by KatieTay

[This story is set in TConcord18’s Sex Wrestling League. My character Katie Tay was talent-scouted by a recruiter, and is debuting.]


Katie looked up at the clock. Just 10 minutes to go before the match. She finished her warm-up stretching routine and got to her feet.

“Here it goes, Katie,” she told herself under her breath. “Start strong, finish strong.”

Jessie hadn’t been able to make it, but she knew Penny would be in the crowd somewhere. She had been absolutely titillated at the news that such a league even existed. “Is this for real? Is this some kind of stupid prank?” she had kept asking.

Then they had seen the videos. And then they had been given tickets to a live match. It was exactly like a pro-wrestling show, except that none of the three had ever been to one, but it matched what they knew from Youtube videos — but bigger. And they had watched the matches, fascinated at this explosive mixture of physical combat and sexual prowess.

Katie particularly remembered the match between some guy called “Rob the Rocket” and a thick-bodied, extremely strong-looking woman called “Jersey Kaitlyn”. Rob was rather unfortunately named, Katie had thought at the time, his moniker implying that he would cum like a rocket, but to her surprise he had taken the victory in an intense match that left Katie flushed and aroused. Jessie and Penny had shown similar reactions.

Katie had been left with the thought that she wouldn’t mind tussling with Kaitlyn, to try her strength. She also wondered at the way the Rocket had gained the victory — using his cock to pump Kaitlyn’s pussy into an orgasm. She had wondered at the time if she would react similarly, were she put into such a situation.

“Well, time to find out,” she muttered. 5 minutes to go.

She picked up the robe — really more of a cape — that she had been given. The league manager Ms. Wallace had told her that they would want to work the Asian angle because, “I’m really sorry about any sensitivity issues this raises, but, being Asian in this business is a gimmick.” She had seemed quite apologetic about that. Katie had shrugged and acquiesced.

So this robe was red with vaguely Chinese designs in gold all over it. Underneath, Katie was well-oiled — when she checked herself in the mirror she had felt impressed despite herself. She looked totally killer. The oil increased her muscle definition several times over.

Her opponent would be a guy who already had a few matches under his belt — some bald former trucker with a big beard and a beer belly, going by the name of “Rough Rider Ralph”. Certainly a very evocative name, Katie thought, and quite appropriate for the League.

The other girls in the locker room, wanting to give the Chinese muscle girl in their midst some tips for her debut match, had told Katie that Ralph was a rather gentle and soft-spoken man outside, but became savage and bestial in the ring.

“Watch out for his nipple clutches,” Katie had been warned. “He presses really hard — gentle is one thing he’s not, when he’s in the ring with us! But he does know how to work nipples, for sure!”

This made Katie a little anxious. Her large brown nipples had always been rather sensitive. She sometimes could cum with nipple stimulation alone. Katie hoped they wouldn’t be a liability — Penny and Jessie, bless their hearts, had done their best to prepare her for the match, but they’d been too busy to give her more than a session of training every week.

The usher poked his head in. “Ok, a couple of minutes — you’re up!”

Katie put on the robe and held it around her, her heart beating. The pay packet for this debut appearance was quite attractive in itself, but she wasn’t hard up for the cash — it was the thrill of the impending struggle that excited her.

“After Ryoko, how hard can this guy be?” she asked herself rhetorically. She knew that her ex beau, Jim, was certainly no comparison to the specimens of manhood who strode these halls, but Ryoko, the nemesis of her life for the past year, had been the equal or superior of almost any man.

A stereotypical gong sound was played to herald her arrival as she appeared on the stage. Katie rolled her eyes a little — and then it was showtime, as she strode down the ramp, trying to look as mysterious and as Oriental as possible, while the announcer’s voice boomed:

“And approaching the ring, we have a new face in the SWL — hailing from distant China, she is a real dragon lady, an amazing Asian Amazon — THE STEEL BUTTERFLY, KATIE TAY!”

On cue, Katie let the robe fall from her shoulders — and she was pleasantly gratified to hear the gasps and the impressed cries of “my god she’s ripped” and “holy smokes those muscles”. She threw up her arms in graceful arches over her head like a figure athlete and displayed her nude physique, keeping a confident smile on her face.

“I wish that Ms. Wallace would pay attention when I tell her I’m not actually from China,” she thought, while the audience yelled their appreciation for her, probably unused to seeing a physique like hers on an Asian woman. “There’s a limit to how much ‘exotic Asian woman’ crap I can take.”

