by bhart1

Not really a story, per se. Just a dad-on-dad sex romp based on a recent encounter with a good friend.

* * * * * * *

Friday Night

* * * * * * *

It was near the end of a long Friday at work when my phone alerted me that I’d received a text. The ring tone told me exactly who’d sent it; Charles. He’s a cherubic little man in his early sixties I’ve been playmates with for a few years now.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” it read.

I smiled, knowing where I would be spending my weekend as I tapped out my reply.

“Been a tough week. Be ready and waiting.”

I pushed send and got a mental image of him lighting up as he read it. He barely breaks five and a half feet in height and weighs over 250 pounds. His hairless skin is youthfully flawless and bright pink. His curvaceous, rotund physique is as soft to the touch as foam rubber inside freshly laundered linen.

He doesn’t sport the kind of fat that sags and droops. Rather, his build is the kind that is so gloriously globe shaped you would mistake it for firm until you sink your fingers into it. Everything about him is full and lusciously round, and he exhibits himself with a sense of pride I find admirable and refreshing.

At twelve years his junior I stand a tad over six feet with the round-bellied build of a retired strongman competitor. As such I’m no stranger to men throwing themselves at me for sex only to watch them retreat into fears of inadequacy once we get naked.

I weigh a little over 300 pounds and I’m proud to say they’re each one very solid. I worked like a dog for more than thirty years for every ounce of muscular bulk I could pack onto my frame before having to leave my weightlifting endeavors behind, so I make no apology for the way I present to others. But for the life of me I’ll never understand why some men act as though they prize nothing more than the opportunity to bed a man like me only to crumple and withdraw when confronted with the reality of their desires.

I’ve never had to worry about that where Charles is concerned. He’s a total bottom who’s completely fascinated by our physical differences. The muscular hardness of my round physique is as striking to him as the softness of his is to me, and he’s completely uninhibited in the boyish delight he takes in that.

To this day, in spite of the many times he’s offered himself up for me to fuck through the years, once we’re both naked he gushes over the masculine traits he admires in me as though he’s discovering them for the first time. He always starts by straddling my furry thighs as I stretch out and plopping his Rubenesque pinkness down onto my lap to compare our cocks.

To be honest the size of my cock is something I’ve never given much thought to. Unlike my ‘daddy bear’ body, which I had to work for, Mother Nature simply handed me that. As for its size, it’s always just been the baseline for my perception of what’s big or small.

I’ve played with some that were longer and others that were thicker. It was only after I’d been out for a few years that I began to catch on to how few out-sized it in both dimensions. After nearly thirty years I can still count the number of those on one hand.

The first time Charles set eyes on it he immediately fetched a tape measure to satisfy his curiosity. It came up over seven and a quarter inches in length and broke five and a half inches in circumference at mid-shaft.

“Bruiser of a dick there! You can be proud of that one, alright!” he exclaimed and then broke out in a hardy laugh.


“This!” he said as he pressed the end of the tape deep into his plush pad.

His barely broke four inches in length and didn’t quite reach the four inch mark in girth. His little balls resided in a sac so tightly drawn, even at their most relaxed, as to almost not show when he was standing. He hefted mine up so that they spilled over the heel of his hand.

“A real man’s man you are,” he sighed with a lusty grin as he dropped them to knead his chubby little fingers in the curly hair on my chest.

And that’s been the tone of our interaction for more than ten years now. I eyed my office clock and grew antsy, shifting to accommodate my hardening cock as I looked forward to being showered in his energetic affections. Taking care of the last detail, I cleared my desk and then headed home to put a bag together.

I arrived at his nice but modest home and let myself in. I still don’t know how he came into his money but he’s never had to work in all the time I’ve known him.

“Honey! I’m home!” I jested.

“Hi, Barry! Still flushing myself out,” I heard him say from the bath in his bedroom, “Fix us a couple of drinks and I’ll be right with you.”

I set my bag down, kicked my loafers off and then went to the bar in his den to do as he’d said, mixing us two scotches with soda. Setting his drink on the table at his end of the sofa, I sat on the middle cushion and took my first sip. Soon he appeared in the doorway, naked as the day he was born, and jokingly struck a Marilyn Monroe type pose.

There’s nothing feminine about him, in spite of his near total lack of body hair and curvaceous plumpness. His fatherly face is quite masculine and handsome; almost perfectly round with nice, full lips that turn up at the corners of his mouth even when he isn’t smiling. He’s bald as an eagle except for the little ring of hair that outlines his ears and the nape of his almost non-existent neck. His ears stick out just enough to give him the most boyishly cute look of innocence.

I looked at the pucker that hid his uncut ‘boy cock’, residing deep in his pad above the contour you could only recognize as his balls by the distinct line that runs down the middle of it. I laughed and patted the cushion between me and his drink. He sauntered over on his thick, shapely legs and dropped in next to me.

The true size of his balls only briefly revealed itself when he bent slightly forward before doing so. I slipped my right arm around his soft shoulder and pulled him into my grasp, lightly teasing the ear nearer to me with my tongue.

“I’ve missed you,” he giggled as he settled in.

“Same here, handsome,” I whispered as I let my hand roam down from his shoulder to give his plump right breast a firm squeeze.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” he sighed as he snuggled against me, “Hope this means they’re going to get a good fucking tonight.”

“Before I get out of here Sunday I plan to see to it you get fucked from one end to the other…and all points in between,” I confirmed as I gave his bright pink nipple, larger than any I’ve seen on a woman, a playful pinch.

“Perfect!” he giggled as he squirmed under my ministration, “Your beard’s gotten a little longer. Starting to look like Santa. Looks good on you.”


We sipped our drinks and chatted a while, keeping him securely in my grasp and feasting my nostrils on the fresh scent of his corpulent nakedness. His left hand eventually found its way to my lap and rested on my expanding member.

“Feels like Bruiser’s getting hungry for some action,” he observed looking up at me with a playful grin, “Let’s get you back to the bedroom and out of these clothes.”

Using my knee and the arm of the sofa for leverage he rose to his feet and offered me a pudgy little hand to help me up. I accepted and let him lead me back.

He loves undressing me so I indulged him that pleasure. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt, he paused occasionally to run his hands over the protruding expanse of my torso as it gradually came into view. Once the last one was unbuttoned he slipped my shirt back off my shoulders. I caught it in my hands as it dropped and finished removing it for him.

Being the fastidious housekeeper he is, he neatly folded it and placed it on his dresser, then turned his attention to my trousers. He undid my belt and then unhooked my waistband. Next he slowly unzipped me and let them tumble down around my ankles.

Leaning into me, he began nursing on my pecs until he had my nipples and circumcised cock fully erect. I felt his fingers nimbly savor the hardness of it through my boxers. He sighed with contentment and then dropped to his knees before me.

He pulled them down until they joined my trousers and quickly wrapped a hand around my hard-on as it sprang free. Quickly milking a clear droplet of pre-ejaculate into the gaping slit, he began hungrily lapping it onto his busy tongue.

“Such a masculine taste you’ve got,” he purred.

His desire for my flavor satisfied, he then freed my feet from their confines and helped me out of my socks. I helped him back to his feet and he folded my pants and underwear, then placed them on top of my shirt and neatly draped my socks over the stack.

Next he returned to his knees in front of me and peppered my rock hard cock with adoring kisses. I laid a hand on his bald pate and gently patted it.

“Good boy,” I sighed.

He smiled up at me and then pressed his lips to my balls to vigorously lick, suck and kiss my scrotum. I slid my hand down onto the back of his head and pressed him to me.

“Oh, Daddy!” he cooed.

“Let’s shower,” I suggested.

He sat back on his heels and smiled up at me again. I helped him to his feet and drew him in for a playful, dry kiss. He melted into my embrace and then let me lead him by the hand to his master bath.

“Oh, I forgot my bag in your living room,” I remembered.

He waddled off, his meaty butt cheeks seductively rolling as he vanished from my sight, and soon returned with it. I set it down on his vanity next to the neat arrangement he’d made of the implements he uses for his anal cleansings and fished my toiletry kit from it. He took my bag and left to go set it down beside his dresser, then returned to brush teeth with me.

When we were done brushing I drew him in for our first deep kiss of the weekend and nimbly worked my fingertips over his nub of a cock head, by then barely peeking out from his foreskin. He threw his soft arms around my neck and clung to me for dear life as I roughly tongue fucked his mouth. I reached my free hand around him and slid it up onto the back of his head to secure him to me. He offered no resistance.

I released him and he started the water in his walk-in shower for us. Once it reached a temperature he found acceptable he stepped in and invited me to join him. I slipped through the door and closed it securely behind me.

He stepped toward me and wrapped his arms around my chest, hugging me tightly as the shower head rained down on us. I grabbed the soap from the dish and lathered his back before enfolding him in my arms. When the water had rinsed him of it I slid a hand down onto his butt and sank my middle finger into his hole to the first knuckle. When I pulled it out I brought it to my nose and deeply inhaled.

“Ah-h-h-h-h! Clean as a whistle!” I said and playfully swiped the end of his nose with the offending digit.

