Infatuation with a Co-Workers Tits

by fearthisss

Have you ever worked with a total bitch that was also smokin’ hot? Who hasn’t, right? I had a boss years ago that said women like that “just need a good fuck thrown into them.” The one I’m currently dealing with — well, my favorite one, at least ­– is Katherine. Not Kathy. Not Kat. Katherine. She went to an all-girl Catholic high school. Ivy League college. Snooty as hell because she thinks — she knows — that she’s better than everyone else and those that work with her should be grateful. And absolutely smokin’! She knew it, too. 5′ 5″, long, blonde hair, slender face, and curves that a Ferrari would have trouble navigating. 38-24-36. She was always wearing skin-tight tops or low cut sweaters. Or a combination of both. Short skirts with high heels that showed off those luscious legs no matter what the weather was like would complete the ensemble.

I couldn’t help but get an eyeful whenever she was around. Not necessarily stare, but definitely get a good look. Apparently it didn’t go unnoticed.

One day my desk phone rang. It was Katherine.

“Mark, can you come up to my office, please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.” I couldn’t imagine what this unscheduled meeting could involve. Her team had nothing to do with my team. We barely interacted with each other. But it meant I’d get to be alone with that incredible body. I’d have to deal with her attitude, though. The first was worth dealing with the latter.

“Hey, Katherine, what’s up?” I asked as I entered her office.

“Close the door, please,” she said in her usual cold tone.

All the managers’ offices had floor-to-ceiling glass fronts that looked out over their team. She closed the remote controlled black drapes behind me. This generally wasn’t a good sign. One of three things happened behind those closed drapes. A top secret project was being discussed. Somebody was being disciplined and tears might be involved, so the drapes were closed to help the disciplnee embarrassment. Or somebody was getting canned. We weren’t working on any project together, let alone a top secret one. So that scenario could be ruled out. She didn’t have the authority to can me, so that was out. That left getting my ass chewed for something.

I closed the door and sat in one of the small, wooden chairs on the opposite side of her desk. She sat in her high-backed manager’s chair, all prim and proper, sizing me up with those blue eyes.

“I thought I would speak with you before I go to HR to see if we can resolve this like two adults,” she said.

“HR?! What the hell did I do that would make you go to HR?!” I was stunned and completely caught off guard.

“Language, please,” she said, looking down her nose at me.

“Fine, okay. So what did I do?”

“I feel uncomfortable around you. Harassed. Sexually harassed.”

“What?! We barely speak. I’ve never touched you, even accidentally. What are you talking about?!”

“Not with the spoken word. With your eyes. I feel as if you’re undressing me with your eyes any time I’m around you.”

I was incredulous. It was true, of course. But incredulous nonetheless. “You have got to be kidding me!”

“No, sir, I am not kidding you.”

“So you were going to go to HR because you don’t like the way I look at you?”

“Yes. That’s right.” She placed her hands on the desk and intertwined her fingers.

“Good luck with that,” I chuckled. “If that’s the case, Barry and Joe will be filing a case against me, too.” She didn’t see the humor in that.

“Be that as it may, I thought we could have a discussion like two adults and see if we can come to some sort of resolution that’s satisfactory to both parties.”

“C’mon, Katherine. You wear those skin tight shirts, low v-necks, short-short skirts. C’mon.”

“So you’re saying I deserve your leers?”

“Not necessarily deserve. Encourage.”

“Encourage?” she said with an annoyed tone.

“Yes, encourage. C’mon. You know exactly what you’re doing.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I dress in attire that I feel comfortable in. I have no intention of encouraging unwanted leers from animals such as you.”

“Animal, huh? I’ve got an animal in my pants just for you,” I thought to myself. “So, what am I supposed to do? Never look at you?”

“No, nothing that drastic. That would be unrealistic.” She paused. “In psychology class it was suggested that people react to an unknown experience differently. Some are frightened. Some are curious. Some are infatuated. Once that unknown, whatever it may be, has been explained or experienced, that persons feeling about said experience is alleviated in most cases.”

“So, what’s this unknown experience to think you can alleviate for me?” I wasn’t sure where this was going. Therapy for me? Professional growth classes? Good luck with that.

“You seem to be infatuated with my breasts. Maybe if you experience them it will alleviate your infatuation with them, thus solving the issue that we’re having.”

“Wait. What?” My mind was racing. Was she suggesting what I think she was suggesting? “‘Experience’ your breasts? How do you plan on doing that?”

“I think letting you see my breasts should suffice,” she said in a flat voice.

My jaw smashed against the floor. My eyes nearly came out of my head. “Seriously?” She nodded her head. “Okay, is this a set up? Are you recording this so you can take it to HR?” I scanned the room and the ceiling.

“No. I assure you this is not a set up. This is science in action.” Silence filled the room. Stunned silence from me. Cold silence from her. “What do you say? Shall we try?”

I swallowed hard. “Absolutely!”

“Don’t act so excited,” she said as she started to unbutton her blouse. “This is not for pleasure. This is to alleviate your infatuation so that we can continue to work together.”

“Sure. Right. Whatever.” “Get on with it!” I thought.

She unbuttoned the blouse and peeled it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy white bra that was struggling to contain her 36DDs. She laid the blouse on her desk and folded it nice and neat. Then she reached behind her, unclasped her bra, and nonchalantly pulled it down her arms, placing it on top of the neatly folded blouse.

Her tits were amazing! Better than I had even imagined. The skin was lightly tanned, matching the rest of her body. No tan lines. Interesting. Miss Prude tans topless at the very least. They were round and firm. I’m pretty sure when Bob Seger wrote the words “way up firm and high” he had Katherine’s tits in mind. Her areolas were pink and quarter sized. The cool air of the office had her nipples grow to gum drop sized points almost immediately. I instantly had a hard on.

She placed her hands on the desk once again and clasped them together. Her tits hung over them like hot air balloons.

“There. Now. You’ve seen them,” she said without an ounce of feeling, as if she was asking me how my day was going. “That should satisfy your infatuation with my bosom.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” I said, scratching my chin. “Maybe if I got a closer look.”

“A closer look? Fine.” She stood up from her chair and came around to my side of the desk and stopped directly in front of me. She leaned her ass back against the edge of her desk and moved her arms backward, placing her palms on the edge of the desk. Her tits were less than two feet from my face. I was salivating. My cock was about to break through my jeans. “There. Now. Is this close enough for you?” She asked as if she was asking me to pass her the salt at the dinner table.

“I think it would help if I were able to touch them,” I said trying to hide a grin.

“Touch them?” She paused. “I don’t understand men’s fascination with women’s breasts. They’re simply skin wrapped around fatty tissue and milk-producing glandular tissue,” she said, shaking her head.

Only Katherine could make squeezing a fabulous pair of tits sound boring. “Well, if they’re nothing special, then it shouldn’t be a big deal if I touch them, right?”

“You have a point. Yes, you may touch them. Briefly.” She turned her head away and closed her eyes.

I reached up and cupped a tit in each hand. Fabulous! Firm and perfect. I could play with these fun bags all day. Her husband’s a lucky bastard. Of course, he has to deal with her bullshit, so maybe not so lucky. Hell, for all I know he’s never touched ’em.

I lightly massaged and caressed them. I squeezed them. I rotated my hands around them. All the while she kept her head turned and her eyes closed. I run my fingers down and brushed each nipple. She gave a slight gasp. “Sensitive nipples. Good to know,” I thought to myself. I gently pinched and twisted both nipples. She gave a deeper gasp. I continued to massage one breast with one hand. I took my other hand and unzipped my pants. I squirmed around until I had worked my rock hard 9 inch cock out of its constraints and began to stroke it.

Katherine reached up and pulled my hand away from her breast. “Okay, I think that’s enough,” she said as she opened her eyes and turned her head back towards me. “That should…Mark!” Her eyes spied the tool I was stroking. “Mark! What do you think you’re doing?!”

“I don’t think just feeling them was doing the trick. I think I want my cock between your tits. I think a good titty fuck will do the trick,” I said, not trying to hide a grin this time.

“Language!” She shouted, making her tits bounce

“Sorry, sorry,” I said holding my hands up, trying to calm her down. “I think I’m still infatuated with your bosom,” I said, doing my best to sound Ivy League. “I think placing my penis into the cleavage of your breasts may solve the problem.”

“You want to put that,” she said in disgust, pointing at the beast, “between my breasts?”

“Yes,” I nodded my head. “And I want you to squeeze your breasts together and bounce up and down.”

“You’re serious?” she asked incredulously.

“Serious as a heart attack.”

She thought for a moment. “Well, if you think this exercise will help alleviate your infatuation, then we can try it.”

“Holy fuck, I’m going to tit fuck Katherine! Where’s my phone when I need it?” I thought to myself.

She dropped to her knees in front of me. She slid in between my legs and lifted herself up. She grabbed each breast and moved in closer.

Just as she was about to envelope my stick, I stopped her. “Hold on. You’ll need to lubricate it a little. Otherwise it will actually be painful instead of healing.”

“Lubricate it? I have some lotion on my desk.” She started to stand up.

“No no! Not like that. Saliva works best,” I said trying to keep a straight face.

“Saliva?” She paused. Then it hit her. “You want me to put your penis…in my mouth?!”

“You’ve never given your husband a blow job?”

“A blow…language!” She caught her breath. “No. We’ve talked about oral sex. But we’ve never performed it.” I was right. Poor bastard.

“Well, saliva generally works best.”


She scooted back between my legs. She reached up slowly and hesitantly grabbed the base of my cock. She could feel the veins pulse with energy. She looked at it and paused. She looked up into my face. She looked back down and stared it. Ever so slowly, she lowered her head, opened her mouth, and for the first time in her life, took a cock into her mouth.

Her mouth was warm and wet. Her lips felt like velvet. Knowing mine was the first cock in her mouth was a very powerful feeling.

Her lips slid past the helmet of my soldier and hovered there. “Keep in mind,” I said, “you need to get the full length of it wet to make this work properly.”

“Mmmmmhmmmm, uhhhhkkk,” she mumbled.

Her head started to slowly bob up and down on my pole. I didn’t even care how fast or hard she sucked at this point. Just the fact my cock was impaling her face was enough for me right now.

The tip would hit the back of her mouth and just slip past the entrance of her throat, making her gag. This was barely taking in half of the beast. Much to her credit, she tried several times to deep throat me. But she wasn’t able to do it.

She removed me from her mouth. Saliva was sliding down her chin. “I can’t get your entire penis in my mouth. It’s too large.”

“You’re not the first to tell me that,” I said proudly.

“You’re much bigger than my husband. How do I get the rest of it lubricated?”

“Well, you can always lick it.”

“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’ve never sucked dick, you fucking cunt,” I thought to myself.

She cocked her head and began to lap at the bottom half of my stick. She was holding the top half trying to hold it steady. I grabbed her tiny hand and begin to slowly slide it up and down the top half. She did it without protest. Even after I removed my hand she continued to stroke it as she licked the bottom half.

After a few minutes she stopped and looked up at me. “Will that do?” Saliva had begun to drip off her chin and onto the top of her breasts.

“Yeah, that should do the trick.”

Without a word, once again she cupped her breasts and slid forward. She leaned in until my cock was resting against her chest and proceeded to wrap her tits around my throbbing cock.

They felt like warm pillows. They completely enveloped me, 9 inches of cock disappeared into her cleavage.

She sat there for a moment holding her breasts firmly wrapped around my rod.

“Don’t forget to bounce,” I reminded her.

“Oh yes! I’m sorry, I forgot,” she said truly apologetic.

“Its fine, I know this is a first for you.”

She slowly began to move her body up and down, stroking my cock with her tits. The purple head would pop out of the top of her cleavage on every down motion.

“Let me know when you feel as if this has cured your infatuation,” she said matter of factly.

“Oh, you’ll know,” I said with a grin. She would know soon enough.

There was a knock at her door. Without missing a beat she coolly said, “Who is it?”

“It’s Marcy,” came the voice from the other side of the door. “I’ve got some papers for you to look at.”

“Okay. I’ll be done here shortly. I’ll come to your desk when I’m done.”

“Okay! Thank you!” You could hear her walk away.

She continued to bounce for several minutes. I’m sure she could feel my cock throb between tits. I’m also sure she had no I idea what that meant was going to happen soon.

“Are you over your infatuation yet?” she asked clinically.

“Oh my god, woman,” I growled. “If you’ll just shut the fuck up, I will be soon.”

“Excuse me?” she said in a shocked tone, still bouncing. She had probably never been spoken to that way.

“Shut. The fuck. Up!” I looked into her shocked face. “Squeeze harder and move faster! We’re almost there.”

Stunned, she did as she was told. The added grip and speed was all I needed.

I grabbed her hands and squeezed them, wrapping her tits even tighter around my hose. I began to buck my hips, my thighs slapping against the bottom of her breasts.

“Grrrrrrfuck!” My head flew back. A thick stream of spunk shot from my hose and splashed against the bottom of her chin and spreading across her throat.

This caught Katherine quite by surprise. “Oh!” she yelped. Her face wrinkled up and she turned her face away as if somebody had stuck a turd under nose. But I kept a grip on her tits and continued to pump my hips.

A second rope shot up the side of her cheek with her head turned and stopped at her temple. A third and fourth smaller spurts pumped out and landed directly on top her tits. Her tan skin only accentuated the whiteness of the jizz that was now covering them and streaking towards her erect nipples.

I finally released my grip on her tits. She began to pull away. But before she could get too far away, I firmly shook my hose at her, sending several more small droplets in her direction, landing on her chin and in her cleavage.

She continued to slide away. I stood up. “Where do you think you’re going?” She looked up at me with confusion on her face. “We’re not done yet.” I grabbed the base of my pulsing cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. I pulled her in close until the tip of my cock was touching her lips. She opened her mouth and took me in.

With my hand on the back of her head, I slid my cum covered cock in and out of her face. On several strokes I would slam the tip against the back of her mouth and into her throat, causing her to cough and gag, making cum bubbles escape her lips.

Once I felt like I had given her a good face fuck, I pulled out and sat back down, breathing hard. Cum was dripping of her chin onto her tits, and off her nipples onto her thighs.

She paused. I’m she was in a little shock at what had just transpired. She was gathering her thoughts.

She finally regained her composure and stood up. Her legs were shaky as she moved around the desk and back to her chair. She grabbed several tissues from the box on her table and began to clean herself up.

“Wait!” I said, holding my hand up like a police officer directing traffic. “You know what I think would really help now?”

She stopped. “What’s that?” She was genuinely curious.

“If you licked some of my cum off of your tits,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

“Language!” she said with her fists in a ball.

“Shit. Sorry.” I paused. “I think it would help if you licked some of my ejaculate from your breasts.”

“Do you really think that would help?”

I nodded, trying to hide my grin again. “Yes, I really do.”

She cupped a breast with her hand and lifted it up, meeting her tongue as she lowered her head. She lapped at the cum on the top of her tit, watching me the entire time. If I wasn’t careful I was going to get another hard on.

She stopped and lifted her head, still watching me. I stood and tucked my warrior back into his shelter.

She began to dab at her face and breasts, wiping as much cum off of her as possible, then grabbing another tissue as needed and continuing the process.

“How do you feel, Mark? Do you feel like you’re over your infatuation with my breasts?” she asked as she continued to dab away at her body.

“I feel good!” What I wanted to say was “Fuck no I’m not over my infatuation! Now I want to fuck those tits every time I see them!” What I actually said was, “I dunno, only time will tell,” as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, let’s hope this worked so we can continue to have a good working relationship.” She was still dabbing away. She was going to run out of tissues soon.

“What if it didn’t work? What if you still feel like I’m infatuated with your breasts?”

“Well, sometimes these things take time. Or several treatments. We may have to repeat the process several times. Different people react to treatment in different ways.” She said it as if we were curing a common cold.

“Several treatments?! Fuck yeah!” I thought to myself. “Well, I feel better. But the ultimate decision will be up to you if you still get the feeling I’m infatuated.”

“Yes, of course,” she said. “Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to try to improve the situation, Mark.”

She’s thanking me? Can this get any better?! “Thank you for coming to me with your concerns, Katherine. I hate the thought of a co-worker being uncomfortable in my presence.” I tried to say it without giggling.

“That’s quite thoughtful of you, Mark,” she said as she was beginning to button up her blouse of the cum that she hadn’t gotten and was beginning to dry and crust. “You’re excused. Have a nice day.”

“A nice day? This has been an awesome fucking day!” I thought. “Thank you, Katherine. You as well.”

She opened the drapes and I walked out the door. As I sat down at my desk I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can convince her I’m infatuated with her ass?”

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Pizza Boy Gets Busted

by pizzaboyatdoor


Even though most of our business was the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, our delivery territory also included the rather rural edge of town where there was a wide mix of homes. Everything from old trailers on overgrown lots to large houses in the middle of 4 or 5 acre manicured mini estates could be found on the couple dozen roads and lanes that ran off the main highway.

We called everything beyond Little Creek Road “the boonies” because almost every delivery was at least 7 or 8 miles out and one $10 pizza special could take you better than a half hour to deliver along with odds that the tip wouldn’t be great either. The only advantage to a run like that was getting some time for serious music blasting and to enjoy a smoke on the way back. Course, you also had the plus of being able to fly low late at night as the main highway wasn’t busy after dark and you made up time whenever you could. The speed limit was 45, but all of us usually pushed it to 60 or more all the time.

It was about 10:30 PM and I was walking thru the door when Cody passed me with his run and poked me. “Sorry dude….you’re stuck with Sunset Lane….see ya in 45 minutes!” and laughed as he headed for his car.

DAMMIT! Sunset Lane was a little unpaved half mile long road that had been cut thru the trees off another side road that was at least 8 miles from the shop. There might be a total of 10 houses on the whole road and all had a reputation for shitty tips. To make matters worse, once you turned off the main highway, there was nothing that resembles street lighting so you had to watch carefully for every pot hole, stray garbage can, and raccoons that like to wander down the middle of your lane. I bagged up the order and yelled “Going to Sunset Lane….see ya again at midnight.” to the shift manager. He grinned knowing I was almost serious as this was always a delivery that took 35 or 40 minutes, and then laughed as he said “Well, if you don’t drive like a little old lady, you can make it back in 45.” I flipped him off and headed out the door to my car.

I slipped a cigarette between my lips as soon as I was out of the parking lot and by the time I hit the main highway, was already jamming to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ that was on the classic ’70s CD that Cody had loaned me. Between the music and the complete lack of any traffic out in the slightly cool night air, I decided to push the gas pedal down and was soon buzzing along at 65 determined to turn this delivery into a 25 minute one. By the time the song finished I was only a mile or so from my turn. Another half minute later I noticed the single set of headlights pull onto the road behind me from the side road I just flew past. I paid little attention to them as I clicked on my turn signal and started down the dark road leading to Sunset Lane….which was still another 1-1/2 miles away. The lights turned in behind me at the same time I flipped the cigarette butt out the window.

When I swung onto Sunset, I happily saw that the delivery was going to first house and pulled into their drive. The headlights that had been behind me continued down the other road. I trotted up to the front porch, quickly collected the cash and mustered up a half-hearted “thanks” for the $2 tip they included with it, instead of telling them how 30 minutes of my life, the wear & tear on my car, and gas to drive 18 miles round trip was worth a lot more than two bucks on a $23 order! I gave them a quick, toothy, cheesey smile and had my car headed out of their driveway before they had the first slice out of the box.

I knocked another smoke out of the pack and lit it as I turned back onto the first road and decided to just mellow out and take my time driving back….especially since the stereo was now playing Led Zep’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ classic. I had just started getting into the music when the headlights came up rapidly behind me….and I noticed the blue flashing one its dash!

FUCK! The last thing I needed was a Barney Fife looking to fill his quota! I edged over to the side of the dark road and switched off my engine. I plastered my best “Hi, How are you?” innocent smile on my face while digging for my license & insurance card….which were sure to be the first words out of the cop’s mouth. He fooled me though, by asking me to step out of the car first.

Cops are always intimidating anyway, and it didn’t help that he was at least 6′ 2″ and his 200# of 28 or 30 year old beef cake body was packed in the too tight deputy’s shirt and towering over my 150#, 5′ 8″ quarterback build. I handed him my IDs without being asked and after glancing quickly at them, rhetorically asked “I was following you up Capital Highway a few minutes ago….Right foot is kind of heavy tonight, isn’t it?” Then he ominously added “I clocked you at 64 in a 45.”

I was so obviously busted that all I could do is play for sympathy and hope for the best. I leaned back against my fender, lowered my eyes, and mumbled “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I was just trying to make some time on a long run.”

Staring at my license for a moment, he let out a sigh before saying “You know Joshua, we usually overlook you guys making deliveries late at night, but 19 over the limit is really pushing it on the forgiveness meter.”

Sensing that his words were giving me the possibility for a chance of nothing more than a warning, I quickly looked in his eyes and said “I know sir. I should have been driving no more than 55….even clear out here in the boonies. I’ll be sure to watch myself closer.” I missed his reply because up close, even in the darkness of the deserted road, I could now see that it wasn’t that his shirt was too tight, but that he had pecs and arms that were the product of some serious gym time.

Suddenly he was ruffling my hair with his hand and I refocused on his words as he said “Did you hear me junior?”

“No, I’m sorry sir,” was what slipped out before I could think….my mind filled with other thoughts besides digesting his standard lecture. Adding “Damn! I didn’t mean for that to sound like I wasn’t listening to you sir,” probably wasn’t the most intelligent comment either.

He crossed his arms….which made his shirt stretch even tighter across his chest and bulge at the sleeves….and shook his head. “What am I to do with you? I’m trying to cut you a little slack and you ignore me. You need to at least put a little effort into getting out of me writing you up.” The slight grin that came with the words led me to believe I hadn’t totally blown it yet.

“I know. It’s just been a long night and I usually never drive that fast….but I wasn’t thinking I guess.”

His grin turned into a smile. “I remember being 18….all you think about is what your crotch tells you to think about 90% of the time. You just need to watch that speedometer more, instead of planning how you are going to get off in the shower later.” He laughed when he realized how deeply he made me blush.

