by Tappy_McWidestance

My name is Marley. I am 22 years old and not quite a year out of college. I live just south of Chicago, have a good job, good friends and a boyfriend I love very much. So why did I take all my vacation days in January, ride a smelly bus for over 40 hours to Las Vegas and find myself alone in a hotel suite blindfolded with my hands and ankles cuffed waiting for a woman I have never seen, let alone met? Well it all started on Halloween last year. Looking back, if I had not had that stupid fight with my boyfriend over what costume to wear, none of this would have ever happened. But sometimes accidents change our lives for the better.

We had plans to go to a Halloween party and we had trouble picking out a couples costume. It was stupid that we each had our own ideas what to go as and neither of us was willing to budge. We ended up having a huge fight and actually broke up for a few days. But that isn’t important right now.

What is important was instead of staying home to mope, I showered and dolled myself up and still went to a bar with a couple of girlfriends. The place was a meat market (my girlfriends were trolling for a hookup) and was having a costume contest with first prize being $500.

You may anticipate my story begins with a poorly chosen one-night stand to soothe the heartache of breaking up with my boyfriend, but you would be wrong. I am an emotionally strong woman and if he didn’t want me, I wasn’t going to lose my head over him. I went to the bar mostly to support my friends who had visions of winning the costume contest. I ended up wearing a store bought catwoman costume because wearing half of a couples costume seemed stupid. I looked good, but I had no illusions of winning the contest. There were plenty of people who put a lot of effort into their costumes and I was sure one of them would be chosen.

I was having fun at the bar. There was plenty of drinking and dancing. Single guys were hitting on me, but again, I preferred not to be a casual hook up so I brushed them off. They did help my ego though. Then a couple walked in that I was sure would win the contest. Actually it was a threesome. It was what would best be described as a dominant couple (I knew a bit about “the scene” from reading Fifty Shades of Gray) along with their slavegirl. The couple was wearing all leather. The woman had on a short leather skirt, fishnet stockings, thigh high boots and a bustier displaying her ample breasts. The man had leather pants, a leather vest that was unbuttoned showing off a firm, muscular chest and also wore boots. It was their slave that really caught my eye. She was wearing, well, not much at all. Like her Mistress she had on fishnet stockings, but instead of boots she had on fuck me pumps with four-inch heels. She had on a micro mini skirt so short it showed off the clips on her garter belt. I wondered if she had on anything underneath. That was a weird thought for me because I’d never given what other women wear any consideration. But she enthralled me. Her breasts were covered by what appeared to be black tape wrapped around her chest a few times. She also wore a thick leather collar. It had a chain attached that the man was holding. It seemed like the entire bar stopped when they walked in. Although the party had an air of sex, nobody was a blatant as these three people. That is why I was sure they would win the contest.

I wished I had the courage to go and talk to them. They kept to themselves mostly at a table along the wall. I watched them discretely until the man unclipped his slave’s collar. She walked toward the bathroom. Something made me follow her. There was a line to get in the bathroom and fortunately I ended up standing next to her while we waited our turn. I finally worked up enough courage to talk to her.

“I love your costume,” I told her trying to sound friendly.

“Oh, thank you,” she replied. “But it really isn’t a costume.”

I must have looked dumbstruck so she explained.

“I dress like this most weekends, but usually we don’t go to a bar not in the scene. Master and Mistress like to go to places more friendly to us.”

“What does that mean?” I asked her. “Everyone here seems friendly.”

“Master and Mistress like to show me off in ways that wouldn’t fly here,” she replied. Unfortunately the bathroom door opened and she disappeared before I could press her further. When the next person left and it was my turn in the bathroom, I couldn’t tell which stall she was in so it wasn’t practical to continue our conversation. When I returned to my table, I noticed she was on the dance floor. She was moving with grace and beauty. She also oozed sexuality. Plenty of guys were checking her out and some of the girls on the floor looked jealous. I just sat back and watched.

When it came time for the contest, her Master clipped her leash back onto her collar. Each person in the contest walked across the stage and was gauged by the applause they received. The threesome clearly was the winner although only two of them walked. My new friend crawled behind the couple as they tugged on her leash.

I tried to drink some more liquid courage so I could talk to the two dominants and learn more about this lifestyle their sub spoke about, but I just couldn’t do it and soon after the contest they left the party. My friends were disappointed they had not won and a little while later they wanted to go home as well.

That night in bed, all I could think about when I tried to fall asleep was how the girl looked and how free she must feel to be able to subjugate herself to the couple in front of a hundred people. I didn’t realize it at that moment, but visions of her and her couple would begin to haunt my dreams. I wish I had a way to contact them. I wanted to learn more about their lifestyle. My mind was drawn to it, even though I didn’t know anything beyond what I had learned in a fiction novel. I decided like anything else, some research on the Internet was necessary.

The first thing I learned was that a lot of people absolutely hated Fifty Shades because they claimed it was not an accurate portrayal of the lifestyle and mostly glorified abuse. Having never experienced submission in real life I couldn’t say one way or the other, but their criticism seemed reasonable. The second thing I found was a huge online community of people talking about the subject. I am always cautious about talking to people online because it is difficult to determine if someone is honest or full of shit. I found a group that seemed legit so I created a profile for myself. Since using my real name was out of the question, I chose Candie for my online persona because I am so sweet 🙂

Of course I was flooded with messages from guys claiming to be Doms hitting on me. Looking at their profiles, none of them appealed to me. I tried to stay just on the public message threads and not wade into too many private discussions. I figured I could lurk and learn safely. That was until I happened across the path of Mistress Q.

Some people you could sense were on the message board just for kicks or were not who they claimed to be. That was not the case of Mistress Q. She said she was from Los Angeles and clearly knew what she was talking about. I followed the advice she gave to both men and women, submissive or dominant. She obviously had a lot of experience. She seemed like the kind of person who could answer my questions. She had a lot of pictures on her profile, but none of them were of her. They were all her conquests, that is, people who had served her. She didn’t seem to keep anyone for long. Apparently she was a use them and lose them kind of woman. Before I got up the courage to contact her, I did send messages to a couple of women and a couple of men who had hooked up with her. All four praised her and said they loved the time they spent together, however brief it was. The longest person to stick around was three months and was one of the women. The guys were shorter lasting from a weekend to a week. I wasn’t too upset by this news since I had no intention of ever meeting her and even less interest in serving a woman. I pictured myself hooking up with a hot kinky guy. But any advice Mistress Q could give me would be helpful so I sent her an introductory private message. She didn’t reply right away. I figured she wasn’t interested in talking to me. Then a week later I got a message from her. It included the first of many commands she gave me and I got my first taste of actual submission.

“Dear Candie,” the message started politely. “Thank you for your interest in my training program.” I didn’t realize I had shown interest in a training program. My message just asked if I could ask her a few questions.

“I do accept online submissives occasionally if they show aptitude, but I do not have a lot of spare time for fakes. If you wish to serve me I require several things from you before we begin. First, I want a selfie of you holding a piece of paper that says “Mistress Q” on it to prove you are the woman you claim to be.”

I was not comfortable sending my picture around the Internet, but I understood why she would make that request. I’m sure there are plenty of guys living in their mom’s basement who send her messages. At least she didn’t say I had to be naked.

“After you send the picture,” she continued, “I want you to write me a detailed history of your sex life. I want to know when you lost your virginity and how. How many partners have you had? Male, female or both together? How often do you masturbate and what do you think about to make you cum? How long have you thought about BDSM? What made you start thinking the lifestyle was for you? What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done? Tell me everything so I know I can work with you. You must never lie to me and I must believe you can tell me your darkest secrets. I’ll know if you are not telling the truth.”

I wasn’t sure how she would know if I wasn’t truthful since she had never met me, but somehow I believed she could. That was a message that would take me a long time to write. I would have to put some thought into it. Sending her that information was more intimate than what I had shared with any boyfriend. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Then when I read the last instruction in her message, I realized the letter was the least of my worries.

“My final requirement involves a phone call. You could still fake the picture and perhaps you are a great writer and could fool me. But you can’t fake your voice. Tonight when you go to bed, I want you to masturbate. When you are about to orgasm, you must call me.” She included a phone number. “Since you are two time zones ahead of me I probably will not pick up, so leave me a voicemail so I can hear you cum. If I do happen to be free and I pick up, don’t cum until I give you permission. If you pass all these tests, I will consider taking you on as an online slave.” The message was simply signed, “Q.”

I read her message over and over. I felt flush. I just wanted to ask her a couple of questions but she expected me to follow her instructions and complete her tasks before she would talk to me. That certainly was not what I expected and not what I had experienced with the other people I chatted with on the board. Then I realized maybe Mistress Q was the first real dominant I had messaged. Maybe everyone else had been fakes and this was what a real person in the lifestyle would expect. Maybe she was the person from whom I really could learn. I set about to complete her tasks.

The picture was easy to take, but hard to send. Even though she didn’t specify that I was to be naked, as would have been a reasonable request if she were testing my resolve to talk to her, I didn’t want a clothed picture of me holding a sign with her name out in the open. I was not a lesbian, but anyone seeing the picture would think I preferred women. But I knew if I failed to have the courage to send it, I should not bother messaging her again, so trying to stifle my insecurities, I clicked send. It was done. Now I moved on to writing my personal sexual biography.

This turned out to be easier to write than I imagined. Once I got started, the text flowed out of me as I confessed my earliest sexual experiences and thoughts up to and including writing this biography. I gave her explicit details of what I thought about alone in bed when my boyfriend wasn’t there to take care of me. I told her the nasty thoughts that helped me cum while my fingers danced on my clit and sadly that I had never had a three-way. I had to confess that most of the wild things I thought of to help me orgasm were just that. Thoughts. I had blow my boyfriend in the car and gave him a hand job once in the water at the beach, but except for some kinky chat, I was plain vanilla by most standards.

Calling her when I orgasmed would prove to be the most difficult task to complete. As protective as I felt about sharing my picture, sharing my voice in the throes of passion was even more difficult. My boyfriend ended up staying over that night so after he fell asleep I had to sneak away to the bathroom to play with myself. I had already sent the messages with the picture and biography so I knew Q would expect me to leave the voicemail soon after. It had already been a couple of hours so I hoped I wasn’t too late. I was already wearing a baby doll nightie after being intimate with my boyfriend. He always sleeps well after her cums so I wanted to be sure to wear him out. I had not cum from his efforts because my mind was thinking on Mistress Q had her command not to cum until she could hear me. I wasn’t sure what compelled me to worry about that as my boyfriend was fucking me, but I did.

Alone in the bathroom, I was prepared to carry out her final task. Maybe then she would answer my questions. I sat down on the toilet and slid my fingers into my panties. I was still damp from my boyfriend’s attentions. From there it was a quick trip to arousal and lust as I thought back to the Halloween party and the slave girl. I imagined her being fucked from behind by her Master while her Mistress lay in front of her presenting her pussy for licking. I’d never wanted to lick another woman, but I could understand why the slave girl would enjoy it. Following Mistress’ directions it seemed natural that if she wanted me to pleasure her, that I would do so. The slave girl didn’t have to be gay (or bi) to bring her Mistress gratification. I rubbed my clit faster as in my fantasy my Master began fucking me harder and I began to alternate from licking my Mistress’ pussy and begging her for permission to cum.

In only a matter of minutes, I felt myself on the edge of a climax. It wasn’t one I was just going to fake for my boyfriend’s ego satisfaction either. This was going to be a real one. By body ached for release. I dialed Mistress Q’s number. I was conflicted whether I really wanted her to answer. I had accepted that I would let her hear me cum, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to pick up and make me beg for it. For better or for worse, I got her voicemail. The outgoing message wasn’t very long but I learned a couple of things from it. First was she had a low, lust-filled voice that excited me. Second she identified herself as Mistress Q and not by her real name. She must use this number to talk to many submissives I theorized. But that didn’t matter. My body was prepared to crash into orgasm and as soon as I heard the beep to leave a message, I did.

I didn’t have a quiet little happy orgasm. I had a monster yell and scream orgasm. I totally forgot I was on the phone. I had planned a little speech identifying who I was and thanking Mistress Q (I figured it was the thing to do) for permission to cum. I figured she would like that even though she had not really asked me to do so. But it didn’t quite work out that way. I was lost in a fog of lust as waves of orgasm crashed over my body. I’m surprised I didn’t drop the phone as my body convulsed and my fingers continued to rub my clit prolonging the desire. By the time I calmed down enough to get my wits back, the recording had stopped. Apparently I went on too long for Q’s voicemail. I crawled back into bed wearing my soiled panties and fell fast asleep.

My boyfriend left early the next morning, as was his custom. Usually this would upset me, but today I didn’t care. I quickly logged into the message board to see if Mistress Q had responded. She had but she didn’t answer my questions. At least she did not answer directly. She did praise me for completing her tasks fully. She said most of the people she talks to screw up somewhere, but that I had been detailed, truthful and forthcoming. She also gave me some additional tasks. I was to photograph my clothes so she could pick out what I would wear today. I did that and followed her instructions on how to dress. I then sent her more questions.

Each time I asked her something, she would send me a task at least somewhat related to what I had asked. At first I didn’t understand her method, but then I realized she was helping me live out my questions instead of just answering them. Along the way I began to find great satisfaction in completing her tasks and began to take pride in myself whenever she called me a “good girl” or “sweet baby.” I would only masturbate on days that she told me to and always called her to leave her a voicemail of my climax. She seemed pleased when I started calling her multiple times per day. Then, as eventually I suppose it must happen, she picked up her phone right as I was about to cum. I immediately stopped masturbating (at her insistence) and listened to her instruct me exactly how she wanted me to touch myself. It was so much more exciting to masturbate completely under her control. I could have just rubbed my clit quickly and came, but instead she had me go slow and tease myself. She had me rub and then pinch my nipples. She even had me lick a finger and then push it into my ass. I had never done such things while talking on the phone and when she finally gave me permission to cum, I exploded into the best orgasm I ever had in my life. I was hooked on her.

The next night she called me. There was no question that I would stop what I was doing and follow her instructions. This time she had me strip down and get into the bathtub. I was excited just by the sound of her voice and the fact that I was doing a task for her live on the phone was just icing on the cake. She allowed me the pleasure of using warm water. She warned me that somebody she would use ice on my clit to control my excitement, but this time she just had me lay in the bathtub and direct the faucet to dispense between my legs.

I was allowed to use my free hand (the other held the phone) to stimulate my nipples, but at no time was I to touch my clit. The water allowed me to slide back and forth under the nozzle to vary where the stream of water hit me. I didn’t keep it directly on my clit the entire time because I knew I would cum too quickly if I did that. Mistress Q obviously enjoyed hearing my passion sounds and was not in a hurry to give me relief. She definitely had a mean streak in her with regards to teasing me. Every man I had ever been with was concerned with his own orgasm first and never worried if he climaxed before I did. They were not concerned if I climaxed at all. Mistress Q was different. She made me work for my orgasm(s) but eventually I would be allowed to cum and they were always explosive.

Mistress Q slowly brought me into the lifestyle and in essence answered all my questions by letting me feel all the aspects of being a submissive. She taught me how to spank myself with a paddle she had me buy. She also had me buy restraints on Amazon as well as a rabbit vibrator. I teased myself for hours with that until she finally gave me permission to cum. By December I decided it was time we meet and that I finally experienced submission in real life. Unfortunately Mistress Q was not down for that plan. I pleaded with her to change her mind claiming I was ready to serve her in any way she desired. I even sent her a playful Christmas themed picture to try and convince her to meet me. Who could resist a present like that?

She countered with a very simple question.

“Do you know how to eat pussy?”

By this point in our relationship I was incapable of lying to her. Although she often had me fantasize about pleasuring a woman while she made me masturbate for her, I had not done so in real life.

“No Mistress,” I replied in a dejected tone. “You know I have never done that.”

“If I grant you an audience,” she continued, “I expect that you will be able to pleasure me. What if you get here and are repulsed by the act. I will have wasted my time. There are plenty of other subbie girls trolling around guidance. Why should I meet you if you can not please me?”

“I’m sure I can pleasure you Mistress,” I practically cried out. She didn’t sound convinced. I was on the verge of tears when she offered an alternative. I could prove I was ready. I asked her what she meant.

“I will be in Las Vegas for a convention in five weeks she told me. That gives you eight Fridays and Saturdays to learn how to please a pussy. You will find eight different women and lick them to orgasm. They may pleasure you, but it is not a requirement and your rule about calling me before you orgasm remains in affect. They must take a picture of you between their legs for it to count. You may make arrangements to meet me at the Hard Rock Las Vegas and she gave me the dates. You may not fly to Vegas. You have to take the bus. I have plans for you on the bus as well. These are my rules to meeting me. You have ten seconds to decide.

You might think those conditions were enough to scare me off. After all, I am sure I could have found another Domme in Chicago or within a couple of hours travel. And since I’d never had sex with a woman, finding eight in a couple of weeks who didn’t mind snapping a picture of myself between their legs could be a challenge. But I didn’t care. I had become completely dependent on Mistress Q bringing me pleasure the last month and I was willing to do anything to meet her. Now I just needed to learn how to eat pussy and get some references to send back to Mistress. I also needed to figure out how to take the bus to Las Vegas and make hotel reservations.

It turns out Chicago has a large lesbian community, although I didn’t know exactly how to start. In retrospect I should not have used a certain Internet list that will remain nameless, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. I decided honesty was the best policy and placed an ad in the W4W casual encounters listing exactly what I wanted and included a picture I hoped would spark interest.

“Young inexperienced female, kinky, wants to learn how to pleasure another woman. One time thing, no need to reciprocate.”

The first thing I learned was that a lot of people would quickly respond to an ad. The second thing, after many rounds of email exchange, was that most of them were BS. As soon as I thought I found somebody that was right for me and asked for a phone number, they would disappear. Obviously they were guys masquerading as women, probably to get me to send them additional pictures. The second group of people who responded was couples. I had not considered meeting a couple. As I told you before I don’t just jump into bed with a guy. It was bad enough Mistress had commanded me to jump into bed with a woman. The thought of doing both at the same time was not appealing. But then I got a message from a guy who said his sub wife has fantasized about being with a woman for a while, but had never gotten up the courage to actually do it. He told me he would not participate if I didn’t want him to, but perhaps the two of us could learn about girl/girl sex together. I would have dismissed him if he had not included a picture.

She looked remarkably pure and innocent given that her husband had bound her and was holding a vibe against her. Without any other good leads and time running short to set something up for this weekend, I returned his email while praying he was legitimate. He responded with a phone number and we set a time for me to call when his wife would be home so I could confirm she was OK with the plan. That Friday night I got my nerves under control and went to their house.

Lacking specific direction from Mistress Q for my attire (this was a little strange as she had basically been dressing me for weeks) I chose to wear a corset and just threw on a blouse and skirt combo over it. I figured I would look normal driving over to meet them and could lose the outerwear and become kinky in just a few moments when I arrived.

Sue and Thomas turned out to be very nice. Thomas especially made me feel welcome and reiterated that he would only participate if I requested it. That made me happy. I told them that I was really just there to learn how to eat Sue’s pussy. Sue was squirming a bit as she stood next to me and finally said she hoped she could return the favor. I think she was as nervous as I. Thomas said he had a way to solve that problem. He told Sue to get the rope and the Hitachi. I didn’t know what a Hitachi was but when she returned I recognized it from the picture. He quickly tied Sue’s arms above her head through some eyebolts in their bedroom ceiling. She looked very much like she did in the picture they had sent me. Only this time instead of holding the Hitachi himself, he handed it to me.

As I said I had not been with a lot of men in my life and I certainly never used a vibrator that plugged into the wall. But I enjoyed using the Hitachi on her. She began moaning and squirming almost immediately after I touched it to her defenseless pussy. After just a few minutes, I could tell she was ready to climax. It was then Thomas (who I forgotten all about as he was standing behind me watching) suggested I turn off the vibe and lick her pussy. That was what I was here for, so I followed his suggestion. Sue went wild.

I’m not sure I learned a lot about how to properly eat a pussy by the way Sue was grinding hers on my face trying to get off after I turned off the Hitachi. But it sure was fun. I think it was her struggles in the ropes that excited me the most because she couldn’t just reach down and rub herself. She was dependent on me to provide the means for her to climax. If I backed up, she would be stuck without a way to stimulate herself. It was clear I didn’t have Mistress Q’s tease gene though, because I never considered doing that. I stuck my tongue out and tried to lick her clit as best I could while she continued trying to hump me. I didn’t have a frame of reference, but I didn’t think that was the normal way to eat pussy.

With a shriek she climaxed and I got my first taste of girl-cum. I liked it. Sue was spent and was hanging prostrate from the ropes recovering. I turned to look at Thomas. He had his cock out of his pants in his hand stroking it. “She’ll be out for a little while. I’m sure she would love to eat your pussy, especially if it had a load of cum in it.”

I wasn’t about to risk him getting me pregnant so his wife could eat a creampie out of me. I thanked them for their time and started getting dressed. Thomas walked out of the room and returned with a business card.

“This is a friend of ours who might be more what you are looking for,” she said handing me the card. The card had the name of a law firm downtown and listed one fo the partners (Cheryl) as the contact. “Just tell her Thomas and Sue sent you.”

