I know just about every kind of sex act known to humankind. However, that is not to imply that I have actually participated in them all! And so it was, with my second husband who was a seaman, that I started to do much more than I ever had. He confided in me that his biggest fantasy was anal sex. No problem, I was game. Then he said that another fantasy he had, and he would have to insist on for cleanliness, was giving enemas.

Okay, that did it! I hate those things and always have! Of course, in truth, the only ones I had ever had were given for surgery purposes and they were very clinical. Nothing personal about them at all. After a few days, he finally talked me into it and we bought everything we needed in preparation for ‘the big day’.

I let him take the lead, which could have been a bad idea, but I didn’t say anything and let him handle it all. I asked, but naturally, he wouldn’t let me give HIM one.

When he had everything ready, we went into the den and I positioned myself on my knees with my head to the floor resting on my hands. The nozzle really didn’t bother me and I thought it would be a breeze. After all, I had had several in the past, right?

He didn’t bother to tell me that the first one was soapy until AFTER he had started the flow! I thought I would come out of my skin! It burned so bad and I was cramping so bad I could hardly breathe. He refused to stop, telling me it was only a quart and that I could handle it.

Well, truth be told? He was right. It was over before I knew it, but I literally ran to the bathroom. He laughed. When I came back, I refused another if it had soap in it. He said it didn’t; it was just water. It was.

He gave me two quarts this time. I thought I would explode, but of course, I didn’t. He wouldn’t let me run to the bathroom this time though. Instead, he talked softly to me, coaxing me to hold it for as long as I could. He shocked me a bit by inserting an anal plug to help me hold it in.

I didn’t even know he had bought one! He massaged my abdomen as he talked and I relaxed so much, I forgot about having to evacuate! After a few minutes, he stopped and told me to go and get rid of it. I went to the bathroom and removed the plug myself. After I had finally gotten all the water out, I washed up and came back. We had the best anal sex I could have imagined! It was great!

From that day on, I never refused him anything and actually begged for the enemas from time to time. Seemed we both loved it! I loved getting them and he loved giving them.