But she was quite pleased by the crowd reaction. She had steeled herself to receive some unflattering responses, from people who might have thought she was too muscular — but clearly, this crowd was used to seeing good healthy female physiques, and was really able to appreciate hers. She had been told as much in the locker room by the other female wrestlers as they admired her physique, but she had thought they were only trying to put the new girl at her ease.

And she noticed then that Ralph was already in the arena, but not yet in the ring. He was standing just outside, his hands on the apron, and he was staring at her open-mouthed. He had obviously not been given any idea in advance about the type of woman he’d be facing, and he had probably been expecting a typically petite Asian chick. Katie couldn’t help smirking at the thought.

Then he recovered himself, and keeping his eyes fixed on Katie in a smouldering glare, he climbed into the ring. Then it was Katie’s turned to freeze in awe. They had warned her he was well-endowed, but seeing it in the flesh, so to speak, was a different experience. It was already coming erect, and she estimated that at full length it would be about eight inches, and with a very impressive thickness.

“It’s going to be painful,” she thought. Then she shook her head a little. “The bigger they are… the easier to stroke,” she reminded herself.

His build was also a solid beef-eating American trucker’s build — thick of shoulder and girth. He had a belly, and no visible abs, but as they paced the outer edges of the ring in a circle, eyeing each other, Katie saw that nothing wobbled. Ralph was packing some serious muscle underneath all that fat. She began to feel worried.

“I hope I’m strong enough to beat him,” she thought.

She recalled what she had heard. 3 wins, 4 losses. That didn’t seem so impressive, but when compared with the records of the other male wrestlers, it was actually not bad. It seemed that in the SWL, the women generally did better. This was what Katie had more or less expected — with a sexy woman who knew what she was doing, in Katie’s experience, getting men to cum was nothing very difficult at all — in fact, the woman need not even be particularly attractive, sometimes. The converse was usually that men hardly knew how to properly pleasure women. The SWL men would be more skilled than most, but that was hardly saying much. Still, 3 wins and 4 quite even matches, from what she had been told, meant that he at least had considerable skill in this area.

And even now, Katie felt somehow drawn to his animalistic, rugged charm. He had a few tattoos on his upper arms, and as he climbed onto the turnbuckle to flex for the crowd, they rippled and moved in tandem with his muscles. Katie watched with a little bit of trepidation — those were big solid shoulders. Idly the thought came that she should consider getting some floral tattoos on her own arms as well — they’d look nice when she flexed.

Then he came down and stomped towards her, and flexed at her in the middle of the ring in a clear challenge. “No muscle broad’s gonna take me!” he roared, to the general approbation of the men in the crowd. Higher-pitched voices booed him down, and Katie was sure Penny’s was among them. She couldn’t see her best friend in the crowd — it was huge, bigger than the TNA crowds on TV.

Well, that kind of statement could only have one answer from her. She stepped forward and matched Ralph flex for flex. “Let’s see what you have under all that flab!” she yelled, flexing her arms hard.

They stepped closer together, baring their teeth at each other, and the referee quickly inserted himself in the middle, pushing them apart. He seemed used to having to separate two naked men and women with his hands, and Katie stepped back with the referee’s hand pushing at her chest, a bit nonplussed at the lack of self-consciousness. She supposed she would have to get used to it.

Ralph backed away, glowering, with his body set in a posture of rough and ready belligerence, as the announcer prattled on.

“This match is set for the best of 3 falls — a fall is awarded for a submission, 3-count pin or forced orgasm. No fall may be duplicated by each wrestler — this means a wrestler must win with 2 different victory types. There will be a 2-minute break in between each round. The winner will have his or her choice of forfeits for the loser.”

The referee held up a huge 8-inch strapon at that last statement, and Katie looked at it, impressed. If she won, she’d get the option to use it. If Ralph won… from the looks of things, he wouldn’t need anything like that.

“Alright, you both good to go? Ok — may the best one win, and good luck!” the referee waved them on.

“I’m going to fuck your hard ass raw and bloody, muscle bitch,” Ralph snarled as he dropped into a crouch. “Think you’re all tough, do ya? You’ll beg for my man-meat by the time I’m done with ya.”

Before Katie could come up with a good rejoinder, the bell rang.


