Katie’s Muscle Journey

by KatieTay

Chapter 1: Katie and Ryoko

As I enter the apartment I share with my boyfriend Jim, I pause for a while at the door. I notice that the door is ajar, and Jim’s shoes are outside. He must be home early from the gym. There’re some muffled sounds that I can hear even from the hallway.

“Jim?” I called out. “I’m back, honey. Are you there?”

There is no reply. I walk into the living room, and I see something I never thought I would see. Jim is sitting on the couch, with his pants down. What I am looking straight at now, though, is the woman standing in front of him.

She has short hair and is topless, wearing only a pair of jeans, and she is muscular. Not like a bodybuilder, or even the ripped physique of a fitness competitor, but extremely strong-looking. Her muscles are shapely and make her very curvy in a feminine way, but her back is ridged with impressive muscle development, as are her abs, which are six solid-looking sections. She is still relatively narrow-waisted. Her deltoids, which are flexed right now because she is holding up her arms in a double-bicep pose, are round lumps of solid flesh. Her bicep peaks can be seen from behind, like small tennis balls. In short, she is almost the perfect woman, even though her thighs cannot be seen.

She turns around and sees me, and gives me an arrogant smile. I take a few steps towards them, not knowing how to react.

She says to Jim, “So this is your girlfriend Katie? Hmm. She doesn’t look as strong as in that picture you have of her.”

The woman gestures towards something Jim is holding in his hand. I ignore his guilty expression, and look more closely. It looks like a photograph. Then I recognize it, when Jim sheepishly holds it up for me to see.

It is a photograph of the two of us, about five years ago, when I was 20. In the picture I’m doing a bicep flex while putting an arm around Jim’s shoulders. I’m wearing a sports bra. At that time I had just won an arm wrestling tournament, defeating a total of six other women. In the picture we both look proud and happy, and my arm looks nice and strong.

But since then I have not been to the gym as much, as I’ve become busier with a new job. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since that time, and I look leaner now but also flabbier, not as toned as before. For a while Jim kept assuring me that he didn’t mind, and our sex still seemed just as good. But now… I can hardly believe what this looks like. “Jim,” I ask softly, “can you explain what this woman is doing here?”

But instead of Jim replying, the response comes from the woman, who walks slowly up to me and stands offensively close.

“My name is Ryoko,” she states. “Jim and I have been meeting each other at the gym for a few weeks now. Today, I decided to get to know him a little better, if you know what I mean. However, he seems very loyal to you, for some reason.”

Jim is pulling up his pants hurriedly as Ryoko speaks, and at this he looks up at me and nods eagerly, saying, “I didn’t want any of this, Katie!”

“That’s not what your erection is saying!” Ryoko smirks. She looks back at me and continues, “So, I decided to show him directly, why I am the better woman. I asked him to show me the best picture he had of you, and then I showed him my body and asked him to say who the better woman is. Well, I must admit I was impressed by your photograph. But it seems you aren’t as hot as you used to be.”

Slowly she raises her arms and flexes in front of me, staring at me challengingly. She is still wearing her heels — which is why I didn’t see them outside the door earlier. In them, she is able to look down on me with a few inches’ height advantage. Barefoot she is probably the same height as me, almost. Now it just adds to the overall effect she is having on me.

I take a deep breath to calm myself. Not only am I upset at this woman just coming in to cause trouble and go after my boyfriend as aggressively as this, I am also feeling a bit intimidated. As Ryoko flexes in front of me, her muscles moving seductively underneath her skin, I can see immediately that she is much sexier than I am now, and looks a lot stronger — in fact, even five years ago I may not have been a match for her.

Still, I cannot back down from this challenge. I step back and strip off my tank top quickly, and unhook my bra to stand topless too in my jeans. As Jim gapes in amazement, I step up to Ryoko until our nipples are almost touching, and throw my own arms up in the most powerful flex I can manage!

We hold the posedown for a few seconds, and then Ryoko laughs. I still have some lean muscles on my body, but it is a far cry both from what I used to look like, and what Ryoko looks like now. I lower my arms and hang my head. Without a doubt I have been crushed in this posedown.

Ryoko walks over to the slack-jawed Jim, who is now breathing more quickly at the sight he has just seen. She takes the photograph from his unresisting hand. Turning back to me, she holds it up for me to see, and then slowly tears it straight down the middle, separating the sections containing Jim and myself.

Her message is clear. I glare at her, fists clenched. She smirks and glares back, then points to the coffee table. I give a quick nod to accept her unspoken challenge.

No words are needed. We both step slowly to the coffee table, still holding each other’s gaze. I go down on one knee, on one side of the table, and she copies my pose. The coffee table is small and circular, so we end up using our right knees to brace it between us. Still with slow deliberate movements we raise our right arms and plant them on the table, and hook our thumbs, preparing to arm wrestle.

Still not saying a word, Ryoko raises her left hand and crooks a finger at Jim, to come over. He does, looking at the both of us in awe, obviously trying to drink in as much of this sight as possible. Then Ryoko speaks again.

“Jim will be the referee for this contest between us. The winner will give him a blowjob. During the match, he can choose to motivate us by letting whichever of us pleasure him with our hand, mouth, or any other part of the body. Now, get ready to be shamed in front of him!”

“The relationship we share will give me the strength to beat you in front of him and make sure you never come after him again!” I reply firmly, clenching her hand as hard as I can. I will not lose to a bitch like her!

