by Daddy Warbuck


My sister has her first sex experience taped by her ex boyffriend and I find the tape.

Sister’s Cartoon


Part 1


I’m 18 years old and at this time work three days a week, while I’m waiting to start at university next year. I just came home from my part time job. As I entered the house, I called out to check if anyone was home. But, no one answered. So, I walked up stairs checked everyone’s room then walk back downstairs and checked the backyard out. Not finding anyone, I walked into the lounge room. I decided to settle down to watch some TV. On, finding nothing on, I started looking for any of the video tapes we keep.

I started searching through a stack of old tapes piled in the back of a cabinet, looking for one I hadn’t seen in while. As I was looking, I found one tape, which had a cartoon name on it. It wasn’t a bought tape. It had been blank and someone had recorded a cartoon. It was one of those cartoons that I use to watch at 12 years old. I put the tape into the recorder expecting to enjoy something from my youth. I made sandwiches and sat on the lounge, waiting to watch my cartoon.

As the tape started I began to get engrossed into Dragon Ball Z. As the tape got 20 minutes into the cartoon, I got a surprised, that I don’t think anyone expected. I saw my sister, Maggie appear on the TV, naked. Maggie was lying on the couch I was sitting on, naked!! Maggie is 20 years old, goes to the University I got into. As I watched I noticed that Maggie’s cunt was bald. She had beautiful long blond hair, but her cunt was bare.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The camera was jumping around, but it was still showing Maggie. Then the camera stopped and Maggie’s ex boyfriend, Craig something, came into view. Craig sat down on the carpet between Maggie’s legs. Craig was sucking on her pussy. I could see his tongue licking up and down in long strokes. Then Craig started pushing his tongue into Maggie and by the way of her expression, she loved every stroke he was doing to her. There was no sound to this video, only the actions. Anyway I started to wonder what would Maggie’s pussy tasted like, if it was sweet or not.

As I watched the video I started touching my raging hard on through my jeans. I unzipped my jean and pulled my cock free but this didn’t help. So, I undid my jeans and took them off, then my boxers. I removed my shirt and laid back on the lounge and started pumping my rock hard cock.

I was really getting into the licking Craig was giving, when he started kissing his way up Maggie’s body. He stopped to rim her navel, and I saw his tongue poke its way in. then he licked his way out and licked all the way around the navel. He moved again and reached her breast. They were medium, about a 32B, something I’d seen on one of her bras. Craig was licking around Maggie’s nipples, then he started flicking each nipple darting back and forth. Maggie’s nipples where getting harder and harder as I watched. I couldn’t believe how hot this was. I was pumping my cock up and down just waiting for the good part. I watched as Craig was biting Maggie’s hard nipples. Maggie was going crazy and from what I could tell she seemed to be saying “Fuck me. Fuck me”

I watched as Craig moved up and started kissing Maggie on the mouth. It was a deep kiss, you know when they lock lips and you can’t see what’s happening. From what I had seen so far, Craig was really good in bed. As he was kissing my sister, Craig placed the head of his cock into the beginning of her pussy. Then he started the see sawing effect, pushing it in a short way and pulling out until only the head remained. I couldn’t believe this as I was seeing all of this. Then Craig stopped, said something and with one swift plunge, Maggie’s head flew back and it seemed that she was screaming or something like that. It was then that I realised that Maggie was still a virgin until this time on the tape.

Craig was all the way into Maggie, he was resting there, lying between Maggie’s legs, waiting. Then he started that see sawing motion again. Craig was moving his cock in and out of Maggie’s cunt. I could see only small bits at a time, but I did see Maggie’s blood on his cock. At first I thought Maggie was in pain, but the more I watched, the more she was reacting to Craig. Now she looked like that she was enjoying Craig’s cock. Maggie had lifted her legs and wrapped them around Craig’s arse.

