surprised.
“No sir….know one has.” Rachel stated while lightly shaking her head side to side indicating she had not, and hoping Rob would empathize.
“Let me tell you a few things now baby,” Rob once again leaned in and whispering his hot breath into Rachel’s ear; her head now tilted on its side and facing him and listening intently.
“You’re going to beg me to put my big cock into your tight ass. I want to feel you squeeze my big meat when I’m buried deep inside you. I want to watch your body squirm beneath me as I drive my thick cock into that tight ass over and over again.”
Rachel couldn’t help but be turned on by all the rough treatment and talk. Her fear was genuine, but deep down she wanted the experience. She wanted this man to take her as he wanted. She wanted to feel his thick cock taking her anal virginity.
Smack..Smack………..Smack..Smack………Smack..Smack…..Rob came down harder than before with steady pressure, slowly alternating again back and forth between each cheek.
Smack….Smack….Smack….Smack…he continued.
“Ok, ok, ok” Rachel whimpered. “Please fuck my ass. Please put your cock deep in my ass. Go ahead and do what you want.”
The words came spilling out of Rachel’s mouth like she was on some sort of automatic pilot. She was wild with lust and could think of nothing else then Rob’s powerful body thrusting into her. This was going to happen, and at this moment she could not want it more.
Rob guided her off his lap. Rachel had tears in her eyes and looked away with some shame. Rob gently brushed away a tear that was running down her cheek and told her not to worry.
“I promise, everything I do to you, you will have asked for. I do not rape women. I just lead them to path they did not think they wanted to go.”
He then looked while looking squarely in the eyes as he stood up and motioned her to get on the bed beside them.
Without being instructed, Rachel gracefully crawled to the middle of the bed, positioning herself on her hands and knees. She took a fluffy pillow from in front of the headboard and placed it beneath her stomach. She pushed her knees together and leaned back thrusting her ass outward . She had her head on the cushion and her arms stretched over her head with her knees under her stomach. She was now completely prone with her beautiful ass arched slightly in the air; willingly waiting for her tight hole to be penetrated.
Rob walked over to the simmering pot containing his oily mixture. He reached his hand in, scooping out a generous portion and poured it into the smaller container. He then turned to look at the sexy Rachel while at the same time stroking has massive tool. He put a generous coating of the mixture on his now glistening cock, and immediately felt the tingle of the ecstasy derivative starting to work its magic on his soon to be hard weapon. He then took a deep breath in of the ocean air still filling the room, and looked upward as if savoring the moment. His cock started to become rigid and stiff, but not overly sensitive to touch. He was ready to take her anal virginity.
The music was playing another native type song. This one had a men in the background chanting and talking in a tribal type language. Then there seemed to be some sort of leader or chief speaking. He was saying words that seemed to be of a commanding nature, followed by a woman in some sort of sexual distress.
Rachel could not get her mind off the sounds. She felt transfixed by it. She did not understand what the man was saying, nor could she completely make out the woman’s plea. She thought she also heard a man yell in anguish “stay away from my wife.” But wasn’t sure as she found her mind drifting. She could almost imagine being the woman, and felt very turned on by her and the man’s pleas.
Rob then walked over to the bed and took position at the bottom, directly behind Rachel. He straddled his prey and again taking in every magnificent curve of her glorious body. He was struck with how perfect a specimen she was, “truly made for breeding.” He thought to himself while taking in a big gulp of air.
“Your built for sex baby.” Rob stated to Rachel as he slid his oily fingers down between her still red butt cheeks; coming in direct contact with the tightly closed entrance he was about to plunder. He used steady circular motions as before, slightly dipping his fingers deeper into her innards with each circular pass. Rachel started to again squirm beneath his expert touch, and was now softly moaning.
Rob pulled Rachel’s legs out from under her and laid them straight out. He positioned himself sitting on the back of her thighs while slightly inching himself forward. His dragged his big cock over her inner thighs as he slide himself forward. He continued his way up until he was sitting directly over her plump ass. He held his cock in his hand from underneath, and then let it drop down on her ample cheeks so she can feel its weight. This movement caused a slight thud sound as his heavy cock landed squarely on her ass.
Rachel could feel the full weight of Rob’s cock, and took a deep breath in an attempt to relax. She was both excited and scared at the prospect of feeling such a large dick in her once forbidden entrance.
Rob then grabbed his stiff log and brought the bulbous head to her tightly closed sphincter that was now drenched with his oily solution. He then began to gently push his hard meat forward, struggling to breaking her tight seal. Rachel flinched at the sudden sensation and let out a soft moan.
“This is really happening.” she thought to herself; half nervous and half excited. She knew there was no way of stopping this hulking man now anyway. He was going to have her no matter what, and she had already gave into that fact. She just tried to relax both her ass in her mind from the fear of the unknown.
Rob began to shift his weight behind Rachel with his cock head still firmly implanted in her opening. This caused Rachel to whimper slightly as she felt the thick intruder twist within her tight ass grip. He positioned his massive body directly over her leaning forward onto his own hands in a push up position, with his knees supporting the rest of his weighty frame directly over her bum. His cock was now fully erect, and he thoroughly enjoyed the tight wrap squeezed around its bulbous head by the hot sex goddess beneath him.
Rob leaned forward and tilted his head down close to Rachel’s ear and let his strong wet tongue explore its soft depths. The feeling of his slippery tongue invading her sensitive lobe almost made Rachel cum on the spot.
“Pleeeeeeeaase”…..Is all Rachel said using a soft feminine whimper, not indicating if she wanted him to continue or stop his perverted assault.
Rob then slowly began to push his hard cock forward.
“Gaspppp” Rachel’s head shot upward arching her back even more, instantly reacting to the large invader now going deeper into her recesses.
“Om my God, yessss,” she softly cried out, as he began to work more of his cock into her virgin ass.
“Oh baby….Give me that sexy ass,” Rob whispered with warm breath into her ear.
“Your mine now baby.” He said, while at the same time reaching back and giving the side of her ample cheek a soft slap causing her to lightly squeal.
Rob glanced over to his left where a decorative wall mirror hung strategically positioned giving him a clear reflection in its entirety of himself and the beautiful Rachel now squirming softly beneath him. He loved that even though she was a strong and healthy woman, the reflection showed how small and fragile her body looked laying underneath his hulking frame. He watched intently as he pressed his muscular pelvis forward plunging his thick cock deeper into his beautiful conquest. He observed his own muscular body on top of her as she lay helplessly squirming beneath him. He intentionally pinned her down using all of his weight, slowly grinded his hips forward as if they were on a swivel touching all of her inner walls, but still not entirely impaled inside her.
Rachel gasped again; her body flinching under the added pressure of Rob’s strong hips. She felt the full sensation or his cock as it slowly made its way into her depths. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own as it alternated from trying to escape the giant intruder her ass was now straining to accommodate; or taking more of his hard cock completely inside her.
“God I feel so full” Rachel gasped out loud while trying to also take in some air. She curiously realized that her enjoyment of the situation came more from the mental aspect of being taken by this powerful male, then the physical sensations she was experiencing. She felt an unyielding helplessness that was pleasurable to her beyond measure. No longer was she the in-control Rachel that ran the ebb and flow of her relationship with Tim, and had sex on her terms. Now for the first time in her life she was a willing sex slave, yielding her body over to the most dominant man she had ever encountered, and she wanted it to happen.
“Brace yourself baby; I’m going to take you deep now,” Rob whispered while continuing to maul Rachel’s ear with his tongue.
Just then Rob took another glance to his left at the mirror. He watched as the muscles in his own buttocks tightened, and as he slide his knees outward, dropping all of his weight onto Rachel’s helpless body. His cock pushed completely into her tight ass as he felt his balls slap against her skin.
Rob stopped for as moment to let Rachel get acclimated to his thick intruder now invading her inner depths.
Rachel’s breath was now short and shallow. She was letting out little high pitched “squeals” and “cooing” sounds, mixed with the occasional “Oh God.”
He stayed motionless for a few seconds more and held his cock steadily in place as she continued to squirm beneath him, still trying to get used to his size.
Rob then began to slowly grind his hips in a circular motion. He made subtle adjustment to his bodily weight and hip speed being sure to press his cock against the side walls and anal entrance to force her to feel his hardness. He was now buried deep inside the lovely Rachel and filling her ass with all of his large veiny meat. He pressed his hips down harder and tightened his own ass as he began to steadily grind her sweet bum. He alternated by pressing the strong base of his cock around her tight anal opening, while sliding it slowly in and out. This immediately brought more small feminine sequels from her sweet mouth as she sexily squirmed beneath him.
“Did you ever feel something so big baby?” Rob said and then quickly drove his wet tongue deep into Rachel’s ear.
“Oh God, no.” She answered in a relaxed sultry voice.
“Tell me, am I bigger than your husband,” he again whispered while simultaneously letting his own ass raise up exposing most of his cock, and then slowly driving it back into her tight hole.
“Ooooooh, Ahhhhh, ooooooh…Please I can’t. Don’t make me think about Tim” Rachel pleaded while at the same time feeling the size of Rob’s cock fully enveloping her.
Rob again pulled his ass up upward again exposing his cock. He reached his arm around and under Rachel’s chest, taking hold of both her big tits with his large hand; then again driving himself deep into her.
Rob repeated his earlier question and again whispered into Rachel’s ear. “Have you ever had something so big pumping your sweet body baby?” “Tell me if I’m bigger than your husband.”
“Nooooooo” Rachel said in a low drawn out voice. “Don’t make me talk bad about Tim,” she pleaded as she pushed her hips back taking as much of Rob’s cock deep inside her as she could.
Rachel still lay trapped under this man beast. Her mind was racing with carnal ecstasy. She felt the sensitive nerve endings around her tight opening tingle wildly as they stretched around Rob’s manly girth. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming to her. Any pain she had felt was now gone and her body adjusted to his rough but skilled advances.
Rachel looked to her left and caught a glimpse of the same mirror Rob was looking at earlier. She was also mesmerized at how she seemed so small in regards to a man she was getting power fucked in her ass by, and as the reflection was now clearly showing her.
Tim was only an inch taller than her and weighed about the same. The few previous boyfriends she had been intimate with were all about the same size also, and none had the experience to pull off what this man was now doing to her.
Rachel watched as Rob firmly grinded and pushed his thick cock in and out of her tight hole; seeing clearly what was causing all the tingling going on inside her depts. The sight of his powerful hips driving his dick in and out of her was mesmerizing. She loved watching his strong hands caress along the sides of her curvy ass and tits, as he groped at the sides of her body as he laid sprawled out on top of her. His powerful hips continued to push deep into her in rapid succession. She was close to orgasm but feeling like it was still under her control; but she knew she had to look away from the mirror if she wanted it to stay that way. The sight was to erotic to watch and not cum.
Rachel felt Rob again shift his weight which caused a pleasurable jolt in her tight sphincter. She then turned her head back to the mirror and saw what was causing the exquisite feeling. What she saw was a perfect side angle view of Rob pulling his beautiful cock all the way out of her body, and then jamming it back in. Seeing this was now getting to be too much for her. She felt a build up start from deep inside her, and she knew she was going to cum hard.
“Ohhhh my godddd. I’m going to cum. Ohhhh please, don’t stop. Ahhhhh, Ugghhhhh, ugghhhhh, ugghhhhh,” Rachel screamed out as her body buck wildly beneath Rob.
“Ohhhh my god, I can’t believe I’m coming from you fucking my asssssss!” Rachel continued to say through gasps of air as her strong orgasm began to finally wind down.
Rob suddenly slid his cock out of Rachel’s tight hole, and rested his weight back on his own legs. He took a moment to look at her body still laying face down and completely stretched out before him. He took a deep breath in and then reached forward putting a slight slap on one of her butt cheeks.
“Turn over baby,” Rob stated assertively.
Rachel started to shift her weight, turning over on her back. Her legs were bent slightly and she held them close together.
Rob reached forward with both hands and fully separated her legs at the knees, and slid his body down to get a close look at her juicy pink folds. He let his nose rest right at the entrance of her wet slit and took another deep breath in.
“You smell good baby.” Rob stated in a hush tone breathing his hot breath all over her womanhood.
Rob then cupped both his hands under Rachel’s still bent knees. He exerted more pressure spreading her legs a little wider. He then leaned forward and gently started to kiss the skin on her perfectly clean shaven mound. He moved his hungry mouth slowly down along the sides of her slippery vaginal entrance. His erotic advances were sending slight shivers throughout Rachel’s entire body, and she instinctively grabbed him by the hair trying to guide his mouth to her now swollen clit.
“Ohhhhh that feels sooooo goooood. Please don’t stop.” Rachel said in a deeply satisfied voice. She was still laying on her back with both of her own hands roaming her elongated body. Occasionally should would give herself a hug while pressing her tits into herself, as if she was sinking into a warm blanket, or run her hands over her curvy hips.
Rob now had a firm hold on Rachel’s hardening nub using a combination of suction, tongue, and soft nibbling with his teeth. She instinctively brought her hands up to her luscious mounds again, and softly caressed both of her beautiful tits as she was being eaten.
Rob expertly alternated his approach from gentle kisses and licking, to a wide open mouth using it to devour her pussy like it never had been eaten before. He then dragged his strong tongue completely over Rachel’s now flowering pink folds, and then locked his mouth onto her soft lips as if he was literally making out with her pussy.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm, you are amazing” Rachel said with her eyes half shut and rolled back inside her head. She had both of her hands full with Rob’s hair, and was grinding her pussy against his face by swaying her curvy hips back and forth.
Rob stopped for a moment, raising his head up to get a good look at the beautiful pussy before him. He admired her full vaginal lips that were long enough to stretch out and take into his mouth, and had a clean and healthy pink shade to them. He could see Rachel’s juices still pooling inside her pussy, and immediately wanted to drink it in. He pushed his head forward and drove his strong tongue deep into her depths, drinking down her sweet nectar as he went. He continued to lap hungrily at her inner walls letting his strong tongue run wild inside her. The room was filled with sounds of animalistic groans, wetness, and feminine moaning.
Rob then took Rachel’s clit between his lips and let his tongue flick her hard nub. Every snap of his slippery intruder against her clit brought glorious shocks of pleasure cascading through her whole body.
“I’m so close baby. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please don’t you stop” Rachel pleaded in rapid succession as Rob continued to firmly nibble her very swollen clit.
“Aaahhhhhhh, I’m cumminggggg” Rachel screamed out while pulling the back of Robs hair, forcing his head into her dripping wet slit.
“Aaahhhhhhh, ugghhhhhh, ugghhhhhh, Oh my goddddd, this is incredible.” Rachel gasped as the last waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Her body went from squirming and bucking, to lightly swaying her hips in a back and forth motion.
Rachel’s orgasm was slowly starting to wind down, she let her arms fly out to her sides and allowed her legs to slump awkwardly while still spread out. Her chest heaved up and down slowly as she slowly regained her breath. She had the look of a woman spent as Rob gently finished lapping up the remnants of her very wet orgasm.
“I’m so relaxed I can sleep for hours.” Rachel spoke to Rob in a soft tone.
Rob immediately replied “You can sleep all you want later when your husband gets home. We are just getting to the best part.
“Oh yeh….and what’s that?” Rachel answered while pretending to be ignorant as to what Rob meant.
“I’ll tell you what it means baby. I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. You are going to remember me forever baby. Today will be the best sex you have ever had, or ever will have for the rest of your life.” Rob confidently stated.
Rachel pondered what Rob had just said for a moment and thought. “This already has been the best sex I have ever had.”
“I want you to fuck my pussy. I really do. You are the best lover I have ever had. Please fuck my pussy. I need to feel you deep in me. Please I am begging you to take me how ever you want.” Rachel said while sitting up on her knees and hugging herself, squeezing both tits against her body as a way of offering herself to him.
Unknowingly to Rachel, the effects of the ecstasy were still having its way her. That, along with the music still playing throughout the room had her in a sex crazed mood like none she had ever experienced. She took a second to really listen to the curious sounds and noticed the screaming woman in the background was no longer saying No or Crying as before. Now the tune was filled with her having incredible orgasm after incredible orgasm.
Rachel couldn’t wait anymore. She leaned forward and gently whispered in Robs ear with almost a pleading to her tone. “Please Fuck Me!”
With that Rob laid Rachel back and spread her long legs wide. He reached under one of her knees, and pushed that leg up higher while pulling it wider apart. He slid his muscular frame forward positioning his large cock to the entrance of her dripping wet pussy, resting it against her flowering pink folds.
Rob looked down and saw Rachel’s body slightly squirming beneath him. He took notice of her movements and sounds, which were subtle but strong. In his mind It was all she could do without screaming to be fucked. He knew she was craving to be dominated. He knew it was the same deep down craving all feminine woman want, but without ever really knowing or experiencing what it is like.
Rachel let out a small whimper as if slightly scared when she felt the bulbous head come in contact with her soft folds. She then tightly grabbed the cushion beneath her with both of her hands, seemingly trying to brace herself in preparation for him fully impaling her.
Rob pushed further forward as Rachel began to feel his thickness stretch the opening of her tender pussy.
“Wow” Rachel gasped, as her legs started to involuntarily shake slightly as she struggled with the feeling of his largeness. He pushed his cock forward further, while at the same time gyrating his powerful hips in a very slow and circular motion.
Rachel’s pink folds were now tightly wrapped around Rob’s cock, and were disappearing inside her sweet pussy due to the thickness as his large organ as it slide further into her depts. She was starting to feel overwhelmed like she could not take it, and a small panic feeling started to set in. She began to half heartedly punch at his back as if he was too much for her.
“No I can’t. I’m sorry. I thought I could but your too big. I can’t….I can’t. Please your……..” Rachel stated in hushed but rushed tones with her voice suddenly trailing off.
Rob ignored her plea and pushed his cock further inside her another two inches with slow forward pressure.
“Owwwwhhh…… Owwwhhh…… Owwwwhhh……Ohhhhhh…….Ohhhhhh” Rachel’s moans seemingly starting to alternate between pain and pleasure.
“Grab my ass baby. I want you to pull me inside you.” Rob said while leaning his body weight on top of Rachel, and breathing the words directly into her ear.
Just then Rachel opened her legs as wide as she could, and brought her knees closer to her head. She grabbed onto the back of Rob’s well defined buttocks and started doing as she was told and began to feverishly pull him into her.
Rob began to push deeper into the beautiful Rachel. He could feel her legs spreading wider as she grabbed his muscular ass. He laughed to himself that it was only moments before she seemed like she might try and put her foot down and put a stop to this odyssey.
Rob paused for a moment and took it all in. He was enjoying this girl more than most. He just loved the feel of her curvaceous body. He looked down and pushed her legs up closer to her chest at the knee. He admired the curvature of her outer thigh, and how it perfectly lead into her child bearing hips.
Just then, the words just came spilling out of Rob’s mouth. “Your beautiful baby.” he said as he placed a deep and passionate kiss on Rachel’s plump red lips. His cock was inside her only about half way, now being forced to stop when it came in contact with the back wall of her vagina where her cervix guards the entrance to her womb. He stopped at this point and took a deep breath in. He was savoring the felling of her juicy pussy.
“You think I’m beautiful?” Rachel sheepishly questioned.
“Baby, let me tell you something. If you want to come live on my island your welcome too. I would worship that beautiful body of yours all the time. You are a living goddess built for sex” Rob stated; while for the first time giving a hint of who he actually was with his “My Island” comment.
Rob began to force his cock deeper into Rachel with his thick meat pushing at her closed cervix which was straining to stay shut.
. “It feels like warm butter baby….mmmmmm” Rob groaned.
“Owww” Rachel slightly whimpered.
“Please go slow” she begged.
Rob now had about three quarters of his cock buried in Rachel’s pussy. He felt her cervix about to give way and couldn’t wait any longer.
“This might hurt a little baby.” Rob said as if trying to prepare Rachel for something she most likely never experienced.
“You want my hard cock deep inside you baby.” he said whispering into her ear.
“Yes” Rachel said in a soft childlike voice.
“Yes please put your cock deep inside me.” Rachel pleaded.
“Ok baby. Im going to give you what you want.” Rob said as he steadied himself for leverage.
Just then Rob stiffened his abdomen muscles, and squeezed his hard ass checks together. He pushed forward driving the rest of his cock deep into the lovely Rachel.
“Aghhhhhh!” Rachel screamed as Rob’s cock forced its way past the stubborn entrance of her cervix.
It felt to Rob as if he had just deflowered a virgin. Rachel’s cervix was now tightly wrapped around his thick cock with a vice like grip. He felt as though he was getting his Dick sucked inside her pussy.
Slowly but steady Rob repeated his motions…..back in…..back out. Back in again…..and then back out They both cold feel and hear the popping sounds each time his big dick buried itself deep in her womb.
Aghhhhhh, Aghhhhhh, Aghhhhhh, Aghhhhhh!” Rachel screamed with every thrust. Her thoughts were of nothing else but this muscular 230 pound Alpha Male holding her down and relentlessly fucking her brains out. Her legs were now flailing open and closed around Rob’s pelvis, as she grabbed at his back and ass while squirming beneath him. She felt another orgasm building. This one seemed to be coming from a place so deep in her mind she did not know what to expect. The buildup alone was something she never experienced. It was a wonderful mix or pain, fullness, and extreme pleasure. She felt like a volcano that was about to erupt.
Rob was now leaning his weight into the helpless Rachel. He had her legs spread wide and pinned back and hanging over his arms. He was fucking her with power and strength; driving his cock in and out of her pussy with determination.
Then it happened……”Fuck me!!!” Rachel screamed.
“Fuck me harder” Rachel screamed again through her gasping for air.
“Oh please fuck meeeee” The words seemingly coming from someone other than herself, Rachel suddenly thought during a quick moment of clarity.
“Ughhhh, ughhhh, ughhhhh….Oh my god you’re so bigggg! Please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop” Rachel repeated while moaning and gasping for air. She felt her pussy contract on Robs thick cock as it continued to stab at her womb.
Suddenly Rob stopped his in and out movements and just held steady with his thick cock firmly planted deep inside her. He centered his weight by shifting slightly, but still could clearly feel how deeply his meat was impaled inside the sexy goddess beneath him.
Rachel felt his size and again began to panic.
“Your to deep. I cannnnnt, Take it out” Rachel quietly pleaded while squirming beneath him.
Rob shifted his weight again causing his large cock to settle into its new position, and then leaned his head in and started sucking Rachel’s neck.
This pushed Rachel over the edge again.
“Oh my Goddddddd! Ughhh, Ughhh, Ahhhh, Ughhh, Ahhhh, Ughhh, Ughhhh” Rachel screamed as she came over and over. She felt her cervix grabbing Rob’s thick cock as if trying to hold it in place. Her pussy pulsated with waves of pleasure that seemed o be getting its strength from the thick and veiny organ that filled her up completely.
“Ughhh, Ughhh, Ughhh, Fuck meeeee!” Rachel screamed; amazed that she was still cumming as her vagina seemed to be milking his big cock. Her orgasm just seemed to keep going, and her body was seemingly out of control and writhing with pleasure beneath him. She wrapped both her legs and arms around him as a way to steady herself as she let the last waves of ecstasy gently fade away.
Rob made sure Rachel was finished with cumming. He knew that every orgasm she had with him only cemented his control over her. He started to kiss down her neck over both tits; not before stopping at each nipple for a lustful bite. He continued down her stomach as he simultaneously slowly pulled his cock out of her dripping wet slit. He sat up on the bed wiping the sweat from his forehead.
Rachel looked dazed with her body still slightly quivering with the throws of her last orgasm subsiding. She reached for a nearby towel and dragged it up to her face and wiped away her sweat. In the background the music was picking up its pace. She listened intently trying to make out the words coming from a dominant male voice. It was slightly hidden between the tribal drums.
“Take that huge cock. I want you to cum on my big dick. Im going to flood your pussy with all of my cum. Your mine baby.” Rachel heard the male voice saying. She thought he sounded oddly like Rob.
The voices from the female was just as erotic but were more screams and moans then words. Rachel thought her own orgasms strangely seemed to mirror that which was going on in the song.
Rob got up and went over to the table across the room and picked up one of the pitchers with the tainted juice. He poured two glasses of the red liquid, and took a large swig of one while walking the other back to Rachel. He reached out and handed the glass to her, and she proceeded to gulp the whole thing down as he sat down on the bed across from her.
“Thanks….I was so thirsty” Rachel spoke plainly to Rob as if both were there on their own vacation.
Rob smiled at Rachel and proceeded to lay on his back placing his hands behind his head.
“Come over here baby” Rob stated in a more relaxed tone.
Rachel crawled over to Rob and laid down and cuddled beside him. She had one leg folded up at the knee and resting across his legs, with her head resting on his barreled chest.
“We have just enough time for one more round baby” You have three hours to go and get your makeover before the fishing trip comes back in for the day.
Just then Rachel’s mind went to thoughts of Tim. “How can I face him after what I have done?” she thought while still resting her cheek against Rob’s hairless chest.
Rob then pulled Rachel’s chin up causing her to look into his eyes. He brushed her hair back and then leaned in and put a soft kiss on her lips. Rachel was again beginning to let her momentary resistance go and she let her pink tongue slip into his eager mouth.
“Sit on my cock baby. I want to suck those beautiful tits as I fuck you deep.” Rob stated in a confident tone.
Rachel knew she was no longer in control. She seemed to be in some sort of trance with this man. She picked up one of her legs and hosted it over Rob’s lap. She then slowly climbed her curvy frame over him as he rested his upper body up against the pillows that he propped up against the headboard. She lifted her backside up holding her cheek out with one hand completely exposing her sweet muff, while at the same time arching her back. She then centered her pussy directly over his still fully erect cock. She took her hand and wrapped her long fingers around the thick organ and positioned it right between her open pussy lips. She lowered herself down so just the tip of the head would hold nicely in place. She then very cautiously guided herself down the long shaft. With each inch she conquered, she was letting out soft feminine squeals and sounds.
“mmmm…….mmmm…….mmmm” Rachel purred.
Rachel continued her downward journey until once again Rob’s cock was fully bottomed out inside her. She sat motionless for a few seconds trying to adjust to his size. She had her eyes closed and mouth wide open, while her head was completely thrown back. Her back had a heavy arch to it causing her tits to press fully forward. Her legs were spread wide while sitting on her knees positioned directly on top of him with his thick cock wedged deeply inside her.
Rob then adjusted his position. He sat up more with his legs laying outstretched and widened. His knees were slightly bent and positioned in a way to give him some leverage. He pulled Rachel close while now looking into her eyes.
Rachel’s pulled herself forward and forced her legs behind Rob, wrapping them around his waist with her ankles crossed facing him.
“Ahhhhhhh” uncontrollably came out of Rachel’s mouth as she shifted her weight; surprised again by the feeling of fullness now enveloping her. She was still firmly planted on Rob’s strong cock and enjoyed the feeling of it in her dripping wet pussy. She pulled herself further into his body, hugging his head against her big soft tits. She rocked her hips back and forth with small circular motions while lightly squealing in his ear with every gyration. She could feel his tongue and lips start to probe her tits causing her already long nipples to completely stiffen for his hungry mouth.
Rob licked and kissed between Rachel’s fleshy mounds; then dragged his lips over her tits taking one of her swollen nipples into his mouth. He playfully sucked on the hardening nub, and rotated back and forth between each globe; licking and biting both of her tasty treats. He could once again feel her swollen areola as he rolled it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth as he heard her squealing and moaning.
Rob steadily trusted his cock upward and back down with strong movements causing her pussy to again flood his hard dick with her feminine juices.
“Im going to cum in your pussy baby.” Rob said through low and hushed breathing.
“That’s it baby, squeeze my cock with your pussy.” Rob groaned as his hands roamed all over her curves. He grabbed her hips and began to force her down completely on his large cock.
“Oh baby, im in you so fucking deeeeep…….” Rob said directly into Rachel’s ear with hot breath.
Rachel began to buck her hips back and forth. She could hear her pussy sloshing all over Rob’s huge cock. She used all of her power as she grinded her hips downward. She then looked directly in Rob’s eyes before thrusting her big tits forward and arching her back.
“I want you to cum in my pussy.” She whispered in his ear.
That was too much for Rob to hear. He again felt a blast of warm fluid from Rachel flood his cock; this time it pushed him over the edge.
“Oh baby here it comes……Fuck Yeahhhh……..Fuck Yeahhhh, UGGHHHHHHH……..UGGHHHHHH……UGGHHHHH.” Rob yelled out as he pushed his cock deeper into Rachel as her wet slit swallowed up all of his cock. He could feel Rachel’s body twitch with each spurt of his manhood flooding her sweet pussy, and he could feel her pussy contracting as if trying to milk every last drop. He reached around her waist with one arm and pulled her into him more. With his free hand he continued to squeeze and suck her tits with determination.
“Fuck yeh!…………Fuck yeh” Rob slowly grunted while holding Rachel down in a vice like matter to allow his cock completely empty into her depts.
Rachel could feel spurt after spurt flooding her pussy. The feeling of Rob sperm shooting up into her body and completely draining his large cock felt incredible. She could feel his warm juices dripping out of her quivering pussy as she squeezed it hard with her vaginal muscles to drain it completely.
“You like that baby?” Rob stated to Rachel who sheepishly nodded her head yes.
“Don’t forget who did this to you.” he said while looking at her with piercing eyes as if trying to somehow make sure the memory was implanted.
Rachel slid her unstable body up and off Rob, and got off the bed trying to search something to put on. She could find nothing. There was now an awkward silence in the room and her fears started to creep forward again.
“In all honesty this guy is a complete stranger.” Rachel thought while scurrying around looking for something to cover up.
“Come here baby…..” Rob said while still sitting on the bed and reaching his hand out to her.
Rachel took a deep breath as if exasperated and walked over to Rob taking his hand. She sat on the edge of the bed besides him while looking at the sheets in a semi dejected manner.
“Listen baby” he said while taking his hand and turning her head to face him. “I know you are starting to feel bad, but I am going to give you a piece of advice. What you do with it is your choice.”
Rachel sat looking at him curious to what he was going to say.
“Speaking plainly, I am a hunter. I have perfected my body, mind and skills for moments like these. You have just been fucked by a hard driving Alpha Male that so few women ever get a chance to experience. This is your life and your memory. For me it’s going to be a good one.” Rob said, and then pulled his hand back from Rachel as if he was done being nice.
“You don’t think it was wrong to do to Tim?” Rachel plainly asked.
Rob looked over at Rachel a bit exasperated and asked her…..”Is it Tim’s fault for not learning how to fuck you proper? Is it Tim’s fault for leaving you alone in a strange country with people you don’t even know, and nobody to help you if you needed it?” Rob rapidly shot out both questions to Rachel.
“I don’t know. I feel bad.” Rachel said quietly.
“Listen baby. He doesn’t have to know. This can be our little secret.” Rob said while putting his hand on Rachel’s leg.
“I tell you what. Go and get your makeover. I want you and your husband to have a great time tonight. I have it on good authority that the owner is going to invite the both of you over for a drink tonight with some of his friends in his private suite.” Rob grinned at Rachel, thinking he might have another shot at this beauty before the her trips out.

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Sweet Little Lucy Likes My Wheelchair

by JackassTales

Summertime fun with young neighbor girl
A “How I Spent my Summer Vacation” story

JackassTales…tale # 50…Readers; for my 50th tale I decided to do something I rarely do. I took on a request for a story. A 21-yr-old lady I have been playing Private Message pattycake with (yes she knows I’m a Horny ‘Old’ Dog in a wheelchair who writes about young girls) sent the following request which I couldn’t resist. I hope she likes what I have written. I hope you do, too.

I was wondering if you want to write a story about me sometime? You know like you fucking me as a little teen girl? Posting it? Well if you do, I have red hair, brown eyes, light skin that does tan, a few freckles and I giggle quite a bit. Not sure if you’re interested in this idea, but I would be honored to read it if you decided to write it. Um, I saw that one story you wrote for that girl and um, kind of was curious what you would write about me. Oh yeah also I like deepthroat and spanking. *Blushes shyly.* Lucy

Sweet Little Lucy Likes My Wheelchair

Epilogue (The new girl next door)

One of these days, and I hope it’s pretty damn soon, I’m supposed to be able to get out of this wheelchair. At least, that’s what the doctors have told me. I have been assured this neuromuscular condition which affects my legs usually runs its course in two to five years. I’m at the four year mark right now.

I went back to the ledger filled with numbers I was trying to decipher. Shit, I was supposedly on a month-long summer vacation, yet here I was stuck inside trying to straighten out an almost indecipherable mess! As an independent accountant, I moved my office to my home so I could avoid the hassle of commuting into the city in my disability-equipped van. I hated the word ‘disability’ because it implies an inability to do anything. Hell, I can work, I can drive, I pay taxes, I compete in shooting matches, I can swim, and damnit, I can even walk short distances! I am an independent man of thirty two years in age and damn proud of it!

A movement outside my window distracted me. My mood lightened immediately. Out there on a tire swing my young neighbor girl was singing and swinging away. I hadn’t yet met Lucy, but I had met her divorced mother when they moved into the house next door earlier this week. I suppose the child had been visiting her dad but her mother had sung her praises as a sweet girl, a straight A student, and a virtuous child without a disagreeable bone in her body. All this and she was a kid of only sixteen years in age!

Fascinated by the unfettered joy and the unrestrained exuberance of the swinging child, I watched her instead of attending to my work. Naturally, since she was a female, no matter her age, my eyes began describing the girl to my captivated mind. Flowing strands of shimmering red hair blew in the breeze. Brown eyes sparkled in the noonday sun. A light-skinned face glowed with a slight early summer tan and was sprinkled with a very few freckles. The girl was giggling. In the little while I had watched, I discovered she giggled quite a bit.

The giggling swinger was clothed in a sleeveless summer top which was white in color. Thin straps running over her shoulders held up the mounds mounted on her chest. I don’t know much about the anatomy of young ladies her age, but I supposed those protrusions were good-zized breasts. I did know pretty legs when I saw them. This new neighbor girl’s legs sprang out of a pair of blue shorts and ran down slender, but not long, limbs and ended at barefooted, petite feet.

All in all, I’d say my neighbor kid Lucy was a pretty hot little package! I wasn’t surprised by the swelling in my pants, but I knew damn well I shouldn’t be having an erection while looking at a jailbait girl! Devil damn my wickedness, I need to stop looking and get back to work!

I picked up the ledger and my laptop, grabbed my chair’s joystick control, and then motored out to my backyard. I laid the ledger and computer on a patio table covered by an awning. Numbers come naturally to me so after an hour of steady work I had the chicken-scratch ledger straightened out into manageable documents.

Although I was finished working, numbers continued to run through my head. 4 foot 10 inches to 5 feet tall and maybe 85 to 95 pounds in weight… 16 years in age… 10 skinny, rope-holding fingers and 10 sexy, swinging toes… Maybe a 26 to 32 inch bust sitting atop a flat belly and a seductive crotch… Oh shit, I was still thinking about that pretty little girl next door!

Part One (Wanna give ‘it’ a whirl?)

“Mr. Jackson?” a soft voice said from beside me. “Sir, may I talk to you? Mama says you’re really nice and that you would probably be willing to help me with my summer vacation school project.”

Speaking of the devil herself, I spun my wheelchair around and came face to face with the girl child I’d been thinking about! The kid giggled then stuck out her hand and spoke again, “Hi, I’m Lucy.”

Automatically, I offered my outstretched hand to my young neighbor. Just as I suspected, the girl’s hand was warm, supersoft, and pleasant to the touch. Heck, it was almost too pleasant if you ask me! A horny guy my age had no business being aroused by an innocent teen girl!

“Hi yourself,” I replied despite my mind’s turmoil. “Why don’t you sit and tell me about this school project you have. If I can, I will gladly help you. Oh, and my name is, Jason.”

Lucy took a seat in a nearby chair and pulled a notepad from a bookbag I had not noticed. “Thank you, Mr. Jackson,” she said. “This is a report I have to do for my 11th grade high school social studies class starting in August. We have been studying about Freud in my 10th grade class and we will continue in the 11th grade. Over the summer we have to interview someone who might have a story related to his work and write a ten thousand word essay.”

“Freud?” I asked surprised. “Aren’t you a little young to be studying Freud? He talks about…well, ‘sex’…a lot, doesn’t he? And, young lady, whatever in this world would make you think I might have a sex story to tell?”

