I found my sister stripping

by Dark_Brother

This is my first story. Please lemme know what you think, good & bad

A pounding noise reverberates through the room, waking me from pleasant dreams. Opening my eyes, wondering who might be at the door, I realized that the pounding was coming from within my own skull, and I groan. Apparently I wasn’t alone, because my groan was echoed by other voices.

In shock, I look around and find three other women in my bed, one of them is… This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and oblivion takes me.

* * *

I had just turned 18 a week ago, and my friends finally convinced me to go to a strip joint in the next town over. I had agreed, mostly just to get them to quit pestering me. I mean, why should I go to a strip club and see a bunch of naked women that are out of my league, when I can just surf the web for porn and see a lot more action? You might argue that seeing tits in person is better than digitally, but I have to admit I am rather shy.

We arrive at the club, one of the few that will let in those under 21, but I have to wear a red band on my wrist to denote the fact that I am too young to drink. The place is pretty hopping with a cute brunette on the stage collecting her tips from her last dance. We end up having to take seats towards the back, but are still able to see the stage pretty well.

“Next up is Amber,” comes the announcer’s voice. “Amber. Amber please take the stage.”

A smoking hot red-head comes out in a school girl outfit, and begins to groove to the music. She moves her hips to the music provocatively, and turns her back to us before bending over. She runs her hand slowly up her inner thigh as she stands upright. Turning back to the audience, I am surprised to see that she has undone the knot holding her shirt on, and she soon shrugs it off. I am intrigued with how well she moves, and wonder how good she would be in bed. Despite these thoughts, I realize that I am not even hard. If I had been watching porn, I know I would have been at my full 8 inches, but there is just something about only watching a woman dance that doesn’t turn me on.

The dance had continued while I’d been lost in thought, and I realize that Amber, or whatever her real name is, is down to just her panties. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that her nipples are pierced. I love pierced nipples! This time my cock truly does begin to stir, and I watch with more interest. She takes one of the guys sitting at the stage, and lets him thread a dollar through one of the rings. She keeps tugging on her nipple rings, and her eyes glaze over every time she does. I am not too naive to think this might all just be an act, but it still turns me on all the same. Her panties come off, and I am just able to make out the glint of a clit piercing. This chick is kinky, & I like it!

The song ends too soon, and she is gone from the stage shortly after. I continue to watch other dancers, but none seem to compare to Amber.

I get my courage up, and pay for a private session with Amber. I had cleaned up big from my birthday, so had plenty of cash to blow.

She smiles sweetly asking for my name. “John,” I say, glad my voice didn’t squeak or stutter. Maybe I should describe myself. I am 6 foot 1 inch, with a slightly athletic build. I have brown hair and eyes, and a week’s worth of growth for a goatee since school got out right before my birthday. I have been told that I am ruggedly good looking, if only I weren’t too shy.

“John, hmmm. I like that name. I had a boyfriend named John once, and he was great in bed!” I can’t believe how open she is about her sex life, and just follow her silently.

When we enter the room she tells me the rules. She will stay on the other side of some plexi-glass, but will come around if I tip $20 or more. I am only allowed to touch were she directs my hands and nowhere else.

As she begins to dance, I quickly drop $20. I wanna touch this sexy woman. Her eyes light up seeing the bill I just laid out, and quickly steps around the plexi-glass.

“You must really like what you see to drop that much so quickly!” she tells me, and I look to the bill I put down in confusion. Oh crap! I think as I realized I had put down a $100 bill instead of a $20. I can’t take it back now without seeming like a real prick, so I just say the first thing that comes to my mind.

“You are by far the best one out there.” Corny, I know, but I’m just not good in social situations.

“Ah, thanks baby. Now you just sit right there and enjoy yourself.” She smiles as she places her small ass in my lap and begin to grind against my rapidly inflating tool. She grabs my hands and places them on her hips. “Mmm, is that really you in there? That feels huge!” I blush furiously, but she doesn’t notice as she is turned away from me. Her grinding is really beginning to get to me, and I start using my strength to grind her hips harder on me. A low moan escapes her lips, and she stands, stepping away from me. “Not yet, big man. I don’t want to end this dance too early.”

She pulls off a shiny red sequined top, and gyrates her hips some. I am able to see her panties under her very short skirt, and am surprised to see a slight wet spot. Was that from me or her? I don’t dare look down at my crotch to find out. How embarrassing.

She sits back down in my lap, this time facing me, and my hands immediately go back to her hips, the one place I know I am allowed to touch. Placing her hands behind my head, she pulls me down to her bra covered cleavage, and shakes her small tits against my cheeks. I can’t help myself, and actually start licking and kissing between her breasts. She tastes like peppermint.

She starts to slide her hips back and forth, really grinding against my pant covered groin. She grabs my wrists, and pulls my hands up along her back. “Undo my top,” she tells me, and without hesitation I begin fumbling at the clasp. After a few moments, she giggles. “Here, let me help you.” How does anyone get those things undone? Especially women who have to do it behind their backs?

My face feels like it is burning, but again, I don’t think she notices because it is buried in her cleavage. My hands roam up and down her back, as her bra falls between us. Without though, I immediately latch onto her right nipple, and taste the metal of the ring.

“Uh-uh. I didn’t say you could do that,” she admonishes as her hands go to the back of my head. Instead of pushing me away though, she pulls me in tighter. “Ooh, you’re good at that,” she croons breathily.

Her gyrations are really beginning to get to me, and I can feel my orgasm coming, when her fingers dig into my scalp, and she begins convulsing and thrashing in my lap. A loud wail escapes her lips, and I groan as my sperm flood my underwear.

We sit like that for a couple more moments, before she gets up, and surprises me with a passionate kiss to my lips. I gladly respond, and even begin to feel a stirring down below, when she brakes it off. “Wow! I haven’t had that happen in a long time,” she tells me. I believe her until we get back out to the main floor and I remember where I am and what she is. Still I am in a rather good mood.

My buddy, Rob, is the first to see me, and he rushes to me, a dreadfully serious look on his face. “We have to go, and we have to go now.”

“What? Why? Where is everyone?” I look around, but can’t see any of the other guys we came out here with.

“They’re waiting in the car. come on, let’s go!”

“Up next is Geo. Geo, please take the stage.”

I get distracted by that name. I know that name…

Rob groans, and I look back to him. “We have to go, NOW!” he practically screams, but it is too late. I see her.

“What the–?” I trail off. Getting on stage is a 5’5″ inch strawberry blonde bombshell. She has her bellybutton pierced, and as she turns around, I see some tribal tramp stamp on her back. Even though I can’t see her eyes at this distance, I know that they are a striking shade of green.

“I’m sorry, man. We were trying to get you out of here, before she came back up on stage. Apparently she was in a long private dance while you were out here earlier.” Rob continues to drone on, but I am distracted by the fact that my sister is on the stage stripping.

I haven’t seen my sister for almost a year. Her and my parents got into a huge fight when she got that tattoo and she left. The only time we had heard from her, was when she sent me a birthday card with $100 in it. Probably the hundred I just gave Amber.

And now here she was, dropping her top for all to see. I was mesmerized. I had always known my sister was hot, but had never really considered her in a sexual way till now.

“Come on, man. This night is blown.” Rob is still trying to get me out of here, but my feet are rooted, and won’t budge. “Everyone is waiting.”

“Sorry, man. I haven’t seen my sister in more than a year. I have to talk to her. You go on without me. I’ll take a cab if I can’t talk her into giving me a ride.”

“Are you sure?” Rob gives me a strange look, but I convince him to go.

By the time I get seated again, her dance is over. She begins to wind her way through the crowd, then stops as she spies me. I smile at her, but there is only fear in her beautiful green eyes.

She rushes up to me, and demands, “What are you doing here? Do mom and dad know you are here?”

“No, they don’t know I’m here! Mom would faint is she found out, and dad would kill me! You know how religious they are. What are YOU doing here?”

“I… I work here. It pays the bills and school.”

One of the bouncers walks up to us, “Is everything alright, Geo?” The man is huge, and I have no doubt could kick my ass without breaking a sweat.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Everything is fine, Brent. We were just discussing a private dance.”

My sister, Jazmine Geo (Everyone pronounces it Jazmine Joe, but I always called her Geo) pulls me back into one of the private rooms. I’m somewhat embarrassed to realize it is the same one Amber and I had been in.

“I’m sorry, John. We are not allowed to just stand around and talk. Back here we can talk. There is only one problem.” She points to a camera in the corner I hadn’t noticed earlier. My face went flame red as I remembered what I had been doing in this room not that long ago, and now I knew it had all been caught on tape.

Geo must have misunderstood my reaction. “I know, it’s not what I would prefer either, but I am going to have to perform in here. We can talk while I do. You can’t tell our parents!”

As she says this, she gets behind the divider, and begins to sway and move to the music that is coming from the overhead speakers.

“The cameras can’t hear us?” I ask.

“No, they are for video only. We have some high ranking people come through, and they don’t want their conversations taped.” I decide not to point out the obvious incongruity of them being okay with being seen but not heard. “Look, are you going to tell them or not?”

My sister had stopped dancing as she asked me again. Thinking fast, I pulled out a twenty, and verifying it was a twenty this time, laid it out. “You’d better keep dancing so they don’t suspect,” I said, indicating the camera.

She looked at the money lying in front of her and glared at me. “You realize that means I have to come around now, right?”

Oh, shit! I hadn’t thought of that. I had only intended to keep up the ruse that this was a normal private session. I just shrug, and drop my head. What can I say?

Geo steps around the plexi glass, and placing her hand just under my chin, lifts my face to look at hers. “Put your hands only where I place them, understand?”

I just nod in embarrassment. She closes her eyes, and begin to really sway and move to the music. The way her hips move, and how she moves her hands along her body probably would have had me hard in no time despite her being my sister, if it hadn’t been for my earlier session in this room with Amber.

Watching her was forming a lump in my throat, and I had to clear it. Geo opened her eyes, and after grimacing at the camera, came over and straddled me on the couch. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” She whispers in my ear. I try to stammer that I hadn’t meant my throat clearing for this, but my throat locks up as she begins to move her hips, and I immediately begin to get hard. “Why won’t you answer me, if you are going to tell our parents or not?”

The combination of her movements, and whispering in my ear are starting to have a profound effect on me, but I still can’t speak. My sister is seriously turning me on, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. What kind of sick pervert am I?

She reaches behind her and I feel her top fall between us. She stands and turns away, before unzipping the side of her skirt, and letting it fall to the floor, leaving her only in her panties. Turning back around, she is covering her breasts with her hands, but my eyes are riveted to a dark spot on her panties. Apparently I’m not the only one enjoying this. Before I can think better of it, the words escape my mouth. “Why don’t we see if you can convince me not to tell?”

The glare returned to her eyes for only a moment, before turning into a wicked grin. “Deal! But you have to promise to tell no one!”

I can only nod my head. Geo walks back over to me, then turns around and sits in my lap. My hands want to wrap around her, but I remember the rules, and keep them to my sides. Her left hand reaches back behind my neck, as her right grabs mine. Her back is plastered to me as she sways and moves. She brings my hand to her hip, and then slowly starts to drag it up her body. My hand reaches her breast, and there she leaves it. I moan as I begin to fondle her breast and pinch her nipple. She gasps, and turns her head while using her other had to draw my neck closer to her. She begins to bite and nibble as she moves.

Figuring that since she moved my right hand along her side, my left could be in the same places, I move it to her thigh and begin to squeeze. My right hand moves to her other breast, and I begin to pinch and twist that nipple. She gasps loudly, and grabs my hand, almost ripping it off as she moves it to her panty covered pussy. I can feel her protruding lips through the cloth, and quickly figure out where her clit is. She moans, and begins to grind herself against my hands as I play with her. Her head leans forward, and I can’t help but take advantage of her available neck. I hunch forward, as I kiss and nibble the back of her soft neck. She too tastes like peppermint, and I wonder if all the girls here use the same body spray.

Her panties are getting annoying, and without asking for permission, I pull them to the side, and begin to finger her soaking wet pussy. A scream resounds in the room as she cums on my finger. When she finally calms down, she grabs my wet hand and brings it to her mouth, slowly licking it clean. This sends me over the edge, and for the second time that night, I came in my pants.

Geo’s head rests on my shoulder, then she quickly turns and gives me a peck on the cheek. “So, little brother, do we have an agreement? No telling our parents?”

I gave her breast one more squeeze before saying, “I won’t tell. But I have a favor to ask?”

“Absolutely not! What we did was bad enough, but I will not go THERE with my own brother!” I stare at her confused as she gets up and begins dressing. It takes me a moment to figure out what she is talking about.

“Whoa, wait. I didn’t mean sex! I need a ride home. My friends left, and I’d rather not take a cab that far. If you don’t want to, I understand, but…”

“Well, how cute. What happened to the man who demanded I convince him a moment ago? He was replaced by this cute little boy.” She smiles and plays with the small growth on my chin.

Anger rises at her attitude, and I say, “Okay, you will give me a ride when you get off, or else.”

A smile splits her face as she responds, “Or else what, dear brother? You already agreed not to tell our parents?” She arches an eyebrow at me, and I fear I have gone too far. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll give you a ride when I get off. I carpooled here with Amber and Dixie, but after we drop them off, I’ll take you.”

I spent the rest of the evening sitting in the back of the main room, watching the dancers. I found out Dixie was the bartender. She was a cute petite brunette, and I wondered why she didn’t dance. I found out on the ride to my sister’s place. Apparently the three women shared rent together in a nice four bedroom condo.

“I have to be working there for a couple months, before they will let me dance. Also, I don’t think I’m good enough yet.”

“Don’t listen to her.” Amber piped up from the front seat. “She’s almost as good as Geo here, and better than me. She just needs to be more comfortable with herself.”

Dixie blushed beside me, and of course, my shyness kicked in, and I didn’t know what to say.

We arrived at my sister’s place, and I jumped into the front seat, expecting my sister to take me home.

“Oh, you’re not coming up for drinks?” Dixie asked.

“He’s too young,” my sister answered for me.

“So?” Amber shot back, and before anything else could be said, I jumped out, and started following the two beautiful women to the place. my sister bringing up the rear.

Walking into my sister’s place was a bit of a shock. They were setup pretty nice. With a large flat screen tv on the wall, plush couches, glass tables, the works. I couldn’t imagine what rent must be like, even split among the three of them.

“What do you want to drink?” Amber asked from the kitchen.

“Nothing too strong for him, he’s just a kid.” Geo said right behind me.

“You didn’t think I was such a little kid a little while ago,” I whisper back at her, a little miffed that she keeps trying to make decisions for me.

Whatever she was about to say in return she cut off as Amber walked in with a few drinks. “This one is for you,” she said with a wink, before handing Geo hers.

“Where’s mine?” Dixie asked as she came out of her room. My jaw nearly hit the floor. She had changed into a spaghetti strap pink top, without a bra, and her belly was showing. She had on matching pink pajama bottoms.

“Yours is still in the kitchen. I only have two hands.” While Dixie went to go get her drink, Amber and my sister walked back to their respective rooms.

Dixie invited me to sit next to her on the couch, and I quickly obliged.

“So, are you going to drink that, or just hold it all night?” Dixie smirked.

I had completely forgotten about the drink in my hand. I quickly took a gulp. I began to splutter as it hit the back of my throat and burned. The taste had been sweet, but the aftereffects not so much.

“Now, now. Don’t waste any of it!” Dixie admonished. She grabbed a handkerchief and began patting me down. I jumped when she started patting my crotch, but she just smiled at me, and kept going.

“What do you think you are doing to my brother, Dixie?”

“He made a mess, and I was taking care of it.”

I about made another mess as I saw my sister and Amber. Amber had on a very tight, almost see-thru top and lacy bra that left nothing to the imagination. She had on tight daisy duke pajama bottoms, and nothing more. My sister was completely opposite, wearing a loose fitting v-neck sweater, and sweat pants. Despite wearing the most clothes, she was somehow the most alluring.

“If you take care of it too much more, you’re going to have another mess to clean up,” Amber retorted.

“So John, Jaz told me you just graduated. What do you plan on doing now?” We talked for awhile about school, and I found out that Dixie was studying to be a nurse, Amber wanted to be an accountant, and Geo hadn’t made up her mind yet, only taking generals. I had a couple more drinks, and was really beginning to feel a nice buzz, when Geo pulled out a blunt and to my surprise, lit it and started taking hits off of it.

“What are you doing, Geo?” I nearly screamed. “That stuff will kill you!”

For some reason this made her laugh. “Calm down little brother. The only way this is going to kill me is if you tell our parents, or if I try to drive. I don’t plan on driving anywhere anymore, so relax.”

“What about taking me home?” I demanded.

“It’s three in the morning. I’ll take you home when we get up. You can sleep in the spare room.”

This mollified me somewhat, and I began to relax. Geo passed the blunt around, and when it came to me, I broke down to everyone’s pressure, and took a puff. I began coughing immediately, and the three women laughed even more.

I passed the blunt back to Geo, and asked, “So you must make good money, dancing.”

“It’s called stripping, John,” Amber said matter-of-factly, “and your sister is the best in three counties. Dixie, here is really good too.”

“Oh, yeah?” I said, really comfortable with everything going on. “I’d like to see that.”

Dixie tried to argue that she wasn’t that good, but Amber was already up and starting some music. Dixie reluctantly got up and started swaying and moving to the music, removing her clothing. She had slightly bigger breasts than Amber, but smaller than my sister’s. Her pussy was clean shaven, except for a landing strip. When she was done, I complimented her, and told her she really was good. To my surprise, she remained naked, and just sat back down next to me.

“Your sister is the real treat to watch,” Dixie said, still blushing from her dance.

“That’s right! You’ve had a dance from two of us, but haven’t really seen Jaz go, have you John?” I about said that I had indeed seen her, but at the look she gave me, I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about what happened earlier.

“Umm, n-no, I haven’t.” I stammered out lamely.

“He is so cute, Jaz. Why have you been hiding him from us all this time?” My sister just shook her head, and took another hit off the joint. “Okay, Jaz, your turn. Show him why you are the best.”

“I don’t know.” Geo replied, and I felt a bit of a letdown. Sure she is my sister, but I had really enjoyed our previous session, and even though I knew nothing would happen with her friends here, i couldn’t help thinking…

“Go on!” Dixie announced. “We are all friends here. No one is going to tell that you gave a lap dance to your brother.”

I could have kissed Dixie right then, but settled for squeezing her leg. When I tried to pull my hand away, she grabbed it, and put it back, just above the knee.

“Oh, fine! Little brother, are you ready to have your mind blown?” She quickly downed her drink, and took a huge hit off the joint, before getting up and stating her dance.

Her dance was similar to what she had done before, gyrating, and moving her hands all over her body. Dixie kept squeezing my hand, and I relaxed, allowing my hand to ride up her leg a little bit. But the time the first song was over, Geo was completely naked, and I could see that she was clean shaven.

Dixie passed the joint to me, and I took another hit, holding it in better. Another song started, and instead of sitting down, my sexy sister started to dance some more. Whether it was from the alcohol and drugs, or the fact that there were two naked women in the room (one of which I was touching), I was starting to get really horny. I glanced at Dixie, and noticed that she was playing with her right breast. A quick look to Amber showed she was getting in the mood too, as her hands lightly roamed all over her body.

“Watch your sister, not us,” Dixie whispered in my ear, startling me as her lips brushed my cheek.

I looked back to my sister to see that she was squeezing one breast in time to the music, and she was moving her pussy against her hand. My sister was masturbating in front of me!

A gasp on my right brought my attention back to Dixie, and I realized I was playing with her pussy. When did that happen? Seeing that she didn’t seem tom mind, I went back to watching Geo. She now had one finger buried deep in her pussy, and rolling one nipple between her fingers. Her eyes were open, and staring straight at me. There was an undeniable hunger in them, as she licked her lips. I glanced over to Amber and almost giggled as I noticed she had both hands down her pants. Suddenly she stood up, and removed all her clothing, and then went back to playing with herself.

I looked back to my sister, and saw that she was staring at the obvious bulge in my pants. She took a couple steps towards me, and the music stopped, seeming to break the spell we were under. Dixie moved my hand away from her crotch, cleaned my fingers with her lips, then set my hand back on her thigh. “Thank you,” she whispered. Geo came back over and sat on the other side on me.

Only Amber kept going. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, OOOH, I’M CUMMING!” she screamed, and collapsed back into her chair.

“See, we told you your sister was good,” Dixie said.

“My only question,” piped up Amber as she opened her eyes, “is why are we all naked, and you still fully dressed, John?”

“Well, I… Uh…” I stammered, then was tacked by all three women, and summarily stripped.

Geo was the one to get my pants off. As soon as my cock sprang free, she nearly screamed. “Oh, fuck! Is that what you were hiding in there earlier? It’s huge!”

“What do you mean, ‘Earlier’?” Amber asked, a sneaky suspicion in her eyes.

“Um, I don’t know what you mean?” Geo replied, unconvincingly.

“What really happened in that private room between you two?” Amber wasn’t going to give this up.

“I danced for him, as we talked about him not telling our parents is all. Like you said. I’m good, and he must have reacted to my skills. Nothing more!” This time she sounded more convincing.

“I doubt that. When I danced for him, he didn’t start getting hard till I touched him… Hmm.” The joint was passed to Amber, and she seemed to forget about her line of questioning. “You really are well equipped, John. Me and your sister have been working on a dance together. Do you want to see?”

“No!” My sister nearly yelled, startling us. “You know how I get after that number.” For some reason she glanced over at me.

“Yes I do, and I don’t think we will let anything happen that isn’t wanted. Here, take another hit.”

Geo took another hit, while Amber changed the music. This time it was a slow song, and the two beautiful women began to slowly dance towards each other. As they came together, my sister turned her back to Amber and sensuously slid along her body. Amber’s hands lightly caressed Geo’s body, and I could see goose bumps forming.

“I can tell you like watching them,” a whisper sounded at my ear. “I wonder if it is Amber, or Jaz that turns you on more?” I turned to answer, but whatever I was about to say flew from my head as Dixie’s lips met mine, and her hand found my turgid cock.

I kissed her back with passion, as her hand gripped me. She broke the kiss with a gasp, saying, “I need to breath. Oh my!”

I turned to see what the exclamation was about.

Holy shit! Amber had her head between my sister’s legs and was eagerly munching her box. I don’t know if this was part of the act, or not, but I nearly shot my load into Dixie’s strangling grip. Once again, my sister’s eyes were locked on my cock, licking her lips.

“They don’t usually do that, unless they are really turned on.” I felt a nibble on my ear, but I couldn’t turn my head away from what was happening on the floor. I did slide my hand up, and began playing with Dixie’s sopping wet pussy. “Guess I won’t be getting many more kisses while they’re doing that.”

I barely heard what Dixie said, but when her hand was replaced by a warm wetness, I quickly paid more attention. I was getting my first blowjob! And my sister was watching. This was all too much for me, and I began shooting my load down Dixie’s throat. She did her best to take it, but even after two others today, this one was mind blowing.

“Wow, that quick, huh? Normally I prefer a bit more warning, but I guess I did good.” Dixie smiled at me, and I smiled back, embarrassed. She had a small bit on her chin, but she found it and sucked it in.

Amber and my sister moved into a 69 position, and I realized that I owed Dixie. I returned to kissing her, and then began working my way down her neck, between her breasts, along her stomach, and finally reached her pussy. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, and I was on my knees on the floor. I had never gone down on a girl before, and her scent was intoxicating. Thinking about how this part of a woman is sometimes called her nether-lips, I decided to just start making out with her pussy. “Mmm, that feels nice, but you’re new to this, aren’t you?”

My face must have been beet red. “It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed. I’ll tell you what to do.” Dixie then began to give me instructions on how to move my tongue, where to apply pressure, where to suck, and even where to nibble. Pretty soon her hands were locked on the back of my head, and my mouth was getting flooded with her wonderful nectar.

By this point I was hard again, and thinking it was time for my first fuck, but she hadn’t let go of my head yet. Deciding that this wasn’t so bad for now, I continued tasting this beautiful woman. My cock was engulfed in another wet warmness, that I immediately recognized as a blowjob. Odd, how quickly that sensation is recognized. I tried to see who it was, but the hands on the back of my head refused to let up. Dixie came again, flooding my mouth, and I used the opportunity to pull away.

What I saw when I looked down, nearly made yelp. My beautiful sister–my wonderful older sister had her lips locked around my cock. She looked up at me, and with a pop, my cock left her mouth. “Sorry, little bro, but with a cock like yours, I just had to get a taste. Yum!” And with that she went back to sucking and licking me so vehemently, I began to wonder if she had become possessed. I groaned as I flopped back on the floor, and my sister stayed with me the whole time.

I looked up, and saw that Amber now had her head between Dixie’s legs, bringing her to yet another orgasm. Seeing this, a thought occurred to me. I sat up, and whispered in my sister’s ear. She grinned around my pole and quickly rotated her body around, and sat on my face.

I couldn’t believe it. My sister’s pussy was mere inches from my nose, and her lips were locked around my pecker. Growing up under the strictly religious supervision of our parents, I never would have imagined a night like this!

I lifted my head just a little bit, and touched the tip of my tongue to her clit. Her hips shot down, and I was thankful that we were on a carpeted floor, as my head hit it. I began to use every trick that Dixie had taught me. It took a little longer, but I soon tasted my first sister orgasm.

My sister got up, and I was disappointed for a moment, until I saw what she was going to do. “Sis, no! That’s incest! What we’ve done is bad enough, but we can’t do THAT!” I tried to protest, but I didn’t move as she slowly positioned herself over me.

She looked me in the eyes, and I was mesmerized. She began to rub the tip of my dick along her wet slit, and I couldn’t hold back a moan of purest pleasure. “Listen. I need dick, and I need it now.” As she talked she continued to rub me against her, slowly picking up the pace. “Now you are the only one here with what I need. If you don’t give it to me, I will go find someone who will. But I’ll be honest… The fact that it is your monster cock that is poised to split me has me a little more than turned on. If you tell me no, I’ll get up and walk away.” She stopped her movements, and locked eyes with me. “So what is it going to be?”

Without thinking, in fact, before I even had a chance for thought to enter my drugged and inebriated mind, my body acted. My hips thrust up, impaling my sister in on foul stroke. Part of my mind began screaming that this was a sin, but it was soon drowned out by my sister’s cries of passion and lust.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me little brother! Fuck me like only a man with your cock can fuck me! Fuck me like only a loving little brother can! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I reached my right hand down to where me and my sister were joined, and began to play with her clit. Her pussy clamped down on me, and this time I was the one yelling. “Fuck me, sister! Oh, I love the way your pussy feels. Fuck, me! I never knew it could feel this good! Oh, I am about to cum!”

“Yes! Cum in me little bro. Shoot your hot load deep into your sister. I want to feel your seed finding its way deep inside me.”

Hearing these words, the world went white as I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I was vaguely aware of my sister screaming that she was cumming too, before she collapsed on my chest.

“I’m so sorry,” I blurted, realizing what I’d done. “I should have pulled out. Now we’re going to have gross children, and be cast out everywhere we go.”

“Hey, calm down,” my sister whispered in my ear. “I’m on the pill.” And before I could say or think anything else, she kissed me long and hard. Only breaking the kiss long enough to look at me, and say, “My lover.”

The words reverberate through my head. What have I done? Not only did I just fuck my sister, but I came in her too! I felt so dirty, but thinking back, I don’t think I could have stopped myself. It just felt too good.

Geo moaned on top of me, and I felt it all the way to me flaccid cock, still in her. My sister rolled off me, and I saw Dixie getting between her legs and sucking my cum out of her.

“Mmm, your brother’s cum tastes soo good!” Dixie mewled.

A hand appeared before me, and I looked up to see Amber reaching down to me. I took her hand and stood, surprised when I got pulled into a deep kiss. Her hand dropped to my dick and started playing with it, and while it felt good, my little brain refused to respond.

Amber broke our kiss, and looked down disappointed. “Hmm, maybe we should give this guy a little break.”

“I’m sorry, I just–” She cuts me off by placing her fingers over my mouth.

“Come on. Let’s go get a drink.” I follow the redhead to the kitchen, where she pours me another drink. We sit in silence for a moment, the only noises we can hear are my sister cumming again for the umpteenth time.

I have no idea what to say, and my eyes lock on Amber’s pierced nipples. “Did that hurt to have it done?”

She looks down, then after placing her drink on the counter, she grabs both nipple rings, and begins to tug on them, distending her small breasts out a bit. The sight is quite erotic, and I feel a stirring down below, but still not enough to get me hard.

“Yeah, it hurt like hell, but was worth it. My nipples are super sensitive now. Sometimes I can get off just by playing with them.” She smiles at me for a moment, before asking, “So did I understand you correctly? You lost your virginity in there?”

I can only sheepishly nod my head. “And to your sister too. That’s kind of sick, but kinky too.” She must have seen the look on my face, as she quickly continued, “Don’t worry, cutie. I don’t judge. And with a cock as big as yours, I can see why she chose to do it. Your sister is pretty damn hot too. I wish I had a brother like you!”

Shocked by her words, I looked up into her eyes, and believed her. There was not a shred of deceit in them. “Thank you,” was all I could manage to say.

“Awe, you are just too cute!” Before I knew what was happening, she had my back up against the cold fridge and was kissing me passionately. My hands began to roam across her back, and finally I brought them down to her small buttocks. She moaned softly into my mouth as I squeezed her ass. Getting bold, I spun us around, pressing her to the fridge, and began kissing her neck. Grabbing tight to her ass, I lifted her up in my arms, and enjoyed the feeling of her legs wrapping around me. I was definitely getting hard again, but still wasn’t to full mast. I moved us over to the counter. I needed to give my beleaguered pecker some more time to recover, and I realized I hadn’t yet tasted this awesome woman’s honeypot.

I slowly began kissing down her collarbone, along the sides of her ribs, then journeyed under her pert breasts, and finally to her right nipple. I used my tongue to play with the ring while my hand groped her other breast. “Damn, you ARE good at that!” My free hand dipped down to her crotch, and I began playing with the piercing down there. As soon as I touched it, she screamed, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” Suddenly my hand was covered in a warm fluid.

I stepped back looking at my hand, thinking she had just peed on my. The smell was wrong, and even the texture. I looked back up to Amber, and she had a sheepish grin on her face. “You’re a squirter!” I accused.

“I’m so sorry. I know that turns some men off.” Before she could say another word, my face was buried between her legs. Everything about this sultry redhead turned me on. I tried to use the tricks Dixie had taught me, but her clit piercing kept interfering. I must have done something right though, as my mouth was flooded with her cum.

“Okay, okay. Stop.” Her words were breathy and soft. I pulled away, as she hopped down from the counter. She turned around and bent over slightly, sticking her petite rear at me. “I have an itch deep inside, that I think only that–” she nods at my cock, “– will scratch.”

I realized that I was nearly back to full mast, stepped up to her. I slid my cock up and down her crack, until she reached between us, and positioned me at the entrance to her hole. I reach around her body, and grabbing both nipple rings, I pull her into me as I thrust forward. A loud scream rent the air, and her whole body seemed to clamp down. I was afraid I’d hurt her. “Holly fuck, that’s huge. Gimme just a moment to get used to it. Damn, but it feels like it is in my throat!” After a couple more moments, she slowly began to shift back and forth, even picking up the pace.

I let her do the moving, enjoying as she swiveled her hips while impaling herself on me.

“I guess we didn’t need to worry,” I hear from behind me. “Looks like Amber has everything well in hand… er… pussy.” I look back to see my sister and Dixie watching us from the doorway.

I was still tugging on Amber’s nipple rings, when suddenly her legs gave out, and she collapsed on the floor in an orgasmic mass. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she kept repeating as her eyes fluttered.

“Hmm,” said Dixie, “I haven’t seen her cum like that in a long time. I can’t wait to get this thing in me!” She grabbed a hold of my cock, and began pulling me along behind her. I was helpless but to obey. My sister followed, pinching my behind, and calling it cute. I would have been embarrassed, under other circumstances. Dixie led us back to one of the bedrooms, and judging by the picture on the mirror, it was her’s.

“Finally, a bed. Little brother, are you ready for the main event?”

Main event? These women were insatiable!

Dixie spun me around, and shoved me back onto the bed. “It’s time I felt that monster in me!” she said as she straddled my hips, and with one deft movement, sank half of me in her. She was by far the tightest of the three, and it took her a few moments to get all of me in her.

Meanwhile Geo began to make out with her, while she reached around Dixie and fondled my balls. The sensation was phenomenal, and if I hadn’t already cum so much tonight, I probably would have been shooting my load again.

Geo began sucking on Dixie’s medium sized breasts, and I reached down to play with Dixie’s clit with my left, while my right hand began playing with Geo’s ass. My right hand wormed around and found my sister’s wet hole.

Dixie really began to rock her hips back and forth on my hand and cock, really getting into it. “Don’t stop, either of you! I’m getting so close. Fuck me! Holly shit, yeah, keep rubbing me right there! Oh, yes! Bite that nipple, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!”

Dixie collapsed forward on me, and I had to pull my arm out from between us. I reached around, and grabbing her ass, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. “Oh… My… Gawd…” she tried to say, then locked her lips to mine. Our tongues fought a desperate battle with each other, then I felt another tongue on my balls.

“Here’s where you all are!” I heard Amber say. “I woke up on the floor, and you all left me!”

Dixie broke off the kiss, and turned to look at Amber. “I… had to… Ah, fuck! Get… His cock… IN ME!” She finally finished as I continued thrusting up into her. Dixie’s eyes began to roll back into her head, and I knew she was about to cum again.

Suddenly she was pushed forward and off my cock, but it was soon replaced by another wetness. Looking around Dixie, I saw my sister furiously sucking on the tip of me penis. Dixie rolled off me, muttering, “No more. No more.”

“I think you owe me for leaving me,” Amber stated as she walked over to me, then quickly jumped on the bed and straddled my face. Only too happy to taste this squirting sex goddess, I began licking with as much enthusiasm as Geo was having on my cock.

Amber bent forward, and began assisting my sister with the best blowjob of the night. I pulled away from the succulent pussy long enough to warn them that I was about to cum. Two hands immediately gripped my cock, as both women screeched in unison. “Not yet, I want it in me!”

Amber got off me, and began facing off with my sister. “You already had a load. It’s my turn!”

“He is my brother. This load is mine. You can have the next load!” Geo retorted.

I could see that this could get ugly, so I quickly stepped in. “Ladies, I have an idea.” Both of them turned their glares on me, until I explained. I had my sister lay on her back, and amber climbed on top of her. I had them on the edge of the bed, and as I came up to them, I decided to put it in Amber first. I slid in easily. Luckily there had been a long enough break, I wasn’t on the verge of ejaculating again.

I pumped a few times, then pulled out, and slid into my sister. I still can’t believe that I am actually fucking my sister! I also realized that out of the three of them, my sister was the loosest, Dixie was the tightest, and Amber was the wildest.

I could see that Amber and Geo were making out, as I continued to switch between the two. It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar churning in my balls. I pulled out of my sister, slammed into Amber and let loose a couple spurts, then pulled and put it back in Geo for the rest of the load.

Depleted, and exhausted, I collapsed on the bed. Moments later, I was out cold.

* * *

A pounding noise reverberated through the room, waking me from pleasant dreams. Opening my eyes, I wonder who might be at the door. I soon realize that the pounding was coming from within my own skull, and I groan. Apparently I wasn’t alone, because my groan was echoed by other voices.

In shock, I look around and find three other women in my bed, one of them is… This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and oblivion takes me.

When I wake again, I am all alone. I begin to stumble out of the unfamiliar room, and am soon greeted by the gorgeous redheaded stripper from the night before. Amber, was her name I think.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Take these, and drink this. It will help with your head.” She handed me a couple of Tylenol, and a red drink. I immediately swallow both, and begin to choke on the drink. It was alcoholic. “Bloody Maries will help every time.” She smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. “Hmm. Brush your teeth, and meet me in my bedroom. I still feel a little robbed from last night, and intend to get mine from you.” She grinned at me and headed down the hallway, leaving me with one question…

What happened last night?

More to follow when I have more time. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the first chapter. I am reading them, and taking your advice to heart.

What happened last night?

I try to go over everything I can remember. I went to the strip club with some friends. Had a couple of private dances, one from my sister, that ended up really weird. A sister that I hadn’t seen in almost a year, after she stormed out of our very religious parents house. We then came back to Geo’s place, where I rode with Dixie and Amber. They convinced me to have a few drinks, and smoke some weed… Then everything gets really fuzzy. I vaguely recall some dancing, and then waking up with three naked women…

What the hell happened last night? I wonder again.

“I’m waiting.” I hear Amber yell from down the hallway. I suddenly remember the look in Amber’s eyes as she’d walked away from me, and quickly find the bathroom. I could still taste my morning breath, and I dug around for an available toothbrush, and luckily found one still in the wrapper. I brushed my teeth as thoroughly as I could, then began looking for Amber’s room.

I finally find her in the second to last room, and my jaw about hits the floor as I walk in. She is lying on her side, wearing a see-through negligee, and fishnet stalkings. Her red hair flowed down aver her shoulders, and a small smile played on her face. I could just make out her nipple piercings under her top. If ever there was a more alluring woman, I had never seen her.

“Umm, hi!” I curse myself for my shyness. As far as I can remember, I am still a virgin… At least, I think I am.

Amber laughs lightly, but somehow I can’t take offense at it. “Suddenly shy again?”

“I hope I’m not being to rude, but… Umm… What happened last night?”

“What…? You don’t remember?” She searches my face, and must be able to sense I am telling the truth. “Wow, and I thought I had made a bigger impression on you.” She frowns slightly, but the frown turns into a sly grin only a moment later. “Come, sit by me, and I will show you.”

I awkwardly walk over to her bed, and sit where she indicated. The movement causes me to realize that I have a raging boner, that isn’t missed by either of us. Amber just smiles bigger, as she wraps her arms around me from behind, and begins to nibble on my neck. She works her way up to my ears, then whispers, “Geo and Dixie are out shopping right now. Will they ever be surprised when they get back. Until then, we have the place to ourselves.” She finishes with a nip at my earlobe.

She grabs my hand, and places it on her slender thigh. Her fishnet stalkings rub under my hand as I begin to move it up and down her leg. I feel oddly exposed, with Amber behind me. Her hand lightly touches my chin, and gently turns my to face her. Our lips meet in a slow tender kiss that somehow seems at odds with how I felt she normally is.

Our tongues mingle, and I snake my arm around her, and pull her into my lap. “Mmm, you’re strong,” she murmurs when she takes a breath. I rather doubt this, as she is so light, but my mind is distracted as she goes back to kissing me. Her arms wind around my neck, and her kisses become more passionate, more urgent. I allow my right hand to drop down her back, and begin caressing her behind. She moans softly in my throat, then breaks the kiss. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” Without waiting for me to agree, she begins tugging at my shirt, and I gladly oblige. Just as I get it off, she is already pulling at my pants. I then begin to undress her, her stalkings looking like nothing more than wound up thread on the floor. Her negligee soon follows, and I am staring at a vision from my most erotic dreams. Her small, pierced breasts, pail flat stomach, a small patch of red pubic hair, and I can already see that her pussy is wet.

“Yum, somehow that looks even bigger this morning.” I realize that she was looking at me just as much as I was admiring her. I look down at my fully inflated cock, and can only smile at the compliment. She licks her lips hungrily, staring at my member, then looks up at me, saying “Lay back, cutie. I want to taste that meat.”

I happily oblige, a groan as I feel her soft red lips touch the tip of my penis. This must be what heaven feels like, I think, as her mouth surrounds my cock, and I can feel her tongue swirling around the head. Feeling like I owe her at least a little for the pleasure she is giving me, I ask her to bring her body around, so that I can return the favor.

As quick as that, I have her pussy smothering my mouth. A vague memory guides me as I begin to lick her lips, sucking gently, then swirling my tongue up to her clit ring. She moans around my cock adding extra sensations, and I begin to flick the piercing with the tip of my tongue. It only takes a few seconds of this before she starts bucking and screaming, “Oh, gawd, yes! Keep that up. Lick it just like you did last night! Oh, fuck, I’m about to… To… CUM!” Suddenly my mouth was filled with fluid that tasted great. This woman was a squirter! She kept twitching on top of me, her hand having a kung-fu grip on my cock, for a few moments, then spun around. “I want that beast in me, NOW!” Again, without waiting for an answer, she reached back, positioned my cock, and slam herself back on it, impaling herself in one motion. The action must have triggered another orgasm, as she sat there motionless on me, except for her pussy milking my cock, and her eyes fluttering.

Recovery, she growled with an animalistic lust, and bit her bottom lip as she began to slowly rock back and forth on top of me. I Placed my hands on her hips, and slowly began to move her faster and faster. She began grunting every time she thrust back and I thrust up. I could tell that she was getting close again, so I threw one arm behind her and pulled her chest down to my waiting mouth. I locked her left nipple ring between my teeth, and began to play with it like a dog with a chew toy, tugging back and forth. With one arm behind her back, and the other on her ass, I began to drive into her from below with abandon.

My ears began to ring as she screamed incoherently to another orgasm. She went limp in my arms, and I release her tit from my mouth. I roll us onto our sides, and notice that her eyes are closed, and she is breathing heavily. It only takes me a moment to come to the conclusion that she has passed out.

Feeling foolish, I start to pull out from her, when I feel a hand on my ass, and I see that she has recovered. “Where do you think you are going?” I try to stutter a reply about her being passed out, but she effectively silences me with a kiss. “By the feel of things,” she wiggles her ass, “You haven’t cum yet.” She thinks for a couple moments, then a huge smile makes her eyes sparkle. “I have never cum like that, so often. I think you deserve a special treat.” In her usual style, she jumps out of bed, before I can say anything, and pulls a couple somethings from her nightstand. A vibrator and lube.

Suddenly having nightmares about what she intends, I start backing away, only to be stopped by her light touch on my arm. “Relax, this is for me.”

She hands me the lubricant, and gets up on all fours. “Now make sure you put plenty of that on my asshole, and that wonderful cock of yours.” She reaches between her legs and puts the vibrator in her pussy, moaning as she slides it in and out. My cock had gone somewhat flaccid at the thought of what she might intend, but watching her now, it is brought back to full attention, even hurting a little at how hard it gets.

I quickly apply some lube to my cock, then put some on two of my fingers, and begin to rub her asshole. She moans again as I do this, and I slip first one, then two fingers into her. I am only able to make it to the first knuckles, so I pull them out, and add more lube. Now I can work both fingers in, and soon I am pumping her ass with my fingers. “Ok, I think I should be good. Take it slow, just in case.”

I jumped onto my knees behind her, and she giggled at my enthusiasm. Placing the tip of my throbbing cock as the entrance to her sphincter, and slowly pressed forward. Only to end up sliding up her butt crack. I aimed again, and this time forced my cock down a little, and was rewarded with the feeling of her bung hole slipping around the head of my dick.

“Oh, gawd, that’s big. Hold it right there, as I get used to it.” I held as still as I could, and after a moment, she began to slowly rock back and forth. Every time she moved back she took a little more of me deeper into her nether region. The feeling of her sphincter as it slowly slid up and down my cock was indescribable. She switched on the vibrator, and the sensations increased tenfold as her ass clamped down on me, and I felt the sliding vibrations through her rectum. “Okay, you should be good now. Fuck me, and fuck me hard.”

I started pumping, still taking it slow, afraid of hurting her. I also knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t figure out how I had lasted even this long.

“I said, fuck me HARD!” Amber’s demand brought me back to reality, and taking her request, began thrusting as hard as I could. Sweat began to bead on my back, and we were both moaning and grunting like a pair of wild animals. My hands were on her hips to steady myself, and provide something to grab as I repeatedly pounded into this petite redhead. She collapsed forward onto her pillows, and began moving the vibrator with enough force, I was afraid she was going to start a fire. For that matter, there was a fire burning in my balls, and I screamed, “I’m c-c-c-cumming!” as I shot my load deep into her bowels. This must have trigger another orgasm in her, as he ass clamped down hard on my cock, and even pulled me with her as she fell to her side and began twitching. Her convulsions felt great on my now overly sensitive cock, causing me to twitch also, which only prolonged her own orgasm.

Finally, her asshole loosened its grip, and nearly spit me out.

“Now that is one of the hottest things I think I have ever seen!” a voice says, and I look up to see Geo and Dixie standing in the doorway. Geo’s hand is under her white skirt, panties pulled to the side, and is furiously fingering herself. Dixie’s hand is down her shorts, and by the glazed look in her eyes, and movements of her arm, she is doing the same thing.

Suddenly embarrassed, I quickly grab one of Amber’s blankets to cover myself. “Geo! Dixie! I’m so sorry! I didn’t hear you come back!”

“Of course you didn’t, little brother! You two were making enough noise to wake the dead, three counties over.” Geo smiled at me wickedly, before continuing. “Hurry and put that monster cock away. Ron needs your help bringing in stuff.”

I was shocked to hear my sister talk like this. Sure, she was a stripper, and drank and did drugs, but after the puritanical raising of our parents, I was really surprised that she would talk to her little brother like that. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, considering I had just seen her masturbating in front of me.

I quickly got dressed (trying to cover myself as both Geo and Dixie watched), and was surprised to hear Amber snoring on the bed. That last orgasm must have been a doozey!

I followed Dixie outside (vivid lewd thoughts of licking her pussy, and fucking her going my mind), and met Ron… Dixie’s boyfriend.

“Glad you’re here,” he greeted me with a firm handshake. He stood a little taller than me, was built like a brick shithouse. He had a military cut to his brown, almost black, hair. “I couldn’t move this stuff on my own. I understand you’re Geo’s little brother?”

“Umm, yea,” I reply lamely. This guy was intimidating.

I soon found out that what the two women had purchased were a futon bedroom set, and bedding. The bedding didn’t seem like the girly stuff I had seen in the room I’d woken up in, or Amber’s room, So I assumed it was for their fourth bedroom. I figured Ron was moving in, the lucky bastard.

I was a little disconcerted to find Dixie constantly shadowing us, never giving me and Ron a moment alone. Not that I wanted to be alone with the man, but the way she seemed so nervous, had me wondering. At one point, Geo came outside and pulled Dixie aside to talk to her. They both pointed at me and started giggling. My face must have gone red.

“Women! Never can figure them out,” Ron said right next to me. I was startled, not realizing he was there. We were carrying in the last of the stuff, and as soon as we were inside, he turned and stopped me. “Spill the beans. Why is my girlfriend acting so odd?”

“I-I dunno,” I stutter. “I don’t remember very much from last night.” I told him honestly, and seeing the doubt in his eyes, I decided to embellish the truth. “I just remember having a few drinks, then woke up in bed with Amber this morning.” I think for a second, before asking, “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, does she?”

Ron guffawed, before answering. “By the sounds of things when we pulled up, your it!”

Ron and I began setting up the spare bedroom, when Ron made an odd comment. “You’re a braver man than me.” I could only assume he meant sleeping with Amber, and began to get angry.

“So, what do you think?” My sister and the other two women came into the room, distracting me.

“Think about what?” I ask, thoroughly confused.

“About your new room, cutie,” Amber replies with her now familiar affectation for me.

“My new…” I trail off as what Ron said now makes a different kind of sense. “But I can’t live here. I live at home!” I regret the foolish words as soon as they are out of my mouth.

“You don’t want to live here?” Geo asks, hurt evident in her liquid eyes. “How could I as your responsible older sister, possibly allow you to go back to that religious monastery, our parents created?”

Responsible? I wonder, remembering how my sister had gotten an underage kid drunk, and used drugs last night. I keep my mouth shut though, and look to Amber. If I moved in here, I would be closer to this sexy redhead, but who knows what would even happen. Perhaps what had happened a little bit ago was only a fluke, and would never happen again. I would also be under my sister’s thumb. I had no idea what that might be like.

On the other hand, my eyes were open now to a whole new world, that I had never suspected existed while living with my parents.

There was just one problem…

“I can’t afford to pay rent. I don’t have a job.” My head droops as I realize just how much I really want to move in.

“We got you covered there,” Amber pipes in, grabbing my arm, and giving me a quick peck on the cheek. “Ron here is one of the bouncers at our club. He can get you hired there.”

“But I’m not strong or big enough to be a bouncer.” I protest.

“Maybe not as big, yet, but that can be worked on. I saw how you moved that furniture around, and you are stronger than you look.” Ron told me.

Four sets of eyes stared at me, and I knew my decision had already been made. “I’ll do it!” I said, a huge grin splitting my face.

Amber gave me a big hug, and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. Even my sister gave me more than a strictly sisterly kiss. Dixie only shook my hand, but she gave me a wink that I was glad Ron couldn’t see. Ron shook my hand also, and informed me that I started work tomorrow night, but to spend tonight getting moved in.

“This calls for drinks!” My sister yells, and disappears into the kitchen. She returns shortly with drinks on a tray. “Ron, this one is yours, non-alcoholic since you have to work tonight, John, this one is yours. There is a little less alcohol. Hopefully you will remember tonight,” she adds the last part with a wink and a smile.