I was about to leave when I remembered the need to send Mistress a picture. I asked Thomas to snap one of me between his wife’s legs with my phone. He was happy to help. I got back on my knees. I suppose the picture looked dirtier since I was in my fancy blouse now instead of my bedroom clothes. I had not planned that, but it worked out. After he handed me my phone back, Thomas began stroking his cock again. “I’m going to fuck her if you want to stay and watch,” he told me. I admit that was more tempting than having him fuck me, but I declined. I wanted to send the picture to Mistress and also contact Cheryl.

Mistress Q was pleased with the picture, but also agreed with my assessment that I probably didn’t learn too much. Still she gave me credit for one of eight experiences. I told her about Cheryl and that Thomas recommended her. I also told Mistress that I had already sent an email to her telling her that Thomas thought she and I would be good together. Mistress praised my initiative and told me to keep her informed.

Cheryl replied a few hours later. She was upfront with me that she was an escort for discrete, generous, men but that after a “date” she liked to relax with a woman because the men, by in large, could not please her. I asked her if she charged the women as well. I didn’t say it, but I wasn’t willing to hire a prostitute to fulfill my task. She replied that she didn’t expect payment, unless it was a real date. She did escort women on occasion and for that she expected to get paid, but we met just because she needed to get off, it was strictly casual and nsa. I asked her what nsa meant and she told me “no strings attached.”

That sounded good to me. I explained my situation and that I had to become an expert cunniliquist within a couple weeks. She told me she had a date tomorrow night and if history repeated itself, she probably would need some “help winding down” after it. She also told me she didn’t mind inexperienced girls and that she would be happy to “teach me to do it right.” She also told me that she thought my situation was hot. I told her to call me no matter what time it was her date finished.

It wasn’t the first time I had sat by the phone waiting for someone to call. Only this time it was a hooker instead of a boy. The irony of how far I’d come since Halloween was not lost on me. It was late, after midnight, when my phone rang. It was Cheryl and she asked if I was still interested in some oral lessons. I said yes and she chuckled. “Well then school is going to be back in session,” she quipped. I didn’t understand the reference. She asked for my address and told me she would be there in about 20 minutes. When I opened the door, I understood why she was talking about school. Almost apologetically she told me her client “loved being the inappropriate schoolmaster.” As a result, she always had to dress up as a naughty schoolgirl” when they did a session.

I didn’t care why she was dressed that way. She was hot. And for the next hour, she was mine. Free of charge. Cheryl was very up front that she’d spent the last three hours taking care of her date and now she wanted someone to take care of her. She sat down on my living room couch and spread her legs. I knelt down in front of her. Cheryl’s plaid school skirt was short so it was easy for me to reach under it and grab her thong. As I pulled it off, she suggested I remove her skirt as well. I was happy to do so.

She knew I was a novice and was happy to teach me the proper way to eat a pussy. At least she got me on the way. She also took pity on me and shared the names and numbers with some of her female friends to help me on my quest. Cheryl explained that she was actually the submissive pet to a Mistress (I would not have guessed that because she didn’t act like what I perceived to be the submissive stereotype) and that she got into hooking because her Mistress shared her with a couple of male friends and things spiraled out of control from there. She told me she understood the need to serve a powerful woman and the willingness to do anything to please her. She said that just like me, the women she gave me were her guilty pleasures she used to melt away the feelings of being with a John. The list was lengthy. If most of the women would play along, I’d have Mistress Q’s task complete in no time. And I’d learn the proper way to please a woman so Mistress Q would keep me when we finally met. I set upon my quest. Over the next couple of weeks I had “dates” with most of Cheryl’s list. Each one taught me another key component to becoming an expert pussy pleaser. Some were technical lessons about the physical act but most we emotional lessons of how to get off her mind before you get off her body.

Lesson number one – Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.

Bunny was my first tutor from Cheryl’s list. When I called her she was eager to help. She led me to her bedroom and then told me to wait while she changed. Apparently her husband had lost interest in the bedroom a while ago. She needed reassuring that she was still desirable. She also got me off repeatedly. Needless to say I appreciated her efforts.

Lesson number two – Stop and appreciate her unique flower.

Allyson was next. She was also married, although she didn’t complain about her husband. She was bisexual and enjoyed the company of women from time to time. She was the third pussy I had ever pleased and I started to realize they were not all the same. Her pussy was shaped a little differently than Bunny’s and her labium was definitely different than Cheryl’s. Her clit was bigger too I noticed. I actually mentioned this to her and she told me I should celebrate the uniqueness of any woman I was with. No two pussies are exactly alike.

Lesson Three – Women are verbal love makers. Talk to her pussy.

Faith taught me two things. I’d never heard the term pillow princess, but she definitely was one. She didn’t care about sharing the details of her life with me. She just wanted to lay back and let me pleasure her. She also had no interest in reciprocating to get me off. But as hands off as she wanted to be, she expected me to be very active. She wanted me to describe what I was doing, to tell her she was beautiful over and over (see lesson one) and most importantly, to talk about her pussy. It was weird at first. I mean, who talks to a pussy? But it turns out, it was an important factor in her being able to orgasm. I told her pussy it was pretty and how I loved the shape of it and how well it reacted to my fingers and tongue. I complemented her clit for getting so hard and then for peeking out of its hood so I could lick and rub it. The more I talked, the more excited she became. I knew she had a lot of experience with women and I wished she would eat me after I got her off several times, but that wasn’t her gig. As I left I wasn’t sure if I would want to return given the chance. She was beautiful and her pussy was lovely, but I need at least some mutual participation. On a side note, she did call me two weeks later because she was horny and I did visit her again. Like the time before she just lay back and let me service her. It didn’t count toward my task (Mistress Q specified eight different women) but I figured practice makes perfect.

Lesson Four – Lick her outer lips, inner lips and find her clit.

Pauline was definitely ready for me when I arrived. She had sent me a text that her front door would be unlocked and I should just come in. She was waiting for me on her couch. She was already undressed and looked so sexy in her stockings and heels. It was apparent that a lot of Cheryl’s clients were older women with successful but inattentive husbands. Pauline taught me an important lesson that her husband never learned. She had a small clit, but that didn’t mean she had any less capacity for having a big orgasm. It just meant I had to work for it a little harder. She showed me the proper way to turn her on. Basically I had to lick all over her pussy and then manually spread her lips apart and lick her inner lips. Her clit was hidden under what I perceived as more skin than usual at the top of her pussy. When she was aroused, it just barely peeked out. But boy was it sensitive. Once I did expose it and give it some attention, she became a wild woman. Lesson learned.

Lesson Five – Make sure your fingers are wet.

Lois was younger than the other women I met so far through Cheryl. But like the others, she knew what she enjoyed. She wanted to make out with me until her juices got flowing and then she wanted me to finger her. We were sitting next to each other and she took my hand and put my fingers in her mouth and sucked them before guiding me down to her pussy. She warned me never to rub a woman’s clit with a dry finger, as it can be painful. That wasn’t a problem because before she let me do that, she had me rubbing her pussy, which is flowing like a river. I was fingering her, but Lois held my hand directing the action all the way. I never did eat her, although she graciously let me pose with my face in her pussy to snap a picture for Mistress Q.

Lesson Six – Tease her and go slowly

Randi was another woman who left her door unlocked for me so when I walked in I found her sitting on the couch ready for me. There was something about the way she was looking at me when I walked in the door that made me really want to please her. I was a bit overzealous (thinking I knew everything already) and went way to fast with her. At first she was very disappointed and her body language told me she was going to send me away. But after I apologized and told her I was still a novice, she taught me about going very slow with a woman and letting her arousal build. I thought back to how Mistress Q would instruct me online taking her time and bringing me higher and higher until she finally would allow me to cum. This wasn’t quite the same because I wanted Randi to cum and as many times as possible. But Randi’s lesson was well learned and I stimulated other erogenous zones (inner thigh, nipples, ears, neck) for a long time before I finally went down on her. Even then, for a long time I just grazed her labia with my tongue and then I would move away or maybe give her thigh another kiss. It drove her wild.

Lesson Seven – Play with Her

Terri taught me about teasing her pussy more directly compared to Randi. Of course she had beautiful nipples and nibbling on her neck and ear worked wonders to turn her into a purring kitten, but she liked having me bury my face in her bush without directly licking her slit. She pulled me tightly against her and rubbed my face back and forth across her pussy. It didn’t take long before I could smell her arousal and feel the moisture against my face. When she let go of my head, I just gave her butterfly kisses on her slit and a light little lick teasing her without putting too much pressure on her pussy. I did this for maybe a minute before her desire for something more forceful had her bucking her hips up from the chair trying to get her pussy pressed back against my face. But I just moved my face back a bit. She responded by thrusting her hips more forcefully. I continued to tease her this way for a few seconds until she decided she had enough and grabbed my head again. This time instead of rubbing my face back and forth over her pussy, she pulled me straight in for me to go to work on her. She was a quick cummer and fortunately for me, multi-orgasmic. She was also nice enough to return the favor using the same technique (minus me pulling her head, I didn’t need to do that) to bring me off several times in appreciation for my efforts pleasuring her.

Lesson Eight – Kiss her gently at first, then harder

Geri continued my education about going slowly at first to allow her arousal to build organically before working more forcefully to bring her off. After I had done my duty and made her cum, she worked on me enough to get me very close and then brought me into the bathroom. Normally I would not have done this, but I really needed to cum and she indicated following her was the only way that was going to happen. He had a very demanding personality and my submissive side was obvious to her. She had me sit on the cold tile floor and masturbate myself the rest of the way to the orgasm she had built for me. She was standing over me in a very superior position watching me. I felt like a naughty girl who had been caught by her mother playing with herself. Only I didn’t stop. When I started to cum, she started pissing on me. Later that night I would feel disgusted by what she did, but in the moment and in the throes of a mid-grade orgasm, the warm splash of her intimate liquid did help extend the length of my climax. Even when she ordered me to clean her pussy after she pissed I didn’t resist. Urinating on me apparently aroused her again because she rode my face as her piss dripped off me onto the floor until she came again. She didn’t let me shower. I had to drive home reeking of her urine. Maybe that is why I was so repulsed after the fact.

Lesson Nine – Tounge Fuck Her

Edith taught me there was more than one way to eat a pussy. She didn’t care for gentle or even forceful licks along her slit or on her clit. She wanted me to stick my tongue out and hold it firmly like a tiny dick. She told me to push my tongue in and out of her pussy teasing her until her clit finally started to emerge from the clitoral hood. When it was just barely peeking out, she told me to lick it. This caused it to swell more and expose itself more fully. From there, I knew what to do. She wanted to pay me for my services, but I assured her Mistress Q’s pussy selfie was all I required. She did not return the favor using the technique on me, but I made a mental note to have a woman try it when I found one who wanted to go down on me.

Lesson Ten – Work her tip of the iceberg

Donna was not the woman I should ask to tongue fuck me. I could sense that immediately. Like Edith she was interested only in having me pleasure her. Like Geri, my actions were more like serving her as Donna had a dominant personality as well. Not that I minded. Donna also liked starting slowly (see lesson six) but instead of her neck and ears, she was really into breast play. Her tits were magnificent she demanded I pay tribute to them. I loved burying my face in them, squeezing them and spent probably a half an hour suckling her nipples like I was a baby feeding on momma’s milk. After giving her breasts the worship she demanded, she taught me a new technique to work her clit. She was not interested in me licking the length of her slit. She told me just to part her pussy and flick my tongue on her clit. She began to shudder almost immediately. It also made her clit stand up tall and proud. She had the largest clit of any of the women I had been with. I continued to lick it, more forcefully now, and she continued to tremble. All of a sudden she shouted out, “Make an O with your mouth and suck my clit as hard as you can.”

That seemed like a reasonable request so I did. Her positive reaction was immediate. She was moaning and started to thrust her hips in the air. I broke off and moved my head out of the way. That was a mistake. She yelled for me to “latch back on” and to just “hang on.” She was like a bucking bronco and it was all I could do to keep sucking, but it was a valuable lesson on a new and very successful technique. She kicked me out soon after and I had to masturbate in the car before my head would clear enough to be safe to drive home.

Lesson Eleven – Finger fuck her with two fingers

Cammy reinforced something I think I already knew. One finger in my pussy when I masturbated was not enough and if I tried three it was too much. But two was just right. Of course when I masturbated I couldn’t lick or suck my clit at the same time. But that was exactly what Cammy wanted. Similar to Donna, she wanted me to seal my lips around her clit and started sucking as hard as I could. But unlike Donna she also wanted me to finger fuck her at the same time. Again, I probably should have know the result ahead of time because I knew how sensitive the tissue at the roof of my pussy is when a nice cock is hitting it. But combining that stimulation with the sucking action on the clit, must be amazing. At least that is what I thought based on Cammy’s reactions. At first she had me going slow with my fingers but it didn’t take long before she was calling for faster thrusts with them until finally I was pounding her with all my strength. Unlike the last few women I had been with, Cammy was very willing to let me experience both stimulations after she had her climax. In fact she insisted on it. I had been prepared to snap my picture and go. But she told me I couldn’t get my required evidence without letting her eat me first. She didn’t have to ask twice. Note to self, being fingered while a hot chick sucks your clit works wonders. She told me if I came back she would teach me how to squirt. I just may have to do that before my trip.

Lesson Twelve – Get to know her orgasm

Bridgett was special. She was the only woman I met who was not bisexual. She was a lesbian, although she didn’t hold it against me that I liked cock. She did say once I had her, cock wouldn’t matter to me anymore. That sounded like a challenge and one I wanted to accept. Bridgett spent more time on teaching me about the female body and its response to stimulation and orgasm than the last eleven women combined. She was more in tuned with her needs, how to satisfy them and how to make her partner feel loved even though we had just met. She also wasn’t as loud or demonstrative when she came compared to the others. I had to learn her subtle signs to know if I was pleasing her. She was a fabulous lover. We spent about four hours together making each other cum over and over. There was no penetration, either by toys or fingers. She was a “pure” lesbian as she described. Her fingers were magic on my skin, but no matter how much I whined for her to put them inside of me she didn’t. She did rub my clit while sucking my nipples. She had read that emotion on my face switching from licking my clit and pinching my nipples. I rewarded her with a squishy cum. I wished she had been a little more adventurous, but in other ways, she was the best lover I ever had. I gave her a passionate kiss when I left and asked when I could see her again. She didn’t commit, but she did say I could call her.

Lesson Thirteen – It’s not always about your partner’s pleasure

After a few lovers who took my pleasure as seriously as their own, Wendy was a bit of a throwback in that she only wanted her pussy licked by me. Well, not just her pussy. She was more than happy to have me work her nipples, but she didn’t offer to go down on me. She was not entirely focused on her own pleasure though. Her boyfriend was in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan. He only had Internet access to Skype once a week and she wanted to share the orgasm I would provide with him. It took a little convincing. At first I didn’t want to broadcast what a dirty girl I had become over the last few weeks, but then she suggested she could record it and I could send a copy to Mistress Q. That was enough to convince me and it turned out to be a very satisfying encounter. She kept a running commentary with her boyfriend about what she was feeling and what I was doing. A couple times he made a suggestion and I changed my tactics. I’d learned enough by now to have several techniques to get her off and I used every one. He was jerking off but unfortunately with my face buried in her pussy, I couldn’t see that. But his show and my fingers and tongue had Wendy coming over and over. She kept me working until after he finally shot.

After that he requested that he watch Wendy please me. Again I was resistant. I was happy to let her eat me, but that didn’t mean I wanted it broadcast halfway around the world. But Wendy used a guilt trip about providing some pleasure to the troops so I finally agreed. Since her boyfriend had already blown his load, he had tucked his cock away and just as I was getting excited, he invited some of his buddies into the room to enjoy my show as well. Wendy had a skilled tongue. I later learned she had an arrangement with her boyfriend that she could only be with women when he was gone. Apparently she had a high sex drive and they played out this scene whenever she could schedule a willing partner. She had me climbing the walls when her boyfriend invited his fellow soldiers to watch. Had she not been so good I would have quit at that point. But I wasn’t about to give up her tongue and if a group of horny guys watching was the price to pay, then so be it. Hearing applause when I came was a new experience. I rather enjoyed it.

Lesson Fourteen – Sometimes it really isn’t about your pleasure at all.

Vicki took being selfish to a new level, but in some ways it tied into the show I performed with Wendy. She just wanted to masturbate while I watched. In a way I understood her motivations. After my initial apprehension, I found I liked having a group of horny guys watching me have sex. I came hard knowing they would be thinking about me while stationed in a far away land. But I didn’t understand how Vicki could just do herself while I sat there. She knew I was very willing to participate, I told her I had learned skills to make her cum harder than she would just by herself and even promised to put on a show for her as long as I got to practice my cunnilingus skills on her. But she wouldn’t relent. She said she was married and although fucking herself in front of an audience turned her on, she didn’t want to cheat on her husband. This was her thing and she was sticking to it. It was a hot show she put on, I must admit. I wanted to masturbate while watching, but I was a bit upset that she didn’t want me to participate so I decided against it. Thankfully I had all the pictures Mistress Q had required because Vicki was definitely not going to let me get close enough to her pussy to even snap a picture. I did snap one of myself masturbating in my car again before I drove home. I wanted Mistress Q to know just what kind of woman I’d become and to make sure she was ready to receive me when I met her. I may have been straight when I walked into the Halloween party, but now I definitely had a deep appreciation for making love to another woman.

Mistress Q was pleased with the last photos I sent her. She told me I had blossomed into a wonderful submissive slut. I wasn’t too thrilled with her calling me a slut. Then again, I did have fifteen different partners this month (more than I had in the rest of my life before then) so maybe she was right. As for the submissive part she was dead on. I had found a joy in completing her tasks like I had never known. I knew she would be much more demanded in person than she had been giving me long distance instructions. I’m sure she was going to spank me. I wasn’t sure how I would react to that. Or how I would react to worse punishments that I was sure she would give me as well. But I had to see this through. I just wish she had not commanded me to ride the bus instead of flying. Even taking the train would have been better. But there was a method to her madness. And that method was keeping me aroused and on edge for the better part of two days. I didn’t realize it at first, but by riding the bus, I was setting myself up to be even more motivated to please her. It was diabolical and it was wonderful.

Mistress Q instructed me to bring one change of clothes with me. She told me she would provide anything else I needed to wear. I was also to bring my iPad to entertain myself on the bus. She emailed me a plethora of stories to read. Care to guess the subject? Surprisingly she told me to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I expected her to tell me to wear a short skirt and a button down blouse. I guess she wanted me to blend in with the other passengers. There was one item she required that was definitely not going to be worn by the other riders. Acquiring one required a stop at an adult bookstore on the way to the bus terminal. Mistress told me to buy a butterfly vibe that I could strap around my hips and wear under my jeans. She also told me to put it on before I boarded the bus. That meant I had to strip off my jeans and panties in the bus station bathroom. Of course the bathroom was crowded and as I disrobed in the semi-privacy of the stall, I could smell my arousal. While the task was humiliating, it was also exciting. I wondered how long I would have to wear the buzz toy on the bus. I wondered how loud it was and how long the batteries would last. I ran the control wire up over my waistband and put the control box in my front pocket. It bulged a bit, but didn’t look too out of the ordinary. After I boarded the bus I heard my phone chirp that I had a new message. It was from Mistress. “Every hour on the hour, turn on the vibe until you are just about to cum. Then turn it off until the next hour.”

Traveling by bus was never fun. Like airline travel as become, the bus companies run fewer routes so the buses are fuller. Packed like a sardine in a rolling tube is never a good time. There were a few open seats, but of course the single guys always wanted to sit by me so I never had the luxury of having an open seat next to me. I made it clear to the first guy that I wasn’t interested in him, but I could sense he was still sneaking glances at me. When my watch chirped at the top of the hour came and went, it took all my emotional strength to discretely turn the vibe on its lowest setting. Thankfully the bus was loud enough that I couldn’t hear the buzz, but I could definitely feel it. My jeans were pretty tight so they helped push the butterfly down on my clit and pussy. It was a deviously naughty feeling. I knew if I turned it up more it would make me cum. But I was worried I couldn’t do that without my riding neighbor realizing what happened. Plus I was under orders not to climax. So I just quietly sat there trying to look disinterested as I stared out the window at the rolling countryside. But that wasn’t where my mind was at the moment. No, in my mind I was kneeling on my hands and knees on Mistress’ bed. She had her hand between my legs and was rubbing me for “being such a good girl.” I enjoyed that feeling as long as I could before I turned off the vibe to prevent going over the top and cumming. This was going to be a long ride. I pulled out my iPad and started reading an erotic story from the library worth that Mistress Q had sent me. It was tough to keep the angle of the screen private. I read story after story keeping my arousal up until my watched chirped that it was time for the butterfly again.

This process continued for four hours. I didn’t read that entire time, but my pussy was wet and expressing its need for attention for 250 miles. Just as we pulled into our first extended stop (driver switch, food and stretching) I heard my phone chirp again. It was another message from Mistress Q. “If your bus is on time, you should be arriving at the first stop. Go into the bathroom, take off your pants, panties and butterfly. Finger fuck yourself until you are about to cum. Then smear your juices on your face under your nose. Continue with the hourly buzz until the next rest stop. Repeat the process. See you tomorrow in Vegas.”