Jim holds our hands and makes sure our starting position is equal, and then releases his hands to let us begin. We both lean forward and start pulling. My bicep bulges nice and round, and I feel encouraged even though it is obvious her muscles are bigger. So far I am keeping her even.

Then I look up into her eyes, and my heart sinks as I realize she is feeling much more relaxed than me, barely straining compared to me. She may be just toying with me. I press my lips together grimly, not letting her see my anxiety, and concentrate on just pulling as hard as I can, increasing my force until I am nearly using my full power. But she is matching me strength for strength. Our hands begin to tremble in the middle between us with the sheer force of our battle. I can see her starting to strain a little bit, but she still has that small mocking smile that I would dearly love to wipe off.

Meanwhile Jim has taken off his pants completely, and is starting to masturbate. He moves closer to us, and seems to hesitate for a moment.

“Choose me, choose me…” I urge him in my thoughts.

Yes! He’s moving towards me. Now he’s rubbing his cock against my shoulder and upper arm. I am even more heartened when I see the frustration enter Ryoko’s eyes. It feels so good against my sweaty skin… My arm begins to feel stronger, and with a loud grunt, I manage to gain on her a little bit, the first progress either of us has made in this match!

But she manages to counter my effort, and hold me only at a slight advantage. Looking up at Jim, she smiles in a sultry way and says, “Are you sure you won’t rather have this instead, Jim?” pointing to her larger and more defined arm muscles, now put on full display because of the angle. “You know you want it… come on, put it right here… come and find out how a really strong arm feels like…”

I can’t believe it, Jim is actually falling for that! He’s moved his cock away and is now pointing it at Ryoko… I can’t stand it, she’s smirking at me! I pour more strength into my arm and pull as hard as I can, but I make only a little bit more headway. This actually makes her showcase her bicep even more, and she angles her body to the side so that Jim has space to move in… and put his penis against the round, solid lump of muscle, beaded with sweat… it even has a vein showing slightly near the elbow…

I pull with all my might, but somehow I can’t give it my all. My spirit is being sapped by the sight before me, my boyfriend’s cock just inches away from me, so near yet so far. It’s as if he is giving strength to Ryoko instead of me, and widening the disparity between Ryoko and me. Because it’s true, I can feel it: Ryoko is definitely stronger than I am.

Ryoko’s face is rubbing against Jim’s stomach, and she moans and rubs her cheek against him, seeming to enjoy herself very much, as if she were not arm wrestling with me at all. She says, “Jim, move back. I’m going to beat your girlfriend now, and I need space.”

He complies. I brace myself for the effort that I can feel is gathering behind Ryoko’s hand. She takes a deep breath, and looks me straight in the eye as she begins to ramp up her effort. I look back, trying to keep my expression neutral, but my trembling arm gives away the fact that slowly she is overpowering me. The crushing force of her grip is starting to actually hurt my hand, and easily she pulls me back to the centre, losing me all the ground I gained. We stare at each other as the match continues, beads of sweat pooling visibly on our faces. I can feel the sweat drops on top of my upper lip, and also starting to run in rivulets down my chest.

Slowly, with excruciating slowness as if she is purposely prolonging it, Ryoko pulls my arm down steadily until I am more than halfway down. It’s only in movies that people can make a huge comeback from this situation. Maybe sometimes in real life but the person has to be extremely strong. As I am now, I simply cannot manage it against her.

Yet, with Jim watching, I cannot afford to give up. I refuse to give up, and I keep straining with all my might, trying to pull back up again. Jim approaches, holding his cock. I turn to him and open my mouth hungrily, but it is to Ryoko that he turns. Ryoko obligingly opens her mouth, and right in front of my eyes, Jim inserts his throbbing dick into her face, moving it in and out.

I give a sob, heartbroken. I cannot believe I am being so humiliated right now. Crying out, I give a jerk on Ryoko’s arm and try to use my body weight for leverage, but Ryoko simply holds me out and rides out my surge for the few seconds it lasts. Now my hand is mere inches away from the tabletop.

I call out, “Jim, please, give it to me… put it here, on my bicep… I will squeeze it hard as I pull up… please Jim, honey… I can do it… I can do it…”

Jim hesitates, and as I look up I see the conflicted look on his face. Then he pulls his cock out from Ryoko’s mouth, and she looks disappointed. I feel some hope again as he bends down and fits his cock snugly in the crook of my arm. I take a deep breath and flex my bicep as hard as I can, letting the full strain show on my face, not bothering to hide it. Ryoko snarls and says, “I will not let you do that, little Katie. Jim, she’s just going to disappoint you. I’ll show you!”

The seconds tick pass as Jim waits patiently, giving me a chance to prove myself. I am flexing with all my might, my vision blurs as my eyes are screwed almost shut, my muscles are burning with effort as I flex as hard as I’ve ever flexed. I keep my eyes fixed on Jim’s penis, nestled between my forearm and my bicep, and I want so much to curl my arm up around it, and let him feel the strength of my bicep directly on his cock…

I’m not sure but I think almost half a minute has passed. Ryoko has kept my arm down, and not let me move up even a little bit. Both our arms are trembling with effort, but my arm is burning with fatigue. This match has already lasted a few intense minutes. I’m so out of practice, and out of shape, I’m clearly not used to this level of exertion anymore. My arm fails to flex enough to squeeze Jim’s cock even a little. In fact she even pulls my arm down slightly, just a little bit.

Jim sighs and straightens up again, and my heart aches again. Why must I lose this way?

