It is difficult for a woman to be a supervisor, boss, or with a high executive position and have a certain group of people under her command.

This was the case of Gabriela, head of the section with more personnel of that factory. His performance in the leadership was correct: fair, impartial, firm, authoritarian without abandoning human warmth. That was the profile that Miguel liked.

That woman could excite him just by watching her go from one place to another giving orders dressed in a simple tunic; Especially when he left work wearing elastic pants that highlighted his wonderful buttocks or shocking miniskirts, because to his opulent forms everything was fine.

Frequently, Miguel imagined that underneath his tunic he wore only minimal underwear and, of course, he also marched with nothing under that simple attire.

Despite the taste he felt for her and the excitement that caused him to make him daydream, was far from perfect lady, so he nicknamed “Doña Quejitas”, because he complained continuously. She always found reasons to grumble: either because it hurt her here, or because so-and-so had done or omitted such a thing, because that season was more work than ever, or because the new control forms were more complicated, etc.

Gabriela was a defiant woman, who although she had not risen the charge to her head, made him feel at every opportunity. In spite of everything, the staff appreciated it because it knew how to forgive mistakes but it was too strict and very attached to the letter of the regulation.

To Miguel the daily deal made her discover how capricious, incorrigible, spoiled and stubborn, could become when things did not go as she expected. In such circumstances she lost control and anger took away the necessary equanimity. Those explosions made him ill, Miguel contained his reactions because it was his superior.

Until one day, at the time of rest, Gabriela arrived and took a seat next to Miguel. Actually, rather than sit down, what he did was collapse in the chair.

-Uffff … I hate Wednesdays! -Brew- This afternoon I’ll have to fill all those odious forms … I see no way to avoid it and I do not want to do them.

-But he’ll end up doing them, is not that Gabriela?

-Of course! I am a responsible person!

-Then … why do you complain so much?

– I’m not complaining!

-Do not? And what name does he give then to this he does every day?

– Does it bother you to express me, Miguel?

-Nothing Gabriela. Also … you are my boss and I must listen to you.

– It’s not about charges. Better tell me what bothers you. He knows perfectly well that what he has to say to me “will not be used against him” -she raised an eyebrow defiantly.

-I know perfectly Gabriela, you are above all a fair person. I only doubt that you like my opinions.-Take the test, man, or perhaps you fear reprisals …

-Not really. But it’s okay, if you insist on knowing, I’ll tell you: You’re a complainant because you want things to go to your liking, always. -Recalcó “su” to refirmar the most shocking attitude of the personality of his interlocutor

-You, despite being an excellent person and a competent manager, behave very often as a spoiled, capricious and stubborn woman.

Gabriela crossed her legs and adopting a more challenging tone, she snapped:

-Okay: it’s your opinion about me and I respect it. Now, I ask: Do you think that at this point in my life I am going to change my way of being? I am as I am and I repeat, I will not change.

-I thank you for giving me the reason. But that irrational affirmation “I will not change” is the typical response of an insolent and capricious girl.

-And if it is what? -Gabriela was already getting out of the boxes. The reasons and arguments of that subordinate, a man so handsome and virile, made her uneasy making her lose her poise.

“Another expression of a spoiled girl,” she said, standing up and holding her gaze, mockingly added, “Gabriela, the only thing you need is to find someone who treats you like you, with that way of being a spoiled child, she is screaming … The only thing that can make her change her mind is the whiplash that she probably never gave him and what a good lack she does.

Gabriela could not believe what she was hearing. He tried to calm down, but it was impossible. His eyes flashed sparks and the tone revealed the anger that consumed her.

-Oh yeah? And can you know who that “someone” will be? Because the man who dares to flog me has not yet been born.

-You are wrong. That man was born, grew up and at this moment he has it in front of his eyes.

Impulsively he abandoned all formalities, exclaiming:

– Will you correct me? Hahahahahaaaaaa … You … and how many more? Without realizing it, he incurred the provocation that Miguel expected to act:

-Yes Gabrielita, I alone and enough coarse … do you know why? Because I will not do anything to force you, you will realize that I am right and that is why you will come to the warehouse on Friday, after the staff has left. But I warn you: you better be punctual or it will go worse than you imagine. I would not like to add unpunctuality to your list of defects.

– You can already grab a chair and sit down to wait for me! -It was the woman’s angry response.

– Precisely a chair will need me to place you on my knees once sitting. I congratulate you because you are understanding.

Oh, what annoying! I hated this man so sure of himself, with that security, manliness and those dominant airs!

The following days were torture for Gabriela. Each time they crossed, he whispered in his ear:

-Preparate your buttocks stubborn babe …

– Remember that I wait for you in the warehouse!

-The spoiled girls deserve a good chirlos in their colitas

-Hello Doña Caprichitos. Ready for the lesson of your life?

-Please … I looked angry and give me more reasons for your punishment, yes?

-Get pillows and creampie, huh? You will not be able to sit all weekend …

Gabriela did not understand why, but every time she heard something of this, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. I hated him but at the same time I felt a terrible excitement and the date of Friday could not be erased from his head. I hesitated between going or not, I did not know what to do. On the one hand, I did not want to give my arm to twist and accept that Miguel was telling the truth. On the other hand, I longed fervently to see how it would feel to be whipped and dominated by such a man.

