by Overhill63

Bright sunshine burned into Prince Ramses II’s eyes interrupting his deep sleep. “What’s going on?” he asked testily.

“Prince Ramses, it is time for you to get up. The Nile is flooding. Your eighteenth cycle has begun. This is an important day,” his personal assistant Anen replied as he pushed aside the tapestries covering the windows. “The vizier Paser will be here soon to begin the next round of your education.”

“What?” Ramses’s mind was still clouded from sleep. He wasn’t quite sure what else Paser could teach him. Since his father, the Great Pharaoh Seti I had appointed him as Prince Regent five cycles ago, he had been trained on all the things a Pharaoh needed to know. How to handle the religious ceremonies, how to read and write hieroglyphics, how to act towards his servants and subjects, and even the slaves, how to handle diplomacy with other kingdoms, how to fight with the sword and drive a chariot in battle, how to come up with strategy to win those battles. What else was there? He voiced his confusion to Anen, “Really? More training. What else do I need to know? Haven’t I learned everything yet?”

Anen responded with a grin, “Oh, my Prince. There is so much more to life than what you have been taught so far. You will see. Trust me.”

Ramses grinned. He trusted Anen. He trusted him with his life. So he would have to trust him this time too. “Very well. I’ll get ready and see what Paser has for me today.”

“Cleanse yourself in the bath I’ve prepared my Prince. It is waiting for you in the bath room.”

That was strange. Ramses usually took his bath after training with Paser, not before. “Won’t I be all dirty after the training? Won’t I need another bath afterwards?”

“Perhaps. But it is important for today’s lesson that you are clean beforehand.”

“Very well,” Ramses relented though he was still confused.

So Ramses did as Anen had suggested and headed to the bath room. As promised, a fragrant steaming bath of warm clean water awaited him and Ramses gratefully lowered his body into the water. “Ah…, he moaned as he felt the water surround him. Anen snapped his fingers and two slaves quickly entered the room with cloths and began washing his body. He relaxed back and let them do their duties.

His mind wandered. He let thoughts of Paser and his training sessions drop from his mind. Instead he thought about a young maiden he had noticed tending the gardens the last few weeks. Her long dark hair shone in the sun as she moved around. Her movements had afforded him brief glimpses of her youthful breasts moving freely around under her linen dress. He had tried not to stare but she mesmerized him. He was sure that as he had looked closely he had also been able to see the darkness of her nipples. They had pushed against her light dress and seemed to beg for his touch. Her long dress had covered her legs but as she did her duties moving around and bending down, he was able to make out the strong muscles of her calves. He remembered the feeling of arousal that had come over him and he could feel it overtake him again as he relaxed in the bath.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by Anen’s quiet whisper, “My Prince. Your bath is complete. Let us dry and dress you now.”

He shook free of his daydream and nodded. As he stood to rise out of the bath, the water ran down his young muscular body. The hard training that Paser had put him through had tanned and hardened his muscles. He felt that he was no longer the young boy that had started training. His penis rose into the air as if it wanted his attention. Thoughts of that gardener had caused him to get excited. Though he had often masturbated to relieve those tensions, he had only done so in private and did not feel comfortable doing that deed with Anen and the slaves in attendance.

Of course no one dared mention anything about his condition as they proceeded to dress him. Skillfully they worked their way around his penis and by the time they were done, it had dropped back down to its normal state. Ramses made a note to himself that he needed to find some time after training to daydream some more and relieve the tension.

“Have your nourishment now,” Anen now told him gesturing towards the other room where his morning meal was now laid out for him.

As Ramses entered the room, he saw that Paser was already there and waiting. Quickly Paser rose and bowed before him, “Prince Ramses, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?” he asked.

“Not bad Paser. Not bad.” Truthfully though, the thoughts of that gardener had made sleep difficult to come by. That is, until he had relieved the stress by masturbating in the middle of the night.

“Good, my Prince. That is good. Today is a big day. You have many things to do today.”

“Yes, Anen mentioned that my eighteenth cycle begins today. What is so special about it?”

“All in good time, my Prince. All in good time. First, let’s go over the latest information from our frontiers.” Ramses nodded his agreement and as he ate his meal, Paser brought him up to date on the goings on throughout the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. It had taken a few years to understand all the nuances that Paser brought him in these briefings but finally Ramses felt that he was starting to understand. Paser nodded in approval as Ramses asked the right questions at the right time.

“Very good, my Prince. You will make a great Pharaoh when your time comes.”

That brought thoughts of his father to his mind. “How is my father doing?” Ramses asked. Though Seti I was not an old man, he had always been frail and was not feeling that well lately.”

Paser hesitated before responding. “Pharaoh Seti is, I’m afraid, not doing too well these days. He continues to have that shortness of breath that has come over him the last few years.”

Ramses nodded. He had noticed that as well in his father and was glad that Paser felt comfortable enough to share this information with him. “I’m aware of that. Thank you for sharing with me. I worry about his health.”

“Pharaoh Seti chose well when he picked you as his successor, Prince Ramses. Though I pray that Osiris does not come for our Pharaoh for a time yet.”

“Yes.” Ramses agreed and finished his meal in silence. He loved his father and worried about him. He knew that if he died, that he would become Pharaoh immediately. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that just yet.

“So, Paser, what do you have in mind for me today?” Ramses asked as he sat back after satisfying his hunger. “More chariot work. Perhaps some sword play.”

Paser smiled and shook his head. “No, my Prince, nothing like that. I really think you’ll enjoy what’s planned for you today though.”

He raised his eyebrows. “But I enjoy chariots and the sword.”

“Ah, but you didn’t when we started. I remember a young boy complaining about all the sword repetitions I put you through. And today, we’re going to start something new again. This time I think you’ll be ok with it though.”

Ramses was interested now. “Oh really? And what would that be?”

“And ruin the surprise? No, just follow me and you’ll find out.”

“Ok. Lead the way I suppose,” he relented.

As Paser led the way from the room, Ramses followed. As they made their way down the corridors, he tried a couple more times to pry information from Paser, but to no avail. As they passed by the inhabitants and workers at the palace, they all bowed deeply as they saw their future Pharaoh pass them by. Ramses, remembering what Paser had taught him, greeted each person by name – where he could. And when he couldn’t, he made sure to get that person’s name from Paser and commit it to memory. “Remember my Prince,” Paser reminded him, “to always greet your subjects by name. You are a God in their eyes and to be recognized by a God will bring them all great joy.”

After some more twists and turns down the hallways, Ramses now realized that their travels were bringing them towards the women’s harem on the other side of the palace. “Why are we going to visit the women?” he asked.

Paser smiled. “Soon, my Prince. You will know soon enough.”

As they approached the entrance to the harem, the eunuch guards stationed there nodded at Paser and parted to allow him entry. Ramses followed, not quite sure what was going on.

Upon entering the large room, Ramses looked around. The large windows were covered in billowing cloth as a light wind moved them around like sails on the feluccas on the great river Nile. Scattered throughout the room were a collection of soft feather cushions covering chairs and sofas. And reclining on these cushions were a large number of women of all ages. When they noticed who had entered their room, they all immediately stood and bowed to their prince. Ramses nodded back in response. He was still feeling a little confused as to why they were here.

One of the older women approached Paser and bent her head in his direction. “Vizier Paser. Welcome. How can we be of assistance today?”

“Hello Merit-Amun. Today is Prince Ramses eighteenth cycle.” Merit-Amun’s mouth broke into a wide smile as she glanced quickly towards Ramses. “I think you know what that means.” She nodded. “Is Priestess Ahset around today?”

Merit-Amun continued to smile. “Of course. I will go find her immediately.”

As she turned and headed down a side corridor, Paser turned to Ramses. “For your first lesson, you are to watch. Later you can participate. Understand?”

But Ramses didn’t. “Watch? What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“You really don’t know?” Paser asked in surprise. Ramses shook his head. “I would have thought that one of your older friends would have told you by now, or even Anen.” Ramses’s eyes shot open. He and his friends had discussed many things. One thing in particular though. Was what they had said true? He looked around the room at the expectant faces before him. Was this what he had heard? Was he about to have sex? Today? Now?

“You mean …,” he started haltingly.

Paser smiled at his protege. “Now I think you’re starting to understand. Today your lessons on sex begin. First you will watch Ahset and myself have sex. Then, if you’re up to it, perhaps there is someone you can find to have sex with.” Ramses’s mind immediately flew to the gardener. Was she staying here? Of course she was. All the unattached women at the palace lived in this area. At least he hoped she was unattached.

As this played out over Ramses face, Paser put his hand on Ramses’s arm. “No worries my Prince. Remember you’re a God.”

Oh great. Ramses face showed his thoughts. These women all thought he was a God. How was he supposed to keep up to that standard on something he knew nothing about?

“Bad choice of words my Prince,” Paser admitted as he saw the panic cover his face. “Do not worry about it. It will all come naturally, and anyone here will never forget their time with you – whether you were a God, the Pharaoh, or just a lowly Prince,” he finished with a grin.

At that moment, Merit-Amun returned leading, what Ramses could only assume was, a goddess. She was beautiful. Obviously somewhat older than he, probably close to Paser’s age. The long dark shining hair of a true Egyptian. Dark penetrating eyes. A beautiful wide smile showing her perfect white teeth. Tall. Not as tall as he but only slightly shorter. She was wearing only a long light white linen dress and Ramses could easily see her body moving beneath it. As the light shone through different areas Ramses could see her silhouette. Breasts moved freely as she moved. Long legs peeked at him, teasing his eyes.

“Ah, Paser, so nice to see you,” she said to Paser as they leaned together in a short kiss. “And My Prince,” she continued as she turned to Ramses and gave him a bow. “I am so glad you came today.”

“Priestess Ahset, all pales before your beauty,” Ramses responded.

“Thank you, Prince Ramses. That is very kind.” She turned to Paser. “You have taught him well.”

Paser bowed his head in acknowledgement. “Thank you my lady. I have done my best. But now it’s time for his next lesson. I’m hoping we can help the Prince learn the art.”

“Of course, I would be delighted. Shall we?” she suggested holding her arm out to Paser. As he grabbed hold, she held out her other arm to Ramses. “My Prince?”

Though stunned at the thought of what was about to happen, Ramses remembered his manners and took hold of the arm extended his way. “Lead the way Priestess,” he told her.

The three of them walked through the again-reclining women towards the corridor that Merit-Amun had gone done earlier. Ramses looked around and noticed that many, if not most, of the women were looking at him with interest. He nodded politely to them as he passed. As they entered into the hallway, Ramses noticed doorways down both sides, covered in heavier cloths so they would not move too easily. Occasionally he could hear talking, laughing and even what sounded like moaning as they passed the different doorways. His imagination filled in the pictures of what that moaning represented.

Towards the end of the corridor they approached another doorway and Ahset held the cloth to the side and motioned for the two men to enter. “Welcome to my home,” she told them. Ramses followed Paser in and looked around. It was not a large room. In the corner a bed took up most of the room. It was covered in smooth sheets. On the other wall from the bed was a large mirror over a small cabinet where Ramses could only assume that Ahset kept her clothes. He imagined that she had need for very few of those. At the foot of the bed, two chairs sat by a small table. Candles were lit on the table and cabinet throwing a flickering light around the room. There was no window but the candles provided enough light to illuminate the room.

Ahset motioned towards the chairs, “My Prince. Please have a seat. Watch Paser and I make love. We have known each other for many years now and I feel that what we do is make love. You are still a little young for love – though I’m sure it will happen soon. For you, at least the first few times, it will only be lust and sex. But that’s OK. One learns through doing and love will come when it comes. We all start out having sex before making love.”

Ramses was entranced by this woman. Without hesitation he sat down on the chair offered him so he could listen and observe.

Ahset continued, “Watch us Ramses. Watch how Paser pays attention to my body, to my needs.”

Paser chimed in. “It is always most important that the woman is prepared for penetration Ramses. And to prepare her, one must touch, kiss, and most of all listen. Listen to what she is saying – with her mouth and with her body.”

Ramses watched as the two moved closer together. Their eyes were locked on each other and slowly closed as their faces and mouths moved together. Ramses could see their lips touching and as they occasionally pulled back, he could see their tongues sticking out and battling each other like small swords. Paser had run his hand down Ahset’s back and was massaging the cheeks of her ass. Slowly he pulled her dress upwards until her bare ass was revealed. Ramses couldn’t help but let out a little moan as he saw the perfection revealed there. Paser now massaged the bare globes of her ass and pulled her body tight against his own. Ramses knew that Paser had to be getting excited. After all, he knew he was getting excited from just watching.