That was the last message I had from her until I was pulling into the downtown Vegas bus stop. By then I was so desperate to cum I could barely walk without the butterfly rubbing against me triggering a climax. My face had been covered in pussy juice from the stops across the country and I couldn’t take a breath without smelling what a horny girl I had become. Each sniff also confirmed the control Mistress Q held over me. I could have let the vibe bring me off or I could have fingered myself to a very satisfying orgasm. She would not have known. But I would have known I had disobeyed her. I couldn’t do that. As I stood in the sunlight of a dawning new day, my life as a submissive was about to begin. To everyone around me, I was just another young tourist. But if you got close enough, you would see I was a hyper-aroused slut ready to do my Mistress’ bidding. I hailed a cab and told the driver to take me to the Hard Rock. I heard my watch chirp on the hour. I turned on my vibe, weak from old batteries by now, and sighed. God I hoped Mistress Q would let me cum soon. I sent her a text and told her I had made it to town and that I had been a good girl on the bus.

I’m not sure why I didn’t use Google to try and figure out what conventions were in town. I wasn’t above cyberstalking Mistress Q to try and learn more about her. It was hard to miss that CES, the Consumer Electronics Show was in town. Signs were everywhere. I wondered what Mistress did that she was in town for that show. As we pulled into the Hard Rock, I had to chuckle to myself. There was at least one more convention happening that week and I immediately assumed this was the one Mistress was here for. The AVN, Adult Video News, convention was located at the Hard Rock. As I walked into the hotel, I took a stroll past the expo center and peaked through the door. I could see some booths, but not much detail. I did notice several women dressed, or undressed really, it tiny tight outfits walking between the booths. I guess sex sells especially at a sex themed convention.

I went to the check-in desk to get my room key. The clerk checked me in with a well-rehearsed, “Welcome to the Hard Rock, Ms. Busch,” and then told me a package had arrived for me that morning. That was strange since I had not ordered anything, but I played along and thanked him as he produced an Amazon package from behind the counter. I took the box and headed toward the elevators. I couldn’t imagine what was in the package, but I knew it had to be from Mistress Q. Even though it wasn’t running, the butterfly was driving me crazy with every step. Just as I reached the room, my phone chirped again. It was another message from Mistress. “You looked very beautiful checking in. Change into the clothes in the box. Only wear what is in the box. There is a badge waiting for you at the conference registration desk. You have ten minutes to be downstairs.”

I read and then reread the message. She had been in the lobby and watched me check in. I must have impressed her enough to continue our game. I thought back to who was standing around in the lobby trying to get a mental picture of what Mistress looked like. But I couldn’t picture her. I was too focused on checking in and not really looking around. I snapped myself back from my daydream to the task at hand. It was at least a five minute walk back to the convention center. That didn’t leave me any time to think. Or clean up. She had not said so, but I’m sure Mistress wanted me still smelling of sweat, bus and pussy when we met. I didn’t like that. I would have preferred to take at least a quick shower before going back downstairs. But following her instructions was what I signed up for and I wasn’t going to quit at the first sign of adversity. I quickly tore the box open. Looking at the contents, it wasn’t feeling better. Glancing at my watch I remembered I only had a couple of minutes. It was decision time. I started taking off my clothes.

There wasn’t much in the box. That was bad news. But apparently I would fit right in with the women I saw when I glanced in the expo hall. The worse news is what I saw once I was dressed. Oh, I was hot all right. But I would never wear this outfit outside the bedroom. At least if I had any choice. The box only had five items. First was a black mesh dress. It was a stretchy one-size fits most design and thankfully covered by breasts and pussy. Mistress had been nice enough to include a black stockings, thong and black opera gloves. The mesh top had a built in bra, which cradled my breasts, but did little to conceal my nipples if you cared to look. And given the vast cleavage I would be displaying, I knew people would look. The five inch heels were going to mean I was going to have to go slow. But they matched the dress and I must admit, I looked great.

The last item would not be visible and at least I would get some relief from the butterfly I had been wearing for close to two days. Unfortunately I would not be getting any relief from the sexual tension that had built in my body. The fifth and final item was a pair of chrome balls held together with a thin string. I’d read about Kegel balls, but I had never worn any. My pussy was slick with need so it was no problem sliding them into my love canal. As I started walking toward the door, however, I realized just how devious the balls would be. With every step they moved slightly. I also had to squeeze my pussy muscles to hold them in. At least the thong was a backup, but each movement of the balls stimulated a nerve deep inside of me. At a minimum they would keep me on peak with every step. I stepped out of the room to head to the convention. By the time I entered the elevator I had to hold the grab bar to be sure I didn’t collapse in orgasm. How had Mistress Q reduced me to this?

Checking in at the convention was as easy as giving the woman at the desk my name. She found my reservation and printed up a pass. She didn’t seem phased by how I was dressed or by how I must have smelled. I heard my phone chirp. “Right on time. I like that. And I like that dress on you.” My heart fluttered. I looked around but I didn’t see anyone watching me. “I want you to visit each booth and ask about their products. We will monitor your progress. If you do well, you will be rewarded.” I felt my knees going weak. As I began to walk into the expo, I realized Mistress said “we” would be monitoring my progress. That meant somebody else was involved in our game. I started to feel dizzy.

I was exhausted but excited as I began to visits the booths one by one. The bus trip had zapped my energy, but the promise of Mistress rewarding me gave me strength. The balls in my pussy kept me thinking about sex any time the booths didn’t do that on their own. It anybody so much as touched my pussy I would have cum on them. The expo was amazing. There were video companies selling their DVDs. Each one had at least one pornstar enticing people to look at what they had to offer. I didn’t watch a lot of porn, but I recognized a couple of the girls. There were also companies selling every kind of sex toy imaginable, local swing groups advertising expo related parties and more webcam girls promoting their sites than I could shake a stick at. The webcam girls looked more natural than the painted up pornstars, but I kept gravitating to the fake breast beauties. I didn’t know what Mistress Q looked like, but in my mind she oozed sex appeal and the portstars had that to spare. If any of them had asked, I would have gladly licked their pussies. As long as they let me cum at least.

It was a weird feeling knowing Mistress Q or her cohorts were watching me. A couple of times I thought I had found her, but then the woman would do something to change my mind. For all I know I had been talking to her for several minutes at a booth, but as the expo closed for the day, I was no closer to identifying her or her friends than when I walked into the hotel. The only thing that had changed was I had dressed like a sex worker and I needed to cum more than at any other time in my life. Now that work was over, I prayed it was time to play. I stood outside the expo entrance watching the people file out. By this time it was mostly people working the show so the women, and some of the men, were dressed for action. In my mind, one of these sexy women must be Mistress Q and some of the other women must be her friends. No doubt I would soon have my face buried between their legs. But none of them identified themselves to me. Eventually I gave up and went back to my room. Inside there were three things waiting for me. Mistress Q (or a surrogate) must have had access to my room. The first thing I saw was a laptop. Sitting on top of it was a ping-pong paddle. Next to it was a note. I noticed two things before I read it. Once it had the pleasant fragrance of very expensive perfume. The scent spoke of taste and class. Second it was hand written with beautiful penmanship. It was almost calligraphy suggesting an artist or creative person had written it. “You did wonderful at the show. You looked like pure sex. There were a whole herd of guys following you, but you didn’t seem to notice. You will be rewarded.”

Mistress Q was pleased with me and promised to reward me. In my mind that meant enough orgasms to satisfy the lust that had built up since I left Chicago. But she failed to tell me where, when or how. I turned on the laptop expecting instructions or some sexy video to start playing, but there was nothing. I was tempted to masturbate or at least clean up, but I didn’t. I stayed in my naughty dress with the balls buried in my pussy and sat watching the computer and my phone. Maybe a half an hour later there was a knock at the door. Was it her? When I opened the door, I didn’t know. Before me stood an older and incredibly sexy woman. As if she was reading my mind, she introduced herself as “Not Misress Q.” After shaking my hand she said her name was Paige. She was also holding a small bag. “Instruments of pain and pleasure,” she told me. I asked her about the paddle. She said that was just to make me wonder a bit. I invited her in. She quickly stripped off her blouse revealing a sexy red bra and plopped down on the bed. She had the most amazing and devious smile.

“Mistress Q said you come with fine references, but she always requires a review of skills from a trust friend before she accepts a new submissive. We drew straws and I won the honor. She didn’t say it, but I knew the paddle was supposed to be an incentive to put forth my best effort. Seductively Paige asked if I liked what I saw. That was a stupid question. She must have known how attractive she was. Of course I responded affirmatively. She told me to help take off her skirt and lifted her legs. Once I pulled it off she rolled over on her hands and knees. “You can start by pulling off my panties and rimming my asshole,” she said with an authoritative tone.

Some of the other ladies I was with during my education phase had not been a pleasure to serve. I knew Paige would be different. How could I not enjoy being with her? I quickly pulled down her panties. I was still horny as hell, but I quickly forgot about my own needs in order to follow Paige’s orders. I grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them apart exposing her rosebud. I could smell her pussy and see that it was wet, but I ignored it, at least for now, and buried my face between her cheeks as ordered. I’m not a fan of rimming, but she liked it and that was all that mattered. At least the sounds she made indicated she liked it. She was grinding her ass back into my face pressing against me every time I paused to take a breath. It wasn’t in a mean, smothering way. It was a “don’t stop I’m loving your tongue way.” Then, inevitably I suppose, one time when I pulled out to breath, she leaned forward instead of bucking against me and I noticed she had put her hand between her legs.

“Get that tongue back to work,” she commanded. “I’m close.” I dove back into my target. I wanted her to cum hard and report back to Mistress Q that I was worthy. She did cum hard soon after she began to work her clit while I continued to eat her ass. It was wonderful. Her butt was bouncing up and down against my face as she quivered and rode her own fingers. It’s weird to say her ass smelled good against my nose, but caught up in the moment, she smelled divine. She wasn’t satisfied yet though. Once her orgasm subsided, she told me to go wash my face, mouth and tongue. As I hopped off the bed I notice she followed suit and picked up her bag. I prayed it was time for my pleasure. Or even some pain. My body was screaming for her to touch me and I didn’t really care how. I quickly washed off the remnants of her ass and returned to the bed. I found Paige with her fingers in her pussy. She also had thrown on a cute little pink PJ top with hearts on it. I didn’t bother to ask why.

Her pussy was glistening and apparently it was time for my formal audition of my cunnilingous skills. I dove right in sliding my arms beneath her thighs and pulling her tight against my mouth. I was thankful she had already cum once because I figured she would cum again quickly. I didn’t stop to wonder how I had learned the skill of reading how a woman would react to my tongue and fingers, but I was right. She was bucking against my face almost immediately. Her pussy certainly tasted better than her ass, but the reaction to my tongue was about the same in both cases. She didn’t cum as violently the second time, but I could tell it was real and she wasn’t faking it. Again I thought it must be my turn. Again I was wrong. I had not noticed but she had a small bullet vibe on the bed next to her. She told me to grab a towel from the bag. Apparently she had forgot that. I helped her slide it under her and then around her tummy as she began to hold the bullet against her clit. Her moans of passion were immediate.

After about a minute of self-love she told me to kneel in front of her and start fingering her. Once I licked two fingers (not one and not three as you recall) I slid them deep into her pussy. “Not so far,” she said huskily. “You know where I want them.” I did. I kind of cursed myself for not recognizing she wanted me to stimulate her G-spot. I pulled my fingers out and flipped my wrist over so I could curl my fingers upward inside of her. I’d never really tried to make a woman squirt, but I had read about using your fingers to search for the spongy tissue opposite her clit inside her pussy. I’d also read that a tapping motion was effective. I must have been on a good website because as soon as I started doing that, she hissed, “Yesss…”

I can’t adequately describe both the satisfaction and eroticism I got when she climaxed for the third time and sprayed her girl-cum all over me. I saw it begin to spray out of her life a firehose, but I didn’t move. I wasn’t actively thinking to kneel there like I was getting a facial from a guy. I was more a fascination with seeing a woman erupt like that and wanting to be up close and personal with the event. I was drenched before her orgasm finished. My face was now coated with my own juices from my tease sessions and the spray of a beautiful blond. What a cum slut I had become. Paige apparently was enjoying herself too much to quit yet. She dropped the vibe and told me to dive in again. It was a task I relished. I started my licking her thighs cleaning her up and building her anticipation. (see lessons six and seven) She must have been a bit worn out after her third orgasm and she was more content this time to lay back and let me pleasure her. She did hold my head once I went back to work on her pussy, but it was more playing with my hair than a grab of possession. This time she seemed content for me “to make love” to her instead of fucking. Once I sensed this I took a break from her pussy to give the rest of her body attention. We even made out for a brief period of time. Eventually she said we had to finish up and she pushed me back between her legs.

After she came for the fourth time, she went to the laptop. She logged onto the hotel WIFI, opened up Skype and soon was connected to Mistress Q. I recognized her voice and assumed she was somewhere in the hotel. I couldn’t see her (her camera was either off or blocked) but I could hear her and apparently more friends in her room. I could tell I was broadcasting as I saw the small window showing what the camera saw from our end. Mistress again congratulated me on following her instructions so well. She told her friends what happened on the bus and at the show today. Paige chimed in commenting on how my roomed reeked of arousal. I didn’t correct her that most of that smell was from her. I mean, I’m sure I smelled of desperation and leaky pussy too, but her four orgasms certainly flavored the air. Mistress added that she had smelled me at the show and knew how excited I was. They were talking about me but not too me. They were objectifying me and I found that exciting. I just sat in front of the camera and smiled.

Finally the small talk was done and Mistress told me to stand up. She told Paige pull the chair away and told me to bend over with my hands on the desk facing the camera. I was surprised she didn’t order me to strip or to show the affects her teasing had on me. But instead, Paige lifted the hem of my dress over my ass. She gave my asscheeks a firm squeeze. “Nice,” I heard her say. “Very spankable, Mistress.” I smiled at the camera. Then I watched as Paige picked up the paddle. I guess it just wasn’t to make me nervous. I heard the swish before I felt the fire. “Count along dear,” Paige cooed.

“One,” mam, I replied.

She then hit the other cheek. “Two, mam.”

My paddling was short. I think Mistress just wanted to see how I would react and maybe Paige was taking pity on me because she was worn out from cumming so much. I received just five swats on each cheek. After putting the paddle down I felt her fingers running across my slit. As you can safely assume, I moaned involuntarily. Paige reported back to the blank screen how wet I was. That too was not a surprise. I then felt her tugging on the string attached to the balls. They flopped easily from my pussy. I watched as Paige reached over my shoulder holding up in front of my face for the camera. “Her slut balls did the job, Mistress,” she added. “I knew they would,” Mistress replied. “Clean off your toys, slut.” I didn’t need to be told twice and I opened my mouth. Paige dipped the balls into my mouth. My taste is always a pleasant surprise to me and I greedily sucked them clean. Paige then put down the balls and went back to rubbing my pussy, but she was careful not to touch my clit.

“Just hold her on edge a little longer,” Mistress instructed. Apparently she liked the look of lust on my face. I heard the sounds of sex from Mistress’ room. Either somebody was pleasuring her or two other women we having sex in the room. Although the continued teasing was horrible, it was better that Paige was doing it instead of me fingering myself. It was easier not to cum when she was manipulating me. That is not to say I didn’t beg Mistress Q to order Paige to make me cum. I understood the dynamic of what was happening and I knew the order to give me my release wasn’t going to originate with Paige. Speaking of Paige, she did vary her technique every now and again to push a couple fingers inside of me and she did tease the rim of my asshole a couple of times, but mostly it was a dispassionate rubbing of my pussy just to keep me simmering. Finally I heard the sounds of orgasm from Mistress’ room through the laptop and then a one word command, “Now.”

I figured that meant Paige would finger fuck me to climax, but instead she gave me a hard swat on the right ass cheek. Her hand stung more than the paddle. “Stay there,” she told me. I couldn’t see what she was getting out of her bag. I just continued to stare at the laptop camera. When she returned she took my wrists and cuffed them behind my back. I now had to balance myself in my bent over position to prevent my face from hitting the desk. She then wrapped a thick collar with a short leash around my neck. I started to drool in anticipation. She then moved behind me and I felt a dildo begin to part my pussy lips. As she slid her fake cock into my steaming pussy I knew anybody watching the video feel just got a look of pure lust. For two days I had been dreaming of sexual satisfaction and the moment was at hand. As she started pumping into me I began to thrust back at her imploring her to pound me harder and deeper. I had a fleeting thought that maybe this was just another way they would tease me and leave me hanging, but I quickly pushed that aside. I was determined to orgasm. My body was craving sexual release. The only way I wasn’t going to get it was if Paige could somehow prevent it. Even if she stopped her strap attack and refused to uncuff my wrists, I would have knocked her down and humped the edge of the dresser if I had to in order to get off. Fortunately that wasn’t necessary.

That’s not to say Mistress Q gave me permission to cum too fast. I could tell she was enjoying watching me struggle not to climax and she certainly enjoyed my near constant begging for permission to cum. I shouldn’t have been surprised she made me promise to be a good slave to her and obey her ever command without hesitation before she finally let me earn my release. She reworded the same question several ways and I imagined her other friends watching my performance were all laughing at my predicament. I was a babbling mess. Finally Mistress said, “Now,” and I thought she was going to let me cum, but she followed up that word with “Paige.” I felt her dildo pull out on the next stroke leaving me empty and confused. Immediately I felt her pressing the head against my unprotected asshole. “Just relax baby,” I heard her say. “Mistress loves ass play.” Then I felt her push.

Bent over and bound as I was, there was no way I could stop her. Not that I wanted to stop her. She penetrated me easier than I would have predicted. She gave me a couple deep hard strokes and then pulled on the collar standing me up. Or mostly up, I was still bent over just a bit. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this must have been so Mistress could see my pussy when Paige reached around with her free hand and started spanking my clit. As that began, I heard Mistress say the magic words I’d been waiting days to hear. “You may cum now my slut slave.” That was all I needed to hear. My body began to convulse as a massive orgasm tore through me. Paige continued to pump the strap-on up my ass but she switched from spanking my clit to rubbing it forcefully. Everything became a blur. My body’s nerves were firing from all directions. I saw stars. I howled. I screamed. I shook. I got dizzy. Thankfully Paige was still holding my collar and kept me from falling. I vaguely remember hearing applause from behind the laptop screen. Then I think I passed out. Actually I must have passed out. I woke hours later naked in my bed. My hands were uncuffed and the collar was gone. As was Paige, the laptop, paddle and her bag of tricks. I was sore. My pussy was wet. When I woke one of my hands was between my legs. I must have been having a good dream. What I didn’t have was Mistress Q or still any idea of who she was. The quest to find her was going to have to wait a bit though. I needed more sleep and definitely needed a shower. That is if my phone didn’t chirp and she didn’t summon me. I would gladly give up the shower if that happened.

I slept for another couple hours. Mistress did not summon me nor did any additional friends appear at my door to be serviced. I was a little disappointed at first, but I needed the rest. I then showered away the gunge that had accumulated during the bus ride and Paige squirting on me. I felt human again. Of course I was still horny and desperately wanted to meet Mistress Q so I decided to put the mesh dress back on and go downstairs. I wasn’t ready to go out of the hotel wearing that scandalous outfit but I figured there would be plenty of scantily clad women from the conference staying at the hotel so I would blend in. That sort of worked, meaning I wasn’t the only person dressed for sex as I wandered through the lobby, but it wasn’t like before and I certainly stood out. I was about to head back upstairs in shame when I happen to glance into the lounge and saw Paige. Unlike me, though, she looked like a tourist instead of the wanton hellcat I met a few hours ago. At least when I caught her eye she waved me over instead of ignoring me.

“Back with the living, I see,” she said raising her glass to me in a toast of sexual sisters. “Yeah, it’s a wonder what a few hours of sleep and a shower will do for you,” I replied. Just then two other women appeared and sat down with Paige.

The blonde spoke almost immediately. “Is this Candie?” she said. Paige replied, “You know it is. You watched me fuck her Ruby.”

“Yes I did,” Ruby said proudly. Then Mistress let me fuck Kim. It was a good early evening.” The other woman looked embarrassed. She must be Kim I determined. Ruby pulled her into an embrace and gave her a passionate kiss. “Don’t pretend you didn’t love it.”

I moved my hand out to shake hers. “It’s Marley actually,” I told them. “I don’t think I need my online name here.”

Paige looked at me instead of her friends. She then fiddled with her phone and then handed it to me. “I had fun after I left you too. Did you have fun during your shower?”

“No, I admitted. But I wanted to. I’ve come this far, I’m not doing anything without Mistress’ permission,” I replied.

“That’s smart,” she replied.

