Her husband enjoys the most of us and he names me the official lover of his wife, which I thank him infinitely.

Thanks to my assiduous readers for the messages that they have sent me, that motivates me greatly to be able to continue writing my 100% real stories, they are communicated from all over the world, obviously from Spanish speaking countries and they even add me to the msn we have been able to Through that means we get to know each other a little bit more with each contact as I spend almost all the time online with the instant messenger of Hotmail or Yahoo, especially women who want to meet me in some way and also husbands who want to see their wives On the other, there is no lack of congratulations from one or another curious reader of the subject of trios hmh and one or another message against that they tell me that I am presumptuous and fanciful.

On this occasion I have material as always of real facts in my mind to tell you what happened a few days ago.

As I already told you in advance for labor issues, due to my own need to be in touch with all the contacts of different kinds on the planet and even for necessary vice, I spend a lot of time connected to the msn, one of these days I am greeted by a beautiful friend with whom we had already shared intimacy of three, this is a young couple who occasionally summon me to their home when they place the children where their parents want to spend a night of lust with me, with her or rather we have already been able get to have a very robust degree of confidence in all the senses and that has made in our sexual games help us a lot to be able to have a better time, I am very friendly with them but very respectful of their relationship, if they do not call (the that always calls is her) I do not call them or imply anything, I wait for them to catch the spark of desire without any pressure. We have made her enjoy sometimes until she has fallen asleep exhausted from so much pleasure.

Sometimes we talk in the msn since they do not connect much and in office hours almost never. But this time I was surprised to see her online at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and when she greeted me she told me that she was glad to see me online and that she had a surprise for me.

As she briefly explained to me, the previous night she had connected for a moment to check her mail and in a short time she was seen online to a contact she had seen on a Web page of swinger ads, which were a young couple from Guayaquil but they had made them understand that they did not want to exchange, but that they were interested in making a trio hmh. After asking me and asking them if we agreed to accept a Chat among all, seeing their interest and the degree of confidence that we handle did not hesitate to present them online as a conference we chatted the 3 a good time until we crossed our directions of mail and she said goodbye kindly leaving us already talking with the clear conviction of having performed a public relations act very well done.

As she continued with the new partner online, she was able to tell me that her husband had already left her and that now we were alone chatting.

She explained to me that her husband has the fantasy of seeing her with another man having sex for a long time but that she had always said no, first of all, how could that kind of thing occur to her and secondly that she was only He and no one else, that for the love he has for her and also because after a long time of going over her little by little convincing her, she was already accepting, let’s say reluctantly, what he still wanted to do. More to please him than for nothing in reality.

I thought it was the most frank and entertaining conversation that we had then, we devoted ourselves to know each other completely delivered without any interruptions, we decided to exchange photos and it turns out that he sent me one in which he showed his absolute beauty, My picture told me that it looked good and that in fact it pleased him which I felt sincere and it gave us more confidence, it was a small doll with a delicious face very sharp and a very sensual cinnamon skin color.

Her name is Gaby and she is a girl and a lady at the same time of 29 years, short, petite, brunette with cinnamon complexion and hair with medium hair, brown eyes and beautifully shaped childish face but with a perfectly curved body shaped like a classical guitar . His mouth small but with suggestive lips, neither thick nor thin. Her breasts are very large and well formed, with a dark aura of 3.5 cm. in diameter crowned with dark nipples that are erect in a state of calm, keeping in mind that her body is often her tits have an excellent size to enjoy with them. His waist is really wasp, his skin smooth and smooth, his ass upturned and tight, small and round, his buttocks have a reinforcement that seem to be stuffed with hard sponge, draws much attention the shape of its protruding buttocks that are so round like made with compass, your very well-groomed pubis does not have a single asshole in sight, his little girl looks like a little girl without a single hair and only sees the tracing of her own sex in an upward direction she has shaved it to mate and lets show slightly dark lips on the outside and pink and bright inside.

During at least two hours of talk in the msn there was an impressive chemistry, we laughed, we joked and we insinuated each other, before saying goodbye I thanked her for her time and I let her know that I would like to see her connected again and she told me that she had liked her a lot, and that for a long time to please her husband they were trying to contact a man to make the fantasy that her husband had reality, but he did not like any and that’s why they had never been in nothing in particular with anyone, we made an appointment for the next day at the same time and we said goodbye with a certain sorrow to leave such an enjoyable talk.

When she disconnected, I saw her picture more closely and she was definitely a woman who, apart from being beautiful, sensual and interesting in all senses, somewhere hidden for my conscious radiated a tenderness in her little being, I did not know if it was her look expressive or I do not know what, but as I continued to observe it I felt a sense of absolute tenderness.

