by JackassTales

Summertime fun with young neighbor girl
A “How I Spent my Summer Vacation” story

JackassTales…tale # 50…Readers; for my 50th tale I decided to do something I rarely do. I took on a request for a story. A 21-yr-old lady I have been playing Private Message pattycake with (yes she knows I’m a Horny ‘Old’ Dog in a wheelchair who writes about young girls) sent the following request which I couldn’t resist. I hope she likes what I have written. I hope you do, too.

I was wondering if you want to write a story about me sometime? You know like you fucking me as a little teen girl? Posting it? Well if you do, I have red hair, brown eyes, light skin that does tan, a few freckles and I giggle quite a bit. Not sure if you’re interested in this idea, but I would be honored to read it if you decided to write it. Um, I saw that one story you wrote for that girl and um, kind of was curious what you would write about me. Oh yeah also I like deepthroat and spanking. *Blushes shyly.* Lucy

Sweet Little Lucy Likes My Wheelchair

Epilogue (The new girl next door)

One of these days, and I hope it’s pretty damn soon, I’m supposed to be able to get out of this wheelchair. At least, that’s what the doctors have told me. I have been assured this neuromuscular condition which affects my legs usually runs its course in two to five years. I’m at the four year mark right now.

I went back to the ledger filled with numbers I was trying to decipher. Shit, I was supposedly on a month-long summer vacation, yet here I was stuck inside trying to straighten out an almost indecipherable mess! As an independent accountant, I moved my office to my home so I could avoid the hassle of commuting into the city in my disability-equipped van. I hated the word ‘disability’ because it implies an inability to do anything. Hell, I can work, I can drive, I pay taxes, I compete in shooting matches, I can swim, and damnit, I can even walk short distances! I am an independent man of thirty two years in age and damn proud of it!

A movement outside my window distracted me. My mood lightened immediately. Out there on a tire swing my young neighbor girl was singing and swinging away. I hadn’t yet met Lucy, but I had met her divorced mother when they moved into the house next door earlier this week. I suppose the child had been visiting her dad but her mother had sung her praises as a sweet girl, a straight A student, and a virtuous child without a disagreeable bone in her body. All this and she was a kid of only sixteen years in age!

Fascinated by the unfettered joy and the unrestrained exuberance of the swinging child, I watched her instead of attending to my work. Naturally, since she was a female, no matter her age, my eyes began describing the girl to my captivated mind. Flowing strands of shimmering red hair blew in the breeze. Brown eyes sparkled in the noonday sun. A light-skinned face glowed with a slight early summer tan and was sprinkled with a very few freckles. The girl was giggling. In the little while I had watched, I discovered she giggled quite a bit.

The giggling swinger was clothed in a sleeveless summer top which was white in color. Thin straps running over her shoulders held up the mounds mounted on her chest. I don’t know much about the anatomy of young ladies her age, but I supposed those protrusions were good-zized breasts. I did know pretty legs when I saw them. This new neighbor girl’s legs sprang out of a pair of blue shorts and ran down slender, but not long, limbs and ended at barefooted, petite feet.

All in all, I’d say my neighbor kid Lucy was a pretty hot little package! I wasn’t surprised by the swelling in my pants, but I knew damn well I shouldn’t be having an erection while looking at a jailbait girl! Devil damn my wickedness, I need to stop looking and get back to work!

I picked up the ledger and my laptop, grabbed my chair’s joystick control, and then motored out to my backyard. I laid the ledger and computer on a patio table covered by an awning. Numbers come naturally to me so after an hour of steady work I had the chicken-scratch ledger straightened out into manageable documents.

Although I was finished working, numbers continued to run through my head. 4 foot 10 inches to 5 feet tall and maybe 85 to 95 pounds in weight… 16 years in age… 10 skinny, rope-holding fingers and 10 sexy, swinging toes… Maybe a 26 to 32 inch bust sitting atop a flat belly and a seductive crotch… Oh shit, I was still thinking about that pretty little girl next door!

Part One (Wanna give ‘it’ a whirl?)

“Mr. Jackson?” a soft voice said from beside me. “Sir, may I talk to you? Mama says you’re really nice and that you would probably be willing to help me with my summer vacation school project.”

Speaking of the devil herself, I spun my wheelchair around and came face to face with the girl child I’d been thinking about! The kid giggled then stuck out her hand and spoke again, “Hi, I’m Lucy.”