He belly laughed and awkwardly tried to wipe his nose clean as he bellowed, “Stop that, you hairy brute!”

“Make me!” I said, clutching him to me with all the force I could muster.

“You win. I won’t resist you,” he conceded with a strained, breathy chuckle.

“You couldn’t if you wanted to…and I know you don’t,” I said as I relaxed my grip and pecked the tip of his nose with a kiss.

“I believe you’ve got me pegged,” he sheepishly admitted as he gently stroked my hard-on.

I laughed at his pun and dove in for another deep kiss. When I released him he soaped up my front and thoroughly lathered me up, lingering on my cock and balls. Standing to the side when he was done I rinsed off and then pinned him to the wall for another deep kiss, fucking my cock head into the deep navel of his soft round belly.

When I let him up for air he gazed up at me, his eyes smoldering.

He raised his arms and said, “Wash my front.”

I grabbed the soap and slowly soaped him. His plush titties were glistening under the spray of the nozzle and I roughly squeezed them together, forming an ample cleavage. His eyes began to smolder more intensely and I leaned down to work my tongue into their cleft after the lather had rinsed away.

“Oh, GOD!” he exclaimed.

My own nipples are pretty good sized for a man. As I’ve already mentioned, his would be considered large on a woman. I stared at them and saw that his rose pink nubs were beginning to erect. I began mercilessly chewing on them.

He helplessly squirmed in my grasp as I feasted on them, howling in shock from my vigor. I ignored his protests until he finally accepted his fate and they ceased. When I stepped back from him I looked down to see that his cock head and a bit more were then fully exposed from his pad, its outline seductively visible in his velvety foreskin.

I squatted down and took him in my mouth. Pressing my face to him as tightly as I could, I filled it with his full but modest length and both balls. I proceeded to gently suckle the tender jewels until his hands at last gripped my head.

When he could stand it no more he slipped his hands up on top of mine as they roamed his soft belly and said, “Get up. I’ve still got to do your back.”

I freed his wad from my lips to retreat back into his ample pad and then pecked the pucker at the tip of his fully engorged glans with an appreciative kiss. He was laughing deliriously as he helped me stand and then pulled me in to deliver a passionate deep kiss of his own. Charles is one of the best kissers I’ve ever known.

“That was terrific…THANK you!” he beamed when he released me.

“Yes it was…it sure was,” I said as I wrapped my hand around his rigid meat and pushed back into his pad to give it a few loving strokes.

“Hug the wall, mister!” he moaned as he reached for the soap.

I turned and placed my palms to the back wall, spreading my legs a bit for him. He lathered me up with both hands and took his time working them into my crack. He got a good lather worked up in it and then did the same with the back side of my sagging scrotum once again.

After placing the soap back in the dish he teased my pucker with his fingers, eliciting lusty moans from deep down inside me. When he was done with that he stepped aside and let the water cascade over my back. I spread my cheeks to rinse my cleft and scrotum. Just as I let them go I felt his face slide between them and he started fervently licking my asshole.

I planted my palms against the wall and started grinding my butt back against his face until the stall began to reverberate with our lusty moans. My already hard cock filled so full of blood I was afraid it might burst.

When he backed out of my butt I turned to see he was still on his knees looking up at me with an expression that was full of submissive zeal. His mouth flew open.

Unable to resist his invitation, I took him by the ears and inserted my cock into it. His eyes closed and he began sucking on me. As the intensity of the rewarding sensations he was imparting to me reached its peak I cut loose and began deeply probing his mouth.

I held his ears tightly, being careful not to pull on them or cause him any pain, and succumbed to the pleasure washing over me. Exerting full control over him I began powering my cock head into his well-trained soft palate. His full lips looked incredibly sexy gliding over the vein studded surface of my turgid member.

As many times as we had done this I knew exactly how deeply I could challenge him without making him gag on me. I freely sated my lust in him until I felt myself drawing dangerously close to orgasm.

My desire to go on down into his throat was strong, but I knew once I did there would be no stopping my load from spewing down his gullet. His earlier text had made clear that his need to be taken anally was urgent so I let go of his ears and withdrew from his suction.

I looked down to see him kiss my cock and then start tongue fucking my hairy navel. He closed his eyes and pressed his cheek to my belly.

“Take my ass, Daddy!” he half demanded and half pleaded, “Fuck me!”

I guided his mouth back onto my cock and slowly pumped it into him a few more times just to assert myself. He was putty in my hands.

“Let’s dry off then,” I said as I pulled out of him and helped him to his feet.

He turned the water off and stepped out, grabbing two towels and handing one to me. We dried each other off and then hung the towels over the glass of his shower stall on our way out. I guided him to the bed, him in front and holding his back to my belly, and teased his crack with the head of my raging hard-on as we walked. He giggled like a kid the entire way.

I stretched out on his bed and, as usual, he climbed up onto my lap. He was radiating total contentment and looked incredibly cute. His nearly bald, round head and the way his big, soft titties hugged the fullness of his belly made him look like a big, pink Buddha doll as he lovingly caressed my rigid staff.

He stood it up from my loins and rose off my lap while pressing down into his pad to expose his. He touched the heads together and sighed contentedly.

“What a beautiful daddy dick! Makes mine look tiny!” he enthused as he rubbed them together.

I smiled and watched as he shamelessly brought his inner boy to the fore. He rested back onto my lap and took my left arm by the wrist, placing the palm of his much smaller right hand to it.

“Such huge, strong hands,” he mused.

He then let it go and started playing his short, sausage-like fingers, so pudgy they dimpled at his knuckles, through my belly hair.

“Oh-h-h-h, Daddy,” he sighed, “What a big hairy belly you have!”

“The better to pin you down with while I fuck your brains out, my dear,” I replied with mock menace.

He laughed, then leaned down and began passionately kissing it.

“Mmmmmm…such a sweet boy!” I said as I laid a hand on the back of his head and pressed him to it.

“Your sweet boy,” he said in a slightly muffled sigh.

“All mine,” I confirmed.

He scooted down on me until he could touch his lips to my scrotum and sucked on my balls.

“Can’t wait for you to empty these in me,” he purred.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I assured him and gently ran my hand over his head.

He climbed off me and knelt by my side, then slowly ran his tongue up the entire length of my dick.

“Don’t be gentle, Daddy,” he encouraged me, “I need to feel your power.”

“I understand,” I acknowledged.

I got on my knees and moved to the foot of the bed. He handed me the lube and positioned himself in front of me for a full throttle doggy-style fuck. It always surprises me how much bigger his balls look from behind as they protrude from between his fat thighs.

I squeezed some gel on my fingers and worked them into his supremely tight hole. He moaned in anticipation.

His voluptuous ass cheeks looked so round and inviting. I leaned down and began biting them to his delighted giggles. When I could wait no longer to feel the tightness of his chute on me I raised up and ran a bead of lube down the length of my cock. I smeared it around until it was well-slathered, then dug the fingers of both hands into his crack and aggressively pulled them apart to line it up at his winking, baby-pink orifice.

I slid my left hand up onto the small of his back and then roughly grabbed him by the balls with my right. He gasped. I tugged him back to me by his balls and he let out a pained yelp as he pried his tight ring open on my cock head. He slipped onto it.

“Oh, Daddy!” he cried out.

“Sh-h-h-h-h!” I admonished him.

He settled down. I let the tension build a couple of minutes, flexing the head of my dick in him. When his panting reached a crescendo I let go of his balls and lunged forward until mine came to rest on his perineum, inserting myself as deeply as I could in one fell swoop.

“OH, GOD!” he bellowed as his sphincter erupted into a flurry of reflexive spasms on the base of my cock.

“Easy…e-e-easy, now. It’s what you wanted, right?” I asked in a comforting tone.

“Yes, sir,” he whimpered.

I gave him time to adjust to the force of my abrupt penetration. Once he’d managed that I quickly pushed my hips forward until he collapsed between my legs beneath me and I had him pinned by my full weight.

Before he had a chance to process what was happening I began hammering him as fast and hard as I could. The bed was creaking like crazy under us and his headboard was knocking so loudly and rapidly it sounded like the house might come down around us.

Over the loud din, my loins noisily slapping against his plush bottom, I heard him cry out. He was cussing a blue streak as I drilled him but he withheld the one word he knew I would respect; stop. I rested on him at full penetration when I felt he’d had enough, grinding my balls against him, and began biting at his fat neck.

He sighed his full submission and started grinding his butt up against me. I growled and cut loose, hammering him as hard as I could another two or three dozen times. He tensed up under me but he took it without further protest.

I sank down into him again and rested when I felt my load roiling in my balls. I felt the tension in his body completely fall away as his pulverized chute at last formed to my hardness.

“That’s my baby boy!” I praised him in a lusty whisper and nibbled on his plump earlobe.

“I am, Daddy…I am!” he assured me.

Convinced that he was fully vanquished at that point I began to reward him with my full length at a much more leisurely pace, occasionally pulling all the way out before sinking down into him again.

