Editor’s Note: this story is based on true facts that happened to the narrator.

On the subject in question, I will have to tell you that, since quite young I had some occasions to sob and give a few spankings to the butts of respectable ladies who took me aƱitos, some more, some a few.

I remember one incident in particular, when I was the nurse of a very interesting lady-a relative. She was Paraguayan and by then she would be around 40, while whoever writes this would be around 22 or 23 years old.

It turns out that this was almost my aunt, who was spending a season in the care of an old woman who lived very close to the house that was then living with my parents, was quite cold and the thing was complicated by a bronchitis that almost did not let him breathe.

For convenience and also for affinity, once he had attended to the old woman, she came to share the midday and evening meals at home.

It was on one of those visits that the comment came out that he felt really bad, but that he had to spend the night taking care of the old woman and that, worst of all, the nurse who had given him the first injection – of 3 doses Prescribed-I could not go that day.

Neither short nor lazy, I offered to collaborate, since he was the new holder of a certificate that guaranteed my ability to provide first aid, which I had recently achieved through a course that was dictated at the Red Cross.

Seeing that woman still young and well proportioned, slim body and hips pleasing to the eye that crossed his surprised look with me, I could see how his face quickly invaded the blush, propitiated, I suppose, by the strangeness of the situation. It is perhaps necessary to clarify that we were both alone, in the daily dining room, since the rest of the family was enjoying television on the top floor.
He asked me if I had experience placing injections and I answered yes, that it had been the best of the course in applying them intramuscularly and that, in short, the intravenous ones gave me a little more work, so I had some fear of applying them.

He replied that on that side there would be no problem, because the injections he needed were intramuscular. But, precisely because of that, “he confessed,” he was very embarrassed to think that I would apply them and concluded that it was better to look for a pharmacy where they could inject it. She asked me to go with her instead to find one.
However, we could not find any near and she felt very bad, so she asked me to accompany her to the old woman’s house, where she lived temporarily.

Arrived there, he invited me to spend a moment, to invite me to a coffee and asked me to wait for her in a large room that owned the old woman’s house.
When he returned with the coffee, he surprised me by telling me that he had thought better of it and that, given the circumstances, he accepted my offer. She told me that she had the penicillin ampoules and the water bottles mixed with silocaine. I replied, somewhat embarrassed, that he would also require cotton and medicinal alcohol and told me there would be no greater problem.

While I was still savoring the coffee and talking, with her lying on one end of the large armchair, I asked her if she did not feel that she had temperature. In response, he asked me to go to his room and look for the thermometer he had left on the night table, which I found in that location, next to 4 ampoules and two disposable syringes.
Without thinking much, I took one of the bottles of water, I broke it by the neck as I had been taught in the course and proceeded to fill one of the syringes with its contents, to later break the seal of the vial containing benzathine penicillin. 1,200 units that had been prescribed and proceed to mix the water with the white powder to form a viscous substance that I shake with firmness until verifying that no lumps remain. Then I reloaded the contents into the syringe, put the protector on the needle and went to look for it.

Back in his room, quite excited by the way, and with an erection of the thousand demons that tried to hide under my jeans, unable to hide the protrusion that had formed as a leafy vein in my right front pocket and that came down from my leg, I dared to tell him that, first I would take the temperature and then apply the injection, so I invited her to lie on her stomach and let go of her pants. He asked me something strange if I was not going to take the temperature first and I answered yes, but that would be rectal, which was the most accurate. Confused, she asked me how to take that temperature and I explained that I should put the thermometer in her anus. Uffffffffffffff !!!!!!! I almost died and how my voice trembled when doing it !!!!! Quickly, he replied that no, that was enough and that maybe it would be better to go home. I replied that he had already prepared the injection and that if he did not want me to take the temperature it was fine. Maybe, she could do it herself later, but I insisted, maybe with a little morbid and because I really still think it’s the best way to take it, that when I did, I introduced the thermometer in her anus.
With great suspicion, he finally accepted that he injected her, not without repeating his denial several times, but, given his fragile state, he finally gave in and, while releasing the brooch of his pants, he lay face down on his bed.

I approached from behind and pulled the pants down to mid-leg, causing her to try to lift it up again. Instinctively, without meditating, I applied a couple of spanks for doing it and told her to stay still. Almost immediately I apologized, but I did not receive any response and I only saw her wrinkling her buttocks and hiding her head pressing her against the bed. Observing this and more emboldened, I took with my two hands his pants (black polyester) by the upper band, at the height of the hips and a blow I lowered it to the base of the buttocks, discovering a pair of very white meats with a light pink color in one of them (the left). At that moment, I saw how my buttocks tensed further and I indicated that I should relax to receive the injection, but I only received his silence. Next, I looked for the syringe and I just realized that I did not have cotton and alcohol, so I asked him where he had them. Without moving and with her mouth pressed against the bed, she told me to look in her closet, while she remained that way, exposing her buttocks to my anxious sight.
Once both elements were obtained, I returned to her and proceeded to clean the surface where the injection would be applied (I chose the left buttock). I asked him to put my buttocks loose but since I did not do it, I applied the learned technique of patting them until finally they were looser (I must say it was a great delight for me, since the slaps consisted of rhythmic and soft strokes of my fingers against those soft flesh contained by firm skin, as I could see). When I saw fit, I pinched an appropriate extension of his buttock and introduced the needle with a soft stroke that apparently barely perceived, then proceed, after checking that he had not drilled any glass, to gently introduce the viscous liquid. She started complaining about the pain sensation (benzathine penicillin is a very painful injection), so I decreased the pressure on the upper base of the syringe and gave myself all the time in the world to apply it. When I finished, I pulled the syringe and saw a little whitish liquid come out of the small hole left, so I went with the cotton soaked in alcohol to proceed to rub the space. Instinctively, I placed my free hand carelessly on the other buttock and, realizing it, I also caressed it. Oh, I got horny with it! More pleasing, however, was to see that she let me do it. When I finished this unthinkable sovereignty that lasted for a few delicious and endless moments, almost naturally, I applied a few more spanks and I put up his breeches, telling him he could get dressed.

Slowly, as he got up from the bed, he turned his face towards me, still turning his back on me and I could see, in addition to the marked flush that flooded his cheeks, a broad smile that infected even his eyes, while he thanked me and asked me to return the next day to put the other injection and ponder my nursing skills.
Ah! I forgot, yes I finished, but not that day, taking the rectal temperature and I can confess that I put many more injections, that I gave many spankings (although never disciplinary as I always wanted to) and that I caressed those meats throughout all that year that remained close to us.

The rest, I keep it in a special corner of my memory.