“Well a ticket would certainly ruin me being in the mood later,” I quipped back….hoping his sudden sense of humor was a good sign again.

He uncrossed his arms and looked up and down the long road. “So you are telling me that it is all up to me whether you can get it up tonight?” His hands were on his hips and a quick glance down let me see that the crisply pressed slacks were every bit as tight as his shirt….and showing as nice a bulge as the pecs made in his uniform shirt. The opening was there, so I decided what the hell and replied “Completely in your hands,” as I let my right hand brush across my own growing box.

He stepped closer and looked down into my eyes. I looked up into his deep brown ones and tried to figure out how far to take the opportunity. He let me know by locking his thumb in his belt buckle and strumming his long fingers across the now obvious hard on he had below it. “Maybe you can suggest your own punishment for being in such a hurry?” was the tease he gave me.

Throwing any fears I had aside, I squeezed my crotch and offered “Maybe a little time in the back seat of your cruiser could make understand going the proper speed?”

Without a word, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his patrol car. He then spun me around, pushed me into “the position” against the door, and did a slow and overly personal frisk. “Looks like you only have one weapon you are concealing,” was his jab as he cupped my balls with one hand and my rock solid dick with the other. He unsnapped his utility belt holding his service revolver and placed it on the front seat. “Don’t want anything going off except what NEEDS to go off right now,” were his words as he gently pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

I looked up at his hulking frame and said “I’ll bet you still have something that is fully loaded though,” as I reached out and released the buckle on his pants belt and leaned in to kiss the massive box that was showing in the tight fabric. The moan that slipped from his lips told me it was fine to continue and I did by clenching the zipper in my teeth and slowly pulling it down as I unsnapped the latch at the waistband. A totally packed pair of red bikini briefs came into view as I slid his slacks over his hard thighs….a gigantic head and at least three inches of hard cock was sticking out of the top of them. The stud cop’s knees buckled slightly as I ran my tongue across the piss slit and lapped up the wad of pre that had leaked out. I kept licking at the silky sides and tonguing the head as I rolled the briefs down over the rest of his gorgeous 7″ pistol and low hanging balls. Partially because I was so horny and partially because we were standing out in the open on a public road, I immediately took him in my mouth and started working his tool like it was a candy cane with a prize in the middle.

His big hands grabbed my ears and his hips began a slow back & forth motion….pushing another inch inside me with every stroke until he was tickling my tonsils with all of it. A couple more thrusts and he pulled me off and up to his face. “In the back seat before we get interrupted,” was his near breathless instruction. I crawled in quickly and he peeled his slacks down to his ankles before joining me and pulling the door shut. My head went straight back to his lap and resumed the bobbing motion I was performing on my knees seconds earlier.

I felt his hands roaming over me as I sucked him and he suddenly uttered “My name’s Mark by the way,” as he yanked my tee shirt over my head. Pushing me down on the seat, he then ripped open my pants and pulled them and my boxers down at the same time. I managed to kick one leg out of them and was now laying nearly naked on the seat as he looked down with hunger in his eyes at me.

“Take off your shirt and let me see those hard pecs, Mark,” I pleaded. He happily complied and I was staring the finest chest I had ever seen. Covered with light fur and accented with erect, quarter sized nipples, I leaned up and pressed my face into the center and began soaking it down with my lips and tongue. Mark pulled me tight against him while searching for the hardness between my legs. He wrapped one of his massive paws around it and pulled it to full length. My head was working its way south again wanting that cock back in my mouth, when he pushed me over onto my back and dropped his face to my crotch.

A few quick slurps and then taking me fully between his lips, this hunky cop had me so boned that I would explode at any moment if he hit any right spot. After only a minute or so of sucking me, Mark let my dick slip from his mouth and held it tight while licking my now ultra tight balls….and then running his tongue across that sweet spot below my sac as he planted his lips on my rosebud. I muffled my screams from feelings I didn’t know existed as he gently alternated between sliding his tongue in and out of my virgin hole and gently chewing on its edges. He was nibbling on that nerve-filled spot between my balls and ass when I felt his thumb and fingers scoop up the pre that was oozing all over me. His thumb slid across the slickness on the head and then I felt two fingers rubbing the rest of my leak all over them. My body was completely out of control and my brain was shut down to all but the vibrations he was putting thru me with every new touch.

Suddenly I felt my butt cheeks separate and the wet tip of a finger press against my pucker. “Relax baby….I’ll go easy,” was all that was said before the first digit popped into me. My eyes snapped shut and then exploded back open as he moved that thick finger ever so slowly into me. Thanks to his chewing on my ear lobe and whispering how much he wanted my cute virgin ass, by the time he had his index finger buried all the way, I was prepared as he slipped the first inch of his middle finger in beside it. My ass muscles clenched down when the second inch entered and the third inch caused me to push back into his hand to get more. “Motherfuckin’ DAMN!” was about all I could get out of my mouth as I was being opened up for the first time. My muscles released a little and I let the euphoria of Mark finger fucking me take over. I never thought I could stand being screwed but at this point my body was running the show and it was ready for the next act.

Mark sensed my willingness and without a word, threw my legs over his broad shoulders and guided his manhood to the entrance of my boy pussy while rubbing his own pre slime all up and down his shaft. I was both scared shitless and ready for anything as he nudged the head in. I gasped a little as that first inch followed. Mark leaned down to my face, smiled, and said “Don’t worry….I won’t hurt you baby,” just before he covered my lips with his and kissed me deeply. He kept his mouth tight to mine as the next inch slid in…and the next one. It also muffled the scream that wanted out as he pushed the final 3″ in all at once. My ass was on fire but quickly adapted to the slow strokes he was taking. I could have grabbed an electric fence while standing in damp grass and not felt the way having my ass pumped did. I began moaning deeply and even pushing back against his forward strokes….wanting him even deeper than he already was.

“Feel OK baby?” was the question I finally opened my eyes to and saw this stud poised above me, staring down and smiling as he increased his tempo slightly.

“Oh, yeah….fuckin’ feel FINE dude! Please don’t stop.”

With that, the pace picked up and I reached down to begin jacking my own dripping hardness trying to keep up with the long strokes Mark was taking. Every time he humped into me, his heavy balls slammed against my own creating yet another feeling I didn’t know about previously.

Mark looked down and throatily asked “You like having your ass full, don’t you college boy? You think you can take more?”

I looked up and matter-of-factly answered him with “Oh yeah. Give me whatever you got stud.” and then gritted my teeth as he started slamming me with full long strokes. My head was banging against the car door and I was yanking my own rod as fast as I could move my hand. My head whipped back and forth and from somewhere I heard the words escape from my lips “Yeah! Fuck Me! Fuck me HARD you pony dicked motherfucker! Harder! OH FUCKIN’ YES!!!!!”

The young copper was banging me like he would never get it again and shoving all 7″ deep with each thrust. He looked down at my pistoning hand and ordered in between his humps “Jack that fucking cock. Pound it hard and fast. I wanna see boy cum all over the place before you get mine.” I happily complied and jerked myself even faster. My hips began to raise as I felt my ass getting slammed again and my balls pushing that first wad up the shaft. “Oh yeah….oh YEAH…..OH YEAH FUCK ME HARD NOW!” accompanied the first explosion from my hand that landed in the thick fur covering Mark’s tummy. He slammed into me again and again and again as I emptied myself with another half dozen strings across my stomach.

He had just let out with “That’s my boy….pull every last drop out of those cute boy balls….keep pumping it you little hunk!” when he reached down and used two fingers to wipe up the glob that hit my chin. I was trying to milk yet another load out of myself when he put them to his lips and licked them clean. Smiling with a little trace of my cum on his bottom lip, he moaned “Sweeeeeeet,” and pushed into me two more times before pulling out and whacking himself maybe three times before the multiple sprays of man juice plastered my chest and face. He must have dumped a weeks worth because he just kept cumming and cumming until I was covered in white stickiness.

He grinned and moved up to my face and I greedily licked his dick and hand clean while savoring the scent of sex that filled the car. A quick kiss and Mark opened the door to get out. He stood there watching me pull on my jeans as he redressed himself. “Thanks buddy….I really needed a hot little college boy to get me off tonight. Hope it was good for you too.”

“More than you know dude….MORE than you know,” was my reply as I slide out of the backseat.

“Well….let me call in and take myself off dinner and back on patrol now that I have had the best dessert I could.” Then he added with a wink: “You get back to work and drive safe….and only speed in MY zone from now on….OK?”

I winked back at him and said “Sure Deputy. I promise. I learned my lesson.”

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Katie’s Muscle Journey

by KatieTay

Chapter 1: Katie and Ryoko

As I enter the apartment I share with my boyfriend Jim, I pause for a while at the door. I notice that the door is ajar, and Jim’s shoes are outside. He must be home early from the gym. There’re some muffled sounds that I can hear even from the hallway.

“Jim?” I called out. “I’m back, honey. Are you there?”

There is no reply. I walk into the living room, and I see something I never thought I would see. Jim is sitting on the couch, with his pants down. What I am looking straight at now, though, is the woman standing in front of him.

She has short hair and is topless, wearing only a pair of jeans, and she is muscular. Not like a bodybuilder, or even the ripped physique of a fitness competitor, but extremely strong-looking. Her muscles are shapely and make her very curvy in a feminine way, but her back is ridged with impressive muscle development, as are her abs, which are six solid-looking sections. She is still relatively narrow-waisted. Her deltoids, which are flexed right now because she is holding up her arms in a double-bicep pose, are round lumps of solid flesh. Her bicep peaks can be seen from behind, like small tennis balls. In short, she is almost the perfect woman, even though her thighs cannot be seen.

She turns around and sees me, and gives me an arrogant smile. I take a few steps towards them, not knowing how to react.

She says to Jim, “So this is your girlfriend Katie? Hmm. She doesn’t look as strong as in that picture you have of her.”

The woman gestures towards something Jim is holding in his hand. I ignore his guilty expression, and look more closely. It looks like a photograph. Then I recognize it, when Jim sheepishly holds it up for me to see.

It is a photograph of the two of us, about five years ago, when I was 20. In the picture I’m doing a bicep flex while putting an arm around Jim’s shoulders. I’m wearing a sports bra. At that time I had just won an arm wrestling tournament, defeating a total of six other women. In the picture we both look proud and happy, and my arm looks nice and strong.

But since then I have not been to the gym as much, as I’ve become busier with a new job. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since that time, and I look leaner now but also flabbier, not as toned as before. For a while Jim kept assuring me that he didn’t mind, and our sex still seemed just as good. But now… I can hardly believe what this looks like. “Jim,” I ask softly, “can you explain what this woman is doing here?”

But instead of Jim replying, the response comes from the woman, who walks slowly up to me and stands offensively close.

“My name is Ryoko,” she states. “Jim and I have been meeting each other at the gym for a few weeks now. Today, I decided to get to know him a little better, if you know what I mean. However, he seems very loyal to you, for some reason.”

Jim is pulling up his pants hurriedly as Ryoko speaks, and at this he looks up at me and nods eagerly, saying, “I didn’t want any of this, Katie!”

“That’s not what your erection is saying!” Ryoko smirks. She looks back at me and continues, “So, I decided to show him directly, why I am the better woman. I asked him to show me the best picture he had of you, and then I showed him my body and asked him to say who the better woman is. Well, I must admit I was impressed by your photograph. But it seems you aren’t as hot as you used to be.”

Slowly she raises her arms and flexes in front of me, staring at me challengingly. She is still wearing her heels — which is why I didn’t see them outside the door earlier. In them, she is able to look down on me with a few inches’ height advantage. Barefoot she is probably the same height as me, almost. Now it just adds to the overall effect she is having on me.

I take a deep breath to calm myself. Not only am I upset at this woman just coming in to cause trouble and go after my boyfriend as aggressively as this, I am also feeling a bit intimidated. As Ryoko flexes in front of me, her muscles moving seductively underneath her skin, I can see immediately that she is much sexier than I am now, and looks a lot stronger — in fact, even five years ago I may not have been a match for her.

Still, I cannot back down from this challenge. I step back and strip off my tank top quickly, and unhook my bra to stand topless too in my jeans. As Jim gapes in amazement, I step up to Ryoko until our nipples are almost touching, and throw my own arms up in the most powerful flex I can manage!

We hold the posedown for a few seconds, and then Ryoko laughs. I still have some lean muscles on my body, but it is a far cry both from what I used to look like, and what Ryoko looks like now. I lower my arms and hang my head. Without a doubt I have been crushed in this posedown.

Ryoko walks over to the slack-jawed Jim, who is now breathing more quickly at the sight he has just seen. She takes the photograph from his unresisting hand. Turning back to me, she holds it up for me to see, and then slowly tears it straight down the middle, separating the sections containing Jim and myself.

Her message is clear. I glare at her, fists clenched. She smirks and glares back, then points to the coffee table. I give a quick nod to accept her unspoken challenge.

No words are needed. We both step slowly to the coffee table, still holding each other’s gaze. I go down on one knee, on one side of the table, and she copies my pose. The coffee table is small and circular, so we end up using our right knees to brace it between us. Still with slow deliberate movements we raise our right arms and plant them on the table, and hook our thumbs, preparing to arm wrestle.

Still not saying a word, Ryoko raises her left hand and crooks a finger at Jim, to come over. He does, looking at the both of us in awe, obviously trying to drink in as much of this sight as possible. Then Ryoko speaks again.

“Jim will be the referee for this contest between us. The winner will give him a blowjob. During the match, he can choose to motivate us by letting whichever of us pleasure him with our hand, mouth, or any other part of the body. Now, get ready to be shamed in front of him!”

“The relationship we share will give me the strength to beat you in front of him and make sure you never come after him again!” I reply firmly, clenching her hand as hard as I can. I will not lose to a bitch like her!

Jim holds our hands and makes sure our starting position is equal, and then releases his hands to let us begin. We both lean forward and start pulling. My bicep bulges nice and round, and I feel encouraged even though it is obvious her muscles are bigger. So far I am keeping her even.

Then I look up into her eyes, and my heart sinks as I realize she is feeling much more relaxed than me, barely straining compared to me. She may be just toying with me. I press my lips together grimly, not letting her see my anxiety, and concentrate on just pulling as hard as I can, increasing my force until I am nearly using my full power. But she is matching me strength for strength. Our hands begin to tremble in the middle between us with the sheer force of our battle. I can see her starting to strain a little bit, but she still has that small mocking smile that I would dearly love to wipe off.

Meanwhile Jim has taken off his pants completely, and is starting to masturbate. He moves closer to us, and seems to hesitate for a moment.

“Choose me, choose me…” I urge him in my thoughts.

Yes! He’s moving towards me. Now he’s rubbing his cock against my shoulder and upper arm. I am even more heartened when I see the frustration enter Ryoko’s eyes. It feels so good against my sweaty skin… My arm begins to feel stronger, and with a loud grunt, I manage to gain on her a little bit, the first progress either of us has made in this match!

But she manages to counter my effort, and hold me only at a slight advantage. Looking up at Jim, she smiles in a sultry way and says, “Are you sure you won’t rather have this instead, Jim?” pointing to her larger and more defined arm muscles, now put on full display because of the angle. “You know you want it… come on, put it right here… come and find out how a really strong arm feels like…”

I can’t believe it, Jim is actually falling for that! He’s moved his cock away and is now pointing it at Ryoko… I can’t stand it, she’s smirking at me! I pour more strength into my arm and pull as hard as I can, but I make only a little bit more headway. This actually makes her showcase her bicep even more, and she angles her body to the side so that Jim has space to move in… and put his penis against the round, solid lump of muscle, beaded with sweat… it even has a vein showing slightly near the elbow…

I pull with all my might, but somehow I can’t give it my all. My spirit is being sapped by the sight before me, my boyfriend’s cock just inches away from me, so near yet so far. It’s as if he is giving strength to Ryoko instead of me, and widening the disparity between Ryoko and me. Because it’s true, I can feel it: Ryoko is definitely stronger than I am.

Ryoko’s face is rubbing against Jim’s stomach, and she moans and rubs her cheek against him, seeming to enjoy herself very much, as if she were not arm wrestling with me at all. She says, “Jim, move back. I’m going to beat your girlfriend now, and I need space.”

He complies. I brace myself for the effort that I can feel is gathering behind Ryoko’s hand. She takes a deep breath, and looks me straight in the eye as she begins to ramp up her effort. I look back, trying to keep my expression neutral, but my trembling arm gives away the fact that slowly she is overpowering me. The crushing force of her grip is starting to actually hurt my hand, and easily she pulls me back to the centre, losing me all the ground I gained. We stare at each other as the match continues, beads of sweat pooling visibly on our faces. I can feel the sweat drops on top of my upper lip, and also starting to run in rivulets down my chest.

Slowly, with excruciating slowness as if she is purposely prolonging it, Ryoko pulls my arm down steadily until I am more than halfway down. It’s only in movies that people can make a huge comeback from this situation. Maybe sometimes in real life but the person has to be extremely strong. As I am now, I simply cannot manage it against her.

Yet, with Jim watching, I cannot afford to give up. I refuse to give up, and I keep straining with all my might, trying to pull back up again. Jim approaches, holding his cock. I turn to him and open my mouth hungrily, but it is to Ryoko that he turns. Ryoko obligingly opens her mouth, and right in front of my eyes, Jim inserts his throbbing dick into her face, moving it in and out.

I give a sob, heartbroken. I cannot believe I am being so humiliated right now. Crying out, I give a jerk on Ryoko’s arm and try to use my body weight for leverage, but Ryoko simply holds me out and rides out my surge for the few seconds it lasts. Now my hand is mere inches away from the tabletop.

I call out, “Jim, please, give it to me… put it here, on my bicep… I will squeeze it hard as I pull up… please Jim, honey… I can do it… I can do it…”

Jim hesitates, and as I look up I see the conflicted look on his face. Then he pulls his cock out from Ryoko’s mouth, and she looks disappointed. I feel some hope again as he bends down and fits his cock snugly in the crook of my arm. I take a deep breath and flex my bicep as hard as I can, letting the full strain show on my face, not bothering to hide it. Ryoko snarls and says, “I will not let you do that, little Katie. Jim, she’s just going to disappoint you. I’ll show you!”

The seconds tick pass as Jim waits patiently, giving me a chance to prove myself. I am flexing with all my might, my vision blurs as my eyes are screwed almost shut, my muscles are burning with effort as I flex as hard as I’ve ever flexed. I keep my eyes fixed on Jim’s penis, nestled between my forearm and my bicep, and I want so much to curl my arm up around it, and let him feel the strength of my bicep directly on his cock…

I’m not sure but I think almost half a minute has passed. Ryoko has kept my arm down, and not let me move up even a little bit. Both our arms are trembling with effort, but my arm is burning with fatigue. This match has already lasted a few intense minutes. I’m so out of practice, and out of shape, I’m clearly not used to this level of exertion anymore. My arm fails to flex enough to squeeze Jim’s cock even a little. In fact she even pulls my arm down slightly, just a little bit.

Jim sighs and straightens up again, and my heart aches again. Why must I lose this way?

He goes over and runs his hands all over Ryoko’s muscular rippling body, now lubricated with sweat. Ryoko moans, especially when his hands run over her nipples. He begins to fondle her nipples. She shudders with pleasure all over, and I feel her strength flag slightly, but by now I am too tired to take any advantage of it. I am already barely holding on, with the last bits of my strength. My arm is really starting to hurt.

But Ryoko refuses to let me go. She pulls me down to within just an inch of defeat, and there she holds me, content to let me strain and strain, knowing that I will not give up until I really can give no more. She’s right. It’s hopeless, but I simply will not give up, despite the tears of pain running down my cheeks, despite the terrible growing pain in my arm and shoulder. I think I am crying because of the shame as well, it’s hard to tell.

When she is sure I am completely spent, and holding on only by sheer willpower, she grabs Jim’s cock with her left hand, and says, “Now, you are finished.”

With that she slams my hand down on the table, and pulls Jim’s cock towards her. A few quick thrusts inside her mouth is all it needs, Jim must have been holding it in for all this time. She’s not letting go of my hand. I am forced to watch helplessly while across the table this woman gives my boyfriend a victory blowjob.

As Jim staggers back, gasping and groaning, Ryoko turns back to me and parts her lips slightly, letting some of the cum drip out of the corners of her mouth. She plants her left palm behind my head and shoves my face forward to meet hers, and she forces me into a kiss. Her mouth forces my lips open, she invades my mouth with her tongue, and I can taste the salty familiar tang of Jim’s cum, but now mixed with the taste of Ryoko’s saliva. She forces me to taste this horrible combination for several long moments, before letting me go. I am gasping for air, breathless from the exertion and also from the kiss. She’s breathing hard too, but there is the flush of pleasure in her eyes. I slump, rubbing my sore right arm, tears of shame in my eyes. She has outmuscled me in front of Jim, and shamed me with her cum-covered kiss.

As she poses proudly for Jim, her muscular arms raised in victory, I open my mouth to speak.

“I’ll wrestle you.”

Ryoko’s eyes gleam, and she answers at once, “Yes, let’s. I look forward to crushing you totally. You will feel my mastery over you with your whole body. Then, after I beat you, I will make you cum, so that you know you’re just my slut, and you love losing to me. To top it off, your Jim will fuck me from behind while I’m on top of you, so that you know you have lost completely, as a woman.”

Jim looks guilty, but doesn’t say anything. I can tell that he likes what is happening, even if he feels guilty about what is happening to me. But this is not about him. I do not feel that much pain from the fact that he has effectively betrayed me. He cannot help being sexually turned on by all this. He’s just a weak male, unable to resist a woman like Ryoko who is everything he’s always wanted. I guess I used to be that woman too.

That’s why I am going to accept now. This is about Ryoko and me. Woman to woman. Muscle against muscle, will against will. If I cannot defeat Ryoko, then I do not deserve Jim in the first place.

We stand up, and we strip off our jeans, Ryoko kicks off her heels as well. She’s wearing a pair of thongs, which she unhesitatingly strips off too. I match her by stripping off my panties, so we’re both completely naked. Now I have the chance to see her legs. They’re sleek and well-muscles, like dancer’s legs. My legs are less muscular now, and look a bit fatter and less defined. I still have a nice calf bulge, but so does she. We move forward to compare legs, and we parade them in front of Jim.

