by Robert_Furlong

“You should have brought your green mankini with you,” Todd said when we were sitting on the edge of the bed in the nuddie watching my ice bucket video on his phone.

“Aw yeah, I should have,” I replied, feeling annoyed with myself that I’d been so dim-arsed yet again. “I’ll bring it next time for sure. Don’t let me forget.”

“There’s gonna be a next time?” he asked with a surprised smile.

“If you want there to be…”

“Yeah, I do,” he said brightly. “This has been great, you and me… we’ve got to do it again!”

“I don’t know how often I can wangle it, mind. I can’t take that many sickies off work and I’ve gotta be careful with… you know… the other stuff I have goin’ on…”

I didn’t want to mention Paula again.

He nodded. He knew the score.

“Next time, maybe we can meet up closer to your place,” he suggested. “You pay for the room and I’ll do most of the driving. How does that sound for a deal?”

“Yeah, sounds pretty good. It’ll be easier for me to sort things if I’m only gonna be missing for a couple of hours.”

He smiled but I could see he didn’t like the ‘couple of hours’ bit. He wanted me for longer but didn’t want to sound too pushy; at least not yet.

He looked back at the video and paused it right at the bit when the mankini had fallen down and I was turning around with my back to the camera.

“This is the best part,” he chuckled. “Just here, right when your arse is sticking out and you’re bending over to try and pull the mankini back up.”

“Is that what you wank off over?” I laughed, amused that seeing my big hairy crack would turn him on so much.

“Yeah,” he grinned and I could actually see his knob starting to stiffen up again. “This bit always gets me… well… all the way to nutville!”

“Wishing you had your dick buried up my bum as I’m bending over?”

Mine was growing longer too. The idea that other fellas might be yanking their tent poles off imagining themselves pumping away at my flabby arse was funny but also weirdly sexy.

“A bit of that… well quite a lot of that,” he admitted with a sheepish smile. “But also… something else…”

“What?” I asked with a laugh while my cock started rising upwards.

“If you really wanna know, I mainly jerk off imagining I was crouching down behind you…”

He paused and I urged him to go on, liking where this was heading.

“I must have spunked up countless times, thinking of pushing my face between your cheeks… sticking my tongue into your hot hairy crack and licking round and round your wrinkly little arsehole!”

“Fuck!” I laughed with my horn-on sticking right up. “You actually like doing that?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged with a naughty smirk. “I never got to try it! I once sniffed the back of my mate’s dirty keks when I found them on his bathroom floor and I really liked that so I figure I’ll love the real thing!”

“It’s called rimming,” I informed him, keen to show off the one piece of information I knew about it.

“Yeah,” he agreed without seeming at all impressed. “Do you think you’d like it?”

“Doing it or havin’ it done to me?”

“Do you think you’d like standing up right now,” he spelled out, “bending over and letting me stick my face between your big sexy arse cheeks. Letting me push my tongue up your cute little bung-hole. Do you think you’d like that?”

“Fuck yeah!” I grinned. “I’d fuckin’ love it!”

“Go on, then,” he urged me. “Stand up and turn round!”

I did as he said with my donger on full bone and I watched him through the wardrobe mirror as he knelt down behind me and pressed his face into my big hairy arse. It was weirdly mesmerising watching another fella doing that behind me: sniffing my gaping butt crack and licking his lips with his cock poking upwards he was so turned on.

He pulled back and smirked at me through the mirror, his face right next to my two round arse cheeks. He said, “You’ve got to wank your dick off while I rim you, Barry. It’ll make it feel even better.”

“I can’t do that,” I shrugged, feeling daft that I couldn’t. “My wife…” I began to explain before remembering he didn’t like me to mention her. “Let’s just say I’ve got a bit of a thing about it, mate.”

“But it’d be okay for me to reach round and pull it off for you?”

“Yeah!” I grinned. “That’d be well sharp!”

“Let’s do it that way then!” he smiled back at me and then pressed his face back into my forested arse crack.

