Just Say Neigh

September is the time of year when days begin to cool and leaves begin to change from their seemingly endless array of summer green to the more vibrant colors of autumn. The air turns crisp and clean in the early morning hours as the nearing frost hints at the pending winter. It’s the time of year when the days grow shorter and the bees buzz in frenzy to get their stores in supply for the long winter. It’s the time of year when a spring foal will have turned from wobbly-legged wonder into a more confident young filly. As she gains her bearings and learns of the world around her, she begins to explore further into the pasture to partake of the moist grass that beckons with fresh morning dew. She bows her head and takes a choice mouthful of the succulent carpet of sustenance. Her curiosity causes her to stray further on her own and test what the world has to offer.

It was one such morning that I knew it was my task to make a trip to the barn for the morning feeding. The horses would be waiting impatiently for their morning ration which included a treat of a carrot and molasses cake. Each had become accustomed to this morning ritual and were pacing restlessly as I approached. “Yes, Brindie, you get your morning treat,” I smiled as the young Arabian took the molasses cake nimbly from the palm of my hand. Her soft muzzle was a reminder of how gentle these creatures could be yet also possess a power that could propel the most avid equestrienne into another place and time.

I finished the treat distribution to the remaining group and replaced the soiled straw in each of the stalls with fresh. With the work finished, I turned to the shower that had conveniently been constructed in the barn for clean-up after chores. It didn’t take long to remove the dirty, dusty clothes and expose my skin to the heat of the barn. I adjusted the water of the shower to tepid and stepped beneath the rain shower head. The water felt cool against my smudged face and the well-worn cake of lavender soap was a delight as I lathered it up in my hands. It didn’t take long before I had covered my entire body with aromatic lather. It felt smooth and soft against my warm skin and I used the opportunity for this private moment to let my fingers linger on my heavy breasts. Round and round they went. Circling slowly until I’d allow the tips to tease the hardening nipples. They’d easily slide off as I tried to pinch them to a more attentive state. I moaned as my soapy hand strayed down my tummy and into the sparse patch of hair between my legs. The lips were smooth and slippery as I kept them shaved for Master’s ardent touch. I took great care to make certain each fold was cleaned then began to think of what I would cleanse next.

A hook attached to the wall of the shower room held a shiny silver can from which a long hose protruded. I swung the hinged unit underneath the steady stream of the shower and moved my soapy finger to my awaiting backside. As I slid my finger down to caress my puckered anus, I envisioned what may happen later in the morning. Never knowing and not wanting to know. I was just preparing. My soapy finger felt little resistance as it slipped past the tight rim. The heat from the inside of my body was a sharp contrast to the temperature of the shower water. My mind strayed as I removed my finger and replaced it with the soapy tip of the latex hose. It slid in easily for the first five inches and then met with resistance. I reached to the clamp on the hose and opened it. The sudden burst of air alternating with water in my rectum took me off guard for a second as my body began to adjust to its presence. As the water continued to flow, my sphincter gripped the hose and seemed to ache for it to snake to a higher place. Grasping the hose with my fingers, I began to ease it deeper as the water filled me. Easing the soft shaft deeper inside me as my colon continued to be filled with the tepid water. It didn’t take long for the water to start the spasms that would demand my body give it relief. I pulled my lower lip into my mouth and groaned as I waited for the urge to pass. My legs clamped together and my hand massaged the area in my abdomen causing this urgency. It must be controlled and retained and I must feel this ache to a greater depth within me before I’d allow any of it to be released.

I continued the short strokes of the hose, inching it in further each time until I could feel the tepid water bulging on my right side. My eyes looked down at its familiarity and my hands massaged it until I could no longer resist the urge to keep the contents within me. My sphincter relaxed as the water began to seep around it and I moved to stand over the meager commode directly adjacent to the shower. I allowed the can to stay beneath the head of the shower as the steady stream of water kept flushing my colon. My hand once again moved to the freshly washed pussy. I took my clit between my fingers and squeezed it hard to divert my attention from the unbearable cramping from the thorough cleansing. It took several minutes of continued concentration to stand there and let the purge become clear. Satisfied that I had accomplished what I had set out to do, I removed the hose and allowed the rest of the watery contents to empty from my chilled bowels. This complete, I stood and washed myself with the lavender cake, rinsed my body with clear water and turned the water to the shower off. The next task was to dress in the proper attire for the day’s activities.

