by master3105

Have you ever met someone and had an immediate, almost overwhelming desire for them? Well that happened to me with Suzanne. A few years ago Suzanne and I had a short, incredibly intense relationship or was it an affair? It had all started casually and innocently enough and I never thought it would go as far as it did.

I got to know Suzanne through an erotic story website. I write short stories and erotic fiction in my spare time and Suzanne e-mailed me through the site and provided feedback on a few of my stories. She said she liked what I wrote and wanted to know when I would be posting more.

We corresponded for several weeks before we met for the first time so I knew a few things about her. She was married and was into rough sex and bondage, especially if she was being possessed and used, especially when she fantasized it was a dominant stranger. However, her fantasies were unfulfilled since her husband wasn’t into any kind of BDSM.

I was in a similar situation with my wife. BDSM really turned me on but my wife wasn’t into as much as I was. We did experiment with some light bondage and tried doing some Master/Slave role playing a few times. I really got into it and loved dominating her and tying her up but since she didn’t get into it that much I was usually left feeling unsatisfied.

With Suzanne it was nice because we freely talked about BDSM and our likes, fantasies, and what really turned us on. I enjoyed our correspondence and found out one day that Suzanne would be visiting a nearby city that was less than 50 miles away from where I lived. I replied back to her that she would be close to where I lived and we made plans to meet. Actually she initiated the meet by inviting me to meet her at the hotel lounge where she was staying. I was really excited at the chance to meet her in person, I’m not really sure why. I didn’t intend to cheat on my wife but I guess that I was curious and just wanted to meet a likeminded person, at least initially it was like that anyway.

I went to the lounge early, Suzanne gave me her description and I recognized her as soon as she walked in and was instantly attracted to her.

When she came over she offered her hand and I took it in both of mine I felt something like I had never felt before. It’s hard for me to describe but I felt a surge or something like small bolt of electricity and I found I was irresistibly drawn to her when I touched her small, soft, very feminine hand. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, this feeling of incredible magnetism. I didn’t understand why I was so drawn to her but I was instantly hooked and I wanted her, I wanted her badly, right from the start.

It wasn’t because of her looks either, I mean, Suzanne was a very beautiful woman, she was 5’6″, had a very nice figure, small breasts, auburn hair, and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen and she smelled wonderful too. Suzanne also had ‘the look’ that I love in a woman, but no, it was much more than that. It’s still hard for me to explain since nothing like that had ever happened to me, but there was just something about her and being in her presence that was so thrilling to me, almost intoxicating in a way.

We made small talk for a short time and had a few drinks and the whole time I could not take my eyes off of her. I don’t really remember much of what was said because I was thinking the whole time about how badly I wanted her, more than I had ever wanted any woman in my life. My heart was racing and all I could think about was how I wanted to do the things to her that I wrote about in my stories. I only hoped that she felt the same way.

I got my answer a few minutes later when she asked me if I would like to come up to her room. I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance to finally be alone with her. I never thought I would cheat on my wife but I knew what going to Suzanne’s room meant and I did it anyway. I didn’t even feel guilty about it, at least not initially, that’s how completely under Suzanne’s spell I was.

When we got to her room she became quiet and kept her eyes downcast and would not look me directly in the eyes. At first I thought she was having second thoughts about being with me but then it dawned on me that upon entering her room she had automatically assumed the role of submissive and I was to be her master. I’m not sure if she did it consciously or unconsciously but she wanted me to take her and I was only too happy to do so and to try to fulfill everything she craved and needed. She had confessed to me her wants and needs, her wish to be dominated and controlled and how those needs had gone unsatisfied. I too had confessed to her my desire to dominate and use someone as I pleased and how I too had been left feeling unsatisfied for years. I guess we were trying to give one another something that our respective spouses had been unwilling or unable to.

From the start I knew that this was not going to be just any one night stand but something much much more and it excited and thrilled me more that I could have imagined but it also a little scary at the same time. At first it was hard for me to believe that this beautiful woman standing before me was willingly and unconditionally submitting herself to me, a virtual stranger. I was unsure at if I could give her what she was looking for. She wanted, no she craved, to be used and possessed by a dominant stranger, and had chosen me, and my mind raced with the possibilities.

I thought about the things she had told me in her e-mails and the things I wrote about in my stories and when she stood before me with her head down and said in a soft voice, almost a whisper, “Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?” I acted, and I took her, hard.

