by Winterscumming

Just a couple of facts about the story below. This story is my first time submitting in the BDSM category. It probably will not meet this category’s unwritten threshold for most if you are looking for anything super hardcore or anything in the realm of degradation and humiliation.

I love this story and decided to post it for several reasons. Principle among those reasons is that it helps me mentally explore and work with my own submissive desires. It also combines a couple things I love: the friendship and emotional aspect of lesbian erotica and the protective possessive side of D/s. Please note that in my head this story seems to be working out as a trilogy and I am currently working on the second part.

That said, I know that we are all particular about our kinks but please be gentle with your comments. I only like it rough from Mistress. 🙂

Enjoy the read — I dare you!

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“Never have I ever let anyone tie me up,” I said haughtily, leaning back against the couch as I watched the faces of my friends. If I had added the words “wanted to” to that sentence it may have been a lie, but the game revolved around what was done and not implied wants.

Our weekly girl’s night out should have taken place in a park surrounded by the cool breeze and even cooler Jazz as the five of us sipped chilled wine and giggled like immature school girls. The random summer storm and accompanying hurricane watch placed a quick kibosh on those plans. Instead we were having a girl’s night in which was composed of liquor that was harder on the spirit than wine and way too many “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours” style games.

Carla and Ebony sat in front of me and their faces showed surprise at my declaration for my turn at “Never Have I Ever.” Their looks offended me just a twinge. Carla looked like she thought I was a prude and Ebony looked like she thought I was lying.

Tracy sat to my side on a mountain of pillows. Giggling drunkenly, she didn’t pass any judgment as she was the first to take a sip out of her drink. Beside me on the couch, quiet as always, April chuckled softly as she picked up her glass off the coffee table as well. I was so in shock I almost missed both Carla and Ebony taking hearty swigs from their glasses too.

“Seriously? In this room, I’m a virgin?” I asked, once again slightly offended. April was the one that shocked me the most, I would have laid out good money that she had never been tied up.

April and I were the closest out of the five of us, though we’d known one another the least amount of time. Carla and I grew up together and had been best friends since third grade. Carla and April worked together for the first time on a project a few years ago, and became fast friends. Carla pulled April into our little circle of four and we very easily expanded it to a circle of five. Within the last three years, Carla and Ebony had both gotten married and Tracy was in the world’s most dramatic on-again-off-again relationship. This usually left me, the picky perpetual dater, hanging out with April, the even pickier possibly asexual one. That dynamic wasn’t a problem because since being introduced April and I had become inseparable. We were both laid back and somewhat introverted — though we could talk to one another non-stop when the mood struck. There were also those other times when we’d hang out and say a total of five words the entire night. We were okay with that, however, because the silence was comfortable. We accepted one another and there was a bond between us that always felt like it was growing. I felt like I knew almost everything about her.

Except, apparently, I didn’t.

Learning about April being tied up was not the biggest shock of the night. It was the follow-up information that threw us all into shock.

“April, really? No way!” Ebony declared after looking at me intensely for a few moments. She must have debated whether to challenge me on my declaration or not. I imagine she was remembering a few questions prior when she’d challenged me about not having sex in a car. The shot she’d ended up taking was a mix of Kahlua and Peach Schnapps, which probably caused her to hesitate in challenging me again. There were no rules on challenging other drinkers, though, so my guess was she decided to go for April instead.

April shifted on the couch behind me before softly responding, “it was research.”

I turned to give her a quizzical look as the other three all stumbled over their words. Tracy was the first to utter anything coherent. “Baby girl, what the hell kind of research were you doing?”

April shifted again, putting her glass back down on the table, “I don’t kiss and tell.” Then she got up slowly and walked down the hall to the guest bathroom.

We all knew one another pretty well and we all knew April’s signal of finality. If you brought up something she didn’t want to discuss she shut down the conversation and left the room. She’d return in a few minutes. If someone, usually Ebony, tried to reintroduce said topic she’d say her goodbyes and leave. Every time. Without fail. April did not argue. She did not debate. She was not going to share anything she was not ready to.

Before April returned we’d all stared at one another in shock and decided to switch topics and games so that Carla and Ebony could sober up for their respective drives home. Tracy and April were staying until the morning so we could all do the Sunday bottomless Mimosa brunch at the new lounge we’d heard about.

A few hours later Carla and Ebony made their way to their respective cars as Tracy made her way to the upstairs guest room. April and I did a quick cleanup of the living room and kitchen. Once done I headed to my bedroom to shower and she made herself at home on the couch.

My shower was fast and served to wake me up even though it was close to three in the morning. After my shower I finished my nightly routine. As I got dressed in a loose-fitting nightshirt I listened to the sounds of April chuckling at what sounded like a Golden Girls episode on television. I loved the Golden Girls.