I arrived home that night taking his photo in the flash memory I recorded it on the hard drive of my PC and putting Pink Floyd at a good volume kept watching it, it was a kind of work of art all its harmonious body, it seemed painted by all parts where I saw, his naked body that was a digital photo of very good resolution taken by his husband at times while flying in my lost thoughts I was made to see Leonardo Da Vinci with his precision of great master deep knowledge of human anatomy painting on canvas his perfect body using his knowledge about the number “Phi”. Everywhere he looked was an invitation to discover with mathematical precision the perfection of the nature of this little being. Lost in my thoughts that day I fell asleep …

The next day everything went with absolute normality, I arrived at the office in the afternoon since that day I had to attend some pending appointments with clients but it was already approaching 6 o’clock in the afternoon and I remembered that I had an appointment in the msn.

A little bit after 6 o’clock in the afternoon she connected and we started talking very openly with much more confidence than 26 hours ago, I had told her that I liked her a lot and what had happened at my house the night before while I watched her photos and I was flying with my thoughts.

She told me that after she closed the session with me she had told her husband Miguel that they had presented him in the chat with a man who really liked him. When she heard that, she told me that her husband was very excited and told her to I took more time to get to know myself and I could not believe that someone had liked him at the end, that he gave him all the permission and facilities so that little by little he would become more intimate with me.

I told her that I was very grateful to both of them for the openness and also to her, to a certain extent, for having chosen me as the perfect candidate as she herself had told me.

Miguel, her husband, is a 37-year-old man of normal constitution, with an incipient belly but still well formed. Clear skin with dark eyes and straight hair.

We had already while we were advancing in our conversations and in the days that we were in the Chat, already exchanged many photos among which was also with Miguel, and with much more confidence and also our cell phone numbers, with which we already had a contact a little more direct.

I discovered that in her voice Gaby had the tone and tone of a spoiled little girl, and that made her more charming and gave me more tenderness.

One day when I wanted to listen to her and talk to Gaby, I dialed her cell phone and her husband was driving as she told me and she told me that she was a copilot.

Every time we spoke on the phone or by msn she would say “my baby” for this or that thing, it is the word of affection that she uses with me

I want to see you, when you come to Guayaquil to see me – Gaby said to me that day on the phone while her husband was there – I want you to come, I have decided that I want to do it with you and if it is not with you, with anyone else.

Thank you my precious, I will go one of these days to visit you in your city, and we will coordinate so that this is done, please pass me your husband Miguel to greet him.

He delayed a little bit I think until the car borders.

Hello Tato a taste

Hi Miguel, I wanted to talk with your girl and I wanted to take the opportunity to say hello and thank you for the opportunity you gave me to approach her.

Do not worry Tato, I want you to call her with all the confidence of the world without any inconvenience, call her whenever you want, she told me that she likes you and that you like her, I tell you that you have been lucky because she is quite special and with you she tells me that she feels very comfortable and that what I like is to please her.

I thank you so much I will, I will be calling you often to have you
warm your wife.

Call her friend no problem, I see it quite content and excited with you, I hope that soon one of these days you visit us.

One of these days I fall down there to give the baby pleasure.

Ok, I’ll put it on again so you can keep talking to Gaby.

You saw my baby, I told you that there is no problem with Miguel that you are my lover, we have already talked about it and I have decided that it has to be with you, I like you, I like you and I feel very good, I want you to be my official lover and I do not want to know anything about anyone, only with you, at first I did not want it was just to please him, but now I’m dying of wanting you to come and eat me and have a nice time with my baby.

That will make my love soon.

For some time we continued to talk to her on the phone every day when Miguel was or not and we had very loud conversations, we chatted on the msn for a while, we saw each other on a webcam and we gave each other a lot of time during our virtual meetings, when I was alone at home or there was how she ran out of clothes and made me see in real time from miles away her beautiful naked body and we masturbated sometimes copiously in our cyber sex sessions.

There were also conversations with Miguel, in fact when for a or b reasons his phone was off or without a network he called Miguel’s and he passed it to me several times.

One day for work reasons I had to travel to Guayaquil and we agreed to see each other at a certain date. For reasons beyond my control, the trip was suspended because it was work and I could not travel and I apologized that I would not go on exposing what happened and my reasons, Gaby did not take it very well since she is very spoiled and she likes to leave everything as she wants and she felt frustrated and even a little annoyed and she made me notice.