“Oh-h-h-h-h, yes…YES!” he began to sing.

I planted my fists into the mattress under his arms and lifted myself up enough to give him a little relief from my full weight. For the next ten minutes or so, I stroked him with unerring consistency. His writhing beneath my belly told me everything I needed to know about the pleasure he was experiencing.

As for me, his chute clung to my girth with a reward all its own. It was like stuffing my dick to its hilt into the soft but firm grip of a kid glove. Our blissful moans commingled in the air around us until my balls were so tightly drawn I could no longer withhold the substantial load they contained.

My arms went rigid as I began to convulse atop him. With each strong flex of my rock hard cock in his tight fit I could feel another spurt of my load launch into the depths of his aching bowels.

When I had finished making my deposit I slowly withdrew and rolled off him to lie by his side, my cock still raging hard as it rested on the underside of my belly. He gradually rose up beside me, the expression on his handsome face almost disbelieving, and stood it up. Waggling it from side to side, he contentedly admired the glistening coat of deep anal froth it had churned up within him.

Without a second thought he kissed my still drooling slit and proceeded to stuff my vulgar looking spear in his mouth until it could hold no more, perhaps two-thirds of it. He closed his eyes in angelic bliss and noisily ‘Hoovered’ the foul slop from it, periodically pausing to savor it on his tongue before swallowing.

He’s the first man who ever did ass-to-mouth on me and I’ll never forget my initial shock. I felt a tinge of guilt well up inside and was more than a little sickened by the gleeful diligence of his display, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off it either.

How different it was from my reaction now. These days it fills me with pride and I can’t resist lifting my hips to get the best view of it I can.

“Pretty boy,” I sighed.

He lifted his head from my cock and proudly beamed up at me.

“You missed a spot,” I teased, pointing at the buttery looking ring around the top half of what he couldn’t fit of me into his mouth.

He dutifully dove back down on it. I watched with fascination as he fended off his gag reflex until his throat made that wonderful gulping noise and finally accepted me. Soon I felt his nose sink into my sagging scrotum and knew he had succeeded in cleaning my dick of the last traces of his butt juice.

I’m always amazed by how long he can go without breathing when he throats me. I’m obviously unable to come again in the immediate aftermath of ejaculation, but the milking action of his gullet somehow manages to keep my hard-on as fresh as it was at the start.

With the skill of the expert showman he is, the full length of my cock slowly came back into view from his luscious lips as he lifted his head off it. He cupped his hand to the underside of its base to display the thoroughness of the cleaning he’d given it and then stroked it until one last pearly droplet of my seed gathered in my gaping slit.

He hungrily lapped it onto the tip of his tongue and displayed that to me as well before proudly licking his smiling lips and collapsing onto my belly.

“Thank you, Daddy,” he said in a breathy moan.

“You’re welcome,” I replied as I laid a hand on his fleshy back and stroked it in a circular motion.

He slid one hand up onto my left pectoral and the other onto my right trapezius. Kneading his fingers into them he sighed his satisfaction.

“Sweet baby…sweet…sweet, baby boy,” I trailed off as my eyes fluttered closed.

I felt his soft bulk shake against me as he giggled.

“Let me cook us some dinner,” he suggested.

I hooked my hands around the backs of his fat arms and tugged at them. He scrambled up onto me until we were face to face.

Taking his big, round head in both hands I pressed his face to mine and shoved my tongue into his mouth. I held him there for a long time and he feverishly returned the zeal of my deep kiss in spades. I let him up when I was done and he beamed down at me in a wide-eyed smile.

“You’ve never tongue kissed me after ass-to-mouth before,” he said, sounding surprised.

“I’ve never seen you look so adorable giving it to me before,” I responded, pecking his chubby jowls with a kiss, “Besides…didn’t taste near as bad as I was expecting.”

He laughed and hugged my neck, “How about something quick like spaghetti?”

“Sounds delicious.”

He rose off the bed and I saw where he had rolled his hip around in the puddle of cum he’d spilled on the bed while I was fucking him.

“You better clean up first. I’ll strip the bed and put on some clean linens for bedtime.”

“Thanks,” he said as he turned and headed to the master bath.

My cum was leaking down the backs of his thighs as he trudged off and I decided to lie still, admiring the beauty of his ample butt until he disappeared into his bathroom. When I got up I could see him standing at his vanity. He was bent over slightly, holding his butt crack open with his left hand as he cupped his right one at his hole.

I saw his big belly balloon out as he bore down to expel what was left inside him. He brought his right hand around and studied his catch.

“Damn! Hell of a load you pumped up there!” he commented.

“Hadn’t shot one in over a week,” I told him.

“Sorry I didn’t take that one in my mouth,” he mused as he shook it from his hand into the toilet.

“We’ve got all weekend and there’s always the morning,” I assured him as I went about tending to the bed.

“Can’t wait!” he said with a laugh.

I heard the lavatory faucet turn on to dampen a rag and could tell from his shadow that he was wiping himself clean.

“That should do it,” he said as I slipped into the bathroom beside him.

I dampened my rag and wiped my cock and balls clean as he watched.

“I’ve been fucked by some strong men in my time, but they pale in comparison to getting fucked by a ‘gen-you-wine’ strongman!” he gushed as he ran his hands over my solid bulk.

Pinning him to the wall with my belly, I growled and bounced everything to attention for him.

He giggled as he ran his hands over it and then slipped around me under my arm. Landing a noisy swat on my right butt cheek, he ran out of the bathroom with me in chase.

I caught up and grabbed him just as we entered his kitchen, then brought him into an embrace for another deep kiss.

“I’ll help,” I said when I freed him.

We enjoyed a lovely, relaxing dinner…butt naked…and idly chatted as old friends do. When we were done clearing the table and putting the left-overs away he dropped to his knees and began giving my cock and balls another tongue bath. Slowly but surely I began to erect again.

“Shall we retire to the bed and watch some daddy porn?” he asked as he gazed up at me.

“Sounds fun,” I said as I helped him to his feet.

He had excellent taste in the stuff and always managed to find something new for me to watch.

I stretched out on the clean linens and watched him as he opened the bureau containing his TV, then shuffled through some DVDs. He quickly found the one he was looking for.

“Found this one last week at the bookstore. I think you’ll like it,” he said as he removed the disc and pitched me the cover, “The top in the first segment reminds me of you…big and strong…bi-i-g ol’ dick on him.”

I looked the cover over as he popped in the disc and saw the man he was referring to. I had to admit that he was a mighty handsome specimen of a man.

“Jeez!” I said with a laugh, “Look at the size of that fat boy’s cock! Where the hell do they find these guys?”

“They’re out there,” he said with sly smile as he crawled up beside me on the bed and started thumping mine on my belly.

I pulled his pillow over on top of mine and propped myself up as he nestled down at my crotch to play with my dick while we watched.

The men on screen were clearly a couple. The love in their eyes for each other was unmistakable as they settled into a lengthy session of foreplay. The top…a little younger and bigger, and no doubt stronger, than me…looked all the more impressive for the diminutive stature and rail thin build of his bottom daddy.

Charles contentedly nursed on my cock as we watched while I stroked the back of his bald, round head. I could scarcely believe my eyes as the giant finally bent his tiny partner over on the floor in front of him and squatted over his upturned buttocks to load him up on his whopper of a dick.

The pain on the little man’s face was obvious in his close-up, but he bravely accepted the thing without protest. Charles moaned his approval and squeezed my balls as he sucked me.

The camera cut to a shot from behind once he was fully inserted. The big fella’s balls were so enormous they nearly obscured the smaller man’s butt from view.

“Watch this!” Charles excitedly said.

The stout stud slowly lumbered into action and was soon reaming his submissive bottom without mercy on the full length of his unbelievably corpulent dick. As he picked up speed his gigantic nut sac was flopping so wildly it was alternately slapping both their butts and you could clearly see the effect of his punishing girth on the poor little guy’s overwhelmed sphincter at the top of each incredibly powerful stroke.

The bottom was wailing in ecstasy as his lover used him. The hulking top backed out of the man’s hole for the camera after a while and it zoomed in to display the lewd gaper his powerful fuck had induced. He ran a thick finger around its rim and then dove back in for more with a lusty growl.

I don’t know if it might have been an illusion of editing, but the big man’s stamina was unparalleled as he mercilessly sated himself for several more minutes. When he pulled out the next time he roughly spun his little partner onto his back between his feet, his magnificently huge calves impressively knotted up as big as volley balls from the strain of his squatting position.

The love radiating from his submissive’s face was the most sincere I’d ever seen in one of these movies Charles loves so much. The giant dropped to his knees and quickly stuffed his ass slimed cock head into the open mouth beneath him.

Huge triceps bunched up below his powerfully rounded delts as he rested on his fists and his considerable, furry bulk began to shudder as he lapsed into a convulsive orgasm. Soon the huge load he was feeding the bottom began to trickle from the corner of his mouth and roll down his cheek.

The giant pulled his cock out of his partner’s cum soaked gob and shot one final blast onto his adoring, smiling face.

“I love you, Bull,” the little guy sincerely gushed.