I turned on the bedroom television, surfing quickly to find the station. Deciding I needed some ice cream and hang out time with April I waited until a commercial came on then headed into the living room. I figured the ice cream would be a good way to bribe her back to my room. She always gave the best snuggles when she stayed over. Either that or I just liked having her close.

“Hey lady, want to join me for some ice cream and a few episodes?”

April smiled and stood to stretch. My eyes greedily drunk in every inch of her form before she stopped to turn off the television. Working to avoid detection I quickly turned away to grab the ice cream and spoons. Once back in my room we camped out on my bed eating ice cream for two or three more episodes.

“You want to know, don’t you?” April asked, rather randomly, as I clicked off the television at the end of the last episode.

We were both stretched out on our backs propped up by my many pillows. At the softly asked question, I turned so that I was facing April in the darkness.

I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t know what she was talking about or that I wasn’t dying to know. “Yes, of course I do, but only because I am always curious to know everything about you.”

There was a deep breath, “Why is that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why do you want to know everything about me?”

I knew that she knew. It was one of those things that went unspoken between us. I couldn’t believe she was calling me on it though. I rolled to my back and stared at the ceiling. “Because we are friends,” I uttered, not even convincing myself.

“We are,” she replied followed by a long sigh. Then softly she said, “I had this ex who rather enjoyed it.”

My eyebrows crinkled in confusion and I was glad she couldn’t see my reaction. Possibly asexual April and an ex that liked to tie her up. It seemed very strange. “How did you like it when he tied you up?” I asked, because what else does one ask after an admission like that?

“She, not he,” she whispered before adding, “I hated being tied up. But I needed to feel it and understand it before I could…” her voice trailed off a bit, “… she enjoyed when I tied her up. She enjoyed that and every second of what I did to her while she was.”

“Oh,” was my muffled reply. It sounded like a stutter in my head but emerged more like a gasp. After, there was silence for a full five minutes as I tried to gather my wits.

I am by no means a prude. I am bisexual. Tracy and I share that orientation while Carla and Ebony are very clearly and very proudly heterosexual. However, the jury had always been out regarding April. She always spoke in general terms, she never used pronouns and she referred to exes as “partner” while referring to any brief current dates as “newbie.” She’d given brief glimpses of her tastes, but they were only ever hints. As a group, we knew things like Ebony loves anal more than life itself; Carla is obsessed with swallowing and Tracy is not a fan of going down on men at all. Yet none of us knew if April had ever given anyone oral or whether she liked being penetrated anywhere, let alone in her ass. So, the new flood of information from April’s revelation was — intense, to say the least.

The truth is. It seemed ten times more intense because of the underlying crush I’d been nursing for her for over a year. So, for a brief time, I attempted to process the thought of April being open to sleeping with women, being tied up by one, tying one up and doing all manner of things to her — which the girl liked, of course. The problem came while working to not picture me as the extra in any of those scenarios.

I was so quiet April took it as a rebuff and got up to leave.

“Don’t you dare,” I started, pulling her arm to bring her back down on the bed. She went rigid at the command but somehow, I knew to change tactics. “Please stay, it was just a lot to process at first. Please.”

April paused, then slowly lay back down.

After a few minutes, I quietly asked, “Did you like tying her up and — all the stuff you did after?”

She shifted and I could tell she was now facing me because I could feel her breath grazing softly across my arms.


My breath caught. I was processing, working my way up to asking another question when I felt her move. It was like time stood still as her hand grazed across my shoulder on the way to tangle in my hair. Seconds turned into forever as she briefly caressed my head before using the position to force my head closer to hers. We were so close our lips almost touched. She was the only thing separating us as a moan escaped my lips where I knew her lips hovered right above mine.

“You feel that? Feel your heart racing? Feel that wetness building between your thighs? Feel how your clit throbs every time my breath reaches your skin? Feel how every time my fingers tighten in your hair you arch toward me?”

I moaned my response, unable to form real words.

“Don’t moan slut, answer me when I ask you a question.”

“Y-yes I feel it all,” I stammered out in confusion. Had I just answered to slut?

“So do I,” April whispered, “and I don’t like it, I love it.” Then she leaned in, kissing me deeply. She forced my lips apart and absolutely shattered any semblance of rational thought in mind. I could feel where her hands controlled and caressed. I couldn’t move my head and every time I tried to arch my body close to hers, use my hands to touch her or pull her closer she tightened her grip just a little and tugged just enough to let me know that she was in control.

Her tongue was exploring my mouth as she conquered it and as corny as it sounds I was drowning in every drop of her kiss. There was never a second or moment when the thought occurred that I should move away. I never wondered whether I wanted what was happening. So, when April loosened her grip and effectively let me go I felt — bereft. I went from drowning in a lake filled by her kisses as she pulled my soul further down into her to feeling lost and shipwrecked on shore because she no longer held me close. It was the first time my mind had gone through such a swift emotional shift based in part on desire and sexual arousal. My mind felt like it would explode and the throbbing between my thighs told me my aching pussy wanted to race it.