He goes over and runs his hands all over Ryoko’s muscular rippling body, now lubricated with sweat. Ryoko moans, especially when his hands run over her nipples. He begins to fondle her nipples. She shudders with pleasure all over, and I feel her strength flag slightly, but by now I am too tired to take any advantage of it. I am already barely holding on, with the last bits of my strength. My arm is really starting to hurt.

But Ryoko refuses to let me go. She pulls me down to within just an inch of defeat, and there she holds me, content to let me strain and strain, knowing that I will not give up until I really can give no more. She’s right. It’s hopeless, but I simply will not give up, despite the tears of pain running down my cheeks, despite the terrible growing pain in my arm and shoulder. I think I am crying because of the shame as well, it’s hard to tell.

When she is sure I am completely spent, and holding on only by sheer willpower, she grabs Jim’s cock with her left hand, and says, “Now, you are finished.”

With that she slams my hand down on the table, and pulls Jim’s cock towards her. A few quick thrusts inside her mouth is all it needs, Jim must have been holding it in for all this time. She’s not letting go of my hand. I am forced to watch helplessly while across the table this woman gives my boyfriend a victory blowjob.

As Jim staggers back, gasping and groaning, Ryoko turns back to me and parts her lips slightly, letting some of the cum drip out of the corners of her mouth. She plants her left palm behind my head and shoves my face forward to meet hers, and she forces me into a kiss. Her mouth forces my lips open, she invades my mouth with her tongue, and I can taste the salty familiar tang of Jim’s cum, but now mixed with the taste of Ryoko’s saliva. She forces me to taste this horrible combination for several long moments, before letting me go. I am gasping for air, breathless from the exertion and also from the kiss. She’s breathing hard too, but there is the flush of pleasure in her eyes. I slump, rubbing my sore right arm, tears of shame in my eyes. She has outmuscled me in front of Jim, and shamed me with her cum-covered kiss.

As she poses proudly for Jim, her muscular arms raised in victory, I open my mouth to speak.

“I’ll wrestle you.”

Ryoko’s eyes gleam, and she answers at once, “Yes, let’s. I look forward to crushing you totally. You will feel my mastery over you with your whole body. Then, after I beat you, I will make you cum, so that you know you’re just my slut, and you love losing to me. To top it off, your Jim will fuck me from behind while I’m on top of you, so that you know you have lost completely, as a woman.”

Jim looks guilty, but doesn’t say anything. I can tell that he likes what is happening, even if he feels guilty about what is happening to me. But this is not about him. I do not feel that much pain from the fact that he has effectively betrayed me. He cannot help being sexually turned on by all this. He’s just a weak male, unable to resist a woman like Ryoko who is everything he’s always wanted. I guess I used to be that woman too.

That’s why I am going to accept now. This is about Ryoko and me. Woman to woman. Muscle against muscle, will against will. If I cannot defeat Ryoko, then I do not deserve Jim in the first place.

We stand up, and we strip off our jeans, Ryoko kicks off her heels as well. She’s wearing a pair of thongs, which she unhesitatingly strips off too. I match her by stripping off my panties, so we’re both completely naked. Now I have the chance to see her legs. They’re sleek and well-muscles, like dancer’s legs. My legs are less muscular now, and look a bit fatter and less defined. I still have a nice calf bulge, but so does she. We move forward to compare legs, and we parade them in front of Jim.

“Come on, Jim darling, tell us, who has the better sexier legs?” Ryoko says.

“Um…” Jim looks clearly uncomfortable, but in the end avoids my pleading look and mumbles, “You, Ryoko.”

“That’s right, and you’ll get your reward after I beat this weak girl and become your new girlfriend. You’re looking forward to that, aren’t you?” Ryoko says, reaching over to tilt his face with her hand. I reach up and slap her hand away angrily. We both glare at each other, and bump chests.

“Titfight,” she says, and that is all the signal we need — we put our hands behind our backs, to throw our breasts out, and begin bumping and crashing them together, sometimes swiping from side to side. I used to be proud of my perfectly shaped breasts, but they’ve grown smaller over the years and less firm. Ryoko’s are larger and firmer. Within a several exchanges I am gasping with pain from the friction on my sensitive nipples, and on the impact from each breast bump she is dealing me. We bump harder and harder, and she is grunting with the effort, but she doesn’t seem as hurt as me. Some minutes have passed, I don’t know how long, but I finally have to step back, avoiding her breast attack, my chest heaving as I gulp for air and my hands coming up to cover my sore nipples and breasts. I’ve lost this one too… it’s so embarrassing…

“You’re not woman enough for me!” Ryoko screams, thrusting her arms up again in victory. Jim moans and begins rubbing himself. The sight of our struggle is apparently the sexiest thing he’s seen in a long time, because despite his refractory period he’s getting hard again.

My heart fills with rage towards this woman. Giving vent to a scream of anger, I step forward, raising my arms too. Our hands make contact, and we eager clasp fingers, gripping each other’s hands hard. Our arms and bodies begin to tremble as we engage in a test of strength.

We press our foreheads together as we push, channelling all our strength into this contest. Her full power is incredible… My arms are really feeling the strain, especially my tired right arm. Oh no… it buckles. My right arm was just too tired. She’s not showing me any mercy, she’s surging forward full force… my body is now bent awkwardly, my right arm unable to match the strength of her left and unable to straighten. She’s pushing it out and to the side, so I can’t use it fully now.

My left arm is not so good at muscular power, but more for endurance. Now it’s being tested to the limit. Her right arm is a bit tired too, I wonder if I can turn the tables on her. I have to… Jim is watching us wrestle… I must show my strength to him.