Amber had to work too which was dissappointing.

I called my parents to let them know I was moving out, and they yelled and screamed, but in the end, all I had to do was hang up. I was 18, and graduated from Highschool. There was nothing they could do.

Something odd started to happen though, while I was on the phone. I started to get hard. Not only that, but achingly hard.

Amber must have noticed, because as soon as I hung up, she took me to the shower, where we fuck again. This time I was prepared for when she had her orgasm, and supported her till she recovered. Even after I left my load circling the drain, I was still hard. What was going on?

Amber gave me a kiss as she left for work with Ron.

I couldn’t hide the hard on under the towel, as I stepped out of the bathroom, and my sister saw it. She only smirked and winked, before I made it to my new room.

My clothes were gone.

I frantically began searching for them in the still cluttered room, even losing my towel in the process.

“Very nice, bum, little brother. Are you trying to find your virginity?”

I spun around, my throbbing cock leading the way, to face my sister. I tried to hide it, but it was no use. “I can’t find my clothes!”

“Of course not. I threw them in the washer. You’ve been wearing them for two days now, and they needed some cleaning. Tomorrow we will get you some new clothes, and after a few days when our parents calm down, we will get your clothes from home.”

“Well, what am I supposed to wear in the meantime?” I demand angrily.

“The towel works, or you can wear what you have on now. I don’t mind either way.”

Something in her tone made me feel really defiant. “Oh, yeah?” I ask, arching an eyebrow, and removing my hands from my crotch. Was it my imagination, or did my sister have an hungry look in her eyes?

“I see Amber didn’t seem to take care of that in the shower. Would you like some more help?”

My jaw dropped for a moment. Was my sister propositioning me? Why wasn’t I as surprised as I thought I should be? My defiance was still strong, though, so I simply answered, “I doubt you could do any better.”

“Oh, yeah?” Before I knew quite what was happening, my sister was kneeling in front of me, my cock slurping in her mouth. At first I was too shocked to do anything, and by the time my wits were returning, I was feeling too good to stop her. She was going at it with real enthusiasm, and soon I had my hand on the back of her head, fucking her mouth. I probably would have cum pretty quick if I hadn’t already blown my wad twice today.

“Hey, you two,” shouted Dixie from the door. “You started without me!”

Before I knew what was happening, Dixie was naked and on her knees, helping my sister give me one helluva blowjob.

Geo pulled back, and removed her clothes. She stepped up to me, and gave me a kiss that was absolutely NOT a sisterly kiss. I started fondling her c-cup breasts, while Dixie continued licking my cock. I reached my left hand down, and started playing with Geo’s pussy, surprised at how wet she already was. I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her. Slurping noises filled the room, and the sounds of sex were rampant.

My sister pulled me over to the bed, and lay down on her back, my hand never leaving her pussy, and my cock never leaving Dixie’s mouth.

Dixie! “What about your boyfriend?” I asked her.

My cock left her mouth with a ‘pop!’ as she answered. What you don’t tell him, won’t hurt him.” She then went back to sucking my dick, and I no longer cared.

I looked at my fingers in my sister’s pussy, and realized I had slipped a fourth finger in. Geo was mewling and bucking her hips as I thrust my fingers in and out. Soon my thumb followed, then my knuckles, and before I knew what was happening, I was fisting my horney sister. I began to open and close my hand inside her, and she partially propped herself up on her elbows, looking me in the eyes. “Yes, brother! Fuck your slutty sister with your big hand. Make your big sister cum all over your hand. Yes, yes, yes! Ohhhhhhhh!” Her pussy clamped down on my hand, nearly crushing it as she came. Her eyes never left mine the whole time, and seeing the lust and pleasure in them sent me over the top.

“I’m cumming!” I try to warn Dixie, but I’m not sure how much was understandable as I started to blow my load deep into her mouth.

Geo’s pussy finally relaxed, and my hand slurped out of her gaping pussy. Dixie got up, and crawled onto the bed next to my sister, and started kissing her. I could see my cum swapping mouths as they kissed.

Looking down, I realized that I was still hard. What is wrong with me tonight? Seeing Dixie bent over, kissing my sister, I get an idea. I owe her for the great blowjob, and here is my chance. Crawling up behind the slim brunette, I position my cock at the entrance to her tunnel, and slowly push myself in an inch. She is super tight, and grips me like a warm velvet glove. I pull out a little bit, and then push in a little further.

Dixie moans into Geo’s mouth, and I see that Dixie is playing with my sister’s clit. I pick up the pace of, and soon am enveloped completely in Dixie’s folds. I stop, just to enjoy the feeling, and feel her milking my cock with her muscles. Geo slides up further on the bed, and Dixie dives into her pussy.

I start pumping again, and get a wild idea into my head, (Well, wild for me, at any rate.). With my left hand, I press Dixie’s back down, and with my other, I grab a fistful of her brown hair, and begin to pull. This way, she can still lick Geo. As soon as I do, Dixie begins to scream and buck, and I feel like a cowboy in my first rodeo.

“Lick that pussy, Dixie! No one knows how to eat cunt like you do!” As she talks she locks eyes with me again, and begins licking her lips. “Yeah, right there. Oh, yeah, suck it! Suck it!”

Dixie starts to cum under me, but I barely notice, as I am draw in by the look of purest lust in my sister’s eyes. I am mesmerized by their liquid pools, their wanton desire. Before I quite know what I am doing, I shove Dixie aside, and position myself over my sister.

“Do it” she tells me. “Fuck your big sister with your huge cock. Make me cum on that monster pole of yours.”

Like a man possessed, my hips thrust forward, but my aim is off, and I bounce off her clit. She moans in unfulfilled desire, and I try again, this time my aim is true. I sink to the hilt in my sister’s sweet pussy. She doesn’t even blink, but she does moan deep in her throat. I drop my head, and begin to kiss her passionately, thrusting into her as hard and fast as I can.

She breaks away from the kiss, screaming, “Oh, fuck yes! Pump your cock into me, little brother! Make me feel it in my throat. Oh, gawd, that feels… That feels… Oh fuck me!”

I roll us around, pulling my sister on top of me. “Oh, shit that’s deep!” she grunts, but only grinds her hips down harder on me. Dixie comes over and starts sucking on my sister’s tits, and I grab her ass, and place her pussy over my mouth. A small part of me can’t believe that this is really happening, but the rest of my mind screams to shut up and just fuck.

I know I am about to cum, but I can’t pull out, and I can’t warn my sister to get off, as Dixie grinds her pussy down hard over my mouth. My seed shoots out of me at what feels like nuclear strength. My sister screams out, “Oh, fuck, John. I can feel your cum in my pussy! It feels so hot, oh Shit, it’s making me cum! Yes, Keep playing with my clit, Dixie. Ahhhhhhh!”

My sister topples over sideways, and I continue to munch on Dixie’s pussy until she cums all over my face and falls to the side too.

I realize I am still hard, and only then does it occur to me that my sister must have drugged me with Viagra, or something, to keep my hard like this. At first I am angry that she would do something like that to me, but as I watch her trying to recover, my cum leaking from her pussy, another idea occurs to me.

I quickly run out of the room, returning a moment later with a bottle in my hand. Squeezing out some of the lube, I put it on my cock, and begin to rub it on my sister’s anus. She wanted me to be hard, she was going to get it hard. She doesn’t even budge as I continue to poke at her butt with the head of my dick.

I put some more lube on, and then position myself at her brown hole. Slowly I slide in, and feel the ‘pop’ of her sphincter pass the head of my cock. Now her eyes fly open as she realizes what I am doing. “No John! Not back there! I’ve never let anyone do that!” I lock her in place with my arms, as I very slowly begin to press in. “Owe, owe, owe, John, you’re too big. Take it out, PLEASE!”

“What did you put in my drink?” I ask her, enjoying seeing her eyes go large. “What did you drug me with, big sister?”

“Vi-Viagra,” she pants, and I stop moving. She breathes a sigh of reliefe, but I don’t pull out. I am about two inches in at this point.


She shakes her head, ‘no’, and I press in another inch. “Okay, okay! I wanted you hard all night so we could fuck as much as possible! It felt so good last night, I just had to have more.” I stop moving.

“Last night?”

“Yes! Last night I took your virginity, though I didn’t know you were a virgin. We all fucked you, and it felt great!”

By now her sphincter had loosened up a little as she relaxed, and was even milking the three inches I had in her.

“So you figured if you could keep me hard, then you could enjoy me even more?” When she nodded that this was so, I pulled out about an inch, and she sighed quietly. “You took my virginity last night, sister, and tonight I take your anal virginity. I suddenly thrust a couple inches in. Geo screamed. I was now halfway in, and loving how tight my sister’s ass was. I held still for a couple more moments, then backed off one inch, only to go two more back in, more slowly this time. I kept this up until I was buried in my sister’s ass, as she lay on her side. As soon as I was all the way in, I held perfectly still. Geo was panting lightly, and I saw that Dixie was lightly rubbing her clit to our spectacle. Now, sister, if you had asked me, things would have gone better. Because you didn’t, I’m going to use what you created, and fuck your ass hard!” I slapped her ass, and started pumping in and out, picking up the pace as I went.

At first pain registered on her face, but it began to transform into something else. She began to moan, and even tried to grab my hips to move me faster, but the angle was too awkward for her. As she lay on her side, I grabbed one leg, and brought it around to my other side, rolling her onto her back. The look of lust was back, and I began to pound into her harder. I couldn’t go as deep in this position, however, and soon came up with a solution.

Slipping my arms under her shoulders, she thought I was going for a kiss, and began madly making out with me. I pulled back hard, and she landed on top of me, smashing both our noses in the process, but also driving me deeper into her ass. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head back, and latched on to her melon sized tits, her nipples hard in my mouth. Her hand snaked down between our bodies, and I could tell she was fingering herself. This turned me on more than I already was, and I began to pump harder.

Something warm and wet started playing with my balls, and I realized that Dixie had joined into the fun.

“Holly shit! I never knew it could feel this good! Every inch of my body is tingling. Oh, I love it little brother! I love the feeling of your cock in my ass, your mouth on my tits, and everything else! I love it little brother, and I love you, John. Oh, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Her words began to have an effect on me, and I knew I was getting close, yet again. “Yes, more! Oh, I feel it! Holly shit that gets big when you cum. I can feel your seed flooding my ass. I love it!” Geo grabbed my head, and yanked it up for the most passionate kiss I have ever had. Our tongues fought with one another, and yet made love in their own way, as our bodies slapped against each other. Every inch of my body felt that kiss, from my curled up toes, to every hair on my head.

Finally we both needed air, and we broke the kiss. I realized that the sensations on my as yet still hard cock had changed. No longer did I feel the tight softness of my sister’s ass, but instead, an odd cold wet roughness. Looking around my sister, I saw Dixie had a cleaning clothe in hand, and was cleaning my dick.

I just lay back, too exhausted to do anything else. My sister, rolled off me, and almost seemed to be in la la land, as she kept murmuring, “I love it brother. I love you.”

The bed shifted, and I saw that Dixie was getting ready to mount me. I felt like a piece of meat, but was too tired to stop her. I fell asleep about her third orgasm, and my second.

That’s how Ron and Amber found us (Geo lying naked next to me, and Dixie still riding my cock) when they arrived home early. Apparently the power had gone out in that section of town, so everyone was sent home early.

To be continued at a much later date, I am afraid…

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“What the hell is going on here?” A loud roar woke me from my stupor. Sitting bolt upright, I ended up throwing Dixie off of me. It only takes my fog filled mind a few moments to analyze the scene we were caught in. My sister was still lying next to me, naked, and Dixie had been on top of me, still enjoying my drug enhanced hardon. This was how Ron, Dixie’s boyfriend, and Amber found us. Amber didn’t seem to mind so much, but Ron’s face was an angry red color.

“Huh, wha–?” I can only manage to mumble stupidly.

“Ron, no!” Dixie yells as she runs to Ron. “We drugged him, and he doesn’t realize what was happening. It is my fault, not his!”

Ron glares down at her for a moment, trying to understand, before turning to me, “Is this true?”

I mumble something incoherently, unable to form a full sentence. I can see that Dixie is trying to protect me, but can’t seem to think very clearly. I do notice that my erection has finally started to deflate, and somehow find this funny enough to start laughing and pointing at it.

“Nevermind, I can see for myself.” He grabs Dixie by the arm and hauls her from the room. “We need to talk.”

Somehow Geo remains oblivious to everything.

Amber walks to the side of the bed, and lightly touches her lips to mine. The touch is like a lightning bolt, restarting my mind, and bringing me fully awake. My arms reach up to surround this delicious redhead, but she scampers away nimbly. “Not tonight, cutie. Looks like you’ve had enough fun. Sleep, and tomorrow we’ll go shopping.” She cocks her head, listening to the room next door. “Looks like Dixie has everything under control.”

The sounds of loud moaning could be heard through the too thin walls. Despite everything, my cock still decided it was time to sleep, so with a final kiss, Amber left to sleep in her room.

I don’t remember having any dreams that night, but did wake to a very pleasant feeling at my crotch. Slowly opening my sleep filled eyes, I am able to make out a strawberry-blonde blob bobbing up and down. I moan as I hear her slurping on my cock.

“Shhh, everyone is still sleeping. Try not to wake them,” Geo whispers. She immediately goes back to her even noisier sucking. I reach down and begin running my fingers through her hair, and she looks up at me, smiling. “Now that you’re awake, I want this in me. Not my ass though! It is still sore from yesterday.”

I just nod, and smile as she begins to lick her way up my body. When she reaches my face, our lips meet and she lightly touches her tongue to my lips. I quickly suck her tongue into my mouth, and begin kissing my sister with abandon. I feel her hand snake down between our bodies, grabbing hold of my turgid member, and positioning me for her wonderful tunnel. Thrusting up with my hips at the same time she presses back, I am buried to the hilt immediately. We both let out a moan, thankfully muffled by our kissing.

I wrap my right arm around her waist, while my left hand moves around to the back of her head, pulling her into me for a deeper kiss. She begins to rock her hips, slowly pulling forward, then thrusting back, hard, grunting with each bottoming out.

After everything that happened the night before, I am nowhere near cumming, and just let her do the work. I break off the kiss, and begin to trail kisses along her jaw line, down her neck, collarbone, and finally to her breasts. I latch onto her right nipple, and try to suck her hole breast into my mouth.

My sister’s pace increases, and I switch tits so that I can use my left hand on her breast. I begin pinching her nipple, while simultaneously sucking and nibbling her left breast. I suck in my gut, and lift my hips allowing me to go slightly deeper into her.

I can feel her getting wetter as we fuck, and find it odd that she isn’t being her normal potty mouth, until I remember her wanting to stay quite. As she nears her orgasm, though, I start to hear her mumbling. At first it is incoherent, but grows as she picks up the pace. “Yeah, right there. Keep it up, right there. Oh, fuck, that feels good on my nipples. Keep sucking brother, you’re gonna make sister cum, HARD!” AS she says this, her hand shoves me hard into her breast, and her whole body begins to convulse. I grab her hips with both hands, and begin rocking her forcefully. I am close to my own.

I release her tit and fall back, as I concentrate on moving her, and thrusting up. After only a few seconds of this, I let my load loose deep inside her, and completely lay still, except for occasional convulses of my own as my sister’s orgasm continued through my own.

Finally coming down from her own orgasm, Geo kisses me tenderly. “Good morning, John.” Her green eyes sparkle, and I can only smile in return.

We take a shower together, enjoying washing each other, and each other’s company, but otherwise nothing happens. As we exit the shower, we run into Ron, and last night comes flooding back to me. He only gives us a queer look as he starts heading out, stopping only to tell me that I begin work tonight, and NOT to be late. I am surprised that I still have a job, and wonder just what Dixie had told him.

I get dressed quicker than Geo does, and begin making breakfast. My sister joins me, wearing a navy blue summer dress that looks stunning on her. “This is still your favorite color, right?” She asks, and I am surprised that she remembers after so long. I just smile and kiss her in response. Geo starts to make coffee (another substance banned in our puritanical parents home). Finding everything I need to make French toast, I get to work.

“Coffee ready yet?” Dixie asks, walking into the kitchen wearing only a pink spaghetti strap top, no bra, and matching panties. The panties had a Hello Kitty on them.

“Just about ready,” Geo says, and I dish her up a plate of French Toast. Her eyes open wide in surprise, and she gives me a quick peck as she takes the plate, and sits at the small table to eat.

“Mmm, do I smell French Toast?” Amber asks. Her hair is a mess, and she must have taken off all her makeup from the night before, but right now I have never seen her more beautiful. She too gives me a quick peck as she takes her plate, and I playfully smack her bottom as she walks away. Geo and I are the last to sit at the table.

She pours a cup of coffee for me, and even prepares it. I have never have never had it before, and find the bitter taste unpleasant, but add more sugar till it agrees with me. A thought occurs to me, and I have to ask, “You didn’t drug this too, did you?”

The girls laugh, but I am being serious. “No, little brother, I didn’t drug it… This time,” she smiles as she emphasizes the last two words.

After breakfast Amber and Dixie start getting ready for the day, and my sister asks what I want to do.

“Well, I need more clothes, and I really should get my stuff from mom and dad’s. I don’t want to face them, especially not after what we’ve done, but it needs to happen.”

“You’re not going to tell them, are you?” Geo asks, alarm showing in her eyes.

“No. I don’t think I could.”

“Are you ashamed of what we’ve done?” She asks, now concerned.

“No,” I say again. “What we did, the drugs, and even the sex, felt too good, too right, to be wrong. I love you, Geo, and always have. It was never sexual till I found you at the strip club, but I don’t regret any of it.”

“You love me, John?” She asks, and I can only nod. She pulls me into a huge hug, whispering, “I love you, too.”

“Okay, you two. If you keep that up, we’ll never get out of here today.” Amber says as she enters the kitchen.

We break the hug, and all pile back into their car. Dixie is driving this time, and she turns to me, asking, “Where to?”

“My house. Might as well get this over with as quick as possible.” Geo gives directions and all too soon, we arrive. Even though I was here only a few nights before, the house has somehow changed. As if I am seeing it for the first time, it looks too white, too clean. As if the merest speck of dust should be too afraid to think of entering it. Right then, I felt like that dust.

“We’ll come with you,” Amber said, taking my hand. I only nod, and lead the way up to the door.

It is locked, but I pull out me key and walk in, three beautiful women behind me.

“John? Is that you?” I hear my mother calling from down the hall.

“Yes, mom. We just came to get my stuff.”

“We?” She asks as she enters the front room, and stops as she sees her daughter. “Oh. And, umm, who are these two?” She asks, not speaking or even looking at Geo again.

“Hello to you too, mother,” Geo says, but is ignored.

I don’t want to introduce them as strippers that I met a couple nights ago, so I think a second before answering. “This is Amber, my girlfriend, and Dixie is a friend of ours.”

“Girlfriend? Aren’t you a little young to be dating, young man?” My dad enters the room. It is apparent that I get my height from him. Sudden images of spankings as a child, and other punishments enter my head at seeing him, but I push them away.

“No, dad. I am 18 and more than capable of making my own decisions.”

“Well, I see your slut sister has had an effect on you. All your stuff is in a box in the garage. I don’t want your evil filth in our proper home.”

I am left speechless at the way he treated us, and barely yell as he walks away, “You don’t have a fucking clue about the real world, Lester!” My mom nearly faints. I have never sworn, or called my parents by their first names before. Somehow it seems oddly freeing.

My father comes storming back into the room, fist raised and connects with my jaw. I take the blow, my ears ringing, but don’t strike back. I know what to say. “Here, Lester, have my other cheek,” the scripture reference strikes him like I knew it would, and he backs away from me in horror at his own violence.

We start loading my few meager belongings into the car, and Amber pulls me aside.

“Did you mean what you said about me being your girlfriend?”

I am not sure how she feels about it. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to say, and it just seemed right.”

“I’ll be honest,” she tells me, her blue eyes willing me to believe, “At first I didn’t like it. I have had many boyfriends, but they all had a problem with what I do. Oh, they claim they don’t at first, but they show their jealousy soon enough.” She paused searching my eyes for something. “After the way you dealt with your dad… Well, I am willing to give you a chance.” She silenced anything I might have said with a kiss.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a girlfriend, maybe not my first ever, but definitely the hottest.

“Hey, if you two are done over there, we can go.” My sister yelled from the car.

“Don’t tell the others, yet.” Amber whispered, then ran for the car.

I get in the back seat with Amber, and she grabs my hand, squeezing it tight.

The next stop is to buy some new clothes, despite my protests that I didn’t have enough money for them yet.

“Relax, will ya?” Geo said with exasperation. “You have a girlfriend now, you need to look the part!” She winks at me, and at first I am confused. I hadn’t told her, so how did she know. Then I remember my comment to our parents, and realize she is teasing me.

Nothing much happened while shopping, except a small incident where Both Amber and Geo tried to enter the changing room with me, and had to be ushered out of the store.

We unloaded everything from the car when we got home, and I jumped in the shower to wash away my sweat. The curtain flew back as I was washing my face to the sound of giggling. I couldn’t tell who it was because of the soap in my ears, but didn’t care a moment later when I felt a hand on my cock. The curtain closed a moment later, and I quickly rinsed off my face and head. I was greeted by the wonderful sight of Amber, naked, blue eyes looking into mine, and a smile painted across her beautiful face.

“Well, hello,” I say, smiling back.

“We work together, tonight, so I thought I would join you. Hope you don’t mind. Well, actually, I can feel that you don’t.” She said as she squeezed my hardened cock. She dropped to her knees in the tub, and kissed the head of my penis, before enveloping it in were warm wet mouth. I quickly re-aimed the nozzle, and then had to grab the walls and lock me knees. Over the last couple days I’ve had some good blowjobs, but this one far outstripped the others by far!

“I’m about to cum,” I say, trying to warn her. She immediately stopped, to my disappointment.

“Not yet, cutie.” She says, gripping the base of my cock, making sure I don’t. She stands up, and places one foot on the side of the tub, then winks and me, and beckons me to her.

Due to our height difference, I have to squat down a bit. I position my cock at her wonderful entrance, and slowly slide into heaven. Her pussy grips me, and begins to massage my penis in ways I never knew were possible. Despite the awkward position, I am soon emptying my load into her, grabbing at the walls just to stay on my feet.

Once I fully recover, I realize that she hasn’t cum yet. I look at her pussy, with my cum dripping out of it, and am loathe to taste it.

She must have known what I was thinking. “Don’t worry about it, Cutie. This one was strictly for you. If you behave tonight, you can have your chance to return the favor.”

I quickly kiss her, in thanks, but she wastes no time in getting out and dried off.

Amber, Dixie, and I arrive to the club about 15 minutes early, and Ron greets me at the door, telling me I have some paperwork to fill out, before he shows me the ropes. I am worried about what he refers to as “the ropes,” but I put on a big smile, and follow him into an office.

“So, are you going to tell me how you got that massive bruise on your jaw?” I am asked as soon as we step into the office. Until this point I had completely forgotten about the punch my dad gave me, with everything that happened with Amber.

“A small altercation. Easily resolved.” I say, simply.

“You’re not the type to start fights, are you? Because if you are, you can walk out that door right now. I need someone to stop them, not look for them.” Ron says. I am still not certain how to deal with this bigger man, after he caught me with his girlfriend last night, but he seems to be acting decent enough.

I didn’t start it, and I tried to avoid it. In the end, I stopped it.” Entirely true, even if all the facts weren’t there.

He grunted, then handed me a stack of forms to fill out, and began telling me the rules. They were pretty simple. No screwing the girls on the property, but what happens off property was my business. If I see a fight break out, stop it by the least amount of force necessary to get the job done. No drinking while working, and the girl’s safety comes first.

I quickly sign the agreements, including one about no photography, then get handed a shirt, and told to change. I put on the shirt, with the clubs logo, and notice that it fits tight to my arms and chest. It makes me look buffer than I am, but I don’t complain.

The night starts out pretty smooth, and I sit back watching the customer’s but also enjoying the dancers. Dixie waved me over to the bar, and asked, “Everything okay, between you and him? Did he say anything?” I shook my head no, and she sighed in relief.

“What did you tell him?” I asked.

“Only that I must have been drugged too, because I don’t know how we ended up like that. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I didn’t want him fighting you either.”

“I’m sorry you had to do that, but thank you… For everything last night,” I say with a wink.

Dixie actually blushes, before replying. “He wants me to move out. He think that your sister and Amber are a bad influence on me.”

“Do you want to?” I don’t want her to, and not only because of the sex. She seems like a sweet enough girl, if I didn’t just get a girlfriend today, I might consider her. Well, if not for her boyfriend, that is.

“No. I’m not going to. He can say what he wants, but he doesn’t own me.”

I smile, and am pleased by her return smile, when I notice Ron watching us. “I’d better get back to work,” I state before taking my position by the door.

Amber gets up to dance, and I am once again mesmerized by the way she moves. Her piercing flash in the multicolored lights as she swivels and moves her body to the fast paced music. Once again, I start to get hard, just watching this beauty.

“Let me see you finger yourself, slut!” Someone yells from the crowd, and I feel my anger rise. No one talks about Amber that way! I scan the customers, looking, and find him just as he yells, “Come on, Lemme see that loose fuckhole of yours!” I look up to see if Ron is going to take care of this customer, and he is just looking at me, waiting to see what I do. I look to Amber, and she just keeps smiling, as she dances, ignoring the vulgar customer.

I replay the rules in my head, and realize that there isn’t much I can do, besides talk to the customer. He hasn’t technically broken any rules… Yet.

I walk up, and whisper to the man, “Sir, you may enjoy the show, but your words are offending some of our other customers. Please be polite to the ladies, or I will have to ask you to leave.”

“Ladies? What ladies? The man demands. “All I see are a bunch of sluts. Tell me, how much is it to fuck that one up there? The redhead with all the slutty piercings?”

I am keeping my anger in check, but just barely. “I’ll tell you what, sir. Come with me, and we can discuss it. We can’t talk about such things here on the property.”

He quickly jumps up, and follows me outside. “Good, now that we are no longer in there, let me tell you that you are no longer welcome here, and don’t ever come back.” I leave him sputtering on the curb as i walk back in. I inform the bouncer at the door that that man isn’t welcome anymore, and he just smiles and nods.

“Ron wants to see you in his office,” Dixie tells me as I get back to the main lobby.

Wondering what rule I broke, I head up the stair to Ron’s office. He bids me to enter as I knock on the door. “Please, have a seat,” he says in a calm tone. “We are just waiting on one more.” Shortly after, the man I had just escorted out steps into the office. “John, I would like you to meet Mr. Cavettelli. Mr. Cavettelli is the owner of this fine establishment.”

I immediately turn beet red. I had just kicked the owner out of his own club. So much for my job!

“Sir,” Ron said, “Will you please tell us what happened?”

“I was being vulgar and rude, and this young man with the massive bruise on his face came and convinced me to step outside. He did it in an artful, if deceitful way, but he got the job accomplished with minimal disruption.” Mr. Cavettelli said.

“Well, John. Do you have anything to add?” I just shook my head, not understanding what was going on. “You passed a test tonight, John. I had to be sure you could be trusted, and after the way Amber talked about you last night, I knew she was the one to test you with. Congratulations. You get to keep your job.”

After shaking both Ron’s and Mr. Cavettelli’s hands, I left the office in a daze. No wonder no one was willing to help me. They all knew who the man was!

Still in a daze, I took up my position at the door to this lobby, only to be told Amber wanted to see me. She was in the dressing room, and one of the perks of being a bouncer was being allowed into that room.

As soon as I stepped in Amber flung her arms around me, and planted a massive kiss on my lips. As soon as I could breathe again, I asked what that was for.

“You didn’t get jealous, and you handled yourself like a gentleman.”

“I guess that makes us official, then?” I ask.

“Yes, but let me tell the other girls tonight. A private session was requested for me, so I have to go, but we will talk more later!” Her eyes sparkle as she gives me another quick peck, then left the changing room. Remembering my private dance with her, I wanted to go and stop her, but after the way she just acted I realized the mistake that would be. Besides, in the end she would be going home with me.

Around 2 in the morning the club closed down, and the strippers gave each bouncer a portion of their tips. Seeing what the girls had pulled in, and how meager my portion was, I still walked away with a couple hundred.

Ron followed us home, which I didn’t like, but couldn’t really stop him, considering Dixie was his girlfriend. As we pulled up, Amber told me to go ahead, she had something in the trunk she needed to get. The lights were off as I opened the door, and I figured my sister must be asleep.

I flipped on the lights, and Geo popped out from the hallway screaming “Surprise!” The yell was repeated behind me from Dixie and Amber.

“What is this?” I ask, confused.

“You made it through the night, silly!” Geo says, walking up to me and kissing me on the cheek.

I try to protest that it really wasn’t that hard, but the girls aren’t having any of it. Amber brings a cake up from the car, while Dixie mixed drinks. Ron stated that he refused to have any drinks made my Geo, and I agreed, much to her discomfiture.

The liquor poured freely, and even the weed came out, and soon we were all loosened up. I was sitting on the couch with Amber, Dixie and Ron sat on another couch, and Geo was sitting in a lovesack, eyeing Amber and me.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Geo suddenly yells, and I groan. I don’t know where this is going, but I am also curious. “I’ll go first. Truth”

Before any of us can think of anything, Ron asks, “Did you really fuck your own brother?”

Geo looks at me for a second, before replying, “Yes. And given the chance, I will again.”

“That’s sick and perverted, but whatever. It’s your life.” He thought for a moment, then said “Dare.”

Dixie piped up, “Do a strip dance for us!” This was the last thing I wanted to see, so I just looked away as the music started. When it finally finished, I looked back, and noticed something I almost laughed about. Despite Ron’s muscled bulk, his penis was rather small compared to mine. No wonder Dixie was so tight.

Dixie then said, “Dare.”

“Suck Ron’s cock, since he is already naked” Amber said beside me, then turned to me, smiling and grabbing my crotch, she began to rub.

Without hesitation, Dixie dropped onto her knees, and began giving a very noisy blowjob to Ron. By the look on his face, he was in heaven.

Amber’s hand was now inside my zipper, and playing with my cock through my underwear. I had my arm around her, and began playing with her right breast through her shirt.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Dixie said, and I again had to hide a smile at Ron’s frustration. “What do you want to do, Amber?”

“Truth,” she said, to my disappointment.

“What is really going on with you and my brother?” Geo asked.

I was glad that she was asked that question, as Amber had been the one to want to tell them. “He is my boyfriend,” She said, matter-of-factly. Then turned and kissed me deep and hard, our tongues mingling for a couple minutes before returning to reality. “Your turn, Geo.” I said.

“Dare,” she said, looking me in the eyes, her green eyes fierce.

“Give your brother a lapdance,” Amber said, to my surprise. Geo hopped up, and put on some slow music.

“Are you sure,” I whispered to Amber?

“Relax, the jealousy thing goes both ways.” She winked, then got out of the way as Geo walked in a sultry manner up to me.

I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were already hard through her blue summer dress. Her eyes remained locked on mine, as her hips swayed, and her body undulated. She pulled first one strap, then the other off her shoulder, then slipped her arms out, all the while keeping the top of the dress in place. Still keeping her eyes locked on mine, she sat in my lap, and pulled my face towards her covered breasts. I would have to say that of all the women, I like Geo’s breasts the most. I like Ambers piercings and think she is the most beautiful, and Dixie’s pussy.

Geo rubs her breasts in my face for a second, and I quickly catch her dress in my teeth. When she pulls away, her dress is pulled down a bit, revealing he c-cup tits. “Naughty boy!” She chides, not angrily, and gets up from my lap. She pulls the dress the rest of the way off, and now she is only wearing a red thong. Our eye contact is only broken when she kicks the dress at Amber. Geo sits back in my lap, and guides my hands to her back. Her hips start to gyrate, grinding her thinly covered pussy against my crotch. She leans forward, putting her breasts in my face, but just out of reach, teasing me. I can feel her hot breath on my ear, and she asks, “Do you love her?”

It takes me a second to realize what she is asking. I whisper back the simple truth. “I love you. You are my sister, and I will always love you.”

This must have been the right response, as I soon found her left nipple in my mouth, and she began to convulse on top of me in an orgasm. The music ended about the same time her orgasm did, and she just collapsed on the left side of me. Amber came back and sat on my right.

“I don’t care if you are brother and sister,” Ron spoke up, and I saw that he had Dixie’s shirt off, and his hand between her legs. “That was HOT!”

“Thank you,” Geo said, still slightly flushed from her orgasm. “What do you want, Amber?”

“What do I want?” Amber asked, a wicked gleam in her blue eyes. “After watching you two, I want this cock in my mouth!” Before I could say or do anything, Amber pulled down my waistband freeing my cock.

“Damn! That thing is huge!” I heard Ron say, and this time I did smile.

Amber bent over and took me in her mouth, repeating her performance and skill from the bathroom, earlier. I watched as Dixie started to give Ron another blowjob, until Geo put her tits back in my face. I started sucking on her right breast, and placed my hand on her panty covered pussy. Moving the fabric aside, I pressed my fingers against her clit, and started rubbing back and forth. I felt a hand join mine, as Amber began to finger Geo while I rubbed.

I felt Amber’s mouth leave my cock, but soon felt her positioning herself in my lap. She began to suck on Geo’s other breast, as she positioned me, then slowly wrapped me in her nether folds, with a slow deep moan.

“Oh, fuck that feels good,” Geo started to moan. “Yes, rub that pussy, suck those tits! Oh, I am so close!” Both Amber’s and my hands were soaked as Geo came for us. She flopped back on the couch, with a dreamy smile of her face, as Amber continued to ride me.

The sound of Dixie moaning reached us, and I looked to see that she was on all fours, Ron plowing in behind her.

I realized that Dixie still had her top on, and pulled it off, revealing her a-cup pierced breasts. I immediately latched onto her left nipple ring, and tugged with my teeth, as my right arm snaked around us, and I began driving in as deep as I could in this position. I switched breasts so that I could get a look at me sister, while screwing Amber, and saw that she had two fingers buried deep in her pussy, and one hand squeezing her nipples. Our eyes locked, and she mouthed the words, “I love you,” before having another orgasm. Amber began cumming at the same time, and both women sounded in concert with their moaning.

Amber rolled off me, and I figured it was time for my sister, but she waved me away, saying she needed to recover.

I saw Dixie and Ron on the floor, Dixie on top now, bent over and her ass just begging to be reamed. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the weed that gave me the balls to do it with Ron right there, but I spit in my hand, and began to rub her brown hole, while gripping my cock with the other hand. It was still pretty slick from Amber’s cum. I positioned it at the hole, wondering if I was going to get into trouble for this, when Dixie’s hands came around and spread her butt cheeks. Taking this as an invitation, I slowly applied pressure, remembering to hold myself down as I popped in. Dixie screamed in rapture, as I slowly pushed my way into her ass.

“What the–” I heard Ron say from under her, but was quickly silenced by a kiss from Dixie.

I could feel movement between the thin membrane separating me and Rom from touching, and tried not to think of that, as I continued to sink further into Dixie’s petite ass. Finally I was sheathed fully into her, and began to pull out. I started a slow rhythm, in opposition to the fast pace Ron was setting.

Amber’s left hand reached around, grabbing my ass, and began to move me herself, picking up my pace. She was screaming and grunting incomprehensibly, riding both of us, like I had never seen her before. Dixie came, and kept going, came again, and still didn’t stop. Not until Ron came in her, triggering a third orgasm, did she finally begin to slow down, but by then I was really close, and came far into her bowels.

We all got cleaned up, and I could hear Ron and Dixie fighting in the background. Apparently he didn’t approve, and wanted her out immediately. When he stormed out alone, we had her answer.

Amber and Geo talked with one another, and before I knew it I had two girlfriends, only to end up with three the next day, when Dixie informed us she was officially broken up with Ron.

I still work at the strip club as a bouncer, Ron doesn’t talk to me much, but I am fine with that. I Keep my jealousy in check, by remembering that whatever happens, these three beautiful women always come home to me.

A few months later, I found out that Amber had quit taking her birth control, when we started being official, and is now a month along. Dixie told me she still doesn’t want kids, and we talked it over with Geo, and decided best not to tempt fate with her. We didn’t need to punish a kid with deformities if it could be avoided. 7 1/2 months later Amber gave birth to our daughter. We all still live together, all four of us raising our daughter. I haven’t heard from my parents in all this time, and I am fine with that.

I truly hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this fiction.

We catch up to John and his lovely women a few months down the road…

“We have a problem,” Amber told me as she walked into my bedroom. Looking up from my laptop, I had to smile. Even at seven months pregnant, the woman was beautiful; her long red hair framing her small face, her pale skin glowing with the radiance that only pregnant women seem to possess, and her blue eyes always twinkling with some sort of mischief.

“What is that?” I ask. I can tell from her look that she isn’t angry with me, something I try to avoid at all costs, since our one and only fight. I have heard that redheads are feisty, and I can attest to the truth of that, but somehow pregnancy has mellowed Amber out. Something my friends tell me is extremely unusual.

“We need a bigger place,” she tells me, walking over and sitting on the side of my bed. “This place is big, but when the baby arrives, what then? I know she will sleep with me or you for awhile, but after that, she’ll need her own room.” Since I was dating all three women that lived here, we each had our own room. We had agreed on that arrangement early on to avoid jealousy issues. Whenever I was home, whichever women were also here had my full attention, dividing myself as fully as possible, except on Mondays. That was my day to relax, and to myself, if I so chose. Today was Friday.

“We talked about this. We can’t afford it. Not with you not working for now. Even my raise to head bouncer doesn’t make up for that. As soon as you are up to working again, then maybe.”

A large smile split her petite face, and I suddenly grew worried. She had a plan, and from experience, my life was safer going with whatever plans put that look on her face.

“I found a place. It is big enough to grow into, and the rent is actually lower than this place. It is even closer to work!” I could see that she was excited, but I always have to play the devil’s advocate.

“With a steal that great, it is either run down, or already taken. Have you called on it?”

“Of course, Cutie,” I love that after all these months, she still calls me that, “The owner says there are all new appliances, new carpet, and it is in a more upscale part of town. All we have to do is come up with first month’s rent, and it is ours!”

“Well, I guess it can’t hurt to look,” I said, giving Amber a wink. I barely had time to move my laptop out of the way, before she was in my arms kissing me. For a woman six months along, she was still pretty spry. Her kisses became more passionate the longer they continued, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted. Amber was always horny, but ever since I got her pregnant, she has been even more so.

Amber’s hands began to pull at my shirt, and I broke the kiss long enough to pull it off over my head. She then began to work at my pants, soon having them down to my ankles, then off. Kissing down my chest, the petite redhead then started to kiss around my groin, my balls, and even the base of my cock, but refused to do more, tortuously teasing me. Moaning, I let her know that she was winning. She was punishing me for debating with her, instead of just simply agreeing.

I placed my hands on the back of her head, not guiding, just running my fingers through her shiny tresses. This seemed to please her enough, and she slowly, ever so slowly, started licking up the underside of my penis. My low moan, turned to a groan as I felt her soft lips reach my head, and continuing her languid pace, took my head in her mouth. I felt her tongue poke at the hole at the tip, before swirling around the sensitive rim. Without warning, she dropped her head, taking my full eight inches down her throat at once. My groan deepened as the pleasure she was giving me multiplied. I couldn’t help myself, and began to gently move my hips, leisurely fucking her mouth. Muffled sounds of pleasure came from around my penis, letting me know she was enjoying this too.

After a couple minutes, Amber released my manhood, and stood to remove her pants. I tried to lift her shirt, but she stopped me. “No,” she said, “You know how I feel about–” I silenced her with a kiss, feeling her melt within my arms. She was self conscious about her belly, but I didn’t give a damn. I thought it looked sexy on her, and her growing boobs were a pleasure to play with. It didn’t take me long to have her top off, before we were lying in the bed together.

I pulled her face to mine again, and gently we kissed, as my hands roamed her back, and hers slid up and down my torso. I dug into my nightstand, and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Amber saw it and smiled. We were both too worried about my length and the baby, so anal was the only way for us.

Amber rolled onto her side, facing away, and I quickly lubed up my cock. Placing the head against her tight anus, I applied a little pressure, and popped past her squeezing sphincter. “Ooh,” Amber moaned, and slid her rear back, taking more of me into her colon. I couldn’t hold back my own moan, as I felt the tight ring of her asshole slide down my erection. I leaned forward, and gently kissed the back of her neck, and began to move my hips. I brought my hand around, and tugged gently on her nipple rings, smiling at the way her eyes still glazed over when I did that.

Her hand landed on my hip, & I could feel the urgency in her as she wanted me to pick up the pace. More than willing to oblige this redheaded beauty, I started to thrust my hips into her rear cavity, grunting at the effort. “Yes! That’s it. Fuck my ass, cutie. Make me cum all over your big cock. Oh, I love how you fill my ass. Fuck me, cutie, FUCK me!” With her pregnancy, Amber had started to become more vocal in bed as well.

Amber began to convulse, and that was enough for me. I started to shoot inter her ass, convulsing myself, and lengthening her own orgasm. Amber somehow turned her body to kiss me, while leaving me inside her. Even six months along, she was still pretty agile.

“Mmm, I love how easily you can make me cum,” she says with a smile, then separates from me.

We both get up, and head to the shower. I tenderly wash her, gently kissing her swollen belly; kissing our little child. When I had first found out that Amber had quit taking her birth control, and was pregnant, I was furious that she would do it without consulting me first. That was our first and only fight. It had ended with me somehow apologizing, with a swollen lip from not ducking swiftly enough. I have since come to regard the new child as someone to look forward to, and cherish.

We drove to see the new house, and I was surprised to see how nice it was: two and a half stories, six bedrooms, three baths, with a pool and hot tub in back. The street was obviously well taken care of, all of the lawns meticulously cut, and all of the bushes and trees trimmed.

“Are you sure this is less than our current rent?” I whispered to Amber as we followed the agent around the house.

The agent must have heard us, an attractive black woman named Betty. Her black hair was curly, and tied back, and she wore one of those business suits with the knee length skirt; everything about her screamed business. I was surprised to see her wearing such light clothes in winter, however. “There are no hidden costs. Utilities, cable, and internet are all part of the rent. I can show you the numbers again if you like.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her massive chest, thinking of something else I’d like her to show me. Amber elbowed me in the ribs, and I remembered that I had been asked a question. “Uh, yeah. I’d like that.”

Betty laid the papers out on the kitchen counter, and no matter how much I went over them, it still ended up cheaper living here, and that was even without the extras.

That afternoon we held a meeting, Amber, Dixie, my sister Geo, and myself, and decided to make the move. It didn’t make sense NOT to.

That night Dixie, Geo, and I worked at the strip club. Dixie had finally been promoted to dancer, and while she wasn’t the best, a spot my sister still held, with Amber gone she was a close second. As head bouncer, it was my responsibility to make sure the other bouncers stayed on task, and the girls stayed safe. Ron, the last head bouncer, and Dixie’s ex-boyfriend, had quit a few weeks ago, and moved out of town. He had never quite forgiven me for screwing Dixie, and I didn’t miss him much. Especially not since I was then promoted to his spot. I still couldn’t figure out why I had been chosen over some of the others, but I wasn’t about to complain, and took my job seriously.

Dixie took the stage, and I turned my attention to her. She was wearing her schoolgirl outfit, one of my favorites, with her brown hair pulled back into two pony tails, her shirt unbuttoned, but tied just under her black bra, and an extremely short plaid skirt that flaunted her black thong underneath. An old 80’s rock number came on, and Dixie… To say she moved would be an understatement. To be more exact, she swayed and rippled. Her hips moved in such a way that they seemed to be the driving force of every action, rippling out from there, thrusting her chest out with the music, as her eyes scanned the crowd. Her lithe legs would sweep around from time to time, as she swirled around the bar, sometimes jumping up to the top of it, and then gently gliding down with just the strength of her legs holding her on. She truly was a marvel to watch, and sometimes I caught myself so entranced by her movements, I’d forget to watch the crowd. Tonight was a relatively quiet night. We were busy, but the patrons were behaving themselves, and I could see the other bouncers were staying properly vigilant.

One of the bouncers came up to me, and told me that Larry wanted to talk with me. Larry was the owner, and I hadn’t even known he was there that night. He owned a lot of businesses, and rarely came to this one.

I knocked on the door, and was immediately admitted in.

“John, good to see you,” Larry greeted me with a firm handshake. He was an older man, grey and white peppered hair, and thick mustache. He was in his usual business suit, and jovial smile. ‘Have a seat, will you. I have some things to discuss with you.”

“Is everything alright, sir?” I asked. I wasn’t too worried about anything. I ran a tight ship here, but this was only the second time I had been called into this office. The first was when I’d been promoted to head bouncer.

“Yes, yes, be at ease,” he told me. “I am here for a couple reasons, and I need your help with both.”

“Anything,” I said with a smile, “just name it.”

“Ho, ho! Don’t be too quick to agree until you know my hand, John” Larry admonished. He grew serious then, and I wondered what he could possibly want. “As you know, I am rarely able to be here to keep a proper eye on things. That’s what I rely on your for. What you might not know is that this is the first business I owned. From here I built my empire.” I had no idea where this was going, and only nodded my head. Larry’s eyes grew shrewd for a minute as he seemed to peer deep inside me. “I can see that you truly care about your job, as well as the women here, so I have a proposal for you.” He paused for a few seconds before continuing. “I want to make you a partner in this place. What do you say?”

I sat stunned for a moment. Partner? Here? I counted the tills regularly, and knew what this place brought in. It would be a hefty raise, to say the least, and I would have more say in how things were run. Because Larry rarely ever came down here, he would be more of a silent partner.

“Earth to John, are you there?” Larry brought me back to the present.

“Yes! I– Well– Thank you!” I told him enthusiastically.

“Good, good.” the older man said, his eyes sparkling with mirth. “I hope you don’t mind, but I had my lawyers draw up the paperwork already. I had a feeling you would agree.” For the second time that day, I poured over paperwork, and couldn’t see any reason not to. I would become half owner, fifteen percent of my portion of the profits going to pay off the loan required for me to buy into this place, until it was paid in full. I would have full management rights, and as I had thought, Larry would become a silent partner, so long as this place continued to make a profit. I happily signed the documents.

“Now to the second item of business and your first action as part owner.” Larry seemed to grow nervous for second, and then waved to the corner. I was startled to see a young Asian girl step forward. Somehow I had missed her being here the whole time. “This is my niece, Suzy. She wants to work here. I don’t feel I can be a proper judge for her skills, her being family and all.

I stood up, and walked over to Suzy. She stood still while I walked around her, examining her. Her hair was dark brown, darker than Dixie’s and about shoulder length. She was short, maybe just less than five feet. Her face was round and slightly cherubic, and her almond shaped eyes watched me nervously. She wore slimming dress, and I could tell that she had curves, more than angles, but that was alright, as some of our customers preferred a little meat on their women. That isn’t to say she was fat, she just wasn’t a beanpole either. I didn’t know any of Larry’s family, so I didn’t know where the Asian genes came in, but guessed that Suzy couldn’t be full blooded oriental.

I returned to me seat, and looked her in the eyes. “Let’s see what you’ve got.” I told her, and had to stop her as she started unzipping the side of her dress. “I want to see you dance. That can come as you move. I need to know you can at least dance, before I let you on the floor out there.

Suzy nodded without saying a word, and began to move to the music that was being piped in from the main floor. Her movements were jerky, and I could easily tell she was nervous. Whether from her uncle watching or me I wasn’t sure. She stepped out of her dress, swaying her hips to let it fall to the floor, and I got a good look at her body. She had approximately C-cup breasts, being held up by a strapless bra, and she was wearing those butt hugger lacy panties that some women liked. As I had guessed, she wasn’t too skinny, having soft curves here and there that looked really good on her. She moved her hands to the back of her bra, and hesitated. She looked at her uncle behind her, and he nodded. She undid the strap, and swayed her hips as she held it in front for a moment. She finally let it drop, and I had to stare in amazement.

She easily had the longest nipples I had ever seen. How her bra had hidden them, I couldn’t understand. They had to stand out from her areolas at least an inch, if not more. Seeing women stripping on a regular basis had made me immune to getting aroused by it, but seeing the nipples on Suzy had me getting hard in seconds. She then turned around, and bending over, dropped her panties. I could easily see her inner lips protruding from her pussy, and even make out her clit. She was obviously turned on by her performance, and looking to Larry, I could see she wasn’t the only one. The older man was slowly rubbing his crotch as he watched his niece.

The music ended, and Suzy stood back upright, turning to face me. I had to work moisture back into my mouth before I could speak. It wasn’t that she was that phenomenal of a dancer, or even had the greatest body, but her nipples, sticking out from her dark smooth breasts had an effect on me. “I want you to–” I began before Larry cut me off.

“She’s not done, yet, John.”