April pushed me backward then slid a few inches away. We were back in our original positions staring at the ceiling.

“I apologize. We should have talked first. I did that wrong.”

I whispered a laugh that ended on a nervous squeak, “no, you very much did that right.”

A very low and fierce growl escaped April. Hearing it I found myself momentarily scared while I squeezed my thighs tighter trying to battle the increased throbbing the sound inspired.

“We have to talk first… discuss things… ” her voice trailed off.

I thought she was fighting for control. The idea of making her lose control both terrified and thrilled me. April was always in control. It was one of my favorite things about her. Life around her was generally easy because she was no-nonsense and she handled the world differently than most.

Taking up where she trailed off, I asked, “discuss what? What things?”

She whispered, “Us. This. Do you understand what this would be between us? Would you still want this little one?” Hearing her invoke the nickname she used for me calmed my nerves a bit. We were nearly the same height. She had me by about three inches making me the “Little One.” It was one of our many persistent inside jokes.

“April, I think the wet spot I’m lying in serves as an answer to your question,” I stated while pulling one of her hands between my thighs. I brought her close so she could cup my heat and I arched upwards into her hand. “I know you like evidence you can touch.”

This time the growl was a bit louder, a little harsher and accompanied by April’s swift movements. Her hand never left my mound but her other hand searched through the darkness finding both of my hands and pinned them above my head. She shifted her weight so that she was almost hovering over me, but forcing her hand harder against me. The pressure on my clit was driving me insane as I felt her breath tickle my skin before feeling her pull my earlobe between her teeth.

“You are such a fucking tease. It is taking all of my willpower to keep from devouring you right now. I am fighting the urge to show you exactly why we need to talk first.”

“Show me then.” I taunted. I needed to cum so bad and the image she’d placed in my head of being devoured by her when my release happened — it emboldened more than frightened.

I should have known better.

“slut, you aren’t in control here. I am. I decide when this happens, not you.”

There it was again. That word. Barely a syllable, only four letters, yet powerful enough to outline the situation for what it was. If anyone else, past lover or friend, had used that word to refer to me I would have been ready to argue and fight. Yet every time April used it I felt myself being tamed. I heard myself adding the word “your” in front of it.

“Please April, “I found myself begging, “please show me.”

Fingers pushed through my soaked lips and I was instantly full. My walls were slippery with excitement. The quick and hard entrance forced another “oh” from my lips, which April swallowed with a dominating kiss before pulling back, just a bit, to shift her weight above me.

The change seemed to allow her better access as her fingers (I estimated three) began to pound in and out of my sloppy wet hole. The sounds of my sex filled the room. The rhythm grew and then changed as with every two or three pumps in her thumb grazed and pressed on my clit, while her other hand pinned my hands above my head.

I was losing my mind, she somehow knew just how much pressure and teasing to give to keep me climbing, but without letting me fall over the cliff. I needed to cum so bad, but she was keeping me away from that point.

“You’re going to wake Tracy if you keep screaming like that slut. Is that what you want? Do you want her to hear? I bet you do. I bet you want her to walk in and catch us. You wish the lights were on so when she opened the door she could see my hands buried to the hilt in your dirty pussy making you my fuck slut. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want our friend to see you being fucked and played with. You want her to watch as I make you beg me to cum. You better not cum until I tell you to… if I even let you.”

My moans mixed with tears then because the rhythm changed and the pressure was getting less and less. I had completely forgotten Tracy was in the house and I didn’t give a damn if she heard me or saw us. Though the idea of someone, anyone, watching April take nearly pushed me over the edge. I needed to cum. It quickly became apparent that my need was so intsense I had no problem begging for it.

“Please April, please let me cum. I need it so bad, my pussy is on fire.”

“Mmm… I know it is slut. But you are such a tease. I don’t think you deserve it. I don’t think you deserve to cum for me yet. Soon, but not just yet.”

I felt her pulling away and I knew moments of sheer panic, “April, please, for cripes sake, let me cum for you. I’ve waited so long for you. Please. Fuck! Please fuck me. Make me your slut. PUHLEASE. I need you!”

She was at my ear again growling as her fingers rocketed in and out of my sopping wet pussy. Her thumb circled and teased my clit delivering just the right amount of stimulation as she whispered in my ear, “Cum now slut, prove to me you want this. Cum now or next time I’m going to tie you up, play with this dirty pussy over and over and you won’t cum for days. Now… slut. Show me…”

There was more, but the words were lost in the fog of my mind as I came undone. It felt like parts of me literally splintered apart as April brought me, with tears streaming down my face, to the most explosive climax of my life up to that point. My body arched and my thighs alternated between tightening to lock in her fingers and opening as I tried to push her away. She kept control and kept fucking and stroking away until my body fell limp back against my pillows.