Now, as I watched, they were both moving together, bumping groins together as my friends would say. I was starting to wonder if he was going to cum inside Maggie. When Craig put his hand down between them and it looked like that he was touching her on the clit. It was so hot I was ready to shoot my own load. I was praying for Craig to shoot inside her, when he pulled all the way out and shot his load over Maggie’s stomach. Maggie came also, as she arched herself and threw her head back, while Craig was still masturbating her. Then I came, and I came in loads of seed spilling out onto my stomach, shooting up into my hair and onto the lounge. I’d never shots so much seed in my life.

I wasn’t aware of anyone and when I came back to my senses Maggie was standing in the doorway, open jaw and a shocked look on her face. I hit the pause button, with Craig still dribbling down onto her belly. She looked at the TV then at me and back to the TV. She was unable to speak for several minutes. Then Maggie started yelling at me, saying “What the fuck are you doing.” And “Who told you, you could see my tape.” I looked for something to wipe up my seed when I saw the tissues. I grabbed a whole handful and started wiping myself off, then my hair, what I could see and then the lounge. Maggie was so beside herself, yelling and swearing at me, that she didn’t look at me, as I had a smile on my face.

I looked at Maggie, still smiling when she said, “What are you smiling at fuck wit.” I said, three little words, “I’m telling dad.” Then Maggie just shut up, looking angry at me. I had Maggie over a barrel. I got dressed and took my plate to the kitchen, along with the tissues.

When I got back into the lounge room, my sister had that pitiful look on her face, feeling sorry for herself. I ejected the tape and took it with me, walking past Maggie and then upstairs to my room. A short time later there was a knock on the door and I said, “Enter.” Maggie walked into the room closing the door behind her. She still had that pitiful look on her face. She said, “Please don’t tell dad, he’ll kill me. Please.” Then she said the magic words, “I’ll do anything, please don’t tell dad.”

I looked at Maggie and started wondering what I could ask for. I said, “Anything I want?” She said, “Yes.” I started imagining what she looked like naked here in front of me? Then I started wondering what did her pussy taste like? Then I had the ideal request I wanted to fuck her like Craig did. I said, “okay, I won’t say anything if I can fuck you.” Maggie looked at me and again she looked angry. Maggie turned around opened the door and walked out, slamming the door behind her.

I wasn’t really going to turn my sister in, but I did like the idea of fucking her. I had one girlfriend, who allowed me to fuck her once before she dropped me, for someone else. So although I had fucked a girl I never really had any real relationship, where sex was a part of it on a steady basis. I laid down on my bed and started remembering the video. I had a smiled a mile wide on my face as I heard a knock on my door again. I knew mum and dad weren’t home yet, so I thought it would be Maggie. I said, “Enter.” Maggie again opened the door and walked in. She had a sour look on her face and her head was drooping down, as if in surrender.

I looked at Maggie and I said, “Yes.” Maggie responded, “Okay, you can fuck me but you’ll have to wear a condom. I can’t get pregnant.” I opened the beside draws and took a condom out of my wallet. Maggie just took off her panties. I said, “No, you’ve got to get naked.” Maggie looked at me and shook her head. I said, ‘Okay, just forget it then.” Maggie looked at me and started taking off her blouse. Then she took off her bra, and unzipped her skirt. Now Maggie was standing all in the nude in front of me. I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. As I took off my boxers, my cock jumped out towards Maggie. Maggie’s eye grew as if in lust.

I had Maggie lie on my double bed and I lay next to her. I started to suck on her nipples first, when she said, “You said you wanted to fuck. You didn’t mention this too.” I said, “Fucking is everything.” Which I meant that placing my dick into her cunt was what I wanted to do. Then Maggie said, “Ok, just get it over with. Okay.” So I continued sucking on Maggie’s nipple. I started chewing it and flicking my tongue at it.
I let my hand wander down Maggie’s body, until I felt her pussy lips. Straight away I dipped my index finger into her cunt, scooping out some of her juices. I started to rub her juices onto her lips and clit. As I rubbed around her lips I would only concentrate on her clit for a second and keep tracing her lips. Now Maggie was moaning. So I changed nipples and started chewing and sucking on her other one. Maggie was moaning louder now and I figured that she must be a rocket. To shoot off quickly and explodes.