Confused, I looked back to Suzy and watched as her hands began to roam over her body. She began to tug at her elongated nipples, pulling them up and down, making her tits shake. I sat captivated by them. Then her right hand dipped down to her shaved pussy, and spread her thick lips. She brought her left hand to her mouth, and sucked on two fingers, moving them in and out as though they were some form of phallus. Then she trailed them down her chest and stomach, leaving a trail of saliva, till she reached her spread pussy, and began to rub her clit.

Surprised by the turn of this interview, I looked to Larry, and saw that he had his slacks around his ankles, and his cock in hand, lightly stroking it. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I returned my eyes back to the woman in front of me.

Suzy now had two fingers buried in her cunt and her other hand was vigorously rubbing her clit. I looked up to her face, and saw that her eyes were closed, and her mouth open in a silent moan.

My cock was pressing uncomfortably against the front of my jeans, and I figured if the boss could do it, then so could I. At the sound of me unzipping my pants, Suzy’s eyes flew open and the locked on my crotch. She licked her lips as I pulled my massive member out. I only had time to stroke myself a couple times, before Suzy dropped to her knees, and a low moan escaped her lips as she came on her fingers.

As she recovered, she crawled seductively over to where I sat, and replaced my hand with hers. I smiled at her encouragingly, but I doubt she saw it as her eyes were locked solely on my penis. She began to lick the underside of my erection, and I noticed for the first time that she had her tongue pierced. I sat back and enjoyed the sensation of my first blowjob with a pierced tongue.

“She’s really good at that, isn’t she” Larry said, and I opened my eyes to see him standing behind his niece.

I didn’t want to tell him I had had better, so I just nodded, and moaned to encourage her.

Suzy moaned around my cock, and I saw that Larry was rubbing himself against her pussy. It didn’t take long before he had himself hilt deep in his niece. He began to pound into her at a steady rhythm, making her moan more and more around my cock. She had a second orgasm, and I had to lift her head, afraid she was going to choke on my cock as she shivered uncontrollably.

Suzy then pulled away from her uncle, and finally looked at me. “I want that monster in me.” She said; her first words to me tonight. Her voice was soft and delicate. I just nodded and pulled her towards me. She straddled me on the chair, and I couldn’t resist taking one of her long nipples into my mouth, even though I had to bend way over to do it, with as short as she is. She pulled my head to her breast, as I sucked and nibbled on her teat. I felt her fat lips touch the head of my cock, and moaned as they started to slide down my erection. It took her a few moments, to get past the head, and I feared I might not be able to get the whole thing in this short woman. She seemed determined though, spurred on by my voracious appetite for her long nipples. I just couldn’t get enough of them. When she had me halfway in, she stopped, held her breath, and then slammed down hard. I could feel myself hit bottom, and then suddenly kept on going. She screamed, half in agony, half in rapture it seemed, and held still, except for her body shaking in my arms.

I continued to nibble her tits, and I felt her fingers digging into my scalp, trying to pull me in tighter to her. After a few moments, Suzy began to rock her hips, moaning in delight at the fullness she felt. For me, I didn’t know what to think. I was in her as deep as I could go, and then some. There seemed to be an extreme tightness inside her pussy that I couldn’t compare to any other sexual experience I’d ever had.

“That’s right, Suzy, suck my cock. Taste your own juices, and take my cum.” I guessed Suzy was blowing her uncle by his words, and a few seconds later he came in her mouth by the sounds of his grunting. I didn’t want to think how close he was to me right then, so I concentrated on the feeling of Suzy’s pussy undulating on me, and the feel of her wonderful nipples against my tongue. She really must have enjoyed this, as I felt her pussy get much wetter, and she began to moan in my ear.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her. Suzy jumped off my lap, and began to suck on my cock furiously. It only took a couple seconds before I was blasting down the back of her throat. Suzy kept sucking till I had gone completely limp, fully cleaning my member.

“You’ve got the job,” I told her, feeling completely drained. She jumped up and down clapping her hands, and doing wonderful things for her body, in excitement at my news. We all got quickly dressed, and I told her the rules, and that she would start tomorrow, as a bartender. She would practice dancing with the other girls before we opened, and when she was good enough, I would let her take the stage.

Geo spied me coming out of the owner’s office, and I couldn’t help but pat the new key that resided in my pocket. My own key to that office.

“What did he want?” Geo asked. She must have been coming from a private session, as she had a robe draped around her body.

“Tell everyone that there will be a meeting after work tonight. And no one is to disturb Larry tonight either.” The older man wanted some more time alone with his niece. I could tell that Geo was hurt that I wouldn’t come right out and tell her the news, but I wanted to save it till everyone was together, so I didn’t have to say it a hundred times.

The rest of the night went pretty smoothly; Larry and Suzy leaving around midnight, and no one getting rowdy. All-in-all, a pleasant Friday night. The only problem I saw was that all the employees seemed to be on edge. At one point, the DJ even played the wrong song, and Geo snapped at him as I hadn’t seen her ever do.

I locked the doors, and walked into the dressing room. All eyes turned towards me, and for a second I froze, forgetting why I had called this meeting.

“Larry is selling this place, isn’t he?” Geo asked, and suddenly everyone’s nerves made sense. They all thought they were going to lose their job. I wished I had foreseen this, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

“Yes, and no,” I told her, and hurriedly continued to forestall any second guessing. “I am the new part owner.”

There was dead silence in the room for a moment, and I wondered if they were mad, happy, or just what was going through everybody’s minds.

It was Dixie that finally broke the silence. “Let me get this straight. All night we have been on pins and needles, just so you could tell us you were part owner?”

I could only nod at the accusation I saw in her eyes. This was not how I had seen things going. Cheers maybe, and some congratulations, or at the worst, indifference. I didn’t expect hostility.

Dixie grabbed a shirt that was lying close to her, and threw it. Not at me, surprisingly, but at Geo. “You brat! You told us Larry was selling the place!”

“Wait!” Geo tried to fend off the attack. “John came out of his meeting white as a ghost, and extremely serious. What else was I gonna think?”

We all laughed as Geo and Dixie went at it for a moment, only to finally turn and congratulate me along with everyone else.

At home Amber met us at the door, and flung her arms around me, planting a big kiss, and congratulating me as well. One of the other girls must have texted the news to her. Geo poured drinks, and Amber drank simple juice as we began to celebrate our good fortune.

“So not only are we moving into a bigger place, with less rent, but our wonderful John here, has been promoted and is getting a tremendous raise?” Geo asked, her words slurred from the amount of alcohol she had imbibed. “Damn, aren’t we lucky!” She leaned over, and gave me a passionate kiss. Amber was sitting on my other side, and demanded her own kiss, from her ‘cutie’ as soon as Geo had released me.

I happily obliged, enjoying the feeling of our tongues wrestling with one another, and felt hands at my belt. I opened my eyes without breaking the kiss to see Dixie trying to get my pants off. I lifted my hips, and broke the kiss long enough for Geo to get my shirt off.

Dixie immediately went down on me, sucking in my swollen head, and Geo dropped down to join her, licking my balls. I moaned into Amber’s mouth, placing both my hands on her cheeks, as our kissing became more passionate.

I started to undo the buttons on Amber’s shirt, but she stopped me, pulling away from our kiss. “No. You know how I feel about my body right now,” she told me.

“And you know how *I* feel about your body,” I retorted, going back to her buttons.

“You’re crazy,” she told me, but didn’t stop me this time, even though she did blush deeply as I revealed her torso.

I had to smile as I gazed upon my pregnant girlfriend. “I like you that shade of red,” I told her, referring to her blushing, and then immediately kissed her to forestall anything she might say.

Dixie moaned around my dick, and I looked down to see that both she and Geo had gotten naked, and Dixie was sitting on Geo’s talented mouth. Dixie had one hand in Geo’s strawberry blonde hair, and her other one cupping my sack.

I turned back to Amber, and decided her bra had to go. Luckily it was one of the front clasping kinds, and I soon had her pierced breasts revealed. I bent and took one in my lips, tugging on her rings gently with my teeth. I used my hands to pull down her maternity pants, and gain access to her crotch. Amber moaned loudly as my fingers found her clit, and began to rub.

“Geo, you are good at that, but I need some cock in me now!” I heard Dixie say, as her lips left my swollen member. Moments later I felt her climb on top of me and a hand take hold of my penis, aiming it for her honey pot. Even after all these months, Dixie felt exceptionally tight, and it took her a few moments to work the head past her lips.

I placed my hands on Amber’s hips, and gently guided her higher up on the couch, kissing her belly, and then down to her crotch as she moved. I laid flat on the couch, feeling every centimeter of Dixie swallowing me inter her body, and Amber repositioned to sit on my face.

I used my tongue to gently lick Amber’s swollen lips, sucking her into my mouth from time to time, listening to her moans. By the time I finally reached her clit, I was fully buried into Dixie’s slick slit. Dixie began to rock her hips atop me, and I felt someone grab my hand, and knew that Geo wanted some of my attention. She started to suck on my fingers, swirling her tongue around them, and then guided my hand down to her own pussy. I easily slipped two, then three fingers into my sister. By the time Amber had her first orgasm, I had four fingers in Geo, and as she began to climax, I slipped my whole fist into her.

“Oh, yes, John! I love the feeling of my brother’s whole fist in my cunt. Gawd, keep opening and closing your hand like that! Yes, yes, YES!” I loved the way Geo talked when she got off.

Dixie came soon after, and I had to fight to hold my own back, as her vaginal muscles began to milk my erection, demanding my cum.

Dixie climbed off me, and Geo removed my hand from within her, but kept hold of it, pulling me out from under Amber. “I want to feel my brother do me from behind with his massive cock,” she told me, and smiled as she dropped onto all fours. I obligingly knelt behind her, and slid all the way in with one push. Geo grunted as I hit bottom, and then pushed back harder, trying to get as much of me in her as possible. I knew how she liked it, and started to pound into my older sister as hard and fast as I could.

I looked back to the couch to see both Amber and Dixie, their legs spread, and a hand on the other’s crotch, their eyes slightly glazed as they watched the incest before them.

“Fuck me brother. Fuck me hard! Oh, how I love how deep you go! Oh, gawd, you’re gonna make me cum again! Yes, I can feel it! Ahhhhhh!”

I could feel Geo’s juices soaking out around my penis, and knew that I was going to cum soon after. “Ah, Geo, I’m gonna cum too!” I told her.

“Yes,” She screamed as she turned and looked at me, a fiery lust burning deep in her emerald eyes. “Cum in your big sister. Cum in me brother! I want to feel it shooting deep inside me!” Her hand reached around, grabbing my hip, trying to make me go faster.

Despite her demands, I pulled out of her, and sprayed it along her back as she whimpered in disappointment. I collapsed back, and smiled in amazement as I saw Dixie get up, and start to lick Geo’s back clean.

“Why won’t you cum in me, John?” Geo demanded as soon as Dixie was done. This was an old argument, and I just looked at her, not answering. “I know! You don’t want to get me pregnant,” her tone had turned sarcastic, then to seriousness. “I have been doing some research, and the chance of us having a baby with genetic problems is very slim. We don’t even have any of that stuff that runs in our family!”

I got up, and walked over to my older sister, then bent down, and cupped her chin in my palm. Looking deep into her eyes, I pulled her face up to mine, and kissed her. At first her lips remained still, refusing to kiss me back, but as I kept going, I felt her slowly begin to return it as I knew she would. I pulled away, and looked into her eyes. “I love you. I will always love you. Please let that be enough.” She nodded, but I knew this wasn’t the end of it from her.

That night as I lay trying to get to sleep, I began to imagine the changes I would make to the club, and began planning the move to the new place.

I spent the next week moving the girls and myself to the new house during the day, and implementing some changes at the club at night. The house was even bigger than I had thought, and even after getting everything inside, the place still looked barren.

“Well, John. I truly hope you are happy here. I’d almost say this place was built just for you.” Betty says as she walks through the place. The way she says it seems a little odd to me, but I soon forget as I watch her ass move in her business skirt. The girls are all in school for the fall semester, and Betty wanted to come by the house to make sure everything was in order.

“It’s perfect,” I tell her, and look up in time not to be caught looking at her ass. By the way she smiles at me, I’m not sure I got away with it: half mischievous, half surprised.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” She asks, her brown eyes sparkling.

YES! My brain yells, but my mouth forms different words. “Not unless you know a really good decorator. We have a lot more room to fill.” Was that a look of disappointment in her eyes? “We are having a housewarming party tonight, and would love for you to come. And bring anyone you’d like.” I tack on as an afterthought. If she didn’t always seem so proper, I’d try to make a move on her. Sometimes it surprises me how far I’ve come from that shy boy that found my sister stripping so many months ago.

“Oh, I’m not attached, if that is what you’re asking.” Okay, this time there is no doubt about the smile in her eyes.

I decide to take a gamble, and step a little closer to her. She is almost as tall as me with her heels on, and her dark ebony skin is smooth in the early afternoon light filtering in through the windows. “No boyfriend, then? Hmm…”

Before I know quite what is happening, Betty has me pressed back against the counter, her large lips mashed to mine. This was NOT the prim and proper woman I had been dealing with for the last week, but I wasn’t about to complain. My arms wound around her frame, and pulled her tighter into me. Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed hard against each other.

Betty took an unexpected step back, and placed her hand over her not inconsiderable chest. I was left flailing for balance. What happened? Did my breath stink? Did I make some false move?

“I’m sorry John. I’m not usually like this. I don’t just…” she looked up at me, and I saw her eyes dart to the undeniable bulge in my pants, before forcefully being taken back up to my face. “Just… I don’t… Awe, fuck it!” She said in a rush, and threw herself at me, kissing me like a woman starved.

Her attitude had me hornier than I had been in quite some time, as I broke off the kiss to start kissing down her dark neck. She moaned as my lips brushed down her sensitive neck, and one of her hands gripped the hair at the back of my neck. I felt her other hand drop and begin to squeeze my ass. I let my own hands drop to her skirt covered hind end, and gave a squeeze of my own. Her ass filled both my hands and then some and I loved the way it felt as I rubbed and groped.

“That’s it, baby. Grab my ass. I really shouldn’t be doing this. Oh, I like that! Oh yeah, nibble on my neck! Oh baby, you are gonna have me creaming before I get this skirt off me.” I found the zipper to her skirt, and moments later it was on the floor, soon followed by my own pants. I stepped back as Betty started to undo the buttons on her blouse, admiring how her white garter belt and panties contrasted with her dark chocolate skin. She shrugged her top off, and I stood there admiring her massive tits being held in by thin white lacy fabric that simply didn’t seem up to the task. It, too, soon joined the rest of the clothing on the floor.

Her tits were even bigger than I had thought. They must have been seriously compressed in her bra. I judged them to easily be double D’s if not triple D’s. They sagged on her chest under their immense weight, but they were still firm and round. Her nipples were a deep dark shade of brown, and poking straight out.

My body took over from my stunned mind, and I grabbed her, spinning us and pinning her to the counter. I kissed her madly as I mauled her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I had to get my lips on these monsters. Breaking the kiss, I pecked my way down her jaw line, licked along her neck, nibbled for a second on her collar bone, and finally reached the top of her firm mounds. I lifted her right nipple up to my mouth, and sucked in as much as would fit between my lips. Her moans echoed through the large kitchen.

My right hand dips down under her white frilly panties and I easily find her swollen clit. I am quite surprised at how wet she already is. Her panties are soaked, and it occurs to me that she must have been leaking from nearly the time she walked through the door.

She shoves me away, and I look up to her in disappointment. What did I do this time? I see her fighting inwardly with herself, and I wonder just what this sexy woman is thinking. Her eyes once again drop to my enraged cock, and I see all doubt fly from her mind. “Come with me,” she moans, and grabs my hand as she runs by, nearly pulling me from my feet. She leads me to my room, and sits me on my futon.

Dropping to her knees, I figure she is about to give me head, but instead she places her voluptuous breasts on both sides of my cock, and then spits on the head. She squeezes her tits around me and begins to bob her chest up and down, spitting occasionally to increase the lubrication. I can’t stop from moaning as her glorious mounds caress my dick, in a brand new sensation. I begin to move my hips, and can occasionally see my head pop out from her tight cleavage.

Betty notices this too, and drops her mouth down to suck in my head each time it pops out. This is starting to get to me. “Betty, I’m coming close…” I warn, and then feel her hand grip the base of my cock as she releases her tits. Her thumb digs into my urethra, blocking off any chance of cumming.

“Not yet, you’re not, Baby. I’m getting this beast inside of me first!” She releases my cock, and quickly hits the levers turning my futon into a bed. I collapse backwards as it falls, and Betty climbs on top of me, still wearing her white panties. Pulling the fabric at her crotch to the side, she grabs my penis and starts to rub my head against her protruding lips. I can’t stop myself from thrusting my hips up as she does this, but each time I only manage to hit her clit, or slide back between her luscious cheeks. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this,” I think I hear her mumble, then without warning, she stops rubbing, and drops onto my lap, sinking my whole eight inches into her in one feel swoop. I groan as I feel her pussy muscles tightly around my shaft, and she screams at the feeling of being filled so fully, so suddenly.

For a couple seconds, she just sits there, not moving. I can’t stop myself from tightening my muscles down there, making my cock twitch inside her. A low moan escapes her lips each time I do, and when she finally looks down at me, I can see the animalistic hunger in her dark brown eyes. “Fuck me.” she demands, and I am all too happy to comply. I start to move my pelvis, grasping her hips while I do. I watch in amazement as she grabs first one tit, then the other, and pulls them into her own mouth, sucking her own nipples, and moaning as she rides atop my penetrating tool.

Soon her actions are frenzied, spurred on when I place my left hand at our juncture and start to press in on her clit… “Oh, baby, that feels good. I can feel you so deep. Mmm, oh, I love it. Yeah, pinch it! Pinch my clit!” She releases both of her nipples, and drops her face to mine, kissing me as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and her cream seeps out around it.

I decide that it is about time I finally get to have mine, and I grab her ass, and start slamming into her from underneath. I can tell this is extending her orgasm, and it only takes a couple seconds, before my own is finally upon me. I slip out of her, and keep pumping against her ass cheeks, spraying my sperm onto her rump, back, and my legs. I moan into her mouth, our tongues still entwined as I empty the last of my seed on us.

Betty lifts her head, and looks down at me, then down between us. As if realizing what she has just done, she jumps up and covers herself. Her breasts are too large to cover, however, and end up just spilling over and around her arms. “I am so sorry,” She tells me, her back turned, and shoulders humped. “I would understand if you called my agency to complain, but please don’t. I can’t afford to lose my job. I don’t know what came over me.” The rest of her words are lost, as she buries her face in her hands, and I realize she is crying.

Uncertain how we went from some great sex, to her crying, I am at a loss for words. I try to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she jerks away from me. “Don’t touch me,” she demands. “I practically raped you! I have NEVER been like that before. I just… I just…”

The rest was lost in sobs, and this time she lets me pull her into my arms. Thinking back, she had kinda of raped me, but then again; ‘You can’t rape the willing,’ so the old saying went.

“You didn’t rape me,” I tell her when her sobs lighten enough that I am sure she can hear me. “Believe me, I WANTED to do it. I don’t regret it at all!”

She finally turns to look at me, and I can see hope in her tear stained eyes. “You…” She swallows, trying to work moisture back into her mouth. “You won’t tell?”

I laughed, not in derision, but in joy. “I won’t if you won’t!” I say, giving her my best wink. Her arms flung around me, and hugged me tight, as she kept murmuring into my chest, “Thank you, thank you, thank, you.”

Betty got herself cleaned up with a little help, and soon had her clothes back in order. “Thank you for pulling out,” she says while we are at the door, and I can see that she is back in her prim and proper mode, “I’m not on any contraceptives.”

“Yeah, I don’t need to get another girl pregnant right now,” I say, thinking of Amber. I don’t regret getting one of my girlfriends pregnant, and am actually looking forward to meeting my daughter, but would rather try to plan the next one. “So… You ARE planning on coming to the housewarming party tonight, right?”

I can see her armor crack for just a moment as uncertainty creeps in. “You still want me to?” When I nod the affirmative, the uncertainty turns to relief and joy. I can’t help but smile as I watch her walk to her car. She gave a little shake of her ass as she walks, then turns and smiles as she catches me grinning.

I jump in the shower, deciding that I probably reek of sex. As soon as I get soap on my face, the water suddenly turns off. “What the…?” I say, trying to keep the suds out of my mouth. The curtain rips back, and I realize I am not alone. One of the girls must have come home early from their college courses.

I feel a hand start to play with my cock, and despite only cumming a short while ago, the expert fingers soon have me rigid, as she slides her fingers up and down my rod.

“Guess who I am without looking, and you will get a special treat,” I hear a whisper, and it is just too quiet to make out the voice.

I immediately discount Dixie, as this isn’t something she would normally do. Or is it her, and she is expecting me to discount her?

Whoever it is steps into the tub with me, and I soon feel her warm mouth kissing the head of my tool. The lips part around the tip, and with my eyes tightly closed to keep out the soap, the sensation seems to be increased. I can feel every breath, and every light touch as my cock sinks deeper into her mouth, her hand still lightly rubbing up and down my shaft. I moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive (And even more sensitive now!) rim of the head.

I figure it is not Amber, as she is usually wilder, and this is more teasing. Dixie and Geo are the teasers, liking to lengthen the fun.

Her free hand starts to slide up my chest, and her fingers twirl around my pecks and nipples. None of the girls have ever done this before, and I find it strangely erotic. I hear a muffled moan as my penis slides deeper into her throat. Amber likes to moan when giving me head.

I am completely confused on who it might be. She pulls back, and in that same insufferably quiet whisper asks, “Who am I?”

Thinking hard and fast, I give an answer. “Geo,” I say, hoping and praying I am right, not only for the treat, but not wanting to upset whoever it might be. I figure it has to be her, though. Dixie is too diligent in her classes to come home early, and the touches were just too soft and gentle to be Amber.

“Awe, what gave me away?” I hear the sweet sounds of my sister’s voice. The water turns back on, and I am finally able to rinse the soap from my face.

I open my eyes to see my beautiful, strawberry blonde, green eyed sister, naked in the shower with me.

“I even tried to trick you by moaning the way Amber does when she gives you head.” I can see that she is pouting a little at not winning the game, and I can only smile as I lean forward, and cupping both of her cheeks in my hands, pull her into a kiss. I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, and feel her melt as my tongue flicks her upper lips.

I pull away, smiling as I see her discomfort at the kiss ending abruptly. “There is no mistaking my sexy sister,” I lie, and brace myself against the back of the shower as she mauls me, kissing me passionately.

Our tongues wrap around each others as Geo presses her delightful body against mine. Bracing my feet, I place one hand on the back of her head, fingers laced in her hair, and the other slides down to her ass. I note that it is smaller than Betty’s, and can’t help but smile at the comparison. I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world.

Geo moans into our kiss, as I squeeze her rear, and my fingers play with her hair. Her hand slips between us, and she grips my cock, rubbing it as our kiss deepens. The hand on her ass slides around her hip, and towards her front. My fingers soon find her slit, and moments later start to apply pressure to her clit. “Umpf,” she grunts, breaking the kiss. She smiles at me with those dazzling green eyes of hers, and asks, “Are you ready for your treat, little brother?”

Instead of answering, I quickly slide my fingers back, and slip two into her cunny. She moans as I begin to move my fingers faster and faster. “Oh, fuck! I’m supposed to give you the treat, not… Oh, fuck, that feels good!” She says, and I know I am getting her close.

I lean in close to her ear and whisper, “Sis, everything about you is a treat for me.” Then I nibble on her earlobe, and as expected this sends her over the edge, and she come in my hand. I have to use my spare hand to hold her up as her body convulses, squeezing the two fingers still inside her.

When she finally starts to come down, she looks up at me, and I can see a familiar fire burning behind that look. “You are gonna get your treat, damnit, if I have to force your cock into my ass!”

Now this WAS a treat! She hadn’t let me back there, since the Viagra incident. And while she claimed she had enjoyed it, she also resolutely denied me access again.

Geo quickly squirted some conditioner into her hands, then reaching behind her, shoved first one, then two fingers onto her anus. I marveled at the show I was getting. A real treat indeed! Geo used her other hand, and started rubbing her clit while she slipped a third finger into her rear.

“Oh, damn, that feels good. Having my brother watch me, while I play with both my holes. Oh, this is turning me on more than I realized. I think I am gonna make myself cum!” My sister’s words send me over the edge of reason, and like a wild animal, I step up to her, and shove my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. She clamps down on me, and I could still see her three fingers frigging her asshole, and could tell that she was still rubbing her clit while I fucked into her from behind, hard and fast. If it hadn’t been for the sex with Betty earlier, I know I would have cum already, so lost in lust was I.

Geo’s pussy relaxed and she pulled forward off of me. “Now, little brother, that wasn’t the hole I had in mind.” She admonished.

With my mind still in its lust filled haze, I only nodded, and stepped forward again, this time aiming for the proffered hole. Geo spread her cheeks for me as I gripped the base of my penis. Between the conditioner she had used, and her own cum on my cock, my head slid right in. Her hands immediately stopped me from going any further though, and I heard a whimper of disappointment that I realized came from me. The haze lifted enough for me to realize that my sister was offering me something special, and that I shouldn’t mistreat it this time.

“Okay,” she told me, after an interminable amount of time had passed, “Just go slow. You’re bigger than I remember back there.”

I grabbed the conditioner bottle, and applied some as I slowly pressed into her. I took my time, though it took almost all of my willpower to do so. The feeling of her sphincter, tightly wound around my prick, and the fact that my sister was willingly giving this to me, was nearly overwhelming.

“I love you, Geo,” I said, unable to hold back the emotion.

“I love you too, John. Now are you going to fuck me with that prick, or stand there all day?”

I looked down to see that I had slid fully into her colon. Smiling, I slowly slid out, till only my head remained in her. Setting down the conditioner bottle, I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back towards me. “Mmm, fuck, sis. Your ass is so tight! Thank you for this treat,” I told her as I slowly pulled back out.

“Enough talk. I said fuck me!”

Not wanting to upset Geo, I did as commanded, and slammed my full length back into her. She grunted as my pelvis slapped her ass, but I didn’t let up. Pulling out, and slamming back into her again. I used my hands on her hips to facilitate the movements, slamming into her harder and harder each time. Soon her grunts turned into screams of pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s it little brother! Fuck your sister’s tight ass. Make me cum while you’re sliding that massive dick of yours in me. Oh, Gawd, that feels… Ugh… I’m gonna…” She trailed off, and I gripped her sides, making sure she stayed on her feet, and instead of sliding into her, I began to move her up and down, matching the movements with opposite gyrations of my own.

Her tight hole clamped down on me as we moved, and her upper body shook as she came. When she had recovered, Geo wiggled her ass against me, and almost seemed disappointed. “You haven’t cum yet, little bro? Hmm…” She stands up, but does so in a way that I never leave her. Her ass is pressed to me, and her back arched, as she reaches back and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet, and I feel her tongue tracing around my lips, as she starts to gyrate her ass against me.

I release her hips, and place one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple, and the other goes to her pussy, rubbing her clit. This new position adds a whole new realm of pleasure, as I feel her colon compressing my member. I stick two fingers into her, and can feel my cock separated by a thin wall.

“Damn, John. Holy, shit that feels good. Keep that up, and you’re gonna have your big sister cumming all over you again.” Her lips press hard to mine, and she moans as our tongues intertwine. My hand is covered in her juices, and this time it is too much for me, as I empty my balls into her sexy rear.

Geo continues the kiss as she pulls away from me, and I can tell this kiss is less passionate, but more loving from its tenderness.

“Thank you John,” she murmurs, when the kiss ends.

“Thank you. I can’t imagine a better treat from my sexy sister,” I tell her sincerely.

“I think I know of a way you can repay me, if you want.” She tells me. Shit! I should have known there was a reason she’d let me in her back door again.

I’m still pretty happy though, and so ask what it might be. Right now, I’m pretty much willing to do whatever she asks.

“Next time cum in my pussy.” The way she says it, she seems so innocent. I know better.

“You know I won’t do that, Geo. Not anymore. I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“But if you do, then I’ll let you have my ass anytime you want. Just like you do with Amber.” She is pleading now, and I feel horrible for taking her treat, and being unable to return this favor, but the idea of having some deformed children with my sister is more than I care to think about, and tell her so.

“I already told you, the chances are extremely small that it would happen. If it were the third or fourth generation of incest, then maybe, but not with us!” She is truly begging now.

I hold my ground, until Geo finally leaves me in the shower alone. I wash myself again, before stepping out and drying off.

Amber is waiting in my room when I walk in, and I groan. After my fight with Geo, I don’t want to see any of my girlfriends right now, especially not the pregnant one.

“You know she won’t give up on this, right?” Amber asks me as I am pulling on my boxers. I ignore her as I continue getting dressed. “I don’t suppose you’re up to screwing my brains out right now? No, I thought not.” Amber got up and crossed to the door, then stopped. “Just thought I’d let you know, I invited our neighbors over for tonight. Her name is Diane. Ran into her as I was getting home from classes. Seems like a nice lady.”

She shut the door after her, and I flopped onto my bed, and covered my eyes with my arm. What was I gonna do about Geo? I knew she wanted to get pregnant, but the same arguments went over and over in my mind. Despite what she said, I was just too worried.

Deciding that I had wallowed in enough self pity, I grabbed the keys to my car, and went to the store. I needed to buy food for tonight. I make sure I get enough for everybody coming over: my friends from school, the girls from the club (It was closed tonight for some remodeling I wanted done), our neighbor, and Betty. I purchased a little extra, just to be safe, and was thankful for the raise I had received in becoming a partner in the club when I paid for everything.

Walking outside, I was glad I lived in an area that never snowed. Even though it was fall, it should still be warm enough to BBQ outside, and even enjoy the pool.

Our guests started to arrive about five, and I was glad to see Rob (Not Ron, Dixie’s ex) my best friend from high school. I had hardly talked to him in the last few months, and it was good to catch up on old times. Our neighbor, Diane was next, and I couldn’t help but admire her body. Even for a woman in her mid-thirties, she was looking good. She had long auburn hair, and a dazzling smile. I learned that she had a son that did some computer programming, and a daughter that was over to a friend’s house, tonight. Some of the girls from the club showed up, including Suzy, who was obviously NOT wearing a bra, as her shirt had two tent poles in it. I started working on the food, and noticed that Betty hadn’t shown yet.

Rob walked up to me as I was flipping steaks. “I still can’t believe that you hooked up with Amber. She is so fucking hot! And you get to live with Dixie too. Damn, dude. If it weren’t for your sister living here, this would be a dream come true.”

I hadn’t told him I was actually screwing all three. I didn’t know how he would take it. I noticed he was drinking water. “Have a beer. Loosen up a bit, and talk to some of the girls.” I told him, trying to change the subject. “Maybe you’ll hook up too!” I laugh. All through high school, Rob had gotten all the girls, and I had gotten all the grades.

“You really do own part of that club now, don’t you? Geez, what would it be like to be surrounded by strippers all the time?” Rob’s eyes roamed the party. “What about her? The Asian chick. She looks like fun.” I turn to see who he is pointing out. At first I can’t see her face, but there is no mistaking those long nipples poking through the shirt.

“Suzy? You should go talk to her.”

“Hey,” Rob suddenly lowers his voice, getting all conspiratorial, “You ever… You know… With any of them?”

I laugh again, but it is slightly forced. “I have a beautiful redheaded girlfriend that is carrying my child. What do you think?”

Rob just nods and heads off in Suzy’s direction. I see Geo serving drinks, and check to make sure the steaks will last for a second, before going over to approach her. She sees me coming, though, and glares at me before walking away. I guess she is still pretty upset.

I turn back around, and almost bowl over Diane. “I’m so sorry,” I tell her. She is short enough, I just hadn’t seen her.

“No problem,” she says and places her hand on my chest. She follows me for a second, as I head back to the grill. “So I understand you are dating all three women in this house?” It is not an accusation, but more of a question of curiosity. I look around to make sure Rob didn’t hear that, and see Suzy laughing at something he said.

“Oh yeah? Who said that?” I try to act nonchalant, but don’t know if I succeed.

“Oh, you don’t have to be shy with me. I may be the oldest one here, but I’m not so old as to forget my college years. Besides, Amber told me when she invited me over.” Diane laughs, and it is hard not to smile with her. I am going to have to have a talk with Amber though. Not that I was embarrassed or ashamed about dating three such beautiful women, but the whole neighborhood didn’t need to know. I took a swig of my beer, and nearly spit it out with her next statement. “Your sister is pretty hot, even if she is mad at you. I wonder what it would be like to sleep with your own sibling?” Her laugh grows stronger by the look on my face. “Relax, I don’t judge. I actually think it is kind of hot.” I can’t believe this lady is being so coy and honest with me. I can even feel myself getting hard as she talks, and notice that her nipples are starting to poke through her top.

“How did you figure it out?” I ask.

“Your eyes and hair may be different colors, but there are enough similarities to see it. Don’t worry, so much. I won’t tell anyone. Like I said, I think it is hot.”

A splash distracted me, and I looked to the pool, and saw that Rob and Suzy had jumped in, their clothes discarded beside the pool. I laughed as more clothes were discarded, and the pool became more crowded. I couldn’t help but notice the amount of tented boxers, and hard nipples. Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting horny.

The steaks were soon done, and people slowly began to get out of the water to eat. “I usually don’t see this many tits unless I am at work,” Dixie says behind me. I nod, noting that everyone still has on their bottoms, but all of the bras had vanished. Hopefully I didn’t have any neighbors that would call to complain.

I noted that besides Amber and I, only Dixie still had her clothes on. Geo was sitting in a corner with one of my bouncers, laughing in only her tight pink panties. Every now and then I caught her looking my way, and when she saw me looking, she only smiled, and started to rub one of her stiff nipples. I knew she was just trying to get me jealous, and so I did my best to ignore her. It wasn’t hard considering all the flesh around me.

“Good steaks,” Diane tells me, and I can’t help but admire her tits. Despite having had two kids, they are still pretty firm looking. “You will have to tell me what you marinade them with.” I only nodded, unable to think past the boner that was beginning to hurt.

I heard a moan that sounded familiar, and looked back into the pool to see Rob nibbling on one of Suzy’s long nipples. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and I could see her panties in her hand. By the way the two were moving, I could see that they were fucking. That seemed to break the ice, and before I knew what to think, underwear went flying in all directions.

“What did you put in those steaks, Cutie?” Amber asked me, and I could only shrug. Was it the combination of strippers and men causing this or something else? “Well, whatever it was, I need to feel you inside me now!” I allowed myself to be led away, and noticed that the bouncer that Geo had been talking to was now sucking on her tits. She saw me looking and threw her head back, pulling the man tighter to her at the same time.

Dixie then blocked my view as she followed us back into the house. I was surprised to see Diane come along too.

Dixie wasted no time in getting my pants off, and I heard Diane gasp as soon as I popped free. “He is huge!”

Dixie smiled at her, and gave her a wink. “He is even bigger up close.” Diane dropped down to her knees next to Dixie, and stared at my member. Her hand tentatively reached out, and tried to wrap around it, but her fingers couldn’t make the full circuit.

Two hands grabbed my face, and I found myself staring into Amber’s blue eyes. “I know you will be careful, so I want it in my pussy tonight. I haven’t had you in there for too long.” She doesn’t wait for me to say anything, before she leans forward and kisses me passionately. My arms wrap around her pregnant frame, and I feel two sets of lips touch my cock.

Amber continues to kiss me, and I start to pull up her shirt. For once she doesn’t argue about being topless around me, and breaks the kiss only long enough to fully remove her top and bra. As soon as I see her pierced nipples, I lean over and bring one to my lips. I suck as much of her small tit into my mouth as I can, and use my tongue to play with her ring. Amber moaned, and I felt a secondary moan around my cock. Looking down I saw that Dixie had stripped, and her mouth was wrapped around one of Diane’s tits, her hand on the older woman’s shaved twat.

I started to remove Amber’s pants as I watched Dixie kiss her way down Diane’s body, and then begin to lick her slit. Diane jumped when Dixie touched her clit about the same time I worked two fingers into Amber. I was shocked at how wet Amber was already. She was always horny, sure, but I had never felt her this wet before.

I couldn’t stop a moan into Amber’s tit as I felt my cock work its way into Diane’s throat.

“Cutie, I need to feel you in me, NOW!” Amber pulled my head from her chest, and led me over to the couch, leaving the other two women where they were. She sat on the couch, placing her bottom on the edge, and beckoned me to her while biting her lower lip.

Conscious of the baby inside her, I squatted down, and started to rub my saliva coated head against her pussy. As soon as I touched her lower lips, I wanted to dive right in. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this turned on, and I could see that the feeling was mutual. Somehow I held back, and applied only a little pressure, until I felt my head engulfed in her wet hot folds. “Hmm, yes! More. I need more,” Amber panted, and her pussy started to suck me in further. I wanted nothing more than to sink all the way to the hilt into her, to feel her fully wrapped around my shaft, but her belly reminded me to play it careful. Slowly, so slowly it almost hurt, I let her pull me into her. I slid in with ease, she was so wet. Before I quite knew what had happened, I was fully into her, all eight inches, and she hadn’t complained a bit. She was still tight. I hadn’t been in this hole for at least five months, and it felt wonderful.

Remembering Dixie and Diane, I turned to see that they had moved into a sixty-nine position close by, mouths glued to cunts, and moans echoing between them.

Amber shifting herself on the couch brought my attention back to her, and I saw that she had a nipple ring in each hand, and was tugging on each one. “Now fuck me John. Make me cum all over that huge cock of yours!”

I looked down to where our bodies were joined, and was still surprised that she had accommodated my entire length into her pregnant body. I saw her clit piercing, and reached down, and started to rub it back and forth. Dixie mewled as I did this, and I started to buck my hips in time with my hand.

I heard two load moans behind me, and knew that both women were cumming from the pleasures the other was giving. Seconds later I felt hands on my back, and then they sat on either side of Amber. As if on cue, both women grabbed one of Amber’s hands, removing them from her tits, and replaced them with their mouths. They held her arms above her head, as they each sucked a tit between their lips. Amber began to moan and thrash underneath them. “Don’t stop,” She moaned. “Pleeeaaaseee don’t stop!” Seconds later I was gratified to feel her squirting against my cock and hands.

As soon as she was done thrashing on the couch, Dixie gave me a hard shove, and I fell over backwards onto the floor. Luckily it didn’t hurt, but I watched in shock as Diane kissed her way up to Amber’s lips, and slipped a couple fingers into her own cunny.

I looked to Dixie, and saw the same lust in her eyes that Amber had had as we entered the house. She climbed on top of me, and slammed down, impaling herself in one fluid motion. Despite how long we have been screwing, Dixie is still the tightest woman I have been with, but at the moment she is so wet, that I slip into her with ease.

Amber starts to moan under Diane’s ministrations, as Dixie begins to rock her hips atop me. I can feel her juices leaking down my nutsack, as she grabs her nipples, and starts squeezing them. I place my hands on her hips, and lift her up a couple inches, then pull her down as I thrust up with my hips. I don’t have to be as careful with Dixie, and I start to move and thrust as hard as I can. It doesn’t take long before Dixie starts to cum, and if I thought she was wet before, a veritable flood gushes from around my penis now.

Dixie collapses on her side, out of breath, mumbling, “No more. I need to rest. No more.”

I am still hard, and hornier than ever, as I see Diane still on top of Amber, tongues moving with each other, and her fingers moving in and out of the redhead’s twat. Diane’s rear is in the air as I step up behind her, and begin to press into the older woman.

Diane turns to look at me as my head slips inside her. “Finally my turn, huh? Shove that cock in me, young man. Make me cum like you did these other two. I wanna feel that stiff rod filling me up–Oh Gawd that feels good!”

I began to see-saw my hips, driving ever deeper into my sexy neighbor. I watched as she placed her mouth down on Amber’s nipple, and the redhead’s eyes rolled back as Diane brought her to another orgasm. I reached my hands around to Diane’s front, and began to fondle her breasts, enjoying the fullness of them in my hands. They were only slightly bigger than Geo’s, but felt just as firm.

Thinking of my sister finally sent me over the edge, and I started to buck as I emptied my load into Diane. This set her of, and she began to moan and shudder as I shot into her.

I pulled out from Diane, as she laid her head on Amber’s breast, and sighed contentedly.

I wanted to find my sister.

As I walked outside, I noticed that despite having just blown my wad, I was still rock hard. The last time this had happened, Geo had drugged me with Viagra. Since I had prepared all the food, and opened all my own beers, I knew I hadn’t been drugged this time.

These thoughts left my mind as I stepped onto the back patio. It was a veritable orgy out here. Rob had his cock deep in Suzy, while she licked the crotch of another stripper, Julia. Everywhere I looked, holes were being filled with fingers, tongues, or cocks.

It didn’t take me long to find geo. “Yeah, shove that cock into my pussy. Make me cum again. I want you to cum inside me. Do you hear me? I want to feel your sperm coating the inside of my cunt!” She was easily the loudest of those out here.

I saw her sitting atop Joe, the bouncer she had been with earlier, rocking her hips hard against him, trying to get the man off. Geo saw me as I approached.

“What do you want, brother? Come to watch me fuck Joe’s brains out?” Her tone is snidely, and rude, so I answered in equal part.

“I’ve come to let you suck my cock!” Her eyes drop to my cum covered dick, and I see her lick her lips.

“What makes you–Umpf?” I don’t let her finish her sentence as I shove the head of my cock between her red lips. Despite her protests, she is soon sucking, and slurping away, swallowing the combined cum of Amber, Dixie, Diane, and myself. I let her go at it for awhile, before I pull her head back, and force her body down against Joe’s.

I step behind her, and aimed for her puckered asshole. “No! I told you that was off limits to you from now on!” She tried to protest.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “I don’t think so dear sister. You want to get pregnant, and I’m going to let you. I am also going to enjoy fucking your little ass whenever I want to.” I could see the tears of happiness brim in her eyes, and she only flinched for a second as I slid into her rectum. “Only thing is, I am not the one who is going to get you pregnant. You can fuck any guy you want, but it will be our child to raise.”

I slide out, leaving only my head in her, and can feel Joe thrusting into her from below. Reaching under her, I grab a tit in each hand, and pull her back into me.

“Oh, Gawd, yes! Holy, fuck! I will let you fuck my ass whenever you want. Just let me get pregnant. I want to have a child, and see you look at me the way to do Amber. Don’t stop moving, Joe! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck me, I’m cumming!”

Joe grunted under her, and I knew he was blowing his load into her. The thought occurred to me that she would be disappointed that Joe had been fixed a few years back, but for now I just enjoyed the feeling of Geo’s asshole sliding along my cock.

With my hands still on her chest, I pulled back on her body, and she ended up on top of me, very similar to how we had been in the shower, only this time we were sitting, instead of standing.

Joe got up, and wondered off, but my focus was on my sister as she started to cum again. She stood up suddenly, but lay on her back on the bench, and lifting her legs, offered me her ass again. I quickly slid back in, and watched as she slipped two fingers inter her empty pussy. I bent over, pressing her arm between us, and sucked one of her tits into my mouth. I placed my arms under her, with my hands on her shoulders, and used the leverage to move her body as I pounded into her.

We fucked like that for what seemed like hours, but were likely only minutes, as Geo came time and again. Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I dropped my second load in her colon that day.

We got up, and found that most of the party had already finished their own sex, and left. Rob and Suzy were still going at it, she was on top of him, her nipples in his mouth, while she moaned and came.

Amber and Dixie were cuddled up on the couch together, smiles on their sleeping faces. Diane was nowhere to be seen, but I found a note from her, thanking us for the party and the ‘entertainment’.

I carried first Amber, then Dixie to their rooms, and tucked them in, before tucking Geo in.

“Did you mean what you said?” She asked as I turned off her lights.

“Yes,” I told her, then went to my own bed for some much needed rest.

Let me start by saying that there is a LOT more story in this chapter, and a bit less sex. For those after only the sex, I’m sorry, but I hope you like the 3-4 page sex scene that is in here. Also, there is no actual incest in this chapter, but it is referenced, hence the reason for the ‘incest’ tag. As always, comments are deeply & truly appreciated. I hope you enjoy, but if not, lemme know why.

I hung up the phone in frustration. The agency I had worked with to buy our new place refused to give me Betty’s number, and would only tell me that she was absent, and would return my calls when she got back from her vacation time. I haven’t seen her since that afternoon she had given me that great titty-fucking, and then screwed me to a great ejaculation. I’d worried about her, when she hadn’t shown up to the housewarming party, but she refused to get back in touch with me. That had been a few weeks ago

I heard a knock on my office door, and yelled for whomever it was to enter. Dixie walked in, and smiled at me. She must have sensed my mood. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she sauntered over to my desk. She had on one of her stripper outfits, a short black leather dress that barely covered her ass, and occasionally offered glimpses of her black thong underneath as she walked.

“Just business,” I lied, not wanting to tell her the truth. I felt bad about lying, but I usually kept my occasional dalliances to myself, except when they joined into the fun with my girlfriends and me. “But things are looking up, now that I am looking at you,” I complimented her.

She laughed at my corniness, and sitting on the edge of my desk flashing her black thong at me, she leaned forward to give me a peck on the lips. “That’s why I love you, you know that?” Her eyes sparkled as she looked down at me. “Because you always treat me like I’m the only one in the world for you, even though I know there are really three of us.”

It was my turn to smile now. I did try to make each of my girlfriends feel special. “So… Did you come in just to tease me with that outfit, or was there something else?”

She hopped off the desk, and planted her rear in my lap. Grabbing both my hands, she placed them on her abdomen, and leaned back, placing her head on my shoulder and her lips near my ear. “Oh, I dunno. Teasing can be rather fun, don’t you think?” Her hips started to gyrate against my groan in the way that I have noticed only strippers can really pull off, and I moaned to let her know I appreciated what she was doing to me.

The door to my office opened, and I tried to move Dixie off of me, but she still had hold of my arms, and kept them around her slender waist. Everyone in the club knew I was sleeping with Geo, Dixie, and Amber, but I preferred not to flaunt it. I wondered what Dixie was playing at, as she was usually circumspect as well. When I saw that it was Amber walking through the door, I immediately realized that they had planned this. My cock twitched under Dixie at the thought of what they might have planned, and as she continued to grind against me.

I pulled Dixie tighter to me, and nibbled the back of her neck. Amber walked over to us, and even with her pregnant belly sticking out, she was still a seductive woman, and somehow still pulled off the grace of a professional stripper. “I see I arrived just in time,” she said, leaning over us, and nibbling the side of my neck.

I moved my hands down Dixie’s stomach, to the opening of her too short dress, and touched the fabric covering her crotch. It was already wet. I pressed against where I figured her clit would be, and was rewarded with a throaty moan from the brunette.

Amber pulled Dixie from my lap, and I was disappointed, until she leaned over and planted her lips against mine, her red hair falling down on my shoulders. Her tongue ran along my lips, before darting between my teeth in a coy dance that she knew I enjoyed.

I threw my arms up to pull her gently into my lap, only to have her nimbly pull away. I found both women looking down at me, a serious expression on both their faces. Only then did I notice that a third person had entered the room, as Geo walked up and stood next to them. They all wore the same unflappable expression. The look was only slightly marred by Amber’s and Dixie’s flushed cheeks.

“What’s going on, ladies?” I asked, starting to get nervous. Normally all three women in my office like this would mean some fun, but the looks they were giving me nixed that idea.

“We’ve been talking,” Amber said, and I raised one eyebrow at her serious tone.

“And we’ve decided that you need to get Geo pregnant,” Dixie said right after Amber.

“Now you know how I feel about that!” I reminded them, my anger rising slightly. I had been clear in my adamancy about that very subject numerous times.

“And we don’t care,” Geo told me right back. “Until I get pregnant, or at least, until you start trying to get me pregnant, none of us will sleep with you.”

In shock, I could only close my mouth, as what she had just said ran over and over in my mind, like a broken record. Before anything could even enter my stunned brain as a response, all three women turned their backs on me, and walked out, closing the door behind them. I went to the two-way mirror that showed out onto the main floor, and watched as they hugged each other, and then looked up to where I was watching them. Even though I knew they couldn’t see me, I still shuddered. I was now horny as hell, and my three girlfriends had just informed me that I would be celibate until I started cumming in my sister again.

Well, I could play that game too. I knew how horny they got, and soon they would be coming back to me, one at a time.

* * *

A couple days later as the sun was just cresting the horizon, I drove to the agency Betty worked at, and noticed her car in front. I was starting to debate if I should wait for her to come out, or if I should go in, when she relieved me of having to make that decision, by coming out.

“Betty,” I yelled, as I got out. She looked at me, only to get that ‘deer in the headlights’ look then

Lemme start by saying that if you didn’t like the last chapter, you won’t like this one either. There is a lot of plot development, and while there is explicit sex, there are no wild orgies. Sorry. If you did like the last chapter, then I truly hope you enjoy this one! This story isn’t over yet (There is AT LEAST one more chapter).