Ahset pulled herself away from Paser and after a quick glance at Paser, her gaze shifted to Ramses. She smiled at him and again he was amazed at her beauty. In one quick motion, she pulled the dress up and over her head, again looked at him, and then bent to the side to place the dress on the cabinet. Ramses watched every movement. Her now uncovered breasts moved enticingly as she moved around the room. Between her legs, Ramses could make out a covering of dark black hair which seemed to be pointing its way down to her vagina. Ramses had never seen a naked woman. A woman in all her glory. A beautiful naked woman. He felt his penis start rising, pushing against his clothing, wanting to see for itself.

Meanwhile, Paser had also removed his clothing. Ramses had seen him naked many times, in the baths and in the training sessions but this was the first time he had seen him aroused. Surprisingly though Ramses noticed that Paser’s penis looked much smaller than his own. Not as long and nowhere near as big around. It was an interesting observation but was quickly tossed aside as he watched Ahset drop to her knees before Paser with her face right close to his penis.

What was she going to do? He wondered.

His question was answered as Ahset moved her mouth to Paser’s penis. To himself, Ramses started to use the more vulgar term that he had heard. To his cock. She grabbed hold of it and started licking on it. She was licking his cock. Then Ramses watched as she took it into her mouth. All of it until her lips were against Paser’s dark pubic hair. Ramses watched in amazement as her head bobbed up and down his length, covering it in her saliva.

Ahset pulled away and stroked Paser’s cock as she knelt before him. Turning to Ramses, she commented, “Men love this. You’ll love this. A woman’s job is to please her man and this is one of the things that men love. But women love it too. We may not admit it, but the feel of a man’s penis, of his cock, in one’s mouth is indescribable. It makes us wet between our own legs thinking of the power we have over the man. And getting a woman wet and well lubricated is very important to love making, to sex.”

Ramses could feel his own cock throbbing against his clothing. He shifted around uncomfortably. Ahset noticed his predicament. “Why don’t you undress Ramses? You look very uncomfortable – and overdressed as well,” she added with a smile.

Fine with him. Quickly he stood and shed his clothing. His cock freed itself from its confines and popped out towards the couple before him.

“Oh my!” Ahset exclaimed as she looked over at the site before her.

“What?” Ramses asked in shock as he looked down to see what she was talking about. “What’s wrong?”

“In the name of Amun, my Prince, absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. You are truly a God to be blessed with a cock like that,” she explained. “I have been with many men but have never beheld anything so magnificent. You are going to make many many women very very happy … if you learn how to use your gift. I feel privileged to be the one to help teach you.”

Ramses looked down at himself. Magnificent? A gift? Usually his penis had gotten in the way when it got hard. He wasn’t sure he believed her. “Really?”

“Believe me, my Prince. Once you learn how to use that penis, women will be begging to spend some time with you. Actually even with your inexperience, some would be begging just to see it. But remember the lessons here today. You will enjoy the experience even more if you can excite your women to a high level first.”

Paser reached down and pulled Ahset to her feet. “So let’s continue those lessons shall we? There’s something else that will get a woman wet,” he said to Ramses. Ramses watched as his hand travelled down between Ahset’s legs. “Women, like men, like when their genitals, their pussy, their cunt, is rubbed gently. Like this.” Ramses watched as his fingers rubbed Ahset’s pussy. He could see that yes indeed there was some lubrication there. The area seemed quite wet and Ahset’s moans seemed to show that she was enjoying the motions of Paser’s fingers.

“And this is her vagina Ramses,” Paser continued as he pushed a finger into her. Again she moaned in response and seemed to be holding onto Paser for support. “Though it may not look like much right now, it will easily expand to accept my cock. It could even maybe accept you – if it’s lubricated enough.” Ramses watched as Paser moved his finger in and out of Ahset’s pussy. His finger seemed to be now completely covered in her wetness.

“But there’s another thing that women like my Prince. Let me show you.” With that Paser gently pushed Ahset down onto the bed. “They love having their nipples sucked on, right Ahset? But don’t forget about her pussy.” Ramses watched as Paser sucked on both of Ahset’s nipples. He could see them harden as Paser’s mouth covered them in his saliva. Meanwhile Paser continued sliding his finger in and out of Ahset’s vagina. From Ramses’ viewpoint, he had a perfect view up her body. He had never seen between a women’s legs like this and could see that the pink fleshy lips around her pussy were becoming covered in her juices. He found the site beautiful to behold. Up her tight flat stomach, he could see Paser continuing to kiss and rub her breasts. They were just as beautiful. At that moment, he realized that this was something he wanted to experience for himself. As much as possible. As soon as possible.

Paser now shifted his attention and Ramses watched as he left her breasts behind and moved back to kiss her lips. But that was only for a brief time before he moved down her body, again over her breasts, over her stomach, down further until he shifted his body on to the floor and was before Ahset’s spread open legs.

“Watch now Ramses,” Paser told him. “Women also love when you lick their pussy. Tease a bit first.” Paser licked and kissed his way around Ahset’s wet pussy but Ramses could see that he was avoiding the actual area. Ahset was moaning and groaning now. Her hands were on the back of Paser’s head trying to push him towards her pussy.

Paser looked back at Ramses and grinned. “Tease her until she’s begging for it, and then…” Paser ran his tongue up the length of Ahset’s pussy. Her body tensed and pushed itself against him. Paser took another lick. “See how she likes that my Prince.” Ramses nodded. He and his cock saw how that caused her to react. “And right here is a special spot,” Paser continued. He pulled her pussy lips apart and Ramses could see a small bud poking out at the top. “Watch,” he ordered. So Ramses watched as Paser put his lips around that bud and sucked on it. Ahset’s body shook and bounced in response. Was he hurting her? Ramses wondered. No, she didn’t seem to be in pain but in amazing pleasure instead. Suddenly he realized that she was having an orgasm, cumming. He had experienced that pleasure himself and now recognized it in her. The deep moan, the uncontrollable shaking, the tensed muscles. Yes, she was cumming.

“Yes, yes, Paser, yes, just like that,” she chanted as her orgasm continued. “Fuck me now. Please fuck me,” she begged.

Paser looked back at Ramses once again. “Now that she has been pleasured, she’s ready for me to fuck her.” Paser stood up before Ahset. Ramses could see that fluid was dripping from his cock. He knew that that happened as he had also experienced it. That extra lubrication had always made his strokes much easier and he figured it would make penetration easier as well.

Ramses watched as Paser positioned himself above Ahset. He leaned down to kiss her and then held his cock at her entrance. Ramses watched entranced from behind as he pushed inside her. He could see her pussy expand to accept his girth. This time Paser moaned as he felt the penetration. Ramses watched as he started moving back and forth and grinding against Ahset.

Through his gritted teeth, he looked back at Ramses. “Always try to grind against that small bud you saw me suck on. Women like that area to be stimulated. And your motions. Throw some variations in now and then.” To demonstrate, Paser started thrusting faster and faster. Ramses heard the slap of his body against hers.

Ramses reached down to grasp his own cock. The pre-sex lubricant was flowing from him and covering his cockhead. Without thinking, he rubbed it around and over and down his length. His hand travelled effortlessly up and down his length. Paser continued thrusting against Ahset’s body and the two of them were kissing deeply. Ramses watched the two lovers closely, seeing how Paser’s actions caused a reaction in Ahset. Making a note of which one of his movements seemed to elicit the greatest response.

Suddenly Paser stopped and pulled out. Ramses could see his red swollen cock covered in their juices. Though panting from the exertion, he was still teaching. “And there’s more than one position you can have sex in.” He tapped Ahset’s thigh and she quickly flipped over to her hands and knees. This pushed her beautiful ass up towards Paser. “You see? Women really like this position. It seems to stimulate something inside them. And this way, one can hold on to the woman’s hips and really thrust hard.” To demonstrate, Paser slipped his cock back into Ahset and held on to her hips. He started thrusting hard against Ahset’s ass and it jiggled in response to his forward actions.

Ramses got up from his chair and moved to the side to get a better view. By looking between their bodies, he could see Paser’s cock sliding in and out of Ahset’s pussy. Mindlessly, his hand continued stroking his cock at the site. His eyes travelled up and down Ahset’s body. Her skin was flawless. He could see her breasts hanging down from her chest as she knelt there. She looked his way. He could see the lust in her eyes. The fire burning inside her.

“My Prince. Please come here with that cock. I have to taste it. I want to be the first woman to swallow your seed.”

Ramses looked towards Paser as he continued fucking Ahset. He grinned back at Ramses, “Never turn down a woman’s request. Especially one like that.”

“You’re ok with it?” Ramses asked.

“Of course. In the bedroom, the woman is always in charge. If she wants you, you don’t ask questions. If she wants another woman, don’t complain.” He continued sliding his cock back and forth. “Sometimes she may ask you to dominate her but ultimately she’s in charge.”

Ramses nodded and shifted his body closer to Ahset’s face. She dropped down to one elbow and reached out with the other hand for his penis. Ramses almost came on the spot when she touched him. No one had ever touched him like this before. He watched in amazement as her hand took up his earlier stroking motion.

“An amazing gift you have here My Prince. So hard. So big. Remember that you will never have to stroke your cock by yourself again – unless you want to. No woman in the harem will ever deny you your wishes. You are a Prince. You will be Pharaoh and you are a God. But remember – though anything you wish will not be denied, do not let the power change you. Paser has taught you well I think. You will remember this. Women will do whatever you want, whenever you want. But don’t ever force them. They will do it willingly. If someone does not, or cannot due to their health, there will always be someone else able and willing.”

Ramses listened closely to Ahset’s lesson, trying to take it all in. It was difficult though as she continued stroking his ready-to-burst cock. As she finished she leaned closer to him and he held his breath as her tongue touched his cockhead. He continued holding his breath as she took the first inch or two into her mouth. He couldn’t take any more and reluctantly felt his cum boiling from his loins and travelling up his length. “Oh, oh, I’m cumming!” he exclaimed and tried pulling back but Ahset reached out and pulled him closer, sending another couple inches into her mouth. Again he tried pulling back. He was going to cum in her mouth. What sort of horror would that be for her?

It was too late though. His first blowjob was too much for him. The buildup from the morning bath, the image of the gardener in his mind, watching Paser and Ahset have sex, Ahset’s body there before him, her mouth around his cock. With a loud growl, he let loose. He felt the streams of cum erupt from his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t help it. She would hate him afterwards he was sure. His orgasm continued on and on as he emptied his cock into her mouth. He watched as some overflowed and ran down her chin to drip on her sheets.

Dimly he was aware that Paser was groaning out as well and had pushed himself deep into Ahset’s pussy. It seemed that he was cumming as well.

Finally, his orgasm ended and Ramses fell backwards almost crashing into the cabinet and its candles. Quickly he tried to apologize, “I’m so sorry Ahset. I couldn’t stop it. It felt too good. Can you forgive me?”

Strangely though, Ahset didn’t seem mad at him though. Instead she smiled widely at him. “Didn’t I say I wanted to swallow your seed? That’s what I wanted you to do.”


“It’s true that not all women like to do that. Most do though. And,” she added as she licked her lips and brought some of his seed back to her mouth, “you really taste good. Some guys don’t. But I could get used to this taste. Almost as good as Paser’s,” she added looking back at him with a smile. “And don’t worry about not lasting too long. Again, keep practising and you’ll be able to last as long as Paser did. And you’re still young so it won’t take too long for you to be ready to go again.” Her gaze travelled down to his cock, which though he had just cum, was still semi-hard and starting to grow again. “And oh my, look at that.” She looked back at Paser. “We need to find someone for this young man right away or else this cock will never go down.”

Paser looked at Ramses, “Oh to be young again,” he said. “I used to be able to do that. Now it takes a while before I’ve recovered enough. So, My Prince, how was your first lesson?”

Ramses smiled at his friend and teacher. “I would say it was very educational and you were right. I did enjoy it. When’s the next one?”

Both Paser and Ahset laughed, and Paser replied, “Ahset, what have we done? Have we released a monster on the women of the kingdom?”

“Maybe so. But I like this kind of monster,” she finished as she again reached for Ramses growing cock. It hardened a little more in her grip. “Oh my. My oh my. Impressive to say the least.”

“Thanks,” Ramses replied with a shy smile.

“So My Prince,” Ahset continued, “is there someone you have your eye on that should come along for the second lesson?” Immediately his mind flew to the gardener. “Ah yes, I see there is,” Ahset replied seeing him pause in thought. “What is her name?”

Ramses though said sadly, “I do not know. I have never met her and have never heard her name.”

