It was Tuesday, and as every Tuesday we were in the bowling alley waiting for the rest of our friends to have dinner and start our bowling game. That night Miguela was especially beautiful, she was wearing her tight jeans that marked her lovely ass and a very sexy shirt that could barely be fastened when reaching the breasts. I knew in advance that one of the friends who plays with us every Tuesday would have their eyes go out of the orbits when I saw Miguela’s tits so tight and peeking out from the neckline. Contrary to what you might think, instead of bothering to imagine such a situation to excite me exceedingly, not in vain, I remember that I once insisted that Miguela would get sexy and so put it horny, I remember that I have spent some photo upload of her on the internet and I also remember how she smelled and even licked some used panties of her that on a vacation I showed her to show her how lubricated she was always.

However, in recent times the events had rushed and the adorable Fernando had stopped being so adorable because of the play he had spent his girlfriend. In a matter of a week he had gone from being the adorable and defenseless Fernando to being the bastard of Laura’s ex-boyfriend. A series of infidelities that he never recognized led him to end their relationship because of remorse. Of course, Fernando did not have a bad time with Laura in that break, because while he was looking for new chochitos in his conquests, she had illusions with the possibility of reconsidering and coming back to her. I found this situation tremendously unfair and for that reason I made the decision to tell Laura everything that Fernando confessed to me during the relationship and that he had kept silent so as not to “humiliate” her. I did not know that all this would cost me such a high price.

Finally, Miguela and I settled on a bench at the entrance of the room ready to wait for the rest of our classmates. Meanwhile I joked about the button of the neckline that seemed to explode and touched her tits, her ass and her pussy over her pants, she responded with quick movements of her arms, loving my hands, pretending that she was annoyed that she was in public. On many occasions we have fantasized that another man joined us to make a threesome and fuck her together through all their little holes. Needless to say, Fernando had once been chosen as the protagonist of the fantasy because of the predisposition that he had always shown to spicy comments on our part and of course, because I would love that whoever was with Miguela was someone of confidence and that I idolize her as much as I do. For Fernando, Miguela was an erotic goddess. Through conversations on the Internet, where I opened my heart, I confessed that he masturbated looking at the hot photos I gave him Miguela, I even decided to make a personal website to show us “http: /” and that they returned crazy his ass and his tits and even that many times, especially at the end of his relationship with Laura, when he had sex with his girlfriend he imagined it was mine he was fucking. I never told him that he was part of our bedding and it excited me to know that my girlfriend had been part of his secret fantasies, and I did not miss anything he told me after he confessed that he had been a gulf and a bastard while He went out with Laura.

Our friends willing to dine at the kebab restaurant were arriving little by little. By then, Miguela had already told me a couple of times in her ear that she felt very horny and blamed me for not having fucked her during the week. She also told me that she hoped not to waste time during these four days when she was left alone at home because her mother was leaving on a trip and I, therefore, stayed to sleep with her at home. Imagining her wet ripple inside her pants and knowing that I would sleep next to her that night made her half-hard.

Only Fernando needed to arrive and it did not take him long to do it. We took a seat in the restaurant and we all chatted for a while, while we were having dinner, of various subjects. During dinner I could see how Fernando’s eyes were nailed to the neckline of Miguela and made jokes that would serve as an excuse to grab her arm or touch her belly. For his part, my girlfriend also spoke to her as she was used to, called him handsome from time to time, laughed with his comments or gave him a blow to his leg when he pretended that some comment had bothered him. I did not find anything strange since we had always had that confidence and even with Laura in front we used to make jokes about hot topics and take the time to hug, hold, touch the other’s partner in the street, in the pool . Of course I never told Miguela, and I suppose neither did Laura, that those pool games had heated us up more than once and that after the bath, he masturbated when he remembered the touch of Miguela’s ass on his shoulders or the swaying of her breasts as she struggled with Laura playing wheelies. For obvious reasons Laura was not with us but that did not seem enough reason for them to stop playing.

On the way to the bowling alley there were three words from Fernando that accelerated my heart. We have to talk. And so it was, in the first run he asked me discreetly from the group, have you told Laura what I confessed? I had no choice but to affirm it, and I tried to give all kinds of explanations as to why I had done it, but none of them seemed to convince him. He told me that this was not done to a friend and even less when I promised him that I would never tell him, he told me that he would never trust me again, that just as I told Laura, his secret would have told him everyone and even would have told intimacies, confessions or fantasies to who should not. At that moment the look went clearly to my girlfriend. His turn came and he left me sitting apart thinking about everything he had told me. From that moment my head was not in bowling and therefore my score was getting worse being in the middle of the game the last classified. Then happened what I never would have expected. Miguela approached me, bent down and asked me what was wrong with me, why I played so bad today. I replied that I did not know, that I just felt bad. When it was her turn to shoot, she achieved a strike, a fact that made everyone happy because for now she was first in the game and they encouraged her to win the leader who did not have a good day. As I was saying, after the strike everyone was happy and especially Fernando took the opportunity to open his arms and embrace her in a show of joy and enthusiasm as if they were from the same team and had just scored a goal. I watched as he pressed her against him to feel him nudging her tits almost up to his neck.

Dude, the Miguela is delicious, better than in any photo of your website “”, often cleavage brings today and, as it smells. And the cowboys, my mother, in a couple of times that he has had to pull I got up to see how he did it and I almost fainted when I saw the beautiful ass moving and the thong strip showing up. I make a bet. Those words were common in Fernando, he’s the only guy I know who can lose two hundred euros in a day betting on the Internet.

If you win me the game I forgive you Laura, but if I win you, you must make things easier for me to fuck Miguela, God, I never saw her so voluptuous. I was frozen, my reaction was to look at the scoreboard and see what I lost clearly. Then I looked at Miguela who gave us a smile. I had my turn, shot number seven and last classified, I got up without responding to his proposal. His friendship mattered to me a lot, I did not want to lose it, but what I was proposing were major words. I threw and bingo, a strike. When I approached the table next to Fernando I shook his hand, Deal done.

The runs passed quickly and miraculously I was recovering positions, Miguela was virtual winner of the game since I had a very high score but nobody knew what was cooking between Fernando and me. Never was a fight so interesting to be second. And to all this, I felt good. A semi-erection peeked into my pants and it was visible that Fernando also had it.

Last shot, Fernando finished his game and got a decent score but I surpassed myself by only five bowls and I had to shoot. When I got up he said, Do not be a bastard, I’ve been twenty days without fucking, do not make me the bitch to win in the last throw. I pretended not to have mercy and went to the track, but … damn, the bowls did not come down or the machine returned the balls that my friends had thrown. Then I took the opportunity to bend over and squeeze my shoes when I could see Miguela’s neckline sitting in front of me. He got up and gave me a kiss wanting me to make him make a good run and at least be second. I had witnessed the bad streak I had had and wanted me not to be sad for having lost too many positions, Animo darling. I looked again at the track and saw that the bowling still did not come down. Then I told him about Fernando’s bet. His face of astonishment frightened me but immediately reflected a grimace that made it clear that I was beginning to understand the reason for my performance tonight. He sat down without comment and I prepared to throw the ball and … damn only four bowling, Fernando was still winning by one. I turned to Miguela and discovered her looking back at Fernando who had an illusioned face. I approached the balls again and picked up another willing to throw, I knew I would be able to throw a couple of them without too much effort and again directed my attention to Miguela who looked at me with a mischievous smile this time. I returned the smile and a ray of light passed through my mind. That ray told me that now or never, that’s why I did something I never imagined I would do … I asked Miguela,

What I do?