A plan formed in my mind that night, which I put into action the next morning. I made a few calls, setup a few appointments, and then called my girls to let them know I would be at a conference for the weekend. Each of them handled it differently. They all wanted to go, but when I told them that I wouldn’t go with anyone who continued to treat me indifferently, their personalities came out.

Geo informed me that she would start treating me properly when I agreed to her terms, but to have fun. Dixie commented that she probably shouldn’t go anyway, as she had a lot of homework to get done. Amber was the one who seemed to be having the hardest time. She went back and forth, wanting to be with me, but unwilling to break her word to Geo. In the end, I went alone, which was just as well. I didn’t want any of them knowing what I was really doing.

So on Thursday afternoon I found myself flying out west to Las Vegas. There was a conference going on where all the major strip club owners were getting together, and discussing various ideas and ways to improve business. My club was doing great, but why not get help from the big guys?

I was lucky enough to get a window seat, and the plane was mostly empty. Thankfully the flight was plenty short, and I stepped into the dry hot air of Nevada. Catching a Taxi to my hotel was easy enough, and I sank onto the bed as soon as I entered my room.

I decided to be somewhat magnanimous, and called the girls to let them know I was alright. Once again, Amber was the most emotional, telling me how much she missed me, while the other two just gave me their love, and told me not to gamble too much.

My main appointment wasn’t until tomorrow, but tonight was when the conference started. I thought it would be a good idea to come back with something to show I had actually attended the conference, and walked down to the conference rooms where the event was taking place.

Checking in with the registrar, I pinned my name piece to my jacket, and walked into a room full of noise. I checked the schedule, and saw that there were events for both strippers and owners. I decided to go to one for owners first.

It was a boring affair, consisting mainly of good business practices, and ways to stay within the local laws, without staying within the laws.

I debated on going into one for the strippers, until I noticed other men going into it as well. It wasn’t until I was seated that I realized that the other men must be male strippers. Vegas was very different from back home, and there were just some things that I seemed to struggle wrapping my head around.

“You must be an owner,” a soft voice said beside me. I turned to look at the speaker, and had to swallow. The dry Nevada air had already made my throat dry, but the brunette sitting next to me in very skimpy clothes was beautiful.

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“Well, you are muscled enough to be a bouncer, but they rarely ever get to come to these, but not chiseled enough to be a chip’n’dale, though you do have the face for it. Also, your suit knocks that last out. Male strippers prefer to show off their wares more. I’m Angel, by the way.” She offered me her hand, and I shook it.

“Yeah, I own a club back east, and thought I’d see how things are done out here.”

“Well, if you’d like, I’d be happy to show you around…” I had heard of scam artists here in Vegas, but figured she was safe enough. A woman this hot couldn’t be bad, could she?

I agreed, but thought to keep one hand on my wallet. Throughout the day, Angel showed me around, introduced me to a few of the really big club owners, and made me feel pretty important. I made some great contacts, but I noticed that people constantly stared at us everywhere we went. I was even certain a few took pictures.

“What’s the deal with people out here?” I finally asked as the day started to draw to a close. “I mean, you’re beautiful and all, but people stare at us like… Well, I don’t know what.”

Angel looked at me with her cool brown eyes, and I felt like my soul was being measured. “You really don’t recognize me, do you?”

Oh shit! Did I go to school with her or something? I started to wrack my brain for anything that might remind me who she was, but kept coming up blank. I hated to do it, but I had to tell her the truth. Hopefully she wouldn’t hate me for not remembering her. “I’m afraid I don’t. I’m really sorry!”

Angel laughed, and I knew all was forgiven. “You really are too much, John!” She placed her hand against my chest, as she continued to laugh. I was starting to feel foolish. “At first I’d thought you’d sat next to me, knowing who I was. But when you didn’t start hitting on my like every other man here, I assumed you were gay.” I immediately opened my mouth to protest. I didn’t have any problems with the gay community, I just knew I wasn’t. “Oh, I know you aren’t. You have been a perfect gentleman, but I have still caught you looking at the other women here, and I have seen how you try your best to look me in the eyes, but sometimes fail.” Her bluntness was really starting to turn my cheeks red. I had thought I was being discreet, but apparently she had been watching me closer than I’d thought. “When you continued to treat me like a person, Instead of a– Well, I started to wonder if you truly didn’t know who I was. I kept waiting for you to make your move, but you haven’t.” She looked at me, and I felt that weighing sensation again. “It has been a long time since anyone has treated me like that.”

“I’ve only tried to repay the kindness you’ve shown me today,” I said lamely, regretting the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. She obviously expected something else, and my curiosity was now completely peaked. “Umm… So who are you?”

She laughed again, and this time I found it infectious. “I guess I still haven’t said, have I? Come with me, I’ll show you.” She grabbed my hand, and led me to a different part of the conference that we hadn’t made it to yet. The different scenery was the first thing I’d noticed. Instead of strip club advertisements, I now started seeing advertisements for porn videos. Having the very strict religious upbringing my parents gave me, I’d never actually watched one before. Even owning the club, and considering some of the things I had done with the girls, I was shocked to see some of the lewd things that were on the covers of the DVDs. Call me dense, but I couldn’t figure out why Angel was bringing me back here, until she stopped, and shoved one in my hands.

“I don’t…” I said, confused.

“Look!” She pointed, and I looked where her finger ended. There Angel stood, completely nude, except for tiny stars covering her crotch, and nipples, on the cover of the DVD case. The title read ‘Angel’s Day off,’ and on the back were a number of smaller pictures, most of them with her in them, in various sex acts. Oddly, I felt embarrassed to be looking at this friendly woman in so personal a situation, even though she was barely clothed in front of me now.

“So you’re a…”

“A porn star, yes.” There was a question in her eyes, as she looked up at me. Then everything she had said only a few moments ago made sense.

“That’s why you thought… But then I… And then I didn’t…” I couldn’t seem to form complete sentences in my head as she continued to look at me.

“I shouldn’t have told you.” I could tell she wasn’t happy now. “You were treating me so well, not like I’m a complete slut or a whore, and now you see me differently, don’t you?”

How did I see her? Was she the nice woman that had helped me around the conference all afternoon, or was she the girl on the cover of the DVD I still held in my hand? I put the DVD back, and placed my hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

“I have strippers that work for me that have Master’s degrees, and I have some that dropped out of high school.” She arched one delicate eyebrow, not understanding what I was getting at. Well, it was payback for a bit ago, I thought. “Just because they are strippers, doesn’t mean they are dirty sluts that would do anything to get a buck. Oh, I know some of them are, but they don’t work long for me.” She still looked confused. “Okay, look. You have been great today, showing me around, and helping me make those contacts. That is how I think of you. So you have a job doing porn. So what? If it pays the bills, and you enjoy it, I’m the last person to judge.”

I knew she finally understood when she flung her arms around my neck, and her lips were mashed against mine. My arms reflexively wrapped around her waist as I returned the kiss.

When we finally parted, I noticed a noise that had been drowned out by the pounding of blood in my ears.


Looking around, I saw a lot of people staring and clapping, and a few were even giving me a thumbs up.

“Let’s get outta here,” Angel said, and I was all too eager to agree. We wound our way back to the stripper side of the conference, and a thought occurred to me.

“If you do that for a living, why were you over here today?”

“I started out as a stripper, and a producer saw me dancing. Sometimes when the fans get a bit overwhelming, I like to remember my roots, you might say.”

“Why haven’t any of your fans approached you while I was with you?” I asked, wondering.

“I know a few wanted to, but the way I hung on your arm, might have kept them back. I truly enjoyed spending the day with you, John.”

“And I, you!” I replied with an honest smile, and then noticed we were at the elevators. “Umm… Would you like to come on up?” After what she’d just revealed to me, I realized how my question might sound, and started trying to backtrack. “I didn’t mean for… I mean… I would if… But that wasn’t why…”

Her finger pressed against my lips shut me up. “I would love to.” I pressed the button on the wall for my floor, and we rode the elevator up, in near silence, except of the occasional smacking noise or moan as we made out. We had to stop on the fourth floor, however as a stuffy old couple stepped in with us.

When we finally reached my door, it took me a couple tries to get the keycard in the lock, and I almost broke it, in my hurry to open the door. It slammed against the wall as Angel forced me inside. I felt the bed hit the back of my legs, and I toppled over backwards, only to have the air pressed out of me as Angel landed on top. Our tongues met and writhed, matching the rhythms of our bodies, as my hands traveled along her back, thighs, ass, head, and basically anything else I could reach.

Her hips lifted, and I felt her hands at my waist, trying to undo my pants. Seconds later they were on the floor. Angel sat up, and I slid my hands up her sides, lifting her shirt up over her head, to join my pants. She was beautiful, as she sat on me, in only a black miniskirt and pink lacy bra. My hands darted to her back, and it only took me a second to undo the fastener. Since my mouth was already nearly at her chest, I bit between her cups, and growled as I yanked back, revealing her handful sized breasts. I was shocked at how pink her nipples were. I had never seen any so pink before, and my mouth watered at the sight of them.

I brought my lips to her left nipple, kissing it tenderly, until she grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in tighter to it. I began to suck like a man starved, as my hands dove into the waistband of her skirt, cupping her tiny ass in my hands. I used my hands to grind her against my boxer covered crotch, eliciting a moan from both of us. Her hand on the back of my head pulled me away from her pretty pink nipple with a sloppy pop, and I looked up to meet her gaze. Hungrily she brought her lips to mine in a kiss that was both tender, and passionate. The way her tongue and lips moved against mine increased my lust for this woman tenfold.

With a firm grip on each of her cheeks, I lifted her up, and then quickly pulled down her skirt and panties, bringing them to her knees. She broke the kiss to finish removing them, and I got the opportunity to really admire her naked beauty. Her breasts were slightly pointed, topped by the aforementioned pink nipples. Her waist was thin, but not so thin she looked anorexic. Her legs seemed to start at her ankles and just keep going, finally terminating in a small triangle of fuzz at her pussy. Her inner labia were large, and very swollen, protruding from her outer labia by a small bit.

That was all I was able to note, as she gripped my boxers, and nearly tore them from my body. I unbuttoned my shirt, I don’t remember taking off my jacket but that didn’t surprise me, and soon sat just as naked as she was.

“Holy shit! You should work in porn with a cock that big!” She exclaimed, admiring my package. “It is pretty rare to see one so–” Her words were cut off as she bent over and swallowed the head between her lips. I have had some good blowjobs before, but the way Angel used her tongue, lips, and even teeth had me blowing down her throat in only a couple of minutes. Since my lack of sex lately, it was a pretty intense orgasm, leaving my panting by the time it had finished washing over me.

“Holy shit, yourself! I’ve never had a BJ that… That… WOW!”

She smiled up at me, licking up a bit of cum that had leaked out, and swallowing it. “I hope you’re not done yet.”

I knew it would probably be a few minutes for me to fully recover. “Come here, I want to taste you, now!” I demanded, and then braced myself as she nearly tackled me with her pussy. I have never tasted one with such big lips, but I used what the girls had taught me to great effect. Sucking hard on her labia, I ran my tongue between them, occasionally darting up to her clit, then back down to her hole, where I would shove my whole tongue in as deep as I could.

I felt her lips wrap back around my cock, and moaned into her pussy as she began to revive it with her excellent technique. One of her hands cupped and fondled my balls, while the other slid up and down my shaft, and her tongue worked the head.

Suddenly her whole body froze, and I could feel my cock vibrating between her lips as she mewled loudly in her own orgasm. My mouth was soaked, as her juices escaped my lips, and started trickling down my neck and cheeks.

She rolled off me, and turned up to grab my wet cheeks. “I haven’t cum like that from having my pussy eaten in years! Where did you learn to do that so well?” She said, staring deep into my eyes. Before I had a chance to answer, her lips were pressed to mine again, as she licked her wetness from my face. She rolled on top of me, and I positioned my cock for her entrance. “Oh, Gawd, I’ve got to feel that monster in me!” She nearly screamed when it bumped her cunt.

I grabbed her hips, and gradually pressed her down, as I lifted my hips. I felt her lips spread over my cock, and gently swallow me in. She had told me she was a porn star, but she was tight! I had to slowly work in and out of her, despite how wet she was. She would loosen up as I moved in, but when I started to pull out, she would clamp down so hard, it hurt and felt wonderful at the same time. I had heard of women with strong kegel muscles, but she must really work hers for them to be this powerful.

Finally I felt our pelvises touch as Angel threw her head back to let out a throaty moan. I leaned up, and started nibbling on her neck, while she started up a rhythm with her hips.

“Oh, fuck… I feel you in every inch of me. Oooh, I am getting close.” I latched onto her right nipple, and with my hands still on her hips, picked up her pace. Lifting my hips slightly, I was able to go just a bit deeper into her. “Oh, Gawd, that’s it! Fuck me, I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnnggggggggg!”

I had to stop moving her altogether, as her strong cunny muscles gripped my cock with enough force, I was almost afraid she was going to rip my manhood off. I just lay there, and as she started to relax, her inner folds started massaging more than gripping, and I moaned into her tit.

I rolled us over, and lifted her hips slightly as I got up on my knees. I put my arms under her legs, drawing them up to my shoulders, while I groped her tiny rear. Turning my head, I gently nibbled on her ankle, and then kissed my way along her slender foot. I was using my grip on her to slide her up and down my slick cock, as I started to suck her toes between my lips.

“Wow, what are you doing to me?” She asked dreamily, and I picked up my pace a little. “Damn, but that feels goooood.” She drawled out the last part, then bit her lower lips, and started pinching her pink nipples. I kept this up, switching to her other foot, and knew she was starting to get close again from her breathing. I was glad, because the way she was milking me on every thrust had me about ready to spew my second load for the night.

I reached around with my right hand, and started rubbing her clit with my thumb, sending her crashing into another powerful orgasm. I kept pushing in and out of her, despite (or maybe because of) the way she gripped my cock. Just as she started to come down, I let loose with stream after stream of my seed. She screamed as another orgasm took her, and it felt like her vagina was trying to milk every ounce of jism out of me, that it could.

I collapsed onto my side; next to this aptly name Angel, trying to catch my breath.

“Mmm, that was phenomenal. How often do you come to Vegas?”

I had to laugh. “This was my first visit, but now that I now there are Angels here, I may have to come out more often!”

“Well… We’d best make the most of this trip then. What are your plans for tomorrow?”

Shit! Tomorrow I had my appointment, and I knew I wouldn’t be up for any extracurricular activities afterwards. Not for a couple days at least… That’s why I had made this trip; to be away from the girls, so that I could recover before I came back. Now that I thought more on it though, my conscience started to fight me. Was I prepared to deceive the women I loved? I felt like I was sinking to the level they had been treating me at. I resolved then and there to call the doctor and cancel my vasectomy. I didn’t know what would happen, but I was determined to remain honest with the girls. The hand sliding gently up and down my arm, as the beautiful Angel still looked at me, waiting for my answer brought me back to the here and now. Well, honest about some things at least…

“Well, I’m not due back home till Monday, and the conference was the only thing I had planned…” I trailed off as I felt Angel’s lips on my neck. I was nowhere near recovered, but I had more than my penis at hand to try and please this insatiable woman.

The only time over the next few days that we left the room was to eat (when we didn’t just order room service).

* * *

I was a bit disappointed when I stepped out to the baggage claim area, that Amber was the only one to greet me.

“Dixie wanted to be here, but she had some big tests to take that her professors wouldn’t let her out of,” the sexy pregnant redhead told me. “Geo is another matter. Did you really have a vasectomy while you were away?” Amber planted herself in front of me, and glared as she blocked my path.

“How… How did you hear about that?” I stammered in disbelief.

“They called to confirm your appointment shortly after you left. You gave them the landline.” Her voice was dry, and I could see the fire burning in her eyes.

“What did Geo say?” Was all I could think to ask.

“‘What did Geo say?’ Is that all you can think to ask? Is she the only one whose feelings you’re concerned about?”

I knew I was in serious trouble now. Amber’s tone left no doubt in my mind. “No, of course not! I just didn’t think–”

“Of course you didn’t think!” She cut me off, and stormed back to her car. Even pregnant, she could move with speed and grace when she wanted to.

“Listen, Amber,” I tried to say placatingly after I had loaded my bags, and sat in her car, “I didn’t have it done. I couldn’t do it, and then lie to all of you, so I cancelled the appointment.” She only glared at me, before she backed out of the parking spot, and started navigating the warren of streets out of the airport. “I’m sorry I was going to be like that, but the way you three were treating me was no worse.” My own anger was starting to rise, as I thought of the injustice they had been treating me with. “You three basically left me, for all intents and purposes, and were in a way blackmailing me.” Was that anger causing the red in her cheeks, or embarrassment? “I had to do something. I made a bad decision, and cancelled it before I went through with it. Be angry with me if you want, but know that some of that anger should be reserved for you, Dixie, and most of all, Geo. If the three of you can’t respect my feelings, why should I do the same for you?”

I was afraid I’d gone too far, as Amber continued to drive us home. Silence reigned, and I almost started wishing that she would say something, anything, even if it was to yell at me, just to break the horrible feeling that was starting to sink into my chest. Had I just lost one of my girlfriends? Not only that, but the one carrying my child?

When Amber parked in the driveway, I started to unbuckle my seat, and noticed that she hadn’t moved to do likewise. She just sat there, staring at her hands on the steering wheel, as if they might give her some kind of answer.

I reached for the door handle to get out, but her voice, soft and barely heard, stopped me. “You’re right.” I turned to look at her, to see if I’d heard correctly, and I could now see the tears in her eyes. “You’re right. The way we all treated you was wrong. I guess we didn’t really understand how you felt, or didn’t try to.” She paused to hiccup, and I placed my hand on her shoulder. I hated to see her cry like this. “I can’t speak for the others, but I am truly sorry. Will you forgive me?”

She turned to look at me, and her blue eyes stripped away the last vestiges of any anger that might have hung around. I pulled her into a hug, as I told her I loved her. We sat that way for awhile, just enjoying each other’s embrace, until I finally had to pull away. Our angle was awkward, and it was starting to hurt my back. I could only imagine how uncomfortable it had to be for her.

We walked inside, arm in arm, and her head resting on my shoulder. I left my bags in the car, figuring I could grab them later. I stopped as we passed my room, but Amber pulled me onward, towards her bedroom. As I entered, she told me to lock the door. “I have an apology to make, and I think you do too.” She started removing her clothes, and I stepped up to her to help.

As her shirt hit the floor, our lips met in hunger. My arms wrapped around her distended torso, touching her smooth back and tracing a line up to where her bra strap was. Her breasts, slightly larger now than they had been, were soon freed, and I brought one hand around to cup one globe and twiddle with her nipple ring. The doctor had told us they would have to come out when she started breast feeding, but were fine till then.

She moaned as her tongue traced along the inside of my mouth and danced with mine. Suddenly feeling guilty, I pulled back and looked at her. Even with as far along as she was in her pregnancy, I still found her to be extremely beautiful and alluring. Her pale redheaded skin seemed to glow from an inner light, and I could see the fires of desire in her eyes. “Are you sure?” I asked, not wanting there to be any regrets.

“I don’t dare have you in my pussy. I am too close to term, but you should be fine in my ass, where you have been gone for too long,” she told me in no uncertain terms.

“That’s not quite what I meant.”

“I know what you meant, and I meant what I said. Now are you going to come fuck my ass, or was all that talk in the car just for show?”

I stepped back up to her, and started working on her pants. Since they were maternity type, with the stretchy front, they easily slid down, quickly followed by her panties. She turned me towards the bed, and then helped undo my pants.

Once naked, I found myself on my back, as Amber crawled on all fours, up to my already hard cock. The feeling of her tongue gliding up my shaft from balls to head elicited a deep moan from me. She smiled at me as one of her hands started to fondle my balls, and she flicked the tip of her tongue around the sensitive underside of my head. Amber pressed her lips to the side and started to slide her mouth up and down me, making me moan more and more.

I started to buck my hips in time with her movements, then felt her grasp me at my base, and pull my tip towards her waiting lips. Giving my small hole a kiss, she slipped her lips past the ridge, and took me as far as she could at this angle. Unfortunately she couldn’t take me into her throat, but with her tongue lashing around the sensitive rim, I was more than happy with her efforts. She started to bob up and down, and it took all my effort not to thrust into her warm wet mouth. I didn’t want to hurt her.

I placed my hands on the back of her head, running my fingers through her deep red hair, and she looked up at me, smiling around my cock. It left her lips with a pop, before she said, “I’ve forgotten just how good you taste. Don’t ever let me agree to not having this again!”

“Deal,” I told her, as she gently began to kiss her way up my stomach, and chest. She lingered for a couple of quick nibbles on my nipples, before finally reaching my mouth. We kissed as my hands roamed her back and ass. I slid one hand between us, and started playing with her wet pussy. I easily found her clit ring (another thing that would have to go when she gave birth to our child), and tugged tenderly on it. She growled, as she pulled away, piercing me with her wonderful eyes.

“I want to feel you in me,” she said, then reached over to her nightstand for the lube. “I want you to take me from behind this time. Treat me like the bitch I am for the way I treated you.”

“You’re not a–” I tried to protest, but she cut me off.

“I said do it!” she demanded, and I thought better of any further arguments.

I took the lube from her, as she laid her head on her pillow with her wonderful ass wiggling in the air. Despite what she wanted from me, there was something I wanted first. I leaned forward, and softly kissed her pussy, before shoving my tongue inside. Sucking in her labia, I ran my tongue between them and reached around her body to tug on her nipple rings. My mouth was soon soaked as she came, moaning and jerking her hips against my face.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun, NOW FUCK MY ASS!”

I got on my knees, and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy, teasing her. I applied some lube to the tip of my cock, then for good measure squeezed some onto her brown hole. She shivered as I started to apply pressure, screaming, “Oh Gawd!” as the head popped past her sphincter. I too had to moan, as I slowly felt her anal grip on me slide firmly down my tool. Every inch I sank into her nether canal felt like bliss. Sex with Angel had been great, but making love to my girlfriends was still better.

Finally I felt myself sink the last few inches into her, making her grunt. “Slap my ass!” She told me. Normally I wasn’t into this sort of thing, but she did demand I treat her like this, so I gave her a slight slap. “I said slap it! Not tenderly touch it. Make it red. Punish me for my behavior!” I brought back my hand, and brought it down harder, leaving a red handprint emblazoned on her right rump. “YES! That’s it. Spank me, John. Spank me again and make me cum. Fuck my ass, and make me cum, my beloved.”

Doing as told, I slapped her other cheek just as hard, and started to thrust in and out of her rear. Amber’s groans, grunts, moans, and other noises became incoherent as she started her orgasm. I gripped her hips, and picked up my pace, trying to prolong her orgasm. It worked, as for quite some time her sphincter squeezed and massaged my slippery cock. I could see she had to fingers in her cunny every time I pulled out, and seeing her have such a long orgasm started my own.

My whole body shuddered as my cum filled her colon. She screamed louder than ever as her orgasm intensified even more.

My legs were suddenly soaked as fluid gushed out of her pussy, soaking the bed as well.

I pulled out of her, catching a whiff of the fluids that had just flushed from her body, and knew immediately they weren’t normal female cum fluids.

“I think my water just broke,” Amber said, as the same conclusion hit me. I was about to be a father.

I looked down at Amber as she held our daughter.

The gambit of emotions as I gazed upon her, holding Anna, our fragile little daughter in her arms, was almost too much. I wanted to cry I was so happy, weep for all the problems I knew she would face in her life, dance that she was finally here, and go running up and down the halls screaming that I was a dad.

Amber’s red hair was matted to her head, but she was smiling as she looked back up at me. “Can you believe she is finally here?” She asked almost dreamily.

“Well, it took you long enough,” Geo said behind me. I spun around to face my sister, who had been ignoring me for some time now, and was only now showing up. “Relax, John. I’m not here to fight with you. I’m here to show my support.” I still watched her, though, not warily, but maybe with a little regret. For a moment, I pictured Geo laying there in the bed, holding a child we had made together. I shook my head to block out that image. I wasn’t going to go crawling back to her. She had left me in a way, and I figured it was up to her to come back.

“Did I miss it?” Dixie announced her presence, and then pouted for only a moment, before rushing to the bedside and cooing over the new life.

I stepped back to admire these three women, and Dixie noticed me watching. She gave me a smile for a second, and then looked at Geo guiltily, before looking to me with a determined expression. Geo was absorbed with Anna, and didn’t notice at all.

Dixie stood up straight, and walked over to me. “You look tired. When was the last time you ate?” I wasn’t sure what the two had to do with each other, but I suddenly realized I hadn’t eaten since the flight early this morning. “Hey, we’re going to go eat. Geo, do you want us to bring you anything?”

My sister just waved us away, and we started looking for the cafeteria. We walked in silence, as I didn’t really have much to say to Dixie. She was in on my sister’s plot, and I wasn’t too happy with her for it.

“I’ve missed you,” Dixie finally said, as we stood in line at the cafeteria.

“I’ve missed you too,” I told her honestly, but didn’t say any more.

Dixie looked like she was waiting for me to say more, but when I didn’t she spoke up. “I don’t know why Geo wants to get pregnant so badly. Don’t get me wrong, Anna looks beautiful, and Amber looks happy, but I don’t want to get pregnant myself.” She kept her eyes locked on me as she spoke, and I just continued to listen, not sure where she was going with this. “I… I’ve been thinking… It was wrong for us to gang up on you, like that.” I just raised one eyebrow, as I continued to look at her. “I’m really sorry, and hope you will forgive me.”

I sat down with my food, thinking about what she’d just said. I’d had to fight with Amber to get her to see reason, but Dixie had come to it on her own. Dixie had been the most distant of the three, Geo being the angry one, and Amber trying to show her love, while still supporting Geo. I’d been hurt by how easily Dixie had seemed to be handling things.

Dixie spoke up, as if reading my mind. “I know I have stayed away from you a lot lately, but it was because I knew I couldn’t trust myself to be near you, and not want you. I love you, John, and I truly hope you can forgive me.”

“Do you still plan on staying away from me?” I asked as evenly as I could.

“Not… Not unless you wanted me to,” the brunette said, and I could see that she was starting to tear up. My heart broke at the sight, and I reached forward to cup her cheek in my hand, rubbing away a tear with my thumb as it started to fall.

“That is the last thing I want,” I told her, and happily watched as her face lit up. “But I won’t stand for anymore of this boycott or whatever you want to call it, either. I love you too, Dixie, and I truly mean that. But you need to decide if I am important enough to you to end this farce.”

Dixie nearly leaped out of her chair as she flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but more of a loving one. I felt her hot tears on my cheeks, and pulled her back for a second. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying now?”

“I’m a woman,” she informed me with a grin, “and a woman doesn’t need a reason to cry, she just does.” Her grin turned wicked, “And this woman also has a need that hasn’t been satisfied in far too long. Hurry and eat, I have some apologizing to do.”

I don’t think I have ever eaten as quickly as I did right then. I have no idea what I even ate, and wouldn’t have been surprised if I had eaten the plastic-ware in my haste. Dixie seemed to derive some immense pleasure from watching me, as she kept giggling, and biting her lower lip. As soon as we were done, and our plates in the trash, Dixie nearly dragged me down the hallway, looking for an empty room.

It took us awhile to find one that was away from any nurse’s stations, and empty, but she nearly threw me in as soon as we found one suitable.

Dixie pressed her body to mine, squeezing me against the wall, and clumsily fumbling with my pants. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and quickly undid her bra, before groping her smallish breasts. Having the medium sized ones of the three (Well, until Amber had gotten pregnant and her’s had grown some), I enjoyed playing with her sensitive nipples. My pants finally hit my ankles, and I spun us around as I stepped out of them, and pressed her to the wall. I leaned forward and lifted one of her nipples to my mouth, smiling as her hand gripped the back of my head, while her other hand busily slid up and down my hard shaft.

“Oh, I have missed this!” She said quietly, not wanting to attract any outside attention to this room.

I reached down to undo her pants, and found that she had already beat me to it, so instead I slid my hand to her wet snatch, and was surprised at just how horny she was. I couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet, but it only served to increase my own ardor. I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her in rapid succession, smiling as I looked up at her with her teat in my mouth, as she tried valiantly not to moan loudly.

I pulled my fingers out, and thrust my arm between her legs, and placed my hand on her back. With my other hand, I pulled her sideways while I lifted with the first, and soon had her in an awkward carry, eliciting a surprised yelp from Dixie. It had worked better in my mind than reality, and so quickly carried the petite brunette over to the bed, laying her down.

Her wonderful nipple had never left my mouth, but now I started kissing my way across her flat stomach. I could easily smell her arousal, and relished the scent as I started to lap up her leaking fluids. I nibbled lightly on her inner lips, until her hands gripped my ears and pulled me up. “I love what you are doing, but if you don’t shove that cock in me now, I’m going to lose it!”

I grinned as I reached down, and started rubbing my head between her sensitive labia, occasionally slapping my cock against her clit. I could see she had been serious about losing it, by the fiery lust that burned in her eyes, and so slid my length into her. She was so wet I was able to make it all the way in, in one stroke. We both moaned loudly as I felt her completely surround me. I felt her legs lock behind my back, and her arms around my neck. Our lips met, as I started to buck my hips. I noticed that the bed rocked slightly on its wheels, with each powerful thrust, but was glad we weren’t near a wall.

I brought my hands down to her small ass, and gripping a cheek in each hand, started moving her in counterpoint to my thrusts. Her moans grew slightly louder, and she sucked my tongue into her mouth forcefully as I felt her start to cum. Her vaginal muscles rippled around my cock, as I did my best to not only stifle her moans, but keep mine down as well.

When she had finally finished, we swapped positions, with me on bottom this time. She squatted over me, and reached down, aiming me for her tight hole, then sat down hard, impaling herself in one swift motion. “Oh, Gawd, I’d forgotten how deep that goes!” She said a little too loudly. She started to rock her hips, and I could feel my head hitting the deepest parts of her.

I reached down, and used my thumb to rub against her clit, and reached up with my other hand to tweak her hard nipples. She climaxed again, her upper torso collapsing on me as she shook. I threw both arms around her, and started thrusting as hard as I could, trying to make it really last for her.

I knew my own was approaching, and I tried to muffle my moans against her neck, as I shot glob after glob of my seed into her sucking pussy.

“Damn,” she said as we caught our breaths and started getting dressed, “remind me never to go longer than a couple days without you again!” She gave me a quick peck on the lips, and then said, “I think I may be a little sore tomorrow, but it was worth it!”

When we got back to the room that Amber was in, Geo glared at us. “Where have you two been? I went down to the cafeteria and you weren’t there.”

“We decided we didn’t like the food in there, so we went out,” I quickly lied.

“Uh-huh… And is that how Dixie got that hickey?” Geo argued.

Dixie’s hand flew to her neck, but not before I noticed that I had given her a hickey. It must have happened when I was trying to muffle my own moans.

Geo stormed out, and I just let her go. I wasn’t sure if she was jealous, angry, or what, but it was her fault, not mine. “I’d better go with her,” Dixie said and I turned back to Amber, to see how she was doing.

“I take it everything is good between you and Dixie again?”

“Looks like it,” I told her, as I kissed her forehead. “Where is Anna?

“Down to the nursery. You know Geo is going to be angry with more than just you, right?”

“What am I supposed to do? She at least has Jason to fiddle with. Is it so wrong for me to have the women I love?”

Amber frowned, and I wondered what I’d said wrong. “Actually, Jason refused her this weekend while you were gone.”

My eyebrows rose at this news… So Geo had been rejected, huh? I wondered who she was going to try to get her pregnant now.

“Look, I know how you feel, but would it really be so bad to give her what she wants? It would make our home a happy one again. You should have seen her with Anna. She was so cute!”

“I won’t give in to her blackmail. I might consider it otherwise, but she has to apologize for what she did first.” I couldn’t believe I was even considering it, but I had to agree that I wanted us all to be happy again.

I stayed at the hospital for a few more hours, until Amber kicked me out to go home. She told me I stink of sex too much, and needed a shower. I stopped to visit Anna in the nursery on my way out, still surprised that I was a daddy now.

On the way home, an idea started to occur to me, and I called up Joe at the club. He quickly told me everything was fine, and business was booming. I told him what I needed, and he told me he would stop by later to drop it off.

When I arrived home, Dixie met me with a kiss and a hug, but Geo had locked herself in her room.

“She won’t talk to me,” Dixie informed me sadly.

I knocked on her door, but she just yelled at me to go away. From her tone, I knew I was better off following her advice, and so left her to her self-made misery.

* * *

Amber came home with Anna a couple nights later, and I found out why new parent always looked so tired. Luckily there were four of us willing to help out, and I was surprised at how quickly Geo stepped up, and was always there to help with Anna. Geo refused to talk to me, but Dixie told me that my sister had forgiven her, stating that it had been unfair to bring Amber and Dixie into our fight.

As I watched my sister, I caught myself smiling from time to time, and she caught me a few times as well. Every time she caught me, she would stare at me real hard for a couple seconds, then walk away, cooing to my daughter. I would usually walk away shaking my head.

I started to study the subject of incest on the internet, predominantly children borne of such relations, and that put my mind at rest a lot more. First generation incestuous children apparently rarely ever suffered from genetic defects. I decided that I would get my sister pregnant, but only if she apologized for her behavior first. I had an idea of how I might make that happen, but I was going to have to wait a couple weeks first.

The club was doing great, but after my weekend off, and then Anna being born, there was a backlog of work to do. I tried to do as much of it at home as I could, so that I could be around Anna and the girls, but much of it still had to be done at the office. I started implementing what I had learned at the conference, and noticed an immediate up-tick in the girls’ tips. I decided that I needed to go to that conference every year, and if I was lucky enough to run into Angel again, then all the better.

About a week later, I had my head buried in the books, when I heard a knock on my office door. “Come in,” I yelled, slightly frustrated at the interruption in my work, but I tried to maintain an open door policy, and it wouldn’t do to act otherwise.

I smiled at first as Betty and Suzy walked in, but it soon soured as I looked at their faces. Both mad, and I knew I was about to be in the middle of it.

“Betty has been stealing my tips!” Suzy accused as soon as they were both in front of my desk. She looked down at me with her almond shaped eyes in frustrated anger.

“Don’t blame me, if you’re not making enough. I’m no thief.”

“Ladies,” I interrupted, “Mind starting from the beginning?”

“Ever since she started working here, my tips have gone down,” Suzy snapped. I knew this wasn’t exactly true, as every girl had to report their tips at the end of the night, though it was true that her increase hadn’t been as big as some of the other girls, Betty Included. Betty still wasn’t stripping, but she was making good tips behind the bar; enough so that I didn’t have to augment her paycheck in any way.

“John, I earn my tips fair and square. I’m no thief.” The beautiful black woman repeated.

I was at a loss for how to handle this, until something I had heard at the conference struck me. At the time I had thought it a ridiculous thing to do, but now it seemed my only saving grace.

“Suzy, I know your tips haven’t gone down, but if you want, we can settle this in ‘stripper court’ style.” They both looked at me blankly, and I hoped I wasn’t about to make a mistake. “You both agree on a judge and then do a strip for them. Whoever does a better job, wins.”

They looked at each other for a moment, thinking, before Betty turned to me and asked, “But how will we agree on a judge? We will each try to choose one that either favors us, or is against them.”

“I choose you, John,” Suzy told me, and for a fleeting second I felt like a Pokemon.

Betty just stared at Suzy before adding, “Yeah, that makes sense. I also choose you. When do we do this?”

I had been most worried about Betty agreeing to this, as she wasn’t yet stripping, but figured I was getting off easy. “I want this done as soon as possible. I don’t need you two fighting out there tonight.” They both nodded their heads. “Good, now go pick your costumes, and return to my office. As soon as you are both here, we will begin.” The two women nearly ran from my office in their haste to get to their costumes.

I quickly checked the schedule, and verified that neither Geo nor Dixie was working today.

Suzy beat Betty back by only seconds, and my jaw nearly hit the desk as they came in. Suzy had put on a school girl outfit, complete with lollypop and pigtails, while Betty had chosen the naughty teacher outfit. I almost laughed at the irony of their choices, but thought better of it.

“Who goes first?” Betty asked, reminding me why they were there.

“Suzy, you are accusing Betty, so you go first. What music do you want?” She told me the song, and I started it on my computer, before rolling my chair around my desk to watch.

Suzy started by my office door, and did a high stepping walk towards me, sucking on her lollypop. Her hips swayed, and her chest heaved as she walked, but with the hairdo and outfit, it all looked so innocent, that it increased the sexuality of it. Suzy definitely knew how to play that outfit.

There the innocence ended, though, as she started to lick the lolly very suggestively, and turning around, bent over in front of me. Her slender legs stayed straight, and her short plaid skirt rode up, revealing pink panties with the word “SEXY” written across them. Suzy shook her ass, shoved the candy in her mouth, and then placed both hands on her ankle. Looking me seductively in the eyes, she slowly slid her hands up her calf, knee, thigh, hips, and then threw them over her head, just as some loud base played through my office sound system.

She turned back around, and took the two steps to get to me, before placing her hand on my left shoulder, and walking clockwise around, dragging her hand along my chest and the back of my neck. Where her fingers brushed, goose bumps rose. When she was again in front of me, she put her left leg on my armrest and started undulating her body. She let her leg fall, as she sat in my lap, and reached between us, to untie the middle of her shirt. She shrugged it off, as she ground her thighs atop mine, our pelvises mere inches apart.

Suzy had on a lacy white bra, but I could easily see her long nipples trying to poke out. She grabbed my head, pulling it to her chest, and plastered her body to mine, still moving her hips. I couldn’t stop myself from nipping at the soft flesh at my lips.

There was no doubt that Suzy was a great dancer, and knew her stuff, but sometimes she seemed stiff, and at other times she seemed to be off from the music playing. Despite these faults, I was still rock hard, when she stood, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing her pink panties to full view. She bent over in front of me, offering me a great view of her cleavage and ran a single finger from my lips, down my chest, to the bulge in my crotch. She winked at me as she pushed against it for a second, and then spun away. Reaching behind her back, she unsnapped the bra, letting it fall from her shoulders.

When she turned back around, she was covering her breasts with her hands, but had let her long nipples poke out between her fingers. I grinned at the ploy, knowing that she usually got quite a few hoots and hollers when she was on the dance floor.

Almost with the timing of two base beats, she showed first one breast, then the other. A couple beats later, she dropped her panties, finally standing in the nude.

She sat in my lap, facing away from me, and pressed her ass hard against my groin. I barely stifled my moan as she did this. I had to be a judge here, and remain impartial, I tried to tell myself.

She grabbed my hands, and brought them around to her large nipples. I started to twist them between my fingers, and she plopped her head back on my shoulder. “If I win, you’ll get a special treat afterwards,” I barely heard her whisper over the final crescendo of the music ending.

“My turn at defense,” Betty said, and I reluctantly let Suzy go. I didn’t like that she was trying to bribe me, but I wondered how Betty would do.

I played the requested music, and sat back in my chair, while Suzy watched, still naked, from the side of the office on my couch.

Betty had a long pointer in her hand, that she beat against her other hand in time to the music. She did a slower step than Suzy had done being hampered slightly by the longer skirt. When she was in front of me, used the pointer to tap against my arms, chest, thighs, and even groin, again, in time to the music. When she touched the stick lightly to the bulge in my pants, she put on a fake surprised look, and covered her mouth with her other hand.

She too walked around me, using the stick to keep in touch with me. I realized I was comparing the two dances too closely, and even though I was supposed to be judging them on their moves, it really wasn’t fair to do so, as the similar moves were standard stripper moves. Of course they would be the same.

Betty unbuttoned her blouse, and leaned forward, placing her hands on the armrests of my chair. “Slip it off my shoulders, student,” she ordered loudly enough that Suzy had to hear. Placing my hands on the sides of her neck, I slid them back, removing her shirt from her shoulders, and leaving her in a skimpy red bra that was completely see through.

Betty stepped back, and unzipped her knee length skirt, letting it fall to reveal matching see through panties. She planted herself in my lap, and started moving her hips against me, before saying, “You’re not done yet, student.” I was really enjoying how she was playing the role of teacher, as I unsnapped her bra, finally setting her massive jugs free.

It occurred to me that Betty was stripping much faster than Suzy had. Suzy knew how to draw in her audience, where Betty was trying to get her wares out there as fast as she could. Both ploys were good, but which one was better?

Betty’s red panties soon hit the floor, and she sat back in my lap, this time facing me. She pulled my head to her right breast and my lips to her dark nipple. While this was usually further than any of the girls went out on the dance floor, this was something that tended to happen in the private rooms.

I started to suckle the tasty teat, as Betty moved her hands from my head, down to my groin. I felt her undoing my pants, and wondered how Suzy would react at this. It wasn’t until Betty had my long member out of my pants and she stood up that Suzy noticed.

“That’s cheating!” She exclaimed indignantly.

“I believe the term is ‘objection’,” I told her. “If you object, then get over here and state your case.”

She just looked at me for a second, before jumping up, and running over to us. By that time, Betty was already on her knees, my cock only inches from her large lips. Since my lap was already taken, Suzy proffered me her long nipples, which I gladly sucked up, gently sliding my teeth along them.

I moaned as Betty swallowed my cock down her throat. Her hand was massaging my balls, while her other hand roamed across my chest and stomach.

I had to smile inwardly at how well this had all turned out in my favor.

I reached between Suzy’s legs, and moved my hand frantically back and forth over her clit, making her gasp and moan.

Betty’s lips left my cock as she looked up at me. “So how do we decide this?” She asked.

“I guess whoever gets my cum wins,” I told her releasing Suzy’s nipple.

Suzy then dropped down, and shouldered Betty aside to get her lips on my cock. Betty fought back, and soon I had my penis between two sets of lips.

Betty would go down, and start licking and sucking on my sack, while Suzy swirled her tongue around the head, only to change places a moment later and Betty would be deep throating me as Suzy played with my balls.

Despite the pretense that had started this, I felt bad that I was the only one getting pleased. I stood up, and both women looked up at me, expectantly, probably thinking I was ready to choose. Instead, I lead them over to my couch, and had Betty sit on my face in a sixty-nine, and Suzy got between my legs to continue helping the black woman.

Betty started moaning and grinding her hips against my mouth and tongue, sending vibrations through my cock lodged in her throat.

Suzy stopped playing with my balls, and a second later Betty’s lips left my cock as she sat up.

“Hey, that’s no fair… I mean, objection!” I heard Betty say as Suzy climbed into my lap, and started rubbing my cock against her hole.

I sucked hard on Betty’s clit, and she suddenly climaxed, forgetting her objection as Suzy gently impaled herself on my pole.

I moaned as I slid into the sexy Asian woman, and reached up to start playing with Betty’s large black boobs, only to find that Suzy’s lips were already latched onto one. I almost came right then, but didn’t want to hand Suzy the victory that easily.

I moved the hand that would have gone to Betty’s breast over to Suzy’s, and enjoyed the thought that I now had a different colored breast in each hand. I liked playing with Suzy’s long nipples, and Betty’s large breasts. As I moved my hips rhythmically, I could hear Suzy’s moans, muffled against Betty’s tits.

“Oh, fuck! That feels so good! Suck my clit again, oh yeah, just like that! Mmm, I’ve never had a girl suck my tits before. Oh, Gawd, I think I am going to cum again!” Betty yelled, and my face was once again covered in her juices, about the same time Suzy’s pussy contracted around my cock.

Betty stood up, and pulled Suzy off of me, claiming it was her turn. I stood up, and Suzy just lay on the couch with a dreamy look on her face. Betty looked at me, wondering what I was doing, so I had her bend over Suzy, as I prepared to enter her from behind.

I rubbed my slick cock up and down her pink slit for a few seconds, before thrusting into her in one powerful move. She grunted, but took it, throwing her head back and moaning as I started going in and out of her at a steady pace.

Betty glanced from Suzy below her, to me behind her a couple times, and I saw her get a determined look in her eyes. She bent down lower, sucking one of Suzy’s long nipples between her lips, and I saw her right hand go for the other woman’s crotch. Suzy’s eyes flew open at the touches, and she looked in shock at the woman pleasing her, before placing her left hand on the back of Betty’s head, and I felt her other hand around my balls as she played with Betty’s clit.

This seemed to set Betty on another climax, as her already tight pussy started milking my cock for all it was worth. I had to slow my rhythm, lest I started to cum myself.

“Mmm, yeah! Finger my pussy. Suck my nipples! Oh, yeah. You really know how to please a woman!” Suzy started to mewl. “Ah, fuck yes!” She screamed as her whole body started to convulse. Suzy started pushing Betty’s head down to her crotch, and again she looked at me with that determined expression before moving down. I knew the second that Betty’s beautiful big lips touched the oriental woman’s pussy as Suzy started moaning again in earnest.

I got an idea, and moved Betty sideways, until I was able to step over Suzy’s head. Suzy must have known what I was after, for a second later I felt her tongue on my balls as I slid in and out of Betty. This was starting to be too much for me, but I held back as long as I could.

Suzy started to cum first, shaking and moaning beneath Betty and me, soon followed by Betty, as her cunt clamped down on my cock.

I pulled out, my own climax imminent and stood over the two women, still locked in their sixty-nine position. I shot my cum over the both of them, smiling as it slid off Betty’s side to drip onto Suzy. I’m not sure either woman noticed though, as they just continued to suck and lick each other’s pussies.

Grinning, I went back to my desk to work, but after a couple minutes of them still going at it, I realized I was once again hard, and decided I might as well rejoin the fun.

I watched jealously, as Amber deftly reached into her shirt, and pulled one swollen breast out, bringing Anna’s face to the already hard nipple. My hungry daughter latched on, sucking the milk from it.

“Good news,” the doctor said, coming back into the waiting room, “Looks like everything with mom has healed properly, and your daughter also seems to be quite healthy.” Amber gripped my hand at this news, and I couldn’t help but smile as well. If Amber were fully healed, then I could put my plan into action soon… I was just glad no one had found the stuff Joe had gotten for me.

The doctor shook both our hands, as I escorted Amber and my feeding daughter out.

“I hope you don’t have plans tonight, John,” Amber told me as I pulled onto the freeway.

“Plans?” I asked, thinking she had somehow read my mind. If she knew what I was planning, everything could be ruined… Or maybe not. I wasn’t sure if she would help or hinder, but I thought it best to play dumb at the moment.

“As soon as Anna goes to sleep, I am ravishing that body of yours!” It took a second for my mind to switch gears, but as soon as it did, I felt a grin nearly split my face. “You have no idea how horny I’ve been these last weeks, hearing you and Dixie go at it and knowing I couldn’t join. Well, tonight you are mine!”

“And what if I have to work?” I teased. I had made sure to have tonight off, just in case the doctor gave the ‘okay’.

“Oh, well if you really don’t want to…”

I smiled, as I let my hand fall upon her knee, and start working slowly up her stockinged legs. She didn’t try to stop me, as my fingers trailed to her inner thighs, pushing back her skirt, revealing her G-string and stocking covered crotch. I felt almost giddy as she sucked in her bottom lip, and closed her eyes, anticipating me touching her most private of spots.

My fingers lightly grazed the inadequate cloth protecting her pussy, and she sighed audibly. If I hadn’t already been hard from just the thought of having this wild redhead in my bed again after so long, that sigh would have made me hard.

The only problem was it also woke Anna up, and she started crying in the back seat.

Amber grabbed my hand and pulled it away, making me sigh for a different reason. She reached back, and started rubbing Anna’s cheek, cooing to her to calm her down. She was still keeping her calm as we pulled into the driveway.

Once inside, Amber took her back to their room, and I saw Dixie lounging on the couch.

“What’d the doc say?” She asked, looking up from the book she was reading.

“She’s all healed up, and Anna’s doing great too.” I said, as I picked up her feet, plopped myself down, and dropped her bare feet back in my lap. I decided to be a nice guy, and started rubbing them for her.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she heaved a large sigh, “I guess I won’t be getting any tonight then? No, no. It’s alright. You need to spend some alone time with Amber anyway. I really think she deserves it!” She went back to reading her book and I thanked my lucky stars that I was living with such understanding women.

That is, until Geo walked into the room, glared at me and Dixie, and then stormed off down the hallway, probably headed towards her own room. I tenderly kissed Dixie’s toes, and then stood up, heading after my sister. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her, but knew that if my plan was going to work, I had to get her to forgive us.

“Geo, can I come in?” I asked, knocking lightly on her door.

The door flew open, and I suddenly found myself facing her fierce green-eyed stare. “That depends,” she said, her tone at odds with the look in her eyes.

“I just want to talk,” I quickly informed her.

“Talking isn’t what I want from you.”

We stared at one another for a moment, and I scrambled to think of what to say next, when something occurred to me.

“Do you love me?”

The shock that registered in her eyes was worth the question, if nothing else, but was quickly followed by anger.

“How can you ask me that? Haven’t I told you I love you? Don’t I WANT to carry your baby? Sometimes I think it is YOU that doesn’t love ME!” Geo’s voice was loud now, and I could hear Anna crying in Amber’s room. Her words hurt, as they sank in, but I stuck to my plan.