Automatically, I offered my outstretched hand to my young neighbor. Just as I suspected, the girl’s hand was warm, supersoft, and pleasant to the touch. Heck, it was almost too pleasant if you ask me! A horny guy my age had no business being aroused by an innocent teen girl!

“Hi yourself,” I replied despite my mind’s turmoil. “Why don’t you sit and tell me about this school project you have. If I can, I will gladly help you. Oh, and my name is, Jason.”

Lucy took a seat in a nearby chair and pulled a notepad from a bookbag I had not noticed. “Thank you, Mr. Jackson,” she said. “This is a report I have to do for my 11th grade high school social studies class starting in August. We have been studying about Freud in my 10th grade class and we will continue in the 11th grade. Over the summer we have to interview someone who might have a story related to his work and write a ten thousand word essay.”

“Freud?” I asked surprised. “Aren’t you a little young to be studying Freud? He talks about…well, ‘sex’…a lot, doesn’t he? And, young lady, whatever in this world would make you think I might have a sex story to tell?”

My redheaded neighbor’s fair skin face blushed a bit. She stuttered as she tried to answer. Finally, she pointed. It took me a few seconds to interpret her gesture, but then I realized she was pointing at my wheelchair. Oh my, was this girl child intuitive enough to realize a man might have sexual problems because of a physical limitation? Curious as a curiosity cat, I told the girl, “Sure thing. Go ahead and interview me.”

Softball, but very personal, questions came first. What was my condition, how long had I had it, what was my prognosis, etcetera. When the girl’s face reddened again, I knew the hardball questions were coming. “Mr. Jackson, do you have a wife or girlfriend to provide you with…with…‘companionship’?” she shyly asked. “Mama says she doesn’t think you do, so do you…do you miss…‘it’?”

I laughed aloud. My merriment was not from the question but from the easily recognized uneasiness and embarrassment of the questioner. The girl was in over her pretty, little head! And damnit, I thought, she started this so I’m not going to go easy on her!

“Lucy, by ‘it’ do you mean ‘sex’?” I replied. “Well, there was a time when I could get all the puss…all the female ‘companionship’ I wanted to from ladies of all ages. I will admit this damn wheelchair is a big ‘turn off’ in that respect. I lost my very passionate girlfriend for this reason.”

The girl at the table jerked her head up suddenly. She spoke vehemently. “The bitch!” she practically screamed. “She shouldn’t have left you for that reason! Your wheelchair is just a means of transportation, not a death sentence!”

Wow, this redhead has a temperamental streak. She also has an endearing compassion I have rarely seen in a child her age. “Thank you Lucy for defending me,” I said with genuine sincerity. “I really appreciate it.”

Before we became mired too deep into a pity-party for me, I decided to lighten the mood. “Girlie, don’t you worry too much about me,” I winked. I mischievously added, “Old Five Fingers and I do a fine job of pleasing me! I believe your fella Freud talks about masturbation and such. You ought to try it sometime.”

Just as I hoped, here came the giggling girl I was becoming smitten with. In between giggles the sweet, innocent child shattered my illusions about her by saying, “I already have tried it!” Immediately, she covered her betraying mouth, but her giggles continued despite her blushing grin.

When the merriment subsided, Lucy’s questioning continued. She stood and stepped uncomfortably close to me. Every fiber of my masculine body could feel her feminine presence. “May I ask you some questions about your wheelchair?” she inquired. “What’s this red button do?” she asked without awaiting my answer.

“Touch it,” I answered. I wasn’t sure she’d do it, but she did. An automotive horn’s blaring scream shattered the early afternoon quietness. Lucy jumped but recovered quickly. Without asking permission, the giggling girl touched or flipped other buttons and switches. Headlights turned on and off, turn signals clicked, an indoor buzzer buzzed, and then the back reclined with the footrests out just like an old man’s Lazy Boy recliner.

“I wouldn’t fool with this adjustable switch if I were you,” I warned. Of course, the child ‘had’ to touch it then. At one setting, a loud, catcall whistle at a pretty girl blew. Lucy giggled shyly. Then, a fart-horn blew. The girl blushed, but again giggled. The last setting was a voice shouting, “Get the Hell outta my damn way, stupid!” Lucy lost it in a fit of giggling laughter.

Before she touched it, Lucy did ask me what the tall rod sticking up out of the control box was. When I told her it was my ‘joystick’ she looked at me as if I were making some kind of Freudian reference to my penis. I giggled myself then explained that it made my wheelchair go forwards and backwards or any combination in between. “Wanna drive it?” I teased.

“How could I with you in it,” was her quizzical answer.