“Come on, Jim darling, tell us, who has the better sexier legs?” Ryoko says.

“Um…” Jim looks clearly uncomfortable, but in the end avoids my pleading look and mumbles, “You, Ryoko.”

“That’s right, and you’ll get your reward after I beat this weak girl and become your new girlfriend. You’re looking forward to that, aren’t you?” Ryoko says, reaching over to tilt his face with her hand. I reach up and slap her hand away angrily. We both glare at each other, and bump chests.

“Titfight,” she says, and that is all the signal we need — we put our hands behind our backs, to throw our breasts out, and begin bumping and crashing them together, sometimes swiping from side to side. I used to be proud of my perfectly shaped breasts, but they’ve grown smaller over the years and less firm. Ryoko’s are larger and firmer. Within a several exchanges I am gasping with pain from the friction on my sensitive nipples, and on the impact from each breast bump she is dealing me. We bump harder and harder, and she is grunting with the effort, but she doesn’t seem as hurt as me. Some minutes have passed, I don’t know how long, but I finally have to step back, avoiding her breast attack, my chest heaving as I gulp for air and my hands coming up to cover my sore nipples and breasts. I’ve lost this one too… it’s so embarrassing…

“You’re not woman enough for me!” Ryoko screams, thrusting her arms up again in victory. Jim moans and begins rubbing himself. The sight of our struggle is apparently the sexiest thing he’s seen in a long time, because despite his refractory period he’s getting hard again.

My heart fills with rage towards this woman. Giving vent to a scream of anger, I step forward, raising my arms too. Our hands make contact, and we eager clasp fingers, gripping each other’s hands hard. Our arms and bodies begin to tremble as we engage in a test of strength.

We press our foreheads together as we push, channelling all our strength into this contest. Her full power is incredible… My arms are really feeling the strain, especially my tired right arm. Oh no… it buckles. My right arm was just too tired. She’s not showing me any mercy, she’s surging forward full force… my body is now bent awkwardly, my right arm unable to match the strength of her left and unable to straighten. She’s pushing it out and to the side, so I can’t use it fully now.

My left arm is not so good at muscular power, but more for endurance. Now it’s being tested to the limit. Her right arm is a bit tired too, I wonder if I can turn the tables on her. I have to… Jim is watching us wrestle… I must show my strength to him.

We are frozen in position for what seems like long minutes, with me putting all of my remaining energy and strength into this contest, resisting Ryoko with all my might. Every muscle on our body must be sharply defined to the watching Jim, but I cannot spare much attention to look, I can only catch glimpses of the muscles standing out on the body parts I can see. Ryoko’s right arm is like a pillar of strength. My left arm is starting to shake. I will myself to ignore the pain in both my arms, and concentrate on pushing. It is no use. I can feel myself weakening, my strength draining away. Ryoko is overpowering me slowly but surely. My left arm has just given way, and it’s slowly and shakily being forced downwards too. Now Ryoko is leaning forward and pressing her chest against mine, bending me backwards. I bend back as far as I can, but I’m not very flexible. Soon I cannot help my knees buckling, and I start to sink down before her.

I’m now down to one knee, her hands are holding mine down, it’s hopeless, she’s too strong for me. She kicks at my upright leg until I am forced to go down on that knee as well. Now she’s clearly in a position of dominance over me. She leans over, and pushes hard. My wrists are being bent, they hurt! It’s so painful…!

She is telling me to submit. Never! I must not… not in front of Jim like this, and not to her!

“No!” I say through gritted teeth.

“You have no choice!” she grates out, and jerks downwards, letting me feel her crushing force. I scream once in pain, and my hands are pressed all the way down to my shoulder level. She’s now bent over almost double, her face near mine.


“N… No!” I gasp out, tears starting to flow out of my eyes.

She invades my mouth with a kiss again. I try to bite her, but she growls and bites back, causing me more pain than I can cause her, so that I try to break off the agonizing kiss, shaking my head side to side. But I cannot shake her, and she completely violates my mouth before raising her head and suddenly twisting to the side, catching me in a headlock.

Quickly her weight forces me down onto the floor, and I can’t break out of this headlock. She’s squeezing so hard with her left arm, I can feel all the hard muscles all along it. I feel as if I’m blacking out, she’s cutting off my air supply…

I must have blacked out for an instant, because now she’s released the headlock and has me pinned to the floor. She’s locked her hands with mine again, and is pressing them on the floor. I thrash around with my legs, but very quickly she locks her legs around mine in a grapevine. She is not only strong, but also an expert wrestler it seems. I’m completely outmatched.

She has me pinned helplessly. As her legs stretch mine, I grit my teeth, determined not to cry out in pain. The effort makes sweat break out all over my face. My suffering is plain for her and Jim to see as my mouth opens in a soundless scream, and I shake all over underneath her, but still I am not screaming or crying out. The pain is building and building…

“Count, Jim!” I hear her say. Opening my eyes, I look straight into her face, as Jim begins to count to ten. The pain cripples my efforts to try and power my shoulders off the floor, but even if she had not slapped on the grapevine, I think I would still be too weak compared to her to do it. I think she knows it too, she is grinning down at me as Jim finishes a slow count to ten. I have not been able to lift my hands or shoulders even a little bit off the floor.

“I have beaten you at wrestling,” she states. I cannot deny it. “Now I will make your defeat final. I will make you cum.”

She releases the grapevine and shifts herself so that our mounds are touching, and she angles her pelvis so that our clits make contact. Her legs twine around mine silkily as she starts to hump me, clitoris against clitoris, sex against sex. I close my eyes and try to resist, willing myself not to cum, but the stimulation and the struggle have made me very wet. My body is betraying me. Ryoko is wet too, she must be feeling so turned on at dominating me so completely, and yet I am unable to make her cum first. I look away and close my eyes as my body shudders its surrender under her, the spasms of unwanted pleasure making my body jerk back and forth like a marionette under her control.

She rises up onto her knees, still on top of me, and slowly flexes her arms, clearly savouring the moment. I am helpless underneath her. My spirit has been broken.

Ryoko lowers herself over me again, on all fours. Looking into my eyes, she says, “Submit.”

I bite my lip, and close my eyes. I feel a stinging pain. She’s slapped me. “Submit.”

“I submit.” I have lost. I feel it now. I have admitted defeat inside myself.

“Who’s the better woman?”

“You are.”


“You are the better woman.”

“Tell Jim who is the stronger, sexier and superior woman here.”

“Ryoko is the stronger, sexier and superior woman.” I am really crying now, but my voice comes out as steadily as I can make it.

Ryoko groans as Jim takes her doggy-style, grabbing her breasts and fiddling with her nipples as he urgently penetrates her with his shaft. Throughout the whole session, she and I never break our stare, except when I blink the tears away and when she blinks sweat out of her eyes. When Jim finally reaches a long shuddering orgasm inside Ryoko and collapses to the side, it’s as if he doesn’t exist to us, that the fact of sex with him serves only to cement Ryoko’s victory over me. Ryoko whispers to me now, still not looking away, “You will want a rematch.”

“Yes… I want a rematch.”

“You can have one only when you are strong enough to challenge me. Because the next time you lose to me again, you will lose forever. I will keep Jim. More importantly, you and I will both know, once and for all, that I will always be the better woman. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I will let you challenge me again. But you will not win. I will train too, in the meantime, and stay ahead of you.”

“I’ll train harder than you, and become stronger than you.”

“You can dream on. In the meantime, your Jim is mine.”

With that, she slides off me, and carries Jim in her arms easily, struggling only a little bit. Looking down at me one last time, she walks off with my boyfriend into the bedroom, to fuck his brains out even more, while I am left to slowly recover from my utter humiliation and complete defeat.

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Neighbors Come Home

by TripleAcesHigh

Neighbors Come Home
[After a break, I wanted to warm up for my next Sister’s By the Pool chapter with a fun new one.]

Growing up, I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. The crime rate was low and everything was ascetically pleasing. Large trees lined the front yards of most houses, though there wasn’t a ton of room between each property. Because of this, most of the playing had to be done in the street, which was fine unless you wanted to dive for a ball. Still, it was a nice environment, and many of the kids in the neighborhood hung out on a regular basis.

I didn’t really have much interest in the girls in my neighborhood. To begin with, usually just the guys hung out together, but when the groups mingled, most of the girls weren’t very special. One was cute, but not nice. Another was nice, but not cute. There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from, but that was okay. Love interests didn’t need to come from a location that close.

I had a strong group of friends, and that was a nice thing. Incidentally, most of them lived a ways down in the neighborhood, so we spent a good amount of time roaming between those houses. Over in my area, there were really only two families with kids, and they were mostly younger than me. One house had a girl, Bree, who was a few years younger than me. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re younger, it’s pretty much a different world. She was the victim of a very unfortunate appearance as she grew up, especially around the middle school days, when she had both very noticeable glasses and braces that had a lot of work to do. Her blonde hair was an awkward shade and her blue eyes were virtually hidden by the glasses. She was short and most times that I saw her, I was admittedly worried for her, in terms of bullying.

The other nearby family had two kids. There was a boy that was my age and a younger sister, Erin, who was a few years younger than me. Erin was kind of the opposite of Bree, in the sense that you could tell, when she matured, she was going to be attractive. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, both very noticeable, and a tall, athletic figure for her age. It didn’t take long for her to develop long, toned legs through her sports activities, and every guy in the neighborhood noticed her butt, even early on. You don’t have to be a genius to guess that I faked interest in being friends with her brother to hang around her as time went on.

Unfortunately, Bree was more playful with me than Erin over the years. Bree didn’t have any suitors, and came from a less strict home. Erin’s family was downright frightening in their strictness, and any contact between the two of us was incidental during basketball games. Still, all of us, and others in the neighborhood would hang out a decent amount, even through our high school days, until one by one, we all moved away to college. None of our families did though, so during school breaks, people did get to see each other.

I don’t know when exactly it happened, but one such break was when I really noticed it. Erin, of course, was basically an older version of what we all expected. She was tall, fit, and still had a great butt. Her toned and tanned legs were often shown off by shorter shorts, and her blonde hair and blue eyed combination was as radiant as it ever had been. But the crazier development was the transformation in Bree. My jaw almost dropped when I saw what had become of her. Gone were the glasses and braces that had plagued most of her youth, and instead, contacts and a dazzling set of straight, white teeth showed. Her blue eyes stood out even more than Erin’s at this point, and she had dyed her hair a beautiful shade of brown. She had also clearly taken up some form of exercise, as her tiny shirt showed off a great body.

As was custom, I smiled and waved at each of them when I saw them, but this time made sure to say hi and talk briefly with both.

“You look great,” I smiled at Bree. “You must be having a blast at college.”

“Thank you!” she beamed and hugged me. “It is great. I’ve never had so much fun.”

“While we have some time, we should definitely hang out and catch up,” I suggested to her, which she agreed with. A few minutes later, I visited Erin and invited her over, as well.

Bree and Erin had always been friends, but never best friends or anything like that. They hung out a good amount growing up, but time had certainly drifted them apart, something not very uncommon after high school. Most of the people I had grown up with in the neighborhood returned but never really did anything. Our childhood bond had been broken by time and distance, as everyone moved on with their new lives.
I had purposefully invited the two over on a night where I knew my parents had a party. It was a cool, winter night, and a lack of clouds combined with a strong moon to illuminate the stars. Internally, I had planned a pool and hot tub event, though I hadn’t let that be known. I knew that, if they hadn’t prepared for it, they didn’t have a very far trip to get a bathing suit.

Not too long after I had mentioned as a starting time, Bree showed up. She was wearing a multi-colored sun dress, and her sexy hair dropped to just below her shoulders. The color she chose complimented her tanned skin very nicely.

“Hey!” she smiled and hugged me as she entered the house. “Glad we’re finally hanging out again.”

“I figured it had been too long” I smiled back. I was wearing a tshirt and swim trunks, giving away the intentions of my plans.

She glanced down and noticed what I was wearing.

“Looks like I made the right call,” she laughed and lifted up her dress enough to show me her bikini bottoms. I took extra care to glance at what had developed into sexy, tanned legs as she made an early, bold move.

“I’m impressed” I laughed and stumbled a bit. “At your call I mean. Knowing we’d go swimming.”

“I remember your pool and hot tub, even if you didn’t always let me go in with you” she smiled and playfully hit me. I couldn’t help but remember back to her as a kid, in her one piece.

As we briefly reminisced, there was another ring of the doorbell. Bree looked at me, inquisitively, as I walked towards the door.

“I wanted everyone to get a chance to catch up,” I said as I opened the door, revealing Erin. She was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, almost as if she was ready to go to the gym. I hugged her and invited her inside. Erin and Bree smiled at each other and hugged, but their former friendship had dwindled to the point that the scene became slightly awkward.

“Just a fun night with old friends,” I smiled at the two of them. They looked at me and each other and smiled.

“You went swimming?” Erin asked, looking down at my trunks.

“Not yet,” I laughed. “That was kind of the plan for tonight.”

Erin paused briefly. She looked through my back windows into the backyard, where my pool and hot tub met.

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” I she said. But not like it’s a far trip.”

She disappeared back out of the front door. Bree confessed to me that she hadn’t made much of an effort to talk to Erin in the last few years. I told her it’s just a night to catch up, and that’s part of why I invited everyone. She nodded as Erin knocked.

I let her back in, and this time you could see bikini straps sticking over Erin’s shoulders, to the inner part of her shirt. I invited the two to follow me to the back, and set up some chairs around the pool. We started by sitting down and catching up with the very most basics. Everybody was having fun at college, and nobody had a significant other. Every now and then I glanced at each of their legs, but tried not to linger.

“So, why don’t we go for a swim?” I asked after enough talk.

I got up and tossed my shirt off, revealing a strong upper body that had benefited from time at the gym. I didn’t look up but I could definitely feel eyes on me as I put my shirt on the back of the chair. I jumped into the pool, which was pretty cold, but resisted the urge to make any loud noises about it. I didn’t know how they felt, but not many people enjoy jumping into a cold pool. I just smiled from my spot in the water, and waited to be joined.

Bree was the first one to start the process. She simply flipped her dress over her head, revealing a sexy black bikini and a body that had developed nicely. Erin seemed to be caught off guard by how much her old friend had changed for the better, even to the point where I caught her staring. I couldn’t tell if she was intimidated by the change, or simply liked what she saw. Bree jumped into the pool and let out a scream as she came up through the surface.

“It’s fucking cold!” she yelled with a laugh and shoved water at me. “Thanks for the warning jerk!” We laughed and shoved water back and forth at each other. It wasn’t long before I noticed her nipples poking against her bikini top, something I couldn’t deny that I was banking on when I put the plans together.

“You think I’m getting in that?” Erin called from the side, still fully clothed.

“Oh hell yeah you are!” Bree said, feeling a little looser in the situation.

“I don’t think so,” Erin replied, hesitantly dipping a toe in the water.

“Come on” Bree motioned to me, getting out of the pool and going towards Erin. I got out and followed her as Erin’s look grew increasingly terrified.

“You guys, seriously” Erin started.

“You want to go in with or without your clothes?” Bree asked.

“Can’t we just go in the hot tub?” Erin whined.

Bree tried to pull up her shirt, but Erin did her best to hold it down.

“Oh yeah,” Bree said, as if remembering something. She started to tickle Erin’s body, which sent Erin into a fit of laughter. “Get it off!” Bree told me, as she kept Erin distracted. I felt a little strange about it, but I grabbed Erin’s shirt and lifted it up, pausing to fully make sure she had the bikini on, before pulling it off over her head, revealing a red bikini. Her body looked great from years of sports and tanning on the beach. She had a hint of abs, though not over the top. Bree quickly yanked Erin’s shorts off, briefly taking the bottoms with her just enough to expose some of Erin’s ass. I had never actually seen it before, but even in clothes, some of the guys called it one of the wonders of the world. I didn’t see as much as I wanted, but it was tanned, toned and looked as desirable as anyone figured.

“Stop!” Erin called, though she was laughing too now, as Bree wrestled with her. A few seconds later, the two tumbled into the pool, and it was tough for me to contain myself at everything that had just transpired.

“Fuck!” Erin yelled when she hit the water. “It’s so cold!”

I jumped back into the water, and finally the three of us were in.

“Man it really is fucking freezing,” Bree said and looked at me. “Keep me warm!”

I laughed and hugged her from behind, letting my strength envelop her in a big hug. She seemed to enjoy it and pushed back against my body.

“Sheesh, get a room,” Erin teased and stuck her tongue out.

“Oh shut up!” Bree laughed and splashed a ton of water at Erin.

“Oh, sorry” Erin feigned regret. “Wouldn’t want to let any of your childhood secrets out. Oops!”

“You bitch!” Bree said and broke free from my hug to start tickling Erin. “Help me get her!”

I resisted the temptation to demand knowing what was meant, and took the opportunity to help her tickle Erin. I used the opportunity to explore Erin’s body in the process of the attack.

“Stop! Fuck you guys!” Erin cried out in laughter. She writhed around, allowing access to all parts of her body. I brushed against her chest a few times, my arms feeling hardened nipples, before we finally relented. Erin panted as she tried to regain focus.

“Yeah she totally loved you growing up,” Erin blurted after she regained her breath, this time swimming backwards to avoid any potential attack. Bree could only blush in response.

“It was a long time ago,” she shrugged, and glared playfully at Erin. “She thought you were cute too.”

“Oh whatever,” Erin retorted. “This one never stopped talking about you. I swear I saw her with her hand down her pants one night when she was on your facebook page.”

“Shut up already!” Bree yelled, nearly knocking all the water out of the pool in Erin’s direction.

I could only laugh at the situation. Obviously, I had no interest in Bree, other than as a friend, growing up. But now, she was a gorgeous young woman, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she felt.

“So do you still feel that way?” I asked with an inquisitive glance.

She looked back at me with a mix of surprise and bashfulness. The moon and stars in the night sky shone brightly enough to cast a light on her.

“Would it matter?” she asked, a hint of smugness in her tone. Perhaps my question had given her more confidence.

I was getting enough signals at this point that I felt pretty confident myself. I closed the small remaining gap between our bodies and went in for a kiss. She eagerly accepted and pressed her tight body against my own. Her hard nipples poked through her top against my chest, turning me on a little more as our tongues met.

“Wow, room please?” Erin asked with a combination of shock and seemingly intrigue.

“Don’t be jealous,” Bree said, quickly breaking the kiss long enough to blurt that out before returning to my lips. At this point, I was aroused enough to be noticed, as I poked against Bree’s leg.

“I knew he’d be big” she cooed excitedly as her leg rubbed my bulge. This knowledge only sent her off further, and she kissed me with even more passion.

“TMI Bree,” Erin said from her side. At this point her tone was shifting slightly towards jealousy.

“You better get in here now before I keep him all to myself,” Bree offered, calling Erin’s bluff.

There was a pause from Erin as Bree and I continued to make out. I reached around Bree’s back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall into the pool. Her perky breasts finally came into view, and my hands lustfully grabbed them. I could feel her rock hard nipples poke into my palms as I squeezed them for the first time. We were so caught up in each other that we hardly noticed when Erin finally came into close view, looking unsure of what to do but clearly deciding she was in.

“Smart girl,” Bree laughed as she untied my trunks and pulled them down. Without hesitation, she grabbed my shaft in her hand and explored every inch with her hand. She motioned for Erin to move next to her, and then guided her hand to my cock. I saw her eyes light up when she grabbed me, and I took the opportunity to remove her bikini top, too. My two neighbors were now topless in front of me, as I did a quick survey of what I saw. They were both similar sized, with Bree perhaps slightly larger. I guessed that they were both lower C’s, which is a perfect size in my mind. I took one of each of their breasts in my hands and explored.

As the two of them started to work my shaft, I bent down to suck on Bree’s breasts. I took one hardened nipple into my mouth and then the other. Not to leave Erin out, I soon switched to her. She reacted and grabbed my hair, forcing me against her as I flicked my tongue across her nipples.

“Why am I the only one naked?” I laughed as I grabbed both of their bikini bottoms in my hands. Simultaneously, I pulled both of their bottoms off, though what was revealed was partially veiled by the water. I pulled myself up on the edge of the pool, and helped Bree and Erin out as well. I took a quick look down and smiled as I saw both to be shaved. I made sure to look around Erin to finally glance at her bare ass. Unable to contain myself, I gave her a playful spank, and she yelped slightly and lightly slapped me in return, though with a smile.

“It’s true, I’ve wanted you for a long time,” Bree confessed. “Please, just don’t make me wait any longer. I want you inside me.”

“Should I get a…” I started.

“No, fuck it!” Bree yelled. “Fuck me! I want to feel every vein pulse against my bare walls.”

I quickly climbed on top of her body and rubbed the head of my cock against her clit. She shivered, though she was struggling to contain her desire to pull me inside. I rubbed back and forth a few more times before she pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard.

“No more teasing,” she growled. “Inside me. Now”

I decided to give her what she (and I) wanted. I lowered my cock to her entrance and pressed inside her tight pussy. I could feel myself stretch her inner walls as I entered her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Bree called out as my entire length entered her. In the background I heard Erin gasp a little too, as she eagerly watched. As soon as I had myself fully buried in Bree’s pussy, I lowered my head to give her a kiss, and then started to suck on her nipples. Then I withdrew my cock and slammed it back inside her. Each thrust was met with a breathless scream as she lost all control. Within seconds, she was bucking on my cock and I felt her pussy walls close in around me. Her tight body rippled and she came hard with a squeal. I touched her skin and felt goose bumps as my cock pounded in and out of her, upping her orgasm into a frenzy.

I could see Erin slowly starting to lose her composure as well. She was horny and she started to rub her own clit. As Bree and I fucked wildly, Erin started to walk over to us, and I wondered to myself if she was planning on coming over to me to get eaten out.

It turned out, I was only half right. To my shock, Erin went over Bree’s face and did a split. Bree was pretty distracted by our fuck, but grabbed Erin’s thighs and brought her down, sticking her tongue into Erin’s pussy. She tongue fucked her and licked her clit, moaning all the while at her own pleasure. I guess there was more to these sleep overs than Bree getting herself off to my pictures.