“I do love you, but I am curious about something…” I paused to see what she would sat, but she only raised an eyebrow, so I hurried on. “How am I supposed to change my mind, and give in, when you practically ignore me, and when you do give me any attention, it is only to glare at me?” I saw the confusion in her eyes as I spoke, and knew she was starting to war with herself. “It is kind of hard for me to get in the mood, when you treat me like that.” I turned and walked away, not giving her the opportunity to respond.

I headed into Amber’s room, to see if she needed any help with Anna, but found them both resting on the bed, and silently tip-toed back out. I was halfway down the hall, when my phone rang. The cops were at my club, and needed me down there right away.

I nearly flew down the streets to the club, wondering what on Earth the cops were doing there. I followed all the laws, and had all the proper permits.

When I pulled up, there was one police car parked out front, as well as a really nice looking red Ferrari, and Larry’s large pickup. I began wondering if some drunk had started to cause some sort of problem, and that was the reason for my coming down here.

Larry, the club’s other owner, met me just inside the door. He seemed nervous, but didn’t say much as we went back to the office. I was shocked to see someone sitting behind my desk.

She had to be in her late thirties by the wrinkles that were just visible around her eyes, but her body spoke of a woman in her twenties, as did the shine in her eyes. Her chestnut brown hair was loose, and flowed easily down her back. She was stunning to look at for her age, but she only looked back at me with little or no interest.

“John, I presume?” She said as she stood, and offered me her hand. As I took it, I noticed the two police officers flanking her, and wondered once again what was going on. “My name is Carol. Now I hate to ask this, but can I please see some ID?”

“Am I in some kind of trouble?” I asked, as I reached for my wallet. Larry’s nervousness was palpable, but the two police officers seemed to be completely at ease, if not bored.

Carol’s eyes smiled as she took my driver’s license. “Not at all. My, so young to own a strip club, aren’t you?”

“We’ve already discussed that, Carol,” Larry said next to me, a bit angrily, and I turned to look at him. His eyes were darting from Carol, to the police, and back again.

“Ahem, yes. Well, you do appear to be who you say you are, John,” Carol handed me back my license. “Please have a seat.”

I sat in the indicated chair, only slightly disgruntled that I was at the wrong end of MY desk.

“Larry here has made an amazing offer, and I think it best if you take it, John,” Carol continued when all but the police were seated. “Why don’t I let him tell you?”

If looks could kill, Carol would be dead where she sat. Larry again looked to the two cops, before turning to me, and sighing. “John, since I sold you half of this club, the revenues have more than doubled, and I even heard that The Big Apple, across town is having to close their doors, because we’ve taken away too much of their business.” This was big new to me, as The Big Apple was our biggest competitors, and up until I had done some remodeling, they had even been a bigger club than us.

Larry’s eyes once again went to Carol and the cops, before he swallowed and continued. “I thought it only fair to reward you, by offering to sell–” Carol cleared her throat, and Larry dropped his gaze to his lap. “–To give you the club completely.”

My heart was thundering in my chest as he said this. I knew I could have had him paid off in a few years, at the rate the club had been performing at, but for him to offer to GIVE it to me, was just too much. Then I truly noticed all of Larry’s behavior, and looked back to the bored cops.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked, concerned.

Carol cleared her throat again, bringing my attention to her. “I have the contract here. There are a few stipulations in it, of course. You are not allowed to hire Larry as an employee, and he is not allowed to have any contact with you in the future. All deeds, rights, and income will become yours, as soon as you sign a few dotted lines.”

The deal was good, no… It was more than I could have hoped for, but seeing the anguish on Larry’s face gave me pause. He had always done right by me in the past, and had even made me a partner in this club. I didn’t know if I felt right taking this away from him.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Carol cut me off. “Look, John,” I was starting to get annoyed at the way she kept saying my name, “look at it this way: Larry has to enter into protective custody. He can’t keep his portion of the club, and do this, so he is giving it to you. He can’t sell it to you, because from today on, he can have no further contact with you, this club, or even any of his family. If you don’t take it, the club will have to be closed down.”

I thought of Suzy, his niece, and wondered if she knew.

“Take the deal,” Larry hissed at me, and I looked at the form Carol had slid in front of me.

In the end, I signed the papers, with only one change. What else could I do? It was either take full ownership, or lose it all.

The sun was setting as I drove home, and thoughts of Amber helped lift my spirits. I was starting to imagine walking into the house, stripping off my clothes as I walked back to her room, and ravishing her right there, or maybe wherever I found her.

Where I found her was on the couch, Anna busily sucking away on a plump tit. Unfortunately I already had my shirt off.

I called everyone into the family room, and told them the ‘good’ news, about me now being the full owner of the club. Everyone congratulated me, even Geo, giving me a big hug, and a warm smile. Apparently my talk with her had done some good after all.

“I thought we could celebrate tomorrow night,” I told them.

“Why tomorrow and not tonight?” Amber asked, and I gave her a significant look. “Oh! Right.” She actually blushed. It is a rare thing when Amber blushes, and we all laughed.

“Here, let me take Anna,” Geo offered, much to all of our shock. It wasn’t that her taking care of the little girl was surprising, but that she had to know what Amber and I were going to do, if she were freed up. She confirmed that with her next words, “Don’t look so surprised! I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want, and it was wrong of me to even try. Now are you two going to go back there and screw, or do I need to show you how?” I knew it was the closest to an apology I would ever get out of her.

I almost invited her back, but then I remembered my plan, and also considered that Amber really deserved some alone time with me, and started to tickle Amber, chasing her back to her room.

As soon as the door was closed, Amber flung her arms around my neck, and mashed her lips to mine. I held her tight to me, as our lips and tongues told each other what words were inadequate for. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her kisses were making me light headed, till she pulled away, and her clear blue eyes pierced me.

“Thank you for talking with your sister. I don’t understand how you have us all wrapped around your finger, but you’d better never let us go.”

I reached down, and grabbed her small rear, lifting her up into my arms. “Who has who wrapped around their fingers?” I asked, but silenced any comment she might have made, by kissing her again.

I walked us over to the bed, and sat her on the edge, pulling off her shirt. I went back to kissing this beautiful redhead, as I crawled onto the bed, forcing her back to lie down, as she hurriedly undid her pants. As soon as she had them unbuttoned, I nearly tore them off of her. My hand went for her baby blue panty covered crotch, as I kissed along her cheek, sucking for just a second on her earlobe, then nibbling down her jaw, the gentle slope of her neck, across her chest, and then undid the left flap to her maternity bra. Her breast was large and swollen from the milk within, and I looked to her for permission before tasting her.

Her hands on the back of my head, mashing me down gave me my answer, and for the first time, I tasted her nipple, without the nipple rings. At first I only licked around the hard knob of her nipple, tasting a small amount of milk that had leaked out. It tasted sweet, and a little weird, but not bad. Nothing like what a cow’s milk tasted like either, the odd thought crossed my mind. Suddenly very thirsty, I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth at once, then slowly squeezing it out with my lips, till I was sucking hard on her nipple. Amber moaned loudly, as her fingers dug into my scalp, and my mouth was filled with her milk.

My hand on her pussy hadn’t been idle while I imbibed on her mother’s nectar. I quickly found her clit through the material, and lightly stroked it, teasing her. Her hips tried to rise against my hand, demanding more pressure, but I only pulled back, trying to keep the feathery touch. When she moaned from what my mouth was doing, I pressed my hand down, and started rubbing furiously back and forth.

Her moaning grew louder, and I picked up the pace, knowing that she was getting close to her first orgasm. Sure enough, a couple seconds later, her body went rigid, and then started to shake, and I felt her panties get wetter.

Reluctantly I released her feeding nipple, and pulled her panties down, and off of her. I leaned over, and planted soft kisses along her belly, kissing from side to side, slowly working my way down. I skipped kissing her shaved mound, and instead kissed her inner left thigh, heading up to the juncture of her legs. When I was right next to her pussy, I sucked hard on the tender skin between where her pussy and leg met. She squealed as I did this, making me smile.

“Gawd, it has been so long! I want you in me John!” Amber demanded, but I wasn’t done down here yet.

I licked her outer labia, and once again felt her hands on the back of my head, trying to get me to the good parts. Figuring I had teased her enough, I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go, relishing the satisfied sigh that escaped her pleased body. Her pussy was soaked, and it was all I could do to lap up her juices, occasionally sucking on her clit, renewing the flood. She went through two orgasms like this, before she painfully grabbed my ears, and hauled me up to her face.

“I think play time is over!” She informed me, and the lust and desire I saw burning in her eyes told me to listen well. “Get those pants off now!”

I did as commanded, while she removed her bra.

I looked at her as she lay back down, and I could still see a little where the baby fat still clung to her, but if anything, it only fanned my desire for her. My heart beat almost painfully in my chest, as I admired my daughter’s mother.

“I love you, Amber,” I whispered, knowing she could hear me. “I truly and honestly do.”

The smile that split her face could have thawed Mount Everest; it was so full of love and warmth. “Oh, get down here, you big romantic! I love you too.”

Our lips met again, and I knew she could taste herself on me, as I positioned my hard rod for her soft hole. As soon as we were aligned, I started to press in, surprised at the resistance. It wasn’t that it was hard to get in, she was absolutely wet enough, but I had thought that after giving birth, she would have been a little looser.

“The doctor told me he gave me an extra stitch, when he stitched me back up.” Amber whispered in my ear, as though she had read my mind. I didn’t even know that such a thing was possible, but the way her inner folds were massaging and squeezing me, I had to admit, it felt good.

Amber began to nibble on my earlobe as I worked my fat member into her, finally joining our hips to the sounds of two very satisfied “ahh”s.

I lifted my head up, to look Amber in the eyes, as I slowly began to move my hips, pulling out till just the head was still inside her, then slowly sliding my length back in, relishing every inch of her.

I felt her hands on my buttock, squeezing, and pulling me back to her, with every stroke. I let her hands set our pace, and soon we were both grunting, as I pounded into this sexy mother.

“Oh, Fuck! Yes, right there! Keep… Going… Right… THERE!” Amber screamed, and her cunt gripped my tool as she came once again. Amber shuddered under me, as I kept sawing into her, making her orgasm last longer and longer.

As she relaxed, I pulled out of her, listening to her disappointed moan, until I rolled her onto her right side, and lifted her left leg. Straddling the leg still on her bed, I positioned myself at her sideways hole, and slid back into her.

“Shit, that’s deep,” she cried as her head flopped onto her arm, and her left hand started to play with her leaking nipples. I reached down to where we were joined, and started vigorously rubbing her clit as I moved my hips along her thigh. I knew I was getting close, but so was she.

“Ho…ly… FUUUUCK!” Amber came again, and this time her convulsions forced me out of her, as her left leg pushed me away.

I lay down to watch her, as her body was wracked with paroxysms of pleasure. It took a couple minutes for her to stop shaking. Her eyes met mine, and I couldn’t hide the smile I felt inside, as she got an evil look in her eyes. She jumped on top of me, her hands holding my shoulders down, and grinding her twat along the length of my shaft. “No one has EVER made me cum like that before!” She told me, as she gazed into my eyes, and I knew it for truth. I had never seen her cum for so long, or as powerfully before.

I shifted my hips as she continued to move hers, and soon felt myself slide back inside her, only to have her pull back off of me. “Uh-uh… that hole needs a little rest. I think you are slippery enough,” she said with a wink. Amber reached down, and grasped me at my base, aiming it for her ass. She gently pressed down, and I squinched my eyes shut in pleasure as her sphincter gently slid down my soaked pole, till she was full seated in my lap. “Oh, it has been awhile back there too!” She exclaimed once she was completely impaled.

I leaned up, and pulled her down to me, latching my mouth onto the nipple I had neglected earlier. Sweet mother’s milk once again filled my mouth, as her colon sucked hungrily on my cock. Her hips moved at a furious frenzy, and despite the break I had received from watching her last orgasm, I knew that there was no chance of lasting much longer.

I felt the first churnings, and released the tasty teat long enough to moan, “Oh, Gawd!” and then let loose with a powerful orgasm of my own, that left me weak and shuddering under a moaning and cumming redhead. Her colon massaged my cock, lengthening my own climax, and continuously making me shudder, which in turn lengthening Amber’s climax as well.

Exhausted, but completely satisfied, we both fell asleep knowing that Anna was in good hands.

* * *

The next day dawned bright and wonderful, as thoughts of what I planned ran through my mind. That is, until doubts started to creep in. Would they figure it out? Would any of it work? The more I thought about it, the more transparent the whole idea seemed, until finally in frustration I had to leave the house. Ostensibly I was headed out to do some shopping, and I realized that that was a better excuse than I realized, as I really did need to get food for our party tonight.

My phone rang as I was pulling into the parking lot, and I answered, seeing that it was Geo calling. “I was just wondering if you were planning on inviting anyone over for tonight, or not.”

“After the way our last couple parties went, I thought to keep it to just us tonight,” I told her, hoping she wouldn’t see through me.

“Oh, okay.” Was that disappointment I heard in her voice? Probably hoping to get another crack at Jason. If everything worked out, she would soon be forgetting him. “Don’t forget to get some bread, then. We are almost out.”

I promised that I would, and while I was still nervous about tonight, somehow the talk with my sister had left me feeling better.

I gave Diane a quick call, and asked if she would mind watching Anna tonight, and was grateful when she agreed.

I took my time doing the shopping, knowing that I would have a lot of extra money in the budget at the end of the month.

Afterwards I drove to a coffee shop near the house that I knew the girls frequented, and purchased them all their favorite drinks.

By the time I finally made it home, it was late afternoon, and time to start cooking. The girls each gave me a quick peck as thanks for their drinks, even Geo, and I got to work on the food. The girls kept offering to help, telling me that they were celebrating for me, and I should be relaxing, but I had other plans, and kept shooing them out of the kitchen.

I did have Amber make drinks for everyone, and sipped mine slowly as dinner finished cooking. I laid everything out on the table, setting a special plate before each of my girls, and treating them as royally as I could. I then pulled out the expensive wine I had purchased, to the ‘ooh’s of the three pretty women, and poured each of them a glass.

The meal passed by quickly, and I made sure to eat everything off of my specially prepared plate. As soon as I was finished, I stood and refilled each glass.

Standing behind my chair, I lifted my glass to them, and smiled. “Almost a year ago, I turned eighteen, and a week later had a night that would change my life forever.” I looked Amber, Geo, and Dixie in the eyes as I spoke, demanding their attention. “That night was the beginning of my fall. For after that, I fell for each of you. Amber, your red hair, and wild nature suit you well. Dixie, you are shy at times, but I love how you always go for what you want.” I paused then to look at Geo. “Geo, you have always been a part of my life as my sister; I have looked up to you, and have always admired you. The three of you are the smartest, most talented, and sexiest women I know. I love you with all my heart, but there is a small lie that I must confess to.” I waited to see their reaction. Geo scowled, and Dixie looked confused, but Amber just kept staring at me, waiting for me to continue. “I lied when I said I was now the sole owner of the club.” Confusion now painted all three faces, and Geo’s scowl deepened as well. I couldn’t hold back my smile as I finished, “The club is owned by four people now, and they are all in this room.”

I waited for that to sink in. All three understood almost immediately, and nearly jumped out of their chairs, in their haste to hug and kiss me.

“I don’t understand, though. Why did Larry give us the club?” Dixie was the first to talk.

“He had some urgent business that he had to go to, and wanted to leave it in good hands. He told me that he wouldn’t be coming back. I told him that if he wanted it in good hands, then I knew just the hands to leave it in, and he changed the contract right there to include all of you.” I explained, having to fib only a little. I had changed the contract, but it had been Carol that had agreed to it. “Now you see why I have been serving you all night,” I said with a wink. “This celebration isn’t just for me, but all of us.”

As they all hugged me again, I heard Amber say, “I know someone who is getting a special treat tonight.”

“Count that treat as doubled,” Dixie quickly piped in.

We all looked at Geo, who had pulled away a little bit. Before she could have the chance to back out, I spoke up. “Ladies, there is more that I have planned.” They all looked at me expectantly. I quickly went to my room, and pulled the bottom drawer of my dresser out. Underneath was the stash of weed Joe had delivered so many weeks ago. I had already used up everything else he had dropped off, in making our food. If all went according to plan, and the Viagra fueled bulge in my pants suggested it just might, this party was going to end with a number of ‘bangs’.

Three sets of eyes glittered as I held the bag up. Amber ran to go get the papers, and Dixie started separating out the weed.

“I know what you’re planning,” Geo whispered in my ear, and I snaked my arm around her waist, grabbing her ass in the process of pulling her tighter to me. Her perfume was intoxicating, as I nuzzled into her neck.

“Is that so?” I asked, and she had to push herself away from me. I could see the desire and lust battling with her decree to not let me back in her till I agreed to her demands. For a moment, I almost confessed my decision, but was enjoying this game too much. How much sweeter the victory, if she came to me first? I only hoped that the drugs I had put in their food worked as Joe had advertised.

I had to quickly shift my own bulge, which Geo couldn’t help but notice, and I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips.

Amber took the first hit from the joint, handing it to Geo next. My sister looked at me, and kept her eyes locked on mine as she pulled in a large drag, holding it for some time, before finally coughing it out to our cheers.

Dixie took the next puff, and then plastered her lips to mine, filling my lungs with the smoke as she kissed me. I had to break the kiss to cough, but the act had turned me on more than I would have thought. My cock was almost starting to hurt, it felt so big.

I took my own hit, and Amber not wanting to be outdone, kissed me, sucking it out of me. We all started to enjoy this game, until Geo took her next hit, and we wondered what she would do. She looked at the three of us, then leaned over, and kissed Amber, wrapping her hands behind the redhead, and moaning as she transferred the hit from her lungs to the other woman’s.

The kiss started to get pretty heavy as both women’s hands began to explore, and I felt Dixie’s hand on my knee start to work its way up to my crotch. I looked to the beautiful brunette, and smiled, before grabbing the back of her head, and pulling her in for another kiss. I could feel her hands worrying at my pants, and I dropped my hands to her waist, and then brought them back up, taking her shirt with them.

“I can’t believe how horny I am right now,” she told me as the shirt lifted over her head. “You should treat us like this more often!” She hungrily went back to kissing me, till she was able to get my pants down. As soon as my throbbing cock sprang free, she looked from it, back to me, then at it again. “Has it gotten bigger?” She asked in wonder, and I looked down, thinking that maybe the Viagra hadn’t been such a great idea. It did seem to be more swollen than normal, but all thoughts fled my mind, as she brought her tender lips down, and gently kissed the head.

I looked over to Amber and my sister as Dixie’s lips gently travelled down my cock, eliciting a moan from me. The other now women were now topless, and Geo was hungrily sucking the milk from Amber’s engorged breasts. Amber seemed to really be enjoying herself, as her fingers played through Geo’s strawberry-blonde tresses, and she moaned in delight.

I felt my cock hit the back of Dixie’s throat, as she started to swallow me down her gullet. I leaned forward on the couch a little, and started to rub her B-cup tits, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. Her moan was gagged by my cock, but the vibrations sent a thril down my spine at the pleasure of it all.

I sat back up and pulled off my own shirt, before whispering to Dixie, “I want to taste you too.” Dixie grinned widely as she stood and removed her pants. I lay back on the couch, and waited for her to straddle my face. As soon as her shaved pussy was in reach, I leaned up, sucking her lips into my mouth, while I reached between us to return to fondling her breasts.

“Mmm, yes, that’s it Amber,” I heard Geo cry out. “Suck my pussy! Make me cum all over that creamy white skin of yours! Oh, oh OH!”

I increased the power of my sucking, and noticed Dixie doing to same in return. I pulled her clit between my teeth, and gave it a small nibble, sending her crashing into an orgasm that flooded my face with her juices.

As soon as she had recovered, she sat up, spun around, and slid her wet pussy down my chest and stomach, till my cock butted against her slick slit. Without stopping, she continued to press back, swallowing me deeper and deeper into her canal, until her clit pressed firmly against the base of my cock.

“Oh, fuck, that HAS gotten bigger! I feel like you are about to split me in two!” Dixie leaned forward, and brought her lips to mine, and the hunger from our bodies took over, as we melded our two bodies together. I reached down, and groped her ass, trying to increase her pace, and making her cum atop me. She had to break the kiss in order to breathe as her body was overcome by pure joy.

As she shook above me, I looked over to Amber and Geo and saw my chance. They were locked into a sixty-nine position with Geo on top, her ass and pussy facing me. As gently as I could, I lifted the recovering Dixie off of me, and stood behind Geo. Amber must have been able to see what I planned, but she made no move either for or against me, as I gripped my sister’s hips, and slid easily into her cum and saliva soaked twat.

I held on tight, as her head flew up, and she turned to look at me, lust and rage warring in her eyes. “What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, but I just kept my silence, feeling Amber’s tongue sliding from my balls to Geo’s pussy. I started to move my hips, smiling as Geo tried to get away, only her pussy belied that she was enjoying this, as it massaged my swollen length.

Between Geo’s sucking pussy, and Amber’s talented tongue, I could feel my balls churning, bringing me ever closer to my first orgasm. I leaned forward, looking at Geo’s furious face as I whispered to her, “I’m cumming.” Her eyes went large as she felt the first volley from my cock erupt into her. Then she went wild, shoving back against me, rotating her hips around my spewing cock, and moaning loud enough, I was afraid the neighbors were going to call the cops on us.

When I was finally done unloading into her, I just continued to pump in and out. She looked at me in surprise and I delivered my second surprise. “I took Viagra tonight. That isn’t the only load you’re getting from me.” If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that my words had started another orgasm in her, as her inner folds wrapped more tightly around my stiff member, increasing my enjoyment tenfold.

I decided to pull out of her though, as I hadn’t given my daughter’s mother much attention yet. As I slipped my cock covered in our mutual cum from my sister, I deftly slipped it into Amber’s mouth, and let her clean it off for me.

Geo whined for a moment, but saw that Dixie was over fingering herself, and must have decided to help her out. I watched as Geo began to lustily kiss the brunette, replacing her fingers with two of her own.

Amber pulled her lips from my cock, and looked up at me, her blue eyes glittering with her smile. “I guess it’s my turn now? I’m glad you did that for Geo. This place will be a lot happier again.”

I smiled as I lifted her face up to mine, and kissed her red lips. I could just taste the lingering traces of Geo and me, but ignored it as I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and gently laid her back. My tool lined up perfectly with her slot, and I easily slid into her, once again relishing in how tight she felt wrapped around my manhood. I arched my back, and pulled one of her nipples to my lips, tasting her milk again, and smiling. I knew some women preferred to let their breasts dry out after they stopped breastfeeding, but I hoped to be able to talk Amber into keeping hers. I wondered if my sister’s would taste just as sweet?

Amber’s fingers dug into my ass as I pounded into her, making her moan and scream in ecstasy. “That’s it! Fuck me with you huge cock. Fuck me and make me cum again!” I picked up my pace, as I felt Amber start to soak my crotch, and her nipple run dry. I wasn’t worried about Anna going hungry though, as there was plenty stored up in the fridge.

I looked over to Dixie and Geo, and noticed Dixie’s delightful derriere sticking up in the air, while her fist was buried in my sister’s cunt. Stepping behind Dixie, I ran the head of me penis up and down along her slit, before slipping it back into her. She moaned as I started up a steady rhythm, my hands kneading her ass. Not for the first time I wondered at the differences between the ways the three women felt. Dixie used to be the tightest, but now I had to give that title to Amber, after the doctor gave her that extra stitch. Geo was by far the warmest of the three, and the smoothest. All three felt like heaven when I was with them, and my heart sang, as I knew that once again we were a whole family.

Dixie was thrusting back against me, pulling her hand out of Geo, then pulling forward, and slipping up to her wrist into my sister. The sight was really starting to turn me on, and I felt my second load on its way as Dixie climaxed herself.

I quickly leaned back, extracting myself from Dixie, and then pulled the petite woman’s hand from Geo just in time to shove my cock in, and release my second load. Geo kissed me passionately, whispering, “Thank you” over and over again as I emptied myself inside her. I didn’t slow down my pace, and in fact tried to increase it, as I sensed that my sexy sister was coming close to her own orgasm.

“That’s it, John. Fill your sister’s cunt with your baby maker. Make me cum again on my brother’s cock! Oh, I have wanted you back in me for so long! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you. I promise to make you so happy, just keep FUCKING ME!” She nearly bit her own tongue as her body started to convulse under me.

I hunched my back, and pulled her left tit into my mouth, nibbling on her nipple to try and increase her enjoyment. I felt something brush my head, and looked up to see Amber sitting on Geo’s face. Smiling, I started to kiss my way up her belly, till I reached her swollen breasts, and started suckling the one I hadn’t emptied before. Amber’s hands grasped the back of my head, and tried to pull me tighter to her breast, as Geo started working on the sexy redhead’s pussy.

I felt hands reach under my arms from behind, pulling me back, and I looked up to see Dixie standing next to me. She leaned over, bringing her lips to mine, and I let some of the milk still in my mouth flood into hers. Her eyes flew open at first, realization dawning on her, and then she started sucking hard on my tongue trying to get the last vestiges of Amber’s milk from my mouth. As soon as we could no longer taste it, Dixie pulled away, stood in front of me, then bent over, forcing Amber to lean back some as Dixie started suckling the milk straight from her friend’s breasts. With her juicy twat only centimeters from my face, I wasn’t about to let that feast pass me up, and dove in, tongue first, tasting her sweet juices for the second time tonight.

I had to place my hands on Geo’s tits to keep my balance, as I tried to lick Dixie, and slide my cock in and out of my sister. I fiddled with her hard nipples, triggering Geo’s orgasm, which seemed to set us all off once more. Amber started moaning as she came on Geo’s mouth, and I soon found Dixie’s juices dripping from my chin, as I erupted for the third time into my loving sister.

* * *

John closed the book, as Amber walked into the room, their daughter Anna walking along beside her.

“Did you finally finish your book?” She asked, seeing what was on the desk.

“I think so,” he said turning to look at the work that had taking him months to write. “I’m going to title it, ‘I Found My Sister Stripping’. What do you think?”

“I think it lacks originality,” a new voice said, as a very pregnant, strawberry-blonde woman entered the room. “Are you sure you want to be honest in that book about us being siblings?”

“I love you all with my complete heart. If people have a problem with that, then they are the ones with the problem, not me.” John told them earnestly.

“Well, you’d better hurry and get changed. Dixie is graduating in a couple hours, and you look a mess!” Amber informed him. She laid her left hand on his shoulder, smiling at the sight of the ring she wore on that hand. Her ring was matched by two others, each worn by the women in John’s life.


Authors note:

I debated on whether to write this or not, but think that the part about Larry needs to be explained, as this is the end of this series, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever see him again.

Some of you might feel that he got a raw deal from everything, but those that read my ‘Subjects 0’ series know that he helped Harold out. Carol also knew this from reading Harold’s notes, and was taking vengeance on all those that helped him out. The only reason Carol didn’t take revenge on Betty, is that she likely saw her in the club, and being the (usually) prim lady she is, thought that that was punishment enough.

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Sweet Little Lucy Likes My Wheelchair

by JackassTales

Summertime fun with young neighbor girl
A “How I Spent my Summer Vacation” story

JackassTales…tale # 50…Readers; for my 50th tale I decided to do something I rarely do. I took on a request for a story. A 21-yr-old lady I have been playing Private Message pattycake with (yes she knows I’m a Horny ‘Old’ Dog in a wheelchair who writes about young girls) sent the following request which I couldn’t resist. I hope she likes what I have written. I hope you do, too.

I was wondering if you want to write a story about me sometime? You know like you fucking me as a little teen girl? Posting it? Well if you do, I have red hair, brown eyes, light skin that does tan, a few freckles and I giggle quite a bit. Not sure if you’re interested in this idea, but I would be honored to read it if you decided to write it. Um, I saw that one story you wrote for that girl and um, kind of was curious what you would write about me. Oh yeah also I like deepthroat and spanking. *Blushes shyly.* Lucy

Sweet Little Lucy Likes My Wheelchair

Epilogue (The new girl next door)

One of these days, and I hope it’s pretty damn soon, I’m supposed to be able to get out of this wheelchair. At least, that’s what the doctors have told me. I have been assured this neuromuscular condition which affects my legs usually runs its course in two to five years. I’m at the four year mark right now.

I went back to the ledger filled with numbers I was trying to decipher. Shit, I was supposedly on a month-long summer vacation, yet here I was stuck inside trying to straighten out an almost indecipherable mess! As an independent accountant, I moved my office to my home so I could avoid the hassle of commuting into the city in my disability-equipped van. I hated the word ‘disability’ because it implies an inability to do anything. Hell, I can work, I can drive, I pay taxes, I compete in shooting matches, I can swim, and damnit, I can even walk short distances! I am an independent man of thirty two years in age and damn proud of it!

A movement outside my window distracted me. My mood lightened immediately. Out there on a tire swing my young neighbor girl was singing and swinging away. I hadn’t yet met Lucy, but I had met her divorced mother when they moved into the house next door earlier this week. I suppose the child had been visiting her dad but her mother had sung her praises as a sweet girl, a straight A student, and a virtuous child without a disagreeable bone in her body. All this and she was a kid of only sixteen years in age!

Fascinated by the unfettered joy and the unrestrained exuberance of the swinging child, I watched her instead of attending to my work. Naturally, since she was a female, no matter her age, my eyes began describing the girl to my captivated mind. Flowing strands of shimmering red hair blew in the breeze. Brown eyes sparkled in the noonday sun. A light-skinned face glowed with a slight early summer tan and was sprinkled with a very few freckles. The girl was giggling. In the little while I had watched, I discovered she giggled quite a bit.

The giggling swinger was clothed in a sleeveless summer top which was white in color. Thin straps running over her shoulders held up the mounds mounted on her chest. I don’t know much about the anatomy of young ladies her age, but I supposed those protrusions were good-zized breasts. I did know pretty legs when I saw them. This new neighbor girl’s legs sprang out of a pair of blue shorts and ran down slender, but not long, limbs and ended at barefooted, petite feet.

All in all, I’d say my neighbor kid Lucy was a pretty hot little package! I wasn’t surprised by the swelling in my pants, but I knew damn well I shouldn’t be having an erection while looking at a jailbait girl! Devil damn my wickedness, I need to stop looking and get back to work!

I picked up the ledger and my laptop, grabbed my chair’s joystick control, and then motored out to my backyard. I laid the ledger and computer on a patio table covered by an awning. Numbers come naturally to me so after an hour of steady work I had the chicken-scratch ledger straightened out into manageable documents.

Although I was finished working, numbers continued to run through my head. 4 foot 10 inches to 5 feet tall and maybe 85 to 95 pounds in weight… 16 years in age… 10 skinny, rope-holding fingers and 10 sexy, swinging toes… Maybe a 26 to 32 inch bust sitting atop a flat belly and a seductive crotch… Oh shit, I was still thinking about that pretty little girl next door!

Part One (Wanna give ‘it’ a whirl?)

“Mr. Jackson?” a soft voice said from beside me. “Sir, may I talk to you? Mama says you’re really nice and that you would probably be willing to help me with my summer vacation school project.”

Speaking of the devil herself, I spun my wheelchair around and came face to face with the girl child I’d been thinking about! The kid giggled then stuck out her hand and spoke again, “Hi, I’m Lucy.”

Automatically, I offered my outstretched hand to my young neighbor. Just as I suspected, the girl’s hand was warm, supersoft, and pleasant to the touch. Heck, it was almost too pleasant if you ask me! A horny guy my age had no business being aroused by an innocent teen girl!

“Hi yourself,” I replied despite my mind’s turmoil. “Why don’t you sit and tell me about this school project you have. If I can, I will gladly help you. Oh, and my name is, Jason.”

Lucy took a seat in a nearby chair and pulled a notepad from a bookbag I had not noticed. “Thank you, Mr. Jackson,” she said. “This is a report I have to do for my 11th grade high school social studies class starting in August. We have been studying about Freud in my 10th grade class and we will continue in the 11th grade. Over the summer we have to interview someone who might have a story related to his work and write a ten thousand word essay.”

“Freud?” I asked surprised. “Aren’t you a little young to be studying Freud? He talks about…well, ‘sex’…a lot, doesn’t he? And, young lady, whatever in this world would make you think I might have a sex story to tell?”

My redheaded neighbor’s fair skin face blushed a bit. She stuttered as she tried to answer. Finally, she pointed. It took me a few seconds to interpret her gesture, but then I realized she was pointing at my wheelchair. Oh my, was this girl child intuitive enough to realize a man might have sexual problems because of a physical limitation? Curious as a curiosity cat, I told the girl, “Sure thing. Go ahead and interview me.”

Softball, but very personal, questions came first. What was my condition, how long had I had it, what was my prognosis, etcetera. When the girl’s face reddened again, I knew the hardball questions were coming. “Mr. Jackson, do you have a wife or girlfriend to provide you with…with…‘companionship’?” she shyly asked. “Mama says she doesn’t think you do, so do you…do you miss…‘it’?”

I laughed aloud. My merriment was not from the question but from the easily recognized uneasiness and embarrassment of the questioner. The girl was in over her pretty, little head! And damnit, I thought, she started this so I’m not going to go easy on her!

“Lucy, by ‘it’ do you mean ‘sex’?” I replied. “Well, there was a time when I could get all the puss…all the female ‘companionship’ I wanted to from ladies of all ages. I will admit this damn wheelchair is a big ‘turn off’ in that respect. I lost my very passionate girlfriend for this reason.”

The girl at the table jerked her head up suddenly. She spoke vehemently. “The bitch!” she practically screamed. “She shouldn’t have left you for that reason! Your wheelchair is just a means of transportation, not a death sentence!”

Wow, this redhead has a temperamental streak. She also has an endearing compassion I have rarely seen in a child her age. “Thank you Lucy for defending me,” I said with genuine sincerity. “I really appreciate it.”

Before we became mired too deep into a pity-party for me, I decided to lighten the mood. “Girlie, don’t you worry too much about me,” I winked. I mischievously added, “Old Five Fingers and I do a fine job of pleasing me! I believe your fella Freud talks about masturbation and such. You ought to try it sometime.”

Just as I hoped, here came the giggling girl I was becoming smitten with. In between giggles the sweet, innocent child shattered my illusions about her by saying, “I already have tried it!” Immediately, she covered her betraying mouth, but her giggles continued despite her blushing grin.

When the merriment subsided, Lucy’s questioning continued. She stood and stepped uncomfortably close to me. Every fiber of my masculine body could feel her feminine presence. “May I ask you some questions about your wheelchair?” she inquired. “What’s this red button do?” she asked without awaiting my answer.

“Touch it,” I answered. I wasn’t sure she’d do it, but she did. An automotive horn’s blaring scream shattered the early afternoon quietness. Lucy jumped but recovered quickly. Without asking permission, the giggling girl touched or flipped other buttons and switches. Headlights turned on and off, turn signals clicked, an indoor buzzer buzzed, and then the back reclined with the footrests out just like an old man’s Lazy Boy recliner.

“I wouldn’t fool with this adjustable switch if I were you,” I warned. Of course, the child ‘had’ to touch it then. At one setting, a loud, catcall whistle at a pretty girl blew. Lucy giggled shyly. Then, a fart-horn blew. The girl blushed, but again giggled. The last setting was a voice shouting, “Get the Hell outta my damn way, stupid!” Lucy lost it in a fit of giggling laughter.

Before she touched it, Lucy did ask me what the tall rod sticking up out of the control box was. When I told her it was my ‘joystick’ she looked at me as if I were making some kind of Freudian reference to my penis. I giggled myself then explained that it made my wheelchair go forwards and backwards or any combination in between. “Wanna drive it?” I teased.

“How could I with you in it,” was her quizzical answer.

I pushed the button which raised my legs and footrests into a straight out in front of me position. Without further ado, I placed my hands around the curious girl’s waist and lifted her into my lap. She squealed when I pushed hard on the joystick and the chair lunged forward. Switching to a higher speed, I raced to an empty parking lot down the street. “Now you drive,” I dared.

Curious this girl may be, but she was also a closeted daredevil. Grabbing my wheelchair joystick, she followed my lead and raced around the blacktopped lot at top speed giggling and laughing uncontrollably. If not for my viselike grip around her waist the dangerous child would have flown off into the unknown. Child my ass! The butt wiggling in my lap was rubbing against my flesh-and-horny-boned masculine joystick with enough feminine seductiveness to arouse my passions.

Somehow, during this wild ride, my waist-holding hands ended up underneath the sleeveless summer top of my lap-driving girl. Before I realized what I was doing, I was caressing the soft flesh of a young female’s belly. My curious cat was awakened again so I reached upward with one hand to see if there was indeed a bra under there. Oh yeah, there was! When the girl hit an unexpected bump, my fingers unintentionally slipped under the edge of the breast-supporting garment and I found myself holding a handful of tit.

“Damn your wicked soul Jason Jackson you had better let go of it!” I silently told myself. Ignoring my self admonishment, I took just a minute or two or three to feel of the feminine flesh. A well-formed mound greeted my hand. My fingers fondled the pointed protrusion of a tiny nipple. Whether this young lady was aware of it or not, her boob and her nipple were swelling in size!

As suddenly as it happened, I jerked my hand out of Lucy’s bra. Oh god, I hope she can forgive me for this unforgivable molestation! I said nothing but I took control of the joystick and drove us back home and pulled into my backyard. My laptop and the ledger were still on my patio table along with this girl’s notepad and bookbag. I expected the child to jump out of my lap, but surprisingly, she didn’t. Instead, she twisted sideways and threw her pretty slim legs over the armrest of my wheelchair.

“Mr. Jackson, I don’t know how any woman could be ‘turned off’ by your wheelchair!” little Lucy emphatically announced. “Both you and your chair are a peck of fun and a bushelfull of delight! I enjoy every second I spend with you. Hey, it sure is getting to be a hot summer day, isn’t it?”

Unprepared, I was touched deep in my soul by this innocent girl’s emotional outburst. My heart swelled and I kissed the sweet child’s cheek. Surprised I was when she reciprocated my affection. Yet, she didn’t just kiss my cheek she also gave me a peck on the lips. For some reason, her lips lingered where they were on my lips for a few seconds longer than need be. An irresistible impulse caused the tip of my tongue to slip out of my mouth and wet her lips. Instinct brought her lips against mine and we kissed with a passion which was inexcusably forbidden!

We broke the kiss almost as soon as it started. Both our faces flamed red with a blush. God, I don’t think anything had ever made me blush before! In order to break the tension, I offhandedly asked something about her comment about it being too hot, and since she was showing no signs of leaving my lap anytime soon, I added a question about would she like to go someplace cooler. She nodded with an eager affirmative gesture.

The houses on this block were built with their backyards bordering a densely wooded forest. Holding a passionate girl in my lap, I headed my wheelchair toward the seemingly impenetrable woods. My motorized vehicle was ruggedly built with heavy-duty motors and oversized tires. Weaving my way through a maze of trees, bushes, and undergrowth, I finally maneuvered my motor vehicle into a secluded glen. Tall pines surrounded a grassy, shaded, half acre sanctuary. At one end a small waterfall gently spilled its waters into a crystal clear pool. The pool’s overflow babbled its way down a meandering stream and disappeared into the darkness at the glen’s far end. The air temperature here was much cooler than the citified place Lucy and I had left behind. City sounds were lost in a faraway place.

“Mr. Jackson, uh, Jason, oh my god, it’s so beautiful here it’s beyond belief!” Lucy incredulously uttered. “Thank you for bringing me here to your secret hideaway place. Is this where you bring all your ladies?”

I snickered with mischievous glee. “All of what ladies?” I answered. “Didn’t I tell you I haven’t had any ladies or…‘p.u.s.s.y’…for a while? That is unless, Miss Lucy, are you my lady?”

The daredevil girl answered sternly, “I most certainly am, Jason!” She quickly added, “If you want me, I am yours! I’m not afraid of your wheelchair and I’m not afraid of you! And Mister, although I am a young virgin, I will even give you all of the ‘p.u.s.s.y’ you want and have been missing if you want it from me! Just tell me what to do.”

With these brazen words said, the girl threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again. This time the tongue wetting her lips and mine was hers. I felt the passion of her ardent kisses from the hair on my head to the tips of my toes. I knew this was wrong on so many levels, but I held my sweet girl in my arms and kissed her like crazy. A small voice in the back of my head wondered if all of this ‘research’ would end up in Lucy’s summer Freud report.

Throwing caution to the wind, I told myself, the hell with it! Lucy made no objections when I slipped her top up over her redhaired head. She didn’t fuss when I removed her lacy bra. This time I had no reluctance when my hands molested her young breasts. The tantalizing titties swelled and yielded themselves to my manual manipulations. Tiny nipples stiffened into good-enough-to-eat berries.

Speaking of nipple eating, I stripped my own pullover shirt off then put my hands under Lucy’s armpits and lifted her up off my lap. Once I had her chest positioned in front of my face, my mouth began its berry-hungry eating. Tiny they might be, but my little neighbor girl’s stiffened nipples were a delicious treat I gobbled with gusto. Just like the soup jingle, they were, ‘Mmm Mmm, good’! I didn’t exactly suck the beautiful, pinkish color off my girl’s nipples, but it sure wasn’t for the lack of trying.

After several long minutes, my lips switched their attention to the mounded flesh surrounding the reddening nipples. If the word ‘supersoft’ ever had a mammary manifestation it was the skin my lips now orally abused. Well abused may not be the right word because I really wasn’t all that rough, but I certainly was feverishly enjoying myself while kissing and sucking these wondrous breasts. When Lucy giggled with glee, I threw in a few more nipple sucks just for good measure.

Satisfied, for the time being, I lifted the girl’s featherweight body higher. I kissed the flat-bellied skin of her abdomen and tickled the ticklish hole of her bellybutton. Giggling laughter resounded within the confines of our very own private Garden of Eden. God, Freud, and the Devil himself could debate the right or wrong of what was going on here in this sacred place, but I was too busy myself to join in.

So light in weight was this babydoll in my arms I lifted her up so high in the air that God could have snatched his angel out of my arms if he wanted to. Thankfully, he didn’t. I didn’t know how Lucy would feel about it, but I kissed the cloth-covered pussy dangling in front of my lips. If not for the interference of a pair of blue shorts and the panties within them I could have had myself a taste of hot young female glory. Oh goodness, I wanted my girl’s pussy so badly I wanted to scream!

Dropping the stimulating young lady back into my lap, I asked her an impulsive question, “Lucy, does your rug match your redhead roof?” I regretted my haste as soon as the words left my mouth. For all I knew, she was so young she didn’t even have a ‘rug’. Some girls at sixteen years in age do and some don’t. Furthermore, even if she did have pubic hair, she might not know it was called a rug by guys.

Big brown doe eyes glared at me. “That’s for me to know,” she scowled. After several tense, tantalizing seconds, she continued. “And, for you soon to find out!” she teased then giggled happily. Without missing a beat, the sexy little tormenter stripped her shorts and panties down over butt, legs, and barefooted feet. “Now lift me back up into the sky and check for yourself!” the daring child challenged.

Girlie girl, you had better be careful as to who you throw your challenges at! I lifted her back up and rocketed her skyward. In two shakes of a girl’s tail, I had a teen pussy in front of my eyes. Oh yeah, she had a rug! As pubic bushes go it was extremely small and thin, but boy-o-boy it was triangular shaped and just as radiantly red as the hair atop her head!

Unable to control myself, I kissed the red rug. My lips kissed, pulled, and tugged on its curly hairs. Finding bare skin along my girl’s upper thighs, I kissed that, too. I kissed into the valleys between pussy and thighs then I kissed the swelling outer pussy folds. Having teased myself enough, I kissed what I really wanted to. I kissed little Lucy’s pussylips and I licked the tiny tip of a clit.

The mischievous minx in my arms must have been reading my mind. I suppose some kind of female instinct told her what to do. As I ran my tongue up and down her pussy crack, several slim fingers from a pair of small hands spread that slit and revealed the feminine treasures concealed inside.

I needed no instinct to tell me to devour the young vaginal wonders now exposed to my sight. Although only a teenager in age, Lucy had a clitoral jewel just begging to be spit-polished by a practiced clitlicking tongue and buffed dry by skilled clitsucking lips. She also had a virginal hole which awaited an intrepid oral explorer. Girlie, I was just the guy with the tongue and lips for these jobs!

For the next five or ten or a hundred minutes I licked and sucked and explored. My tongue went wild flicking and licking the small, perfectly-shaped clit. Mmm Mmm good had been Lucy’s nipples, but this feminine protrusion was god-almighty-delicious! This girl’s giggles turned into quiet whimpering cries as I licked and sucked feverishly.

All at once, my tongue and two female pinky fingers spread the delicate butterfly wings of my naughty girl’s inner pussylips. My tongue darted inside and explored. Wetness coated this intruder. While not as wet as a full grown woman, this teen vaginal hole had more moisture than I expected. My tongue twirled and tasted while making its exploration of this moist cavity. I expected to find a virginal hymen and I did. Just inside the opening to this void I found the obstruction to penile penetration.

Thinking to myself, I thought, “Okay there is more than one way to skin this cock-barrier cat. With the swollen outer pussylips closed I betcha there would be enough vaginal room here to barely hold the sensitive tip of my cock. And, with a little saliva to aid with lubrication, I betcha I could hump this pussy good enough to get my rocks off and hers too. Yesiree, I bet I could fuck this girl without taking her virginity!”

Without realizing it, I had spoken the last sentence or two of my meandering musings aloud. Lucy’s spoken voice startled me, “Oh Jason, could you really do ‘it’, would you please? Stop what you’re doing and do ‘that’ instead!” Before I could react, the girl suddenly added, “Oh god no, don’t stop what you’re doing!”

What was I doing? Oh yeah, now I remember. While I was thinking about vaginal humping, my cupped and stiffened tongue had been darting in and out of this girl’s pussy. She had released her swollen outer lips and I was penetrating frantically all the way in through the fleshy tissue and hitting the unbroken hymen. I had not intended to bring my girl to orgasm, but apparently I was.

Lucy’s whimpering cries became squeals of delight. The girl’s hands pulled my head into her pubic mound. The toes of her barefooted feet dug into the skin of my sides. An orgasm was hitting her hard. I didn’t know if girls’ pussies could squirt feminine cum or not, but I was for damn sure this one was undoubtedly cumming! Vaginal moisture was coating my tongue, but if any of it was female cum, I couldn’t tell.

When this girl stopped squealing, I stopped tongue fucking her. As I lowered her down from her skywards position, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had stopped too soon. Older girls could have multiple orgasms. Could young ones? A pair of arms encircling my neck stopped Lucy’s descent. Lips locked onto mine and kissed me with impassioned wonder. Finally, the nude girl slid down and slumped into my lap.

Several minutes of silence passed. Birds were singing, water was babbling, and a soft breeze was blowing. Lucy’s voice softly whispered. “I arouse you don’t I, Jason?” she asked. “Your…penis…is hard isn’t it? I have shown you ‘mine’, can I see ‘yours’?”

My wheelchair recliner legrests were still holding my legs up into a horizontal position. I lifted the naked child and sat her on my outstretched knees. After unbuckling and unzipping my jeans, I lifted my butt and worked my clothing down off my hips and upper thighs. “Flip around,” I ordered. “You will have to pull my pants the rest of the way down. Get my shoes off too if you want me naked like you are.”

Instead of following my instructions, Lucy allowed her bug-eyed gaze to focus intently on the elongated length and swollen girth of my horny cock. I suppose curiosity got the best of her because she reached out both hands and timidly touched me. A bolt of lightning couldn’t have struck me with more of an exhilarating shock. The inquisitive child overcame her nervous hesitancy then began playing with my erection with the energetic enthusiasm of a kid playing with a new toy. My cockflesh rejoiced.

I didn’t think the girl would do it, I didn’t think she even knew how, but Lucy bent over at the waist and licked my cockhead then plopped it into her mouth. I don’t know what kind of instinct guided her, but she began licking and sucking wantonly. Before I knew it, several inches had disappeared into her small oral hole. I laid my hands atop her head to try and prevent her from taking in too much, but the girl must have misinterpreted my intentions because she took even more in. Holy shit, I had a tiny bit of a girl deep-throating my cock!

At last, little Lucy started gagging and fighting for breath. Still, she went back for more. Oh god, it felt so good and I was nearing orgasmic release. Damnit I might be perverted but I was more of a man than to allow a child to strangle on my shooting cum! I pulled on two handfuls of red hair with enough force to make the girl know I meant business. She came up off my cockshaft, looked me in the eye, and bashfully explained, “I’m sorry, Jason. I have never seen a penis, but my friends have told me what they do with their guys. I just wanted to see what it was like. Hey, I’ll get your pants off right now!”