My redheaded neighbor’s fair skin face blushed a bit. She stuttered as she tried to answer. Finally, she pointed. It took me a few seconds to interpret her gesture, but then I realized she was pointing at my wheelchair. Oh my, was this girl child intuitive enough to realize a man might have sexual problems because of a physical limitation? Curious as a curiosity cat, I told the girl, “Sure thing. Go ahead and interview me.”

Softball, but very personal, questions came first. What was my condition, how long had I had it, what was my prognosis, etcetera. When the girl’s face reddened again, I knew the hardball questions were coming. “Mr. Jackson, do you have a wife or girlfriend to provide you with…with…‘companionship’?” she shyly asked. “Mama says she doesn’t think you do, so do you…do you miss…‘it’?”

I laughed aloud. My merriment was not from the question but from the easily recognized uneasiness and embarrassment of the questioner. The girl was in over her pretty, little head! And damnit, I thought, she started this so I’m not going to go easy on her!

“Lucy, by ‘it’ do you mean ‘sex’?” I replied. “Well, there was a time when I could get all the puss…all the female ‘companionship’ I wanted to from ladies of all ages. I will admit this damn wheelchair is a big ‘turn off’ in that respect. I lost my very passionate girlfriend for this reason.”

The girl at the table jerked her head up suddenly. She spoke vehemently. “The bitch!” she practically screamed. “She shouldn’t have left you for that reason! Your wheelchair is just a means of transportation, not a death sentence!”

Wow, this redhead has a temperamental streak. She also has an endearing compassion I have rarely seen in a child her age. “Thank you Lucy for defending me,” I said with genuine sincerity. “I really appreciate it.”

Before we became mired too deep into a pity-party for me, I decided to lighten the mood. “Girlie, don’t you worry too much about me,” I winked. I mischievously added, “Old Five Fingers and I do a fine job of pleasing me! I believe your fella Freud talks about masturbation and such. You ought to try it sometime.”

Just as I hoped, here came the giggling girl I was becoming smitten with. In between giggles the sweet, innocent child shattered my illusions about her by saying, “I already have tried it!” Immediately, she covered her betraying mouth, but her giggles continued despite her blushing grin.

When the merriment subsided, Lucy’s questioning continued. She stood and stepped uncomfortably close to me. Every fiber of my masculine body could feel her feminine presence. “May I ask you some questions about your wheelchair?” she inquired. “What’s this red button do?” she asked without awaiting my answer.

“Touch it,” I answered. I wasn’t sure she’d do it, but she did. An automotive horn’s blaring scream shattered the early afternoon quietness. Lucy jumped but recovered quickly. Without asking permission, the giggling girl touched or flipped other buttons and switches. Headlights turned on and off, turn signals clicked, an indoor buzzer buzzed, and then the back reclined with the footrests out just like an old man’s Lazy Boy recliner.

“I wouldn’t fool with this adjustable switch if I were you,” I warned. Of course, the child ‘had’ to touch it then. At one setting, a loud, catcall whistle at a pretty girl blew. Lucy giggled shyly. Then, a fart-horn blew. The girl blushed, but again giggled. The last setting was a voice shouting, “Get the Hell outta my damn way, stupid!” Lucy lost it in a fit of giggling laughter.

Before she touched it, Lucy did ask me what the tall rod sticking up out of the control box was. When I told her it was my ‘joystick’ she looked at me as if I were making some kind of Freudian reference to my penis. I giggled myself then explained that it made my wheelchair go forwards and backwards or any combination in between. “Wanna drive it?” I teased.

“How could I with you in it,” was her quizzical answer.

I pushed the button which raised my legs and footrests into a straight out in front of me position. Without further ado, I placed my hands around the curious girl’s waist and lifted her into my lap. She squealed when I pushed hard on the joystick and the chair lunged forward. Switching to a higher speed, I raced to an empty parking lot down the street. “Now you drive,” I dared.

Curious this girl may be, but she was also a closeted daredevil. Grabbing my wheelchair joystick, she followed my lead and raced around the blacktopped lot at top speed giggling and laughing uncontrollably. If not for my viselike grip around her waist the dangerous child would have flown off into the unknown. Child my ass! The butt wiggling in my lap was rubbing against my flesh-and-horny-boned masculine joystick with enough feminine seductiveness to arouse my passions.

Somehow, during this wild ride, my waist-holding hands ended up underneath the sleeveless summer top of my lap-driving girl. Before I realized what I was doing, I was caressing the soft flesh of a young female’s belly. My curious cat was awakened again so I reached upward with one hand to see if there was indeed a bra under there. Oh yeah, there was! When the girl hit an unexpected bump, my fingers unintentionally slipped under the edge of the breast-supporting garment and I found myself holding a handful of tit.

“Damn your wicked soul Jason Jackson you had better let go of it!” I silently told myself. Ignoring my self admonishment, I took just a minute or two or three to feel of the feminine flesh. A well-formed mound greeted my hand. My fingers fondled the pointed protrusion of a tiny nipple. Whether this young lady was aware of it or not, her boob and her nipple were swelling in size!

As suddenly as it happened, I jerked my hand out of Lucy’s bra. Oh god, I hope she can forgive me for this unforgivable molestation! I said nothing but I took control of the joystick and drove us back home and pulled into my backyard. My laptop and the ledger were still on my patio table along with this girl’s notepad and bookbag. I expected the child to jump out of my lap, but surprisingly, she didn’t. Instead, she twisted sideways and threw her pretty slim legs over the armrest of my wheelchair.

“Mr. Jackson, I don’t know how any woman could be ‘turned off’ by your wheelchair!” little Lucy emphatically announced. “Both you and your chair are a peck of fun and a bushelfull of delight! I enjoy every second I spend with you. Hey, it sure is getting to be a hot summer day, isn’t it?”

Unprepared, I was touched deep in my soul by this innocent girl’s emotional outburst. My heart swelled and I kissed the sweet child’s cheek. Surprised I was when she reciprocated my affection. Yet, she didn’t just kiss my cheek she also gave me a peck on the lips. For some reason, her lips lingered where they were on my lips for a few seconds longer than need be. An irresistible impulse caused the tip of my tongue to slip out of my mouth and wet her lips. Instinct brought her lips against mine and we kissed with a passion which was inexcusably forbidden!

We broke the kiss almost as soon as it started. Both our faces flamed red with a blush. God, I don’t think anything had ever made me blush before! In order to break the tension, I offhandedly asked something about her comment about it being too hot, and since she was showing no signs of leaving my lap anytime soon, I added a question about would she like to go someplace cooler. She nodded with an eager affirmative gesture.

The houses on this block were built with their backyards bordering a densely wooded forest. Holding a passionate girl in my lap, I headed my wheelchair toward the seemingly impenetrable woods. My motorized vehicle was ruggedly built with heavy-duty motors and oversized tires. Weaving my way through a maze of trees, bushes, and undergrowth, I finally maneuvered my motor vehicle into a secluded glen. Tall pines surrounded a grassy, shaded, half acre sanctuary. At one end a small waterfall gently spilled its waters into a crystal clear pool. The pool’s overflow babbled its way down a meandering stream and disappeared into the darkness at the glen’s far end. The air temperature here was much cooler than the citified place Lucy and I had left behind. City sounds were lost in a faraway place.

“Mr. Jackson, uh, Jason, oh my god, it’s so beautiful here it’s beyond belief!” Lucy incredulously uttered. “Thank you for bringing me here to your secret hideaway place. Is this where you bring all your ladies?”

I snickered with mischievous glee. “All of what ladies?” I answered. “Didn’t I tell you I haven’t had any ladies or…‘p.u.s.s.y’…for a while? That is unless, Miss Lucy, are you my lady?”

The daredevil girl answered sternly, “I most certainly am, Jason!” She quickly added, “If you want me, I am yours! I’m not afraid of your wheelchair and I’m not afraid of you! And Mister, although I am a young virgin, I will even give you all of the ‘p.u.s.s.y’ you want and have been missing if you want it from me! Just tell me what to do.”

With these brazen words said, the girl threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again. This time the tongue wetting her lips and mine was hers. I felt the passion of her ardent kisses from the hair on my head to the tips of my toes. I knew this was wrong on so many levels, but I held my sweet girl in my arms and kissed her like crazy. A small voice in the back of my head wondered if all of this ‘research’ would end up in Lucy’s summer Freud report.

Throwing caution to the wind, I told myself, the hell with it! Lucy made no objections when I slipped her top up over her redhaired head. She didn’t fuss when I removed her lacy bra. This time I had no reluctance when my hands molested her young breasts. The tantalizing titties swelled and yielded themselves to my manual manipulations. Tiny nipples stiffened into good-enough-to-eat berries.

Speaking of nipple eating, I stripped my own pullover shirt off then put my hands under Lucy’s armpits and lifted her up off my lap. Once I had her chest positioned in front of my face, my mouth began its berry-hungry eating. Tiny they might be, but my little neighbor girl’s stiffened nipples were a delicious treat I gobbled with gusto. Just like the soup jingle, they were, ‘Mmm Mmm, good’! I didn’t exactly suck the beautiful, pinkish color off my girl’s nipples, but it sure wasn’t for the lack of trying.

After several long minutes, my lips switched their attention to the mounded flesh surrounding the reddening nipples. If the word ‘supersoft’ ever had a mammary manifestation it was the skin my lips now orally abused. Well abused may not be the right word because I really wasn’t all that rough, but I certainly was feverishly enjoying myself while kissing and sucking these wondrous breasts. When Lucy giggled with glee, I threw in a few more nipple sucks just for good measure.

Satisfied, for the time being, I lifted the girl’s featherweight body higher. I kissed the flat-bellied skin of her abdomen and tickled the ticklish hole of her bellybutton. Giggling laughter resounded within the confines of our very own private Garden of Eden. God, Freud, and the Devil himself could debate the right or wrong of what was going on here in this sacred place, but I was too busy myself to join in.

So light in weight was this babydoll in my arms I lifted her up so high in the air that God could have snatched his angel out of my arms if he wanted to. Thankfully, he didn’t. I didn’t know how Lucy would feel about it, but I kissed the cloth-covered pussy dangling in front of my lips. If not for the interference of a pair of blue shorts and the panties within them I could have had myself a taste of hot young female glory. Oh goodness, I wanted my girl’s pussy so badly I wanted to scream!

Dropping the stimulating young lady back into my lap, I asked her an impulsive question, “Lucy, does your rug match your redhead roof?” I regretted my haste as soon as the words left my mouth. For all I knew, she was so young she didn’t even have a ‘rug’. Some girls at sixteen years in age do and some don’t. Furthermore, even if she did have pubic hair, she might not know it was called a rug by guys.

Big brown doe eyes glared at me. “That’s for me to know,” she scowled. After several tense, tantalizing seconds, she continued. “And, for you soon to find out!” she teased then giggled happily. Without missing a beat, the sexy little tormenter stripped her shorts and panties down over butt, legs, and barefooted feet. “Now lift me back up into the sky and check for yourself!” the daring child challenged.

Girlie girl, you had better be careful as to who you throw your challenges at! I lifted her back up and rocketed her skyward. In two shakes of a girl’s tail, I had a teen pussy in front of my eyes. Oh yeah, she had a rug! As pubic bushes go it was extremely small and thin, but boy-o-boy it was triangular shaped and just as radiantly red as the hair atop her head!

Unable to control myself, I kissed the red rug. My lips kissed, pulled, and tugged on its curly hairs. Finding bare skin along my girl’s upper thighs, I kissed that, too. I kissed into the valleys between pussy and thighs then I kissed the swelling outer pussy folds. Having teased myself enough, I kissed what I really wanted to. I kissed little Lucy’s pussylips and I licked the tiny tip of a clit.

The mischievous minx in my arms must have been reading my mind. I suppose some kind of female instinct told her what to do. As I ran my tongue up and down her pussy crack, several slim fingers from a pair of small hands spread that slit and revealed the feminine treasures concealed inside.

I needed no instinct to tell me to devour the young vaginal wonders now exposed to my sight. Although only a teenager in age, Lucy had a clitoral jewel just begging to be spit-polished by a practiced clitlicking tongue and buffed dry by skilled clitsucking lips. She also had a virginal hole which awaited an intrepid oral explorer. Girlie, I was just the guy with the tongue and lips for these jobs!

For the next five or ten or a hundred minutes I licked and sucked and explored. My tongue went wild flicking and licking the small, perfectly-shaped clit. Mmm Mmm good had been Lucy’s nipples, but this feminine protrusion was god-almighty-delicious! This girl’s giggles turned into quiet whimpering cries as I licked and sucked feverishly.

All at once, my tongue and two female pinky fingers spread the delicate butterfly wings of my naughty girl’s inner pussylips. My tongue darted inside and explored. Wetness coated this intruder. While not as wet as a full grown woman, this teen vaginal hole had more moisture than I expected. My tongue twirled and tasted while making its exploration of this moist cavity. I expected to find a virginal hymen and I did. Just inside the opening to this void I found the obstruction to penile penetration.

Thinking to myself, I thought, “Okay there is more than one way to skin this cock-barrier cat. With the swollen outer pussylips closed I betcha there would be enough vaginal room here to barely hold the sensitive tip of my cock. And, with a little saliva to aid with lubrication, I betcha I could hump this pussy good enough to get my rocks off and hers too. Yesiree, I bet I could fuck this girl without taking her virginity!”

Without realizing it, I had spoken the last sentence or two of my meandering musings aloud. Lucy’s spoken voice startled me, “Oh Jason, could you really do ‘it’, would you please? Stop what you’re doing and do ‘that’ instead!” Before I could react, the girl suddenly added, “Oh god no, don’t stop what you’re doing!”

What was I doing? Oh yeah, now I remember. While I was thinking about vaginal humping, my cupped and stiffened tongue had been darting in and out of this girl’s pussy. She had released her swollen outer lips and I was penetrating frantically all the way in through the fleshy tissue and hitting the unbroken hymen. I had not intended to bring my girl to orgasm, but apparently I was.

Lucy’s whimpering cries became squeals of delight. The girl’s hands pulled my head into her pubic mound. The toes of her barefooted feet dug into the skin of my sides. An orgasm was hitting her hard. I didn’t know if girls’ pussies could squirt feminine cum or not, but I was for damn sure this one was undoubtedly cumming! Vaginal moisture was coating my tongue, but if any of it was female cum, I couldn’t tell.

When this girl stopped squealing, I stopped tongue fucking her. As I lowered her down from her skywards position, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had stopped too soon. Older girls could have multiple orgasms. Could young ones? A pair of arms encircling my neck stopped Lucy’s descent. Lips locked onto mine and kissed me with impassioned wonder. Finally, the nude girl slid down and slumped into my lap.

Several minutes of silence passed. Birds were singing, water was babbling, and a soft breeze was blowing. Lucy’s voice softly whispered. “I arouse you don’t I, Jason?” she asked. “Your…penis…is hard isn’t it? I have shown you ‘mine’, can I see ‘yours’?”

My wheelchair recliner legrests were still holding my legs up into a horizontal position. I lifted the naked child and sat her on my outstretched knees. After unbuckling and unzipping my jeans, I lifted my butt and worked my clothing down off my hips and upper thighs. “Flip around,” I ordered. “You will have to pull my pants the rest of the way down. Get my shoes off too if you want me naked like you are.”

Instead of following my instructions, Lucy allowed her bug-eyed gaze to focus intently on the elongated length and swollen girth of my horny cock. I suppose curiosity got the best of her because she reached out both hands and timidly touched me. A bolt of lightning couldn’t have struck me with more of an exhilarating shock. The inquisitive child overcame her nervous hesitancy then began playing with my erection with the energetic enthusiasm of a kid playing with a new toy. My cockflesh rejoiced.

I didn’t think the girl would do it, I didn’t think she even knew how, but Lucy bent over at the waist and licked my cockhead then plopped it into her mouth. I don’t know what kind of instinct guided her, but she began licking and sucking wantonly. Before I knew it, several inches had disappeared into her small oral hole. I laid my hands atop her head to try and prevent her from taking in too much, but the girl must have misinterpreted my intentions because she took even more in. Holy shit, I had a tiny bit of a girl deep-throating my cock!

At last, little Lucy started gagging and fighting for breath. Still, she went back for more. Oh god, it felt so good and I was nearing orgasmic release. Damnit I might be perverted but I was more of a man than to allow a child to strangle on my shooting cum! I pulled on two handfuls of red hair with enough force to make the girl know I meant business. She came up off my cockshaft, looked me in the eye, and bashfully explained, “I’m sorry, Jason. I have never seen a penis, but my friends have told me what they do with their guys. I just wanted to see what it was like. Hey, I’ll get your pants off right now!”

My not-so-innocent Lucy scooted around and followed my original instructions. Unfortunately, when the girl turned around in my lap I found my inflamed cock lying in the crack of the sweetest little ass I had ever known! And, when she leaned over to pull down my pants, there was the crack of that sweet little pussy I had so recently been eating! Oh, what was a horny guy to do? I don’t know about other guys, but I had an erection still wet from this girl’s saliva and this girl had a pussy still wet from mine. I think it’s about damn time I tested my theory about my cockhead being able to fuck a pussy without breaking a hymen!

Just as easily as a hot knife slips into a tub of butter, the head of my enraged erection slipped in through Lucy’s swollen pussy lips. Kissing her vaginal barrier, it came out a little bit then went back in and kissed it again. Repeating this action, I developed a stead rhythm of hymen kissing and pussy humping. Hmm, this was working nicely!

As I suspected, my pussysucking had not given Lucy all the orgasms she needed. I had quit too soon. The sped up rhythm of my humping brought on the multiple orgasmic euphoria her female body desired. She squealed again and again and filled the air with joyful noise. This child was proving to me that little girls just wanna have fun, too!

Child, little girl, or whatever, this young woman’s cocksucking and eager-to-please cock riding had primed my manhood for orgasms of its own. Summoning vaginal fluids, my pumping cockshaft filled with semen and sperm then began expelling this heated mixture into the limited space between an unbroken hymen and the swollen outer lips of a pussy. Needless to say there wasn’t room enough to hold all my creamy goo so pubic mounds were being sprayed with a cummy mess. I don’t believe I really gave a rat’s ass because my vocal grunts and moans were joining Lucy’s squealing in filling the air with blissful noise!

Extreme willpower kept me from plunging deep into Lucy’s vaginal void with my spewing erection. The girl may have been experiencing the same self-control problem because she was pushing back harder against my cock and allowing her hymen to be stretched to its very limit. If not for the virginal pain reminders, I believe little Lucy would have given me her cherry right then and there.

Strength of wills won the day. No hymen was broken. My sweet little lady and I expelled our last orgasmic squeals and moans. The nude girl sat back in my lap and the cummy mess spread. There was no way I could take my girl home with our bodies in such a state. Switching my wheelchair back on, I pulled up close to the edge of the crystal clear pool. I lowered my legrests and then, with no forewarning, I pitched my Lucy into the water. The child disappeared from sight but then came up sputtering and spitting several yards away. Bracing myself, I jumped in after her.

Part Two (Wanna do ‘it’ again?)

At first glance this body of water didn’t look all that big, but it was actually somewhere near a cross between a family-sized pool and an olympic-sized pool. On this warm summer day the soothing waters felt good. The liquid’s buoyancy allowed me to stand, walk, and swim with the ease of a man without physically limited legs.

I swam over to Lucy, kissed her sweet lips, and then challenged her to a race. Cheating, I took a head start. I’ll say one thing, this girl wasn’t afraid of a dare. Her young, limber limbs propelled her after me and she nearly won, but she didn’t. “You cheated!” she shouted. Her voice echoed, “You cheated, you cheated, you cheated…”

“Did not!” I teased. “Okay, so I’ll race you back. If I win I get to suck your pussy. If you win you have to suck my cock. Deal?”

Learning her lesson, little Lucy giggled then took off swimming and shouted back over her shoulders, “Deal.”

About halfway back I caught up close enough to grab one of the girl’s kicking feet. After wrestling around a bit, my girl and I agreed to call it a tie. “If you will suck me, I will suck you, Jason,” Lucy said. “Can we swim around a little while first?”

I suppose this girl wasn’t really asking a question because she went ahead and started swimming around. Joining her, we swam, kissed, fondled, and played. I fingered a cum-spilling pussy and squeezed a little vaginal mound and a pair of tits. Lucy played with my cock and balls while I attempted to explain why cool water shriveled and shrunk them. Together we lay in the slow-moving rivulets of the pool’s overflowing six inch deep stream. I suckled water-splashed nipples and a sweet-tasting little clit. My girl sucked my shrunken manshaft until it grew back to hard, horny life. Our lips played affectionate, kissy-kissy waterpark games.

Exhilaration made my heart sing. I was forgetting my physical limitations; in fact, I was feeling more energetic every minute I spent with this enchanting female creature. I had myself a girl with an ‘anytime pussy’ living right nextdoor, I had already had one piece of her pussy this day, and I hoped to get another piece pretty damn soon!

“Hey Sweetie,” I suggested after swimming a little while longer. “Let’s swim over to my sunbathing rock. It’s a big, flat ledge rock at the edge of the pool. That’s where I sunbathe nude with all of my girlfriends!”

If looks could kill, I’d be in trouble. “Oh poop,” Lucy petulantly said. “You’ve already told me you don’t have girlfriends! Meanie, you’re just teasing me. I’ll sunbathe on your rock and you can go to the devil!”

Swimming away, Lucy kicked lots of water in my face. The girl was giggling when she glanced back. My adorable angel could be a bit of a temperamental devil when she wanted to be. As I watched, she climbed onto my rock ledge and laid on it belly-side down. Now dang it, that wasn’t the view I wanted to see! Swimming over myself, I stood in the water and smacked her pretty little ass. “Turn over!” I commanded.

“No!” she defiantly rebelled. “I’m mad at you for teasing me.”

I came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with a cantankerous redhead was to be firm with her. “You turn over or I will give your sweet little ass a spanking you will feel all the way into next week!”

There was no answer and there was no turning over. I grabbed the stubborn girl’s feet and pulled her body down closer to me then I spread her legs and walked in between them. I smacked one ass cheek with a stinging blow hard enough to let her know I meant business. When she made no response, I smacked the other cheek. Nothing, the girl lay on her belly with rebellious determination. Although I could see my handprints on her ass skin, I spanked my little sweetheart with several more blistering blows.

What was that faint crying sound I heard? Oh god, Lucy was trying her best to muffle whimpering cries! Her ass cheeks had turned from pale white to a glowing red! Shit, what kind of malicious bastard brutalizes an innocent child like this! Paying no attention to her protestations, I picked my sweet baby up into my arms and cradled her against my chest. “Oh Babydoll, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh god I’m so sorry!” I cried over and over. I was gently rubbing her tender, ass-whipped cheeks in an effort to return circulation and color. If I had a wish, I’d wish I could kiss her ass and make it ‘all better’.

Suddenly, Lucy’s tear-streaked face lifted to mine. “Kiss me, Jason,” she whispered.

I kissed my teen lover with the passion of a man seeking forgiveness through love. My girl’s impassioned kissing response seemed to offer loving absolution. Yet, there was more. I could taste it, I could feel it, and finally, I could identify it. It was lust!

Young Lucy’s next words proved me right. “Jason, can we fuc…can we do ‘it’ again?” she hopefully asked. “Will you put your penis in my pussy again and could we do it in your wheelchair? Oh Jason, I love doing it in your wheelchair, but is there anyway we can do it face to face instead of like we did it before?”

Oh goodness, I had helped give birth to a mystifying sexual being this day! Was my lover developing a ‘sex in a wheelchair’ fetish? Well, if she was, I was just the fella to feed and nurture it! “Sure, Honey,” I answered. “I think something on that order could be arranged.”

With Lucy helping me out of the water, I was able to take the few steps to my wheelchair. I plopped my wet ass into the cushioned seat and my girl climbed into my lap and attempted to mount me head on but with little success. “Hang on, impatience,” I implored. “Give me a chance to get set. Now there are two ways to do this. One is for me to remove the arms and allow you to straddle me with your legs. You could ride my horny hard joystick while sitting in my lap. I think I would prefer the other way where we could ‘do it’ in a bed in a girl-on-top position.”

When a frown covered her face, I knew what Lucy was thinking without her telling me. She went ahead and told me anyway, “But I don’t want to do it in a bed! Jason, I want to fuck you in your wheelchair!”

Wow, this young lady didn’t seem to be all that ‘little’ anymore! She was so adamant in her growing wheelchair fetish fascination she was brazenly using the word ‘fuck’. A sweet, innocent child doesn’t talk that boldly. In an effort to calm this naked young woman’s anxiety, I explained, “But Sweetheart, you didn’t wait for me to finish what I was saying about the second way to fuck in a wheelchair. Oh hell, I’ll just show you!”

I reached for a button and lifted my legrests back up into their horizontal alignment and locked them there. Another button activated a motorized actuator which raised a wide, padded headrest. Finally, my reclining wheelchair’s back was tilted backwards until it was flat. What I had now was an unconventional, but practical, ‘bed’. “All I need now,” I winked and teased. “Is a girl-on-top to fuck me!”

I didn’t expect a slap for my teasing, but I got one and then I got two or three more. If I had been sitting up these might be face slaps or if I was laying on my belly these might be ass slaps, but as I had lain back on my back the stinging slaps were directed onto my stiffened cockshaft. Shit, they hurt! I guess I was learning my lessons this day about teasing redheaded girls!

Most guys, I suppose, would lose their erections after such a painful attack. I didn’t. Instead, my inflamed cockshaft sprang up straight in the air. Before I could say “Holy Mama in Heaven!” my stinging cockflesh received a dose of analgesic comfort delivered in the form of the saliva-soaked mouth of a pintsized girl/woman. First, my cockhead acquired a healthy licking treatment. Second, my entire engorged penile shaft was blessed with another deep-throated sucking. And lastly, my entire erectile rod was saturated with slippery spittle wetness.

This babydoll female was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. I had a foreboding feeling I was about to find out soon. I was right! Lucy crawled up in my makeshift bed, kissed me, then scooted back down and positioned her little pussy directly over my erection. She lowered herself until my cockhead spread her pussylips and pushed against her unbroken hymen. This girl wiggled around on my erectile ball until I thought I would go crazy with joy. Heck, if she wanted to take charge of this fucking-without-breaking her hymen cockriding situation it was fine with me!

As it turns out, I was correct about Lucy taking charge, but I was way off base wrong about her fucking-without-breaking intentions! The mischievous, sexually awakened female ignored her hymen pain. With her pussy excreting vaginal wetness, she impaled herself onto my saliva-soaked cock. A soft cry escaped her lips as the last vestige of her virginity was ripped away. Whatever pain the girl felt must have been short lived because the nude young lady began humping my cockshaft enthusiastically.

I grabbed hold of a bouncing ass and held on for my life. My lubricated cockshaft slipped in and out going deeper in with each exploratory thrust this screwing girl made. Unbelievably, my cockhead bottomed out at about five inches! If the depth of Lucy’s vaginal cavity could have held an inch or two more she would had all of me.

Squealing, panting, and moaning, this teen almost-woman started cumming. I knew by her impassioned cries that orgasms were again carrying her away into a magical land of ecstatic cheer. Feminine vaginal muscles spasmed and squeezed the elongated rod she was riding. Without a care in the world, my sweet baby girl neighbor rode me as hard as she could.

A man can only hold out for a limited time before he too has to let go and cum himself. I had reached this point. With spastic pussy muscles squeezing my cockflesh all along its length, I began releasing a replenished load of hot seminal fluids. Huffing and puffing I met every downward feminine thrust with an upwards thrust of my own. Once again I deposited my cumming cream inside a welcoming vaginal home except, this time, the home hole was deeper and tighter plus it could hold more volume.

Yes, Lucy’s hymen-busted vaginal void could hold more cum volume than her cherry loss outer pussy could, still it couldn’t hold it all. Once again my pressurized cum sprayed our pubic loins and inspired multiple orgasms to wrack the girl’s young body. Caring not one bit about the cummy mess being created, my girl-child near-woman rode my cock until it was milked dry of every drop of mancream it held.

Satisfied at last, Lucy’s body slumped against mine with my shrinking cock still inside her hot little pussy. Incredibly, the girl’s vaginal muscles had one more unexpected spasm causing both of us to experience sort of a final mini-orgasm. We didn’t really need it, but it sure was nice to have.

My lover climbed up my belly and chest then wrapped her arms around my neck. The girl kissed my lips with infatuated obsession. After receiving my return kisses, Lucy laid her flushed cheek against mine and promptly fell asleep atop me. I held the bewitching angel against me as the afternoon sun bathed her heavenly body in its radiant glow. As my hands lazily played with the nude flesh of her back and ass, I felt an unfamiliar wetness dampening my abdomen. I smiled when I realized what it was. A girl’s little pussy was leaking a mixture of cum, saliva, and virginal blood on me.

(Summer vacation’s promise)

Here in the seclusion of the great hidden outdoors, I had the hair from a redhead girl blowing against my face and the reddish hairs from a sexy young lady’s pussy tickling my belly. Yes siree, I was a happy camper this day indeed! From Lucy’s unashamed nudity and her peaceful slumber in my arms, I’d say she was happy, too.

Old Mr. Freud might have a field day if he ever got Miss Lucy or me on his couch, but if my lucky stars stay aligned, the promise of this summer vacation was going to be something we both could write home about! Although, seeing as how one of us was still jailbait, I’d say neither of us should mail our letters.

Just then Lucy giggled in her sleep. I smiled. All was well with the world.

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Karissa’s Cheerleader Cunnilingus

by mrsterygor

A spinoff story to the “A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure” series.
It was a warm and sunny Friday morning when Karissa woke up. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her favorite kind of Friday. In fact, it was the only day of the week where she looked forward to going to school. Today was gameday.

Karissa climbed out of her bed. She stared at her naked 18-year-old body in a mirror that was hanging on a nearby bedroom wall. She never went to bed with clothes or undergarments on. She enjoyed being able to feel the warm blanket against her skin whenever she slept and whenever she decided to explore her body.

She walked over to her dresser and pulled her high school cheerleader outfit out of the top drawer. Then she lay all of the pieces out onto her bed, examining them before she put them on.

Karissa grabbed a black sports bra and placed it on her body. Then she put on the dark blue and white cheerleader shell. Afterwards, she placed a light blue bow in her light blonde hair. She grabbed the dark blue socks next and slid them onto her feet. Then she put her light purple miniskirt on, adjusting it as she pulled it up.

Finally, Karissa grabbed her violet briefs, stepped into them, and pulled them up. She breathed softly as she adjusted them and felt the briefs rub up against her pussy.

Karissa’s cheerleader coach told the cheerleaders to always wear undergarments under their spankies. However, Karissa always ignored this rule. There was something really kinky about getting to cheer in front of a large crowd, watching her miniskirt fly up, and having only one piece of clothing separate her from the most sensitive areas on her body. She constantly fantasized about having her cheerleader panties pulled down during a game while a horny male stimulated her twat with his fingers, mouth, and cock. She knew something like that would have to stay a fantasy as long as she was on the squad, but she always hoped that something exciting like that would happen at some point in her life.

Karissa opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hallway. Her parents were already downstairs and eating breakfast. She immediately noticed that the guest room’s bedroom door was open. Beatrice and Jason, her cousin and cousin-in-law, were staying at the house for the week. Jason had married her cousin only two weeks ago. Karissa assumed that the recently married couple was downstairs as well.

Karissa started to head downstairs, but something caught her eye before she could do so. She saw her older sister, Becca, and her boyfriend, walking down the hallway. Becca was giggling softly.

She watched as Becca entered her bedroom with her boyfriend. He closed the door behind them as they entered the room.

Karissa knew that it was wrong to spy on her sister and boyfriend, but she couldn’t help it. She had always been a curious young woman.

Karissa got down on her knees and crawled on the floor until she was outside Becca’s bedroom. She peeked under the door and peered into the bedroom, eager to see what exactly was occurring. Much to her surprise, she could see Becca and her boyfriend on the bed. A pair of pink panties with light blue flowers lay on the carpet floor.

Becca moaned as her boyfriend went down on her. He flicked his tongue around as her legs shook.

Without considering her surroundings or the potential consequences, Karissa lifted her miniskirt up and stuck her right hand down her briefs. She breathed softly as she masturbated. She could feel her pussy becoming moist as she rubbed her thumb up against her clit.

Karissa’s sister’s moans grew progressively louder as her boyfriend continued to pleasure her with his mouth and fingers.

Eager to increase her pleasure, Karissa stuck two fingers inside her own pussy. The rate of her breathing picked up as she pleasured herself.

Caught up in the erotic moment, Karissa picked up the pace of her finger fucking. She was so aroused that the smacking sound of her fingers was almost as loud as Becca’s orgasmic cries.

“What the hell are you doing?” a male voice suddenly asked.

Karissa gasped and removed her hand from her briefs. She turned her head to see her cousin-in-law, Jason, watching her.

“Jason!” Karissa gasped. “What are you…”

“Get up,” Jason instructed. “We’ll discuss this somewhere else.”

Jason pulled Karissa to her feet and led her away from Becca’s bedroom. They headed into the guest room where Jason and Beatrice were staying.

“Care to tell me why you were pleasuring yourself outside of your sister’s room?” Jason questioned, as he closed and locked the door.

Karissa remained silent. She didn’t know what to say. She had never been in a situation where she touched herself and got busted for it.

“Look, we’re all family, and you need to be honest about this,” Jason urged. “What were you doing outside Becca’s bedroom?”

“Promise me you won’t judge,” she said.

“Karissa, I’m not the judgmental type,” he said. “You know that. Just tell me what’s going on? Please? I promise that this will stay between us.”

“Okay… well… I… I really like pussy eating,” Karissa confessed. “For some reason, it makes me really horny. I honestly can’t explain it. It just does. And that’s why I was… well…”

“Do you want me to do that for you?” Jason asked her. “Make you wet down there?”

“Wait, what?” she responded.

“I want to have some fun with you,” he clarified. “You told me that you enjoyed pussy eating, and I’m willing to do that for you. Believe it or not, Beatrice isn’t a fan of being eaten out. She just likes standard sex. Missionary fucking. Now don’t get me wrong. Standard sex is still good, but sex should be about more than doing what is expected. It should be as kinky and drawn out as possible. So what do you say?”

It took a couple seconds for Karissa to respond. She wasn’t surprised to see Jason acting horny. He had a reputation for constantly partaking in sexual activities. Beatrice was aware of this reputation, but she apparently wasn’t bothered by his desire to act out sexual fantasies with her and other women.

While Karissa found Jason to be attractive and charming for the most part, his relationship with Beatrice ultimately prevented something like this from being controversy free. She was nervous that she would be crossing a major line if she agreed to have sex with Jason.

“Are you sure?” Karissa asked him. “You don’t think it’s weird at all? Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re cute, but you are my cousin.”

“Well, I’m technically your cousin-in-law,” Jason clarified. “And there’s nothing wrong with showing a beautiful young woman how to get aroused. You are 18 after all. It’s completely legal.”

“But what about Beatrice?” Karissa asked him.

“She already went into town,” he answered. “Doing some shopping. She’s not going to get back in time to catch us. Trust me.”


Suddenly, Jason shoved his tongue into Karissa’s mouth. He moved his tongue around as he made out with her.

“Did you enjoy that?” Jason asked her, as soon as he pulled his tongue out of her mouth.

Karissa nodded.

“So do you want me to show you more?” he asked her. “Hey, you don’t have to be at school for another hour. Trust me. I can accomplish plenty of things within an hour.”

It didn’t take long for Karissa to respond.

“I would love it,” she replied.

“Good,” he answered.

Jason smiled as he shoved Karissa down onto the bed. She started to take her outfit off, but Jason motioned for her to stop.

“Keep that on,” he instructed. “I want to choose what goes off first, and I want to be the one to do it. If I need you to remove anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Okay,” she replied.

“Alright, time to get you wet,” Jason said, as he climbed onto the bed.

Karissa held her miniskirt up for Jason and showed him her violet cheerleader panties. He smiled as he placed his hands onto the waistband of her briefs. A good portion of Karissa’s panties was already wet from touching herself.

Karissa watched in anticipation as Jason yanked her briefs down her legs. He grunted as he pulled the panties right off of her ankles and tossed them onto the bed.

“Shaved,” Jason said, as he stared at Karissa’s cooch. “Just the way I like it.”