Ruby and Kim were done with their dinner and announced they were going dancing. As they stood up Ruby ran her hand under the hem of my dress and grabbed my ass. “You should come with,” she said. I didn’t want to go out dressed as I was so I used the excuse that Mistress had not given me permission to leave the hotel. Paige shot that down telling me as long as I was on call if her desire to use me struck her, she wouldn’t mind. “Especially if I was wearing the outfit she gave me. Plus she is occupied upstairs and likely will be busy for a few more hours.” Now I starting thinking that was a setup. I was basically wearing lingerie and outside of this hotel, I would definitely be out my element. But Ruby and Kim said they would run upstairs and change quickly into something slutty so I would feel comfortable. I was losing my excuses. I didn’t want any of them to report back to Mistress Q that I wasn’t adventurous so I agreed. I sat down with Paige we talked on a more personal level. Paige admitted that Mistress Q liked a series of fresh meat and during this show there were plenty of young sluts to keep her occupied. I told her my story and my concern that I wasn’t good enough for her. She told me I was beautiful and based on our encounter earlier, I was perfect for Mistress Q. “She probably has some grand plan for you. Don’t worry. If she made you come to town, she’s not going to forget you. That gave me some solace. Ruby and Kim returned shortly after. Kim was dressed in a clubwear outfit that threatened to expose her breasts with the slightest provocation. That probably was her plan I theorized. Page was dressed as scandalously as I was. At least I wasn’t going to be the only one tramping it up.

We strolled out into the cool night air of Las Vegas. I was between the two women I had just met and we hailed a cab. I was between them in the back seat. Kim’s hand went immediately between my legs. “Did Mistress tell you to rub yourself at all times so you are wet and ready for her?” Her fingers and the shock of being fingered in the cab took my breath away. “No,” I stammered. It was then I noticed Ruby also had her hand in her panties. “Mistress said she may meet us at the club after she is done with the whore she was fucking up the ass,” Kim continued. You need to be ready for her if she shows up.

Talk about a setup. I had a feeling that was just an excuse for Kim to toy with me while we danced. Both she had Ruby spent plenty of time grinding against me, grabbing my boobs and rubbing my pussy on the dance floor. Yes it was inappropriate (even though the club was obviously a hook up place) and yes I was powerless to stop them. Kim had me dripping by the time we got there, and by the time we left three hours later buzzed and exhausted, I was no less aroused. I even starting making out with Ruby as we rode the elevator back to my floor. Of course I invited them in, but they declined.

“Get a good night’s sleep,” Ruby told me. “You’ll need it tomorrow. You will get instruction later. Remember what we told you about being ready for her all the time.”

They both gave me a passionate kiss at my door. Kim gave my ass a squeeze as well. I wish she had fingered me again. Although Paige had given me relief earlier, these two vixens had enflamed my lust once again. I knew I didn’t have permission to climax, but it was going to be hard to resist. I felt alone as I walked into the room. I wished Paige were there to play with me again. Or Ruby or Kim. Or better yet if Mistress Q had been waiting for me. But instead I had to climb into a cold, empty bed. I slept in my outfit. It was basically lingerie anyway I told myself. I felt dirty from sweating while dancing and my pussy was announcing its need to be satisfied. But it was late and I fell asleep quickly. I woke up to bright sunshine streaming through the windows. Semi-staggering toward the bathroom I noticed a note had been slid under the door. Picking it up, I was first struck by the scent. It was Mistress’ perfume. Her handwriting was as elegant as the last time. The note was also direct and to the point.

“Sweet Candie,” it began. “Today is the day.” I felt my pussy moisten just by reading that. “Get showered, dressed in your regular clothes and grab some breakfast. At 9:30 you have a spa appointment. After that walk the show again so we can see you. Then return to your room and await further instructions.”

I marveled at how she planned everything out. She could have just knocked on my door and I would have dropped to my knees and pledged my loyalty. But since this was the way she wanted to do things, I hurriedly complied. I must say I was relieved not to be wearing the mesh outfit as I walked into the lobby. The show had not opened yet so there were a lot of scantily clad women and men milling about. I would have fit in wearing my mesh slut dress. But I didn’t have time to worry about that. In fact, it was already after nine so I just grabbed a bagel and cup of coffee and headed toward the spa. I had never been to a spa before because of the cost, but I figured Mistress Q was taking care of it. I walked in and was warmly greeted. I picked up their menu of services and almost fainted when I saw the costs. Thankfully the girl who checked my reservation confirmed that the bill had already been taken care of and that I should just “leave everything to us and relax.”

I admit I have no frame of reference, but the spa seemed incredible. Typical Vegas excess. Mistress Q had specified exactly what services I was to receive. I assumed correctly that I was to get a facial, manicure and pedicure. Standard stuff I figured but already out of my budget. It felt great to get pampered. I saw other young women in the spa also getting treatments. I wondered if they were getting ready for their sugar daddies or if they had a sugar mommy like me. I was already more relaxed than I had been in ages after my pedicure. Then a girl led me into a private room for my waxing. That was definitely something I had never done and I started getting nervous. She told me to disrobe completely as I had signed up for a Brazilian wax. It was weird. I had no problem exposing my pussy to Paige and would have gladly exposed it to Ruby or Kim, but I suddenly felt self-conscious being naked in front of this young girl. Part of it may have been that I was daydreaming about Mistress Q during the other services so my pussy was more than a little primed. I didn’t want her to think I was hot for her. She was cute, but I was spoken for and didn’t want to mess up. She told me not to worry that she does waxes ten times per day and there was nothing to worry about. Eventually I disrobed. Mistress wanted this done so it had to be done.

It was strange to have a woman touching me intimately yet not sexually. Of course my pussy didn’t know the difference. I told myself this girl was a professional and lots of women probably get aroused under her touch. The waxing stung not unlike a spanking. In fact the pain was definitely starting to cross the line into pleasure. I bet the other women who might enjoy her fingers on their bodies didn’t get off on the ripping of their hair out of their body. By the time my skilled waxing provider got as far as my pussy, I was squirming a bit wishing she would finger me. I also was worried the pain from waxing so near my labia and clit might cause me to orgasm. If she could tell the effect she was having on me she didn’t mention it. She just did her job and then sent me on my way to my next service. I was tempted to duck into the ladies room and finish what she started. But then sanity and fear of disappointing Mistress Q took over. Next on my agenda was a body treatment they called It’s Raining in Paradise. The spa menu described it as “A vigorous exfoliation, body mask application and warm water jets of a Vichy shower, leaves skin cleansed, polished and softened to perfection while relaxing the mind body and soul.” I wasn’t sure exactly what all that meant, but at the end my skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Or more accurately as smooth as where I had been waxed. It felt wonderful. Then it was off to my last service, a drumsticks massage. Again I will let the menu describe it because I couldn’t do it justice. They list it as a signature service. I would not have chosen it for myself, but I’m glad Mistress chose it for me. “This massage ritual includes with the use of bamboo reeds for drumming, tapping and rolling to rebalance the body’s energy flow while working deep within the muscles and trigger points.

I have had massages before and always enjoyed them. This one was no different. For most people it was probably a unique experience having the bamboo reeds used to massage their bodies. But my practitioner apparently knew Mistress Q and who I was. As a result, the usual massage value of the reeds was mixed with a stronger application meant to stimulate a submissive with pain tendencies. I’d never been caned and the massage didn’t go that far, but she explained she had been instructed to be more forceful with me and that leaving a few marks was not out of line. So basically I had a massage that left my pussy dripping and my body crying out for sexual satisfaction. I was pretty sure the massage therapist’s instructions did not include a happy ending for me. This service was obviously scheduled last to leave me horny and craving Mistress Q. The therapist worked my nipples and clit while I was laying on my back. She could have easily gotten me off, but took care not to do so. I called her “the bitch,” under my breath. She knew exactly what she was doing. At the end of the massage I was on my tummy and she told me to “lift your ass in the air like you’re getting fucked.” I was pretty sure that phrasing was not normal for the spa. But of course I did it. She began to rub her hand around my pussy.

“Carly did a good job with your waxing,” she commented as if she was offering an opinion on a piece of clothing or furniture. “Your mistress is going to enjoy this pussy.” She then pushed two fingers into me. I moaned. “Yes, very responsive,” she said dispassionately. I bucked against her hand trying to push her fingers deeper into my pussy. That seemed to amuse her. “You can ride my fingers if you want. But I’ve had other girls in for treatment and I know your mistress does not allow you to cum.” Damn. She knew. I continued to fuck myself anyway. Her fingers felt so good in my pussy. Even if I couldn’t cum, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. The submissive in me loved that the masseuse knew I was a little slut who had given control of her body to another woman. It would have been so easy to go over the edge with her. But I was a good girl. I was panting and moaning when I finally rocked forward and her fingers popped out. She taunted me asking if I wanted her to take over and finish the job. I didn’t know if that was a test Mistress had set up so I declined. I watched as she stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked my juice off her digits. “Such a shame,” she replied. “You are very tasty.”

My treatment at the spa was over. The masseuse pulled out a bag I had not noticed before and handed it to me. “Your clothes for this afternoon,” she told me. Apparently Mistress didn’t want me wearing my boring clothes I had been wearing when I walked into the store. The bag contained a short dress, but nothing scandalous like yesterday. She even gave me a thong and bra. How thoughtful I remembered thinking. There was a pair of heels, but even they were shorter than yesterday. I began to wonder why she wasn’t sexing me up more. But it was already 2pm and I needed to get moving rather than think about Mistress’ motivations. I got dressed and headed toward the show. As I walked through the entrance, much more confident in myself this time, I fully expected to find Kim, Paige or Ruby. I also expected Mistress Q to be with them. But they were nowhere to be found. Then, in an out of the way booth, I was sure I found her. She was younger than I expected, but she still had the look I had fantasized about. It had to be her. The booth was for an erotic photographer and she was his model. She had pulled down her short leather dress and was using her hands to cover her breasts. She had the most arresting eyes, pouty lips and black hair. I practically drooled when I saw her. That had to be her. She looked like the kind of woman who could make other people do her bidding. She had an innocent quality, but in her eyes I could see something different.

A crowd had formed around the booth as the photographer snapped pictures of her. I could tell all the guys were lusting after her. I was one of only a couple females watching, but I think they were as smitten as I. The photo shoot continued for about ten minutes. She then pulled her dress back up. The photographer then started showing the pictures on a large monitor and describing composition and lighting. Some of the people stayed to listen to him, moving over by his computer, and learn while everybody else walked away. I was the only one left standing where I had been watching. She took notice and walked over to me. “Mistress Q?” I asked. She chuckled. Then she took my hand. “I’ll be back for the next session,” she called out to the photographer and then she pulled me away from the booth.

She never let go of my hand as she led me out of the exhibition hall. I hoped I had not done something wrong by calling her Mistress Q. She still had not spoken to me. That seemed in character. She led me down a long empty corridor and into a bathroom. Thankfully it was empty since it was off the beaten path. She brought me to the handicapped stall, lifted the hem of her dress and sat down on the toilet. She didn’t have to tell me what to do. I shut the stall door and dropped to my knees. Almost immediately she began showing her appreciation for my tongue in her pussy. She didn’t need the teasing techniques I had learned and go slow wasn’t in her vocabulary. She told me how excited she gets when she models and how she needs to get off between sessions. But she still didn’t admit to being Mistress Q. She was definitely in control of the situation though grabbing my head and pulling me tighter against her snatch. Even when other people came in to use the restroom she didn’t let me stop. I bet my feet were hanging out the other side of the stall door and everyone who came in would know what I was doing. But I didn’t care. I had a very tasty pussy in my mouth and I knew it was about to reward my efforts.

And reward me she did. With a shriek, a shake and a flood of yummy juice for my mouth. Throughout it all she held my head tight against her gushing pussy. I was sure she would now complement me and confess to being my Mistress. But she didn’t. She released my head and told me to stand up. Then she slid her hands under my skirt and pulled off my thong. She tossed it aside and put her right hand back under my skirt and began finger banging me. After the same treatment from the masseuse, it didn’t take me long to be back at peak. My knees were starting to buckle, straining to hold my weight. “Oh, Mistress Q can I please cum,” I called out. “You’ll have to ask her yourself,” the model replied. I’m sure my face showed the disappointment. She kept fingering me until I begged her to stop because I wasn’t sure if I could hold back my orgasm.

“Don’t look so disappointed. I do know your Mistress. “She told me to look out for you this morning. There are instructions for you upstairs in your room. I will tell her you suck a mean pussy. That will please her. Now go.”

I turned and unhooked the door while she straightened her dress. As I walked out I noticed the stall next to us was occupied. Whoever was in there got an earful. I was a few steps in front of the model when I heard her knock on the stall door. I turned as she said, “She’s good. You’ll enjoy her.” I heard a voice from behind the door say, “Thanks Christine. Do you want to play with us tonight?” It was the voice of Mistress Q. She was just feet away. “Let me see what Tony has planned,” Christine responded. “I don’t know if he is setting up any private shoots or not. I’ll text you.”

With that Christine turned to face me and started walking again. I began moving toward her. I wanted to meet Mistress Q. But Christine was having none of that. She put her hands on my shoulders and started pushing me toward the door. When she had forced me out of the bathroom she told me “I know how she works with new subs. Don’t blow it now. Go upstairs like a good girl and do whatever she tells you.” She then pulled her hands back and walked around me. She left me with a decision. She wouldn’t stop me from walking in there and meeting Mistress Q. But she was probably right about following orders. This must be my last test. Mistress Q knew I was outside the bathroom and she must have wanted to see what I would decide. I began walking back down the corridor toward the show. Christine was waiting for me and told me I had made a wise decision. I also saw her send a text message and then she escorted me to the exhibition entrance. “She’s out of the bathroom and safely back in the crowd. You will not find her now. Go upstairs and wait for instructions. And keep that pussy wet for her. It felt wonderful.” She gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. I didn’t return to the hall. I knew Christine was right. I’d never find her now. I had to keep playing her game.

So back to my room I went to wait impatiently until Mistress Q deemed me worthy. Needless to say I was frustrated and the length of her game was wearing on me. When I opened my room door I found an envelope had been slid under. I nervously tore the envelope open. The paper was scented with Mistress’ now familiar perfume. No fancy handwriting though. Just a number and a room key. Was this finally the end? The room turned out to be at the end of my hall. I’d been close to her all the time. I hurried to the room expecting her to be waiting for me. But of course, I wait for her, not the other way around. Inside her room was another box and more instructions.

“Sweet Candie,” the note began. “I know you are frustrated, but that is how I like my subs. It makes them desperate to please me. Just a little longer and we will be together. Put on what is in the box. Nothing more and nothing less. Then bind yourself as shown in this picture.” I looked at the picture. My remaining time waiting for her was not going to be comfortable. The outfit she had picked, however, looked quite kinky. I had never worn anything like it. It was made of a black shinny latex and rubber material. There was a tight corset that squeezed around my middle and a hood/collar combo that also wrapped around my shoulders and arms. A heavy chain hung from the collar and the hood had eye coverlets. The corset had built-in garters and Mistress provided me fishnet stockings. They were black, of course. Looking at myself in the mirror, I liked what I saw. I looked at the picture she had provided. It showed a woman straddling a chair holding herself in the air. She did not look comfortable, but she did look hot. I knew I would too. She also had her eyes covered. I didn’t like that idea.

The position Mistress required me to hold was stressful. It wasn’t painful at first, but my thigh muscles quickly tired from having to hold my weight. I tried putting my hands behind me to take some of the pressure off, but it was of limited success. Time began to stand still. I was so close to meeting Mistress I swear I could already taste her pussy. I’d done so many things for her, I think I would have died if this was just another task with no pay off. My mind was wandering from sexy thing to sexy thing Mistress would make me do for her, but that only served to enflame my desire. Finally I heard the door open. But it wasn’t Mistress’ voice I heard. It was Paige. Well it could have been worse. I liked Paige and maybe she would allow me to get off this chair.

“I am supposed to send a picture to Mistress to show her how well you did preparing yourself,” she told me. “So far it looks like you did fine. Hold still and smile.”

I did as she said and heard the electronic shutter sound from her phone. “OK, let’s get you a little more comfortable.” I was relieved, but I should have concentrated more on her phrasing. A little more didn’t mean comfortable. She helped me out of the chair and led me to the bedroom. After telling me to lie down, she made quick work of securing me spread eagle. The cuffs and straps must have already been attached to the bed in preparation for my arrival because it didn’t take long before I was stretched and immobilized. “Now let’s have some fun,” Paige announced.

Before I could think of what that meant, she unsnapped the crotch of the corset and crawled between my legs. I had expected to be eating a lot of pussy in this room, but I wasn’t prepared for the first pussy serviced to be mine. Paige certainly knew what she was doing and quickly my juices were flowing and I was moaning. Without the benefit of sight, my entire world was focused on my pussy. As to be expected though, she didn’t let me cum. She stopped all too soon just as I was really starting to enjoy myself.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” she said to me. “You know the rules.” I heard another picture being taken. “Mistress wants you nice and wet for her arrival.” Seconds later I heard a vibrator turn on. I’d never be able to hold back if she slid that into me. But instead I felt her weight straddling me. I could feel the vibrator on my belly just above my pussy. Paige seemed to be straddling it too and grinding on it and me. It was an intensely erotic feeling although I wished I could see her face. She looked so pretty when she came in my room and I would miss that. I could hear her moans mixed with the buzz of the vibrator and could feel her sliding up and down the corset. I didn’t know if she had permission to cum or broke the rules, but she did have a noisy orgasm on top of me. Then she dismounted and left the running vibrator leaning upright between my legs. There was not enough pressure to get me off, but there was enough to tease me. I would have cursed her, but she had been the friendliest person I had met since leaving Chicago so I couldn’t be too mad. Besides, it was part of the grand plan to keep me desperate and horny.

Paige left me alone. Maybe half an hour later I heard the door open again. It sounded like multiple people entered the outer room. Was one of them Mistress? I listened for the voices. Ruby and Kim were definitely there. They were telling Paige about our night out dancing. The door opened again and I recognized Christine’s voice. She was saying something about Mistress meeting with the photographer she was with. That meant Mistress wasn’t coming right away. But maybe one of the other women would take pity on me and get me off. Or at least move the teasing vibe. But alas they didn’t. It was another torturous half hour until Mistress Q finally arrived. It was such a relief to hear her voice in the other room and then to hear her next to me as I felt her sit on the side of the bed.

“You have done well, little girl,” she said to me. She then turned off the vibe. I felt her run her fingers over my slit. “Dripping with need just the way I like it.”

I wasn’t sure if I was expected to speak or remain quiet. I opted for quiet, although I involuntarily rocked my hips trying to push my pussy against her fingers. Of course Mistress noticed. “Soon, pet. Soon,” she said in a soothing voice. “But first things first. I have to see if Christine and Paige were telling me the truth.”

I knew what she meant and felt her swing her legs over my head. I would have rather been on my knees instead of bound on my back as she settled her pussy over my mouth. I had learned a lot about how to pleasure a woman and wanted to demonstrate my skills to Mistress Q. But obviously she wanted to demonstrate her position of authority over me. Between those two positions, she was going to win. I did my best to please her anyway, although she seemed more interested in grinding her wet pussy on my face and making it tough for me to breath. Not that her scent wasn’t intoxicating, it was, but she also left me gasping for breath. I didn’t like that.

After she was done and climbed off of me, she told me I would have to satisfy her companions, or minions as she called them, before I got off. She could tell I was disappointed by the look on my face. She asked if I preferred to go back to my room and I assured her I was happy to service them, but I really just wanted to see what she looked like. She told me to be patient and called Ruby into the room. I’m not sure if this had been prearranged, but she told Ruby to describe what she looked like.

“Mistress Q is beautiful,” Ruby began. “You will be proud to worship her. She has long hair, succulent breasts and is wearing thigh high bitch boots. She has a tight ass and juicy pussy. You will become intimately familiar with both. Right now she has the sexiest long sleeve leather top exposing her cleavage and leather mini skirt. She looks stunning. There is no question who is in charge in this room or any room really.”

“Thank you Ruby,” Mistress Q responded. I tried to picture someone matching that description from the exhibit hall, but I was drawing a blank. I probably looked right at her at some point. Or maybe she had changed since coming upstairs. It hardly mattered as my mask continued to keep me in the dark.

“You will please the minions. They have the option of removing the eye covers if they choose. After that, if you do well, I may fuck you. You may begin Ruby.”

A few seconds later I felt Ruby’s fingers unbuckle the covers over my eyes. The light was very bright until my eyes adjusted. Ruby had removed her clothes and was leaning over me. She was smiling. Was every woman in Mistress’ service this gorgeous? Did I really belong here? Ruby crawled over me and backed her ass up to my face. I couldn’t move my head much, but I strained my neck trying to get my tongue between her cheeks.

One by one I took care of Mistress Q’s minions. I wondered how they determined the order in which they visited me. I wondered if they drew straws or if they had played some other sexy game to determine the order. Paige was still my favorite, but each of them had redeeming qualities. They all came fairly quickly as well. That was something for which I was thankful. Kim went last and unfortunately when she was done, she secured the eye covers. That time I was sure she was under orders to do so. She told me Mistress Q would be right back. I was alone maybe a minute.