Once he’d found my swollen little hole with his tongue, he reached up and groped at my grateful throbbing cock. It took him a little time to figure out how to whack me off properly with the weird angle he was at, but once he got the hang of it, it felt great the way he squeezed at my shaft and jerked my foreskin up and down with a nice firm rhythm.

It felt even better to have his hot wet tongue licking at my arsehole and to feel his nose and chin wedging between my cheeks. I’d never thought of my bum as being a sexy place at all, but now that Todd’s face was pressing right into it and he was tonguing my ringpiece, I was getting so turned on that my knob end was starting to dribble.

I looked down and saw that he was wanking his own cock just as fast as his other hand was doing me. I loved that he was getting so aroused from rimming me: until I saw his fist pumping away at his stiffie I think I’d held back a bit in case he was finding that maybe my taste back there was a bit rougher than he’d expected.

But once I saw how turned on it was making him, I let myself really get into it.

“Ah yeah!” I called down to him, opening my legs wider and bending forwards slightly so he could get his tongue right into my butthole. “This feels proper horny!”

His hands sped up on both our cocks and I have to admit he was right about how good it felt: having my dick wanked off with another bloke’s face slobbering away between my arse cheeks has to be one of the most exciting sensations I’d ever experienced.

I reached back to grab the back of his head and pushed it hard between my big round buttocks. The friction of his goatee beard was making my bum crack tingle and the licking of his tongue inside my passage felt like nothing else.

“Come on, eat me out, mate!” I cried out in pleasure. “Lick my fuckin’ arsehole… hard and deep!”

Todd really plunged in and I ground his face as rough as I could into my splayed hairy crack. The speed of his hand on our cocks showed me how much he was loving it, but then he surprised me by pulling back, gasping for breath as he let go of my dick.

“Turn round, Barry!” he panted up to me. “Let me suck your cock!”

Since no-one had ever said that to me before, I did he what he asked as quick as I could before he had chance to change his mind! Not that he would have – I know that now – but at the time I was desperate to get my first taste of a proper blowjob.

I mean, a girl I knew at school had once given my pecker a quick lick as part of a dare, and early on when we were dating Paula had got my bell-end in her gob before she’d gagged, but I’d never been sucked off properly.

Todd, though, was well up for it! As soon as I turned around, his mouth was around the shaft of my prick, his lips slurping and feasting on it like it was a delicious juicy lolly.

Loads of fellas on the bearcubs website had said they wanted to suck my cock but I hadn’t really believed them. Until Todd was slobbering away, bobbing his head up and down on my stalk, I’d thought it must be just something gay blokes say to turn each other on: I hadn’t actually thought anyone would want to do it for real!

It was only when I got my chops round Todd’s knob, the next time we met up, that I realised it didn’t just feel great to have your own dick sucked but it felt pretty amazing to do it to another guy as well.

“Ah yeah!” I called out. “That’s fuckin’ tops that is!”

He was licking up and down my shaft, slavering over my cock head and even kissing my nuts.

He looked up at me and grinned with one of my short and curlies sticking to his lip. “I’ve wanted to this for so fucking long, Barry!”

“Well get yer gob right round it!” I laughed down to him. “Let me fuck yer mouth while ya suck me real hard!”

He did as I’d asked, trying not to gag as he consumed the whole length of my cock, and I grabbed his head on both sides to hold it steady. Then I bucked my hips to slide myself in and out of him, gasping with pleasure at the feel of his throat sucking the juice out of me.

This was absolute bliss! Why the fuck had no-one ever done this to me before?!

I quickly sped my rhythm up, jabbing in and out of his mouth like I’d told him I would, and my bollocks started slapping against his chin, feeling tickly from they were knocking against his beard. He grabbed my arse with both hands and held onto it firmly while his tonsils and tongue did their work.

I just couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. Everything about it – his mouth around my knob, my knackers thumping against him and even his hands cupping my big, round butt-cheeks – all combined to make it totally incredible.

