Sarah’s First Spanking

by thepac

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Sarah’s First Spanking

Sarah Blackwood is 20 years old and is coming to her final term in collage in Manchester and is ready to embark on a career as a chief. She is in her student digs a few miles away from the main campus packing up her stuff knowing that in final few weeks will be full of parties and heavy drinking. She is also single, as her boyfriend of 2 years David had dumped her for another woman in America so she was looking forward to go to a few collage parties as a single woman for the first time. Sarah sits on her bed looking at a happy pic of her and David at the Reading festival from lat year and her mind slips back to those happy days. They would talk for hours, totally trusted each other and had a good network of friends to take out but there was only one thing missing in the relationship. Sex, David was by far the worst lover she had ever had and there half assed clinches and his horrible dirty talk along with only ever lasting 5 minutes had really let Sarah down. She is a very passionate person and other lovers she had left her breathless and David just left her totally unsatisfied. A few weeks before they spilt up however he had done something to her that had made her so horny that Sarah couldn’t stand it he spanked her. She loved the feeling and had made herself a promise that before she leaves Collage forever a few weeks she is going to get someone to give her a good, hard spanking.

Sarah is a normal kind of 20 year old; her body is fully matured standing at 6ft 3 and she gets lots of admiring stares from both men and woman. Her shoulder length blonde hair complements her bright cherry face well as most men are drawn to her big ‘blowjob’ lips. Her 36 D cups make most men weak at the knees especially in the summer when Sarah uses her full range of vest tops to tease hard on’s out of guys with her cleavage. Her favorite bit of her body however is her big, round ass Sarah just loved the way jeans fitted round her curves and her best move on the dancefloor was to shake her booty making everyone in the club stare at her. However she had never thought of any of that kinky stuff in sex mattering to her, as she just loved a hard cock pumping inside her. One day David had given her butt a few hard swats before leaving for collage and everything about it excited Sarah. She had been lying face down on the bed when he leaned over and spanked her big ass and left her lying there soaking wet. The sound and the feeling of hand on ass made her hornier than she had ever been. Even the idea of her being over someone’s knee leaving her powerless had her fingering herself to a powerful orgasm. The one problem with her new found fetish had been David, first he wouldn’t understand her fetish and just try fucking her and second as their sex was so disappointing Sarah didn’t want to lose the exciting feelings she got from spanking. So she kept her fetish hidden for the final few months of their relationship before now sat here on her bed a few weeks before leaving collage forever wanting to be spanked.

Sarah gets to her feet and tucks the picture into her backpack before looking at herself in the giant dress mirror wondering what she is going to do. The real problem for her is the spanker would get nothing out of spanking her she had seen enough spanking websites to know that the spanker more or less got nothing unless they too were deep into a spanking fetish. So how she was going to convince a guy in collage to spank her rather than sleep with her was a total mystery. As Sarah looks at her body in the mirror clad in 3 day old grey socks, a stained yellow t-shirt and some grey jogging pants she knows how many guys wanted to fuck her. She really doubts however one guy would forget fucking her just to relive her spanking fetish was more unlikely than the entire cast of Coronation Street releasing a porno version of their show for Christmas. So lonely and depressed about having no one to spank her bottom Sarah jumps onto her bed and sighs softly. That’s when she hears the front door open and her lovable roommate Joanne arrives home. Joanne or Jo as she prefers to be called is Sarah’s roommate and is a 3rd year English literature student. She has dyed black hair and a firm figure that a lot of guys love. She is on the collage netball team and her 38 C cup breasts are firm and stick up in her normal dress of a button up skirt. Her legs are the things most men lust after the most as they are 34 inches and so very smooth.

Sarah has had a few drunken gropes with the black haired girl and as she shouts out high Sarah’s mind starts to work in overtime. She needs a spanking and Jo is a good friend always sweet and Sarah would admit to having a little girl crush on her. Now with a few weeks left she could let Jo spank her then she would never see her again. Breathing in deeply Sarah leaps off her bed and runs into the living room. Jo puts down her bag and stretches her arms out. Dressed in a black and purple-stripped shirt with a black mini skirt on and black pantyhose protecting her luscious legs. Turing round Jo sees Sarah stood behind and the two friends hug before Sarah blurts out.