Mistress Q returned and said it was time for me to get my reward. That was the best news I received since arriving in town. Of course, nothing would be as easy that them just fingering me and getting me off. Instead Kim, Paige, Christine and Ruby took turns crawling between my legs and gingerly licking my pussy. It was obvious they were just interested in tormenting me. But in my hyper aroused state, preventing me from orgasming was a tall task. Unfortunately they were up for that task. Mistress must have taught them all about edge play much like she had trained me because they were all skilled at keeping me on the edge until finally Mistress took mercy on me and gave me an explosive climax. Telling Kim (the last of her minions to tease me with her tongue) to move out of the way, I felt Mistress’ weight on the mattress once again.

“I’m going to give you the Hitachi, my pet,” she told me. “You may cum as much as you want for the next five minutes.”

“Oh thank you Mistress,” I replied.

“Not quite so fast little one,” she corrected me. “There is one rule. I’ve changed out of my work clothes and I am just wearing a red satin lace up panty, red satin bra that exposes my breasts, stockings and heels. Think about me when you cum. I’m going to straddle you and we are going to share the Hitachi. Don’t cum before I do or you will be punished.”

Almost immediately I heard the insistent buzz of a Hitachi Wand on high speed. Then I felt her straddling me so our pussies were almost touching. The moment the bulbous head pressed against my pussy, my body started experiencing spasms and convulsions. My release was just seconds behind and it hit me like a freight train. Momentum carried me and there was no stopping my orgasms. They flowed like water as days of teasing released my pent up sexual demand like an earthquake releasing the energy stored when two Techtronic plates grind together. I arched my back throwing my chest skyward as every muscle in my body tensed.

There was no question that I had not waited for Mistress Q to cum first. There was no way that I could. My body had too much pent up need and the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi were too much to resist. Even as Mistress Q scolded me for orgasming too quickly, I came again. And then again. She was basically laughing at my inability to control myself. That, of course, fueled my need to cum again. Over and over. My body thrashed in my bindings, but her weight held me fast to the bed. I could hear her minions cheering her on to “ride that bucking bitch” and for me to “cum harder slut.” I was out of control and loving it.

But all good things must come to an end and Mistress turned off the Hitachi. She told the minions to prepare me while she changed into her punishment clothes. I didn’t like the sound of that. Preparing me involved uncuffing me from the bed. Kim explained that Mistress always gave the first punishment unbound. If I couldn’t handle it, I was free to leave. She didn’t know me very well. I didn’t think there was much chance of that happening. The positioned me kneeling on the bed facing a mirror. I was instructed to look at myself and what I had become. I was also to think about what was about to happen and how much I should crave Mistress’ touch whether it was pleasure or pain.

I was told to always have my hands either at my side or behind me to show submission, but to also thrust my breasts forward. They hinted that my breasts would be receiving a lot of attention. When Mistress returned, she set up a stool behind me. She sat in it just looking at me. I finally got to see her in the reflection of the mirror. What I saw made my mouth water. She had changed into a purple corset. The minions had not done her justice when they described her.

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes but just looked at me. It made me nervous. Then she told me to bend over, but to keep watching the mirror. Doing so exposed my backside to her view. I knew she had already seen my pussy and ass up close, but this act of subjecting myself to her and baring my most private parts to her was another in a long line of acts I willingly did to prove my loyalty and desire to serve her.

I knew she had promised to punish me, but now that I was in the doggie position, I couldn’t help but think about her fucking me. When she stood and ran her hand along my calf, thigh and eventually my butt, I prayed she was thinking about the same thing. But alas, except for a quick fingering to give her an excuse to call me a depraved wet pussy slut (she really didn’t need to check) I was left unsatisfied. Then she told me to face the headboard. I assume she wanted me to hold the hands and knees position. I did that at first, but then she told me to put my hands against the padded headboard attached to the wall. It was time for my first punishment.

The first swat of her hand was firm, stinging and wonderful. As Ruby had said, she owned the room. I knew the minions were watching, but I dared not turn my head to look at them. Mistress told me to count her gift to me so I did. “One, two, three, four, five,” I repeated as she alternated strokes to each side of my ass. She gave me twenty in all and I felt like my ass was on fire. Then she told Paige to get the riding crops, flogger and chin dildo.

All the nerves in the lower half of my body were firing mixed signals of pleasure and pain. My pussy was a swampy mess. I don’t think my brain registered that she had asked for multiple crops. I’d watched video of floggings and that didn’t seem to be such a bad thing, at least if the dominant took it easy. I didn’t know what a chin dildo was. I was going to figure it out pretty quickly.

Paige got the honor of strapping a six inch black dildo over her chin. I was allowed to turn my head and look. Since she had been the one who also got to come to my room for me to pleasure first, I wondered if she was the alpha sub in the room. Or maybe Kim and Ruby just liked using the riding crops. I noticed both of them holding the crops in a menacing fashion while Paige told me to roll over on my side for a moment. She then lay down on her back in a 69 position.

“Mount up, pet,” Mistress Q told me. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what she meant. She also didn’t have to ask twice as I was happy to impale myself on the dildo. I would have loved to have just ridden it to a quick orgasm too, but that was not the plan. Instead I was instructed to bend over and eat Paige’s pussy. That wasn’t a bad command to follow and Paige certainly didn’t mind even though my ass was right in her face as the dildo filled my pussy.

“Now you are going to fuck yourself,” Mistress told me. Again, not a surprise. “When you are almost off the dildo, I am going to flog your back. Stay straight. I don’t want to accidentally hit Paige. When you bottom out filling yourself, Ruby and Kim are going to each give you a stroke to your ass. Now begin.”

I wasn’t 100% sure exactly what she meant, but I knew I was supposed to fuck myself and lick Paige. I figured I could do that and the rest would take care of itself. The first lash to my back didn’t hurt that much. Of course my outfit protected me. Each time I lowered myself on the dildo, the riding crop impact stung me much more. My ass already tender from Mistress’ hand had no protection from the assault from Ruby and Kim. They also seemed to be enjoying themselves. Mistress probably would have been happy to take aim at my butt as well, but she was protecting Paige. Her pussy was flooding my mouth so I knew I was completing that task well, but apparently I wasn’t fucking myself hard enough or fast enough because Mistress complained about both. Of course she also warned me not to cum before Paige. I think she must have also warned Paige not to cum beforehand because I could tell she was fighting the urge to climax.

I was learning exactly what Mistress meant weeks ago when she told me I had to earn my orgasms. Paige was a well-trained pet and no matter what techniques I used to bring her off, until Mistress gave her explicit permission, she wasn’t going to orgasm. As for me, this punishment was the result of my failing that kind of test and I was determined not to do it again. Without a doubt, all four other women knew the torment my body was feeling as I fucked myself for their pleasure. The only think I didn’t know was how long Mistress Q would play this game before she tired of watching me bounce up and down on the dildo. As it turns out, it was about ten minutes. She told Ruby to fetch her strap-on. I think I had a mini-orgasm when I heard that, but I tried not to show it. I think I got away with it because she told Kim to stop hitting me. She did give me one last strike “to grow on.” It was the hardest whack yet and it caused me to quiver. Had I not been actively fighting against climaxing, I am afraid my old self would have triggered an orgasm at the intense stimulation she had just given me. As it was it was difficult to hold back. But I managed. Mistress then commanded me to dismount and kneel on the floor. She told Paige to kneel as well so I could clean the dildo. That was another task I was happy to complete. I have learned to love my own flavor. She then dismissed Paige telling her to change and that it was OK to call Charlie. I watched her beautiful ass as she walked out of the room.

Paige passed Ruby who was returning with a harness and a larger dildo than the one I had just ridden. If Mistress fucked me with that, I knew I would have a monster orgasm. I assumed she knew that too. I helped her strap it around her hips. That felt weird. I’d used dildos before, but the act of attaching it to another woman is something that never seemed normal. I expected her to order me to the bed, but instead she told me to suck it. “I know you have sucked plenty of guys,” she told me. “You look good down there with your lips around my cock. Maybe I’ll order room service and let you blow the waiter.”

I did enjoy sucking cock, but I didn’t want her to share me with the waiter. I just wanted to please her. I knew she couldn’t feel what I was doing, but I did my best to put forth a full effort. It was a wet, saliva flying and hand stroking blowjob. It probably was a good thing I was sucking a fake cock because any guy probably would have cum. Not that I would have minded a nice juicy load of cum right then, but I was glad Mistress was going to be able to fuck me as long as she wanted. My only question was what position she would start in. Apparently she chose missionary as she ordered me onto the bed on my back. What better way to show her dominance, I thought.

She told me to spread my legs as wide as I could. She then moved into position and began to rub the tip of the phallus on my slit. I was ready for her to penetrate me more than I’d ever been in my life. But then the phone rang. I couldn’t believe it, but she told Ruby to answer it. She started to slowly penetrate me with the dildo. I was delirious with pleasure. I’d been waiting months for that moment.

“It’s Cate,” Ruby told her. Mistress laughed. “She always did have impeccable timing.”

Mistress had buried the dildo to the hilt and was just laying on top of me as she contorted her body to grab the phone from Ruby.

“Hi Cate,” she said. Then after a pause, “No, just fucking her for the first time.” There was another pause as Cate was obviously talking. “No, that’s fine,” Mistress responded. “This can wait and she’ll be even more desperate. Give me a couple minutes.”

I was definitely worried now and not just because Mistress dismounted me. When she had me clean the dildo, I knew my fuck had just been postponed. At least I got to feel what she felt like inside of me for one agonizingly slow stroke. Mistress took my chain and tugged. I scampered to the floor. “Strip off that outfit,” she commanded. I quickly complied and then she gave me a tiny thong to put on.

“Crawl,” she told me as she led me back into the living room.

This group of women revolved around Mistress, but that is not to say they didn’t act on their own. In the other room I found two things happening. First was Paige had apparently called Charlie. That turned out to be video Skyping through her phone while playing with herself.

Christine was there too. She was patiently (or so it seemed) waiting for her turn with Mistress. It was pretty obvious what she desired.

Mistress continued leading me toward the door as if all of this was normal. “I’ll be right back. Kim, get Christine a vibe while she waits. Paige, you can come now,” she said matter of factly. Almost immediately I heard Paige begin to orgasm into her phone. I also saw Christine happily begin to fuck herself with the toy Kim tossed to her. I really wished I could stay, but Mistress was already leading me into the hallway.

I was so struck by the scene happening in the room, I didn’t realize that I was crawling down the hall with my Mistress holding a chain leash attached to my collar.

As I said, it didn’t register that I was suddenly naked in a public hallway. This was just another one of Mistress’ games at first. When another couple passed us on the way to their room, it got very real. The guy was drunk and made a crude comment, but the woman seemed to understand perfectly what was happening. Mistress even told her to come to her room later if she wanted to play after her man passed out. I was mortified. But a swat to my ass told me to continue. I crawled the length of the hall and then past the elevators. I just knew I was going to get caught again. That made me tingle. Finally we reached our destination. Mistress told me to kneel and to hold my leash in my teeth. She then knocked and walked away. The door swung open and I saw another busty woman. She too was dressed in mesh. What was it with these women and their mesh?

Cate was a little older than Mistress and her minions, but that didn’t matter. Her mesh top hugged her like a second skin and her massive breasts had my mouth watering. She took the leash from my mouth and led me into her room. It wasn’t a suite like Mistress’ room, but it was nicely appointed and had a king size bed. “I’ve got a date soon and I need to take the edge off,” she told me. It turns out taking the edge off was a euphemism for my finger fucking her and licking her clit. Since both were pure pleasure to me I didn’t mind diving right it. The only issue I had was being away from Mistress, but if her date was arriving soon, hopefully she wouldn’t keep me too long. Then I had the thought that maybe I was meant to serve her date as well. She didn’t say if it was a man or woman. I suppose it didn’t matter. Mistress must have known about what Cate was up to and approved.

Cate was already wet with anticipation before I touched her. I wondered if she had been playing with herself while waiting for me. Fortunately for me, she came quickly. I guess she really had been on edge. I thought perhaps my time with her was done, but instead of dismissing me, she pulled me up next to her and nuzzled me to her breasts. She held me tightly as she came down from her high. Then she told me to suck her nipples. That was another pleasure for me. I knew I was exciting her again. I theorized she didn’t want to be too relaxed for her date. A few minutes later she said I had better get going. I started to walk to the door but she reminded me that pets crawl. It was bad enough I was going to have to streak back to Mistress’ room, but now I was going to have to humiliate myself again by crawling. Of course I dropped to my knees and put the leash back in my mouth. Without an escort, I knew that is where the chain belonged.

Cate let me out into the hallway and closed her door. Did I get caught again? Of course I did. This is a popular hotel especially during the convention. As I was passing the elevator I heard the ding of an arriving cab. My eyes were down on the floor and I met a pair of very expensive Italian leather dress shoes. I paused my crawl to look up into the eyes of a very rugged and handsome man. Was this Cate’s date? If he was, she was very lucky.

“What do we have here?” he asked me.

I was frozen for a moment. I wanted to invite him back to my room, but I didn’t have a key. If he was there to see Cate, I was suddenly more interested in serving them both. But in the end, I told him the truth and made him the same offer Mistress had made the young couple half an hour ago. “I am a pet in service of Mistress Q. She is in from 1832. If you want me, you have to ask her.” I then started crawling past him. I could feel his eyes burning holes on my backside. I gave him a subtle wiggle as I turned the corner. My pussy was on fire again. I needed my Mistress to extinguish the flames.

I knocked and Paige opened the door. I crawled into the suite. Christine was bent over the couch. The handcuffs I had seen in her mouth now held her arms behind her back. Mistress was savagely fucking her with the same strap-on I had seen earlier. She wasn’t fucking Christine’s pussy like she had started with me. She was buried deep in Christine’s ass. Christine was howling in pleasure. Kim and Ruby were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they were fucking in the bedroom. Paige picked up a camera she had apparently set down when she opened the door for me and went back to snapping pictures of Mistress and Christine. Their fucking was raw and animalistic. They were not making love. I wanted to be Christine at that moment, even though the thought of having my ass pummeled like that scared me.

“They have been going at it for 20 minutes,” Paige told me. Neither Mistress nor Christine broke stride as Paige began to fill me in. They didn’t even seem to notice me. Paige asked me how Cate was and we had a normal conversation as if two people fucking in front of us were a normal thing. Finally, almost without warning Christine begged to be allowed to cum and Mistress gave her consent immediately.

“Christine is great about holding back as long as she can. But when it’s time, Mistress knows. That is why she didn’t make her hold back like she would if it was me or you she was hammering,” Paige informed me. Good to know, I thought. Christine collapsed against the chair. She was spent. Mistress pulled the fake cock out of her. I noticed there was a condom on it. She snapped her fingers at me and pointed toward the floor at her feet. I hurried over. She told me to remove the condom and throw it in the trash. It was hot and sticky, but had kept the dildo clean. With me still kneeling at her feet, Mistress moved behind Christine again and jammed the fake cock into her slave’s pussy. He gave her a few hard fast strokes. Christine mewed in appreciation. Mistress then pulled out, grabbed my head and pushed the dildo into my mouth. “She tastes great doesn’t she?” she asked rhetorically. I couldn’t answer. Her dildo was forced into my throat cutting off my air supply. Fortunately she didn’t keep it there long and pulled it back out of my mouth. The dildo didn’t taste as good as went I went straight to the source, but I still enjoyed her flavor.

“Look at her ass,” she told me. “I destroyed it.”

I looked at Christine splayed over the back of the couch. She was totally out of it. Her asshole was gaping open and pulsating slightly. Her thighs were soaked with juices leaking from her pussy. It was the sexiest post coital thing I had every seen.

“I’m going to take a short rest and then you are next,” Mistress said menacingly. I didn’t interpret it as a threat thought. I hoped it was a promise.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. “Whatever will please you.”

Mistress walked into the bedroom and Christine rolled over the back of the couch onto the cushions. I looked at Paige. She was sucking her finger. “Watching them makes me so wet I just can’t help but finger myself and lick my juices. Want a taste?

That was a dumb question. “Of course I want a taste,” I told her. “But not from your finger. I want it direct from the source.” She smiled her beautiful smile and I crawled toward her.

As it was before, Paige’s pussy was a wonderful taste treat. This time after I made her cum, though, she returned the favor. That kind of surprised me since Mistress had not given either of us permission to mess around. I voiced my concern about that to her.

“That’s our little secret,” she told me. “I won’t tell if you don’t tell. Plus Christine is passed out so she isn’t going to tell.”

That worried me. My paranoid self thought maybe this was a test that Mistress and Paige had setup to see if I was honest enough to confess my sins. I was going to have to think about this and what I should do when Mistress returned from her rest. Paige said she was going back to her room to crash.

“Are you on call if Mistress needs you?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she replied. “Unless she changes her mind for you, she’ll need all of us.”

I stopped thinking about having orgasmed without permission and started thinking about what Mistress had planned for me as I watched Paige walk out of the room. A short time later I heard movement from the couch and noticed Christine had rejoined the living. She rolled off the couch onto the floor and then groggily stood up. I saw her grab her ass. “God I’m sore,” she said to nobody in particular. “I need a shower.”

She walked past me and headed into the bedroom. I was alone in the living room pondering my next move. Christine returned about ten minutes later. She was still naked, although wrapped in a towel. “I need some fresh clothes,” she told me. “I’ll be right back.” I watched as she grabbed a key card off the table and walked out of the room. I was alone again. Ruby and Kim soon staggered back into the room. They looked like they had been at the bar. They were pretty boisterous and I think they woke Mistress. I was not upset by that, although I figured she might be. Christine returned just after that. She was just dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt, although she still looked stunning even though she wasn’t dressed particularly sexy. She lay back down on the couch, still worn out from the fucking Mistress gave her.

She had a cute pout working and I wondered if the photographer had been in her room and filled her mouth with cum. It looked like she had been saving a load to share with us.. I really wanted to sit on her face and grind my pussy over her mouth like they had done with me. But as low slut on the totem pole, I knew that decision wasn’t mine to make. Ruby did walk over to her, knelt down and gave her a passionate French kiss. If Christine had brought a treat, Ruby now shared it. Mistress then asked where Paige had gone.

“She went back to her room to crash,” I told her. “She said to call when you need her.”

“No, let her sleep for a while,” Mistress replied. “The four of us can share you. She can fuck you tomorrow.”

I had a couple thoughts based on her proclamation. First was a concern that all four of them were going to share me. At least three of them appeared pretty tired, although most importantly Mistress had just rested. Secondly was a feeling of pride that I must be doing something right since Mistress told me Paige could fuck me tomorrow. That must mean she is planning on keeping me around. On balance, both things were OK with me. Mistress told the minions to “prepare” me while she went to change her clothes. I remember last time she put on her punishment clothes donning the purple corset. I wondered if I should expect more of the same. There wasn’t much preparation the minions needed to do with me. Ruby pulled off my thong and Kim grabbed some lube and started greasing my ass. She pushed one finger in before she asked if I had been fucked up the butt before. I assured her I was no virgin and she pushed another finger inside of me.

“Grab a plug,” she told Christine so was not thrilled to get off the couch.

“Mistress will probably want to use the same dildo, so you better get a big one,” Kim continued.

Christine returned with an intimidating glass butt plug. Kim lubed it up and shoved it home. I yelled. She had not given me time to stretch and it hurt like hell. Kim slapped my butt. “That was as good as it is going to get baby.”

I wasn’t sure why she was being so mean. Maybe she was jealous I was going to be getting Mistress’ attention. Maybe she was just a bitch. Whatever the reason, one slap to my butt was not enough and once the plug was firmly in place, she began to spank me. “Mistress loves a nice red ass when she fucks it,” she said to me. While Kim spanked me, Christine was kind enough to reach underneath me and rub my clit. Suddenly the spanking didn’t seem so bad and I would have been happy to let her continue until I came on her hand. But Mistress Q decided that would be the moment she made her return to the living room and I was certainly glad she did. Not that it wasn’t lovely that Kim and Christine were giving my body their attention, but I was immediately smitten by the new outfit Mistress Q had chosen for our next encounter. As you might have guessed, it was mesh again. I was really starting to like her and her friends apparent fetish for the material.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to find Mistress Q online or what I did to deserve such a fine Mistress, but just looking at her made my mouth water. I had to twist my neck to look at her as she approached me. The first thing she did was rub my ass and then say, “Nice.” Then she tugged and twisted the plug briefly. I tried to hold my position until she gave me an instruction. But instead of talking to me, she instructed her minions.

“Get the chin strap dildo and two strap-ons. A six inch and a nine inch should satisfy this slut.”

I was taken aback. Nine inches was longer than I ever had before. I’m sure the six inch would have been satisfying as long as Mistress was the person fucking me. But I was not in a position to complain. “While we are waiting, you can pleasure your Mistress,” she announced. I never wanted to do anything as much in my life as get her off right then. Mistress told me to get into the bedroom. I saw Kim pulling the harnesses out of a case and beginning to attach the dildos. Mistress Q moved in front of me and jumped onto the bed. She presented her ass to me while kneeling on her hands and knees. “No time like the present sub,” she called out. “Get your tongue in there and clean me out.”

