We are a pretty big marriage, grandparents already. My name is Rodolfo, I am 51 years old and, despite a certain tide, I keep myself in good condition. My wife’s name is Patricia, she is 49 years old, she has an enviable tits and she is more passionate than ever.

A year ago, our marriage was not going through the best time. Patri’s menopause had made him lose his natural lubrication and he had forgotten, at some bend in the path of life, his historical libido. This – although it is foreign to our affair – caused an infidelity on my part, which resulted in my expulsion from the home and a subsequent and unforgettable reconciliation. Until that moment, Patri was quite reluctant to give me his tail, alleging an important pain, although – to be honest – I must say that on several occasions he ejaculates in his intestines. After our traumatic separation she began to give me her ass more assiduously, until she began to enjoy each anal penetration madly. We also started to enjoy the company of some gadgets. We bought, in the first place, a vibrator of about 15 cms. , whom we call Chiquito and who was welcomed by Patri with great pleasure. He devoured it in a thousand ways and through all its holes. In order to slide more nimbly inside him, we dressed him with a well lubricated condom. It became habitual for Patri to be the object of double penetrations; Chiquito in his shell and my cock in his tail caused his delirium in long nights of multiple and prolonged orgasms. We introduce, then, a second variant: after being penetrated by the vibrator and moistened her shell by the movements of “our friend”, I -not without effort-, I also put my member in her vagina putting her crazy and letting out her moans more sound.

Saw the light, then, the most wonderful time of our sensuality. We would pick up at any time and anywhere in the house. My cock alternately entered his shell and his ass, fucking until his holes reddened or until the pain of my foreskin dictated the “enough”. Patri’s tits bounced incessantly before my constant onslaught and his face was taking, more and more, the unequivocal aspect of “horny addicted to total sex”.

Between dust and dust large mice began to appear. I thought how delicious it would be to see my wife penetrated by another man, listen to her moan to the rhythm of another cock. I did not take long to talk to her about it and she-although she was crazy at first-began to share my fantasies. Little by little, my imaginary companions penetrate from one to two and then several more. Patri got used to enjoying interminable sexual evenings in which she was repeatedly caught – frequently sodomized – by Chiquito, by me and by a new dildo of great dimensions, which we baptized as Papuchi.

The need for some encounter in which flesh and blood yards replace plastic appeared in our lives. Many times, while we masturbated each other, I told him how it would be a scene in which several men made her his, occupying all his orifices and bathing all his body with semen. These narrations filled their sex with juices and transported them to exquisite finished just imagine a whole series of hot males willing to give and give for hours.

Thus, our vacation arrived on a beautiful island in southern Brazil. There, in a cabin rented and far from the daily worries, we took to the satiety, with the infaltable contribution of our friends of silicones and of our beloved mice.

One day, after a very long discussion, we decided to go to a local nudist spa, Praia Galetha. It was a cloudy but hot day, when we arrived at that cold water beach, framed by a cliff in which the erosion drew some caves of considerable size.

We selected a place to locate ourselves and I stripped myself of all my clothes, showing a member who – due to the stress of the new situation – did not show its most tempting aspect. Patri, uncomfortable by the many curious dresses that passed permanently by the place, did not undress totally and only acceded to do topless, leaving to the air their sensational breasts. This was enough for the naked men who passed by our side to turn to look at her and show the almost instantaneous growth of their yards.

After staying for a while drinking mate and enjoying the little sun that the dark clouds let filter, we noticed that a man deposited his belongings a few meters from our position. He spread his towel on the sand and took off his shorts, revealing a marvelous member who, even in a half-wifely state, had a fine bite for any woman with blood in her veins. Patri was not oblivious to it and her face began to show that unmistakable blush typical of women when they begin to warm up. Although I did not understand it, I noticed that the newcomer did not take his eyes off Patri’s tits and that his cock was already showing signs of getting into an erection, acknowledging the attractiveness of my dear wife. I then invited Patri to put us in the sea, to which she agreed without hesitation.