“Love you, too, baby,” the contented hulk replied as he sank down and tongue fucked the man’s mouth.

Charles hit the pause button and started thumping my dick on his face, “Is that the hottest ass-to-mouth you’ve ever seen?”

“We-e-ell, maybe not as hot as you,” I replied with a wink, “but, as these videos go, you really stumbled onto a winner there.”

He looked pleased with himself as he continued to play with my rock hard meat.

“Fuck my titties, Daddy!”

“You bet!” I confirmed as I shoved my dick back into his mouth a pumped it a few more times.

He rolled over and positioned himself for me to honor his demand. I straddled him and rested my ass on his big, soft belly. His breath escape him in a pained gasp as my weight settled on him, but there was no way to avoid it if he wanted his titties fucked…and he definitely did.

I positioned my hard-on in the furrow of his chest and pushed the drooling head up onto the jowls that wreathed his beatific smile. He tried to reach it with his tongue to taste me. I pushed forward a bit more until he was able to succeed.

Resting back onto his belly, I roughly squeezed his big, pink chest pillows together until my cock disappeared in them. He sighed his satisfaction.

I began to slowly rock on him and chills ran up my back as I savored the tactile treat of the softness that cradled my swollen member. He tried to look down to see my cock head emerging from between them and giggled as it began bumping into his meaty jowls.

“Feels good!” he reported.

“Sure does,” I confirmed, digging my fingers into them and pressing them together more firmly as I sped up.

He slid his tongue out onto his chin. I pushed forward until I smeared it with pre and he quickly pulled it back into his mouth to savor the taste.

“Mmmmmmm,” he sighed.

“Want me to come on your face?” I asked.

“You know it!”

“Settle in then…gonna take a while at this point.”

“I don’t care,” he assured me with a blissful smile as he cupped his hand over the head of my thrusting dick and gave it a loving squeeze.

I pulled back until my knob retreated into his deep cleft and began working them up and down over it in opposite directions. His eyes closed as he contentedly gave me full rein.

“Love these big ol’ titties!” I enthused, “So soft!”

A look of pride came over his face as he grunted beneath my weight. I resumed rocking my hips, picking up speed and lengthening my strokes. He threw himself into it with abandon and his grunts of discomfort morphed into moans of sheer pleasure.

Taking him at his word I gave not another thought to how long it might take for me to bring myself to orgasm and simply lost myself in the pleasurable sensation of his ample chest on my dick. The expression on his handsome face was one of pure contentment as he ceded full control to me.

“Your balls feel so big and warm,” he sighed.

“Good…I’m glad,” I huffed in my exertion.

Perspiration began to bead up on my face as I pressed on. The unbridled happiness in his expression fueled me to greater and greater heights of passion as I furiously humped away at his majestic, fleshy mounds. He writhed in joy beneath me.

I had no idea how long I’d been riding him but eventually my balls began to tighten. I squeezed his tits till I’m sure he thought they might burst and tore into them like never before.

“Yes! YES!” he screamed as my cock head began violently glancing off his chin from the length of my furious strokes.

I stayed at him without letting up, determined to spill my seed, his headboard once again knocking loud enough for the neighbors to hear. At last I knew I had won and lunged my cock head up onto his chin. I growled as it erupted and managed to spurt three meager streamers on his face. He was grinning like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar as he licked what he could from his full, beautiful lips.

I proudly took in the sight of him sporting my glistening, pearly deposit and pushed the head of my dick on into his mouth to finish coming. He noisily suckled it. When I withdrew from him and rested back onto his belly he giggled.

“I love you, Bull,” he playfully mimicked the man in the video.

My big belly shook with laughter.

“Love you, too, baby!” I responded, assuming my role as I leaned down to lick my cum from his face and feed it to him from my tongue.

I dismounted him and stretched out by his side, then slid his pillow back over his way. He wriggled up in the bed until he could rest his head on it and rolled onto his side with his back to me.

Slipping the fingers of my right hand into his deep crack I lifted his plump, upper ass cheek and slipped the head of my half hard cock in against his hole, letting it go to cradle me in his warmth. He sighed as he reached out and turned off his bed lamp, then snuggled back against me.

He then picked up the remote and turned off the TV. We snuggled in the dark until drifting off to dreamland.

* * * * *


* * * * *

When I awoke the next morning Charles was already nursing on my morning hard-on and caressing my balls in his pudgy left hand.

“Morning, baby,” I croaked.

He momentarily lifted his head off me and shot back a delighted, “Morning!”

He dove back down and his suction became more noisy and intense. I caressed his gleaming pate as it bobbed on me.

“I love it when you wake me up to a blow job,” I confided.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” he sighed with contentment, not bothering to interrupt his morning treat.

I rolled slightly onto my left side and lifted my right leg, pushing my hips forward to enjoy his show. He understood my motivation and ramped up his attack on my engorged member.

“You look beautiful,” I told him.

He pulled off and smiled up at me, “Thanks, Daddy…so do you!”

He sank back onto my rigid meat and tested his gag reflex on it. My balls tumbled down to hang over my left thigh as he met the challenge. To my delight I felt his forehead press into my belly as his chin sank down into my sagging scrotum.

He began milking my cock head in his throat, eliciting a lusty growl from deep down in my chest. It motivated him to work that much harder for me. I placed my right hand back on his head and pressed down on it as I began gently humping at his face.

Charles took it for the longest time before pulling back just enough to moan his satisfaction.

“Shall I feed you some breakfast?” I asked.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm!” I heard from his cock stuffed mouth as he squeezed my balls.

“Then edge me…let’s make it a big one.”

“Mmmmm-HMMMM!” he energetically responded and started teasing my cock head against his soft palate again.

“Good boy!” I sighed as I rested my head back on my shoulders and closed my eyes.

Every so often I couldn’t resist opening them to watch. His beautiful lips are very full but his mouth itself is a fairly small opening and the angle of his attack on my dick comically stretched it on one side around my girth as he sucked me. It was such an arousing sight that I could only handle it in small doses if he wanted me to maximize the output of my load.

He’s an incredibly eager and devoted bottom. I knew his neck had to be aching from his labors by that point, but he showed no sign of slowing down. His noisy suction became louder and more furious as he diligently threw himself at my dick.

I was still nowhere close to giving up my seed. Locking my gaze on his impressive display I urged him onward, heaping my highest praise on his skill and stamina. I resumed stroking his head as he forged ahead with mounting gusto for his reward.

His boyish zeal for it as I studied his intensity was absolutely heartwarming. I began trying to help him by fucking into the powerful thrusts of his substantial head. Long after most men would have yielded to their physical discomfort to rest themselves he somehow managed to reach deep down and find the resolve to increase his vigor.

I was incredibly touched by the fervor in his morning gift. Pushing his hand off the base of my cock I replaced it with mine and began manipulating it in a manner that only I knew how to do in order to shorten his wait.

He appreciatively assisted me by ramping up his game with just that little bit of extra effort he knew would send me over the edge. I felt my balls begin to tighten.

Soon I pushed his head back until only the head of my cock remained in his mouth. I tensed up and then shuddered time and again as I launched one voluminous spurt after another into his hungry mouth. There were nine of them by my count before my posture relaxed for the lesser end-game eruptions.

He moaned in gratitude as he tickled the underside of my glans with the tip of his tongue. His suction tightened as he received my seed and he furiously tugged my corona against his upper lip while noisily gulping my ecstatic emissions down into his belly.

When I was fully sated he lifted his fatherly face from my loins, slowly sliding his lips off over my cock head and pecking my drooling slit with a tender kiss. Licking his gorgeous lips, he then rested his head on my left thigh and sucked on my balls one at a time.

“Delicious cum load! Such a big, potent daddy!” he contentedly sighed as he ran his stubby fingers through the hair of my firm, round paunch.

“Such a beautiful baby boy!” I replied as I thumped his smiling face with my flagging hard-on, still glistening in his saliva.

“I love to feel your cum spurting onto the roof of my mouth,” he enthused.

I smiled down on him and milked up another pearly droplet into my slit. He hungrily lapped it onto the tip of his tongue and sighed while savoring it like a fine wine.

He scooted up in the bed as I scooted down till we were face to face. I rolled on top of him and dove in for a long, deep kiss to enjoy my taste in him.

Roughly squeezing his big left titty in my right hand I pulled my face away from his and said, “You’ve worked hard this morning. May I cook us a proper breakfast?”

“I think there might still be a little room for one,” he chuckled as he patted the side of his rubbery soft gut.

I let go of his tit and made a big show of slicking my middle finger in my mouth. Slipping my arm between our bellies and down between his legs I worked it into his crack and started finger fucking him. He began milking the invading digit in the fervent clutching of his sphincter.

“You’ve sure learned all my buttons,” he happily beamed up at me.

I winked at him and then dove down to start ravenously chewing on the big pink nipple of his plump left breast. He took my head in his pudgy hands and giggled like a kid.

“Your beard tickles, Daddy!”