It was now I decided that I wanted to suck on her pussy and see how it tasted. So, I left Maggie’s other nipple and started kissing my way down, past her navel, to her cunt. I laid between Maggie’s legs and I could smell her womanly scent. It was sweet and tangy as I breathed in her aroma. I couldn’t believe that I was going to go down on my sister, as I wasn’t about to stop for anything.

I lowered my mouth placing it over her pussy and sucked as hard as I could. Maggie began moaning even louder than before. So, I flick her clit with my tongue and she kept on moaning. Maggie took a hold of my head and pushed me down into her pussy. I kept on licking until I felt her clit get harder. I took it between my lips and sucked it as hard as I could. Then the rocket exploded. Maggie squeezed her legs together, trapping me. Her whole body went rigid. I heard the loudest moan of all, with a “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” Following it. After a short while Maggie released me and opened her legs again.

I started to climb my way up her body, stopping every so often to plant a kiss, or suck a nipple, until I reached her, face to face. Maggie had lifted her knees up and out, giving me access to her pussy. She looked at me and said, “Well common, if you want to fuck, let’s do it.” With no other encouragement I slipped my cock into waiting cunt.

As I slipped the head of my cock into her waiting pussy I felt her juices slosh around me. The inside of her cunt had this velvety feeling to it. The channel was tight, but not to tight that I couldn’t push into her. As I pushed into her I felt the tip of my cock touch her inside and bottom out. I figured that it was her cervix and I was at the entrance to her womb. I started to slide my cock out half way then push it back in. I was starting off slow, when Maggie again started moaning.

I began to quicken the pace, feeling her juices being forced out of her as we fucked. Maggie was moaning as I pushed in and again bottomed out, she then wrapped her legs around my arse. I couldn’t help myself so I pushed my lips onto hers and started kissing her deeply, as Craig had done in the video. Maggie responded back by using her tongue with mine. She was a great kisser and I didn’t want to stop for anything, now.

Now I was pushing faster, when Maggie ankles were helping me to push in. I could also feel Maggie’s hips rising to meet mine. Soon we were fucking hard and I could feel the tip of my cock pressing into her cervix. Then with another, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” I rammed my cock home and pushed past her cervix, into her womb. The feeling of her cervix gripping my cock was wonderful, it felt like a virgin. her cunt gripped my cock and began to milk it. And I shot my load, more than I shot before when watching the video. I couldn’t explain the feeling but then I remember about the condom and looked at Maggie. Maggie had that dreamy look about her face, so I didn’t disturb her and lay between her legs.


Part 2 After Our Fuck


I took my cock from Maggie’s bald pussy, and I lay beside her. As we lay together looking at each other, I must have fallen asleep. Then I heard a car pull into the rear of the house. Then I heard the car door open and close, with mum’s voice saying something. My eyes flew open to see Maggie’s was still closed. I quickly woke her up, saying our parent’s were home and she had to get back to her room. Maggie got up quickly, picked up her clothing and ran out of my room.

I quickly got dressed in shorts and a top. I heard the shower going and smiled, realising that Maggie got there just in time. I went downstairs and greeted mum and dad, who asked about my day. I just told them it was a good, with unexpected treats. I told my parents that I didn’t have to work the following day, so I could sleep in. Mum told me that she had jobs around the house that she wanted me to do. Later we had dinner and watched TV. As I started to get comfortable, on the lounge, Maggie came in and sat down beside me. I looked at her and found her watching me. When our eyes met she smiled. I loved that smile.