Immediately Ralph charged her, making a grab for her waist. Katie backpedalled frantically, unused to this level of aggression from a male opponent. She wondered again if she shouldn’t have tried to get some training in from a male wrestler, but she’d felt shy about approaching any of them.

Ralph’s lunge fell just short, and Katie reacted quickly, seeing her chance. She made a grab for Ralph’s neck, but his arms came up quickly to fend her off, and they found themselves locked in a grapple, their arms entwined. Quickly, Katie braced her feet to push.

She groaned. Ralph was strong! And he had already begun stepping forward, so he had momentum. Despite her best efforts, she was pushed back several steps before her footing stabilized.

“COME ON KATIE! PUSH HIM BACK!” came a familiar voice screaming shrilly. That’s Penny, Katie thought. She gritted her teeth, unwilling to show weakness in this public match, but she was forced back another trembling step. She was almost against the turnbuckle.

With a long low grunt, she began to push back with all her might, stopping Ralph’s progress. She held him even for a long minute, straining against his manly strength. Then, he broke the tussle, flinging their arms down and out and stepping back to gain space. He was breathing heavily, but so was she.

He turned around and raised his arms, giving a roar to claim victory in this strength test, and the male audience members cheered him on: “Yeah!” “Give it to that muscle-bound bitch!” “Show her what power is!”

Katie gritted her teeth. Her self-consciousness disappeared. This… man! This big brute of a man hadn’t beaten her, but he was acting as if he had!

Abandoning all thoughts of being sneaky and tactical — that had never been her strong suit anyway — she strode forward to bump chests with him just as he turned around. Her firm breasts were not large — and with her training regimen they were of only modest size — but her pectoral muscles made up for the lost volume. He was surprised by her aggressiveness, and took a few steps back, bemused.

Katie then raised her arms and put a foot forward, arching her back, opening her palms in invitation. She made sure to flare out her impressive lats. The crowd reacted as expected — pleasant surprise that she was challenging him to a strength test.

Ralph couldn’t very well back down from this. Hesitating only a moment, he stepped in and laced his fingers with Katie, bracing himself as well.

“You just bit off more than you can chew, little Asian bitch,” he growled in her ear.

“I’ll show you just what real female muscle can do,” she growled back in response.

Their bodies jerked as they begun. Katie rarely lost any strength contests with women anymore — she had trained herself past the level of even dedicated athletes like her former enemies. She could outmuscle even most men she met.

Ralph was the real deal, Katie soon found out. He had the solid no-nonsense build of a powerlifter, and it soon felt as if he had the strength of one as well. The force they put out gradually ramped up, until Katie was nearly at her strength limit. But Ralph still seemed to have a bit more to give.

“Oh, rats — he really is fucking strong,” Katie thought. “No… can’t lose to him! I have to push harder!”

Her wrists began to bend. The women in the arena were beginning to start a chant for her. “Ka-TIE! Ka-TIE! Ka-TIE!” Penny had probably been the one to start the chant, but it caught on. It sounded as though about half the crowd was doing it.

It heartened her, and made her more frantic to win. She couldn’t let down all these people cheering her on! But Ralph’s strength was immense — her arms were trembling and starting to bend a little at the elbows. His face showed his knowledge that he was getting the upper hand, as he bared his teeth at her in a feral grin.

“You’re going down!” he roared in her face, as he gave a surge of power.

Inexorably, Katie felt herself driven onto one knee. The cheering and screaming of her name increased in intensity and was now interspersed with various cries of “Come on! Flex it! Push back!” She was now at a marked disadvantage, trying to hold back his downward pressure. His traps bulged as he pushed relentlessly down upon her.

Worse still, his cock slowly came erect, as the sensuality of their struggle resulted in a visible sign of his arousal. This was good, from the perspective of her match prospects — she could maybe turn that against him later on. But at that moment, it seemed an insult added onto injury — his penis head slowly approached her face, the one-eyed snake seeming to leer at her in her posture of subjugation, on one knee before a stronger male.

“No… no!” She shook her head wildly, causing droplets of sweat to fly out onto the mat. She refused to give up. She had unknowingly vocalized her denial, and by sheer happenstance it was in response to the referee who had just asked her if she was going to submit. But it was in fact a more general statement of denial — and it looked to be futile denial. Ralph was clearly winning the strength test.

