by markydaysaid

Mark the Barbarian’s vision was blurry, and his head swam with vertigo, but through the mental fog he could see that he was in a room; a dark room dimply lit by a shaded window and a dozen psychedelically colored lamps. No, not lamps. They were crystals.

He was upright, and his arms were above his head, but when he tried to move he found that he was restrained by an uncomfortable assortment of leather straps and cuffs, one cord of which dug deep into the crack of his buttocks like a tight thong. He was naked, and his substantially large endowment was hanging free in the warm air of the dark room. More than that, he was horny. As the drugs that stupefied him slowly wore off, his body filled with the familiar aching of sexual tension; a tugging in his loins that he would do anything to relieve. His cock started to harden, straighten, and and he foreskin peeled back until his massive erection looked like a heavy club protruding from his waist.

He realized that the warm room was damp as well. Clammy. Sweaty. It stank of sex, there were cum stains on the carpets and pillows, and he saw that every shelf was full of all kinds of demented sex-toys, from regularly sized didlos to gargantuanly enlarged weapons of the most brutal sort, all of them studded and bumps and grooves to stimulate erogenous zones he didn’t realize existed. He was certain that some of those dildos weren’t designed for human vaginas, but rather for gorgons and centaur-mares.

The drugs wore off, Mark felt his strength return, but even as his bulging muscles strained against the leather cords, he could not move more than an inch. Mark was strong enough to snap a bull’s neck, and wrestle a giantess to the ground, but these straps held him in such a compromised position that he was nothing more than a muscular fly the web of some dominatrix-spider.

“Where . . . where the fuck am I?” Mark grumbled. He aching in his cock was unbearable. Already it was straining upwards to its full erection, being no less than twelve inches long and as thick as a girl’s wrist. Mark’s cock was his greatest strength, but certainly also his greatest weakness. Mark could fuck a giantess into a coma, or a impregnate a hundred nymphs in a single night, but that his cock got him into as much trouble as it got him out of.When he got horny, he couldn’t think straight, or sometimes at all, and it wasn’t until he fucked something that he could return to normal.Entire villages had suffered his horny wrath if he had to go even a few days without release, and if all get was one poor little girl traveling by herself . . . well . . . her pussy would never be the same.

His heart began to beat like an angry drum, and his testicles felt as heavy as stones. If Mark didn’t get to cum soon he was going to be in trouble.

“Welcome to my humble abode, barbarian,” a smooth, sexy, and haughty voice greeted him. It was the voice of an older woman, and just from the heft of it Mark could tell she had huge breasts. He had a talent for judging a woman’s bust just from her voice. “Take a good look around. I hope you like it, because this sex-dungeon is going to be the last thing you ever see.”

The woman stepped into Mark’s field of vision, swaggering her curvaceous body like a tigress in heat. She was tall, buxom to the extreme, but with a narrow waist, muscular stomach, firm legs, and a big ass like a wrecking-ball. Her skin was creamy white, which contrasted radically with the black latex corset and booty-shorts she wore, along with her long black hair and dark eyes. Her nipples were no pronounced that Mark could see them through the latex. They looked just as painfully erect as his cock was.

“Feeling it yet, baby?” the woman asked, her voice oozing like warm honey.

The woman pressed her fingertip against the underside of Mark’s cock and slid it upward, all the way to the enraged tip.

“FUCK!” Mark cried from the sheer erotic shock of her touch. “What . . . what have you done to me, you fucking whore!”

The woman sneered dominantly, and then flicked the tip of his cock with her finger, like she was swatting at a bug.

“Watch your language, bitch. In case you’re too stupid to realize it (which I’m guessing you are), I’m the one in control here. I’ve got you tied up in my secret sex-dungeon, and your friends don’t know where you are. You’re tied up and hanging from my ceiling like a cum-stuffed piƱata, completely at my sadistic mercy. Oh, and I’ve been saturating your body with enough aphrodisiacs to kill a stallion. Got it?”

Mark’s body broke out into a hot sweat, making his chiselled muscles glisten like wet metal in the dim light of the room. His cock began to visibly pulsate, becoming intolerably erect. His captor took notice, and she moaned with satisfaction deep in her chest. She looked him over and licked her lips, as if she wanted to literally devour this powerful boy.

“Who . . . the fuck . . . are you?” Mark grunted.

The woman sneered, reach out, grabbed one of his nipples, and twisted it.

“OUCH!” Mark whined.