Jason grabbed Karissa’s legs and spread them apart. Then he lowered his head and began to stimulate her with his tongue. Karissa moaned as she felt Jason’s tongue rub up against her sensitive pink lips. He rubbed his thumb up against her clit as he licked her pussy.

Jason stretched Karissa’s lips apart with his fingers as he pushed his tongue into her snatch. She let out a high-pitched cry as she felt his warm tongue enter her. Jason moved it around as he tasted the inside of her. He wrapped his lips around Karissa’s pink lips as he ate her out.

It didn’t take long for Jason’s mouth to push Karissa over the edge.

Jason retracted his tongue and watched as cum gushed out of Karissa’s pussy. She moaned loudly as the warm liquid poured out of her and down onto the bedsheets that were underneath her.

“Oh, my God!” Karissa exclaimed. “Oh, my God, that was amazing!”

“Take off your top,” Jason instructed. “I want to see you play with those tits while I’m in you.”

Karissa smiled as she undid her sports bra and removed it from her body. Then she pulled her cheerleader shell up and off of her. She tossed the top and sports bra onto the bedroom floor.

“Beautiful,” Jason remarked, as he stared at Karissa’s rack.

“Thank you,” she said, as she felt herself blush. “So what do you want to do with these girls?”

“I’ll show you,” he replied.

Karissa gasped as Jason grabbed her boobs. Then he began to twist her nipples. She watched, deeply aroused, as her cousin-in-law made her nipples perky and erect.

Once Jason finished using his hands, he opened his mouth and placed his tongue up against her boobs. She breathed softly as he licked each of her nipples.

“There, now you’re ready,” Jason said.

“Are you going to…”

“Not just yet,” he said. “I’m going to put something else in there first. We’ll see how many I can fit inside you.”

Jason held up his right hand. Then he lowered it and pushed two fingers directly into Karissa’s pussy. She gasped as he moved his fingers around inside of her.

Then Jason added a third finger to her snatch. He began to move his hand faster and increased the intensity of his rubbing. Karissa’s moans became erratic as Jason pleasured her with his fingers.

“One more,” he informed her.

Jason pushed a fourth finger into Karissa’s snatch and began to move it around. It was a tight fit, but Jason was able to push all the right buttons again.

Karissa screamed as her cousin-in-law pushed her to the brink again. Jason smiled as he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and watched her cum again. She moaned loudly as she came all over the bed. He licked his wet fingers as he watched her orgasm.

“Now, where were we?” Jason asked, rhetorically.

Then Jason lowered his head, opened his mouth, and began to feast on Karissa’s drenched pussy. She tilted her head back and moaned as Jason drank from her wet pussy. Her legs shook violently as he consumed her sweet pussy juice.

“Goddamn, your pussy tastes delicious!” Jason exclaimed, as soon as he finished drinking.

“I want to see it,” Karissa said.

“Excuse me?” he asked her.

“Your cock,” she clarified. “Show me your cock. You’ve peaked my curiosity. You’ve seen my naked body. Now I want to see yours.”

“Alright, if you insist,” he replied.

Within seconds, Jason had unbuckled his belt and removed it from the pants loops. Then he dropped his pants and boxers down his legs. Karissa stared in awe at his fully erect cock.

Instinctively, Karissa snatched Jason’s cock. He gasped as she placed her lips around his head and began to suck on it.

Jason shut his eyes as he reacted to the blowjob. His breathing rapidly picked up as she sucked on him.

Karissa squeezed the base of his cock with her right hand as she pleasured Jason with her mouth. Then she pushed it down her throat. He cried out as he felt the sucking become more intense. She shut her eyes as she felt his cock bounce back and forth inside of her mouth. He tasted very good, and she wanted to feel him explode inside of her.

However, Jason grabbed Karissa’s hair and motioned for her to open her mouth. She promptly complied and released his cock.

“You know, for someone who hasn’t given head before, I got to say, you’re pretty damn good at it,” Jason confessed.

“Thank you,” Karissa said, as a big smile formed on her face.

“Do you want to know what it’s like to give and receive pleasure at the same time?” he asked her.

“You want to do a 69?” she asked him.

“Here, I’ll show you,” Jason said. “Stand up. I’m going to get down on the bed and show you.”

Karissa climbed to her feet and watched Jason lay down on his back.

“Alright, now get back on the bed,” he instructed. “And face away when you do so.”

Karissa climbed back onto the bed. She spun around, got down on her knees. and placed her hands on the edge of the bed. Jason slid underneath her until his head was right under her miniskirt.

“Okay, now lower yourself,” he told her.

Karissa lowered herself so that her ass was hovering over Jason. Then she grabbed his cock with her right hand, opened her mouth, pressed it against her tongue, and began to lick it.

Jason opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and began to lick Karissa’s clit. Then he inserted his tongue into her snatch.

Karissa gasped as she felt Jason reenter her. She gripped his cock tightly and shoved it into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she pushed Jason’s cock to the back of her throat. Their breathing and heart rates gradually went up as they went after each other’s erogenous zones.

Feeling deeply aroused, Jason pressed his teeth against her pussy lips and clamped down on her drenched snatch. He pushed his tongue against her, determined to make her gush out onto his face.

Karissa released Jason’s cock and cried out as he made her cum again. Jason moaned as cum sprayed out of her pussy and down onto his face.

Overwhelmed by another orgasm, Karissa rolled off of Jason and lay down on the edge of the bed. She took several deep breaths as her body continued to react to the intense cunnilingus.

Jason stuck his tongue out and quickly licked the wet liquid right off of his face.

“Karissa?” he asked her.

“Yeah?” she responded, as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Do… do you want to feel me inside you?” Jason asked her.

“I’m… I’m not on the pill,” Karissa confessed. “I just turned 18, Jason. I didn’t anticipate something like this happening so soon.”

“That’s alright,” he replied. “I can pull out in time.”

“You’re not going to use a condom?” she asked him.

“Feels a lot better without the latex separating the skin,” he said. “You’re going to enjoy it a lot more if there’s nothing in between us. I know it’s very risky, but trust me. I can pull out in time.”

Karissa remained silent as she considered her options. Then she responded.

“Okay,” Karissa said, as she moved forward, got on her back, and lay against the pillows. “Let’s do it.”

Jason smiled as he placed his cock up against her snatch. He breathed softly as he rubbed his cock up against her clit. She giggled as he aroused her. Then he inserted it into her wet pussy. He grunted as he moved his cock around inside of her.

Karissa moaned as she watched Jason fuck her. She grabbed her tits, squeezing them, as she reacted to the hot sex.

Jason gripped her legs as he thrust himself inside of her. The bed began to shake underneath them. The springs were so loud that they nearly drowned out Karissa’s orgasmic moans entirely.

Suddenly, Jason pulled out of her.

“Wait!” she cried. “What are you…”

“Got to taste you again!” he shouted. “Damn it, I got to taste you!”

Then Jason placed his mouth against Karissa’s pussy and began to kiss it again. She moaned as he feasted on her freshly fucked pussy. Her legs shook as she reacted to the intense oral sex.

Jason flipped his tongue around as he made out with her delicious pussy.

Karissa cried out as Jason’s mouth got her off yet again. She tilted her head back and screamed as she expelled sweet juice again.

“Oh, my God!” Karissa moaned, as she grabbed a black pillow and placed it over her face. She breathed into it as she tried to calm herself down. The recurring orgasms felt fucking incredible.

“Get on your knees,” Jason instructed. “Turn around and get on your knees. Come on.”

As soon as Karissa slowed her breathing rate, she spun around and got down on her knees.

“What are you going to do now?” she asked him.

“Just watch,” he answered. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Then Jason lowered his mouth and began to lick her pussy again. He gave her snatch a few strokes with his wet cum covered tongue.

Once he was finished, Jason placed his hands on Karissa’s ass. She gasped as he raised his right hand up, lowered it promptly, and spanked her.

“Alright, back to it,” he whispered.

Then Jason shoved his cock back into Karissa’s pussy and began to fuck her doggystyle.

“Oh, fuck!” Karissa shouted, as she watched him fuck her.

Jason let out a deep grunt as he fucked and spanked her. He watched her tits bounce up and down as the intensity of his fucking gradually increased.

Karissa moaned loudly as she felt his cock rub up against the walls of her soaking wet pussy. Never had she been so aroused and satisfied.

Suddenly, Jason pulled out of her. He rested his cock on her right buttcheek as he took several deep breaths. Eventually, he spoke.

“I know you’re still young, but I think I want to find out what it’s like in that other hole of yours,” Jason informed her. “If you’re up for it.”

“Go for it,” Karissa urged.

Jason smiled. Then he lowered his head and pressed his lips up against her asshole. She gasped as he attempted to lubricate her ass with his mouth.

After a few seconds, he removed his mouth from her.

“Damn, it’s tight,” Jason said. “Just the way I like it.”

Then he pressed his cock up against her asshole. After a few seconds of light teasing, he pushed himself inside of her. It was a very tight fit, but Karissa trusted Jason to give her pleasure without making it hurt to the point where the pain overrode her pleasure.

Jason slowly moved his cock around inside her ass. Karissa rested her head against the pillow as she allowed her cousin-in-law to satisfy her.

Eager to add more stimulation, Jason inserted two fingers into Karissa’s pussy. He moved his fingers back and forth, rubbing the wet pink skin of her pussy as he fucked her ass. Cum poured out and down the back of her legs as Jason’s fingers continued to find a way to excite her.

“Harder,” Becca moaned. “Fuck me harder.”

Determined to fulfill her deepest desires, Jason turned his full attention to her ass. She cried out as he moved faster and smacked his cock around inside her ass. He grunted as he raised his right hand and spanked her right cheek repeatedly.

Karissa moaned as she embraced the rough sex. However, Jason was ready to switch things up again. He pulled out of her and stared at her freshly fucked ass for a couple seconds.

“Your ass is so fucking perfect,” Jason told her.

“Hey, why do you think I made the cheerleader squad?” Karissa joked.

“Hey, it actually does makes sense,” he commented. “Alright, now get down on your back. And make sure you keep that short skirt of yours up.”

Karissa rolled onto her back. She hiked her miniskirt up as far as she could and made certain that it wouldn’t roll down.

Jason breathed heavily as he elevated Karissa’s right leg into the air.

“Keep it up there,” he instructed. “You’re going to really enjoy this.”

“Don’t hold back,” Karissa told him. “Fuck me fast and hard.”

“With pleasure,” he replied.

Karissa moaned loudly as he pushed his cock inside her and pounded her with his fully aroused cock. Her body wasn’t used to this fast paced sex, but the pleasure overwhelmed her discomfort.

Jason’s breathing grew louder as he moved faster and thrust himself in deeper. The bed shook violently as he fucked her hard. Karissa’s cum continued to soak into the skin of Jason’s cock as they fucked, making him further aroused.

Jason grunted as he slammed his cock into her. Karissa screamed as he hit her G-Spot. She shut her eyes and let out a drawn out scream as she embraced the orgasmic bliss.

It was that moment that pushed Jason to the brink and made him climax.

Jason screamed as the semen shot up and triggered his orgasm. Karissa opened her eyes as she realized that he was ready to cum.

“Pull out!” Karissa cried. “Jason! Pull it out now!”

Jason cried out as he pulled his cock out of Karissa. However, he couldn’t turn away from her in time.

“Oh, fuck!” he screamed.

Instinctively, Karissa grabbed her violet cheerleader briefs off the black pillow and held them in front of her pussy. Jason moaned as he ejaculated all over her panties. Several streams poured out as he came into the spankies. She gasped as she felt the liquid melt into the briefs in front of her pussy.

After a few seconds passed, Jason finished cumming. He let out an audible groan as his orgasm came to an end.

Karissa tossed the wet panties onto the bed. She stared at her pussy as she scanned it for Jason’s cum. She breathed a sigh of relief. They were very fortunate. Jason did not cum on her. However, there was still some bad news.

She stared at the briefs and let out an audible groan. Jason had cum on the outside of her spankies instead of the inside.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked.

“I have to wear these briefs to school today and at tonight’s game,” Karissa answered. “And the stains are going to be pretty damn visible. Ugh. Goddamn it.”

“Well… you could just wear them inside out,” he suggested. “That should work.”

“Really?” she asked him. “You’re sure it won’t be noticed?”

“Hey, you can pull it off,” he reassured her.

“Well… if you say it works, then I guess I’ll have to take your word for it,” she said.

Karissa grabbed several tissues from a nearby tissue box and wiped the cum off of her briefs. She started to put the briefs on, but Jason stopped her.

“Hold on,” he said. “I’m still feeling hungry. One more sampling?”

Karissa smiled as she set the briefs down, got down on the bed, and spread her legs. Jason lowered his mouth and began to kiss her wet twat.

Karissa placed her hands in Jason’s hair and played with it as he made out with her moist pussy. She moaned as Jason’s lips, teeth, and tongue made her cum again.

After she finished cumming, Jason stuck his right hand into her pussy and moved it around until it was covered in her cum. He raised his sticky fingers up to his mouth and began to lick them.

“Holy fuck, you are really horny,” Karissa remarked.

“Well, you’re a beautiful and barely legal cheerleader,” Jason pointed out, as he finished cleaning his hand off. “How could I not be?”

“Hey, you know how to satisfy me down there,” she told him. “I’m not going to complain about horniness when someone is capable of doing that.”

“Good,” Jason said. “Alright, I got to get going now.”

Jason climbed to his feet and began to get dressed.

“But I’ll see you at the game tonight,” he promised. “Perhaps I’ll still be hungry.”

“If you are, I’ll do what I can to satisfy you,” Karissa promised.

“We’ll see,” he remarked, as he grabbed his belt and put it back in his pants loops. “Oh, and try to get on the pill as soon as you can. That way we can avoid all of these close calls. Didn’t think I would struggle to control myself like that. I’m glad you stopped me from cumming all over you.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” she replied. “Next time, I want to know what it feels like to have you cum inside me.”

“I know you do,” he told her. “Oh, and one other thing. Make sure to remove and change those bedsheets for me before you head out, okay? Don’t want Beatrice finding your cum all over the bed.”

“Not a problem,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll see you later tonight,” he told her. “I know I’m definitely looking forward to having more fun with you and getting to teach you more.”

Jason leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on her right cheek. Then he departed from the guest room.

Karissa quickly changed the bedsheets, tossing the damp sheets into a nearby laundry bin. Then she grabbed her clothes off the floor and began to get dressed. She made certain to wear her stained cheerleader panties inside out.

Once Karissa finished dressing, she slowly opened the guest room door and peered out into the hallway. Thankfully, there was nobody in sight. She stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind her. Then she began to head towards the stairs.

The bathroom door opened, and Becca stepped out into the hallway. She was wearing a dark blue bathrobe. Karissa didn’t say it out loud, but she could tell that Becca and her boyfriend just had sex in the shower.

“Morning, sis,” Becca said.

“Morning,” she responded.

Becca eyed Karissa. She seemed to notice that something was different about her. However, she wasn’t one for guessing games.

“Everything okay?” Becca asked her.

“Never felt better,” she answered.

And with those words, Karissa headed downstairs.

The football game arrived much sooner than Karissa thought it would. The events from this morning were so memorable that it helped her get through what was normally a long and tedious school day. At the same time, it made her even hornier than ever before.

At one point during the school day, Karissa waited for the women’s locker room to be empty, barricaded the doors, and masturbated, thinking deeply about her hot morning sex with Jason.

Once halftime arrived, Karissa joined the other varsity cheerleaders on the football field to lead the halftime routine. She stood in the center of the group.

Karissa clapped her hands and shouted loudly as she attempted to pump up the crowd. The home team was getting blown out, but she was in too good of a mood to allow the outcome to minimize her excitement.

Suddenly, she noticed someone familiar that was near the front of the crowd. It was Jason. She didn’t know how long he had been there, but she guessed that he was eyeing her the entire time.

Her smile turned into a big grin as she stared at Jason.

Inspired by Jason’s presence, Karissa jumped up into the air multiple times. Her miniskirt flew up as she spread her legs apart. She knew that Jason was very horny right now, and she wanted to excite him while he was amongst the unsuspecting crowd.

Then Karissa did a frontward flip, showing off her body as she flipped across the football field. She enjoyed being able to show off her body, being equally innocent and naughty at the same time.

The crowd paid close attention to Karissa as she showed off. However, they had no idea what was on her mind and that her cheers and emphasis on school pride were not as innocent as they seemed.

Karissa’s grin grew wider as she raised her right leg up into the air, allowing Jason to stare at her panties. He smiled as he stared at the briefs that covered the twat he recently kissed and penetrated.

She could tell that he wanted to take those violet cheerleader panties off of her and pleasure her again.

Karissa was already looking forward to feeling his lips get pressed back up against her soft lips, making her wet and bringing her more orgasms.

As she pictured the sexual scenarios, Karissa’s voice grew louder as she shouted her cheers. Her voice emphasized more excitement than usual as she thought about what was to come.

Yep. Karissa was definitely looking forward to her next session of cheerleader cunnilingus.

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Dares and Discoveries

by trans_sending

I wrote this story for my own entertainment, but due to my girlfriend’s positive response to it, I’ve decided to post it here. Though it isn’t specified in the story itself, all characters are either eighteen, nineteen, or twenty years old. There are many scenes containing both gay and lesbian sex, so if this doesn’t interest you, I would warn you not to proceed. However, if you do continue, I hope that you enjoy.
It was late, just after two in the morning, and the thudding music finally died down as Jet walked over to his parents’ enormous sound system and turned the volume down to a dull thrumming. Most of the party-goers had long since left, and it was just six people left in the basement where there had previously been a small mob of dancing teens. Jet was one of course, as it was his house. He was a lanky guy with spiked dark blonde hair, his outrageous fur-lined jacket ditched hours ago to reveal his thin but muscled frame under his tight-fitting black shirt. The other five were Cooper, Edgar, Aria, Christabella, and Violet.

Cooper was one of Jet’s best friends, a seemingly eternally relaxed boy who despite being a bit short and always dressing in dark colors had a pretty powerful presence wherever he went. Part of this was the fact that despite multiple comments informing him of this, he insisted on wearing far too much body spray. However, most of this was attributed to his powerful sense of observation and his willingness to weigh in on the personal matters of friends and strangers alike, offering advice to anyone who cared. Edgar and Christabella were a couple, albeit an odd one. Edgar was a somewhat tall and athletic guy dressed in greys and whites with a quiet and reserved disposition. He almost never spoke at the parties, and seemed pretty uncomfortable in social situations, but otherwise was pretty relaxed. Christabella was his opposite, clad all in black and wearing various strange pieces of jewelry. She was a bit of a wild card, fond of the occult and also not one to be the center of attention, but she actually seemed to enjoy the parties regardless, hanging out with Edgar and close friends in the corner of the room, poking fun and laughing.

Aria and Violet were friends of the couple, the former being a lean and almost boyishly figured girl wearing a bright red athletic tee and blue jeans, laughing quietly as she sipped on the beverage in her hand. She was much more social than the rest, having been at the center of the party all night, pulling out some admittedly impressive dancing skills. It was only just within the past few minutes that she had taken a seat to rest, and there were beads of sweat on her brow which she wiped unceremoniously away with a smile on her face as they talked. Violet chuckled every now and then, emptying her cup and flipping it upside down before reaching for a cigarette. She was pretty mellow most of the time, but she could be fun if she wanted to.

They sat and joked around for a while, before Violet spoke up. “Any more booze, Jet?” she asked, taking a puff of her cigarette. She was dressed somewhat similarly to Christabella, in a dark faux-corset top laced with emerald green ribbon under a black jacket. She had positioned herself on the floor with her back against the couch, her legs disappeared beneath her layered black skirt. Her cleavage, however, was present as ever, as her bust was on the large side and she (likely on purpose) always seemed to have shirts at a size too small. “Not that I’m letting you get your hands on. I’d like to have some left when the night’s over.” Jet replied with a smirk, flopping down on a chair in the corner of the room. The group laughed at the rib, and Violet spoke again. “Fine then. But if there’s not going to be any liquid fun, how about a game?”

The room quieted a bit in interest. “Like what?” Christabella asked, leaning forward on the couch where she sat, between Violet on the floor and Edgar on the middle cushion next to her. “Dares in a hat?” Violet offered, grinning. Edgar sighed and rolled his eyes, but Christabella smiled and Cooper offered an “I’m game.” His expression was hard to read with his black and white bangs covering a sizable portion of his face, but his lips were upturned ever so slightly. Aria cocked her head, confused. “Dares in a hat?” she inquired. “Basically,” Jet explained, “Everyone writes their name and puts it in a hat. Each person takes turn drawing names, and the person who drew gets to make the person whose name they draw do a dare of their choice.” Violet looked to Aria expectantly. “So?” Aria shrugged. “Why the hell not?” Jet sighed through his smile. “Guess we’re decided. I’ll find a hat and some paper.” Edgar spoke up “I don’t suppose I get a say?” he didn’t appear convinced that this was the case. “Of course babe… but we already outvote you, so it doesn’t really matter.” Christabella answered with a kiss on his cheek. He exhaled slowly and accepted his fate.

Jet returned shortly after with the supplies, and soon each of the group had written their names and positioned themselves in a circle around the hat, dropping in their names. “And so I am doomed.” Edgar murmured as he let his paper fall with the rest. “Oh loosen up, Edgar. Have a little fun for once.” Aria chastised, rubbing her hands together. “So who goes first?” she asked. “You’re the first-timer, Aria. You go first.” Christabella suggested. No one spoke up in opposition, so Aria shrugged. “Alright.”

Reaching into the hat, she pulled out a slip, and unfolded it to read the name. “Cooper.” she announced. Cooper arched his back and rolled his shoulders under his hoodie, smirking. “Give me your worst, newbie.” Aria scoffed. “What kind of dares can I give?” she asked. “Whatever you want.” Jet answered. “Okay…” Aria starting, mulling it over. “I dare you to lose that stupid hoodie. It’s like 80 degrees down here, you freak.” Everyone chuckled, and Cooper did as he was told, shaking his head as he did. “What?” Aria asked, looking around. “Nothing, it’s just that we didn’t realize you were that tame and unimaginative.” Christabella teased. “What do you mean by that?” Aria asked. “You’ll see.” Violet answered. Now it was Edgar who spoke up, concerned. “Wait… and what does THAT mean?” Everyone laughed again. “I forgot that you’d never played with us either.” Christabella said through a smile. Edgar went to speak again, but was cut off by Cooper. “Are we gonna talk, or are we gonna play? It’s my turn now, suckers.”

Cooper stuck his hand into the hat, pulling out a slip and reading the name. “Christabella.” He turned to her, grinning, and she met him with a challenging stare. After a moment, he spoke. “I dare you to act like you and Edgar are here alone for two minutes, to show them what we mean.” Christabella grinned, as Edgar turned to her questioningly. “Is that some kind of code? What does he mean?” Aria looked on with similar confusion. “What does who mean?” She asked. “We’re here alone.” Before he could inquire further, Christabella pushed him back against the couch, straddling his lap, and pressing her lips onto his. In his stunned shock, he sat unmoving while she continued. She leaned her mouth in close to his ear, whispering softly “I’m going to have fun, having you all to myself.” His eyes danced across the room, but his focus was poorly swayed from his girlfriend, who now grinded his lap, her ass getting pushed well into view under her tight black jeans, a bit of pink peeking out from beneath.

“Nice panties.” Aria stammered, trying to hide her astonishment, but Christabella gave no response. Instead, she continued her motion while reaching to grab Edgar’s head and pull it in toward her chest. When she released, his blush came into view, and she stopped, leaving her straddle to stand, letting her hair down. “How do you want me?” She asked, running a hand over her body. Violet had to throw a hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Edgar was bewildered. Aria looked around the room and saw Cooper and Jet smiling widely. “You’re not nervous are you? Don’t worry. Jet won’t mind. I’m sure dirtier things have happened on this couch.” She reached behind her back under her shirt, going to unlatch her bra when Cooper spoke. “Aaaaaand… time.” Finally breaking character, Christabella let out a laugh, pointing at Edgar. “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” He blushed deeper, and said nothing. “And thanks Aria. Maybe sometime I’ll take you to get some.” She winked. “But for now… it’s my turn.”

She reached into the hat and drew a name, grinning evilly as she noted the name and turned back to the group, looking at them one by one until finally staring directly at Edgar. “Oh no… come on.” She nodded. “Really? That last one might as well have been mine. Don’t I get a pass?” Cooper grinned. “Not how the game works, bro.” Edgar looked around the room for support, but was met with only grins and chuckles. Aria bit her lip and looked away, trying not to smile herself. “Fine, but I’m not gonna grind on anyone in front of a room full of people.” Christabella kept smiling. “No… I’ll go easy on you, since you’re clearly still recovering from my performance. But since we still have the audience to consider, I dare you to take off that shirt, Oh-Hunk-of-Mine.” Looking a bit reprehensive, Edgar realized that this was the easiest he would be getting off, and proceeded to lose his shirt. Jet raised an eyebrow. “Too easy I think, but hell, I’ll take it.” Aria looked aggrivated. “That’s exactly what I dared Cooper to do!” Violet interjected. “You just had him take off his hoodie. Get some skin in the game, then we can talk.”

Edgar’s muscled torso in full view, he dropped his shirt to the floor and sat back down. He started to settle back in, but Christabella stopped him. “What now?” he asked, and she pointed to the hat. “Your turn, Muscles.” He rolled his eyes again and reached into the hat. Reading the name, he blushed, looking at Aria. “Oh, this is classic.” Violet remarked, pleased. Jet and Cooper now had the chance to be confused. Violet explained. “Edgar and Aria were an item, before she became a vagitarian.” Cooper’s smile broadened, and Jet started laughing outright. Aria blushed. “I can’t give up my turn?” Edgar asked. “If you do, one of us will give the dare instead. And we probably won’t be as nice.” Cooper jeered. “Especially now that we know what we do.” Edgar looked torn as he began to weight his options. “Don’t make us have to give you a countdown.” Jet heckled. When there was no response, he continued. “Alright. 10…9…8…7…6…” Edgar looked as though he was attempting to mask his panic. “5…4…3…2…” Suddenly, Edgar blurted “I dare you to make out with Christabella.” Aria’s face flushed white, and Christabella smiled mischievously. Jet started to clap and Cooper and Violet howled with laughter. “And all it takes is a time limit. Good on ya kid.”

Everyone looked to Aria expectantly. She tried to play it off nonchalantly, smiling and beckoning with her finger, but inside her heart was pounding. Edgar seemed as though he didn’t know how to feel about what he had done, but couldn’t bring himself to look away. Christabella crossed the space between them, took Aria’s face in her hands, and the two met lips, running their hands through each others’ hair. Aria felt her own hands drifting down, tracing along Christabella’s body and settling on her waist. Christabella, never one to do the bare minimum, pressed in further, knocking Aria to her back, almost pinning her down as her tongue traced Aria’s lips and slipped into her mouth. Aria let herself get swept up in the moment, only vaguely aware that one hand was groping Christabella’s ass while the other cupped her breast. Then, just as she was about to lose all semblance of self control, Christabella parted, winked, and moved back to her seat as Cooper and Jet clapped and whistled.

Clearing her throat, Aria smiled, catching her breath and trying to let her brain reboot for a moment. Deciding to continue the game before any ribbing ensued, she reached into the hat and drew… “Christabella.” Christabella chuckled. “Yeah, I’m sure, you lesbo. You just want to get more of this.” Aria held the paper in plain view, and Jet grinned. “I was sure it was gonna be me. Guess I’m just a lucky son of a bitch.” He looked over at Christabella before sarcastically adding “My condolences.” Christabella shrugged. “Eh, whatever. I can take it, especially from this lightweight.” She kissed at Aria to make it clear that she was being playful. Aria grinned. Time to pay back the tease. “Christabella, I dare you to take off those pretty pink panties of yours. I think I’d like them now.” Edgar began “Isn’t that a bit-” but was interrupted by his girlfriend. “That’s the game, babe. Looks like the newbie is catching on.” She stood up, started to unbutton her pants… and turned to walk toward the closet. “But she still has a lot to learn. She never specified that I had to take them off HERE.” Entering the closet, she shut the door, shuffled out of her pants and underwear, and walked out with her pants back on but her panties in hand. She tossed them at Aria, who reflexively caught them. “Enjoy, but if I don’t get those back, remember that I know where you live, Panty-snatcher.”

Aria grinned and waved her prize in the air as Christabella moved toward the hat and drew another name. “And the winner is… Mr. Holden.” She pointed to Cooper, who kept on smiling. “Uh-oh. I’m in for it now.” He said nonchalantly. “Damned right you are.” Christabella shot back. “And because of your cocky attitude, I’m not gonna go easy on you either.” He clasped his hands to his face in feigned fear. “Well, you can’t luck out forever. Shoot to kill, Chrissy.” “With pleasure.” She responded, making a gun with her finger and pointing it toward him. “Since I’m about to gag on that cloud of body spray, hows about… I dare you to go take a shower upstairs… and leave your clothes up there when you come back down.” She made a ‘pew’ noise, then blew on the end of her ‘gun’ before ‘holstering’ it in her pocket. “Wow.” Violet said, wide eyed with approval. “Not pulling any punches tonight, eh? Looks like this game is about to get really interesting.” Jet added. Cooper stood up, said nothing, and started for the door. At first, it seemed as if he was going to give up and leave, until he muttered “Eh, I needed to piss anyway. Might as well shower while I’m at it.”

Once he left the basement, the room grew silent for a few minutes until the sound of running water could be heard upstairs. “Damn, he’s really doing it.” Jet muttered. Christabella grinned, and Aria and Violet praised Christabella’s good idea. “I’ve always been curious about what he might be packing. I have my suspicions that he might be pretty well hung.” Violet added. “What the fuck, Violet?” Aria giggled. “Why?” “All that confidence has to come from somewhere.” She shrugged. Edgar looked at Christabella with a forlorn look. “I was not really interested in seeing another guy’s junk today.” Christabella waved her hand dismissively. “Then don’t look.” Edgar let out a sigh of exasperation. Jet rubbed his hands together expectantly as the sound of running water was finally silenced. “Happy birthday to me.” he said cheerily to himself. Aria rolled her eyes. “It’s funny and all, but Edgar and I are gonna have to be compensated with some female nudity if we’re gonna have dicks waving around all night, right Edgar?” Despite her words and her actual lack of interest in men sexually, Aria had to admit to herself that she was at least curious. That’s why, when the basement door opened, her head shot to the doorway along with everyone but Edgar, whose hands shot over his eyes as he groaned in discomfort. Cooper stepped in to the basement, still shimmering wet, and totally naked… except for a towel around his waist. Violet immediately gave him a thumbs down, adding “Boo!” Christabella and Jet were likewise displeased. “Hey,” he explained. “She said herself that you have to be specific. She never said I couldn’t cover up. She just said I had to leave my clothes upstairs. I assure you, its all birthday suit under this thing.” Edgar finally looked, breathing a sigh of relief.

Cooper sauntered over to the hat, reached inside, and unceremoniously stated “Jet, looks like that luck ran out.” Jet smiled and gave a ‘bring it on’ motion. “Now, now… what to dare the guy with no shame…” He began to think, and then continued. “How about… I dare you to go change into Christabella’s panties, and nothing else.” Christabella and Aria frowned, but Violet seemed quite pleased. “He’s gonna stretch ’em.” Christabella complained. “Damned right I am.” Jet said, high fiving Cooper. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you money for a new pair.” He added. “A dare is a dare.” Violet stated through a devilish grin. Christabella relented, saying “Fine.” Aria tossed the panties to Jet, and he took his turn rumbling around in the closet. When he came back out, he sure enough was out of his shoes and socks, pants, and shirt, and was sporting the panties with pride, which barely seemed able to contain him, bulging severely in the front and exposing the top portion of a blonde bush of pubic hair. “Oh come on, man!” Edgar exclaimed, turning away. The rest of the room fell into rambunctious glee, as Violet whistled and jeered, and even Aria and Christabella had to smile. “Okay, so they suit you.” Christabella added playfully.

Jet made his way to the hat, making sure to pass uncomfortably close to Edgar, and bent fully over to pick out the name, so that his ass was pronounced. “You asshole.” Edgar grumbled, scooting back a bit. Jet held up the slip, calling “Aria… looks like it’s you again.” Aria pointed at Violet. “Violet hasn’t even been dared once yet. Shouldn’t it be her turn?” Jet waved his finger as if he were chastising a child. “Not how the game works, dear. Now suffer with honor, won’t you?” Aria mumbled irritably, but relented. “Fine. But knowing you, I’m not too happy about this.” Jet chuckled. “Oh, dear. You know me all too well. Aria, I dare you to take off your shirt and bra for the remainder of the game.” Aria scoffed. “No fuckin’ way, you perv.” Jet made a tsk tsk sound, waggling his finger again. “Again, not how the game works.” Aria stuck up her nose, standing her ground. “Not a chance. I’m not gonna show my tits to a room full of people.” Now it was Cooper who spoke. “Dude, I’m in nothing but a freakin’ towel.”

Edgar spoke up next. “Look, guys, she doesn’t want to.” Aria was relieved to see at least one person come to her defense. “And she doesn’t have to.” Violet started. “She can always back out of the game. I think that should be the rule. Anyone can back out at any time, but they have to leave the room if they do, and they can’t come back until the game is over.” Jet looked at Aria expectantly. “So I guess this is a literal ‘Tits or GTFO’ sort of situation.” Christabella reached over and put her hands on Aria’s shoulder. “It’s your choice, girl, but trust me, this game is just gonna keep getting better. You do not want to miss out.” Aria was conflicted. Honestly, as rowdy as the group was, she did trust everyone for the most part, and she knew that with Christabella and Edgar there, she was sure to be safe. On the other hand, she was really self-conscious about her small chest, and if anyone made a snide comment, she might lose it. Finally, after a moment of conflict, she reached down, lifting up her shirt, and pulling it away to reveal her athletic physique and plain black bra. No one said anything, just waiting expectantly, so a few pounding heartbeats later, she unlatched her bra and let it slide down her arms to the floor in front of her. Much to her horror, her nipples were fully erect, which only made her blush deepen. She covered up with one arm fairly quickly, trying not to look anyone in the eye. “Nice.” Jet commented, nodding in approval. “Glad to see you still in the game. You’re up.”

As she reached out to grab a name from the hat, she couldn’t help but look to the others for their reactions. Much to her surprise and… oddly enough her pride… she could tell that each of the three boys were getting excited at the sight of her. Jet’s bulge had swelled, and he kept having to re-adjust to avoid having a malfunction with the skimpy panties. Cooper was all but pitching a tent in his towel, and Edgar had his eyes closed and was kneeling in such a way that she could tell he was attempting to ‘center’ himself and use some kind of meditation or whatnot to keep himself in check. He really was too nice of a guy. It was a shame she couldn’t have made it work with him, but hey, her attraction to women gave Christabella a shot at him at least. Without further ado, she lifted the next name from the hat… and blushed again. “Edgar. Sorry dude.”

Edgar snapped out of his focus, and looked truly pitiable. Aria responded with a look of apology. “Seriously, is Violet’s name even in there? Can somebody check?” Edgar pleaded. “It’s in there. You’re just trying to worm your way out of another dare, but it isn’t gonna work.” Jet checked the hat, and sure enough, Violet’s name was on the third slip he checked. “Yeah, she’s in there. She’s just a lucky bitch is all. Maybe Christabella’s working some voodoo shit on her or something.” Violet grinned in victory. “Go on, Aria.” she goaded. Aria sighed and continued. “Edgar, I dare you to lose your pants. That’s the best I can do for ya, buddy.” Edgar nodded in acceptance, and stood, undoing his belt and dropping his pants, revealing a pair of grey boxer briefs, well filled in the front. It looked like Jet might die of joy on the spot, and Violet took a good hard look herself. Cooper grinned and nodded in approval, his ‘tent’ growing a little taller as well. “Take a picture ladies and gentlemen, because at the end of the game, all of this is all mine again.” Christabella added, motioning over him as if he were a game show prize. Edgar said nothing and kneeled down again, reaching for his slip.