Katie refused to give up, despite the growing burning sensation in her shoulders and arms. “Ryoko was worse than this,” she told herself. “Keep on… keep pushing… the pain’s not real… keep going…”

And then, almost imperceptibly, Ralph’s pressure began to flag! Katie opened her eyes and looked up hopefully. Ralph was sucking in air through his teeth, and heaving huge breaths. Sweat covered his bald pate and dotted every inch of his bare skin.

“That’s it,” Katie realized. “I may not be able to overpower him, but his stamina is like most men’s — not as good as women’s. I’ll just have to outlast him!”

It was a long grueling struggle — but it was paying off. Bit by bit, Katie found she could rise up off her knee and push back against Ralph’s arms. The chanting was now accompanied by clapping, which got faster and faster as they saw her regain the lost ground and push back to even — and the clapping dissolved into wild applause and screaming as she gained the advantage over a rapidly tiring Ralph!

“Alright, that’s it… I’ve made my point, and I can’t keep this up all that much longer,” Katie thought. “I have to change tack now.”

Ralph clearly had the same thought, and both broke the test of strength at the same time, with Ralph almost on one knee. He made a grab for Katie, and got his massive beefy arms around her waist, but she had already swung to the side and snapped on a headlock. They tussled for a while, almost losing their balance — then Katie prevailed and hip-tossed Ralph to the mat, landing as hard as she could on his broad hair chest.

It worked. She drove the air out of him in a big gasp of air, most of which she felt on her breasts and nipples. By reflex, he tried to kick out, and his legs came within reach — in a flash, Katie reached out with her left arm and hooked one, his right leg, it turned out. With a hard jerk of her arm, she wrenched it further over, and leaned back, her weight resting on Ralph’s entire body.

Then the referee came sliding in, and starting slapping the mat. Oh, that’s right, Katie thought — a pin situation! Ralph struggled — but the hand came down for the third time.

“3 — pinfall!” And the referee leapt up and waved his hands wildly, signaling for the bell to ring.

The crowd was cheering — those segments that were on Katie’s side anyway. Quite a number were holding their heads in various postures of surprise. Katie herself released the pin and got up, in a slightly happy daze, wondering how it was that she had gained a point so easily. Maybe this stuff isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, she thought.

Ralph had sprung up, and was furiously shoving the referee. “What the fuck do you think you’re playing at,” he yelled. “My shoulder was up, it was up!”

The referee put up his hands in a placatory manner. He backed away — not least because Ralph’s semi-erect penis was swinging around threateningly. He spoke firmly, though. “Sorry, mate, I have to call it as I see it. It was right before my eyes — she pinned you. Fair and square. Look, just back off, ok? And get back into the match, get back into your corner.”

Katie smiled and paraded around the ring a bit, arms raised to bask in the victory, before she went to her corner and sat on the ringpost too. First fall to her — and by a very unlikely pinfall too. She only had to secure one more win, by submission or forced orgasm. Already she was planning to secure a submission, which was her real forte. The forced orgasm could be part of the forfeit.

“I know — I’ll bend his lower body over and milk him until he cums on his own face,” she thought, licking her lips with satisfaction at the thought. She matched his glare levelly from across the ring, anticipating the next round.

It came soon enough. “DING DING DING!”

Katie strode into the centre of the ring again, dropping into a wary crouch. Ralph exploded out of his corner. Energetically he began to circle Katie, making darting lunges and feints, moving surprisingly fast on his feet for such a big man. Katie found herself having to adjust quickly to the constant changes in orientation. He had ring sense, that was for sure — something Katie really did not have yet.

Then he moved in suddenly and Katie was slow to react. Ralph wrapped his arms around Katie’s midsection, and heaved. Katie gasped loudly as she was lifted off her feet. Falling to the side, Ralph slammed her body down onto the mat Greco-Roman style.

The impact drove the breath from her body. Winded, she lay stunned for a while, coughing and gasping. But Ralph gave her no respite, clambering on top of her and grabbing her wrists. His belly lay on top of hers, and she could feel his considerable weight.

“Oh no — he’s pinning me!” she realized, the worst possible situation.

“Count it you fucking asswipe,” Ralph yelled at the hapless referee, who slid down and began slapping the mat. Frantically, Katie struggled to muster her strength.

“1, 2…”

She just managed to muscle up her left shoulder. Roaring in rage, Ralph pushed it down almost immediately. “Count her!”