“Hi Jo will you give me a spanking please,” Sarah says a big plastered grin on her face as Jo’s face drops.

“What did you say Sarah,” Jo is bewildered as she is sure her blonde roommate just asked for a spanking.

“I need you to give me a spanking Jo please,” Sarah, begs her blue eyes going big and her hands clasp together begging the dark haired student.

“So Blondie you are single for a few weeks and then you suddenly turn into a lesbian,” Jo says amazed at the request from her friend.

“I’m not a lesbian Jo it’s just David gave me a few spanks and it felt so good all I want is a proper spanking before I leave in the summer,” Sarah says starting to realize that Jo will not scratch her sexual itch.

Jo looks at the well-built blonde and she has to admit to herself that there is something sex about Sarah. She had never wanted to follow up these urges but now the blonde was practical offering up her body and more importantly that sexy ass. Jo never got jealous of other woman but Sarah’s ass was the one body part she wanted. Her own ass is rather small and never really noticed so having a friend with a thick, meaty ass was a constant struggle. Never wanting to admit it to anyone but Jo is sure she is a closet lesbian, there must be a reason she always helps Sarah pick her outfits just so she can see her naked and even in Collage Jo checks out the other girls more than the men. Even in netball Jo loved taking showers with the other girl but she never wanted to tell anyone even though on a few drunken nights out with Sarah she had nearly slipped up and fucked the blonde bombshell. With all these conflicting emotions running though her and to top it off she looks into Sarah’s puppy dog eyes and her Armour can’t hold up.

“Ok, ok fine Sarah I’ll give you a spanking but under no circumstances are you to go all lesbian and start moaning,” Jo says with a cheeky grin.

Sarah’s face explodes with a big, bright smile as her sexy roommate agrees to spank her. Sarah can feel herself already getting wet just from thinking about getting a spanking. Jo relaxes herself reminding her overworking brain that Sarah will not instantly fall in love with her and fuck her brains out just from a spanking.

“Right then you naughty girl,” Jo giggles getting into charter of a bossy woman, “Get over here young lady.”

Jo sits down on their red leather sofa and pats her pantyhose covered legs and Sarah skips over there like a little schoolgirl. They both keep eye contact as Sarah bends down and climbs over Jo’s knees. She wriggles down until Sarah’s ass is perfectly bent up on Jo’s legs and the dark haired woman can’t resist grabbing a handful of Sarah’s ass. The blonde moans softly as Jo’s soft hands squeeze her meaty cheeks. Jo holds in a gasp as she hears Sarah’s moan and she grins before roughly tugging down Sarah’s sweatpants.

“Hey what are you doing Jo?” Sarah asks as she feels her pants slide down her legs.

“You moaned like a little porno slut Sarah so now I’m going to spank your bare bottom,” Jo says her northern accent really catching Sarah off guard.

Sarah had never really noticed Jo’s accent but now hearing her talking about spanking her bare bottom has Sarah wet and her nipples stick up hard against her shirt. Having Jo’s hand now all over her butt is making Sarah feel so good. She feels stupid having never thought about other woman, which she knows is a little insensitive as her best friend is a lesbian. Sarah had know about Jo’s sexual fantasy’s ever since she started to dress in front of her and Sarah had seen the wild lusting eyes on Jo. Now however she realized who much this must be killing Jo to spank her and Sarah feels a bit bad thinking about her own pleasure rather than that of her friend. She has no more time to think about it as Jo spanks the palm of her hand against Sarah’s panty covered ass.

“OWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWW, OUCH that hurts Jo,” Sarah groans as 5 hard hand spanks has her ass stinging with pain.

Jo has to fight her own desires, Sarah’s ass feels so good and after just 5 spanks she can feel her own panties getting wet. Add the soft feeling to Sarah’s sexy little groans of pain and Jo finds her black panties are nearly swimming in her own juices. Having finally taken a few spanks Sarah knows she will be a spanko for life; she loves the pain and the humiliation of being leaned over someone’s knee being dominated. Jo’s hand is once again stroking Sarah’s big ass before firing off 5 more hard spanks.

“OWWW IEEEEE OWWWW Jo baby that really hurts OWWWWW,” Sarah moans as her ass is stinging with pain and her pussy is humming in pleasure.

“Does this hurt you Sarah,” Jo says teasing her friend as her palm pats Sarah’s right asscheek.