“You are to address me as Mistress! Understand, bitch?” she asked, twisted harder.

“YES! FUCK! STOP! Alright . . . who are you, Mistress?”

The woman chuckled to herself and gentle grasped Mark’s mammoth appendage with both hands, very gently stroking it with her fingertips, causing Mark an indescribable amount of sexual pain.

“My name is Carmella Thicke, formally a witch of the Purple Haze Coven, you know the one.”

“Oh shit,” Mark grunted. “Briar!”

“That’s right,” Carmella said, with a beautiful but frightening snarl on her face. “Briar and I were witch-sisters . . . before you came along with this ridiculously big cock of yours and fucked everything up. The Coven hasn’t been the same without Briar. It’s gotten . . . well . . . boring without my favorite bisexual party-animal around. No one ate my pussy like Briar did . . . no one.”

Carmella reached over to a table and grabbed a strange looking candle. It was grotesquely thick and oddly shaped. It’s yellowish white wax was the color of semen, and a sickly addictive smell emanated from the tiny orange flame at the tip.

Carmella held the lit candle directly over the tip of Mark’s erect penis, aiming right for the meatus of his urethra, and she tipped it over, pouring hot wax directly into his cock.

“FFFFFUUUUUCKKK!!” Mark screamed as the scalding hot wax oozed down his urethra, slowly hardening as it went. Mark shook like he was in epileptic shock, and he even foamed at the mouth as he strained against the bounds, but they held fast, and he was left hanging there nearly senseless. It wasn’t pain that he felt either, rather it was the desperate sort of pleasure a man felt when his cock got as hard as steel, and any sensation at all was welcome. Mark’s muscular body was pushed through all the physiological symptoms of an orgasm, just without actually ejaculating, leaving him drooling and shaking like an overfucked whore.

“Good. That will stop you from cumming . . . no matter what,” Carmella said with a self-satisfied laugh, and she leaned over to give Mark as kiss on his cheek, causing her huge breasts to push against his chest. “Just hang out, big boy, and let your Mistress get everything ready.”

Carmella turned and let her big ass rub against Mark’s balls and cock, causing him to gurgle incoherently with pleasure. She strutted around the room with a casual, confident stride, getting things just perfect for Mark’s destruction. She selected a wax cylinder with some smooth, sexy music and put it on the phonograph she had in the corner. Then she threw some logs into the iron stove, warming the room to almost uncomfortable levels. With every step she slowly stripped off her latex clothing, first freeing her gargantuan breasts from their tight constraints. Mark strained to get a look at her nipples, but they were covered by black pasties in the shapes of ‘Xs, and that small denial was enough to almost physically hurt him. She peeled down her latex booty-shorts next, revealing a tight little thong underneath.

Carmella grabbed a bottle of massage-oil and began liberally dumping it all over her breasts and stomach, moaning loudly to herself as she rubbed it in with her hands. She came back to Mark like this, shimmering erotically like a living statue, her big tits shining like two globes of polished silver, and with the most arrogant look on her face imaginable.

“Do you want me to touch you, Mark?” she asked breathlessly.

Mark had forgotten how to say “yes” but he did grunt and plead with his eyes.

Carmella got close, so close that he could feel the heat from her thighs caressing his agonizingly hard penis. She leaned over, slowly bringing her juicy lips down towards his cock, preparing to kiss his penis’s helmet with her big, succulent,wet, hot mouth . . . but she didn’t. Instead Carmella stopped a millimeter from his penis, and she just blew on it.

“Fu-fu-fu-fu-FUCK!” Mark cried, desperate for release. His balls were turning into burning coals in his scrotum, scorching him from the inside, and his cum felt like molten lead.

Carmilla laughed wickedly, took one of her thickest dildos, and rammed it into Mark’s mouth. The heavy rubber blocked his throat, gagging him, reducing his screams to muffles.

“Sorry, kid,” Carmella laughed as she stepped back, and shook her big tits at him mockingly. “We’re not here for your pleasure. We’re here for mine. Let me tell you what’s happening, not that it’ll matter, or that a dumb piece of shit like you will even understand. Briar probably told you that the Purple Haze Coven specialized in two kinds of magic: drug magic, and sex magic. Well I happen to be proficient at both, and I combine them like no other witch (except Briar) can. I use drugs to fuel my sex magic, and I use sex to make my drugs. The semen of a virile young man like yourself is particularly potent for my alchemy, and the more concentrated it is the better it is for me. I could start milking you right now like a faggot-cow or something, and make a lot of mediocre potions, but I’d rather do this right.”