“1, 2…”

This time she pushed up with the right, because with presence of mind she channeled all her effort into her left arm, and at the last second she suddenly surged, twisting her entire torso and giving a massive push with her right arm, which shot straight up. This allowed her to lock out her elbow, so she could resist Ralph’s arm strength with her trembling arm while she twisted and turned to avoid another pin situation.

She managed to get herself halfway turned around, and freed her left arm from Ralph’s grasp — but Ralph allowed the turn, and even seemed to help her all the way around! She soon realized why — he maintained the upper position, and got control of her arms with a full nelson hold, preventing her from getting on all fours.

“Fuck…” she breathed, as she flexed her shoulders, trying to break out of the full nelson. She sensed Ralph’s fingers slipping apart as a result of her efforts — but Ralph adjusted his position, and with a stab of pain she realized he had maneuvered her into a deadly clutch!

“I am such a noob,” she thought, even as she struggled wildly, but to no avail. Ralph had managed, due to her inexperience, to lock in a full-nelson clutch — surely one of the worst holds a wrestler could be subject to!

“You’re in for it now, bitch,” he rumbled, his voice sounding like thunder from behind her head.

“You won’t make me submit so easily,” she replied, still flexing all her muscles defiantly against him.

“Oh, I hope not,” he chuckled. He released Katie’s left arm, but only slightly — and reached down past Katie’s shoulder to twiddle Katie’s nipples!

“Ohh… ohhhh… fuck…” Katie began to moan, despite herself. Her eyes widened involuntarily.

“One of your little friends ain’t quite as friendly as you thought,” Ralph laughed, even as the referee asked Katie if she would submit and she shook her head slightly. “You got really nice nipples, you know… really nice and big for an Asian bitch… must be all the roids you take… yeah? You like that? You like this doncha… big muscle bitch…”

“Fuck you,” she spat, closing her eyes and trying to block out both the pain and the nipple play. Ralph’s hand was large and callused. His fingers dug into her flesh, probing and invading. But in stark contrast, his thumb and forefinger squeezed with just the right pressure, rubbed with just the right amount of friction, sending thrills of pleasure through Katie’s shaking body.

What could he mean? Had Katie been betrayed? Had one of the other girls told Ralph about her specific sexual weaknesses? Or even the technical ones — like the fact that she hardly ever refused a test of strength, even if at a significant disadvantage. Was that why Ralph had attempted to use a strength test at the beginning? Katie was beginning to think she had underestimated this hulking trucker — he clearly had brains as well as brawn.

He now switched to using both hands, allowing Katie’s arms more freedom of movement and putting less painful pressure on her shoulders, but her arms were still essentially trapped. It was now basically a camel clutch, but her nipples and breasts were at the mercy of the Rough Rider. She could feel the thick cord of his cock resting on her back, aligned with her spine, pressing warmly against her ridges of back muscle.

Her moans were getting louder. Her supporters were calling for her to try and break out, but the guys were now out in full vocal force, cheering him on to “make the bitch cum”. The referee was looking at her whole body carefully, to determine if she was in orgasm or not. She was starting to get there, she could sense it.

Furiously she thrashed around again, and this time she managed to get her arms out! Bracing her palms against the mat, she began to push — but Ralph had already switched to a cross-body inverse pin, wrapping his arm around her neck and keeping her body pinned belly down from the side. His other hand reached invasively between her thighs and he found what he was looking for in short order.

Katie’s moan of pleasure was loud, shuddering and embarrassing. Ralph’s fingers probed her unhindered, ignoring her belated attempts to shut him out by squeezing her glutes tightly together. He parted her labia lips and rubbed the moist insides.

“You’re already dripping wet! You really want to cum, huh?”

“Fuck… no…” she gasped, clutching at his arm fruitlessly, trying to get some air. The asphyxiation was also having an undesired effect on her, increasing her state of arousal as her body entered oxygen-deprived “fight” mode.



“Are you cumming?”

“N… no…”

Then Ralph used his thumb to press against the dusky opening of Katie’s anal hole, and Katie felt the tremor passing through her entire body at this invasiveness. To be subdued like this… in front of an entire arena of hundreds, if not thousands… by a perfect stranger… who was outwrestling, outmuscling her…

She tried to shut it out from her mind, but she was getting closer and closer to the brink. And suddenly, Ralph changed tack. He turned her over, and got her into a rear-naked choke — another deadly, usually inescapable hold if done right, and the ropes were nowhere within reach.