Later that night I was sitting up and reading. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 1am, so I turned off my bedside lamp and lay back in bed. I was stroking my cock, thinking about my fuck with Maggie, when the door opened and closed and a figure came over, lifted the sheets and hoped into bed with me. Maggie said, “I’m lonely, can we just cuddle.” We held each other close, when I felt her hand grasp my rigid cock. I said, “No, mum and dad are just up the hallway. What if they hear us?” Maggie said, “They won’t. The time Craig stayed, we fucked all night.” I thought about it for a little while. Maggie was still tugging on my cock, which made it hard to concentrate, so I said, “Okay, but you’ve got to go back to your bed before they get up. Ok”

Maggie placed her lips on mine and we started kissing each other deeply. Maggie was still pulling on me, so I let my hand wander down and found her naked pussy. My index finger found its way into her cunt, and was now playing with her juices. I scooped some out and as before started rimming her pussy. Maggie was starting to moan, so I clamped my mouth over her, in case our parents heard. I started touching her clit, with my finger and she moaned harder into my kiss. By this time I wasn’t going through any other foreplay and I think my sister knew it, as I mounted her, pushing my cock into her.

I started pushing myself into her as far as I could go, and again bottoming out, on touching her cervix. Maggie had wrapped her legs around me. We started grinding our hips together, it was then I heard my bed creak and wondered if mum or dad could hear us. But that thought only lasted fleetingly and I kept grinding my cock into Maggie. By now our hips were coming together and the noise of her wet pussy was loud. I kept my mouth on Maggie all the time, so her moans wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Finally Maggie was moaning all the time and I could feel her cunt getting tighter, when she went rigid and pulling her legs down onto my arse, forcing me further in. I rammed home and again felt my cock pierce her cervix, entering her womb. I shot load, after load into her unprotected womb. I laid there, upon Maggie, until we both calmed down. When I slipped from her pussy, Maggie quickly kissed me on the lips and jump out from my bed leaving the same way she’d come. I lay there reliving the memory of what just happened, unaware of the consequences that may happen.

I fell asleep only to be woken by dad. He told me that I was too cut the lawn and clean out the garage. Then he left telling me that he would see me tonight. I waited in bed for several minutes and heard the car doors open and close, then the car start up and leave. I lay there going back to sleep when Maggie came into my room and jumped into bed with me. I looked at her and she kissed me on the lips. I asked if she wanted a repeat performance, when she said, “No. I’ve got to get to my holiday job, but I’ll be home early this afternoon.” She gave my cock a quick squeeze then kissed my lips again, got out of bed and left my room. Minutes later I heard the shower running. So, I turned on my side and went back to sleep.

Later during the day I went about cleaning the garage. It was after lunch that I started mowing the lawn. I had finished the front and was halfway through the back when Maggie got home. She came out with a cold drink. Kissed me on the lips and then walked back inside. I watched her saunter away swinging those lovely hips that I ground my cock into, early this morning.

I had just finished the mowing the back lawn when Maggie came out in the sexiest two piece swim suit that she had. She walked down to the pool and laid down on the banana lounge, stripping off her top. I looked over and saw those beautiful 32B size tits lying against her chest. I put the mower away and headed inside to clean up. I changed from my work clothes for a pair of swimming shorts.

I went back outside and saw that Maggie hadn’t moved from her position. I walked over enter the pool enclosure and dived into the deep end. My dive sent a splash of water, enough to wet Maggie. As I came out of my dive, I heard Maggie berating me. I looked around and saw her dive into pool, topless. Then she swam underneath and came up beside me. I looked at her and she threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me squarely on the lips. I could feel her hardening nipples against my chest. So, I placed my arms around her waist and rubbed my chest against her.

Maggie grabbed hold of my cock and started to slowly pump me. I placed my hand down her bikini bottoms and found her clit. We both started rubbing the other. My sister let go of my member and took hold of my shorts, tugging them off. Soon I was naked in the water, not wanting to be naked alone, I grabbed the strings on both sides of her bikini bottoms, which held the bottom piece together and pulled them free. I pulled the bikini away and now we were both naked. Maggie went back to stroking my cock. I again started rubbing her clit.