“Yes it hurts so much Jo,” Sarah says acting like she has tears in her eyes while really she is more excited that she has ever been in her life.

“Do you know why you are getting a spanking Sarah,” Jo says pushing her hand under Sarah’s panties feeling her soft asscheek.

“MMMMMM yes Jo I’m such a bad girl that I need a good hard spanking,” Sarah uses her most teasing, sexy accent.

Hearing Sarah’s slutty voice has her pussy juices leaking though her panties into the fabric of her stockings.

“Now then naughty girl I am going to give you 10 more hard spanks and after each shot you will count it and say thank you Jo,” says the dark haired netball player taking control as Sarah submissively hangs over her knee.

The first shot is hard leaving a handprint on her ass cheek as Sarah screams, “OWWWW OWWWWWW OWWWWW ONE THANK YOU JO.”

Shot number two is even harder and the sound of palm hitting skin echoes though the tiny apartment, “FUCK OWWW OWWWWW YOU MEAN I MEAN TWO THANK YOU JO.”

Spank number three is even louder and Sarah bounces up on Jo’s lap and the blonde moves her hands behind her to cover her big ass, “OWWWWW ARRRRRRR THAT HURTS SO MUCH THREE THANK YOU JO.”

Shots four, five and six are in a simpler vein hitting Sarah’s left cheek making her scream each time she says thank you. The smell of sex is in the air now as both women are getting very turned on by this spanking.

“FUCK OWWWWW THAT’S TOO MUCH ER SEVEN THANK YOU JO,” screams Sarah as Jo is lighting up her ass’s accurate and near perfect spanks.

Eight and nine brings the poor blonde more pain but her panties are soaked and Sarah has never been so turned on in her life. Jo is turned on my Sarah’s poor little voice thanking her as she whacks Sarah’s beautiful ass.

“OWWWWWWW ARRRRRRRR FUCKING HELL THAT HURTS JO TEN THANK YOU JO,” Sarah screams her face covered in sweat and her ass is sore.

Jo can smell Sarah’s pussy and she can feel her damp panties on her legs and being sneaky Jo grabs the waistband of her panties. She yanks them down Sarah’s legs exposing her bare ass and the nice brown tan on her cheeks now is stained with a twinge of red.

“What are you doing Jo,” Sarah asks as she becomes aware of her bare ass becomes exposed in front of her best friend.

“You are still a bad little girl Sarah and I think it’s time your bare ass took a spanking,” Jo says as she pulls down Sarah’s panties and admires her friend’s bare butt.

She licks her lips and moves her other hand to her crotch giving her soaking wet pussy lips a quick rub. Jo can’t take her eyes off Sarah’s fine ass and she runs her hands over Sarah’s soft ass cheeks. Sarah moans as her body is covered in sweat and her ass is on fire from the spanking and her pussy is nearly drowning in her own juices.

“I’m going to give you 20 hard bare bottom spanking Sarah do you want 20 more spanks,” Jo says with a smirk on her face as Sarah’s body moves around on her lap.

“Yes Miss Joanne I want 20 more spanks on my bare bottom because I’m such a bad girl,” Sarah says hanging her head using her softest voice possible.

The first 5 spanks on Sarah’s bare ass has the young blonde screaming and as she slides across Jo’s legs the softness of her legs covered in pantyhose touches her soaking wet pussy lips. Sarah has never felt this hot and wet and she also knows it’s not just the spanking that is making her wet. The young lady holding her over her knee somehow knows just what button to press to make her hot. The next 5 spanks have both woman moaning softly but Sarah is in more pain as her ass stings in pain but she is so horny she doesn’t care. Feeling Sarah’s wetness on her stocking covered legs Jo knows how turned on Sarah is from getting her ass spanked. Slapping Sarah’s red ass 5 more times has Sarah groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She kicks her legs to try and reduce the pain but all that does is kick off her pants and soaked panties off her ankles and onto the floor. Now Sarah is totally bottomless on Jo’s lap and the dark haired girl is enjoying dominating her blonde roommate and just feeling her tight ass is turning her on. The final 5 spanks are hard but Sarah really doesn’t care as she moans and groans for Jo to hear as she continues to slap her ass. Jo is leaving her handprints on Sarah’s tanned cheeks leaving large red marks on her toned, tanned cheeks. Tears flow into Sarah’s eyes from the blistering pain but in her head she feels noting but pleasure as her sexy flat mate spanks her ass.

