Chapter 17 I may be in trouble for my fun I had when John was away.
I last left you with finding out that the fishing trip John took with his dad was really a visit to Las Vegas for some gambling and a visit to the local whorehouse. I was hurt over it because he had not told me the truth. If not for DeRonda, I never would have known. You would be better to read my last story “Fishing for Trouble” as this chapter picks up where I left off.

I just stayed in bed the next day crying mostly. I felt so guilty over what I had done. I felt even worst because I had enjoyed it so much. I also was not feeling very good, as my pussy was more than a little sore from the fucking I took. However, that big black cock had felt good deep in my pussy after I got used it.

I finally pulled myself from the bed. I took a long hot shower trying to wash away my sins. I cleaned the whole apartment twice. It was spotless by the time I was done. I sat down on the sofa thinking about just what I was going to do. About that, time there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and I saw it was DeRonda. I hesitated for a few seconds before I opened the door.

“Janet, are you OK?” DeRonda asked as I left her in.

“Yes, I am OK,” I replied as I walked her into the living room and we sat on the sofa.

“Oh the sofa is a little wet were you playing before I got here?” DeRonda asked as she sat down beside me.

I looked over at her and I busted out balling again. DeRonda put her arms around me and she told me that everything was going to be OK. She told me that her nephew was a fucking idiot. DeRonda told me that the boy was going to face her wrath when he got home for upsetting me like this.

“No DeRonda he called me last night,” I said as I wiped at my tears. “John told me the truth,” “He even told me that he had wished he had listened to you,” I added before I started to cry again.

“There there my dear,” DeRonda replied as she rubbed at my hand. “Then what has you so upset Janet?” She asked me.
“I can’t tell you,” I replied.

“Janet you can tell me anything,” “What ever you tell me will always be just between you and I,” DeRonda said as she took some tissue from her purse and used it to wipe at my tears.

“If I tell you I will get other people in trouble,” “So I just can’t,” I replied as I cried even more.

“JANET, I can not help you if you do not tell me what is going on,” DeRonda said, as she looked me straight in the eyes.

I looked into her eyes and I saw John’s eyes at first. However, those sparkling blues green eyes were not the same lovely eyes as before. Her eyes had a stern strict look to them as I peered into them. I even thought I had saw anger in her eyes as she looked into mine.

“DeRonda I did a terrible thing,” I said pausing to take a deep breath. “I was unfaithful to John last night,” “It would have been bad enough if it was with one person,” I said as I paused again. “But I had sex with two guys right here in our apartment last night,” I added as I started to cry again.

DeRonda just sat there staring at me. It seemed like her eyes were transfixed on mine. I stared back into her eyes as she stared into mine. I saw her eyes change again back to those lovely blue green eyes that started to sparkle. I saw a smile come to her face as I gazed into her eyes.

“Thank you Janet,” DeRonda said as she patted my hand.

“Why are you thanking me I was unfaithful to your nephew?” I asked, as I was bewildered over her telling me that.

DeRonda pulled another tissue out of her purse and she wiped at my eyes as she replied, “Because you told me the truth my dear and that is all that matters.” “When you tell someone the truth Janet it shows them that you trust them and that you also care for them.” “When you lie you can hurt many people,” “But the lie you tell will always hurt yourself the most.”

I sat there processing what she had just told me. Suddenly I knew the answers to all the questions I had. I was going to have to tell John the truth about what I did and why. I also knew that I had to tell DeRonda the truth as well. I looked into those lovely sparkling blue green eyes again.

“DeRonda the two men I had over here last night were…” I said.

However, DeRonda cut me off before I could finish as she replied, “I know my dear Steve and Phil.”

I sat there bewildered again for a few seconds before I asked, “How did you know?”

DeRonda went on to tell me that she had gotten a visit early in the morning from two very scared men; being Steve and Phil. She told me that both of them work for her. The two had told her a little story about how they had picked up a girl who wanted to have some fun. They told me about everything that happened over here last night. They also told me about how they found out that you were my nephew’s girlfriend.

I cut her off as I asked, “Why were they scared of you?”

DeRonda gave me a little smile as she replied, “Janet you are off limits to any person I know,” “And anyone that knows me knows this.”

“Why am I off limits?” I asked with a dumbfounded look on my face.