I dined, undeterred by his raucous laughter. When I was finished I pulled my finger out of his butt and raised up enough to masturbate the rock hard cocklet he’d been poking my belly with. He quickly shot a huge, spurting load onto it and my chest. Afterward I sat upright beside him and he dove in to lick it off, chewing on my nipples as well for good measure.

“Up and at ’em, baby,” I ordered as I rose to my feet and went to wash my hands and spot clean my loins.

“Yes, sir!” he said with a grin and followed me into his master bath to spot clean himself.

We went to his kitchen and I started up a pot of coffee. While it was making I prepped for breakfast. He pressed himself against my back and slipped one arm around my belly while reaching down and fondling my cock and balls in the hand of the other. It was an incredibly tender gesture and I confided to him how much I love the time we spend together.

“Me, too,” he confirmed as he squatted down behind me and stuffed his face into my butt crack to lick my asshole while I broke and scrambled some eggs.

“Feels so good, baby,” I sighed and pushed my ass back to meet him.

He pulled his face out of my butt just long enough to say, “I love doing this for you.”

I set the bowl down and reached a hand back to rub his head in appreciation. A muffled moan rose up from behind me.

My cock began to swell from the stimulation so I grabbed his arm by the wrist and placed his hand on it. I turned around in his grasp and pressed his lips to it.

“Open up,” I told him as he gazed up at me like an adoring puppy.

His mouth flew open and I slid my half hard member into it for some playful fucking. We both knew I wouldn’t be good for another full-blown hard-on for a few hours yet but his mouth felt wonderful as he tenderly sucked me.

We heard the coffee maker gurgle out its last gasps and he rose to his feet to pour us each a cup. He moved to the table to let me finish cooking our meal and then we ate like field hands as we chatted about this and that. When we were done I fetched the carafe and poured us another cup to top things off before we cleared the table and loaded up his dishwasher.

I refilled our cups one last time while he put on a robe to fetch his morning paper. We settled into his den and read it.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” I asked, observing that it was a quarter till eleven.

“Art House Cinema is running a Woody Allen marathon today,” he said, reading from the Arts & Entertainment section.

“You know how I love the early ones,” I said.

“Me too,” he responded, “Play It Again Sam starts at 4 followed by Love & Death at 5:45. That would probably give us time for me to get your dick hard enough to sit on for a nice long ride before we go. We’d be out a little after 7 which gives us plenty of time to have dinner somewhere and get back here for more good fucking.”

“Sounds great to me. Let’s do it,” I said.

He folded up the paper and came to sit beside me to suck one of my nipples while he rubbed my belly. My dick began to plump up immediately and I reached down to free my balls from the pinch of my thighs. He slid his hand down my belly and wrapped it around my cock to start lightly stroking it.

“Mmmmmmm,” I sighed.

“Yeah,” he contentedly affirmed, “You’re the most wonderful top I’ve ever known.”

“Thank you,” I said as I wrapped an arm around his soft, beefy shoulders and hugged him to me.

We sat like that for quite a while, just kissing and enjoying the skin-to-skin contact as he manipulated my slowly bloating member.

After some time Charles said, “I need it to get harder. Let’s go back to bed where I can lick your asshole in comfort. That always gets you hard as stone.”

We followed his suggestion. I stacked his pillows and then stretched out on my stomach, spreading my legs to make room for him. He scrambled into place, then spread my butt cheeks with both hands and pressed his face to my ass. His tongue started vigorously stimulating my sphincter and he reached a hand down to play with my balls as he probed at it.

I sang his praises as he submissively munched away at my butthole and could feel the tensile strength of my hard-on increasing.

“I don’t do this for any man but my daddy,” he proudly reported.

“I know. I reckon that’s what makes you so special to me,” I affirmed.

That must have made him feel good. When he dove back into my parted cleft he went at my hole with a gusto he’d never shown me before. In a matter of minutes he had my dick at maximum erection.

“I’m hard enough to bust rocks now, I think,” I told him.

“Okay…good!” he said, “Just a little more? I’m really enjoying making you feel good today!”

“You’re definitely doing that!” I said with a laugh, “Take your time, baby. It’s ready whenever you are.”

I settled in and let him get his fill of my ass, my cock straining ever harder the more fervent he became. He stayed on it a good bit longer than I imagined he would before working his lips down until he could lift my balls to them for a playful kiss.

“Give me that big, fuckin’ dick, Daddy!” he demanded as he backed out and maneuvered to my side.

I rolled onto my back to reveal my ultra hard condition for him. His eyes got huge as he broke into a grin. He wrapped a hand around it and leaned in to press his lips to mine for a tender kiss.

When he rose up from me he waggled my hard-on around and said, “THAT thing’s going to hurt…real GOOD!”

I reached for his lube while he admired his prize.

“I think not, I’d rather spit-lube it,” he said and sank his mouth down on it, slobbering profusely until he got it down in his throat.

He bobbed on the base furiously for a minute or so until he came reeling off me with a few strands of saliva stringing from his lips to my fat, crimson, blood engorged cock head. He had it absolutely glistening and looked like a man possessed as he wiped his lips with his fingers and then scrambled up onto my lap.

Bunching the fingers of his right hand together, he spat on them several times and smeared the catch around with his thumb. His hand disappeared behind him and I could see from his expression that he was vigorously moistening his hole with them.

He grabbed my raging hard-on and worked it into his crack to line me up. He eased back against it and struggled a bit to pry himself open on me. It finally popped through.

“Damn that thing’s big!” he exclaimed through a pained grimace.

“Are you sure you don’t want some lube, baby?”

“Absolutely sure!” he flatly stated as he began sinking onto it.

He was pretty vocal on the way down, but before long his persistence paid off with my balls snuggling up into his parted crack. He’d done it! It felt amazing and I was so proud of him as he braced himself with his palms on my belly and loudly grunted until he’d made peace with the thing.

Using my belly to push himself vertically upright on me, he got his feet out in front of him and started rolling his plump buttocks around on my balls.

“God, I love those things!” he gushed, “So big and warm! Such DADDY balls!”

I felt proud as I watched him gyrate on my lap, knowing by the feel of him how far past his rectum and on into his colon he had forced me up into his incredibly tight chute. The vigor in his gyrations had my cock stirring his guts like a butter churn as it waggled around inside him.

His teeth were gritted and his jaw handsomely set with a look of fearless determination as he relentlessly punished those tender, deep tissues on me. Yet, the pain that seemed to show through in that determined expression was simultaneously tempered with hints of blissful satisfaction.

“What strange creatures we gay men are,” I silently mused to myself as I took in the wonder of his display.

Once he had acclimated himself to it he started slowly rising and sinking back down on it. His expression gradually transformed into one of heavenly joy.

Now, that I could easily understand. I had been in his exact position with a few men who I thought sported impressive endowments. I still have no clue how to explain the pleasure of being impaled on them to the uninitiated, but if faces could be read like the printed word then his was saying everything I’ve ever felt while living out the experience.

Up and down on me he slid, building speed and force as he went. After a while he leaned his belly against mine and began simply undulating his hips to make his ring slip over the surface of my cock. He opened his eyes and gazed down at me as he did this, radiating gratitude in his beatific smile. It gave me a tremendous sense of well being that he saw me as a man who could provide him this thrill.

My recent explosive orgasm had made me immune to the tight grip of his clutching orifice. He had a long ride ahead of him to bring me off again. He knew that and seemed all the more content in that knowledge.

My hard-on stayed effortlessly unyielding in its stiffness. Occasionally he would resume his frantic bouncing, allowing my dick to almost slip free of his grip at the top before crashing back down onto my balls. During those episodes he seemed to find immense pleasure in battering his defenseless prostate on my cock head.

He would rise up and pause to proudly display for me how freely his cum was oozing from his tiny cocklet.

“So big! Feels so good!” he would pant.

I saw by his alarm clock that it was well past noon and my stamina seemed boundless still. For him it must have felt like riding a living dildo; one that could respond to him with encouragement. He looked adorable in his glee.

Once in a while I would reach out and grab his balls to hold him down on me while I fucked up into him as hard and far as I could manage. His face would light up at those reamings and he always responded to them with furious episodes of bouncing to display his endurance for the prostate hammerings he loved so much.

After close to an hour of riding me he rose up and knelt between my legs for some heart felt, ass-to-mouth throat action. I was delighted as I watched him. When his throat started to feel sore he mounted me again for another ride. He was a top’s dream!

Eventually he sank down on me and rested his forearms on my belly.

“Any requests?” he asked, his eagerness to please abounding.

“How about turning around so I can see my dick in your ass?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” he responded with delight as he rose up, turned and sat back down with his back to me.

He ground his butt on the base of my cock for several minutes, enjoying my commentary on the action. Then he started bouncing on it.

His big butt looked cute as hell swallowing my hard-on. It glistened in his anal froth and his ass was by then making loud sucking noises as he rode me.

This went on for nearly twenty minutes. His clock indicated it was shortly after one.

“I’m getting close to coming,” I told him.

He knew he had me then and doubled down. Like I said earlier, he’s an excellent showman and knew exactly how to exploit the visual and auditory stimulation I found in watching and hearing his butt do it’s thing on my cock.