My not-so-innocent Lucy scooted around and followed my original instructions. Unfortunately, when the girl turned around in my lap I found my inflamed cock lying in the crack of the sweetest little ass I had ever known! And, when she leaned over to pull down my pants, there was the crack of that sweet little pussy I had so recently been eating! Oh, what was a horny guy to do? I don’t know about other guys, but I had an erection still wet from this girl’s saliva and this girl had a pussy still wet from mine. I think it’s about damn time I tested my theory about my cockhead being able to fuck a pussy without breaking a hymen!

Just as easily as a hot knife slips into a tub of butter, the head of my enraged erection slipped in through Lucy’s swollen pussy lips. Kissing her vaginal barrier, it came out a little bit then went back in and kissed it again. Repeating this action, I developed a stead rhythm of hymen kissing and pussy humping. Hmm, this was working nicely!

As I suspected, my pussysucking had not given Lucy all the orgasms she needed. I had quit too soon. The sped up rhythm of my humping brought on the multiple orgasmic euphoria her female body desired. She squealed again and again and filled the air with joyful noise. This child was proving to me that little girls just wanna have fun, too!

Child, little girl, or whatever, this young woman’s cocksucking and eager-to-please cock riding had primed my manhood for orgasms of its own. Summoning vaginal fluids, my pumping cockshaft filled with semen and sperm then began expelling this heated mixture into the limited space between an unbroken hymen and the swollen outer lips of a pussy. Needless to say there wasn’t room enough to hold all my creamy goo so pubic mounds were being sprayed with a cummy mess. I don’t believe I really gave a rat’s ass because my vocal grunts and moans were joining Lucy’s squealing in filling the air with blissful noise!

Extreme willpower kept me from plunging deep into Lucy’s vaginal void with my spewing erection. The girl may have been experiencing the same self-control problem because she was pushing back harder against my cock and allowing her hymen to be stretched to its very limit. If not for the virginal pain reminders, I believe little Lucy would have given me her cherry right then and there.

Strength of wills won the day. No hymen was broken. My sweet little lady and I expelled our last orgasmic squeals and moans. The nude girl sat back in my lap and the cummy mess spread. There was no way I could take my girl home with our bodies in such a state. Switching my wheelchair back on, I pulled up close to the edge of the crystal clear pool. I lowered my legrests and then, with no forewarning, I pitched my Lucy into the water. The child disappeared from sight but then came up sputtering and spitting several yards away. Bracing myself, I jumped in after her.

Part Two (Wanna do ‘it’ again?)

At first glance this body of water didn’t look all that big, but it was actually somewhere near a cross between a family-sized pool and an olympic-sized pool. On this warm summer day the soothing waters felt good. The liquid’s buoyancy allowed me to stand, walk, and swim with the ease of a man without physically limited legs.

I swam over to Lucy, kissed her sweet lips, and then challenged her to a race. Cheating, I took a head start. I’ll say one thing, this girl wasn’t afraid of a dare. Her young, limber limbs propelled her after me and she nearly won, but she didn’t. “You cheated!” she shouted. Her voice echoed, “You cheated, you cheated, you cheated…”

“Did not!” I teased. “Okay, so I’ll race you back. If I win I get to suck your pussy. If you win you have to suck my cock. Deal?”

Learning her lesson, little Lucy giggled then took off swimming and shouted back over her shoulders, “Deal.”

About halfway back I caught up close enough to grab one of the girl’s kicking feet. After wrestling around a bit, my girl and I agreed to call it a tie. “If you will suck me, I will suck you, Jason,” Lucy said. “Can we swim around a little while first?”

I suppose this girl wasn’t really asking a question because she went ahead and started swimming around. Joining her, we swam, kissed, fondled, and played. I fingered a cum-spilling pussy and squeezed a little vaginal mound and a pair of tits. Lucy played with my cock and balls while I attempted to explain why cool water shriveled and shrunk them. Together we lay in the slow-moving rivulets of the pool’s overflowing six inch deep stream. I suckled water-splashed nipples and a sweet-tasting little clit. My girl sucked my shrunken manshaft until it grew back to hard, horny life. Our lips played affectionate, kissy-kissy waterpark games.

Exhilaration made my heart sing. I was forgetting my physical limitations; in fact, I was feeling more energetic every minute I spent with this enchanting female creature. I had myself a girl with an ‘anytime pussy’ living right nextdoor, I had already had one piece of her pussy this day, and I hoped to get another piece pretty damn soon!

“Hey Sweetie,” I suggested after swimming a little while longer. “Let’s swim over to my sunbathing rock. It’s a big, flat ledge rock at the edge of the pool. That’s where I sunbathe nude with all of my girlfriends!”

If looks could kill, I’d be in trouble. “Oh poop,” Lucy petulantly said. “You’ve already told me you don’t have girlfriends! Meanie, you’re just teasing me. I’ll sunbathe on your rock and you can go to the devil!”

Swimming away, Lucy kicked lots of water in my face. The girl was giggling when she glanced back. My adorable angel could be a bit of a temperamental devil when she wanted to be. As I watched, she climbed onto my rock ledge and laid on it belly-side down. Now dang it, that wasn’t the view I wanted to see! Swimming over myself, I stood in the water and smacked her pretty little ass. “Turn over!” I commanded.

“No!” she defiantly rebelled. “I’m mad at you for teasing me.”

I came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with a cantankerous redhead was to be firm with her. “You turn over or I will give your sweet little ass a spanking you will feel all the way into next week!”

There was no answer and there was no turning over. I grabbed the stubborn girl’s feet and pulled her body down closer to me then I spread her legs and walked in between them. I smacked one ass cheek with a stinging blow hard enough to let her know I meant business. When she made no response, I smacked the other cheek. Nothing, the girl lay on her belly with rebellious determination. Although I could see my handprints on her ass skin, I spanked my little sweetheart with several more blistering blows.

What was that faint crying sound I heard? Oh god, Lucy was trying her best to muffle whimpering cries! Her ass cheeks had turned from pale white to a glowing red! Shit, what kind of malicious bastard brutalizes an innocent child like this! Paying no attention to her protestations, I picked my sweet baby up into my arms and cradled her against my chest. “Oh Babydoll, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh god I’m so sorry!” I cried over and over. I was gently rubbing her tender, ass-whipped cheeks in an effort to return circulation and color. If I had a wish, I’d wish I could kiss her ass and make it ‘all better’.

Suddenly, Lucy’s tear-streaked face lifted to mine. “Kiss me, Jason,” she whispered.

I kissed my teen lover with the passion of a man seeking forgiveness through love. My girl’s impassioned kissing response seemed to offer loving absolution. Yet, there was more. I could taste it, I could feel it, and finally, I could identify it. It was lust!

Young Lucy’s next words proved me right. “Jason, can we fuc…can we do ‘it’ again?” she hopefully asked. “Will you put your penis in my pussy again and could we do it in your wheelchair? Oh Jason, I love doing it in your wheelchair, but is there anyway we can do it face to face instead of like we did it before?”

Oh goodness, I had helped give birth to a mystifying sexual being this day! Was my lover developing a ‘sex in a wheelchair’ fetish? Well, if she was, I was just the fella to feed and nurture it! “Sure, Honey,” I answered. “I think something on that order could be arranged.”

With Lucy helping me out of the water, I was able to take the few steps to my wheelchair. I plopped my wet ass into the cushioned seat and my girl climbed into my lap and attempted to mount me head on but with little success. “Hang on, impatience,” I implored. “Give me a chance to get set. Now there are two ways to do this. One is for me to remove the arms and allow you to straddle me with your legs. You could ride my horny hard joystick while sitting in my lap. I think I would prefer the other way where we could ‘do it’ in a bed in a girl-on-top position.”

When a frown covered her face, I knew what Lucy was thinking without her telling me. She went ahead and told me anyway, “But I don’t want to do it in a bed! Jason, I want to fuck you in your wheelchair!”

Wow, this young lady didn’t seem to be all that ‘little’ anymore! She was so adamant in her growing wheelchair fetish fascination she was brazenly using the word ‘fuck’. A sweet, innocent child doesn’t talk that boldly. In an effort to calm this naked young woman’s anxiety, I explained, “But Sweetheart, you didn’t wait for me to finish what I was saying about the second way to fuck in a wheelchair. Oh hell, I’ll just show you!”

I reached for a button and lifted my legrests back up into their horizontal alignment and locked them there. Another button activated a motorized actuator which raised a wide, padded headrest. Finally, my reclining wheelchair’s back was tilted backwards until it was flat. What I had now was an unconventional, but practical, ‘bed’. “All I need now,” I winked and teased. “Is a girl-on-top to fuck me!”

I didn’t expect a slap for my teasing, but I got one and then I got two or three more. If I had been sitting up these might be face slaps or if I was laying on my belly these might be ass slaps, but as I had lain back on my back the stinging slaps were directed onto my stiffened cockshaft. Shit, they hurt! I guess I was learning my lessons this day about teasing redheaded girls!

Most guys, I suppose, would lose their erections after such a painful attack. I didn’t. Instead, my inflamed cockshaft sprang up straight in the air. Before I could say “Holy Mama in Heaven!” my stinging cockflesh received a dose of analgesic comfort delivered in the form of the saliva-soaked mouth of a pintsized girl/woman. First, my cockhead acquired a healthy licking treatment. Second, my entire engorged penile shaft was blessed with another deep-throated sucking. And lastly, my entire erectile rod was saturated with slippery spittle wetness.

This babydoll female was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. I had a foreboding feeling I was about to find out soon. I was right! Lucy crawled up in my makeshift bed, kissed me, then scooted back down and positioned her little pussy directly over my erection. She lowered herself until my cockhead spread her pussylips and pushed against her unbroken hymen. This girl wiggled around on my erectile ball until I thought I would go crazy with joy. Heck, if she wanted to take charge of this fucking-without-breaking her hymen cockriding situation it was fine with me!

As it turns out, I was correct about Lucy taking charge, but I was way off base wrong about her fucking-without-breaking intentions! The mischievous, sexually awakened female ignored her hymen pain. With her pussy excreting vaginal wetness, she impaled herself onto my saliva-soaked cock. A soft cry escaped her lips as the last vestige of her virginity was ripped away. Whatever pain the girl felt must have been short lived because the nude young lady began humping my cockshaft enthusiastically.

I grabbed hold of a bouncing ass and held on for my life. My lubricated cockshaft slipped in and out going deeper in with each exploratory thrust this screwing girl made. Unbelievably, my cockhead bottomed out at about five inches! If the depth of Lucy’s vaginal cavity could have held an inch or two more she would had all of me.

Squealing, panting, and moaning, this teen almost-woman started cumming. I knew by her impassioned cries that orgasms were again carrying her away into a magical land of ecstatic cheer. Feminine vaginal muscles spasmed and squeezed the elongated rod she was riding. Without a care in the world, my sweet baby girl neighbor rode me as hard as she could.

A man can only hold out for a limited time before he too has to let go and cum himself. I had reached this point. With spastic pussy muscles squeezing my cockflesh all along its length, I began releasing a replenished load of hot seminal fluids. Huffing and puffing I met every downward feminine thrust with an upwards thrust of my own. Once again I deposited my cumming cream inside a welcoming vaginal home except, this time, the home hole was deeper and tighter plus it could hold more volume.

Yes, Lucy’s hymen-busted vaginal void could hold more cum volume than her cherry loss outer pussy could, still it couldn’t hold it all. Once again my pressurized cum sprayed our pubic loins and inspired multiple orgasms to wrack the girl’s young body. Caring not one bit about the cummy mess being created, my girl-child near-woman rode my cock until it was milked dry of every drop of mancream it held.

Satisfied at last, Lucy’s body slumped against mine with my shrinking cock still inside her hot little pussy. Incredibly, the girl’s vaginal muscles had one more unexpected spasm causing both of us to experience sort of a final mini-orgasm. We didn’t really need it, but it sure was nice to have.

My lover climbed up my belly and chest then wrapped her arms around my neck. The girl kissed my lips with infatuated obsession. After receiving my return kisses, Lucy laid her flushed cheek against mine and promptly fell asleep atop me. I held the bewitching angel against me as the afternoon sun bathed her heavenly body in its radiant glow. As my hands lazily played with the nude flesh of her back and ass, I felt an unfamiliar wetness dampening my abdomen. I smiled when I realized what it was. A girl’s little pussy was leaking a mixture of cum, saliva, and virginal blood on me.

(Summer vacation’s promise)

Here in the seclusion of the great hidden outdoors, I had the hair from a redhead girl blowing against my face and the reddish hairs from a sexy young lady’s pussy tickling my belly. Yes siree, I was a happy camper this day indeed! From Lucy’s unashamed nudity and her peaceful slumber in my arms, I’d say she was happy, too.

Old Mr. Freud might have a field day if he ever got Miss Lucy or me on his couch, but if my lucky stars stay aligned, the promise of this summer vacation was going to be something we both could write home about! Although, seeing as how one of us was still jailbait, I’d say neither of us should mail our letters.

Just then Lucy giggled in her sleep. I smiled. All was well with the world.

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Slutty Best Friends

by ghostsilver47

“Jenny? Jenny, wake up.” Jenny’s little brother, Kevin, quietly tried waking up his sister from her bedroom doorway.

“Huh? What?” Jenny sat up in her bed. She was dressed in what she usually slept in, a thin nightie and panties. Jenny was 14, about a year older than her brother. She had long black hair, was a little short for her age, and although she was still pretty young, her tits weren’t very small any more and she had a real nice bubble butt.

“Wake up,” Kevin repeated. “I made you breakfast.” Kevin made Jenny’s breakfast occasionally so he can have an excuse to see her when she first wakes up. The 13 year old boy was always looking for a way to get a good look at his sexy older sister, and sometimes when he did her favors she would hug him when she thanked him and press her tits up against him.

Although Jenny played dumb, she was completely aware of her little brother’s attraction to her, as well as his little schemes to try and see her naked. In fact, it turned her on, and she would play along with whatever Kevin was trying to do. She also loved teasing him, and would dress sexy and act provocative around him whenever she could, knowing full well she was making her little brother’s dick hard. She found the thought of her little brother jerking off to her very sexy.

Jenny got out of bed and walked to her doorway. “Aw, thanks, little bro!” She said as she pulled him into a hug, her tits pressed against his chest through the thin material of her nightie. “I’ll meet you downstairs in a minute,” she said as she pulled out of the hug and turned away from her brother, her hand just barely brushing his crotch. She smiled to herself, she felt her brother was hard. “I just need to get dressed,” Jenny said. Then, without waiting for her brother to leave, she stood in front of her dresser with her back to the doorway and pulled off her nightgown. Kevin was stunned. His older sister was standing right in front of him wearing nothing but her panties. He stared at her naked back and her fine ass, covered by only a small pair of sexy black panties. Then she bent over, keeping her knees straight, and opened the bottom drawer of her dresser. She made sure to turn slightly to give her brother just a tiny peek at her sideboob.

Kevin, not wanting to risk getting caught any longer, took a mental picture of his nearly nude sister and ran downstairs to breakfast. Jenny smirked, pleased with her performance. Then she slid off her panties and dropped them on the floor in the center of her room. Hopefully Kevin will find those later, she thought to herself. She went back to her dresser and picked out her outfit for the day. She put on another pair of sexy panties and a matching bra, a pair of tight black yoga pants, and a partially see-through white camisole. She loved teasing guys at school almost as much as she enjoyed teasing her brother, so she always made sure to dress sexy. Then she headed downstairs to join her horny little brother for breakfast.


A few houses down the street from Jenny and Kevin, Becca was just getting out of bed. Becca was 16 with short blond hair. Although she was more than a year and a half older than Jenny, she was even shorter than her. However, she had bigger tits, which she was very proud of.

She had been sleeping in just a bra and panties, and without putting anything else on, she exited her room and headed for the shower. When she got to the bathroom, she closed the door, but not completely, leaving just a little crack open. She turned the shower on, stripped out of her underwear, and stood in front of the mirror. In the corner of the mirror, she could see her little brother, Kyle, spying on her through the crack in the door. Becca smiled. Time to give him a show, she thought.

Becca leaned forward to study herself in the mirror. With both hands, she cupped her ample tits, giving them both a good squeeze. She moved them up and down and let them drop a few times, as though she were testing how bouncy they were or if they were the same size and weight. Then she closed her eyes and squeezed her tits harder, letting out a low moan of pleasure. Then she pinched and twisted her nipples slightly, and moaned even more. By this time, Kyle had his cock out and was jerking off to the sight of his sexy older sister rubbing her tits.

Becca snapped out of her state of arousal and turned around so her ass was facing the mirror. She bent over slightly and looked over her shoulder to check herself out. She grabbed her ass cheeks and began rubbing them. Then she had a great idea to tease her brother. She looked down at her right cheek, the one Kyle couldn’t see, and said “aw, jeez. Another hand print?” Becca did love to be spanked, and although she was only pretending there was a hand print on her ass to turn on her brother, she frequently did have red, hand-shaped marks on her ass. She lightly slapped her right ass cheek, pretending to test if it hurt, then jumped a little and said “ow!” When Becca finally got in the shower and out of her brother’s sight, Kyle ran to his room to finishing jerking off, keeping the image of his nude sister at the front of his mind.

As she showered, Becca fingered her pussy, which had gotten very wet from teasing her little brother. She though about bringing herself to orgasm, but decided she didn’t have the time. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time she went to school horny. When she finished her shower, she got out and wrapped a towel around her torso. She kept the towel folded in half so that it showed plenty of her cleavage and left half her ass uncovered. She stepped out of the bathroom, still soaking wet, and started to walk down the hall back to her room. On her way, she saw her brother coming out of his room. When he spotted her, his eyes instantly went to his sister’s partially exposed tits. He stared at her cleavage, and Becca, pretending to notice nothing, went and hugged him.

“Morning, little bro!” Becca said. Kyle’s hands instinctively went to his sister’s ass when he returned the hug. Becca made a surprised “ooh!” sound, and Kyle, after feeling his sister’s wet skin, realized what he’d done and pulled out of the hug. Becca said nothing, and continued walking to her room, only now her hips swayed a little and she walked much slower to let her little brother get a good, long look at her exposed ass.

When she got to her room, Becca dried off, then got dressed. Today, she chose to wear a thong, a short, loose skirt, a bra, a tank top, and high heels. She wore high heels much more than most girls her age. She says it’s because they make up for her short height, but the real reason is because she loves how they force her to walk in a sexy, seductive manner. Once she was dressed, she headed down stairs to finish getting ready for school.


During breakfast, Kevin could not stop staring at his big sister’s boobs. She sat there, smiling to herself, her cleavage on display and her bra easily visible through her see-through white top. Feeling horny, Jenny decided to tease her brother again. She got up and took a handful of grapes from the fridge, then after eating a few, spilled some of them on the floor. The grapes rolled under the table, so Jenny got down on her knees, sticking her ass out towards her brother, and reached forward to pick up the grapes, one by one. Kevin’s eyes widened when he saw Jenny’s ass. The tight black material of her yoga pants was stretching, showing the curves of her ass perfectly. Jenny made sure to wiggle her ass back and forth a little, just to entice her brother further. When she finally got up, Kevin quickly looked away. Jenny looked at her brother’s crotch and saw his erection was making an obvious tent in his pants. Unconsciously she licked her lips. Then, on a whim, she leaned forward, put her hand an her brother’s thigh, less than half an inch from touching his hard-on, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Bye, little bro!” she said, then grabbed her things and left for school. Middle school started an hour later than high school, so Kevin still had time. The only reason he woke up this early was to see his sister. So, without finishing his breakfast, he ran upstairs to jerk off.

On her way to the bus stop, Jenny met up with her best friend Becca, who was waiting for her outside her house. “About time, slut.” Becca said, smiling at Jenny.

“Morning, ho!” Jenny said, smiling back. They embraced in a hug, hands cupping each other’s fine teen asses, shared a quick, tongue-filled kiss, then began walking.

“I like your top, Jenny. I can see your boobies!” Becca laughed.

Jenny smiled. “Thanks! That’s why I love camis! You’ve got a nice skirt on, Becca. I assume you’ve got one of your thongs on underneath?”

“You know it!” Becca lifted the back of her skirt and stuck her ass out to show Jenny her thong. Jenny gave her a quick slap on the ass. “Ooh! Thanks, darlin’!” Becca let her skirt fall back over her round ass. “I do love skirts. They go great with heels. I don’t know how you wear those super tight pants. I hate pants.”

“I know, I hate pants too. But I love when they’re tight like this, they make my ass look so cute! Besides, I can never wear heels anyway.”

“You wore high heels at Kyle’s Bar Mitzvah just a few months ago.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did!”

“No, remember? Kyle’s Bar Mitzvah was when we grinded with all those little 12 and 13 year olds! There’s no way I could’ve been dancing in heels!”

“I distinctly remember you wearing high heels at a Bar Mitzvah because I could not stop checking out your legs, girl!”

Jenny laughed. “Oh yeah! You were all over me that night! No, that was Kevin’s Bar Mitzvah. Remember, you gave my older cousin a blowjob?”

Becca smirked. “He was checking us out all night. If you weren’t gonna suck him off, someone had to!”

“Why would I suck him off, his dick’s not even that big.”

“How do you know?”

“Just judging from the size of his bulge. He wasn’t very big, was he?” Becca just smiled knowingly and looked away. “Oh come on! Really? Don’t tease me like that, you’re making me feel like I missed out!”

Becca laughed. “He was only six and a half inches, maybe. But he came a lot, and his cum tasted really, really good.”

“Dammit! I can’t believe you kept him all to yourself!” Becca laughed harder, and Jenny joined in. Their discussion had taken a weird turn, and with these two best friends, it always just got weirder from there.

“Well, speaking of cute guys in the family, anything interesting happen with your brother this morning?” Jenny asked. Jenny and Becca knew about each other’s love of teasing their brothers. They often teased them together, and they would tell each other everything about their dirty little games.

“Yes! Okay, here’s what I did: I let him spy on me when I got undressed in the bathroom again. Then I pinched my nipples for awhile, just to give him a show, ya know? Then I did something that I thought was kinda funny actually. I turned around to give him a look at my ass, then I pretended to notice something on my right cheek and said out loud, ‘aw, jeez. Another hand print?'” Jenny and Becca burst into laughter.

“You naughty girl, I think next time we’re gonna have to give you a real hand print to make it more believable!” Jenny lifted up the back of Becca’s skirt and gave her several hard smacks on the ass.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Becca shouted, laughing and trying to pull her skirt down while running away from Jenny.

By the time they stop running and playing around, they had reached the bus stop. They were a little early, and they were the only ones there.

“Ow…” Becca said, rubbing her ass. “You little bitch.”

Jenny laughed. “You love it!”

“Not as much as you!” Becca said, stepping forward and slapping Jenny’s ass. Hard.

“OWW…niiice!” Jenny’s cry of pain turned seamlessly into a moan of pleasure. “Alright, alright, you win. Let’s save that for later, alright?”

Becca grinned triumphantly. “Fine. So, what did you do with your brother this morning, then?”

“Well, Kevin made me breakfast, so I undressed in front of him, gave him a great view of my ass and just a little bit of sideboob.”

“Wait, he’s making you breakfast now? You lucky bitch! Why doesn’t Kyle suck up to me like your brother does to you?”

“I don’t know, maybe you need to tease him more, or maybe I’m just hotter than you.” Jenny grinned at Becca’s mock-angry face. “But anyway, after he left, I took off my panties and left them in my room out in the open, ’cause I know he’s gonna be going into my room to find something to jerk off with, so I decided to help him out a bit!”

“No way! I did that too! I left my bra and panties in the bathroom after my shower ’cause I know Kyle likes to jerk off with my underwear!”

“My God, we seriously need to start fucking each other’s brothers soon, or we’re gonna have to do it ourselves!” Jenny and Becca cracked up again just as the bus arrived.


On the bus, Jenny and Becca stopped their earlier conversation. It was much too public to talk about something that dirty. Talking about sex in public is fine, because they think it’s a great way to tease eavesdroppers. But the thing with their brothers was something they wanted to keep to themselves.

“What’s your first class today?” Becca asked Jenny. They were sitting together near the back of the bus, like always.

“Yoga. Not really a class, but whatever.” Jenny said.

Becca giggled a bit. “Let me guess, guys spend the whole class checking out your ass, right?”

“Pfft, I wish. God knows I try to get them to! I’m at the front of the class, wearing these tight-ass yoga pants, doin’ downward dog, sticking my ass right in every guy’s face, and they’re all too busy checking out Ms. Shell!”

“The teacher?” Becca was surprised. “No way!”

“Well, she’s only, like, 25. And her ass is pretty amazing.”

“Oh come on, I don’t buy that. In a class full of teen asses, who’s gonna be lookin’ at the older woman?”

“Have you ever seen her ass? Here, Sam Foley has a great picture of her bending over on his phone. Lemme go get it.” Jenny slid out of her seat and walked down the aisle. Sam Foley was on their bus, so when she got to him, she sat down next to him. “Hey Sam.” she said, smiling at him.

“Oh, hey Jenny!” Sam was excited. Jenny was notoriously slutty, and one of the hottest freshman girls in the school. His eyes kept flickering down to her partially visible tits. Jenny noticed this, and every now and then glanced down at his crotch.

“Do you still have that picture of Ms. Shell on your phone?”

Sam was a bit nervous. He hadn’t expected any girls to come asking for that picture. He thought maybe she was gonna call him a pervert or something. “Um, why?” he asked.

“‘Cause I wanna show my friend how hot she is.” Jenny replied. Sam was shocked, but extremely turned on. His cock was hardening in his pants, and Jenny smiled even more at him after he saw her checking it out.

“Uh, okay.” Sam took his cell phone out and showed the picture to Jenny. “Here it is.”

“Mmm, nice. Send it to me, please?” Jenny asked.

Sam had an idea. “I’ll trade you. I’ll give you this pic for a pic of you.”

“Hmm…Okay. I’ll send you one later.” Jenny winked at him. Sam sent the picture to Jenny’s phone. “Thanks!” She got up to leave, then stopped and looked back, catching Sam staring at her ass. He looked back up, looking guilty. She smiled at him again. “Feel free to take a few extra pictures in yoga class, too. You can get a much better look there.” She glanced down at the bulge in his crotch one last time, licked her lips, then walked away with a smug grin on her face.

Dammit! I should have asked for a blowjob! Sam thought.
Dammit! I should have felt his dick! Jenny thought.

“How’d it go?” Becca asked when Jenny sat back down next to her.

“He sent me the picture.” Jenny responded. She searched through her backpack for her cell phone.

“So, what, you owe him a blowjob now or something?” Becca joked.

“No, you little bitch. Although, if I had just given him a quick blowjob now it would have gotten my favor out of the way earlier.” Jenny said, laughing a bit.

“On the bus? You tried that once, remember? On the way back from a lacrosse game, you got suspended for a week and nearly kicked of the cheerleading squad? Yeah, not a good idea.”

“Oh come on, I wasn’t really almost kicked off. If they kicked off every cheerleader who gave blowjobs to the players there wouldn’t be any cheerleaders.”

Becca laughed. “So true, so true. So, did Sam just give you the picture when you asked?”

“No, I told him I’d trade a pic of me for it.”

“Ooh! Nude pic? Gotta show him your titties at least!”

“Maybe.” Jenny replied with a sly look on her face. She found her phone and opened it. It had a new picture message. “See, isn’t that a great ass?” Jenny asked, showing the picture to Becca. The picture was taken while Ms. Shell was teaching yoga class, so she was bent over sticking her ass out.

“Daaaamn! She really is hot! And look, her pants are just as slutty as yours!” Becca said.

Jenny playfully slapped her. “Shut up! I told you she was hot!”

“Yeah, you’re right. Her ass is waaay better than yours!”

“Oh you are gonna get such a spanking later!” Jenny and Becca were laughing as the bus arrived at the school.


Jenny and Becca both had a free period after lunch, so they decided to meet up in the girls’ locker room. They went to a far corner of the locker room and began undressing as they talked about their day so far.

“So Becca, I’m guessing that skirt wasn’t hiding much today?”

“Oh, God no. Every time I go up stairs, guys fight to get the best view from below me. Teachers seem very interested in my area of the room. And guys can only drop things and ask me to pick them up for them so many times before it starts to become obvious what they’re doing.”

“You pick it up every time?”

“Yep. My ass has been seen more than my face today. I’m so frickin’ horny right now, I just need to get off!”

“Mmm. I know what you mean, babe. I forgot lunch money today, so I had to sit on a guy’s lap and ask to borrow some. I could just feel his cock getting bigger, pressing into me!”

“Haha! You’re givin’ lap dances for cash! All you need to do now is let them slip singles into your thong and you’re a stripper, baby!”

“No no no! Not my thong, he put the money in my cleavage!”

Once they had stripped out of their clothes, Becca pushed Jenny against the lockers and started furiously making out with her. Free periods were not very long, and they both had class afterward, so they knew they only had time for a quickie. As they made out, they each stuck a few fingers up the other’s pussy and started fingering them. Jenny put one hand on one of Becca’s huge tits and started rubbing and squeezing. Becca had her other hand on Jenny’s lower back, but it slowly descended until it was cupping Jenny’s impressive ass. They both continued to swirl their tongues around in each other’s mouths as they moaned in pleasure. Every now and then Jenny pinched Becca’s nipple, making her squeal a bit. Becca responded by slapping Jenny’s ass, making her moan deeper and louder.

After a few minutes of making out, Jenny moved her mouth down to Becca’s tits, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking it while her hand rubbed the other tit. “Ohhhh yeahhhh,” Becca whispered, “suck my fucking nipples you little slut.” Dirty talk always made the two girls hornier. They both started fingering the other’s pussy harder, and Jenny lightly bit down on Becca’s nipple. “OW! Kinky today, are we?” Becca said, before spanking Jenny as hard as she could. “Ohhh God, Jenny, please, suck my pussy! I’m so horny I can’t stand it!”

Jenny took her mouth off Becca’s tits and stood up straight. “Not yet. I have to give you your spanking first!”

“Oh, fine! But make it quick, dammit!” Becca bent down, put her hands flat on a bench, arched her back and stuck out her ass.

Jenny stood behind her and put her hand on Becca’s right ass cheek. “I think I’ll give you that hand print you wanted Kyle to see!” Then, she brought her hand up, and brought it sharply back down onto Becca’s ass. Becca gave a surprised “OH!” Jenny kept her hand there for a few seconds, then lifted her hand up, then gave her about 10 more hard spankings, each landing in the exact same place. Each time, Becca shouted “OH!” a little bit louder. “Mmm, check out your ass now, bitch!” Jenny laughed.

Becca looked back over her right shoulder and down at her ass. Her whole cheek was red, but she could clearly make out the print of Jenny’s hand. “Oh my God, my brother’s gonna cum so hard when he sees this! Now, can you please eat me out?!”

“Fine, slut. Lay down on the bench.” Becca laid back along the bench, and Jenny got up on top of her, facing the opposite direction. Jenny started licking Becca’s pussy while pushing her pussy onto Becca’s face for her to lick. For the last few minutes of their free period, the slutty friends 69’d until they both shuddered in orgasm and licked up each other’s juices.

They stood up and started to get dressed. “Thanks, sexy. I really needed that.” Becca thanked Jenny.

“No, thank you. If you weren’t available, I would have had to fuck some random guy.” Jenny smiled back at her friend.

“So, are you coming over to my house to work out after school?” Becca asked.

“Your house? No way! We teased Kyle last time, it’s Kevin’s turn!” Jenny said.

“Why don’t you wait until Kevin gets home, then tell him you’re going over to my house? He’ll follow you and hang out with Kyle, then we can tease them both!” Becca suggested.

“You naughty little girl, that’s a good idea!”

Once they were dressed, they left the locker room to head to their next classes. They were a little late, and they still had JBF hair, but they didn’t think anyone would mind. It would be fun to know everyone in the class was wondering who they just fucked.


When Jenny got home after school, there was no one else there. Her brother had school for about another half hour and her parents were still at work. It was the same with Becca. Jenny wished she could be over there now, having more hot girl-on-girl sex, but she knew she had to wait. Becca’s idea was a good one. They hadn’t had many opportunities to tease both their brothers at once before, but when they did, they both got really, really turned on. She knew this time would be just as fun, and she and Becca would have some great sex afterward like they always do.

Jenny put her school stuff down and went upstairs. She went to her room and noticed her panties from this morning were missing. Smiling, she went to check her brother’s room. Sure enough, she found her panties underneath her brother’s pillow. They were crumpled up and had cum stains on them. Jenny really wanted to slip her panties off and put the dirty ones on instead. She always thought her clothes looked better with cum on them, which is why she hated washing her cheerleading uniform. But she knew she had to put the panties back under the pillow, so she did. Then she checked her brother’s computer.

She opened up the internet history and looked through it. She saw a few porn sites, many of which she recognized from watching porn with Becca at sleepovers. She also found a lot of Facebook pictures. As Jenny went through them, she saw a few photos of slutty girls in her brother’s grade, who she had to admit were pretty hot. She knew she was gonna get to know them well when they got to high school. Then, she found a lot more pictures of her and Becca, mostly her. Jackpot. There were bikini pics, upskirt and cleavage shots, photos of them mid-lesbian kiss, them grabbing each other’s asses and tits, plenty of her in her skimpy cheerleader uniform, even a few of her and Becca spanking each other. Jenny and Becca loved posting sexy pictures of themselves on Facebook. It was yet another way for them to tease guys. Sometimes when Jenny masturbated, she thought of how at this very moment, there could be guys jerking off to pictures of her, and it always made her cum hard. Jenny felt herself getting wet, picturing her little brother sitting at his computer, with her panties wrapped around his cock, jerking off to pictures of her.

Her brother was gonna be home soon, so she closed the window and went back to her room. She stripped out of her clothes, then put on her work out clothes, which consisted of nothing but a sports bra and spandex shorts. She went downstairs to the kitchen to wait for her little brother to get home, and started stretching.

A few minutes later, Kevin walked in the front door, walked down the hallway to the kitchen, and was greeted by a wonderful sight: his older sister, wearing next to nothing, bending over with her legs up straight, her arms hugging her legs with her face almost pressed into her legs. Her spandex shorts were pulled tighter than her yoga pants were, showing the curve of her sexy bubble butt even better.

“Oh, I’m sorry little bro, I didn’t know you were home.” Jenny lied as she straightened up and turned to face her brother.

“Uhh, that’s okay, Jenny, I just got here.” Kevin nervously tried to avoid checking out his sister and hide his hard-on. Jenny turned back around and put one foot up on the kitchen counter, then stretched forward to grab it. “So, uh, are you and Becca gonna, um, work out here right now?” Kevin asked, trying but failing to hide the excitement in his voice.

“No,” Jenny said as she switched legs, “I’m just about to head over to her house.”

Kevin was disappointed at first, but then he realized he could just go over there too and pretend he was just there to hang out with Kyle, who was his best friend. “Oh, well, I was gonna go over there too. Hang out with Kyle and stuff.”

“Cool.” Jenny said as she finished stretching and turned to leave. As she passed her brother, she looked at him, smiling seductively, and said, “See you there.” Then she walked down the hallway to the front door, swaying her ass in her tight spandex shorts for her little brother’s viewing pleasure.


An hour later, all four teens were at Becca and Kyle’s house. Jenny and Becca were in the family room, working out to some aerobics DVD. Kevin and Kyle were spying on them from upstairs, peaking through the railing. Kevin and Kyle had already admitted to each other that their sisters were hot. For the last year or so, the two of them have been spying on their sisters, sometimes together, and telling each other about everything they do. Of course, neither of them suspected that their sisters teased them on purpose, they just thought they were lucky to have such hot, slutty, and apparently oblivious older sisters.

Downstairs, the girls knew their brothers were spying on them, and made sure to give them a nice view. They had purposely chosen a DVD that had a number of sexy routines, with lots of bending over and ass shaking. When it ended, they were both hot and sweaty, and horny.

“Whoo! I’m so hot right now!” Jenny said, pulling at her sports bra like she wanted to remove it.

“Damn right you are.” Her brother whispered upstairs. Kyle laughed quietly.

“You know what we should get,” Jenny said to Becca, “is one of those Carmen Electra aerobics videos.”

“You mean the striptease ones?” Becca said. “I’ve seen those. They look hot.” She and Jenny were walking into the kitchen, which is connected to the family room. Kevin and Kyle quickly went down stairs and sat on the couches. They took the remote and changed the TV to live TV, and pretended to watch it.

Becca opened the fridge and took out two drinkable yogurts, giving one to Jenny. “Don’t forget to shake well!” Becca joked. Jenny smirked as they both shook their yogurts in a handjob motion. Their brothers had no idea what was on TV at the moment. Then the girls drank their yogurts, which were white and gooey. When they got down to the last few drops, they tilted their heads back and let it dribble out onto their tongues. Jenny let a big drop miss her mouth and fall on her cheek. “You missed some.” Becca said, wiping it up with her finger.

“Oops! I’m usually good at swallowing it all!” Jenny joked. Becca held her finger in front of her friend’s face, and Jenny sensually sucked it off.

“So, are we done for the day?” Becca asked.

“Yeah, I guess. Next time, though, let’s go for a run past the basketball courts. Lot’s of cute guys there!”

“You show-off,” Becca smirked. “Let’s go up to my room.”

When they got upstairs to Becca’s room, they immediately shut the door.

“Oh my God! Our little brothers must be so hard right now!” Jenny said.

“I know! Your little stunt with the yogurt couldn’t have made it more obvious you like to suck dick!”

“Fuck I’m horny now.” Jenny said.

“You wanna fuck? I’ve got my strap-on in here somewhere.”

“No. I need cum. I wanna suck some dick. And I think today’s the day.”

“The day you suck dick?” Becca said. “Um, that’s kinda most days, isn’t it?”

Jenny smiled. “No, silly. Today’s the day we help our little brothers out.”

“Are you sure?” Becca asked.

“Think about it: we tease guys all the time, and we always suck and fuck ’em ’cause it’s not fair to leave ’em with their dicks hard. But what about our little brothers? They’ve got it worse than any other guy we tease, and we haven’t done anything for them.”

“Oh, yes we have.” Becca protested. “We let them jerk off to us while we undress, or while we masturbate, or while we suck off other guys.”

“That’s just more teasing!”

“Well, what about this morning when we left them our underwear to jerk off with?”

Jenny smiled. “That was helpful, yeah, but it’s not the same. They’re still getting themselves off. That’s just not enough, every guy needs a good blowjob now and then.”

Becca thought about it. “That’s true. I guess we haven’t really been fair to them. So, what, you wanna trade brothers, or do you want Kevin’s dick?”

Jenny smirked at her friend. “They probably wanna fuck their big sisters. But let’s start with each other’s. We’ll switch later if we really wanna.”

“‘Kay, long as we make ’em cum in the end. So, what, we just gonna go back downstairs and rip their pants down?”

“I say, we do it in your jacuzzi. Let’s get some slutty bikinis on.”

“I don’t think we’re the same size.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m sure yours are all too small for you anyway.” Jenny smirked. “Besides, whenever we wear bikinis, they never stay on too long anyway!”

Both girls stripped down and went inside Becca’s walk-in closet. She had quite a collection of slutty clothes, including many sexy two-piece swimsuits. Becca picked out a red thong bikini, and Jenny chose a similar purple one. Then they headed downstairs.

On the way to the hot tub, they passed their brothers. “Hey, boys!” Jenny called to them. Kevin and Kyle both stared wide-eyed in shock at their gorgeous sisters in their tiny bikinis.

“We’re gonna go for a soak in the hot tub.” Becca said, noticing her brother’s gaze directed at her big tits.

“You’re welcome to join us.” Jenny said, looking from their crotches to their faces and giving them a look of approval. Both girls winked as they turned around and strutted away. Their brothers watched their asses sway as they left. The boys looked at each other for a moment, then ran to change into their swimsuits.


“Ugh, what’s taking the guys so long? I’m getting horny!” Jenny complained. Jenny and Becca were sitting across from each other in Becca’s hot tub. The hot tub was indoors, but it was in a small extension of the house with windows making up three of the walls. However, the curtains were closed, as Jenny and Becca were expecting to need some privacy.

“Just relax, slut. They’ll be here in a minute or two. Just wait.” Becca said.

“Ugh, fine.” Jenny laid back and felt the soothing hot water all over her body. “They’re probably jerking off up there. Probably with our clothes, too.”

“So you’ll have one more cum stain on your clothes. Big deal, cheerleader.”

Jenny smiled. “Guess what happened at cheer practice a few days ago?”

“I can only wonder.”

“We were doing one of our routines, and two seniors on the varsity lacrosse team started watching us. But instead of sending two varsity girls to take care of them, the cheer captain sent me and another freshman girl! We usually only get to take care of JV guys!”

“Cool! So what’d ya do?”

“We gave ’em blowjobs, God they had big ones, then we lifted our shirts and let ’em finish on our tits. They wanted us to just put our shirts down, but I wanted the cum so I asked if I could lick it off the other girl’s tits, and they let me!”

“Nice, babe! Ooh! Guess what? I got a big part in the next school play!” Becca said. The previous year, Becca had been given minor roles in the plays put on by the school’s student-run Drama Club. She had always been given the part of some sort of hot, ditzy girl or some kind of wench. They gave her revealing outfits to give the audience and the other actors some eye candy. After she became well-known for giving blowjobs to the actors backstage for most of Freshman year, many more guys joined the Drama Club this year. As a reward, Becca was to be given bigger roles this year.

“Way to go, girl! All that dick sucking finally paid off! So what are you this time, a stripper?” Jenny joked.

“Well, sort of. It’s a play about the Seven Deadly Sins, and I get to play Lust! I get to wear this sexy red dress that shows lots of my cleavage and pretty much all of my legs, it’s awesome! Not to mention the stiletto heels I get to wear! And there are a few parts where I’m supposed to be all flirty, and I plan to do some bending over onstage!”

“Oh, you naughty girl. Hey, you know who else we owe after we start taking care of our brothers? Our teachers.”

“What? No way, they’re too old!”

“Like you’ve never given a blowjob to a guy after babysitting his kids.”

“Well yeah, but that was just for extra money.”

“Wait, you mean all this time I’ve been suckin’ their dicks for fun, and I coulda been gettin’ paid for it too?!”

Just then, their brothers came downstairs. The girls thought they were pretty good looking for 13 year olds. Jenny was admiring Kyle’s abs, and Becca was eying Kevin’s bulge. “‘Bout time!” Jenny said.

“Hey Kevin! Come sit next to me!” Becca called to Jenny’s brother.

“And why don’t you come sit with me, big boy!” Jenny called to Becca’s brother.

Kevin and Kyle complied. They were both excited that the other’s older sister seemed to be flirting with them. And both the girls looked incredible in their bikinis. Jenny, tired of waiting, almost immediately put her hand on her friend’s little brother’s crotch. Kyle flinched and looked nervously at Jenny, thinking it might have been a very awkward accident. But when he saw the naughty grin on her face, he knew she meant to do it. Jenny exchanged looks with Becca, who got the idea and started doing the same to Kevin. The guys did their best to play it cool because they thought the girls didn’t want their friend to know they were groping their brother. The girls also said nothing about it, and were laughing on the inside as they made casual conversation while rubbing a guy’s dick through his pants underwater.

After awhile, Kevin and Kyle started to give each other knowing smiles. They realized their sisters were doing the same thing. Jenny noticed this, and decided it was time to take it further. “Becca,” she said. “Why don’t we get a little more comfortable?” Then she went down until the water was up to her neck and the rest of her body was out of sight. When she came back up, the water was still covering her nipples, but she was clearly topless. A few seconds later, her bikini, top and bottom, floated to the surface of the hot tub. “Mmm, that’s better.” Jenny smiled. Kevin and Kyle were dumbstruck. They could not believe Jenny just took off her bikini right in front of them like that. Becca liked the idea and did the same. Her impressive tits drew even more attention than Jenny’s.

“What’s the matter, Kev?” Becca asked as she stroked his cock through his swimsuit. “Why don’tcha join us? Get more comfortable too?”

“Yeah, Kyle.” Jenny agreed. “It must be uncomfortable keeping this big thing in your pants. Wouldn’t it be nice to let it out for bit?”

“Uhhh, I don’t know, Jenny. I mean, my sister’s right there…” Kyle said. He thought the girls might find it weird that he thought his sister was hot, so he tried to sound like it was uncomfortable for him.

“Right there with her big tits on display for ya, and so am I. Least you could do is take your cock out for me.” Jenny leaned in closer to Kyle and whispered into his ear, “Take off your pants, so I can give you a real handjob.”

Eyes widening with excitement at this opportunity, Kyle quickly pulled his swimsuit down. Across from him, he saw his sister doing the same to his friend. “There, isn’t that better?” Jenny said before moving her hand to his hard cock. Jenny gasped and smiled as her hand curled around it. “My God, you’re bigger than I thought.” she said. Of course, Jenny had had much bigger dick in the past, but most of the younger kids she’d fooled around with were smaller than Kyle. “Here, get up. Sit on the edge here, lemme see that thing.” Kyle did as instructed and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi with his legs dangling in the water. Jenny got on her knees on the seat in front of him, her bare tits finally out of the water, and began slowly stroking Kyle’s cock. “Becca, your brother’s got a real nice cock!” Jenny called to her friend.

“Mmm, yours does too, babe!” Becca called back, she and Kevin now in the same position as Jenny and her brother.

Jenny couldn’t resist anymore, she had to taste Kyle’s cock. She leaned in and took it in her mouth, and started giving Kyle his first ever blowjob. She had had a lot of experience with sucking cock, so she made sure to put her skilled mouth to good use.

Meanwhile, Becca was still jerking Kevin’s cock and teasing him. “My oh my, such a big cock.” she said admiringly. “What’s got you so hard, hm? Is it my big titties?” she said, sitting up straighter and rubbing her tits with her free hand. “Or maybe it’s your sister’s ass.” Becca looked over her shoulder, watching Jenny bent over and sucking her brother’s cock. “It is a nice ass, isn’t it? Probably why she loves showin’ it off so much. It’s made for spankin’ too, trust me.” Becca could feel Kevin’s dick growing bigger and harder. “Is this turning you on? You enjoying watching your big sister sucking my little brother’s cock? Mmm, you naughty boy. Look at her suck that dick. She loves it. She’s quite good at it, too. Course, you probably already guessed that, since she’s a cheerleader an’ all.”

Kevin was loving the situation he was lucky enough to find himself in. He was getting a handjob from a nude 16 year old girl, while watching his sexy sister suck cock. He would have preferred to be the one getting a blowjob from his older sister, but he wasn’t gonna complain. Maybe he could get one from Becca at least. “Becca…can I…will you…”

“Suck your big, hard cock? Of course I will, baby. All you had to do was ask.” Becca was not as experienced at cock sucking as Jenny was, despite being the older of the two girls. However, she had still sucked plenty of cocks, so she knew what she was doing when she took Kevin’s dick into her mouth.

For a while the only sounds in the room were the sloppy sucking noises and the little moans of the girls. The guys were torn between watching the hot girl sucking their dicks and watching their hot sister sucking their friend’s dick. But the moment didn’t last long. The two inexperienced 13 year olds didn’t stand a chance against the two cock sucking pros. Before long, Jenny could sense Kyle was about to cum, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked him off over her face. The sight of his sister taking a load to the face sent Kevin over the edge as well. After his first spurt of cum shot into Becca’s mouth, she pulled his cock out and let him finish on her face too.

When the boys had finished cumming, their sisters’ faces were a cum covered mess. Becca swirled the little bit of Kyle’s cum in her mouth around and swallowed it. “Mmm…Hey Jenny, your brother’s cum tastes great!”

Jenny used one finger to scoop some cum off her cheek and into her mouth. “Mmm…So does yours, babe. Wanna try some?”

“You know it! Let’s trade.” The girls waded through the water to the middle of the jacuzzi and started licking the cum off each other’s faces. Their brothers sat there, watching in awe of the sexy sight.

“Mmm…Wow, my brother has some tasty cum!” Jenny said after licking a huge load off of Becca’s forehead.

“Yeah, mine does too!” Becca said, licking some off of Jenny’s chin.

“What about his cock, how was it?” Jenny asked in between licks.

“Wonderful. You’ve gotta try it some time.”

“Oh, well then, I guess I’ll have to suck my little bro’s cock sometime.” Jenny smiled. “Your brother’s cock was nice too. Bigger than some of the guys in my grade.”

“Oh really? Next time we’ll swap partners then.” Becca said. Their faces clean and their mouths filled with cum, the best friends started making out and passing their brothers’ cum back and forth between them.

After swallowing a big load of cum, the girls grabbed their discarded bikinis and climbed out of the hot tub. “C’mon, little bro. Dry off and get dressed. Time to go home.” Jenny said to Kevin, breaking him out of a daze.

The girls smiled to themselves as they walked back upstairs nude to get dressed. Things were gonna be very different with their brothers from now on, and they were already thinking of the naughty things they could do with them.