“So how do you know her then?”

“I have seen her working in the garden. She seems to be about my age, a young beauty who tends the flowers near my side of the palace.”

Ahset thought for a moment. “Oh, I think I know who you mean. Her name is Nefertari. Very beautiful young woman. Give me a moment and I’ll call for her. She may be working today but I’m sure she’d be willing to come visit us. Paser, can you hand me that cloth so I can clean up some of Prince Ramses’s seed?”

“Of course,” Paser replied and handed her the cloth. “I know of Nefertari. From Thebes I believe.” He paused in thought before continuing. “Perhaps now I should leave you two to continue the lessons from here? I think Prince Ramses will be in good hands.”

“Thank you. Yes, but please come back later and we can continue where we left off.”

Paser nodded with a smile. “I will.” He turned to Ramses, “My Prince. Listen to Ahset and her words. She knows much about the art of sex. And treat this Nefertari well.”

Ramses nodded. “I will. Thank you for the lesson Paser.”

“My pleasure.” He turned to Ahset and bowed to her, “My Lady. As always, my heart has leaped in your presence and now drops as I depart.”

“Mine as well Paser.” Ramses watched as the two lovers exchanged a final kiss. Paser nodded at Ramses and parted the curtain to leave him with her.

That made Ramses feel a little embarrassed. Here he was sitting naked next to a naked woman. Even though he had just cum in her mouth, still, he was not comfortable.

“Why don’t you redress, My Prince?” she suggested. “I will also redress and go find someone to gather Nefertari from her duties.”

Ramses didn’t hesitate and quickly slipped his clothes back on. Though his cock was still only semi-hard, it caused him some issues as he attempted to cover it. Ahset noticed his problems and commented as she slipped another dress over her body, “You should really find a different set of clothes to help your … situation. I will speak to one of the seamstresses and see if she can put together an outfit for a … well-developed young man such as yourself. I will return in a moment. Rest here for a moment. Are you thirsty?”

He nodded. He felt as parched as though he had been riding chariots all morning. “I am.”

“Let me get you a drink as well.” Ahset left from the room and he heard her calling to the other women.

Seconds later, a cute young woman appeared with a pitcher of water and a cup. Shyly, she asked, “My Prince, some water for you?”

“Yes please. Thank you … What is your name?”

“Istnofret, My Prince,” she replied quietly.

“Thank you Istnofret. I was getting quite thirsty.”

“Anything more, My Prince.”

“No, not right now. Thank you again.”

Istnofret left bowing as she stepped through the curtain and made her way back to the main room. Seconds later another woman entered the room. She was older and was carrying a measuring string. “My Prince, my name is Menhet. Ahset suggested that I come and measure you for some new clothes. She suggested that you had a … condition of some type?”

“Well.” Calling his penis a condition didn’t help his embarrassment.

“I am sorry. Let me reword that. She said that you were endowed like the God you are meant to be. I was not sure if I should say that or not. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It is a little embarrassing Menhet,” Ramses replied.

“Don’t worry My Prince. I am old and have seen many ‘conditions’ over the years.” The smile on her face alleviated some of Ramses’s concerns.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Start by just standing and letting me measure your body.”

Ramses stood and let her run the string over his body. On a small piece of papyrus, she wrote down the various measurements. His height, the breadth of his chest, the length of his arms, the length of his legs.

“Are you still getting taller?” she asked.

“No, I have not grown any in the last cycle or so.”

“Ok. You are a tall well-muscled young man. You really don’t need to do any more growing. I did do some of your clothes back when you were younger but have not been assigned to your clothing in the recent past. You are much bigger now than you were then.”

“Oh, really. So you’ve measured me before?”

“Yes. Though that was when you were just a young child. You wouldn’t remember me.” She paused a moment. “So, Ahset mentioned your … endowment. Can I see how it causes you issues with your current set of clothing?”

Ramses grimaced a bit. His conversation with Menhet had caused his penis to soften and was no longer in the way. “Well. It’s OK now.”

“I see. However, you’re a young man and it will grow on its own and cause you a problem?” Ramses nodded. “Hmmm… well, I need to see the situation to figure out what to do with your clothes.”

His embarrassment returned. “I see. I’m not sure what to do.”

“No worries, My Prince. Let me see if Ahset can return to assist us. I assume that’s ok with you?” Ramses nodded his agreement. “One moment then.”

Menhet stepped from the room and Ramses sat back down again to await her return. Ahset passed the threshold followed by Menhet. “So Menhet wants to see your endowment but you’re having some issues?” she asked.

“It’s just … embarrassing.”

“Not to worry My Prince. I’m sure I can help out, if you’ll let me.”

“Of course.”

“And I’ve sent a messenger over to get Nefertari and talk to her leader so she doesn’t get in trouble by leaving her job. It will take a while for her to arrive, and I’ve asked someone to let me know when she arrives. I want you to be presentable when she gets here.”


“So, what can I do to help things out? Perhaps if I reveal my breasts to you again?” Ahset parted her dress allowing Ramses to see her. “I like having them played with. Paser is very good at getting me wet when he sucks on them. Perhaps you’d like to suck on them My Prince?” Ramses nodded quickly. “Well, I think that can be arranged.” She moved forward to where he was seated and held her breasts out towards his mouth. Ramses took in the site of her breasts. They were not large but would be a handful if he held them. Her nipples were light brown and looked soft. She moved them to his lips and Ramses greedily sucked on them. First one and then the other. As he wet them with his lips, he could feel them harden with his tongue. He could also feel something else hardening. Beneath his clothes, his earlier issue was returning.

He heard Menhet exclaim to the side. “Oh, I see. Yes, that is an issue. Umm… yes. Ok. I see what you mean Ahset.”

Ramses was too engrossed in sucking on Ahset’s tits to pay much attention to the conversation.

“He’s larger than I’ve ever seen,” Ahset commented to Menhet.

“I know, me too.”

“And he’s probably not even completely engorged yet,” Ahset added.

“I see. Ramses, will you stand for me so I can better see?”

Reluctantly Ramses pulled his mouth from Ahset’s breasts. “Ok.” Standing he realized that yes this had caused him to harden once again. He stood there uncomfortably as his cock strained against his clothes. Menhet dropped down to her knees and in an almost clinical fashion, she moved his cock from side to side. That didn’t stop him from hardening at all.

“Yes. I see. I think I have an idea that may work. My Prince – do you harden up or down, if you know what I mean? Is this more comfortable?” and she held his cock up against his stomach, “or this?” and she held it down against his leg.

“Well,” Ramses began. “When I’m not ‘really’ hard, down the leg is OK. It’s just when it’s really hard that it comes up at an angle.”

Menhet continued moving his cock around. “You’re not ‘really’ hard now though, are you?”

“No, not really.”

“Hmmm… I see. Let me think about this a while. I enjoy a challenge.” She stood back up and looked almost longingly at Ramses’s cock as it dangled between his legs. It was again softening. “Interesting. Not overly large when it’s soft. Still larger than normal but not extremely. That may make this easier. Or just control yourself and don’t let it get hard when you’re dressed,” she added with a smile.

“I’ve been trying to do that.”

“Yes, I would imagine. Maybe after today it won’t be as much of an issue any more. Or maybe it will be worse. I think I’ll have to come up with some sort of pouch or something that will hold your manhood whether it’s soft or hard.” She turned to Ahset. “I think I can have a couple items ready by later today.”

“Thank you Menhet,” Ahset replied. “I’ll be waiting for your invention.”

“My Prince,” Menhet said bowing to Ramses. “You have made an older woman’s day. I will come up with something to make you comfortable.”

“Thank you Menhet.”

As she opened the curtain to leave, another woman came along. “Nefertari is here,” she told Ahset.

Ramses began getting nervous. He had only seen this girl from afar. What if she wasn’t interested in him? What if she just figured he was forcing himself on her? He started mumbling, “I’m not sure this is a good idea. I don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to.”

Ahset rested her hand on Ramses wrist, “My Prince. Don’t be nervous. I’ve said this before. Though you are the Prince and women have to obey you, we have ways to bypass that. We are skilled at throwing unwanted advances aside – even from a Prince or Pharaoh. But, believe me, I have heard Nefertari and her friends talk about you. They are all enamoured of you and she will not disappoint you. Though she is similar in age to you, she has already experienced the feel of a man. But no man like you I am sure. She has been taught by all us women how to please a man – when the man is worthy of pleasing. And you are worthy, My Prince. In more ways than one.

Also, I don’t think she knows why she was called back here. I only said that it was royal business that needed to be attended to. So she will be pleasantly surprised when she comes in here.

Sit back down in the chair and greet her when she arrives. Ok?”

Ramses nodded his agreement, rearranged his clothes, and sat back down in the chair. Even with Ahset’s assurances, he was still nervous.

Ahset covered her breasts and moved to the doorway. “Nefertari, come down here please.” A moment passed as Ramses waited. He sensed her right outside the doorway. “Nefertari, please come in. I have a guest I want to introduce you to.”

Nefertari stepped through the doorway and her eyes opened wide when she saw who was there. Ramses stood, struck blind by her beauty. From up close, she was even more beautiful than when he had seen her in the garden. She was shorter than Ahset. Lighter. Almost frail. But he could easily make out her large breasts through her dress. They seemed huge on her smaller frame. Her dark hair framed her youthful face. A face that was covered in shock at who was before her. Quickly she bowed her head, “My Prince.”

“Call me Ramses. And you are Nefertari?”

“Yes, My Prin… Ramses.”

“You are even more beautiful now that I see you up close.” Her eyes popped up to his for a second before dropping back down. “I have noticed your beauty while you’ve tended the gardens. Don’t look down. I want to see your eyes.” Nefertari raised her eyes to look into his. Ramses felt lost in their dark depths. He felt himself being pulled towards her. Not wanting to shock her, rather than ravishing her with the kiss that he wanted to do, he took her hands in his and kissed them gently. “Very nice to meet you Nefertari.”

“And I you, My Pri… Ramses,” she replied with a small smile. Ramses realized that her smile was as beautiful as her eyes. He smiled in return and continued holding her hands before him. They stood staring into each other’s eyes and not saying a word. Ramses felt spellbound by her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He knew that all others paled before her and whether he liked it or not, he was hers forever.

Ahset cleared her throat to get their attention. Reluctantly Ramses pulled his gaze from Nefertari’s. “I sense something special between you two. Am I not mistaken?”

Ramses looked back at Nefertari. “You are not,” he replied with a smile.

“Nefertari?” Ahset asked. “What do you feel?”

“I feel … I’m not sure. A calmness. As if I was meant to be here.” She glanced down at Ramses hands which were still holding hers. “It just feels … right.”

“That is what I thought,” Ahset replied with a knowing nod. She continued, “Nefertari, the Gods have brought you two together. This is Ramses’s eighteenth cycle. He has chosen you as his first. Are you willing to give yourself to our Prince now and forever? Remember that as a Priestess of the temple, I can do the joining.”

Nefertari turned her gaze back up to Ramses’s face with a smile. “I am. I would agree to a joining with Ramses.”

“Ramses, are you willing to join yourself to Nefertari now and forever?”

“I am.”

“Very well. And you both know what this implies?”

Ramses knew. He was being bound to Nefertari for life. Based on the way he was feeling, that was fine with him. “I do.”

Nefertari continued looking at Ramses and nodded. “I do as well.”

“Excellent. You have both made a fine choice. I feel that the Gods will smile upon your union. And just so you understand also, Nefertari?” She waited until Nefertari’s gaze returned to her. “You understand that Ramses is the Prince and will be Pharaoh. He will become a God. He will have many women, and many wives in his lifetime, and hopefully many children as well. But you will be the Great Royal Wife until you die.”

“I understand Priestess,” Nefertari replied.

“And is that acceptable to you?”

“It is.”

“And you Ramses, do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“With that, I will leave you two alone. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call for someone. Remember, we are all here for you, My Prince and My Princess.” Nefertari looked towards Ahmet in shock not realizing that she had just been elevated to royalty. Ahmet smiled, bowed and left the two newly betrothed behind.

Ramses could have stood there holding Nefertari’s hands and staring at her face forever but realized that was not practical. “Let’s sit,” he suggested motioning towards the chairs by the table. Nefertari bowed and stepped over to it. Ramses stood watching her glide over the floor. She seemed to be floating on air. He shook his head and quickly sat next to her. “Are you hungry? Thirsty?” he asked.

“Maybe a little thirsty,” she replied. Her voice sounded like a goddess to his ears. Quickly he jumped up and ran to the curtain. “Istnofret,” he called out.

Seconds later, Istnofret appeared. “Yes, My Prince?”