“MMMMMM keep going Jo don’t stop I need a good, hard spanking babe don’t stop,” Sarah moans her eyes roll back in near orgasmic pleasure.

Jo is a little shocked at how turned on Sarah is getting from this spanking but she carries on spanking Sarah’s ass as just having the sexy blonde over her knee is turning her on. Both woman are now moaning and groaning, as they get wetter and wetter when passion overruns Jo’s system to the point in which she has to have sex with Sarah. She stops the spanking to Sarah’s disappointment and Jo helps her up to her feet. Sarah climbs to her feet still a bit groggy and only just working out how she had acting in the past few moments but when she looks at Jo to say sorry she sees Jo looking down. Her pantyhose are dripping wet in what Sarah is sure is her juices. The two-woman catch each other’s eye and Sarah quickly leaps on the defensive.

“Oh my god Jo I’m so sorry it was just so… I mean I never wanted to… oh god I’m really sorry,” Sarah stutters as Jo just looks at her soaking wet leggings.

Looking up Jo looks at the near naked blonde, “You dirty little bitch making a mess all over me I’m going to have to teach you some manners young lady.”

Sarah only just catches on to Jo’s act when the small, athletic woman jumps at her taking her down onto the carpet. Still dazed from her near orgasm and the fact Jo is on top Sarah really doesn’t fight back. Jo wastes no time she has wanted this moment for so long as she pulls Sarah’s t-shirt over her head before ripping away her flimsy black bra. With Sarah now lying on the ground completely naked Jo flips the hapless blonde onto her side then starts spanking her ass again. Sarah groans as Jo pins her to the ground and starts spanking her sore ass. The mix of pain and pleasure with Jo holding her down has Sarah in a near frenzy as she groans and beats her fist down on the cheap blue carpet. Spank after spank rains down on Sarah’s defenseless ass each shot coming in faster making Sarah’s screams louder. The moaning, spanking and the pure smell of sex in the air have both women horny and leaking all over their floor.

“Tell me you want to cum Sarah,” Jo moans barely able to keep her own hand out of her panties.

Sarah groans a few times as Jo keeps swatting her big ass before groaning out, “Yes.”

Wasting no time Jo moves her other hand around Sarah and starts to slowly rub her soaking wet pussy lips. Sarah moans loudly the soft touch of Jo felt great on her ass but on her wet and sensitive pussy lips it feels amazing. Jo savors every moan coming out of Sarah’s mouth as she plays with the blonde’s slit slowly tracing her finger up and down the entrance to her wet hole. The spanks have slowed down but Jo makes sure her palm keeps slapping Sarah’s ass giving the blonde a wave of pleasure from each hit. Slipping her fingers inside Sarah, Jo moans at how wet she feels as her fingers slowly move in and out of her pussy. Being spanked and fingered are two sexual experiences Sarah had never had up till this point and to her shock finds that these are her two favorite ways to get off. Feeling the power of Jo spanking her big ass 7 shades of red hard while her other hand is softly pumping inside her cunt is a perfect double team. Jo makes sure each finger thrust is careful and slow making Sarah feel every second of pleasure while spanking her ass firm and hard sending a bolt of pain up Sarah’s spine. With her pain and pleasure threshold being pushed well past her limit Sarah relaxes into Jo’s caring arms. Driving her fingers deeper Jo hits Sarah’s throbbing clit making the blonde scream out.

“OHHH OHHHH FUCK JO GOD YOUR SO GOOD DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP,” Sarah cries out at the top of her lungs as Jo’s fingers fuck her dripping wet pussy.

Jo keeps up the hard spanks and is only now getting her thrust and spanks in the same moment. The second Jo’s fingers touch her pussy the wave of pleasure is followed by a swift slap to her red ass cheeks brings her back down. The teasing, fingering and spanking has Sarah sweating and bucking around on the carpet. Her mind is clouded over with thoughts of erotic pain and pleasure and Jo’s soft hands guide Sarah towards a powerful orgasm.

“OHHHHHHH OHHHHHH OHHHHHHH GOD FUCK ME FUCKKKKKK,” Sarah howls as she shakes with a big bone crushing orgasm.