Soon I was slamming my cock as hard and as fast as I could in and out of his mouth. I was dribbling a load of goo – he was having to swallow to keep up with how much of the stuff was trickling out of me – and I was grunting and panting as I thumped my pubic bush back and forth against his face.

“Oh Jesus, Todd!” I called out. “I fuckin’ love you, mate!”

I meant that I loved him for what he was doing – the way you’d tell a friend you loved him if he picked the right dog for you at the races – but once I’d said it I realised it was open to being taken another way.

Todd didn’t respond – how could he with my knob banging away down his throat? – but I noticed he took one hand off my arse and started tossing himself off as he knelt between my legs.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” I gasped, feeling the sweat trickling down my back and into my butt crack. “I’m gonna fuckin’ spunk down yer throat!”

Todd suddenly pulled away and left my dick – all wet and frothy from mouth – just thrusting stupidly away into thin air.

“What’s up?” I asked, feeling really disappointed. “Don’t ya like the idea of me shootin’ in yer gob?”

“Yeah, I love it,” he panted, as out of breath as I was from having my knob down his throat. “We can do that another time, Barry… I promise. It’s just this time… ‘cos it’s the first time… I want you to cum up my bum!”

Ever the romantic: that’s our Todd!

He threw me a condom and I quickly put it on. My cock was so red and sensitive from his mouth that I was afraid the bloody thing might go off just from having the johnnie slid down it.

He lubed up his hairy arse-crack and then lay down on the bed, his back against the duvet and his legs wide open like he was a woman waiting for a bloke to get on board.

I laughed when I saw him like that. I knew it was breaking the mood but I really couldn’t help myself.

“Come on, Todd… turn over the other way, mate! I can’t shag yer bum like that!”

“‘Course you can, Barry,” he smiled. “I want us to do it face to face… I want to see how you look when you’re in the middle of cumming…”

“Stop messin’ about,” I chuckled. “We’re two fellas you and me! We’ve got to do it… you know…” I couldn’t think of how to describe so I settled on: “the gay way.”

I meant that I thought he had to be on all fours with me behind him. I thought that’s how blokes always had sex when they were using the back door: one bending over for it, the other looking at the back of his mate’s head.

Barry had other ideas. I guess he’d seen more gay porn than I had, although that wouldn’t be saying much I have to admit!

He said, “Come on, Barry, get on top of me, like you would if I was a woman. Trust me, mate… it’ll work… I’ll guide you in…”

I got on top of him – our fat bellies pressing up against each other and our big gangly legs getting all tangled up – and in spite of our physical awkwardness I was amazed at how right it felt to be with him like that. It felt good to be smiling at each other while our hard-ons poked together and I felt a funny shiver of excitement when our hairy chests were touching.

It sounds soft, I know; but that’s how it felt.

He lifted his legs right up so that the backs of his shins were pinned underneath my shoulders and then reached down to grab my cock to guide it down between his thighs. To my surprise I felt it going into him: I could feel the hot softness of the inside of his bum and the slimy wetness of the lube he’d worked up there.

I pushed myself forwards, easing more of my shaft into his backside, and I felt his knob getting harder against my stomach, growing big and stiff like mine had done when he’d pushed inside me.

“Oh yeah, Todd!” I grunted. “It’s fuckin’ workin’ mate… I’m actually bummin’ ya from the front!”

The whole of my cock was sliding right into him; it was far easier than I’d thought. It must have been the angle of our bodies, or the way he had his legs splayed so wide open.

He grinned up at me, our noses nearly touching. “I thought you’d like it this way, mate.”

I said, “Why did you think that?”

I figured I knew why he thought that but I wanted to ask him anyway. He thought this way would be easier for me: in this position it was more like I was shagging a woman. I could imagine that my dick was up a fanny instead of porking a bloke’s arse and that it wouldn’t feel so ‘gay’ for me, the way it would if I was doing in from behind.

But he wasn’t thinking that at all. Or at least he had a different reason ready to answer me with.