For the first time in the entire game, Edgar smiled and let out a chuckle. “Justice, thy name is Dares in a Hat.” He said, waving the slip toward Violet. “Time to pay the piper, Violet. Normally I’d be the nice one and give you something productive like ‘I dare you not to smoke for the rest of the game.’, but considering what Aria and I have been put through and the fact that you’ve just been able to sit and enjoy it all means I need to make this worthwhile. Who knows if your name is gonna come out of that thing again.” Violet yawned. “Wordy as ever, Edgar. Give up on the speech and give me what you’ve got. Out of this whole room, I’ve got to do your dare. That’s as easy as getting off gets.” At that moment, a look came over Edgar that seemed wildly out of character… to everyone except Christabella and Aria. A mischievous grin played across his face, and the whole room focused in. “Funny you should mention getting off, Violet. I’m going to let you keep your clothes on, but I’ve heard from your pals about what you keep in that purse of yours. I dare you to take it out, turn it on, and keep it between your thighs and against your crotch until you get dared again.”

All three of the girls looked totally shocked. Christabella and Aria had seen this side of Edgar (the former more often than the latter) in the privacy of the bedroom, but never in such a public setting. The two looked at each other, smiled widely, and looked to Violet, who seemed to still be trying to process what he had said. Cooper and Jet leaned in, wondering what was in Violet’s purse, though they had a pretty good idea. They were proven correct a few moments later when Violet closed her mouth, reached into her purse, and produced a small pink vibrator. Edgar looked fairly pleased with himself as she turned the knob at the end, placed it between her legs, and closed her thighs to keep it in place. Now Jet and Cooper turned to Edgar with looks of approval. “Perhaps we underestimated you.” Jet admitted. “So he’s more than a Greek statue after all.” Cooper added.

Violet reached quickly into the hat, pulling out a name, and stating (somewhat shakily) “Cooper.” She dropped the name back in, straightening up and trying to maintain a poker face. “I dare you… to drop the towel. You-… You’re practically showing it off already.” Cooper grinned. “You okay there Violet?” “I’m fine.” she snapped. “Really? Cuz your voice sounds a little shaky.” Everyone chuckled. “Stop stalling, asshat. Show us the goods or… back out.” Along with her words came a faint and persistent buzzing sound. Cooper just kept smiling, and stood up. The towel wasn’t leaving much to the imagination anymore. “I saw this one coming. Oh well.” And with that, the towel dropped, showing off his fully erect cock, glistening at the tip with precum. It really was fairly well sized, and everyone but Edgar focused in on it for a moment before he sat back down. Christabella, Violet, and Jet all seemed quite pleased, and Aria just stared blankly at it with curiosity. After a moment, Violet shuddered, almost barking out “C’mon Cooper, draw a damned name.” Cooper took on a sly look, jeering “Oh! I nearly forgot. Wouldn’t want to draw out your torment, right?”

By now the group was looking pretty well compromised. Cooper was buck naked. Jet was in nothing but panties which by now were hardly accomplishing any manner of coverage, with the head of his cock peeking out of the top and the rest perfectly outlined in the satiny fabric. Edgar was stripped to his boxer-briefs, which as previously mentioned showed his general endowment pretty clearly, and Aria was shirtless. The only two with their clothes on were Christabella and Violet, and the former was going commando while the latter held a vibrator between her legs. The game had gotten interesting indeed. Cooper leaned forward, going on all fours and arching his ass into the air towards Jet, which prompted another twitch in his (or rather Christabella’s) panties. His cock bounced lightly under his belly as he reached for the hat and pulled out a new name. “Jet Soshi, ol’ buddy. You’re up.”

Jet looked down at his current circumstance, stating “Well, at this point I’m willing to bet that it can’t be very tame.” Cooper just smiled. “I dare you to take off those ridiculous panties and stroke your cock for two minutes.” Jet started to stand, and Cooper added “And I mean here in this room, in front of everyone, before you get any ideas.” Edgar turned his face toward the ladies, holding up a hand to block out the ever growing number of exposed cocks in the room. Jet happily obliged, stepping out of the panties and flicking them back at Christabella, his dick bouncing once before he took it in his hand and sat back down. “Two minutes?” Jet asked. “Two minutes.” Cooper confirmed, setting the timer.

Jet leaned back, acutely aware that all eyes (save for Edgar’s) were squarely on his cock. This only served to make him further erect, and much to the ladies’ delight, he was almost a solid inch longer than Cooper, who was no slouch by any means. Even Aria seemed impressed, though admittedly less entranced than the other two. He took his time at first, gripping his foreskin and sliding it back to expose the tip, then using it to rub back and forth. “Dude, I never knew you weren’t cut…” Christabella said, leaning closer to inspect. “You can get as close as you want, Chrissy.” He said with a wink, stroking gradually faster. “Watch it man.” Edgar warned, shooting him a quick intimidating look before nervously averting his eyes from the scene once more. Christabella clenched her fist against the floor and bit her lip, and Aria knew that if she hadn’t been in a relationship with Edgar, she might have taken that offer into consideration. It looked as though Violet was considering it herself, and Cooper for that matter. Jet tilted his head back with a low groan, stroking ever faster until… “Uh… time.” Cooper stated, looking a little out of it for a moment.

Jet grinned, taking a bow. “I hope you all enjoyed the show.” he teased. “Encore!” Violet called, cupping her hands over her mouth, jolting a bit just after doing so. “Fuck. Later. Encore later. Just draw my name out of that f-freaking thing.” Jet obeyed, but not to the result she had hoped. As he drew out the next name, he beckoned to Cooper. “And straight back to you. Payback is a bitch, huh?” Cooper stared Jet down defiantly, dropping his gaze to Jet’s crotch for just a moment then back to his eyes. “I guess we’ll see.” Jet’s smile twitched mischievously. “You’ll do more than see, Coop. I dare you to finish what you started. Make me cum.” “Oh shit.” Christabella chimed with glee, drawing even closer to watch. Violet seemed to be torn between pleasure and aggravation, biting her lip as the buzzing continued. “God damn it…” Edgar commented, having taken to staring at the floor.

“I guess I deserve that.” Cooper said passively, moving over on hands and knees before kneeling in front of Jet. Jet held out a hand to give him pause, moving to retrieve the chair he had sat in earlier, placing it in front of Cooper and taking a seat. “That should make it easier for you.” Cooper snickered. “Gee, how thoughtful.” he said, rolling his eyes. “I’m a giver.” Jet added sarcastically. After a moment of hesitation, Cooper overcame his self-consciousness and took Jet’s member in his hand, pulling down his foreskin to reveal the sensitive head, tipped with a bead of precum. Tentatively, Cooper dipped his head over Jet’s lap, sticking out his tongue to graze the tip, lapping up the pearl left from Jet’s previous self-attention. This action seemed to arouse Jet further, and he ran his hand over the back of Cooper’s head, lacing his fingers through the boy’s hair. This likewise emboldened Cooper, who finally bobbed his head down, taking Jet’s shaft into his mouth with impressive depth. Jet let out an accidental moan, and Cooper proceeded on, bobbing and stroking, licking and caressing. It was obvious that he had done this before, and even Jet (whose reputation for being promiscuous was well known) had trouble hiding his reactions, especially as Cooper used his free hand to lightly caress Jet’s balls.

Violet had closed her eyes to try to block out the sensations of the vibrator, and was biting her lip in concentration, seemingly having little luck as she would occasionally twitch suddenly or shudder lightly. Christabella had begun to slip her hand between her legs, unconsciously rubbing herself through her jeans, seemingly unaware of anything but the pair of boys. This in turn made Aria feel herself growing warmer, and she had to resist doing the same. Jet began to mutter praises to Cooper in a barely audible voice, punctuated with the occasional moan or breathy “Fuck.” Finally, Cooper pulled the cock from his mouth and pumped his hand rhythmically, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. Unable to hold out any longer, Jet let loose a rope of cum which hit just to the side of Cooper’s nose, trailing into his open mouth. Finishing the job, Cooper swallowed, licking clean the remaining semen from Jet’s still throbbing shaft, and wiped off his cheek, licking his fingers. Then, as if nothing had happened, and with Jet still panting, he moved to the hat and drew a name.

“Edgar,” Cooper said breathily. “I dare you… to have to watch every dare from now on. If you look away, you have to join in.” Edgar shot up a death glare to Cooper, who smiled in response. “Don’t knock it till you try it. You never know what you might like.” Edgar scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself. I know what I’m about. And I might not like it, but I’ve handled worse circumstances. Don’t get any ideas about trapping me into your sex acts, Cooper. My willpower is solid.” Cooper shook his head. “I’m going easy on you, idiot. I could just dare you to do something with us. I just thought it would be more fun if I got you to do it yourself.” This shut Edgar up, and he opted to draw a name rather than continue that train of thought. “Aria.” He read, and Aria snapped to attention. Just a moment ago, Christabella had seemed to realize what she had been doing, and looked up to see Aria ogling her. Aria had frozen like a deer in the headlights until she was spoken to. “Uh, what?” She asked, unsure if Edgar had said anything more.

Edgar looked like he was in contemplation, before he looked over to Violet, now loosing the occasional unintentional impassioned sigh as she tried desperately to contain her displays of arousal. “I guess since I’m in this deep already I might as well start stepping up my game, but I hate to start that with you, since you let me off easy earlier. So you get a choice. I dare you to either take off the rest of your clothes and stop covering your breasts… or you can spare Violet however many turns she’ll have to wait to stop by finishing her off yourself.” Christabella got wide eyed, her mouth formed into an ‘o’. “Damn baby, keep that shit coming.” she praised. Aria looked to Violet, who seemed beyond the point of protest, and then back up to Edgar uncertainly. She still had some serious reservations about stripping nude in front of her friends, but then again, was getting Violet off any less embarrassing? The only things she knew for sure were that she couldn’t back out now, with how… interesting things were getting, and that either way, she would have to nut up and just pick, because it was likely only going to get more intense from here on. That was the price of admission. She looked up at Violet and made a split decision. “You’re welcome.” she said, pulling the vibrator out from between her legs.

Violet breathed a sigh of relief, then seemed to become lucid for a moment as she realized what was coming next. However, she came to acceptance fairly quickly, just saying “Thanks, pal.” and pulling back her skirt, revealing a pair of scarlet red panties, soaked from her ‘punishment’. Aria moved to sit behind Violet, letting her lay back against her as a brace, as Violet positioned herself at a kneel, spreading her legs a bit to allow easier access. Aria slipped her right hand around her belly and into the hem of her panties, her left hand moving to cup Violet’s breast. She slid her right hand further, slipping a finger along Violet’s crease, surprised at how warm and moist she had already become. She appeared to be incredibly sensitive now, courtesy of the extended vibrations, and she was putty in Aria’s hand as she deftly slid and caressed Violet’s pussy under her panties, but otherwise in plain view of the others. Violet breathed heavily, goading her on in whispered breaths. Aria’s pace quickened, occasionally stopping to tease her clit or slip a finger or two inside her opening. Violet grew more and more vocal, panting and begging, which caused Aria to proceed with added fervor. “Yes… oh god, right there…” Violet praised. “Oh fuck, I’m almost there…” Aria reflexively teased her breast through her shirt and kissed along her neck seductively. Then, just as the breath hit Violet’s ear as Aria moved in to lightly nibble it, Violet thrust her hips and moaned, further soaking the front of her panties. Aria drew back her hands, licking her fingers clean as Violet breathed “Holy fuck, Aria.”

Aria, keeping her breasts exposed, walked proudly to the hat, reached in, and pulled the next name. She smiled, eyes drifting from the paper to Edgar. “Again?” He asked, but Aria shook her head. “Nope. But I get to repay your kindness.” She stated. “Christabella, I dare you to take off your pants and let Edgar fuck you until he cums.” Both Edgar and Christabella looked surprised, but not displeased. “Aria, I take it back. You do know how to play this game.” Christabella said, turning her back to the group as she stood, pulling down her pants to reveal her bare ass. Jet and Cooper cheered with approval, and Violet looked to Edgar’s crotch expectantly, absently stroking herself over her panties. Surely enough, Christabella bent over, pushing her ass and pussy into full view of the room, and yanked Edgar’s boxer-briefs down in one swift motion. “Really?” Edgar asked her, as if for her approval. She pulled his underwear off the rest of the way and tossed them with abandon behind her, leaning in to his ear and whispering “Oh yeah. I’ve always wanted to do this.” Edgar’s cock stiffened as she spoke, and she traced kisses down his neck to his chest, then started to suck him off while she slipped her hand to her own slit, teasing herself as she worked. It seemed as though she was intentionally pointing her pussy straight at Aria as she did this, even spreading her lips for a better view.

After she had the two of them prepared, she straddled him, pushing him to lay on his back on the floor. Aria noticed that both Jet and Cooper had joined Violet in pleasuring themselves to the sight, stroking their cocks rhythmically. Suddenly Aria wished she had opted to undress instead of pleasuring Violet, so that she could do the same. Christabella took Edgar’s shaft in one hand, balancing herself with the other. Slowly she descended onto his cock, slipping it with ease into her wet slit. Both of the couple let out a gasp of pleasure, and Christabella went straight to work pumping herself up and down, swallowing her boyfriend’s length inside of her. Edgar’s hands went to her waist, helping her keep motion and thrusting himself deeper inside. They both stared intensely into each others eyes, as if challenging each other. As the moments passed, they got faster and more intense, and Christabella drug her nails down Edgar’s chest with enough pressure to leave long scratch marks. This seemed to trigger something in Edgar, and he grabbed her wrist, forcefully yanking her off of him and throwing her to the ground. At first the room was in shock, as everyone thought they were witnessing some kind of abuse, but as he set her to her knees and pulled her arms behind her back, slipping back inside of her from behind, her face was showing pure pleasure. This sent a ripple of arousal through Aria, and suddenly she had a powerful need to be pleasured with the same intensity. With a guttural growl and a powerful thrust, Edgar climaxed, pulling out just in time for his seed to cascade onto Christabella’s lower back, coating it and spattering the back of her shirt. She huffed and shook, clenching the carpet in her fingers, shuddering before rolling over to look at him with eyes full with satisfaction.

“Shit.” Jet muttered, grinning ear to ear. “We need to play this game more often.” Violet ran a hand through her hair, brushing it back behind her ear. “Hell yeah we do.” Christabella leaned up, kissing Edgar deeply before moving him aside and heading for the hat. “Game’s not over yet, boys and girls.” She said, grabbing a slip and still breathing heavily. “Cooper… Hmm…” She got a sly look in her eye. “I dare you not to touch yourself unless someone gives you permission for the rest of the game.” Cooper’s joy deflated, and he squinted at her sourly. “Oh, you bitch.” He hissed. “Fine. But I’ll remember that.” Jet chuckled, lightly stroking his cock. “Sucks, bro.” “Fuck you, dude.” he grumbled, reaching into the hat. “Okay, I can work with this.” he beckoned to Violet. “Violet… I dare you to strip down and blow me.” He grinned. “If I can’t do it, I’ll have someone else do better.” Violet, no longer looking reluctant, actually smiled at the idea. “Sure.” She said, standing up and beginning to undress slowly. First she shrugged off her jacket, then her shoes and socks, before seductively pulling off her shirt, revealing a very ornate and likely expensive scarlet lace bra. She pulled off her skirt, then sauntered in her bra and panties toward Cooper, who grinned ever wider as she drew closer. Reaching behind her back, she unlatched her bra, but let it dangle on her shoulders, not yet allowing it to drop. She slipped her fingers under the waist of her panties and lowered them ever-so-slightly, showing just the top of her patch of groomed pubic hair. Just as it seemed she was going to lay everything bare, she pulled them back, opting instead to shrug off her bra, letting her D-cup breasts spill out into the open air, her dark areolas framing her perked nipples. Only then did she lower her panties, showing her body completely. She may have been a bit on the bigger side, but nobody could contest why she was so popular with men. She was actually pretty gorgeous.

Cooper leaned back and spread his legs to grant her access, but before she proceeded, she made sure to tease him a bit, sliding her hand to her pussy and rubbing it oh-so-gently, spreading herself seductively and licking her finger. Once he was well and truly engaged, standing at full attention, she dropped to her knees, then laid on her stomach between his legs, holding his cock playfully, looking him straight in the eyes. “Oh come on… you’re killing me.” He begged, and finally she let her tongue glide over the underside of his shaft, teasing the spot just under the tip before taking him fully into her mouth. Her tongue worked skillfully around his dick, making his eyes roll back for a moment, but every time he seemed like he was nearing climax, she would slow or stop, looking into his eyes seductively. “She’s fucking playing with him.” Christabella whispered gleefully into Aria’s ear, and Aria grinned. “You can play with my ass if you want.” Violet cooed, and without hesitation, Cooper did just that, grabbing a handful and pulling to expose her all the more to those witnessing from behind her. He gave it a solid slap, and she let out a playful moan, stroking his cock which was well-lubed with her saliva. “You wanna cum, baby?” She uttered, biting her lip. “Yeah…” he groaned, obviously close to finishing. “You really wanna cum?” He could hardly respond, but managed to repeat “Fuck… yeah…” She stopped, letting go of his cock, kissing the tip and winking. “Then you should have been more specific.” Aria covered her mouth to stifle her laughter, but let out a snort regardless. Cooper was left stunned. Violet high-fived Christabella, and pulled a new name from the hat.

Violet grabbed the hat, gave it a playful shake, and pulled out the name of the next victim. “Oooh… Aria again.” She declared happily. “I dare you to strip down to nothing and masturbate while someone films it.” Jet called “I’ll do it!” fumbling for the phone in his discarded pants pocket. “I’m not done!” Violet interjected. “Aria gets to choose who. And she can do it in private if she wants, just her and them.” Violet winked at Aria. “As thanks.” Aria was relieved that she had some options, but the thought of being filmed doing something so intimate… Before she had time to think about it, she blurted “Christabella. I want Christabella to do it.” Violet smiled knowingly. Edgar had a strange look on his face, like a mix of relief, curiosity, and worry. Honestly, it was strange enough that Aria had to stop herself from smiling when she saw him. Still, she hoped that this didn’t make things weird between them. Christabella excitedly grabbed her phone and stood, still clothed only from the waist up, and grabbed Aria by the arm as Jet and Cooper mumbled complaints under their breath, knowing that no one would back them up. Christabella simply asked “Where?” Aria blushed. “Uh… anywhere upstairs I guess. As long as no-one can see inside.” Christabella nodded, pulling her up the stairs and leading her to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind them, Christabella pointed to the shower, still wet from Cooper’s shower. “Strip down and sit on the little bench in there.” Aria exhaled. Slowly she took off her pants, standing for a moment awkwardly in just her panties. “Been a while.” Christabella remarked, looking her over. Aria blushed deeper, sliding out of her panties and sitting in the shower. Christabella aimed her phone, smiling. “Shame I can’t help you anymore, but…” She slid her back down the door until she sat against it. “I can give you some material.” she teased, pulling up the bottom of her shirt and her bra to reveal her breasts, sliding her free hand to pinch and tease her nipples before rubbing her exposed pussy slowly, obviously more for Aria’s benefit than her own. Aria, blown away by the view and the circumstance, had to catch her breath, sliding her own hand to her slit and massaging herself almost automatically. “Recording in 3… 2… 1…” Christabella counted, pressing the record button after she hit one. As she did so, Aria saw her slide her finger inside herself.

Now aware that she was actually being filmed, she forced herself to continue, trying to ignore the phone by closing her eyes, but couldn’t bear to miss her own show. She found herself entranced by the scene, slowly beginning to disregard the camera and rock her hips against her hand. The more intensely she pleasured herself, the more of a show Christabella gave, teasing her clit, rubbing her nipples, squeezing her breasts, and slipping in one… two… three fingers. All of this was off-camera of course, and the idea that this was her own personal viewing made Aria more and more ravenous until Christabella’s words put her over the edge. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself.” Christabella teased. “Yes…” Aria responded. “You like being watched?” She continued. “Mmm… yes…” Christabella licked her lips. “Does it make you want to cum for your audience?” Aria rocked even harder, then pulled out her fingers and started rubbing her clit wildly, desperately needing to release all the sexual frustration built up over the game. “Ohhh… fuck, yes… Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” She cried, and with just another moment she was rocked by one of the most powerful, pulsing orgasms she had ever given herself. Her back arched and she had to grip the seat to stop herself from falling. To her surprise, the climax was so intense that she actually felt herself squirt, not once, but twice. “Oh, fun!” Christabella teased. “Good thing I picked the shower.” With those words, she stopped the recording and pocketed her phone, a satisfied look glued on her face. She kicked Aria’s clothes over by Cooper’s, fixed her bra and shirt, and waited for Aria to compose herself enough to walk. “That-” she added “was very fun.”

Making their way through the house back to the basement stairs, Aria thought for the twentieth or so time about asking Christabella why she was with Edgar when they so obviously had sexual chemistry, but just as always she held her tongue. She could never hurt Edgar like that, especially after leaving him herself. They really were happy together, and she didn’t have it in her to break them up. Not to mention, she had no way of knowing if Christabella felt the same way, or if she just saw Aria as an ex-friend with benefits. She unwittingly let out a heavy sigh as she started down the stairs, and Christabella turned. “Nervous about going down naked?” She asked, and suddenly Aria became self-aware, realizing that her friends were no more than ten feet away around the corner, and her full body was laid bare. She had never been so vulnerable in her life, and she froze. Christabella looked as though she was caught between amusement and pity, and after a moment shrugged and began to remove the rest of her clothes. “What are you…?” Aria queried, and Christabella, never one to wait for a full question before answering, responded “I’ll go down naked with you. That way you’ll feel more secure, and they won’t just be looking at you.” She smiled caringly at Aria, then back to the door. “Well c’mon. If we leave them alone too long, they’ll probably all start fucking each other and Edgar will flip his shit.” Aria nodded, and the both of them walked out, buck naked, into the room.

Edgar looked shocked as they entered, but Christabella explained. “Don’t worry your beautiful head, babe. I just took it off like 2 seconds ago. I figured everyone else was letting it all hang out, and I was halfway there already, so whatever.” Jet clapped. “Two for the price of one! So do we get to watch it now, or…” Violet cut him off. “That wasn’t part of the dare.” “How do we know they even did it?” Cooper asked. Christabella pulled out her phone, pulling up the video and turning it to Violet. For a moment, Aria’s faint moan could be heard, then the audio stopped. Violet smiled. “Good enough for me.” Cooper looked at Edgar next. “What about him? He was supposed to watch each dare, or else he had to participate. He didn’t do either.” Violet shook her head. “I said they could do it in private.” Cooper continued to insist. “But there’s a video, right? He could watch that.” Jet looked a bit uneasy, like he knew there would be a fight if this continued. “Guys, just chill…” he muttered. Sure enough, Violet looked like she was about to tear into him when Aria’s voice cut through the tension so swiftly it seemed to diffuse the situation. “He can watch.” Everyone looked to her with surprise. “Everyone can watch. I don’t care.” Now even Aria was in shock. She didn’t know why she said that, but much to her confusion and surprise, it was actually true. Something clicked, and it was as if her shyness disappeared completely. Christabella looked at her, impressed. “Really? You don’t have to. You already did the dare.” Aria maintained her stance. “Sure, why not? I’m already naked, so fuck it. Let the pervs get their show.” Cooper looked totally disarmed, and oddly enough, approving. Not approving of the idea that he could watch the video, but approving of the fact that she was willing to let everyone see it. Like he was proud of her or something.

After a minute of everyone taking in what had happened, Edgar said “I’ll let you have whatever privacy you can muster at this point. I’m not that kind of guy.” Cooper shrugged. “Whatever. Guess you guys can do what you want. It’s just a game.” Jet looked to the other two, then spoke. “Hell, I’m that kind of guy. If you guys aren’t gonna check this out, I sure as hell will.” Violet concurred. “I’m up for the entertainment, if you’re still good with it.” Aria nodded, and Christabella handed the phone to Violet. Jet rushed over to check it out, and the sounds of Aria’s pleasure once more rose up, along with the quieted voice of Christabella. Christabella whispered “Never knew you wanted to be a porn star.” Aria smiled. “I’m discovering a lot of things tonight.” Christabella smiled and sat down next to Edgar, and as the video was ending, Aria moved to draw a name from the hat. Jet stroked himself a few times and gave Aria a look of approval. “If you ever want to make some more movies, give me a call.” Aria, still holding the slip, shook her head. “Sorry, bro. I’m not looking to get what you’ve got.” He shrugged, sitting back down, running his eyes over her body. “Cooper’s turn again. You sure you don’t wanna back out Coop? You’ve had some rough rounds.” Cooper looked unfazed. “Just go for it.” She smiled. “Okay. I dare you to let Jet fuck you. My apologies to Edgar, but I’ve always wanted to see two guys get it on.” Edgar did look put out, but said nothing. “And by my grace… you can touch yourself while he does it.”

Cooper looked to Jet, seemingly unopposed. “Dare’s a dare.” Jet grinned. “Got any lube in that purse, Violet?” he asked, mostly out of jest. Violet, on the other hand, just reached into her purse and tossed him a bottle. “You fucking slut.” Christabella teased. She just shrugged and said “Shut up, the show’s about to start.” Cooper and Jet stared at each other intently as Jet drizzled lube into his palm and stroked his cock, causing it to glisten in the light of the room. Without breaking his challenging stare, Cooper asked “So how are we-” But Jet moved in, pushing his back to the ground and pressing in for a forceful kiss. Edgar, much to Aria’s surprise, maintained a reluctant gaze toward the pair. Taking his lubed hand, Jet stroked Cooper’s shaft, swirling his palm over the tip with practiced dexterity. Cooper moaned lowly, muffled by the kiss, and jolted a bit as Jet pressed one lubricated finger into his ass, pushing it in rhythmically as his dick slid across his friend’s belly, bumping into his own cock, which stood fully erect. Aria was entranced with glee, and the other two girls watched with lust as Edgar dutifully looked on, obviously displeased. Soon, one finger turned to two, then three… all while Jet made out with the boy fiercely, grinding on him from above. He leaned in, whispering in Cooper’s ear, saying “You’re gonna love this.” then backed to a kneel, lining up his cock to Cooper’s opening, playfully prodding it until… “Ahhhh….” Cooper moaned, arching a bit as Jet’s cock slipped inside, slowly pressing further and further inward, until his balls rested against the boy’s ass, then slipping back and pushing in again, slowly but forcefully as Cooper’s hand went to his own cock, stroking in motion to the thrusts.

Edgar, by now having gone totally soft, at least seemed to be getting desensitized to the scene, and just seemed to be waiting for it to end. The girls, however, couldn’t take their eyes off of them. Christabella and Violet massaged their bodies at the scene, and Aria looked in awe as if she were watching an exciting movie. As Jet’s speed climbed, so too did Cooper’s pants get louder, and his hand moved more rapidly, his body rocking with the passionate throws. Suddenly, Jet threw Cooper’s legs over his shoulders, hiking up his ass and pushing himself further in and with more intensity. A few more moments of this, and Jet groaned, cock twitching inside of Cooper as it blew a load inside of him, and as Cooper clenched around him, he himself finally reached the point of no return, casting his sperm all across his own torso, a bit even hitting him in the chin. The two stayed like this for a moment, before leaning close and making out passionately for a couple moments, then parting, Jet’s cock slipping out and waving about before slapping down onto his stomach, dripping the last bits of cum onto his belly button as he rolled to his back and breathed heavily on the floor.

“This is so much fucking better than pay-per-view.” Christabella announced. “I second that.” Jet huffed, panting on the ground through a grin. “If I’m sore tomorrow, all of you are on my shit list.” Cooper warned, eyes closed and breathing heavily. “If you aren’t, I didn’t do it right.” Jet bragged. “I don’t know how I got myself into this mess, but that shit is still burned into my corneas. You guys are assholes.” Edgar lamented. “I’ll make it up to you, baby.” Christabella said with a wink. “Since you’ve been so nice to me tonight, letting me play this game…” She reached down, fondling his soft cock gently. “Tomorrow night, I’ll play whatever… games… you want me to.” Cooper pulled himself up, reached for the hat, and pulled out a piece of paper. “Looks like right now though… you’re playing whatever game I want you to.” he taunted. “And I dare you to let Aria eat you out.” Christabella looked up to Edgar, who after just a moment nodded in allowance. “Not ideal…” he mumbled. “But I trust you… and it might get that last dare out of my head.” She smiled and looked at Aria with come-hither eyes, positioning herself in front of Edgar, legs spread out invitingly toward Aria. “Enjoy the show babe. I’ll be sure to make it fun for you too.” She reached back behind her, teasing his cock.

Aria moved in, having decided to submit fully to the game. Not that she would have been upset about this particular dare. She got on all fours, grinning seductively, and began crawling toward Christabella, licking her lips. “It’s been a while. I could use the practice.” Christabella stared her down, smirking. “Practice away.” Jet and Cooper moved in for a better view, Violet lighting up another cigarette and smiling. Aria dipped her head to Christabella’s thigh, kissing it tenderly from just above the knee up to her hip. She traced her tongue around her pelvis, then lowered herself to lace it between Christabella’s folds, up and down, before tracing up the middle of her slit to circle her clit. Christabella used one hand to pleasure Edgar, lacing the other into Aria’s scarlet locks, bidding her deeper. Aria brought one hand back, massaging her already sensitive pussy, giving quite a show to those watching behind. She lightly nipped the skin of Christabella’s vulva, just enough to get her to twitch with pleasure and bight her lip before working her tongue to tease the inner walls of her pussy, slipping two fingers into her own pussy as she did. Edgar began kissing down Christabella’s neck, massaging her breasts with both hands. Christabella threw her head back, her head swimming in ecstasy, pumping her hand over Edgar’s cock and letting out an impassioned “Yes…. mmmmm…. Oh, right there…. Fuck, your tongue feels so good.”

Aria’s tongue twisted and darted, her mouth slick with saliva and Christabella’s juices. Her fingers danced over her own clit, bringing her close to climax for a second time. She felt a hand on her ass, squeezing and spreading her further, but she didn’t care. Not even as she felt the warmth of a tongue teasing her anus. It only drove her further into her passionate delve, her tongue lashing expertly until… “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Christabella cried out, gripping Aria’s hair so tightly she thought it was going to pull out, and pressing her face in and holding her as her body pulsed and rippled with pleasure, cumming as Edgar twisted her nipples lightly in his fingers. Her body shuddered twice more, all the while, Edgar teased her breasts and kissed her neck, and Aria ‘cleaned’ her with her tongue, mostly for her own pleasure. “Holy… fucking… shit.” Christabella huffed, leaning back to kiss Edgar passionately. Aria looked back, noting her mystery assistant as Violet, who winked before returning to her spot. Jet and Cooper seemed very pleased. After Christabella’s mouth was freed from Edgar’s, she gave Aria a playfully accusing glare. “You need practice my ass. You know EXACTLY what the fuck you’re doing.” Aria wiped her mouth, teasingly licking her fingers. “I learned from the best.” She retorted.

After Christabella regained herself enough to do so, she reached into the hat and pulled out Violet’s name. She turned to her, smiling, and started “Violet. I dare you-” “I quit.” Violet interrupted. “What?” Christabella asked, shocked that Violet of all people was backing out, before even hearing the dare. “Why?” Violet smiled. “You forget, Christabella, that the boys are probably pushed to their limits, and much more of this for any of us is gonna start getting uncomfortable, so I have a counter-proposition.” “To your own game?” Aria laughed, wiping her chin of Christabella’s juices. “I didn’t know it would go this far.” Violet admitted. “But now that it has…” She looked across the room, admiring the view. “I think that we’re past the point of needing dares to satisfy our curiosities. I propose we make this a more regular circumstance.” Jet raised an eyebrow. “How do you mean?” He asked. Violet grinned. “I mean that my parents leave town A LOT. We have a bunch of rooms we never use, and I have places where I hide… things. I also have more money than I know what to do with, if I’m being honest. I say that whenever we want, we meet at my house, if my parents are out, and let ourselves experience whatever we feel like. No rules, except whatever rules we want to have, and no one has to do anything they want, unless they agree to do whatever we decide. I can even pick up some… accessories, if people are interested.”

Cooper grinned. “Sounds like that could be fun.” Jet nodded. “More like the greatest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.” Aria, with her newfound confidence, also agreed. “I haven’t had this much fun, or felt this good in like… well… a really long time. I’m in.” Christabella and Edgar, looking at each other in wordless communication, finally looked back to the group. Christabella said nothing, just smiling. “We’re in too… We’ll see how it goes.” Violet stood, grinning in anticipation. “Looks like we’re just getting started.”

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How Two Women Wrecked My Celibate Life

by Jack_The_Crack_Attack

A man practicing to become a priest, his step-sister who still needs to grow up, and a college professor who uses blackmail to take advantage of it all.
Chapter I
“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…”

Jonah McClain, 22, average build, pretty handsome, black hair, brown eyes, very social, well liked, hung 9 inches and still a virgin… Yes, you read this right. Such a waste of potential? To be a pornstar? To satisfy women? He didn’t think so. You see, Jonah was a very kind person with a good heart. He was always kind to his neighbors and treated others the way he wanted to be treated. He loved his enemies. He was that filled with kindness. He was so peaceful, he couldn’t even hurt a fly. His way of getting rid of a fly would be to open up a window to let it out. Now what does this have to do with Jonah’s virginity? The very reason why he was such a good person is the very same reason he was still a virgin. It is something many believe is the source of many problems… religion.

Jonah had so many opportunities to lose his virginity, but he turned it all down saying ‘It’s a sin’ or ‘We must stay pure’. Eventually, all the girls in high school lost interest and stopped pursing him. Once he graduated from high school, he was torn between many careers: Engineer, Biologist, Computer Technician. The list could go on. He eventually decided to pursue priesthood after two years in college doing Gen Ed classes. Some of his interests deteriorated during college, but what stayed with him was his religious faith.

Jonah was very devoted to staying a virgin until marriage. What helped was that he never quite dated too much during high school. If he did, she would want sex and he would refuse. The girl wouldn’t stick around long after that. He then decided that priesthood would be the best option for him. He thought ‘Eh, well, people are too sinful now, there’s no such thing as an abstinent laity anymore. So here he is now at his local church praying.

“… and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

“My son, you will make a fine priest” said Father Andre, the priest of the parish.

“Thank you father, I can’t wait to take my vows”

“Yes my son, you are two more years away from finishing your schooling”

“I’m sorry father, but I have to go to the airport, my step-sister is going to be moving in with me. My dad remarried my step-mom and my step-sister’s school is right next to mine, so the family decided it would be best for her to live with me”

“I see. Then go my son, we wouldn’t want her to wait all day”

“Thank you father”

“Bring her to church some time”

“I was already thinking it”

“I’ll see you later Jonah, take care”

“Thank you, you too father”

Jonah left the church and headed for his car. He looked in the back seat to see that his sign reading ‘McClain’ was still back there. He then started his car and drove to the airport. As he was on the freeway, he thought back to when he last saw his step-sister, Alyssa. It had been ten years. He was nine and she was seven when they first met. They would always play together when they were kids. Life was good for them until their parents’ marriage was going downhill. After three years of marriage, their parents divorced. Alyssa left with her mother and he stayed with his father. They were both devastated, but Jonah recovered after time had passed. As Jonah was thinking back to the memories of him and his step-sister during their childhood, his phone was going off.


Jonah answered his phone, but put it on speaker so it didn’t distract him while driving.


“Hey son, are you with Alyssa?”

“No not yet, I’m still on the road, I’m heading to the airport as we speak”

“Oh okay, just call me when you’re both home, I’m just checking on you two”

“Thanks dad, I appreciate it”

“No son, thank YOU, you saved us a lot of money by agreeing to let Alyssa stay with you while she goes to school”

“Hey, it’s no biggie. I am going to be a priest after all. I can’t turn my back on my own enemies, let alone, my own family”

“I know son, I’m grateful. But don’t expect me to call you father once you’re ordained”

“I won’t ‘father’.” Jonah joked.

They both laughed and said their goodbyes. Before Jonah knew it, he was already at the airport. He got out of his car and took the sign out from the back, excited to see his step-sister again. He entered the airport and got the area where everyone arrived. He was standing there holding a sign for Alyssa to see.


Jonah turned his head slightly to his left to see a beautiful woman with long dark hair and hazel eyes. She looked very happy to see him. Was it really Alyssa? Maybe. Alyssa did have the same hair and eye color. He didn’t expect to recognize her right off the bat, the last time he saw her was 10 years ago after all. If it was her, she looked very different. She was now a beautiful mature young woman. The woman approached him.

“A… Alyssa?”


Alyssa ran up to Jonah and gave him a big hug. He smiled and hugged her back. Finally, they had been reunited after so many years. Jonah then took her bags and they both left the airport. Jonah put her bags in the trunk they both got into the car. As Jonah was driving, Alyssa started to speak.