Carmella stretched and leaned back against a couch, smiling up at Mark like a cat at a caged bird. She grabbed the nearest dildo and brought it to her lips so she could kiss it, lick it, and suck it like a popsicle, and once it was wet she pushed it against her engorged pussy.

“I’m going to torture you Mark. I’m going to tease you. I’m going to kiss you, lick you, suck you, fuck you a little, and let you watch as I beat my pussy up with every dildo in my collection. I’m going to do some really twisted and sick shit in front of you, Mark, but I’m not going to let you cum. I’m going to keep you on the verge of orgasm for as long as I can, probably until it kills you, and when your balls literally explode, that’s when I’ll collect my milky white gold. That cum will brew me up a potion worth a king’s ransom. You’re going to make me a very rich witch, you little bitch.”

Carmella laughed, and began to masterbate, pushing down her thong just enough to push the dildo into her hungry lips, but not enough for Mark to get a good look. The horny barbarian was drooling at the mouth as he strained for a better look, and as his dangerously erect cock started to turn blue, Carmella just laughed and fucked herself.


Mark had journeyed with several companions in his relatively short life, but none of them were more wild and unpredictable than his on-again-off-again girlfriend Briar Hecate, a witch. Part punk-rock, part heavy-metal, part psychedelic maniac, Briar was as likely to fuck Mark as she was to kick his ass on any given night, but the sex was so good that Mark suffered the occasional ass-whoopings.

When they had first met, Mark had just been exiled from his clan for impregnating the chief’s wife, deflowering his daughter, and sodomizing his son, but Mark was still naive and new to the world despite his brute strength, so having Briar as a guide meant a lot to him. For Mark, Briar was like a cool older sister, best friend, and sex-goddess all in one. For Briar though, Mark was little more than a playtoy with a big dick she could split the rent with. She cheated on him constantly, sometimes right in front of him, and with multiple partners. She left him one day without warning, so she could hook up with some random adventurer she had met at an orgy that Mark hadn’t been invited too. To add insult to injury, Briar sold most of Mark’s stuff for some quick cash.

Mark moved on with his life, became an expert monster-slayer, and more or less forgot about Briar as he plowed his way through entire villages of young girls and their horny mothers. Later though, Mark would run afoul of Queen Tamora, the Usurper of Cytheria, after she framed him for the murder of her husband and locked Mark away in her sex-dungeon as her personal slut. Mark escaped, but only by kidnapping Tamora’s youngest daughter, Princess Cadence, who became Mark’s hostage and fuck-pillow for the next several days. Tamora sent her soldiers after them, but once Cadence had gotten a taste of adventure and freedom (and huge cock) she didn’t want to go back, and Tamora was forced to take drastic measures.

Tamora hired the Purple Haze Coven, a dangerous guild of witches, to hunt down Mark and capture Cadence. The champion of the Purple Haze at this point was none other than Briar herself, who thought it would be fun to fuck over her former plaything, just for a laugh. To Briar’s surprise though, Mark had grown far more powerful than she could have ever expected, and he easily defeated, dominated, and fucked every Purple Haze witch that came after him, several of them losing their virginities to his massive cock.

Impressed (and possibly in love) Briar left the Purple Haze, hooked back up with Mark, and began a turbulently sexual friendship with Princess Cadence.

Mark was happy because he had two babes to travel with, Briar was happy because she wasn’t bored anymore, and even Cadence was happy because she got to continue her adventures away from home.

Tamora was not happy though . . . and neither were the Purple Haze Coven . . . especially Carmella.


Carmella was a demoness. For hours she kept teasing, pinching, and stroking Mark’s cock, all the while dancing in front of him in nothing but her thong and nipple-pasties. She’d alternate the music between genres, sometimes swaying her body to smooth sexual slow-jams, or twerking her big ass to some hot southern beat. She was a brilliant dancer; it was part of her magic, and to Mark’s drug-addled brain it sometimes looked as if there were eight of her, all gyrating around the room, kissing one another, laughing at him as they danced.

The adrenaline pumping in Mark’s veins kept him awake, but he was so delirious with arousal that his conscious mind would shut off for extended periods of time, and when Carmella realized that was happening she was not pleased.

“Pay attention, you peice of shit!” she snapped, and slammed her knee up into his balls.