I pushed the button which raised my legs and footrests into a straight out in front of me position. Without further ado, I placed my hands around the curious girl’s waist and lifted her into my lap. She squealed when I pushed hard on the joystick and the chair lunged forward. Switching to a higher speed, I raced to an empty parking lot down the street. “Now you drive,” I dared.

Curious this girl may be, but she was also a closeted daredevil. Grabbing my wheelchair joystick, she followed my lead and raced around the blacktopped lot at top speed giggling and laughing uncontrollably. If not for my viselike grip around her waist the dangerous child would have flown off into the unknown. Child my ass! The butt wiggling in my lap was rubbing against my flesh-and-horny-boned masculine joystick with enough feminine seductiveness to arouse my passions.

Somehow, during this wild ride, my waist-holding hands ended up underneath the sleeveless summer top of my lap-driving girl. Before I realized what I was doing, I was caressing the soft flesh of a young female’s belly. My curious cat was awakened again so I reached upward with one hand to see if there was indeed a bra under there. Oh yeah, there was! When the girl hit an unexpected bump, my fingers unintentionally slipped under the edge of the breast-supporting garment and I found myself holding a handful of tit.

“Damn your wicked soul Jason Jackson you had better let go of it!” I silently told myself. Ignoring my self admonishment, I took just a minute or two or three to feel of the feminine flesh. A well-formed mound greeted my hand. My fingers fondled the pointed protrusion of a tiny nipple. Whether this young lady was aware of it or not, her boob and her nipple were swelling in size!

As suddenly as it happened, I jerked my hand out of Lucy’s bra. Oh god, I hope she can forgive me for this unforgivable molestation! I said nothing but I took control of the joystick and drove us back home and pulled into my backyard. My laptop and the ledger were still on my patio table along with this girl’s notepad and bookbag. I expected the child to jump out of my lap, but surprisingly, she didn’t. Instead, she twisted sideways and threw her pretty slim legs over the armrest of my wheelchair.

“Mr. Jackson, I don’t know how any woman could be ‘turned off’ by your wheelchair!” little Lucy emphatically announced. “Both you and your chair are a peck of fun and a bushelfull of delight! I enjoy every second I spend with you. Hey, it sure is getting to be a hot summer day, isn’t it?”

Unprepared, I was touched deep in my soul by this innocent girl’s emotional outburst. My heart swelled and I kissed the sweet child’s cheek. Surprised I was when she reciprocated my affection. Yet, she didn’t just kiss my cheek she also gave me a peck on the lips. For some reason, her lips lingered where they were on my lips for a few seconds longer than need be. An irresistible impulse caused the tip of my tongue to slip out of my mouth and wet her lips. Instinct brought her lips against mine and we kissed with a passion which was inexcusably forbidden!

We broke the kiss almost as soon as it started. Both our faces flamed red with a blush. God, I don’t think anything had ever made me blush before! In order to break the tension, I offhandedly asked something about her comment about it being too hot, and since she was showing no signs of leaving my lap anytime soon, I added a question about would she like to go someplace cooler. She nodded with an eager affirmative gesture.

The houses on this block were built with their backyards bordering a densely wooded forest. Holding a passionate girl in my lap, I headed my wheelchair toward the seemingly impenetrable woods. My motorized vehicle was ruggedly built with heavy-duty motors and oversized tires. Weaving my way through a maze of trees, bushes, and undergrowth, I finally maneuvered my motor vehicle into a secluded glen. Tall pines surrounded a grassy, shaded, half acre sanctuary. At one end a small waterfall gently spilled its waters into a crystal clear pool. The pool’s overflow babbled its way down a meandering stream and disappeared into the darkness at the glen’s far end. The air temperature here was much cooler than the citified place Lucy and I had left behind. City sounds were lost in a faraway place.

“Mr. Jackson, uh, Jason, oh my god, it’s so beautiful here it’s beyond belief!” Lucy incredulously uttered. “Thank you for bringing me here to your secret hideaway place. Is this where you bring all your ladies?”

I snickered with mischievous glee. “All of what ladies?” I answered. “Didn’t I tell you I haven’t had any ladies or…‘p.u.s.s.y’…for a while? That is unless, Miss Lucy, are you my lady?”

The daredevil girl answered sternly, “I most certainly am, Jason!” She quickly added, “If you want me, I am yours! I’m not afraid of your wheelchair and I’m not afraid of you! And Mister, although I am a young virgin, I will even give you all of the ‘p.u.s.s.y’ you want and have been missing if you want it from me! Just tell me what to do.”

