We met on the airplane and started to chat, about nothing in particular, but just about things in general. She was about my age and indicated that she was a widow. So was I. She said that she had a daughter who was in her early twenties but still lived at home, but wasn’t home too often. Well, as the conversation continues we got on the subject of sex and one thing led to another. She said that it had been a long time since she had had a man in bed.

This was where I decided to turn things up a bit, and indicated that I also had not had sex for a long time. She kinda smiled and gave me a little chuckle. With that I did say that one thing that I liked to do was to make sure that the woman that I was with truly enjoyed herself sexually. At this she said that she had never been with anyone, including her late husband, that she felt had truly satisfied her. I said that I had to agree with her on that point: that most women don’t reach climax because most men don’t take the time to try and satisfy the woman, or don’t know how to do it.

She pressed me about how I would go about satisfying a woman. Well, I said, getting closer to her so as not to disturb the other passengers on the flight, I would gently kiss her on the mouth and the neck and then start to remove her clothes one piece at a time, stopping to kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. From there I would move down to her navel and kiss and lick there before removing her lower garments. Then I would slowly tongue around her vaginal lips and clit. By now she was showing signs of arousal and was having a hard time sitting still in her seat. I could tell I had her. She was to be mine, so I continued to explain about laying her on the bed and proceeding to lick and suck on her clit and pussy.

I told her that I would then put a finger in her pussy, and still licking and sucking on her clit, would move my finger in and out of her. I would also use another finger to slowly rub around her anus. With that she asked me to stop telling her about it. I did as she asked and looked her in the eyes and asked why. She said that she was getting so excited that really what she wanted was for me to prove it to her. So when we landed I said, okay, lets go to your place. It was not too far from where I lived.

By now we were both extremely excited and wanted to get physical. So off to her place we went; when we got inside her house, we headed straight into her bedroom. She noticed that her daughter was not home, so we would not be interrupted. We started by kissing and slowly removing each other’s cloths. I was kissing her neck and lips and slowly moving down to her ample but nice tits and hard nipples. I licked and sucked on them until she was moaning out loud and panting. Moving down lower, removing her skirt, smelling that sweet fragrance of her wet pussy. She also was pulling my pants off and removing my shoes and socks, my cock was starting to press out of my briefs. She noticed at once and asked did I expect her to suck my cock. I told her yes, and that I would lick her too. She pulled my briefs off and kissed the head of my rigid cock. I pulled her up and knelt down and removed her underpants, which by now were getting wet from her pussy juices. I licked and took her clit in, and started sucking and flicking my tongue across it. She moaned and said lets get on the bed, I want to suck your cock. I laid down on my back and she straddled me and lowered her now wet and pouting pussy to my face. I started to lick and suck on her pussy and clit. I moved a finger into her pussy and then two in and moved them in and out. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked like it was the last one she’d ever have. As I fingered her pussy I also was running a finger around her asshole. I got it wet with her pussy juices and started to insert it in her ass.

She jerked up and off of my cock, asking just what I was about to do. I said that I have found that most women’s asses are very erotic and that it would enhance her pleasure. She just drew a breath and said ok. So we continued until finally she came off my cock and I knew that she was about to climax like she had never done before. Her ass muscles and her pussy muscles were starting to tighten up and then it happened she let out a loud moan and came like a champ, not once but twice as I sucked on her clit.

We decided that before we went any further that we would give each other the enemas that we so really wanted. She got up and went into the bathroom and started getting things ready, asking if she could go first since I had already got her ass so excited by playing with it. Sure, I said, what nozzle do you want to use? She informed me that the douche nozzle was her favorite. So the full bag was hung, and the nozzle lubed. I had her get on her hands and knees with that lovely ass in the air. I put a large glob of KY on her asshole and slowly moved it around and then put more on and inserted my finger in her ass. Then I slowly inserted the nozzle in her ass, and she started to move back on the nozzle, taking it in all the way. I started the warm water into her rectum slowly, so as not to give her cramps. It wasn’t long before she had taken the entire 2 quarts and was ready to expel it out. I removed the nozzle and she got on the toilet and started to expel it all out.

After cleaning the equipment and she had finished and was clean, I was ready for my warm enema. She had me on my hands and knees with my ass in the air for her to lube. With a slow motion she lubed me and inserted a finger in my ass, which made me moan with pleasure. She asked if I liked it and I said very much. Soon she was inserting the douche nozzle in my ass and starting the warm water running in. She then started stroking my cock. Soon I had taken all two quarts in and was ready to expel. She started to remove the nozzle and then pushed it in and out a few times acting as if she was fucking my ass with the nozzle. Finally she removed the nozzle and I was able to go to the toilet and expel.