Erin was facing the other way on Bree’s mouth and bucked against her tongue. I had a perfect view of her ass as Erin bounced on Bree’s face. One of my hands twisted Bree’s nipple and the other grabbed Erin’s ass. I flexed my cock as I entered Bree again and she let out a scream, vibrating against Erin’s pussy. I watched as Erin shuddered against Bree and came on her face, letting out a little liquid as she struggled to stay upright.

I wanted to last forever, but I hadn’t cum yet and the arousal level couldn’t get much higher. I vowed to hold it off as long as I possibly could, as my cock slowly grew and got stiffer inside of Bree’s pussy.

“Bree, I’m close..” I started.

“Don’t even think of pulling out!” she panted. “I want to feel you fill me with your hot cum.”

Her hand rubbed my body up and down, with the urgency like she thought it would help work me to orgasm. My cock stiffened to an incredible hardness and finally erupted, blasting quick, thick ropes of hot, sticky cum deep inside her tight pussy. She screamed as she felt my cock start to fill her, and I grabbed her breasts with both hands. I squeezed them rhythmically as I unleashed jet after jet of cum, quickly flooding her pussy and watching it start to flow out, even as I continued to spill more seed inside her.

“Holy shit you cum so much!” Bree purred in ecstasy as she came again, milking my cock for every drop it had. Finally, the last of my cum emptied into her pussy and I fell on top of her. We laughed and kissed as cum flowed from her pussy.

“Quite the show” Erin laughed a little and applauded.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy” Bree teased. “I believe this is your cum,” she laughed and wiped her face.

Erin blushed a little.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him hard again for you,” Bree smiled, getting up and starting to tease my spent cock.

“Wait what?” Erin asked, a little puzzled.

“Oh don’t play dumb,” Bree laughed. “You really aren’t going to pass up getting fucked by this stud are you?”

“I mean I hadn’t really…” she started.

“Oh bullshit!” Bree said. “If that’s how you really feel, I’ll just take him again.”

“Okay fine, I want it,” Erin admitted.

“You really have to drag these things out of her,” Bree laughed. She continued to work on my cock and finally got my blood flowing again.

Erin laid back on the concrete, much like Bree did before her.

“Erin, can I ask a favor?” I started.

“Sure, what is it?” she asked.

“Can I have you doggy style?” I smiled widely.

She smiled with a knowing grin, and started to get up. She got onto her knees and presented me with her perfect ass. She looked back around at me and shot me a seductive grin.

I must have set the world record for mounting, as I shot up and got behind her. Both of my hands gripped her ass as my cock rested against her pussy lips.

“Did you have any condoms?” Erin asked, seemingly realizing the situation all of a sudden.

“Forget that shit,” Bree said and pushed at my ass, trying to force my cock into Erin’s pussy. It barely missed, and she reached for the shaft, guiding it to Erin’s entrance. Then she pushed me forward again, this time impaling me right between Erin’s pussy lips. My cock sank inside her, stretching her walls as I had previously done to Bree.

“Fuck!” Erin shrieked as my cock burrowed deeper into her most sacred area. Nothing separated us as my cock bottomed out at her cervix.

“Now fuck that pussy!” Bree cheered as I started to thrust in and out. My eyes were trained on Erin’s ass as my hands reached around for her breasts. They swung in rhythm with each individual pounding and I gently twisted her nipples. Every so often my hands would grip her ass and I would flex my cock against her g-spot. With another hit on her g-spot, she came hard. Her body tensed up and then released, some liquid escaping her pussy and dripping down my shaft.

“Ooh, she’s cumming” Bree teased as she started to rub Erin’s clit. Erin shook again and more liquid started to run down my shaft, only making the fucking easier. I grabbed her ass harder and started to fuck her wildly.

“Ho-ly shit so good” Erin panted as my cock knocked on the door to her cervix with each deep thrust. I looked over and saw Bree fingering herself now, not taking her eyes off of my cock. I smiled at her and let my eyes return to Erin’s ass. Her pussy was squeezing me pretty consistently at this point, and the massaging feeling on my cock was bringing me back to the edge.

“I’m getting there,” I warned Erin as my cock slowly started to swell inside of her pussy.

“It feels amazing, but you should probably pull out,” Erin said between moans, as she continued to push back against my cock.

“To hell he should,” Bree laughed and approached us. “Cum in that pussy.”

“Bree, enough joking,” she said. “I’m not on the pill.”

“Neither am I,” Bree shrugged. “But we’ll get the after pill. You don’t want to miss the feeling of him cumming inside you. Trust me.”

“I’d rather be safe, let him pull out,” Erin protested.

“Just cum in her,” Bree said. “She wants it.”

I continued to slam in and out of her pussy as my cock swelled to its bursting point.

“No, don’t” Erin said moaning, though she didn’t seem too stern anymore.

“Oh it’s so big!” Bree said, reaching to touch my swollen shaft during a pull out. “He’s about to cum so much inside of you Erin!”

I wasn’t sure what to do as my orgasm quickly approached. When she thought I was close enough, Bree put her body weight against my back, forcing me completely inside Erin.

“Wait!” Erin protested. But it was too late, as my cock exploded, shooting off a dozen ropes of hot cum in a matter of seconds. I grabbed her ass to stay upright as my each pleasure filled contraction of my big vein shot more cum inside Erin’s tight pussy. My eyes fixed on her ass again as my cock continued to fill up her pussy, and the angle made it difficult for any to leak out. I was completely flooding her pussy as she screamed in front of me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she said with each rope of cum that splashed against her cervix.

“Oh wow,” Bree smiled, rubbing my balls and sliding a finger along my lower shaft to get more cum out of me. “You’re so lucky! There’s so much cum inside of you.” Bree stuck her finger in her own pussy again and brought it out to taste some of my cum.

I spanked Erin again as my orgasm finally slowed down, but not before I dumped another few globs of cum inside her. She fell onto the ground in front of me, but I managed to stay inside of her until every last drop transitioned into her unprotected pussy.

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Christmas Date

by Red Tempest

Christmas was just around the corner, and it would a sad and tough time for me. I lost my wife of 30 years to breast cancer. She fought a brave battle, but in the end this tough disease won.
It was her second marriage and my second also, she had 3 kids from her first, and I had 1, plus we had 1 together. The kids are all grown with there own kids and a couple with grand kids. When we all get together it totals over 24 at a function. We always would meet on the holidays, but this year I just was not into it. I told them to go ahead with their own plans, and that I would be ok.

The real reason I want to be left alone is because I had a date for Christmas dinner. I was in our local Walmart a few days before Christmas, when I bumped into Tina. Boy she still look great, and I had not seen her for a few years. She lost her husband to a heart attack this summer, a few weeks before my wife died. We both wished each other our deepest sympathy for the loss of our spouse’s.

I asked her what she was doing for Christmas, and she replied that she would be home alone. We chatted some more and then I asked her if she would like to come over to my house and have Christmas dinner with me. She politely refused saying that she did not want to be a bother, like the odd person out. I informed her that would be just her and me and the dog. I had a real nice pork loin that was way to large for me to eat alone. It took some convincing, but she agreed to come over around 4 pm for dinner.

On Christmas Day I took the pork loin and sliced it into ½” thick chops. I got out a baking dish and open a can of apple pie filling and put it on the bottom of the dish. I then put the 4 chops on top of the apples, and put stove top stuffing over the chops, and baked for about 45 minutes at 350. I got out a package of veggies and nuked them in the microwave oven. The rest of the meal consist of a salad and fresh fruit cup.

She showed up right at 4 pm, with a bottle of wine. Even though I am not a big wine drinker, I choked down a glass to be polite. We sat down to a candle light dinner at 5 pm. I have to admit it was a wonderful meal and the company was delightful. We took turns telling each about our life story to date. Let me tell you a little about Tina. She is about 5’6″ has blonde hair, blue eyes, a beautiful body, great breast, slender waist, nice ass and legs, she told me she works out almost everyday in the morning for about hour and a half. She was wearing a tight green sweater, and a red skirt about knee high, with black shoes. For a lady around 55 she was drop dead gorgeous.

We finished dinner and she helped me clean up the dishes, and put away the leftover food. She excused herself to go to the bathroom, and I went into the living and turned on the gas fireplace, put a blanket on the floor, and turned on some Christmas music. I had a couch pillow under my head as I laid on the blanket in front of the fireplace. She came into the room and sat on a chair by me. After a few minutes she asked if there was a pillow for her to use. Now why in the fuck did I not think of that and have an extra pillow there for her. Her intoxicating beauty was making me think with the wrong head. I quickly gave her my pillow and I got a different one.

We laid there for a while listening to the music and having our feet warmed by the fireplace. I turned on my side to look at her, and she stared back into my eyes. I lowered my head down to her and our lips met in a soft kiss. I move down to make our bodies come together, and we made out like a couple of teenagers. Slowly we shed our clothes till we both were naked. Her body was like a piece of art work, and I was the artist who is going to work on it. Our kisses became more passionate, with our tongues probing each others mouth. I was really getting hot, until I realized that my feet were almost in the fireplace. She giggled about that as we shifted over away from the fireplace.

After that slight delay we resume our heavy kissing, and I was gently massaging her breast and rubbing her nipples. She was really getting turned on as she was moaning into my mouth. Slowly I worked my way down her body, kissing and biting softly her neck. Man what a beautiful neck she has, if I were a vampire I would suck on it all night. I finally made to those perfect breast. I lick and sucked on them and her nipples. She finally started to talk to me, tell me to suck her nipples harder. I took her nipples in my mouth and suck real hard on them, then took my teeth and started to nibble and softly bite them. Then I used my tongue, and gently lick them.

While I was working on her breast, my hand move down her tummy and threw her bush, to her pussy. I gently rubbed her thighs, and then my fingers moved to her outer lips, gently stroking them. She softly whispered in my ear, I am so wet put your finger in me, and get me off. I opened her lips and inserted my finger and worked her slit with a vigor. She was really wet, and was moaning and groaning out loud. My finger found her hidden jewel, and I started to work on her clit, getting her more stimulated. Pretty quick she moaned out loud, clutch my head tightly and locked her legs against my hand, as she was in a gripping orgasm.

I let her settle down, before I started to make my way down her body. She had a trim bush that smell full of her last orgasm. I spread her lips and inserted my tongue, and lick her pussy, like a cat lapping a saucer of milk Pretty quick she started to squirm again. She cried out I going to cum again, and my face got a bath from her orgasm. I stayed put and licked up all of her juices that I could.

She started to beg please I need you inside me, I want to feel you in me, it has been so long since I have had a cock inside me. Do it now, Do it now!! I moved up to her on my knees and grabbed her legs and split her apart like a turkey wishbone, and entered her wet hole with my cock. I pounded away with her feet riding on my shoulders. It has been a while since I fucked a woman, and I knew that I would not last real long. She started to scream I am going to cum, I am going to cum. I could feel that strange feeling in my sack that I was going to cum also. I said get ready baby I am going to cum, and I blasted off a load in her that would have made NASA proud.

We collapse into each others arms, and laid there for a few minutes. Finally she got up and went to the bathroom. I turned off the fireplace, and went into the kitchen to get out some dessert. I had made chocolate pudding for us and got it out of the fridge and a can of whip cream, and set it up on the counter for us to eat. She came out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen to join me.
We sat there naked eating dessert, how erotic. I could not help my self, I kept looking at her, she was so beautiful. Her breast are so full with very little sag in them.

Then a goofy idea struck me.

I grabbed the can of whip cream and gave her boobs a couple of shots. That caught her by surprise. I also took some of the pudding and put that on her boobs. The look on her face was priceless. As I put away the whip cream and pudding, she was watching my every move. I came back and took her hand and lead her back to my bedroom. I pull down the covers, and we got into bed. She asked what about this mess on me. I just smiled and leaned down and started licking. It did not take me long to clean that mess up and I just kept licking and sucking on her breast and nipples. I could tell that she was getting aroused again.

I continued to explore her body, as I worked my way up f rom her breast to her neck to her ears to her lips. We kissed passionately with our tongues working together in unison. My hands were not idle while we kissed. They were giving her breast and nipples a good work over. I took my time with her, making sure that she was full aroused. Slowly I started to work my way down back to her breast. First I gave her ears and neck a good working over, with a little smut talking in her ears. I kept working my way down over her breast I stopped at her tummy and suck and nibbled on it and her belly button. I heard her suck her breath in when I start to work on her belly button.

My hands were all over her legs rubbing her thighs, working down to her knees, rubbing the back of her knees, and back up her thighs, and caressing her pussy lightly. She was aroused now as she was moaning and talking say how good that feels. I asked her if she was getting wet yet, and she responded YES. I asked her if I should stick my fingers in her pussy and rub her clit. She said YES make me feel good.

I inserted my fingers into her cunt, and she was soaked. I work them around and reach up to the roof of her vagina and hit her sensitive spot, causing her to lift her hips up off the bed, but I stayed with her rubbing that spot and riding out her orgasm. When she settled back down, I went to worked on her clit rubbing and stroking it, causing her to have more pleasure. She was moaning and groaning and tell me how good that felt. I responded by asking her if she want me to lick her pussy. She just moaned, and I said come on baby tell what you want, do want me to lick your pussy? She yelled Yes Yes Yes lick my pussy make me cum again.

I moved my head down between her legs and lick and nibble her thighs, and then I licked her pussy lips and sucked on them. She moved her legs wider opening up her cunt to me. My tongue flicked in and out of her pussy as fast as I could do it. Then I slowed it down and lick up and down real slow. She was start to squirm and buck her hips as her arousal got stronger. I move my tongue up to her clit and licked and rolled my tongue around it. My finger was rubbing her asshole, and I slowly inserted my finger into her asshole. I had her up to a point of no return and she let out a scream that scared my dog. Then her whole body just shook and her hips bucked wildly, as she had one really big orgasm. She flooded my face and I tried to drink in as much of her juices as I could, but finally I just had to pull off.

She reached down with her hands and grabbed my head and pull me to her for a real hard fierce
kiss, jamming her tongue into my mouth, tasting her orgasm which is all over my face and mouth. She broke the kiss and looked right in the eyes and said I want you to fuck me right now, I am so ready for your cock. Well I did not need a mailed invitation on what to do, I roll over on top of her, and she guided my cock right into her soaking wet pussy, and I started to pound away.
I varied my pace, as I had already cum once tonight so I knew that I would last a lot longer this time.

I fucked her in different positions, missionary, on my knees with her legs held wide open, and I flipped her over and we did it doggie style. Finally she cried uncle and I rolled off her, proud of buddy and the good job he did pleasing her. She must of had a couple of orgasms during all this fucking. We laid together on the bed, with her in my arms it felt so good to just hold her. Finally she feel asleep in my arms.

I heard the dog make that whin that means he needs out to do his business. I looked around and at the clock, it was 7:30 am, and we were laying side by side in my bed. I looked at her sleeping there so peacefully. What a beautiful site. The dog whined again, so I got up and let him outside, and I went to the can and took a piss. I walked back to the bedroom and watched her sleep for a few minutes, then grabbed a tee shirt and my sweat pants, got dressed and headed for the kitchen.

First thing I did was clean up the mess we left from last night. I then thought about what to make for breakfast. I decided on making an omelette. I got some bacon, onion, garlic, and diced up some of that leftover pork. I put all in a pan and sauteed them. I got out 4 eggs, milk, parsley, chives, salt and pepper and combined all in a bowl and beat them. I got out my omelette pan and sprayed some pam on it and heated the pan up. When ready I poured in the egg mixture and let it cook. I grabbed a tomato and diced it up and put it aside. I also got out some bread to make toast. When the egg mixture was done, I put the sauteed items with the tomato and cheese on top the eggs and flipped the lid closed. I checked on the coffee brewing and put the bread in the toaster, and put everything on hold, while I went in to wake sleeping beauty.

I walked into the bedroom and kneeled down, and gave her a soft kiss on her lips, and whispered in her ear, Sleeping Beauty your Prince Charming is here to wake you. She open her eyes and smiled at me and reached her arms up around my neck, pulling me down for a good morning kiss. She asked what time is it?. I replied 8:45 in the morning. She popped up and said I slept here all night.

The covers dropped down to her lap, and of course my eyes dropped down to her tits. She quickly grabbed the covers and brought them up to her chin, making me laugh. I said Tina I have kissed, licked, sucked, and fucked almost every part of your body, there is not much that I have not seen. She blushed and said I guess you are right. I grabbed a robe out of the closet, and held it open for her. She put it on, and I said when you are done in the bathroom, come into the kitchen, and I will have breakfast waiting for you. She gave me a soft kiss and said you are spoiling me. I laughed and said that you are worth spoiling.

As I walked back to the kitchen, I stopped to let the dog back in. I got the toast going and started to server up breakfast. By the time Tina got there everything was ready. She gave me a big kiss and said thanks for last night it was great, it made me feel like a woman again. Then she said that breakfast look and smelled wonderful. We had the omelette, toast, fruit cup, orange juice, and coffee. It tasted delicious. She asked if she could take a shower, and I said go right ahead, I will clean up the kitchen while you shower. She wanted to know if she could help me, and I said no, go take your shower, this won’t take me long. I told her the towels were in the closet.

I hurried to clean up the kitchen, rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I rinsed the two pans out and let them soak in the sink. Then I headed down the hallway towards the bedroom. I stripped out my clothes, entered the bathroom, grabbed a towel and put by her’s and entered the shower, saying is there room for one more, we should conserve water.

She squealed in delight, pulled me next to her gave me a kiss, and hand me the soap. I soaped her down from head to toe, taking my time at her sexual spots. I got the shampoo and washed her hair. Then took the water pik shower head off the holder and rinsed her down. Then it was her turn to wash me. She started at my feet and worked up to my cock, as she washed my cock she never lost eye contact with me. Of course it started to get hard. She washed my chest and back, then got the shampoo and washed my hair. Then she rinsed me off.

She started to stroke my cock which was still semi hard from her washing it. She got down on her knee’s grabbed my cock and looked me straight in the eyes and said, it has been a real long time since I have done this, I hope I do it ok. She started to lick and kiss my head and she worked on my jap eye, putting her tongue in it. She final took most of my cock in mouth and tried to swallow me whole, gagging a few times. Then she started to suck me faster, and I was done for, it wasn’t long and I could feel my nuts start to boil in my sack. I said Tina I am going cum real quick. She just suck me harder, and I shot off a load that I could have sworn blasted some wax out of her ears. She got up and gave me a kiss and passed a snowball over to me. I swirled my cum around in my mouth and then passed it back to her, and she swallowed it.

When we got done kissing, she reached down to hold and play with my cock, she stop and was looking at my cock, and said you don’t have any hair on it, why? I told her I shaved it just for her. She did not believed me. So I told her the truth that when I had a heart procedure, they shaved me, and I just keep doing it.

I gave her a kiss, and said you should let me shave you. She look at and said What!! I repeated myself, and she look at me strangely, and I thought O FUCK NO I hope I did not just blow it. All of sudden she just smiled and said ok. I shut the water off and we dried each other off. I went into the bedroom and got my beard trimmer and went back to the bathroom. I boosted Tina up on the counter next to the sink, and laid out my tools shaver, razor. shaving cream, and wash cloth. I decided to leave her a landing strip, I always thought they looked cool.

I took the shaver and got most of the hair off, then I lathered her up and use the razor to get her smooth. I had some warm water in the sink and I got the wash cloth wet and washed the shaving cream off her shaved fanny. God she looked so sexy, a shaved pussy with a landing strip. I could not help myself as my finger started to rub her shaved lips. Pretty soon I had my fingers in her bald pussy, and was she wet, her juices were really flowing. I looked up at her and she had glow on her face and lust in her eyes.

I helped her down from the counter, held her hand and we walked to my bed. I set her on the bed, and I kneeled down between her knees. She laid back and spread her legs for me, and dove in tongue first. I licked the outer lips first as they felt so nice and smooth. Then I put my lips over them and tried to suck out her juices. I then open her lips and my tongue located her clit, and I licked it gently, alternating between licking her clit and sucking real hard on her pussy. Pretty quick I had her talking, telling how good that feels lick right there in that spot, suck harder, suck harder. Suddenly she screams OOOO god I am going to cum, and she locks her legs on my head, her hips raise up, and I do my best to ride her out through her orgasm.

She came down from her orgasm, still panting, and a wild look in eyes, she said come fuck me, I want you in me right now. We get squared away on the bed and I move up on my knees and put her feet on my shoulders, and I just pound that bald pussy for all that I can. It seem like hours, but probably only minutes my legs were starting to give out on me. I pulled out and moved over and she climbed on top of me, and rode my cock. I told to turn around and ride it backwards. That way I can watch her pussy lips grip my cock. Man what a turn on. Finally she got off and said I want it dog style.

So I turned her around and I got out of bed and pulled her to me and start to pound away. As I fucked her that way, I also gave her sexy ass a spank. She flinched but did not say anything. I started to play with her corn hole, gently rubbing it and probing it with my finger, as my cock pounded away at her pussy. I had some lotion on the end table by the bed, and I reached over and grabbed it. I put some on finger and lube up her hole. I pull my penis out of her pussy and put some lotion on it and rubbed my cock around her butt hole. I told her to relax as I gently pushed my cock against her hole. Slowly she opened up and my cock entered her asshole. Bang we were off having anal sex, and she was grunting like a sow pig in heat.

As I fucked her ass gently at first then I picked up a rhythm going faster and deeper. I spanked her ass a couple of times, she yelp at the last spank. Finally she shouted out OOOO that feels good do it harder and spank me again. So I slammed away at her ass and spanked her cheeks so hard, that I could see my hand prints on her cheeks as they got red from the spankings. All of a sudden she gave a loud groan and collapsed on the bed. I did not know what happen. I moved her around and checked her and she was still breathing, so I guess that she passed out. I must have over loaded her sexual stimulation circuits. I tucked her in bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. I went and got her clothes and put them on the end of the bed.