With these brazen words said, the girl threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again. This time the tongue wetting her lips and mine was hers. I felt the passion of her ardent kisses from the hair on my head to the tips of my toes. I knew this was wrong on so many levels, but I held my sweet girl in my arms and kissed her like crazy. A small voice in the back of my head wondered if all of this ‘research’ would end up in Lucy’s summer Freud report.

Throwing caution to the wind, I told myself, the hell with it! Lucy made no objections when I slipped her top up over her redhaired head. She didn’t fuss when I removed her lacy bra. This time I had no reluctance when my hands molested her young breasts. The tantalizing titties swelled and yielded themselves to my manual manipulations. Tiny nipples stiffened into good-enough-to-eat berries.

Speaking of nipple eating, I stripped my own pullover shirt off then put my hands under Lucy’s armpits and lifted her up off my lap. Once I had her chest positioned in front of my face, my mouth began its berry-hungry eating. Tiny they might be, but my little neighbor girl’s stiffened nipples were a delicious treat I gobbled with gusto. Just like the soup jingle, they were, ‘Mmm Mmm, good’! I didn’t exactly suck the beautiful, pinkish color off my girl’s nipples, but it sure wasn’t for the lack of trying.

After several long minutes, my lips switched their attention to the mounded flesh surrounding the reddening nipples. If the word ‘supersoft’ ever had a mammary manifestation it was the skin my lips now orally abused. Well abused may not be the right word because I really wasn’t all that rough, but I certainly was feverishly enjoying myself while kissing and sucking these wondrous breasts. When Lucy giggled with glee, I threw in a few more nipple sucks just for good measure.

Satisfied, for the time being, I lifted the girl’s featherweight body higher. I kissed the flat-bellied skin of her abdomen and tickled the ticklish hole of her bellybutton. Giggling laughter resounded within the confines of our very own private Garden of Eden. God, Freud, and the Devil himself could debate the right or wrong of what was going on here in this sacred place, but I was too busy myself to join in.

So light in weight was this babydoll in my arms I lifted her up so high in the air that God could have snatched his angel out of my arms if he wanted to. Thankfully, he didn’t. I didn’t know how Lucy would feel about it, but I kissed the cloth-covered pussy dangling in front of my lips. If not for the interference of a pair of blue shorts and the panties within them I could have had myself a taste of hot young female glory. Oh goodness, I wanted my girl’s pussy so badly I wanted to scream!

Dropping the stimulating young lady back into my lap, I asked her an impulsive question, “Lucy, does your rug match your redhead roof?” I regretted my haste as soon as the words left my mouth. For all I knew, she was so young she didn’t even have a ‘rug’. Some girls at sixteen years in age do and some don’t. Furthermore, even if she did have pubic hair, she might not know it was called a rug by guys.

Big brown doe eyes glared at me. “That’s for me to know,” she scowled. After several tense, tantalizing seconds, she continued. “And, for you soon to find out!” she teased then giggled happily. Without missing a beat, the sexy little tormenter stripped her shorts and panties down over butt, legs, and barefooted feet. “Now lift me back up into the sky and check for yourself!” the daring child challenged.

Girlie girl, you had better be careful as to who you throw your challenges at! I lifted her back up and rocketed her skyward. In two shakes of a girl’s tail, I had a teen pussy in front of my eyes. Oh yeah, she had a rug! As pubic bushes go it was extremely small and thin, but boy-o-boy it was triangular shaped and just as radiantly red as the hair atop her head!

Unable to control myself, I kissed the red rug. My lips kissed, pulled, and tugged on its curly hairs. Finding bare skin along my girl’s upper thighs, I kissed that, too. I kissed into the valleys between pussy and thighs then I kissed the swelling outer pussy folds. Having teased myself enough, I kissed what I really wanted to. I kissed little Lucy’s pussylips and I licked the tiny tip of a clit.

The mischievous minx in my arms must have been reading my mind. I suppose some kind of female instinct told her what to do. As I ran my tongue up and down her pussy crack, several slim fingers from a pair of small hands spread that slit and revealed the feminine treasures concealed inside.

I needed no instinct to tell me to devour the young vaginal wonders now exposed to my sight. Although only a teenager in age, Lucy had a clitoral jewel just begging to be spit-polished by a practiced clitlicking tongue and buffed dry by skilled clitsucking lips. She also had a virginal hole which awaited an intrepid oral explorer. Girlie, I was just the guy with the tongue and lips for these jobs!