Beginning to ride me with abandon, I reached down to steady my member at the base so he could lift off it completely. Sure enough, that was his plan. Soon I was seeing the head my cock slip out of the lily white cheeks of his big fleshy ass to show me the gaper he was giving himself.

My balls began to draw up as the tingle in my loins built. The deep crimson color of my vein studded erection stood out in stark contrast against the meaty, sun deprived globes he was mercilessly stroking it in.

After a few more minutes he heard the familiar growls that signaled my impending orgasm and pulled off to display his gaping sphincter like the dot of an ‘i’ above my fully exposed, rock hard timber. I could feel the warmth of his soft ball sac against my shaft and suddenly my gaping slit angrily spat four copious streamers onto his yawning orifice.

A deep sigh of satisfaction escaped him as he reached back with one hand, still balancing himself with the other on my thigh, and massaged his sore looking hole with his chubby fingers just as it snapped shut. I’m convinced it is one of the most intriguingly beautiful sights a man can behold.

He knelt down at my side and asked me to spread my legs for him. I did and he positioned himself between them to give me the pleasure of the most passionate ass-to-mouth demonstration I’d ever seen him perform.

He took me deep into his throat and teased my still drawn balls with his tongue as he pressed his face to my loins. I’m sure it was no easy feat given my upward curve.

When he came up for air he reached back and scooped as much as he could of my deposit from his butt onto his fingers, then brought them to his face to admire. The crows feet flanking his twinkling eyes bunched up and he blushed, mischievously grinning as he hungrily sucked them clean.

He licked his lips and then kissed my cock and each of my balls before crawling up to rest his head and chest on my belly. Appearing exhausted from his Herculean effort he heaved a deep sigh and sank his fingers into my furry pecs.

His big, soft titties cradled my flagging erection as he clung to me. I laid both hands on his back and massaged him.

“You’re an amazing man,” I enthused.

“You bring it out in me, Daddy,” he sighed with contentment.

We lay that way for a long time, him cuddling snugly against my furry paunch and occasionally pecking it with kisses.

At nearly two o’clock we decided to shower and dress to take in the movies. They were two of our favorites and we comfortably held hands in the half-filled theater, belly laughing for the next three-plus hours.

By ten after seven we were out and deciding where to eat. We settled on Mediterranean cuisine and ended up at his favorite. It’s a romantic, dimly lit establishment with shuttered booths where we could sit on the same side of the table and safely smooch during dinner.

We arrived back at his place shortly before nine. He was all aflutter to get his ass fucked some more. We stripped out of our clothes and he went to flush himself out while I got the bed turned down.

I was already stretched out on it when he came out of his bathroom, freshly cleansed for some deep anal reaming to be followed by more of the passionate ass-to-mouth he always craved performing on me. He crawled up beside me on the bed and I wrapped him in my arms for a round of deep kissing to start things off.

Priming him with some rough titty play and finger fucking I soon had him purring like a kitten and raring to go. He stroked my beard and then played his fingers through the dusting of fur on my chest as he gazed lovingly into my eyes.

“How do you want me to take you?” I asked when I knew he was too anxious to wait any longer.

“Doggy…me at the edge of the bed and you standing…I want to feel the slap of those big daddy balls!”


“Spit…make it hurt,” he insisted, sounding anxious for it.

I rolled onto my back and stood my straining erection up for him. He stared at it, his eyes smoldering in lust.

“Can it handle my throat without squeezing your trigger?” he checked.

“You’ve gotten me off twice today already…I’m sure it’s good for it,” I confirmed.

With that he slowly sank his mouth down over it until it disappeared in his luscious lips. He stayed down on it for a long time until I could feel his saliva running down my balls. Pulling up off me he lapped some pre out of my slit and happily savored it.

I rolled off the bed and he scrambled into position, his balls bouncing out from the backs of his thighs. Leaning down I tenderly kissed them and began lightly sucking at them. He sounded out his pleasure in lusty moans. Lifting my face to his pucker I spat a few times then worked it in with my fingers.

“Fuck it, Daddy! Fuck it HARD!” he impatiently insisted.

I rose up and squatted down enough to line my spit slicked knob up at his winking hole. He sighed.

Pressing against him, I watched it yield to my bloated glans and slip over my corona.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Let ‘er rip!” he excitedly replied.

I placed a hand in the small of his back and drove into him balls deep without stopping, thrilled by his pained grunts. He looked so helplessly meek as I skewered his shuddering mass on my throbbing member. I dug my fingers in on either side of my cock and roughly spread his cheeks apart as tightly as I could.

“Oh, God…oh, God…oh-h-h, GOD!” he howled as I bore into him and ground my loins against the flat of his ass, roughly stirring his tender depths on my unforgiving hardness.

I slowly ground to a halt and asked, “Is this what you want, boy?”

“Yes! YES, Daddy!” he whimpered.

I tore into his hairless bulk with a flurry of ball slapping thrusts.

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!” he sang out.

“And that?” I asked as I pressed into him with all my weight.

“Yes…yes…YES-S-S-S-S!!” he submissively squealed.

“Then hang on!” I growled as I let loose and drilled him without mercy.

“Hurts…so…GOOD!” he yelped.

My desensitized cock was good for exactly what I knew he wanted and needed, which was for me to exact every ounce of pleasure I could wring from the tight grip of his velvety chute. I slipped my hands into the fold of his belly against his chubby thighs and used his hips for leverage to yank him back to me as I powered into him.

I bent forward enough to let my ball shaped, furry gut rest in the small of his back and proceeded to reduce him to a yelping, squealing, squirming mound of fuck meat as I repeatedly tried to shove my dick far enough up his ass to reach into his bloated abdomen.

The slap of my loins against his cock stuffed butt was almost loud enough to match his pleading cries as I rode him for all he was worth. When my hips and back could take no more of the position I had to assume for this brand of ass sex I backed out of him and straightened my posture.

I checked on his hole. It looked bruised and swollen; a pair of pouting lips stretched to a length of nearly two inches from the losing battle it fought with the six inches of girth I sport at the base of my dick. My crimson colored hard-on loomed over it looking triumphant…thick, vein studded and glistening in the froth it had wrung from his deep tissue.

“Fuck my throat, Daddy,” he pleaded, “Slap my face with your balls.”

“Roll over,” I instructed him.

He obeyed, his head just barely off the edge of the bed for the friendliest approach of my ass slimed cock head into his waiting mouth. I inserted it and leaned forward to rest my belly on his chest, planting my fists in the mattress at his sides as I admired the cum rolling down his boy-sized cocklet onto his plush, nearly hairless pubic pad.

“Get ready,” I told him.

I heard him draw a deep breath through his nose and then sank down into his throat, draping my balls over his forehead.

“Baby needs it rough sometimes,” I said with a hint of menace.

I scooped his cum onto the fingers of my right hand and smeared it over the surface of his dainty, hooded, harmless looking erection. He was of course unable to respond with my dick in his throat but I didn’t need a response to know I was right.

I started humping into him, thrilling to the sound of his gullet forming to my overpowering hardness. Soon I had my balls slapping his face as he’d requested and was digging into him as deeply and forcefully as I could.

He tapped out on my thighs and I withdrew enough for him to breathe. I felt him pat my thighs again, giving me the go-ahead to dig back in.

He began to fondle his tightly drawn nuts in one hand while he delicately masturbated his tiny member between his thumb and index finger of the other. He looked so cute my belly began to shake against his smooth chest, me laughing out loud while his throat joyously milked my thrusting cock.

After a while he tapped out again. I withdrew and stood upright. He was panting, his lips lewdly coated in saliva and butt juice, his expression one of near reverence as he fixed his gaze on my rock hard dick and still sagging balls.

I took the base of my member between my thumb and index finger, pressing back into my firm pad to reveal my full seven-plus inches of length for him. He licked his lips and I squatted down to rest the foul thing on his face.

“Buttfuck me some more,” he whimpered.

“On the floor, boy!” I commanded him as I straightened up.

He rolled over and got down on his knees on the rug by his bed. He quickly fell forward to rest on his forearms which spread the plump cheeks of his upturned butt just enough to reveal his still swollen pucker.

“Beautiful!” I praised him as I gently ran a finger over it.

I squatted down and quickly sank balls deep into his well-worn chute.

“Squeeze me,” I instructed him.

He started clamping his tight sphincter on the thick base that stretched him out.

“Oh, Daddy…oh, Daddy…oh-h-h-h, Daddy…fuck me!” he pleaded.

“Here comes the big finish, Baby Boy…and it’s going to hurt,” I prepared him.

“I know…I know…don’t hold back,” he bravely assured me.

I slowly swung my hips into motion, eliciting a deep groan from him.

“Harder,” he encouraged me after a few minutes.

I increased the power behind my thrusts. He responded favorably. My balls began to slap his perineum and he practically purred at the rewarding sensation.

Steadily increasing my force I eventually had him cussing like a sailor again as I pummeled his aching bowels. I listened for the word ‘stop’. Never hearing it I gathered more steam.