“So, is it true that you’re gonna be a priest?”

“Yeah, I’m almost there” Jonah smiled.

“Oh, so are you gonna be a stick in the mud from now on then, huh?”

“Hey! I can still be fun, we’ll still have fun together, you’ll see”

“Okay” Alyssa said cheerfully.

It started to feel like the good old days being able to talk to each other. As they got home, Jonah helped unload Alyssa bags from the car and showed her her new room. Alyssa was not displeased at the slightest. She was very grateful for even having a place to stay. She then turned to Jonah and gave him a hug.

“Thank you Jonah”

Chapter II
The two socialized for the rest of the day.

“Did your dad ever tell you how he and my mom ended up together again?”

“He said he saw her at the mall and greeted her. They apologized for all that happened and the fire rekindled. Something like that”

“Yeah, I was with her at the mall, but not when your dad approached her”

“Oh okay, so you were living with her?”

“Yeah… It’s a bit embarrassing, I’ve never left home until now. This is the first time I’ve been away from my mom. I was very nervous about traveling alone and living alone. Until you agreed to let me stay with you”

“Hey that’s what family does. They look out for each other”

Alyssa smiled happily at his sense of virtue. The two continued to talk and before they knew it, it was already night time. Jonah went to the kitchen and started to make them some dinner. Alyssa just stood there and watched as Jonah was making some delicious stir fried chicken and vegetables.

“Mmmm, that smells good”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be ready in no time”


The two ate and then got ready for bed. Alyssa went to her room and Jonah went to his. As he laid on his bed. He just remembered that he forgot to give Alyssa a blanket. He quickly grabbed one and headed to her room. He opened the door to find Alyssa wearing her pajama pants and only her bra on top.


“Oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry Alyssa!”

“Knock first!!!”

Jonah quickly closed the door and waited for Alyssa. He then thought to himself,

‘Wow, did that really just happen?’
‘I can’t believe I walked in on Alyssa wearing only her bra on top’
‘That’s embarrassing’

Jonah then started to think about Alyssa’s bra. Then her large C’s…

‘NO! What am I thinking?! This is your step-sister for crying out loud!’
‘It’s sinful! I cannot be led astray from my path’

The door opened.

“Oh hey Alyssa, sorry about that, I just wanted to give you this”

“It’s okay, just knock next time”

“Will do”

They both smile at each other. Jonah felt that their current bond may one day become stronger than it was 10 years ago.

The next day, Alyssa had finished getting ready for her first day of school. Jonah dropped her and went to his school.

She was quite excited to meet the new people, both faculty and staff. Her first class was English. She enjoyed it and met new faces. She continued the day until it was after lunch. She had general biology. Alyssa thought to herself,

‘Haha, talk about Jonah’s worst enemy’

She then sat down, expecting some old lady or old man like all her other classes. However, she was quite surprised to find the opposite. She was a younger woman in her mid 30’s maybe. She was a brunette with long hair that wore glasses, giving her this hot, cute nerd girl look. However, Alyssa quickly noticed, along with all the boys in her class, that this professor was also different from what she expected in another way. She stared at her breasts. They were D’s for sure. Alyssa then thought to herself,

‘For some reason, I’m starting to not like her…’

She had a cold stare. Like she was some kind of killer. It scared Alyssa. She then remembered overhearing people talk about this professor.

‘Sally? Swanson? Simmy?’

‘Angela Summers’ the board read. She wrote her name on the board and began to speak in an intimidating firm tone,

“I am Professor Summers, I am here to do one thing only. Teach you the basics of biology.”

Alyssa was already not liking this class. The concepts were hard, every guy was too preoccupied with the professor, and worst of all, the professor herself. She said she was teaching them basics, yet she’s never heard of things like a null hypothesis. What the fuck is that? She knows what a hypothesis is, but why complicate this by giving different types. She thought this was general biology with basics, not the advanced stuff.

The professor gave out a pre-test for the course. Alyssa looked at the first question and already lost all hope. She began to read in her head,

‘What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis?’
‘What the fuck, I don’t know! Next one’
‘Where in the body are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids first digested?’
‘Okay, I know what carbs and proteins are. Lipids… fats! Uh…’

Alyssa then wrote ‘stomach’ for that question, feeling a bit more confident in herself. She began to think,

‘Yeah, that’s it!’
‘Next one, what are the two main components of a virus?’
‘Uh, next, what is the difference between Evolution and adaptation?’
‘Next… Next… Next…’

Alyssa began to feel discouraged again. She was going to die here in this class. After the class had finally finished, she quickly exited out while all the boys eagerly approached Professor Summers.

The rest of her classes were pretty much as easy going as her other classes prior to general biology. She was happy about that. At least she only had to worry over one class. After the day had finished, Jonah picked her up and she told him that she had become very popular in school. Jonah was happy for her. He knew she’d be fine. As they got home, Jonah asked Alyssa,

“Would you like to come to church with me?”

Alyssa didn’t hate religion, she just wasn’t much of a religious person. She decided to make up an excuse not to go.

“Oh, sorry Jonah, I already got lots of homework and I wanna get it out of the way ASAP”

“Oh, okay, no worries, I’ll be back”


Jonah then left their place and Alyssa had it all to herself. She liked her new living arrangement. She didn’t have to worry about her mother being so nosey about her business. She trusted that Jonah wouldn’t be like that. She was happy she finally got to see him again. He was really the only person she admired in life. Her mother would always move from place to place after she and Jonah’s father divorced. So she never got a chance to meet new people and bond with them as much as she did with Jonah. She couldn’t even date too much because of all that. For the past ten years, she always thought about him. She couldn’t believe she was not only reunited with him, she was also living with him.


Alyssa then opened her eyes and realized that she was sitting on the couch with her hand in her pants.

‘This can’t be good’ she thought to herself.

She always thought about Jonah, but not in that way. Now being in an aroused state, she decided to continue masturbating. But she did not want to have Jonah in her thoughts. That was her brother. Step-brother technically, but she did not want to think about him. She started to think of other arousing thoughts, but she still had Jonah pop up in her head. Alyssa figured that it was because she had not been touched by a man in so long. She then started thinking to herself,

‘Okay, I’ll just do this once and it’s not like anyone will know’
‘Yeah, I’ll just play for a bit and relieve some stress from all the excitement today’
‘Besides, Jonah won’t be back ‘til who knows when’
‘Church probably takes an hour, doesn’t it?’
‘Jonah’s not my blood brother’
‘Also, he IS a very attractive man’

Alyssa then began to strip, feeling naughty for doing so. It added to her thrill. She was now completely naked stroking her clitoris. She put the finger of her free hand into her mouth and pretended it was Jonah’s cock.

“Oh yes… Jonah… stroke my clit…”

Little did Alyssa know, Jonah forgot his phone. He drove back and opened the door. He walked in with haste to get his phone and not be late. He completely forgot to call his dad yesterday. He decided it would be best to talk to him and apologize while driving to Church. He then saw Alyssa naked on the couch masturbating. She then opened her eyes and they widened.

“AHHH!!! Jonah! What are you doing here?!”

“Ah! Sorry! Sorry!”

Jonah quickly covered his eyes and turned around. Alyssa snatched her clothes and quickly put them on. She was bright red from the embarrassment. She couldn’t believe that Jonah had seen her naked. He had seen everything. He saw how lovely her bare breasts looked and she was sure that he also saw her small patch of pubic hair down there.

“Okay, you can look…”

Jonah noticed that Alyssa was too ashamed to look at him. Her face was facing downwards as a means to avoid eye contact. Jonah didn’t have time for this. He quickly walked to his room and got his phone. As he was leaving, He accidentally bumped into Alyssa, who was about to explain herself and apologize to him. She looked him in the eyes and cowered her face away from making eye contact. She looked down, but then noticed that Jonah had an erection. She just stood there and stared at it. He looked down to see what she was looking at.

“Oh!… A… Alyssa! I’m, I’m gonna be late for church, gotta go, I forgot my phone! See you after!”

Jonah rushed out the door and turned on the car. He rushed out to the road hoping to get the image out of his head. His head was telling him no, but his other head was telling him otherwise. As he was driving, dialing his father’s number on the phone, he noticed that his erection was still full. Was he actually getting aroused from the sight of his step-sister naked?

‘NO! I will not be led astray!’ he thought to himself.

“Hello?” his father said on speaker.

‘Oh thank the Lord, now it can stop’

“Hey dad, sorry for not calling earlier…”

Chapter III
Meanwhile, Alyssa went to her room and locked her door. She cursed herself for being so idiotic,

‘Fucking dumbass! He saw you!’
‘He’ll always remember you as some sex fiend’
‘I’m sure that’s what they’re teaching him over there’

It then hit Alyssa,

‘Wait! He had an erection…’
‘Did he think I was… hot?’
‘Why else would he get one?’
‘A big one! It was huge! I wonder how big he is…’
‘Oh my God! The thought of it going inside…’

Alyssa noticed that she was touching herself again. She then said,

“Ah fuck it! Since my door’s locked and I’m really horny…”

Alyssa began to stroke her clitoris more. She then stopped and took off all of her clothes and continued. She stroked it tenderly and then moved her fingers down to her opening. As her fingers pressed at her lips, she began to fantasize saying,

“Jonah! You naughty boy! Trying to peak at me!”

She then began to finger herself saying,

“Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck me!”

Alyssa then put one of her nipples in her mouth to suck while her free hand caressed the other. She was close to climax. She licked and sucked on her nipple, enjoying the sensation while pinching her other one. She began to finger her pussy more vigorously. She leaked onto the bed from what she was doing. The thought of her and Jonah doing things was arousing because it was so taboo.

“Oh Jonah! I’m cumming!!!”

Alyssa kept her fingers in while she was climaxing and then she finally pulled it out after to find them soaked in her juices. She put her fingers to her nose, sniffing her naughty scent. She opened her mouth and put her fingers in. She cleaned them with her tongue and imagined it was Jonah’s cock after he had just freshly fucked her. She then said,

“Okay, now I can concentrate on homework”

As Jonah returned, he approached the living room with caution, not wanting history to repeat itself. Fortunately, he found Alyssa reading a book for class. She then looked up and greeted him,

“Oh, hey Jonah!”

Jonah didn’t want to bring up what had happened earlier, so he decided to bring something up to talk about. Anything. It was then that he noticed a picture of DNA in Alyssa’s book. He began to speak,

“Hey, are you studying biology?”

“Yeah, the professor’s a killer, I have to read 4 chapters by Wednesday”


“I don’t get any of this. DNA this, RNA that. Guamine, Thynine!”

“It’s actually Guanine and Thymine”

“You know biology?!”

“Yeah, I love it”

“All this time and I thought you would hate it”

“Why? Just because I’m practicing to become a priest?”


“Do you want me to help y…”


Jonah went up to Alyssa and sat next to her on the couch. He explained the difference between DNA and RNA and how it relates to protein production. He tutored Alyssa until it was dark. He looked out the window and finally noticed that it was dark outside.

“Oh my gosh, what time is it?!”

Alyssa checked her phone,

“Oh, wow, its 7:00pm already”

“I better go start making dinner”


Jonah got up from the couch to head to the kitchen, Alyssa then said,

“Hey Jonah…”

Jonah turned to face Alyssa.



“You’re very welcome, ask me for help anytime”

The two smiled at each other and Alyssa was now at ease with the science class. Things were looking bright. There was no way this professor would wreck her academic career now.

Chapter IV
Angela Summers was a bright young woman with beauty that could not be matched by most students and co-workers alike. Her female co-workers loathed her out of envy and her male co-workers loved her out of lust. It was okay, however, she liked it that way. She was both beauty and brains. She wasn’t some ditz of a woman with ‘huge bazongas’ like how most people would perceive her at first glance. She had a natural D cup, a beautiful face, and a killer ass. Her legs and gut were nicely toned too from the daily exercise she’d do. Angela really was so lucky to have ‘such a smokin hot body’ as she would overhear most of her male colleagues say about her. She really could have any man she wanted. Yet, here she was now, on her bed, taking a break from grading papers. She was stroking her clitoris with her fingers, easing her mind off of dealing with these dumb kids.

She was an intelligent woman who had standards. Although many men would kiss the ground she walked, she did not have any interest in any of them because they were just a bunch of horny idiots. All the men she came across were either too dumb, too ugly or too loose cannoned for her. It was rare that she would let a man touch her. The last time she let a man touch her was almost 3 years ago. She was basically a female equivalent of a blue balling man.

She touched herself to relieve some stress caused by the idiocy of these kids and the lack of sex in her life. She stroked herself, pretending it was the perfect man licking her clitoris.

“Oh yes! Lick my pussy!”

She then stopped the stroking and desperately looked around for any phallic object. She needed to have something inside her. She looked around the bed and found a pen…

‘Nah, too small’ She thought.

She then found her hairbrush. She decided to take off her clothes, since it would be more convenient to her. It also made her feels so naughty being naked. She aimed the handle of the brush towards her wet opening and put only an inch in. Teasing herself, pretending that it was the perfect man teasing her. Making her want it more.

“Oh please baby, don’t tease me! Look how wet my pussy is!”

She then shoved the whole brush handle in and cried out in ecstasy. She fucked herself at a medium rhythm while using her other hand to stroke her clitoris. She could smell her aroused scent and felt so hot from it. However, this wasn’t enough tonight. She needed more. Because her male co-workers and students were being extra dumb today. She decided to relieve her stress in an extra naughty way tonight. It was something she just recently got into doing while masturbating.

She turned her attention to the pen. She stopped masturbating and grabbed the pen. She took out the brush and put the pen in its place to lube it up. She spat on two of her fingers and moved her hand down below her vaginal opening. She rubbed her anus with her saliva coated fingers. She then pulled the pen out of her pussy and pressed it against her anus.

“Oh, feeling kinky today are we? Yeah baby, put your finger in my ass!”

Once the pen entered her rectum, she held it there while using her other hand to pick up the brush and reinsert it into her pussy. She began to moan,

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it baby! Fuck me while you finger my ass! I’m such a dirty girl!”

She started moving the brush at a fast rhythm and the pen didn’t take long to catch up with the brush’s pace. Angela fucked herself fast with her brush and pen as she kept thinking about her perfect man being the one doing all this to her. She was ready to climax.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah! Fuck the shit outta me!!! Oh yes! I’m cumming!”

Angela’s body tensed up for a few seconds, then she relaxed on her bed. Satisfied. Perhaps one day she would find someone worthy of fucking her. Perhaps…

It had been a whole week since Alyssa moved in. Jonah notices that Alyssa wasn’t exactly the tidiest person. She made the place messier than it ever was before she came. He let it slide because she was still new and he was too overjoyed knowing that they were bonding again. They even started to call each other ‘bro’ and ‘sis’. Despite this, he had to put his foot down and let her know to clean after herself. He approached Alyssa’s room and knocked.


“You can come in”

Jonah opened her door. She was laying on her stomach on top of her bed looking on her laptop at something. He quickly noticed that Alyssa’s jeans were really hugging around her ass. Jonah gulped and thought to himself.

‘My gosh, the way woman dress during my generation’

“Hey sis, look, I need you to do a better job of cleaning after yourself. It’s just, things are lying around and plates are stacked at the sink. There’s even hair tumbleweeds around this place. It’s been a whole week”

“Oh, sorry bro, I’ll get it done”

“Thanks sis”

Jonah left Alyssa’s room and drove to church. Alyssa just went back to her laptop. It was true, Alyssa wasn’t the neatest person in the world, but who was? So she made the place a bit messy. She’ll clean it in no time. Eventually…

Jonah parked his car and locked it. He entered the church and immediately went to confession. He needed to repent for his sins. He had been masturbating a lot lately. More than usual. He was usually good at abstaining from it, but for some strange reason, he’d been doing it now more than ever. He went inside the confessional and Father Andre was in there allowing him to confess his sins.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been a week since my last confession. As of late, I have been giving into masturbation now more than I ever had before. I can’t explain it. I try, but I fail at abstaining most times”

“I see, well my son, sexual desire is something within all of us as human beings. Man has been given the gift to reproduce, but we must not abuse that gift by wasting that that has been given the ability to create life. Has there been major changes in your lifestyle perhaps?”

“Well, my step-sister lives with me now, but I know that it’s not her. She’s my sister and nothing would ever happen between us”

“I see, perhaps a woman you have been talking to more so than before?”

“Well I have been talking to this cashier more than usual, maybe it’s her”

“Well my son, there is nothing wrong with socializing with other people, but you must fight against the temptations of the flesh. Just keep working at abstaining from lustful desires. For your penance, pray three Hail Marys and find the strength to fight the urge. I hereby absolve you of your sins, go in peace my son”

“Thank you father”

Jonah left the confessional to kneel and pray for forgiveness. He had a feeling things would be better. That changes were to come in the future.

Chapter V
Back at home, Alyssa was still on her laptop. She had not even touched the dishes in the sink, nor the broom to sweep her hair. She did not even lift a finger to clean the place up. All she did was remove her jeans to make herself more comfortable on her bed. About an hour had passed and nothing was achieved in the house. She then heard the front door open.

Jonah had returned home only to find the dishes still unclean and stacked in the sink and the hair messy all over the floor. Alyssa’s stuff was still lying around as well. She did not even do anything to clean the place up. She had a whole hour to do something that took less than 30 minutes max. He quickly went to Alyssa’s room to talk to her. He had to assert himself now, before this gets out of hand. If she’s already getting this bad during the first week, he couldn’t imagine the next year or two. He opened the door without knocking and he saw her in her underwear. Alyssa then got mad at him.



She took the blanket and put it over herself and then told Jonah it was safe to come in. She was a bit embarrassed and got a bit bitchy towards Jonah for not knocking.

“What do you want?!”

“Look sis, I need you to clean the place. I can’t keep cleaning after you. I ask you again to please clean after…”

“I’ll get to it, now leave!”

Jonah was starting to get a bit angry at her tone. She had messed the place while he cooked for both of them. He even helps her with her biology homework and yet, this is how she repaid him? He wanted to raise his voice at her, but he knew better than to do so. He controlled himself saying calmly,

“Thanks sis”


Jonah closed her door and he walked to his room to change. ‘Alright’? He didn’t care too much for such a tone. He’s being patient with her, but if this continues, he’s going to have to crack down on her.

Alyssa just realized that she did not even do any of her studying for biology. She would most likely have a pop quiz tomorrow from that bitch of a professor, Summers. She quickly put on some jeans and grabbed her biology book. She headed to Jonah’s room and opened his door. She saw him shirtless with only jeans on. He quickly grabbed a shirt and put it on.

He didn’t like that she just got mad at him for not knocking, yet she barges into his room. However, he wasn’t one to lose his temper so quickly. He just calmed himself from all negativity and said,

“What is it sis?”

“I need your help with bio again bro, pleeeease?”

Jonah had no other choice. It was the good person inside him. He couldn’t turn his back on his sister if she needed help. But before he could answer her, she tossed her book aside and got down on her knees to beg.

Alyssa knew that she had not done anything Jonah asked her to do and she still needed to ask him for help. She didn’t want him to think she was taking him for granted, so she got to her knees.

“Alright sis, but I need you to clean up once we’re done with this”

“Yes! I will! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Alyssa was so overjoyed by Jonah’s patience that she gave him a hug while still on her knees. Her face rubbed into his groin. Jonah started to feel that same feeling before he would masturbate. His cock was erect in a few seconds after Alyssa removed her face from his groin. She got to her feet, but then bent down to get the book she tossed to the floor. She then noticed his erection. She put her fingers to her mouth and had a look of shock on her face. Jonah was embarrassed and tried to explain himself.

“Sis, I… uh…”

“Uh… we can do this later”

“Sorry, I…”

Alyssa started to walk hastily into her room.

“Sis, wait!”

She ignored him and closed her door and locked it. Jonah went after her, but soon stopped. He knew that talking to her wasn’t the best option. He figured that it would be best to just leave her alone. He decided to just stand outside her door and tell her,

“Hey sis, look, I’m sorry. How about I make dinner for us? I’ll be outside. You can come out when you’re ready”

Jonah then walked away from Alyssa’s room and started to prepare dinner for the two of them. Alyssa just sat on her bed. She was starting to get those arousing taboo thoughts again. She told herself just this once, but now the urge was coming back. She needed to touch herself while thinking of Jonah again. She opened up her laptop and started searching up ‘step-brother’ or ‘step-sister’ in her porn websites.

A video started up on ‘’ and it was about a man who was lying around doing nothing. He apparently did something and now his step-sister is mad at him for it. She yelled at him and commanded him to go onto the bed. This of course was obviously fake, but it still turned Alyssa on to watch. He started to take off his clothes as she commanded and she pulled out a whip.

Alyssa reached into her jeans and found her now swollen clitoris. She started to rub it as the woman’s step-brother followed her commands so submissively. She started to fantasize that that woman was her and the man was Jonah. That she had Jonah completely in her control. That she was now going to punish him by forcing him to eat her pussy. Alyssa then removed her jeans and underwear. She watched as the man’s cock was constantly being teased. She imagined doing the same thing to Jonah after he made her lose her temper.

‘Alyssa, I’m so sorry’

‘I don’t care, you’re gonna eat my pussy and like it!’



Alyssa stuck two fingers in her wet pussy imagining it was Jonah’s cock. She began to imagine herself climbing on top of him and being the one in charge. That Jonah was being forced to do whatever she wanted him to do. She started to finger her pussy faster. It was really leaking from the fingering. She had not leaked this much since the last time she masturbated thinking about Jonah. Especially now that it was a femdom fantasy. Alyssa has always been the dominant in her two relationships. It just turned out that way, so dominant was all that she knew. Either that or a more mutual setting with no dominant or submissive.

Alyssa began to moan softly while she was fingering herself close to climax,

“Oh Jonah… I’m getting closer! Don’t you dare cum before me!”

Alyssa began to finger herself faster as she saw the woman begin to get on her knees. The man was stroking himself and she was opening her mouth. He began to cum into the woman’s mouth. Alyssa imagined Jonah shooting his load all over her face and in her mouth. It would be his reward for not cumming first.

Alyssa began to climax. She felt the muscles in her pussy constrict around her fingers. She rubbed at her G-spot as her climax was at its peak and now descending. She relaxed her body onto her bed and did not move for a while. She was enjoying the after feeling of a strong climax. After a couple of minutes, she got up and put her jeans and underwear back on. She exited her room and went outside to find Jonah eating alone. He put down his fork and looked at her. Alyssa initiated,


“Hey, sis, I…”

“It’s alright, can you still help me?”

“Of course, get some food first so it’ll be easier to study”

“Okay, thanks bro”

Jonah smiled at that. It relieved him to know that things might just go back to normal. They ate dinner together and things weren’t awkward. It was as if nothing changed. When he tutored her, it was normal as well, putting Jonah at ease. It was like Alyssa had completely forgotten about earlier. Alyssa turned to him and smiled.

“Hey Jonah, you should come to one of my classes. I’ll even ask if you can take an exam with us. I think it’s in three weeks or so. I’ll have to double check”

“Haha, sure”

They both smiled at each other and were quite fond of the idea of him taking an exam with the class. After he finished tutoring her, she cleaned the house and made everything tidy like it should be. Jonah felt that this was a new start for her. One that would benefit not only him, but her as well.

During the next three weeks, Jonah helped Alyssa prepare for her exam. They studied together and Alyssa would at times, find the courage to tease Jonah. She would wear short shorts or something with moderate exposure of her cleavage. Jonah would glance and quickly turn away, doing his best to resist temptation. Despite this, he still thought it was the pretty cashier that was the source of his excess masturbation. With being preoccupied with his school work and Alyssa’s tutoring, Jonah did not even have too much time to notice how much Alyssa cluttered the house again. It was a pigsty.

Alyssa knew that eventually, Jonah would not put up with it anymore. She could tell that his patience was already starting to fade when she was being constantly reminded to clean after herself during the three intense weeks of studying. She would always say she’d clean after the exam. But little did Jonah know, Alyssa had devised a plan that she hoped would work. Something that would not make her have to clean after herself anymore.

Chapter VI
Angela was late for her General Biology class. She had overslept and was now scanning copies of the class’s first exam. It was bad enough that she was already late. Her still needing to print these copies just made her morning worse. She quickly stapled all of the copies and gathered them. She forced the door open and all of her students looked at her.

“Sorry for the wait, are you all ready?… Because I’m late, I’ll be fair and let you choose one of two essay questions, instead of doing both due to time constraints”

All the students seemed very pleased with her last statement. She passed out the exams, but then she saw someone she didn’t recognize. Was he a part of her class? She spoke to him.

“Uh, excuse me, are you in this class?”

“I’m so sorry, my name is Jonah McClain. I’m Alyssa’s brother. I was hoping to ask if I could take an exam with the class prior to it being given out, but I’ll leave if you’d like”

‘Oh my God! What a hottie!’ Angela thought to herself.

“Oh that’s right, she did ask me about that and I did agree, please don’t leave. Stay and try out my exam”

“Thank you”

The exam began and everything was back in order with Angela. She had all the kids taking her exam and now the whole stress of being late was completely irrelevant. What made the day better was that she was now looking at a young stud taking her test who may also be intellectual as well. Alyssa was doing great in her class and she was a killer of a professor. She hoped that the intellect ran in the family. She really made sure that she’d make her class as hard as possible.

‘Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what potential he may have!’

The time passed and few people left after 40 minutes. The next ten minutes, a huge number left, with the exception of Alyssa’s brother. He gave his exam, but didn’t leave. Angela supposed that he just wanted to wait for her. The remaining few finished in the next ten minutes. She collected the exams and put them away. She wanted to talk to Jonah, but he had already left with Alyssa.

‘Mmm, a sexy young guy like that! Let’s just hope he has some brains too’

Angela gathered all her things and headed to the door to go to her office. She opened the door and noticed Alyssa and Jonah sitting on the bench outside, talking about the test. She was not noticed by the two.

“Hey, what was the answer to that extra credit question about which vitamin was less harmful to exceed daily intake?” asked Alyssa.

“It was Vitamin C. Vitamin A is fat soluble, so it stays in the body much longer than C. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it just goes out with your urine” Jonah responded.

“Exactly right!” Angela butted in.

The two looked at her. Jonah smiled at her reaction. Alyssa was surprised to see her behind them, listening to their conversation.

“Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t eavesdropping. I actually just left the classroom. Jonah was it? You wouldn’t happen to be a Biology major, would you?

“Haha, no, I actually am going to be ordained a priest in the next few years. I just love science is all”

“Really? That’s… wonderful… see you two later”

“Bye professor Summers” Alyssa said.

“See you later miss” Jonah said.

Angela walked to her office, happy with Jonah’s sign of intelligence. She thought she had found a new playmate. Someone worthy of relieving her of her sexual frustration. That all went down the drain the moment he said he was becoming a priest.

‘Such a waste of a handsome young hottie’ she thought.

She made it to her office and started to grade the exams. There was the usual trend of those who did average, the few that did poorly, and the few that did great. However, when she got to Jonah’s exam, she noticed that he had got 100% of the questions right on the True or False, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Choice. He got the extra credit question right. Now all that was left was the essay portion.

“Oh my God!”

Angela was impressed. Jonah had answered both instead of just one. She read them and they were both right. He had gotten a perfect score! With limited time! Angela was really getting turned on now. She wanted Jonah. The fact that he wasn’t a student made it less dangerous for her to try and get involved with him. The only problem was him becoming a part of the clergy. Angela sighed,

“So close, yet so far”

She began to imagine the humorous depiction of Jonah dressed as a priest. How laughable to see such a hot stud be a priest. She would go to church just to look at him. She could see it now. She would be kneeling in church, admiring how handsome he was. He would then stand in front of her and whip out his cock for her to ‘receive the bread’…

“What am I thinking?!”

Angela snapped out of it and the moment she moved, she could tell that her pussy was soaking wet. She might have wet her panty a bit. She would have to go to the bathroom and check. She stopped grading the exams and went to the faculty bathroom. It was always well maintained and smelled nice. She quickly locked the door and sat on the toilet. Instead of checking her underwear, she began to rub her clitoris.

“I need this! I need it NOW!”

Angela started to fantasize about all kinds of bizarre scenarios. She imagined being in the confessional, kneeling to confess her sins to Jonah.

‘Oh father! I’ve been a very naughty girl! I’ve been touching myself so much thinking about your hard cock!’

‘Please, go on’

‘I have also been using a hairbrush to get myself off’

‘I see, is that all of your sins my child’

‘Well… it’s embarrassing, but I’ve been doing things to my ass as well father!’

‘Oh? Whatever do you mean?’

‘Oh father, it’s so embarrassing, I’ve been shoving things in there like carrots, pens, my fingers and even my toothbrush. You need to punish this bad girl for all of her sins’

Angela stroked herself and began to finger her pussy while thinking about all of this. She then imagined there being a gloryhole in front of her face where she kneeled, inside the confessional. She imagined Jonah sticking his cock in it and offering it to her. She fingered herself while imagining putting it in her mouth. She imagined sucking his cock as her punishment and then standing up and turning around. Bending over to insert it into her. She imagined that her pussy was being stretched by his cock. Angela began to moan,

“Oh Jonah! Make this bitch pay for being such a dirty girl!”

As intimidating as Angela was, she actually quite the submissive. Angela continued to finger herself, then imagined Jonah cumming inside her tight pussy and filling her with his hot cum. Angela then climaxed on the toilet. She came all over her fingers and then pulled them out after she was done. They were all slimy from her secretions. She put them in her mouth, tasting herself. She sighed contently saying,

“I needed that”

She quickly washed her hands and went back to her office to finish grading the rest of the exams.

Chapter VII
The day was finished for Jonah and Alyssa. They returned home and the house was an even worse mess than before. It had been a couple of days since Alyssa was told to clean after herself after the exam. Jonah kept his patience with her and did his best to remind her kindly. She just didn’t do what he asked her to do. Now that the exam was over, Jonah expected her to clean the place as promised. The poor house had Alyssa’s belongings scattered everywhere. The place Jonah worked so hard to maintain had been undone of all his efforts in a matter of days. It was already almost a month and Alyssa still didn’t clean after herself. He was already beat from the day and decided that it wasn’t worth his trouble to scold Alyssa.

Jonah headed for the shower. He figured that the best way for him to just wash away all of his stress was to take a nice hot shower. Alyssa had a devious thought in her head. She was ready to act on the plan she had completed a week or so back. She saw Jonah going to the shower. She followed him and went into the bathroom with him.

For the past three weeks, Alyssa had been purposely giving Jonah peaks at the figure of her body. She let him glance at her breasts, legs, butt and anything else she could use. She felt that it was time for her to act now.

Jonah had removed his belt and was about to remove his pants, but when he turned to close the bathroom door, he was startled by Alyssa. He didn’t expect her to be behind him when he was in the bathroom.

“Ah! Sis, you scared me!”

“Hey bro, look, I…” Alyssa said in an extremely nervous tone.

Alyssa’s plan had all gone out the window when she was with Jonah in the bathroom. She had been planning to seduce him and ‘service’ him if he would do the cooking and cleaning. However, she was shaking and couldn’t even finish her sentence from how nervous she was. She turned around from the anxiety she was getting, facing away from Jonah. She then took a deep breath to calm herself and began to strip. She kept telling herself in her head,

‘You can do this! You can do this!’

Jonah began to panic saying,

“Whoa! Wait! What are you doing?! Alyssa! Sis!? Sis!”

However, Alyssa ignored him and had taken all of her clothes off except for her undergarments. She then turned back to face Jonah. She couldn’t even look him in the face. She just shied up and looked at the ground. She decided to use her nervous tone to her advantage and said with a semi-firm tone,

“Jonah! I might have a lump on my breast!”

“What?! Where?!”

“I’m gonna have to take off my bra, just feel it, it’s on my left breast!”

“Uh… I’m sure you don’t have to…”

Alyssa removed her bra before Jonah could even finish that sentence. He began to panic again. He had seen a pair of bare breasts once with a woman he dated, but he quickly told her to cover up. However, he knew that this was an emergency, so he let this one slide. Alyssa purposefully did not cover up and exposed her breasts to Jonah.

“Here, touch it!”

Jonah was extremely nervous. He looked away, shutting his eyes, not wanting to be tempted. He understood why she exposed her breasts, but why was she being so nonchalant about it? Furthermore, why did she have to take the rest of her clothes off?!

“Jonah! How can you reach out and feel for it if you look away?!”

“Just… just guide my hand!”

Alyssa then grabbed his hand and put his pointer to her nipple. She then said,

“There! You feel that?!”

“Whoa! That’s a huge bump!”

“I’ve noticed that it helps to massage around the area, can you do that for me?”

“Wait! You’re not supposed to massage something that hurts!”

“It helps with the pain, it’s like a painkiller. Also, mom had it and the doctor said to massage it! Massage it!”

Jonah retracted his hand and opened his eyes to face Alyssa. He saw her C’s exposed to him and he turned away again, closing his eyes.

“Uh… look sis, I don’t think I should do that!”

“Oh please, please Jonah! I’m begging you! Please, I’m in pain! I really need the area to be massaged again! I don’t like massaging it myself because of my long nails, they dig into my skin”

“Why don’t you, I don’t know, go to a doctor or something!”

“No! I don’t trust that he won’t touch me inappropriately. I just don’t trust strangers. Please Jonah, I’m only asking you because I trust you”

Jonah was not sure how to get out of this. Alyssa was in pain and he understood how a woman could fear molestation from a doctor she doesn’t know. He did hear about a doctor who recently raped a woman who put all of her trust into him. He wasn’t about to have that happen to Alyssa.

“Okay, I’ll do it, but you have to guide me while I close my eyes”

“Thank you Jonah!” Alyssa said overjoyed with a big smile.

She guided his hand so he could feel her nipple again. She then put the rest of his hand’s surface around her breast and said,

“There, this area is where I usually massage”

“Okay, just tell me if I’m hurting you”

“Don’t worry, I will”

Jonah began to massage Alyssa’s left breast. Alyssa was extremely horny from his touch. She decided to caress her right breast with her right hand while using her left hand to stoke her clitoris. Since he wasn’t even looking, she figured,

‘What was the harm if he won’t see?’

“Mmm, that feels good Jonah, keep doing it like that”


Alyssa then stuck a finger into her pussy and found that it was wetter than she expected. She then noticed that Jonah was actually rock hard. She craved for his cock. She just wanted to have it inside her wet pussy. It was so wet that it actually leaked a bit onto her panty. She closed her eyes and imagined how nice it would be to put it in her mouth, then her pussy or between her breasts.

“Sis! What are you doing?!”

Alyssa opened her eyes and saw Jonah looking at her in horror. She had her hand on her breast and her other hand in her underwear. She was caught. How would she get out of this?

“I… I…”

“I think I should leave you alone for a bit…”

Alyssa then stopped Jonah and decided to just get straight to the point.

“I’ve noticed the way you’ve looked at me”

“What?! No I haven’t!”

“Don’t you find me attractive?!”

“Uh… you… you’re an attractive woman, but your my sister!”

“Not by blood! Also, I know you’re lying! I can see how rock hard you always are and even now”

Jonah looked down at his pants. She was right. He tried to explain,

“This?! I… uh…”

Alyssa had Jonah right where she wanted him. She then removed her underwear and showed it to Jonah. He didn’t turn away this time. He was too in shock from what Alyssa was doing that he did nothing but stare. She then began to fondle her breasts, putting on a good show for Jonah.

“Are my breasts okay?”

Jonah was silent. He just continued to stare. He was aroused from what he was seeing. He felt the same way a teenage boy would when first seeing pornography. This was the first time he saw a naked woman’s body. Alyssa just smiled at Jonah’s dumbfoundedness. She then turned around and bent over, exposing her pussy and asshole. She then spread her ass and pussy, exposing both holes even further. Jonah was too lost in the sudden increase of lustful desire he had. He could do nothing but stare in amazement. He had never seen a woman’s vagina before. It was all so new to him. Especially seeing it from behind, being spread open.

Alyssa then stood up and took a couple of steps towards Jonah. She then grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts. His hands were cold and sweaty. She smiled at how cute she thought that was. She then squeezed his hands so they would squeeze her breasts. She kept squeezing and releasing for a while and then eventually let go of his hands. Jonah did not even notice that he was just squeezing her breasts all on his own.

