Hi, I’m MAX I hope you remember me, and well now the story I bring to tell you is when I met a married woman of 26 years and how our bodies ended up making love uncontrollably …
It all started in college, I lent a friend my latop to check his msn and started talking with a girl there, I do not know why the vdd gave me curiosity and I recorded the mail in the metne and then when the he added, days later I noticed that if he had accepted me to be at his msn we started chatting and chatting about many things he told me that he was married with 2 children and that their relationship is going through a bad time.
Well the fact is that the issue of sex came out, and I could not pass up this opportunity so I told her that I like to have a relationship with married women and mature women. She started to ask me horny things and other things until the day she invited me to her house one day that her husband went away to work.

Arrived early at home, we kissed the welcome and then talk for a while, we began to kiss and kiss, she climbed on top of me, and I grabbed his big buttocks and squeezed them, I realized it was very I complained and started kissing the beautiful pussy and tetias that I had then she twirled her eyes with lust for pleasure, then she got down on her knees and started to play with my bulge that showed with her pants, I take it out slowly and she I began to suck slowly and deliciously, I played with his tongue with all his mouth, m, mmm that rich pleasure felt at that time.
Suddenly she went to her room and told me to wait a few minutes, then she went out with a baby doll where everything was taken, it looked divine the woman who felt rich when he looked at her and approached me slowly and with face of pleasure … then I had lowered the pantalo and had my penis well standing in front of her, sat on my penis and began to move in an insatiable way, began to kejar in a rich and beautiful way, I began to levr her baby doll until she totally naked in front of me, kejaba and rich rich kejaba ,,, ahhhh yes yes, it continues like that … mm that rich, then he told me now puppy dog ​​please and put himself in position and he told me now already please, and she put it in quickly and she almost almost cried from so much pleasure that she felt like that we stayed for a while until I told her and I just came … then she answered me, it does not matter, I want to take some of you inside of me … .then when I could no longer download all my milk inside it ..
Then she and I sat down together to clear out and of course she told me that she hoped it was not the last time, how rich we felt at that moment ..
I hope you liked it….