When Maggie was ready she pulled herself up and wrapped me in her legs. I directed my cock into her waiting cunt. Now we were together but I couldn’t get enough movement to start fucking her. Maggie was gripping then releasing my cock with her cunt. I looked around and saw the wide ledge, in the pool, big enough to lie on. So, holding Maggie, I waded across to the ledge and pushed Maggie against it. Now I was able to fuck her.

We were out the back in front of all the neighbours to see, but I didn’t care. I started forcing my way into Maggie’s cunt. Pushing as hard as I could, I’d start pushing against her cervix once more. Maggie was moaning again, loud and uncensored. I could tell Maggie was a real slut for my cock because whatever she did, she always wanted it from me. I pushed so hard I was now in her womb and grind our hips together. Maggie didn’t stop, she kept moaning loudly, when she cried out, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” At that she went rigid, again pulling me in with her legs and I shot my load into her womb.

We lay against the ledge, letting the water cool us down. Both of us were panting seeking out more air to breath. Maggie looked up to me and smiled. Her smile was infectious, as I smiled back. We waited there for a little while, and then I pulled myself free of Maggie’s cunt. I waded over, got our swimmers and went back to Maggie, handing her the bikini bottoms. I put mine on and I watched as Maggie did up hers.

As I looked at her Maggie, she got up and placed her arms around my neck and whispered, “You know that’s the third time you have put your seed into me. I may be pregnant?” I looked shocked and thought what would happen if she did get pregnant and our parents ever found out. She looked at me and said, ‘What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I’ll get pregnant?” with that Maggie let go of me and stormed out of the pool, grabbing her things, she went inside the house. I just stood there not knowing what my feelings were at that time.

That night, as I lay reading in my bed, the door opened and Maggie was standing there in her nightie. She came over and sat on my bed. I thought she had forgiven me and wanted more of my cock. Maggie looked at me and said, “Until you make up your mind what you want then I’m not coming back to your bed. So make up your mind.” She left me with that to think on, and walked out of my room closing the door behind her. I had to get up for work the next day, so I turned my light off and tied to go to sleep, but couldn’t. I thought on what Maggie had said, and thought of all the possibilities that could happen.

Part 3 The Next Day

I tossed and turned all night, till early in the morning. Then I had a dream, in which Maggie handed me a baby and I was really elated over this. There were other parts to the dream but I couldn’t remember them, just this one small part. When I woke up I was tired, I had my shower and passed Maggie, who was still angry at me. I tried to speak with her, but mum, stopped me and asked what my plans for today were. I told her of work and she smiled and kissed my cheek and told me she’d see me tonight. Then mum and dad left for work. I looked at the time and raced to get dressed and go to work. All day I was thinking how I would approach Maggie. Then at 2.30pm I finished and went home.When I got home I made a sandwich and waited. Maggie came home not long after and I met her at the door. She was still angry, but when I said, “I hope she’s a girl.’ Maggie threw her arms around me and hugged me real close. Maggie took my hand and led me to her room. She made sit on her bed and put some music on, something raunchy. Then Maggie started to do a strip for me.

By the time she got down to her panties I was rock hard and wanted to bend her over the end of the bed. But she turned to me and said, “Now do it for me.” So I started to sway in tune to the music, and tried stripping in front of her. By the time I was down to my boxers my cock was raging and Maggie was fingering her cunt. She was also, making remarks, like, “Strip slowly lover.” and “I can see your rock hard cock.” and “My cunt is just waiting for you to pound me.”

I was just about to slip my boxers off when she said, “Come here lover and fuck your sister.” Maggie manoeuvred herself onto the bed properly and patted beside her. So, I walked over and lay next to my sister. Maggie leaned over and placed her lips on mine and we started kissing each other. Maggie reached down and started pulling on me. I let my hand wander down, finding her panties and forced my hand under the waist band, onto her naked pussy. My index finger found its way into her cunt, and was now playing with her juices. So, I scooped some out and as before started rimming her pussy and clit.

As Maggie became so turned on, I took my hand out and started tugging on her panties to come off. She lifted her hips and it was easy after that. Now it was my turn and Maggie was tugging at my shorts I lifted my hips and helped to take them off.