“Because you are very special to my nephew,” “And anyone that would ever cause him grief will have to deal with me that is why,” DeRonda replied.

“Are Steve and Phil in trouble?” I asked sheepishly.

“Let’s just say they won’t be seeing you again,” DeRonda replied as she stared at me.

I must have had a look of horror on my face because DeRonda added, “Janet, I only sent them to work in another part of the state,” “Far away from you and John that’s all dear.”

I looked down to the floor and then back up to DeRonda and I asked, “Am I in trouble with you as well?”

“Not at all Janet,” “What you did was a sin of passion.” “Your sin all started with one little lie about taking a fishing trip,” DeRonda replied. “Now I am not saying what you did was right or wrong. “ “That is something for you to decide, all that mattered to me was that you told me the truth,” She added as she gave me a big hug.

I hugged her back and as I did I said, “It was wrong what I did, no matter how hurt or mad I was.” “Now I have to be truthful to John as well.”

“I do think that would be for the best my dear,” DeRonda replied. “I do know it will be best for in here,” she added as she laid her hand against my beating heart in my chest.

“Thanks DeRonda,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

When we were done hugging, both of us had to wipe tears from our eyes. We sat there talking for a while. I showed her the letters that Julie had sent to John. DeRonda told me she knew all about them; John had shown them to her the same day he got them. She told me that I had nothing to worry about from Julie. We talked late into the night. DeRonda asked me if I was OK now, as she had to get going.

I said, “I am feeling much better.” I walked her toward the door and I asked, “But could I ask you one more question?”

“What Janet you may ask me anything,” DeRonda replied.

“Would you have really cut heir dicks and balls off?” I asked her.

“Wait until you see my new toy,” DeRonda replied giving me a wink as she went out the door.

The next day John returned home. He entered our apartment with his suitcase and a lovely bouquet of red roses. He handed me the lovely roses as I got up from the sofa to greet him.

“Janet I am sorry,” John said as he started to put those big lovely arms around me.

I stopped him before he went on and I replied, “Never mind about that, please sit down I have something to tell you.”

John sat down and I sat beside him; I gazed up into his sparkling blue green eyes as I said, “John I had sex with two guys right here on this sofa while you were gone.” “One of them was a black man and he was the one I had fun with at the porno shop with your aunt.

John did not say a word he just looked around the living room and then back to me before he replied, “Well at least you cleaned the living room.”

“John did you hear me?” I asked before I added, “I said I fucked two guys here on the sofa and in our bed as well while you were gone.”

John smiled and he replied, “Did you clean the bedroom up as well?”

“JOHN!” I yelled as I was not for sure he was even paying any attention.

“Janet its OK I understand.” “It was my fault that it happened,” John said as he took a hold of my hand. “I have only one question for you Janet.” “Are you in love with either of the two men?” John asked as he looked deeply into my eyes.

“NO it was just sex,” I replied rather shocked that he had even asked.

“Then that is just what it was,” “Pure and simple sex,” “I love you to much to worry about you just having sex with someone,” “As long as it was just sex and not love,” John said as he took me into his arms.

We kissed for hours while sitting there on the sofa. We also talked which really made me feel better. John even told me about Julie, I told him I had found the letters. We talked some more and kissed again as John started to play with my tits.

“You know you are going to have to tell me all about your little bit of fun,” John whispered into my ear.

“I will,” I replied as I placed my hand on his hard fucking cock.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. I got up and I looked through the peephole. There stood DeRonda. I opened the door and I left her in.

“Did he make it home?” She asked as she walked in.

However, she saw him before I could reply and she hurried right over to him. DeRonda was standing square in front of him as I joined her. DeRonda reached for me and she gave me a very deep and passionate kiss. I broke our kiss and I was going to say something when DeRonda put her finger to my lips. I knew that meant for me to be quiet for now.

I looked to John who had his head hanging down so that he was looking away from his aunt. DeRonda turned back to John giving him her full attention. I saw that look fill her eyes as I thought to myself; someone is in trouble big time.

“BOY how many times have I told you about telling a lie?” DeRonda yelled right by his bowed head.

John did not reply he just sat there with his head down. I looked into her eyes again as she stood there waiting for him to answer her. The sparkle was completely gone from her eyes. I had saw eyes like that back when John got very mad while doing those steroids.