The pain was enough to make Mark’s mind explode, but not enough to cum. The wax plugging his cock was keeping all his spunk nice and tight, and something about the drugs Carmella filled him with also seemed to prevent the natural process from occurring.

“Dumb lump of muscle,” Carmella said, slowly scraping her sharp nails down his bulging chest. “I’ll admit that there is something . . . *primal* about you. It is natural for beasts to admire such raw physical power, but I’m a sophisticate, you see. I prefer beauty, talent, grace, and the sublime ecstasy of the female form. Briar was . . . she was perfect in every way to me . . . and you fucked her like she was some cheap whore . . . and worse . . . you made her love it. Well . . . I’m going to make you love it now . . . love getting your ass kicked.”

Carmella knelt before Mark and took a hold of his massive pussy-pumper with both hands, cradling the steel-hard pole between her warm, soft breasts.

“Does she suck your cock, Mark?” Carmella asked with tears in her eyes. Her nails were digging into the flesh of his cock. “Does she suck your big ugly cock like this?”

Carmella jammed his whole helmet into her mouth, which was like trying to swallow a small apple, and she began to bob her head up and down on the thick shaft. Carmella was really giving it her all, literally gagging herself just to get about half-way. A choking “gluck, gluck, gluck” sound came from her over-stuffed mouth, and Mark’s cock began to punch the back of her throat. Thick globs of saliva oozed out of her mouth and down his shaft, dripping all the way down his aching ball-sack.

Mark felt like he was having a heart-attack, he needed to cum so badly, even though this was just a mediocre blowjob. It was pretty obvious how much of a lesbian Carmella was. She kept tonguing his helmet like she was looking for a clit, and her gag-reflex was causing her throat to clamp down on his shaft like a tight virgin pussy. Mark realized the crazy bitch was just doing it to find out how her ex-girlfriend Briar felt when she worshipped Mark’s mighty idol. Briar was a champion cocksucker; she was lightyears beyond this amatuer.

Still, there was something especially arousing about getting a blowjob from an amatuer, especifally from an amatuar who obviously hated it, but felt compelled to suck dick anyway. The look on a girl’s face when she tasted cock for the first time . . . that mixed expression of disgust and curiosity . . . the way their cheeks swelled up . . . the way they’d keep going deeper just to prove themselves . . . and finally the shock in their eyes when his salty nut erupted in their mouths, and they got there first taste of seed.

“GGGRRRR!!” Mark growled.

It was finally happening. He was cumming. He could feel his boiling spunk pushing up the wax blocking his urethra. He was going to explode right down Carmella’s throat. He was three seconds from drowning this bitch with nut.

“Mmph!” Carmella choked as she popped off of Mark’s dick. Her plump lips came off with a wet explosion. “Not so fast, you little shit!”

Carmilla squeezed the base of Mark’s cock with one hand, and pushed her other thumb down on the wax. She held him tight, trying to hold back his orgasm from boiling over, even if the pressure building up was getting close to snapping his dick in half. Mark was screaming into his dildo-gag and his muscles were threatening to burst, but in the end Carmilla was successful in delaying his orgasm even further, and all that escaped from the waxy blockage was a single viscous drop of pre-cum.

Carmille brought her plump lips to Mark’s helmet, and she sucked up the bit of pre-cum that had escaped.

“Mmm . . . not bad . . . but I still prefer the taste of pussy. Speaking of which . . .”

Carmilla wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck and pushed her tits against his chest. She raised her pussy up over his dick, and slowly began to grind. Her pussy was hot and wet, and as she slid her swollen lips over his rock-hard tip, little gushes of honey began to ooze down his shaft, slickening it up, tickling it, and tricking it into believing that it was about to get some release.

Carmilla cried out as she let herself down, and Mark’s third leg began to punch upwards into her cunt. Fucking Mark, even as slowly as she was, felt like getting fisted by a boxer, and Carmilla lost a bit of control as her legs began to shake, and her knees melted like wax. Her wet pussy slid down Mark’s full shaft, and her big ass slammed down on his balls.

“Holy shit! You’re fucking huge!” Carmilla cried as she began to bounce up and down, driving a twelve inches of cock in and out of wet, hot, gushing pussy. She was cumming right away, and as she did she squeezed Mark’s neck and bit his shoulder. Tears rolled down her cheeks as freely as juice did from her cunt, and she allowed herself to cum again and again as she fucked her big toy.