I grabbed some clean clothes and jumped into the shower to clean up. I dried off and put on the clean clothes, and booted up the computer. Got the net going and hit my favorite list, and clicked on xnxx, to checkout if there were any new stories on the update list. I read a few of the new stories. Then jumped over and played some diablo III for a while. An hour later I heard
some movement coming from the bedroom, and pretty quick Tina walked into the computer room. She walk over to me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. She asked me what happen did I pass out. I told her that you most certainly did. She said that has never ever happen to her before. She whispered in my ear thank you, you are a very good lover.

I shut down what I was doing, and put the computer back to the desktop. I got up and took Tina into my arms gave her a hug and a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed me back. I broke the kiss, and asked her if she was ok. She said she felt fine, but a little sore down below and behind. I said I was sorry that I did not mean to hurt her. She replied that it was some of the best sex she has ever had. She said that it was time for her to go back to her house, but hoped that we could do a repeat performance. I said count on it, and I hoped more than just once. I walked her out to her car, and gave her a very passionate kiss goodby, and watched her drive away.

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We are a pretty big marriage, grandparents already. My name is Rodolfo, I am 51 years old and, despite a certain tide, I keep myself in good condition. My wife’s name is Patricia, she is 49 years old, she has an enviable tits and she is more passionate than ever.

A year ago, our marriage was not going through the best time. Patri’s menopause had made him lose his natural lubrication and he had forgotten, at some bend in the path of life, his historical libido. This – although it is foreign to our affair – caused an infidelity on my part, which resulted in my expulsion from the home and a subsequent and unforgettable reconciliation. Until that moment, Patri was quite reluctant to give me his tail, alleging an important pain, although – to be honest – I must say that on several occasions he ejaculates in his intestines. After our traumatic separation she began to give me her ass more assiduously, until she began to enjoy each anal penetration madly. We also started to enjoy the company of some gadgets. We bought, in the first place, a vibrator of about 15 cms. , whom we call Chiquito and who was welcomed by Patri with great pleasure. He devoured it in a thousand ways and through all its holes. In order to slide more nimbly inside him, we dressed him with a well lubricated condom. It became habitual for Patri to be the object of double penetrations; Chiquito in his shell and my cock in his tail caused his delirium in long nights of multiple and prolonged orgasms. We introduce, then, a second variant: after being penetrated by the vibrator and moistened her shell by the movements of “our friend”, I -not without effort-, I also put my member in her vagina putting her crazy and letting out her moans more sound.

Saw the light, then, the most wonderful time of our sensuality. We would pick up at any time and anywhere in the house. My cock alternately entered his shell and his ass, fucking until his holes reddened or until the pain of my foreskin dictated the “enough”. Patri’s tits bounced incessantly before my constant onslaught and his face was taking, more and more, the unequivocal aspect of “horny addicted to total sex”.

Between dust and dust large mice began to appear. I thought how delicious it would be to see my wife penetrated by another man, listen to her moan to the rhythm of another cock. I did not take long to talk to her about it and she-although she was crazy at first-began to share my fantasies. Little by little, my imaginary companions penetrate from one to two and then several more. Patri got used to enjoying interminable sexual evenings in which she was repeatedly caught – frequently sodomized – by Chiquito, by me and by a new dildo of great dimensions, which we baptized as Papuchi.

The need for some encounter in which flesh and blood yards replace plastic appeared in our lives. Many times, while we masturbated each other, I told him how it would be a scene in which several men made her his, occupying all his orifices and bathing all his body with semen. These narrations filled their sex with juices and transported them to exquisite finished just imagine a whole series of hot males willing to give and give for hours.

Thus, our vacation arrived on a beautiful island in southern Brazil. There, in a cabin rented and far from the daily worries, we took to the satiety, with the infaltable contribution of our friends of silicones and of our beloved mice.

One day, after a very long discussion, we decided to go to a local nudist spa, Praia Galetha. It was a cloudy but hot day, when we arrived at that cold water beach, framed by a cliff in which the erosion drew some caves of considerable size.

We selected a place to locate ourselves and I stripped myself of all my clothes, showing a member who – due to the stress of the new situation – did not show its most tempting aspect. Patri, uncomfortable by the many curious dresses that passed permanently by the place, did not undress totally and only acceded to do topless, leaving to the air their sensational breasts. This was enough for the naked men who passed by our side to turn to look at her and show the almost instantaneous growth of their yards.

After staying for a while drinking mate and enjoying the little sun that the dark clouds let filter, we noticed that a man deposited his belongings a few meters from our position. He spread his towel on the sand and took off his shorts, revealing a marvelous member who, even in a half-wifely state, had a fine bite for any woman with blood in her veins. Patri was not oblivious to it and her face began to show that unmistakable blush typical of women when they begin to warm up. Although I did not understand it, I noticed that the newcomer did not take his eyes off Patri’s tits and that his cock was already showing signs of getting into an erection, acknowledging the attractiveness of my dear wife. I then invited Patri to put us in the sea, to which she agreed without hesitation.

While playing with the first waves, Patri tells me: – “Did you see the guy who lay down next to us? … I love that pija resting on his thighs. Actually, I’m getting pretty wet “-. I looked her in the eyes and asked: – “Would you like me to make love to you? I think that this guy did not get there by chance and that the size of his cock indicates that you are not indifferent … it’s more, I think your tits have him crazy “-. He looked at me with a broad smile, as if I was giving him the best news and said: – “his cock also makes me crazy, but I do not know, I really do not encourage …” – A thunder and the immediate downpour that untied he was prevented from finishing the sentence. We ran to our clothes, we took it and we continued our race towards one of the caverns of the cliff to protect us from the rain and … what a coincidence! … the reason for our sleep was our only companion in this improvised shelter. He was a young man of about 35 years, with light brown short hair, medium height and a considerable endowment that had not lost its consistency.

After a first moment of some discomfort, I decided to break the fire saying: – “What bad luck, what a demon day!” – after which I persisted: – “I am Rody and she is Patricia, we are Argentines” -. He nodded and answered in a quite understandable Portuguese: – “Eu seu Wilson e moro o Sao Paulo” -. He added that he apologized for being totally naked. I saw there a light of hope to see my fantasies fulfilled and I told him that we should be the one to apologize since we were not in the same conditions because the right thing would be for Patri to take off his thong to be all naked. My wife glared at me with her eyes, but then … surprisingly she slowly removed her tanguita without separating her eyes from Wilson’s eyes. The Brazilian took his time to look at the well depilated conchita of Patri, then his sight stopped on the erect nipples of my wife to finally whisper: – “Delight” -.

Wilson’s cock was taking dimensions more than remarkable and my little woman’s eyes could not be abstracted from her. I thought then of what I could do to help them give themselves all the pleasure they seemed to demand and only one thing occurred to me, an excuse that would not be effective, no matter how obvious and vulgar. I said, then: How stupid, I forgot my watch lying on the sand, I run to look for it. I’ll be right back”-.

I left the cave and walked for a while on the beach. The furious rain that had broken out had already turned into a harmless drizzle. I made time to allow something to start in that cave.

After 7 minutes, measured by the clock that, in fact, was wrapped in the shirt that hung on my arm, I returned to the cave.

When I set foot in it, I could not help but bring a hand to my cock. The show that was presented was beautiful. Patri and Wilson were tightly embraced and kissed passionately. His tongue entered the mouth of her who received it and held it between her lips and my beloved’s monumental tits rubbed against the well-formed male torso. Wilson’s hands became patrons of Patri’s tetazas and her mouth fell to them as if wanting to get rid of the longed-for elixir. He then began to kiss them desperately and introduce the big nipples in his mouth, without missing the supply of tongue that she seemed to beg. He sucked one … and then the other … he kneaded and sipped them. My wife moaned and moaned, while her hand seized the lethal weapon of the Paulista and began to rock it very slowly. He looked at me apologetically, I smiled at him and raised my thumb in permission. He knelt then and swallowed that magnificent specimen of cock. He passed his tongue, repeatedly, from base to head, lubricating the whole trunk with its thick saliva. He only murmured: – “shupa tudo … tudo or pau” – She caressed her eggs and swallowed the whole cock making her occasional lover faint with pleasure.

Suddenly, he took her hand and stood her up. Gently, he laid her against the wall of the cavern and lifted her by the legs, placing her head between them. Very tenderly, he began to caress with the tip of his tongue the female clitoris, while the nipples of my dear Patri were oppressed by the hands of his lover. She moaned like a madwoman and shouted: – Give me all that tongue sweetie, suck me so I’m all yours, give me more tongue … give me everything “- He did not make himself beg and buried his tongue in the shell, while his fingers changed destination caressing and vibrating in the little doors of my beloved’s ass. She, without letting go of that dreamed cock, delirious with pleasure and had her first orgasm: – “I’m finishing, my little guachito, do not stop moving that tongue, give it to me all … yes … I love her” – and he squeezed his legs as if to stick his tongue of his macho he will stay to live inside.

When Patri’s convulsions ceased, he stopped and – in a gesture of thanks for such a glorious blowjob – tenderly kissed Wilson’s lips. Then, he got down on his knees, took the big cock in his hands and said: – “Now I want to drink all your beautiful, beautiful litter” – and started to violently jerk off. Then, the phenetic movement ceased and he introduced into his mouth all that he could by initiating an enveloping transit of his tongue `by the red glans. At times he stopped the movement, at times he ate it all and then restarted the move, increasing the moans of his desired partner. The cock was already firing its first juices. Wilson shouted: _ “Shupame pau..tudo” – and he took with his hands the head of Patri to make his cock reach the throat of my beautiful little whore. – “Tuda my leite para vocé, garotinha” – he said and increased the movement of his hips, burying his club in the depths of Patri. Suddenly Wilson began to tremble, Patri’s moans were partially disguised by the bar he was tasting, and torrents of milk were seen coming from the lips of my tender love. She, solicitous with her lover, tried to swallow all that generous ration, but her mouth did not reach and the surplus dripped down her body, while she saw herself reveling in taste. Wilson, hoisting his cock like a war trophy, murmured: – “Gustoso … gladly … you have my leite for vocé argentina bela, agora quero sua cuceta” -.

They both stood up, embraced and began to eat their mouths. Wilson’s lips began to stain with the white of his own semen, with the color of milk that still emanated from the mouth of my wife. They kissed, caressed, pampered like a couple of tender boyfriends. Me, meanwhile caressed my cock making great efforts not to finish, as I sensed that the best part was to come.

And reality gives me reason once more. Wilson takes Patri by the waist and mounts her right leg on a rock, lifting her ass up to the height of his cock. Gently strokes the hips of my beautiful lady, and introduces two fingers in her vagina starting in exquisite stuff and takes out. Patri moans … she looks me straight in the eyes and, despite wanting to avoid it, moans with her best bitch face. He brings the head of his throbbing little animal closer to my Patri’s pussy … he rubs it against her clitoris while his hands clutch tightly to my owner’s inflamed tits. A scream from her leads me to look down at her sex again. How are you taking it, my beautiful! … Your shell is totally full. A huge cock, lubricated and throbbing moves deep inside the door causing the best sighs. Patri is a thousand, his head turns and his lips seek the mouth of the male that drives her crazy with his wild attacks. His tongue meets that of the Paulista and waist moves frantically back forcing his shell to go incessantly in search of that cock that subdues and subjugates. She feels it inside … my poor love … deep inside, drilling her insides, summoning all her juices, making her female … more female than ever.

º “Give me cock, my beautiful, I love her, she drives me crazy, I love … you are killing me. Fuck me, do not stop moving sentime …, my hot shell is just yours “-. Patri does not give anymore. He wants to end up trembling on Wilson’s swollen cock. He looks at me … I see him as he jerks me and opens his mouth big in an interminable moan. Her eyes are lost, she is riding on the cock she always dreamed of, she is called to all the elves of orgasm to do it, at least for a few seconds, the happiest bitch in the universe. And, finally, it arrives. And Wilson, come. And they embrace each other and exchange their liquids. And his cock is buried stronger than ever in its last death rattles. And she is delirious with lust, and I love that. And the milk of him in turns in his entrails and feels very woman, very Wilson, very possessed, very well caught. And I approach them and I release my milk on my beautiful tits. She barely looks at me … and kisses him like a girlfriend in love, They embrace … they kiss … they touch each other while my cum goes down my wife’s body. He, Wilson, in Spanish says: – “Now I want your ass my love, I want to make you, little thing, your ass” -. She takes his hands and looking at him, bewildered, in the eyes, she replies: – “Today only all of you, my love, you can ask whatever you want, you can possess me in every way. I do not want you to stop fucking me … I do not want to “-.

For me, it was too much. For a single day. I stepped between them and said: – “If you want to continue enjoying yourself you can do it, but not now, at another time. Tomorrow we can meet in our cabin and live a whole night of sex. This time I’m going to participate too. Tomorrow, Patri, you will have two yards of flesh and bone deep inside. You will enjoy like the beautiful whore you are. Tomorrow is going to be an unforgettable day.

We left then. But before, they embraced and kissed. First tenderly and then entangling their tongues. She said: – “Until tomorrow, I’ll wait for you” -. He replied: – “Goodbye, I wish you:” -. We take each other’s hands and walk along the sand to the exit with the joy of a fulfilled fantasy and the prospect of new delights for the senses.

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Staying close to my sister (and mom)

by FabulousCheese


This is my first story, so I hope you like it!

I sat at the breakfast table, staring at the off-white sheet of paper before me. My jaw hung open, as I was utterly mystified by the writing on the page. The paper didn’t have some special chemical formula for growing a bigger penis, nor did it have instructions for how to talk to a girl to get laid. With those things, I was still on my own. Nope, it was just a report card.

My eyes drifted down the page, passing my name, Ray Davis, and moved down towards the grades. My heart dropped in my chest. In my mind I heard the repetitive, monotonous symphony as every note was a plain B. Once again I pulled it off, without trying mind you. B’s in all five subjects, just like every semester. Sometimes I hated a teacher, and cut class fifty percent of the time. I got a B in those classes. Sometimes I loved a teacher, and I attended every class. I got a B in those classes too. Sometimes I even went to tutoring for classes I needed help in. Without fail, another B.

Now let me get this straight, there’s nothing wrong with getting B’s. In fact, I think a B is a rather good grade, considering D’s are acceptable in some places. The problem is that I’ve gotten nothing but B’s since I started high school, and now I’m twenty, keeping it real at the local community college, and I’ve yet to get an A, or a C, or anything else for that matter. When most people are in school, they tend to do well in some subjects, and tend to fall a bit short in others. But for me, I was eternally average: a jack of all trades, if you will. Hell, even my height was average, at just under six feet. Sadly, I just wanted to be good at something, or even bad at something. Not just average, I wanted to break the mold.

My sister Elizabeth sat cater cornered across the table from me, still dressed in her pajamas, or what she considered to be pajamas. She wore an enormous bright pink t-shirt, which was loose enough around the neck to display some of her ample cleavage, and long enough at the bottom to keep the mystery alive. Was she wearing panties? I’ve yet to answer that question. She had long, flowing, sleek brown hair that reached down to about the middle of her back, and matching deep brown eyes to complete her soft toned face. She was almost a foot shorter than me, and extremely beautiful.

She looked up from her own report card, and leaned over the table to see mine. As Elizabeth leaned, I got an incredible view of her cleavage. “No way,” she gasped, leaning further towards the paper. My dick twitched: anymore and I’d definitely catch a look at her nipples. “All B’s again? Are you some kind of robot?” I snapped back to reality: out of my lust, and into the shitty B world.

“I don’t know how; it seriously happens every time.” I’m solemnly sighed.

“No kidding, any more B’s and you could open a honey farm.” She responded with a giggle.

“Well, I’m done. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m quitting school.” I decided I’d had enough. I just wanted to have one subject I was good at, or even bad at. I wanted to be unique, special, not just another cookie on the tray. I wanted to have my own color, and texture, and taste.

“What are you talking about? Plenty of people would love to make straight B’s. Sure A’s are nice, but lots of people make straight C’s or D’s, or even F’s! Hell, I’ve made my fair share of D’s.” Elizabeth and I were really close, and whenever I was feeling down she always tried to pick me back up. Usually, I’d try to return the favor in some way. I decided to give her an ego boost.

“Whatever, that’s bullshit.” I said. “The only D’s you’ve ever had are right there on your chest.” It was most likely true, since Elizabeth was freakishly smart, and probably made A’s like I made B’s. She smiled at the complement, and leaned in even closer. My eyes darted down to gaze at my eighteen-year-old sister’s glorious tits; her puffy pink nipples just cresting over the loose t-shirt fabric.

It may seem wrong, but we were just messing around. We had always been very close, and grew even closer during our parent’s devastating divorce. Sometimes we would tease each other, but we never got serious about it. Still, this nip slip was just what I needed to break my miserable mood.

“Bro,” Elizabeth breathed right in my face, “you’re perfect just like you are. You don’t need to get A’s to prove that you’re smart. I know you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.”

“It’s not about being smart.” I said. Since she was opening up so much for me, I decided I should open up a little for her. “I just don’t like being such an average guy. I’ve got nothing I’m good at, nothing I’m bad at, and no defining features. I’m just another average Joe.”

“That’s not true!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “You’re a great guy. You’re smart, funny, kind.” It was a pleasure to see her trying so hard to make me feel better, but a pain to see her so worried for me. I decided I should cheer up, more for her sake than my own. I didn’t want her to worry about me.

“Thanks Lizzy.” I said. “You always know just what to say.” I still harbored a bit of turmoil deep down, but on surface I felt much better. I loosed a small white smile for her, and to my surprise she jumped across the table she had been leaning over and enveloped me in a crushing vice-like hug.

“Don’t ever think you’re not special.” She whispered. “You’re the most special person in the world to me.” I didn’t know how I was supposed to respond to that, so I just held her tight and we hugged for several moments. I felt her breast firmly planted against my chest. My dick started to perk up, but if she noticed, she didn’t say anything. Finally, she spoke again. “Are you sure about quitting school?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I’m just not happy going there. They make me feel so mediocre. The only upside is I get to have you cheer me up each semester.” Elizabeth giggled, then released the hug and sat back in her chair.

“Well then,” she said, “if you’re not going, I’m not going.” My jaw dropped, painting my astonishment clearly for her. “Wherever you’re going, I’m going too.”

“But you just finished high school,” I responded, “and you’re ultra-smart. You’d do great a college. And you weren’t even going to community college, you were going to go straight to university!”

“Exactly, I was planning on going to whatever university you were since you just finished up at community college. Now that you’re not going, I don’t want to go either.” She finished. Wow, I really didn’t know what to say to her then. It looked like she really wanted to stay by my side, but then I realized what her plan was.

“Nice try, you almost got me.” I smirked. “You thought you could get me to go to school by making me think that if I dropped out, you’d drop out too. But it’s not going to work this time Lizzy. I don’t even have a clue what I should major in, and I really am miserable in school. I’m not going.”

“I know. I don’t think you should go to school if it’s that awful for you. That’s why I’m staying with you, so we can both be happy. No way am I going off to university without you, and no way I’d force you to go if you won’t be happy there.” Elizabeth ended her speech and I just put my head in my palms and sat in thought for a moment.

Yep, I definitely ruined my sister’s life. She was going to forsake college for me, and there was nothing I could do to stop her now. What was I going to tell Mom?

“Morning guys!” Mom chimed as she ambled into the kitchen area. Great, perfect timing. I turned to wish her a good morning, but froze when I saw what she was wearing. At thirty-eight years old she could have easily passed for twenty-eight. Her enormous breasts filled her generously sized plain white bra, and her night black panties curved smoothly downwards in a V, ending her perfect hour-glass figure. No shirt, no shorts, and no words from me.

Elizabeth giggled, “Morning Mom!” through a smile. Mom returned the smile. She looked similar to Elizabeth, but a little more mature in appearance, and just a hair taller. Mom then directed her smile at me.

Upon seeing my confused face, she said, “Sorry, I was in the middle of changing when a coworker called and said she needed someone’s phone number.” She reached into her brief case, which was sat atop the kitchen counter. She brushed aside her dark brown hair, pulled out some papers, mumbled something about having it written down somewhere, exclaimed “Here it is!”, then turned back towards us. I was still giving her the same confused look.

We were usually pretty liberal with clothing around our house. We would sometimes go around with only a t-shirt on over our underwear, or even just a towel after a shower. But very rarely did we openly flaunt our bodies around wearing just our underwear. However, clearly Mom didn’t understand my confusion.

“What’s up Ray?” She chided. “Been too long since you’ve seen a girl in her skivvies?”

“I don’t think that’s it Mom.” Elizabeth said. “I think he’s in shock because of his report card.”

“All B’s again?” Mom asked. “How do you do it? Are you some kind of robot?”

“Well,” Elizabeth interjected nervously, “I think the real reason he’s in shock is because he decided to quit school, and I decided to quit with him.” I really wanted to mention that the reason I was ‘in shock’ was because of Mom’s rocking body, but that would have been a little inappropriate, and of course I never got the chance. Mom was already screaming, and Elizabeth clearly needed to look up the definition of ‘subtle.” Regardless, it took quite a while to talk Mom down. All we really did was go over our conversation. Mom seemed to take it much better than we thought she would. We told her about how I hated school and how Elizabeth wanted to stay with me. Mom was in tears by the end.

“You really hate school that much?” she whimpered.

“Yeah,” I replied, “I just don’t feel like I’m a real person when I’m there. I feel like some kind of robot that just answers questions. I can’t stand it.”

“And Lizzy,” Mom asked Elizabeth, “you really want to stay with Ray that much? You’d give up college for him?”

“Of course Mom.” She said. “I don’t want to be that far away from him for that long. Ever since I was born he was right by my side. During the divorce, Dad said a lot of hurtful things to all of us, but Ray always held me tight and told me things would be okay.” I had forgotten since it was so long ago.

Back when she was eight and I was ten, we used to snuggle up close and I would tell her that everything was going to be okay. I would say “Mom and Dad might break up, but we’ll always be together.” She would snuggle closer and we’d fall asleep. Ten years later those memories were refreshed in my mind, and I wanted to say something, but I was beaten to the punch.