I won’t go into detail here on what happened, you can read about that in ‘Suzanne Submits’ but I can honestly say without a doubt that it was best sex of my life, no, it was more than that. It was the best experience of my life. It was the wildest, kinkiest, most uninhibited sexual encounter that I had ever had and I loved every minute of it. I did things with Suzanne that I had never done with anyone ever before. I demeaned, degraded, and harshly treated her in ways I had only dreamed and fantasized about.

I slapped her face, pulled her hair, which I found out later really excited her. I spanked her ass, called her a slut, pinched, twisted, and tormented her beautiful nipples just the way she wanted, I spanked her dripping pussy, made her suck my cock and lick my ass, and tied her up and fucked her hard and came inside of her pussy.

Suzanne took it all too, without any hint of hesitation, complaint, or regret. It seemed to me the rougher I treated her, the more turned on she became which only fueled my fire for more, we were feeding off of each other’s incredible desire for this experience. I wasn’t sure at first if I was on the right track because she didn’t say much more than “Yes Sir” when I ordered her to do something but I saw that her body was definitely responding to my touch and rough treatment.

Her breathing was fast and shallow, almost hyperventilating, her skin was flushed and warm and oh so soft to my touch, her small firm beautiful breasts heaved on her chest, her perfect nipples were hard as stones, and her pussy was soaked. I mean it was literally dripping wet and ran down the inside of her thighs. I could also smell her wonderful scent from across the room, and I have to say that her pussy tasted as good as good as it smelled.

When I needed my orgasm, I finished things up by tying her to the bed on her back with her legs spread nice and wide. I wanted to look her in those beautiful green eyes and talk dirty to her as I fucked her wonderful pussy hard. I told her how she was now mine and we would do this again. I told her she would be available to me whenever I wanted and would do whatever I wanted when I wanted. I told her that I was going to let my friends fuck and use her body as the pleased while I watched. When I could take it no more I came inside of her hot wet pussy as she squeezed herself around my hard cock.

I didn’t even think about that either until later. Suzanne never said anything about condoms and I didn’t think of it since I had a vasectomy and don’t normally use them, but at the time Suzanne didn’t know that. When I thought about it later though, cumming inside of her went with the scenario of domination, rough sex, and to make her completely submit to her master.

After I untied her, Suzanne stayed on the bed and watched me in near silence as I dressed. She looked tired and totally worn out and didn’t look like she even had the energy to stand. I was hoping that I had not pushed things too far but she looked like she had a thin smile on her face and as I left the room, before I closed the door I heard her whisper “Master’ and that made me feel so incredibly good, and I knew we would do this again.

The next time we got together I had told her that I wanted to watch my friends fuck her. I’m not sure if she didn’t think I was serious about that or not but when I showed up to her hotel room with twelve of my friends she was kind of shocked. Of course with just a little coaxing she was doing as she was told and taking them all on. Again, I won’t go into much detail here but you can read about it in ‘Suzanne Submits, Chapter 2’.

You see, I’m one of those guys that have always fantasized about watching their wives or girlfriends have sex with other guys. I’m not sure why that turns me on, but it does, it’s a huge, huge turn on for me. My wife and I have talked about it in the past and she did love the fantasy of having uninhibited sex with a group of guys, but she just wouldn’t ever do it for real.

Of course with Suzanne I knew she would do it, it might not be something she would have done on her own, but she would do it to please me. We set a date and when she came to town I went to her room with my friends, I blindfolded her and brought her into the room where the guys were waiting and I displayed her sexy naked body for them all to see. I loved doing that, I wanted them to get a good look at this beautiful, sexy, submissive woman and for them to know she was mine. I started things off by having her masturbate her pussy for them. I stood behind her and caressed her soft smooth naked body as she rubbed her pussy and I whispered in her ear how much I loved her being naked for my friends and putting on a sexy show for them.

I pinched her nipples as she came and then told her that it was time for the real fun to begin. I told my friends that Suzanne was theirs for the night and they could use her in any way they pleased.

It was an incredible turn on to watch as my friends undressed and surrounded Suzanne, running their hands all over her beautiful soft supple body. All of my friends are big men like me, at least 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds and they all towered over Suzanne’s diminutive 5’6” naked body. She looked so incredibly sexy surrounded by them, and so small and vulnerable. This was my biggest fantasy and it was coming true right before my eyes.

The guys lined up and I had Suzanne get on her knees and suck their cocks. Suzanne told me that she really loves to suck cock and she proved it, she was really was in her element here and put on a great show, not only for me but for everyone.