Alyssa just smiled at Jonah with a devious lustful look. She then put her hands on his head. She closed her eyes and kissed his lips. Jonah just closed his eyes and kissed back. Alyssa then begged,

“Oh Jonah! Please suck my nipples!”

Jonah was already lost in his lust, nothing mattered at this point except Alyssa. He put his mouth to her left nipple and began to suck on it. Alyssa began to moan from the pleasure.

“Oh Jonah! Yes! Just like that!”

She then put her right nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it. Before Alyssa knew it, her hand was down to where her clitoris was. She stroked herself to orgasm and cried out,

“Oh Jonah!!!!”

After she had finished her climax, Alyssa smiled deviously again at Jonah. Jonah was not only seduced by Alyssa’s body, but also charmed from the way she acted. He also liked looking into her eyes. Their hazel color that he found to be very beautiful. Alyssa decided it was time to repay Jonah. She pulled down Jonah’s underwear and pants and got to her knees. She then backed away, suddenly intimidated by Jonah’s size. She was speechless. She thought that he may have been 7½ inches, maybe even 8, but 9?!

“What’s wrong?!”

“It’s! You’re! It… IT’S HUGE!!!”


Alyssa was actually scared. Could she really take such a monster in her mouth? Then again, the thought of its size penetrating her tight pussy wasn’t scary to her, it actually made her more excited. Why not. She’d give it a try.

“Okay Jonah, I have to go slow, this thing is humungous”

“Uh, what are you gonna…”

Alyssa opened wide as she was determined to take this whole thing in her mouth. She got a couple of inches in. She just hoped it wasn’t too much for her to handle. She’s blown only two men in her life and they were both ex-boyfriends. However, this was bigger than both of them combined. Alyssa was having a bit of trouble getting all of it in. She just told herself,

‘Well… you wanted his cock… you got it’

Jonah had never felt anything like this. It was warm and wet inside Alyssa’s mouth. It was completely new. The inside of her mouth was much better than his hand for sure, in terms of softness and warmth. As well as more lubricated. Jonah knew that this was all wrong, but he just froze and let Alyssa do what she was doing.

Alyssa took her time and she eventually got seven inches in. Her eyes were tearing and she was drooling a bit. She just swallowed up her salivation and continued. Jonah was just quiet. He watched as his cock was going in and out of Alyssa’s mouth. Her beautiful hazel eyes looked back at him.

‘What am I doing?!’
‘This feels so good’
‘Is this really happening?!’
‘So this is what it feels like’

All these thoughts stuck in Jonah’s head. He couldn’t think straight from what was going on. Part of him thought that this may just be a dream. He was so filled with guilt, worry, excitement and sexual desire & ecstasy. Alyssa had eventually gotten all of Jonah’s cock in her mouth. She was deepthroating him at a medium pace now and Jonah felt that he was about to cum. He knew it. He tried to warn Alyssa,

“I! It’s gonna!!!”

Alyssa knew what was going to happen thanks to Jonah’s warning. However, she did not stop, she wanted his cum. She was going to swallow whatever Jonah squirted into her mouth. Jonah tried to grab onto the shower curtain. It was the only thing he could grab onto. He began to ejaculate into Alyssa’s mouth. Alyssa stopped moving her head and used her tongue to massage Jonah’s glans. He just kept squirting into Alyssa’s mouth like a fire hose.

Never had Jonah felt pleasure this great in his whole life. He felt wonderful as he watched Alyssa gulp down his cum after each squirt. Once he finished and had calmed down from his strong climax, Alyssa smiled at Jonah and began to speak,

“Mmm, you taste so good”

Jonah remained silent with a smile on his face from the sensation she had just given him. What added to that was the fact that she smiled at him cutely after he just did what he did in her mouth. She then continued with a neutral face,

“Hey, so uh, look. You already know this by now. I’m not that great with cooking and cleaning. If you do all the cooking and cleaning, I’ll do this for you every day. Is that cool?”

Jonah was speechless. All he could do was nod his head in approval. That was the first time he got a blowjob, the first time a woman had ever done something sexual with him. The most he ever did was kiss a girl, but it was in no way supposed to be sexual, purely romantic.

Alyssa just smiled at Jonah, knowing she had won. It was a double win. He’d do the cooking and cleaning and she could taste his cock every day.

Chapter VIII
Alyssa excused herself, needing to do a paper for her English class. Jonah was left to shower by himself. As she opened up her laptop, she couldn’t help but giggle in happiness and excitement at what had just happened. She then opened her word document to continue her paper. She couldn’t get the thoughts out of her mind,

‘Oh my God! I did it!’
‘I don’t have to cook and clean!’
‘I tasted Jonah’s sweet cum!’
‘This has got to be the best day of my life!’

Alyssa just laid down and sighed happily. As a way to reward herself of her victory, she decided to hold off on the paper and just relax on her bed and think about what she could do with Jonah next.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jonah washed his daily filth off of himself. However, he could not wash away his shame. He gave into temptation. To his own sister no less. How could he have stooped so low? He had to go to the confessional and ask for forgiveness.

Jonah felt great getting a blowjob for the first time, but he felt extremely guilty afterwards. He had to repent. He turned off the shower and wiped himself down with a towel. He changed into a fresh set of clothes and got out of the bathroom to talk to Alyssa. He was about to knock on her door when he noticed it was open. He moved it slightly and saw that she passed out on her bed doing her paper. He decided to not wake her and went to his room. He could talk to her tomorrow.

The next morning, Jonah sat Alyssa down and began,

“Look sis, we shouldn’t have done what we did last night”

Alyssa figured that this might happen. She already had a plan to counter it. She took Jonah’s hand into hers and said,

“Jonah, what we did was not wrong! It was beautiful and wonderful! Even if it was wrong, I can’t help but think about it. Also, it would be more wrong to deny ourselves happiness”

“I understand, but we have to stop this”

Alyssa stared into Jonah’s eyes and quickly attacked his lips with her own. Jonah tried to fight back, but before he could push her off. She grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts. He broke the kiss.

“Please! We can’t!”

He then pushed her off and said,

“Look sis, we can’t do this! What would our parents think?!”

Alyssa quickly began to strip saying,

“Mom doesn’t care who I end up with as long as I’m happy!”

“Whoa! Sis! Put your clothes back on!”

Alyssa was now fully naked and started to walk closer to Jonah. He closed his eyes and turned away. She then grabbed Jonah’s head and attacked his lips again. She was back to kissing him and he soon gave in once she put his hands back on her breasts, bare this time, and she put her hand on his groin. They started to make out on the couch and as they kissed, Alyssa began to strip Jonah. To her surprise, Jonah was helping her. He was pretty surprised too. To him, it was like his hands had minds of their own. Once his shirt was off, he quickly assaulted her nipples. Alyssa could say nothing, but moan,

“Oh Jonah…”

As he sucked her nipples, she reached down and unzipped his pants. She worked around his underwear and his cock quickly sprung out. She then grabbed it and began to stroke it. As she stroked it, she looked at him saying,

“It’s not very fair that only I’m completely naked”

Jonah quickly removed the rest of his clothes to reveal his body to Alyssa. She never saw him fully naked before, but she was liking what she was seeing. She then got to her knees and began to suck his cock. He did nothing but stare at his step-sister giving him a blowjob. He enjoyed looking at those hazel eyes stare back at him. Alyssa then popped his cock out of her mouth and said,

“Why don’t you lay on the couch, so it’s more comfortable”


Jonah then got on the couch and was expecting Alyssa to just suck him off while he laid down, but he was wrong. She began to climb on top of him and grabbed his cock. She aimed it at her pussy and began to sink her body down.

“Oh no! Alyssa wait!!!”

His cock sank in and Alyssa cried out in pleasure. Jonah had so many emotions going through his head. He couldn’t tell if he was afraid, relieved, happy, angry, remorseful, but all he knew at this point was, his cock felt really good. Alyssa’s pussy felt very warm as it clung around his shaft. She moaned,

“Oh Jonah! Jonah! It’s in! You’re inside me!”

Jonah couldn’t believe he had just lost his virginity. He already felt like he was going to cum once Alyssa began to ride him. He decided to warn her,

“I’m gonna cum!”

Alyssa then got off and Jonah squirted in the air. It landed on his gut, on Alyssa’s hair and shoulders, and the couch and floor. Jonah rested his head on the couch trying to calm down from what just happened. Alyssa then got a brilliant idea. Jonah had his eyes closed, but then opened them when he felt something on his gut. He found Alyssa licking his cum off his body. By the time she finished, she moved closer and opened her mouth to show the cum inside it. She then closed and swallowed and reopened to show Jonah in hopes of arousing him. She did.

Jonah didn’t even notice it, but he was still rock hard. However, Alyssa did. She then turned around and got to her hands and knees. She wagged her ass begging Jonah,

“Oh Jonah, don’t you wanna stick it in”

Jonah could only say “Okay” and fulfill her request. He kneeled behind Alyssa and aimed his cock at her pussy. He began to press it in. Alyssa could feel his cock reenter her sopping wet pussy.

“Mmm, yes! That’s it, fuck me! Fuck me!”

Jonah just kept fucking Alyssa from behind. He grabbed onto her hips for more balance and support. Alyssa kept moaning the dirtiest of things and Jonah just kept going at her using her dirty words as encouragement. He then decided to join her in moaning,

“Oh Sis! This feels so good!”

“Ew! Don’t call me that when we’re having sex!!!”

“Oh, sorry, what did you want me to call you then?”

“Just call me Alyssa when we have sex, okay?”

Jonah smiled at her,

“Okay Alyssa”

Jonah began to move again and continued for a couple of minutes until Alyssa started to cry out,

“I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking me!!!”


Jonah started to pump away as Alyssa was moaning his name while she was cumming. She told him to stop. Alyssa then moved forward so he would slip out of her. She turned around to suck his cock. She guided him to lay down now, instead of kneel on the couch. As Jonah laid down having his cock sucked, he couldn’t help but look at Alyssa suck him off. He liked the sight of Alyssa putting his cock in her mouth. It took a couple more minutes of a handjob and blowjob combination and Jonah was now ready to release.

“Alyssa, I…”

“I got it”

Alyssa stopped stroking Jonah’s cock and put it in her mouth. She deepthroated him and let him cum while his cock was already down her throat. She really didn’t have to try to swallow it because his cock was so far down. When Jonah’s cock had ceased to squirt, Alyssa lifted her head and his cock slid out covered in her saliva.

Alyssa sighed happily and laid on top of him on the couch. She rested her head on his chest. Once all the arousal had faded, Jonah felt so much guilt for giving into temptation like this. He wondered if he would ever be the same again. He now knew what it was like to have sex. He signed in distress.

One thing a good friend of his in high school told him was,

“Dude, sex really is like a drug, once you start, you never stop”

Jonah feared that he would become addicted to sex. That he may, in fact, want it if he abstains… NO! WHEN he abstains. This was bad. Jonah was already considering doing it again. Despite all the guilt, he still thought about doing it again. He had to go to confession and repent! He just had to!

Alyssa looked up at him and giggled,

“Hehe, that was fun, I’m gonna go take a shower”

Jonah looked at her and gave a forced smile. Once Alyssa left the living room, he sighed,

“It’s one thing to be a virgin and abstain, but it’s going to take true strength and courage to abstain when you’ve already experienced sex…”

Chapter IX
Jonah and Alyssa continued their secret relationship. They continued to have sex at home and one day, Alyssa asked Jonah to come to school with her during a Saturday evening. She wanted to try having sex in her Biology lab since she knew the place was always deserted compared to other times. She wasn’t confident enough that Jonah would agree to this, so she lied and cleverly said it was an exam review, when the second exam was in the following week.

“You ready to go sis?”

“Yeah, I just hope I don’t miss anything, we are running a bit late”

“We’ll make it, don’t worry”

The two got in the car and headed off to school. Jonah really didn’t want to go, but it was something Alyssa felt she needed. He was already tired from the day that had just passed. He really wasn’t in the mood to drive, but if it helped Alyssa, he was willing put up with it. Even though he felt a little used at times with Alyssa, the good heart that he possessed enabled him to press on and put up with it all.

As they got to school and headed for the laboratory, Jonah couldn’t help but notice that the parking lot and area outside the lab was empty. Where was everyone? Alyssa opened the door and let Jonah in. The room was dark. Why was it dark? Something suspicious was going on here.

Jonah entered the room and saw that no one was in there. He was about to turn to Alyssa to ask where everyone was; however, the first thing he saw was Alyssa’s bare breasts. She started to walk to Jonah.

“Hey, wait! Here?! We’ll get in trouble!”

“Oh relax, we just gotta keep our voices down”


Alyssa then grabbed Jonah by the belt around his waist and tugged him forward slightly. She then got on her knees and unzipped his pants. Jonah was still very wary about the situation.

“Please Alyssa, not here, what if we get caught… ah!”

Alyssa had put Jonah’s cock in her mouth before he could even finish his sentence. He could feel Alyssa being a bit more enthusiastic than usual. He could do nothing as his cock was in her mouth and her breasts were exposed. Alyssa popped Jonah’s cock out of her mouth and said to him,

“You know, I’ve always wanted to try fooling around in school late at night. Just like this”

Alyssa then put Jonah’s cock in between her breasts after that statement. She squeezed her breasts together as his cock slid in and out of her cleavage. Jonah was helpless and soon gave in to his desires.

Over at the laboratory across, Angela was working late in the labs on campus. She was doing research and experimentation pertaining to Antibiotics and Bacteria. She smiled to herself, quite proud of her progress, saying,

“I’ve done it!!! Now all I need to do is present it to my colleagues and then the Dean… Why not, I can put up with the experiment one last time”

Angela decided to give the experiment one more trial. She quickly hurried to the adjacent lab where the incubator was being kept. She was about to open the door, but then she made out some figures in the lab with the lights off. The only source of light within the room was the moonlight from the window.

“Larry? Denise? Who’s in there?”

The figures appeared to be moving in a motion that was…

‘OH MY GOD!!! Are they having sex?!’ Angela thought to herself.

This got Angela curious. She wanted to know which of her coworkers were screwing around in the labs late at night. She turned the knob of the door slowly and silently. As she opened the door slowly without making noise, she began to hear,

“Oh Jonah! Jonah! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Angela began to pull out her phone as she questioned in her head,

‘Jonah… there’s no one here at work with that name? Students? Who do I know with… NO!’

As Angela squinted her eyes, she realized that she was right. It WAS Jonah. The intelligent young man that she touched herself to the thought of. Who was he screwing?! She aimed her phone and saw who it was through the phone…

‘His sister!!! He’s fucking his own sister!!!’

Angela suddenly hatched up an extremely evil scheme. She started to take pictures with the flash off. She made sure to get their faces when they changed positions. Once Angela got enough shots, she slowly and silently closed the door. She then hurried back to the lab she was in.

‘Did I really just see that?!’

Angela looked at the pictures she took. Then continued to think to herself,

‘Yup, there’s no denying it. I have dirt on Alyssa and her brother’

Angela knew exactly what to do with the pictures she took. She hooked up her phone to the computer and saved copies onto her USB. She then printed physical copies of the pictures. Angela was going to show these to Jonah and then blackmail him into having sex with her.

“As disgusting as it is to know that he screws his own sister, I’m still very attracted to him…”

Angela began to rub herself again to the thought of Jonah.


“Ah! Alyssa! I’m cumming!!!”

“Shh! Not so loud! You never know if someone’s here” Alyssa whispered.

“Sorry” Jonah whispered back.

Jonah then shot his cum into Alyssa’s open mouth, which leak out onto her breasts. She then rubbed what cum had leak onto her breasts all over them. She applied it like lotion and swallowed whatever was still in her mouth.

“Mmm, I can never get enough of your cum”

“Come on, let’s get out of here before someone catches us”

“Oh alright you worry wart, I’m telling you, no one saw us, even if they did, they can’t prove it”

Chapter X
No matter how many times Jonah tried, he always found himself giving into temptation. There were often times when he would find himself thinking,

‘Hey? Why can’t priests marry? Other religions have them. And it’s not like it’s some sinful relationship, it’s a beautiful love between him and his wife’

Jonah had become a sex addict. He went to church, but it only made the weight on his shoulders heavier. Father Andre knew his voice and was the only priest hearing confessions, so he was afraid of telling him of his new found relationship with his step-sister.

Every time he tried to talk Alyssa for them to stop, she would seduce him. He kept giving into temptation. If not this, she would cry and fear for her life that she’d fail her biology class, forcing him to comfort her due to his good heart. Alyssa would then seduce him after as a thank you. Of course Jonah was too ignorant to realize just how much Alyssa was manipulating him. However, today was different. He was going to fight it more than he ever did before. He had strayed away from his path for too long and he was tired of it. He walked up to Alyssa and said,

“Hey sis, look, I have to go to church, I NEED to go”

Alyssa again tried to seduce Jonah saying,

“Oh, but Jonah, don’t you want me? I’m really horny right now, look”

Alyssa stuck two fingers in her pussy and held them up for Jonah to view. He could clearly see that she was wet. However, he had to be strong. He resisted,

“I’m sorry, but this has to stop! No more!”

Jonah quickly turned his back and started to walk away.

“Jonah please wait!”

Alyssa began to tear and grabbed his wrist before he left. He turned to see her tears flow from her eyes.

“Please Jonah, could you at least help me with bio, I’m scared I’ll fail”

“I’ve been tutoring you since the first one up to now. You’ll be fine. It’s all just review at this point”

Alyssa was dumbfounded. She really didn’t know how to counter that. Jonah turned and left for the car. She began to chase after him; she didn’t want what she had with him to end. She knew that once he went to church, he’ll be all ‘Oh no! What we had was sinful!’ and not want to have sex with her anymore. This would result in her doing housework.

‘C’mon Alyssa! Think!’
‘I GOT IT!!!’

She then yelled at him,

“I’ll go with you!!!”

Jonah then stopped and turned to face her.


“I’ll… I’ll go to church with you”

“You… you will?!”

“Yes, maybe it’ll do me some good”

Jonah felt like crying tears of joy. He walked to Alyssa and hugged her.

“I never thought I’d see the day!”

Alyssa just awkwardly hugged back, not knowing what to say next. However, Jonah was too overjoyed by what Alyssa had said that he didn’t even bother to think about it. As they got into the car and drove on the road, he kept telling her how she won’t regret it or that she’ll really turn her life around for the better. However, Alyssa was planning to seduce Jonah again somehow.

Once Jonah parked the car and they both entered the church, the confessional was to their left and Jonah asked Alyssa,

“Do you wanna go first or me?”

“I dunno, I guess me”


Jonah was thrilled to know that he would finally stop the sinful act he was committing with his step-sister and on top of that, she was coming around. Curious about the faith he followed, unlike most people in his generation. Jonah put his hands together and thanked God,

“Thank You Lord, I feel that there will be much change in the future that will better my situation”

Alyssa was in the confessional and looked at the window where the priest should be, but there was no one there. She checked if there was anyone,


No response.

‘Goddamn it! Lazy fucks!’
‘Hey wait a minute… No one’s here’
‘I think I have an idea”

Jonah turned to see Alyssa come out. He smiled at her, but he saw a look of unease on Alyssa’s face.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s no one in here and I think someone graffitied the inside”


Jonah marched right into the confessional to see what Alyssa was talking about. How could anyone do such a vile disrespectful act? Were they possessed? He stepped in and saw nothing. He looked up to the top and saw nothing. The bottom was clear too. The door? Jonah turned to look at the door, but Alyssa was right behind him. She closed the door and exposed her breasts to him.

“Alyssa! NO!!! Not here! I thought you said that you’d turn over a new leaf”

“Oh Jonah… I lied. Now… Gimme your hard cock!”

Alyssa grabbed his groin and began to press her breasts on Jonah’s chest. She began to take off all of her clothes.

“No! I… We can’t do this”

Alyssa pulled out Jonah’s erect cock from his pants. She tried to stroke it, but Jonah found the willpower to resist this time, being in the one place he felt he was at his peak for being moral in body and mind. He couldn’t do such a sacrilegious act in church. He then began to push Alyssa off and leave. Alyssa knew she was losing him.

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m sorry Jonah…’ she thought to herself.

“If you leave, I’ll yell rape!”

Jonah stopped.


“Don’t believe me? Try it!”

Jonah could see the look on Alyssa face. She wasn’t kidding. The moment the police are called, he’d be thrown in jail and shunned by everyone. Everyone is always quick to believe the woman first. He may have been naive and oblivious to how Alyssa had been controlling him, but he was smart enough to know that everyone would automatically believe Alyssa over him if she claimed rape, especially because of where they were currently located. What was he to do? There were people out there. How did things turn out this way?

He had no other choice.


Alyssa then said in an aggressive tone,

“Now take off your clothes and get on your knees!”

Jonah obeyed, not wanting her to cry rape. He took his clothes off slowly, too in shock to accept what was happening. Alyssa was in complete control and she liked it. Enough of this mutual bullshit. She wanted to be the dominant when they had sex, but she felt he wasn’t ready for that. However, now was the time to try it she thought. He’d follow every single command she’d give him.

“Hurry up! Take them off faster!”

Jonah sped up and then got to his knees. Alyssa then put her pussy to his face and commanded him,

“Now eat my fucking pussy!”

Jonah began to lick at Alyssa’s clitoris. She grabbed his hair and forced his face into her groin. Jonah continued to lick Alyssa’s erect clitoris. She then let go after and decided to use both hands to spread her pussy. Jonah tried one last feeble attempt to beg Alyssa to stop.

“Alyssa, please, sis we got…”


“Shut up! I told you never to call me that when we do this! As punishment, you’re gonna shut the fuck up and lick up whatever’s juices come out of my pussy! Now lick it up!”

Jonah submitted and began to lick the inside of Alyssa’s pussy. Her pussy was leaking out and Jonah licked it all up. Alyssa moaned,

“Mmm, yeah, that’s it. Eat my fucking pussy! Lick up my fucking juices and swallow them!”

Jonah just closed his eyes and licked away, pleasuring his now a dominatrix of a step-sister. She moaned softly, trying not to be too loud and alert anyone outside. She grabbed Jonah’s head and forced it into her groin again, enjoying her domination over him. She had finally tried having a dom/sub relationship with Jonah during sex and it was wonderful. It made her extremely excited. Her pussy kept leaking and Jonah was forced to keep swallowing.

Deep down, Alyssa felt that this was somewhat wrong, but if Jonah was going to stop the sex and make her do house work, she was willing to do whatever it took to sustain her current situation. If persuading him was not going to work anymore, she was going to have to force him now. She kept telling herself,

‘It’s for his own good’
‘He’ll have a better life because of this’
‘He’ll enjoy this, men love anything sexual’
‘It’ll all work out in the end’
‘He’ll thank me in the future’

She completely disregarded how wrong her actions were. She was in a state of denial and just closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure. She then commanded Jonah,

“Get back on your feet! I’m gonna fucking ride you and you’re gonna fucking like it!”

“Yes Alyssa…”

Jonah stood back up, but to his surprise, he was erect. He didn’t enjoy being forced like this, but his cock said differently. Perhaps it was his body’s natural reaction. Perhaps he really did enjoy this deep down inside. He wasn’t sure. What he did know for sure was that he was not enjoying being forced to go back into the life of sin he had participated in the last few weeks when he was trying desperately not to. He didn’t appreciate the slap in the face either. However, what bothered him the most was the fact that she forced him to do this in church, the one place he felt his safest at. He was extremely angry about that, but he couldn’t lash out at her. She could just yell a four lettered word and life would be all over for him. He thought that things had finally turned around, but he was wrong.

Alyssa walked up to Jonah and he lifted her up. She grabbed his cock and aimed it to her opening. It then entered and she moaned softly trying not to be too loud again. She decided to dig her nails into his back, frustrated from not being able to moan loudly. She drove her nails in hard. Jonah did not expect the sudden rush of sharp pain and cried out,

“OH GOD!!! JESUS!!!”

Alyssa’s eyes widened and she quickly put her hand over his mouth. They both kept quiet. They heard footsteps right outside, then a voice. It was Father Andre. He began to speak in a calm tone,

“That’s it my son, if you truly repent like so, God will forgive you”

The two then heard him walking away. Alyssa continued. She rode Jonah’s cock for the next few minutes. She would degrade Jonah and he would submissively respond back.

“Who’s cock is this?!”



“Wrong answer!”


“Hmm, good boy. Tell me how much you love my pussy!”

As Alyssa said this, she clenched her vaginal muscles around Jonah’s cock.

“It… ah! Uh… uh… Alyssa, I’m gonna cum!”


“Don’t you dare!”

Jonah tensed up and tried his best not to cum. He succeeded. Alyssa continued to verbally assault him.

“Now tell me how much you love my pussy!”

She decided not squeeze his cock this time. He answered,

“I love it, it feels so soft and warm”

“Mmm hmm…. Keep going! Tell me how it tastes”

Alyssa was riding Jonah’s cock faster, she was getting turned on from his complimenting.

“It tastes so wonderful! It’s something I’ve never had before, it’s so good”

She began to moan and cum. Jonah was holding in his cum as if he were hanging on for dear life. As Alyssa finished, she then decided to degrade Jonah,

“If you’re a good boy and beg me, I’ll consider letting you cum”

Jonah begged. He was lost in his own lust and pleasure from the sex.

“Oh please… please, please let me cum”

She then whispered in his ear,

“That’s a good boy, I’ll let you cum”

She got off of him, but then they heard a choir sing. Alyssa was scared that there may have been too many people. So she began to put her clothes back on and said to Jonah,

“Put your clothes back on. We have to go. There are way too many people here. Let’s leave before it’s impossible for us to leave”

Jonah really wanted to cum, but he understood. He grabbed his clothes and started to redress himself. Once they were both fully clothed, Alyssa said to him.

“Let’s go home now”

The two got their clothes back on and cracked open the confessional door to scan the perimeter. No one was looking. The two quickly slipped out and left the church heading home…

Father Andre entered the door to the back chapel and found Father Rick praying. He had come from another parish for a visit.

“Oh… Rick… I thought you were hearing confessions”

“No, I’ve been here all this time”

“What? Then who was in the confessional?”

Chapter XI
On the drive home, Alyssa got an idea.

“Hey Jonah, whip out that huge cock of yours, I wanna see it”

Jonah pulled it out, expecting her to touch it. He had not cum yet. She began to stroke his cock.

“Is this what you wanted?”


He wanted to cum, but then Alyssa stopped stroking him and slapped him with the back of her hand.


“Uh uh, don’t cum before me”

Alyssa put her other hand in her underwear and started to stroke her clitoris. She then returned to stroking him. For the whole driveway home, Alyssa stroked him and herself. She then came as he parked the car. Once she pulled her hand out, Jonah got more excited and needed only a couple more strokes. However, she stopped stroking him and giggled as she got out of the car.

Jonah was confused. Did she really just deny him to cum a second time? He REALLY didn’t like that. Alyssa was beyond a tease. She liked denying Jonah his ejaculation. It was just another femdom thing she’s always liked. She then saw Jonah going to the couch, putting both his palms on each of his respective temples.

Jonah was rubbing his temples in despair and anger. He couldn’t resist Alyssa’s body and to make things worse, even if he could, he had no choice. What he did was sinful, the most sinful act he could have ever thought of. He actually got an erection despite all the sin pulsing though the situation. He hated the fact that Alyssa made him have sex in church. He also hated being denied to cum, twice. He wanted it, but once the arousal died down a couple of seconds ago. He didn’t want it. He just wanted to abstain from sex.

Alyssa saw Jonah’s stress and sat next to him. She simply hugged him from the side and did not say a word. Jonah was even more angry, but due to his good nature, he decided to control his emotions. However, he was extremely close to lashing out at her. Alyssa was beyond inconsiderate already. He just leaned back and let his body rest on the couch. It kept bothering him that Alyssa didn’t even say sorry once, for anything. She just kept taking from him without truly giving back. It was true she gave him sex, but he wanted to stop it. Every single time he tried, she’d just put him back where he started.

“Jonah?” Alyssa called him.

He started to think to himself,

‘There’s only one way for me to stop this. It may be drastic, but it has to be done…’

“Alyssa, I’ll teach you how to cook and help you with becoming a less messy person. So that way, you don’t have to keep having sex with me. If I fail, then you’ll have to live somewhere else”

“WHAT?! No! I like things the way they are!”

“It’s just better for you and also, what you’re doing isn’t the most moral thing…”

“Fuck You! What I’M doing?! Last I check, sex was between us NOT me!!! You’re calling me a whore?! I know what they teach you about women who have casual consensual sex!!! They’re all whores! Well fuck you!”

“I didn’t say that…”

“NO! Shut the fuck up!!! You fucking dick! I don’t need you! I never needed you! I only had sex with you because I felt sorry for you! I didn’t want you to end up being a child molester so I gave you my body out of sympathy! This is the thanks I get?! I’ll cook and clean myself! This ‘whore’ will show you! No more sex for you! Fuck you!!!”

Alyssa was yelling at Jonah’s face. He was already angry during the drive home. He even controlled himself when she showed a complete lack of understanding and remorse. She manipulated him in church of all places! He began to release the pent up anger,

“SHUT UP!!! I cook and clean for you and you repay me by ruining my celibate life! I WISH WE NEVER MET AGAIN!!!!”

Jonah had snapped. He had had enough of Alyssa’s bullshit. He was kind enough to let her live with him, cook for her, clean after her and even offer to help her to better herself despite the fact that she did not respect his wish to become a priest. She wrecked everything that he worked towards. Now he was just a sex addict. At least, that’s how he felt. He also didn’t appreciate her calling him a ‘child molester’.

Right after that last statement, he saw that it hurt Alyssa. He quickly tried to undo the damage of what he said,

“Alyssa, I’m sor…”

Alyssa began to cry,

“Fuck you! I fucking hate you!”

“I’m sorry, sis!”

Alyssa ran to her room and locked it. Jonah ran after her and tried to open the door. She then yelled to him on the other side.

“I’m not your sister!!! I don’t wanna know you! It was a mistake coming out here! I hope you fucking die!!!”

All Jonah felt was guilt for saying what he said. He had hurt Alyssa with those words. He blamed himself for all this.

‘This is all my fault. If I had been stronger to resist, we wouldn’t have ended up like this’

Jonah kept trying to talk to her for a while, but she just remained silent. He kept apologizing to her and telling her that it was his fault, but she never said a word. He decided to just wait outside her door, sitting on the floor.

After Alyssa heard Jonah stop talking, she started to ponder on what her next action should be. She never thought about whether this was love or just lust between them. She could only think about what had just happened and it made her not think straight, but then she thought to herself,

‘Why did I react like that?!’
‘Why should I care what he thinks about me?’
‘He’s going to be a priest, he thinks any woman who has sex is a whore, that’s religion poisoning his mind’
‘Can it be?! Am I… having feelings?!!!’
‘No! It’s just sex, that’s all!!!’

Alyssa started to think about something her mother once said,

‘Alyssa, don’t try to find love so quickly. Go out and have fun while you’re still young. Then when you’re older, you can get all lovey dovey with someone’

She gave herself to two previous boyfriends. Her heart, her everything, only to be returned with mistreatment. Jonah would just be the same. It was decided. She’d just have sex with Jonah only. There was no way she could fall in love with him. She then started to feel uneasy by that notion. She began to think to herself,

‘No! I… I… I have feelings for my step-brother!’
‘…I can’t tell him… I just can’t… or anyone else’
‘He wouldn’t understand, no one would understand, I don’t even understand’
‘It’ll just be sex’

Alyssa quickly got up to talk to Jonah, but when she opened her door, she saw that he had passed out on the floor, waiting for her to open the door. She checked the time, it was already midnight. She knew Jonah wasn’t much of a night owl.

“You waited for me…”

She was really touched by his commitment to fix things with her. It was all over an argument that she started because she let her emotions get the best of her. She knew Jonah would never think she was a whore, yet her emotions still got the best of her. Alyssa felt extremely guilty. So he let his emotions take control too, but she kept pushing his buttons. He had every right to. She was being a top notch bitch. Knowing that made her very upset when Jonah had been nothing but sweet to her.

‘Do I want to get serious with him? Or should I just keep it simple with the sex?’

Alyssa turned around and had finally decided…

‘I’m still young, mom’s right. It’s just my emotions getting the best of me’
‘I felt like this with my previous relationships and I gave my heart. Look what that’s gotten me’
‘I’ll just get hurt if I allow myself to fall in love again’
‘Besides, after what I did to him in the confessional… I wouldn’t want to date me either’

Alyssa then returned to her room and went to sleep. The next morning, Jonah was cooking breakfast. Alyssa had woken up and could smell it. She got up to talk to Jonah. He turned his head to look at her and said,


“Hey, look, about last night…”

“I’m sorry Alyssa, it’s all my fault, I’m completely to blame for this. It’s all my fault for not resisting temptation from you…”

“Just stop! Look, it’s fine, I overreacted. I just wanted to tell you that this is just sex between us. Nothing more, it’s not some kind of romantic thing going on. Don’t get it confused”

“Oh… okay…”

Jonah looked back at the food he was cooking. He felt crushed by those words. Alyssa noticed a bit of pain in Jonah’s eyes the moment she said that. It was obvious that he had feelings too. She coldly brushed it off and remained silent. She shouldn’t be getting serious with anyone. She just has to go out and have fun while she’s young.

“Alyssa, I can’t do this with you”

Alyssa was Jonah’s first and that meant something to him. Being his first made her special to him. She decided it was probably for the best if they stopped this. Continuing the relationship would only serve to further hurt him. Besides, she could have any guy she wanted. She was young and beautiful and she felt she’d be wasting time trying to fix something she felt she really fucked up on. She finally decided to agree to Jonah’s terms of stopping the sex between them. She attempted to take up the role of the tough girl.

“Fine, but don’t come crawling to me because you need a fix”

She may have come off as more of a bitch than a tough girl just then, but there’s no changing it now. She stuck by her attitude. Jonah just replied kindly to her,

“Thank you”

Alyssa turned away and thought to herself,

‘It’s for our own good’

Chapter XII
Angela came prepared for class this time. The second exam was about to commence and she was very happy to see Jonah in the class. Before the exam started she came up to Jonah and said to him,

“Hey Jonah, I need to talk to you after class, could you meet me in my office? It’s a science thing”

“Oh… okay, sure” Jonah said happily.

“Thanks, you’re a doll” Angela said with a smile.

Angela then turned to look at Alyssa, who had a very angry jealous look on her face. Angela just smiled at her saying,

“Good luck Ms. McClain”

Alyssa then thought to herself,

‘I don’t know why, but I wanna fucking punch Dr. Summers for some reason…’

As the exam went on, the same patterns occurred. Some finished early, some finished late, most finished in the middle. Angela was dying of anticipation. She was going to have Jonah. Once the class had finished, she and Jonah walked to her office. She smirked at the obvious look of envy in Alyssa’s face. As they both entered her office, she closed and locked the door behind them. Jonah got a bit nervous.

“Uh… Professor Summers, uh… what’s with the door?”

“This has to remain a secret between us, so I had to close and lock the door”

“Uh… okay… so, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“About a certain a couple who happens to be siblings”

“Uh, what?”

“Don’t ‘uh what’ me, there’s no denying it! I know what you and Alyssa have been up to as of late, no wonder you two know the human anatomy section so well”

“What?! Are you suggesting…”

“I am not suggesting, I am simply speaking the truth”

Angela then pointed to the closed door behind Jonah. He saw a calendar. He was confused. Angela told him,

“Look inside the calendar”

Jonah lifted the calendar off the door. He admired the beautiful artwork, but soon felt his heart race when he opened it. He saw pictures of the time he and Alyssa had sex in the lab. Jonah had so much fear within him as if his life was in danger. Angela smiled, knowing that everything was going as she wanted it. She then continued,

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if everyone found out about you? A man saying he’s becoming a priest, was actually having pre-marital sex and with his own sister. Also, what would that do for your poor little sister? Why, she’d be shunned upon in this whole campus, not to mention the family”

“She’s my step-sister!”

“Here’s what I propose, you pleasure me whenever I call you and I’ll keep your sick relationship under the table”

“What?! That’s blackmail! This… this is wrong! We don’t even have sex anymore, everything’s back on track and I’ve been good!”

“Do you really have a choice? It’s this or the reputation of you and your ‘step’ sister are ruined. Besides, you say ‘we don’t have sex anymore’, but who’d believe that over photos?”