Jo holds her best friend tightly as she feels Sarah’s cum gushing out of her pussy and all over her fingers. She can’t believe how this has turned out but Jo has never been so happy as Sarah’s cum floods over her hand and leaves a stain on the carpet. She even stops spanking her ass and is now calmly stroking her bruised cheeks hearing Sarah’s soft moans. Jo removes her hand from Sarah’s wet cunt and licks her fingers clean of cum and to the dark haired girl’s delight Sarah’s cum has a sweet taste in her mouth. Sarah rolls onto her back wiping her sweaty hair out of her face and looks up at Jo. She can’t believe how much she enjoyed Jo’s touch she was able to make Sarah feel things she had never felt before. She had gone to edges of her own pleasure that David couldn’t even wish to get close to.

“Did you like that baby,” Jo says a large Cheshire cat grin on her face as she watches Sarah panting and breathing slowly.

“God Jo you are amazing,” Sarah says smiling up at Jo when she has a sudden burning sensation to make Jo feel what she had just felt.

Slowly her hands moves up Jo’s leg and nips under her black mini skirt when suddenly Jo grabs her wrist.

“What you doing Blondie,” Jo asks knowing full well what her flat mate wants to do but she just wants to check that Sarah really wants her.

“I’m going to repay you Jo, you gave me so much pleasure and I think your spanking has made me a good girl so I only wanna do what a good girl would do,” Sarah says licking her lips pushing her fingers into Jo’s upper thigh.

Seeing that slutty look on Sarah’s face and her wiliness to repay her nearly makes Jo cum right there and then. Holding her emotions Jo lets the moment sink in as she now has one of her biggest fantasy’s more or less begging to repay her. Getting to her feet Jo looks down at a sweaty naked Sarah and puts on a fake frown.

“Well young lady if you want to repay me you will have to take me to my room and get rid of all these clothes,” Jo says using a posh English accent that she and Sarah once did mocking Keria Knightley while watching one of her movies.

Just hearing that posh dominating voice has Sarah on her knees looking straight up at Jo, “Yes Miss Joanne I will do whatever you say and I’m sure I can repay the amazing feelings you gave me.”

Jo tries not to looks shocked as Sarah just thanking her for her orgasm. She is so stunned that she barely feels Sarah take her hand and help her into her bedroom. Jo’s room was painted a nice sky blue during the last summer with her bed covers a rather plan pink. Sarah drops to her knees and quickly pulls down the zip to Jo’s skirt. The tiny material slides down her legs and before she kicks it off her ankles Sarah has already started to yank down her pantyhose. The black fabric slides down Jo’s perfect pins and Sarah can barely surpass a moan at being so close to her legs. Sarah plants a tiny kiss on Jo’s calf before pulling the stockings and skirt from around Jo’s feet. The netball star moans as a light breeze touches her soaking wet white panties and her sensitive pussy lips push up against the fabric. Standing up Sarah grabs the bottom of Jo’s stripy top and pulls it up and over Jo’s head. Jo’s perky breasts are now exposed in a lacey white bra and Sarah wastes no time in unclipping the bra and takes it off. Now Sarah stares at Jo’s pale but pretty breasts and Sarah rolls a finger over Jo’s hard pink nipples. The dark haired woman moans as Sarah plays with her nipples before she slides her hands down her flat stomach. Gripping her waistband Sarah yanks down Jo’s soaking wet panties and Sarah gets her first look at another woman’s pussy. The sweet smell of another woman’s pussy has Sarah nearly drooling and licking her lips.

“Do you like my naked body Sarah,” Jo says trying hard not to leap on top of Sarah as the blonde pervs at her naked body.

“Yes Jo I think you are so sexy,” Sarah says rubbing her own tits in pleasure as she takes a good long look over Jo’s body.

“Well little blonde girl to repay me for your spanking and orgasm you will go in between my lusted over legs and eat my pussy out,” Jo says in a dominating tone as she walks over and lies down on her bed.

