I do not know what happens to me, but my ex makes me look like a donkey, I only see her and she stops me, and sometimes I even ejaculate without more.
The funny thing is that it is not a woman incredibly beautiful or super sexy, but rather is chubby, not very tall but with round buttocks and delicious, and a few breasts, although not very large, that fascinate me.
The matter, I separated from her almost a year ago, since the fights had become unbearable, and only in bed we were fine. But that special day, she came to my house to look for our son. We dined and chatted as friends, which we definitely are not, and in the interim I began to see her with her bare legs and her chochito shaved in diamond, which she taught me by sitting on one of her ankles. I already had an hour with that ereccon, I could not anymore, I apologized and went to the bathroom, with the excuse of not being very well of the stomach, I took a cigarette and I got in the shower, to pull her as a teenager in heat, it did not take long I ejaculated, but I kept masturbating, I wanted that desire to disappear, but it was a bad idea, I could only think of that stupendous lover I had had for a woman until a while ago, and the erection returned as if nothing, and without thinking, I was returning charge again. After ejaculating for the second time and having had an orgasm with myself (which I rarely achieve) I thought it would be enough.
I put on light clothes and left the room, when I saw myself in surprise, lying face down on a sofa bed that had served as a stage for the dirty ones that would turn red even the very Jenna Jameson, and showing her gorgeous diamond between her legs, and now with the plus of those beautiful buttocks. I could not do more, and began to feel like my little friend was on firm, ready to battle. I sat behind her and began to caress her feet, she, although apparently apathetic, said nothing and let me follow her calves and her thighs. I became a fool and started to lift her skirt for a better view. My penis started to beat, I could not believe that after two more times he still wanted more, and I definitely wanted to, too, this woman makes me like a virgin brat with overdose of pornography and boxing gloves, from the same day that the I knew, but that is another roll.
When I saw her beautiful diamond I approached and realized that she was wet, also wanted, but as our personal situation goes from bad to worse, she became stupid, although sometimes she asked me to stop, which she did. In one of those pauses he turned around, opening his legs wide open and closing them to better accommodate my eyes full of desire. Segua lying down, but now I saw him, and her breasts, how hard they got and her nipples were proof of that.
Our offspring played placidly in his room, so we forgot about him at the time. Now I played with her navel and little by little I got closer to her incredibly beautiful breasts. I felt her heartbeat getting stronger, while she stroked my phallus with the back of my knee. I was already like a cannon, but my pride, I say, prevented me from fucking her as only God knows what I wanted, in a wild and excessive way. I got up, with my wet pants and my piece hard as a log, without caring as she realized.
I went to the shower again, for another session of self-love but did not close the door and I realized that she was watching me as she shook me with uncontrollable force, now lying on the floor of the shower, with my phallus the hand and a massage shower in the other. I was having a good time alone, what could I miss? My mistake, that damn erection not only did not go away, but it got stronger, I was already there could not be any more. So I put on a pair of jeans and squeezed my, not very loved at that time, little friend against one leg. I already hurt, I had never had such a long and strong erection, and I doubt it will repeat so easily. It hurt, and a lot.
I saw that my son was already asleep.
I went back to the studio and realized that she had also been doing the homework, the room smelled of her, what excites me even more, I saw her standing before a bookseller, seeing titles, with a face of interest to Shakespeare and Tolkien. I invaded some I do not know what, and without warning, I pulled the skirt to her ankles in one pull and I buried it in the ass in a single lurch, she screamed, it was something between pain and pleasure, but finally more pleasure, she He pounced on one of the teak huts, like a stripdancer and began to squeeze and release the buttocks, over and over again. My hot semen, from my last manuela had left residues that served as a lubricant as he began to spit again, which did not take long, between tinkering, cuddles, envestidas beast, bites, whispers, caresses, pinches … she soon had a Orgasmito simultaneous to mine, which had already ejaculated as if nothing, with a force that only the monsoon winds could describe.
We tried not to scream, and that raised the temperature but in the end we succumbed to the scandal.