For the next five or ten or a hundred minutes I licked and sucked and explored. My tongue went wild flicking and licking the small, perfectly-shaped clit. Mmm Mmm good had been Lucy’s nipples, but this feminine protrusion was god-almighty-delicious! This girl’s giggles turned into quiet whimpering cries as I licked and sucked feverishly.

All at once, my tongue and two female pinky fingers spread the delicate butterfly wings of my naughty girl’s inner pussylips. My tongue darted inside and explored. Wetness coated this intruder. While not as wet as a full grown woman, this teen vaginal hole had more moisture than I expected. My tongue twirled and tasted while making its exploration of this moist cavity. I expected to find a virginal hymen and I did. Just inside the opening to this void I found the obstruction to penile penetration.

Thinking to myself, I thought, “Okay there is more than one way to skin this cock-barrier cat. With the swollen outer pussylips closed I betcha there would be enough vaginal room here to barely hold the sensitive tip of my cock. And, with a little saliva to aid with lubrication, I betcha I could hump this pussy good enough to get my rocks off and hers too. Yesiree, I bet I could fuck this girl without taking her virginity!”

Without realizing it, I had spoken the last sentence or two of my meandering musings aloud. Lucy’s spoken voice startled me, “Oh Jason, could you really do ‘it’, would you please? Stop what you’re doing and do ‘that’ instead!” Before I could react, the girl suddenly added, “Oh god no, don’t stop what you’re doing!”

What was I doing? Oh yeah, now I remember. While I was thinking about vaginal humping, my cupped and stiffened tongue had been darting in and out of this girl’s pussy. She had released her swollen outer lips and I was penetrating frantically all the way in through the fleshy tissue and hitting the unbroken hymen. I had not intended to bring my girl to orgasm, but apparently I was.

Lucy’s whimpering cries became squeals of delight. The girl’s hands pulled my head into her pubic mound. The toes of her barefooted feet dug into the skin of my sides. An orgasm was hitting her hard. I didn’t know if girls’ pussies could squirt feminine cum or not, but I was for damn sure this one was undoubtedly cumming! Vaginal moisture was coating my tongue, but if any of it was female cum, I couldn’t tell.

When this girl stopped squealing, I stopped tongue fucking her. As I lowered her down from her skywards position, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had stopped too soon. Older girls could have multiple orgasms. Could young ones? A pair of arms encircling my neck stopped Lucy’s descent. Lips locked onto mine and kissed me with impassioned wonder. Finally, the nude girl slid down and slumped into my lap.

Several minutes of silence passed. Birds were singing, water was babbling, and a soft breeze was blowing. Lucy’s voice softly whispered. “I arouse you don’t I, Jason?” she asked. “Your…penis…is hard isn’t it? I have shown you ‘mine’, can I see ‘yours’?”

My wheelchair recliner legrests were still holding my legs up into a horizontal position. I lifted the naked child and sat her on my outstretched knees. After unbuckling and unzipping my jeans, I lifted my butt and worked my clothing down off my hips and upper thighs. “Flip around,” I ordered. “You will have to pull my pants the rest of the way down. Get my shoes off too if you want me naked like you are.”

Instead of following my instructions, Lucy allowed her bug-eyed gaze to focus intently on the elongated length and swollen girth of my horny cock. I suppose curiosity got the best of her because she reached out both hands and timidly touched me. A bolt of lightning couldn’t have struck me with more of an exhilarating shock. The inquisitive child overcame her nervous hesitancy then began playing with my erection with the energetic enthusiasm of a kid playing with a new toy. My cockflesh rejoiced.

I didn’t think the girl would do it, I didn’t think she even knew how, but Lucy bent over at the waist and licked my cockhead then plopped it into her mouth. I don’t know what kind of instinct guided her, but she began licking and sucking wantonly. Before I knew it, several inches had disappeared into her small oral hole. I laid my hands atop her head to try and prevent her from taking in too much, but the girl must have misinterpreted my intentions because she took even more in. Holy shit, I had a tiny bit of a girl deep-throating my cock!

At last, little Lucy started gagging and fighting for breath. Still, she went back for more. Oh god, it felt so good and I was nearing orgasmic release. Damnit I might be perverted but I was more of a man than to allow a child to strangle on my shooting cum! I pulled on two handfuls of red hair with enough force to make the girl know I meant business. She came up off my cockshaft, looked me in the eye, and bashfully explained, “I’m sorry, Jason. I have never seen a penis, but my friends have told me what they do with their guys. I just wanted to see what it was like. Hey, I’ll get your pants off right now!”