After she has sucked everyone’s cock I had her bend over the desk in the room and spread her legs. I began to fuck her pussy as the guys moved in front and had her continue to suck their cocks. After that things really began to get really dirty and nasty. After I came in her pussy I sat back and watched as Suzanne took them all on. I’m not sure how long this went on but for a long time she always had one cock in her mouth and one in pussy.

After that I moved her to the bedroom and we all took turns fucking her ass and then making her suck our cocks. We did double penetration with a cock in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time. We even did triple penetration with one in ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time. Suzanne did it all and was constantly moaning, bucking her hips and trying her best to meet the guy’s stroke for stroke as they fucked her.

I really have no idea how many times Suzanne came either, I lost track, it seemed like after a few hours of constant fucking that it all just became one long continuous orgasm for her.

After the guys left I told Suzanne to stand I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her that she had done well and I was very pleased. She beamed at that, she had tried very hard to please me and she loved the acknowledgment. I told her that she was truly mine now and I left wondering just how far she would go to please me.

That unfortunately is when things started to go wrong. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was getting too carried away with the power and control I had over Suzanne and I was about to make several huge mistakes and push things too far. Again, I won’t go into too great of detail, but you can read the whole story in “Suzanne Submits on Thanksgiving”.

It started when I found out that her husband was going away on a business trip over the holidays and Suzanne would be alone for Thanksgiving and I thought that it would be exciting if I surprised her at home. I’m sure she wondered how I had found out where she lived but it wasn’t that hard. Suzanne didn’t know much about me, she didn’t even know my real name. She didn’t know that I had served in the military for many years as a Counterintelligence Agent and when I had transitioned out of the military I went to work for one of the large ‘three letter’ Federal Agencies. So with some of the clues she gave me in her e-mails, and open source information on the internet, plus some good old fashioned investigative work I found her address in no time.

As I was getting more and more comfortable in my role as Suzanne’s Master, it also had awoken in me something that I suspected was there, but something that that had remained hidden, a deep dark need. Being Suzanne’s Master had made aware of my desire to punish. I’m not sure why it excited me but the thought of inflicting a moderate amount of pain to go along with the incredible pleasure that I would give Suzanne was very appealing to me. I had never thought of myself as a sadist, but I guess I definitely had some sadistic tenancies. As prepared for my trip to see Suzanne I also had started planning for her the harshest treatment yet that she would receive.

I’ll never forget the look of total shock and surprise on Suzanne’s face when she opened the door the day before Thanksgiving and found me standing there. I’m sure she wondered how I had found her house and was worried about the neighbors seeing me or her husband somehow finding out but I only thought it would be an exciting part of our game to go to her house.

When she opened the door I grabbed her before she could move, I took her into my arms and I forcefully pushed her back into the house, up against the wall and kissed her hard and deep with all the heat, passion and want, that had built up in me since the last time I had seen her. When I broke the kiss I called her my slut as I pinched her sensitive nipple just the way she loved to have them tormented and told her what was in store for her.

Suzanne moaned and melted into me as I released her nipple and grabbed her by the hair and twisted her mouth to mine and kissed her hard and deep again. She offered no resistance at all as I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to the floor. I could tell that she was still nervous about the front door being opened but I didn’t care if anyone saw us.

As I continued the kiss I slid my hand down her soft smooth stomach reveling in the feel of her warm creamy skin until I made my way inside of her tiny panties. I forced my hand between her thighs and made her spread her legs so I could tease and fondle her pussy. When my hand had made its way inside her panties I found that she had let her pussy hair grow out. I had told her one time before to keep it shaved for me so this was the excuse I was looking for to punish her, and that thought excited me more than I could have imagined.

I’m not sure why I did it, but I fondled her pussy until she was dripping wet and nearly about to cum and then I stopped, grabbed some of her pussy hair and yanked it out while I scolded her and told her of my displeasure that she had disobeyed me. Actually I didn’t mind when Suzanne had hair on her pussy. She did the first time we were together and I thought her pussy looked very pretty with a full bush. But at the time I needed an excuse, any excuse, for the punishment I had planned for her.

I took my off my wide leather belt and landed several blows on her ass just as I had planned as I had her move into the living room and told her to bend over the couch. Then with her bent over and helpless across the arm of the couch I landed several more blows on her vulnerable ass until she promised to be good, do anything I said, and promised to make me happy. I was so turned on at this point that I forced Suzanne to her knees and fucked her mouth until I had a powerful orgasm that I shot all over her face.

There was still more punishment that I had in mind for her so I now ordered her to finish removing her clothes, I wanted her completely naked for what came next. I told her to go into the dining room and had her clear off the table. When she was done I ordered her to get up on it and lay down.