“Please, I actually just lost my virginity. I can’t get it back, but I can fight lust and abstain again”

“You were a virgin… uh, well it makes sense. Someone as hot as you trying to be a priest. It’s plausible”

“So you’ll let me go?”


Jonah already knew where this going. The truth was, he was scared for himself, but being the good person he was, he was worried more so for Alyssa. As much stress that she had caused him, he still loved her and cared for her. As he looked at the pictures, he decided to just get straight to the point,

“So, what now?”

“It’s simple really, I want you to be my little boy toy”

Jonah gave Angela a shocked expression. Angela continued,

“You heard me, you can start by taking off your clothes”

Jonah paused and gave it some thought. He couldn’t find a way out. He had finally gotten back on track with his celibate life and now it was being wrecked again. There was only one thing he could do. He began to strip.

“Mmm, baby, yeah, that’s what I like”

Once Jonah was completely naked, Angela was completely silent. She gasped,

“Oh my God… It’s beautiful”

Angela felt like drooling from the size of Jonah’s cock. It was bigger than she had hoped for. She couldn’t stop smiling at how large his member was. Angela removed her shirt and bra. She cupped her D’s and commanded Jonah,

“Come suck my nipples”

Jonah had never seen a pair of breasts so big. He thought Alyssa’s C’s were huge, but this outdid them for sure. He walked up to Angela and he put her right nipple into his mouth while playing with the other one. He was surprised at how fast he was to follow her orders. Perhaps it was the fact that he had not had sex in a while. Jonah had been blue balling since the incident with the confessional. Since then, he had been going to church, confessing his sins, abstaining from sin. He felt that things were getting better, but Angela was taking that away from him. Just like Alyssa did. However, he wanted Angela’s body because he was blue balling. It overrode all that. That’s what frightened Jonah the most. He REALLY enjoyed sex. He never truly noticed until he and Alyssa had stopped having sex.

Angela began to moan from the sensation. She had not been touched by a man in a long time. She was completely overjoyed to feel this sensation again. And much more that was to follow. She gently stroked his head and moaned in his ear,

“Oh Jonah, you drive me wild! Keep sucking them, you’re so good!”

Jonah continued to suck Angela’s nipples, he alternated between sucking the right and left nipple. Although Angela was blackmailing him, Jonah was really enjoying this. His last sexual encounter with Alyssa was an abusive one. He really liked her stroking his head gently instead of slapping his face. He liked that she wasn’t being too rough. Angela spoke again,

“That’s good, now show me how good you are with your tongue”

Angela removed the rest of her clothing and stood in front of Jonah completely bare. Jonah got to his knees and began to lick away at Angela’s pussy. She stroked his head softly again and moaned to him,

“Mmm, you’re tongue feels so good”

Angela leaned back and sat on her chair and put her legs up in the air, exposing everything to Jonah. Jonah could see Angela’s pussy fully and he loved the view. There was not a single pubic hair to be found. Not on her pubic bone area, not on her lips, not even on her anus. It was completely smooth. Alyssa had a small patch above her clitoris. Angela saw that Jonah was just staring, she demanded his response,

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh sorry, I… it’s just… you, you look so clean down there”

She smiled at his compliment,

“Aww, thank you”

Jonah got back to eating Angela’s pussy. He switched between licking her clitoris and licking her vaginal walls.

“Mmm, oh yes! That’s it baby, that’s the spot, keep licking me there! I’m already gonna cum!”

Jonah continued to lick at Angela’s clitoris. He then stuck two fingers in her pussy and doubled her pleasure.

“I’m cumming!!!”

Jonah started to lick Angela’s clitoris faster and he could feel her pussy contracting on his fingers. Angela was having the time of her life. She was having an extremely strong orgasm. She clamped her hands to the arms of her chair and moaned loudly from her climax. As her orgasm was beginning to subside, she told Jonah to stop licking her. She was getting very sensitive now. She’d go crazy if he continued any further. Jonah got back to his feet and picked up his clothes to leave. Angela then hugged him from behind and said,

“Just where do you think you’re going? You still need to cum”

Chapter XIII
Jonah dropped his clothes as he felt Angela’s hand stroking his cock. Her warm body felt so soothing touching his back. She even smelled nice too. She had a fruity smell, some sort of citrus scented perfume. Angela began to kiss the right side of Jonah’s neck and then moved her kisses to his right shoulder. Jonah put his left hand on top of Angela’s left hand, which was on his abdomen. His right hand was pressed against the wall. He never tried this before, but it felt nice. He turned his head to look at Angela. He warned her,

“Dr. Summers… I can’t control myself, please stop…”

Angela smiled and said,

“Shh, just enjoy, and call me Angela”

“Angela… I… I…”

Jonah turned around to stop Angela, but he was met with a kiss. She attacked his lips and then continued stroking him. She then got to her knees and began to put his cock in her mouth. She took the first seven inches in.

“Ah! Dr. Sum… Angela! It… It feels so good!”

Angela popped his cock out of her mouth and responded,

“Moan for me baby, tell me how good it feels”

She then put it back in her mouth, this time, taking the whole thing in. She gagged briefly but soon regained control of her gag reflex. Angela was experienced. She knew what she was doing. During the time her sex life was on hiatus, she’d often practice on sausages and bananas. When the time came for her to pleasure someone she found worthy, she’d be ready. And she was.

“Angela! It… feels… so… amazing!”

Angela appreciated his compliment. She popped his cock out of her mouth and put it between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts together and stroked him. Jonah enjoyed the softness of Angela’s breasts. He really liked that beautiful smile that she gave him as she suffocated his cock with her huge twins. She was better at giving a blowjob and titfuck than Alyssa. Jonah moaned,

“Angela! I’m gonna cum!!!”

Angela then kept Jonah’s glands in her mouth as he was shooting his load. She swallowed by every squirt. When she let his cock out of her mouth, there were no traces of cum left to be found inside.

“Oh my gosh that was amazing!”

Angela smiled at Jonah and said,

“I hope you’re not done yet, my pussy is dripping wet”

Jonah gulped at the statement of this woman. Perhaps what he agreed to was something he bit off that was more than he could chew. Either way, he had no choice. Angela giggled at the nervous look on Jonah’s face.

“That nervous look on your face, hehe. You just look like ‘please don’t rape me’.”

Jonah looked uncertain on how to respond to that. Angela caressed Jonah’s face and spoke again,

“Don’t worry, all you have to do is satisfy my sexual needs and desires for a bit longer and I’ll let you go”

“O… okay”

Angela looked down to find that Jonah was still hard. She smiled at the site.

“Mmm, looks like YOU’RE ready. Be a dear and sit on my chair for me, would ya. I’ll do all the work, is that okay?”


Jonah obeyed and sat on Angela’s chair. She then turned around and sat on his cock. It slowly moved in. It had a different feel to Alyssa’s but it was still just as good in his opinion. It was just different was all. Angela moaned from the penetration,

“Mmm Jonah, I love your big fat cock! Play with my tits!”

Angela grabbed his hands, too impatient to wait for him to respond or obey on his own. Once his hands made contact with her breasts, Jonah started to squeeze and fondle them. She started to move up and down his cock as she had her breasts played with.

“Fuck yeah! That’s it baby! Just like that”

Jonah started to really get into it. Angela’s breasts were huge, soft and warm. He admired her toned body too. He figured that she must work out because her body looked spectacular. He not only found her large breasts to be arousing, but her hip to ass ratio as well. Looking at her back and moving his eyes down to the crack of her ass. The voluptuous curves that really stood out when his eyes moved from her lower back to her butt cheeks. All this while squeezing the voluptuous melons for breasts Angela possessed on top. Jonah was in heaven. Ironically, this is what would send him to hell.

Angela was finally experiencing Jonah’s cock just like she wanted. She’d touched herself to sleep so many nights after they’d first encountered each other. The feeling of his hot hard rod entering her lonely pussy. She was enjoying it so much that her pussy leaked onto his cock, down to his balls, coating them, and then dripping onto her chair. She already felt herself coming to a climax, then she heard Jonah’s warning,

“Angela! I’m gonna cum if you keep doing this!”

“Cum with me! I’m gonna cum too. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill! Please, fill me up!”

Jonah began to paint Angela’s inner walls with his seed. The moment she felt the first shot of warm fluid hit her insides, she started to climax with him. She just kept moaning his name,

“Jonah! Jonah! Oh Jonah! I’m cumming!!!”

Jonah had a really strong orgasm and he could feel his cum leaking out of Angela’s pussy while he was still inside her. Once she got off him, it all spilled out onto his pubic mount. Angela turned around and saw the mess on him.

“Oh, we can’t have you walk around with all that on you. Here, let me clean you up”

Angela got to her knees and began to suck and lick up whatever cum was on Jonah, both his and hers. She even licked up their cum that was on her chair. She then got up and asked Jonah,

“So, you ready for round 2?”

Jonah’s eyes widened from her question. Angela giggled at his gullible reaction.

“I’m kidding! I won’t keep you here any longer. Give me your number and I’ll text or call you when and where to meet me again”


Angela and Jonah put their clothes back on. He left her office and left with Alyssa at the end of the day.

Angela sat in her chair and sighed contently. She was quiet satisfied with what just happened in her office, but the truth is, she still wanted to try other things out with Jonah. She was quite excited with what the future had in store for her.

Chapter XIV
As Jonah was driving home he kept thinking about what he just did. Alyssa caught a faint whiff of perfume. She was starting to get suspicious, but then let it go. As they got home, Jonah let Alyssa cook for herself. She just heated up some ramen with water. She still did not cook up to now. She really didn’t clean the house much either. Jonah saw the mess and wanted to bring it up many times, but there was just too much tension between them as it was. Alyssa spoke to him without so much as facing him,

“See ya”



Alyssa slammed her door and got on her laptop. Jonah really didn’t appreciate her attitude towards him since they established the agreement not to have sex. Things weren’t going very well between them. He wanted to fix things, but she always told him to go away when he’d knock on her door to talk to her. Jonah sighed unhappily and began to cook dinner for himself.

Alyssa was lying on her bed doing her lab report for Dr. Summers, sad about how she treated Jonah. She figured that it would be best for her to be a bitch towards him. That way, she’d push him away and he didn’t have to like her anymore. She truly felt that she was over him. She wanted to make sure that he was the same and if it means being a bitch to him, then so be it. She said in her head,

‘I’m sorry Jonah, but it’s for the best’
‘Now the question is, how will I do better in my biology course?’
‘I hardly knew anything that you didn’t cover with me’
‘Summers is gonna rip my exam up’

Alyssa hit her face into her bed in frustration. She wanted to get help, but she didn’t want to ask Jonah. Not after the way she treated him after the agreement and everything else prior to that. She figured it was time to man up. Jonah wouldn’t be there for her forever anyways. Alyssa started to study and do her best to do better in her biology class.

The next day, Jonah got a call from Angela after he finished school for the day.


“Hey sexy, I need you, meet me in my office”


“Thanks, see you here”

Before Jonah knew it, he was already in Angela’s office with both of them naked, having sex.

“Angela, I’m cumming!”

“Me too!”

Angela’s stressful day of stupid students and stupid coworkers all went away with that squirt of cum inside her. She was really loving this. To decrease her chances of having her plan jeopardized, Angela had planned to let Jonah chose every now and then what sexual activity he wanted. It was her way of making sure he enjoyed it. She wanted Jonah to like their relationship because she believed that sex should be enjoyed by both parties. Her other reason for doing so was to ensure he was having just as much fun as her, which would make him happy, thus decreasing his chances of trying to end their secret relationship. She decided to let him chose what to do next this time by asking,

“So, what has Alyssa never done for you, I’ll let that wish come true”

Alyssa… What was Jonah going to tell her? Her heart would be broken by what he was doing. He then thought about the things she said to him earlier.

‘I just wanted to tell you that this is just sex between us’
‘It’s not some kind of romantic thing going on. Don’t get it confused’
‘Don’t come crawling to me because you need a fix’

Although those words and logic told him that nothing was wrong. His heart was telling him differently. The truth was, he did have feelings and they recently have been locked away. He kept telling himself that she didn’t want anything to do with him romantically. There was still some residue of his feelings for her that currently existed, but day by day, he was healing.

With all these thoughts, Jonah just looked to the floor and had a distraught look on his face. Angela saw it and knew she did wrong mentioning Alyssa’s name.

‘Shit, I hit a touchy subject’

She got a hold of his face and apologized,

“Hey, Jonah, I’m sorry, I won’t bring up her name anymore, okay?”

Jonah looked at her face and could see sincerity. He really appreciated that, he smiled at her responding,

“Thank You”

She then gently caressed his right cheek and gave him a reassuring smile saying,

“You’re welcome, I just wanted to give you something that you’ve always wanted to try. Anything”

Jonah was quite perplexed by her kindness. One day, she was blackmailing him, the next, she was offering any form of sexual gratification. He then saw Angela lean over her desk and put her right hand on it. She took a deep breath and spread her left butt cheek with her left hand asking,

“Have you ever tried this hole before?”

Jonah was stunned by such an offer. He could see how pink her anus was. It was very small and frail looking. Like a precious little flower. Was she really offering her anus for his pleasure? Sodomy? He didn’t know how to answer her question. He just answered honestly.


“Would you like to try it?”

“I… uh…”

Angela giggled,

“I’ll take that as a yes”

Angela opened her desk and pulled out some lube. She put some on her left hand and tossed it to Jonah.

“Put some on your cock and just wait for me to stretch it out first. There’s no way I can take that monster right from the get go”

Jonah always believed that sodomy was sinful. He wanted to refuse Angela, but the sight of her asshole aroused him for some reason. It was just so tiny and cute with its wrinkly pink texture. The only word that came out of his mouth was,


He applied the lube to his cock and made sure to cover everything. He was starting to stoke himself from the sight of Angela shoving three lubed pens up her ass. She then used a forth and then a fifth. He already felt like cumming and it didn’t help that she was moaning while doing it too.

Angela was excited, but nervous at the same time. She was always curious, but never got the chance. She’d only taken her fingers and small objects in there. She moaned on purpose to give Jonah a good show. She looked back and saw that he was already stroking himself. She smiled at her success. She then got a sixth pen and shoved it in. She was enjoying it just as much as Jonah was watching, if not more so.

“Okay, let’s try it”

Angela laid on her back on top of her desk and put her knees to her chest. She still had the pens in her ass, so she pushed them out and they all fell to the floor. Jonah got into position and began to press. He could see a look of worry in her eyes. He asked in concern,

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fine”

“You look worried, I just don’t want to see you uncomfortable”

“What? You’re… concerned? For me?”

“Well… yeah, I mean I care about everyone”

No matter how much wrong someone has done Jonah, he never held a grudge. It was a Christian upbringing. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love thy enemy. Forgive those who have afflicted you. The concepts of love and forgiveness. One he felt many Christian of today didn’t follow.

Angela was quite touched by his caring nature. She really liked and appreciated it. She decided to be honest with him. She didn’t take him for the asshole type who would laugh at her.

“I’ve… never done it back there before”

“Oh, did, did you wanna stop then? We don’t have to do this”

“NO!!! Please, I wanna try it. Please”

She gave Jonah begging puppy dog eyes,

“Pweety Pwease”

Jonah could not resist. She was turning him on. There was something about the woman being submissive that he enjoyed. Angela couldn’t help it either. She WAS a submissive. She was blackmailing this man and now she’s begging him for his cock instead of commanding him. She found it so funny. She said that she wanted Jonah to be her toy, but deep down inside, she wanted to be Jonah’s toy. However, she was not ready to share that with him quite yet. She’d let him know later, but not today.

Jonah found Angela’s sudden change of demeanor to be quite attractive. She could tell that he enjoyed her coyness. Perhaps he may one day just come visit her and have sex with her without her requesting it. She smiled at the thought.

“Okay, but please let me know if you wanna stop” Jonah said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“I will”

Jonah began to press into Angela’s sphincter. She relaxed and the head started to enter. She gasped at the sensation and she caressed his face, giving him a smile. Jonah stopped penetrating her. He was worried, but then her smile calmed him. He started to press in again. So many thoughts were going through Angela’s head,

‘I’m actually doing it! I’m getting fucked in the ass!’
‘I’m glad he’s not trying to fuck me right away’
‘He’s so caring and sweet’

Jonah held her hand as a means of comfort to show that he would halt his sexual desires if she were uncomfortable. Angela really liked that, especially because she was a bit nervous right now. Despite the blackmail from Angela, Jonah found her sudden timid look to be quite cute. It wasn’t exactly something Alyssa was good at.

“Mmm, Jonah, you’re putting it in such a dirty place. It turns me on so much”

Jonah pressed in more, encouraged from what Angela said. Angela moaned as they continued to hold hands. Jonah looked into her eyes and she looked back. Jonah got this strange feeling that it wasn’t just lust in her eyes. Like it was some form of affection. He then looked down and saw that his cock was completely buried in Angela’s ass. Before he could start moving, Angela said as she smiled at him,

“Leave it like this for a bit, it feels so nice”


Angela closed her eyes and rubbed Jonah’s hand sensually. She then used her other hand to rub her clitoris. Her pussy was already leaking down onto her ass and Jonah’s pubic area. The feeling was wonderful. She knew it was going to be good, but she didn’t think it would be this good. The thought of Jonah’s cock being so invasive to her most forbidden virgin hole was what got her off the most. After having Jonah wait and watch her touch herself, Angela felt that her asshole had enough time to get accustomed to the stretch. Angela opened her eyes to look back at Jonah.

“Alright baby, you can start moving”

Jonah moved his hips backwards, making his cock pull out slowly. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Angela’s tight ring clung to him as if it didn’t want him to go. It was snug around the base of his cock. In contrast, the inside was warm and soft. He loved it. Jonah could do nothing but moan to her,

“Angela!… it feels… so good!”

“Same here!”

Angela was enjoying this just as much as Jonah. She always felt so dirty and kinky when she shoved her fingers or pens back there, but this was a whole other level of anal pleasure. She felt her asshole stretch and her rectum filling. It turned her on so much to know that Jonah was 9 inches deep inside her dirty back door. She stroked her clitoris faster as she released all tension back there.

“Yes! That’s it! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my tight ass!”

Jonah only responded by moving faster. Despite his opinion on how sinful anal sex was, he was really enjoying it deep down. It turned him on that he was committing an act so taboo. He grabbed Angela’s breasts and caressed them. He switched between giving her breasts a squeeze and giving her nipples a rub.

Angela stopped rubbing her clitoris and used her fingers instead to insert into her pussy. She kept her other hand with Jonah’s. Her pointer and middle slipped in with ease. She thrusted her fingers in and out, trying to match Jonah’s rhythm with her ass. This beat a hairbrush and pen any day.

With the new sensations that both were experiencing, it wasn’t long before,

“Jonah, I’m gonna cum!!!”

“Me too!!!”

“Cum with me! Cum inside my ass baby! I want you to fill it up ‘til I can shit nothing but cum for a week!”

That last sentence, oddly enough, did not turn Jonah off, but rather on.


Jonah began to shoot load upon load into Angela. She was cumming with Jonah. Her vaginal muscles hugged her fingers as she had her strong orgasm. She could feel Jonah squirting a lot of cum inside her. It was so dirty to her and she loved it. There was no way it wouldn’t leak out once he pulled it out. Jonah had experienced his cum leaking out every now and then with Alyssa, but the anus was a much tighter hole. It gave a different feel.

He pulled out and immediately, some spilled out onto the floor. Angela could feel some of it running down the crack of her ass, so she tightened her butt cheeks and her sphincter. She wanted to keep his cum inside her. She always fantasized about having cum inside her ass for a whole day.

“Jonah… That was incredible!!!”

“Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt or anything does it?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry”

Angela appreciated Jonah’s continued concern post anal. She really liked that in a man. She had had too many asshole boyfriends and fuck buddies who were inconsiderate narcissistic bastards. She once had a guy who actually made her vomit because he was too rough with her mouth during oral and he had the nerve to blame her.

“Okay, I’m just making sure, wouldn’t want you in pain or even discomfort”

Angela couldn’t take it anymore, she then said to herself,

‘Alright, this guy deserves it’

She got to her feet and put her hands to Jonah’s cheeks. She moved her face closer to his and gave him a sincere kiss. Jonah shut up right away, not expecting that. She smiled at him saying,

“Thank you Jonah, you’re so sweet”

Chapter XV
After getting dressed and leaving Angela’s office, Jonah was driving back home, he couldn’t help but get strong anxiety for what he did… again. He couldn’t get the scary ‘what if’ thought out of his head.

‘What if Alyssa found out?!’
‘Why can’t I stop having sex?!!!’
‘Why does it have to feel so good?!’
‘No! I’m doing this to protect me and Alyssa’
‘From a woman who just kissed you and gave you googly eyes?’
‘Maybe I could talk her out of it’

With all these questions of hypotheticals and doubts, Jonah was already home, parked. He opened the door to find Alyssa studying on the couch. Despite Alyssa’s recent bitchy attitude, Jonah never gave up on being kind to his step-sister.

“Hey” He said kindly and casually.

“Hey” she said in a quick bitchy irritated manner as always.

Jonah walked into the living room to check for papers he had worked on, only to find it wasn’t there. Alyssa got a quick whiff of that fruity scent again. She got more suspicious now. What exactly was Jonah up to? The idea of Jonah with another woman was something to disregard at first, but she smelled that scent again.

‘This is fucking crazy’
‘He’s not screwing anyone’
‘Why do I even care?!’
‘He’s my step-brother for crying out loud, nothing more, nothing less!’

Alyssa got up to go to her room to study. She couldn’t concentrate out in the living. Jonah saw her walk away without saying a word and then heard her slam her door. He didn’t understand what her problem was. Why was she so bitter about ending their sexual relationship? Jonah just signed in depression and prepared dinner for himself.

The next day, Angela called upon Jonah’s “help”. Jonah would often say to himself,

‘I’m doing this for me and Alyssa’
‘I have no other choice’

However, what he failed to admit was that he really did enjoy what he was doing with Angela. That woman really could please a man. She was better than Alyssa at pleasuring him. Although, even if Jonah did notice this, he’d never admit it out of respect for Alyssa. He also liked the way she treated him. It was way better than the way Alyssa was treating him. Once Jonah met with Angela again, he thought to himself,

‘Maybe today would be a good day to try and persuade Angela to stop the blackmail’

Angela began to remove her clothes.

‘…or not’

Jonah was completely torn. He felt like he could still try to be a good priest, but at the same time, he didn’t want the sex to stop. His abstinence flew out the window already, he had confessed his sins a couple of times, but he only confessed masturbation. It also didn’t help that every time he confessed, it was only followed by the return of sexual activity. First by Alyssa, then by Angela. He wanted his old life back, but…

Angela was not completely naked. She cupped her breasts and winked seductively to Jonah saying,

“Come and get it”

…but he couldn’t resist Alyssa’s body, nor Angela’s. He was completely hopeless. He once again, gave into temptation. He sucked on Angela’s nipples, but then noticed that Angela had a look of uncertainty on her face. He asked her,

“Is everything okay Angela?”

“Yeah… yeah… hey Jonah, could you do me a favor?”

“Uh, okay, sure”

“I kinda have this fetish”


“I… I like asking science questions while getting fucked. Can you answer them for me while you fuck me?”

Jonah found that to be quite weird. But he agreed nonetheless. Angela was being very nice to him, so he figured he’d return the favor. For someone who was blackmailing him, she was quite charming and cute when she’s being so coy and submissive.

Jonah removed all of his clothes and was inside Angela’s soft pussy feeling her warmth in less than ten seconds. He began to fuck her and then she began to ask him questions.

“Mmm Jonah, let’s begin, I’ll start off easy”


“What’s the difference between bacterial transformation, conjugation, and transduction”

“Transformation is…”


“…bacteria getting DNA from the…”


“…environment. Transduction…”


“…is getting DNA from…”


“… a virus. Conjugation is…”


“DNA from bacteria to…”



“Mmm yes! Fuck yes! Fuck, oh Jonah, you’re fucking turning me on!!!”

Jonah wasn’t really getting turned on, but he didn’t mind it either. It was making Angela feel good, so it didn’t bother him. If anything, it just made him last longer. She continued to ask him questions on cell permeability to things on the Nernst equation, to macromolecule digestions and the enzymes that are involved. He kept answering her questions correctly.

“Oh God, Jonah! Fuck! I’m cumming!!!”

Never, had Angela ever come across a man willing to do this for her while still maintaining an erection and still answering her questions right. Jonah truly was a unique person. Someone she never knew truly existed. She always thought that a man like him was just a fantasy prince like any other white knight on a magnificent ivory steed. She was starting to like him more than she usually would a fuck buddy. It was starting to frighten her. However, she put that aside and sighed happily after her climax subsided,

“My God you’re amazing!”

“Thanks” Jonah smiled in reply.

Angela smiled back at him and assaulted his lips. She then said to him,

“Really, thanks for that, I honest never thought you weren’t capable of fulfilling this fantasy of mine. I’m sorry for doubting you. You’re the first to actually do this for me and actually stay hard while answering correctly. You’ve been very patient with me. So, thank you, I mean it”

“I just wanted to make you feel good. You actually asked me what I wanted and you completely accepted it. I wanted to do the same for you”

Jonah smiled and continued,

“No matter how weird it is”

Jonah truly appreciated Angela’s consideration for his sexual desires. With Alyssa, it was always about her commanding him. She was a real dominatrix and at first, Jonah was aroused from it, but after a while, he got tired of things always being her way. He wanted to be asked what he wanted and Angela did just that.

He noticed that Angela wasn’t smiling at his last comment. She had a very serious look on her face. He indirectly called her weird. He was worried that she may have taken offense, so he asked her,

“Angela? What’s wrong?”

Angela silently kissed Jonah again. She kept giving him several small affectionate kisses. She then stopped and said to him,

“You are so caring and sweet! You are such a wonderful man! You are completely selfless and deserve every ounce of happiness!”

“I’m not…”

“Yes you are!”

“I’m just weak and give into sex. I’m a monster. I’ve been irresponsible. All I think about is sex. I’m selfish, I’m a terrible person…”

“No you’re not!!! Every guy always thinks about sex. You just recently started having sex. It’s only natural to want sex after abstaining for so many years! It’s sexually liberating for you, enjoy it!”

“There’s no excuse. I got sex from Alyssa in exchange for doing housework for her”

“It’s my fault, I blackmailed you and you were seduced prior. Alyssa should have respected your wanting to be a priest and I should have too. It’s our fault. We were selfish, not you! Also, it’s only human to want sex! Do you honestly believe only men enjoy sex?!”


“Alyssa enjoyed it too. Sex should be enjoyed by both partners! It’s mutually beneficial. A woman should never treat sex as a task. Alyssa’s treating sex as if only you liked it. I’m sure she liked it too. She… she tricked you into thinking that you benefited equally with her!”

“Please, don’t make excuses for me Angela”

“No! You are an amazing man and I’m really starting to li…”

“You’re starting to what?”

Angela was so amazed to find that there was someone with such a pure heart. He may not be perfect, true, but he was still a hell of a lot better than other men she knew. If she had dated a man as wonderful as him earlier in life, she’d probably be a better person than the blackmailing bitch she was now.

“…look Jonah, if anyone’s going to heaven, it’s you. No one’s perfect. Try not to be too hard on yourself, okay? It’s just not healthy for you”

“…okay, I’ll try”

They got dressed and Jonah left. She watched him through the window as if every second of seeing him counted. Once Jonah left, she thought to herself,

‘Why did I almost tell him that I liked him?’
‘I don’t like him’
‘I don’t have those feelings for anyone’

Angela then heard a text from her phone. She anxiously checked it, thinking it was Jonah. However, it was her coworker asking about the petri dishes in the incubator of the school laboratory. She sighed in disappointment and replied to the text. She then admitted to herself,

‘Oh who am I kidding, I DO like him’
‘I like him…’
‘This… is… not… good…’
‘I can’t actually ‘like’ like someone, can I?’
‘I can’t trust my heart to a man, he’d just abuse me’
‘He’d just be like all the rest…’
‘…but he’s not, he’s kind, caring, considerate, genuine and even able to answer fucking biology questions while you fuck’

Angela groaned in frustration,

“Why Jonah? Why do you gotta do this to me?”

Chapter XVI
As the rest of the week passed, Angela and Jonah continued their secret meetings. Angela became a lot more pleasant to be around by each passing day, while Alyssa became the opposite. The more Jonah had sex with Angela, the more it became apparent that she was more of a submissive than a dominant. Jonah started to realize that he was really into that. For the couple of times he tried to resist her, she didn’t even threaten him with the blackmail. She simply used her coy charm to seduce him.

Friday was the night that would change everything. After Jonah and Alyssa got home, his phone went off. Alyssa wore an extremely jealous look on her face. Jonah answered it and looked at Alyssa’s face.

“Hello?… Oh, I’m sorry, you have the wrong number, bye”

Alyssa just rolled her eyes. She could smell that fruity scent again. It was all too familiar to her. That was the last straw. Jonah had been going out every night, smelling of perfume when he’d get home. He had to be seeing someone. Alyssa snapped,

“Who is she?!”


“Don’t fucking play dumb with me. I know you’re fucking someone”

“No, I swear I’m not”

“You’re fucking lying! There’s no way you can go this long without sex and not want my body! Unless there’s someone else! Now fess up!”

Jonah was fed up with Alyssa’s attitude. By every passing day of this pass week, Alyssa’s attitude just escalated. She became worse, turning into an extremely jealous girlfriend. He was already to the point where he didn’t care if Alyssa was mad. She was always mad at him for something. He just turned and walked away from her. Going to his room.

“Hey! Don’t walk away from me!”

Jonah just continued to ignore her. Alyssa felt helpless. She really couldn’t force him to talk to her, so she let him go. She just realized the way she acted. Despite telling him that there was nothing romantic going on between them, she was acting as if there was. She fled to her room, feeling like she was about to cry. She was ashamed of how she acted.

Jonah just laid on his bed and began to call Angela back. He thought about what Angela told him.

‘If I ever call you and she’s right there, just say ‘you have the wrong number’, got it?’

Angela answered the phone. Jonah’s heart was beating fast. He was getting nervous. He was actually developing feelings for Angela now. Never had he had such a complex love life, if you could even call his situation love.

“Hey handsome”

“Hey Angela, sorry about that”

“It’s cool, can you come over right now? Do you have time?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there, just give me a few minutes to shower”

“Okay, I’ll see you here”

“Okay, bye”


Meanwhile, Alyssa was sitting on her bed, curled up with her knees to her chin. She began to say in her head,

‘Why did I lash out like that?’
‘He’s not my boyfriend, he’s not my lover, he’s just my step-brother’
‘Maybe I’m just sexually frustrated’

The truth was, after she agreed to not have sex with Jonah anymore, she attempted to have sex with classmates at school, but in the end, she declined.

‘I don’t understand!’
‘Why does the thought of him with another woman upset me?’

Alyssa has not been very happy recently. She had been quite depressed over the past few days and she didn’t know why. Then, the obvious finally hit her on top of the head.

“I still have feeling!”

That very statement was the truth that set her free. For too long she had been denying her true feeling and now she was willing to bet that it was too late to fix things with Jonah. She had been a bitch to Jonah for so long and she told him that no romance was possible between them. She began to think to herself again,

‘Okay, how do I do this?’
‘He’s gonna leave to God knows where’
‘I… I’m gonna sneak into his car and find out where he goes!’
‘That’s final’

Alyssa left her room and noticed the shower running. She took advantage of the situation. She grabbed his keys and unlocked his car door. She then returned them to where they were and hopped in the car. She locked the doors from the inside and hid in the backseat.

‘I’m crazy for doing this!’
‘Why am I doing this?!’
‘This is fucking crazy’

Jonah got out of the shower and changed quickly. He was a bit concerned for Alyssa, so he knocked on her door.


“Hey sis, I have to go, if you need me, please call me”




“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you like that earlier, please call me if you need me. See you later”

Jonah considered opening her door, but he figured that she’d probably yell at him, so he refrained from doing so. He left the house and got into his car. He turned it on and drove away.

Chapter XVI
Jonah had arrived at Angela’s house. He quickly got out of his car and locked it. Alyssa peak her head out to see a medium sized house. She wanted go after him, but she was cautious. The last thing she wanted to do was to get spotted. Once he entered the house, she unlocked the door and got out of the car.

She then notice a very familiar car parked outside.

“Is that? It can’t be… No!”

Alyssa desperately tried to find a way to look into the windows but all the curtains were covering them. She then moved to the back door to find it unlocked. She hurried in and panicked in her head.

‘Please let me be wrong! Please God! Please!’

Alyssa made it into the living room. She was right. There in front of her was Jonah having sex with her biology professor.

Angela moaned from the fucking she was receiving form Jonah. She then noticed Alyssa.


Jonah turned and his eyes widened.

“A… Alyssa!”

“Jonah! Why did you bring her here?!”

“I… I didn’t!”

Alyssa fell to her knees feeling defeated. She began mumble,

“You fucking bastard…”

Jonah pulled out of Angela and began to walk to her.

“Sis, what are you doing here?!”

Alyssa got back to her feet and tears started to pour out. She yelled at him,

“You fucking bastard!!!”

She began to pound on his chest and it soon turned to her sitting on the floor and holding his left hand with both of hers. She wept as she looked down to the floor,

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Jonah! I’m sorry for everything! You’ve been nothing but good to me! I’ve just been nothing but a bitch! Please Jonah! Please come back to me! I… I LOVE YOU!!!”

She had finally let the truth out. She felt like she had just lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders, but now a new one was about to be put on her by Angela.

Angela wanted to say something along the lines of ‘how pathetic’ or ‘stupid bitch’ but she refrained. She knew for a fact that Jonah would not take kindly to that. Instead, she was concocting ideas on her next move.

“Get up sis”

Alyssa got to her feet and Jonah hugged her. He smiled at her,

“You’re my sister, of course I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me”

“I don’t want you to be my step-brother! I want you to be my lover!!! I’ll do anything! You can slap me, take me as you please, I’ll learn how to cook and clean after myself! Please! Just please come back!”

Angela was analyzing Jonah’s situation with Alyssa simply by the words she was crying and using what limited knowledge she had. She got an idea of how fucked up their relationship was.

“You were protecting someone like this?! Someone who mistreats you and underappreciates you?!”

“What? Pro… protecting?!” Alyssa asked, confused.

“That’s right, two step-siblings committing such indecent acts. I caught the two of you that night in the lab. I have pictured proof. You’re selfless step-brother agreed to give me his body if I kept it a secret and this is how you repay him, huh?”

“Jonah… is this true?”


“Jonah!!! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I… I just didn’t wanna burden you with that knowledge, you already have enough to worry about in school as it is and…”

“Jonah! You stupid, stupid, stupid…. Come here!”

Alyssa grabbed Jonah by his head and began to kiss him. She was touched by his extreme act of selflessness. Little did she know, he did enjoy himself. Alyssa felt so happy to finally taste his kiss again in such a long time. Angela became jealous saying,

“Hey, hands off!”

“Fuck off bitch! He’s mine!”

“I don’t think so, he’s staying with me, right Jonah?”

Jonah looked at Alyssa who had given him pleading eyes. He looked back at Angela who soon did the same. Jonah still had feelings for Alyssa, but he wasn’t sure if she’d change. He had feelings for Angela too. She was a much more responsible woman, but he wasn’t sure if she really wanted to be with him or if it was just sex. He wasn’t sure who really wanted to be with him and who wanted just sex. Angela then confessed to Jonah,

“Jonah, I really… I really… like you. I wanna be your girlfriend, not your fuck buddy, please be with me. I’ll even give you threesomes with other women”

That just made things more complicated for Jonah. Alyssa saw the confusion on Jonah’s face and quickly took the initiative. She kissed Jonah while caressing his cock.

“Come on Jonah, let’s show this old bat how young people fuck!”

Angela became extremely jealous again, but then she got an idea in her head. One that may even prevent any form of violence.

“If you think I’ll let you degrade me like this, then you’ve got another thing coming”

Angela began to walk up to the two making out. Angela would normally start a cat fight, but then she saw a golden opportunity…

Alyssa had her eyes closed while kissing Jonah, she felt him caress her sides tenderly, but then she felt something else. She yelped and opened her eyes to find Angela groping her left breast with her left hand and using her right hand to rub her pussy.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

“You broke into my house. I could report you for trespassing, burglary, take your pick. I’m willing to let it slide if you let me do a little something to you”

“What?! No!”