My not-so-innocent Lucy scooted around and followed my original instructions. Unfortunately, when the girl turned around in my lap I found my inflamed cock lying in the crack of the sweetest little ass I had ever known! And, when she leaned over to pull down my pants, there was the crack of that sweet little pussy I had so recently been eating! Oh, what was a horny guy to do? I don’t know about other guys, but I had an erection still wet from this girl’s saliva and this girl had a pussy still wet from mine. I think it’s about damn time I tested my theory about my cockhead being able to fuck a pussy without breaking a hymen!

Just as easily as a hot knife slips into a tub of butter, the head of my enraged erection slipped in through Lucy’s swollen pussy lips. Kissing her vaginal barrier, it came out a little bit then went back in and kissed it again. Repeating this action, I developed a stead rhythm of hymen kissing and pussy humping. Hmm, this was working nicely!

As I suspected, my pussysucking had not given Lucy all the orgasms she needed. I had quit too soon. The sped up rhythm of my humping brought on the multiple orgasmic euphoria her female body desired. She squealed again and again and filled the air with joyful noise. This child was proving to me that little girls just wanna have fun, too!

Child, little girl, or whatever, this young woman’s cocksucking and eager-to-please cock riding had primed my manhood for orgasms of its own. Summoning vaginal fluids, my pumping cockshaft filled with semen and sperm then began expelling this heated mixture into the limited space between an unbroken hymen and the swollen outer lips of a pussy. Needless to say there wasn’t room enough to hold all my creamy goo so pubic mounds were being sprayed with a cummy mess. I don’t believe I really gave a rat’s ass because my vocal grunts and moans were joining Lucy’s squealing in filling the air with blissful noise!

Extreme willpower kept me from plunging deep into Lucy’s vaginal void with my spewing erection. The girl may have been experiencing the same self-control problem because she was pushing back harder against my cock and allowing her hymen to be stretched to its very limit. If not for the virginal pain reminders, I believe little Lucy would have given me her cherry right then and there.

Strength of wills won the day. No hymen was broken. My sweet little lady and I expelled our last orgasmic squeals and moans. The nude girl sat back in my lap and the cummy mess spread. There was no way I could take my girl home with our bodies in such a state. Switching my wheelchair back on, I pulled up close to the edge of the crystal clear pool. I lowered my legrests and then, with no forewarning, I pitched my Lucy into the water. The child disappeared from sight but then came up sputtering and spitting several yards away. Bracing myself, I jumped in after her.

Part Two (Wanna do ‘it’ again?)

At first glance this body of water didn’t look all that big, but it was actually somewhere near a cross between a family-sized pool and an olympic-sized pool. On this warm summer day the soothing waters felt good. The liquid’s buoyancy allowed me to stand, walk, and swim with the ease of a man without physically limited legs.

I swam over to Lucy, kissed her sweet lips, and then challenged her to a race. Cheating, I took a head start. I’ll say one thing, this girl wasn’t afraid of a dare. Her young, limber limbs propelled her after me and she nearly won, but she didn’t. “You cheated!” she shouted. Her voice echoed, “You cheated, you cheated, you cheated…”

“Did not!” I teased. “Okay, so I’ll race you back. If I win I get to suck your pussy. If you win you have to suck my cock. Deal?”

Learning her lesson, little Lucy giggled then took off swimming and shouted back over her shoulders, “Deal.”

About halfway back I caught up close enough to grab one of the girl’s kicking feet. After wrestling around a bit, my girl and I agreed to call it a tie. “If you will suck me, I will suck you, Jason,” Lucy said. “Can we swim around a little while first?”

I suppose this girl wasn’t really asking a question because she went ahead and started swimming around. Joining her, we swam, kissed, fondled, and played. I fingered a cum-spilling pussy and squeezed a little vaginal mound and a pair of tits. Lucy played with my cock and balls while I attempted to explain why cool water shriveled and shrunk them. Together we lay in the slow-moving rivulets of the pool’s overflowing six inch deep stream. I suckled water-splashed nipples and a sweet-tasting little clit. My girl sucked my shrunken manshaft until it grew back to hard, horny life. Our lips played affectionate, kissy-kissy waterpark games.

Exhilaration made my heart sing. I was forgetting my physical limitations; in fact, I was feeling more energetic every minute I spent with this enchanting female creature. I had myself a girl with an ‘anytime pussy’ living right nextdoor, I had already had one piece of her pussy this day, and I hoped to get another piece pretty damn soon!