“Ack… agh… uck… ack… sub…” Katie couldn’t finish the word, and she was reduced to slapping the mat in wild panic, to signal her submission.

The referee grabbed at Ralph’s arm, shouting at him to release her, then he straightened up and yelled for the bell. “Fall — by submission! One fall to Ralph!”

Ralph strode back to his corner punching the air and shouting, “YEAH!” Quite a sizeable portion of the crowd echoed him.

Katie sat up slowly, rubbing her neck. If not for her columnar neck muscles, she would have been knocked out cold, she was sure. As it is she was still seeing stars a little. She blinked to clear her head. And she realized that the break timer had already started — and she was intensely, immensely aroused. Ralph was sitting on his ringpost, taking deep breaths, recovering. His cock hung flaccidly at his groin. Katie’s nipples were swollen and pulsing, and her pussy was throbbing. Worse still, she could feel how wet she was inside.

“I have to get a grip on myself,” she thought as she sat gingerly on her turnbuckle, with only slightly under a minute to go. “Have to relax… push this aside…”

The break didn’t seem long enough, before the bell rang again and the referee waved them both back into the ring. Katie knew she was probably much closer to orgasm than her opponent. Ralph got on his feet and stepped forward, crouching in readiness. A long drop of pre-cum oozed out from the head of his cock and left a slight trail behind him — a mildly comical sight, but right now it represented to Katie that his state of arousal had receded, and she was not able to take full advantage of it. She would need to get it flowing again somehow.

They circled each other, looking for openings. Ralph began to stalk her, clearly wanting to get in close as quickly as possible to keep her arousal high. She found herself backing away, not wanting to be cornered.

Then he made a grab for her and she stepped quickly aside, letting him stagger past her. Seeing a chance, she stepped in quickly behind and to the side, and tried to slide into an abdominal stretch, reaching down for his cock.

But he had lured her into such a move. Showing his superior in-ring ability, he reversed the position and went behind her, trapping her arm quickly and putting her into the abdominal stretch position she had wanted. Crying out with frustration, she flailed about with her free hand, but Ralph held her firmly and soon she weakened from the pain in her torso.

Worse still, Ralph began to stimulate her with his right hand, alternately moving from her pussy to her breasts. She tried to block him off with her left hand, but he switched targets so that she couldn’t stop him. Her arousal began to increase again, even as her physical strength weakened.

The only bright spot for Katie at that point was that she could feel, at the back of her leg, Ralph’s erection coming back too. However, she was in no position to take advantage of it. In fact, she weakened enough after several long minutes that Ralph pushed her down into an over-the-knee backbreaker position. She was held firmly enough that she couldn’t simply slide off. She kicked her legs futilely.

Ralph dug his elbow into her exposed abs, grinding away sadistically at the eight-pack she now proudly sported. Katie screamed and writhed, but couldn’t extricate herself.


She couldn’t make him stop even by submitting and losing the match — he had already gotten one submission from her, so this fall couldn’t be taken this way. Her desperation increased as she realized she was at his mercy.

She could hear the crowd in an uproar. A lot of groans could be heard — probably her supporters seeing no way out for her. A lot of cheers for Ralph, who was clearly something of a favourite among the audience.

Thankfully, Ralph switched from the torment of her abs to fingering her and tweaking her nipples — but this was scant mercy, as once again her orgasm began to build. Her body, weakened by pain, was less able now to hold back the pleasure. Her moans were getting louder and harder to control. Her head was swimming, and not just because it was upside down.

Then he made the mistake she was waiting for — he stopped pushing down on Katie’s chin and used his hands to work on her nipples and pussy simultaneously. Katie suffered that for a few moments — then with a forceful twist of her fatigued body, she slid off his thigh, relieving the pressure on her torso. Ralph was all over her again, as expected, keeping her subdued. She fought him grimly with every ounce of strength left in her, twisting and turning around like a snake.

Eventually she found herself face to face with him, with him in a dominant position above her. Their fingers had locked together again during their grapple, and now he was about to put her in a grapevine pin. Summoning all her arm strength, she wrenched her arms inwards, so that Ralph could not pin her hands and shoulders. In effect, she was now supporting his weight using a close-grip bench press posture. Her muscles ached with the strain.