“BOY, look at me when I am talking to you,” DeRonda yelled out as she took her hand and cuffed him up along side of his head’

“Sorry Aunt DeRonda,” John replied sheepishly.

“I told you some day you were going to tell a lie that would hurt people close to you but not as much as it was going to hurt you,” DeRonda yelled at him in a very stern and direct voice.

“Yes Aunt DeRonda,” John replied with a slight break up in his voice.

DeRonda turned to me and she asked, “Janet did you inform my nephew about what his lie cause you to do?”

“Yes but it was as much my fault as…” I replied but she placed her finger to my lips again as she smiled at me.

DeRonda turned her attention back to John as she said, “I thought I raised you better than that,” “Boy you know that you are going to have to pay for your lie.”

John looked at her and with a rather sad face he replied, “Yes Aunt DeRonda.”

“Janet my dear I left a bag outside the door could you go fetch it for me please?” DeRonda asked me.

I went to the door and I opened it. There lying up against the wall was a rather big gym bag. I picked it up and I brought it into the living room. I laid it on the floor beside DeRonda.

“Thank you Janet,” “You are such a sweet and dear girl,” DeRonda said as she rubbed her hand along the side of my face before she turned her attention back to John..

“Boy how long as it been since you faced my wrath?” DeRonda asked John.

“Not since I was in the ninth grade and I borrowed a car from dad’s lot,” John replied.

“You did what?” DeRonda said in a very stern voice as she glared at him.

“I stole a car from my dad’s lot,” John replied right away.

I stood there in shock when I heard that. I could not believe that John had stolen a car from his dad’s lot. No way, John was an all-American boy he never did anything wrong. I had never known him to be in any type of trouble at all. I looked at DeRonda with my mouth hanging open in shock.

DeRonda smiled at me then turned back to John her smile was instantly off her face as she said, “Boy you know the drill go get ready.”

“Yes Aunt DeRonda,” John replied. “Aunt DeRonda may I ask you something first?” John asked as he stood up.

“Yes you may,” DeRonda replied.

“Does Janet have to be here?” John asked her.

“Yes for she needs to learn how to deal with you,” DeRonda replied. “Now get going,” DeRonda added.

I stood there watching John as he walked slowly from the living room to the bedroom with his head hanging down. He never even looked at me as he got off the sofa. I watched him slowly enter the bedroom and close the door behind himself. I turned back toward DeRonda who had put that bag up onto the sofa.

“DeRonda what are you going to do to him?” I asked not knowing for sure.

DeRonda told me that she had pretty much raised John when he was a young one, because his mom and dad were busy with getting the car lot together. She told me that while she did not always teach him right from wrong in some areas giving me a little wink. She did always try to instill in him that telling a lie no matter how small would turn around and bite him on his ass sooner or later.

“I am about to bite his ass just like the good ole days,” DeRonda said as she pulled a spanking paddle from the bag. DeRonda put the paddle down and she reached back into her bag pulling out a folded black outfit and said, “Here this is for you Janet,” as she handed it to me.

“For me,” I replied with a surprised look on my face.

I unfolded it and there in my hands was a black leather full body suit. I remember seeing this at the porno shop. It was shiny black, sleeveless and it had three holes cut in it. There were two holes for your tits to stick through and an opened crotch for your pussy. I looked back at DeRonda who had one just like it in her hand.

“Remember we talked about you being in charge,” DeRonda said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well it is time to start your training,” DeRonda replied. “Now go slip it on in the bathroom,” she added.

I went into the bathroom and I got into it. I loved it, as it fit snugly on my body. My big tits bloomed from the holes as I looked at myself in the mirror. I turned sideways and I thought my tits even looked bigger as they hung from the holes. I returned to the living room to find that DeRonda was in hers as well.

Those huge tits of hers seem to have gotten twice as big as they hung through her opening as well. She was on the sofa pulling on a pair of high heel boots. I could she her red hairy bush sticking out from the open hole in the crotch of the body suit as she put her boots on.

“Your boots are right there my dear,” DeRonda said as she pointed to the end of the sofa.