Now were both naked again and my cock was pointing at her stomach, as if to say, “See I put my seed in here.” Maggie was on her back waiting for me to climb on. But instead, I wanted to suck her vibrant pussy again, as I loved the taste of her nectar. So I moved myself down and between her legs. Once between them I put my arms under and around her legs to draw her in closer. Maggie’s legs were now over my shoulders, her ankles sitting on my back.

I lowered my mouth placing it over her pussy, sucking as hard as I could. Maggie began moaning even louder than before. So, I flick her clit with my tongue. Maggie took a hold of my head and pushed me down into her pussy. I kept on licking until I felt her clit get harder. So, I took it between my lips and teeth, sucking it as hard as I could. Then Maggie squeezed her legs together, trapping my head, between her thighs. Her whole body went rigid. I heard the loudest moan of all, with a “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” After a short while, Maggie opened her legs again, releasing my head. I let go of Maggie and levered me up, as my dick had been uncomfortably sticking into the bed.

I climbed my way up her body, until I reached her face. Maggie had lifted her knees up and around me, with her ankles resting on my arse. She looked at me and said, “Common lover, fuck me hard and make me your bitch.” With no other encouragement I slipped my cock into her waiting cunt.

I felt the head of my cock pass her pussy lips, and down her love tunnel. Her juices were sloshing around me. The inside still had that velvety feeling to it and her cunt was tight. As I pushed into her I felt the tip of my cock touch her inside and bottom out on her cervix. My cock was once more at the entrance of her womb. I started to slide my cock out half way then push it back in.

I began to quicken the pace, feeling her juices being forced out of her as we fucked. Maggie was moaning as I pushed in and again bottomed out. I couldn’t help myself, so I started ramming my cock in and out of her as hard as I could. Maggie was calling all the time, “Common brother put your seed deep in me.” I started kissing her deeply and Maggie responded back. I can’t say what I felt at that time but I know it was more than lust.

Now as I was ramming into Maggie, her ankles were helping pulling me in. I could feel Maggie’s hips rising to grind with mine. Soon we were fucking so hard, I could again feel the tip of my cock entering Maggie’s cervix. Then with another, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssssssss.” I rammed my cock home and pushed into her womb. I shot my load once more into that unprotected womb. Then we were finished. I lay there with Maggie until I was ready to get off her.

My cock slipped out effortlessly, and I watched as our juices ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her arse. Then Maggie grabbed a rolled tampon and stuck it her pussy, turned around and placed her feet up, high on the wall. At first, I wondered what she was doing, then I realised that she wanted to trap all my seed in her womb and make sure she’d get pregnant.

After that Maggie and I had sex nearly twice a day, except weekends. On weekends we go out and meet somewhere that others didn’t know us. Then we’d find a hideaway and fuck so many times that by the end of the weekend I was ready to die. We went on like this for nearly three months. Sometimes our parents wondered about me and asked if I was doing drugs, because I looked exhausted all the time. I said, no that I was just getting in shape.

This kept on going until we started at University together. We don’t live far away so we travelled in each day. It was about a week after we started University, when Maggie came up to me at the end of the day. Maggie had a smile a mile wide, and I could guess what it was. After we got into the car, Maggie said, “I’m 3 months pregnant. I thought I was but wasn’t sure. I love you darling.” I said, “I love you too. I wonder how we’ll tell mum and dad.” Maggie said, “Let’s not worry about that. Let’s get home and fuck. Please.” I just nodded my head and drove as fast as I could.

On arriving home we just couldn’t wait and started ripping each others clothes off. I had just ploughed straight into Maggie and started ramming her. Then it happened as Maggie and I were coming. I just started shooting my load, when mum and dad walked in through the door. My mother’s voice yelling, “What are you two doing?” which was extremely loud. Only after I had finished sending the last shot of my incestuous seed into Maggie’s waiting womb, had I pulled out. As I stood back covering my nakedness, and Maggie was getting up, a trail of white ooze flowed from her pussy.