While playing with the first waves, Patri tells me: – “Did you see the guy who lay down next to us? … I love that pija resting on his thighs. Actually, I’m getting pretty wet “-. I looked her in the eyes and asked: – “Would you like me to make love to you? I think that this guy did not get there by chance and that the size of his cock indicates that you are not indifferent … it’s more, I think your tits have him crazy “-. He looked at me with a broad smile, as if I was giving him the best news and said: – “his cock also makes me crazy, but I do not know, I really do not encourage …” – A thunder and the immediate downpour that untied he was prevented from finishing the sentence. We ran to our clothes, we took it and we continued our race towards one of the caverns of the cliff to protect us from the rain and … what a coincidence! … the reason for our sleep was our only companion in this improvised shelter. He was a young man of about 35 years, with light brown short hair, medium height and a considerable endowment that had not lost its consistency.

After a first moment of some discomfort, I decided to break the fire saying: – “What bad luck, what a demon day!” – after which I persisted: – “I am Rody and she is Patricia, we are Argentines” -. He nodded and answered in a quite understandable Portuguese: – “Eu seu Wilson e moro o Sao Paulo” -. He added that he apologized for being totally naked. I saw there a light of hope to see my fantasies fulfilled and I told him that we should be the one to apologize since we were not in the same conditions because the right thing would be for Patri to take off his thong to be all naked. My wife glared at me with her eyes, but then … surprisingly she slowly removed her tanguita without separating her eyes from Wilson’s eyes. The Brazilian took his time to look at the well depilated conchita of Patri, then his sight stopped on the erect nipples of my wife to finally whisper: – “Delight” -.

Wilson’s cock was taking dimensions more than remarkable and my little woman’s eyes could not be abstracted from her. I thought then of what I could do to help them give themselves all the pleasure they seemed to demand and only one thing occurred to me, an excuse that would not be effective, no matter how obvious and vulgar. I said, then: How stupid, I forgot my watch lying on the sand, I run to look for it. I’ll be right back”-.

I left the cave and walked for a while on the beach. The furious rain that had broken out had already turned into a harmless drizzle. I made time to allow something to start in that cave.

After 7 minutes, measured by the clock that, in fact, was wrapped in the shirt that hung on my arm, I returned to the cave.

When I set foot in it, I could not help but bring a hand to my cock. The show that was presented was beautiful. Patri and Wilson were tightly embraced and kissed passionately. His tongue entered the mouth of her who received it and held it between her lips and my beloved’s monumental tits rubbed against the well-formed male torso. Wilson’s hands became patrons of Patri’s tetazas and her mouth fell to them as if wanting to get rid of the longed-for elixir. He then began to kiss them desperately and introduce the big nipples in his mouth, without missing the supply of tongue that she seemed to beg. He sucked one … and then the other … he kneaded and sipped them. My wife moaned and moaned, while her hand seized the lethal weapon of the Paulista and began to rock it very slowly. He looked at me apologetically, I smiled at him and raised my thumb in permission. He knelt then and swallowed that magnificent specimen of cock. He passed his tongue, repeatedly, from base to head, lubricating the whole trunk with its thick saliva. He only murmured: – “shupa tudo … tudo or pau” – She caressed her eggs and swallowed the whole cock making her occasional lover faint with pleasure.

Suddenly, he took her hand and stood her up. Gently, he laid her against the wall of the cavern and lifted her by the legs, placing her head between them. Very tenderly, he began to caress with the tip of his tongue the female clitoris, while the nipples of my dear Patri were oppressed by the hands of his lover. She moaned like a madwoman and shouted: – Give me all that tongue sweetie, suck me so I’m all yours, give me more tongue … give me everything “- He did not make himself beg and buried his tongue in the shell, while his fingers changed destination caressing and vibrating in the little doors of my beloved’s ass. She, without letting go of that dreamed cock, delirious with pleasure and had her first orgasm: – “I’m finishing, my little guachito, do not stop moving that tongue, give it to me all … yes … I love her” – and he squeezed his legs as if to stick his tongue of his macho he will stay to live inside.

