by Genious

Disclaimer: I am trying a new way to approach a story, hope you enjoy it.

Strip Math

“Honey, we will be leaving for the weekend, now no parties and you cannot go anywhere, have fun.” My Mom told me as she was leaving. This was the first thing I had heard of about my parents leaving for the weekend. I mean I had just gotten off work, came home and they were already packed and leaving. It was Thursday night, my parents were leaving, there is no way I am going to school tomorrow I thought.

“Alright Mom, you kids have fun” I said jokingly, “just leave me some money for food.”

“There’s a 20 on the counter, I love you sweetie, please behave yourself” she said as she was walking out the door towards the taxi that was picking up my parents. They were going to a cabin in the mountains for a weekend getaway. One of the benefits of being self-made millionaires I guess.

As I watched the taxi pull away with my parents, there was only one thing on my mind, and that was my latest fling, Trisha. Now by fling, I mean we were only in the talking phase of our relationship, and to be honest, I thought she was pretty boring, and planned only to fuck her and then never talk to her again. The thing about Trish is that what she lacked on the personality and intelligence department; she greatly made it up with her rocking body. She was 5 feet 8 inches, relatively tall for a girl, with legs that went on forever and ended at her beautiful ass. There was not an ass finer on this plant than Trish’s. She was a platinum blonde, who let her hair lay straight, with beautiful blue eyes. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, her boobs, she had the boobs of a porn star, they were the perfect size and shape, I’d say about a C cup to a D cup. She was in more simple terms gorgeous, your California beauty if that makes sense.

I quickly got out of my work clothes, oh yeah work clothes, funny thing is, no matter how much money parents have, they believe it is viable for a young man to make his own money, it builds character. I have no problem with it; I work at the local grocery market stocking shelves, not terrible work, but not fun no less. The best thing about the whole set up is all of the good looking Moms that come in and the fact that I work with my best friend James. Instead of going about my life, I’ll get back to the story.

So I changed out my work clothes and walked to the bathroom naked, one of the joys being home alone, clothes are an option. I walked to the mirror and looked myself up and down. I was a pretty average kid. Average looks and average smarts. I’m about 6 feet tall, I workout a couple of times a week, so I am pretty built for a 17 year old kid. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Not the greatest looking guy in the World, no super model that is, but I make up for it with smooth talking. You see, there is one thing the Men in my family can do, and that is sweet talk anything with tits. One of the reasons my average looking Dad got my very attractive Mom. I eyed myself up and down, cocked a smile, and said to myself, “God damn your good looking”.

I hopped in the shower and started soaping up when I heard my phone start to ring. I quickly rinsed off and got out to check who was calling. I had already missed the call so I figured I might as well finish my shower and call whoever it was back when I got out of the shower. So I hopped back in and started thinking of what Trish looked like naked. My 7 inch dick slowly started to harden, I need the relief I thought. I then began to jerk off, 5 minutes later I was blasting my cum on the side of the shower wall. I washed it all down the sink and got out and dried off. Remembering my phone, I walked over to the counter, looked to see who called. It was Trish, was she reading my mind?

I called her back.

Trish- “Hello?”

Me- “Hey you called?”

Trish- “Hey baby, whatcha doing?”

Me- “Uhhh just got home from work, why what’s up?”

Trish- “I was just thinking about you, and I am having trouble with my math homework, and I know you already took the class, so I was just wondering if you could maybe help me, pleasssseeee Trevor”

Were in the same grade, you know what the funniest thing about this whole ordeal is? I took that math class Freshman year! She’s not the sharpest tool in the tool box if you know what I mean.

“My parents just left for the weekend, come over.” I told her, we quickly said our goodbyes and 20 minutes later I heard her pink Camaro pull up to my house. Thirty seconds later I heard the front door open and close.

“Hey Trev, where are you?” I heard her say to the empty house.

