Despite all the predictions against surgery, it was a success. Finally, after so many cloudy days, the sun came out. Of course, doctors still could not be completely sure of their total and absolute recovery, but at least the prospects were encouraging. With my aunt Edith and some other family we were still taking turns to take care of him at night, although the doctors told us it was not necessary, for us it was and we were willing to stay by his side until he was discharged. Of course, in those moments most disappear, those who believed your friends were not so much and only those who really feel true affection are at your side, as is my case. And it is not that I was left alone because it was a family member, I did it because in my way I loved him and I felt that without him my world would fall apart.
That night I especially remembered the first time I ended up inside. Until then whenever we caught, at the time I reached orgasm, I took it out and ejaculated outside, so I always had the desire to feel his milk spilling inside me. It was like I felt I did not do it completely. And I told him. It was then that he took me to his trusted pharmacist and taught me how to take contraceptive pills, perhaps knowing that very soon I would be doing what I did with him with other men. In that aspect he was never selfish or possessive, he did not tell me that with the only one he had to put me in bed was with him, quite the contrary, whenever he taught me something new he would say: “when you are with someone else”, it was like I was instructing for the benefit of all humanity. And the contraceptive thing was something like that, before my claim that I wanted to end up inside, that I needed to feel its inner essence inside me, realized that if it was not he would be “someone else” who would end up filling me with the shell of milk, and faced with the latent risk of an unwanted pregnancy, it was better to prevent than to cure. I took the pills as the pharmacist told me, and when I was ready, we did it. I must say that since we started with the first caresses I was anxiously awaiting the long-awaited moment of the final dissolution, but my uncle was always to last a long time and to make the thousand and one positions, he liked to touch me from all angles, make me feel like different ways, so I had to arm myself with patience and enjoy each one of his enthusiastic thrusts, until YES !, I felt him shuddering, trembling in that unmistakable way, announcing that he was ready, I prepared then to receive him , to let myself be overwhelmed by that uncontrollable flow that was about to let go, I wanted to be attentive to every sensation, to every detail, and that was when in the middle of an exalted roar I felt the first jet, I felt that it wet me all inside, but something slightly different from the usual humidity that usually appears when I’m aroused, it was something thicker and if you like, much warmer, but it was not just one, but several the jets that I felt next, a true torrent of life diluting in my interior, flooding me with its gratifying sensations, my uncle was always of abundant ejaculations and that was not the exception, if I even felt like milk was dripping down my thighs, It was so much that pulsed my conchita could not contain everything, even so I felt full, satisfied, completely satiated, I pressed my walls to be able to hold him inside, because I felt that it was coming out, and I did not want to lose it, I did not want to lose a only drop of that balm that I had already tasted in my mouth and that now I wanted to feel in my shell. Knowing what my desire was, my uncle stayed inside until the last moment, letting me squeeze his cock with those tight little shell that I knew very well to do and that so maddened him. I did not leave until I milked the last drop of semen left him, moaning placidly while I felt him running through every corner of my intimacy, mingling with my own vaginal discharge, just as thick, just as hot, just as complacent.
– And … what did you think? – I wonder then, in a whisper, taking care not to break the magic of that moment.
“Marvelous!” I exclaimed, accompanying my expression with a smile full of joy.
I already felt how his cock was losing strength within me, as after the powerful discharge was deflating, leaving me empty of meat but full of sperm.
-From now I want you to always finish me inside- I said with the same smile full of anxiety.

-You are getting addicted- he said with a laugh.
-I’m just a vicious uncle, I can not help it- I assured him, and indeed, from then on every time we did, I ended up inside, filling myself with that substance of his that was already part of my own organism.
But, as always, my uncle was right in what he said about me being addicted, and as with any vice, with one I was not enough. I needed more, much more. It was so that when I was just turned 18, I put the horns on my uncle, he was not saved from my infidelities either. What happened is that I needed to experiment, spread my wings and fly beyond the nest of love and lust he had armed me. He urged me to know if I could manage on my own without having my uncle close and, in the process, to see if with another man I would enjoy as much as with him. The test was with a complete stranger, a foreigner whom I crossed in front of the window of an antique shop near the office where I worked at that time. We chatted for a while, I liked him and from there he took me to his hotel. The outcome ?: Test passed! With that stranger I gave myself some wonderful powders, verifying in an irrefutable way that “Sex” and “Mariela” would henceforth be synonymous, two complementary words, two terms that could not exist without each other.
