After consulting him, I have decided to make some confessions that may give clues to some of my readers about who writes under this pseudonym. It is a risk the run, I am aware of it, but I like to tempt fate. Danger excites me. I hope you enjoy them and if they recognize me, you know where they can contact me; but be discreet, huh.
Something that I have not told you – and with what I start these confessions – is that I am divorced. I got married when I finished college; The marriage lasted only a couple of years. My husband was called Miguel; He is tall, dark, stocky, handsome, not very sociable – that was one of the problems we had – and very hard-working, maybe you see too much, as you will see. Since the engagement we were very fogozos. Fajábamos, we fondled each other or took each we had opportunity. When we got married it was not the exception of course; We stayed for a month without Miguel going to work, they had offered him a good job but a month-maybe a couple of weeks more-after our wedding. Fortunately we did not lack money, although we were not rich by any means, so we spent all that “honeymoon” time. I liked to provoke him, so I was in the house half dressed, with little shorts, miniskirts or in panties and a little player; very few times he resisted my advances and we fucked three or even four times a day. I got used to it. I have always been fascinated by sex and being so well looked after every day I was delighted.
Sex was very passionate, it was always with Miguel, but from the moment we got married it was violent, a little bit too much, and little by little I got the taste. At first it scared me a little, because having a special friend do it one wild night is fine, but your husband … was afraid it would turn into another type of aggression. But it did not happen that way, I realized that it just excited him to fuck me hard. I ripped off my clothes, struggled and told me some things like “you like that?” “You love being fucked hard, do not you?” And pumped me hard. I was also excited by all that.
In short, that’s how the first months were, but after a couple of months already Miguel and I worked as a housewife – I started working almost a year after I got married – I was beginning to miss those cogilones … three times, four … I missed little I also feel the desire of the young people of the university, by the teachers. Those hours at home were eternal. Of course it came out, but I missed all that. I exercised at home – I’ve always liked to keep fit – but I decided to go to a gym that was just around the corner from my house. I wanted to be with more people, to exercise more and why not, to feel the look of men on my buttocks, my tits. See how they fantasize about my body … provoke them. The first weeks I was a little distant from the instructors and men in general; she did not hide the fact that she was married. Actually that interested the vast majority of them. Of course she was not the only married woman who went to the gym, there were several and very pretty. I really felt a bit jealous. It was with them that I interacted with them from the beginning; what comments they made, who they recommended, with whom they did not approach, in short, what women commented in those places … and in others. Most of the instructors were youngsters slightly older than me at that time, that is, about 25 years old, although there were two who were in their 40s. One pair were really handsome, the rest were not much, but they were very rich.
Already by the third week I began to take more confidence, be less curt and even joke with the instructors and other kids in the gym. Some did not take long to insinuate with some compliments, little secrets putting his hand on my waist, hip or a little lower, offering to take me home – but were discouraged when I said “Oh, what a nice thank you, but I live here on the way back” . I was happy, I had achieved what I wanted; the attention of men, to feel wanted.
Not rarely did I come home after the gym and masturbate before taking a bath or in the tub, but before long that was not enough. It was also a time when Miguel arrived later than usual and somewhat tired, so our sex sessions were limited to two or three times a week and on weekends. For me it was not enough, he had accustomed me to much more, I needed him and he was not there. I needed not to make love, but to fuck, to be taken only by desire, lust. So I decided to satisfy my needs, as a girlfriend I was unfaithful for a bitch, now married, out of necessity. If he did not attend to me, there would be those who would.
I could have gone to old boyfriends or professors at the university, but I wanted to try new things and decided that I would be one of the instructors; I already knew who. Eduardo was one of the prettiest and best looking; One of the gym girls-Araceli, married-had told me that she had thrown it away and made it delicious. It was famous in the gym to be a gulf, so it would not be difficult to put it on. I had to think of an excuse to take it home and I remembered that at some point I had offered to connect or fix sound or plumbing fixtures, so that excuse would be used.