“Hold on, I’m coming” I said to her. I quickly walked down the stairs expecting to see her dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, the same attire she wore every time she came over. Boy was I wrong. I froze the instant I saw her and felt my jaw drop. She was wearing booty shorts and a tank top. Normal on most people, but on her, anyone with a pulse would be drooling. I looked her at her with utter disbelief, was I really talking to this girl? Her legs were tan and went for miles and led to that amazing ass of hers. Her tank top was showing a heavy amount of cleavage and looked as if it was going to explode.

“Earth to Trevor, hey you, are you okay sweetie?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, sorry, you just look amazing is all.” I said with a smile.

“Oh you’re so sweet Trev” she said blushing, “now let’s go to your room and do this homework.”

She started up the stairs and walked pass me, I was frozen; no girl has ever done this to me. I was stunned. Just as she got passed me, she turned and said “you coming or what?” And with that I turned to follow her the rest of the way up the stairs. I had the perfect view of her tight shorts hugging her ass. Now I know she is kind of a slut, but who cares, I don’t care what I have to do, I am going to fuck her tonight.

She got to my room about 15 steps ahead of me; she quickly disappeared out of sight as I assume she walked to my desk to put her bag down. I walked into my room and turned to see her getting out her stuff. I walked up behind her and grabbed her tight by the waist and whispered in her ear, “Hey, lets forget about the math, and have a little fun.” I then began to kiss her neck.

“Woah woah woah there Trevor, now I came here for math, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” She said as she pushed me away. I took this as a no for now. She quickly finished setting up and started on her homework. God was she pretty.

“Trev, I got an idea, I know you don’t want to help me, but suppose we play a game, like how about if every time I get an answer right without your help, you take off a piece of clothing, and every time you help me, I take a piece off.”

“Trish, you’re failing math and barely wearing clothes as it is.” I replied.

“Your point?” she said rhetorically.

I laughed and said, “I’m game if you are, try the first problem”

She struggled and struggled for about 5 minutes until she came up with an answer, I checked the back of the book, and told her “Lucky guess I bet, but hey I’m no sore loser.” And with that I started to pull off my shirt.

“Woah, stop right there, I get to choose the article of clothing, now take off your shorts first.” I quickly obliged and was left sitting there in nothing but my boxers and my t-shirt, and to think, she was wearing barely any clothes.

She started on the next problem and finished it with no problem. I was starting to get worried. I checked the back of the book and she was right yet again. Man, she’s not as dumb as I thought she was.

“Right again Trish.” I told her.

“Take off your shirt now.” She told me. I quickly tore it off and was left with nothing but my boxers on. I looked at her and caught her checking me out.
“Looking’s free, but touching, now that’s gonna cost you.” I said jokingly.

“Shut up, don’t forget whose kicking your butt right now!” she replied.

“Hey the games not over yet, and plus the first few are always easy, you’ll be naked before me, don’t you worry your pretty little face.” I wish I could tell you I was right.

She quickly did the next problem and turned to me, as if saying, hey whose the idiot now, check the problem. I grabbed the book and looked in the back for the answer, she was wrong. Thank you Jesus.

“Nice try, your wrong though, now take off your shirt.” I told her.

She did something I could have only dreamt of. She got out of the chair, and walked towards the bed where I was sitting on the ledge of my bed. She jumped on top of me, kissed me on the lips, and slowly began to take her shirt off. I thought, now this is what I am talking about! She tossed her shirt to the side and leaned back a little bit so I could get a better view. She was wearing a sexy black a white bra, the one where the entire thing is black, except for one half of the material covering her beautiful boobs was white. My hands were quicker than lightning as I went to grab and feel the beautiful mounds now in front of my face. However she was quicker than me and slapped my hands down and got up and headed back to the desk.

“That was a treat for being such a great guy for helping me out with this.” She said with a smile.

I helped her finish the problem and get to the right answer. Next problem, she got wrong yet again. I was glowing with delight as I said, “Okay, how about those little shorts you got on.”