Friday arrived but the hours passed slowly. He avoided crossing with Miguel all day, although he perceived his penetrating gaze every time he approached his place of work.

The time has arrived There was no one left in the factory, Gabriela had delayed some tasks to have reasons to delay the exit … Miguel decided to sit down and wait. God had blessed him with the gift of patience, but that was a special occasion and every few minutes he looked at the clock. What would Gabriela decide? Would he come? I was almost sure yes, but …

At 17 o’clock sharp, Gabriela stood in front of him. She was beautiful in that short yellow skirt that enhanced the tan of her skin. Blouse and white sandals completed their clothing.

-Caramba! The girl will be spoiled and capricious, but she is also punctual. That will not take away a single scourge, but neither will add any.

-But who do you think you are?

-I’m the man who will take away your malpractice.

-Oh yeah? Well, give it! I came to look for me, “he said defiantly, gesturing for her to come closer.

What am I going to look for? Hahahahahaaaaa … Of course not! You will come here alone, by your own decision, I will not force you into anything you do not want to do.

-Ja! I knew … I knew you were pure blablabla. Neither you nor anyone dares to confront me.

– You know perfectly well that Gabriela is not that. Here it is not about confrontations, but about discipline. You need to be disciplined and that is what I am going to do. But you alone will put yourself on my knees. That will mean that you understand that I am right and that you need a good spanking.

– That will be in your dreams!

– Enough, it’s time! We are 5 minutes late and for every minute that you make me lose I will give you 5 extra lashes. You decide. Or you leave right now and everything will remain the same, or … you come immediately to throw yourself on my knees to start your disciplinary education.

He hesitated a few moments. She was about to flee, but … felt like an inner force pushing her towards Miguel, who smiled complacently as he laid his boss on his knees.

– Well, dear Gabriela, you have made the right decision – he said while supporting his hand and caressing those delicious buttocks that he had wanted so many times – from this moment you will understand that you can not walk through life wanting to fulfill your whims and that all Do your will.

The first spanking resonated in the warehouse and Gabriela jumped in surprise. But he did not have time to recover, because immediately the second fell, and the third and … his buttocks began to burn. It was not the intensity of the blows but the frequency and rhythm of the blows: one buttock and the other, with a one-second pause between one whip and the other. Slowly but surely. Gabriela’s timid moans of pain were beginning to be felt when Miguel lifted her skirt.

-Nooooooooo! But what are you doing? how dare you?

“The capricious girls have to be spanked like that,” he said, while he continued distributing shreds left and right. “And if they get stubborn and pretend to do their holy will as they are used to, then this is done to them” and with a jerk he lowered his panties immaculately white and ran into a beautiful pair of buttocks. They were white, almost snowy, “of satin and jasmine” as the tango says; buttocks soft and round like two globes, separated by a channel that made imagine that Miguel would take him to the most delicate pleasures. But now he had to concentrate on those fleshy mountains that were beginning to color.

Gabriela jumped on her knees and tried to stop the descent of her last garment, but everything was useless: the bombacha went to hit the ground. I did not expect that. He did not imagine such humiliation, and tried to cover himself with his hands.

-This is too humiliating Miguel. Stop Please!

-I’m sorry, but it’s part of the punishment. And I suggest you do not cover your hands, because I will be forced to tie them. I will not repeat.

Of course he tied them, and he did it with a string that he had prepared on the back of the chair. And the punishment continued for more than 20 minutes. Gabriela could not discern the feelings and sensations that invaded her. It was pain, yes, but mixed with pleasure. It was humiliation and submission, but with a feeling of freedom. The only thing he had no doubt about was the enormous excitement he felt, and that moisture between his legs that he could not avoid. Miguel stopped the punishment and began to caress the buttocks that, although red and hot, would still resist more.

-Well dear Gabriela … -she made an attempt to get up, but he stopped her- Do not move, this is just beginning.

-What? But if I can not anymore pain. Let me go now! I demand that you release me.

-You are not in a position to demand anything, and you will not leave until I decide. You wanted to stay and that gives me the right to punish you until I believe it is enough. You, spoiled babe, you do not decide anything … you gave yourself to me, you are my responsibility and I will take care of you while I teach you discipline.

Gabriela felt a sound that caught her attention. He was moving too much. Intrigued, she turned around as best she could and saw that Miguel was taking off his belt.

-But … why do you take off your belt? what are you going to do?

-I will continue with my discipline lesson. I will give you 20 belts. And if you come to protest … I will give you 5 more for each time you protest.

-You can not do that, you have no right


-Let me go, wretch!


-I do not want you to hit me, animal. Let’s go fuck!

-35 … and 10 more for the curse, that is: 45 belts. Do we start or want to continue adding whips?

Gabriela did not answer. His belt began to fall on his already battered butt, but he endured it stoically. As the lashes were falling … his arrogance and arrogance also began to fall and tears rolled down his face. When they went in almost 40 lashes, Miguel began to caress the buttocks of this woman who had had during that afternoon, several acts of submission.

He pulled out the cream pot he had brought and began rubbing those so hot and red cheeks. While spreading the cream, his big finger took advantage to check the humidity of another area. When the finger approached, Gabriela had a notorious shudder.

Miguel looked at her with tenderness and considered that the punishment, for that day, had been enough.

(To be continue)