I knew she meant for me to lick her asshole, a task I would have found abhorrent on Halloween, but now relished. Her asshole was pink, perfect and tasty, at least to me. I thought she might enjoy a finger in her pussy as well, but she chastised me for overstepping my bounds. That earned a strong rebuke and a threat to punish me later. That thought was of little concern since I’d just been spanked and figured if Mistress wanted to punish me she hardly needed a reason beyond her own desire. I redoubled my efforts to tease her backdoor hoping I was doing a good job. The minions had sorted out the toys by now and entered the room. Mistress Q put her right hand on my head and pushed me away.

“Not bad for a beginner. We’ll have to give you more practice tomorrow. Now go and wash your lips and tongue,” she commanded. I hurried to the bathroom. I was so naïve. I thought I was done pleasing Mistress Q and imagined how good the strap-on would look over her perfect hips. When I returned from the bathroom she was in a new position and I realized I had not earned my fucking just yet.

One of my takeaways from this trip, aside from my now apparent need to submit to a strong woman, was that Mistress Q never tired of having her pussy eaten. In this case, by me, with the help of Kim and Christine licking and sucking her nipples. I’m not sure what Ruby was up to while the three of us brought Mistress off several times. Thankfully Mistress had rested and still had plenty of energy for what was about to become my first all-girl gangbang. Actually it was my first gangbang period, but all-girl sounds kinkier.

Mistress took the nine inch strap-on and stepped into the harness. She then stood before me and ordered me to suck it. I could only see her tight belly, but I heard the other women playing rock, paper, scissors of all things. Ruby seemed gleeful to have won the second strap-on. Kim seemed happy to have won the second round of the game. Christine apparently was the odd woman out. She wasn’t pleased. When Mistress pulled the dildo, now glistening with spit, out of my mouth I got to see the expression on Christine’s face confirming what her voice had already hinted. Mistress then told Christine to strap the chin dildo to my face. She clearly wasn’t happy about doing that, but she did it anyway.

Mistress Q lay down on the bed and told me to mount her. That was the kind of command I was delighted to obey. “Don’t forget a condom Ruby,” Mistress called out as I began to impale myself on her giant cock. The plug in my ass made her dildo seem twice as big. It was big by itself, but the pressure from my ass kept my pussy tight and struggling to accept the invader. After I finally took her inside of me, Ruby began pulling the plug out. That was complicated by the dildo in my pussy preventing my ass from stretching easily. At least Ruby was a little more forgiving pulling it out than Kim was putting it in. Once it popped free, she must have given it to Christine because I heard her say “Wash this.” As low woman on the totem pole I was glad they had different plans for me than being their toy washer. I felt more lube being applied to my pucker and I assume she squirted some on the dildo itself, but soon she was pressing the smaller dildo into my rectum. It was at this point that Kim stepped in front of me. She was leaning against the wall, Mistress’ head comfortable rested on a pillow, Ruby was behind me and grabbing my hips. Kim grabbed the dildo jutting from my chin and rubbed the head against her pussy. Apparently she didn’t need spit or lube to be ready to slide the curved fake dick into her pussy. Once it was inside, my mouth grazed her right at clit height. It was a perfect fit.

Mistress Q simply said, “Begin,” and like a well oiled machine, the three of them quickly found a rhythm and began fucking me. I had seen how Christine had been absolutely destroyed by Mistress’ power fuck earlier. I’d never seen a woman so blown away from the sex she received. But now I started to understand what she must have felt as the three of them began to work me over. I did my best to lick Kim’s pussy, but the screwing of my ass and pussy made it difficult to keep my face in the right place. She was enjoying the dildo though, so I wasn’t worrying too much. It was really more about my greed to try and taste her flowing honey.

I felt Mistress reach up and pinch my nipples. A wave of pleasure rolled through me. “I’m going to let you cum as much as you can, little one,” Mistress told me looking up at my eyes. “But you have to ask first and thank me after.” I nodded my approval. I would have spoken an affirmation but all I could do is moan. Mistress could tell the two dildos in me were doing their job and I’m sure she understood I would soon be begging to cum. As much pleasure as I was getting from the double dicking, Mistress’ fingers pinching my nipples and Kim’s smelly pussy in my face were helping drive my arousal just as much. It was like sensory overload and when Ruby began spanking me again, I instantly hit my peak and started begging to cum.

“I like that the spanking triggered your arousal, little one,” Mistress told me. She also put a vice grip on my nipples and pulled. “You may cum.”

I now had the pleasure of pain in three locations along with my ass and pussy getting pounded. Usually I like clitoral stimulation to get me off, but I didn’t need it. Kim grabbed my head and started fucking herself harder as well in an effort to get herself off. While I rode out my own thrilling orgasm, she managed a smaller one just before I finished twitching and Mistress Q ordered everyone to “Dismount.” Suddenly it was like a Chinese fire drill and I was the car. Ruby pulled out of my ass, Kim pulled off my face and Mistress rolled me over onto my back while her beautiful cock popped out of me. I watched as Ruby pulled the condom off her fake cock before she started unstrapping it. She handed the strap-on to Kim before running off to the bathroom, I assume to wash her hands. Kim began to strap-on the phallus while Christine, who I now saw had been running a video camera recording our tryst for prosperity, began to move into the standing position against the headboard. Mistress remained laying on the bed with her nine-inch cock standing obscenely upright.

She didn’t need to tell me what to do. It was pretty obvious what she planned. I rolled back over and mounted her again. Kim got behind me to resume my ass fuck and Christine slid her pussy onto my chin dildo. The scent of her pussy was stronger than Kim’s I liked it. I heard Ruby returning from the bathroom. I assumed she was taking over as videographer. Round two was similar to round one, although Kim was much more aggressive than Ruby. Much like how she had inserted the plug into me, she rammed the fake cock in and out of my asshole without regard to my feelings or needs. Mistress seemed to bounce me harder up and down her cock as well as if she were trying to match Kim. Christine must have been turned on watching round one because she came very quickly on my face and then came a second time before I did. My orgasm was not as intense as the first time. I think they were fucking me too hard without letting my body really enjoy what was happening. Then another Chinese fire drill was called and the scene was repeated with Christine taking my ass, Kim on camera and Ruby rutting against my face. Ruby as a little different as she purposely bottomed out on the chin dildo and held herself there so I could give her a little tongue action. She was less interested in riding the cock as having her clit licked. I kind of liked the change of pace. For her part, Christine seemed to want to go a little slower too, at least compared to Kim and Mistress fell into the rhythm. That let my third orgasm build more organically.

Ruby didn’t cum before I did. Unfortunately for her, that meant she didn’t cum at all during my double penetration. I was sad for her, but in some ways it was her choice. I had done my best to bring her off with my tongue, but we just ran out of time. Maybe if she had fucked the dildo more she could have climaxed. When Mistress Q called, “Change,” I figured we were done. I was sore, worn out and I could feel both my ass and pussy pulsating and gaping. Kim brought me a glass of water while Mistress did a couple quick isometric stretches.

“OK, switch the little cock out for the double ender,” I heard Mistress Q exclaim to the apparent delight of her minions. Christine took off the harness and unhooked the dildo. It was then I noticed that the harness had a hole through the back as well. Christine changed the dildo out to a seven incher that was a bit thicker and also had a stubby four inch dildo that she slid through the harness where it would penetrate the wearer. I guess they were going to have their fun now. A shiver when through my body when I realized that meant they would also be fucking me harder.

Another game of rock paper scissors determined the minion order for round two. I suppose it didn’t matter as much since I assumed they would all get their turn at my ass unless I passed out or something. Then I realized that probably wouldn’t matter because they all would want to fuck me until they came anyway. Kim won the honor of going first. Christine was second (I was happy she wouldn’t have to wait as long this time) then Ruby. Part of me wished Paige would return and part of me was scared that giving another woman a turn would be too much. I was already worried about that. Then my fears got very real as Mistress ordered Kim onto her back on the bed. “OK, slut,” she said to me. “You know the drill. Mount up.”

I had assumed I’d be riding Mistress’ cock in round two, but that was not the plan. I crawled onto the bed and slid down Kim’s dick. It was easier since Mistress had stretched my pussy and I was soaking. “Show her what you like,” Mistress said to Kim who immediately grabbed my hips and started bouncing me on her fem-cock. Instead of up and down though, it was more forward and back. I guess that motion moved the backside of the dildo more effectively inside of her. “OK,” Mistress announced. “Here it comes.”

I didn’t know if she meant her dildo, or me but I felt the greased head pop into my ass. The rocking motion Kim had me on pushed Mistress’ dildo into my ass. I had to stretch to take the larger girth and fortunately Mistress didn’t rush my body acclimating to her size. But once it had, look out. Mistress started pounding away much like I’m sure she did Christine earlier. The force of her strokes drove my pussy dildo in and out of Kim who began howling even before I did. She started cumming quicker too. My brain was still trying to get a handle on the nerve impulses it was receiving. Mistress was tearing me up. I could feel it. Nobody should like what she was doing. But I did. I started seeing stars. Ruby and Christine were cheering our Mistress on as she took my ass with her battering ram. I don’t know if she gave Kim a signal or not, but simultaneous to Kim grabbing my nipples, she added a twist to the same stinging squeeze Mistress had been giving them, Mistress began to spank me. I lost it. I attempted to ask for permission to cum. At least in my mind I did before I exploded. (On a side note when I rewatched the tape the next day, I heard myself babble, “Pleeeasssee,” at that moment but I didn’t make it further before coming like a freight train.)

So I might have been in trouble for not clearly asking for permission to cum, but it hardly mattered. I was long past having any control over my body and emotions. Mistress kept fucking me through my orgasm and Kim came again as well. I was close to reaching that incredible state where my orgasms flow one into another almost continually. I was about to cum again when Mistress yelled, “Switch.”

I felt empty when Mistress pulled her cock out of my ass. My pussy felt lonely too but as I saw Christine grabbing the harness from Kim and speedily put it on, I realized neither situation would last long. When Kim took her place next to Ruby, I realized nobody had fucked themself on my face that time. Ruby and Christine had just been perving out watching. I kind of liked that. Christine hopped on the bed and got into position. I didn’t need to wait for permission to jump on top of her. She also didn’t bother grabbing my hips. She went straight to my nipples. I gave her a couple quick thrusts and looked down for approval. Mistress grabbed my ass, spread my cheeks and buried all nine inches into my rectum. She began were she left off, which is to say full speed. I started cumming again a few strokes later having given up on the pretense of being able to ask permission. If Mistress wanted to punish me later that was fine. But for now, my body was reacting on instinct and there was nothing I could do.

Mistress Q seemed to be gauging her actions on what it took to get her minions off and not me. There was no challenge to getting me off but she wanted each of her other subs to have at least two good orgasms as they lay underneath me. I shuddered to think what my asshole would look like (or my nipples for that matter) when they were done with me. Another fire drill brought Ruby beneath me. I loved the way she looked. Instead of torturing my nipples, she pulled my mouth down to hers and I greedily made out with her.

Throughout round two, Mistress never let up. She’d pound me harder for a while, especially if I was spasming in orgasm because she liked making me cum, but she never took it easy on me to give me time to recover. When she finally was done I knew I looked as shagged out as Christine had earlier in the day. My ass felt like there had been a train up it and my pussy knew I’d been used as well. As everyone disengaged and I rolled on my back to catch my breath, I could already feel my muscles tightening up. I was going to be a sore, but happy sub in the morning. Kim drew short straw for cleaning the toys. She complained that as new slut I should have to do it. Mistress agreed, but told Kim to do it anyway because I was already falling asleep. I could feel myself nodding in and out of consciousness, but Mistress obviously didn’t want me spending the night.

“Ruby and Christine, make sure she gets back to her room and then you can go to yours. I will summon you in the morning,” was the last command I heard. I felt two sets of arms pull me off the bed and into a heap on the floor. I think it was Ruby who put my leash back on. “Come on slut doggie,” she said. “Back to your room.” She walked in front of me and started tugging on the leash. I started to get back to my feet (not an easy task given my condition) but a sharp swat from Christine on my ass indicated my mistake. I began to crawl behind them.

My trip down the hallway was different than the first time. I was very aware of my surroundings the first time, noticing every little detail of the hallway. Not that it mattered much but I had panties on that time. This time I wasn’t thinking at all, didn’t care if we got caught and instead of panties had a gaping ass winking at anybody who happened to walk past us. Had my brain not been destroyed as effectively as my ass had been, I would have been embarrassed when not one but two couples passed us before reaching my room. As I crawled into the dark room and Ruby shut the door behind me, I suddenly felt very alone. Alone and empty. I had been penetrated for a couple hours and use for hours before that. And now it was done. My body and mind started to crash. I’d never felt so high as in the hours since I’d finally met Mistress Q and now I realized I had never felt so low. I know she had told her minions she would call for them in the morning, but she didn’t specifically say that to me. What if I had not measured up and she didn’t send for me. I didn’t know what I would do if that happened. I had to see her again. I had to be used by her again. I started to cry. I lay on the floor in the fetal position sobbing already trying to decide if I should crawl back to Mistress’ room. I knew she had to sleep, but even if she let me lay on the floor at the foot of her bed, at least I would be close to her. I couldn’t be alone right then. I reached down and touched my clit, but it felt wrong to touch myself without permission. I began crying harder when I realized there was nothing I could do to make myself feel better beyond humiliating myself in front of Mistress Q. Humiliating myself and going against her orders, which could cause her to reject me. Then I heard the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. It was the soothing voice of Paige.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said. “Mistress knew you would need aftercare tonight.” She clicked on the low setting of the light revealing she was lying on the bed and dressed in a sexy white babydoll and stockings. She held out her arms. “Come here baby,” she told me. Her smile was as dazzling as ever. I barely had enough energy to climb into the bed and into her arms. I prayed she didn’t want me to service her or that she wanted her turn fucking me. Thankfully she didn’t. She just held me. Not too soft and not to hard but just right. Then she softly whispered in my ear, “I’m sure you did wonderfully. Mistress would have called for me if she were going to dismiss you. I’m surprised how long she kept you. She must really like you. Tonight you will cuddle in my arms and feel safe. It won’t always be like this, but Mistress knows how much you need this right now.” I felt my troubles melting away into her arms. The fact that she cradled my head to her breasts didn’t hurt as well. I fell asleep happy and fulfilled knowing tomorrow would be another adventure.

I slept the sleep of the dead until I heard Paige’s phone ringing. I groggily opened my eyes as she answered it. I could see the first rays of morning light around the edge of the curtains. Christine didn’t say much except, “Yes Mistress. Right away Mistress.” When she hung up the phone she said she had to leave. “Mistress needs me. Go back to sleep for a couple hours then get up and shower. Don’t get dressed. Play with yourself so you are ready in case she needs you.”

And just that quickly, she walked out of the room. She was still dressed in her lingerie from last night. I looked at the alarm clock. It was 5am. I was still tired and sore. I set the alarm for 7am and fell right back to sleep and again slept soundly until the incessant buzz of the alarm woke me up. I could have slept for hours longer, but I was under orders. I headed to the bathroom to clean up.

The hot shower felt wonderful and I thoroughly cleaned myself. I was curious as to what condition my ass was in after last night. Thankfully it didn’t seem permanently stretched out, although a quick test with my finger did show penetration was much easier now. After what I’d experienced and what I’d seen with Christine, it was obvious Mistress enjoyed anal play so I guess making that easier was a good thing. I was out of the shower and drying off when I heard a knock at the door. I figured Mistress had a swipe card for my room so it wasn’t her or a minion. I heard the room service person call out again.

“Just a minute,” I replied pulling a towel around my dripping body. I opened the door and a nice looking young man carried a tray into the room. He eyed me up and down enjoying the site of my towel-clad body and then he snickered. He set the large tray down and had me sign the receipt and then left. He was a handsome man and I kind of wished he would have pulled my towel off and taken me. He could have had me and I kind of missed real dick since I have been on my pussy and dildo diet, but he didn’t. I looked at the tray. There were two plates with silver covers, orange juice and a fruit cup sealed in plastic. Pulling up the first cover I found an omelet, two sausage links and some hash brown potatoes. It was a nice breakfast. I pulled the cover off the other plate expecting some pancakes or French toast and was shocked to find a pink vibrator. I guess that is why the delivery guy snickered. I could picture one of the girls stopping him in the hallway and putting that under the cover as a joke. They probably told him they have a horny friend who would need that this morning. If that is how it happened, they were not wrong.

Then I remembered Paige’s instruction to remain naked so before I sat down to eat I took off the towel and returned it to the bathroom. Then I walked back to the desk where the tray was located and sat down. I like to watch the news when I eat my breakfast so I turned on the TV. Then I picked up the vibrator. I knew I didn’t have permission to orgasm so I assumed Mistress just wanted me to tease myself. Reaching down to feel my pussy, I confirmed that I was wet enough to easily slide the vibrator inside of me. After it was inserted, I twisted the end to turn it on its lowest setting. This could be a maddening morning until the batteries die I remember thinking. Then I started eating.

The vibrator was more distracting that I had predicted. I seemed to have become more sensitive to its gyrations. Wearing the butterfly on the bus was less of a problem, even though it had been on my clit and the vibe was not. I guess the difference was I could flop back on the bed and fuck myself now whereas on the bus I had to hide what was happening to me. On the bus I had to actively think about other things to avoid being detected. But alone in my room, my concern was not getting caught, but disobeying Mistress Q. I desperately wanted to turn the vibe on high and start fucking myself with it.

I ate my breakfast, but I was thinking about standing up and bending over the desk. In my mind, I saw Mistress with her strap-on fucking me up the ass again. Maybe one of the other women was sitting on the desk so I could eat their pussy while the others took turns on my backside. It was frustrating and difficult not to relive my memories while the vibe teased me and brought my arousal higher. Then the door opened on its own. Turning to look, I saw Mistress stride into the room.

She was dressed in a fine tailored suit, although it was unzipped at the top showing an expansive view of her breasts. She looked like she was prepared for some power meetings. I got up to greet her forgetting about the vibrator buried deep in my pussy. That was a mistake as it came sliding out and fell onto the floor. I was mortified.

“Wet are we this morning pet?” Mistress Q asked me in a mocking tone. I bent down and picked up the vibe, turning it off as I stood.

“I have several important meetings this morning so I can’t play right now. But I intend to use you later. Cate called me this morning. She was very happy with your services yesterday and asked for a repeat performance this morning. I told her I would send you over. After you are done, wait here for further instructions.”

She turned and walked out of the room without waiting for me to comment. I began to think about what I was going to wear, but then I realized Mistress had not told me what to wear which meant I probably wasn’t supposed to wear anything. Remembering Paige running out of the room in her lingerie and getting caught last night naked, twice, I figured she meant for me to go streaking again. It wasn’t like my room was too far from Cate’s and besides, I probably wouldn’t be clothed for long after I arrived anyway. I grabbed my room key and cautiously opened the door. I peeked out looking both ways and determined nobody else was in the hall. In the back of my mind I knew the security cameras would see me, but I doubt a naked woman in the hall was the most exciting thing they had captured during the show. I sprinted to Cate’s room. The door was ajar so I knocked and then went in. Cate was waiting for me sitting on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t quite ready to go to the exhibit hall, but she looked like she was ready for me.

Cate didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. She just parted her legs and I dove between them. Her pussy was a sweet and tasty as I remembered from yesterday. She was talking on the phone to somebody about the show and some kind of business deal as I lapped at her pussy. It was weird that she was talking to someone else while having sex with me. Then again, I was basically a service employee to her. A happy service employee, but definitely not an equal in the relationship. Cate continued talking on the phone as if she didn’t have a care in the world. She certainly wasn’t acting like a beautiful woman was face deep in her pussy and trying to make her cum.

She finished that call and began another all without acknowledging my services. It was a bit disheartening, but I wasn’t about to stop and risk receiving a bad review. At least she had to put this call on hold long enough to grab my hair, squeeze her thighs around my head and flood my mouth with juice. I started to pull back but her iron grip told me that was a mistake. “Did I tell you to stop?” she asked, although her tone indicated it was more of a command to keep going. She then resumed her call and apologized to the person she was talking to for the interruption. I wondered if the person she was talking to had any clue what was going on in this room.

She came twice more before she had her fill. Actually I think she would have wanted more but had to get downstairs for a meeting. She did ask if I was really from Chicago. Mistress had apparently mentioned it. I confirmed that I was and she said she lived in Milwaukee. Then she added that I should come to visit her sometime. I was surprised by the invitation. I had, perhaps wrongly, assumed that in a couple of days I would return to my boring life and that Mistress Q would have no need for me. After all she has done and hopefully will do to me today and tomorrow, being her on-line slave again would be pretty boring. I had not even considered that the other women I had met through her would want to continue beyond a few days of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Then I realized I didn’t even know where any of Mistress’ minions were from. I assumed L.A. like Mistress, but who knows. Now Cate was offering me another encounter. Perhaps the future was not going to be as boring as I assumed. I looked up from between her legs, my face glazed with her juices. I mumbled a non-committal answer about having to discuss the matter with Mistress Q. Cate told me not to worry that she would talk to her for me. I felt like I was a possession being traded. Cate then got up, saying she had to finish dressing and get downstairs, and that I should go back to my room. Of course I didn’t wash her juices off my face. I also didn’t run this time. I was getting accustomed to being naked in the hallway. At this point I didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about if I got caught.