Poor Mark though, he thought he was cumming, but he wasn’t. Sensations like earthquakes shook his cock. He was trying to cum, his cock was trying to erupt, but he simply couldn’t.

“One more . . . one more . . . one more . . . FUCK!” Carmilla screeched, slamming her ass down one last time so hard she nearly broke Mark’s bounds, and she came so much that it looked like she was pissing on Mark’s dick. Juice ran down his balls and legs like waterfalls, and it almost five minutes before she was able to push herself off.

Carmilla slowly stood up and let Mark’s cock drag across her big ass as she turned around. She strutted to her wall of dildos, swaying her luxurious body, and when she got there she giggled like a girl in a toy-store shopping for a new doll. Finally she selected one of her larger, blacker, more uncomfortable looking dildos, and Mark could hear her snapping it into the latex holster of a strap-on.

“You almost popped, Mark,” Carmilla said, sliding the latex harness around her waist, and pulling a tight latex thong up between her buttocks. “You almost climaxed without my permission. Naughty, naughty little boy. I think you need to be punished . . . or rewarded, when you think about it. You fucke fucked my pussy, I should get to fuck yours.”

When Carmilla turned around Mark nearly fainted, and he could feel his tight anus puckering in dread. Jutting from her waist was a big, black, rubber dildo that curved upward and an awkward angle, and the head was smoothly hooked like a soft harpoon. The thing was almost a foot long, but it was the dildo’s thickness rather than its length that made Mark whimper.

“Like it? It’s a cast,” Carmilla said. “Of a female-gnoll’s pseudo-penis. Amazing monsters, gnolls. The female’s of the species are more aggressive, large, and sexually dominant than their male peers, and their clitorises actually grow to lengths and thicknesses much larger than any male cock. I especially like the little hook on the tip. It really locks the pseudo-penis in place. That way, it only withdraws when I want it to.”

As she strutted back over, Carmilla grabbed another bottle of lubricant, most of which she dosed onto her own body. The viscous liquid oozed over her breasts and stomach, and from there she let it drip onto the shaft of her big dildo. She worked the lube into her breasts, stomach, and dildo, making everything as slippery and shiny as wet metal.

“You haven’t gotten to see my nips yet, have you bitch?” Carmilla asked, her fingers sliding over her slippery tits. “Well I think you deserve a little treat before I ruin your ass.”

Carmilla bit her lip and smiled wickedly as she slowly peeled the black pasties off of her nipples, and when they finally popped off Mark began to salivate. Pink, perky, and as erect as little rose-buds, Carmilla’s nipples were just begging to get sucked. Like the sprinkles on top of two scoops of ice-cream, seeing them made Mark just want her that much more.

Carmilla chuckled to herself as she slid her oily body around Mark, letting her round breasts drag over his chest, obliques, and back. Her nipples were actually quite soft compared to what he was use to, but in his hyper-sensitive state they felt like hot claws cutting across his flesh. Her rubber cock dragged over Mark’s own cock, and slid over his rock-hard ass.

“Mmmph . . . Mmmph . . . Mmmph,” Mark mumbled, but the rubber gag stuffing his throat kept him from begging.

Carmilla wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck and bit his earlobe. He could feel her probing the tip of her cock against his anus. He’d been fucked up the ass before, and he usually like it, but only when he was calling the shots.

“Little pig, little pig, let me in,” Carmilla whispered into his ear, laughed, and then slammed her powerful hips upward.


Mark saw stars as the dildo slid all the way into his ass and slammed into his prostate like a battering-ram to a castle gate.

“Wow . . . such a tight little ass,” Carmilla laughed, grinding her breasts against Mark’s back. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you in, bitch.”

Carmilla had been an amatuar when it came to blowjobs, but she was a fucking master when it came to strap-ons. She started by gyrating her hips slowly, driving the dildo up at different angles, and judging by the way Mark reacted which were the most sensitive. She had one arm around his neck, nearly choking him, and another around his waist so she could jack his huge cock. She wrapped her legs around his beefy thighs, and held him tight.

“Do you like getting fucked, bitch? Do you like the way this feels?” Carmilla asked as she quickened her pace. Her hips began to slap against Mark’s ass, filling the room with a loud clapping, and each thrust of the dildo struck deep with a heavy thud.

The worse part was that Mark was enjoying it, he was enjoying it so much he was sure it would kill him. With the ass-fucking and the handjob working in tandem, Mark felt like his entire being was getting fucked.