We are frozen in position for what seems like long minutes, with me putting all of my remaining energy and strength into this contest, resisting Ryoko with all my might. Every muscle on our body must be sharply defined to the watching Jim, but I cannot spare much attention to look, I can only catch glimpses of the muscles standing out on the body parts I can see. Ryoko’s right arm is like a pillar of strength. My left arm is starting to shake. I will myself to ignore the pain in both my arms, and concentrate on pushing. It is no use. I can feel myself weakening, my strength draining away. Ryoko is overpowering me slowly but surely. My left arm has just given way, and it’s slowly and shakily being forced downwards too. Now Ryoko is leaning forward and pressing her chest against mine, bending me backwards. I bend back as far as I can, but I’m not very flexible. Soon I cannot help my knees buckling, and I start to sink down before her.

I’m now down to one knee, her hands are holding mine down, it’s hopeless, she’s too strong for me. She kicks at my upright leg until I am forced to go down on that knee as well. Now she’s clearly in a position of dominance over me. She leans over, and pushes hard. My wrists are being bent, they hurt! It’s so painful…!

She is telling me to submit. Never! I must not… not in front of Jim like this, and not to her!

“No!” I say through gritted teeth.

“You have no choice!” she grates out, and jerks downwards, letting me feel her crushing force. I scream once in pain, and my hands are pressed all the way down to my shoulder level. She’s now bent over almost double, her face near mine.


“N… No!” I gasp out, tears starting to flow out of my eyes.

She invades my mouth with a kiss again. I try to bite her, but she growls and bites back, causing me more pain than I can cause her, so that I try to break off the agonizing kiss, shaking my head side to side. But I cannot shake her, and she completely violates my mouth before raising her head and suddenly twisting to the side, catching me in a headlock.

Quickly her weight forces me down onto the floor, and I can’t break out of this headlock. She’s squeezing so hard with her left arm, I can feel all the hard muscles all along it. I feel as if I’m blacking out, she’s cutting off my air supply…

I must have blacked out for an instant, because now she’s released the headlock and has me pinned to the floor. She’s locked her hands with mine again, and is pressing them on the floor. I thrash around with my legs, but very quickly she locks her legs around mine in a grapevine. She is not only strong, but also an expert wrestler it seems. I’m completely outmatched.

She has me pinned helplessly. As her legs stretch mine, I grit my teeth, determined not to cry out in pain. The effort makes sweat break out all over my face. My suffering is plain for her and Jim to see as my mouth opens in a soundless scream, and I shake all over underneath her, but still I am not screaming or crying out. The pain is building and building…

“Count, Jim!” I hear her say. Opening my eyes, I look straight into her face, as Jim begins to count to ten. The pain cripples my efforts to try and power my shoulders off the floor, but even if she had not slapped on the grapevine, I think I would still be too weak compared to her to do it. I think she knows it too, she is grinning down at me as Jim finishes a slow count to ten. I have not been able to lift my hands or shoulders even a little bit off the floor.

“I have beaten you at wrestling,” she states. I cannot deny it. “Now I will make your defeat final. I will make you cum.”

She releases the grapevine and shifts herself so that our mounds are touching, and she angles her pelvis so that our clits make contact. Her legs twine around mine silkily as she starts to hump me, clitoris against clitoris, sex against sex. I close my eyes and try to resist, willing myself not to cum, but the stimulation and the struggle have made me very wet. My body is betraying me. Ryoko is wet too, she must be feeling so turned on at dominating me so completely, and yet I am unable to make her cum first. I look away and close my eyes as my body shudders its surrender under her, the spasms of unwanted pleasure making my body jerk back and forth like a marionette under her control.

She rises up onto her knees, still on top of me, and slowly flexes her arms, clearly savouring the moment. I am helpless underneath her. My spirit has been broken.

Ryoko lowers herself over me again, on all fours. Looking into my eyes, she says, “Submit.”

I bite my lip, and close my eyes. I feel a stinging pain. She’s slapped me. “Submit.”

“I submit.” I have lost. I feel it now. I have admitted defeat inside myself.

“Who’s the better woman?”

“You are.”


“You are the better woman.”

“Tell Jim who is the stronger, sexier and superior woman here.”

“Ryoko is the stronger, sexier and superior woman.” I am really crying now, but my voice comes out as steadily as I can make it.

Ryoko groans as Jim takes her doggy-style, grabbing her breasts and fiddling with her nipples as he urgently penetrates her with his shaft. Throughout the whole session, she and I never break our stare, except when I blink the tears away and when she blinks sweat out of her eyes. When Jim finally reaches a long shuddering orgasm inside Ryoko and collapses to the side, it’s as if he doesn’t exist to us, that the fact of sex with him serves only to cement Ryoko’s victory over me. Ryoko whispers to me now, still not looking away, “You will want a rematch.”

“Yes… I want a rematch.”

“You can have one only when you are strong enough to challenge me. Because the next time you lose to me again, you will lose forever. I will keep Jim. More importantly, you and I will both know, once and for all, that I will always be the better woman. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I will let you challenge me again. But you will not win. I will train too, in the meantime, and stay ahead of you.”

“I’ll train harder than you, and become stronger than you.”

“You can dream on. In the meantime, your Jim is mine.”

With that, she slides off me, and carries Jim in her arms easily, struggling only a little bit. Looking down at me one last time, she walks off with my boyfriend into the bedroom, to fuck his brains out even more, while I am left to slowly recover from my utter humiliation and complete defeat.

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The girlfriend was a bitch!