Mom sprang up and grabbed us both, her left arm around me, and her right arm around Elizabeth. Pulling us into a tight hug, she crushed the sides of our faces into her tits as tears flowed from her sparkling brown eyes. “I can’t believe it. I always knew you guys were close, but I never knew you loved each other this much. You guys are so beautiful!” Elizabeth loosed a mischievous grin and gave me a knowing stare. She knew how much I was enjoying my face rammed right up against Mom’s tits, and I’m sure she was enjoying it just as much.

Elizabeth knew I was a pervert. She liked to tease me when I shot glances at her, Mom, girls on TV, girls in real life, or anything else even vaguely girl shaped. I’m pretty sure she was a pervert too, since she seemed to derive a lot of joy from constantly teasing me.

Mom finally released us from her vice grip. She wiped away her tears and bore a new, determined expression. “If you guys are going to quit school then you’ll need jobs. At work today I’ll talk to my boss. We need a couple of data intake positions filled and I think you guys will fit right it. The pay is pretty good for a starting wage, and I’ll be able to keep an eye on you two.”

Elizabeth turned to me. “What do you think Ray?” She asked with a searching gaze. Frankly, I was ecstatic since Mom seemed to take the news so well. At this point, I really didn’t care what job I got, and working with my sister seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

“Alright, I think that will work. Go ahead and see if you can get us hired Mom.” The two girls exchanged ear to ear smiles.

Suddenly Mom jumped, and quickly said, “I’ve got to get going, or I’m going to be late for work.” Then she rushed upstairs to get dressed. Elizabeth and I ambled into the living room and took a seat on the nice comfy leather couch. As usual, she took her seat right next to me, even though the large couch had ample space. I never thought about it, but she really was very attached to me. As we settled in she leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder, then drooped her arm around me so it was resting on my chest. In return I rested my hand around her shoulder, and we sat in each other’s embrace. I thought about turning the TV on, but I decided to sit here and enjoy this for a little longer.

Mom came racing down the stairs, puffing a simple “Have a nice day.” as she walked towards the door. When she saw us she paused, eyeing us for a moment. “There isn’t anything going on between you two, is there?”

“Nope,” Elizabeth declared, “just staying close to my brother.”

Mom replied, “Hmm, it’s a shame. You two look cute together.” With that, she walked out the door.

“Did you hear that?” Elizabeth’s voice teemed with excitement. “Mom just said we were a cute couple!” Despite the fact that I was sure Mom was teasing, it still seemed a bit weird. Weirder still was my little sister’s obvious excitement at the thought of us together.

“Yep, I heard.” I said, treading lightly. “But I’m not sure she said the word ‘couple’.” I didn’t want to say anything I might regret.

“Do you think we’d make a good couple?” Elizabeth looked into my eyes, searching deep within them. Yep, I was pretty much fucked here. Saying yes would be weird and saying no would be mean. I did my best to keep the waters calm.

“Well, I guess hypothetically, we could theoretically be a potentially cute pairing.” Sweat rolled down my face as I juggled my words carefully.

“Is there someone else you like more?” she pried. What was I supposed to say? Once again if I say yes it might sound mean, but if I say no, as in ‘I don’t like anyone more than my sister’ it might be just a tad creepy. Elizabeth sensually suggested, “Maybe you like Mom. I saw you ogling her today. Are you a momma’s boy?”

My face flushed red with embarrassment. “Of course not.” I was trapped. I had no idea what to say, so I just stopped talking. Finally, Elizabeth pushed herself up and straddled me. She cupped her hands around my face and leaned in close.

“I think,” she whispered, “we’d be the cutest couple ever. Do you agree?” I opened my mouth to say something, but for the life of me I had no idea what to say. I felt her hot breath in my mouth, her warm hands on my face, and the weight of her body pushing down against my crotch. I think I opened my mouth to object, but that didn’t matter, because as soon as my lips parted, they felt the warm wetness of her lips push against them. We held that position for what seemed like hours, and while I was surprised, I made no attempt to push her away or break the kiss. My cock started to harden, and I’m sure she felt it, but she just kissed me harder.

Finally, my sister broke the kiss and said, “Ray, I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. Sitting close to you and hearing your heartbeat are the best moments of my day. My heart races whenever I see you,” she paused, took a deep breath, and asked for a second time, “so what do you think? Would we make a cute couple?”

I knew I should talk her out of it. I should explain how incest is wrong and we shouldn’t kiss. I should end the feelings she had for me, and the feelings I had for her. But I didn’t want to, because at that moment I realized that I also loved her. I loved how smart she was, how pretty she looked, and how she was always there for me, especially when I’m at my lowest. “I think,” I finally choked out, “that we’d be the cutest couple ever.”

With that, our lips met again. We made out on the couch for several minutes, exchanging moans, spit, and our love for one another. I boldly snuck my hands up her shirt and groped her glorious breasts. My fingers delicately teased her nipples, and rolled around her areolas. She broke our kiss and leaned back so I could get my arms in at a better angle. By chance, her repositioning caused my rock hard cock to spring from the side of my gym shorts to straight outward, pressing hard against the elastic.

“Oh my,” Elizabeth gasped. “that looks really uncomfortable. We should let it out to relieve the pain.” She reached her nimble fingers into the elastic waistband of both my shorts and my underwear and tugged straight downward. I lifted my ass to allow them to slide down to my knees. My cock stood proudly between us, and my sister gasped, “It’s so big!”

I’ll leave its exact size to the imagination, but I will say that I was always very happy with my size, and apparently Elizabeth was too. All I will say is this: it was several inches longer than average, way thicker than average, and my balls were absolutely enormous. Elizabeth was letting out little moans of satisfaction as I was still playing with her tits, and she was apparently very excited to play with her new toy as well. She started slow, by feeling every bump and curve from base to tip. She tickled here and there on my balls, and finally said. “Alright, let’s see you cum.”

I only nodded as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it several times, covering it with her juicy saliva. Reaching back down she said, “Cum whenever you want Bro.” She stroked slowly at first, grinding her hand across every bump and vein. “Oh yeah, these would feel so good inside me.” When she reached the top, she whisked her palm around the tip sending an explosion of pleasure up my spine, then she would descend down my shaft again. She kept going faster and faster until her hand was a blur. “Oh yeah, you’re so big. You’d fill me up so nicely, from my outer lips all the way to the lips on my womb. You can shoot whenever you want Bro. Shoot a nice big one for me. Splatter me with your thick baby goo.”

“Oh shit,” I interrupted, “I’m about to blow! Get a tissue or something!” Elizabeth just giggled and aimed my cock upwards right towards her face.

“Go ahead and shoot Bro! Cover me in it! I want to be covered in your thick baby batter. I want you to cum all over my face, and tits, and my whole fucking body! SHOOT IT NOW! COVER ME WITH YOUR FUCKING CUM! MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE SISTER CUM DUMPSTER WHO LIVES TO PLEASE HER BROTHER’S FUCKSTICK! I WANT IT SO FUCKING BAD! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! MARK ME WITH IT!”

With that, I came the biggest load I had ever cum before. I had been proud of my size, but I always found the ejaculate amount to be annoying to clean up. However, now I was incredibly proud to shoot so much when I came. My first shot flew in a high arc well over my sister’s head, landing somewhere behind her. The next one left a huge white glob in her dark brown hair. Two more coated her face in my slimy seed. Another one hit her under her chin, then slid down her neck and onto her chest. I saw it slide down in between her tits and might have slid even further than that. As they grew weaker, several covered her pink t-shirt all the way down the front, leaving me hassling and staring into the eyes of my cum covered sister.

“Wow.” We said in unison.

“That was incredible.” Elizabeth remarked. “I’m literally covered in your jizz. You’re like a fucking firehose.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” I replied.

“Do you shoot that much every time?”

“Nah, I usually shoot a lot, but this is definitely the most I’ve ever done. I probably have you to thank for that.”

“Thanks Bro!” She said through a pearly white smile.

“I think you might have gone a little crazy there for a sec.”

“I was just caught up in the heat of the moment.” She gave me a sensual stare. “Anyway, we should probably get this cleaned up.” I checked our surroundings and found cum everywhere. Obviously Elizabeth was covered in it, but there were streaks here and there on the couch, and a massive puddle underneath us. Elizabeth climbed off me and wiped her face, congealing most of the goo on her hands. She brought her hand to her mouth and gave it a taste. My dick twitched again, even though I had just finished cumming.

“Hmm,” she considered, “a little bitter, and fairly salty, but overall I love it. You taste great Bro!” Once again I was speechless. My little sister was getting hotter by the second. I was on the verge of pushing her over and mauling her when she said. “Alright, let’s get to cleaning.”

I looked at the cum covered couch, then back to her cum covered body. “Why don’t you go clean yourself up while I clean up the couch?”

“I don’t know Ray,” she smirked, “I’m not the only one covered in cum.” I looked down to see little streaks of jizz running down the front of my shirt, and a fair bit on my gym shorts. “Let’s clean up the couch, then we’ll clean ourselves up together.”

It was quick work cleaning up. Just some damp paper towels and a bit of scrubbing. Afterwards we sprayed air freshener all over the couch to mask the scent. Upon finishing, we went to the laundry room to leave our clothes in the washing machine. As we undressed, we each snuck several peaks at the other. Despite the fact that we pretty much knew the other’s physique, I was still embarrassed to be naked with her. She was extremely sexy from head to toe. Her ample bosom and luscious ass were to kill for. On the other hand, I was neither muscular nor fat; just an average build for an average guy. My only prominent feature was my manhood, which at this moment was on the verge of returning to life. I had just caught a glimpse of her puffy pink pussy, crowned by a well-trimmed light brown bush. Finally, we both left the room red in the face, and walked upstairs to take a nice relaxing shower.

Except the shower wasn’t relaxing at all. First, getting the semen out of her hair was a nightmare. I seriously thought we might just have to cut it off. I also got hard again halfway through, and found it extremely difficult not to make a move on her, since she insisted that we get the cum out of her hair first. Finally, after we cleaned up every sticky drop, it was time to have a little fun.

“Alright, now I’ll clean the rest of you.” I said as I started wiping every inch of her body with soap and water. Despite the fact that most of the cum on her body had already washed off, I still wanted to be as thorough as possible, especially around her breasts. I even teased her nipples with my tongue, slowly circling her areole and then nibbling the center. This elicited some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from Elizabeth. I continued to lick down her body, giving her belly button some generous attention, until I reached the grand prize. My upper lips met her lower lips and I was greeted by a light juicy taste. I dug my tongue inside and was greeted by another surge of moister, and another moan from above. I kept going until she moaned with every twitch of the tongue, and when she was getting close, I switched my attention to her small pink clit. I nibbled and bit until her moans turned into screams.

“God Bro you’re sooo fucking good at this.” She exclaimed. “I can feel everything. This is fucking fantastic! Keep going, I’m almost there! I’M… GONNA… CUM!” And with that she sprayed my face with hot refreshing juice, which tricked down my chin and was washed away in the shower. At this point my dick was fully restored and ready to go, and Elizabeth seemed to notice.

“Wow, looks like our little friend needs some attention.” She cooed, as she reached to take hold of the fierce purple head. Before her hand made contact, I changed her plans by grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her up. I was surprised by how light she was.

“You can take care of it if you want,” I said, “but I’m not done with your pussy yet.” With that, I flipped her upside down and continued gobbling away at her delicious pussy, only to fuel her moans further. I felt her hot breath run across my cock, and let out a tiny moan of my own when her tongue tickled my urethra, then her lips closed around the bulbous head. She tried to squeeze it into her warm wet mouth inch by inch, but the girth was giving her trouble. She only had it in about half-way when she finally gave up and started to bob her head up and down, creating a heavenly sensation along my shaft.

We held the standing sixty-nine position for only a couple of minutes, but luckily that’s all we needed. My arms were getting tired, and I’m sure the blood was rushing to her head, but this blowjob was so intense that we barley needed any time at all before I was ready to blow.

I pulled my tongue out of her soaking wet snatch to say, “Watch out sis, I’m about to cum!” To my surprise, instead of releasing my cock from her mouth, she tried to fit more in. “Don’t try to swallow!” I cried. “Don’t forget how much cum there was before!” I didn’t dissuade her at all. In fact, she tried even harder to fit more in. She opened her throat and tried to swallow, but still barely had more than half inside when I came. It might have been quick, but my little sister trying to swallow my cock was just too hot for me.

Once again in firehose fashion, my cock exploded like a cannon. This time however, the blast channeled right down Elizabeth’s tight little throat. She took the first few shots like a champ, but soon the buildup was mounting, and I felt her cheeks puff up as her mouth filled with cum. Finally, on my last shot, semen bubbled out from her lips and nose, dripping to the floor of the tub with a series of loud splats against the porcelain. I pulled her upwards off my manhood and shivered as my cock exited her mouth with a pop, and several more globs leaked from her lips as I flipped her over and put her back on her feet. Her lips couldn’t be seen past the white cream coating them, but just then I noticed her red flushed face.

“Oh shit!” I cried. “Are you choking?” I was worried since I didn’t know exactly how to do the Heimlich, but I figured I’d just have to wing it.

“Nngh!” She couldn’t get a word out, so she shook her head furiously. I guess she wasn’t choking, but she was still twitching and holding her breath.

Finally, she gasped and looked me right in the eyes. “Holy shit Bro, that was a lot! I almost swallowed all of it, but some of it leaked out of my mouth.” She sounded disappointed.

“Oh, so you were trying to swallow it just now. I figured you were choking.”

“I thought I might choke, but I really wanted to see how much I could take. Next time I’ll try to swallow it all. Damn I think you might have completely filled up my stomach! I seriously think you shot a gallon. That can’t be normal.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure it’s healthy.” I replied. My balls were seriously aching at this point. “I think I might need a break.”

“I bet, you should make sure to drink plenty of fluids.”

“I was getting plenty from your pussy. You were like a water fountain; I think you might have even had the shower beat.”

“Well you had your tongue buried inside me. How’s a girl supposed to respond? And where did you learn to eat pussy like that anyway?”

“I don’t know; I’ve never done it before. I was just running off instinct I guess.”

“Well, you’re got some good instincts Bro. You know just how to treat a lady!”

We took our time to wash up and dry off, donning only shorts and t-shirts to lounge around the house in. For the rest of the morning we just cuddled on the couch and watched TV. I thought I smelled the faint scent of semen, but I figured it was just from Elizabeth’s breath. She made me drink plenty of juice, insisting I stay hydrated. Around lunchtime we dozed off and slept for a while in each other’s embrace.

I awoke to Mom closing the front door. She was in the foyer and I could hear her footsteps approaching the living room. I realized that I could still smell semen in the air, only now it was stronger. I shook Elizabeth awake and whispered, “Hey, Mom’s home. Go brush your teeth, I can still smell cum on your breath.”

Elizabeth rubbed her eyes, still half asleep, then groggily mumbled, “But I already washed my mouth out. My breath shouldn’t smell like cum anymore.” As she spoke I realized the smell wasn’t coming from her at all. In fact, it came from across the room. Racking my brain, I recalled my ejaculation from earlier, and remembered my first shot. That’s right, it went straight over Elizabeth’s head.

Oh shit! I shot it over her head! I quickly jumped up and ran across the room to see if I could find where it landed. Between the couch and the TV, we had a small ebony coffee table. In between the coffee table and the TV, right in the floor, there was a massive glob of dried cum that we missed cleaning earlier. Elizabeth came up behind me and, seeing the glob of cum in the floor, came to the same conclusion I did. We looked at the hallway to see Mom turning the corner into the living room. From the entrance, the coffee table obscured her view of the glob of semen.

“How was your day guys?” She said cheerfully. “Good news, my boss gave me the okay on hiring you guys for those data intake positions I was talking about!”

“Great, when do we start?” Elizabeth walked towards Mom. I could see her hips shake nervously as she approached. She seemed to be trying to walk Mom out of the room, so I suppose after she got Mom away, I was supposed to clean this up. It seemed like a good plan to me.

“Tomorrow you can start training,” Mom replied, “and next Monday you’ll start working for real.”

“Awesome!” Elizabeth said with feigned enthusiasm. “Let’s go to my room and pick out an outfit I can wear on my first day.”

“Sure sweetie.” Mom looked excited. “I already have a few ideas. You’ll be turning tons of heads.”

Elizabeth turned to look at me. “Don’t try and peek Ray. Keep it clean!” She winked and started down the hall. I had to give her credit; her plan was awesome. Mom never entered the room, and even if I hadn’t already picked up on it, now it was clear what she wanted me to do. Unfortunately, at that very moment, Mom started sniffing the air.

“Hmm, do you guys smell something.” She asked with and inquisitive expression on her face. She slowly stepped into the living room. My heart raced, and I stepped forward in between her and the glob.

“I don’t think so,” I said nervously, “what does it smell like?”

“Kinda like…” She seemed like she didn’t want to finish the sentence. She walked around the coffee table, and now I was the only thing keeping her from seeing the dried white goo. I had to stand with my feet together to keep it obscured.

“Hey Mom,” Elizabeth called from down the hall, in the direction of the stairs and the foyer, “I smell it too, I think it’s coming from in here.” She came back to see if Mom took the bait.

“No,” Mom replied, “it’s definitely coming from in here.” She was right up to me now. I think it’s you Ray. She sniffed a couple more times, then whispered,

“Baby, it’s normal to touch yourself, just make sure to wash up properly afterwards. You smell pretty rank.” She flashed a quick smile.

“Got it Mom.” I whispered back with my face burning red with embarrassment. “I’ll be sure to do that from now on.”

“Now don’t be embarrassed. If you can’t talk to me about this stuff, then who can you talk to?”

“You’re right, thanks Mom.”

Mom turned to look at Elizabeth, “Now let’s go look at those outfits.” She raised her voice back to normal levels.

“Cool Mom.” Elizabeth replied. “Let’s go.”

“Just let me put my bag on the counter.” Mom said as she turned to walk past me. Oh shit! I tried to move to keep the goo obscured from her view, but my effort was in vain. Her peripheral vision caught sight of the sizable blob, and her eyes darted down to see what it was.

“Oh my god.” She mumbled, staring at the mass of dried semen. She looked at me uncomprehendingly. “You did this out here?” She mumbled again, only asking herself. Then she looked at Elizabeth. “You were here too.” Then it clicked for her. Yeah, I was pretty much fucked.


“No!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she ran up to my side. “We were just messing around! Honestly!”

Mom stayed quiet for several seconds, then spoke very softly. “You do know what incest is, right? And you know how society sees it, right? You could get in a lot of trouble.”

“We were just experimenting,” Elizabeth said through tears, “it wasn’t anything serious.”

I couldn’t bare letting my sister handle this alone anymore. I mustered up some courage, and finally spoke up, “We know what incest is, we know how society sees it, and we know the risks. But you said it yourself, even if you were just teasing. You said we’d make a cute couple, and I think Lizzy and I make the cutest couple on Earth.” Elizabeth was dumbfounded, clearly not expecting me to just come out and say it, but Mom just put her head down and tilted her lips into a small smile.

For the second time that day, Mom pulled us into a vice-like hug and spoke once again with tears flowing out of her eyes. “You guys are really in love, aren’t you? Well if you know the risks then I don’t want to stop true love from blossoming.” She released us and, wiping her tears away, said, “If you guys are going to be working together, and dating, and making love,” both of us blushed, “then I only had one request for you. Please don’t be too loud at night.” And with that, she set her bag down on the counter and walked away towards the stairs. “I’ll meet you upstairs to look for an outfit Lizzy.” With that, she strode down the hall and out of sight.

Yep, Mom was definitely bat-shit insane. Instead of getting mad, she gave us her blessing! At any rate, I wasn’t going to argue. I turned to my sister and said, “Well, that went better than expected.”

“No kidding,” Elizabeth replied, wiping the last of the tears from her eyes, “I thought she was going to explode. I was so scared when you came right out and admitted what we were doing. I knew you had big balls, but I had no idea they were this big!” She gave my crotch a gentle squeeze. “I’m going up to look at outfits with Mom now. We’ll be down in a bit for dinner.”

“Alright, I’ll get this cleaned up then.” With that, I pulled her up for a gentle kiss, then spanked her soft ass as she turned to walk away.

“Ooh!” She yipped, and quickened her pace. Once she reached the hallway, she turned and looked me in the eyes. “Love you Ray.”

“You too Lizzy.” I replied, and noticed that her eyes weren’t burning with lust like earlier. Her expression was calm and loving; not the shallow love of a new boyfriend and girlfriend, but the deep love that can only be shared by two people who have known each other for many years.

Dinner was a little awkward that night. Mom kept prying into our lives; asking questions about how long we’d been dating, and how far we’d gone. It took a while to convince her that we just started today, but eventually she was willing to accept the truth. Since she was so open-minded and accepting in regards to our relationship, we decided to be up-front about everything we had done that day. I thought Mom might be revolted by the end of our story, but rather she seemed to be quite impressed.

“Incredible,” she mused, “you two are really talented lovers. A standing sixty-nine position on your first day!” She looked at me, “And Lizzy tells me you’re quite well-endowed. I knew I raise a hunk.”

“That’s not even the half of it Mom.” Elizabeth chimed in. “I honestly think he cums a gallon. He filled my belly completely!”

“I almost forgot!” Mom replied. “I’m so proud of my little girl. Most girls won’t swallow her man’s cum to begin with, but trying to swallow one of his humongous loads; that’s dedication!”

“Thanks Mom, but it really wasn’t a big chore or anything like that. His cum is delicious!”

“I bet it is. I’m sure someday you’ll be able to swallow every drop.”

I just sat quietly and ate as the two girls continued their conversation for the next few minutes. It was really weird hearing Mom, and even Elizabeth, talk like complete sluts, but as long as Mom wasn’t mad, I didn’t plan on complaining at all. After dinner we watched TV together for a while, but Mom suggested that we go to bed a couple hours earlier than normal.

“You two need to be well rested tomorrow. Training is really important, and we need efficient workers. I didn’t tell you, but the whole reason we need positions filled is because every member of one of the data intake teams quit a few days ago.”

“Why’d they all quit at the same time?” I inquired.

“They were getting fed up with their boss. Don’t worry, I’m sure you guys will be fine.”