While she was starting to recover from that little orgasm, she slapped me,
but softly I push her to sit on the sofa, I got into her gorgeous crotch, still beating and I put my tongue between her lips, reaching her exquisite vagina and feeling that mixture of cum and vaginal juices that tasted like glory. The orgasm turned into an orgasm and from there to orgasmon, helped by my index and my middle finger, I went inside looking for the famous G, and finding it. While she snarled at me, “get out of that bastard” while squeezing my face against her crotch with amazing strength. When I felt that I already had it as a train, I put it back in, this time in front, it did not take long to ejaculate, soaking both my sofa and his beautiful ass. Feeling that, I got out and began to suck all the malpa that had left his speck, running his tongue over his thighs, buttocks and through that pair of holes so rich, now more. I nibbled painfully at the perineum, and he loved it, but my beak was still standing and I was still horny, so I buried it again in the diamond, I was getting a new orgasm in it, a big one, and a big one in me, I felt all that tickle and convulsions so rich, and we began to make that characteristic sound in us that says “I am passing it from mother to mother!” she took it out, and put it in her mouth, not so hard anymore, and licked it sweetly , in that moment I saw something nice and sweet in her, again, in her look … Until she grabbed my eggs and squeezed me very hard, but with the load she carried, fascinated me and my hose turned into a club. In that moment we return to reality, I do not know why. She got up, kissed me without letting go of the package, rather masturbating me. Then she slapped me very hard, put on her skirt, if panties, just as she had come, took my son from the bed in her room, and told me that she had not had such a good time, her best lover to date, act I thought that he would kiss me again, but he approached me only to whisper that he did not want it to happen again, with a whole more of anger.
But I was still warm, with a bittersweet sense in my soul, so I called a lifelong friend. (thinking that this fever would distract her) to go out and take something, but she told me no, but that she would come by her house. I had never seen her as a woman, since I had known her since we were very young, until that afternoon. We sat on a sofa and she put my feet on my thighs, I know I noticed the package, but she had never paid attention to it, not even at that moment. I began to caress her feet, and looked her in the eyes, as a good conversationalist does, then I realized, I was facing an extremely beautiful woman, who had made many hobbies fantasize and now I joined the list. I wanted to kiss her, but I only devoted myself to her feet in my hands. I could not take it anymore, I told him what had happened and that he was super hot, I could not spend another minute in his house, I confessed how much I love her and that I did not want anything to damage our friendship and that I had just realized that being in front of the reincarnation of Venus (I’m not exaggerating, seriously) would not help me in that task at that moment. So I went out, accompanied by her to the door, she dismissed me with a very sweet kiss, on my trembling lips, and the image of my newly broken marriage passed through my mind during that kiss, I retreated and embraced her with as much strength as love I felt towards her, rubbing against my erection, without realizing it, her crotch, she did not seem to bother him and she did not stop hugging me, while she kept sobbing she shook more to my crotch and asked me to stay, she would not let me handle in that state.
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poco peludo…
I put a bed in the room and stroked my head to sleep, between caresses, so sweet and sweet words, I began to excite myself again, but now it was different, I did not want to fuck, I wanted to love, I sat and asked I did the same, next to me. He asked me about my libido, I told him I was not there, but now I felt something different, just as strong, but more sweet and clean, I looked at those eyes that emanated sweetness, I kissed his face, both cheeks, chin and lips, with a terunra that brushed the ridiculous, but not there, do not use attention, while my hands caressed his thin waist and perfect thighs, we sank into a kiss that lasted a lot in time, but very little in our souls , our lips did not separate but to nibble or let the other’s tongue play on the palate no longer so alien, without knowing how we joined in that sofa, in his living room, we made love in a way he had never done, and I felt things that I had never felt, the room was invaded by a smell of fresh jasmine, she told me it was not jasmine, it was something more beautiful, lying on my chest, totally taken for the moment, I told Ana I will be falling in love with you? She just smiled very sweet and pretty, she murmured, “I do not know, maybe, it would bother you?” She kissed my chest and fell asleep.
We never discussed what happened, but now I do not know how to look at it, and it has me confused, because I do not know how I want it now, what I do know is that I love it more every day.