He grinned at her, his sweat-streaked face flushed with impending triumph. “End of the line, missy,” he shouted, loud enough for the crowd to hear. His cock was resting on her crotch, the shaft rubbing against her pussy lips — and her clitoris. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was going to do.

Ralph began to live up to his name — he began to ride her roughly. He used his shaft with expert dexterity, rubbing against Katie’s clitoris so vigorously she threw her head back and screamed.

“Are you cumming?” the referee was at her side in a flash.

“FUCK, NO,” she screamed, her voice sounding tremulous. This was the finishing sequence — after all the stimulation she had received, this would be enough to tip her over the edge. If she couldn’t fight it off. If she couldn’t resist the sensation. If she couldn’t turn the tables somehow. In this position, he would not be stimulated much — not many nerve endings on that portion of the shaft he was using. His balls were banging against her inner thighs though, but whatever that did for his arousal, it was driving her absolutely wild. The light, steady tapping pressure on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs was incredible.

She had to change the position — she had to use the one weapon she could. Her pussy, against his cock. She couldn’t make him submit now, he had too much of an advantage and she was on the verge of cumming. She couldn’t somehow put on a submission move before she came, she knew that. This was the only option left to her. She had to make him cum.

It would be an extremely uneven fight, considering their different states of arousal — but she had to try.

She waited for the right moment — then bridged up her lower torso, arching her lower back. The first attempt failed — he moved so as to block her, and she couldn’t quite trap his cock with her pussy.

The second, desperate attempt succeeded — her arm strength overcame his briefly, and her upper body came up off the mat. He shifted his weight to compensate and bear her down again, affording her the window of opportunity. His cock slid off her tummy — she shifted — the head was in contact with her pussy lips — she shoved herself around him, ignoring the pain of entry — he was in her.

They both moaned together, in ecstasy. He filled her up so much, she couldn’t take in all 8 inches of him. He tried to jerk himself out, but she clasped her legs behind his hips, locking her ankles, keeping him firmly inside her, knowing this was the only chance she would get. She clamped as hard as she could with her vaginal muscles, feeling his hard member throb inside her.

“You’re gonna lose, bitch,” he growled. “Just accept it.”

“The fuck I will,” Katie gasped back, panting. “I’m gonna make you cum and fuck you in the ass.”

“The fuck you will,” came the unimaginative rejoinder, which could of course be excused considering the state of mind both wrestlers were in.

With a surge of strength, Katie pushed Ralph’s body to the side, almost tipping him over before he responded and blocked her efforts. They now lay on their sides, thighs open, not the ideal position for either wrestler, but the best Katie could hope for. As long as she stayed on the bottom, he could control the movement of the match, adjusting the pace to suit himself, making her cum long before he did. She had wanted to go on top of him, where she’d be the one in control, but this would have to do.

Now her left arm and his right arm were held straight up in the air, an emblem of their struggle as they clasped each other around the torso and humped sideways. Ralph shoved himself as deep into her as he could, and it was all Katie could do to bite her lip and resist screaming out when he found her G-spot. She had to conceal such an obvious weakness — but all the same, whether or not he knew precisely how to get hers, he was getting it.

He was hard — but would it be enough? Katie found that as he pressed in closer, her range of movement was restricted. She could not work his shaft as well as she wanted to. She did the best she could — doing pussy tricks, using her pussy muscles to squeeze with irregular rhythms, trying for some variation in the sensations felt by him. From his increasingly ragged breathing and the glazed look in his eyes, she was succeeding somewhat.

But it was a race against time. Her nipples rubbed against his hairy chest, which definitely did more to her than to him. Her hips suddenly gave a spasm, and her body began to shake. It was coming on. It was starting.

“Are you cumming?” The referee was well trained indeed. He was squinting suspiciously at the length of Katie’s body.

“No… no… I’m not…” Katie moaned.

“Cum… CUM,” Ralph grunted forcefully, accentuating each word with a thrust of his hips.

Katie was at the end of her tether. She did not want to lose in her debut match in such a humiliating manner. The humiliation aspect of it, however, was making her even more turned on.

She had only one trick left to play. She knew many men were turned on by a sensuous muscular woman, even if they denied it loudly to their buddies, for fear of appearing un-masculine. She pulled their raised arms inwards and down, until their arms were bent at right angles.