We continue every day in the chat as always and I always got in the face that I left planted and I really want to know how I could have done that and actually made me feel bad with his comments, had the responsibility to go to meet My word but for some days for work reasons I could not do it.

One day while we connected, she gave me some pictures that Miguel her husband had done exclusively for me, it was a photo session that left me crazy like a dog smelling jealousy of a bitch, those photos caused a great impact on me, they were the height of suggestive in different poses and naked and as we were in the days of the 2006 Soccer World Cup with the shirt of the Ecuadorian team and nothing more than that.

That woman occupied all the time in my mind and we became like boyfriends, I know it will seem strange and somewhat unusual, but with her it was very special, it was not only sex, that girl stole me with her tenderness , way of being, attention and details my heart. The tenderness that it provoked in me became a very special affection that I had never felt for any other woman of friendly couples with whom we have a nice friendship and enjoyed sex, period, but in this case in the singular, I did not love her and he had me in love. Best of all, that’s what her husband wanted, she did not want us to be a sexual threesome, he always wanted what she said to me in the phone conversations and to her in her intimate moments, is that We are lovers, boyfriends and lovers and we love each other … It was not hard to fall in love with this angelic woman in a short time that every day was getting more into me with all its details.

After seeing those last pictures I put myself as a devil in the bottle and designed a plan so that as soon as possible I made the trip to Guayaquil to be able to go to enjoy such an exquisite woman, in the office I made all the possible arrangements since I had to To travel urgently for work and to enjoy my love that so anxious with her husband was waiting for me. I agreed on the date in the office and also with them and I arranged to visit them on Friday that was coming.

In those 4 days that she was missing she texted me to the cell telling me how anxious she was to prove me, it was time for us to come face to face and we came across flesh and blood, because a lot of accumulated arrechera already made us a bit bad-tempered of not being able to enjoy ourselves as we wanted.

Friday arrived and I arrived at his city Guayaquil at 8:30 at night as we had agreed, they would wait for me at the terminal of the transport company in which I moved, the trip lasted 5 hours and during the whole trip I was going putting that was already closer to her. It is amazing how in such a short time the two of us reciprocally generated those feelings as a couple in love, when I got off the bus they called me on my mobile and told me where they were.

Arriving at her car after a few steps, she was there, dressed as I had told her to wear that day for me, with a micro mini skirt, with a top that really looked like a barbie doll, fresh from the presentation card. Christmas day.

When I got into the car in the back they welcomed me, Miguel was driving and Gaby was sitting in the passenger seat, beautiful as she was, radiating a smile of happiness, she approached stretching to greet me with a loud and rich kiss on the mouth, I shook hands with Miguel and started the car.

As I watched the city go by, shifted from front to back, I saw Gaby’s teeth shine in a splendid way. I was excited to have this beautiful woman in front of me and in that moment I could smell her, touch her hair, her skin, it was a dream becoming reality.

Since 9 years ago I had not been to her city it was very changed and I was very much admired of the changes that had happened, it was like going back to Guayaquil, they told me they would let me know how beautiful their city is and they did, we started going around all the cardinal points of the city and I was remembering and recognizing each place, while I kissed her in the mouth, I rubbed her rich, hard tits that looked like two melons that came out of her chest, in her neck she caressed the divine bones that she has under her jaw at the end of her throat, she went ahead of co-pilot and I in the back seat, even though my advances were good, she indicated that she had been dressed as I asked only to please me me and lifting her skirt so short the smallest I’ve seen in my life told me that she wore a Brazilian tanguita that was delicious in its harmonious forms that was only held by two little bows she wore in each thigh, after morbosear a lot and sometimes give us kisses and caresses with a lot of love of the tender cigar how we had already walked around the main tourist places of the city Gaby said that he was hungry and Miguel started up after asking him what is it that he wanted and told him that some hamburgers and nothing else, I did not want to eat, rather I wanted to eat it and I rushed towards her, Miguel was congratulating her for the good taste and the luck of having as wife and mother of her children To such a female he feeling proud and pleased only smiled timidly while discerning in his thoughts that it was indeed like that.

Miguel was born the good idea of ​​Gaby to move to the back seat so we are more comfortable without being hindered or separated from the back of the seat, in fact that I wanted for a while but I was patient in waiting for him to say it himself as a sign of respect towards their relationship.

Gaby neither short nor lazy barely heard him with how little he is and very flexible too, put his foot to the side of the handbrake pushing on the shoulder of his husband fell on me throwing himself like a lioness stalking his prey, I eat I am not an easy prey to hunt, I gave a lot of war, the car windows were polarized or smoked and only the front windshield did not have this protective film that night was the curtain of our lewd acts that we did in the back seat while her husband only drove watching from time to time in the mirror what he was doing to me and that beautiful woman who is his wife made me.