“Can I get another cup and that pitcher of water?”

“Of course.” Ramses stood at the doorway waiting and looking back at Nefertari. He found it painful to look away from her for too long. Istnofret soon returned and handed the items to Ramses. Her eyes widened when she now looked through the doorway and saw who he was with. Ramses thanked her, closed the curtain blocking her view, and returned to Nefertari.

“Do you know Istnofret?” he asked. “She seemed to know you.”

“Of course. We’ve been friends for many years. We share a room together. She is as close as a sister to me. I think though that she almost dropped her pitcher when she saw me in here,” Nefertari finished with a smile.

“She did seem a little shocked,” Ramses replied. He poured her some water and replenished his own supply. His eyes continued to be drawn to hers. Each drank as they stared at one another.

“You are beautiful Nefertari.”

“Thank you Ramses. You are very handsome as well.”

“Oh. Thank you.” No one had ever said he was handsome before. At least not in this context. His mother had said he was handsome but that wasn’t the same as hearing it coming from this beautiful creature before him. His wife. Well, that was an unexpected twist to the day. Not at all what he was expecting this morning when Anen had awoken him. He smiled at the thought.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked.

“I was just thinking that I had not planned on being joined to someone in this way when I got up this morning.”

“Does it bother you?” she asked with a frown.

“Oh, no, no,” Ramses quickly replied. “No. It’s just a little overwhelming. Don’t you feel that as well?”

Nefertari nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. I was not thinking this was going to be how I spent my day. I was planning out instead how to arrange the flowers in the garden.”

“I’ve watched you while you worked,” Ramses admitted.

“You have?”

“Yes. From the balcony of my room. I could see you working down below. Always working so carefully to keep the flowers blooming. But they could never compare to you.”

“You’re making me blush,” Nefertari replied bringing her hand up to her reddening cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just can’t help it. Do you enjoy working in the garden?”

She nodded. “I do. But I guess I won’t be doing that anymore.”

“You can do whatever you wish. If you want to continue to work there, you can do so.”

“I don’t know. This, us, our joining. It will change things. Especially with the primary gardener. He will feel … Well, he’ll have lost his power over me, I guess you’d say.”

“I see.” Ramses sat in thought for a moment. “Why don’t we create a small garden just for you then? You won’t work on the full palace gardens but on your own plot of land. I’m sure that could be arranged.”

Nefertari reached out her hand and rested it on Ramses’s wrist. “That is a fabulous idea. I would like that very much.”

Ramses felt a jolt of electricity go through his body as Nefertari rested her hand on his. He was shocked into speechlessness. “Are you Ok Ramses?” she asked.

That shook him out of the trance he was in and he rested his hand over hers. “You have no idea Nefertari. I could not be more OK than I am at this moment.”

“Me too. I’ve never been happier. I as well have admired you from afar. Well, we all did. I would try as much as possible to go watch you when you trained with Paser.”

“You would?”

Nefertari nodded. “I would. Since I arrived here from Thebes, I’ve been watching you whenever I could. You’ve become very skilled with the sword the last few moons.”

“Thank you. Paser has been a great teacher.”

“Yes, he has taught you well.”

“And you’ve talked about me with your friends? What have you talked about?”

Nefertari looked away, her face turning red. “I’d rather not say. It’s embarrassing.”

“Why? What? What do you say?”

She looked back at him. “Well. When you’re working, we can see how well muscled you are … and we wonder … well, we wondered and would talk about … well, how well muscled the parts we couldn’t see were.”

Ramses sat back in his chair shocked. “Oh. You would? Really? You girls would talk about things like that?”

“Oh Ramses, you’d be shocked at some of the things we talk about. Don’t you discuss girls with your friends?”

“Well, yes, some. But mostly just in fun. You know. Oh, doesn’t she look nice? Doesn’t she have nice … umm… breasts? Things like that.”

“And what about me? Have you told your friends that I have nice breasts?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

He was trapped. If he said no, she’d think that he’d think she didn’t have nice breasts. And if he said yes, she would think he was crude. She sat there with her little smile waiting for his response. “Um… well. Yes. I …,” he stumbled along with his reply.

But then she saved him. “It’s OK Ramses. I’m glad you think I have nice breasts.” She looked down at them in her gown. “Though they’ve always seemed a little too large. Bigger than most girls. And I’m so small that they look even bigger on me.” That brought Ramses gaze down to them as well. Yes, they did seem bigger than Ahset’s now that he was close to her. And it was true he had noticed their size as she worked in the garden; but being this close to them, he could really see how full they were. “My eyes are up here,” Nefertari said jolting him from his admiration of her breasts.

“Oh. Sorry. You just mentioned them and I had to look.”

“I know. I’m just teasing you Ramses. I hope that’s ok with you. I like to tease sometimes. I think they’re pretty nice myself and look at them in the mirror quite a bit.”

“You do?”

“Yes. When I’m playing with them, it gets me quite excited.” Ramses’s earlier lesson came to mind and he remembered Paser mentioning that exact same thing. “Do you want to watch?” she asked suddenly.


“Watch me play with them.”

“Umm… yeah, sure. If you want me to.”

“For a bit anyway. Then maybe you’ll help me out?”

Ramses was starting to get into it now. “I could do that,” he replied with a smile.

Ramses watched entranced as Nefertari lowered the top of her dress freeing her breasts. The dress pushed them up and towards him even more than normal. Ramses was amazed. On her smaller body, they looked even bigger and they looked so soft. He almost reached out to touch them but resisted the urge.

Nefertari did it for him and hefted her breasts up in the air. “So, what do you think?”

Ramses croaked out a reply. “Beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like them,” she replied. “When I do this it really does get me excited,” she said as she rubbed her fingers over her nipples. They hardened as she touched them. “And this,” and Ramses watched as she brought one of her nipples to her mouth and licked it. “I really like this Ramses.”

“Ok.” Ramses shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Nefertari showing him her breasts and sucking on her nipples was getting him excited again. He was glad that Ahset had brought out an orgasm from him earlier. He knew otherwise that he would not last long the way things were progressing.

“Are you getting uncomfortable Ramses? Are you getting hard?” she asked. “Can I see it?”

“Of course.” Thankfully Ramses would be able to shed his clothes and relieve his discomfort. He stood up. As he started to remove his clothes he looked down at Nefertari. She was still gently rubbing her breasts and staring at him intensely. Her eyes were travelling up and down his body and settling on his groin. Now was the time. He removed the last item and stood there naked before his wife for the first time.

He heard a small intake of breath from her. “Oh. Oh my. Wow. I mean …” For a change, this time she was at a loss for words. Ramses stood there and held his cock in his hand. It was as hard and as big as it had ever been. He waited while Nefertari recovered and spoke. “I’m sorry. It’s just that … I assume you know that I’m not a virgin.” He nodded. “But none of the men I’ve ever been with … I mean. They were … well … small compared to you. You are truly blessed by the Gods.”

Ramses felt a little jolt of pride. Ahset had said something similar. He could get used to hearing it.

“Can I touch you?” Nefertari asked quietly. He nodded and moved closer to her. She reached out with her small hands and took hold of his manhood. “It’s so big Ramses. So big. So beautiful. I can’t wait to feel it inside me. It is going to feel so good when you fuck me.” His cock twitched at her words. She smiled, “Do you like that my husband? Do you like when I talk a little dirty?” Ramses nodded. “Good. I have a dirty streak in me. I’d like to share it with you as much as I can.” That sounded good to him. She continued holding onto his cock. Her fingers did not touch as she wrapped them around it. She placed one hand over the other. They easily fit over his cock with room for a third hand above them. She stroked him a few times and then Ramses watched as her mouth moved towards his penis. He held his breath as she licked up his leaking fluid and licked his cockhead. Then she opened her mouth and took some of his cock into her mouth. This had caused his orgasm with Ahset but this time he was able to hold back.

Gently he rested his hands in Nefertari’s hair. Without conscious thought he moved his hips back and forth slowly fucking her mouth. His hand guided her head as he slid back and forth.

Nefertari pulled away and a string of saliva joined her lips with his cock. “Oh Ramses, you feel so good in my mouth but I would rather have you somewhere else … if that’s OK with you?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Because all this is getting me really horny.” She stood and slipped the dress down and off. This caused her abundant breasts to bounce attracting Ramses’s full attention. At least until she tossed the dress aside and stood there naked before him. Another goddess. Two in one day. But this one was his. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His eyes travelled up and down her body, taking it in, as she did the same to him. Starting at her long dark hair and her eyes and that smile, his eyes travelled down her body, over her magnificent breasts, down over her stomach to her vagina. Ramses could see that she was shaved clean and had no hair down there. Though it gave her an image of innocence, what came out of her mouth next tossed that image aside.

“Oh my Ramses. I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours sliding in and out of my pussy. I’m so wet just thinking about it. Want to see?”

Ramses nodded. Yes, he wanted to see that.

She quickly sat down on the bed and opened her legs. As with Ahset, Ramses could see that she was very wet. “See. Look how wet I am?” she asked as she rubbed the slimy liquid around her pussy. “I don’t want to wait any longer. Please Ramses, put your cock inside me. Please fuck me.” Ramses stood there entranced by Nefertari rubbing her pussy. She sat up and reached towards him. “Come here Ramses.” She grabbed his arms and pulled him closer. She shifted her grip and found the back of his head and pulled it towards her. Their lips touched. Ramses felt a jolt. This was meant to be.

He responded to her kiss and felt their mouths mesh perfectly together. He felt her tongue probing against his lips and when he parted, she plunged her tongue into his mouth. He responded with his own.

He realized that Nefertari, as they kissed, was stroking his cock once again, and pulling it towards her vagina. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He pulled himself away from their kiss and watched as she positioned his cock near her pussy. “Slowly Ramses. I need to adjust to you so go slow.”

As she suggested, he slowly pushed against her pussy. Nothing happened. She lined him up again and he gave another push. This time he felt her pussy give way. First just his cockhead entered her body. Oh how he just wanted to push all the way in; but she said slowly so he followed her instructions. They both looked down to watch his cock as it slowly entered her body.

Ramses realized that his life was now never going to be the same. He knew that there was going to be nothing that compared to this feeling. He could feel her hot wetness envelop his cock. About half way in, Nefertari put her hands on his chest and panted out, “Hold it there for a moment. You’re so big.”

He paused. The wait was killing him but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he stayed still.

“Ok, pull out a bit and then push back again,” she told him. He nodded and pulled back until he was almost out and then pushed back in. The going was easier this time and before he knew it, he was completely inside her. He was inside her. He was having sex. This was thousands of times better than using his hands for relief.

“Hold there again,” she spoke up. He held his hips against hers, waiting for word to continue. It came after only a short time. “Ok, fuck me Ramses. Fuck my pussy. Make me yours forever. Cum in my pussy. I want to give you sons and daughters. Shoot that baby making cum into my pussy.”

The dirty talk excited Ramses and he couldn’t help but pull out and push back into Nefertari’s body. Back and forth he went. The hours of work on the practise field gave him the stamina to keep going when a normal man would have been unable to continue.

As he fucked her, he dimly realized that she was flowing from one orgasm to the next. Streams of foul dirty talk flew from her mouth. “Fuck me Ramses, fuck me hard,” she growled at him. “By the Gods, this feels so good. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Keep fucking me.” Then her talk degenerated into unintelligible moans and grunts and then into screams of passion. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” she screamed out. That was soon followed by, “Oh, again, again, I’m cumming again…”

And Ramses couldn’t stop fucking her. His hips were on autopilot. His mouth found her nipples and he sucked one and then the other into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her.

But even a God reached a limit and Ramses realized his was being reached. “Nefertari, I’m going to cum,” he groaned into her ear.

“Yes, my love, yes. Fill me with your seed. I want to feel it fill me up. Cum. Cum, my love.”

So with one deep hard plunge into her pussy, Ramses let loose his orgasm. He could feel it pumping from his cock into Nefertari’s pussy. Into her body. He filled her to overflowing and felt it squirting out around his cock as he thrust his hips back and forth a few more times. Finally sated, he slowed and stopped. Sweat covered his body and dripped down onto Nefertari’s body.

“I’m sorry. I’m all sweaty,” he apologized.

“Don’t worry about that,” she assured him. “Come here,” and she pulled his face down to hers to kiss him. This was not a hurried sexually charged kiss. This was a deep soul-binding kiss.

Ramses pushed himself away and looked down at her beauty. “I love you Nefertari.”

“I love you too Ramses.”