Sarah watches in awe as Jo lies down on her bed then spreads her legs out as far as her joints will allow. Getting a perfect view of Jo’s pussy gives Sarah such an amazing feeling and makes her legs go weak. She is just able to crawl onto the bed and slowly makes her way in between Jo’s smooth legs. Jo takes in the incredible mental picture of Sarah, full naked and sweating kneeling in-between her legs staring at her pussy. Slowly Sarah moves her face forward scared of doing something wrong that would upset and the last thing she wants to do is upset Jo. Jo has done so much to open her eyes to other sexual options and the back her ass is still stinging from the spanking shows her Jo knew just how to feed her fantasy’s. Her face is inches away from Jo’s pussy and the sweet smell is overwhelming and Sarah can’t help herself in just moving her tongue forward and takes a tentative lick of her dripping wet pussy lips. A shiver moves down Jo’s spine as Sarah’s tongue flicks against her pussy and the wave of pleasure moves though Jo. Her pussy leaks juices out onto her bed and Sarah now starts delivering more and more licks of her cunt. Sarah has never tasted anything so good when she gave head she never ever swallowed but Jo’s tastes so good that Sarah wants Jo to cum down her throat.

“MMMMMM OH SARAH LICK MY PUSSY KEEP LICKINGME SARAH YOU SEXY BLONDE SLUT,” Jo groans her hands grab onto Sarah’s blonde locks keeping her head in place over her cut.

Sarah doesn’t need encouragement from Jo as she enjoys licking Jo’s sweet tasting pussy. She slides her tongue in between Jo’s pussy lips and flicks the very tip against the inside of Jo’s pussy walls. A long wailing cry from Jo tells Sarah she is doing the right thing so the blonde pushes her face further into her friend’s crotch sending her tongue in deeper. Lapping at Jo’s pussy like a dieing man drinks at an oasis Sarah lets Jo’s juices trail down her tongue and into her mouth. Her friend tastes so good and Sarah starts to attract Jo’s pussy doing whatever feels right and tastes go as Jo thrashes around above her. Digging her nails into the bed sheets Jo moans and cries as Sarah eats her out and for Jo this is amazing. Up to the time she walked into the flat Jo would have never seen herself getting oral from her flat mate yet here she was naked and on her bed eating her out like a pro. Her wet sloppy tongue probing every inch of Jo’s much underused pussy and pleasure floods Jo’s system. She doesn’t want this to end but when Sarah’s well-trained tongue locates her clit Jo gives in to the tidal waves of pure sexual enjoyment. Bucking her hips and screaming loudly Jo goes into a mind-blowing orgasm as Sarah’s tongue batters her clit.


Sarah is shocked at the amount of cum flowing into her mouth and she tries her hardest to catch all of it in her mouth. Trying hard Sarah swallows all she can but Jo’s juices splash out onto her face but she keeps her face in Jo’s pussy as her friend screams out an orgasm. Jo groans as she falls back onto her bed tired and panting from such a big orgasm. Sarah lifts her face up and smiles at Jo with Jo’s own cum smearing her lips. The blonde is so happy having tasted Jo and really gone to the depts. Of her spanking fetish this has been a very big day for her. Both women are tied and Sarah licks her lips clean before slowly climbing up Jo’s sweaty form and they cuddle each other. Jo kisses her best friend on the cheek and they hug and the heat from their warm bodies relaxing and calms them down. They are both sweaty and tired but have big smiles on their face as they have both made important self-discovery. Jo finds out she really loves woman and especially Sarah and she is now no longer confused and no longer embarrassed and afraid about whom she is. Sarah has found out she loves sleeping with both woman and men but knows she will always have a soft spot in her heart for Jo not just for freeing her lesbian tendencies but for the spanking. She can still feel the stinging pain in her bottom and she can’t help but cry out in pain when her butt touches the bed sheets.

“Awwwwwww baby does it still hurt,” Jo says stroking Sarah’s blonde hair.

She doesn’t answer but pushes her bottom lip out and puts on her big puppy dog eyes nodding her head. Jo can’t help but smile at Sarah’s cute look and she gives the big assed blonde a kiss before leaning over to her bedside cabinet. Out of the top drawer Jo pulls out a tube of soothing lotion and she rolls on top of Sarah. Giggling the blonde moans as Jo squirts a blob of cream onto her sore asscheeks. Slowly and softly Jo rubs the cream into Sarah’s red and sore ass making her groan as Jo sensually rubs the lotion in. The two flat mates are now curled up in bed stroking each other’s hair, holding each other close reflecting on an intense passion filled afternoon.


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