“Because this way, Barry, you get to taste your own cock.”

“How’s that work then?” I asked, starting to drive my knob in and out of his silky smooth tunnel and feeling his own throbbing hard against my gut.

He reached up and pressed his mouth to mine and gently entered my lips with his hot wet tongue. I smiled against him and pushed my tongue into his, tasting ever so slightly the leftover saltiness of the blowjob he’d given me but enjoying the kiss far more for what it really was.

We held together like that, our lips pressed together and our noses nuzzling into each other, as I speared my cock in and out of him more firmly and my balls started thumping against the insides of his thighs.

Our eyes were locked together, the two of us loving the sensation of being so passionately connected, until his arse let out a hell of a fart and we both laughed like drainpipes at how grim it stank.

Once I’d resumed my thrusting, the two of us really got into it. We grabbed onto each other, grinding our bodies together, as we panted and gasped into each other’s faces and the sweat from my forehead dripped down onto his.

“Come on, fuck me, Barry!” he urged me, digging his fingers into my back.

“You want it, you got it!” I chuckled, pushing his legs more widely apart and hammering my hips against the insides of his thighs.

“Ah yeah!” he cried out eagerly. “Come on, big man! Give it to me, mate!”

I laughed and did him as hard as I could: much faster and rougher than I would ever dared to screw Paula.

“Come on, Barry!” he kept insisting. “Nut off up my bum… shoot your muck right up my hairy arse!”

The idea that he might have wanted me to think of his butt-hole as a fanny now seemed plain daft. He was loving that I was shagging him up his big blokeish arse and he could see from how hot and sweaty I’d become how much I was enjoying it too.

“Come on, mate! Fuck me! Fuck my hole so hard!”

He winced and whimpered and I felt warm wet stuff splashing onto my stomach. I realised he was firing off – that his cock was spewing its load just from having my stomach rubbing it up and down against his own – and the realisation set me off too.

I kissed him again, taking the lead this time and pushing my tongue into him deeply, and then my cock started shooting inside him, filling the condom as my nuts gave their all.

As I kept gasping and squirting, my hips still banging away between his sweaty thighs, his balls were still emptying themselves until our stomachs and chests were thick with all the jizz he’d pumped out.

“Sorry,” he laughed when I eventually pulled myself up off him and his spunk was hanging like spiders’ webs between us. “I guess I kind of enjoyed that!”

I laughed back at him. “I loved the way I could actually feel you creaming off while I was shaftin’ ya bum!”

He smiled and I added, “With Paula I’m never sure if she’s faking it.”

His smile vanished and I apologised for mentioning her.

“I don’t mind you mentioning her sometimes, Barry,” he said. “I mean she’s obviously an important part of your life. Just not when we’re making love. Maybe that should be the rule.”

I smiled at him again, passing him some tissues as I dabbed myself down with a wodge of them. “Making love? I like that sound of that. It sounds… well… cute!”

“That’s what we just did, mate,” he laughed, wiping his spunk off his chest and stomach. “I made love to you and then you made love to me!”

I laughed back at him. “It sounds a lot better than ‘bumming’ or ‘butt-fucking’ or whatever. It makes it sound like… I dunno… it’s more special maybe.”

“I like ‘butt-fucking’ as well,” he smirked. “Meeting up to take turns to fuck each other’s butts sounds quite horny and sexy… sneaking into hotel rooms to give each other’s arses a good bumming -”

“Don’t forget the cock sucking,” I interrupted him. “There needs to be plenty of that too!”

“Oh definitely!” he grinned back. “And plenty of rimming… at least for me!”

As I got dressed and Todd was lying on the bed in his boxers, he reminded me that I’d said we could meet up again somewhere closer to my place.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “There’s a Holiday Inn just off the motorway junction.”

“I don’t want it just to be about sex though, Barry,” he said. “I want to… I dunno… go out for meals and to the cinema and stuff as well…”

“Okay,” I smiled. “But no holdin’ hands in the back row, mind.”