“I wasn’t joking early, bitch,” Carmilla hissed in Mark’s ear. “I’m literally going to make your balls explode. I’ve done it before . . . but never with a pair quite as big as yours.”

Carmilla let go of Mark’s neck, crouched down, and continued to fuck his ass while giving him and handjob with one hand, while she smacked around his balls with the other.

The over-stimulation was too much for Mark. The world began to spin. His body felt like it was melting as if it were made of hot wax, and the dildo fucking his ass was a red-hot iron-poker. A sickening weight grew in his balls, and he knew that it meant they were minutes-maybe seconds away from popping.


Suddenly the door to Carmilla’s sex-dungeon exploded, sending big shards of wood sliding across the floor.

“Carmilla . . . what the fuck are you doing with my boy-toy!”

The young woman who walked into the sex-dungeon was tall, slender, and extremely fit. Her warm brown skin was toned with lithe muscles, especially in her abdominals, and although her butt wasn’t especially large, but it was solid. Her breasts weren’t much more than a handful, but there were perky, firm, and capped by remarkable stiff brown nipples. She was entirely naked except for her leather boots and wide-brimmed leather hat . . . a witch’s hat . . . both of which had a purplish hue. She tossed the hat aside, revealing her long black hair that was styled in a mohawk along her scalp, and fell into a long braid that almost touched the floor.

“Briar!” Carmilla gasped.

“Brrrr,” Mark mumbled.

“Carmilla . . . get that dildo out of my toy’s ass, or I swear I’m going to make you eat it!” Briar threatened.

“Briar, baby. I can explain,” Carmilla said in a pleading tone.

Briar wasn’t having it. She raised up her hand and a violent wave of magical energy bolted across the room. It mostly passed through Mark’s body like a warm breeze, but it struck Carmilla with the force of a hurricane. Carmilla was sent flying into the wall, but her dildo was so embedded in Mark that it wouldn’t come out, and instead Carmilla’s belt snapped.

“Briar . . . baby . . . please,” Carmilla groaned as she tried to stand up.

Briar waved her hand again, and Carmilla was sent flying through the air. Her body struck the wall of dildos, smashing apart the shelves, and she hit the ground hard amongst an avalanche of sex-toys.

“I broke up with you Carmilla,” Briar said, strutting over to Carmilla’s prone body, and she she got to it she slammed one of her high-heeled boots down on Carmilla’s breasts. “I got bored of the way your pussy tasted. Get over it.”

“You . . . you got back together with Mark after breaking up with him,” Carmilla said, looking up at Briar with tears in her eyes.

Briar shrugged. “That’s because he got interesting again. I don’t need to explain myself to some tired cow like you, but if your plan was to get fucked by me again, congratulations! You’re planned worked.”

Briar stepped back and waved her hands. Camilla’s body was lifted into the air, and her legs were pulled apart as if by invisible hands. Brair grabbed Carmilla’s ass and dove face first into the witch’s pussy, shoving her long tongue deep into Carmilla’s foulds, and grinding her lips against the woman’s engorged clit.

“Oh . . . Oh Briar . . . HOLY SHIT!” Carmilla squalled as her first orgasm hit her like a mule-kick to the brain. If Carmilla was all about denial, Briar was all about excess, and she held nothing back as she devoured Carmilla’s pussy. “Fuck . . . fuck . . . FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Carmilla began to squirt so copiously that Briar had to stand back.

“Hahaha!” Briar laughed, letting Carmilla’s hot juices gush all over her face and breasts. “You always were a gusher, Carmilla. Just a big, wet, juicy whore.”

Briar waved her hand again and undid the spell. Carmilla wiggling, orgasmic body fell to the floor with a heavy thud. Carmilla moaned with pleasure from her post-orgasmic state, but also from the pain of dropping a sudden six feet onto her back.

“What do you say Mark? Ready to cum?” Briar asked. Without waiting for an answer, she twirled her finger, and all of the leather cords binding Mark’s arms and legs suddenly snapped.

Mark landed on his feet, but his legs were so shaky that he fell on his ass. The dildo in his ass was rammed up a little deeper, but he was too out of his mind to even notice. Mark did pull the dildo out of his mouth tough, and struggled to rise up. His body ached like he had just spent an eternity in the gym pushing heavy weights.

“Come on, stud. Right here. Mommy Briar baked a hot pie for you,” Briar laughed. She had rolled Carmilla onto her knees, pulled up her ass, and was spreading the witch’s cheeks wide open for Mark. Carmilla’s dripping wet pussy was pink, puffy, and just begging to be crushed.