They kissed again but only briefly before Ramses rolled over to his side next to her. They turned their heads towards each other and stared at each other for a long while. Ramses studied her entire face. It was flushed from her exertions and he could see sweat forming on her nose and brow. But that just made her more attractive to him.

“You are so cute,” he commented.

“Oh, so not beautiful anymore?” she asked with a smile.

“I didn’t say that. You are beautiful but now from this angle, you just look so cute. The way you have those little dimples in your cheeks when you smile. It’s just … cute.”

She gave him a little playful punch on his chest. “You’re playing with me.” Her hand paused as she touched him and she started running her hands over his muscular chest. “So muscular,” she commented. “And I seem to have figured out the answer to the other ‘muscles’ you have. And they are very impressive as well,” she ended with a grin and a glance down towards his penis. “Very impressive indeed.”

For a long while they laid there looking at each other, gently rubbing each other’s skin and talking. Of course Nefertari knew all about Ramses but he knew nothing about her. He listened closely as she described her family back in Thebes and how much she missed them.

“So why did you come here from Thebes?”

“To be trained in the palace. And possibly to find a husband,” she added with a grin.

“It seems you may have done so.”

“I have. And I couldn’t be happier.”

At that moment, Ramses’s stomach grumbled loudly. “Guess I’m getting hungry,” he commented.

“Yes. It must be time to eat. Let me clean up a bit and we’ll see about finding some food. I’m a little hungry as well.”

Reluctantly, Ramses stood and began putting his clothes back on. Now he knew why Paser had wanted him to bathe this morning, and he knew that he was going to need another one when he returned to his chamber. Then it dawned on him. Was Nefertari now going to be sharing it with him?



“I’m not sure how this works. But are you going to move your items into my chamber?”

The look on her face showed that she had not considered this either. “I think so. I’m not sure either. It would seem to be the thing to do. If it’s OK with you of course? It’s your decision.”

“No. I’d love to share my chambers with you. It will be good to have you there with me.”

“I’d like that. Very much.”

“Me too.” Thoughts went through his head. He would have to talk to Anen about setting things up. He would have to approach his mother and father with the news. Hopefully they would approve. Paser too – though he at least had some knowledge of the two of them. It was time to start spreading the news around, if it hadn’t been already by the ladies in the great room.

Nefertari was now fully redressed as well and waiting for Ramses to finish his thoughts. “Thinking about who we need to tell, and what we have to do?” she asked knowingly.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I don’t know. I just knew. Maybe I can read your mind?”

Ramses looked back at her questioningly, “Can you?”

“No. I just can read your face and your movements. It’s pretty easy to see that you were thinking about our situation.”

“I see.”

She moved to the curtain and braced herself to open it. “Ready?”

“Ready,” he replied.

“They will all know of course. I was not very quiet during our lovemaking.”

“I know. I think I’m deaf in one ear now.”

She smiled back and opened the curtain. Ramses followed and holding her hand, they walked down the corridor.

Ahset immediately moved over to them. “It seems I was mistaken,” she said to Ramses.


“Yes. I said that love would come your way but not right away. I think I was mistaken.”

He glanced lovingly at Nefertari, “Yes, I think you were.”

“I’m ok with this mistake. How can we be of assistance to the Royal couple?” she asked.

Nefertari spoke up, “Well, we were getting a little hungry.”

“Yes, of course. I don’t blame you,” she added with a knowing smile. “You were somewhat … amorous for a while in there.”

Ramses blushed. They really needed to find somewhere more private next time.

Nefertari looked up at his face and smiled. Her response was simple. “Yes, we were.”

Ahset bowed to them, “Let me see about getting some food prepared for you. Please sit,” she said pointing to a cushioned area.

Self-consciously, Ramses followed Nefertari to the offered spot and sat down next to her. He could feel all eyes upon him. Usually that did not bother him and he was used to it, but this situation was different. He looked around the room. Knowing smiles greeted him from everyone. He tried smiling back.

He turned to Nefertari as she arose from the cushions and called out, “Istnofret. Over here!” Ramses looked and saw Nefertari’s friend entering the room. Upon seeing her friend, Istnofret’s face broke out in a smile and she quickly headed to Nefertari. However, as she approached, she slowed and stopped. As she did so, she bowed her head, “My Princess. How can I be of service?”

“Istnofret. Don’t be silly. You’re my sister. If I’m a Princess, then so are you. Please come sit with us and meet Ramses.”

“Of course,” she replied though Ramses could see that she was still uncomfortable. Though Nefertari had called her a princess, it was true that in reality she wasn’t and she knew it. She sat down stiffly beside Nefertari who seemed unaware of her friend’s discomfort.

“Istnofret, this is Ramses… but I guess you know that, don’t you? We are bonded now. I’m to be, or am I guess, his Great Royal Wife.”

“Yes, I heard that. Congratulations, My Princess.”

“Istnofret, it’s still me Nefertari. Please just call me that.”

“As you wish … Nefertari.”

“Ramses, this is my closest friend Istnofret. She is like a sister to me, as I told you. I love her dearly.”

Ramses bowed to her. “Yes, we have met briefly already. I hope we can be friends as well Istnofret.”

“Of course, My Prince. I wish that as well.”

At that moment, Ahset came back with news that food had been gathered for them in one of the side rooms. “My Prince, My Princess, food has arrived. Please follow me so you can eat in private.”

“Istnofret, please come with us,” Nefertari told her friend.

Ramses could see that she was still very uncomfortable and trying to help the situation, decided to give her a task that would take her away for a bit. “Actually, could you do me a favor?”

“Anything you wish, My Prince.”

“I was wondering if you could go to the wine cellars and bring back some of my favorite wine to drink. Ask for Mai. He will know what wine it is.”

“Of course, My Prince. I will be right back.” She bowed and quickly headed away to complete her task.

Nefertari looked at Ramses with a confused look, “Why did you do that Ramses?”

“Let’s go sit down and eat and I’ll explain.”

“Ok,” Nefertari agreed reluctantly.

They entered the room that Ahset had led them to and sat themselves at the table. Ramses looked at the food and realized how hungry he had become. Having sex was a grueling workout. He started to reach for it but Nefertari would have none of it and stopped his hand with her own. “Why did you send Istnofret away? Don’t you like her?”

“Nefertari. Of course I like her. She’s a beautiful woman. But couldn’t you see how uncomfortable she was? This morning you were sharing the same room and could talk about anything. Now you’re the Princess, the Great Royal Wife to me, her future Pharaoh. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to act around you.”

“She was just a little nervous. She’ll get over it.”

“Perhaps. But she knows you’re a Princess and someday Queen, and she’s not.”

Nefertari thought for a moment. “Why not?” she then asked. “Why can’t she be? You said she was beautiful. Why don’t you make her your wife as well? You can do that.” Ramses sat there taken aback. He had just acquired one wife and he loved her dearly. Why would he want or need another? Nefertari was continuing on, “You have the power to have as many wives as you want. There’s nothing stopping you. And it would be perfect. Her and I could still live together, and be equals and friends. And …,” she leaned towards Ramses until she was only inches away from him and added in a whisper, “and lovers.” That shocked Ramses even more. She smiled at the look on his face. “Yes, Ramses, lovers. We’ve … experimented … with each other.”

“But two women? How? That’s not possible.”

“Oh Ramses, you are somewhat naive aren’t you? Of course we can’t have sex in the conventional way like a man and a woman but there’s still kissing and licking and fingers. It can be quite pleasurable.” She grinned mischievously at him, “Maybe you’ll have to watch us sometime?”

“What? Watch you two … have sex?”

“Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Well, yes, I suppose I would.”

“And maybe join in. Oh, that would be fun. I’ve never done that.”

Though still somewhat shocked at what his new wife was suggesting, Ramses was starting to enjoy this conversation. The image of Nefertari and Istnofret together with him there as well jumped into his mind. He smiled broadly, “I think I’d like that.”

“I figured you would, once you thought about it. So, it’s settled then. You’ll make Istnofret your wife as well.” She paused for a moment. “But I do have one request. I hope you don’t think it’s out of line or self-centered.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I’d like to ask that you didn’t … umm… cum inside her until I can give you your first son. Is that selfish of me?”

“You are my Great Royal Wife Nefertari. I don’t think it’s selfish that you want to give me my first heir. Will Istnofret be OK with all this? You know … marrying me, having sex with me, your request?”

“We’ve both been in love with you for a long time Ramses. We’ve talked about you a lot and her love for you is almost as deep as mine. We’ll speak to her when she returns. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear of this arrangement we’ve come up with.”

With that decision made, they turned to the food. Ramses was famished and buried himself in the food before him. Nefertari ate less though just as heartily.

After a while Istnofret pushed the curtain back on the room. “My Prince, I have returned with your wine.”

“Excellent Istnofret, now come join us,” Ramses suggested. “We have something to discuss with you.” He turned to Nefertari, “Do you want to handle this or shall I?”

“Go ahead. It’s probably best coming from you.”

“Ok.” He waited while Istnofret sat herself at the table. She was still stiff and uncomfortable in their presence. “Istnofret, Nefertari and I were talking. We don’t want your friendship with Nefertari to be affected by her … change in status that happened today.” Istnofret looked from Ramses to Nefertari to see her nod in agreement. Ramses continued, “So, we have a proposition. Well, I guess I do.” This time Nefertari gave him the nod to continue. “Istnofret, will you be my wife and become my second wife and a Princess like Nefertari?”

Istnofret sat there in shock. Nefertari reached her hand out to her friend. “Istnofret. I told Ramses about the love we have for one another. How we are friends and lovers. He’s OK with it. And if you become his wife then we can continue that, and of course, you may also have to have sex with him. Trust me, it was … pleasurable … to say the least.” Her smile at Ramses showed him that she thought it was more than ‘just pleasurable’. She turned back to Istnofret, “That would be OK with you though, wouldn’t it?”

Istnofret, still in shock, nodded slightly. Ramses could see her face blush in embarrassment as she gave him a shy look.

“I just have one condition,” Nefertari continued getting Istnofret to look back at her. “I would like to give Ramses his first son and the only way to assure that is that he not plant his seed inside you until that is done. … But anything else is OK with me. I’m sure we can use our imaginations to help with that. So Istnofret, what do you think? Would you like to become Ramses’s second bride? Become his wife? A Princess?”

Istnofret finally spoke and she quietly replied. “I would like that very much.”

“And you’re ok with my request?”

“That’s ok with me. As long as I get to be together in some way with My Prince, and you.”

“I think we’ll be together in many ways Istnofret,” Nefertari replied with a smile.

“Good,” Ramses said. “We’ll make a great team, the three of us, I’m sure. Shall I call for Ahset to make the union official?”

Nefertari nodded, “Yes, let’s do that. Istnofret?”

“Now? Ok.”

“Yes, now. Let’s get this discomfort put aside and continue with our lunch,” Nefertari replied.

As they stood, Ramses looked more closely at his new wife. He had only looked at her briefly earlier but now studied her more closely. She didn’t compare to Nefertari in beauty but was still very beautiful. High cheekbones, shorter dark hair. Actually a little taller than Nefertari and probably a little heavier. Through her diaphanous dress he could make out her breasts as she shifted around. On her bigger body they seemed well proportioned and probably similar in size to Nefertari’s. He smiled to himself and realized that he must be a breast man the way he fixated on them. With her taller stature, when she stood, he also realized that she had beautiful long legs like a gazelle. Truthfully, he couldn’t wait to see her without the dress.

Nefertari stepped to the doorway to call Ahset who appeared moments later. “Ramses has something to ask of you Ahset.”

“Oh course. My Prince?”

“Priestess, would you please join Istnofret and myself, and make us husband and wife?”

Ahset’s eyebrows raised in surprise but she recovered quickly when she realized why this was happening. “Of course. Nefertari, as the Great Royal Wife, are you ok with this?” she asked.

Nefertari nodded. “I am. Very much so.”

Ahset nodded knowingly and continued. “Istnofret, come stand next to Ramses and hold his hand.”

Ramses reached out and held her hands in his. Her hands were not as dainty as Nefertari’s but still soft and smooth to the touch. He looked into Istnofret’s eyes and saw her love for him there. Nefertari had been right. He realized that he could love her too.

“Istnofret, Ramses has asked that I join the two of you. Do you agree to this arrangement?”

She nodded with a wide smile. “I do.”

“Ramses. Do you agree to make Istnofret your wife, your princess?”

“I do.”

“Excellent. You are now joined. My Princess, My Princess, My Prince, do you need anything else from me today?”

“No,” Ramses spoke. “I don’t think so. Nefertari?”

Ramses noticed that she was standing there smiling broadly. “No, I think that’s all.”