He didn’t smile back. “Maybe I want to hold hands in the back row.”

I was going to say that that was pushing things too far too fast, but then I thought, ‘Oh what the fuck,’ and smiled over at him.

It was like in for a penny in for a pound or whatever it was my old gran used to say.

“Okay then, Todd,” I nodded. “We can hold hands in the back row if that’s what does it for you.”

“What about me sucking you off in the back row?” he chuckled back.

“Fuck yeah!” I laughed. “I’d be well up for that!”

I could imagine all the kissy-cuddly couples, all the young lads and lasses, smooching up in little huddles in the back row. And me and Todd, two fat lads in the middle of them, having a good snog together and then bobbing down to get our gobs round each other’s stiff little porkers. The idea of it was funny and really horny in a way.

“Okay,” he said. “So next time we meet up at the hotel and test out how firm the mattress is, then spend the evening together like a couple of mates…?”

I thought he was going to say “like a couple of gays” and maybe I wouldn’t have minded if he had.

I said, pulling on my socks, “Yeah, I’m okay with it if you wanna do ‘boyfriendy’ stuff with me, Todd…”

I looked at him through the mirror when I said that. He looked surprised and then he smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back and he said, “Yeah, that’d be cool.”

“Aren’t you gonna get dressed?” I asked as he lay there sprawled on the bed with barely anything on. His flab was making deep creases in his skin in a way that I always think looks cute and cuddly when mine does it but which Paula says makes me look like a beached whale.

He shook his head. “Since we paid for the hotel for the night, I thought I’d make good use of it. It’ll be nice to have a night away from my mam and dad for a change.”

I smiled. “Go for it, mate. Might as well nick the little soaps from the bathroom too… treat yer fuckin’ self.”

He laughed. “There’s something I’d like to nick from you if you’ll let me.”

“Yeah?” I asked, tying up my shoes.

“Can you leave the dirty pants you were wearing when you first undressed?”

“My dirty pants?”

“Yeah… the ones that’ll smell of your cock and your arse…?”

I laughed over at him. “You really are a dirty git!”

He chuckled back. “It’ll give me something to have a play with later on when I’m here on my own…”

“Yeah, and I’m sure they won’t be the only thing yer playin’ with!”

I said it in a sort of jokey disapproving way but really I was made up that he would want to sniff my skanky shorts. Paula would say she needed marigold gloves and a peg on her nose to pick them up and here was Todd letting me know that he was going to wank himself off while he had his nose pressed in the front and back of them.

After I’d pulled my dirty shorts out of my rucksack and thrown them over to him, he said, “Is it really a bit pervy of me to want to borrow them?”

“Yeah, just a bit,” I nodded. “But I wouldn’t say no to borrowing yours too!”

He laughed and looked as chuffed as I’d felt, and then pulled his shorts off to throw them over to me. I swear to God his cock was semi-hard against his leg: he’d cum twice really quickly and the thing was already halfway to stalking up again!

I kissed him like that before I let myself out: with him still stark bollock naked and running a semi. I wanted to offer to suck him off before I left – I really wanted to know how it would taste and what it would feel like – but I was already running late and I knew Paula would be asking all sorts of questions if I didn’t make up the time.

So that’s how we left it, that first time we hooked up. Me driving off wondering if I’d been gay all these years: part of me thinking there’s no way could be but another part – mainly the soreness of my arse – reminding me how much I’d enjoyed copping off with another bloke.

The thing is, though, I couldn’t wait to see Todd again. All the way home I was thinking of things I should have asked him or told him about and all that week – at work and at home – I kept seeing things or hearing things that I knew would make him laugh. I liked to see him laugh: he had a really pretty face and he looked as cute as hell when he was creasing up at some dumbass thing I’d said.

So even though I’d told Todd we might have to wait a month before we could meet up again, that weekend I sneaked some time off from Paula and the kids to give him a call. Soon the two of us had figured out a way for us to meet up for the afternoon and evening the very next week.