Story of an unforeseen session of sex passed in a downtoun bank teller, in a lost street, without a soul circulating at that time.

Doris is a graceful friend, in her early thirties, neither skinny nor fat (rather plump), endowed with an active libido. That day we were chatting in a pub until late, when the banking and office center is almost completely depleted. I bellowed with desire for her, but that night she entertained me telling me of a quasi-failed sexual experience lived in earlier hours, and explaining to me that she thought she would start going to meetings of anonymous sex addicts to lower her sexual appetite. It did not make me any grace, especially since she showed me interest, but the kind of talk had dissipated the climate to do something that night.

I thought that just waiting a few days would have my reward, so I let her go (she has her own vehicle) and I promised her that the next day in the afternoon we would be inexpert (I planned to attack without mercy and turn her over without further delay).

When he spoke to me the next day he gave me the extensive story that I transcribe below, which left me astonished and cursed for not having embetado and caught that same night of our talk. Doris added that she had imagined that I myself was the initial gang bang who lived that night.


The story of Doris

Since I got in my car to the cashier, urged by a little cash, just to satiate the hunger for fuel in my car, my own appetite for a sandwich and a couple more drinks, I glimpse a couple of guys, one inside and one outside the teller’s booth. The night was already advanced and the street looked deserted, the couple of guys, one inside the cashier and the other waiting outside frightened me a little, but, in quick reasoning, I thought, what could I lose? My balance is almost zero … or that they violate me? … maybe I would love this … the guy with whom I spent the afternoon did not leave me anything satisfied and … a good fuck would not hurt at all. Finally, I laughed to myself and decided to get out of the car, before, a quick glance at my hairstyle and makeup, I put the miniskirt and jump out of the car.

The first thing I notice is a marked smell of marijuana smoke that the outside guy smoked, makes me hesitate a little, but hey, the glasses I had on top and my always adventurous soul give me the courage and forward I approached the cashier, greeting to the outside guy with a shy hello and for the only answer I receive a puff of smoke and a sarcastic smile accompanied by a glance running up and down. I patiently wait for you, the one inside, to finish making your transaction and come out, turn around and again I have to swallow another look running from my ankles to my breasts, you do not even see me in the eyes, only the body is interested . When I see you from behind I find that I like your slender body, with wide backs and a small but hard buttocks, making an attractive athletic body altogether. After a couple of minutes you pretend to finish and leave, you give me the step inside, but no, you stay there without taking another step, in that moment the door closes again, and I think “go then you were not wrong, you are going to fuck”. At that moment I face envalentonada and I say, good boy, what are you not going to leave and let me make my retirement? Hala! outside!. For answer I only receive a beautiful smile and a serene look full of confidence, your face captivates me without knowing why, you are not exactly handsome but if terribly attractive, maybe those big eyes or will be the big nose? or the smile? namely. I also feel a slight sting in the lower part of my abdomen and a little lower down a small almost imperceptible shudder. I know myself and I know what those signs of my body mean. A little stunned turn to put the card and try to get the little money available, however incomprehensibly I’m nervous and I’m wrong a few times to type the PIN, without turning to look at you I feel your look, it’s not vanity but I know that I have long and well formed legs as well as a nice butt, without ignoring that I am not pretty enough or at least as I would like it.