That day Miguel had gone to work a little late and shortly after he left I put on a white thong, my white lycra sports set and went to the gym. I exercised as usual and in one of my breaks I told Lalo that I would leave a little early because the watering can not be used in my house and I would have to call a plumber to have it checked. He, of course, offered to review it.
– Oh, not how you think, Lalo.
– Why not? I already told you that I know those things and electrical appliances, do not you remember?
– Yes, but how do you think? Not what pity.
– Do not worry, to see that we give good services to our partners in this gym.
– Hahahaha, no, well, yes. But do not tell anyone, if not what they will think.
– Do not worry, Teté. If you want, I’ll go before and see you in the shops on the corner.
– Good. How cute thank you very much.

That’s how we did it. We are in some commercial premises between the gym and my house. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I was about to be unfaithful to my husband for the first time. What if someone saw us enter my apartment? And if Lalo did not jump at the first move, would I? There was some flirting, but he knew that I was married and I was sharp at first. I was about to find out. As we walked to my house I moved my hips a little more than necessary. I did the same when climbing the stairs of my building, I climbed in front of him and exaggerated a little the swing to motivate him a little. I felt his gaze fixed on my buttocks; that excited me delicious, I felt my heart jump out of my chest. I felt like a teenager about to shake for the first time. We went to the apartment, I left my little backpack in the living room, went to the kitchen to get something to drink from the fridge, I leaned over to give him a good view of my buttocks and while drinking a little gatorade, Lalo came from behind caressed my shoulders massaging them and he lowered his hands down my torso to the hip.
No, what are you doing, Lalo?
You’re very rich, Tere. “He gripped my hip tightly, ran his thumbs along my buttocks and the others in the front near where my thong started. I was burning.
No, Lalo, do not follow.
What buttocks you have! Since you arrived, you’ve craved me, Tere.
Lalo, I’m married. Look better we stopped him -at that moment he wrapped his bulge in my buttocks; It was huge and it was very hard; I was dying to taste it, to feel it inside- Mm ..
Do you like what you feel?
But if you came to fix the bathtub … do not go on, please. “He smiled.
What the hell do I know about plumbing, Tere? Also sure you have nothing your shower, what you want is a good fuck. Same as the old gym ones. If nothing else to that go, to bind a guy to be caught while his hubby is chambeando-was hot.
No, Lalo … please do not follow – he was still massaging my buttocks, my tits and smearing his stick on my buttocks. Then while one of his hands was on my tits, the other went down to my crotch.
You’re soaked, Tere, you want to dick, right?
No, Lalo … mm … please, I do not want to be unfaithful … no, please … “He tucked his hand under his sport blouse and began to pinch my nipples, while I moved up and down with his hip, carving his stick in the buttocks.
Ssshhhh … let yourself go, little girl, we’re going to have fun. Let your hubby work while we fuck-he masturbated me on top of the lycra and excited me more and more; Was delicious. He whispered in my ear and licked my neck, nibbled me, also my ears, finally kissed me. The cold of the refrigerator and the heat felt in the body was delicious. In the same position -I faced the open fridge and he behind me- put his hand under my lycra to masturbate, dedearme … he did it wonderfully- What a rich little pussy you have, soft, shaved; It looks like you’re a hot old woman, Teresita. I’m going to suck it, I’m going to lick it, I’m going to suck that delicious little piece of you …
Follow him, Lalo … follow him … follow him … I’ll come … how delicious …
Then I’m going to put it in, I’ll get you delicious, Tere. You’ll feel my cock up to my throat, petite. I’m going to put it to you like you’ve never been caught, Tere.
So, like that, like that, like that, like that … ay, I’m coming, I’m coming … mmmmmmmmmmmm … ah. Mmm, how nice -Lalo slowly stopped masturbating and kissed my neck, rubbed his stick on my buttocks and stroked her tits- Now it’s my turn -I turned around, I hit him, I grabbed his buttocks and took him walking towards an armchair in the living room; I lowered the pants with his teeth, sat down, I opened his legs a little, I took off his pants and socks and climbed up his legs while I grabbed the stick on his boxers.