With that, we all headed upstairs for a good night’s rest. At least, that was the plan. “I had my phone out looking at news before going to sleep, which was my nightly ritual. Within fifteen minutes I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I called, setting aside my phone. The door cracked open and Elizabeth slid inside before closing the door again. She wore one of her huge pajama t-shirts, this time a vibrant lime-green monstrosity that certainly didn’t say ‘time for bed’. She had a nervous look on her face as she looked me in the eyes and parted her lips.

“Hey Bro,” she said, “I was thinking that maybe we could stay up for a while. After all, we took that long nap this afternoon, so I’m sure we’ll be fine on sleep.”

“Sure,” I stammered, “I guess that makes sense. What do you want to do?” She put her face down for a moment, then looked at me again; this time with a face of confidence and determination. In one swift move, she pulled off her shirt and dove onto the bed.

Lying next to me completely naked, she whispered, “I want to finish where we left off. I want you to make me yours. I want you to take my cherry.” She rolled on top of me and straddled my crotch. Leaning over, she gave me a deep kiss, then pulled herself back up and slid my semi-hard cock out of my underwear. “Oh yeah, I think I’m ready.” She said with sparking eyes.

Her pussy glistened as she started stroking my cock. She dug her hand deep inside her lips, then pulled it back out: covered with her natural lube. She worked her hand up and down my shaft, slowly pumping until my cock was as hard as steel. Then she grinded her pussy up and down my solid shaft, fully coating it in her hot juices.

“Have you ever fucked a girl before?” She asked with a deep lust in her eyes.

“No,” I admitted, “you’re my first.” She smiled from ear to ear.

“I don’t know why the ladies don’t swarm you, but that’s all the better. We can give our virginities to each other. Are you ready?” I only nodded, I was way past ready.

She held my dick perpendicularly to my body and lined it up with her ripe young pussy. Her arms struggled to keep the mass from falling to the side. Teasing my angry purple head, she very slowly admitted the tip into her tight virgin cunt. I was already about to explode, and I couldn’t take waiting much longer. I really want to grab her hips and start thrusting wildly from below. It took a great deal of effort to keep myself still, since I didn’t want to hurt my little sister. That’s why her next move surprised me so much. All at once, she dropped herself down until I hit bottom. I looked to see if her face cringed with pain, but the look on her face was of pure delight.

After we both moaned with pleasure, she slowly panted, “Surprised? I’ve been practicing with dildos a lot recently. I broke my own hymen ages ago so that our first time can be pure bliss.” I was falling more in love with her by the second. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard and fast. I could feel every bump inside her as my cock pushed all the way to the bottom, then pulled out all the way until just the head was inside. The grinding was killing me, and my balls ached to release their hot seed. Apparently Elizabeth was feeling it too.

“Oh fuck Bro that feels FANTASIC! You’re so fucking huge I think I might rip in two, but I don’t care! I want it! I want your massive cock deep inside! I wanna feel your thick cock fill my tiny pussy every day from now on! I want your think cum to fill my womb every day from now on. You’re the best fucking brother in the whole world! I wish everyone could feel what I’m feeling now! Oh fuck, I love you! I love your think cock! I love your fucking cum hose! Give it to me! I want it inside me! GIVE ME YOUR BABY!”

I just couldn’t take it anymore, and couldn’t bear to pull out. I kissed my slit against her cervix and shot wave after wave of hot jizz inside her as she squirted her cream all the way up my chest and face like a sprinkler.


She collapsed on top of me, and we laid in the aftermath of our lovemaking for several minutes, trying to catch our breath. Finally, I managed to ask her what she was screaming about.

“Is it true? Do you really want to have a child?”

“Of course Bro, I mean we are a couple now. We even have jobs. I think we’d have an awesome baby!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I took a moment to look ourselves over. We were lying in a pool of our combined cum, her cream and my jizz mingling to create the ultimate smell of sex. “Damn, we’re gonna need to wash the sheets now, and we probably need to take a shower too.”

“That’s fine, we’ll just need to be quiet so we don’t wake Mom up.” I reflected for a moment on how loud Elizabeth had been screaming during our lovemaking.

“Somehow I don’t think that will be an issue. She’s probably wide awake by now.”

“It’ll probably be fine. Mom’s been really cool today. I’ve never seen a more open-minded and loving woman.” Elizabeth sounded like Mom’s number one fan, but I had to admit that Mom was really caring, and had been extremely tolerant of our relationship.

“Yeah, Mom is pretty great.”

“I know, right? And that’s just her personality. Her body is off the charts! I’ve seen you ogling her, and I’d bet you’d like to tap that too.” I didn’t respond, since I really didn’t know where she was going with this. “Mom’s been so lonely after Dad left. I bet she’d love to have a man in her life again, but she probably doesn’t want to date anyone just in case they turn out to be abusive too. She’s always looking out for us, so I wish we could look out for her too. I wish we could find her a good man. Anyway, let’s get going.” We pulled the sheets from the bed and took them downstairs to wash them, not bothering to put on any clothes. As we passed the living room, we saw Mom sipping a glass of water.

“Hey guys,” she said, “I was thirsty, so I came to get I drink. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.” She grinned and scanned our naked bodies. I hid myself behind the sheet, but that just revealed the massive semen stain we had left on it. “Wow, that much? Impressive.”

“And that’s just what leaked out.” Elizabeth bragged as she patted her belly.

“You’ve got one incredible partner missy.” Mom said.

“Thanks Mom, I wish you had one too.” Elizabeth replied as she strode to the couch and sat next her. “It’s not fair that your partner was such a loser. I wish we could find someone for you to love, who would love you back just as much.”

“Thanks sweetie, but I don’t think such a man exists.”

“I think he does.” Elizabeth wore a knowing grin.

“Oh really, and where do you think this man might be?”

“I think he’s in this very room with us right now.”

“But the only man in here is your brother.”

“I don’t mind sharing if you don’t mind.” The girls shared a heartfelt smile, then Elizabeth turned her attention to me. “Come here Bro, I think we might have found just the right man for Mom.”

“Hold the phone.” I said unbelievingly. “Did you two plan this?”

“Maybe.” They said in unison, with sinister grins across their faces.

“Alright, well I guess if you’d go through all the trouble…” I dropped the sheet and walked over to my two ladies. Elizabeth scooted to the side to make room for me in the middle. I sat down and hung my arms around them. “If you want me to love both of you, how can I say no?”

They both leaned in and kissed me on each cheek. I turned my head to the right and made out with Elizabeth for a moment, then turned left, readying myself for Mom. Our lips parted and our tongues danced wildly together for the longest time. Eventually, Elizabeth must have grown bored, because she came up beside us and entered her tongue into the mix too. As we moaned and swapped our saliva back and forth, Mom ran her hands across our bodies. She felt Elizabeth’s ample bosom and soft ass, and she stroked my reawakening cock and immense dangling balls. Elizabeth pulled Mom’s slim black nightgown up, revealing her fully naked body underneath. We broke the kiss to take it off, but instead of coming back together, Elizabeth and I attacked her giant milky white tits. Her nipples were little daggers as we pulled them into our mouths and sucked them like infants. Mom hollered and moaned as we defiled her, and we all loved every second of it. Soon we moved down and shared her tight glistening pussy. We rolled our tongues up and down her lips, and plunged them inside to release a sweet, albeit pungent scent. That smell had nothing on the odor currently wafting through the room however. The sheet laying in the floor smelled strongly of heavy and hard sex, and it violated our nostrils with its sharp dirty scent. You could almost taste the sex in the air, and we could definitely taste the delicious flavor of Mom’s smooth shaved flower as she squirted her cream all over the faces of her beloved children.

“Finally,” Elizabeth cooed, “I think she’s ready for a real man. A good man.” She pushed me up and pulled Mom down so I was laying over her. She positioned my cock against her beautiful twat, and without giving either of us a second to think, she pushed my ass ‘til I was balls deep in my own mother.

“Oh fuck baby!” Mom cried. “That’s so fucking good, you fill me up sooo much! God this is so fucking hot! I’m getting plowed by my own son! Baby you’re so big!”

“Oh yeah Mom,” Elizabeth joined in the dirty talk, “he’s a fucking horse, isn’t he? I couldn’t fit all of him inside me.” I wanted to join in too, but I could only bring myself to moan and grunt, so I let the girls handle it.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, you’re so much bigger than your father, and such a better lover! I’m all yours now! Fuck me whenever you want! My cunt is your own personal cum tank! Use it whenever you want!”

“It goes without saying that mine is too Bro. Use us whenever you want. Pour it inside and make us your own personal bitches.”


With that I let it go inside of her. I pushed my cock right to her cervix and let my firehose do its job. Cum surged out of my heavy balls and into Mom’s precious womb. Soon cum started leaking out, but Elizabeth was on the job. She ravenously sucked up the flood of jizz, and licked and nibbled on the place were Mom and I became one. Finally, my orgasm subsided and I slid out of my mother, eliciting another avalanche of cum from her stretched out cunt.
“God that was so hot.” Mom panted. “I really mean it Ray. I’m yours to take whenever and wherever you want. And I want your baby.”

“That makes two of us,” Elizabeth joined in, “so hurry up and knock us up!” At the sound of that my cock stirred again. I had another round in me, so I figured I might as well give them what they want.

“Okay then,” I ordered, “Mom, get up and lean over the couch with your ass sticking out.” Mom woke up from her post-orgasmic bliss.
“Yes sir!” She yipped, and did as I ordered.

“Now Lizzy, you get under Mom and stick your ass out too.”

She smiled and said, “I like where you’re going with this.” Then she assumed her position. I walked behind them and analyzed my situation. I had two juicy cum-filled cunts that desperately needed attention stacked right on top of each other. I brought my cock up to my sister’s soaking cunt and shoved in in to the base.

“Nggh!” She moaned. I started pumping relentlessly, shoving my enormous cock as deep as it could go, and slapping her clit with my massive balls with every thrust.

“Oh fuck Bro, this is so fucking good! I don’t think I can take this for very long! I’m about to… I’m just about to… I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!!!” She sprayed her pussy juice all over my balls, my legs, and the floor, but I didn’t stop for even a moment. Without missing a beat, I pulled out and thrusted into my Mom’s waiting cunt. Not losing any pace, I started viciously pumping into her as hard as ever.

“Oh my god you’re a fucking animal! Fuck I needed this! I love your fucking cock slamming against my cervix! I love your fucking bull balls slapping my clit! I love you! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! MAKE ME CUM!!!” Mom sprayed her cunt cream all over the place, with the greatest concentration landing on my sister’s little white ass. Once again without missing a beat I switched back to fucking my sister.

“Oh fuck it feels so good to have it back! I love your cock reaming me! I love getting fucked like a bitch! I wanna be bred by my brother! I wanna have your baby in me as you cum inside and drown her in your filthy father cum! I want to deliver my baby at the same time Mom delivers her, and everyone in the hospital think we’re fucking sluts! I WANNA CUM!!!”

Switching back to Mom I decided to speak for a minute.

“How does it feel getting fucked by your son?”

“Fucking heavenly! It’s the best pleasure on earth to have your son breed you like a sow!”

“What would society think Mom?”

“They don’t like it, but that’s just ‘cause they’ve never tried it! I think every son should fuck his Mom. Every son should get to cum inside and make his mommy pregnant like you’re doing to me! I wish everyone would just chill out AND LET THEIR SONS MAKE THEM CUM!!!”

Switching back to my sister, I asked, “How does it feel to fuck your brother?”

“I’m a bitch in heat, and I’m not fucking him ‘cause he’s my brother! I’m fucking him ‘cause he’s the fucking alpha male! His gonna pour his seed into me and breed me so fucking hard! He’s gonna give me a litter of his strong children! I want your seed! I want to bear your offspring! I’M JUST A BITCH IN HEAT WHO WANTS TO GET FUCKED!!!”

I was getting close, so I started alternating between then after every four or five thrust.

“What if a stronger man came and tried to take you away from me? What if he was more alpha than me?”

“That’s impossible!” Elizabeth cried.

“You’re the best man on earth!” Mom screamed.

“Even if he was stronger!”

“And bigger!”

“And richer!”

“And kinder!”


With that, I came. I pumped several shots into my precious sister, then and several into my gorgeous mother. Then I pushed it between them and let my last few shots go right up the middle. Elizabeth’s back was coated, and Mom’s front was covered. A huge puddle of our combined cum pooled at our feet. After our orgasms subsided, the girls collapsed and fell into the puddle of jizz and cream. I walked over and grabbed the sheet, then returned and laid downed between them, pulling the sheet over us. They cuddled up next to me, and we were ready to drift off to sleep in a pool of our love. Right before I drifted off, I felt Elizabeth grab my hand.

“Ray,” she whispered, “when it comes to being a good man, I give you an A.”


I hope you liked it! Feedback is welcome! Since it’s my first story it’s probably not that great… but if you want a part 2 just say so!

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A Call for Help

by CathexisSuccubus

“Oh, crap!!” He thought as he groggily woke up. “I thought it was just a cold, but now I feel REALLY terrible; must be a particularly vicious Flu.” Wobbly, he tried to get to his feet and realized that he was as weak as a kitten. He dragged himself to the bathroom to take a hot shower to see if it would make him feel any better. 5 minutes later, he felt worse.

He could feel that he had a fever and yet he was shivering. He was way out, up the coast, far from the nearest Hospital or Doctor.

Being out here seemed like such a good idea; relax, maybe write more of his new novel. Now he was screwed; getting weaker and sicker by the minute, he wondered what the best course of action was.

Way up in the middle of the Lost Coast of Mendocino was no place to be when illness hit; maybe he could call 911 and get an Ambulance up there? Naaaah. What if he only had a minor fever? Then he’d look like an idiot, and it would be prohibitively expensive. He could try calling his friends in San Francisco, but it would take them hours to get up there.

Then it hit him. His Sister was in Santa Rosa, studying to be a Doctor, he hadn’t seen her in years; maybe he could get her to come out and tend to him. He was 12 years older than her, and they hadn’t had much time together at home before he left at 23 years old, but he remembered her as a bright and precocious, pretty, and wiser than most girls her age. The last time he had seen her was as a slightly awkward 19-year -old; not filled out yet and a bit gangly. He slowly dialed her number.

“Sis, it’s your brother.”

“Darling! It’s great to hear your voice. I’ve missed you terribly! To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Hmm. I hate to bother you, I’m sure you’re busy, but I’m stuck here in Mendocino, and I feel TERRIBLE. I think I have some horrendous Far Eastern Flu crap. Is there any chance that you could pop in and see me, maybe look after me for a day or two until I feel well enough to get to a Doctor or Hospital?”

“Sweetie, ABSOLUTELY!! I would LOVE to see you, even in your presently weakened state. Luckily I have a few days off work and no plans. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

She was excited. Like most younger sisters, she had always worshipped her older brother from afar; he always seemed to be doing interesting things. She couldn’t follow him because she was too young. He had been off on various adventures around the World, and she always missed his protective presence, especially since their Father had left them alone when she was only four years old. He was the de-facto Man of the house.

She remembered inviting a couple of her Girlfriends over to her house where they would secretly spy on her older brother. Shadowing him, watching him eat his lunch, splitting some firewood for their stove; stripping off his T-shirt, swinging the ax with powerful strokes. Her friends giggled and made comments about his abs, and about how powerful he looked.

Strangely, those comments made her jealous. He was HER brother; he belonged to HER. SHE was the one that loved and adored him, even if he hardly seemed to notice HER very much; and she didn’t want anyone else to have him!

She rolled up to the door of the pretty little rental cottage on the beach. She hadn’t had time to change out of her Doctor’s uniform; the usual white coat yes, but beneath she always made an effort to retain her femininity. A crisp white blouse with a slightly plunging neckline, a businesslike grey wool skirt, a pair of sheer black stockings and a pair of over the top black pumps with a 4″ heel. Underneath it all, some La Perla lingerie that was her little secret. She wanted to impress him, especially since she was all grown up now; no longer his “little” sister.

She knocked on the door. She heard some clumsy movements and a couple of crashes. Someone said “OW!!” a couple of times, and in due course, the door opened up. He looked like crap she realized; pale, sweating, shaking and rubbing his shin.

“YOU, mister, straight back to bed!! you look like death warmed Over!!”

She gently guided him towards his rumpled bed and helped him lie down.

“Ok. Let me take your temperature.”

She pulled out her Doctor’s bag of tricks and grabbed a thermometer.

“Come on, open wide and put this under your tongue.”

She was horrified when she took it out.

“103 degrees!! You are sick, what other symptoms are you having? I need to know, otherwise I HAVE to get you to a Hospital.”

“Well, it’s nothing. really.”

“Come on. Spit it out. WHAT’S nothing really?”

“It’s embarrassing; I can’t tell you.”

“For God’s sake, I’m a Doctor and your Sister, Of COURSE, you can tell me!”

“I can’t; I just can’t.”

“If you don’t tell me, I SWEAR I will pull down your undies and give you a SERIOUS spanking, I MEAN it!!”

Looking at her face, her brows knitted together in frustration, her lips drawn tight in disapproval, he realized that she was serious!! He kept his gaze on her, and it registered that he really hadn’t taken a good look at her since she came in the door. She had changed a great deal in the last 11 years; no longer the gawky 19-year-old. Here was a Woman, not a girl. Tall, probably 5’9″ or 5’10” in height. Her hair was not quite blond, not quite brunette, but somewhere in between; huge green eyes, gorgeous long lashes and a beautiful kissable set of lips.

“Whoa there buddy,” he thought to himself, “that’s your SISTER there.” Maybe the meds he had found in the bathroom cabinet were making him slightly loopy, he thought.

“Come on, what on EARTH could you be too embarrassed to tell me?” she said in an exasperated tone of voice.

“Oh, for God’s sake, I can’t go to the bathroom. I’ve tried and tried, but nothing; THERE, are you happy now?”

“Sweetie, that’s not good; how many days?”


“OK, we’ll have to do something about that then; if you’re going to get better, we have to deal with it.”

She disappeared into the bathroom with her bag. As she left him, he couldn’t help but notice the shapely figure of her ass, swaying side-to-side as she walked and the fact that she was wearing stockings with a seam down the back and a pair of VERY sexy heels.

“Get a grip; you CAN’T be thinking these thoughts about your OWN SISTER!! It’s definitely the meds.”

Sitting on the side of the clawfoot tub, She opened her Doctors bag.

“Poor guy,” she thought, “what can I do to help him feel better?”

She remembered from her childhood that on occasion, she had the same problem and her Mother had solved it by giving her an enema to relieve her discomfort; “that’s it,” she thought, “now how do I persuade him that it’s in his best interests; he was so shy and embarrassed about telling me about it, maybe something to relax him might do the trick.”

He raised his head off the pillow when he heard her returning. The sound her stockings made as they rubbed together. Her thighs were brushing each other with every step. “Jesus!! she’s INCREDIBLY gorgeous,” he thought; slim waist, a full 34 C cup, her lips pink and moist. “I have GOT to stop this; it’s just not right, she’s my little sister; innocent and COMPLETELY out of bounds.”

“Here, take these pills; they’ll make you feel better, a bit spacy, but better,” she said. He gulped them down with some Gatorade she had brought.

“OK. get up and come with me to the bathroom,” she said in a low, quiet voice.

She took his arm and led him on increasingly unsteady legs towards the bathroom. Once there, the drugs had taken almost full effect. A couple of tranquilizers to calm him down and a couple of muscle relaxants to help with what was to come; those combined with the Vicodin would make him easier to deal with. She sat him on the side of the clawfoot tub and started to help him off with his clothes.

“What the hell,” was the clouded thought that went through his mind. “Whatever she gave me is certainly working; I feel relaxed and high, all at the same time, why is she taking off my T-shirt?”

She slowly inched his shirt over his head. Once it was off, she got a better look at him. He wasn’t as buff as he had once been, but he still had nice big biceps and beefy shoulders.

She remembered a time when she was younger. He had been taking a shower and had left the door open. Her curiosity had got the better of her, and she just HAD to take a peek. She had never seen a Man completely naked before, and seeing her brother in the shower, lathering his body, running his hands over his taut stomach made her stomach feel all tickly.

As she watched, he had slowly taken his time to clean his cock, peeling back his foreskin to wash underneath. While he handled himself, she had seen his member grow, swell and harden. His cockhead turned a dark reddish purple color. She remembered blushing as she watched, unable to tear her gaze away from his now fully erect cock. How she wished she could touch it, wrap her hand around it, maybe even kiss that big purple head.

She had sneaked back into her bedroom and under her duvet had furiously, fervently plunged her fingers inside her virgin pussy, traced her now wet lips with her fingers, finding her little swollen clitoris, she had masturbated to the image of her brother’s huge cock, coming in big spasms, arching her back as her body was wracked by a shattering orgasm.

She snapped herself out of her flashback. Time to concentrate on the task at hand, she thought.

He was very wobbly, having trouble balancing now, but she managed to get his jeans off; next his underpants.

He stood there in front of her, her big brother, naked and exposed. WOW!! She didn’t remember his cock being quite as big as it was; “quite delicious,” she thought to herself. Uncircumcised, great shape and color; but enough of that. She needed to help him with his “problem.”

“Ok, sweetie. I need you to get down on your hands and knees and get comfortable.”

In his almost stoned state, he wondered why she needed him down on his knees.

“What on EARTH do you want me down here for?” he asked her.

“I know this might be a bit embarrassing sweetie, but I’m going to have to give you an enema.”

“WHAT!!. No way, Sis, I’m NOT letting you do that to me; there has to be a better way; drugs? Something?”

“Look, sweetie, I’m a grown Woman AND a Doctor, it’s the best and quickest way to help you.”

In his fevered mind, he realized that he needed to listen to her, she WAS a Doctor after all; this was nothing but her professional advice.

“Oh God, I guess if it’s necessary, then go ahead” he muttered.”

She reached into her bag and took out her enema equipment. Quite often she needed to use it on pregnant Women who frequently ended up with the same problem her brother now had.

He watched her take out a red water bottle looking thing, some tubing and a pink, slightly curved nozzle of some type, it was about 1″ in diameter, and had a very bulbous tip.

“Jesus! That looks a bit strange. What the hell is she going to do to me with THAT setup,” he wondered.