I walked over and I sat on the arm of the sofa putting them on. I stood up after I had slipped them on. They had a very high heel on them and they made me even taller than I am. I turned toward DeRonda on the sofa and I placed my boot up onto the arm of the sofa.

“Thank you for my outfit, I love it,” I said to her as I left my hand run down to my pussy sticking through the opening.

DeRonda smiled and she walked over to me. With my boot still up on the arm of the sofa she placed her lips onto mine. She kissed me deep and with passion as her hand rubbed against my bare boobs hanging from my suit. I placed my boot back onto the floor as I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

Her tongue came darting back into mine. We sucked on each others tongues as we kissed. I slipped my hand down between her legs into her red bush. My fingers soon found those lovely hanging pussy lips of hers. I slipped two of my fingers between them to find that her pussy was dripping wet. I started to slide my fingers in and out of her moist wet hole.

Her pussy started to suck at my fingers as I kissed her harder. I felt her hand slide under me as she slipped her middle finger fully into my pussy. We moaned into her others mouths as we stood there fingering each other. I had almost forgotten all about John when DeRonda broke our kiss and pulled her fingers from my pussy as I pulled mine from hers.

“Time to teach the boy a lesson,” DeRonda said as she licked at my juices that were on her middle finger.

“What do I do DeRonda?” I asked her.

“Just watch and follow my lead,” “I know you will catch on,” DeRonda replied.

“BOY, get your butt out here,” DeRonda yelled in a loud stern voice.

I turned to the bedroom door as it slowly opened. John came out slowly he was naked as the day he was born. John looked up at me just for a second before he put his head back down. He slowly walked over to us with his hands folded in front of his cock. He stopped at the arm of the sofa.

“Boy what are your hands hiding?” DeRonda asked sternly.

“Nothing Aunt DeRonda,” John replied not looking up.

“Then show us,” DeRonda ordered him.

John removed his hands from the front of his body. As his hands pulled away, I could see his cock was growing hard. I watched it grow as my own pussy dripped. I gave my pussy a little rub as I watched. His cock was soon standing out rock hard from his body.

I ran my eyes up and down that finely toned body of his. It made my body tremble with sexual desire. My body grew hotter as my eyes ran over his body. He was standing there with his bare massive chest sticking out, those lovely muscular arms at his side. That well-defined six-pack abs rippled above his now hard and throbbing cock. I looked to DeRonda; I believe his hot toned body was having the same affect on her as well as I saw her boobs give a little heave as she grasped for some air.

“Boy I see that cock of yours is doing your thinking again,” DeRonda said. Then she looked at me and said, “Janet take his cock into your hand.”

I went over to John and I wrapped my hand around his hard throbbing cock. John pulled a little bit back from me as my hand touched his cock. DeRonda told him to put his hands behind his back and to keep them there. John did as she told him too.

“Janet take your hand and squeeze on his cock,” DeRonda said.

I did as she told me. I lightly squeezed on his hard cock. I could feel it throbbing against my hand as I tightened my fingers around it. I tightened my grip on his cock more, I wanted to pump on it with my hand but I did not.

“Harder Janet, I said squeeze on his cock hard,” DeRonda said as she came over beside me.

“Like this,” I replied tightening my fingers around it more, which caused some pre-cum to ooze from his cock.

“That’s good Janet but it works better like this,” DeRonda said.

DeRonda reached over and she took John’s cock head between her finger and her thumb. DeRonda squeezed them together pinching at the head of his cock. John sucked at some air and he gave out a groan as she did. I was shocked to see his cock almost instantly go soft in my hand. I left my hand slip from his limp hanging cock.

DeRonda smiled at me as she said, “Lesson 1 do not let him enjoy it.” She looked at John and she said, “That hard cock is what got you in trouble to begin with BOY.” “Now lie across the arm of the sofa and assume the position,” DeRonda ordered him.

John walked to the arm of the sofa. He leaned over so that his cock was right on the arm with his chest upon the sofa seat. His cute butt hung up high in the air. His muscular legs were apart slightly but enough that I could see his balls hanging down.

“Janet, get that bottle of oil from my bag,” DeRonda said to me.