As she hoped, Ralph’s eyes flickered to her flexed bicep. She gave it a pulse, exhibiting her muscle control. Then she gave it a few more rhythmic pulses.

“Yes!” she thought. Ralph’s gaze was fixated on her muscle display.

Then she took charge. She cupped the back of Ralph’s head and pulled him in for a kiss, a kiss fuelled by lust and competitiveness, with not a trace of tenderness in it. Their tongues wrestled, their lips collided. She began to hum, setting up a vibration that she knew would be felt down to his bones.

His body suddenly tensed. Hers tensed as well — she was on the verge. She held on, rocking away against his body, staving off the inevitable for as long as possible.

Then she felt it — a huge throb of his cock, then the first slap of semen against her inner flesh.

Yelling in triumph, she thrust her body away from him, yanking her lower torso away to let his pulsing, spraying cock spring out, suddenly liberated, and ejaculating long white ropes all over the mat.

He collapsed onto his back, crying out inchoately, his cock seemingly taking on a life of its own, spurting out rope after rope — dimly, Katie counted about six in all, counting the first one inside her. She slumped onto her back as well, and felt it come in a huge wave. It was an orgasm that consumed her entire body — her muscles clenched as one muscle. She had never felt anything like this in her life. She jerked about on the mat wildly, heedless of how ridiculous she had to appear, like an out-of-control marionette.

The referee glanced swiftly at both supine wrestlers, and waved to the announcer, calling it.

“The winner of this fall, by orgasm, and by just the barest split-second — THE STEEL BUTTERFLY, KATIE TAY!”

As the delirious pleasure subsided Katie lay back and smiled. They were screaming her name, cheering for her. It took several long minutes before Ralph could be roused — amazingly, he had fallen asleep and was snoring away! As the crowd tittered, they woke him, with some difficulty. He sat up, growling, looking for all the world like a bad-tempered hibernating bear, and then he pounded the mat in frustration.

Meanwhile, the referee declared Katie the winner of the match, now with a proud record of 1-0, and raised her arm for the victory. Katie finally spotted Penny in the crowd, and waved to her. Penny waved back enthusiastically, and Katie saw a few other women around Penny turn to her curiously, possibly to ask if she knew this wrestler. From Penny’s gestures and the proud way she was beaming, Katie surmised that Penny was telling them all about being her best friend.

The forfeit was now hers, but Katie felt oddly tired. She was more than tired in terms of muscle fatigue — she was completely drained, mentally as well. She waved away the strapon, and Ralph’s eyes widened in surprise, as did the eyes of most of the audience.

“Don’t think you get off easy,” she said, pushing him down roughly onto the mat and squatting over his face.

The crowd went wild as she flexed her arms, putting on a powerful display of dominance. Then the kicker came — with a few hard flexes, Katie squirted Ralph’s own cum back out of her pussy and onto his face! Katie was sure Ralph had never received a creampie quite like this.

Back in the locker room, the girls were all high-fiving Katie, gushing about how sensual the match was, despite the slow pace of it. Katie made some humble remarks about her inexperience, and the way her matches usually tended to be slow like that, but inwardly she was wondering — which of them was a backstabbing conniver without her best interests at heart? They all seemed so sincere, and certainly in this league there was a strong sense of sorority, a feeling of “us versus the men”, but Ralph had clearly known something.

And outside, on the way back, after receiving a hefty pay packet from Mr. Bartlett, the other guy in charge, Katie came face to face with Ralph. The Rough Rider was dressed in a cutoff leather vest over a simple shirt, and a pair of worn jeans. He wore leather fingerless gloves, and looked every bit the hard-bitten trucker.

He gave an amiable nod. “Great match, Katie. You’re really special, with a bod like that. You’ll go far. Call me out anytime for a drink — if you do drink. You look like you’re into all that healthy diet stuff, so maybe you don’t. Guys like me can’t keep up with your stamina, that’s for sure. Ha!” And with a friendly smile and another nod, he walked off, whistling.

Katie just stood there, utterly bewildered. That man, who just under an hour ago had been face to face with her in a brutal struggle for physical, mental and sexual superiority… had that man just invited her out for a drink? And praised her? Like a real sportsman?

She chuckled. Then she laughed. And she was still laughing hard, with tears coming out of her eyes, when Penny found her a short while later.