She got up and turned away from me. She kept her legs straight as she began to untie the strings that held them upon her waist. She then stuck her hands straight up in the air, and began to slowly shake her hips, they began to slowly descend. My dick was as hard as it could be at this moment and I began to feel my dick through my boxers. God she was so hot, the shorts got down to her legs, instead of simply kicking them off, she bent down with her legs straight, and took them off. She stayed this way for a moment. She had a black thong on that hugged her ass. She is such a tease I thought!

“Enough fun for now baby, now get your ass over and help me with this problem.” She said as she turned to look at me. By the time she got all the way around to look at me, she froze and stood there.

“You okay Trish?” I asked genuinely curious about why she was frozen there.

She shook herself out of it and said, “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, it’s just, I’ve never seen one so big, Trev?”

“Really? I mean I know I’m not small, but big? Well thanks.” I said.

“Well, if you must know, you are the biggest I have seen, all the guys at our school have small dicks.” She said blushing, “I’m not a whore Trev, but you should know, I have had sex with a couple of guys, well like 5 guys, but each time I only did it once with them, because they are so lousy at it.”

“That’s hysterical” I said laughing, “now how about you come over here and suck my big fat dick.”

“Let’s finish this first” she said laughing at me.

I again showed her how to do the problem and she began to work on the next one. She did the next one very quickly. I looked at her work, fucking teacher, only the odd numbers are in the back, this was the first even numbered problem she’s had. I looked up from the paper, only to see Trish with her back turned to me and with her hand in her panties.

This was such a turn on, this platinum blonde beauty, playing with herself in my room. She started to squirm in her seat, I could tell she was having fun. I tore my eyes away from her checked her work, couldn’t find anything wrong with, not that I could really pay attention or anything.

“You having fun Trish?” I asked.

“What, what, oh yeah, I mean uh, did I get it right?” she said as her face turned red with embarrassment.

“Yes you did, looks like I’m going to be the first one naked.” I said with a smile.

I put my hands on the sides and started to slide my boxers off, but was quickly stopped by Trish, “Let me help you with that.” She said with a sexy grin. She got on her knees, and grabbed my boxers by her teeth and slowly dragged them down, they fell loosely to the ground and I kicked them to the side.

“Now let’s take a break for a little bit.” She told me. And with that she pushed me back on to my bed. I quickly shuffled up to the top of my bed and sat there watching her. “you ready for the show of a lifetime baby?” she asked. Before I answered she jumped onto my bed and stood up and began to dance. Sexily, wiggling her hips, turning around, showing me her ass, she reached around and began to rub herself through her thong. My dick was again hard, and I began to stroke it as I watched her dance.

She turned around and jumped on top of me and said with a sexy voice, “I’m so hot for you Trev, make me your bitch.” I then began to feel my way up and down her beautiful body. Letting my hands roam free as I began to make out with her. My hands quickly found her luscious ass and I began to feel it. God damn, she was hot. I reached back and slapped her ass hard, causing her to moan loudly. “I love being spanked Trev, you make so wet.”

I felt my way up to her bra and unhooked it, letting out her huge tits. I pushed her back, in order to get a better view. They were gorgeous, the perfect shape. Her nipples were completely hard, about a ¼ of an inch long, with quarter sized areolas. She began to grind her hips against my dick. I pulled her in so that my face was buried into her tits. I began to suck and pinch her nipples. Causing her to moan loudly and grind even harder on my dick.

It was getting hot and heavy, she pulled my face from between her breasts and said, “I’m going to suck your big dick now Trev.” And with that she brought me in for a long kiss. Our tongues collided with lust. We broke away from the kiss, I grabbed her by the hair and said, “Suck my dick like the little slut you are.” And with that she quickly nudged herself back so she was between my legs.

“I love being treated like the little slut I am Trevor, just so you know.” She said. She then stuck her tongue out and began to lick around my engorged head, swirling her tongue around the slit of my penis. She then engulfed my dick and slowly began to suck up and down, letting my dick touch the back of her throat. I put my hands on the back of her head, and began to push on it. She then began to suck my dick harder and faster. She was a pro, I was in utter ecstasy. “You are such a filthy whore Trish.” I told her. She moaned around my dick and began to suck my dick faster and harder, she pulled off and started to lick up and down my shaft, her eyes rolled up looking at me. She looked so sexy. She then sucked both of my balls into her mouth at the same time, and began to lick them while they were inside. A pleasure that felt better than anything I had ever felt before, it was a miracle I was lasting this long.