“Very well.” Ahset bowed her head and departed from the room.

Ramses looked at Istnofret and then Nefertari. They all looked at one another and then broke out laughing. As they sat, they continued laughing. The tension in the air was broken.

“Do you feel better now Istnofret?” Nefertari asked.

She nodded in reply. “Much better. I’m sorry if I acted so strangely before. I was just a little shocked, and didn’t know what to do or say. And …,” she lowered her voice, “I was afraid I had lost you.”

Nefertari reached over to hold her hand. “Istnofret, you’ll never lose me. I love you too much. Not in the same way I love Ramses here,” and she glanced at him with a smile, “but I do love you.”

“I love you too Nefertari,” Istnofret replied.

“What about me?” Ramses asked.

Istnofret turned to her husband. “You have no idea how much I love you too My Prince.”

“Call me Ramses. After all, you are my wife.”

“Very well Ramses. I’ve loved you for years.” She took a side glance at Nefertari and then looked back at Ramses. “And later I’m going to show you how much.”

Nefertari gave her a slight slap. “You’re bad Istnofret.” She turned to Ramses, “If you think I have a dirty mouth, just wait till Istnofret gets going. She can make a sailor blush. In fact, I think you have, haven’t you Istnofret?”

“Nefertari! Stop that! I have not.” She paused for a moment and then added with a grin, “He wasn’t a sailor, he was the ship’s captain.”

Ramses shook his head and wondered what he had gotten himself into. He almost felt like an outsider as his two wives continued their playful banter. He was happy to let them talk as he continued eating. His mind wandered as he continued going over the things they needed to do in the afternoon until he heard the word ‘muscle’ and the two giggling uncontrollably. “What are you two talking about?” he asked. Though he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Nefertari replied with a grin, “I was just describing your ‘muscles’ to Istnofret. She doesn’t believe me. She will though, won’t she?” she asked.

Ramses smiled back. “I think that can be arranged.” He continued with a wider smile, “Perhaps with the right … encouragement, she can get a preview now?”

“Excellent idea,” Nefertari replied. “Hmm… What sort of encouragement can we give you? I wonder.” She paused with her finger on her lip as if deep in thought. Ramses hoped she’d come to the conclusion he was hoping for. She snapped her fingers. “I know. Perhaps a little kiss between Istnofret and myself will provide the encouragement you’re looking for?” Ramses smiled back. She was such a playful woman.

“I think that may just work. Maybe … we’ll have to see,” Ramses played right back.

“Oh, it will,” Nefertari replied knowingly. She turned to Istnofret, “Come over her beside me. Let’s give our husband a little glimpse at what he’s in for.”

Moments later the two were sitting next to one another. Nefertari lovingly pushed some hair from Istnofret’s face. “You are beautiful,” she said. Her lips moved to her friend’s neck and nibbled the skin there. Istnofret moved her head to the side giving Nefertari a clear path. Nefertari’s lips moved from her neck around to her earlobe and nibbled there. Then she jumped straight to Istnofret’s mouth and gave her a deep kiss. Ramses watched them closely. He was starting to grow but wasn’t quite there yet.

Gracefully, Nefertari moved her lips from Istnofret’s mouth, slipped the top of her dress aside, and moved to the now-exposed nipple. Ramses saw that his earlier observation had been true. Her breasts looked as large as Nefertari’s. He couldn’t wait to suckle on that nipple like Nefertari was. Then he realized that they could both have a nipple at the same time. That painted a picture in his mind that he was pretty sure would come true. He felt his cock starting to harden.

Istnofret held Nefertari’s mouth on her tit and moaned quietly at the touch. Nefertari shifted to the other breast leaving the first saliva-covered nipple open to Ramses’s view. Oh yes, he was looking forward to touching her, seeing how her breast felt in his hand, how her nipple felt in his mouth. He was ready now. His cock was now hard and feeling uncomfortably confined in his clothes. He stood up before them. “I think it’s time.”

Nefertari pulled her mouth from Istnofret’s breast and turned her face to Ramses. “Show her Ramses. Show her what she has to look forward to.” Istnofret was breathing heavily and was staring at his groin. Her eyes were wide as she could make out the outline of his cock straining to be free. Ramses reached down, shifted his clothes and withdrew it.

“Wholly fuck!” Istnofret exclaimed. “Fuck me,” she added next.

“Soon,” Nefertari told her. “Soon. Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked her friend and fellow wife.

“Now I believe you,” she answered. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. Did it fit inside you?” she asked questioningly. “I don’t know if it will fit in me.”

“It fit just fine. It was a tight fit but I was so wet … And if it fit in me, it will fit in you too. You’re bigger than I am.”

“I hope so. I’m sorry Ramses but that is the biggest, most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. And, well, I’ve seen a few.”

“You are bad Istnofret,” Nefertari commented again.

She shrugged her shoulders in resignation. “I guess so. I just really like sex. And I’m going to love having sex with you Ramses.” She turned to Nefertari, “Does this mean, we’re one-man women now? Since we’re married?”

Nefertari thought for a second. “I guess it does. What do you think Ramses? You’re going to have other women, can we have other men?”

“I don’t see why not… Sex is ok with other men but if we can continue from what you asked for earlier, I still want to have my first son with you Nefertari. How about I make the promise that, at least until I have my son with you, that my seed will only enter your body?”

Nefertari looked to Istnofret. “That’s agreeable to me. You can cum inside only me, at least until I provide you your first son. After that, you can cum inside Istnofret or I guess any other woman. However, we will only feel your seed inside us from this point onwards. We will never have children with anyone but you.”

Ramses spoke up as he proceeded to slip his softening cock back into his clothes. “That doesn’t seem fair to you two. Only having me from this point onwards.”

“We have each other Ramses. And I don’t think I ever want another man cumming inside me again. I may not even want another man to have sex with me. You may have spoiled me.”

Istnofret, who was putting her breasts back into her dress, spoke up, “I agree with Nefertari. I’m also OK with only feeling your seed inside me. Though I’d really not like to wait too long for that to happen. We’ll have to start working on your pregnancy as soon as possible Nefertari.”

“I’m ok with that,” Nefertari grinned back at her friend.

“Ok. Ok. Let’s get back on track,” Ramses interrupted. “Are we all agreed then? I will only cum inside Nefertari until she produces me a son. After that, Istnofret and other women are able to accept my seed. And you two will accept my seed only from this point on?”

“Agreed,” Nefertari spoke up.

“Also agreed,” Istnofret said. “Though we can have sex with other men but not accept their seed … at least in our pussies. Does that mean our mouths and asses are ok?” she asked with a grin.

Nefertari laughed, “I told you she was bad Ramses. But I agree to that.”

Ramses held his hand out to his two wives and they put their hands over his. “So it shall be written, so it shall be done. But we do need to get that written down. I can send for a scribe to document it.”

“No need,” Nefertari spoke up. “I can do it.”

“You know how to write hieroglyphics?” Ramses asked surprised.

“I do. Something I learned a couple cycles ago.”

Ramses shook his head. This woman was continually surprising him, and he was sure the surprises were not going to end. “Let’s go to our room and get this down,” she suggested and led them down to the room that she and Istnofret used to share.

Ramses looked around with interest. Two small beds. Similar layout to Ahset’s room though slightly bigger to hold the beds and the clothing of two women rather than one. Nefertari grabbed her writing utensils and set to work putting their contract down on papyrus. Ramses sat in the chair watching as she wrote out the symbols. He was also versed in hieroglyphics so could appreciate her work. When she finished, he nodded, “Looks good to me.”

Istnofret moved over as well and read through the document. “Me too.” The three of them put their marks on the papyrus and it was done.

“So what now?” Nefertari asked. “I guess we should pack our belongings. Ramses, do you have room for both of us in your room?”

Ramses smiled back. It seemed that Nefertari did not realize the size, and number, of rooms that he had. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” he responded. “How long will it take to gather your things? We can get someone to take them to my … our room later. I really should present my new wives to my father and mother.”

“Oh oh. You can’t do that now. We’re not prepared for that,” Nefertari said quickly. “We have to do our hair, put makeup on our faces, have baths … I must smell terrible and all sweaty.”

“You both look beautiful to me. You don’t need to do all that.”

“Oh yes we do,” Istnofret backed up Nefertari. “There is no way that I’m presenting myself to the Pharaoh looking like this. We have to pick out the right clothes as well.” She turned to Nefertari, “What do you think, matching dresses, or different?”

From the military campaigns he had been on, and the studying he had done, Ramses realized that he had lost this battle, and with a smile, he realized that he’d probably lose a lot more over time. “Ok. You two win. Can you pack and get yourselves ready … by evening meal time? Is that enough time?”

“I don’t know Ramses, it’s going to take a while to do all that,” Nefertari started, “but if you promise to ravish us both this evening, then we will do it. Sound good Istnofret? Can we pack and get ready by then?”

Istnofret smiled at her friend and looked at Ramses. “I think I could be ready much sooner if I get to experience what our husband is hiding under those clothes.”

Ramses shook his head. “After we eat, Istnofret, after we eat. I promise. So I’ll go off and start some of the preparations on my end; and I’ll meet you two later on near the Great Hall – say around the 10th hour since sunrise?”

“Ok.” Nefertari came up to him first and planted a kiss on his lips. He returned it without hesitation. As they parted, Istnofret came up to him. Of course they had never kissed so Ramses was a little hesitant as he bent down to touch his lips against hers. Strangely, he tasted a faint pleasurable taste on her lips and proceeded to pull her body against his to enjoy it longer.

As they parted, Istnofret spoke, “Wow! A good kisser too.”

Ramses nodded in acknowledgement, “Thank you. I feel like I may need some more practice though. Think you can help me out with that?”

“Oh, I think so,” she replied smiling.

Ramses bowed to his wives, “Nefertari, Istnofret. I will see you soon. I can’t wait for that time to come.”

“Neither can we,” Nefertari replied with a bow.

“Yes, I agree,” Istnofret replied.

Ramses turned and left the room and headed out through the large room. The women there, again rose and bowed as he passed by them. They all had knowing smiles on their lips. He, though, had many things to do and sped through the throng quickly. He needed to talk to Anen. Probably Paser as well. And needed to schedule some time with his mother and father.

He quickly strolled down the hallways and entered his bed room. Anen was there, as he suspected. “Hello, My Prince, how was your morning?” Of course Anen knew what had happened. He knew everything.

“Busy, overwhelming, best morning of my life,” Ramses finished with a smile.

“Yes, I can imagine. Are we … modifying the living arrangement somewhat?”

Ramses smiled. “Yes, we need to make room for my wives.”

“Wives?” Anen asked. “More than one?”

Ah, it seemed that Anen did not have ‘all’ the information after all. “Yes, wives. Two wives. I married two women this morning – Nefertari who will be the Great Royal Wife and Istnofret.”

“I see. I had not heard of your second betrothal. That will require some modifications to my plans.”

“What are you proposing Anen?”

“Well, I assume that you three will share your bed?”

“I would assume so.”

Anen nodded, “Ok. It should be big enough for three of you. But I’ll have to gather another cabinet for more of the women’s clothing.” He snapped his finger and a slave quickly came over. “Find another cabinet and put it there beside the other one. Quickly.” The slave hurried away to carry out the order. Anen continued, “Let me handle things here. When will they be moving in?”

“After the evening meal. They are packing their things right now, and preparing to meet father.”

“Ok. You will need to go and talk to Paser to confirm that your father, and mother, are available. And you’ll need to take a bath My Prince. You are … fragrant.”

Ramses realized that he was probably covered in dry sweat from his morning ‘workout’. Plus the unfamiliar smell of a woman’s sex was probably on him as well. “Yes, you’re probably right. Let me go find Paser first though.”

Ramses left his room and headed to the training grounds where he was sure that Paser would be working. Sure enough, Paser was putting one of his charges through the paces of sword play. Ramses spoke up as he approached, “Paser, can I have a moment?” Paser nodded at his trainee and made his way towards Ramses.

“My Prince. How was the rest of your morning?”

“Excellent Paser. Did you know I am now married?”

Paser looked back in surprise. “My Prince. That did not take long. Nefertari, I presume?”

“Yes, her and her friend Istnofret.”

“The girl who often brings water? Her as well?”

“That’s right.”

“She is quite beautiful as well. You have had a busy morning My Prince.”

“I have. Can you see if the Pharaoh and the Queen are available to meet my brides later today? Right before the evening meal?”

“Of course. Of course.” He quickly turned to the men he was training. “You are all done for the day. Take the rest of the day off.” They all cheered at the news and Paser turned back to Ramses. “I will go talk to the Pharaoh and Queen and make sure they are able to meet their new daughters.” He shook his head. “Pretty quick, My Prince.”