I went into her bedroom and found some of her husband’s ties that I brought back and used to secure her to the table. I positioned her with her ass right on the edge of the table with her legs spread wide and tied to the table legs with the neckties. I then had her stretch out her arms above her head and tormented her sensitive nipples for a moment before I stretched and tied her arms back, pulling them as tight as I could so she could barely move.

I then walked around the table for a few minutes, excited at the thought of what came next. I started running my hands over her naked body and feeling her warm, soft, smooth skin. I loved touching Suzanne, she always felt and smelled so good that I could not nearly get enough of her. Touching her always thrilled and excited me and always elicited very emotional response for me. My heart always raced when I touched her and it always left me wanting more. I don’t think I realized it at the time but I was developing a kind of bond or attachment with her I had not experienced before. Suzanne would do anything for me, she proved that many times, and I really enjoyed and appreciated the devotion and obedience she showed towards me as I possessed, controlled, and fulfilled her desires like no had before. I really did care for her in way I didn’t quite understand at the time even as I prepared to punish further.

I had always wanted to whip a submissive all over their body, which was one of the darker fantasies that turned me on. I had tried it once with my wife during one of our master/slave role playing games. I tied my wife down and lightly whipped her from head to toe with a thin leather strap. My wife was not into any kind of pain so she didn’t get into at all and I was left feeling unsatisfied but I knew Suzanne would not refuse me.

I said something about her ‘Telling me what I wanted to hear and her not really obeying me” and then I began to whip her with my belt. I landed blow after blow all across her stretched and completely vulnerable body. On her stomach, thighs, and breasts, she started to scream and cry and beg for my mercy but she never told me to stop as I continued to whip her. As I thought about what I was going to do to her next I was so excited and turned on that my cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum.

I said to her, ‘Just one more and then I will believe you when say you will obey me’ and then I whipped her wide open and vulnerable pussy with one last hard stroke of my belt. Suzanne screamed and tried to thrash on the table in her bonds but she was tied too tightly.

Then I was on her, I had an incredible need to take her at that moment and I moved around and rammed my hard cock into her very tender, very wet pussy. Suzanne’s cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure as she bucked her hips with me as I fucked her hard and fast. I didn’t cum in her pussy this time though, I pulled out and shot my hot cum all over her stomach because I wanted to shave her pussy clean, which I did while she was still tied to the table.

After that I had one more thing that I just had to do. I untied her and took her hands in mine and led her back through the house. She had a shocked look on her face as led her into her bedroom. I just had to take her there, I thought it would be really exciting to take her and use her in the bed she shared with her husband. So even when she was making love to him she would be thinking of me and would always know that I had fucked here there too.

I had her get on her hands and knees and took her from behind. As I fucked her pussy I was asking her humiliating questions like ‘Who do you belong to’ and Who’s pussy is this’ and each time she would say ‘You Sir’.

Before I came in her pussy I stopped and had her turn around and ordered her to lick her juices off of my cock and then I came on her face again.

By that time it was getting late and I was tired and felt more sated than I had ever felt before. I had treated Suzanne very harshly this time and had fulfilled a deep dark desire of mine that I was only beginning to understand, but it was something that I had always wanted to do, something that I craved and had to do. In one last act of dominance, I told her to sleep on the floor and I fell asleep in the bed that she shared with her husband and slept more peacefully and soundly then I had for a long, long time.

The next morning before I left I found Suzanne in the bathroom, she had awoken before I did and she did her best to let me sleep and not disturb me. I had to get to my flight soon but my incredible need for her had not faded and I had to have her one more time before I left.

I again led her back to her bedroom and had her lay down on her back this time and ordered her to put her arms above her head. I didn’t tie her up but I wanted her on her back so I could look into those beautiful alluring green eyes as I took her. I climbed between her wonderful soft smooth thighs and started to rub my hardening cock up and down between the lips of her pussy.

Suzanne started to moan with pleasure and I could feel her pussy juices begin to flow. I started to talk dirty to her, again asking her humiliating questions like ‘Do you like that?” “Do you want this hard cock inside of you?”

Each time she would reply “Yes Master”

As I slide my cock inside her hot waiting pussy I bent forward and I held her arms above her head with my left hand as I used my right to pinch and torment her sensitive nipples again. I then put my weight on top of her as I leaned forward and laid on her so I could whisper in her ear.

“Whose cock do you love?” I said.

“Yours’s Master” she replied.

“You love it when I take you, and fuck you, and give you what you crave, don’t you slut?” I said.

