by justincbenedict

Devon Hastings opened the door to his house, and there was Austine! All that ash blonde hair…

Her ready smile, and an old fashioned Seventies striped tube dress with the breasts bouncing merrily within.

“Hey, Dev, how’s it going?” Austine kissed Dev’s cheek, and walked past him into his living room. She turned around expectantly, and Dev opened his wallet and handed her some money.

“Why don’t you take everything off, and lie on the couch?”

Austine went through her purse and found the key to Dev’s chastity device, and, after securing his hands behind his back right before he laid back on Mother’s antique Parisian sofa, began unlocking.

Austine got the entire contraption off in a few moments with deft manicured fingers, and winking at Dev, took the belt into the kitchen, where Dev knew she would put it in the dishwasher.

Watching Austine’s pert behind twitch in the skirt made Dev’s cock, confined in a space half it’s size these last two weeks, bounce and harden. God, it felt so backed up, Devon thought bitterly.

Two weeks ago, Austine had put his CB in the dishwasher and came and washed Dev’s cock, and given him a long teasing before locking him back up…this had been happening every two weeks for the past nine months.

Twice, after long intervals, Dev had gotten a visit from Master Soames, who would mark up Dev’s struggling bound body with his South African police baton.

Then Dev would suck Soames to completion… or give Soames a rimming with an obedient tongue if Soames was feeling nasty back there…no worry of salmonella, apparently.

Dev then was unlocked so he could lay his cock under Soames’s boot, where it was ground against a polished wood cutting board until Dev had had heart-pounding orgasm.

And then Austine would show up in two weeks to give him an orgasm-less stroking, and of course to wash up Dev’s cock so he wasn’t too stinky.

Now, Austine came back in, her boobs heaving, and she was, of course holding a bowl of soapy water.

Usually, Austine would wash and shave Dev’s crotch area, and sometimes, if Soames was annoyed with Dev, Austine would, with a guilty smile, pull Dev’s pubes out with tweezers, and record his screams for Soames to enjoy later on.

Dev breathed deeply as Austine washed his cock and balls with her long blue nails, stroking the end so that the crown swelled.

After the shaving, Austine put a couple of leather cock rings behind Dev’s testes and around his penis, so it was squeezed and the blood in his penis and balls was trapped.

Then Austine put a little spiked metal ring just under Dev’s “helmet”, and as his penis engorged more, the needles pressed into the tender skin of his penis.

Rubbing Dev’s cock up and down with one blue-tipped digit, Austine smiled. “So was it a rough fortnight, hon? Your dick get all excited watching the college girls in the spring?”

Dev breathed inwardly, and his penis swelled further against the rings and spikes as Austine bent down, showing a glorious cleavage, to pick up the lube.

Dev thought of his paralegal, Laramie…Dev was a patent attorney for a large white-shoe law firm in the Buttermilk Falls business district…and Laramie was a dumpling!

Often she would rub her full butt against Dev’s crotch as they reviewed papers, et cetera…but he was locked up, and couldn’t ask her out.

Also, it was forbidden to fraternize with the subordinates…but this had never stopped “Revvin’ Devon” back in the pre-chastity days…

Dev had screwed many a secretary or paralegal, sometimes even typists…and he’d nearly been fired when he snapped an associate’s bra strap, or when he threw his pants to his secretary, ordering her to get them dry cleaned, and he only had his Donald Duck boxers on…

But Dev was a quiet fellow now…He’d had to sell his little bright red Miata convertible to pay for sessions with Soames and Austine, and of course being caned and teased alternately had given Dev some gentleness…

If Dev seemed “snippy” or irritable, Austine would give him an enema in his bathroom before she left, using the coldest water and harsh yellow laundry soap.

As Austine began rubbing his cock faster, Dev panted and tried to focus on having an unauthorized orgasm, even though that would risk a visit from Soames and his bullwhip.

“Soames drove by your firm the other day and saw you making rude remarks to a meter maid, who was just trying to chastise you for illegal parking.”

Austine smiled as Dev’s face blanched.

“He’ll be visiting tonight to discuss it with you…aww, did you lose your hard-on? Guess I should just lock you up then, babe.”