We arrived at the place where they sold the hamburgers and there were many people out on foot and in cars, Miguel went down to buy and we were pampering and enjoying being alone, I took his little shaved and was very wet, he told me this night is completely my baby … while playing with her and her juices that were impregnated in my fingers and I took them to my nose and then to my mouth sucking them as a snack before the burger, that’s where Miguel came and found us inside the car with his eyes full of lust for so many caresses, as we could we got together and we started eating, even though I told him I did not want to eat he insisted and brought me a super burger and a tail, while we talked about how well we are doing it. end after so much cyber relationship we were finishing the meal we were eating and talking in that place for an hour with her by my side that stroked my hair with so much tenderness that I was invaded by that feeling of whenever she sows in me.

We were left to do a trio in which we would let things come to him, it does not bother him at all that we are, boyfriends, lovers or we love him, she treated me as always and better because we were finally together in a face-to-face manner. a morea so rich that she climbed and we both began to gasp with pleasure and Miguel said we better go elsewhere, while he was driving through the city we were going back long, doing ours, there was no one else at that moment in the world that the two of us delivered to lavish more and more daring caresses …

On this trip I lifted her skirt and untied her bows and stripped her of it to stick me in her well tender and shaved flush after giving caresses and kisses on her beautiful abdomen and the inside of her thighs, I lifted her legs almost to the roof of the car and I dedicated myself to do what I like the most, we looked at each other fixedly while doing it and I did it for the whole journey that was missing, for about 25 minutes I feasted on eating the most tender chuchita of my life, I had the feeling of being with a quinceañera, Gaby that looks like 15 years, no one can believe that she is a mother of two children and that the oldest is already 10 years old, I do not like little girls on the contrary I like mature women while older , but Gaby has a mixture of tenderness, pampered girl, quinceanera and mature woman with experience, her physique is of a pampered little girl but her actions are of a woman full of power and the same as her ideas without taking away her air of little girl that has also in his character.

When we arrived at the motel where Miguel took us when we entered, we got comfortable and we continued to kiss with crazy passion and extreme delight. We did not want to separate for a single moment, I felt an energy that made us both vibrate, at a moment that we gave ourselves a I took her breath from behind her waist and put her in front of the mirror and saw her in my small, rich and appetizing chest. With his half-moon smile he wanted to look me in the eyes in the reflection of the mirror and he told me – How nice that at last you are here my baby …

Miguel went to the bathroom or I do not know where and we began to undress because we had the need to brush our skin while kissing at any time, I enjoyed his whole body with my mouth and tongue and nothing remained without him I kissed, she responded very well to my caresses and you could tell that we both enjoyed each other, Miguel came to observe us as a silent witness of our actions, he did nothing, just watched ecstatically as he was eating his wife, fully dressed he prepared us a better environment, put on music, turned on the TV to light the room and began to see us from a prudent distance everything we did, each time we got more, she took my cock and began to rub with her little hands, my urethra dripped pre-seminal fluids, proof that I was extremely excited and wanting to penetrate her, at last I wanted it to be mine and she only let herself do everything until at one moment We started a 69 and began to blow my cock and each time it became richer, after a few minutes of giving us this kind of pleasure it was just and necessary for the two of us who wanted to feel our sexes say hello properly.

Gaby’s skin was boiling, it looked like iron and her cheeks although she is a brunette, they looked red from the armor that we were wearing, she offered me her cuckoo and she opened my legs and I began to saw her without penetrating her and she started to pant and I I felt in glory feeling his little cave of love very wet and warm, that made my penis erecté more and I could no longer resist the temptation to nail it, first I stuck the glans that came full, then pore by little I put Halfway up and in two or three sighs of self-control for not shouting, I nailed it to the bottom, taking a scream from me and a sigh to the depths of her lungs, telling her to look me in the eyes, but she I saw how my stick got into the eggs and I pulled it back until my glans was visible. We took sometimes hard and sometimes soft for at least 50 minutes, I sweated like pot lid and my sweat fell on her, she hugged me with her legs and arms and had wet sweat, I could not take it anymore and I had to wet her also with my perlina mass that came directly from my eggs to her belly, I came roaring like a lion in battle and after expelling all my offering in her womb I transformed into a kitten she stayed as faint and I only felt his slight caresses while our tongues were already intertwined delicately …

She rested on my chest while caressing her hair and we still did not have enough, I started to possess her again while this time her husband took us photos and filmed making from time to time approaches, still dressed and not wanting to participate just wanted to observe, his wife had her pass me alone …

I enjoyed it a lot for hours and she to me, there was a moment when she fell asleep exhausted after a long session of sex and love, I put her next to me and Miguel went to bed still dressed to the side and helped me to caress her body while she slept we both gently passed our fingertips over the beautiful and perfect silhouette of her body, she slept complacent, exhausted, with an expression of satisfaction in her matchless face.