I got the bottle and she told me to rub some of that special lotion onto his butt. I opened the bottle and I poured some onto his butt and into my hand. I started to rub it into his butt cheeks. The oil was getting hot as I rubbed it all around his cheeks. By the time, I had finished rubbing the oil into his butt it was down right hot and so were my hands. I saw John clinching his butt cheeks together from the heat that the oil was causing.

DeRonda handed me a wet towel and she told me that it was special warming oil and that the water would take the burn from my hands. DeRonda told me that if he had been very bad she would have had me rub a little on his hanging balls, which she reached out and tugged at with her hand.

DeRonda took a hold of the paddle and she walked to the sofa where John had his face laying off to the side. She sized the paddle up with her one hand while holding it in her other. She gave her hand a little whack with the paddle. I could see that John had never taken his eyes from the paddle that she held.

“BOY why are you about to be paddled?” DeRonda asked him giving him a stern look.

“Because I did not tell Janet the truth,” John replied.

“And why was this wrong BOY?” DeRonda asked smacking the paddle into her hand again.

“Because if you love someone and care for them you would never tell them an untruth that may hurt them,” John replied.

“When you do tell a lie BOY who gets hurt the most?” DeRonda asked John as she moved to the arm of the sofa.

“The person who told the lie and that would be me,” John replied as he buried his face into the couch.

A loud whack filled the living room as DeRonda raised the paddle in her hand and she brought it down soundly against his butt. John flinched a bit as his smooth hair free ass turned red instantly. I could not believe that she had hit him with the paddle as hard as she had. However, at the same time my body was tingling with more sexual desires than ever before.

“Janet, give me a number,” DeRonda said to me.

My mind was elsewhere as my pussy was wet and throbbing however, I replied, “15,” as the number had just popped into my head.

I saw John sink down into the sofa some more as he tightened his butt cheeks up. I watched as DeRonda raised the paddle again. She brought the paddle down across his butt fifteen times. Fifteen loud whacks from the paddle filled the room and with each smack, I got hornier. John barely moved at all each time that paddle came down across his ass. His ass was glowing red by the time that paddle had hit his ass fifteen times.

DeRonda handed me the paddle and she walked back around to John, who still had his face buried into the sofa. She lightly rubbed her fingers through his hair as she sat down onto the sofa. DeRonda tapped her fingers lightly on the top of his head.

“Boy if you would have only used this head up here and not the one below the three of us could be having so much fun right now,” DeRonda said to him before she grabbed a handful of his hair and looked back at me.

“Janet you are to give him 15 more hard whacks from the paddle.” “And if I feel that you are holding back on any of them.” “Well let’s have John tell you my dear,” DeRonda said as she pulled his face out of the couch by his hair.

“Janet if you do not make me feel them I will only lie to you again,” John replied in a loud clear voice.

“What else?” DeRonda asked John.

“If you really do love me you will make them hurt because if they don’t.” “You will have to take my place over the arm of the sofa as I give you 15 whacks,” “And Janet I really do love you so mine are going to hurt,” John replied.

“Good boy,” DeRonda said as she left his face go back down into the sofa and she started to stroke his hair again.

DeRonda looked at me and she nodded her head as she gave me a smile. I raised the paddle and I gave the man I love fifteen hard smacks from the paddle. John butt was redder than red by the time I had finished and my pussy was dripping juices.

I felt so in charge as I delivered each of them as well. It was a rush for me to be smacking his ass with the paddle. Each time the paddle landed, I knew I loved him even more. Each time I raised the paddle I felt my pussy juices flowing freely. I was breathing fast and hard by the time I got the last whack in, almost as I do after an orgasm. I looked to DeRonda who was still stroking his head.

“Excellent Janet I believe you may have taught him a lesson,” DeRonda said to me flashing me a big smile. DeRonda tapped John’s head again with a finger as she asked him, “Do you have anything you would like to tell us John.

John raised his face from the sofa and very respectfully replied, “Janet I love you and thank you for loving me,” “Aunt DeRonda I am sorry for telling that lie,” “I should have listened to you when you told me to tell her the truth.” “You have always been right and you raised me better than that.” I have learned my lesson well this time.”

DeRonda looked at me and she smiled, as she shook her head no. DeRonda told John that he could get up. John stood up from lying over the arm of the sofa. He stood there with his hands behind his back. I was shocked that he did not have a hard on as my pussy was dripping wet.