I met Laura about five years ago. By then with a friend of the Facu (I studied public relations) we had set up an agency of events and promotions. I put the organizational part and Leo, who was always the langa, the promoters and the models.

She was then 18 years old and came to do some promotions. As the guitar said that it was not enough we added some parades in bowling alleys, which Leo had been putting together for some time.

I loved the mine from the beginning. It has incredible and natural rubber bands, a divine round ass, but the best are the green cat eyes and the small but meaty mouth.

And so it was that I threw the greyhounds several times. But I always bounced because the mine had a boyfriend and according to her, it was “the most faithful mine in the world”. In fact he kept talking about the boyfriend, and the months of working in the agency disappeared because the kid was watching her.

He returned a year and a half. She had been working as a saleswoman in a clothing store and had run out of work. And we were in November, full of orders, and hooked again.

That summer we took her to Pinamar to do promos in a parador and parades in clubs. I shot her again. And how a week we are in a bowling alley. I thought that I would be happy that day or the next, but again I was left with the desire. I blamed her for the boyfriend …

And after that summer it disappeared again. He put on his own clothes store. Another that went wrong. And a year and a half ago, he went back to work with Leo: I was already out of the agency because I had gotten work in a large company.

When I saw her, I avoided going to the foot again: I had bounced twice. So I played hard, even when I knew that she had separated from the boyfriend and was alone. There were hysterics from her now, and we kissed again, but there it was.

And like a month ago she became a girlfriend again, with a friend of Nacho (my best friend), who is my friend because he is transitive. She went on hysterical every time we saw each other in a bowling alley, but if I moved a little bit, she immediately threw me a “behave well that I am now with Matu” (Matías is called the boyfriend).

“Ok, kill me,” I thought, and cut her off. I had other stories and I did not need it either. Until a month ago I dropped a bomb.

For a year now I have been in charge of the marketing and advertising area of the company. And I am, for good or bad, to which the sales and finance managers turn every time they want to be good with a client. The phrase is “business gift.” In other words, they want some puton pendejota to command.

And so it was that a month ago Juan called me, commercial gte, to ask me a little girl for a brazuca that came to Buenos Aires and he was going to buy us not how much merchandise. I responded by grabbing the celu and calling my friend Leo, who for a while has a few outfits that from time to time officiate as vip bitches.

-I’ll call you because they asked me for a mine for a coming brazuca. They want something top, what do you have?
-What you already know: Mariela, Flor, Pia, Caro …
-New? I asked without raising the file because my assistant came into the office …
– Stefi the blonde you saw the other day, Laura …

It took me a while to process, putting each name on a card. Until the bulb clicked, and I fell. “What Laura, the one I know ?!” I asked raising my voice.
– Yes boludo, but do not say anything!

I could not believe it. The mine that was given to him of faithful and difficult laburando of trola. I told him. “Look at the bitch, she always got close …” “Seriously boludo, do not say anything that the boyfriend obviously does not know and if he finds out I can be armed with quilombo …”, he replied. “Why, did you have it?” I asked. “No gil, but I approach clients, and the boyfriend is a boludo that if he finds out I can generate a scandal and I’m not for that.” “Ok, you got it,” I said, “rest assured that I do not tell anyone.”

Obviously the impulse was to cut and call Nacho like a asshole. But I thought twice and gave up. And instead of that, I devised a plan to get my milk out of so many years and repack it.

The mine charged a thousand dollars (bitch recontra face), and the other that we were going to send the brazuca also (Stefi), but I passed to Juan two lucas, and the company paid me the party.

But I did trigger the room in the same five stars that stopped the brazuca that hurt me $ 250. I called Leo and fixed it. “Send Stefi and Laura to 10, I pass the number of the rooms, the twine you have at four o’clock, go to look for it”.

When I came by the office I took advantage to get more data. There she told me that the mine had come to tell her that she was tired of seeing how others earned 4 or 5 green lucas a month and she made $ 3500 pesos with the parades. That she wanted to move alone (she lived with the old woman), that she wanted to buy herself a car.

Leo had sent her first to her clients to see how it worked, and then she had put together a couple of trips to Dubai and Mexico (I had already seen the pictures of that on the face of her and I had already found it strange because they are typically destinations catchers).

There he had gone with Mariela, one that Leo was free and that he was recontracted, and she had told him details. It seems that Lau at first did not want to start, but in the end it had been released and in Mexico (the most recent trip), they had played crazy, garchando the two with a guy, the two with three guys, and torteando the two for a millionaire who had paid 5 lucas for a lesbian show just to stick a handjob.

With all that data converted into images in my capocheta, I was up for the rest of the afternoon. At six I could not stop and left the office and went to the hotel. I went to the spa, dined, and watched TV until the time was up. Ten and ten knocked on the door. Slowly, reviewing what I was going to say, I went to open.

As soon as we saw each other, I was speechless.
-What are you doing here? – he asked me.
-What are you doing here …, – I replied acting surprised.
“Leo sent me,” he replied, his voice faltering and turning red.
-Good pass …, – I said running to the side. She advanced with her head down. It felt disoriented, it looks like a bucket. I did not expect it or to stick.

-You are here in this room? – Asked wanting to understand.
-But he told me I had to see a Brazilian.
-Yes, the brazuca is a client of ours, of the company, but in the end he did not travel, and since the room was already there and everything was paid (I emphasized it by the doubts so that he could not go back), I decided to take advantage of it.
She looked up and looked at me in surprise.

