Hi, I tell you my girlfriend is 23 years old and she is a skinny petite blonde with a terrible big tits. She did her tits and sometimes she worked as a promoter and paraded in clubs, but now she got a job in the marketing area of an apparel company and hung everything else. The issue is that when she had the other laburos to me it warmed up a lot that she dresses very bitch, with super tights tucked in the ortho you see the thong, minishorts, or minis very short … the typical clothes that make him put for heat skinny, and I put the stick to see how everyone wanted to grab and took pictures with her hugging and putting some more than he should … and then I killed james imagining that they were all touching and things like that .

When I change my work, sex got very cold because I lacked all that generated me so much morbid, she realized that something was not right and in a conversation I ended up confessing my fantasy. At first I was fucking her and everything was to see how she reacted, but when she realized that what she was saying was serious she ended up telling me that she missed all the hysterical and excitement that made her feel sexier. Chatting and with time games were happening to us to recover the passion. At first I dressed her very bitch and we went to a bowling alley to make her skinny, when we got separated and I saw how they faced her and she warmed them badly, in some cases they danced and even allowed to lean a little. When we returned home we would kill each other in bed. As time went by each time we started to like more and the games started to get a little more morbid. I encouraged me to ask him to tranzara some skinny, she did not want, but in the end after insisting enough I end up accepting. That was something that made a click, see how another was traced and the whole manmeaba a few meters from where I was put me to full, see how he supported her and put her hand against the wall while eating her neck and she caressed him over my trousers he made me put my cock like a club. After a while when he came back with me I was like crazy, I put my hand in the panties and was totally soaked, we started kissing and knowing that someone else had been with her was blowing my head, she began to touch me and saw that she was at the stake bad, I rubbed it while saying to me with a bitch’s face “I did not know you liked being a cuckold so much” and with that phrase I ended up in my pants. From that day on, everything changed, she sent me messages on Fridays from Laburo telling me “Get ready the clothes that we left tonight and horns are waiting for you”, there are times that I take her to the bowling door and I go home because she She says she can be a bitch if she’s alone.

Sometimes when I call her to see how she is doing, she says “now I can not, I’m busy, I’ll call you in a little while” and then she tells me I was with a skinny guy. When he returns home I loved to receive and suck all the wet pussy while telling me how he made me cuckold and how bad he behaved. Sometimes she calls me and tells me that they are taking her home so I wait for her spying behind the window and I watch them say goodbye inside the car and she jerks them in front of the house door, that gives me a terrible morbid , because in addition any neighbor can see it and realize how cuckold I am …
Three or so weeks ago I had taken her to INk, and at about 6 am she called me to tell me that she had a surprise for me, that she would pick her up. When I arrived I saw that I was with a skinny to kisses, I did not know what to do, I was frozen … she saw the car grabbed the kid’s hand and began to approach, opened the back door and climbed, she He told her that he had already asked for a remis to go back to the house, but if he wanted to change his destination, I still could not react, the thin one told me the address of his house and I started the car.
The situation was incredible, I was watching how they fondled my girlfriend in my car, while I was taking her to the skinny house to be taken. Every so often while I was crossing it we would cross looks with my girl because of the little mirror that they put me on full, it was like she said “you like cuckold that is so fucking, no?”
When I reached the address that the skinny had told me, they both got off and while walking towards the door my girlfriend turned around and with a face that showed how hot she was, she gave me a little kiss and she looked at me as if waiting for her tell us if we kept on with that …. I would stare at him for a second, send him another kiss and start the car.
That night was the longest of my life, I felt a mixture of nerves, jealousy, excitement, it was terrible, I could not sleep I kept thinking about what I would be doing, I called her a couple of times, but she did not answer me ….
At about 11 in the morning I sent a message saying “I’m dead, I’m going home, prepare to take you gifts”, I went crazy I could not wait longer I wanted to be with me and tell me in great detail everything that had happened ..