I made it back to my room without being seen. I wasn’t sure if I felt happy or sad about that. Either way, I knew I had to be patient and wait for Mistress to come to me. I also knew my pussy had to be wet and ready for her. That meant a morning of teasing and frustration. I didn’t bother turning on the TV. I simply climbed into bed with the vibrator Mistress had given me for breakfast. Again I turned it on low. There was no way I could handle it at full speed. Even with it barely buzzing, it was tough not to cum when I touched it to my clit. Unfortunately having it inside of me wasn’t much better. I spent the better part of the next hour rubbing it against my pussy for a few seconds and then stopping before I lost all control. The amount of time it would take me to recover before I could buzz myself again kept getting longer and the time I could enjoy the vibe kept getting shorter. I was driving myself crazy with lust. Looking at the clock I realized it was just 11am. I figured I had at least an hour before Mistress might grant me relief and maybe longer. If her plan was to keep me on edge so I would be willing to do whatever she wanted (much like yesterday) her plan was working to a T. I would be her willing slut once again doing whatever and whomever she wanted. Of course thinking about that didn’t make it any easier not to cum. You might think that idea would be a turn off. But not to me. Then my phone rang. Actually it was Facetime chirping. I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered anyway. A very cute young girl answered. Then I saw Mistress standing next to her.

“Hi pet,” Mistress said to me. The young girl obviously knew what I was now if she had not before. “Say hi to Lily.” I waved and said hello. The young girl said “Hi Marley.”

Mistress continued. “Lily and I are going to do business together. We were talking about you and Lily made it a condition of our deal that she gets to fuck you for an hour. I’m sending her up now. Don’t disappoint me.” And just like that, the call ended. Mistress was now handing me out as a business favor. Thinking back, perhaps that is what I was to Cate as well. I only had a few minutes to worry about it before there was a knock at my door. I assumed it was the fair Lily. I stood behind the door and took a deep breath. I was naked of course. I was also holding the vibrator against my clit and struggling not to orgasm. Lily looked more nervous than I was at the situation. I tried to be nice and inviting as I waved her into the room, but there was a definite awkward silence.

“You must be Lily,” I said switching the vibe into my left hand and extending my right. I recognized her from the short video chat, but I was trying to put her at ease. I didn’t think about my hand covered in pussy juice might be off putting to her. I figured she was here so she must like women. She shook my hand and then smiled weakly.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve never been with a woman before. I’m a little nervous.”

I thought back to my first encounter with Cheryl the hooker. I certainly knew how nerve-wracking your first time could be. I turned off the vibrator and set it on the counter. I noticed her eyes followed the toy. Mistress has commanded me to keep my pussy wet and ready. There was no need for the vibrator to ensure I followed that command.

“So you are doing business with Mistress Q?” I asked cordially.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she replied. She didn’t sound too confident.

“My boyfriend runs an adult bookstore. We’re going to start selling the Quintana line of products,” she continued.

“That sounds good,” I lied not knowing exactly what Mistress sold. But at least I learned her name besides Q. “So why are you here?” I asked her.

“My boyfriend keeps pushing me for a three-way. I don’t want to share him, but if I do it, I want to know what to expect from the girl,” she told me regaining some of her confidence.

“Let me guess. Mistress Q offered me to you to practice on?” I said. I was trying to sound incredulous but actually I was kind of excited to be her first.

“Something like that,” she replied. “She said you were really good with your tongue. She also said I didn’t have to do anything in return.”

Well that was disappointing. I really needed to cum and I was confident I could have gotten this girl to do anything. But that was Mistress. She knew I’d pleasure this girl and if Lily didn’t make me cum, I’d be crazier when Mistress finally did show up. She was diabolical.

“Well take your clothes off, Lily, and well get started,” I told her. She hesitated momentarily and then started stripping. When she was naked I told her to lie on the bed. “Women are wonderful lovers,” I told her as I crawled between her legs. “Until last Halloween I’d never even thought about having sex with a woman. Now it is all I crave.” I gave her a soft, tentative lick over her labia. She giggled nervously.

“So you don’t want to have sex with guys any more?” she asked. I gave her a couple more forceful licks and then raised my head.

“It’s not that I would turn down a hot guy,” I replied. “I love cock. But girls are so much better and I cum so much harder.” I gave her a few more licks to emphasize my point. Then I stopped and looked at her again. “Plus Mistress’ strap-on never goes soft.”

Before she could respond I dove back between her legs and latched onto her clit that had started to poke free of its hood. That elicited her first moan. I assumed her boyfriend was in town for the show. I began to wonder if Mistress was going to loan me out to both of them to make his fantasy come true. I wasn’t against that, per say, although I would like to meet him first before committing. Lily was clearly enjoying my oral service I was giving her. Most guys I had been with didn’t know how to eat pussy to save their lives and given her age, I’m sure Lily had the same experience. I took it as a challenge to make her forget her boyfriend and make her cum better than she ever had before.

I took pride in the fact that it didn’t take long for me to overcome her nervousness and to make her orgasm. I also took it as a challenge to make her cum again even quicker. Another key difference between men and women as lovers is guys, even if they do make you cum, usually quit soon after. With women, it had been my experience that they were more willing to keep going until you came multiple times. At least that is what Mistress and her friends all expected. Whether she knew it or not, Lily was going to benefit from that. Keeping my face plastered to her pussy also kept my own needs in check. Concentrating on getting her off kept me from thinking about my own climax. After I got her off for the second time, she asked if she could try the vibrator. She said she had never used one before. The look on my face must have shown my disbelief. Her boyfriend owns an adult store after all. But she explained that she had a very strict upbringing and this was really all new to her. I told her to go crazy and handed her the vibe.

In hindsight I should have washed off my juices before I gave it to her, but she didn’t seem to care and in that moment, I didn’t think about it. She was so innocent. After she turned it on she actually asked for recommendations how to use it. I told her I would be happy to demonstrate on her. I took the vibe back and used it briefly on her nipples, clit, labia and finally pushing it inside her. Each time I described how the sensations were unique. I told her about how wonderful using it up your ass felt, but I didn’t try to go there with her. I didn’t want to scare her off, although I was thinking if we did have a three-way, I would love to use the strap-on on her cute little ass. Just trying to work the vibe into her pussy was a struggle. I could only imagine how tight her butt remained.

After a couple minutes she asked if she could hold the vibe herself. I was happy to let her take over. I moved to a chair to sit back and watch, while she began to work over her naughty bits. I gave her a few tips, like play with your nipples with one hand while you buzz your clit or the suggestion to get up on your hands and knees while you ride the vibe like it’s your boyfriend fucking you. She especially liked that suggestion and came soon after she plunged the vibe deep into her pussy. All I could think about was how lucky her boyfriend was to screw that tight pussy. Lily apparently had a little more on her mind because after she calmed down and thanked me, she said “You know, I’ve never seen another woman cum.”

I looked at her with lust in my eyes. I would love to cum for her. But I didn’t have permission. I told her that and she put on her innocent pout face. I just melted.

“Please Marley,” she said almost begging. “I really want to see what it is like.” She also climbed off the bed onto the floor and began crawling toward the chair.

“I’m sorry Lily,” I replied almost pleading with her to stop asking. “I can’t unless Mistress Q gives me permission.”

She was quickly moving between my legs. I wanted to grab her head so badly. “I won’t tell,” she told me. I didn’t know if I could believe her. “Please…” she repeated. Before I even realized I was doing it, my right hand had slide between my legs. The next sound I made was a moan. Lily cheered me on telling me how beautiful I was, how beautiful my pussy looked and how juicy I was becoming. My hand was moving faster and faster. I knew I was playing a dangerous game. When Lily pushed my hand away and told me to pinch my nipples much like I had told her I knew I was going to lose that game. I couldn’t control myself when she moved her own head between my legs. She was obviously a novice, but that that moment, it didn’t matter. I pinched both my nipples hard. I wasn’t teasing them. I craved pain because I knew that would trigger my climax. After hours of teasing it was going to be a wet and sloppy one at that and Lily was about to get a crash course in female cum. She had practically begged for it. Now she was going to experience it.

One thing that happened to me on this trip was I had become introspective when thinking back over the experiences I had. With any of the women I had used to learn how to please a woman I never came as hard as I just did on Lily’s face. I’d been in her place not really knowing what to do and now I was sharing that knowledge with her. Of course she didn’t have to work to make me cum. But that would change if she continued down this path. I kind of hoped Mistress Q would use her for herself and leave the boyfriend out of it. He didn’t deserve such a precious flower as Lily. Of course that decision wasn’t mine to make. I’d play whatever role was required of me.

I did suggest Lily clean up before heading back downstairs. I must admit that was for my benefit as I didn’t want Mistress to see her coated in my cum. After she left I got back in bed and began rubbing my clit. I didn’t use the vibe this time. Now that I had cum I knew I would be able to keep myself on edge more easily. I could only hope it wouldn’t be hours again before Mistress returned. As it turned out it was only about 40 minutes after Lily left that there was another knock at the door. Another woman, older and more matronly this time, entered my room explaining that I had been given to her as well. She didn’t want me to service her though. She just wanted to spank me. I had no problem bending over her lap. I was disappointed that she didn’t finger me. Apparently she just had a thing for spanking. She had to know how aroused I was but it didn’t interest her. She gave me 25 swats on each ass cheek and went on her merry way.

That was how my day progressed. Roughly every hour there would be a knock on my door and a new woman with permission to use me as they saw fit. Some wanted me to pleasure them, some wanted to pleasure me. I got spanked twice more, although both also brought me to orgasm with their fingers as well. I was pretty worn out by the time dinner rolled around. I wasn’t sure if I should be expecting another meal to be delivered or if I would be going out with Mistress or one of her friends. Thankfully Paige stopped by with a sexy dress and instructions to be ready to go out in 30 minutes. That meant I had to hustle to get a quick shower in and do my makeup, but I was ready. Mistress Q was the one who came to claim me. That was a surprise. She walked into the room and struck a pose that made my mouth water. “My friends and business associates all gave you high marks today. But hopefully you were thinking about me when you were with them because tonight you are all mine.”

I wanted to just throw her down on the bed and lick her until she couldn’t cum any more. But instead she took me in tow and led me downstairs and out of the hotel. From there we jumped into a cab. Now you might think she brought me to some swingers or BDSM club. That would not have been a surprise. But instead we headed to the Strip and eventually to Paris. Apparently Mistress loves French food and where better to eat than in the Eiffel Tower. After that was a tour of nightclubs and dancing. She even gave me some money we gambled away, but it was fun. When we finally got back to the Hard Rock, I realized we had been on a date. I expected the night to end with wild kinky sex, but instead she delivered me back to my door telling me to rest up for tomorrow, the last day of the show. She did give me a passionate kiss that went way beyond a normal first date, but she left me dripping with hard nipples. I couldn’t believe she walked away. She was certainly a master of manipulation because once again she left me willing to do absolutely anything to be with her, but without that opportunity. I fell asleep wondering if she was partying with Kim, Paige and Ruby. If she was, why wasn’t I good enough? I really needed to learn how to stop worrying about things out of my control. When I did finally fall asleep I did sleep well, at least until the knocking at my door woke me up. Glancing at the clock I saw it was 5am. I staggered to the door. Looking through the peep hole I saw Cate. I really wasn’t ready to service her again, but I opened the door anyway. She pushed passed me into the room.

“I’m heading to the airport, but I wanted to give you this,” she said extending her hand. I was a little jewelry box. “Just something to remember me by. Hopefully you will find yourself in Milwaukee with some time to spare for me.”

After saying that she gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room. I opened the box and found a pair of diamond earrings. At least they looked real. At first I was happy, but then I felt like she had just paid me. They made me feel like a whore. I couldn’t fall back asleep after that. An hour later Paige arrived with an instruction to get dressed and to join everybody downstairs for breakfast. Mistress and her minions were waiting for me. I asked about the earrings and Ruby told me not to worry. She said friends of Mistress frequently bought them gifts. I didn’t want to start an argument that she was basically a prostitute at that point. It was a friendly breakfast and I didn’t want to change that. We had a nice conversation, not specifically about the lifestyle or the show until it was time to go in and prepare for the last day. Mistress asked if I wanted to help in the booth. The minions giggled. I said, “Of course.”

“I don’t have a spare exhibitor badge so you can’t come in until the show opens at 10,” Mistress told me. “But that will give you time to change. There is an outfit laying on my bed for you. Come to booth 423 when the doors open.”

There was no time for questioning as everyone else got up in unison and began walking toward the exit. Last night I had been dressed sexy, but not extreme. Somehow I knew today would be different. I didn’t expect whatever outfit Mistress had prepared for me would be modest. I took her key card and headed toward the elevators as they headed toward the exhibition hall. Walking past my room I wondered if my experience yesterday just waiting for different women would be better or worse than whatever Mistress had planned for me now. When I saw the outfit, I had to guess better.

I had started to get accustomed to Mistress’ preference for mesh body suits, but adding the cuffs, collar, leash and nipple clamps made it difficult for me to leave the room. I suppose it was good that I had a few minutes before I’d have to get in the swell of people entering right at 10. I felt horribly exposed, which I’m sure was the plan. I don’t suppose I would mind if the other women were dressed the same, but they were all dressed normally. Looking at the clock is was 9:40. I didn’t have much time left to hide up here. Suddenly the door opened and Mistress walked in. She looked at me and said, “You look delicious,” although she did correct the positioning of the leash to go through the D-ring on my collar before clamping to the chain between my nipple clamps. “I didn’t expect you to attach to the clamps. That is very advanced,” Mistress told me. I practically gushed with excitement from the praise. “I didn’t want you to be the only one exposed today,” she told me. “We’ve had a good show, but I want to attract a few more customers today.”

I watched with interest as Mistress quickly stripped off her clothes and then put on a red mesh two-piece. Always with the mesh, I remember thinking. I also thought at least she would distract attention from me and what I was wearing.

Needless to say we got a lot of stares walking through the lobby and into the exhibit hall. On the way to Mistress’ booth with passed the booth of a well know adult video company who I was familiar with due to my downloads. I don’t want to name drop, but one of their stars, whom I had greatly enjoyed watching while I masturbated, apparently knew Mistress and waved for her to stop. She walked over to us and although she was talking to Mistress, was looking at me. She was as gorgeous in real life as she was on screen and my mouth began to water. She was complementing Mistress on the acquisition of a new slave. It was obvious she could tell by the way I was dressed what role I was playing. I’m sure she also knew Mistress’ preferences from past encounters. I knew from the videos I had seen that this actress was a wonderful on screen Mistress. I also had no doubt she was as good in real life. I wondered if I would get a chance to find out. I kind of wanted Mistress to lend me to this goddess right on the spot. I knew of the private bathroom I could take her to or if she wanted to use me in public, which would have been OK with me. Unfortunately Mistress didn’t make that offer. She did invite her friend to the after conference party that night. That was the first clue I had about Mistress’ plans. I knew I was leaving town the next morning. Now it seemed like another kinky night was in store for me before I left.

We got to Mistress’ booth soon after our conversation with the video starlet. Mistress it turned out owned a distribution company for adult products. That made sense since I knew she had been doing business with adult bookstores. She distributed everything you would find in an adult store. I even found a video featuring her friend with whom I wanted to have sex. Somehow though, her booth seemed pedestrian, especially compared to everything going on around us. I was almost naked and that was garnering attention as well as scantily clad minions lending a feeling of naughtiness to an otherwise business like booth, but compared to the rest of the show, we were almost vanilla.

But that didn’t matter. I loved just being around Mistress and the girls. I was sexually excited and looking forward both to the party and whatever else they had planned for me during the day. Unfortunately, they really didn’t have anything planned beyond having me prance around showing off my body. My presence appeared to help drive sales to their online retail side of the business and Mistress did give me a few play spankings at the request of booth visitors, but basically we were PG-13. That is until about half an hour before the end of the show. Most of the crowd had already left and a few companies were already breaking down their booths. There were a few people in our booth still ogling Paige and her amazing red lips and smile. I had not noticed the porn star return, but I did hear Mistress’ voice say, “Sure, you can take her for a while.”

I turned to look and saw Mistress talking to not one person I had masturbated watching her videos but two. I recognized the second woman as a sub to the first in one of the videos I watched but I had also seen her in videos where she topped a guy. Apparently she switched depending on the video. She had platinum blonde hair, big fake tits and fire engine red lipstick. Plus she was wearing just a tiny crop top showing off her assets and a leather mini-skirt. I’m sure she was very successful bringing people into their booth. Now it seemed like Mistress was prepared to loan me out to them for a while.

“My party starts at ten,” Mistress told them. “Have her back by nine so she can rest a bit.”

Mistress never said anything to me or gave me a command to serve them. She must have either recognized I was already dripping for the opportunity to serve them or she didn’t care if I wanted to go to their room. Basically Mistress had given them four hours to use me. The pair led me out of the exhibition hall and to the tower elevators. They were on a higher floor than Mistress and I. I wondered if the rooms were nicer. The pair of pornstars didn’t touch me or make me do anything in public. They didn’t talk to me either. I basically followed them to a standard room. Then the woman I first recognized and knew was a Domme on screen left saying she would call when she was ready. I didn’t know what that meant but it was obvious I was supposed to go with the other woman. Once the door was closed she said her name was Cheryl. I immediately recognized the name I knew her by to be a screen name. It didn’t escape me that the hooker that started my lesbian journey was also named Cheryl. I asked Cheryl what her friend’s name was and she told me Monique. Apparently she did not use a stage name.

Cheryl had me strip off the mesh outfit, although she left the cuffs and collar in place. Then she lifted her skirt, sat down and told me to get busy. I quickly moved between her legs. After I started eating her pussy, she explained that if I made her cum before Monique called she would go easy on me. If not, my punishment would be worse. Talk about pressure. I was licking the pussy of a woman who has sex for a living. I didn’t know what plans Monique was preparing, but certainly she wouldn’t be long. I was confident in my skills, but was I good enough to complete this challenge? The answer was no. That’s not to say Cheryl did not complement my oral skills or that Monique didn’t take long enough (about 10 minutes) to give me a chance to succeed, but Cheryl did not reach orgasm before her phone rang. I could hear Monique’s voice saying “I’m all ready. Bring her up.” Cheryl pushed my head back and stood up letting her tiny skirt fall over her previously exposed pussy. “I’m going to enjoy tanning your hide,” she told me. “Let’s go.”

Once again I was led into the hallway naked. This time, however, Cheryl led me to the elevators and we went up two floors. My prayers were answered that we didn’t pass anyone, but I knew the elevators were monitored so security definitely saw me. Cheryl brought me to another room. This one was a large suite not unlike Mistress’ room. However in the middle of the living room was a large apparatus. When we got closer I realized it was a gravity boot rig used for inversion to stretch your spine. Or in this case, to secure a submissive in a most vulnerable position.

If you have never seen one of these contraptions, there are four legs with cross braces on the floor. The legs are angled to support two upright bars. The uprights are connected by a crossbar about seven and a half feet off the ground. Monique sat me in a chair and strapped metallic cuffs around my ankles. There was a buckle clip in the front and they felt very secure. She then had me stand and she walked me to the rig. She told me to jump up and grab the bar. It was really just a little hop and I wrapped my hands around the bar. I had kind of expected it to be electrified or somehow hurt, but it didn’t. I swung back and forth a little remembering playing on a jungle gym as a kid. I was still playing, although the motivation was much different. Monique then told me to swing upright so the ankle cuffs hit the bar toward the outside. This wasn’t a problem, although I was a little worried about losing my grip and falling. When my legs made contact with the bar, something surprising happened. I heard a clink sound and they stuck. It turns out the bar held a powerful electromagnet hence the need to metal cuffs. Cheryl then told me to let go with my hands. I did so reluctantly.

“Don’t worry,” Monique said. “We use this all the time. Unless we turn off the magnet you will be fine.”

As if to show me my fears were unfounded, she pushed me and I swung backward about eight inches and then swung back forward. I lowered my arms but I couldn’t quite reach the floor. But that freedom was short lived. Since I was already wearing wrist cuffs, it was easy for them to secure my arms behind my back. I was now at their mercy. Cheryl quickly discarded her skirt and straddled my head. She then grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so my mouth was in front of her pussy. “You need to finish what you started, slut,” she told me. Immediately I began sucking her clit. I couldn’t see what Monique was doing, but I felt a vibrator be placed horizontally over my pussy.

“I know you know what that is you dumb cunt,” Monique told me. “If you’re good, it gets turned on high and I may even fuck you with it. If you are bad, it gets turned on low and you can forget about cumming before we send you back.”

At that moment the vibe was off so I focused on Cheryl. I figured the quickest way to my own satisfaction was to please my two porn Mistresses first. I wished my hands were free so I could rub her. I had to make do with my mouth. My task was complicated by being upside down and by her swaying her hips. Fortunately she kept firm grasp of my head to keep my mouth in place. Still she made me work for it, but eventually she stiffened and had a good, if not spectacular orgasm. Then it was Monique’s turn. She didn’t want as easy licking. She wanted to flog me. In my position, there was nothing I could do to defend myself.

