by FinsFlipper

I walk with my hands in my sweater’s pocket and the hood on. As usual the lights go off since its closing time. The smell of the dumpster disturbs me but it will only be for a minute until I reach the door. Normally there’s always two or three teenagers smoking nearby but today the space between the bar and the motel is empty.

I’ve offered him my service since after I graduated. A week before I snuck in with a fake ID and he caught me because I definitely do not look 21, I barely look 19, he said he’d have to call my parents but I begged him not to. “I’ll do anything” I said. That anything turned into having sex. In the end we made a deal that I would come every Friday by closing time and we have sex and he’ll pay me. My parents don’t know im out; they’ll kill me if they knew I was roaming the streets at three.

Dan gave me a key to open the back door. I walk in and sit in his desk. “Great you’re here” he says with a smile “take the hood off, I’m gonna offer you something.”

“I’m not into drugs” I say “you know that.”

“Yes I do but it’s not that” he explains “a costumer asked me if I had anyone he could fuck. He promised to pay and I thought of you. I told him that I was gonna talk to you and see if…”

I don’t let him finish “how much is he paying?” I ask.

He sighs “Five hundred, two hundred for me and the rest for you. What do you say?”

Dan usually pays me one hundred bucks every time I come and now this unknown man wants to pay the triple just for one time it’s really a great offer. But then again, I don’t know this man. “Alright but under conditions” he nods. “No kissing. Got it?”

“Ok so I’ll tell him to come in. Oh and by the way, he’s not from here, just so you know” I arc a brow at his ‘by the way’. What do I care if he is. He leaves the room and I remain in my previous sitting, thinking about this man that wants to fuck me just because.

A tall built man walks in and he’s kind of a turn on at first sight. I can tell he’s in his early forties by his features. A white tank top, which exposes his biceps and the tattoo of a naked woman on one of them, and a pair of cut blue jean shorts and pair of construction man boots. Everything about him is tough and rough, even his low buzz and the shape of his sideburns.

“Is this the lad you were talking about?” he has a deep voice and a strong western accent to accompany it. Dan nods. “He’s perfect. I’m Rick” he feels his hairless square jaw then reaches his hand out.

“Dave” I answer and shake it.

“Ready for some rough fucking boy?” his voice is like one of those bad guys from western movies. I take my sweater off. I reach for a condom in my jean and hand it to him. “Follow me boy. I have a good place” he walks out the door and I follow.

Outside there’s a red truck that has a bump on the passenger’s side. Dan stands at the door. My back if facing the bump and Rick facing me. I lean down and start to unzip his shorts. His boner is noticeable from a mile away. Slowly I slide them off and then his underwear, his cock bounces up. I place my lips on the tip and try to swallow as much as I can, turns out I take it all in but it hits the back of my throat but I don’t mind nor does it make me want to puke.

He’s the type of man that grunts for the slightest things. After a few seconds of deep throat I stand up and start to unbutton my shirt. He unzips my jeans fast and throws them on the ground. Somehow he got past my shoes easily. I take of one shoe and as im about to take the sock off, he carries me with great force and puts me against the truck and only takes off my underwear off one leg.

While I was taking my shoe off he put the condom on, so he’s ready to insert. He only does the head first, out of nowhere he goes in completely in one throb. He grunts like his been hit in the gut. “Damn it boy, your tight” every time he comes out and then in he does it with the same force. First he goes slowly but after a few throbs he begins to fasten his pace. Im not sure it hurts but I don’t feel pleasure.

I grab on to his head and with the other hand to the door of the car. He comes in and out easily and like a vicious beast. “Fuck, I think im gonna cum soon” he says and then he stiffens and only manages to go in one more time. He’s gasping and sweat runs through the side of his face. He only takes out his cock, ties the condom and drops in on the floor.

I feel the head of his cock against my ass again. “Second round ma’boy. And no condom this time.” I look at Dan who stills stands at the door with his fly open and a little bit of his cock showing. He’s enjoying it. When he comes again, he gets so close to me that we’re nose to nose. We both make an expression of what looks like pain. He did because of the pleasure, I guess, and I because when he came it felt extremely hot and it was a lot. In fact a few drops came out of my ass.

There was a third round and for this one we moved to the back of his truck. He carried me with his cock and sperm still inside me and this time, Dan joined in. Dan put his knees next to my temples and his cock in my mouth and I blew him while Rick used his sperm as lube. Now that I think about it, how did he manage to fuck me bareback without lube?

After we finished we got dressed and Rick took his wallet out from the back pocket of his shorts. Three hundred for me and two hundred for Dan. “Wait, Dave, here have this for blowing me” he gives me one of the fifties Rick gave him. It would be ok to say now since it was just a blow but every penny counts.

I leave with my hood on and my hands in the pockets of my sweater, same way I came. Well, not really. Now, I’ve been fucked three times in my ass and twice he came inside it, and Dan came inside my mouth and I swallowed it. Last but not least, the three hundred and fifty bucks in my jean pocket. I grin at the thought of adding the money to my savings and head home thinking what will happen the next time I offer my service at ‘Player Light’.