– The truth, I did not know that you were the one that came …, – I said as if to soften, – he never told me the names.
-I’m going to call him-, he answered opening the wallet.
-For what? I retorted half angry, I did not want it to go away.
-To let us cancel.
-Why? I asked doing the idiot well.
-Because I’m not going to fuck with you …
-Why not?
-Because you know my boyfriend …
-Do not give boludo … He said with a grimace that turned into a smirk (very encouraging given the tension until then)
-Look, – I said approaching him until face to face, -you’re here …, – I added with face of chanta (mine bah) grabbing her from the waist (she wore a black lycra dress to the body, black shoes, black wallet and tight hair in a tail.

-Let me son of a bitch !!, he said changing the tone angry.
-The bitch are you, – I answered playfully but sweeping hold more strongly by the ass and bringing it to me.
-Stress me, – he said raising his voice

I released her and walked two steps back but kept looking at me to see what I was going to do.
-That means that you can fuck someone else all right, but with me no … that’s a boludez (I paused to think about it). If you want to go, but I came to garchar and hate to stay with the desire. Go, – I said, – but tomorrow your friends and your boyfriend find out what you’re working on

She remained silent. “I call Leo and tell him to send you another mine and that’s it,” he said almost in an order after a few seconds. The asshole had shit on her legs. I took advantage “No, now I love you, because of something like that … and I’m going to give myself the pleasure of taking away the urge to fuck you that I’ve been gathering for years”.

The phrase hit him. I did not give her time to think and I went to the smoke, I grabbed her again very hard and I ate her mouth. She resisted for two seconds but in the end she loosened her mouth and let my tongue enter, and two seconds later she was handing me her.

Adrenaline full and the cock that hit a jumped, I sent him the ortho and I raised the dress feeling his tail barely covered by the thread of the thong (which I later checked, was part of a black and white Playboy set).

The minute or something like that I separated to take a breath. We look at each other. “Do you stay then?” I asked jokingly. “I do not have another,” he said in a resigned voice, but I did not believe him. It was part of his hysteria.

-Look, let’s do one thing, you make me a pete, five minutes, and you leave …, – I said with my chanta tone as if it were the most natural thing …
I released her and walked a step back while I unbuttoned my pants and took out the hard cock that was looking at the ceiling.

-Acá querés? – Asked entering his role as a willing whore.
-Yes, give it, – I said entering my role of “I am the one who pays”.
She knelt on the carpet and put the wallet aside (I still had it in my hand, and I realized that luckily she had never had time to think too much. “That’s it,” I feasted in my head).

I grabbed the cock and put it at the height of the mouth.
-Dale, I opened my mouth …
I put my hand on her lips and she looked at me provocatively from down there (which drives me crazy). He made a bump as if giving me a little kiss and there he stayed. He wanted to make me more crazy and he did it.
-Tell you have a bitch face that you can not believe,
I opened his mouth …
He opened his mouth a little, took out the tongue and sucked my head.
-That, swallow it is yours … – I said hot bad.

And he went to suck it, first the head, passing the tongue, and then the rest of the cock, wetting it all with his saliva. The bitch got in and took the poronga from her mouth making a noise like a soup. In addition, he tilted his head so that he would enter on his side and his cheeks would swell with the head of my cock. “What a trick fucked slut!” I thought.

-That, swallow it all fucking !!!
-Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, sssssiiiiiiiiiii, suck it fucking, suck it, what a pretty little mouth you have …, – I went to say losing control and loosening my tongue to say all the guards that were crossing me
-That bitch, put it hard that I want to drill the conchita and the ass, – I spit without thinking. He had told him he was a pete and he was leaving. But I’m sure that she did not believe it.

When he got tired he took it out of his mouth but continued with a straw.
-Scupíme the head and tell me slowly …, I asked.
And he did. When I felt the jjjjuaptu and saw the spit in the cock I went crazy, What the hell!

The cock was put on top and super thick, which seems to warmed up because it was eaten again like crazy. While I sucked, I lowered a hand and began to touch a tit, he left, then I took the other out. I played with the nipples that were stopping between my thumb and forefinger. Then I took my pija out of his mouth and it went through his whole face.

She left me, she grabbed my cock again and started to eat it in an animal way, until I said: “stop, stop, stop now it’s my turn”. I had both tits out but I wanted to put it in balls at all. I picked it up, turned it over and placed it against the wall. I raised her dress, I ran the little thread of the thong she was wearing, and I looked at her ass.

He had a manzanita tail and was very hard. So I grabbed the cheeks with both hands and separated them to peel better. It had the divine asterisk, pink, closed, but not super tight.
-Mmmmmmm, what a nice ass you have … What a nice ass … mmm … I’m going to suck everything, – I said and he liked it because he stopped me more. He loved to provoke the bithc. I lowered the tanguita and started licking her ass.

-Aaaaaaaahhhhh …, – he said, celebrating my upwind to the ass.
-Oh yeah, what a nice ass whore … – I fed her. Was not necessary to. It was already completely wet: I discovered it after two seconds when with my index finger I began to work the hairline up to the clitoris.

Ela pushed her tail against my face that sank between those two beautiful cheeks, and I started to eat that shell without stopping. I sucked absolutely everything, the ass, the clitoris, I put a wet finger in the ass … Then I got up and turned it over and I gave it away.

She sucked all my tongue, then separated, and I stuck my green eyes. “You’re going to take me, but only today, yes?”
“Ok” and I thought, then I’m going to fuck you beastly. I got the urge and now. No romance asshole.

