My girlfriend After reading some stories, I want to share with you what I have lived.

I am now 30 years old but I started sexually at 19 years old with my girlfriend Sara, a girl of 1.60 with a spectacular body due to the fact that since I was a little girl I practice sports constantly and that’s when I attended the gymnasium of the same university.

When I met her I loved that spectacular redondito butt and we soon verified that it was also delicious.

After classes we spent a lot of time together on the campus of the university, we parked the car in unoccupied solitary places, we kissed and we began to touch each other little by little we learned the pleasure that we could give ourselves by desire, besides we loved each other. Although I was not strictly trained in moral matters, at all times I thought I would respect her because I had heard that it was a way to demonstrate to the couple the love one felt for her. But she had had an older boyfriend who taught her everything that I later lived.

On so many occasions when we were in the car where we gave ourselves tremendous heaters, she taught me to kiss her, to touch her according to her preference, since we were confident. He told me how to light it to the fullest with kisses and caresses.

That day we would spend in the car wearing a long dress that completely unbuttoned the front, an issue that facilitated any maneuver.

Her skin was silk, not forgetting her hair, which at the time was straight and jet black. His honey-colored eyes and that eternal smile …

He began by asking me to touch his sex and how little by little to introduce my fingers between his lips without more and lubricate the clitoris to fill him with caresses, without forgetting his breasts although small when he reached the exact degree were two volcanoes with tremendous hardness. Meanwhile she did her job kissing me like never before, she was the one who dictated the rhythm to follow, in what I put a thousand clitoris, after that came my reward, she deftly pulled out my penis and stroked it with those hands that did not I will never forget when I believed that my member had reached the maximum size, the surprise came, she took it in her mouth, with that magnificent handling that already mentioned the language and no repulsion to the act, it made it grow more, you can imagine the pleasure of someone you love doing something of what you most want at that age.

I take to heaven because I felt that humid cavity that I was gradually filling with my being, she kissed everything and with an almost magical ability she made me disappear inside, I felt as she passed by her bell and I followed all this in a combination of tenderness and mastery. Meanwhile I held her hair in my hands and separated them from her forehead, she opened her eyes, from which emanated a special shine, in the environment dominated the scent of our sexes.

Suddenly I felt like a heat wave took hold of me from my feet to the last hair and my semen came out which she kept and did not allow anything to come out, I felt like I was flying and transported me to eternity, after that, not knowing what time it was, I turned on me and watched as he shuddered and his sex emanated his juices and without letting me out of his mouth, we remained motionless, listening to the heartbeat of our hearts and the wind through the trees.

I must say that it was the beginning since my mind keeps even more, that I will tell you later …