The girl’s name is going to be Amy and my best friend at the time will be Alex. I guess it all started the first time we played we were sitting in my room and started playing a sexual version 5 card poker. We started off by just flashing a body part and maybe touching a area. Then we built up so that each time we would make the loser do something dirty to the winner like oral play or use a ice cube. We kept stepping the game up and it was fun for a while but it got boring.

One day when we were going to play the game Amy showed up with this bag. She said it was a surprise but that the loser was going to have to use it. She wouldn’t tell us what it was and we couldn’t figure it out. Finally we played the game I didn’t win or lose the first game which at the time was a relief because she opened the Walgreen’s bag and pulled out a box. Inside the box was something I had never seen before it was a enema/douche kit.

I had heard of a enema but had no idea what it really was. Amy was the winner so she told Alex what he would have to do. We went to the shower and put down towels she pulled some Vaseline out of the bag. Next, Amy filled up the bag with Alex on his knees. Amy lubed up his asshole and put the head of the nozzle in. Then she released the clamp on the tube and Alex winced.

He told her to stop it was too cold so she dumped it out and she filled it up again. Alex tried to get out of it saying he didn’t think he felt good enough to do it now. Amy said you cant back out on a bet. Alex bent down and she inserted the tip of the enema tube again.

When Amy started the bag flowing into him Alex got an erection. It was the biggest id ever seen him get. His dick was 8 inches long. Mine was only 5.

Alex didn’t like the enema. He started kind of freaking out saying it was really hurting and that it was going to come out so she clicked the clamp a couple of times and slowed the water down a little. Then he said it was better so she opened it a little more till it was full blast again. Finally it was gone he got up went as fast as he could to the toilet. Alex released it all.

I asked Alex what it was like. He said it was actually not as bad as it probably looked so he took a shower and I went and played cards with Amy. at this point I didn’t know what to think. We made a bet that the loser would have to use the enema until it was clean water coming out. I agreed.

The hand was dealt ill never forget i had two queens 3 cards that weren’t anything good I was sure I was to win I contemplated throwing one queen away because of the sexual excitement but I couldn’t bring myself to do it I threw the other 3 cards away she dealt me a jack a 7 and a 3 I was pretty confident I had her. I laid my hand down with a smile. She looked at me and got kind of a sad look. Then Amy laid down her cards. Triple 9’s. I had lost.

I was so nervous when we went to the bathroom, Alex was still showering. Amy announced I had lost and what the bet was. Alex was just about done and wanted to watch so we waited while Amy filled the water. The moment came and I bent down. Amy applied some more Vaseline and she inserted the tip. It kind of hurt at first but once in I was okay.

Amy started the water flowing. it was weird at first then it felt okay then it kind of started hurting I told her and she slowed it down a little. I never heard her speed it up but she must of because after a minute or so she said it was empty. I immediately went to the toilet to expel the water. It came out really fast at first then nothing for 5 – 10 seconds then it came again. It followed that pattern for a couple minutes then I was done.

When I stood up to flush and saw how dark the water was I was definitely going to have to do another one. Amy had already started filling the bag when I got out of the bathroom. We sat down again and she inserted the tube and started the flow. I think it was faster than the first. I could hear my stomach a little bit being filled. Again she slowed the water down when I told her but she must of sped it back up again. It wasn’t as bad the second time. I went to the toilet and released my bowels again. It was still pretty brown.

I came out of the bathroom and she had the bag ready again. I started to wonder if she had done it on herself to see how many times or what? But I reassumed the position and she started the enema again. This time I had no real problems. I went to the bathroom and still the water was not clear. I was starting to get worried. This was my third enema and it was still brown. How many enemas would I have? I went back out and told her the bad news. She was smirking a little and said that had been enough.

My rectum felt so worn out it. It ached for quite a while and I still had an erection. I told Amy how much the erection hurt. She said sorry. I told her if she was really sorry she would give me some oral but she said that would have to wait till we played some more cards. Well luck shone down on me and I won. So we hopped in the shower. This time a filled little Amy’s tight butt. While the water was inside her I made her perform oral on me. She was obviously enjoying the experience. She even shoved her finger in my butt hole. She started wiggling it around it felt so good! I came like never before. We were all clean spent and tired.