Mark found the strength to stand, to run, and he rammed his cock so deep into Carmilla’s pussy that it punched the bottom of her stomach.

“FUCK!” Carmilla screamed, feeling her pussy being pried open to widths greater than her forearm.

Mark growled like a tiger as he grabbed Carmilla’s ass cheeks and began pounding her pussy with the force of a horny bull. Each thrust knocked her down into the floor, filling the room with a THUD, THUD, THUD. Briar encouraged Mark to fuck Carmilla even harder by biting his nipples, and reaching around to play with the dildo still in his ass.

All Carmilla could do was scream and whimper as a puddle of cum began to grow underneath her. Mark was literally fucking the juice out of her.

“Enough with her pussy,” Briar ordered. “Fuck the whore’s ass.”

Mark was too out of his mind to follow orders, to Briar had to kick him in his stomach to dislodge his cock, which she then aimed at Carmilla’s soft, vulnerable rear-pussy.

“Briar! Baby! No!” Carmilla whined.

“Shut the fuck up, sweetie. You’re so pathetic when you beg,” Briar said, rolling her eyes and sitting down on Carmilla’s back to keep her in place. “Fuck her Mark. Break her ass in half!”

Mark clenched his teeth as he drove his cock in. Carmilla was tight, so tight that it hurt to fuck her ass at first, but once Mark broke past the halfway point, he was able to slam the rest ball’s-deep with no resistance.

“AAAAAAGHH!!” Carmilla screamed as a painful orgasm shot up her spine and into her brain.

“I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Briar yelled, grabbing a small dildo and ramming it down Carmilla’s throat to gag her.

Mark fucked Carmilla’s ass like he was trying to kill her, his muscular hips beating down on her cheeks like a drum. The defeated witch wiggled and squirmed trying to get away, but as the orgasms started to pulverize her body all she could do was flop and spasm. Her pussy gushed onto the floor like she had a bucket of water inside her, and Mark’s thrusts sent her sliding across the cum-slickened floor. Mark fucked her so hard that she’d never walk the same again, and as orgasm after orgasm washed over her brain like a flood, Carmilla could feel her intelligence evaporating. She was literally becoming a stupid bimbo. Mark was breaking her.

“Mmmph . . . Mmmph . . . MMMPPH!” Carmilla gave one last muffled attempt of a scream, and as her pussy liquified into a hot mess, she lost consciousness and went limp.

Still Mark continued to fuck her, even though his balls were so blue they were purple at this point, and he was seconds away from popping them.

“Mark . . . damn . . . why haven’t you cum yet, stud?” Briar asked

Mark couldn’t answer. All he did was grunt and keep fucking Carmilla’s unconscious body.

Briar figured something was wrong, so she kicked Mark in his stomach so hard that his cock burst free from Carmilla’s anus, and he landed on his back. Briar mounted him in a 69 position, slamming her pussy down on his face, as she took his swollen purple cock in both hands.

“Wax? Did that mean bitch plug you up with wax, Marky?” Briar snickered to herself.

Mark was beginning to eat out Briar’s pussy, and he struggled to get on top, but Briar’s slender body was stronger than his at the moment, and she stayed in control. She slowly massaged his cock with both hands, and lowered her mouth over his purple helmet, sucking on it a little as she bit down on the top of the wax seal. Briar raised her head up, pulling the wax free as she did so. It took a while. Mark had a twelve-inch cock, and Briar had to pull out about eight-inches of wax to unplug it.

The last of it came free with a slimy “POP”!

“AAAAAGGH!!” Mark screamed, and his cock finally unleashed a gushing geyser of sticky white paste. His cock pumped like a spitting dragon, unloaded a warm blast of boy-batter upwards with such force that it would have hit the ceiling, had Briar’s face not been in the way.

Briar completely miscalculated just how badly Mark was plugged up, and when the first blast of cum hit her it nearly knocked her off. The second blast hit her right in the eyes, blinding her, and the third was enough to completely cake her face under a thick layer of semen. Briar leaned back and grabbed Mark’s legs in a desperate attempt to control him, but this just made his cock aim up higher, and his fourth and fifth ropes unleaded across her chest. Briar opened her mouth to say something and was rewarded with a mouthful of hot spunk.