I was surprised her lash really didn’t hurt that badly. It stung, but since the force was distributed across multiple tails of the flogger, each individual one wasn’t too bad. Monique concentrated on striking my breasts and stomach and took care not to hit my face. Cheryl decided “You’ve been a naughty schoolgirl and need the yardstick.” She began to spank my ass with a wooden yardstick. Surprisingly it didn’t really hurt at all. It was a cheap, lightweight yardstick so she couldn’t get much force behind it no matter how hard she swung. I imagined my ass getting red, but there wasn’t much pain. I couldn’t see Cheryl, but I saw Monique nod at her and then I felt the vibe turn on. It was set to low. I guess I had not earned much yet.

Monique now handed the flogger to Cheryl who went to work on my backside with it. Monique picked up a riding crop and knelt in front of me. She tapped it on my left breast several times and then she snapped it across my nipple. That made me howl. The crop stung. It wasn’t a joke like the yardstick and wasn’t as defused as the flogger. Before the sting had faded, she moved to my right breasts and repeated the process. I was in heaven now between the two mixed styles of impact and pain. It didn’t hurt that Cheryl turned the vibe on higher. I was now twisting a bit in my bondage and I was afraid the vibe was going to fall. With it balanced precariously, I had to be careful how much I moved or twisted. Although its position was basically just a tease, I didn’t want to lose it and risk some other diabolical punishment. I was enjoyed just what I was getting, thank you very much.

When Monique was done with the crop and my tits were red and my nipples swelled, she handed the crop to Cheryl who began working on my ass and thighs with it. Monique returned with two nipple suckers. I knew what to expect this time. She squeezed my breasts to make my nipples pop out more before attaching the suckers to do their cupping work. Then she left briefly but returned with a bamboo rod. Now I got worried. I’d heard about caning, but never experienced it before. I also knew she was going to mark me. I took a deep breath when I saw her swing the rod the first time. It didn’t help. Fire seared across my torso just below my breasts as the cane impacted me. I couldn’t see it, but I’m sure a bright red mark instantly formed. Cheryl now stopped with the crop and pressed against my back to steady me. The second blow hit my breasts just above the suckers. I cried out in pain. Cheryl responded my turning the vibe on high and sliding it into my pussy. I was taking short, deep breaths to try and steady my nerves.

Monique gave me six more lashed across the belly before she removed the nipple suckers. I was afraid she was going to cane my nipples, but apparently she wasn’t that sadistic. Instead she handed the cane to Cheryl and then positioned her pussy over my waiting mouth. She also took hold of the vibrator and began fucking me with it. So it came to pass that I had the most unique stimulation of my life. Monique’s pussy tasted divine and the fucking she gave me with the vibrator was heavenly. At the same time, the repeated blows of the cane down my back, over my ass and along my legs easily crushed any arousal I was feeling from Monique. I’d experienced pain giving me pleasure before, but not this time. The cane was just pain. In between strokes I would feel good from the vibe or the taste of Monique’s juices, but then Cheryl would hit me again and reset everything. She varied the time between strokes as well, which was just frustrating. Sometimes she waited a minute. That was long enough that I’d start to feel an orgasm build. Then she would crush it. Other times she just give me seconds between strikes, although on those occasions she did use less force. I wish I could have gotten in the zone where the pain would get me off, but it was too acute. I probably would have made it if she had just kept using the crop. But the cane was too intense. And then it was over.

Monique turned off the vibrator, although she left it in my pussy and stepped back. Cheryl stopped hitting me with the cane and my heart rate began to calm down. Monique returned with a camera and took photographic evidence of my experience and then both of them helped lift me up to grab the bar and then they turned off the magnet. My legs swung free. Thankfully Cheryl was still supporting my back so I didn’t fall. Once I was upright again, I felt dizzy and humiliated because for the second time, a vibrator fell from my pussy. Monique said the dizziness was normal and would pass quickly. I asked her if she wanted me to finish eating her pussy. She declined saying that Cheryl would take care of her. She then began hustling me toward the door. With a shove I was in the hallway naked and striped from the cane. Monique said they might see me at the party where she would take me up on my offer. Then she shut the door. I avoided the elevator this time taking the stairs back down to Mistress’ room. I’m sure security got another good view of my naked body, but I figured I wouldn’t run into anybody. As I reached for the door at Mistress’ floor I had the sudden worry that the door would be locked from the stairwell side. I’d seen that in many buildings. For a brief moment I pictured myself having to walk down to the first floor and then taking an elevator full of people back up. But fortunately that wasn’t the case and I was able to sneak onto Mistress’ floor and down to her suite. When she opened the door she looked pleased with the red stripes across both sides of my body. Looking at her watch she told me to go lie down for a while and rest. She said I was going to need my strength.

I didn’t really fall asleep, but I did lay down for about an hour until Paige came to retrieve me. I went into the bathroom to relieve myself and noticed that the welts from the cane had really come into focus. All across my body I had red stripes. I turned to look at myself in the mirror and noticed that those marks on the backs of my legs and across my butt were more intense than those across my torso. I had not realized that Cheryl had been hitting me harder than Monique, but the evidence was clear. My marks didn’t hurt much any more, but I did feel a little extra heat across them. There was going to be no hiding what had happened so I just quickly touched up my make-up, combed my hair and headed back to the living room. The party was just starting to get rolling. Mistress Q of course was in another mesh outfit. Her minions were naked like me.

Cheryl and Monique were there. Both were dressed in latex catsuits. There was no doubt that both of them were taking a dominant role tonight. Christine and Lily were both there as were a few women I didn’t know. Mistress introduced me to one of them by pushing me to my knees in front of her. She was very tasty. After I finished with her, Paige grabbed me and brought me into the bedroom for a rousing 69 ending in both of us cumming at the same time. From there the evening became a free for all. Most of the time I wasn’t being used particularly as a submissive, although I rarely got to choose my partner or activity. There were plenty of toys for everyone and more women arrived as the night went on. I noticed a few couples leaving only to return later. It turns out there were a couple other parties on the floor and people started roaming between them. Two women I had never met corralled me and ushered me down the hall to their room. It was kind of nice to be in a peaceful room instead of the noise of a wild orgy, but then I realized I was alone with two strangers. I knew they had to be friends of Mistress Q so I wasn’t too worried, but when they pulled a long coil of rope out of the dresser drawer I did feel apprehension. The weird thing was they never asked if I would submit to them. Actually they never even talked to me at all. They just put me on the bed and started securing me.

They had me sitting upright and they tied my wrists to my calves. They then attached a spreader bar between my ankles. It was a weird tie and I couldn’t quite figure out what they had planned. Then they rolled me backward and I figured it out. I was on my back with my legs over my head. The spreader bar was summarily attached to the headboard. That left both my holes open and defenseless. In a way I was in a similar position to when Monique and Cheryl had inverted me, at least as far as my vulnerability. But since I was on my back and my head was not inverted, I knew they could keep me in this position indefinitely. I wondered if they were going to add to my collection of marks. As it turned out, they really just wanted to tag team fuck me. And I loved it.

They both put on strap-ons and took turns fucking me. They also had a Hitachi they held against me clit in an effort to get me off quickly. Apparently their kink was trying to see how many times I could cum and I could find no problem with their plan. Both of them first fucked my pussy until I came for each of them. With the Hitachi helping it didn’t take long. Then they both fucked my ass. Again they switched after I came. After four orgasms, I was certainly primed for more. They took the Hitachi away long enough to attach a curved extension I would later learn was to help hit a woman’s g-spot. Now with that extension tickling my inner pussy and the head of the Hitachi working my clit, their penetration with the strap-ons wasn’t that important to me. But apparently they still enjoyed fucking my ass so they continued taking turns. The woman who wasn’t presently ramming me, however, now grabbed a camcorder to record the action. As it turns out they were hoping to catch a shot of a specific event. I’m sure you can guess it involved squirting, but given my body position it was something more.

I was probably eight or nine orgasms into their use of me when I suddenly yelled, “I think I’m going to piss.” All of a sudden I felt the urge to go. It was as if my bladded her suddenly filled and had to be relieved. The woman fucking me buried the dildo deep in my ass and pivoted the Hitachi so the extension was pressed upward against my inner wall. The woman with the camera focused on my face to catch the action. And I came. I had no control over my body as I began to squirt girl cum out of my pussy. As I started to cum the Hitachi was removed and the woman pushed forward with the dildo curling me up further and aiming my pussy toward my head. I would later learn as the rest of the party watched the footage and congratulated me that I had experienced my first “self-facial.” I had coated my own face with my girl cum, along with the pillows, the headboard and some of the wall. It had been an amazing climax that left me drained. The girls untied me and gave me a few minutes to recover before they made me service them as payment for my own pleasure. Of course I was happy to do so.

They returned me to the main party and it wasn’t long before another woman grabbed me and took me into the bedroom. She was carrying a small bag that intrigued me. There were already four ropes on the corners of Mistress’ bed. Somebody must have been bound while I was in the other suite. The woman (Kim) did not take long to secure me spread eagled to the bed. I loved that she didn’t ask but just assumed I would do her bidding. After I was tied in place, she opened her bag. There was a small control box that looked like a cell phone and some wires. She explained she was into electrical play and this was a Tens unit.

“It’s not as powerful as my home unit, but it travels well,” she explained as she attached electrodes covered by adhesive pads on either side of my nipples on both breasts. “This one only has four connections so we’ll have to do your clit separately,” she said. I wasn’t sure if I liked or didn’t like that warning as I had never been erotically shocked before. It was definitely a unique sensation. The first jolt was painful. Not as bad as the cane, but definitely not pleasurable. But as she adjusted the control unit, the feeling changed. Apparently this unit was designed for therapy instead of torture because as she pressed the buttons, the sensations changed and not all of them were as painful. Then she reached the setting she wanted. It caused a muscle contraction. The duration of the pulse was also longer. It caused my pecks to flex tight and hold for about a second and then relax. Since the electrodes were on either side of my nipples, that meant it stimulated them from the inside. Every couple of seconds I was involuntarily contract my chest throwing my breasts out and for another half a second, I would feel intense pleasure coming through my nipples. As I had experienced multiple times since arriving in Vegas, it was another unique mix of pain and pleasure. The big difference was she didn’t have to touch me to make it happen. This little magic box was doing it all for her.

“I can see you are enjoying that setting. If you are a good girl, I’ll move the pads on either side of your clit. Some women can cum just from the electrical pulse. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a little while.”

I had to laugh to myself because I was in no position to object to her staying or living me. The Tens unit just kept shocking me every few seconds. It was highly erotic to be left tied to the bed while this machine stimulated me. My pussy was leaking and I wished my hands were free so I could get myself off. Fortunately Mistress Q came to my rescue about ten minutes later. Oh she didn’t turn off the electricity. She was perfectly happy to let that keep stimulating me. Instead she had a young girl I had not seen before in tow.

“This is Zoe,” Mistress Q announced to me. “She’s new. She caught my eye at the show. She’s never eaten a pussy before and I told her she could start with you.”

The girl looked nervous. I tried to reassure her by telling her that until a couple month ago I had never been with a woman before. “It’s true,” Mistress chimed in. “Now she’s an expert pussy and ass licker. She also cums pretty easily so if you fail, I’m going to spank you.”

I don’t know who was humiliated more, the girl or me. Mistress told her to crawl between my legs and to do what came naturally. I can tell you she wasn’t a natural, but she was enthusiastic. The nipple stimulation certainly didn’t hurt. The sadistic side of me wanted not to cum so Mistress Q would be mad. This girl was so innocent and cute I really wanted to see her bent over Mistress’ knee. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. Then again, fortunately, I came. I didn’t squirt this time. That would have been fun to send her back to Mistress glazed. But she did get to taste my flavor. Hopefully she liked it. Now I just needed someone to turn off the Tens unit. The girl got up and left. I probably should have thanked her, but she didn’t say anything so neither did I. If she was in Mistress’ service I assumed I’d get another chance with her. Kim soon returned and turned off the power. But she didn’t release my bonds.

Instead she took off the pads and used them to surround my clit. Having just orgasmed, my clit was engorged. She turned the power back using the same contraction setting only this time at a higher level. It caused my clit to swell and pulse. Had I not just cum, I probably would have as she turned it on. As it was, I knew my body would need a few minutes to build back up, but I had no doubt if she left it there I would orgasm without being touched. At least I had something to look forward to as she walked out of the room. As customary though, Mistress didn’t leave anything with me to chance.

About five minutes later (I had just cum by the way although I tried to be quiet so nobody would turn off the power this time) Mistress returned with the new sub. The young girl was wearing the chin dildo. This time I knew exactly was it was for, especially since Mistress had her strap-on secured around her waist. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was going to get a reward for being such a good sub these last few days. The girl must have been briefed about what was to be expected of her because she didn’t hesitate or need directions. She simply got on her hands and knees between my legs and lowered her head in front of my pussy. Mistress grabbed her by the hair and helped guide her in. I almost came upon feeling the penetration, but I held back. Mistress then got behind the girl and eased her dildo into what I’m sure was a very tight pussy. Mistress was standing and as she started fucking the girl, the girl started fucking me. I came again almost immediately. Thankful the girl did not. Actually I praised her for being able to hold out as long as she did. I could tell she was straining, but Mistress Q was determined to make her cum, probably so she could punish her.

Having been on the other end of this type of fucking I can attest to how much my musk right in front of the girl’s nose must have added to her struggle. And of course, Mistress was great at brandishing the strap-on and loved to hear her conquests beg so I was happy to be allowed to cum three more times before Mistress finally gave the girl permission to take her relief. Only then was the electric turned off and my arms and legs released.

“You’re free to enjoy yourself the rest of the party,” Mistress Q told me. “Do whomever and whatever you want.”

I thanked her profusely. She returned the girl to the party while I stood and rubbed some life back into my wrists and ankles. Returning back to the living room I was greeted to the sight of an all out lesbian orgy. Three women rushed passed me as I stood in the doorway. Apparently they had been waiting for access to the bed. Other women didn’t care. They were happily enjoy oral and toy pleasure on the couch, chair and floor. A particularly hot woman grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to her room. We fucked like rabbits for about half an hour before returning to Mistress’ room. The woman then grabbed the young girl and disappeared back into the hallway. That is how the night went. I didn’t fuck continually, but my periods of rest were short. Everyone was paring off either in the main room, the bedroom or in their own rooms. Women were coming and going. Some I recognized from earlier and some were new. I lost track of how many pussies I ate and by how many women ate me. My pincushion experience from earlier in the week was repeated, only this time with an appreciative audience, and another woman fucked my ass while she had me pressed up against the window. I couldn’t tell if anybody saw me, but I came repeatedly thinking about who might be looking from outside.

Eventually the crowd started thinning as people were getting worn out. I was determined to make it to the end to prove to Mistress I was worthy of being in her inner circle. Eventually just her and her minions were left. She told me to be “initiated” into the group I had to service them all one more time. The sky was already starting to lighten showing that we had fucked all night. I didn’t have much energy left, but I did manage to eat them to ecstasy one final time. Looking at the clock after Mistress enjoyed the final orgasm of the party I realized I had to hustle or I would miss my bus. I started to get up with a hastened moment but Mistress had one final surprise for me. It was a plane ticket back to Chicago. The best part was it wasn’t until noon. Mistress took me to bed one last time only this time, she lay behind me and spooned me. She held me tight and I felt safe and satisfied. I quickly fell asleep. Paige, the ever responsible one, woke us at 10. Unfortunately that meant I didn’t have time to shower before heading for the airport. No doubt Mistress had instructed her to do exactly that.

I found my meager luggage had been packed for me and some almost appropriate clothes had been provided for my trip. I say almost appropriate because I look like a fucked out slut as I walked down the gangway to the plane. It was wonderful that Mistress had provided the ticket. It was humiliating that it was first class. In the envelope with the reservationg was a note that said “You are a first class lesbian submissive whore now.” I had to smile at that, although I’m not sure I would have felt better in coach. I definitely felt out of place in the front of the plane with all the attention I could want from the flight attendant. I wasn’t sure, but I think she was flirting with me. Or maybe I was just self-conscious. All I could think about was getting home and taking a long shower. I felt like everyone on the plane knew I had given myself a facial and that everyone could smell every pussy I ate. Of course I tried to fake that I was sleeping for much of the three and a half hour flight. But that presented its own problem because I just kept thinking about everything that happened and that aroused me. It was bad enough I hadn’t washed away the evidence. Now my pussy was noticeably giving off its special scent.

There was a second note along with the one about me being a whore. On the envelope it said not to open it until 3pm. That meant we were just about to start our decent to O’Hare. The note instructed me to go to the bathroom and “Join the mile high club.” It didn’t specify that I should find a partner and this late into the flight that probably wasn’t an option so I decided Mistress meant that I should masturbate. The flight attendant warned me that I only had a couple minutes until the captain was going to turn on the seatbelt light and I told her I just needed a few. She winked at me. Again, I wasn’t sure if she was hitting on me, knew that I was about to get off or if I was just going crazy, but I slid past her and into the tiny toilet.

I’m glad I was alone as there was scarcely room for me let along a partner. It didn’t take me long to get off. I’d been thinking about sex ever since Mistress took me to bed at 5:30 this morning. I masturbated right through my panties soaking them in the process. My naughty mind thought about slipping them off and handing them to the flight attendant, but rational mind convinced me not to. The look on her face told me she knew what I had done. I’m sure I looked guilty as I took my seat just two minutes before we started our descent. Finally back home I stripped off my slutty clothes and took a long hot shower. Then I laid down. I felt alone. I didn’t know where my relationship with Mistress Q went from here, but I knew I couldn’t go back to being vanilla.

Mistress Q and I did keep in touch via email for a few months, but we rarely played any more. I guess once you have the experience we did, playing online wasn’t that satisfying. She did tell me I had to come out to Vegas for next year’s show, but that was ten months away. I told her I would love to attend, but I wasn’t confident it would happen. Cate did invite me to Milwaukee. She and her husband both enjoyed my attention. It felt weird to have a real cock again. I dated sporadically, with both men and women, but I struggled to find the spark I had with Mistress Q. It was kind of like having had the best, now I was stuck with the rest.

The one day in late August, there was a knock on my apartment door. Peering through the security hole I saw a dazzling smile and fire red lipstick. I knew immediately who it was and opened the door to find Paige standing there holding a pair of handcuffs.

“I had to come to town on business and scheduled a couple personal days after the trip,” she said swinging the handcuffs on her finger. I was dumbfounded and unable to speak. She then snapped the cuff around her left wrist and then moved her arms behind her back. She deftly secured her right wrist. I could hear the ratchet clicking shut.

“Oh no!” she said in a playful tone. “I don’t have the key. What ever will be do?”

“Is Mistress with you?” I asked. She shook her head. “No, she doesn’t know I am here,” she replied with a smile.

I reached out and grabbed the front of her button down shirt. I tore off the buttons sending them flying. Then I grabbed the center of her bra and pulled her into my apartment. “I think I need to cut these clothes off before I can look at those cuffs,” I told her. She beamed from ear to ear.

It might only be for a couple of days, but I was going to use Paige for forget about my loneliness and relive some of my favorite experiences. She was more than accommodating to my needs. When I finally dropped her off at the airport two days later I felt alone again. It was even more crushing than when I had returned from Vegas because I had received another taste of the excitement I craved. Then my phone chirped indicating I had an email. It was from Mistress.

“Paige just checked in. She said you have not lost your desire to serve or your ability to eat pussy like a champion. Take a week to wrap up your affairs. There will be a plane ticket for you to Los Angeles. You are going to be my company’s corporate slut. I’m sending you a package. Just wear what is in it. You don’t need to bring anything else.”

A week later I was again sitting in first class. This time though my makeup was done, my hair was perfect and I didn’t smell like I had just had a 12-hour orgy. Of course I was wearing a mesh dress with no bra or panties and 4 inch fuck me pumps. But at least the mesh had appropriately placed solid pieces to prevent me from getting arrested. The flight stopped in Vegas before continuing to LA. The same flight attendant was working the premium cabin and she recognized me. Half way to Vegas she whispered in my ear that she liked the way I looked last time better. She also told me we had a while until we started out approach to Vegas and indicated the bathroom was vacant. This time when I pleasured myself I half expected her to join me. She didn’t. But when I returned to my seat she served me a glass of Champaign. “I hope you are enjoying your flight,” she said to me. I tipped the glass in a mock toast to her.

When we finally got to LA she thanked me for flying with them and asked if anything would have made the flight better. I said no and walked off the plane. But as I was going up the gangway, I started to regret not giving her my number. In the gate area I decided to wait for her. I asked the gate attendant for a piece of paper and I wrote down Mistress’ cell number. When the attendant finally got off the plane she seemed surprised to see me and walked up to me. I just handed her the slip of paper. “This is my Mistress’ phone number,” I told her while making eye contact to make sure she understood what I was saying. “She might let me play with you, but you probably need to be prepared to play with her.”

I didn’t wait for a reply I just started walked toward baggage claim. I didn’t have a suitcase but I knew that is where I could grab a taxi to the address Mistress had sent. As I descended the escalator to the baggage area a sign caught my eye. There were maybe 30 limo drivers holding nameplates looking for their fares. Most were men but one was a young girl that I recognized. She still looked innocent. She was holding a sign that said “Sub Slut Marley,” and licked her lips as I approached. I was home.

The End