Master kept his equestrienne gear in a separate tack room in the barn. As the creaky door swung open my nostrils were filled with the aroma of warm leather. The varying browns of the various tack items were kept clean and supple with a regimented schedule of cleaning with leather soap and buffing. The surfaces were soft and glowing in the morning light. The smaller box in the tack room contained the special equestrian equipment that I was interested in this morning. I found the key to the small brass padlock on the box and opened it gingerly. Propping the lid up, I looked at what lay before me. What are finer mares to be fitted with these days? The equipment within was a striking array of black leather with silver trim. I chose the black leather cincher as a starter. It’s fine leather lacing up the back was a stark contrast to the stiff boning of the ribs within the bodice. I pulled it up over my hips and fastened it securely, feeling its silk lining against my freshly washed skin. My breasts, now more accentuated by the narrowing of the waist the cincher produced hung seductively over the top. I touched my nipples tentatively and thought of what may be in store for them later in the morning. The bridle was a simple design that required my silvering hair be pulled up and through the top in a traditional pony-tail fashion. The rings at each side were available in case Master would choose to place a bit between my teeth and stifle any complaints I may have during our play. I donned the long, leather fingerless gloves and stepped into the three-inch black leather heels. The outfit would be complete when I inserted the blonde pony butt plug into my vacant rectum. I reached for the special lubricant that Master prepared for me to use for insertion of the plug prior to our play. His desire was to have my rectum prepared by softening it with the girth of the butt plug while warming it with a gel that was spiked with a pinch of ginger. Master knew the effect the warming would have on me. I lubed the plug generously as close to the widest bulge of the plug as possible and placed the tip against my anus. The warmth of the ginger made itself know almost instantly. This was a difficult task to do alone, but Master required of it his pony prior to play in order to prepare her for his attentions. He knew his mare would be warming before he even touched her. Knew her body would be begging for his touch and crying out for release. The sting of the ginger went deeper and deeper as the plug was worked in meticulously. It was all I could do to keep myself from cuming during the insertion process and as the plug expanded me to its widest point, I let go of it. I closed my eyes and let the sensations overtake me as its contoured form slipped the rest of the way into my backside and gasped as my knees went weak. The wispy ends of the horse-hair tail tickled the backs of my calves as I swayed from the intensity of the insertion. The ginger lubricant was like a roaring fire within me as my rectum clenched onto the plug which began to stoke my arousal. Master knew full-well the effect this would have on me. I felt my legs, wobbly like new-born foal, as I made my way out of the tack room and into the stall that was prepared especially for our morning tryst.

The brightness of the morning sun streamed through the window onto the clean golden straw that covered the floor of the meager stall. The straw was prickly against my skin as I got down onto my knees and leaned forward to place my hands on the floor. My pony-tailed backside was directed towards the stall door and I inhaled and waited for his arrival. My mind kept going over the cleansing shower I had taken earlier and the thought of having cleaned myself to Masters liking prior to insertion of the heated plug. Not wanting to disappoint him when it came time for him to fill me with his desire. I ground back instinctively during my wandering thoughts as I heard the door to the stall open and Masters boots crunching on the straw.

His shadow cast across my face as he neared me and placed one hand on my exposed ass cheeks. His other hand went to the silvery tail on the top of my head and tousled it before he grabbed hold of it and pulled my head back. His hand roamed freely over my ass cheeks and then he abruptly whisked my blonde pony tail to the side and brought his hand down with a resounding smack over my exposed pussy lips. “You’re like a mare in a state of continual, wet heat,” he stated. “I’ve tried time and again to tame you, yet you continue to test my patience. Perhaps what you need is some discipline to remind you of what Master expects of his pony.” With that, Master strode to the cabinet on the wall and opened it to reveal the array of pony discipline implements. The thin wooden box mounted on the wall was a convenient hiding place for his riding crop, leather slapper, suede flogger and wooden paddle. “You need this as a reminder of who it is that allows such a state of arousal. “ With that, he took the leather slapper from its hanging peg and positioned himself behind me. I waited in anticipation of the sting of the thick leather on my exposed cheeks. My backside quivered visibly as I heard the slapper glide through the air and land firmly on my right buttock. I cried out as the implement imprinted its outline on me. The heat from the stroke caused me to lurch forward slightly and then push my bottom back towards Master in an ache for more of his attention. I knew with a few more strokes of the slapper that I would be lost in a world from which I would not soon return. A place that Master knowingly took me. The lines and imprint of the slapper began glowing brighter as he whipped me. The heat increased with each stroke and my cries went unbridled as I orgasmed over and over from the pain/pleasure. Master watched as his marks grew brighter with each landing and could see the nectar from his pony’s pussy dripping down her inner thighs and wetting the flying bits of horse tail hair that adhered to them.

With that, Master replaced the leather slapper onto the peg and picked up a sugar cube and the riding crop. “You’ve taken your discipline well,” he stated as he dipped the cube onto the pre-cum oozing from his erect member. “This is your reward, “he smiled as he placed the wetted cube upon my tongue and put his finger under my chin to close my mouth. I closed my mouth and savored the strange mix of Master’s seed and the sugar cube. I sat up and he knelt before me and pushed two fingers abruptly into my wet pussy. The heat of his hand set a fire burning through me causing me to orgasm once again. “Naughty pony.” He muttered and brought the slapper down over an erect nipple. As the taste of his pre-cum revisited itself in my mind, my eyes wandered to Master’s erect member. I so longed to taste more of him. The taste of his seed and the silky feel of his member on my lips, along with the corona teasing the back of my throat made me recall times past where his arousal pulsated deliciously prior to spewing its essence into my mouth. Much like the horses response to their morning ritual, I savored the “pony treat” he so thoughtfully bestowed upon me from time to time.