His cries sounded anguished as I reveled in the velvety softness of his well-formed chute as deeply as I could manage. He boldly ceded full control to me, granting me free rein to use him for all the pleasure I could ever want from a man.

My stamina at that point surprised even me as I powered into him with my full and unrelenting force. He whimpered and yelped like a man being prison raped, but his ass never once tried to retreat from the punishment I was firmly meting out to it.

Eventually my scrotum began to tighten up around my wildly swinging balls, restricting their movement. That familiar tingle began to roil in my loins. I knew I was close.

He stayed with me as I allowed my lust to hit peak ferocity and began throwing the 300-plus pounds of muscular bulk behind my rock hard cock at his ravaged hole with total abandon. I had put the old boy through some pretty fierce fucks over the years, but never one like this.

Remembering how rapt his attention had been during the merciless fuck we’d witnessed in the video from the previous night, I decided to test him. He was passing with flying colors.

Before I had a chance to withdraw and feed my load to his mouth I exploded in a convulsive orgasm and decided to just go in balls deep to enjoy it. I doubt there was much ejaculate to deposit having already come twice that day, but the sensations at my end of it were every bit as electrifying and rewarding as any of the biggest loads I’d ever shot.

I slowly withdrew from him and admired the huge gaper he was sporting, still yawning open to the exact girth of my thick base. Like the man in the video, I tenderly ran my index finger around its rim to confirm for him that he was indeed wide open from the unrelenting fuck I’d thrown up his ass. He moaned as it eventually snapped shut around the first knuckle of my finger.

When I pulled it out I was a tad shocked at the condition of his sphincter. I spat onto my fingers and tenderly massaged it. It had been mercilessly abraded and felt a bit feverish to the touch.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Never better, Daddy,” he softly confirmed.

Content that he was in fine shape I sat on the bed and laid back as I commanded, “Then get up here and clean your mess off my dick, boy!”

His face appeared over the crest of my belly. He had clearly been a bit surprised by the ferocity of my fuck, but his expression radiated respect and admiration as he dutifully took my drooling, froth coated member into his mouth to do my bidding.

He slowly fucked his throat on it until it softened beyond the ability to penetrate it anymore. With a noisy suction he let it slip from his lips and cradled it in his palm for my inspection. I lifted my head and saw that it was clean as a whistle.

“Good boy,” I sighed as I rested my head back on the mattress.

His hands crept up onto my torso and firmly roamed the expanse of my belly, his stubby fingers appreciatively kneading its firmness. He leaned in and began peppering it with adoring kisses.

Resting his cheek on it he firmly hugged it and asked, “What did I do to deserve a daddy like you?”

I lifted my head to see him smile up at me and said, “Santa knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, but the boys who are nice and naughty get the best gifts!”

He laughed out loud.

“Let’s clean up and change the bed spread. You’ve come all over this one, and frankly I’m flat worn out after that.”

“Yes, sir, Santa” he said with a wink as he stood up and offered me his hand.

We rolled up the soiled bed spread and re-covered the sheets, which were unspoiled by his cum and fine for another night’s sleep. Entering his bathroom we brushed together, each of us praising the other’s role in the night’s festivities as we chatted.

He started the water in the shower and we thoroughly cleaned up. When he turned and got spread-eagle against the wall I did his back, taking extra care to spread his battered hole enough to lightly massage it with a soapy finger and ensure that his ring was thoroughly cleansed.

“Why such care?” he asked.

“You’ll see,” I replied.

Once we were in bed I rolled him over onto his stomach and pulled his ass cheeks apart. The swelling in his hole was receding, but it still had a bruised and purplish hue to it.

“This poor little guy took a hell of a beating tonight,” I observed as I traced a finger over it.

“He loved it, Barry,” Charles sighed with contentment.

“I still feel like we should kiss and make up,” I said as I leaned in started tracing my tongue over it.

“Oh, Barry!” he said with surprise, “What’s got into you this weekend? First you kiss me after ass-to-mouth and now you’re licking my asshole!”

“Should I stop?”

“Hell NO!” he blurted.

I laughed and resumed, occasionally pausing to extend it my apologies for the rough treatment. Charles chuckled with glee as he writhed beneath me.

When I felt I had done my duty I stretched out by his side. He rolled over to face me and, from his expression, you’d have thought I just showered him with millions of dollars.

He opened his mouth to receive my tongue and sucked it furiously in appreciation before collapsing onto my chest.

We lay in silence for a few minutes until he said, “Barry…I’ve been thinking.”

“About what?”

“About why we make ourselves go so long between these sessions.”

“What are you driving at?”

“Well…we both know we’re perfectly suited socially and sexually…and we’re not getting any younger.”


“And…whenever anybody else fucks me…I spend the entire time wishing it was you. I know I’ve always been a size queen and I make no apology for that. So it’s no secret I love that big fuckin’ dick of yours…and those low slung balls, too. But I’ve had other men who could offer me that. You bring so much more to the table.”

“Like what?”

“Like these huge, incredibly strong muscles…they’re so comforting. And more than that, I’ve always felt you understand me…understand my needs…better than any other man I’ve ever known.”

“How so?”

“I don’t know exactly how to say this…most men mistake my naturally submissive tendencies for some kind of admission that I’m somehow less of a man for them. You’ve always seemed to understand that when those tendencies emerge from within me…it’s because they make me feel like MORE of a man for the freedom I feel to celebrate the kind of men I’m attracted to. No matter how assertively you take me, I never feel demeaned by all of your considerable masculine assets. I feel valued by them.”

“You are! Don’t ever doubt that,” I confirmed in no uncertain terms, drawing him in for a passionate kiss.

“Then why don’t you move in here with me? We’re both self-sufficient and…this is no mansion…but it’s paid for…and it’s plenty big enough for the two of us to have privacy when we need it. It would make me so happy to be able to please you like this a few times a week instead of waiting for these weekend marathons once every month or two. I don’t mean be a married couple…I see no reason for any other aspect of our friendship to change.”

I went silent mulling over what he’d said.

“Well?” he asked.

I rolled him onto his belly again and climbed onto his back, nestling my soft cock and balls into the deep cleft of his crack.

“Can I sleep on it?”

He chuckled and lifted his butt up to grind against my loins, “All night, Daddy!”

I nibbled at his fleshy nape a while and then rolled off him, “Let’s talk more in the morning, then.”

* * * *


* * * *

I awoke mid-morning Sunday to the feel of Charles’ pudgy hand fondling my balls and morning hard-on while he hungrily nursed on my left nipple. I folded my arm around his head and laid my hand on his shoulder.

“Good morning, Daddy!” he greeted me.

“Morning, baby,” I sighed and then cleared my throat.

The unusually small size of his hand always aroused me as it played over my engorged member and sagging balls in the mornings we spent together. I found myself thinking how nice it might be to wake up this way every day.

“Bruiser’s been up for quite some time now. Would you like me to take care of him?”

I pressed my lips to the top of his gleaming pate, “What did you have in mind?”

“I could just suck him off for you,” he said and then broke out in a devilish grin, “OR…I could lie under you while you give me a deep throat face fuck.”

I pulled him in for a kiss and then said, “I like the way you think, but I’ll need some coffee before tackling anything as strenuous as a face fuck.”

“I’ll put some on,” he said as he rolled out of bed.

His butt looked incredibly beautiful as he walked away from me. It was nice and plump but well short of giving him anything resembling a pear shape. Compared to the width of his round shoulders his hips had a certain narrowness to them that I found very masculine looking and appealing. He lacked the V-taper he often complimented me for, but he was definitely a man…and one who was comfortable in his skin.

I lay back and replayed his words from the night before in my mind. He was right. I wasn’t getting any younger and the dry spells outside of what he and I shared were definitely getting longer. Just then he appeared in the doorway and paused to admire me, comfortably scratching his meager balls as he did.

“It’ll be ready in a minute,” he said.

I patted the bed beside me. He hopped in and cuddled up to my side, resuming his fondling of my morning wood. He slid his grip on it down to the base and thumped it on my belly a few times, then stood it up.

“Beautiful!” he exclaimed and then started sucking my left nipple again while lazily stroking my dick.

He let go of it and brought his hand to his mouth to fish a hair off his tongue.

“The hazard of having a big, hairy man in your bed,” he said with a chuckle and then dove back in.

“Is it a hazard you could live with?” I asked.

He lifted his head in utter surprise, “Does this mean…?”

“It means I’m finding the offer tempting, but I’m still weighing the pros and cons. For example, what do I do with my house?”

“You can move in here for a trial run. If that goes like I think it will then you can sell it. With all the equity you must have in it by now you’ll barely put a dent in that sharing expenses here. Then we’ll add your name to the title of this one and that way, if I go first, it’s yours free and clear.”

“How long of a trial?”

“Let’s give it…say…a year. We should know well by then if we’re going to be compatible.”

He was making a lot of sense and I did see him as a very attractive catch. We heard the coffee maker finishing up in the distance.