I was battling to get my breathing under control as I felt her fingers slip from inside of me and her weight shift away from me on the bed. I heard her slip away into the bathroom and a lighter, almost calmer version of that bereft feeling emerged. She returned shortly, walking to crack my midnight curtains to allow some light in from the breaking dawn. A quick glance at the nightstand told me it was almost six in the morning.

My breathing still wasn’t cooperating and I laid limp like a pancake. “It’s okay little one,” she whispered, “You’re mine, I’ll take care of you.”

And she did. She had a cool cloth in her hand and proceeded to kiss and wipe all the tender places. She rinsed the cloth and grabbed a towel, changing my position when needed to slide it under me. Once satisfied that I was taken care of and not lying in a puddle she lay down beside me. She then gently pulled me into her arms so that my head rested on her chest and her chin rested on my head.

“Breathe easy. Let my heart guide yours. That’s it. Let go.”

It wasn’t instant, but it was fairly quick that my breathing returned to normal.


“Sssh. Sleep. You’re okay. I promise.”

There was so much to say, but the words were fuzzy and slipped away like the end of the opening music to the Golden Girls episode we’d been watching a lifetime before.


“Well, aren’t you two all cuddly?” Tracy declared busting into my room a few hours later. “Why aren’t you dressed for brunch?” She asked before plopping on the bed.

April and I were more than cuddly. My nightshirt was in place and April was fully dressed in her tank top and sleep pants, but her body was completely wrapped around mine. It was as though she was pulling me into her while also protecting me from the world. It was at once completely smothering, but also intoxicating and soothing. Together we took up the space covered by the towel hours before. Tracy managed to plop down into space that hadn’t been covered.

“Why is the bed — ” her voice trailed off as she sniffed the air, “were you two in here fucking?”

I buried my head down even further into April and groaned.

April stared straight at Tracy and delivered a quiet, “mind your business Tee.”

Tracy chuckled, jumping up from the bed and making to leave the room, “y’all are nasty. Hurry up and get dressed so I can get my damn mimosas.” As she cleared the door I heard her mumble something about not being the 7th wheel.

April rolled us so that I was on my back and she was on top. She used her knee to spread my legs and then placed herself firmly between them.

In the patches of morning light streaming through the curtains I got to drink in the sight of her beautiful eyes gazing down at me, her lips full and delicious, puckered and stern looking. She was adorable and dreamy and the lust in her eyes took my breath away. Our gazes locked and I realized for the first time how much she had held in check, how much I had seen without knowing what I was looking at.

“Give me your hand,” she ordered, pinning my right hand above my head as she guided my left between us and under her sleep pants.

She never took her eyes off mine as she used my fingers, running them up and down her slit, teasing her clit over and over. She let one finger slide in, moved it around a bit then brought it up to my lips. “Taste me slut, you know you want to.”

I did, and I was instantly addicted. There aren’t any poetic sugary sweet words to describe the flavor. Her taste was that crisp clear musky flavor of aroused woman. I wanted more and went in search of it, but she grabbed my wrist and took control once again, guiding my hand until I pressed just right against her clit. “Be a good slut and make me cum. Do as you’re told little one… yes, there, right… ”

… then she came.

I saw it in her eyes, which she managed to keep open and locked with mine. I felt it on my fingers and against my body as hers trembled just a little. It was, everything, and I wanted to do it again.

“Mmm, good girl,” She mumbled before finally closing her eyes.

At the sound of those words, that praise, my heart skipped a beat. In that moment, I didn’t understand the feeling but it was just the beginning of my addiction.

When she opened her eyes again she smiled down at me, kissed my lips softly, then rolled away releasing both my hands at once.

“Get dressed little one, we’ll talk after brunch.”

I smiled, rolling from the bed to stand beside it. I decided to try my hand at being a tease to see what reaction I could cause. I pulled my nightshirt over my head and tossed it into the hamper sitting in front of my closet. I was completely naked in front of April for the first time.

I heard her clear her throat and turned to face her, “Later, we will discuss where you want this to go. If it goes where I think it will, one of the first rules you will learn to abide is this: if you are naked in front of me I will take you and will do with you what I want.”

I smiled.

She jumped from the bed and stalked toward me stopping when her body pinned me against the wall. “Don’t smile. That slutty pussy of yours may yet end up signing you up for things you cannot handle.”

I stood pinned to the spot, the throbbing between my legs intense as I watched her stalk her way to the bathroom. Even through my desire I found myself wondering if maybe she was right.