We started to review the photos taken and they were excellent, the videos were not very good because they went dark due to lack of lighting, I told him if he wanted us to take it between us and Miguel said to me – No, calm Tato this is your night, It’s your honeymoon night, enjoy it, I have it every day.

While Gaby slept in the middle of the two, we became great friends with Miguel her husband, telling us stories that had no end, being very pleasant in the conversation after about two hours woke up and looked for my mouth … the prodigé of kisses and caresses soft and she felt grateful, I asked her how she was doing, she told me that tonight was going to be unforgettable for her, she made me stand up again and put her as a dog in bed, through her husband horizontal way, I got an erotic madness and began to give egg in a very wild way while she rested her breasts on the belly of her husband and each time he got harder and harder in that position and she was holding on to her husband when feeling each wild envestida mine, to see this excitement our Miguel reacted and began to undress without moving from the place where he was pillow of his wife to get a better and more comfortable position for me his lover officer penetrate it, she moaned rich and that I was more attached to arrechera, I saw that Miguel’s phallus was already stopped and I put under her and Gaby straddled me and started a delicious ups and downs, her husband was mounted on top of she said and you know that not from behind, he as with some disappointment began to put his tuco de verga in the chucha, where I was already comfortably inside, that position to the three after coupling in a synchronized swing made us enjoy to the three much during a few minutes that we were stringing our two yards in the hump of Gaby who received us gladly, feeling the pressure of all our three sexes ended up in a concert of orgasms and screams on the part of everyone. She went to the bathroom to wash while we both commented how rich we had, he told me when we were alone that he wanted to open his ass because he had never given it and he did not want out there in his life.

After he returned we talked for a while between the three of us and I blamed her again, Miguel this time took more pictures, then she fell asleep exhausted hugging me and facing away from him.

With Miguel we talked until dawn for hours while we talked about how well we had, we put things clear, the aces on the table and in one of his stories I fell asleep embraced with his rich wife.

A little before dawn when everyone was asleep I wanted to take it again and I got on top and she received me gladly, so that the bed does not move and not to interrupt the dream of Miguel we went down to fuck on the carpet crazy of desire we started to make noise and he woke up startled telling us that we had not made him wake up to see us, I explained that he was deeply asleep and did not want to interrupt his dream and was successful seeing that he was cooking his wife and again we did Double vaginal penetration, finishing the three rich again.

When it was clear at 6:30 in the morning I picked it up again and wanted to continue but she said that since she did not want to, she was already disgusted with so much sex, it was time to retire, and they called us from the administration of the motel to tell us that if we stayed longer we had to pay more … We both went to bathe with Gaby and while we put soap we gave each other the last kisses and caresses inside the motel. We had hardly slept and we spent the whole night sawing Gaby …

What we were in the car, we all agreed to continue with this relationship that we now have, if I am your boyfriend, lover with the permission and consent of Miguel, I call, write or vice versa and every day until today we are in contact and he wants me to go, he promised to come to my city these days to be able to repeat, Miguel is very happy that at last his wife has a lover, among the three there is a very good affinity, I respect Miguel a lot Gaby and her relationship but I feel for her love, this relationship more than swinger is more likely to be polyamory because we love and need her, it’s not just sex … with Miguel we agree to share it and she is happy with both Her two babies as she tells us.

It should be noted that Miguel and I are 100% heterosexual and that nothing to do between males nothing of fagots between us he is very respectful and that is what I like the most. Although in this type of sexual relations of three can not avoid friction when there is one we have the peace of mind that we respect each other a lot.

With Gaby every day we are in contact, more united than ever, we are communicated all the time and we are always planning the way to see each other, she is a girl, a lady, a rich female and I have even discovered that she is an excellent woman in her face of mother and I like that she is very worried about her children.

Gaby, here ends your story that you asked me to do it, I hope I have done well and again I am pleased as always in everything you ask me princess and I hope to keep you always and continue to feel this rich that I was born to you. Thanks Miguel and Nena for letting me enter their matrimonial womb.

I will appreciate comments from people who have been the same. If there are wives who want to do something different, do not hesitate to write me.