“I want your cum in my dirty slut mouth.” And with that she sucked my dick back into her mouth, and began to deepthroat it. She was going so hard that I thought it was hurting her, gagging with each up and down motion. She stopped suddenly, and started to suck only on the top of my dick, while stroking the rest of my dick. “I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmm, soon Trish.” I said grimacing trying to hold back. With that being said, she began to bob up and down yet again, going harder and faster than she had before, how could this get any better. Moments later I began to cum, shooting streams of cum down her throat, she began to swallow as much as she could, with only a little bit escaping from her mouth. She pulled off of my dick, looked up and began to lick the remaining cum off her lips.

“Mhhmmm, that tasted amazing, now let’s get back to math” Trish said as she started to get up.

“Oh no, not now.” I said, as I stood up. I quickly grabbed her by the waist and threw her on her back, and started to make out with her furiously, our tongues were swirling around each other ‘s mouths. I whispered, “I’m gonna make you scream” and with that I scooted myself down between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs. I slowly pulled her thong off and sat back and admired her pussy. I was swollen with desire, light brown in color; I spread her lips, and saw pink. I was in heaven, there was not a speck of hair around her pussy. I buried my face between her legs and started to eat her out. She arched her back in surprise and utter pleasure, “Trevvvvvvvvvvvvv, that feels so damn gooooooooooooood, oh my gosh.” She exclaimed.

She started to push my face hard into her pussy. I licked all around her, she was moaning hysterically. She tasted amazing, and smelled even better. I wouldn’t mind doing this every day, I thought. I continued to swirl my tongue around her lips, waiting for the moment to drive her nuts by finding her clit. “Gosh, Trevvvvvvvvvvvvor.” She screamed. With that I quickly found her clit and started to suck on it. She moaned louder. “I’m going to explode!” she screamed. I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and began to finger her while I was eating her out. “I’m going to cum!” she moaned. I quickly stuck my pinky finger up her ass hole and she began to orgasm. “You are amazinggggggggggg.” She then proceeded to try to pull my head off of her pussy. She got my head about 6 inches away when she started to cum, she began to squirt, holy shit, she’s a squirter, I thought. It hit me in the face, instead of backing away, I stuck my face back into her pussy and started taking her sweet nectar into my mouth. She tasted amazing. I lapped up all of her pussy juices. My dick was yet again hard. Her final wave of her orgasm ended, and instead of giving her time to catch her breath. I stuck my dick into her pussy.

“Trevor, you naughty boy!” she moaned.

“You wanted to be my slut, now I’m gonna treat you like one.” I told her. I grabbed her by her hair and began to slide my dick in and out of her sweet pussy. With each thrust she moaned even louder. She began to pinch and twist her nipples. She looked so damn sexy. I began to thrust even harder, bottoming out into her pussy with each thrust. Still playing with her nipple with one hand, she put the other one on her pussy while I was fucking her, and began to play with herself.

“I love being your slut Trevor.” She moaned, “but it’s my turn now.” And with that she caught me off guard and knocked me onto my back. She then mounted me and began to ride my dick. “It’s so big, it fills me right up Trevor.” She continued to bounce up and down on my dick as I began to feel her beautiful tits. She then started to scream, “I’m going to cum, againnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Her pussy wrapped around my dick even tighter, as she began her own orgasm, as her pussy was contracting on my dick I began to feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm of my own coming on.

“Trishhhhhhhhh, get off, I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm.” I told her loudly.