Delicious! Take off your blouse, Tere -I did it, I stayed in sporty brassiere- what rich tits- I licked the inside of her thigh and kept masturbating on the boxers. I lowered the boxers to release the stick, it was a huge cock, delicious, I smelled it, I licked it a bit and then I took off the boxers; I asked him to take off his shirt and while doing it I put his cock in his mouth- Aaahhh … what a delight.
Mmmmmmmm … mmmmm … you’re delicious, Lalo … mmmmmmmm-he grabbed my hair and did it to the side to see how he was sucked. Every once in a while I would pass one of my nipples through the end of the cock and then go back to licking it, mommy … at that moment it seemed like it came in my mouth, so I did everything I could to make it come. I sucked it, I masturbated it with my hand, I moaned, I tongue-tied it and I noticed how its excitement rose quickly.
Oh, you bastard, you’re going to make me come, Tere. Wait, calmly – I ignored it.
Mmmmmmm … mmmmm … mmmmmmmmmmm … mmmmmmmmmmmm
Oh, you bastard … do you want me to come? Hey? Do you want my little girl, Teresita?
M-hm … mmmmmmm … give me your pussy, Lalo … mmmmmmmmm
You’re a bastard, Tere … I love you, you’re a slut, little girl, I knew it. Oh, how nice … I’m going to come in your little mouth, Teresita … do you want my little girl?
M-hm … -I heard very mimosa- mmmmmm … mmmmmmmm … -I felt the throb of his cock and a few seconds later I felt the hot stream flood my mouth; Was delicious. I followed him sucking until he was losing his erection little by little, although he did not completely lose it.
The delicious breasts … you’re a bitch, Tere. I did not think you were so … stop.
Stand up-so I did; I was still with the sports bra and lycras- turn around-he obeyed him in everything, he began to masturbate-take off the lycras little by little. Whore, you’re so good, I like that and rich tanguita -he approached me and caressed my buttocks with his hands and licked them- turn around again -I obeyed, my little girl still under the thong was in front of her face- he smelled it -I was still excited-take off your bra, I want to see your tits-she was removed by a brooch on the front; I took it off and then I slowly lowered the thong-how rich you shaved it. “He stroked it with his fingers and tongue. I wanted to play a little cat and mouse, I wanted to provoke a little, so I grabbed his hand, I knelt down and said in a regretful tone, not entirely false:
I think we better stop him, Lalo, I’ve already behaved very badly and we’ve already drunk a little.

Just let me lick you the shell “-he lowered his right hand and he caressed me while he kissed me-” I want to taste you, Tere, lick your little pussy, mamartela, just that and now “she was still masturbating and I agreed. We leaned on the carpet, I opened my legs and he immediately began to eat the conchita. I was grabbing his head and he was pinching my nipples. He had me delicious. We were a few minutes like this and it was close to my second orgasm when he stopped and licked my belly and towards my tits.
No, follow him, Lalo, I’m going to come follow him, yeah … -at that moment he put it to me; the truth was delicious and I wanted to fantasize a bit that he was taking me by force-oh, no, Lalo … no … bastard.
Even though you wanted to, Teresita -he started to pump me, I put his huge cock out of my pussy; I felt bad for cheating on my husband, but I was enjoying delicious; He was not there to help me, someone would do it.
No, Lalo, my husband … by fa-vor.
Even if you like it, little golf … you thought I was going to go without catching you? Did you think that a blowjob was enough? Now you give them to me because you give them to me, little golf.
Oh, you have a huge bastard … take it out Lalo, please … my husband.
Your husband is a cuckold, like the other old gym, who will just see who gets it. Pinches foxes badly caught. But I’m going to give you a good fuck, Teresita.
No, Lalo …
If you wanted that, you bastard. Well you wear your lycra transparent gym, teaching your tanguitas … with this ass and this shell … well you know that everyone wants to put you, Teresita. And that you wanted, do not do it. You are a golfa.