“You either agree to my terms or its jail time bitch”

Alyssa felt helpless and cornered. She was quite afraid. Was her professor going to rape her? A woman rape another woman? Jonah wouldn’t let that happen! Would he? She quickly contemplated her decision accordingly with her situation and could see that she had no other choice. She agreed,


“Wait, Angela, please, just let her go” Jonah joined in.

“Sorry Jonah, but…”

Angela saw the look on Jonah’s face. His face was too adorable for her to say no to. She wanted to take it back and make Jonah happy, but at the same time, that would mean instant defeat from her rival. She then found a brilliant compromise.

“Ms. McClain, I have an interesting proposal for you instead”

“Wha… what is it?” Alyssa asked nervously.

“I’ll let you join us, but you have to be my little slave tonight and I’ll let this whole trespassing business slide along with giving you a good grade in my class. The better you pleasure me, the higher your grade. Now does it sound fair?”

“……” Silence from Alyssa.

“……” Silence from Jonah.

“It’s a deal” Alyssa finally said.

“Sis! You don’t have to…”

“Enough Jonah, I fully agree to this, it’s killing two birds with one stone”

Angela smiled saying,

“All right, now that the three of us got that out of the way, how about we get this threesome started”

Class was in session…

Chapter XVII
Alyssa gulped. She had no idea what she just got herself into. She agreed to the terms because it immediately became more beneficial, but then she just realized that she was going to become a sex slave to her own professor. She also put some of the blame on her bi-curiousness. She was starting to get cold feet. Angela spoke to Jonah,

“Jonah, I really meant it when I said I’d be willing to have threesomes with you and other women, let this be my proof to you”

Angela then commanded Alyssa,

“Go make out with him slave!”

“Ye… yes ma’am!” Alyssa said as she flinched, obviously intimidated.

Both Alyssa and Jonah were puzzled by Angela’s command, why would she willingly let Alyssa kiss him? Despite the suspicious nature of Angela’s command, Alyssa kissed Jonah and closed her eyes filling comfort from his lips and his warmth. However, she then felt Angela put her tongue in her ear and wiggled it around as she assaulted her clitoris again with her fingers. Jonah couldn’t tell if they were fighting or loving each other. All he knew for sure was, he found it very arousing. Alyssa pushed Angela off out of natural response. Angela then said,

“Are those police sirens I hear?”

“I… I’m sorry… ma’am”

“Just call me Angela, don’t call me ‘ma’am’, it makes me feel fucking old”

‘At least we agree on something’ Alyssa thought to herself.

“Okay, Angela”

“Ew, that doesn’t sound right when you say it…”

Angela began to put on a deviant smile and then said,

“… call me Mistress instead”

Alyssa couldn’t believe what she just heard. However, she didn’t want to go to jail and fail her biology class. She decided to just go with it. She was about to call Angela ‘Mistress’, but Angela was too impatient to wait for her. She began to touch Alyssa for a third time. She found Alyssa’s left nipple and began to pinch it. She found her erect clitoris and rubbed it in a circular motion. She then spoke to Jonah,

“You know Jonah, I never told you this, but I’m quite skilled in pleasing women too. Let me show you”

One thing nobody knew about Angela was that she was bisexual. She always wanted to try a threesome with a woman and a man. That’s what made her dilemma with Alyssa a perfect opportunity for her. If it weren’t for that fact, she’d most likely just tie up Alyssa and fuck Jonah in front of her to enjoy the pain on Alyssa’s face. Another factor that made the decision much more easier was that Angela found Alyssa to be quite attractive, so she decided a threesome would be the most beneficial situation for everyone.

Angela began to kick the pleasure up a notch and Alyssa moaned from the sudden increase of stimulation, but soon snapped out of it.

“This is crazy” Alyssa whined, still refuting the pleasure.

“THIS is crazy? I’d say denying your true feelings is crazy. Denying that you love someone is crazy, which means denying yourself happiness!”

Funny enough, Alyssa and Jonah thought back to that very line Alyssa said to him,

‘It would be more wrong to deny ourselves happiness’

Alyssa was ashamed of herself to be so hypocritical of a saying she truly believed in. She did the complete opposite of that statement. If she had only toned down her forcefulness with Jonah then…

Angela broke up those thought by giving Alyssa a hickey on her shoulder while rubbing her breast and clitoris. Alyssa did nothing but moan from the stimulation Angela was giving her.

“Admit it slave, you love this!”

“I… I don’t like it!”

“Just shut up and enjoy!”

Angela let go of Alyssa’s breast and grabbed her head. She tilted her face so they could look each other in the eyes. Angela then pressed her lips against Alyssa’s. Alyssa’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe she was kissing another girl. Angela began to stick her tongue in her mouth and she instinctively started to tongue her back. Angela liked that. Alyssa really didn’t wanna bite her tongue off. She’d go to jail for sure. Not to mention the fact that…

‘It feels… kinda… nice’ Alyssa thought in her head.
‘What am I doing?!’
‘Why would I kiss her out of all people?!’

Jonah just stood there enjoying the show. He decided not to stop them because he saw Alyssa kissing back and he found the sight so erotic. Once Angela broke the kiss, she could clearly see that Alyssa had turned red. The truth was, it did feel good, but she wasn’t about to admit that, not to her rival. She always was curious about being with another girl, but she didn’t want it to be her college professor/rival. Sure she was sexy, but it just felt weird. She couldn’t let Angela sway her, could she? Angela then stuck her fingers in Alyssa’s pussy while she was distracted and found it to be quite wet. She smiled at the results saying,

“You can say ‘no’ all you want, but your body will tell me the truth”

Alyssa turned even more red. Angela was right. She was enjoying it, but she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. She was horny, but it wasn’t only from Jonah. She turned to Jonah and they began to kiss again.

“You know, Ms. McClain, if you stop resisting, it’ll all go along much more smoothly. Just close your eyes and enjoy my caresses. That’s an order from your Mistress! Stop resisting!”

Alyssa broke her kiss from Jonah. She finally gave in, taken over by lust, tired of resisting.

“Yes…… Mistress”

Angela smiled in approval,

“Good girl”

Angela then started to rub Alyssa’s asshole through her clothes. She pressed at it and Alyssa’s eyes widened. She gasped and raised her voice,

“Ah! What are you doing?!”

Angela smiled at her reaction and asked,

“Are you a virgin back there?”

Alyssa was speechless, she couldn’t answer her. Angela immediately knew Alyssa’s answer to her question. She then slipped her hand into the back of Alyssa’s underwear and found her asshole. It immediately clenched at the touch.

“Ah! Please, please Mistress!”

“Shut up! You have no right! You hurt Jonah on so many levels, if it weren’t for him, I’d give you far more severe punishment. Consider yourself lucky!”

Alyssa really thought about it and she had to admit that Angela was completely right there. She had put Jonah through so much. She couldn’t deny that she treated him poorly, but did she really deserve to become her professor’s sex slave for the night?

“Haha! You fucking virgin!”

“Hey, Angela, please tone it down, you were a virgin back there not too long ago” Jonah said in Alyssa’s defense.

“Jonah! Uh! I! You don’t just! Don’t say that in front of her!”

Alyssa smiled and chuckled softly at Angela’s embarrassment. Angela then turned to Alyssa and began to rub her finger around Alyssa’s tight virgin pucker. She then said to Alyssa in a defensive tone,

“What are you laughing at?! Huh?!”

Alyssa gasped and clung to Jonah. The sensation was completely new. It felt very strange at first, but then Angela began to pleasure her clitoris at the same time. Once she did that, she was starting to like it. Her pussy was leaking from the new sensation. Alyssa was about to cum. She closed her eyes and accepted that she was getting off to the caresses of her archrival. She moaned into Jonah’s ear,

“Oh Jonah! I’m cumming!”

Alyssa began to imagine Angela’s finger going inside her asshole. That thought was actually turning her on. Angela felt Alyssa’s body react to her caresses. Her asshole was convulsing as she was cumming. Angela continued for a few more seconds while Alyssa was climaxing, then stopped once Alyssa recovered from her orgasm. Angela felt victorious knowing that she made Alyssa cum. She decided to rub it in her face,

“Yeah bitch! How does it feel to know that you got off to my touch?”

“I… it… I wasn’t enjoying it!”

“Sure you weren’t, now how about we take this to the couch. What do you say?”

“Do I even have a choice?” Alyssa asked.

“Nope. Now get to that couch. Now it’s my turn. You better make me cum!”

Alyssa frowned as she was forced to do what Angela suggested. Angela sat on the couch and spread her legs. She then curled her finger at Alyssa, signaling her to come to her. Alyssa and Jonah walked over. Jonah was unsure if Alyssa liked this. She was being forced to be a sex slave, yet she had an orgasm. He decided to be sure,

“Sis, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry, I’m gonna do this. I’m not complaining, and Jonah…”

“Yeah sis”

“I thought I told you not to call me that when we’re in the middle of sex”

“Oh… yeah that’s right… sorry”

“That’s okay, but please think about it though”

“Think about what?”

“Being my boyfriend. I want us to be something more”


Angela could see Jonah and Alyssa having a secret conversation. She wanted to break it up so they wouldn’t hide any thoughts from her and also because she wanted to have her pussy eaten already. It had been a while since a woman had eaten it. She couldn’t wait. She yelled at Alyssa,

“Hey!!! What the fuck! Get over here and eat my fucking pussy slave!”

Alyssa jumped at Angela’s sudden raised voice,

“Yes Mistress!”

She and Jonah walked up to Angela. Alyssa kneeled in front Angela and put her face in her groin. She could smell Angela’s arousal. Alyssa thought to herself,

‘Wow! She has a REALLY nice pussy!’
‘What am I thinking?!’
‘Why would I be complimenting my enemy?’

Alyssa inhaled the air and began to think,

‘I can’t believe I’m about to do this…’
‘Well… at least she cleans it’
‘It doesn’t smell bad’

Angela asked Jonah to sit next to her and watch Alyssa eat her out. Jonah complied and sat next to her. He found the very notion of a woman licking another woman’s pussy to be extremely arousing. Alyssa began to lick Angela’s pussy and she moaned in response,

“Play with yourself while you eat my pussy!”

Alyssa followed her order and began to touch herself while she tongued Angela’s wet pussy. Jonah was rock hard and Angela could see it. She began to stroke him and talk dirty to him.

“Mmm, you like seeing me get eaten out by Alyssa?”

“Yeah…” Jonah moaned.

“Look! Look at her! She loves it! I love it! Mmm I’m so dirty Jonah, I love having my wet pussy licked by another woman!”

“Angela!” Jonah moaned.

“Jonah! I’m a fucking dirty bitch!”

Angela then started to stroke Jonah faster.

“Angela!!!” Jonah moaned louder.

Alyssa had mixed feelings. She felt so degraded watching her man kiss another woman while being stroked off by her. What made it worse was the fact that she had to eat that woman’s pussy while she watched. She had a feeling Angela planned that. However, what didn’t add up was that she was super wet too. She was actually enjoying it. She liked the taste of Angela’s pussy and was actually getting off to it while masturbating. She couldn’t explain it.

“Oh Jonah!!!”

Angela was unexpectingly starting to have an orgasm. She squeezed Jonah’s cock hard and held Alyssa’s head in place firmly. She immediately began to feel the warmth of her climax as Jonah held her and Alyssa kept tonguing her pussy.

After a few moments, Angela released her grip on Alyssa’s head and Jonah’s cock. Jonah was a bit disappointed, he was very close to cumming. However, Angela changed that when she said to Alyssa,

“Suck his cock”

Alyssa had become a complete submissive. She obeyed and moved over to where Jonah was sitting. She took his cock in her mouth. She thought to herself.

‘I missed this huge beautiful cock’

She looked up into Jonah’s eyes as she bobbed her head. She was anxious about the fact that Jonah had gotten his cock sucked by Angela. Was she better than her? She couldn’t let Angela outdo her. She forced his cock into her mouth and completely ignored how harsh the rush was. They looked into each other’s eyes until Angela kneeled on the couch next to him. She guided his face to hers and kissed him. She then grabbed his hand and led it to her pussy. She whispered to him,

“Feel how wet I am”

Jonah stuck two of his fingers in and Angela moaned from his entry. Alyssa did not want to be outdone, so she grabbed Jonah’s other hand and put it behind her head. She guided his hand to push down on her head. Jonah moaned,

“I’m! I’m gonna cum!”

“Stop sucking!!!” Angela commanded Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t like that, but she followed her command. Angela then got on her knees next to Alyssa and started to stroke Jonah while she asked her,

“You want some of his cum?”

“Of course”

“You’re gonna have to eat it out of my mouth then”


“He’s gonna cum in my mouth and you’ll have to kiss me in order to get some”

“That’s… that’s gross!”

“It’s either that or no cum at all. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t kiss me before”

“… yes… Mistress…”


Angela and Alyssa then turned their attention to Jonah. Angela deepthroated him and he soon came inside her mouth. Once he finished shooting his load, Angela grabbed Alyssa and began to make out with her. She stuck her tongue in Alyssa’s mouth and gave her some cum. Alyssa took it and found herself kissing back again. She questioned herself,

‘Why am I doing this again?’
‘Well, I never thought I’d actually do this with another girl’
‘Who would have thought it would have been my college professor’
‘I fucking hate her’

Angela stuck her tongue deep into Alyssa’s mouth and their tongues wrestled inside. She was super wet from the many taboos her and her professor were committing.

‘I hate her, but it feels so fucking gooooooood!’

Angela got up and left for a few moments. Alyssa thought that leaving now would only get her in trouble, so she could do nothing but stay put. She looked to Jonah, who was staring forward at nothing, obviously in disbelief of what had just happened. She was about to call to him when she heard Angela walking back. She came back wearing a big strapon. It was almost as big as Jonah. She had an evil grin while saying,

“That was nice slave, now I’m gonna fuck you”

Alyssa gulped out of fear while her pussy leaked out of excitement.

Chapter XVII
“Get on top of Jonah and make out with him. I’m gonna fuck you right in front of him. I’m gonna show him how much of a dirty depraved bitch you are”

Alyssa was speechless. She wasn’t sure if she should be wet from that. It was Jonah’s cock she wanted and no one else’s, but she couldn’t really object due to her situation. All she could do now was obey. She walked to Jonah and climbed on top of him with her knees on the couch. She closed her eyes and kissed him. Then she felt a sudden intrusion between her legs. She began to moan,

“Mmmm! Mmm! Oh! Oh fuck!”

She began to feel the strapon slide into her wet pussy. Alyssa held onto Jonah’s shoulders as she enjoyed the plastic cock inside her.

“You’re a sick pervert who enjoys this aren’t you? You like getting fucked by another girl don’t you?”

Alyssa blushed and then said passively,

“…. no”

Angela thrusted into Alyssa for every word she spoke.


Alyssa did nothing but moan in ecstasy. Jonah was concerned for Alyssa, but he wasn’t sure if he should be. She was obviously not in pain. He found Alyssa’s behavior to be quite eccentric. She said she didn’t like it, but her moaning and her face told the complete opposite. Angela then stopped thrusting and said,

“By the way, you need to be punished. You need a bit of discipline slave, for cumming earlier without my permission!”

Angela stuck her pointer finger in her mouth and put it to Alyssa’s asshole.

“Hey!!! Wait! No! Not there!”

“Shut up and take your punishment!”

Angela added some force and her finger went in.

“Ahhh!!!!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God! It’s inside!”

“Now what do you say to your mistress?”

“You’re fucking crazy….”

“Do you like prison food?”


“That’s what I thought, now what does a good slave say to her mistress?”

“Th… thank you… thank you Mistress….”

“For what slave?”

“Please don’t make me say it…”

Angela stopped fucking Alyssa and raised her voice,

“Say it! Or it’s no more fucking with the strapon!”

“No! Don’t stop!”

Angela was quite surprised by Alyssa’s words and Jonah as well. Alyssa immediately gasped at what she just begged from Angela. Angela smirked and responded,

“Okay, if you tell me what you’re thanking me for, then I’ll continue”

“…it’s embarrassing”

“Say it”

“Thank you mistress for putting your finger in my ass…”

Angela began to thrust again saying,

“Good girl, see, that wasn’t hard now, was it?”

Alyssa’s moaning picked up again and she began to let go of whatever little resistance was left. She genuinely liked what Angela was doing to her. The strapon fucking was nice and the finger in the ass was new and exciting to her. However, she kept denying it to herself,

‘It’s because I have no choice’
‘I don’t actually like getting fucked by another woman’
‘She’s forcing me’
‘She’s… dominating me’

Angela continued for a few more seconds and Alyssa was about to cum again. However, Angela then pulled out and Alyssa turned to see why she had stopped. Angela could see the look of disappointment on her face. She sat on the couch next to Jonah and commanded Alyssa,

“Okay slave, ride my cock!”

“Yes Mistress”

Alyssa put her knees on the couch, spreading her legs with Angela’s legs in between hers, beneath her body. Alyssa sank her body down and moaned in pleasure from the penetration. Angela then grabbed Alyssa’s breasts and caressed them. Alyssa put her hands on the couch to keep her balance stable.

Jonah felt a bit left out and wondered what he should do. However, Angela quickly grabbed him and pulled him to her for a kiss. They began to make out while Alyssa bounced on Angela’s strapon. Alyssa felt jealous of Angela. However, she noticed that Angela began to move Jonah’s hand to her ass. She was frightened, yet excited by what Angela was planning. Angela then told Jonah,

“Hey baby, can you do me a favor and finger her ass for me?”

It was what Alyssa had feared, yet hoped for at the same time oddly enough. She thought to herself,

‘Oh my God! I was right!’
‘He’s gonna put his finger in my ass!’
‘It’s gonna be Jonah’s finger! I can’t wait!’
‘She’s calling him that?! I haven’t even called him th…’

Jonah inserted his finger. Alyssa yelped in complete surprise. Angela then swat Alyssa’s ass hard.


“Alright, now that we’re all participating, let’s get this started”

Angela played with Alyssa’s left breast, while kissing Jonah and using her free hand to stroke his cock. Jonah kissed back while fingering Alyssa’s ass and fondling Angela’s breasts with his other hand. Alyssa rode Angela’s strapon as she enjoyed Jonah’s finger.

Alyssa felt like she was already going to cum. She couldn’t take it. Her arousal was too overwhelming for her. She couldn’t believe she was getting fucked by her professor who’s a woman while getting a finger in her ass. It was so dirty, so taboo, but that’s what was turning her on the most. She never thought she’d ever participate in a threesome with another woman.

Jonah had his eyes closed as he felt Angela wiggle her tongue in his mouth while he wiggled his in hers. He enjoyed the sensation of Angela stroking his cock and the feeling of Alyssa’s virgin asshole clenching around his finger. It was VERY tight. The inside of her ass was soft and warm just like Angela’s. He wanted to know how it would be like to have his cock in there. Angela decided to give Jonah what he wanted. She pulled out of Alyssa and she groaned in response,

“Mistress! What are you doing?!”

“Quiet slave, Jonah dear, can you please put your cock in her wet cunt? Don’t fuck it, just put it in”

Jonah was confused by this, but he followed. He got up and stood in front of Alyssa and Angela. Alyssa looked back in anticipation. She had been waiting to have his cock in her. Jonah pressed his cock at Alyssa’s lips and they opened for him. He slid in with ease as it had been just fucked by an object plus the fact that she was extremely wet down there. Jonah wanted to move in and out, but he remembered Angela’s instructions. Angela asked him to pull out and he did so. Alyssa was upset from that and Angela could see it. She enjoyed that look on Alyssa and was going to enjoy what was to come next. She reentered Alyssa’s pussy with her strapon and reached back for Jonah’s cock and aimed it to Alyssa’s ass. She then said,

“So slave, you want Jonah’s cock, huh?”

“YES!!! Yes Mistress, more than anything!”

“Very well then, Jonah, press your cock in and fuck her”

Chapter XVIII
Jonah, without looking, began to press at Alyssa’s anus. She immediately screamed, knowing damn well what was about to happen. She was about to tell Jonah to stop but then he pressed in one last time and her anus was not able to fight back anymore. Alyssa screamed as Jonah violated her most taboo place. She had just been double penetrated.


Jonah was clueless of what he just did. However, he wasn’t that dense to know that he was hurting Alyssa. He apologized,

“Oh, sorry Alyssa!”

He began to move back and pull his cock out. Alyssa clenched her asshole in natural response. She yelled,

“NO!!! DON’T MOVE!!!”

If he were to move, she’d be in more pain than she already was. Jonah stopped being a sexual partner to Alyssa for a moment and switched back to being her loving brother,

“Sis, are you okay?”

“Stop calling me that!!!” Alyssa screamed at him out of response from the pain.

Angela smiled as she could see Alyssa’s face as she had just been raped up the butt. She enjoyed seeing that she was very uncomfortable at the least, if not in pain. She began to fuck Alyssa’s front door saying,

“Oh put a sock in it!”

“FUCK YOU!!!” Alyssa yelled at her, still being in pain.

Her ass was feeling extremely sore. Jonah remained silent, not know what to say at this point. However, Angela kept fucking Alyssa and she could do nothing but keep still to make sure that the pain in her ass didn’t increase. As she waited for the pain to subside, she couldn’t help but enjoy Angela’s fucking. She felt so ashamed to know that she was actually enjoying getting fucked from another woman while being raped in her ass by her own step brother. The fucking from Angela’s strapon mix with the pain in her ass was starting to become more pleasant to her. The pain in her ass was just adding to the pleasure she was feeling at her pussy.

“Mmm, Jonah fuck my ass, but do it slowly, okay?”

Alyssa blushed as she thought to herself,

‘My God, what have I become. I’m actually enjoying this. I’ve become a masochist’

“What?! I put it in your butt?!”

“Why the do you think I kept screaming?!” Alyssa said, irritated by how dense he was.

“Oh! Alyssa, I’m so sorry, I thought it was aimed at your other hole”

“It’s okay, I’m glad you’re my first back there. Just please go very very slow” Alyssa said, now more calm.

Jonah followed Alyssa’s instructions and went slow. Moving less than half an inch and then waiting a couple of seconds and then moving again. He repeated this until everything but the tip was out. Alyssa was enjoying her very first double penetration. She felt so dirty for taking it in her ass, but she loved it. She moaned to Jonah,

“Mmm, fuck my ass faster. It feels so good!”


“Don’t forget about your Mistress who has been more than generous with you!”

Alyssa wanted to respond angrily to Angela, but she had a bit of confusion. She actually liked the feeling of being slapped and degraded by her professor. She remained quiet. Not sure of how to respond. Angela didn’t like being ignored. She spoke to Jonah,

“Jonah, now it’s your turn! Slap her!”

“I can’t slap her!”

“Not her face…”

Jonah knew immediately what she meant. However, once he held his hand up, it froze in place. He then told Angela,

“I… I can’t do it…”

“Spank me! Please Jonah, I’ve been so terrible to you…”

“It’s okay Alyssa, I forgive you for…”

“SPANK ME!!! I want it! Please Jonah, I wanna feel you spank my ass!”

Jonah looked at Angela. She threw her open hand in the air to simulate a spanking motion. Jonah knew she was signaling for him to do it. He still hesitated however. Alyssa began to grow impatient.



“AH!!! Mmm! That’s it Jonah! Spank this dirty girl’s ass!”

Jonah was starting to like this. The sight of Alyssa’s ass jiggling after he swat it really turned him on. Deep down inside, Jonah enjoyed the fact that this was a sexy way of ‘punishing’ Alyssa and getting his justice for the mistreatment. What allowed him to continue was that Alyssa wasn’t uncomfortable with it.

As Jonah swat her ass, Alyssa began to notice that she really was enjoying being the sub for the first time, to both a male and female dominant. As time progressed, Jonah switched off between each butt cheek. As he saw one of Alyssa’s cheeks start to get too red, he’d switch to the other. He also started to fuck her ass faster while Angela picked up her pace as well. Alyssa only cared about one thing at this point. Cumming.

“Mmm, Mistress, Jonah, please, fuck me faster! I’m gonna cum!”

Alyssa then remembered what Angela said. She continued moaning,

“Mistress, may I please cum! PLEASE!!!”

“Cum you fucking dirty masochistic bitch!”

“Thank you!!!”

Jonah could feel Alyssa’s asshole clench around his cock. He wanted to cum with her, but then Angela said,

“Jonah, I want your cum in ME”

Jonah decided to hold it in. Alyssa was upset, but she couldn’t complain. After all, she did have a very strong orgasm. Jonah dismounted and he saw Alyssa’s asshole immediately close shut. Looking as if it had never been violated by him. He stood up and Angela said to him in a seductive tone,

“Lay down and relax big boy, I’ll do the rest”

Chapter XVIV
Alyssa got off Angela and the two stood up off the couch. They let Jonah lay down. Angela then commanded Alyssa,

“Clean his cock”

“Yes Mistress!”

Alyssa started to walk to the kitchen to get a paper towel, soap and water. However, Angela stopped her.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!”

“I… I’m getting stuff to clean him” Alyssa said nervously.

“Why?! You already have something to clean him!”

“I… I do?”

“Get the fuck over here, NOW!!!”

“Angela… please tone it down” Jonah begged.

“Jonah, please, you won’t complain after this”

Alyssa came back fast, not wanting to ruin her chance of a bright future. Once she was in front of Angela, she was commanded by her,

“Open your mouth and clean it”

“You…you don’t mean! I! I can’t! It’s dirty!”

Angela was extremely angry, she then said to her in an angry intimidating tone,


“Please Mistress… AHH!!!”

“Angela!!!” Jonah raised his voice.

Angela grabbed Alyssa by the hair and forced her face to Jonah’s groin. Angela grabbed Jonah’s cock with her other hand and aimed it to Alyssa’s mouth. She then let go of Alyssa’s hair and used her fingers to apply pressure on Alyssa’s cheeks, forcing her mouth to open.

“Angela! Sto… Ah! Oh!!!”

Before Jonah could finish, Angela had successfully forced his cock in Alyssa’s mouth. She then raised her hand and had it come down to Alyssa’s ass.


“Mmm” Alyssa moaned through Jonah’s cock.

Angela then got behind Alyssa and stuck the strapon in her pussy. She began to fuck her hard and yell at her,

“Clean it good! I want it nice and clean for me. I refuse to have his cock go inside me, while still tainted by you!”

“Yes Mistress!”

“Alyssa, you don’t have to!” Jonah said, trying to fight Angela’s bullying.

However, Alyssa didn’t listen to him and continued to clean his cock. Alyssa’s legs were sharking in fear. Angela enjoyed that. However, what Angela didn’t know was that Alyssa was enjoying this deep down inside. Alyssa felt tormented by that fact.

‘Why am I enjoying this?’
‘Getting fucked by another woman while being forced to clean the cock that was in my ass?!’
‘God! Why am I so fucked up to actually like this?!’

Once Angela felt that Alyssa had done enough, she pulled out and told Alyssa to stop. She obeyed and stood there. She then asked Jonah in a kind voice,

“So baby, which hole did you wanna put it in?”

Jonah was about to tell her that he wanted her pussy, but then he felt that it would be less sanitary for Angela. It was already bad enough that Alyssa did what she did. He decided that staying with anal would be best. Besides, he was planning on doing that tonight.

“Uh…. well, if it’s not too much to ask. Can I put it in your butt again?”

“You wanna do anal again?” Angela giggled.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have to…”

“Hey, don’t apologize, I’d love to. Let me stretch out first”

Angela then removed the strapon and put it inside her pussy to lube it. She then pulled it out and pressed it against her ass. It went in, stretching her ass. After taking the whole strapon in, she then said to Jonah,

“Okay, I’m ready now”

Alyssa found Angela’s change of character to be quite peculiar. Like she was Dr. Jekyll to Jonah, but Mr. Hyde to her. She watched as Angela pulled out the strapon and grabbed Jonah’s cock. She aimed it to her tight pink asshole and sank her body down. Alyssa could do nothing but watch as Jonah was fucking this other woman in front of her. However, Jonah could see the look on Alyssa’s face and it gave him a distraught look.

Angela had finally got all nine inches in her ass. She was ready to bounce on Jonah; however, she couldn’t help but notice the troubled look on Jonah’s face. She turned to see the sad face on Alyssa. She wanted to shoo her away, but she knew Jonah wouldn’t approve. So, she came up with another brilliant idea. She commanded Alyssa,

“Sit on his face”


“Don’t make me repeat myself”

“Yes Mistress!” Alyssa said happily.

Alyssa got on the couch and put her pussy in Jonah’s face. Jonah was about to lick her pussy, but Angela called him,

“Jonah, take this”

She tossed the strap on to Jonah. He caught it and was about to stick it in Alyssa’s pussy, but then Angela added,

“Put it in her ass while you lick her”

Alyssa remained quiet. Angela, spoke to her,

“What are you doing there?! Eat my pussy while you’re at it!”

“Yes Mistress!”

Angela was quite happy with the results of the night. She had truly turned her rival into her sex slave. The only reason why Alyssa could even have Jonah touch her was by his will. Jonah had no idea that he had more influence on her decisions than he thought he did. Angela also felt that the fact that she was bisexual had its part on her decisions as well. What could she say? Her rival was pretty cute.

Angela watched as Alyssa put her face to her pussy, ready to lick it. She then heard Alyssa squeal. She looked back to see that Jonah had shoved the strapon in Alyssa’s ass and was already licking her pussy. Angela smiled and commanded,

“Eat my fucking pussy slave!”

Alyssa responded by assaulting Angela’s clitoris with more intensity. Angela moaned,

“That’s it slave! Eat it! Eat it! Eat my fucking pussy!”

Angela rode Jonah’s cock faster, which in turn, caused Jonah to work harder on Alyssa’s pussy and ass. It was an endless cycle of pleasure for the three. Jonah could feel and taste that Alyssa’s pussy was leaking. Her pussy juice was leaking abundantly down into his mouth. Jonah was more than obliged to swallow it. He had not tasted Alyssa in a while. Alyssa could tell Angela was leaking just as much as her. Her cum was getting all over Jonah’s pubic area. Alyssa just licked it clean and enjoyed the taste.

Angela was on cloud nine from the pleasuring by her two current partners. She always wanted to try getting her pussy licked while getting fucked in the ass. What turned her on more was the fact that it was a woman who was eating her pussy, her slave.

Once a few more minutes passed, Jonah was about ready to cum. He warned Angela and she moaned to him,

“Do it baby! Fill me up with your cum! Slave, you have my permission to cum!”

Alyssa laughed to herself in her head. She knew that there was no way for Angela to tell that she had cum a couple of times prior, but that wasn’t going to stop her from doing it a third time. Alyssa came in Jonah’s mouth, which was the last straw. He started to squirt his cum up Angela’s rectum. Angela felt her insides getting washed with Jonah’s cum. That same warm sensation of his ejaculation sent her over the edge as well and she came into Alyssa’ mouth.

The three took in each other’s cum and the threesome had finally finished.

The next morning, Jonah woke up on Angela’s couch. He felt someone on top of him. He opened his eyes and pulled off the bed sheet.

‘Alyssa?! When did she…’

Jonah then remembered that he had had sex with Alyssa and Angela for God knows how long, but he couldn’t remember when he passed out. Alyssa awoke and smiled at Jonah.

‘There’s no way I can be a priest now!’
‘No! I’ll repent and then I’ll…’

“Good morning honey” Alyssa greeted him happily.


She gave him a gentle peck on the lips. Jonah wanted to tell her to stop tempting him and being so sinful, but he refrained.

‘Oh what’s the use?’

Jonah thought about all that had happened recently in his life. Who was he to tell her to behave? He was trying to join the priesthood, yet he had sexual intercourse. He not only participated in vaginal and oral intercourse, but anal as well. He considered that to be just pure sexual pleasure. Even if a priest were to marry and have children with the woman he loved, he still couldn’t excuse the fact that he had premarital sex AND with more than one sexual partner. Not to mention the fact that one of them was his step-sister. That’s something some people may see as borderline incest.

“Hey Jonah, about all that love stuff I said…”


“Well… I really meant it, please think about it”


“I was afraid to love again and it ended up screwing me over. I really do love you”

Jonah remained silent, unable to answer her. He then heard Angela behind him.

“The same goes for me”

“Oh great!” Alyssa groaned.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re lucky that I was being nice!”

“You stealing Jonah away from me and then blackmailing him to have sex with you is what you call nice?! Oh! And there’s also you blackmailing me and then calling me a slave and tricking Jonah into taking my anal virginity!”

“You enjoyed it didn’t you?”

“Fuck you! Jonah’s mine!”

“No! Fuck YOU! He’s choosing me! Jonah, if you choose me, I’ll let you fuck other girls! Just get my consent before hand!”

Alyssa gasped. She knew Jonah wasn’t like that. He was a one way man. However, fear got the best of her,

“Jonah, if you choose me, I’ll let you do the same. As long as you let me know, I’ll let you fuck other girls!”

Angela wasn’t expecting that. She then gave Alyssa another proposal.

“Hey, if you’re gonna be like that, then why don’t we share him?”

“What?! No!”

“Um… girls, please… you’re not even considering me…” Jonah said passively.

“SHUT UP!” Both girls yelled at him.

“You bitch! Why would I agree to that?! I know you’ll try to steal him while I’m not looking. How could you even benefit from it?!” Alyssa yelled.

Angela smiled and answered her question,

“Think about it. Why would Jonah let me steal him away from you when that would mean not being able to have both of us. Agreeing to this means more pussy for him. As for me, that means I get Jonah AND I get to do more things to you”

Angela put on her all too familiar devious smile and Alyssa began to blush thinking about all the dirty things she and Angela did last night. She began to feel self-conscious of what she did and made a futile attempt to cover herself from Angela’s view. Angela decided to press further.

“Just admit it! You loved the touch of another woman!”


“You loved kissing me, you loved the taste of my pussy and you loved getting fucked by me, especially if it’s at the same time Jonah’s fucking you. Admit it! I know you’re curious about trying more things with me”

“…Mmm…Err…f…fff…FINE! I admit it! I’ve always been curious about girls! So what!?”

Angela smiled, knowing that she was getting closer to persuading Alyssa. She decided to give Alyssa a bonus to her offer to ensure that she would agree.

“I’ll tell you what, if you agree, then I’ll give you an A in another class I teach. It’ll count as an elective credit. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?”


“Don’t make me repeat myself, take my offer now or risk losing Jonah along with the opportunity to use me to ‘experiment’.”

Alyssa was unsure. She started thinking to herself,

‘Well it IS college. Girls do tend to experiment. She does make valid points… Mom… what do I do?…’
‘Ah! Fuck it!’

“Okay… I agree…”

“Hey! Don’t I get a say?” Jonah said trying another unsuccessful attempt to get a say in the matter.

“Good” Angela smiled, completely ignoring Jonah.

“Well… now what?” Alyssa responded, obviously ignoring Jonah as well.

“We could have him stay with one of us for a bit and then switch off”

“He lives with me already!”

“How can I trust that YOU won’t try to steal him? Look, the easiest way to settle this conflict is if we have him switch off between our homes”

“I guess that’s fair…”

Again, Jonah made a fruitless attempt,

“Uh… actually the place where Alyssa lives is mine…”

“I’ll have him first” Angela said interrupted Jonah, not paying attention to what he had to say.

“No! Fuck you, he’s coming home with me!”

“Fuck you! He’s been with you at home all this time, it’s about time he stays with me!”

‘This is getting out of hand, I gotta stop this now!’ Jonah thought to himself.

Angela grabbed Jonah by the arm while yelling at Alyssa. She ended up pressing her breasts in his face in the process accidentally. Jonah was about to speak, but then he was too distracted.

‘Before it gets out of hand, I gotta…’
‘I gotta…’
‘…man, Angela’s breasts are just so warm and soft’

Angela’s breasts mesmerized him. Alyssa noticed this and grabbed Jonah’s other arm. Once this happened, Jonah broke out of his hypnotized state. However, his face ended up in Alyssa’s breasts instead. All that was in his mind was,

‘Okay, I have to stop thi…’
‘Alyssa’s breasts are so nice too’

Angela grabbed back Jonah and the two both tugged on him. They eventually noticed that he wasn’t budging from all the fighting. They then both sat closer to him and began to unintentionally suffocate him with their breasts. With both their breasts smothering his head in the middle, the two began to argue more about who would be the one to spend time with Jonah first. Jonah sighed, unsure if it was a troubled sigh or a happy sigh. Maybe both. His last thought at that moment was:

‘Goodbye priesthood…’

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