“Hey Sweetie,” I suggested after swimming a little while longer. “Let’s swim over to my sunbathing rock. It’s a big, flat ledge rock at the edge of the pool. That’s where I sunbathe nude with all of my girlfriends!”

If looks could kill, I’d be in trouble. “Oh poop,” Lucy petulantly said. “You’ve already told me you don’t have girlfriends! Meanie, you’re just teasing me. I’ll sunbathe on your rock and you can go to the devil!”

Swimming away, Lucy kicked lots of water in my face. The girl was giggling when she glanced back. My adorable angel could be a bit of a temperamental devil when she wanted to be. As I watched, she climbed onto my rock ledge and laid on it belly-side down. Now dang it, that wasn’t the view I wanted to see! Swimming over myself, I stood in the water and smacked her pretty little ass. “Turn over!” I commanded.

“No!” she defiantly rebelled. “I’m mad at you for teasing me.”

I came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with a cantankerous redhead was to be firm with her. “You turn over or I will give your sweet little ass a spanking you will feel all the way into next week!”

There was no answer and there was no turning over. I grabbed the stubborn girl’s feet and pulled her body down closer to me then I spread her legs and walked in between them. I smacked one ass cheek with a stinging blow hard enough to let her know I meant business. When she made no response, I smacked the other cheek. Nothing, the girl lay on her belly with rebellious determination. Although I could see my handprints on her ass skin, I spanked my little sweetheart with several more blistering blows.

What was that faint crying sound I heard? Oh god, Lucy was trying her best to muffle whimpering cries! Her ass cheeks had turned from pale white to a glowing red! Shit, what kind of malicious bastard brutalizes an innocent child like this! Paying no attention to her protestations, I picked my sweet baby up into my arms and cradled her against my chest. “Oh Babydoll, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh god I’m so sorry!” I cried over and over. I was gently rubbing her tender, ass-whipped cheeks in an effort to return circulation and color. If I had a wish, I’d wish I could kiss her ass and make it ‘all better’.

Suddenly, Lucy’s tear-streaked face lifted to mine. “Kiss me, Jason,” she whispered.

I kissed my teen lover with the passion of a man seeking forgiveness through love. My girl’s impassioned kissing response seemed to offer loving absolution. Yet, there was more. I could taste it, I could feel it, and finally, I could identify it. It was lust!

Young Lucy’s next words proved me right. “Jason, can we fuc…can we do ‘it’ again?” she hopefully asked. “Will you put your penis in my pussy again and could we do it in your wheelchair? Oh Jason, I love doing it in your wheelchair, but is there anyway we can do it face to face instead of like we did it before?”

Oh goodness, I had helped give birth to a mystifying sexual being this day! Was my lover developing a ‘sex in a wheelchair’ fetish? Well, if she was, I was just the fella to feed and nurture it! “Sure, Honey,” I answered. “I think something on that order could be arranged.”

With Lucy helping me out of the water, I was able to take the few steps to my wheelchair. I plopped my wet ass into the cushioned seat and my girl climbed into my lap and attempted to mount me head on but with little success. “Hang on, impatience,” I implored. “Give me a chance to get set. Now there are two ways to do this. One is for me to remove the arms and allow you to straddle me with your legs. You could ride my horny hard joystick while sitting in my lap. I think I would prefer the other way where we could ‘do it’ in a bed in a girl-on-top position.”

When a frown covered her face, I knew what Lucy was thinking without her telling me. She went ahead and told me anyway, “But I don’t want to do it in a bed! Jason, I want to fuck you in your wheelchair!”

Wow, this young lady didn’t seem to be all that ‘little’ anymore! She was so adamant in her growing wheelchair fetish fascination she was brazenly using the word ‘fuck’. A sweet, innocent child doesn’t talk that boldly. In an effort to calm this naked young woman’s anxiety, I explained, “But Sweetheart, you didn’t wait for me to finish what I was saying about the second way to fuck in a wheelchair. Oh hell, I’ll just show you!”

I reached for a button and lifted my legrests back up into their horizontal alignment and locked them there. Another button activated a motorized actuator which raised a wide, padded headrest. Finally, my reclining wheelchair’s back was tilted backwards until it was flat. What I had now was an unconventional, but practical, ‘bed’. “All I need now,” I winked and teased. “Is a girl-on-top to fuck me!”