No, Lalo, please … ya … sa-cala, Lalo … mmm
If you even moan, you bastard … you’re hot, you little girl, what does not your little husband take care of you, Teresita? Are you hot? -I was excited by what he told me and I had my second orgasm- You wanted to fuck, did not you? Well, this is all yours, Theresa.
Now, Lalo-I did not really want him to stop, on the contrary, he wanted to keep fucking me and talking to me the way he did; He knelt down, put my legs in his arms and put it back to me- Ay …
If you are a good golfa, Teresita, even my mecos you took, little fucker … how rich your tits move while I put it to you. Now where are you going to want your little pussy, huh, little fox. In the mouth to be eaten by your hubby? On the tits? Where, Teresita?
Oh, how rich you fuck, you bastard-without taking it out, I got up, sat down and sat on him, my tits were in my face and began to lick, nibble and massage my buttocks, while I rode.
Do you see how what you need is a good cock?
Yes, yes, take me as you want, Lalo.
If you saw how you bring the gym, Teresita … they die to eat this ass. “He squeezed my buttocks.
And as? If you are very good Since you arrived several want to put you in bed, little one.
Oh yeah?
With those lycra that you wear, those tanguitas … and how you move them … if they knew that this ass is already mine.
Not only yours, Lalito … do not be envious.
Oh, you want others to treat you … you bastard. Same as the other married.
One never knows … -I slow my movements because it came another orgasm- squeeze my buttocks, Lalo … nibble my tits … I’m going to … aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh …. his cock- …
How rich you squeeze …
Delicious! I already needed …

I want to put you in the back, put on a little dog, Teresita … I want to see your ass.
Do you want to put it in the back? So you have imagined me? -I got out of his rope and I settled back in the seat of the chair and stopping the ass, he immediately settled down, he caressed my buttocks, his back, he tapped my buttocks with the cock and put it to the bottom- Ay! Mmmm … how rich you are.
Mmmm … but what an ass, Tere … so I imagined you, little …
Oh, yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me, Lalo … get me. You have it huge.
And it’s all yours, Theresa. “She spanked me.
Yes, give me more … I like it, daddy.
You like it strong, you little bastard, how nice … “she gave me more spanking,” I’m enjoying this ass and your asshole in the job. You’re a bitch, Teresita, a slut … a whore who wants to fuck while her husband works, right?
Yes, daddy, I love cock and my husband does not take care of me.
Well, I’m going to give you every time I want to, Teresita.
Yes, Lalo, yes … take me … take me … “At that moment he began to stimulate my ass with his thumb; little by little I was massaging my ass- not there, Lalo …
Just the finger, you’ll like it, bitch … another day I’ll open it for you, Teresita-little by little she stuck her thumb in my ass while she kept pumping me- do you like it, Teresita?
Oh, yes, but be careful … mmmmmm …
It seems to me that they already inaugurated it, precious … do you want it in the ass?
No, Lalo – inside he said “Yes” – no, not there … – he took it out of the shell and put it in my ass- nooooo … a-a-a-a-a-a … it hurts …
Well, you’re enjoying it, Teresita … uh, what a tight little ass … fucking old how good you are … what the fuck I’m going to give you, Teresita … we’re going to have a lot of fun, little slut.
Ya, ya … Lalo … tuck me in the shell … fuck me …
Neither mothers, asshole … you have a delicious ass … “he spanked me and pulled my hair and I squeezed him with his ass to make him come. Suddenly he took it out and put it back into my little girl, pumping me hard-
Oh, yeah, how nice … mmmmmm … -he excited me very fast and another orgasm was to come, I felt his cock was growing and pumping, so he was also close to finish and squeezed it with the little pan.
Do you like it, huh? This is how your hubby takes you?
So, go on, Lalo, follow.
I’m coming, Tere … squeeze me, squeeze my cock … oh, well, you bastard, like that.
Yes, come, Lalo, come … oh, how rich you are, bastard. “He squeezed my hip while he pumped me, he left suddenly and I felt his hot little pussy on my back.
That was the first time I was unfaithful to my-now-ex-husband and it was not the last, not with Lalo, or that I was unfaithful. Then other confessions will come.