“Well at least he is not thinking with his cock now DeRonda,” I said as I pointed to his limp cock.

“He still has a lesson to learn,” DeRonda replied as she played with her long red hair sitting on the sofa.

DeRonda took her finger and she motioned for me to come to her. I crawled up beside her and she took me into her arms. She gave me a tight hug as she whispered into my ear, “I bet he gets a boner.”

DeRonda placed her lips to mine and we lock into a deep passionate kiss. My whole body was on fire with my own need for sex. DeRonda’s tongue searched in my mouth for my tongue. Our tongues were in a twisting motion as we kissed each other. Our tits pressed together as I felt my hard nipples rub against hers.

DeRonda rather pulled me up into her lap as my long legs stretch out onto the couch. I broke our kiss and I put my face into her big boobs. I kiss and lick my way around them mauling them with my hands as well. As I play with her tits, I felt her hand slipping down between my legs. I parted my legs giving her fingers more room to play.

I suckled on her tits as she runs one then two fingers into my pussy. She starts to run them in and out. My pussy is making wet sounds as she runs them in and out, as my pussy is full of juices. I want her to make me cum so badly. I bump my pussy into her fingers as they dig deep into my pussy.

DeRonda is teasing me with her fingers and thumbing my clit through the opening of my suit as I lie there. I want to feel my juices flowing from my pussy. I look over at John who is just standing there watching us. I look to see that his cock is once again hard and throbbing.

I look up at DeRonda and I said, “Get on top of me in a 69 I want to taste you.”

DeRonda replied with a smile, “Only if you can make him lose his hard on.”

I was off the couch in a heartbeat and I went over to John. I ran both my hands down the sides of his face. I rubbed and crush my boob against his manly chest as he took me into his arms. I took my tongue and I lick at those lovely lips on his mouth. I put my lips onto his and I slip my hand down to his cock. It feels so hard and it throbs in my hand. I kiss him passionately as I move my hand over his cock.

I wait until his tongue has entered my mouth. I squeeze the head of his cock between my fingers and thumb. He groans into my mouth as he backs a little away from me breaking our kiss. He gives me a look of surprise before he hangs his head down and his hands go once again behind his back.

“John, think with your other head, do not get hard again or I will have to spank you again,” I said to him in a loud stern voice.

John raises his head and I look into those sparkling eyes as he replied, “Yes my love,” before he lowered his head again.

I go back to DeRonda and we get into a 69 with her on top of me. I put my hands on her leather cover butt pulling her red bush pussy down onto my face. I drive my tongue upward through her hair until it sinks deeply into her wet hole. I lap wildly at her hot wet pussy. I take my tongue in and out of her sweet open wet pussy. To this day, I have yet to dip my tongue into a sweeter pussy.

DeRonda pulls my pussy lips apart and she runs her tongue around the inside of my pussy for a few minutes. Then she goes back to my pussy lips where she licks at them. She then starts to suck on my pussy lips with her lovely mouth. I moan softly into her pussy that is covering my face. I am taking my tongue in and out of her wet pussy as fast as I can. I move my hand under her to find her clit. When I feel it brush against my thumb, I start to rub it.

“AHhhh Janet that feels good,” DeRonda moans out loudly.

I feel DeRonda move her tongue to my own clit. She lashes at it with her tongue before she sucks it into her mouth. DeRonda starts to rock her pussy on my face and on my thumb. I feel her slipping two fingers into my pussy as she sucks at my clit.

My body starts to tremble with excitement and desire. I know her skilled fingers will be soon rubbing on my special spot. I feel her fingers start to rub on my special spot as my body starts to shake.

“OHHhhhh god DeRonda AHHhh,” I moan loudly into her pussy.

My pussy contracts and sucks at her fingers as my orgasm came rushing over me. My juices start to squirt from my pussy just as she grinds her pussy onto my face. DeRonda’s own pussy juices splash from hers as my thumb toys with her clit. DeRonda’s sweet love juices fill my open and waiting mouth. I lick at her pussy lips then at her clit while her sweet tasting juices run and drip onto my face and into my mouth.

“AAHhhh Janet Mmm,” DeRonda moans out before she buries her own face into my splashing pussy.