Groping around blindly, Briar managed to grab Mark’s erupting volcano and aim it away from herself, pushing it in Carmilla’s direction. Mark’s spurting ejaculation flew all over the broken witch’s body, coating Carmilla’s hair, back, and ass underneath a heavy layer of sperm. By the time Mark’s last spurt of cum fly over her big ass, Carmilla already looked like a freshly frosted cinnamon-bun.

Briar was covered by just as much spunk though, and most of it was on her face. She swallowed as much as she could, but Mark’s cum was so thick she had to chew it, and she was full long before she’d even cleaned off her face. The rest she wiped off of her eyes just so she could see. Mark was flopping around on the floor like a dying fish, his cock still oozing semen and pulsating dangerously erect. Briar mounted him again, this time sucking down most of his cock into her mouth, and with both hands she gently milked him of every last drop he had, which turned out to be a substantial amount, and she had to spit it out onto his tighs because she was so full.

Little by little, Mark’s epileptic seizures began to calm, his heart stopped beating like a drum, and his cock finally began to deflate. Almost an hour went by, and even as Mark’s cock finally returned to its normal color and slowly softened, Briar was still teasing out a few stubborn drops of semen from him.

“Damn, boy. How much nut do you have left?” Briar asked mostly to herself. Mark had lost consciousness over an hour ago.

” . . . Briar,” Carmilla whimpered. She was just waking up. “I . . . I can barely feel my legs.”

“After the way Mark fucked your stupid ass, yeah, I bet you can’t feel your legs.”

Briar got up grabbed Carmilla by her cum-soaked hair and cruelly dragged the buxom witch across the floor, out the door, and into the woods. Carmilla’s curvaceous body was still soaked with cum and lubricant, so she slid across the ground like a slippery slug, even when her tits dragged.

The light of the sun was blinding for Carmilla, since she had spent the last two days locked in her dark sex-dungeon, which in truth was just a cottage on a hill. Carmillas’ dungeon was perched on a wooded hilltop overlooking a small village, just remote enough that no one would come knocking, but close enough to civilization for all the comforts. Briar hadn’t had any trouble finding the place. She and Carmilla had vacationed here back when they were lovers. Many of the sex-toys were her hand-me-downs.

“Briar! Ouch! What are you doing?” Carmilla whined, trying to wiggle free.

“You threatened one of my friends,” Briar said, dragging Carmilla over a jagged rock. “I can’t tolerate that.”

“But we use to be friends!” Carmilla whined. “We use to be lovers.”

Briar shrugged. “Things change.”

Briar dragged Carmilla over to a large ditch that was filled with mud. Exerting her full physical strength, Briar lifted Carmilla over her head, and then threw Carmilla face-first into the mud.


Carmilla splashed and flailed in the wet mud as she struggled not to drown. Her legs were still useless, so she had to crawl through the shallow parts of the ditch just to keep her head up. When she emerged she was so caked in mud and filth that Briar could barely recognize her, which she thought was funny.

“We broke up, Carmilla,” Briar said. “I didn’t just leave the Purple Haze Coven because Mark ‘seduced’ me, either. That muscle-bound dumbass couldn’t seduce a whore. He’s just a cute stud with a huge cock who everyone wants to get fucked by at least once. The truth is I just got bored with you silly lesbians. I’m done with you, cunt, but I’m not done with Mark yet. If you ever threaten my friends again . . . hell . . . If I even ever SEE you again, I’m not going to stop at breaking your ass. I will fuck you to death, you boring slut.”

Briar turned back to the cottage, giving Carmilla once last look at her perfect ass. “Crawl down to the village and sell your body for a place to sleep tonight. I’m keeping your house for the next couple days. Mark needs a place to rest.”

Briar left Carmilla in the mud, whimpering and growling with dejection. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for herself (and masterbaring to the fresh memory of Briar’s ass) Carmilla began to crawl down to the village for help, dragging her huge breasts through the mud and leaves like she was nothing but a slug.

Briar knew that Carmilla could find help in the village, but what she probably didn’t know was that there were three other Purple Haze witches staying at the inn, waiting for Carmilla to come down and party after she had killed Mark. Helena the Harpy, Licorice Whip, and another of Briar’s ex-girlfriends, the necromancer Savra. The plan was they’d all hit the town and have an orgy to celebrate Mark’s death, and the harvesting of his essence for their drugs. Well, that hadn’t gone according to plan, but her revenge would.

Carmilla would have revenge, and soon. The Purple Haze was going to fuck shit up tonight.