Anyway, you notice my nervousness and you approach me very close to the ear almost in a whisper you ask me if something happens, with this you increase my nervousness and I barely separate an inch from the cashier and I feel with surprise the proximity of your body hitting my back , I perceive your genitals rubbing my ass, instinctively as a cat in brama with a slight bend in the waist I stop the ass a little bit to feel more, you get the invitation and you hit me a little more, my terrible temperament and the attraction I felt for you from I saw you, they make my excitement grow started to go through my body. You take me by the forearms and press my body with yours, I feel your hardness frankly, which I love, you split a moment releasing an arm so that your free hand take it to your genitals accommodating them in such a way that your huge penis, even in underpants and pants, stay in vertical position in such a way that the next repel because of the thinness of the fabric of my skirt and my tiny pantyhose of dental floss make me feel it in the middle of the buttocks with all its hardness and in all its dimension. The pleasure I enjoy makes me close my eyes allowing you to rub it on my butt with gentle circular movements of the waist. You kiss me and nibble my ears, my whole body shudders with horny chills, you whisper meanness that excites me even more, you loose my forearms and now with your hands you pull me towards you by the breasts. For my part I take care of keeping your ass stuck enjoying your huge package, the more I felt it there in the middle of my buttocks my excitement grew wanting to penetrate me, this leads me to describe slow waist movements enjoying your virility between my buttocks, which instinctively every time I get up more trying to feel it also in my already soaked vagina. I reach to put my own hand under the skirt and thong to touch my wet pussy to the extent that I could see that they began to drain my own juices, ran my finger with my slit from my drooling hole to my erect and inflamed clitoris I start stimulating with my finger to increase my pleasure. Finally you loose my bruised breasts, you lift the skirt and break my fragile panties, you separate your body from mine for just a moment, just to take out of your pants your huge slobbering trunk like my desire, you make me open to the fullest your legs and you try to hit my holes. The first try you do it on my anus, I feel like you wet it with your hot and abundant ejaculation, likewise I perceive the terrible disproportion between the tiny little hole compared to the swollen head of your huge cock, which of course at the minimum attempt to pierce it produces a acute pain, I instinctively retract with rapid movement, you understand that I do not want it out there and you take the huge phallus that with your hand guides making it go up and down and in the opposite direction along my labia, you repeat again and again the movement intermixing our lubricating fluids, you have me on the verge of madness, the overwhelming desire that you penetrate me once and again makes me moan with pleasure, already soaked with our flows finally you place the huge and swollen head at the entrance of my expectant vagina, you start by gently inserting it just a little bit, which tenses me and makes me vibrate, it enters slowly and I begin to experiment in each centi Meter of my narrow vaginal walls the reality of the thickness of that piece of hard and hot meat, continues to enter still, the sensation was delicious, however it hurt my vagina and belly and even higher, I felt it up to my chest, my body I could not stand the pain I only accepted for the pleasure that at the same time it offered me, you reached the depths of my bowels where nobody had ever come before, I felt that I would break in two, the long and thick of that huge cock I was suffocating, when I thought that it would reach my throat at the end I felt your hairy belly touching my buttocks, a sensation of relief invaded me thinking that you would not go any further. For a few seconds of calm we were still, I felt deliciously full of you, enjoying that incredibly huge portion of you. Then you take it out with the same slowness, this is even more delicious, I moaned and bellowed with pleasure with my mouth open as well as my eyes that seemed to come out of their orbits. For a moment I turned to the glass walls of the cabin that housed that ATM and I realize that now there were three guys who watched with lust and without losing detail of the tremendous fuck you were applying to me, it made me laugh like they pressed with their hands over their trousers their respective penises almost in an act of mass masturbation. You take me out of my thoughts when starting the introduction again, now not so slowly, the pain is no longer so strong, you reach the top and repeat the removed, you apply several times the movements of take and put gradually increasing the speed of movement , the joy that this produced me is unspeakable, there was no pain, it was all infinite pleasure. You take it out completely and after a moment you suddenly push hard and let it go with a single blow to the bottom of my insides, you take it out and an instant later again you push to the bottom, you repeat the movement three, four times, one and again, I do not know how many more taking with your two hands strongly of the hips crashing loudly my bulging ass in your abdomen, just felt like your also huge testicles were whipped on my buttocks and thighs vibrating my body and my aching breasts. At last crazy of pleasure I shuddered my vision clouding and almost falling to my knees as my powerless legs twisted without strength, I run wildly, a moment passes and comes a second time, the joy was infinite. At this time you had me completely steep with my ass up just holding me with my palms on the cashier receiving your fucked of wild man. Suddenly once again you put my huge piece of flesh in my body to the bottom and I feel you tense and immediately you let out a powerful blast of burning inside my aching belly, twice more the hot semen is repeated, you hold yourself in me, ecstatic and sweaty selfishly you take it out without waiting for me to finish completely. When I take it out of my vagina, it is accompanied by a large amount of semen interspersed with my own body juices, the dense mixture crashing on the floor with a loud snap. You have finished, but I have been desirous of more.

Without saying a word, you move away from me and I can still see that huge piece of your body that seconds before played inside of me maddened with pleasure, I could see that although it was not fully erect was still huge, observe patiently and somewhat disappointed by your attitude, see how you accommodated that semi-erect enormity inside your underwear.