When Patri’s convulsions ceased, he stopped and – in a gesture of thanks for such a glorious blowjob – tenderly kissed Wilson’s lips. Then, he got down on his knees, took the big cock in his hands and said: – “Now I want to drink all your beautiful, beautiful litter” – and started to violently jerk off. Then, the phenetic movement ceased and he introduced into his mouth all that he could by initiating an enveloping transit of his tongue `by the red glans. At times he stopped the movement, at times he ate it all and then restarted the move, increasing the moans of his desired partner. The cock was already firing its first juices. Wilson shouted: _ “Shupame pau..tudo” – and he took with his hands the head of Patri to make his cock reach the throat of my beautiful little whore. – “Tuda my leite para vocé, garotinha” – he said and increased the movement of his hips, burying his club in the depths of Patri. Suddenly Wilson began to tremble, Patri’s moans were partially disguised by the bar he was tasting, and torrents of milk were seen coming from the lips of my tender love. She, solicitous with her lover, tried to swallow all that generous ration, but her mouth did not reach and the surplus dripped down her body, while she saw herself reveling in taste. Wilson, hoisting his cock like a war trophy, murmured: – “Gustoso … gladly … you have my leite for vocé argentina bela, agora quero sua cuceta” -.

They both stood up, embraced and began to eat their mouths. Wilson’s lips began to stain with the white of his own semen, with the color of milk that still emanated from the mouth of my wife. They kissed, caressed, pampered like a couple of tender boyfriends. Me, meanwhile caressed my cock making great efforts not to finish, as I sensed that the best part was to come.

And reality gives me reason once more. Wilson takes Patri by the waist and mounts her right leg on a rock, lifting her ass up to the height of his cock. Gently strokes the hips of my beautiful lady, and introduces two fingers in her vagina starting in exquisite stuff and takes out. Patri moans … she looks me straight in the eyes and, despite wanting to avoid it, moans with her best bitch face. He brings the head of his throbbing little animal closer to my Patri’s pussy … he rubs it against her clitoris while his hands clutch tightly to my owner’s inflamed tits. A scream from her leads me to look down at her sex again. How are you taking it, my beautiful! … Your shell is totally full. A huge cock, lubricated and throbbing moves deep inside the door causing the best sighs. Patri is a thousand, his head turns and his lips seek the mouth of the male that drives her crazy with his wild attacks. His tongue meets that of the Paulista and waist moves frantically back forcing his shell to go incessantly in search of that cock that subdues and subjugates. She feels it inside … my poor love … deep inside, drilling her insides, summoning all her juices, making her female … more female than ever.

º “Give me cock, my beautiful, I love her, she drives me crazy, I love … you are killing me. Fuck me, do not stop moving sentime …, my hot shell is just yours “-. Patri does not give anymore. He wants to end up trembling on Wilson’s swollen cock. He looks at me … I see him as he jerks me and opens his mouth big in an interminable moan. Her eyes are lost, she is riding on the cock she always dreamed of, she is called to all the elves of orgasm to do it, at least for a few seconds, the happiest bitch in the universe. And, finally, it arrives. And Wilson, come. And they embrace each other and exchange their liquids. And his cock is buried stronger than ever in its last death rattles. And she is delirious with lust, and I love that. And the milk of him in turns in his entrails and feels very woman, very Wilson, very possessed, very well caught. And I approach them and I release my milk on my beautiful tits. She barely looks at me … and kisses him like a girlfriend in love, They embrace … they kiss … they touch each other while my cum goes down my wife’s body. He, Wilson, in Spanish says: – “Now I want your ass my love, I want to make you, little thing, your ass” -. She takes his hands and looking at him, bewildered, in the eyes, she replies: – “Today only all of you, my love, you can ask whatever you want, you can possess me in every way. I do not want you to stop fucking me … I do not want to “-.

For me, it was too much. For a single day. I stepped between them and said: – “If you want to continue enjoying yourself you can do it, but not now, at another time. Tomorrow we can meet in our cabin and live a whole night of sex. This time I’m going to participate too. Tomorrow, Patri, you will have two yards of flesh and bone deep inside. You will enjoy like the beautiful whore you are. Tomorrow is going to be an unforgettable day.

We left then. But before, they embraced and kissed. First tenderly and then entangling their tongues. She said: – “Until tomorrow, I’ll wait for you” -. He replied: – “Goodbye, I wish you:” -. We take each other’s hands and walk along the sand to the exit with the joy of a fulfilled fantasy and the prospect of new delights for the senses.