-Chup me a little more and leave me hard as before, – I asked
She knelt again and grabbed her and wiped her lips.
– Do you like my cock?
-Yeah, it’s very cute, – he replied as he grabbed my balls and I used to jerk his cock. And he swallowed it again.
-It’s amazing how bitch you are, I love how you suck, I’m going to break all chick, I love that you are so trola.
She looked at me, she saw that she liked to see me taken out.
“You warmed me up bad motherfucker, you put me to a thousand, I want you recontra fuck !, I said lifting her up and throwing her on the bed.

I took off my pants and all the rest as she tore off her dress and let go of her bodice. I went over to those natural but hard tits that had the nipples standing like two bells. I was going to nail her there but she pushed me to one side and jumped out of bed. He went to the wallet and returned with a condom.

She got on the bed, she put it on me after biting it open, and sat on it. He put it on and started to ride me. It was wet but the shell was tight, the baby.
– That you lock that you have it.
-I’m a baby, what did I think?
-Bulk us and give it up so I like a bitch.

-Do you like having her like this …? I told her when she began to accelerate the cavalcade and entered to squeeze her lips to contain the moans.
I hugged her and brought her to me and turned to stay on top. And with his legs wide open I went to saw the shell.
– That little girl, I opened those little legs well …, – I threw him. The trola grabbed them from behind the knees to get the shell up and all open. Besides, this made him put it to the bottom. My garcha is not terribly long, but rather thick. And she felt it tell the walls of her tight pussy.

When I saw that he was getting tired and starting to loosen up I put his legs on my shoulders and I kept pumping the ring. He got all wet and started to hear that “plap, plap, plap” typical of bouncing the eggs against his pussy and ass soaked.
-I knew you would like little slut.
– Do you like bitches? Answer, do you like it?
-Yes i like it. I like very much…
-What a hell of a lot you’re …

When I sent it to the bottom I saw that it was drawing a wince. But I did not stop. On the contrary, it was buried more strongly. With anger. But he liked to be stirred when he left.
– Do you hurt a lot baby?
-Aaaaaaaahhhhh, sssssi, dameeeeeee
I felt a spray in my eggs, as if he had pissed,
the bitch wet everything, the sheets, my cock, everything.
-So, seeee, finish me all fucking, that pretty conch all wet you have as I like to tear it all.

I hugged her and kissed her. He sucked on my tongue and bit my lip.
-You make me warm up like the fucking mother, my cock does not get off …, – I said happy and surprised by how well he had relaxed.
-I’m dying to keep giving you, I love you …, – I added before kissing her again. Then I went out and stood at the foot of the bed.

-Put on four dogs …
He stood with his ass standing looking at me over his shoulder. I grabbed the cock by the base and adjusted it. It was clear that she also wanted more. And I could see how my cock entered that shell that I had imagined, dreamed and desired.

Her tits hung and wobbled, and I whispered in her ear: “Do you like how I fuck you? You like how I put it on you. ” “If you give me, give me more, give it to me, fuck me hard,” he answered.

And I thought “yes, I did, I did it”, I knew that from that moment I was going to be able to fuck her as many times as I wanted. Then with the fever that those words produced, I took it without stopping, until I took it out. And I tore off the lining.

-Vení, you’ll swallow them all. I’m going to baptize you
She latched on to the meme like a hungry baby. How nice it sucks the conchuda this, I thought.

-If so, do not stop, do not stop, I want you to feel my milk in your mouth …
I used to boo her for a while and eat it again
– What a mouth you have!
My words warmed her more, and she loved sucking cock, it was what she liked most. And while I was jerking off, with his right hand he masturbated … when I saw it, it was glory.

-That, give it to him, get me milk, puuutttta, – was the last thing I said before I started throwing squirts of milk. He swallowed the first shock without blinking. “That fucking bitch!” I yelled finishing. But then one of the jets went to stop him in the throat and he gagged and took it out. My cock continued to send semen, which went to the hair and forehead.

Do not know what it is to remember today that little face of a pendejota bathed in milk. I nailed a few straws later with that mental image.

Then she got up and all stained and went to wash her face to the bathroom. I looked at my semi-hard cock and I felt the best. I went to look for her in the bathroom, she was in front of the mirror. I supported her from behind. I kissed his neck and I nudged his nipples.

I realized that he liked to be bitten by the neck and I did that.
He threw back his head in sign that he was enjoying but then shook himself. “Ayy, no, enough, enough!” He asked. “Enough is already done,” he added. I had not stopped caressing her tits.

“This is over when I say,” I retorted. “I still have a lot of lechita to give you.” It was true, the eggs had tensed again. And I felt the cock come back to life.

Then I knelt on the floor of the bathroom and was again with the face at the height of his ass. “How does this tail heat me up,” I said, and the very trola stopped me again.

You see that he liked to be eaten and I did that. I asked him to lean over the sink and I started to lick his ass, and put one and two fingers, first for the pussy, and then for the ortho.

“What are you doing? What are you doing ?!”, he rebuked me. “Be quiet … As it is the first and only time I’m going to take you, I’m going to give you the pleasure of making it complete and I’ll put it in your ass,” I replied. And again I ate the ortho, sinking the tongue deep. He took it with his tongue and he loved it. My cock stuck in that meaty ass.

“Ayyy no, no, no, what a son of a bitch you are … ayy you are a shit, you’re a shit, ayyy son of a bitch, son of a bitch, ayyyy well that you suck my ass, ahhhh you’re a son of a bitch”, He left excited.
I copado I stopped one and with the pen in my hand and without lining it went to the ass. “Now fucking shit, take a deep breath” (of all the times I had imagined it, the swear words would come out on my own).