After having been with that tourist, and on top of having had such a good time, when I went back to see my uncle I felt guilty, I had deceived him, I had betrayed him and I did not know how he would react to such infidelity. I could not hide it either because she knew immediately that something was happening to me, in that aspect she knew me as if she had given birth to me.
-What happens? Do you notice something different? – I wonder when we were ready to catch.
-It was … I was with another man, sorry man but I could not help it- he excuses me sobbing and hiding his face in his chest.
-It was that? – she exclaimed laughing -Don’t be silly, it is normal that you are with other men, or did you think that we would always be together? –
-No, but … – I tried to say raising my head and pouting.
-Decime something, did you like it? Did you have a good time? – he asked holding my chin with his fingers.
-If … very much- I nodded, blushing slightly.
-That’s the important thing, that you liked it, after all that’s what little bitches are for, to enjoy with other men- he said and kissed me.
He kissed me as he never had, intensely, a novelty pacifier, entangling his tongue with mine, rubbing lasciviously against my body, enveloping me little by little with that registered trademark fever that collapsed all my senses. He laid me on my back on the bed, separated my legs and plunging between them, he attacked my heated little shell. She spread my skirt to the sides and pushing aside my little cotton bombenita began to apply her tongue in a maddening way, of course I knew where to lick, where to apply those lamiditas, those punteos, those pressures that unhinged me. The humidity was immediate, a sudden puddle formed in my little shell, a puddle that he was responsible for sipping and tasting with obvious avidity. We usually did it with patience, enjoying the moment, taking the time to undress and enjoy our mutual nakedness, but at that time my uncle was unusually fast, and it was not because he did not have time. He did not even take the time to undress me with his own hands or to admire the strip tease that he used to offer him sometimes, this time he was about to catch me dressed, just as he was, so he did not give up so generously. , got up, peeled the cock and without even asking me to suck it as he liked to do it he put it in a single push and began to give me everything, pumping me rough and dry, making me fly with each attack, I opened all for him, receiving each piece of that sublime cock that gave me so much pleasure, I rubbed myself the tits, I squeezed and pinched them over the shirt, giving me completely to that overflow of passion that took me from my own body to rise to places that only exist far beyond the natural perception.
I wrapped my legs around his body to draw him even closer to me and feel it in all its overflowing splendor, feeling it throb deep, well nailed to me, filling me with his flesh, with that magnificent device that as far as I am concerned it is about the most perfect creation of all. Nature is wise in many aspects, but it is even more so because it has endowed man with such an instrument, with which we both like to ingratiate ourselves.
-more … more … give me more … stronger …! – I asked, I claimed, moving under him, pushing my hips up to meet him, coming together, taking advantage of each piece of cock, wrapping it, Sheltering it, protecting it, moistening it, warming it.
The friction became more and more intense, strong, accelerated, a whirlwind of thrown and pulled that shook me and lacerated me, that filled me with infinite and monumental pleasures. Although when we did it my uncle liked to rehearse different postures, and sometimes even invent one, this time just after I started, filling the milk shell again, like that time, overflowing with his warm effusiveness, with that delicious effervescence that in a matter of seconds expanded to all the cardinal points of my anatomy.
-Ahhhhhhh … God … that little bitch …! – he exclaimed between placid sighs as he convulsed inside me, releasing the last drops of milk.
Then he kissed me again, furiously, as if that kiss depended on recovering his breath to continue living.
-You received a little bitch, I congratulate you niece- she told me.
Then I realized that he had been terribly excited to learn that I was with another man. And I felt bad for putting the horns, without imagining that knowing it was going to warm him like never before. It was there that I realized that my uncle was not at all jealous about me, he never harmed me and I never would, I knew very well that I had the soul of a whore and that throughout my life I would need other men to be able to find That satisfaction that always seemed elusive to me.
He had already received me as a bitch, just as he said, but could I have done it without my uncle? Would she be the bitch I am today if he had not intervened just in time to let me know those captivating pleasures and mold them at will? Is my uncle the person in charge of what I am today? I do not know, maybe I never know, I do not know if I’m interested in knowing. An old song already says: “Better not to talk about certain things”.