“Be right back,” he said as he rolled out of the bed again.

I got up to go take my morning piss. I wiped the sleep from my eyes as I stood and got my bearings. He quickly returned with two steaming cups just as I disappeared into the master bath. He followed me in and set my cup on the vanity.

Taking his first sip he watched as I balled my left hand into a fist and rested it on my hip. I then reached out to put my hand on the wall behind the toilet and pushed my hips forward to dangle my cock and balls over the toilet bowl. A thick stream erupted from my cock and began noisily pelting the still water below, creating a shifting tide within the porcelain bowl.

“I’ve never seen a man look more handsome taking a piss…every boy’s dream of a burly, big hung daddy!”

“You’ve never taken a piss this way?” I asked.

“With my little willy? And this pucker? Hell, I’d be spraying everything BUT the toilet bowl if I tried that!” he laughed.

As my stream trailed off I took my cock between the index and middle fingers of my right hand to steady it for the final few spurts.

“Like a big, fat cigar!” he marveled, “Makes me proud when you let me smoke it!”

I laughed as I lifted it off my balls to wring the last droplets from it and shake them off under his intense gaze. After rinsing my hands and drying them off I picked up my cup and escorted him back to the bed.

We folded our pillows behind us to prop ourselves up and stretched out hip to hip. Reaching my free hand across me I played with his titties while we sipped our coffee and chatted more.

“So, what other concerns do you have for me to overcome?” he asked with a smile.

“Well,” I started and then pondered for a minute, “I love fucking you…we both know that.”


“But we also both know that you’re the only man I’ve ever been content to strictly top. Most men who can’t provide me the joy of getting fucked end up being tossed out of my bed by their ears. So what’s the work-around for that if I move in here?”


“You know full well I’m a one on one kind of man when it comes to sex…and I like to play with a man’s morning hard-on, too. So I’d need someplace to sleep with him on the rare occasion that one comes along.”

“We’d have two spare bedrooms.”

“You know how loud I can be when I fuck. When I’m getting fucked it can be even noisier. I’d hate knowing you were within ear shot of that. The guilt would be too much for me to enjoy myself.”

He got pensive.

“We could split the mortgage payment on your place so you’d have somewhere to go if he didn’t have one of his own,” he offered.

“A place gets too run down too quickly if it sits unattended for any length of time,” I countered, “and I don’t want us to have to invest the time and energy of keeping two places up.”

“Good point,” he said with a hint of resignation.

We sipped our coffee some more and he started playing with my cock and balls. After a few minutes he set his cup on his night stand and curled up to my side, resting his head on my shoulder as he peered up into my gaze.

“Like I said, there’s hardly any other man I think of but you when I think of a man fucking me,” he began, “But it does happen that other men occasionally catch my eye as interesting playmates, too. I also know going into an arrangement like this that you have sexual needs I can’t meet. Topping another man has never been my thing…I’m a total bottom…and I’m happy that way.”


“Do you expect me to be in bed with you every night?” he asked.


“Well, I’d never expect it of you either,” he said, “Like I also said, I don’t want anything about the dynamic of our friendship to change.”

“Go on.”

“With the extra money you’ll have at your disposal there’s no reason you can’t rent a nice hotel room when a playmate comes along, if need be,” he began to brainstorm again, “Same for me. A quick text when that happens just to let the other know not to expect him wouldn’t be too intrusive would it? I mean, I know I would be worried about your safety without that.”

“It’s sounding better all the time,” I confessed, “This has been a rather sudden turn in our friendship, though. I still need more time to consider all the angles.”

“Fair enough,” he responded, “I don’t expect a yes or no this weekend. Life altering decisions take time. I know that.”

“Still up for that face fuck?” I asked, waggling my raging hard-on for his inspection.

“You know it, big daddy!” he exclaimed.

I took my last sip and set my cup down on my night stand. We quickly positioned ourselves for the festivities with him scooted down far enough to give him a comfortable angle for taking my cock and me on my knees, bracing myself with my hands on his headboard.

He pulled his pillow down to angle his head a bit better for my approach. I touched my cock head to his lips and he tenderly kissed it.

“You’re still leaking a little,” he said with a smile as he licked his lips.

“Sorry,” I said.

“It’s perfectly alright by me,” he assured me and then opened wide to take me in.

I pinched it off at the base to make the veins stand out for him.

“LOOK at that thing!” he gushed just before I shoved it into his mouth.

I slowly lowered myself into him until I felt his soft palate cradle my cock head. A muffled, nasal sounding moan rose into the air from beneath my belly, telling me he was right where he felt he belonged. I started gently rocking into him.

Testing his gag reflex on me, I felt him recoil a bit.

“Need more pillow?” I asked.

I felt him nod with my dick still buried in his mouth and slid my pillow down to his up-stretched arms for him to position for his comfort.


He nodded again and sounded out a nasal “Mmmm-hmmm.”

I went back to work on him, gradually lengthening my strokes until I felt his throat might be able to accept my cock head. Pressing for entry I held still to give him whatever time he needed to finish the job.

A few seconds later I heard him gulp and he had it in. I leaned forward a bit more to let his head rest back on the pillows without inserting any more of my length into him…intentionally at least.

It always amazed me that he could take my upward curve in that position. I began gently pumping into his throat’s tight grip, my balls comfortably nestled in the soft warmth of his soft titties. He hooked his arms around my thighs to let me know he was good for it.

In and out my cock head repeatedly slid through the tight ring at the top of his gullet. The sensation was electrifying. Occasionally I held still for him to milk me in it.

I’ve always thought only a real man could have the fortitude to offer himself up so fearlessly and unconditionally to a man like me; one who forgets his own strength sometimes and is prone to getting carried away in his lust.

I’ve even wondered on occasion if I could bottom for me without holding a grudge when all was said and done. But Charles was perfectly suited to the task, and I’ve always respected him for that.

As usual time became inconsequential to me as I enjoyed his willing submission. My tight grip on the headboard lessened the the noise of its impact with the wall, but make no mistake that I was fucking the hell out of that handsome man’s eager suction on me.

To his credit he was totally receptive to my vigorous thrusts, never once signaling that I should ease up on him. My moans were getting louder the closer I was edging to orgasm and I began probing his gullet with greater and greater authority, confident in his ability to withstand my assault.

My scrotum gripped my balls more securely as the tingle built up inside me. I continued to hammer away at him. Just as I succumbed to the fireworks of my convulsive orgasm I withdrew my cock from his mouth and aimed it at his smiling face.

I watched with pride as my flared slit angrily spat eight thick, copious, gooey blasts of my pearly seed onto it. He giggled like the boy he was inside as he milked the lesser ones onto his outstretched tongue and savored my taste with moans that clearly signaled his delight.

Pushing my cock head back into his mouth I reached down and picked up my phone. I pulled my dick out so that it was resting on his chin just below his heartwarming smile.

I framed the shot so that, from bottom to top, the V of my pecs was in relief against the crest of my furry paunch. Above that his cum coated face beamed up into the camera, fully exposed with my fat cock head still lying on his chin.

“Smile, pretty boy!” I said and snapped a photo.

“Let’s get a couple of safeties,” he suggested as he worked his right arm between my legs and out of view under my protruding gut to steady my flagging hard-on on his chin.

I snapped three more with him mugging the camera in different ways. When he was satisfied a decent shot would be available I lifted my bulk off him to free his movement.

He scooted up in the bed from between my legs and I began licking my cum from his face, as usual feeding it to him from my tongue. He giggled with boyish delight.

Slipping my hand behind his head on the last one I pressed it to me and probed his mouth with my thrusting tongue for a lingering kiss.

“Good boy!” I said and began to nip at his grandfatherly jowls.

“Daddy knows best!” he affirmed.

I rolled off him to lie by his side.

“Let’s see those,” he said.

I accessed my photos and we scrolled through the four shots, all of which were excellent in my opinion.

“Mind if I post these to my Xtube account?” he asked.

“Not a bit,” I said.

“Then send me all of them. I agree, they’re all too good to pick a favorite.”

I sent them to both his email and phone. He quickly went to his computer and had them posted to his account before I’d even begun brushing my teeth. We showered and went out for a late breakfast. Returning to his house shortly after one he was eager to see what kind of comments he’d gotten on the photos. I pulled up a chair and sat beside him as he logged into his account.

He went to the photo album, which he’d titled “Wearing Daddy’s Cum”, and there were already over a dozen comments on each of them. They mostly read like this:

“Hot fucking daddy belly!”

“Fat daddy dick!”

“I wanna wear his cum, too!”

“What a load!”

“Looks like you’re a hit…as usual,” he beamed with pride.

“If you’re happy then I’m happy,” I said as I pulled him in for another kiss.

Time soon came that I had to leave for home.

“Think on my offer and let me know what you decide,” he said as he took me in his arms.

I’m back home now and looking at those wonderful photos while I replay my memories of our splendid weekend in my mind. He does look cute as a button and completely content with my cum spattered all over his face. I still can’t be certain just yet that I’ll go through with it, but the longer I stare at them the less inclined I am to bet against it.