She screamed and asked me to stop. “So I can not, I can not, I did not relax. Let’s go to bed, “he asked. I followed her. He put on four, sucked his fingers and massaged his butt alone. “Put on a lining,” he asked when he saw me with his eyes fixed there, his cock in his hand, and in the straw. I listened to him. Meanwhile, she applied another dose of saliva in the hole.

I could not take it anymore and I went to the smoke. She bit into the sheets and her face flushed with pain. I was so morbid that I pushed deeper and saw how my cock was lost in that delicious little hole. She squeezed him to stop me but the contractions of my ass tightened my cock and made it harder

-You are tight bitch, but I’m going to leave it open !, I said.
She growled in pain.
-Relájate bebota, because I’m going to break the ortho and you know it, so the best thing is that it does not hurt so much, because I’m going to catch you even if you’re dying of pain, you’re my whore and you’re going to do what I want

You can see that he understood why he took a few deep breaths to relax and I gave him a few seconds of peace. Then I pushed what was left to put.
-Oh nice thing you have, look how he swallows all my cock, I have it all inside!

-You’re going to be my dog, from today I’m going to fuck you often, “I whispered in her ear and I finished stuffing her to the bottom of her ass. His face was for a video. His mouth was half open, swallowing air. The eyes tight. Colorada and transpired. The nails nailed in the mattress. I got up and grabbed her hips strong began to serrucharle the ortho.

-Aaaaaaaaaaa, ayyyyyaaayyyyy, nooooo, nooo, no, noooooo, ayyyy for, for, I can not, I can not, I can not, it hurts, ayyyyy son of a bitch for. It is killing me….

The whore could not stay quieter. He screamed and bitch but he could not get away. When he went forward, I threw myself on him, crushing her with my weight. He shook himself but he told me and I continued to wriggle, I was giving him that for a minute until my cock tensed and filled the milk lining.

Then I collapsed on top of him. I gave him a couple of kisses on the back. She had her face covered by her hair. Then I went out slowly. She was still without saying anything. I was still taken out. I took off the lining and threw the milk that was inside the buttocks.

She did not say anything. I took a bath. Then she went to the bathroom without telling me anything. I walked weird. I laughed but the touch gave me guilt. “I’m a son of a bitch,” I told myself. I knew he had been a bit violent but on the other hand he was satisfied.

When he came out of the bathroom I watched TV. She gathered her things, dressed, and left slamming the door. I did not follow her The next day I woke up at the hotel and could not believe what had happened. I went to work waiting for the storm that never arrived.

Two days later I called Leo and told him. The mine had not told him anything. He put me first but then he said “you have to admit that you did it well.” And with that phrase I wanted to repeat it. At night I called her to see how she was doing.

“What are you calling me for?” She asked me angrily. “Forgive me, I was overheated, I got out,” I said. “You’re a liner, I do not want to see you anymore, you understand me! You’re a rapist son of a bitch! ” “Do not say boludeces, that until the sucking of ass you came delivering, besides I did not have to insist so much so that you gave me the ortho …”.

He did not let me finish and he put me talking on top, but he did not cut me. And so we continued for a while until he got tired of telling me everything. I was lowering the tone. “Forgive me if I hurt you,” I said. “I know I was a Zarpadian but I loved it.” I added that it had been the best fuck of recent times. That I was the best slut I had ever paid in my life. And there we are.

A week ago I called Leo again, and I insisted to repeat it, this time with his right. “If the mine leaves, it keeps the twine and there is no claim,” he told me. I accepted When I opened the door of the hotel where she had stayed, she was surprised again. But he laughed. “This time soft plis,” he said and kissed me.

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Visiting A Nurse

When I was 20 I dated a girl who’s older sister was a graduate nurse. I would ofen stay overnight in their guest room. One weekend Nancy’s (my girl) parents were away but her sister was home from the hospital. I woke up on Saturday with a stomach ache. When Nancy found out she called her sister.

Her sister told me she would take my temperature. I didn’t think much of it until she returned with a thermometer and a jar of vaseline. Only when she smeared vaseline on the thermometer did I understand what she was going to do. I was terribly embarrassed when she told me to pull down my pants and lie face down on the bed. I hardly felt it when she inserted the thermometer but I definitely felt her hand on my buttocks when she spread them apart to insert the instrument. Her firm grasp felt so good I had a solid erection. Thankfully, the comforter hid my excitement.

A slight fever was discovered and an enema was prescribed. A few minutes later, the nurse returned with a combination kit. She used a small tip and must have let the solution flow very slowly because I barely felt a thing. I relieved myself and felt better all morning.

Later we were watching TV and the nurse anounce that it was temperature time again. This time I had to bed over with my girlfriend in the room. They giggled and I got another erection. This time it was more noticable. Thankfully the nurse prescribed oral sex at the mouth of my girlfriend.

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The Dominant Girlfriend

My girlfriend likes to be in control. We have found a most pleasurable enema routine.

Whenever she wants to give men an enema (which is quite often), she orders me to get the enema equipment and bring it to her. I am directed to the bathroom where I am required to strip. While I strip she fills the bag with warm, soapy water. She tells me what position to lie in. She usually requests I get on my elbows and knees with my ass in the air.

My girlfriend inserts the tube. She really likes to use the douche tip which is flared rather than the straight enema tip. She fills my bowels with a full bag of soapy water. She tells me to retain the enema until after I have performed oral sex on her! After she has been satisfied I am then allowed to evacuate. After I have finished expelling we have intercourse. It is quite pleasurable.

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