She ran the water in the sink until it was warm and she added some water and a white powder from a packet she had opened into the red bag. She hung the bag from the shower curtain rail and attached the tubing to it. Lastly, she grabbed the curved pink nozzle and liberally coated it with some baby oil that she had retrieved from her bag of tricks.

He watched her deliberately assembling her “apparatus” with trepidation. When she started covering the nozzle with the baby oil, he realized why he was so unsettled; the damn thing looked like a big pink cock!! The way she was expertly coating the nozzle with the baby oil, her hands stroking up and down its length, smearing the oil all over it, twisting her hands around its girth.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” he thought “I am watching my sister basically masturbate an oily dildo that she’s about to put inside me. There’s something TERRIBLY wrong about this.” The Vicodin and muscle relaxants were kicking in heavily now. his brain conjured up various disturbing images of what his sister was about to do to him. He felt queasy, and on edge, his opiate addled mind was now producing small hallucinations.

She was ready now. Her brother on all fours in front of her; vulnerable and under her instruction. She felt a strange sense of power come over her. He was woozy from the drugs and trusting her to help him. She could almost get away with anything she realized; this COULD be fun if it were played right she thought.

Her feelings for him had always been overwhelming. When she was younger, her love and affection had been reserved almost entirely for him. She had imagined night after night in her dreams, that she would one day marry him, have babies with him. She knew it was wrong for her to feel that way; having “those” types of feeling for her brother were against all the laws of nature and society, but she didn’t care. Even after her therapist had tried steering her away from those thoughts, she still lay awake in her bed at nights; a sister who was in love with her older brother.

After the episode where she had watched him in the shower, she had tried to get more glimpses of him whenever she could. She would follow him at a distance while he walked in the woods, she had caught him peeing in a bush one day and was again mesmerized by the sight of him holding that delicious cock of his. The way the foreskin was partially pulled over the helmet of his cock; watching him from behind the bushes, she had thrust her fingers down the front of her panties and played with her little pink clit as her eyes drank in the sight of her handsome brother’s cock right in front of her.

Bringing herself back to the present, she realized that in his now drugged, fevered state, her brother probably wouldn’t remember much of what was going on. Her mind made up, she decided on a plan.

She got down beside him on the mat beside the clawfoot tub and brought her face next to his.

“Sweetie.” “I’m going to start now, ok? be brave and don’t make a fuss, it will be over soon.”

She applied some baby oil to her index and middle finger and slowly started to massage around his anus. his head jerked upwards when he felt her touch him.

“What a strange sensation,” he thought.

Her finger slowly kept massaging around his tight hole. Easing slowly inside the ring of his anus, she slowly and carefully inserted more and more of her index finger. He gasped as her greased finger slipped inside his most intimate place.

She probed deeper now; he was making a low sighing noise as she felt her finger being accepted by him. He wasn’t fighting it anymore. She with withdrew her index finger and added more baby oil to her hand; now for the second finger.

He was really fuzzy now. The drugs were making it hard to separate reality from his hallucinations. His sister had him writhing around under her ministrations. She now had two fingers buried in his ass; twisting inside him, filling him up, stretching his anus around her probing, thrusting digits.

The intensity of what he was feeling was overwhelming. The pressure of her fingers was concentrating on his prostate! He had never felt anything like it.

His unconscious mind was taking over, helped by the opiate high he was experiencing. He realized that his cock was throbbing, erect and harder than it had EVER been in his entire life. The exquisite torture of his sister’s invading fingers in his ass had brought him almost to the point of exploding.

As she continued preparing him for the nozzle, she realized that he had begun to thrust his ass up into the air; meeting her forceful probing, by rocking backward as if he wanted more. She slowly removed her fingers she, grasped the nozzle by its base and leaned forward. She looked into his eyes, the pupils now a pinprick as the drugs had taken hold.

“Baby, you’re ready now; just do what I tell you, and everything will be fine, just be a good boy for your little sister.”

She slowly positioned the bulbous pink head of the nozzle at his entrance. After her invasion and preparation of his ass, his anus was pink, smooth and shiny, slick with baby oil. She pressed the head of the nozzle firmly against his sphincter; he widened to accept this new intruder. She marveled at the sight before her; her brother’s virgin asshole spread before her, at her mercy to do with as she pleased.

He was fully in the grasp of his hallucinatory dreamscape now; nothing was real. He felt warm, happy and contented. his little sister was looking after him now and he would do anything she told him to, after all, she was a Doctor, and she loved him. He HAD to trust her.

He felt something MUCH bigger than her fingers nudging his rear portal, colder than her fingers had been. He sensed her pushing gently and felt his anus stretch to accommodate. She pushed a bit harder; he felt like he couldn’t take anymore. There was no way the nozzle was going to fit.; he momentarily started to panic, but his sister placed her hand in the small of his back as if to comfort him.

“Ok sweetie, I know this is difficult, but you HAVE to relax, you need to help your little sister to help you.”

One final thrust and she watched his asshole flare over the monstrous head of the pink nozzle.

His eyes flew open; his pupils widened. The momentary flash of pain caused him to inhale sharply; he thought his anus would tear, but once the bulbous tip was inside him, the discomfort was gone, replaced with a feeling of calm.

She watched the head of the nozzle disappear inside his ass. It was almost as if it had been greedily “sucked” inside him. He was gasping and moaning now, his head cradled in the crook of his elbow, his eyes hidden from her gaze.

She gently started to thrust the pink nozzle inside him. Only an inch or two at first, slowly in and out, twisting it as she penetrated him, then more. Eventually, she watched herself fucking him deeply with the implement.

“Oh, my!” she thought. The sight of her beloved brother kneeling before her, his body shaking with the intensity of the experience, his beautiful ass, hers for the taking; she was incredibly turned on. Her pussy wet, her clit hard, rubbing against the silk of her La Perla underwear, she was overcome with the need to touch his now fully erect cock.

“First things first though, she reasoned.” She stopped the pistoning motion of the nozzle in his ass and slowly turned the valve on the enema equipment. The mixture in the bag slowly started to fill him.

He didn’t know if he was dreaming or not, all he knew was that the sensations coming from his anus as his sister was “positioning” the nozzle were too much for him to bear. When the mixture of water and the mysterious white powder started flowing into his bowels, he felt an incredible surge of pressure. The feelings of extreme pleasure he had been experiencing from his sister’s anal intrusion, were replaced with warmth and fullness as more fluid filled him up. Soon he felt full, and he was uncomfortably positioned bent over on the floor like this.

“PLEASE Sis, no more. I can’t take it!!” he groaned.

“Stop being a baby; this will get everything moving again and clean you out. when it’s over, you will be thanking me.”

She reached over and closed the valve.

“Ok, sweetie, I want you to get up and sit on the edge of the bathtub. You HAVE to hold it all in for 5 minutes for it to work.”

Keeping it all inside was killing him. He started trembling and sweating profusely with the effort it took. It might have been the longest 5 minutes of his life.

“NOW you can sit on the toilet and let nature take its course,” she told him.

“I can’t go with you watching me Sis. you have to leave the room.”

“Don’t be a silly boy. I have to monitor you to see if the treatment is working, it’s perfectly normal for a Doctor to observe their patients.”

Sitting there, naked, with a huge erection in front of his sister was just too much, his increasingly fuzzy thought processes were suddenly cast aside by the unstoppable urge to “GO” and so, in front of his gorgeous 28 -year-old sister he proceeded to “cleanse” his insides. All the while she held his hand and comforted him.

He staggered to his feet.

“I’m back off to bed,” he declared; “that’s enough for me.”

“Oh no, you don’t” she fired back at him, “I need to administer one more treatment to be sure you’ll be ok. Come on, back on the ground.”

Wearily he got back down. The combination of his fever and the drugs were making him weak, and he didn’t have the strength to argue with her.

She applied another coating of baby oil to the nozzle and started to re-insert it.

“You know,” she told herself, “he DEFINITELY has a cute little bottom; even if he weren’t ill, I would still have found a way to do this to him.” A small giggle escaped her lips as she watched his pink anus expand around the head of the probe once more.

Suddenly she realized that her little ruse with him had gone further than she had intended. This was more than just an innocent game she was playing; she knew that more than anything else, she wanted him. She needed to love him with her whole heart AND her body; she would MAKE him love her back. That way she could finally have her brother all to herself. She would make him forget ALL those other girls he had dated, the ones she had been so jealous of when she watched him making out with them. She wanted to bring him pleasure like he had never felt before, THEN he would never want those other Women!

She worked the nozzle more purposefully now, thrusting it into him. Starting all the way from the thick head which opened up his pink rosebud ’till it could stretch no more, all the way down until the full length of the nozzle’s shaft was buried deep inside him. On each stroke, she made sure the head brushed his prostate, caressing it as it forced its way through him.

In a fog of opiates and exquisite pleasure, he didn’t know what to think. He DID know that it was wrong, SO wrong for him to be feeling this way about his baby sister, but the pleasure he was feeling was undeniably the most intense of his entire life. The feeling of her pumping his ass with the nozzle and the stimulation of his prostate was causing his huge erection to pulse in rhythm with her actions.

He was inflamed by the sensations he was feeling. Abandoning his moral dilemma regarding his emotions towards what his sister was doing to him, the only thing he wanted was release; he NEEDED to come. His cock, swollen and purple, the head fully free of his foreskin was near to bursting. He wanted, craved his sister’s touch now; he would do ANYTHING to release his impending orgasm.

As she continued her erotic manipulations of the nozzle inside him, she couldn’t take her eyes off his engorged member! It was huge and throbbing now; hanging down between his legs, his testicles growing larger it seemed with every thrust of the probe inside him.

Carefully she applied some baby oil to her left hand and slowly grasped his straining cock, encircling it and his balls in her hand. Slowly she started to pump her hand up and down the shaft; he was facing away from her, and she was pulling his cock and balls back, in the opposite direction from usual. By holding both his cock AND his balls in her hand, she could pull both parts of him towards her in a milking type motion.

He felt her soft hand encase his hardness; her hand pulling his member backward, a sensation that ran against everything he had ever felt before; she also had his balls captive in her slippery grasp.

The sensation of his rigid cock being pulled backward and his balls being lightly squeezed, together with her pumping his shaft caused him to go over the edge. His orgasm hit him harder than any before. Massive ribbons of his white semen erupted from the head of his cock. The nozzle in his ass filling him, his anus spasmed, clamping down on the still moving shaft so deep inside him. Every fiber of him surrendered to the incredible power of his orgasm at the hands of his dear little sister. Suddenly everything went black.

“Oh, my GOD!! I’ve killed the poor Man,” she thought as her brother’s body slumped to the floor. His cock still twitching from his massive orgasm, she felt for a pulse and realized he was fine. He had not been able to deal with such intensity and had passed out due to weakness from his illness.

She lovingly cleaned his limp body with a warm washcloth. She lingered over his beautiful cock, cleaning it thoroughly, paying extra attention to the head; pulling his foreskin down so she could clean underneath. She gently wiped between his ass cheeks with tenderness.

She managed to get him back over to the bed and cover him with the duvet and softly kissed his fevered brow, then again gently on his lips.

The next day he woke at noon. his body was sore, his mind woozy. He still felt terrible. The events of the previous evening were a mystery to him. He did remember, however, having some incredibly strange and powerful dreams. In remembering them, he started to blush profusely.

“OH. NO!” he thought to himself, “I can’t believe that I could even THINK like that about my little sister, let alone have dreams THAT sick!” His only consolation was that he could blame it on his illness and the hallucinogenic drugs that his sister the Doctor had given him.

She walked into the bedroom with slight trepidation. Would he remember ANYTHING from the previous night, she wondered? The white powder she had mixed into his enema solution had contained a powerful drug that usually wiped clean, the memories of those exposed to it. It was the same drug given to people who underwent surgery so they would have no memory of any pain they might feel while under the knife.

“Good morning my favorite brother, how are you feeling today?”

“Like I was kicked by a horse. I have a few aches and pains, and I can’t remember anything from yesterday, but it seems that your treatment worked for my “blockage” problem; thanks so much Sis, I should listen to your advice more often.”

She reached his bedside and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, but missed her target and got him dead on the lips. Unaffected by her slight “mistake” she held the kiss for a couple of seconds and then drew back.

“He’s BLUSHING,” she thought to herself. “how cute is THAT!” “he’d be doing a lot more than blushing if he could remember anything from last night” she silently reminded herself.


For the rest of that day, she cooked a couple of hearty meals for them, made sure he got his electrolytes, and they talked. They talked A LOT!!

Comparing notes from their time together as children, remembering the fun they had when he, as her older brother had taken her to the Zoo, or for Ice cream.; pleasant memories for both of them. He napped in the sunlight that streamed through the window as she watched him.

She contemplated his face. Rugged, not a pretty boy, but handsome in a Manly way she liked. All her feelings for him came flooding back to her. The behavior from the previous evening, rather than embarrassing or shaming her, made her feel in control of her emotions for the first time in her life.

All those Men she had dated and fucked. NONE of them could compare to HER brother. She realized that her feelings for him were intensifying to the point of obsession. She had to find a way for them to be together forever. That was the only way.

“Wake up sweetness, time for your treatment.”

“What treatment?” he asked her. “I thought we were done, finished, everything is working now!”

“Not yet my darling; you still need further treatment to KEEP everything working… you don’t want a relapse now, do you? Here, take these pills with some water, and I’ll be back in an hour, just relax.”

She wasn’t sure what she was going to do yet, she just needed to feel his body against hers, his lovely cock inside her, her skin needed his touch. Deep down inside, she knew this was terribly wrong, especially the fact that she was drugging her brother and doing unspeakable things to him against his will, but God damn it, she needed this, and now she’d had a taste of what COULD be, she wanted more.

An hour later, she gently roused him from his sleep.

“Baby, wake up; it’s time for your next treatment. Take my arm and follow me.”

She hoped she had not given him too big a dose of the drug; that would ruin the fun. Too little would be bad as well; he could remember what had happened if she had given him too small a dose.

She led him back to the bathroom and had him assume the position from the previous night.

“Damn. I’m dreaming again” he thought. “It’s the same exact dream from last night.” He was lying on the bathroom floor in exactly the same spot as before, naked as before and very woozy again.

She had everything prepared as previously, but this time had added some Vicodin into the solution, to keep him off balance and in a dream state.

Reaching into her Doctor’s bag, she pulled out another nozzle. This one was thicker, a full 2″ in diameter, with an even bigger head on it. It had a big opening in the tip to allow the flow of liquid to be faster. She would enjoy the sight of this monster embedded in his cute butt.

He was barely coherent, and his thoughts were scrambled. He felt the warmth of his sister’s fingers penetrate him. It seemed like it was more difficult this time; his consciousness floated about, disconnected from his intellect, he was reduced to a state of higher emotional and physical awareness. Waves of opiate induce bliss flooded his body.

“Am I dreaming” he wondered, “or is this real?”

She had worked three fingers into him now. his glistening pink ring grasping her slippery fingers as she deliciously felt him accepting more of her into his body. “I think he’s ready” she muttered to herself. The new nozzle was ready, poised to impale him. She pressed it gently to his rosebud, it opened, spreading, trying to accept this new invasion.

She gently twisted the toy to ease it inside him; more pressure, a bit more and suddenly it slipped inside him his anus expanding rapidly around the monster head, then closing around the shaft as the head slid inside him.

Slowly at first, she introduced more of it into him, gently, lovingly; she watched with fascination as it slid in and out of him, his asshole expanding and contracting around it. His cock was swollen to its maximum; near bursting with its hardness. Again she grasped it and started to glide her silky hand up and down the veined shaft and throbbing purple head.

He was waking up it seemed to him. He was less sleepy and coming back to reality; only it COULDN’T be a reality. Reality didn’t consist of his gorgeous young sister fucking him in the ass while pumping his cock, could it???? He tried to focus his eyes on the wall of the bathroom and say something, but all that came out was a whimpering groan.

She stopped for a second, wondering if he was waking up too soon. He was making a noise, but otherwise still seemed subdued.

Her face was just inches away from her brother’s hard, purple cock; she wanted to taste it. She rolled him over onto his back, the enema dildo still deep in his ass. Grasping his shaft with her oiled hand, slowly pulling down on it, watching his foreskin glide down and over the head; she lowered her head and gently licked him, swirling the tip of her tongue over the massively swollen helmet. She loved the feel of his hot hardness in her mouth, the slightly salty taste. She ran the tip of her tongue over the sensitive opening on the top of his cock, wishing somehow that she could penetrate deeper into him with her tongue.

Alternately she sucked, licked and gently bit the sensitive glans and head, all the while pumping her hand up and down the oiled shaft. Gently she reached down between his butt cheeks and slowly withdrew the nozzle; she wanted to FEEL him, invade his body with her body. Placing her fingers at his anal entrance, she slowly slid three fingers into his asshole.

He was relaxed enough so that his anus accepted her teasing fingers. Gripping them so hard she thought they might snap. Her head now bobbed up and down as she tried to take his whole cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him into an even harder state of arousal; her fingers feeling for his prostate and massaging him from the inside. After a couple of minutes, she felt his prostate harden, a sign that he was about to come. She stopped.

The more he regained his wits, the more confused he became. He was in an ecstatic trance, consumed by a level of pleasure that he had never imagined was possible. His cock was surrounded by a warm, wet vacuum, punctuated by nibbles of pain/pleasure that felt like little bites on the head of his cock. His anus was full of something warm, delicious and slick.

Full, stretched and utterly subsumed by pleasure, he felt something inside him start to spasm; his prostate was swelling with pre-cum, and then it stopped.

She ripped off her clothes, standing naked, sweating, breathing heavily. Her pussy was dripping wet, her clitoris hard and proudly erect, her hood drawn back, her bud painfully exposed. He was lying on his back, cock standing straight up and swollen. She wanted him inside her.

“The ultimate taboo,” she thought. “I am going to fuck my own BROTHER!” Somehow this thought excited her even more.

Lowering herself, she grasped his cock with her right hand and guided it into her pink wetness. It had been so long since she had felt anything inside her other than an artificial rubber dildo, that the warmth of his rigid flesh shocked her. Slowly she eased herself down onto her brother’s cock; he could feel it stretching her, inside her womb; her own flesh and blood!!

Finally, she felt loved! Her hips began to grind; she wanted to come so badly. Rubbing her hard little clit off his pubic bone, thrusting herself down, impaling herself on her beloved brother’s straining cock.

“Ok, this is most DEFINITELY, NOT a dream,” he said to himself, “what the fuck is going on?” He could feel the weight of her warm, smooth body on his, her gorgeous breasts mashed into his chest, her hair sweeping across his face. He could feel her velvety wet pussy milking his cock; her inner muscles beginning to tighten around him as her orgasm drew closer.

He tried to move his arms and found that they reacted to his commands; quickly, he raised both arms and wrapped them around his sister’s body.

“What the hell is going on Sis,” “what are you doing to me, you disgust me. GET OFF me now!!”

She was so involved in her impending orgasm that she had failed to notice his movements underneath her. Now he was awake and had her in a viselike grip; yelling at her, telling her she was sick, a pervert. She burst into tears, slumping onto his chest and wailing.

“I love you, even as a girl, I always had sexual feelings for you, I went to bed every night dreaming about you, wanting you to pay attention to me, to love me, hold me. You never did. All I ever wanted from you was for you to love me and you didn’t even know I existed.”

Her salty tears fell onto his face; he could taste them. He realized that she was right. He had seen her spying on him when she was younger. When he was in the shower that day, he had purposely lavished extra attention on his cock, knowing that she was watching. When he crept past her bedroom soon after, he had heard the unmistakable sounds of her coming, squealing as her orgasm took her. This WAS his fault as well as hers.

Slowly he brushed back her hair to look in her eyes; his cock still hard, was inside her as he talked to her.

“Sis, I don’t blame you. I led you on, and this is what ended up happening. I love you and always have. When you were younger, I stayed distant from you because I was afraid of what might happen if I got any closer. The way you looked at me, and my feelings for you frightened me.”

He reached up and pulled her head down to his, forcefully kissing her lips, parting them with his tongue, hers meeting his. He began to thrust his hips upwards, plunging his massively swollen cock into his dear sister’s wet pussy. ; he mouths stayed locked together greedily sucking, kissing biting. he rolled them over and was above her, he grabbed her arms and forced them above her head.

She could feel the power in his body now, his thrusts deep and long; her pussy begging for more of him, his cock a hot muscle inside her soft wetness. She could feel her spinal muscles, and her womb start to contract as she was ready to come. Quickly, he withdrew and turned her over; grabbing the bottle of baby oil, he massaged a copious amount onto the head of his cock.

“Payback’s a bitch you dirty little girl,” he said to her, grinning from ear to ear. She knew what she wanted now. Thrusting her gorgeous bottom into the air, she offered herself to his raging hardness. She felt his engorged head position itself at the entrance to her anus; he gently pressed his oiled cockhead against the tight pink ring and pushed.

She moaned and bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as his massive member entered her; her ring stretched around the shaft of his cock. Reaching back she pulled his hips into her so he would be fully embedded inside her tight hot ass; the feeling of being stretched and filled with her darling brother’s cock made her heart sing. She reached back and inserted a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy, her thumb on her clit. As her brother fucked her ass, she came as she had never come before. Head thrown back, she wailed with pleasure, thrusting back to meet her brother’s cock, her ass pulsing around his cock. He came simultaneously; his cock spewing massive amounts of sperm deep into her bowels, she could feel it inside her, his cock expanding and contracting, pulsing as he came inside her ass over and over again.

She threw her head back and screamed as another wave of electric pleasure radiated from her asshole; his cock continuing to fuck her tight hole mercilessly.

They were quiet for a while; looking at each other, embarrassed yet excited with the knowledge of what they had done.

He spoke first.

“Who would have thought that my baby sister would turn out to be such a fucking PERVERT! And so damn gorgeous as well. We’re going to have to make sure that this stays between us my love, I don’t think our friends would understand.”

“Whatever you say DARLING brother!! now will you please get hard enough to fuck me again??”

With a smile she looked back at him, arching her butt into the air and presenting her asshole to him, still leaking with his warm cum.

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