DeRonda buries her tongue deep into my pussy and she uses it like a straw to suck my juices up. We both are squirming on the sofa, When one of us start to recover from our orgasm we make each other have another. Our orgasms seem to go on forever. I slow at using my tongue and just rub my thumb hard into her big hanging clit. I knew from other fun with her that if I rubbed it hard enough I would make her pee.

I wanted to feel her piss hitting me in my face again. I pressed harder and rubbed faster on her clit. I felt her jerk and then relax as her warm love piss started to run out. It was not a long hard pee but it is enough to satisfy my needs. Her pee slows to just a few drips which I lick from her pussy lips with my tongue.

“You’re such a naughty girl Janet,” DeRonda moaned out before putting her tongue to my clit.

DeRonda toyed with my clit using her tongue. She got my clit big and throbbing as I squirmed beneath her. She covered my clit with her mouth. She took my clit between her teeth and she lightly bite on it; just hard enough to make me moan out loudly before another quick wet squirting orgasm over takes me again.

She rolls off me and I slide up beside her. I look to see that she has my juices all over her face and running down over those lovely big tits of hers. My own face and tits are soaked in her love juices as well as her pee. I wipe some from my tits with my fingers, which I bring up and into my mouth tasting both her love juices and her pee.

She pulls me down across her lap and she begins to stroke my long blonde hair. As I lay there on my back in her lap, I stare up into her sparkling eyes as she stares back at me. Her eyes tell me that she enjoyed that a lot and my own eyes tell her the same.

DeRonda leans down at the same time I lean up and we lock our lips in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues did battle in each others mouths as we kiss. Our deep kiss goes on until we both start to lick at the others lips with our tongues.

DeRonda leans over to my ear and she whispers into it, “He still has his head down and he is not hard.”

I turn to see that she is right. I turn back to her giving her a smile before our lips lock into another deep and long kiss. Our kiss turns into little pecks on each other lips. I lean up into the side of her face where I run my tongue around her ear licking at it.

I then whisper, “Do you think he has truly learned his lesson?”

“Let’s hope not,” DeRonda whispers back into mine then giving me a wink and a smile.

I lie back down in her lap as she strokes my long blonde hair. I hope not too I thought for I had truly enjoyed myself. My body seemed to go limp as I lie there across her lap as she strokes my hair. Great warmth fills my body running from my head to my toes. I am so happy and filled with joy as I look up at DeRonda again. She has this big warm loving smile on her face as I look into those lovely blue green eyes again. They are gleaming with brightness and sparkling so lovely to me as I look into them.

“DeRonda I have to tell you another truth,” I confess as I look into her eyes.

“What is that my dear?” she ask as she tilts her head slightly looking down looking at me.

“I love you as much as I love John,” I reply as I put my head against those lovely big tits as a few tears stream down my face.

DeRonda strokes my long blonde hair as she replied, “I love you both very much myself.”

I look to John who is looking at us with a big smile from ear to ear. DeRonda kisses my head and then looks to John and she tells him to come over to her. John walks over with his hands still behind his back; his cock is not hard but not soft neither. DeRonda reaches out and she wraps her hand around it.

“What are you thinking BOY,” DeRonda yells out.

John looks at her and then at me before he replied, “I am thinking what a wonderful, loving Aunt and what a wonderful and loving girlfriend I have.” “You both are dear in my heart and I love you both very much.” “This is no lie for sure as it comes from neither of my heads but rather from deep in my heart.”

DeRonda kisses my head before she said, “Look Janet he is finally thinking with his heart and not his dick,” as she lets go of his cock.

I look at John and I smile as I said, “I love you John and always will.”

John smiles back as he replied, “Janet I will never stop loving you.”

DeRonda smiles at us both as she said, “Why don’t you join us John,” as she scoots over making room between us and pats the spot with her hand.

John smiles back as he replied, “I think I will stand for a while longer if you don’t mind,” before he turns around showing us his still bright red shiny ass. “You both swing a pretty mean paddle.” He adds as he turns back to us.

“Only because we love you so much,” DeRonda and I both say to him at the same time.

Well that wraps up this chapter and I hope you enjoyed it. That was one of many special times, which I had with John and his aunt DeRonda. In the days, months and years to follow, we all became even closer. As always, please let me know that you enjoyed my story.