Some years ago I had as neighbors a couple who always fought. As far as he could hear the motives were his constant infidelities, which she always forgave, even though it made him suffer for a while. Until one day I heard that the discussion started him. “What are you complaining about? I paid you with the same currency,” she said at some point in the discussion. And that phrase is turning over my head. Time later and with those words as inspiration I wrote the following story. I hope you like it.

It was a silly, stupid fight. And once again, like so many, the trigger was jealousy.
It was almost a year since I left with Marcos and we always argued about the same thing. Was sated. Not that I was exaggeratedly jealous, but the truth is that he gave me plenty of reasons to be so.
I had forgiven some, but this, I assured him, I was not going to let it go. And the worst of the case is that, despite all the evidence against, I denied it. He made me look crazy.
“I saw you, I saw you, I saw you!” He shouted at her, trying to at least once acknowledge his fault.
But there was nothing to do. I did not give my arm to twist. He was stubborn in his position and he did not move from there.
It was always me that loosened and ended up forgiving him, without even reprimanding him. But this time it was different. I was not going to make it that easy.
I practically pushed him out of the house. I did not want to see it. I did not want to hear it.
Although he knew that, sooner or later, he would be running by his side. But at least he wanted me to have his deserved lesson.
Just when he was leaving, Daniel enters the building, my neighbor from the apartment next door, who more than once had seen me naked and even making love out the window.
Even though I knew she was engaged, every time we crossed paths, whether in the elevator, in the entrance or in the corridor, she invited me to drink some mates at home. Of course I always refused, in a good way, arguing a thousand and one commitments to avoid the invitation.
Although this time, when he proposed it to me, I said yes, without hesitating.
I was disgusted, eager for revenge and Daniel seemed as good as anybody to consummate my plans. Besides, it was there just at hand.
We went up, then, to his apartment, and while he warmed the kettle, (and I the turkey), I entertained watching some of his sports trophies and family photos that adorned the furniture.
In several of them he appeared with his girlfriend, an exuberant blonde who, for some reason, was familiar to me.
-Its pretty your girlfriend- I told him when he invited me the first mate.
-Ah, thank you, it’s a model- he said.
“That’s why I looked familiar!” I exclaimed, snapping my fingers. “Surely I must have seen it in some magazine, right?”
-It’s probable, yes, he does a lot of graphic advertising- he nodded.
-And tell me one thing, having a tremendous woman next to you, what are you doing here wasting time with me? – I asked.
-Well, I do not think I’m losing it. I think you and I, I’m more sure that you and I can have a great time together, “he assured me.
-And what makes you think that? – I wanted to know.
– Can I be absolutely honest? – He asked me.
-Please- I allowed him.
-Well … I love how you moan, moaning in that way you have to be a bomb in bed, he confessed.
After releasing a laugh, I looked at him and asked:
– So the mate thing was just an excuse? The only thing you wanted was to take me to bed? –
-Would you expect something else? – he replied in turn.
-No, the truth is not- I affirmed.
At that moment there was an uncomfortable silence, although our eyes, intense and explicit, did not stop crossing one another.
We were sitting facing each other, so close that I could even smell the after-shave lotion.
Then I was the one who broke that silence.
-Dani … I would like to suck you, could you?
He lowered the zipper, extracted his member with his right hand and began to caress it.
I crossed on my knees the distance that separated me from him, I leaned over his cock and put it in my mouth.
In oral matters, I never went around bluntly.
Being with my eyes closed, completely focused on my absorbing occupation, I listened to his complacent gasps, exalted sighs, while with his hands I smoothed my hair or stroked my ears.
-Well, that boyfriend of yours, you already broke your ass? – I wonder.
I released my lips for a moment and raised my eyes to him, as he slid his sex against my hand, gently.
-No, why? – Although it was redundant, I asked him.
-Because I’d like to do it to you, what do you think? Do you leave me? – He asked me.
Then I would find out that his girlfriend, the well-known model, did not allow him to get her from behind. Something related to the firmness of the buttocks, I do not know. And that’s why he turned to me, believing that I would not have problems accepting. And I did not have them.
Although in truth really and Marcos and another boyfriend I had asked me to sodomize me. When my tail perishes it is quite tempting, but at that moment, despite the insistence, I rejected this possibility.
Now it was different. He believed that this was what Marcos deserved for all his infidelities, those of the past and those to come. That someone else would do to me what he wanted so much. That another one broke my ass.
“You’re not going to hurt me much, are you?” I worried, putting on a cut lamb’s face.
– Just a little bit – he promised me.
And so, a while later, I was lying on the floor, naked, on all fours, with my ass uplifted, waiting for the harsh consummation of my audacious revenge.
Previously Daniel anointed my eye with a bit of anal lubricant, which he had not been able to use with his girlfriend, and with the lining already on, he put it on the back, breaking it little by little, firmly and steadily, without loosening at any time that pressure that exerted on my sphincters.
In truth, the pain was not so little, as he had told me, nor so much.
An intermediate point, perhaps, although he knew how to intensify when he began to move inside me, inside and outside, with more and more violent thrusts, dropping heavily on me, penetrating me with all his might, tearing me out of the translating gashes, with the most absolute fidelity, how exciting the situation.
It was broken. Pierced by the rear. Wildly traversed. Busted no more. With my ass pierced to the depths of my insides.
I felt Daniel flowing imperiously through my intestines, and bursting with joy. Jubilant and pleased.
It was extremely pleasant. A different but equally intense and brilliant delight.
I liked him to fuck me. That I did my ass, or that I ate the turkey, as they say vulgarly.
The rematch with my boyfriend had been a success.
I could be as unfaithful as he to me. He had shown it. And how! My broken ass does not let me lie.