That afternoon Maggie and I had to listen to our angry parents about incest and the responsibilities of sex. Then it was me that told them that Maggie was pregnant to me. Well, you never heard such a violent angry rave from my parents. They hit the roof several times and after a half hour they just left. I think they wanted some space to deal with the problem.

Maggie was crying as I hugged her, and kissed her lips and forehead. Our parents came home and sat us down. They asked us all sort of questions, which made them angry. One question was how far along was Maggie. Maggie said she was past the 12 week mark, which again returned an angry response. They asked what was I going to do and I told them about getting my degree at Uni. Maggie also stated that she wanted a degree too, but mum said that she may have to forget about the second semester because the baby would be nearly born then.

We talked into the night and later Maggie and I went to our separate beds, not venturing out in case our parents hit the roof again. The next morning I got up met Maggie in the hallway and gave her a quick kiss. Dad saw us and told us to come downstairs. Once down in the kitchen dad said that he and mum had thought it over and decided that Maggie would have the baby. That when she was nearly 6 months she would go to Aunty May’s place and have the baby at the private hospital there. Aunty May was dad sister, and he sometimes went over and visited with her. Then they said something that astonished me. They told us once the baby was born Maggie could return home, with the baby, and that I had to help her rear the child, as I was the father. Maggie and I grasped each other, because we thought that our parent’s would make us give up the child. Maggie and I started kissing, which made our parents leave the room, I thought in disgust.

I went to dad later and spoke with him. He wasn’t at all hard on me as mum was. I told dad that if I was going to be a father to the child and husband of sort to Maggie, then he should allow us to sleep together. It was then that dad startled me. He told me it was alright to sleep together from now on. Then he said, “Just to let you know that I use to sleep with your Aunt May, too, when we were young. I always wondered what it would be like if I fathered a child to May. Anyway I can’t stop you now from having sex with your sister, so you better look after her. And I mean properly. Ok.” I said, “Yes, I will dad.” And that was the end of our little talk.

Well I moved in with Maggie to mum’s disgust, but we put up with it. It took mum several months, but she came around in the end. She began by buying clothes and furniture for the baby, then a stroller and making my old room into a nursery. By beginning of he second semester, Maggie was really showing and she was taken over to Aunty May’s place, by dad. He stayed there for the night and came home the next day. I always wondered about that.

Then nearly at the end of the second semester, dad told me I should take a week off and go and see Maggie. He was right. Maggie was getting sort of worried that I was looking at other girls. But once I arrived and assured her that was the farthest thing in my mind everything was alright. We had sex at least twice a day but it was hard on Maggie. When she had an orgasm, the baby must’ve enjoyed it because she/he would jump around the whole time.

It was straight after all my exams, that Aunty May called and told me that Maggie had gone into labour. Yes she knew and was happy for us. May only has one child, who was younger than I, by 8 years. She never said anything about the father, but I sometimes think of dad when I look at him. Anyway I went over to May’s and got there just as Maggie was being taken to the hospital. I had bought a ring and slipped it onto her finger, so she could register under our surname. Well I was there when Lizzy was born. She had her mum’s nose and hair and at 4 kilograms she was the most beautiful baby there. Maggie stayed several more days and then was allowed to go home with Lizzy.

When we got to mum and dad’s place, mum was overjoyed at her granddaughter. Well over the next 6 weeks we all settled in. I got a part time job during the holiday, three days a week. I wanted to spend every bit of time I could spare with my two girls. Maggie enjoyed breast feeding our daughter and mum and dad loved having a child in the house again.

It was after eight weeks that the fun started. Maggie had just finished feeding Lizzy and looked all hot and bothered. I walked into the room after burping Lizzy and putting her down for a sleep. Maggie was sitting on the lounge rolling her nipple, between her thumb and fore finger. I looked at her and she smiled at me, in a wicked like grin. I smiled back her, when she said, “Lizzy is going to need a brother or sister to play with. Isn’t she?” I just smiled and started getting naked.

The end