Ramses shrugged. “Love will do that I suppose.”

Paser laughed back. “And I think you should have a bath and prepare for the audience My Prince. You look a little … disheveled at the moment.”

“So I’ve been told.”

Ramses turned and headed back to his rooms. As expected Anen had a new cabinet in place, and had a bath ready and waiting for him. He stripped from his clothes and put them aside. “Oh, Anen, just to let you know, I was fitted for some new clothes this morning as well. A woman by the name of Menhet will be bringing something along for me.”

“Very well, My Prince. I know Menhet and her work. She is a fine seamstress.”

Ramses nodded and dropped his body into the tub of hot water. Again the slaves came out and washed him down. This time his mind was full of thoughts about his new wives. He didn’t need to imagine things any longer though. Now he could relive in his mind the morning he had just had. Meeting Nefertari, the swell of her breasts, her smile, the feel of her pussy as his cock entered her. He was looking forward to more of that feeling. And Istnofret, what would she feel like? From what he had seen and experienced with her, he was sure that it would be beyond pleasurable as well. His life had changed remarkably in just a few short hours. These thoughts of course caused his cock to swell in size, and again, once he finished his bath, it was hard and throbbing.

Naked, he moved back into his bedroom. Clothes were laid on the bed and he noticed that they were new. “Are these the items from Menhet?” he asked Anen.

“They are. Let’s get them on you, shall we?”

He stood as the new items were draped over and around his body. His dressers were not sure what to do with the pouch that was attached to them. “Here, let me,” Ramses said and proceeded to slip his cock in. “Interesting,” he commented as he moved around trying it out. “Comfortable too. Anen, remind me to compliment Menhet.”

“She’s waiting right outside, My Prince. She wanted to make sure they fit.”

“Ah, let her in.” Anen opened the door and motioned for Menhet to enter.

“Hello Menhet, you’ve done excellent work here. They fit like a glove.”

“Thank you, My Prince. … Does everything fit ok? You know…”

Ramses smiled, “Yes, perfect so far. Thank you again. Can you make me some more outfits? Ones for training, and when we’re out in battle, and for just normal day wear? These ones are a little too fancy for that, though perfect for today.”

“Oh course, My Prince. I have your measurements so will start that right away.” She bowed to Ramses and Anen and departed his room.

“These are really comfortable Anen. Where has she been all this time?”

“Well, mainly doing the Pharaoh and Queen’s wardrobes lately I believe.”

“Oh. Hopefully I haven’t overburdened her now with my request.”

“I’m sure it will be fine. She’s probably not making too much new these days for your parents and instead just mending.”

“Good. And one more thing Anen.”

“Yes, My Prince.”

“I promised Nefertari that we would find a plot of land close by here, where she can continue to do her gardening. She said she enjoys it and would like to continue but can’t do it working under the lead gardener any more of course. She’ll just have some land of her own to do with as she wishes.”

“Oh course. I’ll see to it right away. I’ll speak to the lead gardener and we’ll work something out for the Princess.”

“Thank you Anen. Am I ready?”

“You’re ready, My Prince. I will clean things up here while you’re gone and make sure you have your privacy this evening. I assume you’d like that?” he added with a smile.

“Yes, I think we will,” Ramses replied. “Thank you again. Ok. Off I go.”

Ramses made his way to where he was going to meet his new brides. They hadn’t arrived yet so he waited, occasionally saying hello to passersby.

At the agreed upon hour, Ramses heard people approaching and looked that direction. What he saw took his breath away. Nefertari and Istnofret were coming down the hallway. Both were dressed in matching luxurious dresses that covered their bodies but on the other hand did not. Skin peaked out as they moved. He caught glimpses of legs, stomach, even brief glimpses of their breasts as they came toward him. Their faces were painted with dark eye makeup giving them smoldering looks. Nefertari’s longer hair was wrapped around and on top of her head. Istnofret’s shorter hair hung down as normal but brought his attention to her beautiful eyes and face. He couldn’t believe how beautiful they both looked.

“Well?” Nefertari asked as they approached. “How do we look?”

“I’m speechless. You two are gorgeous.”

“Thank you, My Prince,” Istnofret replied. “You’re looking very handsome in your outfit as well.”

“Thank you. It’s new. Menhet just made it for me today.”

“She is a magician, isn’t she? Who do you think made our dresses?”

“She’s amazing. So, are you both ready to go in then?” Ramses asked.

Both nodded. “We’re ready.”

“Very well.” He held out his arms and each girl grabbed hold. “Let’s go.”

They walked towards the entrance to the Great Hall where his father held court. Paser was standing by the doorway and nodded at them as they approached. “Very nice My Prince. Princess Nefertari I assume?” he said to Nefertari. She nodded her hello. “And Princess Istnofret, very nice to meet you as well.” Another nod. “You two both look very beautiful.”

“Thank you Paser,” Nefertari answered.

He looked back to Ramses. “You have two beautiful wives My Prince.”

“Thank you Paser. I think so too,” Ramses replied as he beamed at the women on his arms.

“The Pharaoh is waiting for you. Let me go tell him you’re here and you can follow in a moment. Ahmose here will let you know when.” Ramses nodded his understanding and Paser entered the Hall. Others were in attendance of course and all conversation ceased as Paser entered and approached the Pharaoh.

Ramses waited until he received a nod from Ahmose telling him that Paser had spoken with his father. Ramses entered the hall with his wives on his arms. All eyes were upon them. As he had been taught, he walked tall and strode purposely through the throng towards his father. He was quite happy to see that Nefertari and Istnofret kept up with him with ease.

They approached the dais where Pharaoh Seti I and Queen Tuya sat on their chairs. Ramses paused before them and nodded his greeting. The Pharaoh spoke, “Hello Ramses. It seems you have some news for the Queen and me.”

“Yes, Pharaoh. I would like to present my Great Royal Wife, Nefertari.” He motioned to her and she bowed before the Pharaoh. Ramses continued, “And my second wife, Istnofret.” She also bowed.

“You have been busy this morning, haven’t you?” Seti responded with a smile at his son. “You have two very beautiful wives.”

“Thank you, My Pharaoh.” Ramses turned towards his mother, “Queen Tuya. My wives Nefertari and Istnofret.”

Tuya nodded at her two new daughters and her son. “Our Pharaoh is correct. These are two beautiful young women you have found. But step aside for a while Ramses while Pharaoh and I speak with our new daughters. Istnofret, come over to me.”

“And Nefertari, let me speak with you,” Seti added. “Ramses, we’ll call for you after we get to know these two a little better.”

Reluctantly Ramses stepped aside and watched as his wives approached his parents. He hoped they would like each other. Quickly his friends gathered around him to congratulate him, forcing his attention to shift from the situation around the throne.

“Ramses, you dog, where did you find these two? They’re gorgeous.”

“Tell me your secret.”

“Weren’t you talking about that girl the other day? Isn’t she the gardener?”

Ramses did his best to answer their questions, accept their congratulations and keep an eye on the four people talking around the throne area. One after another his friends came by to tease him about his morning. He did his best to hold his own but he was almost relieved when he heard his father call his name. “Ramses, please come here.”

Quickly he headed towards his mother and father. On the way, he passed Nefertari and Istnofret as they moved the other way. He was relieved to see them both smile at him. They did not seem to be discouraged from their conversations. “My Pharaoh, My Queen,” he greeted his parents.

“Come with us,” Seti said as he rose and walked back to the private area of the Great Hall. Tuya went with him and Ramses followed.

When they were in private, Seti turned to his son and looked him over. “You’re growing up quickly my son.” He looked to Tuya, “Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was running around the Great Hall causing trouble?”

She smiled warmly and nodded, “Not quite yesterday but not too long ago.”

Seti looked at Ramses again. “You have chosen very well Ramses. These are two remarkable young women.” Ramses let out his stress in a breath. Seti captured that. “You thought we wouldn’t like them?”

“I was hopeful you would.”

“Not to worry, my son. We talked to them both and I think they are perfect compliments to one another. Nefertari will make a perfect Great Royal Wife. Istnofret is perhaps a little too,” he looked to Tuya for inspiration, “maybe a little too shy for that role.” Ramses smiled at that comment. “Why do you smile?”

“She’s not shy once you get to know her. In private, she’s probably more outspoken than Nefertari.”

“I see. In any case, we approve of both of them. But I do have a question. Why both? You could have joined with Istnofret after getting to know Nefertari better?”

“I met Nefertari and knew she was the one so were joined together right away. Later I found out that she and Istnofret shared a room and were very close. When Istnofret met me, she was so distraught, so sad, and didn’t know how to act around the girl who just earlier was her roommate and best friend. It broke my heart to see her this way. Nefertari didn’t really understand the issue until I pointed it out to her and we decided that to make everyone happy, that I would wed her as well. We all think it’s the best solution.”

“Interesting. Just remember to treat them as equals in private. Women don’t like being second best to anyone. Correct Tuya?”

“As always, my Pharaoh, you are correct,” she answered with a smile.

He shook his head. “Took me a long time to learn that lesson. So, Ramses, when will you be producing an heir?”

That embarrassed Ramses somewhat, “Well, as soon as possible I guess.”

“Are you working on it?” Seti asked with a grin.

“Yes, My Pharaoh.”

“Good to hear.” He was still grinning. “No troubles in that area.”

“Umm… no My Pharaoh.”

“Excellent. You’ve worked out some … arrangement … so Your Great Royal Wife produces your first heir?”

“Yes, we have.”

“I guess I don’t need to hear the details of that arrangement. Tuya, anything you want to add?”

Ramses’s mother turned to him. “Ramses, like my husband says, you have chosen well. I can see great things in the union that you three have joined into. Keep them happy and I’m sure they’ll keep you happy as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know both of them better.”

“Thank you mother, ” Ramses replied. “And you too father. I’m glad you like them.”

“We do. Now let’s join the others and have our meal.”

Seti led the way and Ramses took his mother’s arm and led her out. As they reentered the room, silence fell on the crowd. Seti looked them over and said simply, “Let us eat.”

After the meal and some conversation with the others, Ramses was feeling antsy to get away with his new wives for some fun. He looked towards his father for his approval to leave. Seti glanced his way, smiled, nodded, and stood, “Everyone.” All conversation died down. “I would like to thank you all for coming to eat with us this evening. It is now time to depart back to our homes to enjoy the rest of the evening with our families.” Seti and Tuya left first towards their rooms. Ramses was next and he stood with his wives and left the hall. Others followed but Ramses didn’t care. He was going to have some fun now.

Quickly he led his wives down the hall towards his rooms. He wanted them in private, not just for the sex but wanted to see what they had discussed with his parents. They approached his rooms and Ramses saw Anen there waiting for them.

“Anen, may I introduce the Great Royal Wife, Nefertari and my second wife Istnofret. Nefertari, Istnofret, this is my personal chamberlain Anen.”

Anen bowed. “My Princesses. Please to meet you.”

“And us you,” Nefertari responded.

“Let me show you to your new rooms,” and he opened the door to Ramses’s expansive area. “My Princesses, this is the entry area. Through here is the living space,” and he showed them the area covered in couches where Ramses reclined. “The bed room is through here.” Both girls walked around in shock at the size of the rooms, and when they saw the bed, both unsuccessfully stifled small giggles.

Nefertari spoke up, “Nice bed Ramses. Looks big enough for all of us.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Hopefully we don’t get too cramped.”

“I think we’ll do fine.”

Anen continued, “and through here is the bath room.” Both girls stopped in their tracks as they saw the huge tub that Ramses had.

“Oh my,” Istnofret commented. “That looks so comfortable.”

“I like it,” Ramses replied with a shrug. “It does the job.”

Nefertari looked at Ramses in shock. “It does the job! Ramses, this is amazing. Why didn’t you tell us about this tub of yours?”

He looked at it. “It’s just a tub.”

Nefertari looked at Istnofret and shook her head. “Just a tub he says. Oh boy.”

Anen cleared his throat to get their attention. “I’ve also had your belongings brought over and put in the two cabinets in the bed room. Your ladies in waiting will be available tomorrow morning to assist you.”

“I’ve never had a lady in waiting,” Istnofret commented.

“Well,” Anen answered, “you both have one now. If that is all, then I think I will leave you all for the evening.” Ramses nodded, as did the two girls. “Very well. I will see you in the morning.” Anen turned and departed leaving the three standing in the bath room.

“Ramses. This is an amazing home you have,” Nefertari commented.

“That we have,” Ramses corrected her. “I have to know though. What did my parents talk to you about?”