Master watched my gaze, stood before me and put the head of his cock against my lips. I closed my eyes and placed my wet lips against the tip of it to suckle. My tongue instinctively licked at the silvery liquid on my lips. He tasted like more. Master ran the riding crop lightly down my back and to the pony butt plug as I drew him deeper. He knew how I wanted to feel his thickness in my softened backside. I moaned and took his cock deeper while my fingers wrapped around its girth. I then wet my finger and placed it directly onto his heated pucker. Circling and pressing until I could feel his cock responding in my mouth. Master turned and leaned forward to allow me greater access to his tightness. Both hands went to his cheeks and parted them. I leaned forward and pressed my face between them and begin to savor his tightness with my tongue. The heat of him on my tongue stirred me to want to press forward deeper, feel him give in to the sensations. My fingers went to his hips and clenched them while drawing him back harder onto my face. My lips and tongue worked feverishly at him. As my tongue dipped into his relaxing ass, I reached between his thighs and pulled on his scrotum. The moan from his lips only fired me to want to see more of his arousal. I placed a finger on his wetted ass and eased easily inside of him. His heat instantly enveloped my finger and I knew Master would enjoy it if I were to turn my hand and probe for the swell of his prostate. I eased a second digit into his hungry ass and started to probe. Finding his prostate, I stroked it until it hardened even more while I ran my other hand up his shaft to help ease the steady flow of pre-cum from his dick.

His cock thoroughly slathered with his pre-cum, I reached to grasp the penis-headed nozzle dangling on the side of the stall. Master positioned himself on his hands and knees on the blanket lying on the floor of the stall. While he was getting comfortable, I proceeded to take great care in lubricating the bulbous tip of the nozzle. I placed the shiny head against his waiting ass. The smooth, lubricated surface of the tip nestled nicely against Master’s anus. I rocked the tip against it until I could feel him relaxing against it then watched as his sweetness swallowed it. It looked so heavenly going into him. His pucker closed tighter around the more slender part of the nozzle shaft as I continued to push its entire five inch length into his backside. My hand slid up the warm hose and opened the roller clamp to release the heated enema. As the warm salt water began to flow into him, I moved the nozzle in and out of him. I could not help but to lick and suckle on his exposed cheeks as the enema begin to fill him. A finger strayed to massage his sphincter as I pulled the nozzle closer to the bulbous tip. I knew this would cause him to feel like he was going to lose the enema but that was part of my wanting him to enjoy all the sensations of the entire enema experience.

I twisted the nozzle slightly as I pointed the black tip at his prostate. Reaching up, I grasped the bag between my fingers and squeezed. The water streamed against his prostate momentarily and then I released my hold and slid the nozzle back in to the base. My free hand went to his lower back and massaged it as then enema continued to flow. The bag was emptying slowly and I knew Master would be experiencing that exquisite feeling of having the warm enema bathing his colon and the fullness that accompanied it. Full evidence of its effects could be seen as his dick bobbed and the enema bag continued to empty. I lay on my back and scooted underneath Master so his cock was directly over my mouth. My breasts were bumping against his ass cheeks as he slid him member past my waiting lips. He began to hump my mouth as one hand pawed at his masculine man cheeks while the other worked the nozzle. The position left him in total control of the depth and speed of thrusts both back towards the nozzle and into my mouth. I knew what an emotional, sexual frenzy this might create as he tried to feel the pleasure from both the nozzle and my mouth at the same time. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked voraciously. My mouth pulled his oozing cock past my lips until I could feel the hair from his enema-filled tummy against the tip of my nose. At this time, I heard the faint gurgle as the enema bag emptied the last of its contents into Masters ass. He would soon need release of some sort or other. Which it would be first, I did not know.

He rose from his position above me and reached for the spreader bar that was hanging on the wooden slats beside us. He attached the ankle restraint clips and pulled on the rope to raise my pony tailed bottom from the floor of the stall to a height that was readily accessible for him from a standing position. Reaching down and grasping the pony tail by the hair, he pulled the plug out in one swift motion. The abruptness of the motion caused me to gasp and I felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me as I knew the readiness of my backside for Masters engorged cock. Master quickly placed himself between my thighs and placed the head of his cock against my sphincter. In one thrust, his member was embedded into me as far as he could go. Master placed his hand around the front of my thighs and held me firmly as he began to thrust mercilessly. The total arousal from the event had taken its toll on me and I had an instantaneous orgasm The wetness from my orgasm trickled down over my mons as Master continued his maniacal pace, slamming his cock hard into my ass. I lost track of the long continual orgasm as his dick continued to plunder my tender backside. Master’s strokes stopped abruptly as he drove his cock hard and deep and held me to him. His body quivering as his stream of hot man-juice jetted into my ass. I could feel the heat and the pressure as it spurted against my recently cleaned colon. My sphincter clenched around him to draw out everything he had. “One more form of release, “he whispered as he strained to start the flow of pent up pressure in his full bladder. “Another treat for you my pet,” he smiled. I felt the heat of his golden liquid flowing into my body, filling me as I dangled from the spreader bar. When he was finished and his cock becoming flaccid from our activities, he pulled himself out and pushed the pony butt plug back into position. “You may hold that for a while.” With that, Master took the enema bag from the rail of the stall and walked to the barn bathroom.