by sexyscott1331

Just back from my freshman year of college, I come home to an empty house. My parents had been on an anniversary vacation I wasn’t invited too.

In college, I began to find myself. I started partying, working out, nailing girls left and right. I finally had confidence.

My body was tall and slightly muscular. I had a decent set of abs and a nice patch of peach fuzz around my pecs. My arms were not bulky, but were shaped well. My cock was nothing to brag about, yet nothing to worry about at 6.2 inches. Comfortable with my body I now took my shirt off when I cut my neighbors’ grass.

It was a blazing hot day. Sweat was dripping down my back and chest as I moved the mower up and down the yard with all my strength. All the neighbors were inside except for one.

My neighbor, Jim, across the street from where I was, was on his driveway washing his car. Jim was a father of two girls and divorced, but he was rich as hell. He was shirtless like myself, but not the same body. The 45-year-old man had hulking arm muscles that flexed when he moved one ever so slightly. His right arm was covered in tattoos and so was his back. He had an almighty hairy chest and an almighty hairy six-pack of abs. He often moved up and down showing off his hot round ass and muscular calves. As for his face, he had brown eyes, a big nose, facial hair, and spiky black hair.

I was never gay and never thought of a man sexually, but I knew Jim was fucking hot.

All of the women adored him and all of the men envied him. All I thought at that time was the fact that he was just a nice guy.

Mowing the lawn, I had the feeling I was being watched. I’d occasionally look over my shoulder and Jim would turn his head away towards his car.

Was he looking at me? Does he recognize me?

I had just finished and decided to walk over to him.

“Would you like any help, Mr. Rhodes?”

“Hey, Scott, you certainly grew into your body since you left for college?”

He looked up and down as if he were checking me out.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I could use help,” he said.

So I grabbed a sponge and washed the car with him. We talked about my studies and how things were going for each of us.

At one moment washing the lower part of the car I saw him checking out my ass. I looked back at him and he pretended to be looking up.

“Well, I think that will do it,” he said. “Thanks for your help, Scott. I know your bored by yourself at home, so… If you want you can borrow a swimsuit and swim in our pool. The girls aren’t home or anything, but I’d just thought you might want to…”

At first, I was a little confused, but I accepted his offer. After all it was fucking hot as balls.

He led me inside and up to his bedroom. He went into his closet fishing around for trunks even though I offered to go in my shorts.

He gave me a pair and led me to his bathroom.

I dropped my pants and put his on. I notice some women panties in the corner of the bathroom. I also noticed some oil lubricant on a shelf nearby.

I just thought ‘what a player.’

I walk out of the bathroom and out to his backyard. There he was on his diving board wearing nothing but a speedo and his long- probably 8 inch- schlong was noticeable. He winked at me and did a front-flip into the pool revealing his hairy bubble-butt.

I jump in and swim around. He threw a beach ball at me and I hit it back. We each continued the action chatting up a storm about sports, movies, and you name it.

Somehow we got closer and our little game of catch turned into smear the queer. Each of us tried to get the ball off each other. He tucked the ball into his chest as I jumped on his back.

I reached for the ball as he chuckled and showed off how much stronger he was than me.

I finally caught a hold of the ball which he seemed to have just let up.

“Oh, I’m hungry, you want a hot dog?” he asked me.

I accepted as he got out of the pool showing me the top of his hairy ass-crack. I followed him out onto his deck where he put the food on the grill. I don’t know why but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

I sat in a chair as he stood and grilled the food. He lay four hot dogs on a plate and grabbed two beers and put them on the table.

“Umm… I’m 19,” I said.

“Oh, shit. That’s right I keep thinking it’s 18, the drinking age. Well I’m sure you already had one.”

He offered it to me. And I took it.

What a cool guy, I thought.

He sat and positioned his chair towards mine and opened his legs wide apart.

“Sorry, don’t have any buns,” he said. “You don’t mind do you.”

“No problem,” I said.

While eating his hot dog with his hands I sneak a peek down below.

His big number was noticeably bigger up close. I saw a couple patches of dark hair over his swimsuit that was probably supposed to be covered. His strong thighs were very hairy as well. My eyes ventured down to his feet.

I had always had a fetish for girl’s feet, but this was gold.

He had massive feet with round, long toes. His nails looked like they had just been clipped. He had to be a size 15. Which made me think… I know I’m not daydreaming. This guy’s cock must be fucking huge.

I looked up taking a bite of my hot dog, I noticed he was looking at me. This time he didn’t turn away.

He took a big sip of his beer.

“You want to go inside, now? It’s getting kind of chilly,” he asked.

It wasn’t getting chilly so I said, “Yeah.”

He led me in touching my back and stroking his hand down.

A little scared I said, “Whoa. What was that?”

He apologized. “I’m just a touchy kind of guy.”

We sat down in his den watching a game in our swimsuits still. He got up to go to the bathroom.

A couple minutes passed and I started wandering. I came upon the bathroom where I heard grunts. The door was creaked open and I was curious. I leaned my right eye in and saw it.

He was stroking his huge cock standing naked looking into the mirror. He touched his nipples and they were as hard as his fat dick. He felt around his body and snuck his left hand up his ass and jiggled it around.

This dude was gay for me. And I had to admit he did a good job of trying to seduce me.