Suddenly without saying anything, another of the three outside spectators enters, without saying a word he quickly undoes his pants and jumps his erect member. The size of this one was normal, like the many that I had already known before. It makes me turn, it empties me, places it in the entrance of the already lubricated vagina and lets it go to the bottom. I do not have any pain, and with unpleasant speed it takes it out and puts it in, it makes me feel like a street dog that dog after dog is caught just to satisfy their cravings and come inside me, the previous experience had left me all numb my interiors so that this small cock (maybe normal) slipped freely and quickly without pain or glory. He had the urge to take it out completely and instead began to rummage through my vagina with the longest and most experienced finger I look for my “G-spot” that he knew how to do with mastery, when he found it he shouted there, if there, the yolk his finger touched and rubbed over and over and again I took to the ecstasy until reaching another delicious coming which came accompanied by a tremendous and sonorous fart issued by my uncontrolled vagina, expel my own coming with part of what you had left soaking the hand. It seems that this redoubled his excitement, gave me a few more minutes of finger and I take it out. What I poured into his hand I put it perfectly in the anus, pointed and slowly introduced it to the top of his abdomen. Again pain, mixed with pleasure. First time I accepted a penis out there, I found it rich, there was no doubt that this guy did not know how to treat a vagina, but he did have the ability to treat your rectum. With rhythm and cadence he put it in and took it out at his pleasure, sliding it fabulously well. Her legs and mine were shaky and exhausted and she let go of her buttocks falling on the floor of the casetilla pulling me by the hips without removing my whistle in such a way that I fell sitting on her lap what made me go to the deepest of the intestine. Already seated he made with his knees to open his legs fully to continue playing with his fingers on my lips and clitoris, three pairs of eyes exorbitant, including yours, watched with bewilderment as my pucha open wide and was tainted and deformed. Another hot dog bystander could not take it anymore and took out the member about to explode in a coming, I look like to kneel down or settle down to somehow put her down for the drooling pout and desirous of more. He never found a way to adjust himself to achieve it, then he chose to place it in front of my face, slapped me two and three times with his erect and overflowing member inferring at the same time the whole gamut of insults and baseness of his repertoire and then putting it in my mouth demanding He fucked her, so I did and in less than a minute he let the first gulp into my mouth, disgustedly turn his head to get it out and the next two gushes slammed into my face, almost immediately the penis inside my ass started to emptied and I did not enjoy it anymore because of the disgust that this last animal produced.

There was a fourth dog bent on the fact that he also wanted to put his cock in my mouth, begged him and told him that he could not do it anymore and the truth was that he wanted it but my insides hurt terribly. My ass was throbbing and burning, the vagina had her numb and cramped her stomach At her insistence I opted to hold her by the hand and kneel in front of him, suck it tasty using my best technique, sticking my tongue through the glans and into the little hole that you have, of which I do not remember the name, after a while of blowjobs he grabbed me tightly by the head pulling my hair signal that it would come in an instant, I did not want to swallow his cum and I quickly expelled him from my mouth without leaving him an opportunity to protest because I kept pulling her with my hand until it came profusely again on my face and chest.

Finally they let me go, I had arrived there, thinking about the disappointment that the guy I was with all afternoon gave me without satisfying me completely, when I was going to think that I would receive the milk of four more. When I left that house, only you looked at it, we all kept silent, they finally let me board my car to go to my house.

Already alone in the car I meditated on the great reception received, yours left me marked forever, lightly touched my aching belly and I remembered the piece of collection that maybe an hour before was inside giving me so much pleasure. My anus hurt horribly, the other three did not even want to remember them and that’s how I got home.

I got out of the car and felt again the deep pain of anus that made me gesticulate, I felt that I walked with my legs open, stinking and still draining all the semen that in just minutes they poured on me. I took a shower washing profusely the whole body, I applied a wash of vagina, I applied ointment and I caressed with my own finger, so I lay naked by the strong summer heat, sore but satisfied I slept thinking of you, your destiny and in your huge and delicious phallus. I would never know about you again?

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Of course you can continue this story, but I do not know when I will have time to put it on paper. I hope some comments from the gentle readers, to have the necessary feedback.