After finishing up I said lets go back to the bedroom and finish getting relieved. She agreed and we were on the bed licking and sucking each other. I got her on her hands and knees on the bed, and I got up behind her and slowly started to push my cock into her pussy. I stroked until we both came, her for the third time and me for the first time. I asked her if she liked the way I played with her asshole and she said yes. That she always liked it and loved to do it herself before giving herself an enema. I thought I would come again when I heard she say that because I also loved enemas and loved anal sex. I told her about it and she said we should get together soon for a good enema session. I asked her what type of nozzles she would like to try, and she said she didn’t know there were different nozzles. I said I would get a different one and bring it over when we got together. She wanted to know what kind I would get. I told her that she would just have to wait and see, but that I knew that she would love it.


She Loves Enemas Part 2

It wasn’t long before I received the colon tube and the balloon tip for our enema session. I called her and told her that I was all was ready and asked when she would like to get together for our mutual enema experience. She said as soon as possible; she was starting to get so horny that she was afraid her daughter might get suspicious and start asking questions.

It was only a couple of days before I arrived at her house. She answered the door dressed only in a bathrobe tied around her slim waist, showing an ample amount of her nice tits. I came in and she wanted to inspect the contents of the bag that I had brought. I told her that she had to wait until we were in her bedroom and both undressed. We also had to get all the other parts of the enema together. She said that she had it all ready except the nozzle that I had brought.

So we entered her bedroom and she started to remove all my clothes, and when she took my briefs off she hungrily took my cock into her mouth and sucked like she hadn’t had it in a long time. It was only a couple weeks since she had had it in that tight mouth of hers. I lifted her up and removed her bathrobe and handled her beautiful tits and lightly pinched her nipples. My other hand was down stroking her pussy and rubbing her now protruding clit.

I asked her if she had ever had anal sex. She said no with wide eyes. She didn’t know if she ever wanted to. She said the thought of a cock going in her ass was beyond comprehension and didn’t think she would allow it. I said that done the proper way it was very pleasurable. She still wasn’t sure about it so I said let’s get on with the enemas and talk about it later.

Into the bathroom we went. I asked if she wanted to get hers first. She said how about second. This way she could see what kind of nozzle I had brought and if she was going to like it or not. So I took the two nozzles out of the bag and she asked what in the world they were. I explained that the long tube was what is called a colon tube and when inserted, it went way up into the colon and got the water where it would do the most cleaning. The other was a balloon type nozzle. When inserted into the rectum it would be inflated so that no leakage would occur, thus allowing you to hold more water and longer, since you could not evacuate the enema until the balloon was deflated.

She asked me which one I wanted and I said the balloon one, since the colon tube had to be inserted in a special way. So we started with me on my hands and knees and her lubing my ass up real good, slowly inserting a finger. She asked if it hurt and I said that it felt really good. Soon, with my instructions, she lubed the nozzle and slowly twisted it into my ass. She then pumped it up three times, which filled my rectum. She tugged on it to make sure it was in properly. Then came the flow of the warm water, which I had been thinking about for days. As she rubbed my ass my cock rose to the occasion. She noticed it and slowly started to stroke it. It was such a turn on: the warm water entering my ass and her stroking my cock. I wanted to cum but asked her to stop stroking. She stopped and said that I had taken all the water in. I was surprised that I had taken it since I really had no cramps. Probably due to the addition of Epsom salt to the water. I held the water in for a good five minutes, while she cleaned the equipment and got ready for her first balloon nozzle enema. I removed the balloon nozzle from my ass and started to evacuate. I handed her the nozzle and told her to rinse it off. She said she didn’t know in she could take the balloon nozzle in her tight ass. I said that if she couldn’t we would use the colon tube.

When all was ready I had her get on her left side, on the floor, and pull her right leg up so that her asshole was exposed. I put a generous amount of KY on her ass and slowly inserted a finger, so as to lube the inside of her rectum. I then put lube on the colon tube and slowly started to insert it in her ass. After about two inches of the tube was in her I started the water flowing slowly. I continued to put the tube in her, going slowly but firmly. She gave a bit of a gasp as more of the tube went in. She asked how much more had to go in. I told her a bit more and I also started the water going in faster. It wasn’t long before she said that she was really full. I told her she had a bit more to go so I had her roll over on her back. I pushed the rest of the tube into her; her belly was starting to protrude, due to the amount of water inside her. She looked at her belly and let out a low moan. Almost done, I told her. Finally, all the water was in, and I clamped off the tube. She said she didn’t think she could hold it any longer. I put my finger down at her ass and pushed the tube in till the whole thing was in.

After a bit of time she got up and sat on the toilet and I helped pull the tube out so she could evacuate the water out. I then cleaned up the equipment and hung the bottle up to dry. After she had finished emptying out, I had her get on her hands and knees there in the bathroom. She wanted to know why. I said she was going to learn the art of anal sex. She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to learn, so I told her to relax. I won’t hurt you, I said. I started to put the KY on her ass. I slowly put a finger in and rubbed the KY around in her rectum. I then put more KY on her and worked my way up to three. I removed my fingers and lubed my cock and brought it to her lovely asshole. I pressed it against the opening and slowly inserted the head. She gasped and said to stop. I held there so she could get used to my cock in her ass. Finally she was able to take it all in, and we fucked till she came and I gave her a warm cum enema. She loved it and asked if we could do it again. That’s another story.