Then he noticed me. I didn’t even look away or go in a different direction. I opened the door and dropped my suit myself realizing I had a hard-on as well. He grabbed and pulled me into himself. His long hard cock was against my slightly smaller one. And I liked it.

He felt my body around and kissed me with a great force. His tongue leaped down my throat scraping his against mine. He forced my head away and down his body and pushed me against his pulsating dick. I licked up and down all 8 inches of the the schlong.

I cupped his hot hairy nut sack and gently mouthed his balls spitting in and out his low-hangers.

“That it,” he said. “Now suck that fat dick.”

I lifted it up and into my mouth where I deep-throated it until my nose reached his pelvis. I moved up and and down making choking and squirt sounds. Then he grabbed my head still and thrusted his cock in my mouth rapidly hardly leaving room for me to breathe.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” he commanded.

I was game.

He picked me up with my legs wrapped around his sweating hunky body. I was shocked by his strength. I knew I was definitely the bottom in this fuck session.

He carried me all the way up the steps while making the fuck out with me. Licking my lips and anywhere near, he busted his door open and threw me on his king sized bed.

He went to the bathroom and lay the lubricant on a nightstand by the bed. He lathered up his meat stick with it and along with the rest of his body. He then put it all over myself.

He got on top of me and we rubbed against each other. He on top of me rolled his hard body against mine kissing me violently. I felt his cock slide down my belly touching my own dick.

He moved his head down and grabbed my prick. He flopped it around onto my belly and against his cheeks.

“Aw, fuck me,” I moaned.

He slid my cock down his mouth and played cat and mouse with it using his tongue. Dipping it in and out and licking it from side to side. He slid his oiled hands up and down my sixer at first very slowly then very rapidly. I arched my back enjoying this almighty erotic pleasure.

He then moved my ass off the bed and moved my erect cock towards me. He scaped my ass-crack with his tongue up and down. Around the hole, he dipped his tongue in and out. He tried spreading my tight ass-cheeks apart as best as he could.

“Can’t wait to damage this tight hole,” he said.

He had me stand up as he lay down. I squatted my butt over his face and he reached and licked. I held on to the bars of his bed set as I felt his sharp nose wipe through my ass. His facial hair prickled the inside of my cheeks as he got deeper and deeper.

It was time.

I got up and squatted over his long veiny hairy cock that seemed to have been reaching for me. I grabbed hold of it and gently place it into my hole. I lathered up his cock with the oil and began to press it in.

“Yeah, take that fucking cock, baby,” he said.

The top was now in and I just slid down it til I was sitting on him. I rocked back and forth shifting the bed.

“Oh, hurts so fucking good!” I screamed.

I jumped back up as he thrusted under me. He was going slow and he was making sure I got every little last bit of his huge dick. And I felt it tearing my ass apart as it rolled in and out with tenderness.

I was moaning uncontrollably. My eyes started twitching and going back into my forehead. It seemed by asshole was getting used to his large rod as he was now moving his pelvis up and down in me much faster. Jim had a smirk on his face and his hands were behind his head enjoying my virgin ass getting plugged.

He grabbed me around my waist with both of his bulky arms, now moving me up and down his cock.

“You like that? Huh? You like my fat cock inside you? Huh?” he asked.

“Oh,” I moaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me that big cock!” I demanded.

I felt up his sweaty pectorals and rubbed his nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” he screamed.

My arms moved up and down his muscular body that must have been working every muscle to light a fuse in my ass.

“You like that, Scott, huh? You that dick.”

I was now barking like a little dog with arousal.

He pulled out and flipped me on all fours on the bed. He stood up and started fucking me doggy style. His body rocked me back and forth along with the bed that was creaking so loud the neighbors had to have heard. Along with the creaking, clacking began as his low-hanging balls slapped against mine which made me moan like a girl.

“Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Give me that huge fucking cock.”

“Yeah, you like that? Huh, little boy?”

He slapped my ass with his godlike hands.

“Who’s your daddy, son? Who’s your daddy?” he asked.

“Your my daddy!” I screamed.

He switched me over on to my back again and slid it back in. He hauled his arms around me and picked me up fucking me. The clacking got louder and the moaning got louder. My hands were around his neck and he was bouncing me up and down his 8 incher.

Then he turned us and sat on a chair and had me riding his cock like a cowboy. I road it back and forth and side to side. I took it in deep and really rocked him.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Not yet, your not.”

He picked me back up and put me backside on the bed with him standing on the ground thrusting vigorously. He flexed his muscles as I lay in gracious agony when fucking me senselessly.

I couldn’t help it anymore. The sensation firing in my hole and the movement of his cock. I came.

My cum gushed out and onto my chest and face along came a mighty “Ohhhhhhhh!”

He pulled out and got on top of the bed. He smacked his cock onto my face with a thump and moved around scraping up the cum. My hand went on his dick and I pushed him back to lay on his back.

His knees bent and I grabbed his foot. I licked all around sucking each and every toe and the same with the other.

I then went back up and stroked his big dinger for him. I used both of my hands to slide up and down. His head was back moaning as I stroked up and down.

He then let out, “Awwwww. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And jizzed right onto my face. He pulled me forward and licked every bit of cum that was on my face.

We lay there for a while still stroking each others cocks until it was time to go home. He said he would like to do this again, and I left.