by myoder

I was hiking in the hills nearby one spring day, when a sudden rainstorm hit. The hill I was on crumbled under me and I felt myself sliding through branches and over rocks as the mud carried me down. All I could do was scream “Help!” knowing there was no one around to hear me. My head hit a tree and I blacked out. When I woke up, I was in a cabin. The rain had stopped. A fire was crackling in the fireplace and a warm comforter covered me. I looked around, not knowing how I got there, when the door opened. There was the biggest mountain man I’d ever seen! He was about 6’9″ and big as a house. He was balding and his scraggly hair flew off the sides of his head in long wisps, draping over his incredibly broad shoulders. He had deep set, dark eyes hidden behind bushy eyebrows over a big hooked nose. Maybe in his early fifties. He had a long brown/ grey beard that hung over his massive pecs. His chest was huge and expansive, and I could see tufts of dark brown hair at the top of his plaid shirt and over his thick forearms. His stomach was thick, but hard muscled, and his legs were like mighty tree trunks. And he had a bulge in his pants that looked huge.

“How you doin?” he asked me.

“Better,” I said.

“I’m Kody.” He held out his huge bear paw and I shook it.

“Pat,” I said. I was feeling incredible lust for this huge man now, but I didn’t want to show it. He looked powerful and I didn’t want him angry with me.

“You sure took quite a fall there.” He tussled my hair and smiled.

“I cleaned you up too. Lotta mud on ya.”

“Thanks. I guess it was that freaky rainstorm. Lost my footing on the hill.”

“Hmm.” Kody stood up and walked over to the fireplace. He was massive and all of it was muscle. The tightness of his body through his clothes could not be hidden. As I pictured what his hairy bidy must be like, I started getting hard, tenting the comforter a little.

“Lot’s of freaky things in these woods,” he said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Rainstorms, big bears… me.” He looked at me and smiled.

“How’d you end up here?” I asked.

“I used to live in L.A. When I was younger I got into bodybuilding. Took a lot of prizes, but I wanted more out of life. I found this spot in the woods and discovered that the longer I stayed here, the bigger, more muscular and stronger I got. It helped me take all the best trophies, but I wanted to be even bigger, and even stronger. Pretty soon, I was gettin’ too big to compete. When I turned 45 I moved out here and I built myself this cabin.”

“You sure do look big, Kody.”

“Yeah,” he said.

“I’m damn big, son.” He unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his massive, hairy pecs. He took a deep breath and his chest expanded and flexed. I wanted to run my fingers through that hair. I wanted to stroke that thick beard and squeeze his muscles. My cock twitched. He noticed that and said, “Get over here, boy.” Naked I crossed to him. he towered over me and I could smell his raw male sexuality. He was a huge sweaty stud, hairy and solid. He flexed his pecs.

“Taste ’em, boy.” I reached up and squeezed the mountains of hairy muscle. I flicked my tongue over his hard nipples and took each one carefully into my mouth, licking the hair and muscle.

“YEAH, BOY! LICK THOSE HAIRY PECS. BIG FUCKIN’ HAIRY MUSCLE, BOY!” Kody slipped the shirt off over his incredible shoulders and I could see that his whole body was covered in mats of thick dark hair. His arms were huge. They had to be easily 35″ around unflexed. His abs were like huge bricks of hairy muscle. He turned around I saw his broad back. Lats flared out like slabs of beef, covered in fur and his traps raised up high beside his thick neck. He spread his back and it expanded like huge wings of muscle. I felt the thickness of his body and smelled more of his man-sweat. He faced me and raised his guns in an awesome double-biceps, each arms bigger than his head and thick peaks rose. I felt each arms, hung on each arm and began licking the sweat in his pits.

“YEAH! LICK THIS SWEATY MUSCLEMAN, BOY! EAT THIS HUGE BEAR MUSCLE!” I licked and chewed on every solid inch of this massive mountain man. Then he picked me up in one huge, hairy hand and his lips met mine. His tongue swirled in my mouth and I pulled his chest hair while he kissed me hard and deep. I chewed on his thick beard and squeezed his massive powerful biceps while he held me. After a while he put me down.

“Let me show you how strong these muscles are, boy.” He took me outside and walked over to a fallen tree. It had to be at least 100 feet long and it dwarfed Kody’s 6’9″ frame with it’s width.

“I like workin out with this tree,” he said.

“It’s damn heavy, but I get a good pump with it.” He thrust his huge hands under the tree and in one swift movement lifted the giant redwood into the air. He pressed it over his head and pumped out rep after freaky rep. Twenty, thirty, forty reps with a tree that had to weigh 2 tons! Barely breaking a sweat. When he was done, the tree came crashing to the ground and Kody stood there, slicked with sweat, the hair on his massive bulging muscles matted down. He flexed his gargantuan arms and they seemed twice as big! His chest was so pumped his chin rested on it, the beard pointing almost straight out over the thick shelf of his pecs. My cock was throbbing hard and dripping precum and I noticed the bulge in his pants stretching further out.

“Get pretty worked up doin that. Better let this monster out.” He unzipped his pants and his half-hard dick, flopped out.

“Yeah! Only 12 inches now. Come here and get it really big for me, boy!” He stood there with his hands on his hips and looked incredibly thick and muscled and sexy. I went to him and knelt down, smelling the sweat from his hairy crotch. His cock bounced up and down as I flicked my tongue around the head, teasing the monster shaft and licking his hairy balls as big as oranges. Kody threw his head back in ecstasy as I took his cock into my mouth, feeling it flex in my mouth and grow longer and thicker. Finally, my mouth couldn’t contain any more of the huge dick and I pulled back.


“Fuck, you’re huge!” I gazed at the monster dick flexing in front of my face.

“You’re gonna take it, too.” he said.

“You’ll split me in half!” I cried.

“Believe me, I really know how to fuck with this. It’ll feel like butter in that tight little ass, boy” He picked me up in his superhuman arms and carried me back inside. He put me on the bed and started lubing up my asshole. First one, then two then three of his huge calloused fingers. He kissed me while he loosened me up and I felt my ass relax in his hands. Then he slowly worked the head of his massive dong into my ass. He stayed hard as a rock as he worked it in carefully, until I felt his pubes brushing my sensitive hole. He entered me slowly and pupmed his huge meat into me tenderly, kissing me as I felt his thick hard arms and hairy pecs. He stood up and pulled me up and down on his massive prick, then carried me to the rug in front of the fireplace, then knelt down as I rode his muscledick. He flexed his arms and I held on as I puled myself up and down on his hard cock.

“WORK FUCKIN’ HARD FOR THIS BODY, BOY! FEEL THESE FUCKIN’ HUGE MUSCLES!” He flexed his massive pecs as I squeezed the twin mountains of thick striated muscle. His massive pumped shoulders were like basketballs. His whole hairy body was ripped and rock hard.

“YEAH! RIDE THIS MUSCLESTUD’S COCK, BOY! YOU FEEL SO GOOD, BOY! MY BIG DONG SLIDIN’ IN AND OUT OF YOU! GONNA SHOOT THIS BIG STUD COCK IN YER ASS, BOY! YEEEAAAHHH!” I squeezed my ass around the thick cock and felt him shooting floods of hot cum deep in me. My own cock spasmed as my prostate was rubbed by the thrusts of this mountain man, and I shot a huge load into the hairy pecs towering over me. We lay there for a long time, kissing and touching. When I left, I made sure I knew the exact location of Kody’s cabin. I wanted to make sure I could find again in another rainstorm…