Nefertari looked at Istnofret then back at Ramses. “Just your basic questions to get to know us. Where we are from? What we were doing before we met you? Things like that. The Pharaoh seemed quite interested that I was from Thebes and he knew of my father there. Father will be happy to hear that. Same things for you Istnofret?”

“Pretty well. Nothing too earth shattering. I think they both just wanted to gauge our abilities. I probably should have been forthcoming though. I always get so shy and nervous when I first meet someone, especially the Pharaoh and the Queen.”

Ramses nodded. “Yes, they thought you were a little shy. I told them to wait until they got to know you better.”

“You didn’t? Ramses!”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.”

“Oh my. I’m going to die now.”

“It’s ok Istnofret. They’re really very friendly people. They just laughed when I told them that. Though I guess I did say too that you were probably more outspoken than Nefertari.”

“Oh, you are in deep trouble mister,” she said with a stern look on her face.

“Are you going to spank me?” Ramses asked with a grin.

“Maybe… No, it sounds like you want that. Maybe I’ll just tease you till you’re begging for me.”

“Careful, I might like that too.”

“Ok you two. Stop it,” Nefertari interrupted. “Istnofret, you’ll get your chance in a bit. What did they say about me Ramses?”

“They said you are going to make a great Great Royal Wife. They really liked both of you, believe me.”

“They said that? That’s nice of them.”

“Like I said, they have to display a certain sternness in public but in private they are very loving parents. I couldn’t have asked for better ones.”

Nefertari replied. “I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Well, I don’t know about you two but I’m wiped and I think I’m going to go to bed now.”

Istnofret also stretched and yawned, “Yeah, me too.”

Ramses looked at the two of them with a shocked crestfallen look. “Um… well, I … thought…”

They both broke out laughing. Through her laughter, Nefertari spoke first, “We’re just kidding Ramses. Gosh you are kind of easy to fool sometimes.”

“You two are terrible. What have I gotten myself into?” he said throwing his hands in the air.

“You’ve gotten yourself two wives who are going to torture you every day … but only the kind of torture that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Remember, whenever, wherever, however you want us, we’re yours… for all time.”

“Hmm… that sounds promising I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Ok. I like the sound of that. A lot.”

“That’s better.” Nefertari turned to Istnofret, “So, shall we prepare ourselves to ravish our new husband?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it. That teasing earlier today has been on my mind all day. I could hardly eat. My pussy has been leaking for hours waiting to feel Ramses inside it.”

That talk got Ramses’s cock’s attention and it proceeded to start filling out. Menhet’s new clothes did the trick and cradled it as it grew.

“So shall we retire to the bath room for a few minutes? Ramses, why don’t you wait for us in the living area? We won’t be long. I’ve been waiting for this all day too.”

“Of course.” Ramses slipped away and went back to the living area to recline on the cushions. He thought back over the day. So much had changed. But all good as far as he was concerned. He had basically lost much of his privacy but had replaced it with two gorgeous sexy wives. A good trade he thought to himself. He wondered what they had in store for him and knew too that he’d enjoy whatever it was.

Only moments later, the two girls appeared at the doorway. Both were now naked, their hair down, standing there looking at him with sultry looks. His gaze flew back and forth between them. Taller, heavier Istnofret with her shorter hair and voluptuous hips and tits. Shorter Nefertari with her long dark hair, smaller frame overshadowed by her large tits. He so loved looking at her, and when those dimples appeared from her smile, his heart melted.

“So, our husband, we’re ready. Are you?” Nefertari spoke.

“One second,” Ramses replied and quickly started removing his clothing.

“No, wait Ramses.” His hands paused. “When the time is right, we will do that for you.”

“Oh, ok.” He stopped undressing and put his clothes back in place. “Ok,” he repeated.

“Come with us,” Istnofret told him crooking her finger at him, and turning towards the bed with Nefertari. Ramses did not hesitate and followed them, admiring their tight asses as they led the way.

“Sit down over there and watch us,” Istnofret continued.

Ramses groaned. More sitting and watching. That’s how the day had started. Oh well. However, he wasn’t going to argue and took a seat to the side.

“Sorry Ramses, but we need to punish you for your comment to your parents about me,” she continued. “I don’t think you’ll mind this punishment though. Nefertari and I are going to make love in front of you. Show you what we’ve been doing the last while … between men. Show you how to please a woman. How to please us. How to please any woman you may want in the future.”

Ramses nodded. He was ready. He wanted to watch. He wanted to learn.

Istnofret pulled Nefertari toward her. “First just a touch, a light touch,” she started as she gently traced her fingers up and down Nefertari’s arms. “The arms, then a light touch on her breasts.” Her fingers followed her instructions and slowly ran over and around Nefertari’s breasts. “They are so beautiful, aren’t they? So full.” Ramses nodded. He didn’t disagree with that. Istnofret moved forward and rubbed her breasts against Nefertari’s. “It feels so good when our tits rub together. Our nipples get so hard. Can you see?” Again he nodded. She looked over at him. “Cat got your tongue Ramses?” He nodded and then shook his head. He didn’t know. She laughed lightly. “It’s ok. As long as you’ve got your tongue back later when you eat my pussy.” His cock jumped at that thought. “And Nefertari’s too. Hers tastes so good. Did you eat it earlier?” He nodded his reply. “So you know then. I can never get enough of her taste. But first maybe a kiss,” and she moved her mouth to Nefertari’s and they kissed – deeply. Ramses watched as Nefertari’s hand moved down Istnofret’s back and rested against her ass cheeks. He could see her pull Istnofret closer to her body.

They kissed and then parted, slightly short of breath. “I love kissing her,” Istnofret continued. “And your kiss earlier was pretty good too. Can’t wait for more of that.” Ramses was all for that as well. Istnofret pushed Nefertari towards the bed, and then crawled up over her as they both fell down. From his position, Ramses could see both their pussies before him. He could see them both getting wet from their make out session. Oh how he wanted to just bury his face in there, and his cock. Bury it in both of them. If he could, both at the same time. You’d think a God could have two cocks. Oh well, not to be.

“Keep watching Ramses,” Istnofret continued and he watched as she flipped herself around so her face was next to Nefertari’s pussy, and her pussy was over Nefertari’s face. “This works for both of us,” she explained and reached down to the pussy before her. “While I’m doing this, she can do the same for me, or whatever she likes.” Ramses looked back and could see that Istnofret’s pussy was now being licked by Nefertari’s tongue. “Oh yes, Nef, that’s what I like. You do it so good,” Istnofret said to her friend before her own face dipped down into Nefertari’s pussy. Ramses watched as her tongue licked away at Nefertari’s spread open pussy. “Tastes so good,” she commented. “And so wet too. You want to feel Ramses’s cock inside you again, don’t you?” she asked. Ramses heard Nefertari’s affirmative grunt. “Does it feel good? Filling you up with that beautiful big cock that our husband has.” Again a grunt came from the other end. “I know I can’t wait until I feel it inside me. My Gods, I haven’t even touched it yet. I have to touch it now.” She looked up at Ramses, “Can I? Can I touch it now?”

Ramses was all for that and stood up. Istnofret continued rubbing Nefertari’s pussy, getting it even wetter. He watched as she pushed two fingers inside her friend. His articles of clothing were quickly opened and tossed aside. His cock flopped out into the open.

“Oh,” Istnofret moaned when she saw it. “That is beautiful,” she commented.

Ramses reached down to stroke it. He knew that it wasn’t even completely hard yet and rubbed it a couple times to get it to its maximum size.

“Oh Ramses. That is amazing. Can I touch it?”

Ramses moved next to her face with his throbbing cock. She pulled her fingers from Nefertari’s pussy and rubbed the wetness over Ramses’s cock. The combination of that and his own leaking lubrication made it shine in the light from the flickering candles. “So hard,” she commented. “So big.” Her mouth opened and she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her mouth. Ramses watched in astonishment as his entire cock slipped into her mouth. He knew it had to be going into and down her throat. He pulled back leaving a trail of saliva hanging from her mouth. “Fuck, that feels so good,” she moaned before taking his cock back into her mouth.

“Sure does,” Ramses added.

“Fuck me Ramses,” Nefertari said around Istnofret’s pussy. “What are you guys doing back there? I need you to fuck me now. Shove that hard cock into my pussy.”

Ramses looked down at Istnofret. Her blowjob felt so good but he wanted to fuck Nefertari. Gently he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She understood, flipped around and knelt beside him. Then she helped him out by guiding his cock into the pussy before her. He held Nefertari’s hips and slid his cock inside. It seemed to fit easier this time than the first time. Nefertari moaned as she felt his cock. He moaned too when he bottomed out inside her, his hips flush against hers, his cock deep inside her.

He slowly slid his cock back and forth, feeling her pussy grabbing hold of his cock, squeezing it hard. He looked down over his first wife’s firm hard body. Her tits bounced back and forth as he fucked her. Istnofret moved around so she could take a nipple into her mouth. She pushed Nefertari’s tit flesh together to push her nipple out even more. Her dark hair covered Nefertari’s chest and Ramses could only see the back of her head. But that was OK. He glanced down between their bodies to watch his cock buried deep in Nefertari’s pussy. It felt so right. He realized that Nefertari’s orgasm was quickly approaching so moved his hips harder and faster, pushing his large cock deep into her body. As Istnofret attacked one tit and then the other, Nefertari’s orgasm shook her entire body, causing it to tense up and squeeze down hard against his cock. Ramses held back his own orgasm. He still had another wife to fuck.

“My turn Ramses, please. Please fuck me now,” Istnofret begged as she knelt next to her friend. She roughly squeezed her own tits now. Her one hand was down between her legs rubbing her pussy. “I’m so wet. I’ve been waiting all day. Since my first view of your amazing cock.”

Ramses glanced down at Nefertari silently asking for her approval. She nodded with a satisfied smile. “Do it. You don’t need to ask me.”

So Ramses turned his gaze to Istnofret who was now laid out beside her friend. Her long legs were spread wide opening her pussy to him. He wanted a taste and moved his head downwards. A long lick produced a moan from her mouth. Ramses grinned to himself. He could get used to this. He held her legs apart and feasted on the delicious liquid flowing from her body. His cock though begged to experience her pussy for itself. He wasn’t going to deny it. Sliding his body up over hers brought his cock to her entrance. Holding her gaze with his own, he pushed his cock into her pussy. Her eyes opened wide as she felt his girth. They opened wider as he continued pushing his cock deeper into her body. A small grin escaped from his own mouth as he watched her.

“Oh fuck Nef, he’s fucking huge,” Istnofret turned her head and said to her friend. “Feels so fucking good filling me up like that.” Her head turned back to her husband and she reached up for his face to bring it down to hers. Her mouth attacked his, her tongue pushed into his mouth as she kissed him hard. Ramses kept his hips moving throughout, sliding his throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she grunted as their mouths parted. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him deep. “Deeper, deeper,” she commanded. Her orgasm was quickly approaching. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” she moaned out as Ramses bottomed out inside her.

Ramses felt his cock get covered in wetness as liquid escaped from her pussy. It lubricated her vagina to the point where he could effortlessly thrust his cock in and out of her body – which he did as her orgasm flowed through her body. After a minute of continuous orgasm, her body finally dropped back down to the bed and relaxed. Ramses slowed his thrusting and withdrew his cock from her pussy. Her juices covered his cock and dripped down to the bed.

He reached down to feel his cock. His hand easily slid up and down his length. He was so close to cumming. He glanced over to Nefertari and caught her watching him. She noticed, “Don’t stop Ramses. You look like a god. Stroking that gorgeous cock. I love seeing that. So powerful. So hard. So fucking big. Come over here and fill me with your seed. I want to feel your seed inside me. Make me pregnant so I can give you a child.”

Ramses could only grunt in reply. He was long past the point of rational thought. Sweat dripped down his body. He could feel Istnofret’s juices covering his cock. He shuffled his way back to Nefertari and aimed his cock at her pussy. They were both so well lubricated that he entered her effortlessly. With one deep thrust he pushed his entire length inside her and with a growl, let his orgasm overtake him. His cock lurched inside her emptying itself. Though he had already cum multiple times today there was no shortage of his seed and he felt his cock twitching inside her as his cum filled her up.

Finally he was empty and withdrew his cock. Some of his cum escaped with it but Nefertari quickly reached down to push it back inside. “I don’t want any to escape you know,” she said with a determined look on her face.

Ramses was wiped. He shook his head and laid down next to his wives. Nefertari on one side and Istnofret on the other. What a day it had been and within only a few seconds, his eyes closed and he was asleep.