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Dares and Discoveries

by trans_sending

I wrote this story for my own entertainment, but due to my girlfriend’s positive response to it, I’ve decided to post it here. Though it isn’t specified in the story itself, all characters are either eighteen, nineteen, or twenty years old. There are many scenes containing both gay and lesbian sex, so if this doesn’t interest you, I would warn you not to proceed. However, if you do continue, I hope that you enjoy.
It was late, just after two in the morning, and the thudding music finally died down as Jet walked over to his parents’ enormous sound system and turned the volume down to a dull thrumming. Most of the party-goers had long since left, and it was just six people left in the basement where there had previously been a small mob of dancing teens. Jet was one of course, as it was his house. He was a lanky guy with spiked dark blonde hair, his outrageous fur-lined jacket ditched hours ago to reveal his thin but muscled frame under his tight-fitting black shirt. The other five were Cooper, Edgar, Aria, Christabella, and Violet.

Cooper was one of Jet’s best friends, a seemingly eternally relaxed boy who despite being a bit short and always dressing in dark colors had a pretty powerful presence wherever he went. Part of this was the fact that despite multiple comments informing him of this, he insisted on wearing far too much body spray. However, most of this was attributed to his powerful sense of observation and his willingness to weigh in on the personal matters of friends and strangers alike, offering advice to anyone who cared. Edgar and Christabella were a couple, albeit an odd one. Edgar was a somewhat tall and athletic guy dressed in greys and whites with a quiet and reserved disposition. He almost never spoke at the parties, and seemed pretty uncomfortable in social situations, but otherwise was pretty relaxed. Christabella was his opposite, clad all in black and wearing various strange pieces of jewelry. She was a bit of a wild card, fond of the occult and also not one to be the center of attention, but she actually seemed to enjoy the parties regardless, hanging out with Edgar and close friends in the corner of the room, poking fun and laughing.

Aria and Violet were friends of the couple, the former being a lean and almost boyishly figured girl wearing a bright red athletic tee and blue jeans, laughing quietly as she sipped on the beverage in her hand. She was much more social than the rest, having been at the center of the party all night, pulling out some admittedly impressive dancing skills. It was only just within the past few minutes that she had taken a seat to rest, and there were beads of sweat on her brow which she wiped unceremoniously away with a smile on her face as they talked. Violet chuckled every now and then, emptying her cup and flipping it upside down before reaching for a cigarette. She was pretty mellow most of the time, but she could be fun if she wanted to.

They sat and joked around for a while, before Violet spoke up. “Any more booze, Jet?” she asked, taking a puff of her cigarette. She was dressed somewhat similarly to Christabella, in a dark faux-corset top laced with emerald green ribbon under a black jacket. She had positioned herself on the floor with her back against the couch, her legs disappeared beneath her layered black skirt. Her cleavage, however, was present as ever, as her bust was on the large side and she (likely on purpose) always seemed to have shirts at a size too small. “Not that I’m letting you get your hands on. I’d like to have some left when the night’s over.” Jet replied with a smirk, flopping down on a chair in the corner of the room. The group laughed at the rib, and Violet spoke again. “Fine then. But if there’s not going to be any liquid fun, how about a game?”

The room quieted a bit in interest. “Like what?” Christabella asked, leaning forward on the couch where she sat, between Violet on the floor and Edgar on the middle cushion next to her. “Dares in a hat?” Violet offered, grinning. Edgar sighed and rolled his eyes, but Christabella smiled and Cooper offered an “I’m game.” His expression was hard to read with his black and white bangs covering a sizable portion of his face, but his lips were upturned ever so slightly. Aria cocked her head, confused. “Dares in a hat?” she inquired. “Basically,” Jet explained, “Everyone writes their name and puts it in a hat. Each person takes turn drawing names, and the person who drew gets to make the person whose name they draw do a dare of their choice.” Violet looked to Aria expectantly. “So?” Aria shrugged. “Why the hell not?” Jet sighed through his smile. “Guess we’re decided. I’ll find a hat and some paper.” Edgar spoke up “I don’t suppose I get a say?” he didn’t appear convinced that this was the case. “Of course babe… but we already outvote you, so it doesn’t really matter.” Christabella answered with a kiss on his cheek. He exhaled slowly and accepted his fate.

Jet returned shortly after with the supplies, and soon each of the group had written their names and positioned themselves in a circle around the hat, dropping in their names. “And so I am doomed.” Edgar murmured as he let his paper fall with the rest. “Oh loosen up, Edgar. Have a little fun for once.” Aria chastised, rubbing her hands together. “So who goes first?” she asked. “You’re the first-timer, Aria. You go first.” Christabella suggested. No one spoke up in opposition, so Aria shrugged. “Alright.”

Reaching into the hat, she pulled out a slip, and unfolded it to read the name. “Cooper.” she announced. Cooper arched his back and rolled his shoulders under his hoodie, smirking. “Give me your worst, newbie.” Aria scoffed. “What kind of dares can I give?” she asked. “Whatever you want.” Jet answered. “Okay…” Aria starting, mulling it over. “I dare you to lose that stupid hoodie. It’s like 80 degrees down here, you freak.” Everyone chuckled, and Cooper did as he was told, shaking his head as he did. “What?” Aria asked, looking around. “Nothing, it’s just that we didn’t realize you were that tame and unimaginative.” Christabella teased. “What do you mean by that?” Aria asked. “You’ll see.” Violet answered. Now it was Edgar who spoke up, concerned. “Wait… and what does THAT mean?” Everyone laughed again. “I forgot that you’d never played with us either.” Christabella said through a smile. Edgar went to speak again, but was cut off by Cooper. “Are we gonna talk, or are we gonna play? It’s my turn now, suckers.”

Cooper stuck his hand into the hat, pulling out a slip and reading the name. “Christabella.” He turned to her, grinning, and she met him with a challenging stare. After a moment, he spoke. “I dare you to act like you and Edgar are here alone for two minutes, to show them what we mean.” Christabella grinned, as Edgar turned to her questioningly. “Is that some kind of code? What does he mean?” Aria looked on with similar confusion. “What does who mean?” She asked. “We’re here alone.” Before he could inquire further, Christabella pushed him back against the couch, straddling his lap, and pressing her lips onto his. In his stunned shock, he sat unmoving while she continued. She leaned her mouth in close to his ear, whispering softly “I’m going to have fun, having you all to myself.” His eyes danced across the room, but his focus was poorly swayed from his girlfriend, who now grinded his lap, her ass getting pushed well into view under her tight black jeans, a bit of pink peeking out from beneath.

“Nice panties.” Aria stammered, trying to hide her astonishment, but Christabella gave no response. Instead, she continued her motion while reaching to grab Edgar’s head and pull it in toward her chest. When she released, his blush came into view, and she stopped, leaving her straddle to stand, letting her hair down. “How do you want me?” She asked, running a hand over her body. Violet had to throw a hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Edgar was bewildered. Aria looked around the room and saw Cooper and Jet smiling widely. “You’re not nervous are you? Don’t worry. Jet won’t mind. I’m sure dirtier things have happened on this couch.” She reached behind her back under her shirt, going to unlatch her bra when Cooper spoke. “Aaaaaand… time.” Finally breaking character, Christabella let out a laugh, pointing at Edgar. “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” He blushed deeper, and said nothing. “And thanks Aria. Maybe sometime I’ll take you to get some.” She winked. “But for now… it’s my turn.”

She reached into the hat and drew a name, grinning evilly as she noted the name and turned back to the group, looking at them one by one until finally staring directly at Edgar. “Oh no… come on.” She nodded. “Really? That last one might as well have been mine. Don’t I get a pass?” Cooper grinned. “Not how the game works, bro.” Edgar looked around the room for support, but was met with only grins and chuckles. Aria bit her lip and looked away, trying not to smile herself. “Fine, but I’m not gonna grind on anyone in front of a room full of people.” Christabella kept smiling. “No… I’ll go easy on you, since you’re clearly still recovering from my performance. But since we still have the audience to consider, I dare you to take off that shirt, Oh-Hunk-of-Mine.” Looking a bit reprehensive, Edgar realized that this was the easiest he would be getting off, and proceeded to lose his shirt. Jet raised an eyebrow. “Too easy I think, but hell, I’ll take it.” Aria looked aggrivated. “That’s exactly what I dared Cooper to do!” Violet interjected. “You just had him take off his hoodie. Get some skin in the game, then we can talk.”

Edgar’s muscled torso in full view, he dropped his shirt to the floor and sat back down. He started to settle back in, but Christabella stopped him. “What now?” he asked, and she pointed to the hat. “Your turn, Muscles.” He rolled his eyes again and reached into the hat. Reading the name, he blushed, looking at Aria. “Oh, this is classic.” Violet remarked, pleased. Jet and Cooper now had the chance to be confused. Violet explained. “Edgar and Aria were an item, before she became a vagitarian.” Cooper’s smile broadened, and Jet started laughing outright. Aria blushed. “I can’t give up my turn?” Edgar asked. “If you do, one of us will give the dare instead. And we probably won’t be as nice.” Cooper jeered. “Especially now that we know what we do.” Edgar looked torn as he began to weight his options. “Don’t make us have to give you a countdown.” Jet heckled. When there was no response, he continued. “Alright. 10…9…8…7…6…” Edgar looked as though he was attempting to mask his panic. “5…4…3…2…” Suddenly, Edgar blurted “I dare you to make out with Christabella.” Aria’s face flushed white, and Christabella smiled mischievously. Jet started to clap and Cooper and Violet howled with laughter. “And all it takes is a time limit. Good on ya kid.”

Everyone looked to Aria expectantly. She tried to play it off nonchalantly, smiling and beckoning with her finger, but inside her heart was pounding. Edgar seemed as though he didn’t know how to feel about what he had done, but couldn’t bring himself to look away. Christabella crossed the space between them, took Aria’s face in her hands, and the two met lips, running their hands through each others’ hair. Aria felt her own hands drifting down, tracing along Christabella’s body and settling on her waist. Christabella, never one to do the bare minimum, pressed in further, knocking Aria to her back, almost pinning her down as her tongue traced Aria’s lips and slipped into her mouth. Aria let herself get swept up in the moment, only vaguely aware that one hand was groping Christabella’s ass while the other cupped her breast. Then, just as she was about to lose all semblance of self control, Christabella parted, winked, and moved back to her seat as Cooper and Jet clapped and whistled.

Clearing her throat, Aria smiled, catching her breath and trying to let her brain reboot for a moment. Deciding to continue the game before any ribbing ensued, she reached into the hat and drew… “Christabella.” Christabella chuckled. “Yeah, I’m sure, you lesbo. You just want to get more of this.” Aria held the paper in plain view, and Jet grinned. “I was sure it was gonna be me. Guess I’m just a lucky son of a bitch.” He looked over at Christabella before sarcastically adding “My condolences.” Christabella shrugged. “Eh, whatever. I can take it, especially from this lightweight.” She kissed at Aria to make it clear that she was being playful. Aria grinned. Time to pay back the tease. “Christabella, I dare you to take off those pretty pink panties of yours. I think I’d like them now.” Edgar began “Isn’t that a bit-” but was interrupted by his girlfriend. “That’s the game, babe. Looks like the newbie is catching on.” She stood up, started to unbutton her pants… and turned to walk toward the closet. “But she still has a lot to learn. She never specified that I had to take them off HERE.” Entering the closet, she shut the door, shuffled out of her pants and underwear, and walked out with her pants back on but her panties in hand. She tossed them at Aria, who reflexively caught them. “Enjoy, but if I don’t get those back, remember that I know where you live, Panty-snatcher.”

Aria grinned and waved her prize in the air as Christabella moved toward the hat and drew another name. “And the winner is… Mr. Holden.” She pointed to Cooper, who kept on smiling. “Uh-oh. I’m in for it now.” He said nonchalantly. “Damned right you are.” Christabella shot back. “And because of your cocky attitude, I’m not gonna go easy on you either.” He clasped his hands to his face in feigned fear. “Well, you can’t luck out forever. Shoot to kill, Chrissy.” “With pleasure.” She responded, making a gun with her finger and pointing it toward him. “Since I’m about to gag on that cloud of body spray, hows about… I dare you to go take a shower upstairs… and leave your clothes up there when you come back down.” She made a ‘pew’ noise, then blew on the end of her ‘gun’ before ‘holstering’ it in her pocket. “Wow.” Violet said, wide eyed with approval. “Not pulling any punches tonight, eh? Looks like this game is about to get really interesting.” Jet added. Cooper stood up, said nothing, and started for the door. At first, it seemed as if he was going to give up and leave, until he muttered “Eh, I needed to piss anyway. Might as well shower while I’m at it.”

Once he left the basement, the room grew silent for a few minutes until the sound of running water could be heard upstairs. “Damn, he’s really doing it.” Jet muttered. Christabella grinned, and Aria and Violet praised Christabella’s good idea. “I’ve always been curious about what he might be packing. I have my suspicions that he might be pretty well hung.” Violet added. “What the fuck, Violet?” Aria giggled. “Why?” “All that confidence has to come from somewhere.” She shrugged. Edgar looked at Christabella with a forlorn look. “I was not really interested in seeing another guy’s junk today.” Christabella waved her hand dismissively. “Then don’t look.” Edgar let out a sigh of exasperation. Jet rubbed his hands together expectantly as the sound of running water was finally silenced. “Happy birthday to me.” he said cheerily to himself. Aria rolled her eyes. “It’s funny and all, but Edgar and I are gonna have to be compensated with some female nudity if we’re gonna have dicks waving around all night, right Edgar?” Despite her words and her actual lack of interest in men sexually, Aria had to admit to herself that she was at least curious. That’s why, when the basement door opened, her head shot to the doorway along with everyone but Edgar, whose hands shot over his eyes as he groaned in discomfort. Cooper stepped in to the basement, still shimmering wet, and totally naked… except for a towel around his waist. Violet immediately gave him a thumbs down, adding “Boo!” Christabella and Jet were likewise displeased. “Hey,” he explained. “She said herself that you have to be specific. She never said I couldn’t cover up. She just said I had to leave my clothes upstairs. I assure you, its all birthday suit under this thing.” Edgar finally looked, breathing a sigh of relief.

Cooper sauntered over to the hat, reached inside, and unceremoniously stated “Jet, looks like that luck ran out.” Jet smiled and gave a ‘bring it on’ motion. “Now, now… what to dare the guy with no shame…” He began to think, and then continued. “How about… I dare you to go change into Christabella’s panties, and nothing else.” Christabella and Aria frowned, but Violet seemed quite pleased. “He’s gonna stretch ’em.” Christabella complained. “Damned right I am.” Jet said, high fiving Cooper. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you money for a new pair.” He added. “A dare is a dare.” Violet stated through a devilish grin. Christabella relented, saying “Fine.” Aria tossed the panties to Jet, and he took his turn rumbling around in the closet. When he came back out, he sure enough was out of his shoes and socks, pants, and shirt, and was sporting the panties with pride, which barely seemed able to contain him, bulging severely in the front and exposing the top portion of a blonde bush of pubic hair. “Oh come on, man!” Edgar exclaimed, turning away. The rest of the room fell into rambunctious glee, as Violet whistled and jeered, and even Aria and Christabella had to smile. “Okay, so they suit you.” Christabella added playfully.

Jet made his way to the hat, making sure to pass uncomfortably close to Edgar, and bent fully over to pick out the name, so that his ass was pronounced. “You asshole.” Edgar grumbled, scooting back a bit. Jet held up the slip, calling “Aria… looks like it’s you again.” Aria pointed at Violet. “Violet hasn’t even been dared once yet. Shouldn’t it be her turn?” Jet waved his finger as if he were chastising a child. “Not how the game works, dear. Now suffer with honor, won’t you?” Aria mumbled irritably, but relented. “Fine. But knowing you, I’m not too happy about this.” Jet chuckled. “Oh, dear. You know me all too well. Aria, I dare you to take off your shirt and bra for the remainder of the game.” Aria scoffed. “No fuckin’ way, you perv.” Jet made a tsk tsk sound, waggling his finger again. “Again, not how the game works.” Aria stuck up her nose, standing her ground. “Not a chance. I’m not gonna show my tits to a room full of people.” Now it was Cooper who spoke. “Dude, I’m in nothing but a freakin’ towel.”

Edgar spoke up next. “Look, guys, she doesn’t want to.” Aria was relieved to see at least one person come to her defense. “And she doesn’t have to.” Violet started. “She can always back out of the game. I think that should be the rule. Anyone can back out at any time, but they have to leave the room if they do, and they can’t come back until the game is over.” Jet looked at Aria expectantly. “So I guess this is a literal ‘Tits or GTFO’ sort of situation.” Christabella reached over and put her hands on Aria’s shoulder. “It’s your choice, girl, but trust me, this game is just gonna keep getting better. You do not want to miss out.” Aria was conflicted. Honestly, as rowdy as the group was, she did trust everyone for the most part, and she knew that with Christabella and Edgar there, she was sure to be safe. On the other hand, she was really self-conscious about her small chest, and if anyone made a snide comment, she might lose it. Finally, after a moment of conflict, she reached down, lifting up her shirt, and pulling it away to reveal her athletic physique and plain black bra. No one said anything, just waiting expectantly, so a few pounding heartbeats later, she unlatched her bra and let it slide down her arms to the floor in front of her. Much to her horror, her nipples were fully erect, which only made her blush deepen. She covered up with one arm fairly quickly, trying not to look anyone in the eye. “Nice.” Jet commented, nodding in approval. “Glad to see you still in the game. You’re up.”

As she reached out to grab a name from the hat, she couldn’t help but look to the others for their reactions. Much to her surprise and… oddly enough her pride… she could tell that each of the three boys were getting excited at the sight of her. Jet’s bulge had swelled, and he kept having to re-adjust to avoid having a malfunction with the skimpy panties. Cooper was all but pitching a tent in his towel, and Edgar had his eyes closed and was kneeling in such a way that she could tell he was attempting to ‘center’ himself and use some kind of meditation or whatnot to keep himself in check. He really was too nice of a guy. It was a shame she couldn’t have made it work with him, but hey, her attraction to women gave Christabella a shot at him at least. Without further ado, she lifted the next name from the hat… and blushed again. “Edgar. Sorry dude.”

Edgar snapped out of his focus, and looked truly pitiable. Aria responded with a look of apology. “Seriously, is Violet’s name even in there? Can somebody check?” Edgar pleaded. “It’s in there. You’re just trying to worm your way out of another dare, but it isn’t gonna work.” Jet checked the hat, and sure enough, Violet’s name was on the third slip he checked. “Yeah, she’s in there. She’s just a lucky bitch is all. Maybe Christabella’s working some voodoo shit on her or something.” Violet grinned in victory. “Go on, Aria.” she goaded. Aria sighed and continued. “Edgar, I dare you to lose your pants. That’s the best I can do for ya, buddy.” Edgar nodded in acceptance, and stood, undoing his belt and dropping his pants, revealing a pair of grey boxer briefs, well filled in the front. It looked like Jet might die of joy on the spot, and Violet took a good hard look herself. Cooper grinned and nodded in approval, his ‘tent’ growing a little taller as well. “Take a picture ladies and gentlemen, because at the end of the game, all of this is all mine again.” Christabella added, motioning over him as if he were a game show prize. Edgar said nothing and kneeled down again, reaching for his slip.

For the first time in the entire game, Edgar smiled and let out a chuckle. “Justice, thy name is Dares in a Hat.” He said, waving the slip toward Violet. “Time to pay the piper, Violet. Normally I’d be the nice one and give you something productive like ‘I dare you not to smoke for the rest of the game.’, but considering what Aria and I have been put through and the fact that you’ve just been able to sit and enjoy it all means I need to make this worthwhile. Who knows if your name is gonna come out of that thing again.” Violet yawned. “Wordy as ever, Edgar. Give up on the speech and give me what you’ve got. Out of this whole room, I’ve got to do your dare. That’s as easy as getting off gets.” At that moment, a look came over Edgar that seemed wildly out of character… to everyone except Christabella and Aria. A mischievous grin played across his face, and the whole room focused in. “Funny you should mention getting off, Violet. I’m going to let you keep your clothes on, but I’ve heard from your pals about what you keep in that purse of yours. I dare you to take it out, turn it on, and keep it between your thighs and against your crotch until you get dared again.”

All three of the girls looked totally shocked. Christabella and Aria had seen this side of Edgar (the former more often than the latter) in the privacy of the bedroom, but never in such a public setting. The two looked at each other, smiled widely, and looked to Violet, who seemed to still be trying to process what he had said. Cooper and Jet leaned in, wondering what was in Violet’s purse, though they had a pretty good idea. They were proven correct a few moments later when Violet closed her mouth, reached into her purse, and produced a small pink vibrator. Edgar looked fairly pleased with himself as she turned the knob at the end, placed it between her legs, and closed her thighs to keep it in place. Now Jet and Cooper turned to Edgar with looks of approval. “Perhaps we underestimated you.” Jet admitted. “So he’s more than a Greek statue after all.” Cooper added.

Violet reached quickly into the hat, pulling out a name, and stating (somewhat shakily) “Cooper.” She dropped the name back in, straightening up and trying to maintain a poker face. “I dare you… to drop the towel. You-… You’re practically showing it off already.” Cooper grinned. “You okay there Violet?” “I’m fine.” she snapped. “Really? Cuz your voice sounds a little shaky.” Everyone chuckled. “Stop stalling, asshat. Show us the goods or… back out.” Along with her words came a faint and persistent buzzing sound. Cooper just kept smiling, and stood up. The towel wasn’t leaving much to the imagination anymore. “I saw this one coming. Oh well.” And with that, the towel dropped, showing off his fully erect cock, glistening at the tip with precum. It really was fairly well sized, and everyone but Edgar focused in on it for a moment before he sat back down. Christabella, Violet, and Jet all seemed quite pleased, and Aria just stared blankly at it with curiosity. After a moment, Violet shuddered, almost barking out “C’mon Cooper, draw a damned name.” Cooper took on a sly look, jeering “Oh! I nearly forgot. Wouldn’t want to draw out your torment, right?”

By now the group was looking pretty well compromised. Cooper was buck naked. Jet was in nothing but panties which by now were hardly accomplishing any manner of coverage, with the head of his cock peeking out of the top and the rest perfectly outlined in the satiny fabric. Edgar was stripped to his boxer-briefs, which as previously mentioned showed his general endowment pretty clearly, and Aria was shirtless. The only two with their clothes on were Christabella and Violet, and the former was going commando while the latter held a vibrator between her legs. The game had gotten interesting indeed. Cooper leaned forward, going on all fours and arching his ass into the air towards Jet, which prompted another twitch in his (or rather Christabella’s) panties. His cock bounced lightly under his belly as he reached for the hat and pulled out a new name. “Jet Soshi, ol’ buddy. You’re up.”

Jet looked down at his current circumstance, stating “Well, at this point I’m willing to bet that it can’t be very tame.” Cooper just smiled. “I dare you to take off those ridiculous panties and stroke your cock for two minutes.” Jet started to stand, and Cooper added “And I mean here in this room, in front of everyone, before you get any ideas.” Edgar turned his face toward the ladies, holding up a hand to block out the ever growing number of exposed cocks in the room. Jet happily obliged, stepping out of the panties and flicking them back at Christabella, his dick bouncing once before he took it in his hand and sat back down. “Two minutes?” Jet asked. “Two minutes.” Cooper confirmed, setting the timer.

Jet leaned back, acutely aware that all eyes (save for Edgar’s) were squarely on his cock. This only served to make him further erect, and much to the ladies’ delight, he was almost a solid inch longer than Cooper, who was no slouch by any means. Even Aria seemed impressed, though admittedly less entranced than the other two. He took his time at first, gripping his foreskin and sliding it back to expose the tip, then using it to rub back and forth. “Dude, I never knew you weren’t cut…” Christabella said, leaning closer to inspect. “You can get as close as you want, Chrissy.” He said with a wink, stroking gradually faster. “Watch it man.” Edgar warned, shooting him a quick intimidating look before nervously averting his eyes from the scene once more. Christabella clenched her fist against the floor and bit her lip, and Aria knew that if she hadn’t been in a relationship with Edgar, she might have taken that offer into consideration. It looked as though Violet was considering it herself, and Cooper for that matter. Jet tilted his head back with a low groan, stroking ever faster until… “Uh… time.” Cooper stated, looking a little out of it for a moment.

Jet grinned, taking a bow. “I hope you all enjoyed the show.” he teased. “Encore!” Violet called, cupping her hands over her mouth, jolting a bit just after doing so. “Fuck. Later. Encore later. Just draw my name out of that f-freaking thing.” Jet obeyed, but not to the result she had hoped. As he drew out the next name, he beckoned to Cooper. “And straight back to you. Payback is a bitch, huh?” Cooper stared Jet down defiantly, dropping his gaze to Jet’s crotch for just a moment then back to his eyes. “I guess we’ll see.” Jet’s smile twitched mischievously. “You’ll do more than see, Coop. I dare you to finish what you started. Make me cum.” “Oh shit.” Christabella chimed with glee, drawing even closer to watch. Violet seemed to be torn between pleasure and aggravation, biting her lip as the buzzing continued. “God damn it…” Edgar commented, having taken to staring at the floor.

“I guess I deserve that.” Cooper said passively, moving over on hands and knees before kneeling in front of Jet. Jet held out a hand to give him pause, moving to retrieve the chair he had sat in earlier, placing it in front of Cooper and taking a seat. “That should make it easier for you.” Cooper snickered. “Gee, how thoughtful.” he said, rolling his eyes. “I’m a giver.” Jet added sarcastically. After a moment of hesitation, Cooper overcame his self-consciousness and took Jet’s member in his hand, pulling down his foreskin to reveal the sensitive head, tipped with a bead of precum. Tentatively, Cooper dipped his head over Jet’s lap, sticking out his tongue to graze the tip, lapping up the pearl left from Jet’s previous self-attention. This action seemed to arouse Jet further, and he ran his hand over the back of Cooper’s head, lacing his fingers through the boy’s hair. This likewise emboldened Cooper, who finally bobbed his head down, taking Jet’s shaft into his mouth with impressive depth. Jet let out an accidental moan, and Cooper proceeded on, bobbing and stroking, licking and caressing. It was obvious that he had done this before, and even Jet (whose reputation for being promiscuous was well known) had trouble hiding his reactions, especially as Cooper used his free hand to lightly caress Jet’s balls.

Violet had closed her eyes to try to block out the sensations of the vibrator, and was biting her lip in concentration, seemingly having little luck as she would occasionally twitch suddenly or shudder lightly. Christabella had begun to slip her hand between her legs, unconsciously rubbing herself through her jeans, seemingly unaware of anything but the pair of boys. This in turn made Aria feel herself growing warmer, and she had to resist doing the same. Jet began to mutter praises to Cooper in a barely audible voice, punctuated with the occasional moan or breathy “Fuck.” Finally, Cooper pulled the cock from his mouth and pumped his hand rhythmically, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. Unable to hold out any longer, Jet let loose a rope of cum which hit just to the side of Cooper’s nose, trailing into his open mouth. Finishing the job, Cooper swallowed, licking clean the remaining semen from Jet’s still throbbing shaft, and wiped off his cheek, licking his fingers. Then, as if nothing had happened, and with Jet still panting, he moved to the hat and drew a name.

“Edgar,” Cooper said breathily. “I dare you… to have to watch every dare from now on. If you look away, you have to join in.” Edgar shot up a death glare to Cooper, who smiled in response. “Don’t knock it till you try it. You never know what you might like.” Edgar scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself. I know what I’m about. And I might not like it, but I’ve handled worse circumstances. Don’t get any ideas about trapping me into your sex acts, Cooper. My willpower is solid.” Cooper shook his head. “I’m going easy on you, idiot. I could just dare you to do something with us. I just thought it would be more fun if I got you to do it yourself.” This shut Edgar up, and he opted to draw a name rather than continue that train of thought. “Aria.” He read, and Aria snapped to attention. Just a moment ago, Christabella had seemed to realize what she had been doing, and looked up to see Aria ogling her. Aria had frozen like a deer in the headlights until she was spoken to. “Uh, what?” She asked, unsure if Edgar had said anything more.

Edgar looked like he was in contemplation, before he looked over to Violet, now loosing the occasional unintentional impassioned sigh as she tried desperately to contain her displays of arousal. “I guess since I’m in this deep already I might as well start stepping up my game, but I hate to start that with you, since you let me off easy earlier. So you get a choice. I dare you to either take off the rest of your clothes and stop covering your breasts… or you can spare Violet however many turns she’ll have to wait to stop by finishing her off yourself.” Christabella got wide eyed, her mouth formed into an ‘o’. “Damn baby, keep that shit coming.” she praised. Aria looked to Violet, who seemed beyond the point of protest, and then back up to Edgar uncertainly. She still had some serious reservations about stripping nude in front of her friends, but then again, was getting Violet off any less embarrassing? The only things she knew for sure were that she couldn’t back out now, with how… interesting things were getting, and that either way, she would have to nut up and just pick, because it was likely only going to get more intense from here on. That was the price of admission. She looked up at Violet and made a split decision. “You’re welcome.” she said, pulling the vibrator out from between her legs.

Violet breathed a sigh of relief, then seemed to become lucid for a moment as she realized what was coming next. However, she came to acceptance fairly quickly, just saying “Thanks, pal.” and pulling back her skirt, revealing a pair of scarlet red panties, soaked from her ‘punishment’. Aria moved to sit behind Violet, letting her lay back against her as a brace, as Violet positioned herself at a kneel, spreading her legs a bit to allow easier access. Aria slipped her right hand around her belly and into the hem of her panties, her left hand moving to cup Violet’s breast. She slid her right hand further, slipping a finger along Violet’s crease, surprised at how warm and moist she had already become. She appeared to be incredibly sensitive now, courtesy of the extended vibrations, and she was putty in Aria’s hand as she deftly slid and caressed Violet’s pussy under her panties, but otherwise in plain view of the others. Violet breathed heavily, goading her on in whispered breaths. Aria’s pace quickened, occasionally stopping to tease her clit or slip a finger or two inside her opening. Violet grew more and more vocal, panting and begging, which caused Aria to proceed with added fervor. “Yes… oh god, right there…” Violet praised. “Oh fuck, I’m almost there…” Aria reflexively teased her breast through her shirt and kissed along her neck seductively. Then, just as the breath hit Violet’s ear as Aria moved in to lightly nibble it, Violet thrust her hips and moaned, further soaking the front of her panties. Aria drew back her hands, licking her fingers clean as Violet breathed “Holy fuck, Aria.”

Aria, keeping her breasts exposed, walked proudly to the hat, reached in, and pulled the next name. She smiled, eyes drifting from the paper to Edgar. “Again?” He asked, but Aria shook her head. “Nope. But I get to repay your kindness.” She stated. “Christabella, I dare you to take off your pants and let Edgar fuck you until he cums.” Both Edgar and Christabella looked surprised, but not displeased. “Aria, I take it back. You do know how to play this game.” Christabella said, turning her back to the group as she stood, pulling down her pants to reveal her bare ass. Jet and Cooper cheered with approval, and Violet looked to Edgar’s crotch expectantly, absently stroking herself over her panties. Surely enough, Christabella bent over, pushing her ass and pussy into full view of the room, and yanked Edgar’s boxer-briefs down in one swift motion. “Really?” Edgar asked her, as if for her approval. She pulled his underwear off the rest of the way and tossed them with abandon behind her, leaning in to his ear and whispering “Oh yeah. I’ve always wanted to do this.” Edgar’s cock stiffened as she spoke, and she traced kisses down his neck to his chest, then started to suck him off while she slipped her hand to her own slit, teasing herself as she worked. It seemed as though she was intentionally pointing her pussy straight at Aria as she did this, even spreading her lips for a better view.

After she had the two of them prepared, she straddled him, pushing him to lay on his back on the floor. Aria noticed that both Jet and Cooper had joined Violet in pleasuring themselves to the sight, stroking their cocks rhythmically. Suddenly Aria wished she had opted to undress instead of pleasuring Violet, so that she could do the same. Christabella took Edgar’s shaft in one hand, balancing herself with the other. Slowly she descended onto his cock, slipping it with ease into her wet slit. Both of the couple let out a gasp of pleasure, and Christabella went straight to work pumping herself up and down, swallowing her boyfriend’s length inside of her. Edgar’s hands went to her waist, helping her keep motion and thrusting himself deeper inside. They both stared intensely into each others eyes, as if challenging each other. As the moments passed, they got faster and more intense, and Christabella drug her nails down Edgar’s chest with enough pressure to leave long scratch marks. This seemed to trigger something in Edgar, and he grabbed her wrist, forcefully yanking her off of him and throwing her to the ground. At first the room was in shock, as everyone thought they were witnessing some kind of abuse, but as he set her to her knees and pulled her arms behind her back, slipping back inside of her from behind, her face was showing pure pleasure. This sent a ripple of arousal through Aria, and suddenly she had a powerful need to be pleasured with the same intensity. With a guttural growl and a powerful thrust, Edgar climaxed, pulling out just in time for his seed to cascade onto Christabella’s lower back, coating it and spattering the back of her shirt. She huffed and shook, clenching the carpet in her fingers, shuddering before rolling over to look at him with eyes full with satisfaction.

“Shit.” Jet muttered, grinning ear to ear. “We need to play this game more often.” Violet ran a hand through her hair, brushing it back behind her ear. “Hell yeah we do.” Christabella leaned up, kissing Edgar deeply before moving him aside and heading for the hat. “Game’s not over yet, boys and girls.” She said, grabbing a slip and still breathing heavily. “Cooper… Hmm…” She got a sly look in her eye. “I dare you not to touch yourself unless someone gives you permission for the rest of the game.” Cooper’s joy deflated, and he squinted at her sourly. “Oh, you bitch.” He hissed. “Fine. But I’ll remember that.” Jet chuckled, lightly stroking his cock. “Sucks, bro.” “Fuck you, dude.” he grumbled, reaching into the hat. “Okay, I can work with this.” he beckoned to Violet. “Violet… I dare you to strip down and blow me.” He grinned. “If I can’t do it, I’ll have someone else do better.” Violet, no longer looking reluctant, actually smiled at the idea. “Sure.” She said, standing up and beginning to undress slowly. First she shrugged off her jacket, then her shoes and socks, before seductively pulling off her shirt, revealing a very ornate and likely expensive scarlet lace bra. She pulled off her skirt, then sauntered in her bra and panties toward Cooper, who grinned ever wider as she drew closer. Reaching behind her back, she unlatched her bra, but let it dangle on her shoulders, not yet allowing it to drop. She slipped her fingers under the waist of her panties and lowered them ever-so-slightly, showing just the top of her patch of groomed pubic hair. Just as it seemed she was going to lay everything bare, she pulled them back, opting instead to shrug off her bra, letting her D-cup breasts spill out into the open air, her dark areolas framing her perked nipples. Only then did she lower her panties, showing her body completely. She may have been a bit on the bigger side, but nobody could contest why she was so popular with men. She was actually pretty gorgeous.

Cooper leaned back and spread his legs to grant her access, but before she proceeded, she made sure to tease him a bit, sliding her hand to her pussy and rubbing it oh-so-gently, spreading herself seductively and licking her finger. Once he was well and truly engaged, standing at full attention, she dropped to her knees, then laid on her stomach between his legs, holding his cock playfully, looking him straight in the eyes. “Oh come on… you’re killing me.” He begged, and finally she let her tongue glide over the underside of his shaft, teasing the spot just under the tip before taking him fully into her mouth. Her tongue worked skillfully around his dick, making his eyes roll back for a moment, but every time he seemed like he was nearing climax, she would slow or stop, looking into his eyes seductively. “She’s fucking playing with him.” Christabella whispered gleefully into Aria’s ear, and Aria grinned. “You can play with my ass if you want.” Violet cooed, and without hesitation, Cooper did just that, grabbing a handful and pulling to expose her all the more to those witnessing from behind her. He gave it a solid slap, and she let out a playful moan, stroking his cock which was well-lubed with her saliva. “You wanna cum, baby?” She uttered, biting her lip. “Yeah…” he groaned, obviously close to finishing. “You really wanna cum?” He could hardly respond, but managed to repeat “Fuck… yeah…” She stopped, letting go of his cock, kissing the tip and winking. “Then you should have been more specific.” Aria covered her mouth to stifle her laughter, but let out a snort regardless. Cooper was left stunned. Violet high-fived Christabella, and pulled a new name from the hat.

Violet grabbed the hat, gave it a playful shake, and pulled out the name of the next victim. “Oooh… Aria again.” She declared happily. “I dare you to strip down to nothing and masturbate while someone films it.” Jet called “I’ll do it!” fumbling for the phone in his discarded pants pocket. “I’m not done!” Violet interjected. “Aria gets to choose who. And she can do it in private if she wants, just her and them.” Violet winked at Aria. “As thanks.” Aria was relieved that she had some options, but the thought of being filmed doing something so intimate… Before she had time to think about it, she blurted “Christabella. I want Christabella to do it.” Violet smiled knowingly. Edgar had a strange look on his face, like a mix of relief, curiosity, and worry. Honestly, it was strange enough that Aria had to stop herself from smiling when she saw him. Still, she hoped that this didn’t make things weird between them. Christabella excitedly grabbed her phone and stood, still clothed only from the waist up, and grabbed Aria by the arm as Jet and Cooper mumbled complaints under their breath, knowing that no one would back them up. Christabella simply asked “Where?” Aria blushed. “Uh… anywhere upstairs I guess. As long as no-one can see inside.” Christabella nodded, pulling her up the stairs and leading her to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind them, Christabella pointed to the shower, still wet from Cooper’s shower. “Strip down and sit on the little bench in there.” Aria exhaled. Slowly she took off her pants, standing for a moment awkwardly in just her panties. “Been a while.” Christabella remarked, looking her over. Aria blushed deeper, sliding out of her panties and sitting in the shower. Christabella aimed her phone, smiling. “Shame I can’t help you anymore, but…” She slid her back down the door until she sat against it. “I can give you some material.” she teased, pulling up the bottom of her shirt and her bra to reveal her breasts, sliding her free hand to pinch and tease her nipples before rubbing her exposed pussy slowly, obviously more for Aria’s benefit than her own. Aria, blown away by the view and the circumstance, had to catch her breath, sliding her own hand to her slit and massaging herself almost automatically. “Recording in 3… 2… 1…” Christabella counted, pressing the record button after she hit one. As she did so, Aria saw her slide her finger inside herself.

Now aware that she was actually being filmed, she forced herself to continue, trying to ignore the phone by closing her eyes, but couldn’t bear to miss her own show. She found herself entranced by the scene, slowly beginning to disregard the camera and rock her hips against her hand. The more intensely she pleasured herself, the more of a show Christabella gave, teasing her clit, rubbing her nipples, squeezing her breasts, and slipping in one… two… three fingers. All of this was off-camera of course, and the idea that this was her own personal viewing made Aria more and more ravenous until Christabella’s words put her over the edge. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself.” Christabella teased. “Yes…” Aria responded. “You like being watched?” She continued. “Mmm… yes…” Christabella licked her lips. “Does it make you want to cum for your audience?” Aria rocked even harder, then pulled out her fingers and started rubbing her clit wildly, desperately needing to release all the sexual frustration built up over the game. “Ohhh… fuck, yes… Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” She cried, and with just another moment she was rocked by one of the most powerful, pulsing orgasms she had ever given herself. Her back arched and she had to grip the seat to stop herself from falling. To her surprise, the climax was so intense that she actually felt herself squirt, not once, but twice. “Oh, fun!” Christabella teased. “Good thing I picked the shower.” With those words, she stopped the recording and pocketed her phone, a satisfied look glued on her face. She kicked Aria’s clothes over by Cooper’s, fixed her bra and shirt, and waited for Aria to compose herself enough to walk. “That-” she added “was very fun.”

Making their way through the house back to the basement stairs, Aria thought for the twentieth or so time about asking Christabella why she was with Edgar when they so obviously had sexual chemistry, but just as always she held her tongue. She could never hurt Edgar like that, especially after leaving him herself. They really were happy together, and she didn’t have it in her to break them up. Not to mention, she had no way of knowing if Christabella felt the same way, or if she just saw Aria as an ex-friend with benefits. She unwittingly let out a heavy sigh as she started down the stairs, and Christabella turned. “Nervous about going down naked?” She asked, and suddenly Aria became self-aware, realizing that her friends were no more than ten feet away around the corner, and her full body was laid bare. She had never been so vulnerable in her life, and she froze. Christabella looked as though she was caught between amusement and pity, and after a moment shrugged and began to remove the rest of her clothes. “What are you…?” Aria queried, and Christabella, never one to wait for a full question before answering, responded “I’ll go down naked with you. That way you’ll feel more secure, and they won’t just be looking at you.” She smiled caringly at Aria, then back to the door. “Well c’mon. If we leave them alone too long, they’ll probably all start fucking each other and Edgar will flip his shit.” Aria nodded, and the both of them walked out, buck naked, into the room.

Edgar looked shocked as they entered, but Christabella explained. “Don’t worry your beautiful head, babe. I just took it off like 2 seconds ago. I figured everyone else was letting it all hang out, and I was halfway there already, so whatever.” Jet clapped. “Two for the price of one! So do we get to watch it now, or…” Violet cut him off. “That wasn’t part of the dare.” “How do we know they even did it?” Cooper asked. Christabella pulled out her phone, pulling up the video and turning it to Violet. For a moment, Aria’s faint moan could be heard, then the audio stopped. Violet smiled. “Good enough for me.” Cooper looked at Edgar next. “What about him? He was supposed to watch each dare, or else he had to participate. He didn’t do either.” Violet shook her head. “I said they could do it in private.” Cooper continued to insist. “But there’s a video, right? He could watch that.” Jet looked a bit uneasy, like he knew there would be a fight if this continued. “Guys, just chill…” he muttered. Sure enough, Violet looked like she was about to tear into him when Aria’s voice cut through the tension so swiftly it seemed to diffuse the situation. “He can watch.” Everyone looked to her with surprise. “Everyone can watch. I don’t care.” Now even Aria was in shock. She didn’t know why she said that, but much to her confusion and surprise, it was actually true. Something clicked, and it was as if her shyness disappeared completely. Christabella looked at her, impressed. “Really? You don’t have to. You already did the dare.” Aria maintained her stance. “Sure, why not? I’m already naked, so fuck it. Let the pervs get their show.” Cooper looked totally disarmed, and oddly enough, approving. Not approving of the idea that he could watch the video, but approving of the fact that she was willing to let everyone see it. Like he was proud of her or something.

After a minute of everyone taking in what had happened, Edgar said “I’ll let you have whatever privacy you can muster at this point. I’m not that kind of guy.” Cooper shrugged. “Whatever. Guess you guys can do what you want. It’s just a game.” Jet looked to the other two, then spoke. “Hell, I’m that kind of guy. If you guys aren’t gonna check this out, I sure as hell will.” Violet concurred. “I’m up for the entertainment, if you’re still good with it.” Aria nodded, and Christabella handed the phone to Violet. Jet rushed over to check it out, and the sounds of Aria’s pleasure once more rose up, along with the quieted voice of Christabella. Christabella whispered “Never knew you wanted to be a porn star.” Aria smiled. “I’m discovering a lot of things tonight.” Christabella smiled and sat down next to Edgar, and as the video was ending, Aria moved to draw a name from the hat. Jet stroked himself a few times and gave Aria a look of approval. “If you ever want to make some more movies, give me a call.” Aria, still holding the slip, shook her head. “Sorry, bro. I’m not looking to get what you’ve got.” He shrugged, sitting back down, running his eyes over her body. “Cooper’s turn again. You sure you don’t wanna back out Coop? You’ve had some rough rounds.” Cooper looked unfazed. “Just go for it.” She smiled. “Okay. I dare you to let Jet fuck you. My apologies to Edgar, but I’ve always wanted to see two guys get it on.” Edgar did look put out, but said nothing. “And by my grace… you can touch yourself while he does it.”

Cooper looked to Jet, seemingly unopposed. “Dare’s a dare.” Jet grinned. “Got any lube in that purse, Violet?” he asked, mostly out of jest. Violet, on the other hand, just reached into her purse and tossed him a bottle. “You fucking slut.” Christabella teased. She just shrugged and said “Shut up, the show’s about to start.” Cooper and Jet stared at each other intently as Jet drizzled lube into his palm and stroked his cock, causing it to glisten in the light of the room. Without breaking his challenging stare, Cooper asked “So how are we-” But Jet moved in, pushing his back to the ground and pressing in for a forceful kiss. Edgar, much to Aria’s surprise, maintained a reluctant gaze toward the pair. Taking his lubed hand, Jet stroked Cooper’s shaft, swirling his palm over the tip with practiced dexterity. Cooper moaned lowly, muffled by the kiss, and jolted a bit as Jet pressed one lubricated finger into his ass, pushing it in rhythmically as his dick slid across his friend’s belly, bumping into his own cock, which stood fully erect. Aria was entranced with glee, and the other two girls watched with lust as Edgar dutifully looked on, obviously displeased. Soon, one finger turned to two, then three… all while Jet made out with the boy fiercely, grinding on him from above. He leaned in, whispering in Cooper’s ear, saying “You’re gonna love this.” then backed to a kneel, lining up his cock to Cooper’s opening, playfully prodding it until… “Ahhhh….” Cooper moaned, arching a bit as Jet’s cock slipped inside, slowly pressing further and further inward, until his balls rested against the boy’s ass, then slipping back and pushing in again, slowly but forcefully as Cooper’s hand went to his own cock, stroking in motion to the thrusts.

Edgar, by now having gone totally soft, at least seemed to be getting desensitized to the scene, and just seemed to be waiting for it to end. The girls, however, couldn’t take their eyes off of them. Christabella and Violet massaged their bodies at the scene, and Aria looked in awe as if she were watching an exciting movie. As Jet’s speed climbed, so too did Cooper’s pants get louder, and his hand moved more rapidly, his body rocking with the passionate throws. Suddenly, Jet threw Cooper’s legs over his shoulders, hiking up his ass and pushing himself further in and with more intensity. A few more moments of this, and Jet groaned, cock twitching inside of Cooper as it blew a load inside of him, and as Cooper clenched around him, he himself finally reached the point of no return, casting his sperm all across his own torso, a bit even hitting him in the chin. The two stayed like this for a moment, before leaning close and making out passionately for a couple moments, then parting, Jet’s cock slipping out and waving about before slapping down onto his stomach, dripping the last bits of cum onto his belly button as he rolled to his back and breathed heavily on the floor.

“This is so much fucking better than pay-per-view.” Christabella announced. “I second that.” Jet huffed, panting on the ground through a grin. “If I’m sore tomorrow, all of you are on my shit list.” Cooper warned, eyes closed and breathing heavily. “If you aren’t, I didn’t do it right.” Jet bragged. “I don’t know how I got myself into this mess, but that shit is still burned into my corneas. You guys are assholes.” Edgar lamented. “I’ll make it up to you, baby.” Christabella said with a wink. “Since you’ve been so nice to me tonight, letting me play this game…” She reached down, fondling his soft cock gently. “Tomorrow night, I’ll play whatever… games… you want me to.” Cooper pulled himself up, reached for the hat, and pulled out a piece of paper. “Looks like right now though… you’re playing whatever game I want you to.” he taunted. “And I dare you to let Aria eat you out.” Christabella looked up to Edgar, who after just a moment nodded in allowance. “Not ideal…” he mumbled. “But I trust you… and it might get that last dare out of my head.” She smiled and looked at Aria with come-hither eyes, positioning herself in front of Edgar, legs spread out invitingly toward Aria. “Enjoy the show babe. I’ll be sure to make it fun for you too.” She reached back behind her, teasing his cock.

Aria moved in, having decided to submit fully to the game. Not that she would have been upset about this particular dare. She got on all fours, grinning seductively, and began crawling toward Christabella, licking her lips. “It’s been a while. I could use the practice.” Christabella stared her down, smirking. “Practice away.” Jet and Cooper moved in for a better view, Violet lighting up another cigarette and smiling. Aria dipped her head to Christabella’s thigh, kissing it tenderly from just above the knee up to her hip. She traced her tongue around her pelvis, then lowered herself to lace it between Christabella’s folds, up and down, before tracing up the middle of her slit to circle her clit. Christabella used one hand to pleasure Edgar, lacing the other into Aria’s scarlet locks, bidding her deeper. Aria brought one hand back, massaging her already sensitive pussy, giving quite a show to those watching behind. She lightly nipped the skin of Christabella’s vulva, just enough to get her to twitch with pleasure and bight her lip before working her tongue to tease the inner walls of her pussy, slipping two fingers into her own pussy as she did. Edgar began kissing down Christabella’s neck, massaging her breasts with both hands. Christabella threw her head back, her head swimming in ecstasy, pumping her hand over Edgar’s cock and letting out an impassioned “Yes…. mmmmm…. Oh, right there…. Fuck, your tongue feels so good.”