“I don’t care, I want your hot cum deep inside of me” That alone was enough to make me cum. I then proceeded to have the best orgasm of my life. My dick began to convulse, and I began to shoot my cum deep inside of her, grabbing her by the waist and keeping her as close to me as possible. We couldn’t move even if we wanted too. We were both experiencing the best feelings of lust ever. Our orgasms finally subsided and I collapsed on top of her, with my dick still buried deep inside of her. After about 10 minutes of laying on top her exhausted, I rolled off of her and laid right next to her.

“Damn, Trevor, that was amazing.” She told me.

“Yeah, you weren’t so bad yourself.” I told her. We both began to laugh. I was content with just lying next to her, but she took me off guard when she stuck her hand back down into her pussy. Gathering as much of our juices as she could on her fingers and sticking them into her mouth, slowly sucking up and down on her two fingers.

“We taste amazing.” She told me as if this was second nature.

“I bet we do.” I again felt my dick begin to harden, how was this possible? I had just got done cumming twice. Whether it was a miracle or not, I wanted to fuck her again.

“What, does your friend want to play again?” she asked seductively, and instead of waiting for my answer, she inched her way down to my hard dick and began to lick up and down my shaft.

“It tastes even better on your dick.” She told me with a smile. It was only seconds later until she again began to bob up and down my dick. She did this for about 5 or 6 minutes while I just sat back and enjoyed myself.

She abruptly ended my happy moment when she took her mouth off of my dick and turned around stuck her ass up in the air and said, “Trevor, I want you take my ass tonight.”

How was I the one to tell her no, “I don’t have any lube, so looks like we’re going to have to make our own.” I then got on my knees and collected all of the saliva I possible could in my mouth and drooled it all over her ass hole. I then began to lick her around her ass hole, sticking 2 fingers in trying to loosen her up enough. She moaned and squirmed as my fingers dug deeper.

“Stick your dick up my ass right now!” she demanded. And with that I stood up and lined my dick up with her asshole. I then began to push, she was so tight. I could only get about 3 inches in when she said, “It hurts so good Trev, keep going.” She then started to push her ass back onto my dick. I then began to move in and out of her beautiful ass, I could only get it in about 4 inches, but with each thrust, I was able to go a little bit deeper.

“Your big dick fills my tiny little ass hole up.” She told me, “I want it all right now.” She moaned. And with that she pushed as hard as she could, my dick slid all the way into her brown hole. It felt amazing, it was so tight. I attacked her ass without mercy, slamming into her as hard I could, causing both of us to moan. I wrapped my hands around her waist, and began to pull her ass back onto my dick as hard as I could. I then reared back, and slapped her ass as hard as I could, causing her to scream with pleasure, “Slap my pretty ass Trev, I love it when you spank me like a naughty little girl.”

“Make me your bitch.”

“Don’t worry I will.” I told her and again wound back and slapped her ass as hard as I could. Leaving her ass red, I then grabbed her by the hair and pulled, causing her head to roll straight back, and began to fuck her as hard as I could. There was no way I was gonna be able to last much longer. “Babe, I’m going to cum.” I told her.

“Don’t you dare pull out!” she screamed, moaning with pleasure. I then began to orgasm, shooting my cum deep inside of her ass. I lost control and just stopped fucking her, and letting my dick stay deep into her ass hole. Instead of just sitting there and taking, Trish began to move her ass up and down my dick, causing my orgasm to become even more intense. With each stream of my cum shooting deep into her ass hole, she pushed her ass back onto my dick even harder. She was the sexiest girl in the world to me right now. After about 4 or 5 shots of my cum, my orgasm began to fade away. With one last push onto my dick, Trish began to orgasm herself, although my dick was beginning to go limp, I grabbed her by the hips and decided to return the favor by fucking her as hard and fast as I possibly could. She buried her face into my comforter and began to scream. Her pussy juices began to run down the side of her legs. Once her orgasm subsided, we both collapsed next to each other, I pulled her into my arms and she buried her head into my chest. We were both utterly exhausted; sweat was dripping off of our bodies.

“Hey Trish, as much as I like lying here with you, I think we ought to shower.” I told her.

“Only if we can together.” She said smiling.

“Why do you think I said WE?” I said laughingly.