I didn’t expect a slap for my teasing, but I got one and then I got two or three more. If I had been sitting up these might be face slaps or if I was laying on my belly these might be ass slaps, but as I had lain back on my back the stinging slaps were directed onto my stiffened cockshaft. Shit, they hurt! I guess I was learning my lessons this day about teasing redheaded girls!

Most guys, I suppose, would lose their erections after such a painful attack. I didn’t. Instead, my inflamed cockshaft sprang up straight in the air. Before I could say “Holy Mama in Heaven!” my stinging cockflesh received a dose of analgesic comfort delivered in the form of the saliva-soaked mouth of a pintsized girl/woman. First, my cockhead acquired a healthy licking treatment. Second, my entire engorged penile shaft was blessed with another deep-throated sucking. And lastly, my entire erectile rod was saturated with slippery spittle wetness.

This babydoll female was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. I had a foreboding feeling I was about to find out soon. I was right! Lucy crawled up in my makeshift bed, kissed me, then scooted back down and positioned her little pussy directly over my erection. She lowered herself until my cockhead spread her pussylips and pushed against her unbroken hymen. This girl wiggled around on my erectile ball until I thought I would go crazy with joy. Heck, if she wanted to take charge of this fucking-without-breaking her hymen cockriding situation it was fine with me!

As it turns out, I was correct about Lucy taking charge, but I was way off base wrong about her fucking-without-breaking intentions! The mischievous, sexually awakened female ignored her hymen pain. With her pussy excreting vaginal wetness, she impaled herself onto my saliva-soaked cock. A soft cry escaped her lips as the last vestige of her virginity was ripped away. Whatever pain the girl felt must have been short lived because the nude young lady began humping my cockshaft enthusiastically.

I grabbed hold of a bouncing ass and held on for my life. My lubricated cockshaft slipped in and out going deeper in with each exploratory thrust this screwing girl made. Unbelievably, my cockhead bottomed out at about five inches! If the depth of Lucy’s vaginal cavity could have held an inch or two more she would had all of me.

Squealing, panting, and moaning, this teen almost-woman started cumming. I knew by her impassioned cries that orgasms were again carrying her away into a magical land of ecstatic cheer. Feminine vaginal muscles spasmed and squeezed the elongated rod she was riding. Without a care in the world, my sweet baby girl neighbor rode me as hard as she could.

A man can only hold out for a limited time before he too has to let go and cum himself. I had reached this point. With spastic pussy muscles squeezing my cockflesh all along its length, I began releasing a replenished load of hot seminal fluids. Huffing and puffing I met every downward feminine thrust with an upwards thrust of my own. Once again I deposited my cumming cream inside a welcoming vaginal home except, this time, the home hole was deeper and tighter plus it could hold more volume.

Yes, Lucy’s hymen-busted vaginal void could hold more cum volume than her cherry loss outer pussy could, still it couldn’t hold it all. Once again my pressurized cum sprayed our pubic loins and inspired multiple orgasms to wrack the girl’s young body. Caring not one bit about the cummy mess being created, my girl-child near-woman rode my cock until it was milked dry of every drop of mancream it held.

Satisfied at last, Lucy’s body slumped against mine with my shrinking cock still inside her hot little pussy. Incredibly, the girl’s vaginal muscles had one more unexpected spasm causing both of us to experience sort of a final mini-orgasm. We didn’t really need it, but it sure was nice to have.

My lover climbed up my belly and chest then wrapped her arms around my neck. The girl kissed my lips with infatuated obsession. After receiving my return kisses, Lucy laid her flushed cheek against mine and promptly fell asleep atop me. I held the bewitching angel against me as the afternoon sun bathed her heavenly body in its radiant glow. As my hands lazily played with the nude flesh of her back and ass, I felt an unfamiliar wetness dampening my abdomen. I smiled when I realized what it was. A girl’s little pussy was leaking a mixture of cum, saliva, and virginal blood on me.

(Summer vacation’s promise)

Here in the seclusion of the great hidden outdoors, I had the hair from a redhead girl blowing against my face and the reddish hairs from a sexy young lady’s pussy tickling my belly. Yes siree, I was a happy camper this day indeed! From Lucy’s unashamed nudity and her peaceful slumber in my arms, I’d say she was happy, too.

Old Mr. Freud might have a field day if he ever got Miss Lucy or me on his couch, but if my lucky stars stay aligned, the promise of this summer vacation was going to be something we both could write home about! Although, seeing as how one of us was still jailbait, I’d say neither of us should mail our letters.

Just then Lucy giggled in her sleep. I smiled. All was well with the world.