“Oh yes Master” she said.

“Do you want my hot cum inside of you?” I said.

“Yes Master” was her reply.

“I want you to ask for it this time, to tell me how much you love it when I fuck you and that you want my cum in your pussy.” I said.

“Yes Master, Please” Suzanne said. “I love it when you fuck me and need your cum inside my pussy, please cum in me, please, I want your cum inside of me.” She pleaded in my ear.

I could hold out no longer and had a very strong orgasm and filled her pussy with my burning cum.

After that we laid on the bed next to one another for a while in silence. I felt more satisfied than I had ever had, I finally got to fulfill a fantasy that I never thought I would and it felt great.

Suzanne watched me as I got dressed to and ready to go and walked with me, still naked, to the front door. I grabbed her one more time and gave her a deep kiss and took great pleasure in the way she felt in my arms.

I then said, “This was the best one yet, let me know the next time your husband is going out of town and I’ll come down and we can do this again.”

When I said that Suzanne looked completely wide eyed and shocked for a moment and then lowered her head and said in voice that was just a whisper, “Yes Master.”

Then I left not knowing that it would be the last time I would ever see Suzanne. She broke off all contact with me right after that and I was confused, upset, and even a little angry since I didn’t understand why that happened. After I thought about it for a while though I think I finally figured it out.

It had to be one of two things, my harsh treatment of her had been too much and the dark side of me that came out that night, the side of me that craved inflicting punishment and pain had scared her. As I thought about it though, I didn’t think that was why. Even as I harshly punished her Suzanne handled it well and was highly aroused and her body still responded to me. She moaned in pleasure at my touch, her pussy was dripping wet, her nipples hard, and she had numerous very intense orgasms. So no I thought, she could handle the dark side of me that had been exposed.

I believe that it was the fact that I had pushed the game too far. Going to her house was a mistake, a big mistake. The look she had on her face when I showed up at her door, the one that I took for shock and surprise I now realize was more like the look of panic and pure terror, terror that I had invaded her home, her normal life. When I whipped her I had also left marks on her body, marks that may have not faded by the time her husband came home, how would she explain that, I thought?

I had also taken her twice in the bed she shared with her husband. Suzanne had told me before that she did feel guilty about cheating on her husband, but her needs and desires for domination, harsh treatment, and control were too great and she just had to satisfy them in some way. When I took her in her own bed and had her answer those humiliating questions I broke through the separation of her normal life and her secret life. I think I may have even taken a piece of her normal life away and now every time she made love to her husband in that bed the guilt that she had cheated on him would always be there.

I guess it’s one thing to have a secret life and an affair in a hotel in a faraway city, but doing it in your own hometown, in your own house, where your husband, friends, neighbors, and family could discover your secret life and what you have been doing was just too much of a risk. At the time I had thought it would be an exciting part of the game, that added ‘getting caught’ aspect but I guess it wasn’t for Suzanne. I had put her marriage and her normal life in too much risk.

I may have gotten away with it the one time, but as I left and said I wanted to do it again the next time her husband was out of town was the last straw I think. Knowing how Suzanne was and that she would obey me without question and never say no to me, if I had wanted to take her in own house again she would not have refused me. So, she did the only thing she could and broke off all contact so that wouldn’t happen.

I always regretted that, I wished that I had not gotten too carried away and ruined things. If I hadn’t pushed it too far, who knows how long things would have gone on between us? I still had many fantasies to fulfill and many things in mind that I wanted to do with her and I’m sure she felt the same way.

One thing is for certain, I have NEVER ever met anyone like Suzanne again, she was the best time I have ever had and she gave me something that no one else had ever been able to. I have never been so excited, happy and satisfied as I was with her. I know because after my divorce I looked, and no, I didn’t get divorced because of my affair with Suzanne. My wife never knew I cheated on her and Suzanne was the only woman I ever had an affair with while I was married. My wife and I just grew apart over time and ended up going our separate ways amicably.

In the time since then, I have looked for another woman like Suzanne but have not found one yet. Most don’t really have any idea of what they are looking for and have unrealistic expectations, some try to ‘top from the bottom’ which does not work for me, and with others there are just too many rules and non-negotiable limits. Don’t get me wrong, rules and limits are good, I wished I had established some boundaries with Suzanne, really more for me than her, but they are not good if they are so strict and unbending that they interfere with testing limits and are going to leave one of you unsatisfied.

Maybe I will meet an incredible, beautiful, submissive woman like Suzanne again someday, but until then I still have my ‘Memories of Suzanne.’