Aria’s tongue twisted and darted, her mouth slick with saliva and Christabella’s juices. Her fingers danced over her own clit, bringing her close to climax for a second time. She felt a hand on her ass, squeezing and spreading her further, but she didn’t care. Not even as she felt the warmth of a tongue teasing her anus. It only drove her further into her passionate delve, her tongue lashing expertly until… “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Christabella cried out, gripping Aria’s hair so tightly she thought it was going to pull out, and pressing her face in and holding her as her body pulsed and rippled with pleasure, cumming as Edgar twisted her nipples lightly in his fingers. Her body shuddered twice more, all the while, Edgar teased her breasts and kissed her neck, and Aria ‘cleaned’ her with her tongue, mostly for her own pleasure. “Holy… fucking… shit.” Christabella huffed, leaning back to kiss Edgar passionately. Aria looked back, noting her mystery assistant as Violet, who winked before returning to her spot. Jet and Cooper seemed very pleased. After Christabella’s mouth was freed from Edgar’s, she gave Aria a playfully accusing glare. “You need practice my ass. You know EXACTLY what the fuck you’re doing.” Aria wiped her mouth, teasingly licking her fingers. “I learned from the best.” She retorted.

After Christabella regained herself enough to do so, she reached into the hat and pulled out Violet’s name. She turned to her, smiling, and started “Violet. I dare you-” “I quit.” Violet interrupted. “What?” Christabella asked, shocked that Violet of all people was backing out, before even hearing the dare. “Why?” Violet smiled. “You forget, Christabella, that the boys are probably pushed to their limits, and much more of this for any of us is gonna start getting uncomfortable, so I have a counter-proposition.” “To your own game?” Aria laughed, wiping her chin of Christabella’s juices. “I didn’t know it would go this far.” Violet admitted. “But now that it has…” She looked across the room, admiring the view. “I think that we’re past the point of needing dares to satisfy our curiosities. I propose we make this a more regular circumstance.” Jet raised an eyebrow. “How do you mean?” He asked. Violet grinned. “I mean that my parents leave town A LOT. We have a bunch of rooms we never use, and I have places where I hide… things. I also have more money than I know what to do with, if I’m being honest. I say that whenever we want, we meet at my house, if my parents are out, and let ourselves experience whatever we feel like. No rules, except whatever rules we want to have, and no one has to do anything they want, unless they agree to do whatever we decide. I can even pick up some… accessories, if people are interested.”

Cooper grinned. “Sounds like that could be fun.” Jet nodded. “More like the greatest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.” Aria, with her newfound confidence, also agreed. “I haven’t had this much fun, or felt this good in like… well… a really long time. I’m in.” Christabella and Edgar, looking at each other in wordless communication, finally looked back to the group. Christabella said nothing, just smiling. “We’re in too… We’ll see how it goes.” Violet stood, grinning in anticipation. “Looks like we’re just getting started.”

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St. Anne’s Sexy Boarding School

by canadianalien

There exists a semi-mythical boarding school in the mountains of Japan. At St. Anne’s, students get an excellent extra-curricular education in sex!
Author’s Note: All my standard disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction – I made it up. My characters aren’t based on anyone, and I’m not going to try and bullshit you and claim this actually happened to me. And, as always, I can’t help but sink into parody or commentary. This may be too meta for some people’s tastes, and you’re free to down vote me into oblivion or flame me if you fall into that category.

It ended up longer than I intended (don’t they always!), but I think it turned out well. I’m open to any comment, discussion or criticism. There’s a bonus author’s note at the bottom for those who finish.


There are all sorts of private boarding schools out there, each one specializing in something different. When you’re convincing parents to fork out that much money, you need to be different in a distinguishable way.

The boarding school I got sent to was REALLY different. I don’t think my parents meant to send me there. The promotional material is all very coy. It doesn’t really make the purpose clear. To be fair, if they did do that, the boarding school would be shut down pretty quickly. Everyone tends to get up in arms about teenagers having sex.

St. Anne’s is in Japan, in the mountains, which is great for privacy. It also takes advantage of Japan’s laws on age of consent. Everything that goes on in the school is perfectly legal under Japanese law.

And… look, you probably don’t care about the backstory. You don’t care about the detailed survey about my sexuality that I filled out. You don’t care about my trip there, about saying goodbye to my parents. You don’t care about the expression on my face when I realized what I was in for. You’re a sick bastard, and you just want to hear about the sex. And I don’t blame you for that. I’m one of your number now.

But I want you to know they were careful. They all knew that St. Anne’s could have been hell on Earth if they weren’t careful. And make no mistakes. They weren’t perfect. For some people, it had to have been. But for almost all of us, everything was consensual. Nothing was ever done to me against my will, and I never did anything to anybody who didn’t want it done. If there was rape, there was surely no more rape than any other school. And with the sheer amount of fucking that was going on, the administration deserves props for that.

* * *

I was nervous as all fuck when I got to my room. I was still reeling from the revelation of the school’s purpose. Sure, we’d get a full IB education. But we’d also be having lots and lots of sex with each other. The surveys we’d filled out had been used to place us with upperclassmen (here a gender neutral term in our co-ed school). They’d show us the ropes, pop our cherries, and teach us how to fuck. We’d live with them for two years, and then they’d graduate, and we’d take their places.

(Thank all the Gods that I’d filled out the survey accurately).

So I open the door, and a nervous and excited girl greets me – at least I assume it’s nerves and not an earnest need to pee. She’s practically bouncing by the threshold. She’s taller than me by a bit, and she has the most beautiful brown curly hair. It bounces as she moves, and I’m entranced by it from the start. Her face is soft and round, and her auburn eyes peek out from behind thin-framed glasses.

She’s beautiful in the way people are beautiful. She has a few zits, and there are bags under her eyes. She’s not an airbrushed model. But when she’s smiling at her, you don’t notice those things. Her face becomes HER FACE, and you can’t help but fall into those eyes.

All of this I learned later, as I fell in love with her. At this point, all I learned was her name.

“Hello! I’m Val. It’s short for Valerie.” A nervous laugh, a shy smile and an outstretched hand completed the introduction. I took it, and was grateful for the clamminess of her grip. It meant I wasn’t the only one sweating.

“I’m Michael.” I was proud of myself – there was almost no waver in my voice.

“You seem a bit overwhelmed by all this – here let me help you with that.” That last was directed at the bags I was struggling to get through the door. The room was fully furnished, of course, and most of the clothing I’d be wearing was the school uniform. But I still had quite a lot of stuff – posters, my laptop, fancy clothes and the like – that I’d taken with me.

And I clearly wasn’t hiding my nerves as well as I’d hoped.

Once we’d wrestled the luggage in, Val gave me a quick tour of the room. It was generously large by boarding school standards, with one queen bed (hers) and a twin (mine). There was plenty of closet and shelf space for both of us. In an adjoining room was a cramped office with two desks somehow crammed into it. The other door led to a fully appointed – albeit small – washroom with a shower stall (entirely clear glass), toilet and mirrored medicine cabinet.

There were little traces of Val in all the rooms. Some paintings of famous ships hanging as posters in the office, a small library on a shelf at the foot of her bed in the main room, and a few cases of makeup and a straightener (which I hoped she rarely used) in the bathroom.

There were some odd factoids she dropped too.

“The shower has a mechanical plate in it. If one person is in it, you get ten minutes of water. But it there’s two people, you get as long as you’d like.”

The purpose of that one seemed fairly obvious.

“There’s a bowl of condoms in your top drawer. Mine too.”

That also seemed pretty obvious.

After my fifteen minute whirlwind tour (punctuated by awkward, overwhelmed silences on my part), Val guided me to my bed.

“You’re probably overwhelmed.”

I grunted. It was the best I could do.

“I felt the same way on my first day.”

“I just… I didn’t know what I was getting into. I think my parents didn’t know.”

Val blinked.

“I don’t think that’s possible. The school is supposed to be very careful with parents. They make sure parents know what they’re signing their kids up for. We don’t want any lawsuits, after all.”

“But, do they just go out and say it? Or do they hint around it like in the booklets?”

“I’m… I’m not actually sure. But surely with enough hints anyone would get it?”

“My parents may be the most obtuse people in the world. I’ve never been able to hint things to them. I’ve always had to say them straight up. It’s incredibly annoying. But perhaps they’re just Machiavellian. I don’t really know anymore. A week ago, my world was pretty firm. Now I feel like I’m in a bad porno. Or what a bad porno is supposed to be like. I’ve never actually really watched one.”

Val laughed. “Well, there’s an easy way to test that. If there’s queefing, you aren’t in a porno.”

“Um… What’s queefing?”

I was treated to more laughter, and a short lecture.

“You really are clueless about this stuff, aren’t you?”

I got defensive.

“We haven’t all had your education.”

That came out a bit more snappish then I’d intended. Luckily, she brushed it off without getting angry.

“I’m sorry. This must be terribly stressful for you.” She patted my knee. “I want to promise you something: we don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Everything you’ve heard has probably given you the impression we’re all sex starved and about to ravish you at any moment. Or perhaps you’ve picked up the toxic message that men always want sex and can’t refuse it without being less than men?”

“It’s a bit of both, I think.”

“Well you don’t need to worry about either. For your first few months, I’m the only one who’s allowed to sleep with you. After that, I can veto other upperclassmen until the end of your first year.”

This was delivered by rote, but then she looked right into my eyes.

“And I won’t think any less of you if you don’t want to have sex right away. I’ve seen your survey, so I know it’s something you want to do. But we don’t have to rush into it. We can take time to get comfortable with each other first.”

“How… how do we do that?”

She brightened noticeably, and I couldn’t help but smile. Her earlier nerves seemed to have vanished. If only mine could go to the same place.

“First, we correct your lack of porn experience. There are lots to choose from on the school media server. Then I answer any questions you have. Then we work from there.”

“Isn’t it awkward watching porn with someone? When I look at pictures or think about things like that, I normally…” my cheeks were burning. “I normally touch myself. You know, down there.” I pointed vaguely at my crotch.

“It’s properly called masturbating –“ this was in her clinical ‘I’m giving the correct explanation’ tone – “and pretty much everyone does it.”

“Oh. I kind of thought it was just me. Or at least I did before I got here. After orientation, I was a bit less sure.”

“A bit…” She shook her head, but she was smiling so it was all right. “You thought that you’re the only one who’d ever discovered something that felt that good?”

“I didn’t really think it through. I was so embarrassed. Especially when stuff started coming out.”

“Society.” She rolled her eyes. “We could teach people about perfectly normal bodily functions. Instead we leave it to them to figure it out on their own, and hide it behind a blanket of shame. That’s one of the reasons St. Anne’s exists. We aren’t going to shame you for any desires here. It’s called being sex positive.”

“So it’s actually perfectly normal, what I’m doing?”

“Yes. But don’t worry about what’s normal. Before I came here, I thought I was weird for wanting to be tied up, and wanting to tie people up, during sex, or just on it’s own. And statistically, I AM weird. Only a small minority of people want that. But there are other people who want it, and I can give it to them. Diversity of sexual desires is a great thing. It means that there’s always someone willing to try something that most people think is really, really, profoundly odd, but you think is really sexy.”

My mouth was kind of gaping. This was the opposite of every message I’d ever received.

“Now I happen to know from your survey that you also think about tying people up and being tied up. So let’s watch a porn about that!”

“Ah… okay?”

“That’s the spirit!”

* * *

The projector is flat to the roof, so I didn’t notice it at first. But soon enough Val has it turned on and projecting on the far wall.

She goes through several menus, and I get the impression that there is a bewildering array of porn available through the school. Diversity of sexual desires indeed!

As she set things up, my nervousness got the better of me, and compelled me into pacing. But once she had things ready, she patted the bed next to her, and I reluctantly climbed into it.

“Before we start watching this, I want to make it clear: you don’t need to be shamed by anything your body does. If you get hard and it’s uncomfortable, adjust your dick. If you get embarrassed, feel free to blush. If it gets so hot that you have to masturbate, by all means, rub one out.”

I nodded. I’m still a bit overwhelmed, and things are moving quickly, but I don’t feel scared anymore. Embarrassed, confused and just a bit curious, yes, definitely those things.

“Now, will you feel better if I put my arm around you and we cuddle, or will you feel more embarrassed?”

I’m touched that she asked. It would be easy for her to assume that I want the contact, and do it without asking. Had she done that I’d probably have frozen up and panicked. But she asked me, and that made it less scary.

I still considered it for a second. Less is sometimes a far cry from none. But in this case, it was close enough.

“Yes please.”

She nodded approvingly.

“That good that you thought about it. Don’t let anyone – even me – stampede you into something you don’t want to do. You can always take time to think and decide what you really want. I can’t say no one will ever get offended. But no one SHOULD be offended.”

With that, her arm is around me, and the movie starts.

For the first few seconds, I find the arm distracting. I can feel her warmth next to me, and I’m intensely conscious of it. I’m also conscious of the boner I’ve had ever since she started flipping through the porn titles. I take a deep breath, and surreptitiously adjust it. And nothing happens. I get no side eyes, no exclamations of grossness. For a second, I’m shocked by this.

Then the action starts and I’m drawn to the novelty.

‘Bound Babes 5” isn’t big on exposition. It starts with big breasted, hairless blond women with a red ball gag in her mouth, tied to four posts set in a stone floor and struggling attractively. She’s spread-eagled which allows for a close-up of her shaved pussy. I’ve seen still shots of pussies before, but there’s something more visceral about it when it’s in a movie.

The shot pans back out to reveal a dick, and then the man the dick is attached to. Like every dick I’ve seen in dirty pictures, it’s quite a lot bigger than mine.
Val, perhaps sensing my discomfort, squeezes my shoulders.

“I’ve never seen a dick that big in real life. Porn can give you ideas, but it’s no more real than Star Wars.”

Reassured somewhat, I focused on the movie again. The women is squealing past her gag, and struggling even more. It only serves to accentuate her vulnerability. The man can do whatever he wants to her, and she knows it.

He quickly takes advantage of that power to begin fingering her. She tries to get a away from his fingers at first, but pretty soon she’s moving into them, impaling herself on his hand as she moans in pleasure.

“That’s a good slut. Ride my fingers.”

He spanks the side of her ass a few times for emphasis.

Right as her movements begin to quicken even further, he withdraws his hand and licks the juices off his fingers.

“You’re not cumming yet, my pretty.”

I can’t help but giggle. That line was comically bad.

“That’s the other way you can tell we aren’t in a porn. Our dialogue wasn’t written by some two-bit hack.”

The bound girl whines piteously behind her gag.

The man’s cock has become fully hard. He bends down by her head, and begins to rub it all over her face. Some cum is leaking out of the tip, and it leaves shiny patches on her cheeks and forehead.

Abandoning this denigration after a minute, the man focuses on her nipples, pinching them until they are hard and erect, and then sucking on them. The women is squirming in pleasure again, but it’s clear that it isn’t enough to cum.

The man removes her gag.

“Beg me to fuck you!”

“Please! Fuck me! Make me cum!”

The man pauses to consider it. Then he leers at her.

“If you think you’re getting off before I do, you’re one dumb slut.”

With that, he squats over her face and shoves his dick down her throat.

She chokes on it and struggles against her bounds (there’s a lot of struggling in this porno), until he pulls it out. As soon as she catches her breath, he shoves it right back down her throat. He repeats this a few times, until she’s sobbing, at which point he finishes himself off all over her face.

The woman gets a hold of herself, and begins to beg him to fuck her again. He has her lick his balls and asshole until he’s hard again, and then he’s back to her pussy to pound away with his huge cock.

Like Val said, there’s no queefing.

She’s yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and moving into him with every thrust, and pretty soon she’s moaning that she’s coming. The man finishes with another grunt, and he withdraws just enough for the camera to get a close-up of him pumping loads of cum into her vagina. The screen fades to black.

The movie lasted all of ten minutes, but my mind is spinning, and my cock is as hard as it’s ever been. Beside me, Valerie’s face is flushed, and her breathing is deep.

“I have some questions, but I really need to take care of something first.”

Only the fact that she’s obviously as turned on as me makes this less than mortifying.

“How will you feel comfortable doing it?”

That’s a very good question. Every time I’ve masturbated before, it’s been the dead of night, and I’ve been entirely sure I’m alone. I’ve never even considered doing it with someone aware of what was going on. I don’t really want her watching me, but I don’t think her being in the same room will make much difference. It may even make it more thrilling.

“I think I’ll be fine under the covers of my bed. As long as you aren’t staring at me.”

“I can do that. Do you want to watch me though?”

Now there was another question. It didn’t really seem fair, but I was interested in seeing her ‘rub one out’ as she’d said.

I meekly nodded, and she laughed.

“Don’t worry, I like it when people watch me. It makes it a lot more fun for me.”

She opened her dresser, and rummaged around. She handed me a condom, and took out what looked like a pink plastic penis with a few buttons on it.

“The condom is for you. If you put it on clean-up will be a lot easier.”

I’d always used tissues, and so this seemed like a great idea.

“This,” she shook the phallus, “is for me. Fingers aren’t always enough for women to get off on.”

I nodded, unsure about what to say to THAT and retreated to my bed. Once I was under the covers, I took off my clothes. Fumbling in the dark, I was able to put on the condom. I was suddenly grateful for the earlier embarrassment of the “Condoms 101” class we’d all spent an hour in during orientation.

After it was on, I gave my dick a cursory stroke. I’d never had a condom on before, and I expected it to feel more different. From some grumbling I’d heard among my friends, I expected to not be able to feel my dick at all. There was a bit less sensation, but I doubted I’d have any trouble coming. This told me they’d probably been lying through their teeth about their sexual exploits, which put a whole lot of things in a new light.

I wrapped myself in my covers, lay on my back, and then turned my head to the side so I’d have a good view of Valerie. She had disrobed brazenly, and had her legs spread out. I could clearly see the lips of her vagina, glistening slightly with her arousal. Like the women in the video she was completely shaved. She was gently rubbing around the outside of her pussy lips with her left hand, while her right pinched her nipples.

She had smallish breasts that were very perky. Her nipples were quickly responding to her simulation, elongating and standing straight up. As I watched her tease herself, I began to slowly stroke my dick. She had her head thrown back and her eyes closed, which made me feel both more comfortable, and like a voyeur, both of which turned me on.

I didn’t want to come too quickly, so I kept my strokes slow and my hand loose. After a few minutes of tentative probing around her lips, she parted them with one hand, and began to slowly stroke the insides of her passage with the other. I could hear her begin to moan, and I couldn’t help but follow suit. I was rock hard.

The slight lowering of sensation due to the condom was helping me last much longer than normal. Usually, I’d have cum at this point, but I was quite content to draw it out. There was a constant temptation to rush ahead and finish, but I was following Val’s example.

After a bit more exploration, Val removed her hand, and grabbed the vibrator. With a faint buzzing, it came to life.

Repeating her earlier strategy, Val rubbed the buzzing head of the vibe around her lips. She was biting her lip in a most endearing way. He nipples were still solid, even though she’d stopped playing with them. The hand that didn’t have the vibrator was open on her bed. Her hips were periodically humping forward, pushing the very tip of the vibrator inside of her.

She drew this out longer than I thought possible, and it became increasingly hard for me to keep control of myself. I’d never seen something so sexy, and I’d never gone for so long without coming. Val’s pussy lips were engorged, and she was visibly leaking a clear fluid. Despite her bit lip, she was moaning audibly again.

Finally, Val slowly pushed the vibrator inside of her. Her other hand began to stroke the nub on top of her vagina. She was inhaling sharply, and then exhaling as a long moan.

I’d seen enough. I began to pump furiously. I had to have my orgasm. Val’s hips were also pumping frantically on the vibe. As she let out a deep long moan, I felt my cock began to twitch. I fired three or four ropes into the condom. My orgasm felt much stronger than usual, and it left me breathless. Well, the long moan it elicited was the main cause of the breathlessness, but the orgasm contributed some of it.

Stroking quickly became too pleasurable for me to bear, and I relaxed on my back, letting my hand fall away.

Val was still going. I’d heard that women could have more than one orgasm, but it was something else to see it. She’d pull the vibe out, take a deep breath, and then shove it in as deep as it would go, moaning and shaking the whole time. Her other hand was rubbing furiously at what had to be her clit, and her bed was shaking for the ferocity of her trembling and bucking.

She kept it up for maybe a minute before she turned of the vibrator, and collapsed sideways onto her bed. It was still buried in her pussy. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, doing interesting things to her breasts, which I could still see. Val had been considerate enough to collapse on her side.

When the post orgasm lethargy began to recede, I peeled the condom off my dick, and tossed it in the garbage. Val didn’t stir.

“Are you alright?”

Val blew out a long weary sigh.

“Yeah. I haven’t had anyone watch in a while. I forgot how hot it made me, and how many times it lets me come.”

“So you don’t always do it like that?”

“There’s lots of different ways I masturbate. Sometimes I just want to get one out as quickly as possible. Normally I’ll draw it out like that, but I can’t keep them coming for as long, and I have to stop after only a few.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“How was yours? I heard you moaning a bit, especially at the end.”

“I’ve never held it off as long as that. Normally I cum after three or four minutes.”

She grinned at me. “But good things come to those who wait.”

“I’ve just realized that. I didn’t realize that drawing it out made it feel so much better.”

“There are a few things that make it feel better. Drawing it out is one. Toys are another. Coming close a lot of times and then backing off can make it much more powerful when it finally comes. And of course, it feels a lot better when someone else does it to you.”

“Toys? But aren’t those only for women?”

“The flippant answer is to point out that you have holes too. But I know lots of men are cautious of anal play, and I’m not going to pressure you to try it if you don’t want to. But there are other options. Vibrating cock rings or fleshlights for example.”


“It’s a lot to take in.”

“Yesterday, masturbation was something I did when I was sure everyone else was asleep, and wouldn’t have admitted to doing in front of my friends. Now it’s being treated like a normal everyday thing. It will take me a while to wrap my head around the change.”

“I was the same way. My parents never really bothered with sex ed, because they knew I was coming here. That left me to figure out everything on my own. So I get what you’re going through. I didn’t actually end up having sex until I’d been here for a month. So don’t worry if you feel like you need to go slowly. Besides, you being so innocent makes it so much sexier.”

I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about that. I did sometimes fantasize about a more experienced women teaching me everything. But it was a bit more intimidating in real life than in my fantasies.

“Thanks. I think.”

She levered herself up, and went to my dresser. Her rummaging in the drawers gave me several interesting views, and I was more interesting in artistic appreciation of her than what she was doing. She interrupted my study by throwing my pyjamas at my face.

“Here, you can put these on if you want to get out of your bed.”

I slipped them on under the covers, and then pushed the covers aside and sat up. Val clearly felt no need to cover herself up.

Once I was standing, I realized I had no idea what I was actually supposed to be doing. I was alone in a room with a naked woman who thought corrupting my innocence was sexy. I didn’t have a script for this.

“So, um, what now?”

“I was thinking some cuddling? I’m sure you have lots more questions. Like about the movie.”

“Oh. It’s okay for me to cuddle with you?”

She walked back to her bed, and I admired her ass. I’d heard that tight asses were in some way desirable. I was pretty sure her ass was tight. It was certainly desirable.

“Here. Come sit on the bed, and lean against the wall.”

I did as she said. Once I was settled in, she scooted herself over so that she was in front of me.

“Spread your legs.”

I did as she said, and she scooted the rest of the way, so that her bare back was resting on my bare chest. My head fit comfortably on her shoulder. My hands dangled uselessly at my sides. I didn’t know if it was okay to touch her.

“If you’re nervous about touching me, you can wrap your arms around my stomach.”

She was really good at this. She really must have started a lot like me.

“So you started just as clueless as I am. Wasn’t it scary?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I was always kind of taught to want sex. Like you said, that’s what men are supposed to do, right? But aren’t women always taught to say no? They threw you in with a guy right? Weren’t you scared he was going to rape you?”

She was silent for a few seconds.

“I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t scared. But he took things even slower than I am, probably because the dynamic is different when it’s a boy teaching a girl. And my parents at least gave me some warning what would happen at the school. I’d already started masturbating before I came here, and a lot of my fantasies were about a man forcing me to feel good against my will, like in that movie. That way I could think about sex, without feeling guilty like I wanted sex, if that makes any sense? This school is good about teaching the ridiculousness of that idea. And now I love sex, in all of its varieties. But I still hold a special love for being tied up and pleasured.”

My dick had started to harden up during her speech. Perhaps it was her proximity, or perhaps it was the content.

“I want you to know that I can feel you dick.”

“Oh, sor – “

“I wasn’t saying it because there’s something wrong with it. I didn’t want to ignore it and make you think it’s something shameful. Erections happen. Just like women sometimes get wet. No one here is going to judge you for having a boner.”

“You’re so casual about all this sex stuff. I’m kind of scared out of my mind. When you say it, it seems so natural. If I were going to say something like that, it would come out all weird.”

“Michael, want to know a secret?”


“Everyone, all the time, is freaking out. Everyone is terrified of what everyone else thinks about them. Everyone thinks that everyone else moves through life so effortlessly. We’re all so worried about tripping up that we feel everything is too deliberate. But guess what? We’re also all so scared of fucking up that we don’t realize when anyone else does. For someone else to actually notice your mistakes, they have to be pretty fucking spectacular. So next time you’re freaking out, relax. Everyone around is also freaking out. And they’re too self absorbed to notice that you’re freaking out with them. They think you’re swimming through life effortlessly, and they’re jealous.”

“It’s really everyone? I thought it was only me.”

“It’s not always the same for everyone. And if you have a lot of experience with something, you can go on autopilot and avoid panic. But in general – and aside from a few aberrations who are genuinely unflappable – yes.”

“I don’t know how to feel about that. On one hand, it’s reassuring. On the other, it’s depressing. I didn’t want to think that everyone is always as scared as me.”

“I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll mess something up and you won’t like me. Or that I’ll mess up and hurt you. But there are things I’m not scared of. I’m not scared of masturbating in front of an almost stranger. I’m not scared of the mechanics of sex. My fears have changed over the years. When you’re where I am, you’ll have similar fears. They don’t go away, but they change. I think that’s part of what becoming an adult is. Having adult fears. You get to know there’s no monsters in the closet. But that doesn’t mean there are no monsters.”

I found myself crying, and I didn’t know why.

She turned around and got up on her knees so she could hug me. I felt her breasts press into my chest, but I wasn’t focused on the sexiness. I was focused on the comfort.

“That’s why we’re cuddling. I wanted the comfort of your arms. And I think you need comfort just as much as you do. There’s something about holding onto someone else’s body that makes the world less scary.”

We slowly slid down the wall until we were cuddling in her bed. She wrapped us in blankets, and turned off the lights.

I cried until the place where my tears came from dried up. After the tears were gone, I felt safe and exhausted. Held in Valerie’s arms, I feel asleep.

It was my first night at St. Anne’s and I slept like a baby.

* * *

I was disoriented when I woke up. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d woke to another body in my bed. Probably when I was a child, and had hid from the monsters in my closet under my parent’s covers.

‘And that’s different from last night how?’

It was good to see that my internal snark was coming back. I must have been all out of sorts the past night for it to have been gone.

Valerie’s body is warm against mine. She’s still naked. In the night, we must have moved. She’s now spooned against me, and I have my arm wrapped around her stomach. Her breathing is deep and easy.

From last night, I have ample grounds to imagine her breasts rising and falling with her breaths. I want to stroke them, but we were all cautioned at orientation not to touch anyone who’s asleep without prior consent.

Instead I nuzzle my head into her shoulder. I think about what she said about comfort. I’m in bed with a girl I’m attracted to. I have morning wood. Holding on to her should make me more scared. Instead, I feel better. She’s pretty clearly on my side. And she’s pretty easy to talk to.

My nuzzling must have woken her, because I feel and hear her breathing speed up, and she stirs against me.

She turns to face me.

“Good morning!”

She’s adorable in the morning. She’s squinting against the light streaming through the window, and she’s fighting back a yawn.

Then she kisses me.

For a second, I’m shocked, and don’t know what to do. Her lips are pleasantly warm and soft on mine. When she turned, my hand fell around her waist. I pull her too me, and kiss her back. I feel her mouth opening, and I open mine.

I’ve never done this before. I have no idea what to expect. My heart is beating very fast. I can feel hers beating just as fast through her feverish breast. When did she get so warm?

Her tongue enters my mouth slowly. It finds mine, and flicks it playfully. I feel like I’m being called to come out and play. Cautiously, I flick hers back. I focus on what I’m feeling, and I don’t think too much about what I’m doing. I’ve decided that I don’t want to be one of the people living my life scared of what other people will think.

Making out with her seems to come naturally. It’s easy to make contact with her tongue. To stroke it with mine when it’s in my mouth, and to gently invade her mouth with my tongue as hers withdraws.

She rolls on top of me, and my hand drifts lower, to cup her ass. My other hand joins it on her other cheek. They’re firm, and I give them an experimental squeeze. She breaks the kiss for a second to giggle.

Encouraged, I pull body into mine. There is only a thin layer of fabric between my undiminished morning wood and her pussy. She moans through the kiss as it presses into her crotch, and I almost moan too as the friction sends a wave of pleasure throughout my body.

We quickly find a rhythm, and the kiss intensifies as our bodies move together and our breathing speeds up. I come closer and closer to cuming, but I never quite go over the edge. I’m right at the plateau, but no matter how hard I push her into me, or how fast we go, I can’t quite seem to go over the edge.

Panting, after five minutes of furious humping, she breaks the kiss.

“Not quite cumming I take it?”

My cheeks are burning red.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are lots of different ways to get off, and some of them don’t work for certain people. For example, a penis inside me isn’t enough to get me off. It doesn’t matter how big it is. I need it to be vibrating, or I need stimulation on my clit.”

“So I should just head back to my bed and stroke myself the rest of the way.”

She gave me a level look.

“That’s one option. Or if you feel more comfortable now, you can let me finish it off for you. There’s no pressure either way.”

I really wanted to come. Yesterday, the idea of her seeing me naked was scary. But now I’d seen and held her in her nudity. I’m much more comfortable with the idea of her doing something like that for me.

“I’d like you to.”

She beamed at me.

There was a bottle next to her bed that I’d assumed was moisturizer. As she squirted it on her hands, I realized it was lube.

When she had her back turned, I took off my pyjama pants. Now I was as naked as she was. She turned back around, and smiled at me again.

“You have nothing to worry about in the size department. That’s plenty big enough to get anyone off.” I blushed at her praise.

“If you need to lie down, or close your eyes, or do anything else to make yourself feel more relaxed, feel free to.”

“What about you?”

“If you want to, I’ll show you how to get me off afterwards. If not, I’ll get myself off and you can watch.”

I took her offer, and lay back and closed my eyes. She put one hand on my upper thigh, and I immediately flinched.

“Sorry, I’m a bit jumpy.”

“Nothing to apologize about. Take deep breaths.”

I breathed in and out to a count of three. Slowly, her fingers trailing along my skin and raising goose bumps, she brought her hand to my dick. MY breath caught as she slowly stroked up its length with two or three fingers.

Very gently, she wrapped her hand around me. Slowly at first, and then gradually faster, she began to move her hand up and down in the classic “jerk-off” motion. What she’d said earlier was true. It felt much better when someone else did it.

I couldn’t help the low moan her touch elicited. I heard the cheerfulness in her voice.

“You like this?”


It was actually hard for me to speak.

Within a minute I was right on the edge of cumming. Figuring I’d save us the mess, I gave a rather garbled warning (I hadn’t counted on how much concentration it took to speak).

“I… thi-think I’m ‘bout to… cum.”

I heard the sound of ripping tissue, but her pumping never stopped. She didn’t grip as tightly as I did, and the lightness and the lube let her move a lot faster, which lead to a much more intense sensation in the long run.

I felt my orgasm building. First my balls squeezed, and then I moaned. I felt an explosion of pleasure overtake me, and for a second I couldn’t think or breathe. I felt ropes of cum shooting out my cock.

Valerie slowed down a bit, but she continued to stroke. In my delicate post-orgasmic haze, the pleasure was overwhelming, like liquid fire. I found myself moaning again.

“That feels so good it hurts.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Not yet.”

The pleasurable pain built with each stroke. It wasn’t like the build-up to an orgasm, where the pleasure is clearly leading towards something, and there’s anticipation. This was just pure pleasure, unfiltered and difficult to contextualize. It was more than I could handle, and if it was me doing the stroking, I’d have stopped. But it felt so amazing.

I gritted my teeth.

“Are you sure you’re okay.”

She still didn’t stop.

“Please don’t stop.”

Unfortunately for my pleasure, I was betrayed by biology as my dick began to soften. She switched her grip, and gently stroked the tip with thumb, and I moaned again. There was so much pleasure that the back of my eyelids alternately appeared white and red.

“Okay! I can’t take anymore!”

She stopped right away.

I slowly opened my eyes. All my muscles were slowly unclenching. I was breathing heavily, like I’d just run a race and I was covered with sweat.

Valerie was beaming at me.

“So how was your first sexual experience with another person?”

“I can see why they give us two weeks for orientation. After two weeks I just might be ready to go an hour without feeling like that.”

She laughed.

“I remember the feeling. I was quite angry that I hadn’t taken full advantage of the first few weeks.”

I managed to prop my body up on my elbows.

“If you show me how, I can do you now? I really want to learn how to make someone else feel that good.”

“That’s the spirit!”

She grabbed her vibrator from her bedside table where she’d left it last night, and placed it on the bed next to us. Then she grabbed my left hand and placed it on her left breast.

“Cup it like so –“ she demonstrated on her other breast “– and then rub it like this.”

The rubbing involved side-to-side rotations of my wrist. She leaned her body into my hand, and moaned it a satisfied way.

“Now try pinching it like this.”

I mimed her demonstration, pinching very gently.

She giggled.

“Harder than that.”

Not wanting to hurt her, I gently increased the pressure.


I pinched as hard as I felt was safe.

“That’s still not hard enough.”

Gingerly, I increased the pressure as she continued to smile at me. Finally, at a pressure level I was sure had to be painful, she told me to stop.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“It hurts in the best feeling way.”

Considering I’d just been through something like that, I really wasn’t in a position to judge.

“Now go through those three with that hand, while I show you what to do with you other.”

Absently I switched to rubbing.

Val parted her pussy, and pointed out her inner and outer lips, as well as her clit.

“You’re going to want to stroke the lips to get me nice and wet. Then you can try rubbing my clit, or putting a finger or two inside of me.”

She briefly demonstrated each of those things. It was incredibly hot to watch her casually pleasure herself.

Nervously, I stroked around the lips of her pussy. I could feel a slight dampness from her leaking wetness. She gave a sigh of contentment, which I took as an encouraging sign.

Growing bolder, I slipped a finger inside of her. The inside of her vagina was warm and slippery, and I quickly realized that stroking the sides was the way to go – spurred on by occasional jerks of her hips and moans.

“Rotate you arm, and stroke the top.”

I did, and she let out a long moan. It didn’t feel any different to me, but based on the surge of juices I felt, it clearly made a difference to her.

“With your hand like that, you can also use your thumb on my clit.”

She reached out and gently positioned my thumb on top of the fleshy nub that seemed to bring her so much pleasure.

As I rubbed my thumb across it, she sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth.

“Just like that. Keep doing that.”

She slowly fell still, causing me to look up at her face. She had an expression of the most profound joyful serenity.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded silently.

I realized that my left hand had fallen still. Switching to the other breast, I began to pinch her nipple. Quickly, I fell into a rhythm. Pinch the nipple several times while stroking the clit up and down, and then rub her breast like she’d shown me while rubbing circles on her clit.

Her breathing became ragged, but she never lost the look of profound contentment.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes, grabbed the vibrator, and handed it to me.

“I want you to hold this right above my clit, and don’t stop unless I say ‘red’. Anything else, literally anything else I say, means keep going. Do you understand?”

I nodded. She lay back, closed her eyes, and spread her legs.

I pushed the vibe to the indicated spot, and turned it on.

She began moaning right away, deep, long moans that almost keened with their intensity. I felt her pressing into the vibe. Seconds later she was yelling.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!”

I saw a small squirt of fluid come out of her pussy. I didn’t know that women did that too.

She started bucking into the vibrator, and I focused on holding it steady, and in position.

After a few seconds, she stilled. Then the cycle repeated itself.

She came three times, complete with squirts and yelling before her moans took on a plaintive tone.

She closed her legs, but I was able to keep the vibe on target.

“No more. Please no more! That’s enough.”

I wanted to stop, but I remembered her earlier instructions. Clearly telling me to stop made it even hotter for her. I noticed her hands had moved from her sides. Now she was pinching her own nipples with savage intensity.

“I’m coming again!”

Her scream was desperate.

“That’s enough! Please! Please stop! It’s too much.”

Grimly I held on as she began to writhe. But it was clever writhing, that never made it too hard to keep the vibrator on target.

Finally, after several minutes of very delicious looking agony, Val called out “Red!”

I immediately removed the vibrator, and switched it off.

Val’s body, incredibly tense, seemed to fold in on itself. She was winded, and breathing shakily.

“Are you okay?”

It took her a long time to answer. Eventually, her eyelids fluttered, and she stretched languidly.

“Never been better. Lets shower and get breakfast.”

* * *

It hadn’t been as simple as that. First we’d kissed for a while more. Our kisses were much more tender and exploratory this time, now that we’d worn ourselves out.

Then there was the business of showering. Val insisted that we shower together, to be able to enjoy the hot water for longer, and I found that I had no objections. I was quickly growing used to her naked body, but I longed to touch it all over. So far, I’d had limited opportunity to. I figured that in the shower I’d be able to soap her up and touch her all over.

“You know, this shower can be even more interesting than you’re picturing right now.”

I blushed. “How so?” There was no real point in denying that I was picturing anything. Not that I wanted to deny it anymore.

“Has anyone ever told you’re cute when you blush? No? Anyways, it’s simple. I pretend to be a possibly innocent little girl, and you play the role of a more experience man. And we see where the acting takes us.”


She smiled at me. “Trust me. It will be so much more fun this way.”

And so I found myself standing in the shower alone, weird and awkward standing in the shower as I waited for Val to come join me. I didn’t know whether to get started or not, so I spent a few minutes fiddling with the water temperature and pressure. The shower was a lot more complicated than I was used to, and it included movable spouts with interesting head shapes.

Finally, the door opened, and I heard Val give a short squeal.

I quickly whirled around to make sure she was okay.

Her eyes were wide and scared, and she was covering her breasts with one arm, and her pussy with the other.

‘Play along’, I remembered. I quickly placed both my hands in front of my own crotch.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to burst in on you! Here, I’ll leave right now.

“Erm no, that’s okay, there’s plenty of room.”

“But we’re naked! Boys shouldn’t see girls naked! They might get ideas.”

I certainly had plenty of ideas of what I could do to her naked body, so I guess I couldn’t find fault with her logic.

“What if I turn around? We can shower back to back?”

Val was right; this was so much hotter than just trouping in naked together. I knew she was acting, but it was fun to play along, to pretend her a bashful virgin and not an experienced temptress. My hands did a good job of hiding my growing erection, and I managed to keep my eyes on her face, playing the chivalrous man to the hilt.

Her eyes darted to my crotch a few times. She was a pretty good actor. I almost believed she’d never seen a dick before.

“Oh, um, but only if you promise not to peek?”

I turned around and let my hands fall.

“I won’t peak if you don’t.”

She giggled nervously. I heard her soft footfalls in the water as she stood behind me.

The main shower was one of those decadent ceiling mounted units that dumped litres of water on you every second. It was more than wide enough for both of us.

Whistling tunelessly, I began to shampoo my hair. My dick was completely erect. In my mind’s eye, I was playing out all the ways this could end, all the things we could get up to.

“Um, could you please pass me the soap?”

I was positioned closest to the shelf with all the shower supplies, and she clearly didn’t want to walk in front of me to grab soap. Grinning, I grabbed a bar, and held it out behind me.

“I’m holding a bar behind my back. Think you can grab it without peeking.”

There was silence, then a giggle. “Yes. Sorry, I nodded at first, and then I realized you couldn’t see me. Okay, I’m going to grab it.”

Nothing happened for a few seconds, and then I felt a hand on my butt.

“That’s not the soap.”

She squealed, and removed her hand.


“That’s okay. The soap is more to the left. Your left, that is, if you really have your back to me, and aren’t peeking at me and using blindness as an excuse to cope a feel.”

“I would never!”

I chuckled at her tone of righteous outrage. But she grabbed the soap from my hand this time.

I rinsed the shampoo off my hair. There were five other bars of soap on the shelf, but I decided to pretend that there was only one – the one she had.

“If you’re done with the soap, could you pass it back to me? It’s the only bar.”

“Oh, ummm.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Well you see, I can’t soap up my back.”

“I can’t actually see you, but I suppose could be a problem. But is your back all that dirty?”

“A lady is never dirty! But I can’t shower without cleaning all of me! That would be a waste. Normally I have one of my sisters do my back when we shower together, but they’re obviously not here.”

“I see.”

Her too innocent voice immediately put me in mind of incestuous lesbian shower orgies, which were incredibly hot to contemplate.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to go without today.”



“Or you could soap my back, mister.”

“I thought you didn’t want me looking at you?”

“I don’t! But I want my back clean. Maybe you could close your eyes?”

“That seems risky. Without being able to see you, I could end up touching you… anywhere.”

Ye Gods it was fun to play the part of the ambiguously lecherous man! I knew Valerie would understand and appreciate all of the innuendo. But the real question was how much her character would get.

Silence greeted my pronouncement.

“Well? What will it be?”

“You… you can keep them open I guess.”

I turned around and took a step forward. I was almost touching her. She could probably feel my breath on the back of her neck.

“Hand me the soap.”

She shivered, but passed the soap over her shoulder to me. She kept looking dead ahead. I accepted the soap, and slowly lathered my hands up. I didn’t want to use the bar when I could use my hands, and feel her skin under them.

Once I was ready (and I’d given her several moments to anticipate it), I reached out a sudsy hand, and massaged the soap onto her right shoulder. She gasped.

“Is anything wrong?”

“It’s okay… I just feel funny. You know, down there.”

I could hear the blush in her words. And I could empathize; I was certainly feeling funny down ‘there’.

I kept rubbing the soap in. As I removed my hand and replaced it with the other hand on her other shoulder, she shivered briefly.

Her shoulders and neck were first. Her wet skin was firm and feverish under my fingers. I could feel the interplay of her muscles beneath the skin as she tensed and relaxed in response to my ministrations. It may have only been her back, but it was surprisingly intimate.

I soaped up my hands again, and then moved my hands down her sides. I reached far around to graze the sides of her breasts with my finger tips, causing a shocked yelp.

“Is something wrong?”

“You touched… you touched my chest!”

“Oh. Sorry. I was just being thorough.”

“I guess that’s okay then. But don’t do it again! No one’s allowed to touch me there but my sisters.”

“Do your sisters wash more than just your back then?”

“They’re not supposed to… look if I tell you a secret, you won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Of course not.”

My hands had wandered down to her lower back. I was massaging the soap in just above her tight young ass. I removed my hands and soaped them up. Let’s see how thorough I could get away with.

“Well, my sisters wash all of me, especially my privates. It started by accident, but it made me feel so good that I asked them to keep doing it. And I do… things… with them in return.”

“You wash their privates too?”

“No. They do that to themselves while they wash mine. Then they make me kiss theirs. I asked them to kiss mine too, but they say they don’t want to, and I’m the youngest so I have to do what they say. And their washing does feel nice, so I don’t really complain.”

“Oh my. You’ve been quite naughty.”

My hands drift down to her ass. I slowly massage the suds in. She squeals again. But doesn’t pull away.

“I have been?”

“Very naughty”

“Are you going to spank me? That’s what my parents do when I’m naughty.”

“I could. Or you could decide that you like being naughty. Then I could do what your sisters do. And you could pay me back in the same way.”

“It wouldn’t feel right for me to get away with being naughty. But I really want you wash me in my privates. I’ve wanted it ever since I got in. Can you do it, and then spank me?”

“I suppose I can.”

“Oh thank you!”

She turned around and embraced me. My stiff cock poked her in the leg.

“Oh my! It’s gotten so big. Can… can I touch it?”

“You can do more than touch it. You can kiss it. How about you do your part first? Then I’ll reward and punish you after.”

Val batted her eyelashes at me.

“Oh thank you mister!”

She kneeled down in front of me. She gently took my dick in her hands. She ran her fingers up and down the length. I breathed out heavily.

“You like it mister?”

She’d gone deliberately doe eyed, her innocent charade belying experience far greater than mine.

“Yes. Continue, if you will.”

(Okay, so maybe I was enjoying this too much. But I hadn’t taken even a single drama class. Eventually, I managed to get less hammy when roleplaying.)

She went cross-eyed starring at it, before she leaned forward and planted a delicate kiss right on the tip. I felt a jolt of pleasure, and I involuntarily curled my toes. She backed up and looked into my eyes. I realized that hers were a particularly dark and beautiful brown. I stroked her wet hair with my hands.

“There’s a good girl.”

She leaned forward again. This time she took the tip in her mouth after kissing it. This was completely unlike masturbation. Her mouth was warm and soft, her lips firm on my shaft, and her tongue strong and supple as it teased the bottom of shaft. I couldn’t help the catch in my breath. It was hard to remember to breath when you felt this good.

She must have taken my breath as encouragement, because she didn’t back off or stop. Instead she began to bob her head up and down on my cock. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. The novel sensations were that amazing. It was all I could do to keep my knees from buckling. I didn’t have the presence of mind to think, evaluate, or say anything. I just encouraged her with cooing noises, and gentle stroking of her hair.

And then my orgasm was upon me. The wave started with her lips, locked tight around my shaft. It spread out, shaking me from the tips of my hair to my curled toes. My knees almost did buckle, and standing became extraordinarily difficult. I felt a delayed second wave radiating from my nuts, and then my dick jerked in her mouth as I filled it with my hot cum.

Val bobbed up and down a few more times, milking the last of the cum from me. Once I was finished, she stood up in front of me. I saw her throat bob as she swallowed.

“My sisters make me swallow their juices. I thought you’d like it if I did the same thing for you.”

“Thank you, I do. Now, I’d like you to lie down on your back with your eyes closed.”

“You’re going to clean my privates now mister?”

“Yes, I am.”

With a beaming smile, Val lay down on the floor of the shower. Pausing only to grab a shower attachment with the Venus symbol on it, I sat down cross-legged next to her.

“You’re so dirty that I don’t think soap would do. We’re going to have to power wash you.”

Hoping I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself, I aimed the head of the nozzle at her exposed pussy, and pulled the trigger.

She screamed almost immediately as a stream of fast water landed right on her clit. Her hands jerked towards her exposed slit, but with an effort she arrested them.

The attachment shook in my hands as it pulsed water towards her pussy. I couldn’t tell if her pussy was wet, but it did have the same swollen look it had gotten whenever she’d been feeling pleasure.

Any doubts I had were assuaged moments later when she began screaming in pleasure.

“Oh mister! I’m getting my tickle already! Oh mister! Don’t stop.”

I held the flow on her, as I watched her eyes flutter, and her heartbeat frantically under her breast (her nipples were completely erect, I noticed).

I gave her fifteen seconds of pleasure. Then I switched the nozzle off.

“Please don’t stop mister!”

“But you said yourself you had to be punished for your naughtiness. And now I think it’s time for your spanking.”

She whimpered, but didn’t protest as I draped her over my lap, with her ass facing up and at the mercy of my hand.

I took a deep breath. I didn’t know how far to take this, or how far I was supposed to take this. And I didn’t want to actually hurt her. Should I go for a real spanking? Or should I fake it for effect?

“Mister? Are you going to spank me? Or have you decided I wasn’t that naughty? I’ll be good, I promise.”

Her writhing ass made an appealing target. But I erred on the side of caution regardless. My first blow could barely be called that.

She giggled. “You’re a lot weaker than my dad, mister.”

Weak, eh? I’d show her.

My next blow was considerably harder, and was rewarded by a sharp “Eek!”

Having found the correct power, I wasted no time bringing blow after echoing blow down on her unprotected ass. She squirmed throughout them, but the squirming seemed to be more about rubbing her pussy on my leg than any serious pain.

After about ten, Val spoke to me as Val again.

“Okay, that’s enough of that.”

She got off my lap, and grinned at me.

“You’re a natural!”

“That was so hot!”

She winked, and then threw herself at me. Her lips found mine, and it was quite a while before we got around to finishing our shower and going to breakfast.

A/N The Second:

There was a question I was trying to answer with this work: can erotica teach something useful (beyond simple mechanics of sex) while still being hot? Many people, myself among them consumed erotica during our formative sexual years, and it’s shaped our sexual development. To what extent do the authors of porn have a responsibility to lead young horny readers towards ethical sex? Is this even a useful goal? Is any moralizing inherently unsexy, or can we balance the two and create a tension that improves the story?

Before you think I have pretensions of being literary, I would like to point out that I also wrote this to jerk off to. The idea of being taught by a more experienced woman, or more generally, the idea of the corruption of innocence is really hot to me. All of my stories are some sort of riff on this theme. And I find erotica much hotter if there’s some dialogue and exposition between scenes where people fuck like rabbits. That is how this story ended up so bloody long. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to continue. I can’t promise a speedy sequel, but if enough people enjoyed this, perhaps I’ll revisit St. Anne’s at some point in the future.

Val and Michael have a lot more they can get ‘up’ to.

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